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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  January 20, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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telling you now about how much of an impact this will have on the region. >> we are getting new information. the american model just coming in and not much change. it's still very bullish on this being a major storm for our area, friday afternoon lightly and then picking up in intensity friday night into saturday night. it appears to be holding the course and not giving up the ghost that is going to have a high impact on our era. that's just one model coming in right now. we'll show it to you in a moment and hopefully it is updated, but this is the very latest. this is the storm we're going to be tracking. it is still a few days away and we're happy to see it on land where we can get a better handle on it in ems t of the model as it continues to churn and then eventually work its way across the country down toward the gulf of mexico and then off the carolina coast sometime friday night, saturday. we haven't changed what we think the impact will be and that is a high impact on our era and that
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is because of the potential of very significant potential of accumulation. late friday evening, continuing through saturday and now through sunday evening. the storm track could still wiggle a bit and with that rain/snow line may be just south and east of d.c. that always remains something that we have to much what. this is the model i'm referring to and i got to show you, this really puts out a lot of snow for our area. it didn't shift it too much, just a little southerly track here. based on that than other treens that we have seen from other models today, this is our first call for accumulation potential. i'm going to tell you right now, this will likely change. we're going to put the sweat spot a widespread foot of snow and on either side of that six to 12 inches. again, i can't emphasize it enough this will likely change. that does give you an idea we are taking this very serious
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limit i'm pretty sure in the next 24 hours we'll start seeing winter storm watches coming up around the region. in the short term we have a nice quiet period to get through, but boy is it cold. we have caitlyn outside. hi, caitlyn. >> you know what i will take it. we will go to caitlyn right now. our team coverage of this winter blast continues now with caitlyn. she's life outside, as soon mentioned, in the bitter cold out there. how cold is it. >> i can't even think or talk straight in this type of weather. temperatures are in the teens but we have the bitter wind chill all day long. it's been so uncomfortably cold and tonight is our third cold night in a low. temperatures right now basically running in the teens and the 20s. we haven't had school-related delays or closings posted. it is another reminder that tomorrow will be just as bitter.
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heat the car appropriately if you park outside. 8 in gaithersburg, 19 at baltimore, 21 in annapolis. if you can stand it, this is great weather to be running your errands. it's so dry and sunny, but it is cold. current wind chills, 9 in washington, it feels like 2 in hagerstown, 8 out in cumberland. what he do actually expect a little l piece of good news. the winds will diminish overnight. we aren't talking wind chills. it doesn't matter. these are overnight lows, 18 in washington, 17 in manassas. 14 in frederick. we do expect temperatures to actually rise above freezing tomorrow afternoon. that ill with be great. that's something nice and temperatures should probably get above freezing in advance of this winter storm that's coming through. that winter storm looking to mainly bring the heavy snow and of course sue will have much more on that as we go through the next half hour. for now i'm freezing. let's bring it back into the
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studio with shawn and jim. > fox5 is in prince george's where a family is demanding justice where their loved one was struck and killed in a car crash. the car kept ongoing. the victim died later. > witness told the family told the family they saw a garbage truck swiped the loved one's car. the truck never stopped. they are trying to move forward with their mother, wife, daughter and friend gone. >> i can't imagine not seeing my wife tonight come home. this hurts me so much. > will better magian says his wife likely never saw it coming. she was on her way back to the house. she left out to run some errands, was on her way back to the house to get the kids to take them to school. some one in a trash truck side swiped her coming off the ramp
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and hit her and knocked her over to the post right there at the exit of 495 and left her for dead, never stopped. > police say the deadly crash happened shortly after 7:00 tuesday morning at the pennsylvania avenue exit. mack go and and his wife have four children between 5 and 4 years old. it is the most difficult thing. my 14 year old, my 12 year old, my boys don't t know. to be honest, i don't have the slightest clue how to break it to them. at some point tonight i know he's going to be asking me when does mommy come home. family members have a stern message for the person responsible. you are a coward. you are a coward. you knew you hit my sister. and you kept ongoing. she could potentially still be here had you just pulled over and called the police, called
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for help immediately. > phenomenal, intelligent and beautiful is how family members describe their loved one's lost far too soon. > police say because of the size difference in the vehicle les they believe that the person who was driving the trash truck may have not known that they were involved in a collision. anyone who witnessed the fatal accident should definitely call police. tisha lewis, fox5 local news. > amtrak service is resumed between washington and baltimore after a deadly incident in landover. a man died on the tracks. service on the penn line was temporarily suspended north of union station while police investigated. they haven't yet said what led tot crash and they haven't released the victim's man. > two year old twins and their grandparents lost their lives today after a fire broke out in their chillum home. they died on the scene, the grandchildren, a boy and girl
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later died at national medical centerment the kids' mother survived the fire by jumping out of a second story window. > the home did not have a smoke detector. > a big break-in a violent assault caught on camera in the district. last friday we showed you this group of a group of teenagers acan thatting a convenience store worker with a baseball bat. tonight they've identified several of the attackers. > there's been a lot of talk lately about a string of violent attacks involving teenagers. today they got a break. the break came to family members of the suspect. mpd released this video on friday. it showed seven people of interest. described by folks in the neighborhood as high scullers. first they tried to steel candy in late december. then they can be seen on video assaulting the clerk, kicking him when they tried to stop him
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and taking a baseball bat. the clerk told us this attack sent him tot hospital and required eight stitches in his head. police had reached out to the community saying if you know anyone in the video please come forward and tell us who they are. in the end they say it was family members that brought three of the seven into the station today turning them in to be questioned. police praise that decision and tonight the mayor talked about city efforts underway to further target the trend of violent teens. the biggest take away from this is that family members are willing to hold others accountable for their actions. again, that will just make the district of columbia safer place to be and that's the ultimate goalç of the police department. the intelligence between our force, we think we're going to have prince george's come on with us as well as metro transit will really allow for realtime intelligence that are following
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any type of spree before it gets started. > the mayor tells us this intelligence sharing will take part through a new robbery task force which she says hopes can reduce the crime we're seeing at the large hands of teens. families holding young teens accountable is certainly a help. in this case it was a help to have the clear images. they say that was an important tool. > still ahead tonight, police are looking for two men who shot a man in front an apartment complex. > i also wanted to mention we're tracking this little system. it looks impressive over st. louis. it's a clipper system that's going to pass to our south tomorrow and it may spread a few flurries or snow showers across the area. it's not related to the storm over the weekend. a little later, the woman who cared for bobby christina brown
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> we now know what sparked a shooting that happened in columbia heights this afternoon. police tell us it all started with a fight at the pan am
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supermarket. they obtained surveillance video that showed a man hitting a guy with a gun outside. the store resumed outside the store and continued blocks away and that's when shots ran out. i went to the bakery buying bread and i hear like a pop. i didn't pay much attention. the lady come inside and said don't go outside. just close the door. don't go outside, stay here. somebody shooting outside. > that victim is recovering tonight. we don't have any word on his condition, but we do know that police are looking for two men involved in the incident. the fbi tonight is searching for a bold bank robber. the man accused of robbing the pnc bank, walked in with a note, demanded money, took off, a few hours later, the same scenario,
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this one on martin luther king jr. in northeast. the surveillance videos are pretty clear. if you recognize anything about the man, what he's wearing, give police a call. > now into that impending winter storm that is keeping into the area, still hard to tell how much snow we could see this weekend, but people aren't playing around. we saw folks buying salt to snow blouse. the dmv has a night salt mixture. >> they have 39,000-tons. people always ask us, do you get a cut from home depot. no it's always good to be prepared. you never know. we just got one of the new models in, it maintain the course that this will be a big storm for us. possibly measured in feed in some areas. that's one model. we'll have another one coming out in a few hours.
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mike thomas is counting down to it right now. > i'm telling you, if you don't follow mike thomas on facebook,. >> you should. > he's excited. he's excited for the model to come down at 1:00. it only runs a couple of times a day and last night, or this morning's run. > we'll see if that trend continues. hopefully it will continue trending south. > shawn is going to try to influence the trend. >> absolutely we are. > i might be temperature temperatured to join you. > we're giving you a the look of advanced notice so you can be ready for whatever we get here in the friday night, saturday timeframe. in the short term weir another still talking about the cold air that has been placed. 21-degrees in d.c. i thought i'd show you the picture picture. 28 in boston, chicago, 15, detroit 14 and it's only 8 in columbus. we have a cold night at hand at 3 degrees. here is the temperature trend
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with the average high being around 43-degrees. we can get a little help from mother nature tomorrow if we get up to 46-degrees. yes, that's still cold, but it's better than the 20s we had. a few flurryies could be passing through. friday with the snow beginning probably lightly in the afternoon and then into the evening becoming heavier and heavier as the night goes on. sat about 35-degrees which indicates to us that could be a when the and heavy snow. kind of a back breaking one. you'll want to get out and get after it. or get some help with it. meanwhile tonight here's what's happening locally p. the artic high and behind it we have this week little clipper season. it's going to pass to our south tomorrow afternoon but will be cold ahead of it. tonight will only be in the teens. a cold start tomorrow morning and a recovery tot mid-30s tomorrow with high pressure in
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control today and in control tonight. that is why we have kept it so cold today. here's what you can expect for the rest of the week. we're going to be watching this late week storm very closely in the friday, saturday timeframe already showing up in the pacific northwest and now it's next move will be to track down to the south. ahead of it here's the clipper system we've been talking about. it looks pretty impressive on radar. there are a number of storm warnings across kentucky. that will be passing by to our south. it's going to spread a few snow showers across virginia and carolina. and then we watch this big spin during the day late tomorrow and into thursday as it gets close enough down tot gulf of mexico to tap some of that moisture. you can see a little bit of the snow in the futurecast trying to break out in parts of western carolina. here's your plan at 8 in the morning, a very cold start.
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no doubt about it. at least by the noon hour we're closer to the pressing mark and maybe above it by 5:00 with increasing clouds and maybe a few flurries here and there. friday night into saturday that's when you want to be aware of not being on the road if you don't have to as our snow may be coming down heavily and maybe getting measured in some parts of the area with a yardstick. it's still starting to shape up that way although the next few days will tell the tail and we'll refine the numbers for you. it looks like it's out of here by sunday at 48-degrees and maybe a couple of showers on tuesday with a temperature of 43. > we'll talk hockey right now. alex official gave himself a scare because he had an apparent migraine. the good news is he was back in action in columbus. the even better news. the caps down a goal, alex ovechkin heads up the left side
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and he finds t oschie, the first of two goals on the. the game is tied 1-1. marcus joe hanson. one timer, boom, finds the back of the net. itself 2-1 caps. the third period, theç caps on the power play. ovechkin once again, rips it home for his 28th season. he missed a penalty shot, it didn't matter, though, because the caps won this one 6-3. in college hoops, maryland hosting. mellow trouble takes the last shot. the buzzer sounds, 40 minutes on up to the side so guess what, time for over time. trimble takes over. the foul, he falls down. that's a three-point play for the sophomore. robert carter, diamond stone for another lay in plus the foul,
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maryland holds on 52-56 in over time. john thompson and gw on the road. in the first half, smith rivera with an excellent pass. the hoyas ended the run to take a 6 point lead. lj peak, smith rivera throws it ahead to peak. he heads down, the hoyas of their biggest win of the year, upset number five, xavier 81-72. pierre garcon from fan and it hamilton health care had nothing to do with football. he finalized his settlement against the site whose names and licenses we are used by the site. the redskins can is a team do and the terms of the deal are
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confidential. one day draft, all that talk, still going on. now the players want a piece of the action. >> i understand. i'd like a piece of the action, too. > wouldn't we all. > still ahead tonight, a final look at the forecast and what's in store for the rest of the week. >> there's no fantasy news. > you don't know that. the woman who cared for bobby christina
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> a woman who worked at the hospice where bobby christina spent her final days has been charged with impersonating a nurse. show was arrested on four counts of practicing registered nursing without a license. according to people's magazine she was responsible for caring for bobby christina brown. the 22 year old's care was not affected by her caretaker. this is not a great sign for
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america's knowledge of current events. college graduates think judge judy think on the supreme court. > 5.5 percent of college grads identified secretary of state john kerry also as a supreme court justice. the report was released by the american council of trustees and alumni. you think it's because we live in the washington bubble and we know who everybody is. >> judge judy is on at 4:00. >> for heaven sakes. that's crazy. every where she is on tr. she's been there for years. when they have a different hairstyle. judge ginsberg has a different hair do. people let's get with it. in the meantime we'll get with our seven-day forecast. one of our newest models coming
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in tonight and it still wants to give us big snow for friday night, saturday. it is not backing off. we're going to continue to watch that and let you know if there's any change in the trends as we look toward tomorrow. this would start friday afternoon, get heavy friday night, snow all day sat and sometimes hard and then wrap up late saturday night. > thank you guys for tuning in tonight. we are back tomorrow. tony will be back tomorrow. we'll have a full couch again tomorrow. the news is back at
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