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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  January 21, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> and right now at 4:30, icy concerns.ns. that's almost an under state. s are you looking outside at the treacherous road conditionsondi for the morning rush, aing r pursuit that for some continues from rush hour lastruh night of that is no exaggeration.ra a dusting of snow literallyally catching everyone off guard creating difficult drivingng conditions all over the dions a region. good morning to you. tu. today is january 21st 2000ry 2 scene 16 i'm holly morris.lyor >> and i'm maureen umeh. u >> i'm wisdom martin. wdom first we'll talk about this.t t this morning because of all this weather there are several schools that are on a two-hour here's what we have in hin virginia. prince william county schoolsols today.y. the following schools under a ur two hour today. alexandria city,ity, fredericksburg city, manassas cn city, spotsylvania county, c stafford county, all under a cn, two-hour delay.el we're going to update you upde throughout the morning as this t
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lift grows. g you can now find the full listll on our web site or.m on the fox5 d.c. app. >> okay, let's get to the bigth story this morning, the road byh more.more we're looking right behind us.en this is the inner loop and loo outer loop of the beltway by b saint barn brassaint barnabas r. it's gridlock.ridl >> we were saying howl it looked like things started totad dissipate a little bit aseit folks got home from their fourhf plus hour commute last night. n a lot of people getting upetti earl to head back up for work w and that's what they're uphey'ru against now.agains the outer loop completelyter lol jammed by 210. same story on the inner loop. in crawling all over all of those semis and tractor-trailers parked outtrais there on the inner loop. t some pulled over on the outer loop as well.los traffic is looking like thatis g all over the beltway, top and bottom. we'll scroll through some ofll t our cameras and show you all over bethesda if you're headed e out on the inner loop or outer loop by 270 seeing the same conditions, bottom of the beltway over the wilson bridgebg
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same story there. just dealing i with gridlock conditions andontd several accidents reported.nts e bw parkway is an area of a concern as well on thatl onha southbound side.ou let's see if we can skoalan through some of our camerasme oa and show you some of the otheree looks other beltway because it is just jammed like that alle ta over the area.ov you can see the icy snowy conditions, slick spots,ts, treacherous ride.ouside. take it slow if you have to youo head to work this morning. get an early start. sta i don't mean an early startn ea when it's just typical t congestion on a normal weekmal w day. i'm thinking about two hourswoos you'll need to battle thiss you can see we're parked 95 par not looking so good out by 123.12 in fact we'll switch it over.ite i want to show you some of our six my is the average speechthe on the inner loop and outer loo loop thruilver spring and at most 21 miles per houreser through alexandria on theri wilson bridge.a 395 inbound jammed up as folkspl try to start this commute much earlier than our typical rush th times at 4:32 this morning. 95 southbound because of theunda icy conditions the ramp to 123 2 is you'll need to detour around aro
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that. th we're seeing red at this hourhiu all over our map.r ou we saw the maps last night as nt the snow started to come downrtn and folks were trying to makein their way home from work andork again it's kicking back up andad getting into full swing thisl s morning.morning. bw parkway if you have friendsen or family heading down from fro baltimore southbound traffice ou is being diverted right now at 198. we have several crash scenessh reported along the bw parkway pr on the northbound andorthbound a southbound side.sout if you have an early morning mni flight to catch check with w your carrier.ur carrier you may be dealing withh cancellations or delays thiss od morning and traffic is goingand to take you a long time to getno there on the way to reagano reag national dulles and bwi. closer look at the outer loopk o and inner loop and you can see we're basically parked. this looks like it should beikeo about 8:30 in the morning on a o rainy rush hour.rush hr. the snow this morning causing cu icy conditions.onti 270 getting reports of a lot of of pulled over vehicles whor just had to abandon their cars r last night as they made theireir way home.ome. 270 north and southbound.oubo but i know wisdom took that in t this morning and said it wasd st clear as he headed to work butkb looks like things are starting t
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to pick back up once again. aga a lot of secondaries in the i t district ice z use caution,se ci leave extremely early and please reduce those speeds andsd be prepared for a long morning r we'll have more traffic inmmor just a fewe .just few back to you guys. >> thanks so much erin.hank appreciate it.prte it. as we were saying last night's dusting wreaking havocia on the roads for area drivers. s many have been braving theg th roads since yesterday evening ei trying to get home to theirheir families.. >> problems on route 210 inonte2 maryland forced at least 20 lea0 people to head to forto fo washington hospital seekinglee shelter waiting rooms and sleeping in their cars in the parkingei lot. l melanie alnwick joins us now,s she's going to join us aoi u little bit later on the phone or live, clever one comes first, live from fortm washington with more on hownow maryland drivers are copingop with these delays and thesend t >> in the meantime we want toe n get to the maryland highway state administration.n. charlie are you with us. >> yes, i'm here. good morning. morning >> good morning to you.od okay, update us. we're looking at m pictures ofie the beltway inner loop andain outer loop just grid locked lke
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and as are many other roads,oa people still trying to get tryig home.ho what's happening on the roads? a were they not treated? wasreatd this something that caught thacu people off guard and accidentscd happened spontaneously? whatusa can you tell us? >> it's one of those types of tf things where the pavement w temperatures are very, very,he r very cold, so any any precipitation is going to be, you know, going to be making things slick. slick we had crews in, what was wt was predicted to come throughte turned out to be a little bitd a more and as soon as our crews started seeing it and ournd operations people we started bringing everybody else in but b by that time we get stuck intu the same traffic asy else, els it's tough to treat the roads so, you know, they are little bit slick out there today sot e be careful. caref you know, sometimes thehe smaller storms that comerms c through are some of the most you sit there and watch theere big storm coming in thishi weekend but you see this other o storm coming in and we hade days and days and days beforeefr of temperatures that didn't even get above freezing, soezg, it's impossible to pretreat prea
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pavement temperatures that areta below 20 that would just freeze ont fre contact. we're out there treating it but, you know, with a lot ofa traffic on the roads it makes ik it very challenging.enng >> what you're saying there s was no way to pre-emptively-empe treat for this storm and iformnf that's the case that doesn'toe bode very well, does it, forit what's headed our way thiss weekend? >> we'll be fine for this weekend. it's going te o be a plowing operation. there's going to be a lot ofg folks off of the roadways. it doesn't take much to take -- one crash or one oon spinout pretty much shut down sw the highway and then you can'tu' treat ahead of that so it justtj piles up, freezes, it becomesoms icy so then we have, to you know, get more and more peoplere out there to treat the roads a.s >> so, charlie, i'm, association wisdom, let me askee this quickly. quick you said your crews are trying y get through but even they'reheye stuck on the roads so where dowe things stand now? what canhat people do? what are you guys doing to try to clear up thiss problem if you can.lem if you c. >> we're out there treating asa soon as we go through with the
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salt, it remedies the problems l but then once the salt gets aets little bit more moisture it becomes diluted and freezes again so we have to go back b and retreat it again so that's a where we're at right now. >> charlie, what seems tomso be -- any areas more difficult or any trouble spots on therere more difficult than any otherane spots or is it all pretty much the entire thing is justs j >> you know, the pavementhe pavm temperatures are so cold but aro when you get up to the bridgehe or the ramps or the overpasses, that becomes the real challenge because that is, you know, the higher elevated roadways freeze very quickly. >> charlie, i'm sure we'll bemul checking in with you as theou a morning continues.g co thank you for that update.e. >> sure. >> and thank you.>> again you're looking at a pictures of the roads thises morning. o it's a mess out there. we'll have much month are on the conditions and also anlso update on what's ahead withhead the snowstorm and what you canyc expect today for the weatherea coming up after this break.
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mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. >> this is a live picturehis right now looking outside at saint barnabas road.arnabas r you can see where it's lots of o drama out there on the road.he r that's the best way to put it. . traffic is at a crawl. a c if you're planning on usinglain the beltway you might want to t rethink that because there'sau t
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lots of stuff happening out out there weather-wise, accidents,in the whole 9 yards. 9 yar prince george's county anded montgomery county schools are cu on a two-hour delay. d we've got that information infma about the schools scrolling at the bottom of your screen and o our web site.our web s we'll update you throughout thr the morning. keep it tuned right last night's dusting of snowno caused major delays throughout h our area leaving some peopleeopl stuck in traffic for upwardspwas of five hours. hou five hours. hou our own tisha lewis tweeted t out a photo of backups on 95 south at lorton and steve s chenevey shared a picture as well of people pitching in and that's tisha lewis' picture' p right there and you can see can brake lights for as far as youts can see and this is steves is se chenevey's picture of people pee trying to push cars out of thesf roads and jason roberts also sent us a picture on twittern ti showing police blocking offing o 295 and 695 south leaving d.c. . around 11:00 p.m.00 if you have some photos youto
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went to share with us and it's s impacted your area with all w this snow and all the otherther things that are going on tweet us. us use social media #the winter awakens. awak >> because it finally has. >> yes. >> right. and what a bear it is.r it i >> i said this earlier. e when i was coming doyne 270,70 gary and i were coming down dow 270, melanie alnwick as well, 270 was clear but there werereer cars that had spun out and crashed, i counted about fivebof cars that were on the side ofwee the road but the beltway --el not the beltway. 270 in the southbound soubo direction was clear for ther or most part. >> yeah. >> now, i can't speak to whati happened after we gotot in. and also we saw over by democracy boulevard 495 heading north over in thatr in area just like the rest of thekf >> just like that. >> at a standstill. at >> really.a >> lots of things happening out there.he >> my side road was veryy sioada slick. i don't have that far of a a commute here to work butut connecticut was fine.ticut s fin >> yeah. >> the parking lots horrible. hr i'm just throwing that out
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there if you're headed outd this morning.orning. >> still ahead our coverage ofe your icy morning commute isomte going to continue.g >> erin como will have toa live look at the conditions on thensn roads plus gary will take a t closer look at the radar andadar tell us what to expect for thewt rest of the day and tell us about this impending snowstorm. this is all just a warmup. >> oh, geez. 
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>> ♪ >> welcome back at 4:45 on this thursday morning. mor it's a live shot of the inner tn loop here just above connecticut avenue.cut avenu things look to be movingov albeit very slowly.lo this is probably the bestes scene we've seen of some of of f the shots this morning.ots we have grid locked roads withrw cars that have been stuck on bes the roads, some of them sincem s last night.ight >> do remember this is 4:45 ins the morning. >> indeed. so that does give you somesome perspective as to what's happening here.ha you see the semis on the side ts of the road, a lot of themm frankly giving up not trying to make it through this mess. m
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got much more on the road t r conditions and also yournd als weather coming up. >> and also school delays.ays. you might not have been anticipating that school would be affected today. both montgomery county andon prince george's county are ontg two hours delays.e's that's juso t cominhog in.t com we have some other schools in virginia that are affected. are all of the school delays wills l be continuously rolling at they bottom our screen and also youoo can go to fox5 d.c. com and. m get an update. u >> let's head over to garyga mcgrady because he's got anus'sg update on what's happenings hapi right now and probably going g to talk a little bit aboutle bia what will happen down the dow >> yeah i'm going to try tory t talk a lot about here's just a few of the snowfall totals that we had reported from last evening. enig an inch and a half, little bit t more than that, that'shan th, th northwest d.c. falls church almost 2-inches 2-e of fluffy snow, gaithersburg asr almost an inch. inch. right as the clipper got alonger to the west of i-95 it just j kind of exploded and blew up. u. active watches are in place p for the blizzard watch.
4:47 am
you know about this just to the westut here, winter stormte watch. that may -- probably -- it's all going to be upgraded to ara warning before it's all said and done. and done. i don't think they're going toin add anyk more counties into tho blizzard watch because we're wat going have the wind here. h farther west you go not quite nq as much wind and you already ala see they've upgraded to ara winter storm back out to the west. main points about the storm. high impact snow arrives friday evening. eni heaviest overnight fridayightri night and early saturday morning.morn we could have some whiteouteout conditions out there andhe especially with the wind all wi blowing around off of thed off o ground there so it's going torei be incredibly incredibly snowy o and heavy snow and just j blizzard conditions and we don't get that very often. widespread significantnt accumulations in feet. major weekend travel impactsmpac up and down i-95. and dn i- now, look, here's the radar. rar let me go back.ack. the radar showed the clipper cpp coming across. as. for some reason it's not -- it - wasn't showing.howing. it won't go, wouldn't work butot right as it got along i-95 it
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enhanced.enhanced everything enhanced.ytng enhanc. association the major snow has been right along the -- just jt west of i-95 and off to the to t east such as the clipper real fluffy so it fluster up, u, the roads were super cold. col there you go all the ingredients we need for all fora the problems with theobms roadways. road now, listen this is tomorrow t morning with futurecast, we'reaw dry, maybe even a little bit lit of sunshine to start. here's the storm coming up. futurecast continues toties suggest four, 6 o'clock that'so' when the snow comes across soacs tomorrow morning -- tomorrow too evening's commute is going tong be -- don't be on the roads rds after 4 o'clock tomorrow,row, okay.ok 4:00 p.m. 4: all the snow comes through.ough. it looks like for the most theos part we stay all the rain/snow line gets real rel close to us by saturday surda morning but at this time theutth storm is raging.m is ragin we could see two, maybe 3-inches of snow per hour in in some cases with this storm.or this is 6 o'clock friday6 cl night. still very, very still heavy snow.stheav the heaviest of it has moved h up to the north by then andhen then as we get into saturdayatda
4:49 am
night, sunday morning the mning storm will be pulling away and a our conditions will improve a little bit, at least there t won't be blizzard conditionsar and the snow won't be flying by, say, mid morning sundayidori thisrn is our latest snow s accumulation graphic.cumu we've upped this a little bit. look just to the west of the city, almost 2 feet of snow inno the pink here. we could see as much as a footmf to a foot and a half alongng i-95 and off to the east over et into the eastern shore significant accumulations,ulatns amounts expected. expected. this hasn't changed at all.t a as a matter of fact it's increased just a little bitjusta over time. t today 35 and chilly, sunshine.i. clouds to snow tomorrow. tor snow and wind obviously fridaylf night, saturday. surda and then into early parts off sunday as well.s wel then we get into next weekxt wee where we'll begin to thaw out to with a little bit of sunshineun and warmer temperatures.emratu here you go erin. e i'm going to toss it to u >> lots to talk about unfortunately.rtat 4:49 and you see all the school closures -- most two mos hour delays scrolling at theay bottom of the screen.s om of th
4:50 am
despite the facte sc that schooo are delayed through maryland, virginia and d.c. we're seeingrn a lot of traffic for this timefs of morning.of right now the beltway ate belty connecticut looks like trafficlc is moving along a little bititeb better than what we were seeing about twenty minutes ago but still very heavystl ve you can see how slick thoselicko roads watch for slick spots. seeing a lot of disabled lot ofd vehicles left from lastlast night's insane commute home. h several folks took over four hours to get home throughe ro virginia. bottom of the beltway we aree be seeing parked conditions towards the wilson bridgewilsone inner loop and outer looploop a right now. that is the big of the troublehe spot this morning. morning bridges and overpasses tend to t ice first. folks really need to reduce n their speeds across the wilsonth bridge. right now seeing huge problemsul as you make your way out in virginia, alexandria and arlington secondaries dealingdaa with icy spots.with icy spo steve chenevey put otsn faceboob a video of people pushingus their vehicles out in in arlington on those secondaries last night.last same story this morning justmors really slow icy conditions. bottom of the beltway, top of the beltway seeing disabled tractor-trailers just like that and folks hitting the road a lot earlier thanse theyty
4:51 am
typically would to try to makeak their way to work but we're wre anticipating huge problems as pm even more folks leave. lea you can see just how parked we are at the bottom of theat t beltway towards the wilson bridge. let's look at our maps. current road speeds checkng chek in in bethesda on the outerhe loop and inner loop about a 7 miles per hour, 6 miles per hour, 7 miles per hour thereho on the bwur parkway north and southbound.soutnd checking in at the most mos 21 miles per hour and we'reur ad going to have to drop that even more by the wilson bridgesb on the inner loop and outernnerl loop. it looks right now that folks are basically parked there outto by saint barnabas. barnabas. as we move over right now forigw a look on 95 southbound inouth virginia, icy conditionsondion closing the ramp to 123. we're going see more areas like that popping you can always check in with c w me on twitter at erin fox5 days. i'll be posting any accidents ae closures or icy spots youes oy specifically need to be aware: e back to you guys.s. >> thanks erin.>> thas er 4:51 is our time right nowhn and the morning is continuing cu to evolve. more information coming inti especially in regards toallyn re schools so we can tell you weou have just learned that just arne
4:52 am
arlington county schools arechoo now closed.d. arlington county schoolsls closed. mogo and pg county, princeountyp georges county both on twos co hour delays.el many more delayed.orde those are continuously runningon at the bottom of your screen.rcr >> prince william is closed.sed. we're getting in information.ini prince william is closed fromli our executive producers asce a well. all right. we've got a lot going on asas the morning rush hourus hour continues. >> yes. fox5's annie yu is live on live the inner loop of the beltway.lh she got on connecticut avenueic where it was still very slowylo going.going. annie, where are you now andhere how are things looking where you are? are >> reporter: hey, good hey morning. that's right, we got off atff at the inner loop at connecticut ct avenue and we have just beenn driving.ivin this is what it looks like right now and we just got off g with maryland state police.stat. obviously the inner loop andp outer loop are moving now but just hours ago this washis was certainly not the scene.ce traffic was at a complete stanstandstill.andsti we see a number of strandedtran vehicles, tractor-trailers-ters
4:53 am
sitting on the shoulders many unable to maneuver on thesen t icy roads. roa the outer loop, though, seemsh,e to be more slow going with w backups in the inner at thiser s time. weus jt passed through a big backup there.he we saw officials helping folksns fill up on gas and maryland mar state police said they haved thh just been slammed since lastincs night responding to those t accidents and strandedtr vehicles. the good news again, though, traffic is moving in both directions on the inner and outer. it's just very, very slower s going and, you know, it's hopefully -- guys, this is a a major improvement what they whah were experiencing.erie we have people we work that we a drove in and they tell us it was just a terrible commute.omte the best thing you can do toan o help police at this point isint to stay off the roads if youoado can for another few hours.anhe i know, though, many of you doud have to travel on thesenhe roadways but just please bee careful because in some of in mo these areas, it is literal al sheet of ice and where it i looks wet you definitely wantelw to reduce your speeds by half hl
4:54 am
and approach with caution. i think everyone was sort of planning ahead for thisaheafor friday's storm and missed theisd point of this small bandd moving through which broughtgh w about an inch or ih or l it's going to be interesting i to see how our commute plays pys out friday into saturday but but just make sure you're filled f up on gas and please be b careful if you're headed out this morning.. >> all good advisement you allsl be careful too annie as you're u out there trying to cover the story. >> a lot of people maybe l of caught off guard maybe not prepared with some of the things you need in your caree yr for weather like thishis a-blanket, perhaps a bag of salt or something to give you some traction but i hope as the morning goes along we'll alw talk more about that and maybenm get someone who can give us some insight as to what you to need to put in your car atr car this time if you haven't. h >> we do want to report this real sal testament to thent t severity of the situation.thtuat we can confirm there's been a fatal accident on saintn sain barnabas road. roa that also would explain the the horrific backup that we aret
4:55 am
seeing so, it is not an not understatement at all to sayl s the roads are extremely if you don't have to get out today, and i know a lot of people weren't anticipatingicat not getting out today, in factnf a lot of people probablybly anticipating maybe making thatbn last trip to the store, getting everything in order o for the impending storm.. nonetheless we have a very a difficult situation that we'ret' dealing with here this morning. morning. >> when you have all the carsha on the roads in addition to the bad weather, you cannotan take for granted how dangerous o the road even though it may look finek like i said 270 looked like itli was fine coming in, you cannot underestimate how dangerous it can be out there on the roads. . so be careful slow down as we as toss it over to gary mcgrady mcg and get an update on what's wha happening weather-wise.ther-wis. >> wise words wisdom from yous i and listen i just want to let everybody know, it's not ass n cold this morning as it hasin been but it's cold enough tonoht keep this all slippery, okay. o once the sun comes up we'll start to thaw things out because we're going have fulle
4:56 am
sun once it comes 25 here in town. tow colder way up in hats alonghatsa the i-81 corridor.dor. i-81 corridor you guys just got a lull dusting as thiss t thing came across. radar this morning continuesng s to -- i don't know what's going on with that raid today.a. i'm trying to show the snowhe s coming across but it's nott working. let me show you today's planner. temperatures will warm up but it will take awhile to get temperatures above freezing, a probably after lunch before that happens. temperatures will make it up into the mid 30's. all about the snowstormer coming, the blizzard blizzard watch still inzard effect. there will soon be a wizard -- a blizzard warning not aizrd w wizard morning. mor here's erin como. >> inner loop parkedrked approaching the wilson bridge. g we just got word from silver spring sligo creek parkwayay shut down because of ice at university boulevard. you'll have to detour around on the beltway outer loop wasas improving just a smidge bydge connecticut but as more folkseol hit the road we'll see
4:57 am
increased problems like what lik we're dealing with here bottomtt of the beltway.of t this is by colesville road.villa you can see outer loop top of lo the beltway traffic easing awa bit but as wisdom and hollyy maureen have been telling you tu slick conditions on ours o interstates as well as secondaries. i'm getting tweets from peoplets who have friends and familynd stuck on the beltway foron upwards of six to eight hoursghh they're telling me and it's and because of disabled vehicles, vc people abandoning their cars thc as well as slick conditions. uninterat 414 dealing witht heavy traffic.41he we'll look at our maps. map best advice if you have toe if make your way to work this work morning leave significantlycaly early. ea we're seeing reduced speedsed se all over. we're going to keep youou updated and try to get you toett work safely if you have toou h head out. back to you >> erin, thank you.>> erin, t >> still ahead we're going a we' have much more coverage of the e overnight snow and what tohat to expect from the huge storm fro still to come this weekends. 4:57 is our time on this thursday morning.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning to you.morn 5:00 a.m. is our time right r now. you are looking at a liveg ativ picture there of the beltway at saint barnabas road.nabas ro. this is totallyndicative ofdica what people are dealing withng w and have been dealing withngit since last night.
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there little clipper thattt could is what we're calling


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