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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  January 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning to you.morn 5:00 a.m. is our time right r now. you are looking at a liveg ativ picture there of the beltway at saint barnabas road.nabas ro. this is totallyndicative ofdica what people are dealing withng w and have been dealing withngit since last night. there little clipper thattt could is what we're callingng
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it. went through really paralyzedarl the d.c. region making it tough for people to get home gee and people to get on out thishis morning.mog. we've got a lot of informationoi to pass on to you, probablybably maybe weren't anticipatingen't this as you woke up on thisn thi thursday morning or as you oas y wake i should say. s but your day's probably goingy i to be affected in some way be wb it schools that are closed,lo your morning commute and we have all the information that you need to know. kno >> all right. we're going to talk about thatat right now.right now good morning to you, i'm wisdom martin.wisdom mar holly morris, maureen umeh. u >> we have school closings tosio tell you about this morning,s mi several are under a two-hour awo delay and here's what we havewhe so far in virginia arlington ait county schools, they are closed.closed. prince william county schoolss also closed.lo following schools under a two-hour delay.urel alexandria city, fairfax county, falls church city, fredericksburg city, manassas city, spotsylvania county and stafford county under a two-hour also anne arrundel countydel un schools under two-hour delay.el
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they had -- they were supposed e to have closed two hours earlier but again now it'sin n ' just a two-hour delay.el >> and they're going eclose onon time now i think.ow i tnk >> exactly. >> let's talk about what elsealb is happening in maryland. myl montgomery county and prince ani george's county under age two-hour delay.two- two hour we just mentioned mentn anne arrundel. originally -- we already put alt that information in there.nforma still reading that again.readin so, that'sg what we have as fas as those jurisdictions aredi concerned. we're going to update as thatha list continues to grow. you can find a full list, d.c.ic schools with a two-hour delay.rl full list of all thishi information, if you don't get it from us you can get it from t our web site or the app fox5ox d.c. com.c. c >> erin obviously a busyy aus morning out there. it's been a busy night. nig >> that's right, holly reallyea busy night and really busyllyus morning. morning. right now i want to get toet breaking news.king new heading out in anne arrundel, ae bw parkway southbound rightouthr now it's completely shut down dn for a vehicle removal after 32.. bw parkway southbound not not
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moving after this afternoon dealing with abandoned vehicles an large crash 95 southbound a much better bet, 95 north and southbound north of the beltway moving along much better. bter. avoid bw parkway. p again completely shut down shu right now. right now it's also important to note that the outer loop top of the beltway starting totaingo ease just a ja bi things like connecticut movinguv along a lot better. betr. biggest area of the concernon bottom of the beltway inner loop and outer loop by the out wilson bridge.on wilson bridge dealing withriin very icy conditions causing extremely backed up traffic. tra icy conditions at the ramp too 123. that is shut you need really take it slow s this morning if you have toning head out. out. anticipate major delays. i'd avoid the beltway, bottomaym of the beltway b by the wilson bridge.bridge sligo creek parkway shut down sn because of ice.becae of ice i checked in with metro.ith o. metro is on or close toos schedule. and the best way to head w to around town today if you'reday f going to be heading be h we'll keep a closoe eye on e o those delays. let's take a live look at someto of those
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even though he traffic appears p to be moving better top of theo beltway by connecticut throughnt bethesda watch for icy f that could cause accidents asena folks pick up speed.ppeed we're literally parked rightked now bottom of the beltway by the wilson bridge. look at all those semis, backed up taillights speedslligs dipping under 10 miles per hour there. i've been talkingi'e with some folks on twitter who r had friends and family that were in eight hour commuteei last night still trying to getll home towards baltimore this bal morning so keep in mindp in m laughter frustrated driversted e since the commute last nighttett and this morning as more folks f hit the road trying to get toett work. bottom of the beltway by thef wilson bridge not the placethnop you want to find yourself and you just need to slow it downown on those secondaries.ones holly maureen and wisdom havem a been mentioning secondary son streets very icy and alsols seeing really icy parking parkig lots. it's just a morning to leaveo l i'd say about two hours early hs if you're going to be makingg tn the commute in to work. several school closures and delays scrolling at the bottomlg of the screen to keep in youeeiu the know and as we look at as kt these cameras this is very atypical for 5:04 in the morning.rnin looks like a lot of folks are a hitting the road earl to try eao
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to make their commute times.ei if you have any specificr questions about your commuteavyr you can check in with me onme twitter at erin fox5 d.c. we'll keep you updated on all ol the crashes and delays as theyy develop throughout thelop thugho morning. back to you. >> all right. we want to get over to garyo ry mcgrady now and get our g o latest information.nfmation >> can everybody just stay home? can you do that. t >> i think we need to stayneed a home from now until. >> monday. >> next wednesday. >> it might be.>> i'm feeling for all the peopleeo that, especially are traveling and have to -- can they get out, when can they leavelily, li all this stuff.all this stu a lot of people go travelingplei this time of year just to get away from the cold so i feelso f for you. 25 definitely cold enough for alld this to stay frozen.roze even though it's not windyno this morning, it'st not uncomfortable out there likere it has been the last couplet c mornings. finally i got this radaradar working. let me show you something here. clipper comes across. we talked yesterday about howyeb it looked like the clipper would enhance. yesterday it looked like theikee clipper wasn't going to enhance until it got over the oe eastern shore.e.
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well, it enhanced a little bit b early so basically if you look at this, look at it right here, okay. oka this represents last night at at 5 o'clock.5 and notice the enhancements here, right at basically rightat along i-95 is where this clipth are found a little bit off moisture, little bit more lift and started to kind of creep ofc up in intensities just aesus little bit and it continued tono do. that really when you look at y the totals there's not a lot of snow back out to the west ou but right here i-95, the-95, t district and off to the east, es it really did get enhanced aan bit and it's real light.ig it's real fluffy so it's nott's hard for it to put down an inch. in roslyn got a little bit more lit than a inch, woodbridge anridgen inch, hyattsville got an inch i and even down in saint mary'ss county, they have a reporta ror down there hollywood got an a inch of snow, t west, dulles only picked up like .10. .10 most places northwest a trace t to a little bit of coating. cti cold this morning but the b t sunshine comes up and helps to o melt the roads.melt
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that will be nic te but until then it is awful.s awf 25 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 32 degrees at lunchtime today.nd it will be after lunchtime lchti before we officially get above and we stay chilly withllwith temperatures only in the mid one 30's for highs today.od loads of sunshine. listen, the blizzard watch, thobviously is still in effectet and that goes into effectffect tomorrow afternoon and it will w stay in effect maybe -- looks- l like late sunday -- saturdayatur evening for that. t and the next storm we're stillel tracking it.ngt. not much, if really anythingy ah has changed and we've actually upped our snow totals a little l bit which we knew we would.we k there's a look at your forecast for today and a touch t for the big storm coming in on friday and >> who would have thought wehout wouldn't be all blizzard coverage.coverage. >> these chippers arehese chippe nightmares to forecast andes when they come across during d peak commuting times this is what happens. >> that's right. >> every time. >> thanks, gary. more from you coming up.u comin
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>> yup. >> we want to talk about breaking news out of prince george's police say a pedestrianay ad was hit and killedes by a snowplow in beltsvillepl maryland. the deadly accident happened just after midnight on the 11 te though block of baltimoregh avenue. officials say the victim was a a man. the road was blocked whileck officials responded to the accident.cident. all roads have since >> all right. all rht. so, those few inches of snowf s last night enough to causeoc some major delays on the roadways backing commuters upmus for hours.r maryland state highway administration spokeswomanst saying that the roads were notra pre etreated because the becauhe accumulations were unexpected. c >> melanie alnwick is now live e on the phone. so, mel, where exactly are you y and how has it been out thereoue this morning? morning? >> reporter: we are on 210n 1 right now and we are headingding to an area a little hospital hoa where apparently a lot ofa lot folks decided they had to bail i out overnight. they just couldn't take it any longer and they decided theyed t just needed some shelter, theyhh needed a place to take a tak a i talked with a woman whoho headed out from largo at
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9 o'clock last night.lastight at 1:14 in the morning, sheng, e was still on the road tryingdin to make it home. hom she said it took her aboutk her three hours to just go three goh traffic lights on route 210.. now, we are on route 210 right r now and heading outbound itbound does not look bad but headingea inbound there's still veryti heavy traffic.heavy i trdon't know if you can seeifc our go pro camera or not. n and i can also tell you that talking with some policeh sompo officers as well they saidsa that the roads are really there have been countless cnt numbers of accidents.ccen in fact, state police are responding to a fatal accident d that happened maybe just about 30, 45 minutes ago on the a inner loop of the beltway ate by saint barnabas road so that is only complicating issues that are out here. her leaving the city, downtown downt roads look fine.ok f we had no issues on thosen t roads at all. really just being but everything here on 210, it10 is kind of comes and goes. g
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it's spotty.pott it seems like it's wet in some s places and dry in others andthsa then you hit areas where you whe think oh that road looks lks really shiny, i got to be veryo careful there. anyway we're heading to fort washington thett hospital where i would say a couple dozen people decidedec they needed to bail out there and they said they're beingaid treated very well by the folks t at the hospital.l. they're being given tea and blankets and juice and a jui whatever they need and they're ' trying to decide whether towhete get back out on the roads to rot try to finally make it of course we'll bring you guysoy an update as soon as we get a w there and talk with them.he >> mel, thank you for that., th much more on the road conditions, the weather conditions, also the schoolchool closings for you coming up when we come right back.back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> we're back now at our reporter lauren demarco dar shot this video last flightt fgh around 11:00 p.m. on route r five branch avenue just inside i the beltway.eltway the snowfall was causing a mess on the road. people are still creeping along this morning slipping m and sliding all over the we've seen hundreds ofeds possible stuck on the roadstuck for long periods of time. tim if you have photos of how thefhe snow is impacting your area youa you can share them on socialm oo media with us using the #thethe winter awakens. awake >> i'm sure i think laurennk just shot that on her phone sons we love -- send the video too us. not even president obamaev was immune to thene messy msy commute.commute. the president's motorcade left andrews joint base around 7:30. 7:30. >> the vans slipped andipped skidded on the icy roads and passed several fender-benders along the they finally made it to thet white house more than an hourr later.ter. so, yeah., yeah. >> it's a mess out there. wess e continue to get schooll closings into the fox5 news
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room. room howard county schools --ou delays rather. rat howard county schools now saying they are also on ahey two-hour delay. d you can catch all the latest lat information scrolling at theio bottom of your screenn throughout the newscastom out tt throughout the morning.hout t >> and on our web site as as well. >> right. back after this.
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>> 5:15 is your time. coming back to the scene fromcef the beltway on 495 near495 barnabas road, it is gridlockoc there after a fatal accident. ad the roads are horrible.or
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on the other side you're looking at what appears to be t clear roads.r traffic moving along that road t but you can see some slickli spots. it's trouble out there. we'rehe going to keep you updated onated road conditions, we're goingonsg to keep you updated on schoolch delays and closings and ofs ando course the weather. wea gary mcgrady tracking notcgdy t just what happened yesterdayhate with this dusting of snow but so what's yet to come. t >> exactly. exactly wisdom, that could be us.d be u that could be us. >> you know what it's going to be, y'all camped out at myl house 'cause i live thee 'cau il closest so it's going to be -- >> you heard the invite.he i >> you got it. >> we're good. g >> i hear the embassy suites calling.ll that's what i hear. >> let's get to weather reall quick. cold temperatures for us. not quite as cold.quas c i want to show you though allug the cold weather to the north tn of us, too.oo. chicago is 15. i detroit is 20. big source air mass for the m big storm coming up friday and
5:17 am
into saturday.da and it does look -- blizzard-- watch in place and everythingryh i see now indicates that we're going have some blizzardome conditions around here.itio the cold air is in it will be feeding down into d the area because of this high ti pressure. listen, this is nearly the -- te and i'm not -- i'm not exaggerating, i'm not hyping,yp, i'm not getting overly excited e about this but when you look l at the weather maps this is nearly the perfect setup for this type of storm system to be -- even an overproducer ofdur what we're talking about now.ut. so, i'm just saying high pressure to the the cold air is locked n thisd t helps to keep the low pressurers from moving back up farther to the west which would mean more i mixing for us and it slows down the storm coming up the up east coast. coa we'll have incredible upwardble motion on top of this stormof tt system as it comes across, acr especially going into early e saturday morning and throughhroh the first part of saturday and that's when we're expecting're g the heaviest snow to be.avie the rain-snow line, still s
5:18 am
going to be off to the east ofto us. it's looking like most of this rain-snow line will stay fartay enough to the east of i-95 that we're not going to be having so much of a problem pro here with these estimated snowfall totals we'ree' predicting when are well over a foot now along the d.c. areaa and that doesn't mean that for aoes time we won't briefly switcheflc over to a little bit of sleetitf because this storm will beuse bringing moisture off the ocean at the upper levels ander that could create a little bit of sleet from time to time. te. the clipper is by. it enhanced right over d.c. or and that's why we ended up getting the 1 inch totals andals all the problems.l thero wasn't too bad out to the west. west just a little dusting out d there but it's moved on now.bu it's welt l off shore. shore. this is the makings of our o storm system coming in for there late week. big spin in the atmosphere will drop right down into the deep south and it's going tot'gg begin to intensify and then the come right up the east futurecast has this moving inn by 4, 5 o'clock friday orday
5:19 am
tomorrow afternoon, tomorrownooo evening so there we are on the timing and then it just stays snowy all friday night into int saturday as we'll see the blizzard conditions.blizzard coi looks like it starts to get it t better by sunday morning by around here,s are snow butsn still it's going to be windyo bn and it's still going to bebe cold. today's high temperatures willhi be up into the middlghe 60's an' we're going to have sunshine, too. it looks like it is will beit ie after lunch beforer lu temperatures get abovemperatures freezing but with the sunshine it will help to melt some of this stuff on the roadways.ff o thit's so nasty clouds to sun tomorrow,o blizzard tomorrow night intord t saturday. and then we'll have sunshine next week but it will stayt it cold with all the snow on thew n ground.nd here's erin como. >> 5:19 gary and we're seepingee the biggest problem arearoblem bottom of the beltway inner of loop and outer loop by the o wilson bridge you are parked arp for several miles there.eral met another closure you need to bec aware of bw parkway on the on southbound side. we are closed for vehicle removal from stalled andstal earlier crashes after 32.r so between 32 and 198 yound98 yu needy tore 32.or i'd say 95 southbound a betterdb bet there.behe here's a live look outsidee ok t
5:20 am
where you can see just howe parked we are leading to thee wilson bridge onle the outerhe loop and inner loo notice at the bottom of the screen we have school closures o and delays scrolling. despite the fact several schools are delayed and closed today folks trying to get to g work this is what you're uphis s against botch.nst botch. 66 on the eastbound sidestb s making your way from manassasas towards the beltway slickel s spots but traffic moving m better than what we're seeing here. outer loop top of the beltway by connecticut speeds startingut to pick up a bit. b watch for slick spots.lick s bridges and overpasses they tend to ice first which is whyi we're dealing with huge h problem leading towards theowart wilson bridge as you make your y way out around the districtd thi this morning. note all those folks stuck intui traffic, some of them since s last night's commute trying toit get home. h this morning we saw a lot of lot extra traffic hit the roadithe before 4 o'clock this and you're just seeing slow see conditions and reduced speedspe all over the area. a i checked in with metro.ked wi. right now metro is on or closes to schedule. schul maybe your best bet if you'ref u heading into the district forisr work. as we scroll through the cameras you can see how much s traffic is around the area. a
5:21 am
and 270 keep in mound if i you're heading from frederick, you're moving better than lastta night but you'll see a lot of lt disabled vehicles along the vehl side of the northbound andthboun southbound side from lastoundid night's commute home. the bottom of the beltway if you don't have to hit thatt ha area for your commute i wouldmud avoid it. i these folks have been sittingn n there some of them for several hours. we'll look at our maps because aside from those parkedhose p cameras we're showing you right there i want to get toet some other current road speedsod and just let you know 210 icy conditions, 228 to swan creek road.ek havel have more updays. busy morning in here, guys. back to you. >> absolutely. >> thanks erin. >> weather coverage continues. we want to get right now>> to annie yu who is out and about od this morning on the beltway tonh get the very late est on the les situation there. annie, what can you tell us?ll >> reporter: hey, good h, go morning. so, we are now on the innernner loop near silver spring andlvern just moments ago we were traveling at about 25 milesbout per hour because you hit thesese icy patches and so that's what you really need to keep in k mind if you're headed out this t morning, if you have to headg,
5:22 am
out is you want to wat ich thata speed. we're now going about 40, 450, so it is picking up. and you can see that traffic t is moving relatively nicely right now both the inner loop in and outer loop are moving, are n that's the good news becauses bc as you know, traffic was not moving, it was at a completeompl standstill just hours ago. people are tweeting,in facebooking us that they weree stuck in it for two to three hours, even up to six to eight i hours. it was a nightmare. nightmare a lot of people did decide to abandon their vehicles lastth flight so that's what we'reo seeing along the shoulders asths we move we see a number of strandedded vehicles.vehi we see officials like maryland state helping folks fill up on gas. gas. we see a lot ofee a l tractor-trailers sitting on the shoulders on both sides ofhd the shoulders just unable to maneuver on these icy roads but maryland state police saidac that they were just slammed sla last night and that it is much m calmer now. however, they are stillho responding to those stranded san vehicles.vehicles and you know, a lot of cars of were just unable to gaino
5:23 am
traction. they were slipping and sliding and so this is probably what we're going to see as we moveve into this next system onystem friday and into the weekend.eeke and people who left work lastt night were in this for hours. so, some of these people outpl here might be those people that just haven't made it home t yet. so, i mean, just imaginetma sitting in all of this, just an absolute nightmare but manyuh disappointed in the lack of lacf preparation, something theyhi didn't see any -- some sayinge y they didn't see any on my way in i didn't see anyny snowplows but the snow thatt e n did come down melted, utterted,u created a sheet of isothat'sf ih what you' going to be yougoin seeing, a lot of icy roads. r i can't emphasize that so please be careful and keep this all in mind as we approach this big snowstorm going into the weekend. back to you. back t >> annie yu out and about thista morning. we already know that it'sth i dangerous 'cause it's slick and slippery and we've had a a fatal accident on the beltway b inner loop out by saint b barnabas road so be careful carl when you're out there this morning.rnin >> much more after the break. t.
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>> welcome back. not crazy cold out there but unfortunately just cold enoughec to create all kinds of problems on the roads this morning. the clipper has passed sewnasd n it's icy and some places are untreated.untreated. traffic is grid locked.ked. erin is in with that in a few minutes.s. gaithersburg is 19 degrees.9 gr look at the pictures there.he that's the bottom of the beltway and they're juste just stuck. stuc dulles at 22, fredericksburgderb 25. wind is not exactly blowingly bo this morning so we don't have'tv
5:27 am
to worry about these intense wind chill factors.lltors clipper came across enhancednh right across the city andd i-95. it fluffed up some totals to tos more than an inch.nch. hyattsville just below an inch, roslyn over an inch,ynan i woods bridge, virginia 1 inch i the zoo picked up an inch andanc a look at today. tod lots of sunshine. o it's going to be colds toe col t start, 25 degrees. 2 32 by lunchtime.unchtime 34 for 4:00 p.m..m we're going make it up too about 35, 36.5, 36. winds will be about five to 10 miles per hour.perou with all the sunshine it'sun going to help to melt thiso melt stuff real quick and that should open up traffic just a little bit hopefully. hopeful blizzard still coming our way. amazing model agreement with this. we'll be talking a lot morekingt about that coming up throughmi the morning hours andhours a basically for probably theobable next 48 to 72 hours.72ou guys. >> before we get to the get blizzard though we got to gethog through today and it isnd proving to be very difficult.e . you're probably impacted inacte some way shape or form be it it your commute or your kids' school. we'll have everything you needid to know on the other side of
5:28 am
the break. 5:27 is our time right now.
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>> 5:30 on this thursday. thu the big picture that is the is inner loop and outer loop ofoopf the beltway. traffic at a standstill due parter to a fatality nearatalita saint barnabas road.d. details coming up. traffic moving along. a the roads still quite diceyic out there.he
5:31 am
if you need to head out be careful. ca there are a lot of slickare spots, a lot of trouble on thef roads this morning.or if you don't to head out staytta t.t. that's probably your best betes today. we want to get right toan this though this morning.t this. several schools under aral two-hour delay and here is her what we have so far in sr i virginia arlington countygton schools they are clo prince william county schoolsych also closed.losed. the following schools arechoolsa under a two-hour delay. alexandria city, fairfaxax county, falls church city, fredericksburg city, manassas city, spotsylvania county and stafford county are all underou a two-hour delay in maryland mar montgomery county and prince george's county under age two-hour delay.o-hour d also a two-hour delay for anneuf arrundel county schools. originally anne arrundel wasrrun due to dismiss two hours early. instead they're going in twoey hours later and will dismiss wii at a normal time. t howard county schools on ard two-hour delay. c more from maryland now.aryl charles county schools arechools closed today. t calvin and saint mary's county u schools both delayed twootlaye hours. >> d.c. schools also under a two hour delay.twur d
5:32 am
now, this list continues to beti updated and it continues toontio grow. you can find the full list on lo our web site at fox5 d.c. com. or on the fox5 d.c. app. right now i think we're t going go ahead and talk toal t erin 'cause it's quite the the busy morning.busy >> that's right. and i've been getting a lost a l tweets asking how 66 isg w 66 i looking coming from i wanted to show you a look atot that. really heavy traffic on theea ta eastbound side prince williamri parkway to fairfax county we have icy conditions.rky di you can see the snow on thenow t side of the roads.ds not seeing any major major crashes. take it slow.ta this looks like the rush thatruh we normally see around 7:30 in 7 the morning but at 5:30:3 because a lot of people aree a leaving early. e keep in minds once you hit the h beltway if you're leaded to leae the bottom of the beltway inner loop and outer loop take a look at that next to me, this is what we're seeing s right here is the inner loopnner over the wilson bridge. bridges, overpasses and on and off-ramps tend to ice first when conditions are slick.di that's why things are so slow backing up towards the wilson tl
5:33 am
bridge you need a significantigi amount of extra time if you're battling the bottom of theling beltway traffic. taffic. we're seeing folks just folks sitting in standstill conditions right now.ndit take a look at that camera asera i point. it's hard to do that.'s we'r he having some coordination problems but you can see justust how backed up things areed around the beltway. bel top of the beltway outer loope the good news is traffic is easing by connecticutbeew bututb we're still seeing slick spotslk so speeds are picking up. you still want to take it slowts even if you have the ability a fox5 a little let's look at our maps. you can see where annie is ann cruising along she's looking l better to. we have 95 southbound icythbouny conditions closed the ramp to 123. bw parkway if you're headinge h out there keep in mind huge problems on the southboundn soub side. we had several crash scenessh and disabled vehicles, folksicl, leaving their cars from lastthef night's commute so right nowoigt the southbound side is closedlo for a current three car crash ca that is being removed after 198. detour 198 traffic in araffic i standstill there. 95 is looking much better on the north and southbound side.d we have a seconds accident bw
5:34 am
parkway out by 32. 32. some secondaries closed as cse well. we 210 right now seeing very icy conditions. that is between 228 and swan 22a creek road. cree asides from that as you make m all right way out sligo creeklio parkway shut down byn b university boulevard becausesity of ice. if you have any questions tweet me at erin foxe 5 d.c. that camera to the top right r of your screen you don't want to sit in that by the wilson bridge. that's your traffic.that back to you >> thanks erin.>> t right now we want to go to g rashaad young d.c. cityaad youn administrator. he's been out surveying then su roads this morning.road mr. young, are you with justice. >> yeah, i am. good morning. >> all right, good morning to you. can you give us first , a status update of the roads and morethe so what's the plan for today? >> sure. so, road conditions are still s tenuous in some areas of the district.ct most of our main road ways are clear to bear pavement. our crews have been in active a deployment since this beganegan yesterday they've been tackling the mainhe road ways and the secondary roads.
5:35 am
we will be working through theou rest of those secondary roads and residentials this morning with salting and plowing to ploi get this stuff up. >> rashaad, any trouble spotsano that are more difficult than others? we often talk about tk the side streams i know you're r out and about, you've been out since yesterday. yterd any areas more dangerous than others.ot >> well, it just really rea depends.s. the side streets or the secondary streets we'rear working those now to get themm clear.ear. they still are covered. cov some of those areas are slick sk but in my driving out sinceng ot about 3:30 this morning, much, m of them are passable and folks f are slow and careful but we're e going to continue to work our salt, work ourhroughws t those secondary streets to create the safest condition as possible.possible. >> folks getting ready to head a into school or work, do youo have suggestions for them what
5:36 am
they can to help you guys outs t today.toda >> absolutely. for those folks who don't haves' to go out, the least amount of n cars on the roadway is helpfulef for us so our crews can get in and get through these streetsses as quickly as possible and asnd many times as possible. psi and really just be cautious c and slow. an there are still slick spots in i the district and all acrossrictd the region so we need peoplepe to really be careful as they traverse out this o i >> mr. young, thank you soyoun much for calling we really do appreciate theciat update that you gave us. us. be safe yourselfly.y. >> thank you. thank >> gary, i think it's gar important to note that you allll talked about the clipper.lipp we knew that this was >> yes. >> that we were going to get ai little bit. we were really more focused onfe the weekend but i think weweeken weren't anticipating this kind of fallout. >> no, we were not anticipating -- what we knewe k was that it was coming across a later and we knew it was going to enhance, so at about 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning, the
5:37 am
new -- our in-hours model cameam in and it enhanced it overit days. tucker mentioned it at 10:00:0 a.m. this morning, we werewe w like wow looks like things are a changing.changi by about noontime yesterdaye the weather service had tor seeo come in and issue a winter a w weather advisory for the area aa for last evening.t e >> to be honest i think it ihi missed it completely.ely. >> that's what happens.ap in these evolving situations,itn we can mention what we know and they will changeill cha especially with a this one enhanced right on topi of the beltway but to theuto credit of -- once the newew stuff came in and it showed it then a proper winter weatherer advisory kind of went out andint again west where i am, west i aw where wisdom is, it really rea wasn't that big of a deal,g d just a little dusting that t came across. >> it blew my mind.ew my i know i'm harping on it. i i didn't expect the roads.dn't c >> the roads are st o cold so
5:38 am
everything stung it becomes ice. >> and then the real storm isth on the way. >> this is a real storm for a sa lot of people. lo the people that are sitting on the roads it's real.e ros it >> my goodness, the pregame.rega >> it's an appetizer.etizer >> a big appetizer. appet >> to the entree.hent >> be home by friday at noonhome and then don't leave. l i'm serious about this. abo don't go out after friday friy noon. no try your best to get home orete stay at home.home. 25 degrees today at 8:00 a.m., 32 12:00 p.m., 35, 36 for a6 for high today.high tod lots to talk about with the wite blizzard. don't have time now butha eventually we'll get tveo it. go i still stand in amazement at a all of our collective modeling d and how accurate -- not-- n accurate but how they are how t showing the same thing.. >> consistent. c >> yes, thank you., thyou. >> wisdom woke me up very early this morning. >> i was just trying to offerus you a a rid >> my man, wisdom martin is an s good egg, he called me said get up. u >> he's a caring gentleman. >> if i had to work i wantedd t you to work, too. t >> that's right. >> we've got lot more to talkve about.k we've got roads to talk about,ao we're going to talk more about
5:39 am
the storm. we've got school closures, the e whole 9-yard.9-y we've got everything you needytn know about this storm and theuti one that's coming.on back in a moment. >> grab some coffee.
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> ♪ >> 5:41 is the time. last night's dusting of snow dun caused major delays throughouthu our area leaving some people peo stuck in traffic for upwards fow of five hours. that's a long time to be stucktu on the road.
5:42 am
nicky sent us this photo. she said it took nearly twoearlw and a half hours to drive 2 miles. >> wow. >> dan took this photo of theisp backup on 395 south.ou >> my goodness. gdnes >> and phone cia posted this. photo. photo. if you have photos you want tops show that impact your arear a share them with us using #the winter a wick dense. >> we always do those stories d of things you shouldo have inud your car, this is why.s you know what i mean? this isth why. we're actually going to talk t more about that in just aboutbo five minutes. 5:42 is our time right now. stay with us.
5:43 am
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>> ♪ >> all right. you're taking a live lookin outside at the -- this isg thes inner loop heading intoding virginia and see all the brakelt lights and that's usually bad ts news because that meansteans traffic is at a standstill.nd we have been talking aboutng a this all morning. morni weather conditions on thes roads dangerous.angeus traffic in a standstill instl some we've had a fatal accident at the saint barnabas entrance onn the beltway.eltway be careful if you're out and about. also school information.orti >> people have had overnight orn commutes up to eight hours,ho people, understand that.unde they have been trying to get home for eight hours.or e we cannot overstate enough the t dangerous situation and the frustrating situation for people on the roads at thist hi hour.ho.
5:46 am
>> yeah. all right. >> a lot of people asking what happened.pp gary mcgrady, i know youknow said it's tough to predicto pret these clipper systems thatpe come in. >> they come across whenme everybody is on the road soro s it's hard for them to get outet and treat it and then youn basically end up with gridlocki in some saces obviously that's whatsly th wha happened.happen let's jump to friday and saturday. blizzard watch still in placechs d.c. up and down i-95. winds will be gusting overgustir 40 miles per hour.40 that's truly what blizzards blir are all about, more about theabe wind than snow. in this case we have heavys casa snow and the wind blowing all there snow whiteout possible.wheout possib. out to the one of the not the quite as windy. obviously this will beill upgraded to warnings later on today. winter storm warning, blizzard,z warning. main point snow arrives fridayay evening, late afternoon, aftnoon friday some folks farther south ander u southwest it will be earlyit wir friday.friday. listen, be home on friday byday noon and you'll be good, okay.ka then you won't probably wanty wn to get out until monday oron o heaviest snow early saturdayday morning, widespreadesea significant accumulation. this is what i want to show i wo you real quickly. qui
5:47 am
area of low pressure comingre up, a developing nor'easter. why are we going to get soweng t much heavy snow? a very dynamic storm upper levelser lev just bringing all the energy ene up from the ground so there'sohe a lot of upward motion here. see this? this is is thunderstorms down into northwnt carolina and what happens the thunderstorms wrap into thento h storm, they wrap night colderwr air so we end up with places getting thunder snow and crazy snowfall accumulations.umulatio. this represents about saturday 10:00 a.m. in the morning. i this little area of enhancednhan thunderstorm activity offivit shore but it's moving to theingt north and to the northwest norwe right into the cold air, so early saturday morning throughat the morning on saturday,urda that's when we'll anticipateic that we here in d.c., the.c., te metro and surrounding surun communities will be gettinglle t the heaviest of the snow. s thunderstorms coming rightcom into the colder air so allr this could potentially be a few hours of thunder snow or snr enhanced snow, heavy snow, sno whiteout conditions, blizzard conditions and again, it looks a like early saturday morning through saturday morning will
5:48 am
be the worst of the storm ande t then it will pass on by forn byf us. us. there's the clipper thenclipr th answered over the area last aa nigh -- enhanced over thearea.aa this is the late week storm getting its act together. it will drop into the into southeast and really becomeyec much stronger.onge our snow forecast here, we're calling it three do the zero, 33 a foot and a half to 2 feet 2 and in some cases more thancase that's western metro back outrnk to the west and northwest.orwest all up and down the i-95 corridor we could have as much h as a foot to a foot and a half f and again, wind on top of t o that.. so, it's going to be justus dangerous conditions. con so be in by friday at noon andoa you'll be in good shape.ha 35 today.35 today. we'll have enough sunshine touno melt this stuff early and thenul we just prepare for the nexthe n storm.m. it's a big storm.'s big here comes erin.n. >> gary, 5:48 and i guess thess great advice is if you don'tou n have to head out this morning ts
5:49 am
avoid the roads but if you dofou want to help you navigate someom very big problem spots.po bw parkway right now some n s breaking news for you.s y southbound roadway closed for c a three car crash. crash it's being removed.emov several tow trucks at thatl to location after 198. aft 1 traffic on the southbound sidedd diverted at one night over to to 95. 95. we also have a northboundorbo crash after 197. after and then southbound approaching powder mill road another crash. now, north of this .95 on the t southbound side completelyet jammed up as you head fromead f baltimore past 32. avoid bw parkway if you can. we have another crash out byhecs 450.45 huge problems right now northor of the beltway, bw parkwayarkway north and southbound icy conditions. avoid that stretch of road and 95 southbound from baltimoreboun big problem. you can see the camera next toa me in the upper right corner that is the inner loop bottom l of the beltway over the wilsoneo bridge completely parked. it's been like that since really the evening commute last night.last avoid the bottom of theheotto beltway. be outer loop seeing huge delays dl as well between the springfield interchange reallyig as you make your way to route r five we're seeing that stand s
5:50 am
still traffic. tra outer loop jammed but theoop ja inner loop is the worstr loop problem right now.le you can see traffic is theic ith bottom of the screen as anniesnn heads out around town is verys v slow as well. wel top of the beltway byofhe b connecticut avenue improvinguemo slightly but you're still up stu against icy conditions.conditi as we take a closer look atk at that big red zone bottom ofone f the beltway icy condition onstin 210 between 228 and swan creek road. you want to use a lot of aot caution if you have to head you out in that direction.ecti really reduce your sligo creek parkway shut downhud between university boulevard and new that is because of icyw conditions. 270 southbound not terriblenot e right now. right no you're going to hit some slick spots but for the most part you're seeing much better conditions but you're going toio pass disabled cars from the commutes that were dean last night. 95 southbound virginia icycy conditions close the ramp too 123. 12 slow conditions there inons the prince william. wli 66 inbound very slow fromlo f manassas through the fairfax county parkway.coun par route one on the southbound soud side we are dealing withh several lanes being blocked at a 630 courthouse road. r something to keep in mind in
5:51 am
stafford and that is becausend t another crash and i just can't get enougrah of that camera, the bottom of the, th beltway inner loop by thein wilson bridge is justne seeingee huge problems. probl red line right now is single tracking out by shady groveshad because of a train problem. aran all other lines on or close to o schedule and it seems right iemg now metro is your best bet to bt getting to work on time and tima again, taking a look at bww parkway, avoid that north andora southbound side.hbounde. back to you guys.o you s. busy over here.r re. >> yeah, it is. >> all right erin como thank you very much.uc if you plan on heading out in this winter mess there's a ts few things you should knowings before you hit the road.ou >> bob barnard live iniven northwest now. n. bob, we have been talking tal about it. what do we need to make sure ne we don't get stuck with our -- - with nothing to help us out? u t >> reporter: it's like the boy scout motto, be preparedpare because, yeah, we're hearingre i these stories of people on the o road for six to eight how do you prepare nor? we'llll have that in a first of all this is wisconsin o avenue right in front of thefr tv station. i just drove down fromst montgomery county and i'll c tell you, it looks dry and lookd you're going to see a person psn
5:52 am
on a bike riding by here in a a minute.minu i'm just going to ask how thek t conditions are as this person to rides by. how are things? how are things. >> icy on the >> reporter: icy on the corners and i'll tell you guys it l oteooks dry but you got toe careful. i got out of my neighborhoodbooo fine. at 4:30 there was a salt truckrk in my neighborhood which is not on a major road. washington post carriers were in there. i saw two ladies running but once i got out onto rockvilleil pike, wisconsin avenue that'seha where there was trouble.s tro it looked dry but every time iim was approached a stop sign the n wheels locked and taking offocdi from a stop sign or a red light, it spun as well so youspl got to be careful even on thehe main roads this morning.oads th the main question we're outn we' here for, we're talking to tom kilkenny.kilkenny he's with aaa. aaa tom thanks for joining us this morning.rn what do you say to people inu terms of like you're goingu're g head out on the road and you on don't know -- let alone lastlons night but coming up here her friday into saturday if you'ref going to be stuck for a longe s time what do you need to do? d? i see you have something hereetr to be prepared.repare
5:53 am
>> couple first of all just to echo whatcw the folks in the studio havedi been saying and you have beenouh saying, if you don't have toif y be on the roadway today, don't drive. dr it is really, really tough out there. with regard to what's comingom up in the next few days,ays, there's a lot of information out there about what you should do and whatever. wte i'm going to make this as sort s of as easy as abc if i can. if i first of all, make sure that se you have a emergency kit with you.yo whether it's a aaa one or you get from it other store orothere whatever, just be sure that be a you've got one because it's got a reflector typically in it and other things that youst might need if your car breaksre down on the roadway orr >> reporter: if you're abandoned on the road. r >> seconds ting thing if youds t know you're going to beou driving go over in your mind those things tha'rt you knownow about driving in this kind off weather in particularly incurl snow. we don't drive in snow a lot a around here so you want to wan make sure that you at leastt think about what you're goinggoi to do if your car starts to sr
5:54 am
fishtail on ice. >> reporter: what do you do? >> well, you sort of steer the -- in the direction iirecon believe of the way you're going but, you know, coming up here into the studio i was oni s 33rd street and the car inhe cai front of me could not get up u the hill it was so icy. i we both had to back down a d block to get out of the -- to -- get back to the stop sign. the third thing, double-checkou- with your aaa insurance agent or whoever your agent is just jt to make sure that you've got the proper insurance coverage, comprehensive, collision,hensiv whatever, because i'm tellingbee you, folks, there are going to g be a lot of accidents over the next few days and. day >> reporter: we see themtese >> yeah. and you see a lot of cars along the side of the roada sidh right now.ghtow so, it's going to be -- it's b i going to be a rough couple of of days. >> reporter: i hear eight hear hours on the road and i thinkher you got to go to the bathroomato and if you haven't prepared, pre you know, you might be thirsty so i mean, i guess that's justt
5:55 am
something people maybe basedop on what happened last nightppen and the stories that peopleteo heard, even if they themselveshe were not caught in it to thinktt about, have some stuff, youtu, know, be prepared. prepared. i don't know what you do about a a bath emergency room a sedan,ys guys, but, you know, have some water, make sure your car isakru full of gas and cross yourross r fingers, guys. >> thanks, bob.ks,ob appreciate it.apecia seeing firsthand today why you need to be prepared prere haven't those things in your car. alexandria city public schools they are now closed. are now they were on a two-hour delay. d they are now closed.lose the school situation is ever developing. it's continually scrolling atli the bottom of your we also have it on our web our w site and keep checking in ton t see if your kid is affected.te >> want to go to garyt to g mcgrady and get an update on on what's >> listen i want to start with h temps. it's colds enough to keepds enoo everything frozen especiallyy until the sun comes up.l the sun wilthl do a lot to break down a lot of these icy roads,cs okay, so hopefully by, you know, 8, 9 o'clock things will i be thawing out and we'll havendh much improved drivingved
5:56 am
conditions.nd 25 right now here in town, quantico 25, northwesternorn suburbs in the upper went toer right around 20 degrees or there's a bit of a wind chillinl factor but it's not too bad.tood feels like about 25 degrees 25 e here in town.n. there's your forecast. ft. lots of sunshine today.e we should make it up into thep middle 30's.mile 3 big storm still on the way way friday night through saturday.a. guys. gu >> oh, i'm sorry, over to sorov erin, erin.ri >> 5:56 and right now we're n w' seeing big problems.roblems. metro delays as well if you'refr planning on taking metro keep k in mind red line delays toelayst shady grove due to a disabled train outside of forest glen. fl i want to take skyfox if we can there over bw parkway up by 197. big crash on the northbound nbo side. huge delays other southboundhe side as they spin around and zoom in. tracking several problems. one car spun outside ways. sn ou looks like they're blocking bck the road to get that cleared out of the way. just the left lane gettingeet we'll have much more ahead atug 6:00 on this news weather andnd severe traffic day.
5:57 am
>> ♪
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5:59 am
>> horrific stories of driversf just stuck in traffic forraic eight hours. some not even home from lastvehe night's >> all started with just a with dusting of snow during the evening rush.ev the you shall right now is what we refer to as black ice. hidden ice on the pavement.the we have team coverage acrossag s the region this morning. mor >> this is in air quotes butirte good morning, i'm allison all seymour.seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. i we'll do what we can to getan
6:00 am
you through this morning. there's lots of trucks and vehicles still out on the out o roads this welcome to fox5 news morning. mg also have some schools under ae two-hour delay this morning. moi let's let you know about that kh first. here's what we have so far. havr in arlington -- in virginiaa arlington county schools are actually closed. clo prince william county schools are closed.lo alexandria city schools areools closed and now fairfax county cu schools are closed. clo here's your two hour delays. d falls church city, fredericksburg city, manassasans city, spotsylvania county and stafford county.staffont those are some of your of yo virginia two-hour delays. d you can add manassas city to that lit and manassas parkit city as well. all >> let's go to maryland.o toary. montgomery county and princemery george's county schools on aouyc two-hour delay. there's also a two-hour delay for anne arrundel countyanne schools. now originally anne arrundel arn was due to dismiss two hours t h early today. instead, they are going in two hours later.. they'll dismiss at normal time. time. also howard county schools area on a two-hour delay. tour de more from maryland now. n


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