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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the d.c. area around 3 o'clock c but we want you to be ready r earlier than that and the blizzard conditions will beon upon us before we know it. widespread winter stormre warning. same deal a watch meanseal possible, a warning means expected. in the pink i believe thatbeliee blizzard warning is a littlearn bit standd from yesterday.m yesy it goes up to the mason-dixonasx line and the high spot down totw our south and west. w the blizzard watch nowe bl continues up into philadelphia and into the new york cityork ct area. area. the watch meaning they need tot be on alert as well.ell. you're certainly not off theff hook at the beaches, too.. huge waves expected as well as l a lot of coastal erosion and and very strong winds so the differ teens between theen winter storm warning the blizzard has a lot to do witho t the wind and our storm tonight n is taking shape down over ther new orleans area.ea are you see a widespread tornado tno watches that are in effect.nff we have tornado warnings andnina severe thunderstorm warningsmari and ominous sign that ourgur storm is getting stronger and ad its proximity to the gulf of mexico is allowing it to get strong.strong.
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the storm center is what i'mi'm it will continue to move inntuev our direction.r di so, we want to stop with this point and let you know that tha we've had to expand that aread a of heavy snow now in the pinkn p west of d.c., all the way up to hagerstown, south ofouth o charlottesville we have a 20 he to 30-inch range of snow osn totals there when this is all a wrapped up by sunday morning.ori 12 to 20-inches east of d.c., d and that's east of 95 and even a three to six out at theout t beaches.beache morgantown areas like thate t farther to the south -- to the- west may actually get six to 12 out of this.f t so, that is what we'rete're thinking of. thin i'm going to be back in a fewew minutes to address yourss you question about the wind andut tn i'll show you what we're show expecting with winds and when a the peek of all of this willf t be. needless to say this coulds cou come down at a rate of two or 3-inches an hour late friday night into early saturday and sr at all costs we certainly wantin you to be tucked in by abouty at noon tomorrow and ready to rdy camp out for the weekend atke a home. home mike thomas is standing by ing i northwest d.c. and i hope i hop you're seeing a lot of peopleg o
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rushing to finish their preparations on this quietn ths day, the calm before thealbefo storm, mike.m, mik >> hey, sue, you're absolutelybt right. today is the day and tonight ang is the night to do it if you're going head down ford dow storm preparations.reparation good news is very different dift scene from what we had thiswe t time yesterday. we he don't have any snow. skies have pretty much cleared here in northwest d.c. irthw so are the roads for the most part. i don't see any leftover snowfall from yesterday on the roads. you can see they have beene th treated a little the bad news is that i just took road temperatures andpere roads temperatures are stilleraa right around 20 degrees sogrees that means once again onn friday, once that snow startsnoa moving in, it is going to stick right away. it does not matter that ithat starts off very light.ff ver lig the snow as we saw last nightigt no matter how little we gete weg once it starts to fall and stick -- and stick you'reou going get those major problemsrl building on the roadways andoadd sidewalks ce again.dewa so, again tonight is the night g to do it. so far traffic running tra smoothly out here. last night it certainly wastaly not. t. our own matt ackland wasckland w actually caught in that travelht
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a lot, weren't you last night, t right. righ >> mike, what a mess.e, wt a that's what everyone ison talking about today.out today seems like there weree there thousands people caught in it. n i i left my friend's house right e around 9 o'clock last night,t ng had to go 2 miles, about 10 10 blocks.blocks. well, i hit the stopwatch on my phone i want to show you how long it took me.e. an hour 14 minutes just to get 10 blocks. b a lot of people are talkingple about it.out so many people are upset thateta local officials including mayor bowser today had to step e in front of the camera ande cara apologize and say what s happened last night shouldn't happen again. >> what the heck went wrong last night? that's what so? t many people are asking.g. huge backups, fender-benders travelers fewer use.fe even the president's motorcadede impacted and first off thishis morning, d.c.'s mayor apologized.apolog >> we are very sorry for inadequate response.po we should have been out
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earlier with more resources. re. >> reporter: some worry if the district can't handle an han inch how can it take on a cant a blizzard? the biggest fearstea for city officials, power loss s because of blizzardard conditions. the mayor ordered a state of sta emergency. d.c.'s schools closed friday,ri d.c. government offices shutic s down as noon friday butut emergency services, police and fire, will be at full staff. chief cathy lanier orderingrdern 12-hour shifts.ou >> the most important thing ist don't take the storm forim granted. gran this is 36 hours of a major hou storm. >> reporter: the district is dis determined to keep emergencymern traffic moving. mov then means you may want to wt move your car now.ow a snow emergency will begin at 9:30 tomorrow. you'll be towed and get a huge fine if your car is not moved mv by then. t >> this is a blizzard and what a the city is going to beoi looking to do is help people that need help.eeel >> reporter: can't say itt enough. if you haven't moved your carour off the street, if you typically park on a snow routewr
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like wisconsin avenue here, do it now, go out and move youreou car because tomorrow come 9:30, everyone is going to bes o looking for those limitedseim spaces. you will have a hard time finding those spaces. by the way, if you want to see e where you can and can't park,ar, d.c. has issued a list for each ward one through eighte and they've posted maps.sted m go he to twitter, matt ackland fox5. fox5. we've even retweeted it. you can see depend on whereon you live what ward the areas in red signify where you can't e park its a huge fine, we're talking hundreds of dollars and a tow if you don't moven'tov your car.yo car. jim, back in to you. >> all right, matt, thank you. maryland governor larry hogan says a state of a state o emergency begins at 7 o'clock 7o tomorrow morning and a news new conference in annapolis thennapt governor warned marylanders toar be prepared in the facnee of what's expected to be a stormte of historic proportions. fox5's paul wagner livenelive tonight in montgomery countytgor with that end of the story. hey, paul. >> reporter: hey, jim.orter: h how do you fight mountains of
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snow? with mountains of salt. s the county executive saidd today this is enough salt to st get us through the blizzard and it's enough salt even tove t last through the entire winterr but let's first talk about the governor. larry hogan said today thatn sa he's going to mobilize themo state police.state police. they're going to be manningg b every single barracks and he's h calling out the nationall guard.d. >> our military assets are ready to act before the storm hits. hi and major general linda singinda is already preparing toreparingo mobilize the national guard.uard we've been in touch with utility companies.ut we anticipate the heavy wetvy snow could result in downed trees and disrupted powerispted lines with the potential forotel considerable power outages. outs >> reporter: in his newsepte conference, the governor said sd he wanted all marylanders toando know the state is ready and agencies are working together tg to respond effectively.
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he said it could take a week w to remove all the snow and s suggested residents stockpile se food for at least that long. l the governor expressed frustration with the gridlocktht on state roads wednesday nighted which the head of the state sta department of transportationrtao blamed on a changing forecast. c here in montgomery county executive ike leggett said 12 s trucks began treating countynt roads at 11:00 a.m. wednesdaywes and blamed the changing the c forecast and heavy rush hour hou for a good deal of the slippery and grid locked grilock conditions.nd leg get said with the comingom storm county residents shouldtsl stay home and off the roads the and be prepared and as for the roads... >> our priority are the primary roads throughout theads county. those are the major roads that joads tha you see that connect mostt jurisdiction.icti the residential roads, are a secondary priority for us.ri fou here's the challenge that we twe have. we are responsible for county roads and most residents don'ttn just drive on county roads,untys they drive on all roads, roads,r in the municipalities, roadsalie in their homeownerseowners association as well as county au
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roads and they don't make a distinction and we are hampered oftentimes by notti what the county hasme done buto by what the state may haveav one and also what theo t neighboring jurisdictions have h done. >> reporter: the county executive ike leggett saidaid that if you're curious aboutur a how your roads are going to beoo cleared once the snow hasnow h stopped he said you can call 311 or get onto the county's co' web site and perhaps find out fo more information that way butay he also said what you reallyea need to do is be prepared, prere hunker down, maybe take a long winter's nap and look out foroof the elderly. eerly live in montgomery county, paul wagner, fox5 local news.ew. >> we want to go to fairfax f county now where local andal state leaders are speaking outig on that horrific commute homemuh last night. drivers still fuming sayingg the lack of preparation wasrati uncalled for. but for virginia's governor govo and local officials disagreeisre on vdot's response. fox5's tom fitzgerald is is live in murray field virginia vi with the latest on that. t
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tom. >> reporter: hey, laura,ey, l we're here at hadden re'sn r wrecker service in fairfax frf county. now, this is just about theist b only time today that these t trucks have been sitting stillns here today. tay. and why? they have been inn in and out of this place bringingrg in cars that were either were e wrecked last night or just or js flat out had to be left on theet side of the road because folksss got stuck in traffic on either t 495 or 66. 6 now, here in virginia, well, w it is the state's job, vdot,d the virginia transportationporto department to plow thesert but you talk to anybody who was either stuck t in one of those traffic jams or in onefijs of those crashes and they'll ane tell you, that is a job they t say that did not even comenom close to getting done. >> oh, it was god awful of thewe it was all ice. i nothing was -- no snow, just jt ice, that's it. tha >> reporter: do you thinker: you would have gotten in this ti accident if they had done af eyh better job on the roads.n the ra >> of course, of course.ou there's no preparation done pren whatsoever, either, on ther, the roads, either. er.
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>> i'm swamped.p more cars coming in.cong people got in accidents lastts l night.nigh no one was prepared for it. we're just steadily together tor them in. >> reporter: so, we wanted se wt you to look at this. this is was the scene all dayeny here at henry's wrecker's wck service. they started getting theseng t calls for the accidents about 5 o'clock last night and the the roads were so slick that evenhae some of their own trucks hads difficulty getting around. now, many of the damaged carsag all had the same damage,ag either damage on the front endho or the back end from sliding sli on the snow and ice and crashing into each other out on 495 and 66. 66. now, fairfax county executive sharon bowl was pretty blunt. bu she says she was on thosen t roads herself last night andig a she knows how bad they were. w even more surprising on all of this, well, it turns out there is one person who actually thinks that things vdot did and moved quickly last night.ig that person happens to be virginia's governor terryy
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mcauliffe.mcff >> we moved very quickly.ved vey we had 500 pieces of equipment e out yesterday putting the salt e and brine and doingoi pretreatment as much as weatme can. the major event will start s tomorrow sometime in the morning early midafternoon.teoo. we're ready.ea >> they're ready, mobilizing,obn they're bringing in extra crews, so what happened lastped night was not okay. okay. that can't be repeated during d the following days.the >> reporter: okay.or now, you heard what the countyou executive said, you heard what w the governor said. now, we can tell you this. the governor says there wereere 500 pieces of equipment out onit that road tonight. ton we were out on those roadshose a last night. we didn't see 500 pieces ofs equipment.uipmen we only saw one piece of p o equipment. we can tell you it was not spreading sand and there wassa not enough sndnow on the ground to drop that plow. so, if there were trucks out tcs on that road last night,
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governor, they must have beene e camouflaged because we didn't dd see any of them.e any hopefully there is a betterere t response out of vdot tomorrow. r we're live in fairfax county tonight, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. n >> all right, you bet we'll keep on top of that as well as the forecast all evening and night on line. extended coverage begins b tomorrow at 4:00 a.m.rrow on saturday we'll starte'll s blizzard coverage sharp aterag 5:00 a.m. and we want to seeo s your pictures on how you're y fairing on the storm.iri use the #the winter news at 5:00 is coming rightinri back. back.
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>> ♪ >> people aren't stocking just up on food and supplies. this was the scene at the gas a station in arlington thison t morning. aaa recommends you put a full al tank of gas in your car you have a kit prepared for any for emergencies.em items should include blankets bs heavy coat shovel and ice scraper and when you're on theon roads this goes without sayingun but you should be remindedeminde remember to always be a good distance behind other vehicles. >> want to show you what theyoue wegmans in leesburg lookedurg lo like this morning. morni a viewer sent us this photo. pho looks like most of the shelves v are bear as customers stock up before the storm.. not just this store but a lot al of stores around the area.he a so are you ready, you got yourou shovels, groceries? the metro ser ear is expected toxpted
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completely shut down that many means it will be unlikely thatbu you'll be able to get to thehe market or anywhere else for for that matter. fox5's alexandria limon was w out and about talking toking people who were making their last minute dash and she joinsss us from northwest d.c. alex can people still findtill f what they need. nee >> reporter: yeah, yeah, surprisingly they we're starting to see a little t bit of the after work crowd trickle n the shelves are stocked. that's not really been they beee problem.problem. if anything it's the crowdsg that continue to come and now, i have to maketo a c confession. this is my first ever storm ofto this type. typ i've never been in a blizzard br and i a little bit nervous butut despite that, i have procrastinated i've bought nothing. nothi i'll be joining these people and try to shop after work.te w i have one shopper here ryanerer who i was impressed by. i just will to ask is this his s normal friday shopping or is this storm preps. i've got to say i was i w impressed by your shopping list. list what can you tell me?an y >> it's a little bit of both. ot it is a little bit of stormf sto
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prep but it's also for aor neighborhood happy hour that hou we have off and on on friday.nri >> so, for you this stormsrm looks like a good time. tim but take a look at this videos v we went around to several sev grocery stores, safe way, w whole foods just to take a to ke look at the crowds throughout the day. and like i said, you know,no most items were in stock. sto. the only things that weren't wer were maybe milk at a couple of o places or a certain type of bread but you can find replacements if you're okay oka with soy milk or a different brand of bread. you'll find was need. fin the biggest problems were there crowds at some placesce especially whole foods. there were long lines and even surprisingly at the warehouse appliance store, for example, they had things like shovelske o and salt plenty of thingss still in stock so none of thatn was a problem.s a p we did also talk with some oftme the people who were out and about shopping today. today. >> i'm not used to it so i want to jump on plane and go g to california but i can't doan'd that because i have to work.o >> i have a scraper and it's i an extender so you can turn itui
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a certain way like this and just reach u >> at the moment they're pretty well stocked in there,oc so go to the safe way in davenport street if you want yot mething. >> i actually was getting the lastge bit of prep which iswhic finger paints for myer paifo three-year-old. we'll be stuck inside for a few days, yes, i've gotten the t ice melt, i have the shovel, i have the brownie mix, i have, iv the bread, i have the milk, i ml have a little bit of wine for wo mommy. >> reporter: now, one of the more crowded sections of rods of man's right now, the wine so, i'll tell was, though, oneue of the reasons why the stores te are well stocked i talked toi ta somebody at one market they the told me they scheduled extra ext deliveries this morning swellshi this afternoon so if you'res going to be going in afteron sit work you shouldn't be too concerned because actually actul several store managers told me they did that schedule extra ext deliveries just planning fort pf that after work crowd knowing ko that people like myself procrastinate and they'lle d t
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probably be going at the last ls minute. for now we're live in northwest d.c., alexandra, alexa limon, fox5 local news. new >> can you imagine if thene i te powerball was hitting this thi week as opposed to last week. we some people stuck at home hm for days want to unwind waynwind beer or two.r two there are some big footballootbl games on sunday. sunda earlier we stopped at a beer atr distribution company in upperpe the company has crews working overtime. they've made extra beer runs to make sure shelves are are stocked. much more on this story onry o fox5 news at 6:00.0. >> these are the important a >> the essentials in life. >> yes, and funny, i was justsus telling jim i got a push pus notification alex was doing doi her life shop that my husbandbad was at the beer and wine storeet stocking up on his beer.eer. >> my husband is loading up on movies.movi >> party at her house. >> yeah. i think we could walk there if w we had to, jim. >> i think we may have h to,o, sue. e. >> good. come over. >> we would love that laura. i think we'll be a little busytb in the next 48 to 72 hours, ofo
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course about this times time tomorrow everything will beveth starting around the region andth i just wanted to show you a sho fantastic picture i got this is from arnold. arnol he says this is the snow on his deck after snowmaggedon february 6, 2010.01 that was about 36-inches.inch the snow was so heavy it it buckled the railing of his deck. deck. you almost forget what this whas kind of snow looks like and i want to thank arnold ford for sending that picture in. if you have greate grea meteorologist, david murphy memories from 2010 we would love to see them as well.el you may be hearing the blizzard warning starts at w 3:00 orar 1 o'clock. o'clo we have it starting ating at 1 o'clock from south to north,th okay, so be ready by noon.oo that's what i would likei uld everybody to know. but when will you start seeing snow in your area? if you you live down towards theds t charlottesville area it willwi be around 1 o'clock. 1 o'clock if you live down toward the chesapeake ranch estates, anywhere between 1 o'clock and 1 3 o'clock. that would include spotsylvania andlvan and fredericksburg. d.c. to gaithersburg too
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frederick down to waldorf and into calvert county and saint si mary's county between 3:00 and 5:00 tomorrow and once you getet towards the northeast it willort be after 5:00 but i want yout to be ready by noo and hunkered down.. when is the worst of this thing? it won't that be windyoy friday afternoon.fterno look what happens at 6 o'clock.6 o'clock. northeast wind direction ocean d city has gusts of 29 according to futurecast. by the time we get to 11 o'clock ocean city has got hg gusts to 43, d.c. at 25..t that starts the blowing andng a visiting but it doesn't qualify it as a blizzard justzzr yet. by the time we get to 8:00 a.m., 44 miles an hour wind gusts, ocean city 63, tropical storm force like winds downs n there. again, this is an estimate buttb the worst of the wind we thinkei will be saturday morning.orng it stays really strong intoong the late afternoon, ocean city t down to 51, d.c. 38. notice the wind changing changig direction coming in out of thete
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that's a sign that the storm ths is getting up and north of our o latitude and even by as late as 11 o'clock on saturday weda e still got winds in the midnds ih 30's to upper 30's qualifyinguay that as a pretty long livedgiv blizzard. 8:00 a.m. sunday wind w direction shifting again outin of the northwest.thwest we still got gusts to 34 milesol an hour and then it getsd tht better as we go through sunday n afternoon. the worst of this should be be over by sunday morning.orni but i would strongly suggestsugt you stay off the roads throughou sunday if you can.ou we'll have much more to shareo e with you coming up. we'll keep you ahead of this whole thing and hope to by this time tomorrow night youtoow are ready to camp out at yourr house.use. jim and laura, back to y >> on the way tonight coldest weather wimps but at this timeum even the president had somead issue in the snow. sno >> metro makes an unprecedented decision ahead of the massive snowstorm.wsrm. >> we're talking things ownerhiw snow tonight. one thing you could do is pass time by coloring in a draken a a inspired coloring book.
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>> okay. >> they have those now. >> ♪ >> ♪ at wegmans we believe the best way to help you
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>> ♪ >> convicted serial killereril charles severance was sentenced to three life terms tr in court today. he was convicted of filling f nancy dunning ron kirby and ruthann lodato.od aat today's sentencing severance shouted sadism andad complained about his attorneys.rns. a math high school teacher -- math teacher accused of inappropriatelyof ipy touching a a police arrested nathan leean lee martin yesterday. investigators say a skier s 16-year-old girl at arrundel atr high contacted police.ctedol she said martin hugged the t student in a closet thent t touched her inappropriatelyropra and he's charged with a fourth u degree ox o
5:27 pm
a and update on that goathag theft case in stafford county.d. fauquier county man is facing f charges of stealing eightaling i goats from two virginia farms.a. police received the tip onheip o tuesday that led them to this man, steven cahaya.ay he sold the eight goats to a goo meat market in fredericksburg.rb detectives in stafford county were able to recover six ofer so the goats taken to the twoen farms t but two goats are stilli unaccounted for. he was arrested yesterday.esteay he posted bopped and he's free right now.ow. >> we're keeping an eye on theei weather radar tonight. fox5's sue palka is in the the weather center tracking it allig for us. we'll have the latest when thet news at 5:00 rolls on.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 5:00. >> hi there, i'm su sue hope you're making preparations.eparations.
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by this time tomorrow wetime too expect it to begin snowing and g probably not start until startnt sometime sunday. so, let's talk about the biggest snowstorms we've everow' seen here in d.c.. and right at the top is a biggy, 28-inches in the district and of course that isno a famous one, the knickerbocker storm of 1922 of 9 which actually caused almost 100 fatalities because thetali roof of the nick kerr boker b d eater caved in followed by ave storm in 1899 that producedrodu 20-inches of snow he in d.c. 1979, another biggy, the the president's day storm droppedro 18.7-inches of snow in d.c. 2010, 17.8, that's fourtht' place here, that was about 32-inches at dulles. d it was a lot more in othere inth areas and 1996 the blizzard of o 96 dropped 17.3. it's possible we could crack this top five with the stormwite that we are expecting.xpecng here is the latest indicationin of what our snow amounts willunl be. d.c. is right there on thehe edge between 12 and 20 but toutt the western suburbs it couldt cl be 20 to 30-inches and we'llnd w
5:32 pm
continue to see this piling uppi in a big way at a very heavyeavy rate especially late tomorrow tm into the first part of saturday, that's when wet'shen e expect the heaviest of the hea snow, maybe even with a rumble of thunder for some areas. a we'll keep you posted on alldn of that.ofha the full weather forecast andt d the seven day coming your wayg y in a little bit. laura. >> take a deep breath.p b metro is planning for this blizzard. bus and train service will be curtailed during the storm. lauren joins us. >> reporter: we just had the press conference thisnce this afternoon and in a somewhatewha surprising move by metro but really emphasizing the pointhe p that this is not a storm that so any of us should be takingak lightly.ligh let's take a look at theoo information that we just learned.learned. tomorrow, friday, metro railetri will run from 5:00 a.m. to.m. 11:00 p.m. closing at 11:00. metrobus will be on a severe sev snow weather the details are online as farinf
5:33 pm
as the routes but basicallybut a buses will only be operating ora on major corridors.ridors that service, bus service ends at 5:00 p.m..m. metro access, the last t l outbound trip will be at 1:00 p.m. with service endingg completely by 6:00 p.m. saturday and sunday servicevice canceled across-the-board. no metro saturday or sunday.un we talked with some riders rid about this.ut t folks were surprised but agained i think the feeling is better b safe than sorry. it is going to impact a lot ofao people.op the general manager paul pau wiedefeld he spoke about when wn service will resume not making k any guarantees of coursegu they're hoping for monday butar they're going to have to playngf it by ear. b e >> well, it's going to hurt a tr lot of people as far as work.e f you know, my job saying as sin long as we're opened, you need n to be here. so, i travel through bund train. if i can't get to work, ian geto can't get to work, you know.ou k >> we are going to monitor obviously -- we're stillsly -- e several hours away from that, ft
5:34 pm
several days away from that sohs we'll just monitor that what tha the conditions are and we'lle' react as that plays out. >> reporter: just think thatt ta there are more than 130 miles of above ground track.d tra there are more than 50 abovemoro ground stations sove all ofll those areas are going to have to to be cleared of snow before service can resume. one benefit of shutting downof w service on saturday and sunday y is that the trains will beains b stored in the tunnels underneath ground so that they t will be protected from any ofron the elements so hopefully so hol things can get back up and running as soon as possibleasoo but this is pretty extreme.ex last time we saw metrobus andron rail shut down was during dur hurricane sandy. so again you want to followanolo fox5 for all the latestat information on the air and online. on you can also sign up forli metro alerts, e-mails and text justexs to see what is going on. on. that's what we know for now.ow back to you in the studio. ttudi >> lauren demarco thank you. aaa urging drivers to stayrs off the roads once the first t f flakes are falling becausealng c they'll come down fast andas a
5:35 pm
furious and of course nobodyse n wants to get stuck in that. t if you can stay home thatta should be the first option. o if you have to venture outo veuu during the storm aaa's spokesman says drivers shoulds have a plan to deal with the road >> if you know you're going tokn be driving in this, sort ofow gg over in your mind those thingshs that you know about driving inrn this kind of weather and weath a particularly in we don't drive in snow a lot around here so you want toou wat make sure that you at least a l think about what you're going to do if your car starts to srt fishtail on ice. >> reporter: what do you do? >> well, you sort of steer the -- in the direction iec believe of the -- of the wayay you're going. >> reporter: and aaa urges aaarg drivers to check theirheck the insurance coverage becauseeec snowstorms like this producee th accidents and crashes andcras drivers should always make alwse sure that they are properlyropel covered.coved. laura. >> thanks, jim.>> thank so for many of you theou road conditions last nightight were complete chaos, completeplt chaos and as we prepare for for tomorrow and saturday's snow,
5:36 pm
fox5's political reporterep ronica cleary took to the hillhh to get some tips from someone sm who knows a little bit aboutbout a lot about snow shall we say. >> reporter:. >> a lot about snow, yes, i d yi i'll be honest i am feeling a fi little bit anxious about thebout pending storm and, you know, even people who are seasoned seo and very comfortable with the w snow might feel a little bit uncomfortable. >> i think a lot of people are. >> so, i went to the hill like you said and i met with alaska's senior senator.or. i've met with alaska's senior sn senator i'm sorry excuse me, lisa murkowski to get some s tips from her. who knows snow more thanha someone from >> i could just see all the jusl cars wrecking on the hill andnd you'll see a lot of these carsas have damaged you? from just cars sliding into them all i over the place. l reporter: last flight wasov a slow moving mess for many ofo us trying to get home and withnd just about an inch of snow inf o last night's storm the srm predicted totals for friday and saturday have some of usf
5:37 pm
wondering how to handle suchhans an event. an e so i reached out to alaska's ask senior senator for a little advice. she certainly knows a lotnly kn about snow.t snow. >> snow always reminds me of i'm sing let it snow, let itow,t snow. >> reporter: the senator explained to me that the most m important thing we can do here in d.c. is prepare and it's i all about the right clothes toht stay warm and comfortable.fortle >> it's about preparedness.pares we shouldn't be afraid of thehe cold as long as you'reou'r prepared for the cold. and one of the things about alaskans is we prepare for the e cold. >> reporter: while shehi s showed me the usual hat glove hg scarf and boot she surprised me with a look i'd never seen s before and really fell in love v with.wi >> we're really big into -- they call them scoops but they're skirts that areskts t insulated and you just pull over your clothes. this is the alaska version off
5:38 pm
the snow pants. >> reporter: and of course i had to try it on for myself.ys and it's warm. w i feel warm already.lready >> it's warm. >> reporter: that is brilliant.illian >> looks like a little cocoon. >> at first i thought it's at' skirt it won't be warm. w i put it on. i was immediately warm. warm. it's adorable. adora they're a little expensive.littn looked for them online, over a r hundred dollars for some ofll fr them.them. >> maybe you do -- take aak sleeping bag cut it off and hem it.. >> i love the advice. advic this is the motorcade,ca too. did you talk about that with ab her? >> we didn't talk about that tah today but it certainly showsho you that this snow is this is impacting everybody. don't feel that anybody is,nybo you know, too important not to get stopped by the snowstorm.noo >> right, i know and the president joked about itt jokeau because he's given d.c. a hard r time for not being able tobl handle the snow and today hehe laughed about it as wellel saying he got stuck. stu
5:39 pm
>> there you >> well, we invite you to stayyo with fox5 for the latest l weather updates. updes we're updating the forecast f all day and all night online. our extended on air coverage cer starts tomorrow morning at t 4:00 a.m. and thenom on saturdar our blizzard coverage begins at 5:00 a.m. please do send us your pictures on how you're doing dng throughout the storm and on a facebook and twitter make suretk to use the #the winter awakens.ens. we'll be right back. neighborhood,i feel like
5:40 pm
it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [agent] hey brendan,you might like this room.
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>> ♪ >> very comfortable.omfortable. >> they are. kind of want to lounge back. comedian amy schumer under fire from several of herral her fellow comedians.omed >> accusing her of stealinging g their jokes. happens a lot. wendy liebman kathleen madhleen began all very funny but claimuc schumer lifted material from each of them but schumer is firing back tweeting on myg on m
5:43 pm
life i have never and would w never steal a joke. aok she says she plans to take a polygraph to prove >> would that really prove itve though. >> hard to tell.t re hard she's obviously vtoer tyell. pol very funny these days.hese d but there's a difference when they came about.ut. times have changed, moralsnged have changed.have chang >> going to be hard to >> exactly.>> exa >> well, he's been the speaker e at countless graduations but b one commencement presidentt obama will not be speaking atg t is his daughter's.aughr' the president turned down ade d chance to give the speech at his daughter malia's graduation later this year.hi y why you ask? well, he says h s he'll be too emotional.moti he told reporters that heha h plans to wear dark glasses andgn he plans to cry. mali he ya' obama willill graduate from the friends school earlier this year. y i totally get it. >> he's a proud father. fathe just lapse to be the president. being the president isprest is secondary when your daughter such on stage. >> i'm sure the rest of the class isth saying.g. >> come on malia.
5:44 pm
>> but he was supposed to bes se the speaker.the >> one of the most popular of th names in music has his ownis coloring book. that's right. now you can own the unofficialnl drake coloring book.. it has over 30 illustrations of the rapper and quotes fromter some of his favorite songs.ite . the book is described as ourur tribute to drizzy himself, himsf ultimate lover all timeti friend. >> i thought i saw that onught your desk the other day.othe day >> that's for next christmas. >> you know what, the horriblebl dancing really sells it all. a you've seen the video, it's i awful and i've seen someve sn s people impersonating thetinghe dancing in the studio at times. >> i'm loving the whole adult wa coloring book trend.rend >> somebody forwarded me the all curse words coloring book.wo >> i love that.rd i love>> that. t >> i may have given it as a gift.
5:45 pm
>> cathartic: that's a great gift. gi >> i think so. >> tony and shawn standing bynd with a look at what's coming on at fox5 local news at 6:00. >> jim locat lokay are you hatio drake's dancing.cing i've seen you dance. you dan this is jim's go-to dance.. >> thou shall not throw stones. >> doing the carlton. car >> all right. r >> thank you we always hear about thee run on toilet paper and milk mil where there's a big storm but apparently beer is also in big b demand. we'll show you how a local a beer distributor a trying toibut keep up with the rush ofwi the r people trying to stock up before the blizzard. blizzard. >> and when is last time you lte washed your winter gear? i'mr r talking about coat, youtalking r hat, your scarves? why
5:46 pm
doctors say you may want to fire up your washing machine. those stories and more when we come back. news at 6:00.
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5:49 pm
>> major blizzard coming.or b might as well talk baseball.l >> perfect time to do it. tim dt it's been pretty quiet for theet nats but they're moving now. n >> they are poe. ly moving. i want to rename the store. yeah, one year ago thehe nationals made the biggestge signing in team history, onee year to this day inking max inka shurs scherzer to a seven year deal. will history repeat itself. the nats offered a five yearea deal worth $100 million. he's the jewel of the free fre agent class he hit 35 home h runs drove in 105 runs for thes tigers and mets. it would create a log jam in loi the outfield the team wouldeawo have to figure out what to do with werth who is due $42 million over the next two
5:50 pm
seasons. history was made in thee t nfl yesterday during trainingin camp arizona cardinals hirednalh the first female assistant assta coach for training camp.g c that was a temporary position. s yesterday the buffalo billsfa took coaching equality onealityn step further.step fer. katherine smith hired as the t first full time though nfl history. sheet she'll serve as a special teams assistant toll head coach rex ryan. ryan. smith worked for ryan for 12ed f years when he was head coach c of the new york jets. the congratulations to her. college coaches they'll go too strange lengths to get a topng high schoothl player to commit.i jim harbaugh might have takenh it to weird new heights. this is a picture on instagram a for the redskins trent his younger brother couldn'ter t there are no is a top highe no school recruit. his brother posted this on twitter. captioned it was a netflix and chill kind of night with coach harbaugh. i'm not really sure he knows what netflix and chill really means.
5:51 pm
recently a snowstorm prevented s the national anthem singermin from appearing at a west a wes virginia basketball game. no in steps west virginia gradginir and police officer carleton o smith. take a listen. >> ♪ [cheers and applause] ala >> reporter: yeah.ea coming out of the bullpen withte that one.that o great job in a pinch but not b n surprising. smith is a former contestantntet on american idol. i airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. onn fox and he sung the anthem athea school events before but his impromptu performance wentance t viral this week. excellent. got some pipes on >> definitely. >> reporter: a little side story. st snowmaggedon when it happened w the day after the caps played the penguins.enguin again on sunday caps and history repeats.y repes. >> crazy. >> with that said over to stewvs and mike, i know mike is a bigig
5:52 pm
hockey fan, a lot of peoplet ofp wondering what's going tog wh happen with the games this withh weekend because we have --is what do we have, wizardsiz playing friday.playinri >> yes. >> and then the caps playings pg saturday. they haven't decided that >> right. >> i bet they play. >> but what are the odds? it o? blew my mind when i read that today. back to back big snows for snows d.c. and same teams are goings g to play in d.c. d. >> and his two favorite teams. >> hopefully history repeatsully itself on the ice because theect caps won.on >> i won't go that >> big penguin fan i got to give this guy ainty shout-out. you know back in november, wasrs it november 20th. >> november 20th. >> let's see how red i can getow him to turn. he tweeted a friend in a bet b that our first measurable snow s would be january 22nd. >> wow. >> it's wrong because we had our first measurable snow on sunday.suay >> .3 of an inch. i >> but there's a reason foror it. januarys are our top month forth snow usually.sual. >> stop. it was good. >> my number in college for lacrosse was >> that's right, okay, good.y,o. and the other thing thathing
5:53 pm
happened one week ago todayod when i came in mike was like this on the top of the ceiling i like this is the best setup the i've seen for snow all winter wn and come down from the ceiling i and here we are on the brinkth of what may be a historic storm.or do you think we crack the tope r five with this.fiveith this. >> i think we do crack the toprt five. >> i think in my wishfulnk in mw ing way i hope we don'ton because that's just crazy.ra. it's been hard to believe t these models that have been so e much in agreement all week allee long on this being a potentially historic storm.toris i can hardly get my headyea around it.nd it. >> right absolutely. r and it will be regardless adl very high impact storm for therf d.c. region. >> exactly. >> you have to takeoak precautions tonight.s ton look at it outside right now.ign it's calm, it's quiet.uiet. get out now, get whatever whatee supplies you can because comeouc tomorrow, this scene is goingis t so look very different is thah right, sue. >> oh, yeah, i think we'll be probably having snow coveringw e the ground in many areas byre this time tomorrow night ande ig i'm looking at another camera shot where you can see carsee c going everywhere as you should s also be rushing your plans to pa completion. you have some time tomorrowom morning, too, but again thise bt
5:54 pm
is expected, no change in thisii thinking really for the last t l several days. a high impact event for us u with friday late afternoon aften snow arriving.snowrr i'll show you more timing andg detail in a moment.omen the heaviest saturday morning. n that's when you really do notin want to be venturing out atringa all not even on foot eitheroot e not even to a snowball fight. fg we think they should thinknk about doing the snowball fight t on sunday but i don't know ife we can have that much influence. the wind is just going to beju so bad during the daye saturday.satuay. widespread significantdespre sig accumulations prepare forpare power outages and disruptionsrut to travel this weekend.l is wee when does it all start? itit at starts early.starts early. it's down to our south, down d towards the charlottesville area, maybe before 1 o'clock. 1k i would say in general be ready by noon. n try to be off the roads by b noon, if you can.if y to our south and west itt begins between 1:00 13:: right here in the metro area mea the blizzard warningthe officially begins at thre 3:00.0 be prepared and hunker down byy then. th after 5 o'clock if you live if e far to the north and east,he nor this is our timing for when w you should start to see snow s
5:55 pm
and it will stick veryck ver quickly. this is again a huge footprintur that this storm is going tos st have all across the tennessee tn valley and the midatlantic.idat. we are in the blizzard warning. yesterday we were in a blizzard watch. what is the difference? anc watch means it's possible andosd a warning means it is now expected.expe same deal with the winterhe w storm warning.storm warni winter storm conditions srm c expected. notice a new blizzard watch goes up for much of thep fo eastern shore of maryland and northern delaware into new io jersey and into the boroughs bou of new york as well as philadelphia, that could be changing over to a blizzard bliz warning as el here's again our look at snow forecasts four do th .0. we expanded the area. over even to the beaches maybecs you don't get 6-inches but youou sure get incredibly strong winds, tropical storm force winds and huge waves.huge w a lot of concern with that.ceit here's our storm system nowrm sw and i've got it circled whereirw the circulation s we have w h tornado watches, we have some tornado warnings.arning
5:56 pm
certainly big winds expected eec with this and on our seven-day d forecast want you to see that sa saturday we've got a blizzardotb warning in effect as you well es know. we hope it's going to beoi to wrapping up on sunday.un looks a little bit morebiore settled next week withtuesdayh t and wednesday the possibility pi of some scattered rain or snown showers in the forecast. fec we'll deal with that after wet get through this.ou t jim and laura, back to you. y >> sue, thanks very much. t m thank you for joining usyou tonight at 5:00 the news at 6:00 after the break. b >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00.. >> ♪ >> right now at 6:00, cars and a drivers banged and by only an a inch of snow.w. owners head to tow yards to yar pick up the vehicles they weresy forced to abandon. aba >> we are very sorry for inadequate response.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: d.c.'s mayor apologizes for the night mayor commute but if an inch of snow s caused gridlock, what is thek, s city planning to do with more wo than a foot? >> plus the latest snow totalstw and timing of the monster m winter storm that's on the way.he fox5 news at 6:00 starts right >> wish we had something toh talk aboutwe tonight.onig >> yeah, exactly. exa >> thank you for joining usnk yg this evening. i'm tony >> and i'm shawn yancy. shawn y of course we're talking about the massive snowstorm headed or way. last night's practice run did dd not go so well inform factform f just a -- in fact just an inch of snow had commuters sitting initng gridlock for hours. hou >> many school systems are canceling classes for tomorrowfr and in fact activities throughac the weekend. those closing are at the aret t bottom of your screenly i willil tell you that almost everyry major school system has calledse in and closed schools for sch tomorrow. let's get straight to suet st palka for


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