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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  January 25, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> 7 o'clock this morning the ti big dig-out continue.ontinu the snow cleanup in full in full swing. schools and governments thoughth still closed today as thes t massive amounts of snow make it too difficult for most people to get around ando ge that's a great idea to stayo sta home again today.gain today. >> yeah, it is.>> some of you are headed to work k and if you do need to be out beu there this morning we'rethis mor watching the roadsni for you. y. temperatures just in the teensns means lots of black ice, bla danger of slick spots to watch t out for. out fo the snow covered ramps and rampa curb lanes, all of that coming m up.up. >> and back on track after being closed for two t days due to the blizzard metrodt is just about to be up and and running this morning but inis mg limited capacity.acy. bus service very the closure are still in effect plus the latest on delays and cancellations at our local airports. good morning.go today is monday january 25th,ryt 2016. i'm steve chenevey.e enevey >> i'm maureen umeh in for
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allison. so let's get you caught up on theut blizzard of 2016.izzard o the federal government as wellgo asve virginia and maryland gs all closed today. most schools in the area.rea. d.c. mayor muriel bowserielowser scheduled to give an update oned the city's response to thee to storm later this morning. meanwhile 30 deaths areths a still being blamed on theng weather including an b 82-year-old man from d.c. whod.o had a heart attack whilek whi shoveling as well as a u.s. capitol police officer whoicer w also died of a heart attackk while shoveling snow at hiswt delaware he. metro is trying to get to back on track and they're they' offering limited service.ervi our bob barnard will have more m on that.on t the economy taking a hit from the storm. s experts predicting an impact imc of up to $850 million mostlion hitting restaurants movieie theaters and retailers.aile >> that is much less than the te initial estimates because theaue power outages were not ass severe. >> that's right. t >> thought we would lose a lot more productivity.ductivity. metro is running but in a limited which is a is a t what does that mean? let'sats check in with bob barnard atna the eastern market metroetro station who is one of thes
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first to get inside thise this morning. bob. >> reporter: hey, good morning, steve. yeah, the train just left.rn. you saw we were live theree lire showing the people coming oningn down here, so there is limitedid service that just started now n at 7 o'clock on just a few of aw the lines.the here on the orange line from boston to here at easternt eastn market, from the red line it'ses going to be just medicalic center to union station. and then on -- the green line, the green line is coming from memory, the green line it's from fort totten to anacostia.n. no service on the yellow bluelu or silver lines this morningsni and there's going to beo be limited bus service. just 22 routes along snow rs emergency routes in virginia,esg the district and marylandaryl starting as well.wel limited metrobus service.ce and you see -- let's see if if these people will talk to us.l t these are some of the firstof tf people to come down into the metro since friday night.. hey there.hey the good morning.good we're fox5.e how are you. you >> hi. >> reporter: going back to g work? work?
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>> yes. >> reporter: yes.ep how has it been? how have oryo braved this storm? >> i have headphones on. >> reporter: you ling toter: yon work.. >> yes, i am. >> reporter: how is it then? t how are you faired the last f few days.aifedays. >> fine. >> reporter: no problem. pblem thank you all right.. that's the thing guys some gso people have to go to work andk thank goodness there is someeres metro service for them on amn limited basis just starting now.w. basically the undergrounder stations are in operation.peratn they have got more than a hundred miles of above groundved rails that need to be cleared, d switches that need to bes that o cleared so none of the abovebo ground metro rail stations arear opened today. today just the orange, green and red r lines underground and it just ij started now and we just saw s some of the first people andpled here's another guy coming down the escalator heading back to bo work as we're starting to geting back to our lives, guys. >> i know it's going to be a little slow going this >> when is next train
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arriving? you said one just left. how far away is the next can you see the >> reporter: every 20, 25r: e minutes. so, it says s-, there's the nothing listed on this signig here and -- and that -- 21t -- 2 minutes now it says, 21 s minutes coming from easternrn market to boston. bosto when the next train comingrain m that will be arriving from thero boston area we're not sure butse they said to let everybody e know on all three lines red r green and orange line every 20 to 25 minutes the trains will be running. runni. >> good to know bob. b thank you. good news if you parked your nar a metro garage duringe the blizzard. you can leave it there today. metro is giving drivers aners extra day of free now metro transit police willicl not enforce overnight parking restrictions today.ions t the parking gates will stay in the opened position through 9:30 tomorrow morning so you s can get your vehicles out oft there but make sure they'reehey' out by 9:30 a.m. tomorrow or or you will be charged.. >> amtrak operating on a
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modified schedule today.ched the acela express and northeast regional routes between d.c. and boston makingtk fewer stops because of theps b snow. amtrak says those impacted impac will be accommodated on other trains with similar departureepe times for alternate dates. >> a carbon monoxide scare happened in an apartmentpartnt building in herndon. herndon. >> seven people had toen evacuate their homes. they were able to return aetur short time later, though. the carbon monoxide wason located in what appeared to beto a boiler ooh.ler >> in prince george's countyce g firefighters battling the snowtl and cold overnight to put out this fire in the 6900 block of f 23rd place in chillum.hillum one person and an infant were taken to the t minor injuries.minor inju no word on a cause for that fire. >> all right. right of course talking about thebout big dig-out. temperatures really low today.oy a lot of icy spots coming in.g i i think that's the big story and tucker braving the t element.elent. no coat on, no hat on.oa, no it's not that warm. war >> maureen i'm old school. remember when the capitals used to play without helmets.
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please, make sure you'reure youe dressed accordingly. it's cold out here.ere. everything is kind of hardenedfd up into one big continuous contu sheet of ice across northwesttht d.c. as it's very sleep reout here, very cold although i got to say nice and still.. it's a but beautiful sunrise.. 18 right now in washington, 16t1 in gaithersburg, three in frederick, seven right nowk, s dulles. look how cold those how temperatures are off to there north and wet.north five in manassas.annas. very, very cold start., ve col so, give it a couple hours. hous once the sun gets up and cannd n do a little of the work fork you we'll get our daytime daytie highs into the mid 30's. there's a look at yours a look satellite and radar.llite and rr we have clouds out to thehe we'll get clouds later today. kind of a partly sunny dayun today.y. daytime high mid 30's and itd should be a dry afternoon forten you so we'll get another day at chipping away at the big at b snow pack across our area. plenty more weather coming up.p. i'm coming back unside.ns obviously you want to bent to b bundled up if you're going to gg be out here for any period of po
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time. that's weather.that's weath let's do traffic with erin. eri i'm shocked at how many peoplewa are on the roads this morning.ds >> i am, t too. too. it's not necessarily a great idea. this is si 66 eastbound. some right lanes have been blocked by snowplows so pleasel slow it down.owt d we advise you stay off theyff t roads but if you're going to goo be traveling you'll be upou'll p against crowded conditionsondion into the district.inhe d 95 northbound reduced someed soe lanes blocked as well by dale d city because of snow removal.eml we'll look at our maps.ap if you're thinking abouting a taking metro today service svice just picked up at 7 o'clocklock this morning.. limited underground service seri lasting through midnight.rough orange line boston to eastern mark, we saw eastern market mar where bob is really crowded crod and because trains are onlyarnl running every 20 to 25 minutesus anticipate crowded can conditions.nditio red line medical center.
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silver blue yellow service suspended. as far as your other public transportation options limited. vre mark and ride on suspende suspended. check in with me on twitter at erin fox5 days. foxdays. i have all of those routesse rte listed for you so you knowo youk what your options are. metro access service suspendednd gw parkway closed spout run totn 123 for snow removal. starting to see a lot of reded on our maps. m we'll try to keep you updated ut on those conditions but againtin we advise you if you don't don have to make your way to work w this morning stay off the roads. roads. back to you maureen.aureen >> we're still covering thell cg blizzard of 2016 for you. >> still to come this morning a live report on the travel impact. impact. what officials are doing to remove snow from the run waysunw and when they'll get planes p flying there's a live looks beautiful.ul >> it does.
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>> very peaceful. well, so much for that. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. >> back to fox5 news morning. fx taking a look at our studiour s from an interesting shot. going to bring you everyto b you >> shout out to our floor o f director giving us all week.k. we have been bonding atondi the hotel for the last four
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days. >> we've become family forveecom year. >> after aports shut down shut during the blizzard somear s flights may be able to takebltot off with the emphasis on some.ns >> we've got a reporter that's heading on the scene to let us e know exactly what's happening w at reagan national ahairport.l a we know that a couple flights, i more than a couple canceled as a result of the storms. don't know if they're back on track totally yet. if you have a flight bestave flg advice call ahead make sure itui hasn't been canceled orceled o delayed. that's probably what you needbl to do not just todayy but inayb the days ahead as well. w >> tough go today for sure. sur they have one runway cleared.le. cleared is the key.eare they get the snow off of them t first but that's it so far at fa dulles and reagan. bwi was moving some planesome p this morning. >> they were.>> >> but i don't know if those were commercial flights orme they were just moving theinhe planes around so that they thath could start to put passengers pg on them. >> megan dice on the scene. megan are flights flying outts o on time? looks like you'reou still heading there so tell us s what's going >> yeah, exactly and you guysoug said it best. bes we are heading on 395 north
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around the arlington we haven't quite made it yet. y a lot of slick road conditionson so we're trying our best to bete safe.fe. 395 looking actually quitey q good but keep in mind w but reagan national and dullesulles international will have one runway opened beginning today. limited flight schedules, snow s crews working around the clockck to clear those run ways, the roadways, the parking lots in anticipation of those flightsli resuming today. today. if you're heading to thedi to airport as you said check withht your airlines. ali leave extra time for those t loud crowds.loud crowd we were staying in hearne do.n . a lot of people were gettingeopl stuck, have been with us over w the last couple of daysfay probably heading to try and check those flights today.tsod we just checked flight aware,fle it's a live flight trackingt t web site. we there are delays in d.c. as d.c. you can imagine, charlotte crl philadelphia and baltimore.altie back to you guys. >> megan dice thank you. y
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we'll check in with you as the morning goes on.oes still ahead emergencyme landing. a flight is diverted after encountering severeunte turbulence. we'll tell you how many people were hurt. >> and where that happened. tha countdown to iowa under way. w in less than a week the racehe e for the white house continues.e things are heatihong up.
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sunset and it was a beautiful sunset. suns >> it was a gorgeous sunset.t got some tweets. tweets. people sent me pictures lastt me night. >> gorgeous sunrise check that out. >> over the snow it looks itoo absolutely beautiful. well, that not so much. so m >> nope. want to go back home. >> tuck, we're not lost onot lt this music for you.or y >> i'm listening to it. >> evil like i'm trying to wor --i feel like i'm driving to work. i'm going like one and a half a miles an hour, tires arere spinning. >> opening >> not quite the same. s >> let's go to the forecast. very cold temperatures tod start your day. reagan national 18, dulleste isi seven. bwi marshall nine. looking across the country, cnt temperatures are -- you know,no, it's january so this is aboutisa where we should be. denver was less is that the for the game.for the 50 yesterday. yesrd
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no extreme cold. c we'll warm it up into the midp t 30's. . that will help with your snow melt. starting the day withay wit clouds out in west virginiaut i and kentucky.nt we'll get some of that this tt h afternoon but it should be an drybu afternoon. afternoon again mid 30's today, dryry afternoon. then we'll get a front in herenr tomorrow and up ahead of that front wheefront we will push the temperature into the 40's. it's possible that we could c have a few snowflakes. again looking at light a lig amounts. ou this is not a major concern. coe thursday friday there's a coastal i don't have it featured onhavei our seven day but it's in the neighborhood. we got to watch it right now looks like it stays off shore. >> fingers, toes, eyes fin crossed. >> close enough that we haveug to watch it very carefully.arefy >> that makes me nervous.e nervo >> it is what it is. >> i guess so.o. man, can we just get through thr this first.this f >> i know we got clean this t one up first.. >> we're getting there.e're getg >> we're getting there slowly sl
7:17 am
but surely. >> bob barnard how is the transportation world.ti w >> i want to show you route 23 2 and the beltway snow removalem out there in place and we are ae dealing with some lanes beingeig blocked as well.asel we're seeing some very snowy conditions traffic travelingrali very light -- light traffic in n that area traveling very slowlslowly.slowly a lot of folks trying to drive d on 95 northbound coming upomingp from the occoquan towards theowt beltway and you can see howee slow traffic is moving.sov we have some lanes blocked forer snow removal out by fairfax frf county parkway out in give yourself a lot of extrara time. please use caution.tion you'll hit slick spots from frerefreeze overnight. secondaries closed for snow removal.remova 50 westbound ramp restrictionsps because of heavy water side drive between massachusetts avenue and rock creek parkway hearing that hea this route will be closed all c week long because of icy conditions.
7:18 am
this morning beach drive shut b down forea snow removal twee ben blagden of a and joyce road.ce a 66 eastbound heavy traffic. tff also lanes blocked out by leey highway for snow removal.. 270 some traffic picking up right now. now slow conditions on the southbound side and icy conditions, slick spots in the, snow as well.ow a in alexandria water mainndria ra still clear in old town t westbound king street at quaker lane and as stevete mentioned bob barnard out at oua eastern market. mke metro service did pick up on a a limited capacity 7:00 a.m. a parts of the orange red andngred green line are silver blue and yellow still suspended. check in with me on twitterme oi for all the latest on that. maureen. >> erin thank you.thanyou. quiet day on capitol hill. h house postponing severalg sera votes. senators planning to begineg work on wednesday night extending a delay imposed evenmn before the storm hit. h >> just days to go before the iowa cacaiowa you a caucus caucc
7:19 am
>> reporter: hillary clintonlarn and chin to in a dead heat.ea the self avowed socialist senator from vermont holds ant s 19-point lead over thever t secretary of state in new hampshire.ha all according to a cbs newsews poll. on the republican side, donald trump's polarizing campaign cama made fresh headlines when he claimed he could shoot someone on fifth avenue and not losenu any sports and when the real r estate mogul relished in ejecting at. >> he wasn't wearing one ofng oe those hats. hats. >> reporter: news poll in iowa shows trump surging passgi cruz and rubio. rubio chris christie assailed rubio for welcoming the weekending blizzard because it preventedtrd the federal government fromov issuing new regulations.
7:20 am
christie pointed out at least oa 14 people lost their lives in the storm.e orm. christie also revised his attack on rubio for skippingppin senate votes while psychiatrist christie left thehr campaign trail to return to the garden state. >> don't be like friday me saying, you know, i really rea don't like being governorovno anymore and i really preferlly f running for president to beingo governor so i know that my my state's going to be hit with 2 feet of snow but you knowou what, i'm not going backng bac 'cause it's not going to really matter. >> reporter: rubio shot backubh that christie only returned to new jersey when he wasrseyn he quote/unquote shamed into ite and that christie's record is too liberal for the gophe casting a wary eye on all ofryn this is former new york mayor michael bloomberg who has instructed aides to exploreo exp whether he can mount a viable v third party complain. comai >> where the flight was diverted.diverted. >> super bowl matchup is set.l a who is the favorite for superupr bowl 50? we have the early t e
7:21 am
odds. >> as we go to break we're we' sharing more of your pictures from the blizzard this is from fairfax city. cit looks like that across thecr city i would say.ld s keep them coming, folks.ol >> your morning icicle check that one says. ss. i like this snoop pea. >> snoopy. >> be careful out there folks. back after this. okay birth plan. top of the brown box. alright got it! aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. and the selfie stick. yeah don't give me that look... life is packing for an early delivery, and an ikea closet that's always ready.
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okay birth plan. top of the brown box. alright got it! aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. and the selfie stick. yeah don't give me that look... life is packing for an early delivery, and an ikea closet that's always ready.
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>> ♪ >> international flight originated in the u.s. wasnt diverted to canada overnight. the americanna airlines planeli was diverted to an airport in saint john newfoundland after hitting turbulence whichbule resulted in injuries.ur mourn 200 people were onurn board. the flight was head fred miamifm to milan italy.taly officials said seven peopleven had to be taken to the hospital. hosp >> new image from the.m quake that hit alaskaque th yesterday. one of the strongeste of t earthquakes to hit that regionhg in decades registering at a 7.1 magnitude. magni so far no injuries but theres be was damage and it was actually l felt more than 130 miles away aa in anchorage. anchorage. on the football field theheb matchup is now set for super bowl 50. 5 both the home teams won. w first peyton manning and theytog broncos beat tom brady and the patriots. patrio great game actually came downamd to the last play of the game. gm then panthers it was all carolina. they rolled 49-15 to clinch
7:25 am
the nfc title. tle big game will be played in a in little less than two weeks at levi stadium.ta vegas right now is facing the panthers. >> i'd say after the game camftm flute ton had. >> i would say as well. great game y >> uh-huh. >> should be good super bowl. couple good defenses going up against each other.ns oth hi, tucker barnes. bne >> can't wait.'t w good morning and everybodynd evo around here i think had a a chance to watch it yesterdayt ys because hard to go anywhere. awr look at your cold seven in dulles, five thisivis morning manassas, single digits frederick hanging outut at 3 degrees, nine inrees, ni baltimore where we had the biggest snowstorm in itssnow history up in baltimore, sevenre right now in martinsburg, 16rg,6 winchester.nche so, obviously 20, 30, 40-inches of snow and it's not n going anywhere any time soonim s although we should get the daytime highs above freezingve n that will help a little bit. b lots of sun to start your y morning but we have clouds out in west virginia v those willvig be moving in here a littleg later this morning and it willnd be kind of a partly sunnyy
7:26 am
afternoon but it should be aoon dry day for you. again we're not featuring anytua rain or snow today althoughhoh we're a little concerned byconc the end of the week.k. there's your seven day.r seven y clouds today.oday couple showers tomorrow 40 tomoo your daytime high. dayti h 40 wednesday. we get the temperatures in theea 40's wednesday -- tuesday meay m tuesday and wednesday which is w good news and then wede got toeg look out this kind ofnd of thursday, friday, saturdayat time frame. there's a coastal storm.e's right now it's far enough south and east it doesn'tw really impact us but it's u buti going to be a close call as wel get into friday so we'll watch h there. notice those temperatures kindr of marginal, too. that is weather.that is wea i'll get out of your way let let erin take over done somee traffic. >> deep breath lots going on. 7:26.7: wanted to keep you updated onato the limited undergroundndgr service metro is offering.ffer published up at 7:00 a.m. thisd morning out there throughup g mouidnight orange line bostonn eastern market red line r l medical center to union t u station and green line fortine totten to anacostia. running about every 20 to 25abo0 minutes. crowded conditions already.nd so just be prepared for thatha to have patience if you'ref youe heading out on metro.g out et silver blue yellow service ser
7:27 am
still suspended. public transportation optionsios metrobus picking up at noonpno today through 5:00. 5 very limited service along 22 ao routes. check in with me on twitter wit for the latest on that. vre marc and rides on buses as d well as metro access alls all continue with service ser suspended this monday. ts m now aside from that as you t make your way out in arlington t keep in mind gw parkwaykw northbound closed between c spout run and 123 for snow sno removal out there. t give yourself extra time tora tt get through that area.that several more roads to talkdso t about. we'll check in with 20 next. n keep it to fox5 news morning.or everything you need to know as we dig out.ig >> ♪ >> ♪
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. back at 7:30 on this monday30 o morning. this is fairfax that you're ye looking at.look cars moving along.lo not every road looking like th this. side streets and secondary roads not quite passible like this.. so give crews extra time to get to those roads if you don't havv to head out, stay put.ut cold out there any way.ay might want to bundle up inside.. >> take look at this as thes t prince george's county fireir department found an overnightht fire in chillum one of their fire trucks got stuck in the snow. one person and infant inside tht home had to be taken to the takt hospital. they had minor injuries. min no word on a
7:31 am
we're hoping that someone helpeh push that fire truck out the way or at least some machinery.ry. >> working on it. it bob barnard was out there with the plows were they were tryingy to help that truck u it will u l take while. >> half hour ago metro resumeded limited >> bob went from prince george'c county into the district.trict eastern market metro stationro keeping an eye on folks, are, a they going to work this morningg bob, or little cabin fever wantw to get out and about?ut >> reporter: everybody we've w spoken to, steve, going to workk this morning. m and bus service will be resuminn as well.. 22 routes that are along snoww emergency routes here in theute district in virginia andni a maryland as well to get to thiss bus stop here.. and you got to be careful of o black ice.k ic a lot of black ice to the get tg from the bus stop to the bus you have to walk through they've cuc a path here to get you out to o pennsylvania avenue.nn a but, again, people have beenav telling us be careful of thel of black ice. ice it's very slippery here.eryere. we'll go down into the eastern s market station and tell you at 7:00 o'clock this morning, metro did resume rail service on -- o
7:32 am
here on the orange line betweenn boston and eastern market on the red line between medical center and union station. also on the green line betweenet fort totten and trains are running every 20 to t 25 minutes. so you got to be aware of that.. but they're not running asni frequently as they normallyor would, and not any of the abovee ground rail stations. i remember dynasties sell telling us the other day spokesman for metro there's 130-mile of track above ground n and so they still have to clearr the rail that is are above ground bull all the undergroundu stations along the orange, reded and green lines are not on the yellow, blue aree a silver lines. l we're talk hearing to the turn r styles to show you they're all so your ride is free today. you just go right through theghe turn styles there. the hop on the train and hop off as well.well. there's no mark or v.r v r service today and very limited amtrak we'll see most of these agenciec
7:33 am
will let us know later in the ie day what things are looking likg for tomorrow.tomor but here's -- heading off to o t work, sir? s >> going to work.>> g >> oh yeah. >> reporter: all right g luck. c >> all right. >> reporter: oh boy he doesn'tet catch this train it will bet wil another 20 or 25 minutes. mes last half hour we interviewedntr someone who was not happy beingi on tv the first one in threen te days. how you doing? >> you heading off to work? w >> yeah heading to work now.din >> reporter: how water ride? r? okay? >> the train ride? rid >> reporter: >> quite a okay. a oka quiet all right. >> reporter: the circumstance getting to the train.g are you having trouble gettingte from home to the train station?n >> of course.. walking on ice and slippery roads and i was on the streethet the whole way.the >> reporter: you had to walk y on the street to get to theouto train? g >> walk on the street the wholer >> reporter: good luck gettingd to w >> i'll try.>> i'll t >> reporter:ry it's beenn treacherous guys, and getting to the transit system but once o you've gotten to the subway suba stations at least get to goet where you going to within theine underground stations up and running as of 7:00 o'clock thisi morning, guys.uys. >> you mentioned about every 20,
7:34 am
25 minutes the trains are tins running? >> reporter: yeah. yeah. that's correct, yeah, every 20y0 to 25 minutes. 2minu >> it's tough out there, becausu that gentleman walking in theali street which is exactly what tht mayor does not want you to do. >> but what do you do.t do you . >> bob i have friends my boss ii expecting me to be at work tod today. so it's a tough call.s some people feea l like they're' forced to get there but thenut e what are you going to do if the sidewalks are covered? cov >> reporter: and if there's the not train station near where yoy work or near home, and you don't want to venture out in a car you have to walk out. getting out of your neighborhood you'll be exhausted in manyan cases with businesses not having shoveled their sidewalks you'rer walking on the streets which are more open now and busier thanush they have been in the last twoto days. it's still a fairly dangerousges situation.situio >> no one situation. none right. thanks bob. i had to walk a short way to geo to my car this morning. mning in the road.. i mean -- mean >> i had to do the same thing. and driving, you're paranoidaran because you think if i slip a sa little bit. >> exactly. >> all these people are on thepe side of the road.
7:35 am
>> scary.>> >> be extra extra careful outa o there.e. 7:35. crews in montgomery county alsoy working very hard to get the snow cleared in the residentialn melanie alnwick has been outn o there all weekend right now. now are they starting to make a dent off the main roads, mel, orr still focusing on the main roa roads. >> reporter: still focusing onll the many of the many roads.e ma. we were back in the in e. neighborhoods a little while ago, and some places look realll good and some places look realll bad. i mean pretty incredible thatblt some of them have just not event been touched at all. all i want to also show you really devastating storm damage that we found.. the quint or of orchard swim ana tennis club it's been in the area zen nines 70 and they haveh these air structure, air domes.m one is covering the swimmingin pool and the other is coveringes the tennis courts and the tennis court dome collaps collapsed yed under the weight of of all thatt snow. there were eight people thathat stayed at the club through the
7:36 am
storm working 24/7 doingoi whatever they could to try to keep that dome up, and they just couldn't do it. i there's at least four tennisr tn courts i it could be a little more. mor to be honest my kids have played tennis here. h they do winter lessons all yearr long. they have number of usta professionals who play there and teach there, and it's weird towt stand there and see it, and youu can see these windows, observation windows where you wu normally would be sitting downed looking down on the tennisn ten courts, and you just see nothi nothing. but i guess it's that plastic tarp or dome structure it justtj couldn't hold it. it. interestingly enough apparently the last dome that they had thee originally one they put up in u the '70's also collapsed underer the weight of a snowstorm.torm i think it was in 1997 and theyt put a new one in. a new better air structure thata has held up all this time since then even with snow mageddon and other things, so really reallyll
7:37 am
tough news there. t i also took a couple picturesice while i was there, too, if youou have them, i'll show them to you of what the difference looksooks like -- i remember i told you y where we're staning here in thit parking lot. lot. you can see these pictures those are streets.ts somewhere under there.r here where either snowplow has just s stopped or literally hasn't comm through at all.thugh at so you can see where there ishee some frustration among county ct residents wondering why hasn'tas anyone even done this road? but county executive isaia leg get g said indeed they are still working 24/7. this is unprecedented snowstorms noun you can see why they're whe asking if people can at allt a today to just use today as as another snow day. back to you tu guys >> right. i want to point out we do have those snowplow trackers theck counties have put out.t o i don't know how successfulceful they've been.they we haven't anyone tell us it it actually worked but they havehe them to give people an idea whee those plows might come down.own. mel, have you heard of anyone ay using them or saying anythingnyn about those snowplow trackers? ?
7:38 am
>> reporter: well, you know, iw, tried to look at it on my phoney the other d. maybe it's not optimized foror mobile i'm not sure i know youio were looking eight and showing o it it's really confusing. maybe it's just it doesn't look like -- maybe they reallylly haven't done that many, but ian found it pretty difficult and my photographer dave was wonderingo if he'd be able to get homeet he trying to look at that snowplowo tracker and it was confusing as to know what is done and needede to be done that sort of thing. g maybe we just didn't read thedhe legend properly.ropey. >> i'm glad to know someone tried it. someone asked.measked. i hadn't tried it personallysony good to have that perspective. >> under the assumption it willm be awhile for everybody.verybody thanks mel.thanks mel i was telling holly i'm street r off the main street i went to wt pull off it was literally theale wall of snow was 10 feet high. >> they plowed the main one.aine >> it covered up the end. i was sealed off.waed then high to drive backwardsackr through the side streets to gett to another -- it's ---- >> it's a mess. m >> it's going to be like that.h. >> it's going to be like that ta all across the area. a
7:39 am
>> it's not the kind of snow too take a bobcat and move it. >> no.>> no. >> these are industrial hugetrl trucks. >> think about the fact they'vef got to put it somewhere. you know what i mean?? >> another issue. issue. >> i saw hundreds of giant dumpd truck filled up with the snow. i don't know where they're where taking it but it was non-stop-s just moving it out. o >> all right. let's go to the forecast. temperatures in single digitseit not helping matters as a everything is a big hard solidol ice block this morning.orning 18 right now at reagan national. seven dulles. bwi marshall 9 degrees, and lotd and lots of single digits off tt the north and west early this satellite/radar no radar to t feature here we have no he n precipitation locall locally. ly we have clouds out to the westhw after morning sunshine we'll get partly sunny this afternoon witw daytime highs in the mid to to upper 30s. 30s. so the good news, we'll get ourr heads above that freezing mark m for few hours later today.ay that should help i was little iw 37 later.37 l still cold for this time of ye year. and we'll fall below freezing b again tonight.tonight. that cycle of getting above a freezing and then refreeze ate t night will continue for the next
7:40 am
several days. d in fact as we get intoetnt wednesday, thursday, friday looo more the same we should havewe s temperatures back in the 40s around here by tomorrow and wednesday.. all right. that's a look at weather. shall i go to erin? erin? >> yes, i'm walking in right n now. no unfortunately it is busy and i'm picking all best cameras for yoy dealing with really crowded conditions, 95 northbound as yor make your way from lorton lorto towards the beltway.eltway. lanes are blocked several lanesn out by fairfax county parkwayy a because of plowing conditions and snow piles so please use caution all lanes under 10 milee an hour. h a car drove the road in thein t center median tons of snow.. 66 eastbound out by fairfaxai county parkway that coming up.p. good advice right now is to useo caution. i would try to stay off the s roads if you can but if you have to drive anticipate veryeer treacherous conditions on yourcs secondaries, slow-movingvi conditions on 95 northbound, 666 eastbound as you head fromead f centreville.centre let's switch it over now for itn look at our maps much aside from that bw parkway the northboundoo
7:41 am
ramp to 198 westbound is closede because of heavy snow that theya need to get removed that tha location water main break in old town alexandria westbound kingod street closed at quaker lane. several snow removal areas that are causing additional closuress this morning. 50 westbound as you make youryou way in towards the beltway ramp restrictions only one lane openo on that ramp and then keep inn mind water side drive shut downn all week by massachusetts for ice. keep you updated lots to talko about for your morning commute.e we'll get a check of metro next. steve.stev >> we were told to shovel earlyy and often.d ofn. what if you did not do that.t. safety tips to try to prevent pt injury if you're looking outsidi what looks like immeasurablerabl >> remember, keep sending usr, k your blizzard check this one out.eut this is elsa enjoying the snowho down bite washington i think this picture bar nonearn was a hit with anyone whose gott a little kid who still in frozen mode. come to think of it we're all in frozen mode right about now. send us your pictures using thee hash tag fox5 dig it or the hash
7:42 am
at a time ick winter awakens.ns time now 7:41.:4 right after this. ♪
7:43 am
7:44 am
revenant topping the box office.f it stars leonardo dicaprio.o pri star wars the force awakens ride along two and dirty grandpa andd
7:45 am
the boy.. >> the den verse will be takinge on the panthers.he p tickets going for $3,800 just to get in the door on the resalen s market which really that's for soup bowl ticket you look abouto five grand to be honest withndoe you. if you're lucky enough to getout the tickets --ke - >> who pay that is. who >> people pay it though f you're lucky enough to get tickets andk need a place to stay it will w cost you too lodging in the baye area as much as $10,000 for night. ni you better love those teamsea because the way i look at it look at the tv's you could buy. >> exactly.xact >> and the party favors and still have money left over. mey. >> i'll be at home. il be >> many more money leftover.efv. still ahead shoveling safetyy tips. how to prevent getting hurtti h while you're trying to get alltl of that snow out of the >> slick roads out there. we'll check in with erin on those road conditions coming up we'll check in with erin on those road conditions coming up after this. light & fit,
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>> 7:48 on this monday morning.m giving i was wide shot of the wo studio just letting you come into the with us this morningni we're talking about the blizzar and the dig out.and th you have a lot of work ahead ofd you today. you today. >> no doubt about it.>> no let's find out what's happening' outside right now as far as thew conditions tuck finally got a coat and a a jacket, you still have -- when the mouse go through, on tough,o harrison street tucker you havev to dig through 3 feet of snow fo just to get to the vehicles. vic >> do you.ou. >> absolutely.>> i mean it's still a mess. a side streets still a mess. m wisconsin is doable.oa sort of one lane in each direct,
7:49 am
but at least it's up and movingv still a lot of people walkingpli right down the middle of thee oe street and that kind of thing,hi too. so obviously this is another day where we're going to have to hao continue to kind of dig out here day after day. things will slowly get it's cold out here but the sunue is up. u later today we'll be in the midm 30s that's great news. gat as that will help you soften up the hardened snow from overnig overnight. things very icy out here earlyi and we're looking at conditionss which will actually be in thecti 40s around here by tuesday anduy wednesday. right 18 degrees. 18 in washington.asng seven at dulles look at thes loo single digits. digit frederick 7 degrees. 7 deg martinsburg good morning 7 degrees.des. just eight in culpeper, five in manassas. that is what you call cold air,a and nice and still out here out early this morning.or beautiful moon last night if you got a chance to see it there's e your satellite/radar.lite plenty of sun to start yourrt yr we have clouds out horizon out r to the west. some of those will move littleov later today. later toda partly sunny day today. daytime highs in the mid to m upper 30s warmer than what wehaw
7:50 am
had yesterday. that again will help you get tht snow out of here.f h here's your forecast for today. 37 degrees.37 partly sunny skies temps aboveve freezing for few hours.. we'll dip it below freezingbeloe again night. we'll freeze up again tonight.nh we'll kind of live this cycles e over and over again for the nexe few days with daytime highs h above freezing and at night we e watch temperatures plummet intom the teens and 20s for much ofof the area.rea quick the the seven day. d give you a heads up here thate t we'll be in the 40s tomorrowro and -- maybe we won't look at w the seven day there's a stormtom thursday 49 day we got to keepok an eye on as it may impact the t region looks like it will stay l south and east of us close close enough to keep a close eye on this coastal storm thursday nory friday. all right. that's the latest weather.ea i am now going to get some shoveling tips am i going tongo get -- we don't have him.ave okay. i'm not going to get any tips. i any way they got a shovel outveo here steve and maureen i'm goinm get to w apparently i do more than justma weather. i got to get this all cleanedlle before i'm allowed to come backc
7:51 am
in. >> all right.llight stand by. we'll get you the doctor in a minute.mi and that minute will turn intonn about four >> i know. don't put your back in it.k bend at the niece. at work from the niece.rk >> am i doing that right. rig >> zigzag formation.. >> my my pants are a little a l tight. i'm afraid i'm going to split ts them. >> tmi.>>i >> if you're out there shoveline you should have done it next tot your car so you can get your cau out of the lot.out of the >> while you do that, we're do w going to go on with the newson n this morning, tucker.uc >> speaking of the shovelingakis digging out process bringing ng most activities in the nation'ss capitol a screeching halt over the weekend.eken >> fox's doug luzader joining uj now with wi good morning, doug. >> reporter:.. >> maybe doug is on his way to shovel with tucker as >> it's tough getting aroundtoun this morning.this >> it's challenges everywhere.wh challenges around the d.c. areae and you saw from tucker there, e there's some places where it'shi clear. some places where it's not clear. and obviously that goes with gs communications as well.ns wel
7:52 am
>> indeed. i know doug will talk about, yot know, lawmakers obviously and the fact they aren't doing anything until wednesday they've suspended that in light ofight weather.he >> and some not even then.. >> the house suspending votesnd for the end tear week. >> he'll clue us as soon as we get him miked and ready.d an should we check back that with t tucker and a look at the roads? >> okay. oy >> just throw up whatever yourou got and we'll talk about it. abo it will make things a lot easiee that way. >> we got used to this over thee weekend. you know what, things happen. h it is 7:52 right now. right n i can tell you my experiences. c we'll look at the snowball fighf right now.ow. nobody wants to hear about myut experiences. see how quickly they cut me offe let me tell i was story.l i s so >> not so much.o >> this was yesterday.ay. started at 10:00 a.m. in dupontd circle if you look closely you e can spot erin como you'll see'le kevin right there making anin appearance.appe >> really. >> i think he actually damaged one of his light sabers and iers don't think he was happy about it. >> whoa! >> but we heard from thosee hea
7:53 am
taking part in what has nows n become a snow tradition in thedn nation's capitol.'s c it was not good snowball makingk >> i keep thinking about lebrono james and when he collapse the e chalk. chalk. that's what this looks like like a massive chalk clapping.g. >> so powdery. everybody tried to makeybod snowballs but they didn't worktr and so you just were throwingg stuff. >> powder.>> >> you heard kevin.ea >> so powdery. >> all right.>> a if you were out that hopefully p you played safe in the snowe s yesterday. say good mcto our face bock fanc of the day or no. >> let's do it.o look at this.hi >> this is our snow igloo. >> exactly. the lewis family.lewis ly >> the lewis familiar.ilia >> clearly they're making the t best out of it thehe blizzard od 2016 lauren and her husband.. they built that ridiculouslyulol awesome igloo that you see right there in their front yard nodo less. i got to say they should have like -- one of them has an has engineering degree becauseeeng d that's 1 rad igloo. >> or should. >> if you want your chance to bt tomorrow's fan of the day leave a comment and photo below the
7:54 am
lewis' picture and we'll hookl you up. >> i hope everybody stayed warmd out there wherever you were.r we know some people were k p sleeping in their cars unfortunately and trying to finf places to sleep.. >> i heard that.>> >> hopefully you were a able tou make it home it me s but, again, today, don't try it. what i was going to say eveno se yesterday i had four wheel drive i got stuck.i st >> yeah. yeah. >> growing up in snow and winter climates it just shows nobody is immune to having problems outbls there.the >> not so much.>> s it is challenging it doesn'ttoe matter what kind of car you dono have. tucker you're talking about then temperatures staying low thisowt morning a so all that whateverha did try to melt a little bit l it's frozen. fron >> icy block. >> yeah. >> big icy block. remember i don't know which stas wars han solo was frozen likeze that.that >> no. >> was it old hahsolo.ol >> never pipe.>> n 18 in washington.18 in washin where is kevin when i need him.h >> nine in baltimore. bti evening he was stuck in the newu one he wasn't getting around soe much. >> seven in frederick.. seven in parts burg. b eight in culpeper.
7:55 am
look at the single digitseit manassas 5 degrees. 5egre very very cold north and west. d of course we've got anywhere between 10, 20, 30, parts of of west virginia, 40-inches of snos just incredible across the aos region.gion and these cold temperatures ofre course everything is reallylly frozen up solid please bee careful out there.ut t won't take more than one singlen step to slip right down your do sidewalk. all right. there's your satellite/radar./rd cloud cover out to the west. wt and this is going to roll in ali little later. kind of a parly sunny day today. daytime highs in the mid to thet upper 30s. 30s so a little warmer than what wht we've had yesterday or of coursc the day before when we had the h snow around and tomorrow we'll be in the 404 so the trend to warm things up little bit for you, but no real real heat on the horizon in fact as we get into thursday andhudaa friday we'll is to watch anotheh coastal storm. s this one does not have theoes nt makings of the blizzard of 2016. but it bears watching as it wili be in the neighborhood by latego thursday and friday and could cd impact us. u so again that's our real r question mark for this week but
7:56 am
37 today with some clouds thislt afternoon.afternoo all right. all ri erin is back and i don't know k what's going on on those roadsse it seems like people decided tod go to work.o >> a lot of people are trying get to wor 7:00 vick right now.k right now i want to show you this much see those lines on the centere li embankment, a car went off thetf road on the eastbound side of 6 out by fairfax county parkway. it just got towed out of the wat but it was stuck there in that pile of snow really good advicei right now to just slow down, yow have the potential to slide offe the road you don't want to doan that this morning.or no reports of the driver wasve injured but a example of how slick those roads are.ds traffic is quiet out here, but b once you go closer to theo the beltway you start to see jammedd up 95 on the northbound sideorte through lorton a parking lot pki because of snow removal blocking some lanes.anes you really want to take it slow. inter states are plowed aroundda town. take look at our maps. look our the a lot of the secondaries sen dealing with slick, snowy, s conditions.conditions moving over for look at our mapu right now, if you're trying to n take metro, keep in mind limitet service.rv it did pick up at 7:00 and it:0n will be in place throughouthrouh
7:57 am
about midnight orange line service boston to eastern mark market. red line medical center to unioi station. green line fort totten to anna o cos too ya.s too silver, blue, yellow service see there is still suspended andpend those trains are only running r every 20 to 25 minutes bobut baynard has been out at easterne market it was crowded folksed fs waiting for those trains so peap sure you allow extra time if yow are trying to use metro today.od we'll check in with your otheror forms of transportation see trat what's available next. steve.e. >> erin, thank you very much. ta coming up our monday morningou snow coverage is going to continue. >> it sure will. we're back with holly joiningoi steve on the other side of the break. looking outside now as we a continue to look at the scene.c. lots of snow. lo lots and lots ofts it.of it's never ending, folks. fol lots and lots ofts it.of it's never ending, folks. fol back after this. this. here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso.
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>> this is fox5 news morning.. it's monday, january 25th, 2016. all local public schools,ls, federal government offices in d.c. all closed today. today as the big dig out continues.ti good morning to you i'mni holly morris.lly morris. >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to fox5 news morning. m happy to be with you this t those trying to get out of townw today via airplane may get a chance. local airports are slowlyorts starting to open up after the u blizzard shut them down. >> fox5's my began dice ategan d reagan national right nowional h checking out the flight board. a so what does it say there,
8:01 am
meghan? >> reporter: yeah, let's check'e this out. so from i'm seeing photographere jason will go in there we're ate departure board right now. now cancel, cancel, canceled.anle on time, the majority of these flights canceled or delayed.eled you want to make sure this is very important that you'ret checking with your airline. you can also go tonight trackerk that's what we were looking att flight you can find your note. now come on over here, jason.on let's go to the rifles board ana see what's coming in. i just look out there i only saw one plane, one, here's the second one coming through,hrough arrived most canceled a lot ofat them delayed.. so if you're picking somebody up here same same i mean there's red all over this board now come on over here thee line is not too bad actually i took a walk down there to american. lines not too bad and i'm assuming you can only assumenlau that's because there's not a a whole lot of flights leaving l at least one runway open here at least one runway open in dulless
8:02 am
photographer jason when you're r ready there we'll come down dow here. a lot of people i just saw aaw couple people just sort of waking up this morning. morni there were some people that werr sleeping as you can see a lot of delays going now the snow crews workingws around the clock to clear these runways.nway. roadways, parking lots ins i anticipation of these flights fs heading out today. now, make sure you check with your airline again or you can c check night aware we just did it check ourselves delays in d.c. obviously charlotte, philadelphia and baltimore.alti live at the airport.thrpo we're zenning it back to you.bau >> thanks for the update.s fo appreciate it a lot meghan.. metro up and running again thisi morning after suspending servici over the weekend this mornings m metro started providing limitedt rail service on the red, orange and green lines. all rides are free today.. metro says trains will run evere 20 to 25 minutes.inut metro bus service will also belo operating on limited schedule. running from noon to 5:00 p.m. tonight.t now with several schools closed
8:03 am
today, 10 schools across the district look serving breakfastt and lunch.h >> meals will be distributed toe students and families fromamilio 10:00 this morning untilorni unt 2:00 this afternoon.s afte. we put the full list off participating schools on ouringl website. you'll fine it there at all being end we've beenn bring ugh updates on the roads r conditions and clean up effortsf around the region.he rio tough in both cases right now we'll check back in fairfax bac county. that's right.that >> staning by along route 50 ini the fair oaks area we've got g captain ron with the fairfaxax county fire department. we thank you so much for joining with us. go ahead and give us an update t for today. >> yes.>> good morning, steve and holly.ah how are you? >> yeah, today is -- boy, we're nil recovery phase of this. t most of the main roads as yous o guys have been reporting are open now. the snowplow contractors and a highway departments and stuffff have done tremendous job of getting to the main roads.noads the biggest circumstance thecums subdivisions and a lot of the ao
8:04 am
side roads. a lot of those either not been touched just yet. y just takes time to get to those. so that slows down quite a biteb as we've been reporting some of our other news inter views. so today's plan is we've got additional personnel and a additional apparatus staff to handle that call volume, and a proceed on as usual. >> saw yesterday for myself it was not in your department buter another one in virginia, thereni was a fire call and fire truckiu and the ambulance trying getan y places.plac literally the ambulance backinga down a side street. s the fire truck had to stop on tn the main we've around some cars left lef there that had been parked on the side of the road.def th how has it been for your crewsrs to be able to get around and isi there anything residents can doo right now to make sure that thet emergency vehicles can get where they are needed? >> yes. we ran -- i work yesterday as a well, and that was -- that wasts big issue for us is we can get to some of the main roads att
8:05 am
least through the neighborhoods and some of the subdivisions like i said we ended up havingig to abandon the apparatus on o those roads that have been bee plowed and go on foot to thehe residents residence sometimes that takes quite a bit of time. and that simply the best we can do right now. now. until we can get some of that t snow removed.ed but some of the residents if they're able to sim employeeye just clearing a foot path a lot of times is -- is tremendous for us just being able to get through rather than trekking trk through weight deep snow.ight dw >> are there any calls coming ic i know a lot of times people gel freak out in situations liketis this. there are any calls that areca coming in that those are these e ones you just really can'tan prioritize, you can get to righr now to tell people hey, don't d call if this happens? don'tns t call if this happens? we're busy with real emergencies hereh >> they're handling that.ha i guess you can say filteringilg that at our 911 dispatch centere
8:06 am
but, no, we're going to respondd if people have a need or they have an emergency we're going to respond otherwise. >> captain we'll let you get yet back to work because i know youu guys will be super busy.uperusy. i know it was a really longg weekend.weekend. >> sure. >> the need is there.eed hopefully residents will dosidei that, clear those foot maps sots that you and your crews can getg the job done. captain, we appreciate youou joining this >> thank you. y >> you're very welcome.. yeah, i was thinking think yesterday like what if that'sfha you they need to get to. i saw fire and response crewsres trudging through, you know, 2 feet of snow unplowed sideowes streets and, man, the amount oft time, extra time that takes toat get somebody in need iss unbelievable.un so if you can do anything you can to help them out -- out >> really good point when hent n said open if you do something aa simple as a path to your front t door, you know what i mean? yon never know when something issomi going to happen anything you ca do to help make it ease your.r
8:07 am
they've been working long days,y long hours. help them out if you can. >> ever little bit helps. hel that's right. >> i'll try to help everyone ouo with slightly warmer warr temperatures.atur we had clouds this afternoon but just give eight couple of hoursp and we'll get the temperatures up a little bit one it in washington.on severing rock hard solid ice out there early this morning.s morng 11 in baltimore.11 i seven in frederick. eight in martinsburg. manassas 5 degrees.rees. single digits quantico 18. 1 very chilly temperatures.s. leonardtown, good morning,ning 21 degrees. there's your satellite/radar.. sunshine at the moment for mostr of us.of us. just out to the west clouds ared starting to roll in from westroe virginia and that's leading edge of a frontal system which willmw really get in here tomorrow. to. but it will bring us cloudsuds later this afternoon and tonig tonight. not expecting any rain and/or any of the four letter word at d this point. poi but our highs later today 37 degrees. i'll have the seven day.the we actually have temperatures iu the 40s tomorrow.s tomoow. >> okay. >> something to look forward tof >> yeah, absolutely. >> maybe another coastal storm. >> did you hear him mumble over
8:08 am
that. that >> keep it to yourself. >> we'll keep it unidentifiablea at this point.his p thanks, tuck.than >> let's check in with erin and get a look at the roads and thet rail much what's happening out o there. >> deep breath. 95 northbound coming up fromconu newington a parking lot.king lo. you can see traffic is crawlingn along some lanes are blocked fod snow removal. slick conditions and a lot ofd o folks trying to make their way w into the district for work have some patience this morning.orng we advise you staying off theyot roads if at all possible.ossi but we understand a lot of people do have to get to work wr and if do you this is an area ae where you'll hit a delay.eay 66 eastbound in centrevilleil lanes block for snow removal slow-moving traffic there. 270 southbound at 370 a crash. the ram from that 370 to 270o 2 shut down right now because of f snow. snow. we're seeing more problems pickp up as more folks hit the roads a let's take look at our maps.s if you are trying take publicc transportation we've beentione'e telling you for this mondayony morning metro rail is offeringg limited underground mark, vre and ride on busus
8:09 am
service suspend.pend. metro bus will kick in at noonn threw 5:00.0. service limited to about 22bo routes. they're calling it their lifeline service. limited to those main roads thaa have already been plowed. they're avoiding the secondaries where we're dealing with icy i conditions.ns. metro access service also suspended.spen now, also just to keep in mind,n i was talking to one of our snow truck drivers we're seeing the secondaries plowed over so youro can't cross streets. wis i hit an area there was ae a snow barrier.rier. be prepared you'll hit otherth problems trying to keep updatedd in the know. kno reach out to me on twitter atttr erin fox5 d.c. d if you have any questions.uest >> that's exactly what happenedh to me. i got to the end of my street it wasn't almost brick wall of sno no way you'll get through waitth because the main street had beee plowed and just sealed off thesl side streets. streets. so if you get stuck like that -a >> you were tough. you got to channel your inner monster >> i tried. even the four wheel drive.heelr. it was literally taller than tht top of my truck. tru this is one of those cases where you have to say win and
8:10 am
you and be safe. >> more allegations ofions o corruption talking about tennisa now. >> a search underway for three e escaped prisoners in californiai those stories and more when wehw are back in just one minute. mit those stories and more when wehw are back in just one minute. mit ♪ wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please.
8:11 am
mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. ♪ authorities in california o the hunt for three escapedor prisoners considered to be armed and dangerous.and investigator sauce they still du not know all the details of howf the men got out of the orange county central jail in santa ana after a friday morningy rn headcount. they're trying to figure out if they had help from inside orid o outside of jail.of j >> one of those men on suspectes murder charge.harg remember that standoff inhat stf oregon? well, it is still goi going. it is disrupting a few things ia that community.omnity a judge canceled a community coi meeting planned for todayr because of safety the armed group has been b occupying a wildlife refugee ref since early this month.on oregon lawmakers puttingutti pressure on the federal authorities to step in and end that objection paying.. >> more allegations swirlingal
8:12 am
around the tennis world forle match fixing t.eng. >> major sports gambling website suspended betting yesterday atte the australian open aftft suspicions were raised during a first round match large amountse of bets were placed beforehand causing traders to investigate.a >> everybody wants to bet on thn early matches. mch >> don't like that. 8:12.> 8:12. coming up our coverage of the storm clean up continues.ontinu. >> where is all that snow goingg where do the crews put put >> we have just the man to try to investigate that. we'll check in with our bob barnard next. it's 8:12.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
♪ driving around yesterday ins the streets that looked muchkedu like that one.. somebody was driving in their t rear wheel drive bmw.m when you watch the videos of the dogs that run out in the snow oh, no, like we're not doingoing this. this i think that's what the car wasw saying to the driver.. no. no we're just not doing this. this. >> i was not designed to doot d this. i was not. i wa >> just sitting there spinninggh their tires. >> rear wheel drive that's theit worse. >> man, not good. >> shall we get cute?t >> let's get cute. get cute. we could use a little cuteness.s >> we need a little lift.tle lif >> let's do'so it >> time for high first five cuteness, nailed it. >> aha. >> it's had adorable. is that actual snow blowing.w >> that's what it look like.wha >> maybe in the midst of the th blizzard.. this is jackson, everybody.very yeah he's enjoying his very first -- he got a good one for first one.t o very first snowstorm.torm. >> right.>>ht >> that smile on his face --
8:16 am
plea look at that snow. sw. >> pretty cool. >> he's loving it.. >> his first snowstorm even wit my son is four are you going too remember this? i hope he hop remembers it because it's soecas epic. >> typically your first memori memories. isn't right around four, yeah.nd >> my first memories around four years old. something like a snowstorm s eighty two you'd never seen before it will stick with >> i'm a little different.ifre one of my first memories was hurricane agnes in 1972. 1 >> is that right, >> yes. >> you were 12 then. >> you're very funny, i was nott 12. 12 about jackson's age.'sge maybe a little older. older >> you were not.ot come on. o what do you think -- fuzzy mat.m a whole lot of fuzzy math goingn on. >> be like wisdom and don't owno it at all. >> i was four.ou >> okay.>> o >> that makes sense.ns that's what he said. you're to the different.ifre >> what do you remember -- you are different. >> i just remember the floodingd it was incredible. june of '72 i think.. incredible. >> hayden will remember it.rt >> i hope so. s plus he'll see pictures.
8:17 am
we are a photographickedgrhi generation this one for sure. >> yes. under five g not a moment is missed.isse >> um-hmm.m-m >> let's see 18 in washington.hingto 27 boston. 27 b it's very cold locally.oc we have single digits i meanea five, seven, 9 degrees acrosscrs parts of the area particularly the north and west. as it is very very cold out o there with all of that snow in 20, 30, 40-inches i can'tches ct believe i'm talking about theg t washington area, 20, their, tir 40-inches of snow on the groundg right now. there's look at the national scene.en read yesterday that 56% of the f country is now covered in snow.o >> is that right?that rig >> how much? muc >> 56%.>> 5 >> wow! >> made for pretty plane rideand across country.ry >> yeah it would.>> y >> just beautiful visible vib satellite pictures yesterday ofa the snowstorm in its aftermather right to the mid atlantic up tot new england, new york and bost boston. >> shepherd was the reigneign champion.amon >> 40.5. i've seen a lot of mid 30s 3
8:18 am
places like up towards frederick, 33. 3 34.. >> when did you ever think you'v see multiple 30ser? you know ww i'm saying.i'm ying >> not here.>> ner >> right. >> not here. not in this area. parlyin sunny today. we're in pretty good shape.hape mid 30s we'll get the daytimetie highs above 32 which is good2 wg and there's your seven daye's forecast.. 40s tuesday and wednesday that will be great.e by friday we have a coastal storm in the neighborhood kindro of sniffing around our region.or can't guarantee exactly what ite will do yet but we want to watct it. >> we hope it misses us.s >> look at the weekend. 46, 51. 5 tropical n we may do 50s nextext week.ek. >> cool drinks with umbrellas on the weekend.. >> well i think those were usede up over the weekend as well.el >> erin i tweeted out a pictureu of the limited metro map iap i forgot the most important partnp it's free today. tay >> yes. >> right. >> you have to wait 20 to 255 minutes you can --- >> i've waited 25 minutes andaim paid for that onin weekend. wee >> do you get it for free muchoh that's exciting.itin i like that, steve.t,te i'm going to be honest with you. i had french fries and cheesende
8:19 am
its all weekend long when i wasi doing snow coverage i felt likel that was good snacking weather a right what did you say tucker.idou say >> that's good. >> okay. >> right now, taking a look this is the bottom of the beltwayel inner loop and outer loop by thy wilson bridge about an inch of snow this was the biggestgest problem area were.e. but right now you can seet now a traffic is really light just watch for slick spots, bridges, overpasses -- on and off-ramps tend to freeze first.e let's swim it back over and shos i was look at our maps.s. 270 northbound a crash at 370 th370ram from that thee 70 westb to 270 is shut down forow f overturned car.turnedar. so caution there.he we'll forward our maps and show i was look at the metro schedulc as steve mentioned it's operating from 7:00 to midnightd on limited underground scheduled pull that up for you next roar.t that's your traffic. >> all right, erin thanks so much. much snow mush -- so much snow out there everywhere it is a bit bit overwhelming.erng so the big question is, wheres,w does it go? >> that's an excellent questione and we know the man that canhatc always find the answers for us f and that's fox5's bob barnardar he's out there with at least a t
8:20 am
possible answer. right, bob? >> reporter: we try, holly andol steve.eve. we try to finder answers for y you. we are in lot seven at rfk andfa take look behind me theind me th operation is under w look at them much these are dump trucks that are bringing in tons of snow dumping the snow here ir to the parking lot which has h been cleared, and then you'll yl see and more trucks are arrivinv every minute, and then they havy bull dozers shoving the snow in compacting it in creating thesee 10, 12, 15-foot tall snow banksa which they're hoping eventuallye will melt as the sun starts suns hitting it it will melt there'st a concern, of course, because ae lot of that snow has salt in itt because this snow being removedm from our city streets, and the authorities the environmentalntl authorities here are concernedce about that salt getting into the anacostia river and causing csi problems there.. so the government, d.c.t,.c government has been working wit the federal epa to make sure that they are kind to our rivers
8:21 am
and our waterways as we try too clear the streets for the peopll who live here in the city.y and so this is the operation. oi this is what they're doing, and the mitigating circumstances anc procedures are there hopefullyry so that this snow once it melts doesn't do any damage to the local waterways, but the,ut operation is to get the snow out of our streets because we saw ws earlier in northwest andst a northeast d.c. that when the plows come through if they're not removing the snow, they'rehe trapping cars in and they'rend e creating these mounds of snowno seven, eight, feet tall at the intersections which makes the t navigating of those roads ine ri your car or on foot if you musty be on the roads because there are no sidewalks to walk on walo makes it dangerous because youau don't know what's coming aroundn the corner what they're really'r trying to do is get the snow of the streets not just pushed out of the way, and what they're the doing is putting that snow intoo dump trucks, bringing them herer to lot seven at rfk and those to trucks are dumping the snow, the bull dozer are, you know,now,
8:22 am
getting it out of the way so yo can have a 10, 15-foot tallfo t mound of it.d of it. so that there's more room to rmt bring in the next loads. this going to be on for sometime guys. guys the city officials who said thed difference between a foot oft of snow and 2 feet of snow is volume, this is what they mean.n the volume of snow is now cominc here to rfk to get it off your streets.streets. >> bobby, can you do me a favoro can you check and see if that'sa just snow that's being picked up in d.c. or from around the areae i saw a lot of white dump truckk through virginia yesterday thatt were all kind of going inng tandem. i don't know if the same trucks down there. if they're bringing snow in froi other places or just d.c. snow that is being deposited that at rfk. >> reporter: i will confirm crm that.. but we believe from cityelie fro officials that this is snowat ts coming from all quadrants, all four quadrants of the city butib come here. h i do not believe maryland orando virginia, that those states ares trucking snow or those countiesu you know, fairfax, montgomery,or arlington, what have you, i didd not believe they are trucking tu snow into the city to dump it i
8:23 am
here. i believe these are just fromuso the streets of d.c. but you do have contractingtrti crews from all up and down theon east coast that have come here e with their heavy equipment tomet help out. so the trucks may look like they're from out of state butf b they've actually been brought ig by the citied to the snowheno removal here in washington, d.c, but i will confirm that none ofo the snow is coming from marylanr or virginia.or virgi >> because you know people in d.c. right now are saying wein don't want any of of your snow.u we have enough of our own. o >> find out where they're takink it in maryland and virginia asna if you don't have enough to do, bob. i mean i'm just saying.ust s >> reporter: i'm going to findnd out for you. ou i'm on my way. >> bobby, we know you will.weno >> that's where we're going ne next. >> done great job all weekendt o thank you 8:23. still to come the snow not snow stopping candidates on thedidatn campaign trail, iowa chris coolo wallace was joking yesterday why would have thought you'd go to't iowa to warm you and get away gy from the t >> the tropics of iowa.cs owa. >> update on the race of the t white house from bret baier. >> how to avoid the most commono health mistakes that people make when we have a huge snow event.
8:24 am
8:23 is our time right now.
8:25 am
8:26 am
♪ the national zoo is stillti closed today but that hasn'ton stopped giant panda tank tank t from enjoying the snow. there he is reveling in all ofnf the white stuff's glory.'s gry some animals though had to stays inside during the storm becauseu if they went out they couldut t actually climb on the snow andl escape.cape not a good thing. that's one of the many challen
8:27 am
challenges for staff about 30ut0 zookeepers who have beenaveee sleeping at the zoo since frid friday. this weekend's recordeeke setting snowstorm was a burden b for many in our area. a but the first family's dogs beaa and sonny spent the weekendeeked enjoying the snow.enying here they are playing together t at the white house and they hadh plenty of of course to play in.i i said this earlier. e isn't it funny dogs hate rainatn but love the snow.w. >> right.>> >> love the snow.>>ove >> absolutely. is it just me or super curiousus which animals might be able to e escape.cape >> i know. >> who are they really worriedye about here. >> what should my level of o nervousness be. >> exactly.>> exact >> countdown to iowa.ou we're going to get the latest os the election with bret baier. >> all right also the roads area going to be slick out there thi morning. remember they froze overnight it addition to the snow because th temperature was -- right now--ht it's still only 18 degrees.degre tucker will have more on the mor forecast. erin has the latest on road on d conditions.nditio. thee metro -- free metro servici today but very limited. limited if you want to check my twitteri put out the map of the stationss that are open o tod
8:28 am
we'll get update for you next at 8:30. we'll get update for you next at 8:30. 8:30. mornings. we'll get update for you next at 8:30. 8:they're bad breath, bad hair and a bad case of the mondays. and organized wardrobes that help you pull it together. they're showering, shaving, and shuffling. and bathrooms that get big families out the door. they're number ones, number twos, and a number of ideas for three. life's morning madness. and comfortable, organized
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bed and bathrooms that make them better.
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having lots of devices in your home can really slow your internet down. so keep things moving with 100% fiber optic fios, the fastest internet and wi-fi available, with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. it's no wonder we're ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power. now, for $79.99 a month online, get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. or with a 2 year agreement, get $300 back. go to or call 1.888.get.fios. >> 8:30. there's a look at the capitolt dome. house votes are delayed until next monday. they're trying to make sure folks can get around d.c. even the us governmene tng tgean some precautions when it comestm to the weather here in thee t nation's capitol. cit just a few days to go untilt i'm what caucus and presidential candidates are hitting the are g
8:31 am
campaign trail hard. h another debate this week for w republicans much joining us nowg with more bret baier host ofet s special report this morning.rn we were talking to christa yesterday and he was like when e would i ever go to iowa to warm up again away from the snow? i? hope you're doing okay, (laughter). >> i am.>> and great job over the last last several days watching fox5 all l weekend with my family. famil so we did a lot of shredding. sd we did lot of snow fort buildi building. and made it up to work fine todayup. >> hi you're doing debate prepping. how is that going?is t >> it is going well.ell. there's a lot to a lot different than the augustt debate that we had in which wewe were the first out of the blockk now obviously these candidates have been debating for some ti time. ti we know how they debate.theyebat we know some of the ex changes s to expect. eec we'll be asking some things thaa perhaps weren't asked before ore in a different way that mightham not have been asked before andea it will be tough but fair and ir think we'll let it breathe aheaa of the iowa caucuses.
8:32 am
three days before we go to the t votes which we've been waitingai for, what, two years, steve. >> really just signals the sig official start of, you know, the craziness now that leads up until november.em the latest poll -- fog news pol shows donald trump with anru wih 11-point lead in iowa. are you seeing when you look ato the polling numbers for iowaow compared to the rest of thef th country and the national picture, are you seeing things starting to become more in linei with that or are we still divided?? >> well, the early states are aa little bit different.if but there is still this trump momentum and what his large lead nationally is being seen ineen place like new hampshire where it's double digits in a reallyal big lead in new hampshire.hi iowa it's a little bit closerlo but again momentum seems to beeo tipping towards donald trump's way. we've said from the beginningron you don't know who shows up onn caucus night and it's a about a organization but these numbersbs clearly are painting a picture.u >> it will be interesting tong
8:33 am
watch as we get closer andse a closer to iowa and then also new hampshire.ha on the democratic side as well democratic, you know, thew, t candidates bernie sanders ofe course in new england has a hugg advantage there. but what are we looking to seegs from the democratic side of things? do you see hillaryo yo maintaining momentum? do you? o see that race tightening now? >> boy, i think you could easill say bernie sanders has had thehe momentum in recent days. and in iowa, he is up in the latest polls.. in new hampshire he's up reallyy big. the question is, how much bernih sanders and his campaign can take that nationally.ioll can he play in a place like l south carolina with a higherr african-american population? iowa, new hampshire roughly into% white on the democratic party, and the party itself ists an even >> well, brett we're probablytty not going to get a chance to too talk to you to the debate but b we'll definitely be watching noi just special report tonight butb obviously all eyes on theyeon
8:34 am
debate.bate good luck with that. lucth t enjoy it and we'll talk to you afterward.afterward. >> okay. steve have a good one. >> thanks brett.hanks bret 8:34.> 8: check in with tucker barnes.nes. look, i think he did it the i right way.wa lead my example as well get aelt chance to get out with the kidss do a little sledding, enjoyg, e yours self.. >> and watch fox5. >> thanks holly i could haveou said it before. before. >> in addition i want to thank t everybody that's been e-mailing me and tweeting me and sending me comments on facebook and le letting me how much snow you got got. real big help this weekend. w i'm sorry i can't get back tok t everybody.ev i wish i can.i 18 in washington at reagann dulles 12. 11bwi marshall. m very cold temperatures taro stat your morning. morning. severing frozen up solid withze those numbers early this morni morning. we should soften things up aft little bit later today with highs in the mid 30s.atin the md there's your cloud cover out t r the west and we'll get som oells clouds in here later today.ay kind of a partly sunny day today. but again temperatures in thetue mid 30s. tonight, tomorrow, we've got avg bit of a warming trend back inin the 40s tomorrow with just a fea showers.
8:35 am
sh it's a cold front coming througt kind of second half of tuesdayue into wednesday. wedneay might end as few snowflakes nota a major concern look at theathe temperatures well above freezinn tuesday and wednesday.d wsd our next heads up time is kinded of late thursday into friday. coastal storm right now it's i near miss for our region but but it's in the neighborhood. so we got to keep close eye onn as we get into friday that may a present some issues. potentially or possibly.osbl again, it may not. it may go right out to sea >> that's weather. tha let's do traffic with erin. >> 8:35.>> 8:35. postponed my birthday party onrn saturday.turday. a lot of people missed eventseol this >> i missed your birthday partyy >> we all missed parties thisars weekend. right now if you are just tryina to get to work this morning, no federal offices are closed.d several schools closed as well.w some folks have to make it in.ot this is what you're up againstst on 95 northbound out newingtonnn much lanes blocked ahead of thit area for snow removal all lanesl stacked crawling under 10 miles an hour so please use cautionsec
8:36 am
toward the beltway. end tear stretch of the beltwayh across the wilson the wilsonilsn bridge, top of the beltway 95 tt new hampshire slow condition,oni speed reduced because the amouno of snow on the road. really light volume as far as the beltway is concern.oncern we'll switch it over for look aa our maps right now aside from that 270 northbound crash at 373 and then the ram from that 370 7 westbound to 270 shut down withh overturn car. car. 270 southbound i just check thee cameras wide open green on theet map because there's very light t volume very few folks out and oa about right now making their way through frederick and montgomerd counsel too.sel if you're heading out in laurelr bw parkway ram toll to 198 westbound is shut down for snowo removal right now, and then asns you head out several snow sno removal closures.lore keep in mind water side drive ie set to be shut down throughn ro friday of this week. w so all week between bwe massachusetts and rock creekande parkway.rk for icy conditions. beach drive right not shut downw at avenue for snow removal. 50 westbound as you head to the beltway there's rampere' ram restrictions because of snowse s blocking some lanes.
8:37 am
and then 95 northbound i showedo that camera shot, slow trafficrf because lanes are blocked same m story 66 eastbound as you headoa in through centreville.le. limited underground service as e steve mentioned it is free. is e we do want to emphasize that.sie seven to midnight orange line,el red line, green line, they'rehe' all offering under ground g service and limited areas. silver, blue and silver servicei is us spented as far as your you other modes of public transports asian, vre mark and ride on buss services are suspended today ana metro bus will pick up veryery limited service at noon lastings threw 5:00 limited to those snow emergency routes.ergency and there's only 22 of them o oping.. metro access is suspended todayd our best advice if you can stays off the roads.the ros. steve? >> very appropriate coming fromi the traffic reporterat here butb speaking of vehicles, a lot of o people wanted to get out thereee and tri to pick out new one atna the washington auto aut and they have not been able to because you can't drive in the e snow and you're not going tong t show off cars in the snowno either. either. >> right. over the weekend you couldn't cd see the cars.e c
8:38 am
>> the big question when can wha you? we'll tell you when theyon auto show is finally going to gi open next. op >> it is indeed going to opengoe and the super bowl is indeedd set. set. we'll take look at the early odds.ds. 8:38 right now.8:38 right now.
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ here's the good news about the g washington auto you can startin going there tomorrow.tomoow >> nice. >> the doors will open at noon..
8:41 am
they had to thirty eight opening from the weekend because of the blizzard.izzard. so the doors open at noon tomorrow and the show will run a all the way through sunndday january 31st you can get thereet next weekend if you can't get'tg there today all -- tomorrow i t should say. all of the discounts andtsnd activities will remain ass scheduled.he now, no word if we'll have fulll metro service yet tomorrow. but if you are in the city, it,t is one lines you should be abled to get there. to get t >> i need to go.o need a car. car. >> suv, four wheel >> suv, four wheel drive.elrive >> you and on the person in then d.c. region thinking the sameini thing. >> i went to the auto show lasth year because i need add car. >> you didn't buy, did you.d >> i don't buy quickly. quickly. i don't want to rush into ourr purchase. pu >> maybe we don't have anothereo blizzard for another year.ea >> i may have rushed into this n one a little more. mor people are starting to get backb to normal for the d.c. sports teams. team the wizards will be back in baci action again the celtics. cel no word when they'll make upak their game canceled saturday. sr the capitals canceled a coupleda games this weekend no word ond
8:42 am
their make updates either. e we do have word on this, thougho super bowl 50 the matchup is all set. set. both home teams won. homteam >> yeah. number one one peyton manning and broncos beatb tom brady's patriots in close ic game in denver prop ups to thehe defenses of both teams. low scoring game well played and this one second game, um, not so close. close. >> well played by the panthers. >> panthers played great.ayed g arizona not so great. g maybe it's because they didn'thy get to carolina until the dayile before the game because theyse didn't fly in early because oflu the storm. >> excuse -- excuses, excuse.xc >> whatever it was, it didn't id help.lp carolina rolled 49-15 was thehe final.. super bowl levi stadium santa clara california. 76ers 49ers.. vegas is picking the panthers.s tickets the cheapest about $3,800 for nose bleeds get you n in the door. >> what's the spread, do youostp know?? >> somewhere between 3.5 and
8:43 am
5.5. >> okay. we'll see.we'l >> we'll see. >> time for it to change.r itch >> 8:42. coming up kevin's interview witt academy award winner dustinner s hoffman. let's head back outside on thist monday morning and take look att snow piles out there. pil out it's a constant scene around the weather and traffic on the 5'st coming up, well, we'll see if w can hit the 5's. we're a little slow today getting the 5's.e headline on the five. f weather 24/7. 24/7. exactly. ♪
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
still pretty amazing to think about the sites people sai on saturday as the snow wasw was coming down like this. >> wow! >> this is video that arlingtonr county police tweeted out. the caption, turning a nationala guard two seater into a five a f seater to get personnel andnn equipment down to snow covered roads. ro eye got to do what you got to gt do. do >> that is legit right there.. >> man n would help if they canc just pick everybody up for workf in something like that. tha >> that's not how you came to ym work this morning? this in >> no. no. >> no. >> slightly smaller vehicle.alle >> slightly smaller.y smller >> yup.up. >> slightly less inn itemghtl dating.dati we were just talking tucker look, i don't care where yout cu live 2 feet of snow is a lot oft snow. snow. >> i feel that way, too.atay, >> yeah.>>eah. >> even the most hardy residents of the northern tear of thef the continent don't see 2 feet all a the time.e tim >> you cannot call d.c. weatherr wimp.wi >> not when you get 2 feet ofgee snow. >> some of the remote areas of s the specific northwest get
8:47 am
three, four, 5-foot snowstormsno at well but they don't have't hv millions of people.eo >> nobody lives there. n i'm kid i know people live there.eopllit >> far west. let's go to the weathergo forecast. t good news. big block of ice called our snow pack, and the sun today andnd temperatures in the mid 30 showd help thing out little bit.eit it's going to be gradual here.e. not going of course get back tob normal overnight.vernig but a little bit each day. 18 now in seven in frederick.deck. hang on to single digits acrosss much of the area.much o nine in manassas. martinsburg good morning hanging on to 8 degrees.eges 16 in hagerstown.. 28 our warm spot down in leonard town. to 22 annapolis you noticeot everybody even across the bayay stevensville 27.lle 2 18 in cambridge.ambr everybody is well below freezinz early this morning. at least it's still out there.u. if you give eight couple ofeigh hours the sun will start to warr thing up a little bit.tleit we shall be in the mid 30s thist afternoon.rn all right. we do have cloud officer out tot the west it's not goingotoi perfectly sunny day kind of a a partly sunny afternoon our nextn cold front approaches. this one lacks vigor in eitherit
8:48 am
cold temperatures, not really significantly colder air behindo it and not really much moisturer either. so when it rolls through later tonight and tomorrow, it will wl mostly just be clouds we'relo dealing with, but by tomorrow to afternoon and tomorrow night a m there may ab few rain showers se around with temperatures in the 40s and might end as a few snoww showers by early wednesday wednd morning and again we're notd ag talking about any accumulation.o so the next couple of days we'lw keep it relatively quiet.ui 37 your daytime high today withw wind out of the north and east.e partly sunny temps stay above ao freezing this afternoon which is great.grt. 44 tomorrow that had help a lotl 40 on wednesday. our next focus in the weatherthr community is that thursday-friday time frame looke in the right now. t it may turn out to be nothing at all but there is a storm systemm that bears watching as it couldo be a coastal storm and it's going be somewhere in the in t vicinity of the mid atlantic byb i'm using my words carefully. cy all right, guys, that's thet'she latest weather.latest w back to you. very good. >> let's check in with maureentn right now find out what's coming up on good day in a couple ofoue
8:49 am
minutes. >> hello again.>> h >> good morning guys.oomorn good day the only place to belao for life continuing coverage ass the d.c. dig out from blizzard. communities snowed n our networr of reporters life all over the o area to bring you the veryyothe latest. we're also waiting for d.c.'s mayor to give us update duringai the next two hours. hours. we'll bring that to you live.u . also, ahead we're talking theng super bowl. bl. the countdown to the iowa caucus and a head on good day at 10a ww sit down with the ladies from lf the real to talk about theirir interview with the first lady. . good day d.c. just a few minuten away.ay back to you t >> looking forward to all ofng d that. thanks mo. >> i feel like i've been lookini forward to that for about a week >> looking forward to the real f for real amount of time.or a before the storm we actuallyy talked with dr. shilpi how to t avoid the most common health related mistakes people makeeo when we have a huge snow event.e >> we thought what she had toad say bears repeating as everybody continues to dig out from the storm.stm. ♪
8:50 am
>> i'm excited about the enact t we get some time tore looks finally always making you guysgg try to relax, get more sleep.e we really need to focus on thatn because during the winter storme and during the wint weather, we, there is a lot of healthealt problems and health hazards that we can face zoey we kind of need to avoid that. >> um-hmm.. >> especially for example peoplm with young kids want to go to g outside and play in the snow. is even adults want to play in thet snow when it's so much but the t reality is we can quickly get g frost bite setting in, hypothermia and the signs to sio look for if do you end up goingg outside is stay outside for verr short amount of time.f time. so 10 to 15 minutes. mut because if you start to feel any kind of tingling in the fingers, in the feet, that is a sign that you need to go back inn sigh.. and -- and -- >> with kids, please leave thate graphic on there, because we doe need to see that's correct buter with kids they seem to be ablery to be out there s forever, and never really complain at leastta about these symptoms.. >> somehow i was expecting thatc to be longer.longer but that's okay.'skay. some good advice for you ifvicey
8:51 am
you're heading out there.uthe let's get to the fox beat rightt now. w. academy award winner dustinn hoffman.ffn >> he len his voice to the newto many family friendly an 98ed flick kung fu panda our kevin mccarthy talked tod t hoffman about the new movies ana some of his other iconic roles.l take a look.. >> ♪ >> this movie and who am i and learning who -- who you are as e person. i'm wondering out of all theoutl roles in your career looking c back at some of them more famous ones graduate, kramer chrismer i kramer what role taught you theu most about yourself as persons p things you didn't know beforet b you played the characters? >> i think all of them even the flops tell you something.hi i think tootsie had an effect oo me in a different way than wayhn anything i've ever done.nge ev >> can i ask why? why that was? >> we spent a year trying to get the lady dorothy to look, that'a correct i would look like awolok woman, that if i walked down the
8:52 am
street, people wouldn't turn and say who is that guy in drag? d? because we had seen that alreadr some like it hot and others.. i said is it possible to reallya you know, and it was hard. h it was very difficult because,eu you know, learned that, you kn know, we have adams apples and women's don't we have a bridgeri here and women don't and certaic things we had to, you know, usee and wigs that would move and itt took a year, and to get rid of a beard line even if you're cleanc shaven is very difficult.. i asked speech person at ucla this is back in the early '80s, and she said, well, you know, k men have thicker vocal cords cor than women do. do. that's why our voices most of us, you know, and i said well i don't want to sound falsetto because that was done some likel it hot, too. too. so what can i do? she says if s you can find a way of talking ti two things if you don't put the breath on the vocal cords so cos that you're kind of talking in
8:53 am
here. he that suddenly will take the bask away. >> wow!! >> doesn't tell me about kung fn panda three but fascinatingti story about tootsie the movieove kung fu panda three hitss theaters this friday and for anf lot of people after digging outo of the snow might be a good a g weekend to be just like, relax r with movie. mie >> did you see one or two?ee or >> i saw parts of one. o >> oh, did you?id >> i didly on tv. >> in passing. pas >> if you see part of the moviev in the theater it makes it seems like you walk out of the movie.. >> true.>> tru more fox beat news.ew actor kerry washington has been named woman evidence y she'll get her pudding pod be roasted and very parade throughr harvard square in her honor h later this week. w previous winners include meryl r streep, katharine hepburn andinp elizabeth taylor.tayr. >> that's awesome.. joseph gordon levitt named tasty puddings man of the year.f e yea >> she went to gw, right. rig >> i think that's right. thi >> very cool.ol. we claim whatever local ties we
8:54 am
>> 8:53. let's say good morning to ourur face took ban of the day. the d hole family.holey. the luce family built an igloo. >> that is legit. look at that. tha i mean that's the real deal real there. i like it.i like i >> i know. lauren says her husband built bi this igloo in their front yardny for your chance to be tomorrow's fan leave a comment in the photo blow lewis picture you can dooun right on our facebook page. p it looks solid. really does. which is impressive given the gt type of snow that fell because you know it was so light andighd powdery. po >> i'll not trust one thattrone tucker built i saw him at hotel for way too long this weekend. e >> i definitely won trust anything i built i >> i would not trust -- w ou>> that's of two you us steve. >> last night at the hoeat the h physical i get chinese take outo right.t. >> um-hmm.m. >> only ---- >> we ate at the same place fore three days.e days. >> exactly. any ways, the fortune cookiekie like kung fu panda three takingk over the fortune cookiekie industry.dustry. >> they're sponsored now. >> po says --ays
8:55 am
>> no it's not. >> i swear to you. i >> my goodness.>> po says this is going to happen to you. >> what did po say. say >> i went through six cookiesix and po said something, you knowo po says you're very hungry.. >> oh, not any real >> take one step instead of twot >> what happened to the fortuned cookie game? p exactly. >> i just want authentic fortune cookie.cook >> so disappointing.ppoig. reagan national 21 degrees. bwi marshall we are lookingal att satellite/radar which ise/ featuring sunshine for thenshint moment but some clouds thislos afternoon kind of a partly sunns day the good news tem temps freg 37 for daytime high and remain r dry today.. get to soften things up laterupt this afternoon when the iceno block that we call our snow map out there softens up a little ll bit you'll get a chance to moveo it around and below freezingre again tonight.again tonight. there's your seven day.e's yo 44 tomorrow our warm day of theo week. well saturday, sunday looking ag little more optimistic warm dayw of the work week.k week. thursday friday look out for out coastal storm that one right non wants to miss us.s. but it's close enough we got tot
8:56 am
waist carefully again theirs-friday for that possiblep coastal storm. srm all right. that is weather. wea that's what i'm doing.'s erin is back with traffic.ith t. >> i know. i k it's been continuous tucker kinc of like, sometimes you have yo those moments where am iwherem happening right now.ppening rig if you are trying to dig your dy way out on this monday morning,g snow removal closures right nown that you into need to be awareee of. 50 on the westbound side of the beltway ramp restrictionsti because of heavy snow areas. a outer loop right now keep in mine the ramp to captain johntah parkway shut down so they canowc clear that area. beach drive between black don avenue and joyce road northwestt water side drive they're sayingn it will be shut down throughgh friday between massachusetts ans rock creek parkway.kway and that is because of icyf conditions and heavy snow. 95 northbound is dealing withit some lanes that are blocked blo around dale city. c same story 66 eastbound as youns head from manassas in arlingtonn gw parkway the northbound sideus remains shut down by spout runon parkway.rk that is because of snow removalv as well. gaithersburg a crash blocking bn the shoulder now.ow 270 on the northbound side 370
8:57 am
the ram from that 370 west to 270 shut down with an overturner car. lie say, though arc lot of folkf waking up in montgomery countyyt we're in the seeing very muchine volume at all, very few vehiclec 270 north and southbound.ouboun. that's your your traf we'll keep up updated on good day. back to you guys.u guys. >> that's good.s good. people staying off the roads. >> they're listening and heedini the advice and warnings. wni we're not going good day d.c. will be back righr aft the break. two more hours of snow coverage. we'll see you then. ♪ [ scanner beeping ] sir, could you step aside? "sir"? come on. you know who i am. progressive insurance? uh, i save people an average of over $500 when they switch?
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9:00 am
♪ straight ahead d.c. digs out. o the nation's capitol still virtually shut down after a historic blizzard buried itt under 2 feet of snow. >> i caution everybody it's e going to take awhile to removehi all of this we can't continue to just pushts >> plows out around the clock ck since saturday. but it could be days before b streets across the region are clear.ear >> some of you have started to see blacktop and that's good.t'o it's mostly on our major roadways.ys >> even when they are clear, cl, overnight temperatures in thes e teens will make driving anywherh down right dangerous.. >> we you were people if you cau if you're not search to youro yr employer not to go to work.otgo >> schools are closed.ools so is the federal government.t so how long will it take forak live around the district to geto back to normal? good day at


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