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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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out from the blizzard. b some people are stuck at home with no which to get out because their street hasn't been plowed, fox5 is pressing for answers. plus, one maryland superintendent is getting a lot of attention for this snow day message. hello, it's me. and donald trump, will he or will he not take the podium on thursday. >> most likely i won't be doingi the debate. > the reason why right now on fox5 local news at # 1. > and it is good to have you yu with us tonight, i'm ' tony ' t perkins and i'm shawn yancy.ancy >> right off the top the five fv things you need to know to start your wednesday. metro rail service will begin at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow on every line but the silver line. l free shuttle buses will be provided between all silver line stations and west falls church if the trains are not running. metro bus will run on a modified schedule. wednesday the federal government is reopening on a three-hour delay. tomorrow federal government gov
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reopening three-hour delay. but d.c. public schools will open oiln time.ime. students will not be marked tardy and absences will be excused in case parents have a a hard time getting their childrec to school. here's a look the at cool c districts that are closed tomorrow.. in virginia, alexandria city, a arlington county, culpeper county, falls county, falls church, fauquier county, loudonu prince william, manassas city and manassas park.ark. >> and in maryland, montgomery county, prince george's county,g anne arrundel county andeo frederick county public schoolsy al pl closed. you can find the complete list, including colleges and universities on fox5 > and that's where our life team coverage of the big digoutd we begin with sue palka. p it warmed up and the snow s started melting, but should wee be concerned about a refreeze.rz >> i think we're going to get a break. our temperatures are so mild. at 11:00 i saw reagan nationalao temperature coming up by two
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degrees. probably not seeing a refreeze by tonight, tomorrow night a different story. a i'm much more worried about what we may be seeing thursday morning. here's a look at temperatures right now.righ we got up to 51-degrees today. we're at 45 right now, the last hour 43. frederick, 36 that's the coldest spot on the map right now. a lot of places are still close to 50 south and east like leonardtown, stevensville. fredericksburg at 49-degrees.49d this is quite a significant s change from 24 hours ago. we're almost 18-degrees warmer w at fredericksburg. 20-degrees warmer at culpeper and 9-degrees warmer here in d.c. with martinsburg coming in 23 grows w why is it so much warmer tonight? we have a frontal hav boundary out to our west ahead of it, south winds are pumping in that milder air that helped l do a lot of melting and reduce the snow mount from the weekende that front, though, will be slowly moving through overnight. it could come through with a few showers.
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maybe even a little bit of wet snow south and east of d.c. early tomorrow morning, but nott a lot. l what you will be noticingotic tomorrow we're not going getting back into the 50s. 5 with the front coming it's a cold shot. not too terribly cold at 9. but as the day goes on we don't really get up to 40-degrees. 4 by tomorrow night we're watchint temperatures drop back into the 20s, eventually heading to the teens.ens. bottom line a dry day, a l coulder day, a breezy day, but t i'm not expecting a lot of black ice in the morning. > back to you.. >> is this you, fed up, frustrated, angry it's what many of you were telling us about the progress of the snowplows digging out your neighborhoods. many you reached out to us wanting to know when you can can expect to see a plow. >> we sent fox5's tissue a lewis. she used the county's snowplow tractor app, were they helpful. >>reporter: they were not working as i think they should.
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they weren't very helpful. what we discovered, most of area's snowplow tractor answer are deceiving, include the districts'. in fact, if you take a look right here, this is d.c. snow tractor site and what appears to be activity right near near fox5 local newses it's not the only one giving residents snowed in tons of problems. > call it the chaos after the the map was really not designeds for this level of storm and activity and a prolonged timeframe to go through the routes. > to make matters worse when log onto their county's snowplow tractor app it's likely inaccurate. at one point we decided if it'si not the right tool maybe we should turn it off for this storm. we decided against that because it really does provide some som level of information. > even if there's a 24 and a 48
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hour delay, a meal milan in says that's the case with the montgomery county snowplow map app. i was never designed to provide realtime information, but aton, least it's up and round runningr the best option is to use 3 # 1# and go on our website. w that way we're sure to get your information. > prince george's county was cu reportedly pulled off line after a dispute with the vendor. v even so, the county says it doesn't slow the snow removal process. >> all reotherses are going to be focused on our residentialal roadways. > in the districts, a department of public works says, the salting and plowing metricsm on the website are in accurate and went onto say we apologize a for having that erroneousrron information out there and foran the confusion its caused. > moving from the districts to virginia, let's go to vdot snowplow track apriler, we found that it was also delayed in some instances by at least an hour.
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what is a little bit different f and i should say a positive it gives a count down until the the next update. u i just spoke with a virginia department of transportationf tr spokesperson and she tells meels that all the additional equipment and plows that they brought in to help with this blizzard, they're not on the snowplow track site.e. so you can't get a real update d or a real indication of what the progress is. but what i will tell you is thai most of the counties say that these were never designed for a storm like this, never designed to be inactive. here's the good news they also don't interfere with progress. o tissue a lewis, fox5 local news. > thanks, tire a.> t tonight neighbors are in article are demanding after a toeing company toed away several cars parked in private lots. lot they didn't have any other place to park their vehicle also because their entire neighborhood is covered with snow. >> we went to move the car at about 6:00 a.m. and it wasn't
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there. cue couldn't believe that theyvt would be toeing because there's literally nowhere else to park. fox5 reached out to advance belowing they told us that the plowing could not be completed c with those cars still parked on the lot.the > the blizzard of 2016 did not slow down some thieves in prince george's we heard about a break-in at a capital heights strip mall on add son road south. a number of businesses were vandalized and lost property. fox5's marina maracco is life in capital lights with more. >>reporter: the owners here cannot believe this happened att the height of the stormhi. you'll see still what's left of the snow from this weekend here. one store owner locked up for the weekend and when he openedh up again he was met with an unexpected surprise.e. i knew the snow was coming so that's why i closed early. anticipating the blizzard this store other than locked his dooo last friday afternoon, shutdowns
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his business and waited until u the storm passed to open back up. when he did his store had been ransacked. i had a laptop here and they and took it, he broke the atm. they took my tobacco products. it should be like around $1,700 almost. > insulation and drywall torn up. >> they came back and they broke the wall next door. > the thieves got through tohru four other businesses in this add son road south strip mall.l. >> they broke into the buildingb next door, through the siding, s the insulation, the drywall. d came in, broke the cameras next door, took a sledge hammer to brake the cinderblocks to crawlc into this unit. > the only thing left behind at this tobacco shop, a safe that was beat up, but never opened. >> i was was wondering if theyy could come again so i was trying to fix first t > and while the repairs continue here at this strip mall, csi did come out. out
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they photographed the scene. although the owner tells fox5 that unfortunately cams as wellw as video were also stolen in the size. far as we we are tonight there have been no arrests. > developing tonight from the campaign trail, in the last few hours presidential hopeful donald trump announced he willeh not participate in this thursday's gop debate on fox news channel. trump made the statement while appearing at an event in iowa iw just a short time ago. >> i'm going to have something else in iowa. we'll do something where wehere raise money for the veterans and the wonned warriors. war we're going to do something som simultaneously with the debate,b because mostly likely i'm not going to do the debate. i didn't like the fact that thee sent out press releases toying and playing games. > trump has posted on his instagram and twitter accounts that he doesn't like meaghan kelly and doesn't think shehi
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united states be one of thenk moderators. >> the ceo has made it clear that kelly will be a part off that panel.el. > still ahead, instead of the same old row bow calls letting people know that school is canceled, one administrator got creative.eati >> there's so much snow outside and p it is just. > how anne arrundel countyarru schools communications officer is making this snow day extra memorable. >> isn't that also on the way we're showing more of your photos we're sending us on twitter and facebook using the hashtag fox5 digout. we're putting more of these on tv as the 11 roles on.
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> myself. > tony's favorite song..
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if only you could have seen will dancing, the communications officer for anne arrundel publia schools wanted to change thingst up a bit when he made one of his calls about snow days. he got a little creative here.e. tonight parents were surprised s to get a musical row bow call. c >> i think they were probablyroa pretty happy about it. it. it definitely was created. here's the deal, as our region continues to dig out, anne arrundel county public schoolsis will be closed once againgain tomorrow and thursday and one of the row bow calls for parents is not what you would expect. sean was right. rig the communications officer withi the help of his daughter, you heard her as we went to break. e they delivered the news of the closing for thursday by making up a special version of adel's hello. >> hello, it's me. it's the voice you love to heara from and the face you do not see.
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and i've got news for you, we will close schools for another day, parents will cry boohoo.ho. > isn't that great? a nice photo of bob and his daughter.ah thanks for sending that. tha much warmer temperature, too, ii might add. > you noticed that as well. > good stuff. suddenly when i hear this i don't feel so bad when i try to sink in the shower.howe >> no offense, bob.ob. > not the greatest rows, but we love the effort. e >> american idol might not be calling, but he's a hero for anne arrundel school kids. >> bob, could call for thursdays because i suspect there's going to be some problems thursday thu morning and the problem will be refreeze, black ice. we got this cycle, we melt it, we freeze i. it's not too bad tonight, because temperatures are still pretty million dollars, but tomorrow night will be a different story. even though the school might m
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have a two-hour delay. d we continue to dig out around the region and continue to get t some very creative pictures. mild tonight and we did some the no pack was reduced by a few inches. will sent this and he wanted us to know that snowmen are so last year.year he's got a snow castle. look at that. he's got all these beautiful lights on it. it's very receipt t think. t tried to load up another tweet.t it didn't want to load, but it was a little girl riding a snow elephant that was pretty large.l i put that on my twitter. and it was absolutely adorable. why are we so warm tonight. ton >> the winds are coming out of the south and that's why a lot of places ever in the mid 40s. new york is recovering, warm, there too, boston 44-degrees. 4 as lieu on the other side of the mountain, the winds coming out of the north and northwest. > we're headed for the mid 30s3 but not until later tonight. t so that's why i don't think we're going to have a reel big
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problem with black ice tomorrow morning. could there be some slick spots here and there maybe to theo th north and west, hagerstown touching the 32-degree mark, m that could happen, but it's not going to be widespread.d. average high is 44-degrees.ees. we're going to be blow it the te next two days and then we start another climb toward a warmer weekend. next weekend it looks like temperatures might be toward 50-degrees if not above it.t. quite the opposite from last weekend. the front is right here where you see the bulk of the moisture and a little 6 that moisture could be sliding across our area later tonight. futurecast doesn't have a lot of it. i did want you to see about 6 in the morning if you look out your window and see a little bit of wet snow this is anticipated across lower southern maryland, a little bit of charles county and st. mary's and calvert. c it won't last long. lon i have a feel you're not going g to school in many places. most of the day is going to be bright, sunny, but it's going to be cooler and breezy.
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we won't get to probably even 40-degrees the way things are looking right now. > high pressure building in present the west, but beyond that departing frontal boundary that's where we get the pretty dose sent winds and gusts couldc be over 20 miles an hour. we don't do quite as much melting tomorrow because we don't won't have all the warmth we had today. at 8 in the morning the sun should be back. by 5:00 36-degrees.ees. not quite as warm tomorrow, but on your fox5 seven day forecast you'll see we are going to staro to get a break-in that department. the weekend warms up. worried about thursday morningng with some refreeze, more widespread black ice possibly, p but that won't be a problem. monday 55. it looks talk tuesday we're back up to 62. some places could be pushing 60. by then we'll be saying what blizzard. it's pretty amazing to see the melt. >> it is. > let's audit committee about o
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this bradley beal thought he was getting back on track and then this happened. smacked in the face last night. he's day-to-day with a concussion and a broken nose and now he will never be a teen model. he also didn't make the trip to canada. john wall did get the invite to represent the wizards whichch happens to be in toronto. in the second half, auto porter, flips it ahead to john wall. wall gets the dunk. in the fourth quarter when it always count the wizards go icee cold for plus-plus minutes. a game high 29 points and then corey joseph drives the ball that he fakes, lay in plus a foul. the wizards lose 106 to 89. they dropped all four games this season to the rafters. > have you ever seen john thompson the third this fired up? he's not happy with the revs not at all as the hoyas hosted creighton. lj, he gets the dunk.
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watch that, boom, and the foul, the three-point plow peaked with 11 points on the night. the hoyas, things were not looking good, they fell behind by 11. in the last minute, caleb gets the seal. takes it all the way to the dunk. creighton has the chance to win it here. georgetown ends to edge creighton 74 to 73. > it has been a long wait after two home snowouts for the came played on ice, the caps return to the ice tomorrow night hosting the flyers after eight days off. it has been an even longer wait for number 27. he'll set the caps record for most consecutive games played. his neighbors are are aware andd they wanted to make sure thathat correspond houser didn't do with the storm clean up. >> i wanted to shovel a path and people would be walking by and say you shouldn't be doing thatt and this and that. i thought i was pretty funny.
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it's cool to see how many people are paying attention to that t that i never would have expected. i'm fine with waiting a couple c more days and resting up some more. > help your neighbors, theyhey don't mean him. > where were you 24 years old, tony. >> watching this game. gam > burgandy and gold defeating f the bills 37 to 4 to within super bull at the metro dome in minute annapolis. mark rip inwith 224 yards andnd two touchdown passes.asse do we have to use footage that makes it look like it was in the 30s. >> isn't it amazing how technology has changed.hang > how many you didn't ask me where i was then. >> where were you.e >> i wasn't born yet. > let me tell you, it's a mind field and i'm watching myself.yl >> you keep me on my toes. > stay with us.s. still ahead, actor matthew perry comes clean. he admits to just how serous his
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addictioning to drugs ands a alcohol got during the height of friends. and as promised as we head toto break tonight here's a look at some of the pictures you've been sending us on social media, using the hashtag, fox5 digout. thanks again for sharing your frustrations and your digoutigou pictures with us. we'll be right back.
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> gum would be perfection? a shocking admission from former friends star matthew perry, during an interview with bbc radio 2 in bright and he made a stunning admission. he was basically so high and drunk that he doesn't remember shooting season 3, 4, 5 and 6. >> that's four.ur. > four seasons in three years.y that's what he said. there he is. it's not really a year.
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> geez. perry has always been candid with his struggles. he went in. he is currently in britain. he donated one of his old housee to a rehab center. >> it's amazing what he's done. you can tell that it took a toll on him. he's aged more than the other friends. >> abe bagoda died in is sleep s at his daughter's home in new jersey.ey he's best known for his rolls in the godfather and in barney miller. he attributed his winning rolls. he was married twist. he's survived by his three daughters. it's believed that he died of of natural causes. >> he lived a long and incredible life. > thanks for joining us tonight, everybody. be safe as you dig out.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: there is a backlash in the rap world. machine gun kelly is not apologizing for being a white rapper. >> i'm comfortable in my own skin, man. i can't help other people be the same way. >> direct shot at macklemore. >> shade on macklemore. >> the best part about all of this is white people are fighting, which is priceless. >> can you imagine the twitter wars. dear, sir, i take umbrage with your latest tweet. >> khloe's going to be living next to lamar odom again. he recently rented a house very near her and the lease is in her name and he plans on living there, which i think is a very poor decision. >> can you picture lamar, like, can i borrow a cup of cocaine? >> we got migos. so we asked about the b.o.b., disk track to neil degrasse ty


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