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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  January 28, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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operating on a three houree hou delay this morning with options for unscheduled leave le or unscheduled telework.elework. >> here's a look at the school s districts closed today.s incl virginia, alexandria city, arlington county fairfax fauquier frederick.deri >> prince william response respe vain ya' and stafford. and s let's go to maryland now. frederick howard montgomerymonto prince george's.rg >> following districts have a ds two-hour delay. charles county in maryland,ylan, culpeper and calvert county in virginia. you can find the full listull l scrolling on the bottom ofg your soncreen or >> while many are taking advantage of another day off daf some kids are back to school and many of you returned toned work yesterday.rday but should the government beente opened and school back inchoola session. crews are still working to workg clear away all of that snowtno and that did cause quite a nightmare nor commuters and comd drivers. in some instances it took it too hours just to go a few miles. m sometimes just a few will tho amas spoke to some ofoe the drivers stuck in the >> reporter: what do youorte make of all this traffic?ic >> well, i think it's kind ofkid
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difficult when they can't getent the snow -- back roads are are really bad. b. >> bad. i've never seen it this bad.s b. >> reporter: how long have h you been iown it? i >> 45 minutes.. >> it's pretty awful. we've been here for like anere hour and a half since sidwell.wl >> d dot says there's still a a large amount of snow removal going on.goin >> plows are moving throughg our area and snowov startedrted melting yesterday but traffic tf congestion and icy road roa conditions this morning means mn we definitely aren't out ofy ar the woods yet.the ods fox5's annie yu is inn northwest this morning. how is it looking out thereut annie? >> reporter: hey, goodte morning. you know, in addition to clearing those roadways, crewsas are going to have to work on wor this water main break earlyeak r this morning. morning if you take a look behind med this is calvert we're directly across in the omni shore hotel. hotel we have more crews showing up u so that is a good sign early e this morning. morning a lot of water still gushingus out there. you see it's been about threebor hours now over the earlyar morning hours, water coveringer the street here and as peoplepl are approaching or drivers, dris they're being very, very ver cautious so that's g i spokeo
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to the crews here and they arehe waiting on additional crews to t come out to shut the water off o and work on these repairs. meantime they say you should sho expect some delays as you y travel through and so s obviously the concern here is hr that this water from the break will just add to the already icy conditions to this area ar and flood streets you have a lot of snow banks, bs snow mounds along the roadway. officials haven't said yet ifetf this break was caused by thesede weather but crews say that it t is likely that this is weather related because of the cold snap, this type of thing obviously not uncommon this time of year.timef ye meantime snow crews continuingog to treat those roadways. rdway on our way up here we saw plenty of salt on the ground. there's still definitely patches of ice you need to be y careful of and also if you're walking around i mean justt walking from the truck overru oe here, you have to be very, beer, very careful because there are a definitely patches of black ice and that refreeze going on.. back to you in the studio.yoin t >> all right, annie thank you ty very much. metro riders will likelyrs e
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find more packed trains this this was the scene yesterdayes and today.ted the transit agency will wil continue to operate on a modified now that means trains will run n every eight minutes during d rush hour on each however, at stations which areia served by multiple lines,ines trains will run about everyut e four minutes. metro says your best bet is to avoid the rush -- best bet to avoid the have your to get onavt a train before 7:30 a.m. after 9:00 a.m. a >> the stage is set for the final republican debate beforeao the iowa caucuses and of and o course donald trump will notl be in the lineup. lineup. he says he'll not participate pe because of ongoing differencesie with fox news. melanie alnwick is here to explain.explain. no surprise. he said he wasn't going to dooi it because megyn kelly is notyn smart enough. >> it was megyn kelly and some other unflattering comments someone put out with fox news.s. trump's campaign manager says s that the boycott of the debatetf has nothing to do with megyn kelly and trump truemp tru
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technological enjoys thegi debatincag process and he and believes he's won all six of o the republican matchups so far. trump plans to hold a benefit forol veterans and woundedound warriors at the same time ast the debate.ebat his campaign manager says thes t presidential hopeful is not too be toyed with.oyith. that means texas senator tedatod cruz will take center position on the stage tonight much with w trump out rand paul is in for i the prime time event.e ti it begins tonight starting at at 7 o'clock. hillary clinton wants7 ar anotheclr chance to swing voters her way before the newy be hampshire primary next yesterday she pressed they she r democratic national committeel e to add another debate to the schedule.schedule. she's trailing rival bernieal be sanders in new hampshire. sanders said he would comply col if clinton agrees to three to te more debates in the coming i months.months. the two are locked in a tightlod contest in iowa. so, who would president obama vote for in the 2016he 201 democratic primary? earlier ear this week he called hillarylly clinton extraordinarily experienced and wicked part.icke yesterday he met with her opponent. the president held a private
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meeting with bernie sanders atds the white house but that doesn't mean he's feeling thehe bern.bern. sanders said at the meetingthe g the president will be stayingyig neutral. the power of fox5 news andes the hill coming together to track the races for the mostras powerful position in the world.wo president of the united tnite states. join the hill's editor intor chief and fox5's political polit reporter ronica cleary for aearf live special this sunday morning at 8:30. they will preview the iowa iowa caucuses and look beyond toeyono the next crucial battlegroundtlo statements politics as usual.olt fox5 on the hill this sunday sua right before fox news sunday s with chris walce. >> ♪ >> all right. >> thank you mel. >> time now to change things c overtake weather. freezing >> it is cold.>> there are some serious slickus i spots out there, gary. >> yeah, there are.h, t >> obviously everybody needsly to be careful of that. e listen, i got some good stuff. we changed the seven-day s-d forecast around a little bit. b >> does it have a high of 80.e o >> i'm not going to tell youoine yet because this is what we do.
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it's called a tease but you'reeu going to like like i >> quit teasing all of us. o us. >> i'm not going get to it go this time. it will be next time that itit i have to get to it.eto it. i just looked down and saw a s hey i need to say something somi about this.ab 25 in town, obviously below freezing. everybody is below freezing.reez fredericksburg sitting att 22 degrees this morning. morning and culpeper at 13. at 1 let me see if i can -- youan --o there go, move that up agomove little bit so everybody can see. quantico 25, washington 25, leonardtown 25. so you get the idea, right? a, g very, very cold out there thishi wind is pretty still.. so, don't really need to worrydo about a wind chill value beingei a problem out this okay, here's the deal for d for today. to right around middle 20's to 20'o upper 20's or so by 8:00 a.m..m so it's still going to be coldol even with the sunshine coming cm up. i think we'll have a few highveh clouds around for the first thet part of the day.rtthe then increasing clouds byg clou probably after 2:00 or so s we'll start see more cloudst se coming in. high temperatures making it up into the lower 40's or so. s that's a look at your you forecast. remember, seven day changes,sey you're going to want to seewante that coming up in about 10 10
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minutes or so much hang outr so for that but you're going to goo like what you see. wha here's erin way look atook traffic this morning.this mning hopefully erin, traffic thisffis morning won't abrepeat oft o traffic yesterday morning.ay mog >> i lope that's the case gary y but as annie showed youou there's a lot of water on theatt roads as well as the t possibility for refreeze.efez my best advice slow it down and watch lanes blocked on secondaries and interstateserstt for snow removal. loudoun county icy conditions closing wax bull at red run drive. farmville road closed closed. cc really icy conditions inon i loudoun county. as for your train commute fulltl service good to hear is back i c to normal. everything back to normal onma o marc and vre tod if you normally take themake t things are looking good there.. metro no alerts to report from metro as they gear up forp f service this morning butorning t expect crowded conditions.ondi a lot of people ditching the cars at the time of thisth accident this week ande takingk med metro.d etro yesterday metro dealt with very crowded conditions.ditions. we'll keep you updated ifated i
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there's any delays that you need to be aware of as far asasr track work or anything likethg e that. columbia pike 29 south after a lockwood drive road treatedriver after an earlier water mainat m break. really icy conditions there.dit. we'll keep you posted but so s far things quiet right now. keeping my fingers crossed.inge. back to you >> all right, erin, thank youck veryerin much.uc bad news right now for the caps this morning. alexander oa ovechkin will sit out the caps first game after fg the all-star break.ak now last night the caps 12 cap game home winning streak camek m tooken end. they suffered a four to three overtime loss to the flyers.s. >> ahead more arrests in i oregon overnight.vernight >> plus the changes coming toomo the ferguson police departmentan after the death of michaele dehf brown. a lot happening overnight.veigh. we're back with a look att those stories after this break.
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>> ♪ >> developing overnight in oregon, three more people have been arrested in connectionon with the armed group that seized a federal wildlife refugees. the leaders of the group were tp arrested tuesday and onend one activist killed. k bundy urged the handful ofe hano militants remaining at the refuge to stand down and gostd o home. the 55-year-old rancher killedrl during the arrest on tuesdayue
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had vowed to die before going to jail. the justice department has reached a tentative agreementtet with the city to overhaul itser policing practices.ic the proposed agreement comesntom after seven months of negotiations following thens fwg fatal police shooting off 18-year-old michael thunder agreement all fergusonre officers will have to wearemilvt body cameras and microphones.ons the city also will revise itsevt municipal code.cipal od a federal investigation foundoud patterns of racial bias allls across the city's justice justi system.system. >> federal reserve voiced aaloi note of concern about globalbouo economic pressures. for now interests rates remain unchanged.ged. the fed raised rates six weeks e ago n a statement after theirere latest policy meet they go suggested they might reduceeduce the pace of future rate hikes r if market losses and globalba weakness persists. pst investors were disappointedisapo the fed didn't committee toommit delaying the increases.. meanwhile stock futuresile t are up this morning after what has been a horrible start to srt the year.e ye first three trading weeks of 2016 the dow shed more thanhan 7 percent of its value.
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china's economic slow down has unnerved investors but theut tumbling markets so far have hae not shaken consumer consu confidence. experts say much of theh ofhe optimism stems from solid job growth. growth. >> a brighter picture of thetepr zeka virus outbreak is emerging today. t new figures released by brazil's health ministry foundid fewer cases of a rare birth bir defect linked to the virusheir than first feared. the white house plans to make mk a more concerted effort to communicate with americans about the risks associatedri with zeka and steps they cantepe take to avoid it there. it ther. have been no locallyn noally transmitted cases of the zeka tz viruses in the continentalin united states but a few travelers returning from tcountries where theta virus ii spreading have been the virus is spread through mosquito bites is that not not contagious between ben coming up the fight for for shoveled parking spaces.arki plus, you won't believe howve much money the district madetria in fines during the snowstorm.rm but first we've got traffic and weather with gary >> cold out this morning, nong
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doubt that's going to cause some problems this morning as mg it gets out and starts to srts o freeze in be careful this morning. keep it slow. extra caution full forecast is coming up and listen, i promise you you'reou going to like was see. s stay with us. ay wit
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light & fit, 15 delicious flavors, each 80 calories. try to beat that! >> ♪ >> back now at 4:46.ack a live look at a water main a w break in northwest it's on calvert street between 28then 2t and connecticut.ctut crews of course working to fixix this but no matter where you are this morning, you need to, be careful on the roads.e roa there are definitely some icyom spots out there.t there we're going to check back in on how traffic is shaping ups sn this morning with erin in justns a few minutes. m >> we know it's not being n b helped by the weather because of this cold or we've got we' those slick spots. sts >> yeahs awful.wful. >> it's a mess again today. >> yes, and -- well, i wasl, i w just thinking about something
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else. pardon me. you guys can see this, too. thit i was telling you i don't want'w to keep it from you.t from you. what we can expect.what come on, button.ut i think i need new batteries.ati there we go.there we go. >> there you go.>> >> weekend >> we deserve it.>> >> how much of a warmup.uch of >> you're anticipating my question maureen.aure here's what's going on. we've changed this a little bit.e now, look, we're being aggressive. 60 on -- sunday.un we're being a guess sieve. >> shut your mouth.hut your mou >> yeah. >> 53 saturday, 60 on sunday. sa there will be a few cloudsew clo around here or there.r the that's a pretty nice warmup. wmu and as i mentioned yesterday, ye we may keep pushing this up u and we've done that and next week we potentially could see middle 60's.s >> stop it.>> stot. >> yeah, middle 60's comingdl'sc up. up. >> ridiculous. >> next week. now, that might be a day thatmia has some rain showers but itt still could be mid 60's. temperatures right now not mid 60's, right. rht 25 degrees d.c., gaithersburgaig 18, baltimore 2 manassas 12
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you guys down into int fredericksburg you're 22 degrees right now.ow that's crazy cold out there.d oe columbus is 25. still no arctic invasion of air d we do have a little bit b of cloud cover back to theac west. we're going to watch that. t i think later this afternoonft we'll see some of that beforeat late this afternoon, that'shat' just some high thin stuff but sb we'll end up getting thicker tck clouds today, 3, 4, 5 o'clock5'k expect a few more clouds.orud we'll go cloudy overnight orn tonight. cold air comes across tonight, t tomorrow morning and that may at squeeze out a little bit inout the way of some flurries,urri, okay. at this point it doesn't lookt d like that's really anything weyg need to worry about but againuta as some cold air comes inn tonight, tomorrow morning thatng again may produce a little bit of flurry. >> reporter: you can seflurry av there's more farther to the north and west.noand there's showers staying down to the south of us and offff shore so no concern there. tre 26 degrees this morning ates 8:00 a.m. t that's cold. c still chilly at noon, 38 degrees. lots of sunshine for the first f
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half of the day.. temperatures again making it i up into the lower to some in the mid 40's and just keep ineei mind later on this afternoon afn kind of an increase in clouds.lo i don't think we're going tothi be completely cloudy by 4, 5 o'clock but you'll noticet you' more. early flurries really overnight, 3 o'clock in the morning until maybe 6, 7be 67 o'clock tomorrow morning we'll w have a few passing flurriesng fe coming across. mostly sunny on saturday, 53. there's that 60 on sunday. sunda there's that 60 on monday. little cooler tuesday. tsd we think we'll back down into d the up are 50's and then wednesday 62 but again some of the long range guidance is suggesting maybe 64, 65, 66 potentially, something likey, that. so we'll wait and see.and that's what i have for you.. now erin comes in. beat that, erin. >> absolutely not, gary. g you have beautiful bif temperatures and sunshineerur coming and i get to tell every were town steer clear of this. i >> that's awful. >> northwest. annie is out here. it's a water main
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>> somebody turn off they tu water. >> calvert street shut downeet n between 28th and connecticut.ndt you can see the water flowinger into the road.into gary i'm worried it will w spread out and cause black ice. >> not black ice, just ice. i >> please slow down and usend caution as you head aroundou heo town. i think my hair -- no, my mic is good. is g sorry about that.sorr apparently all the feedback thee didn't like the ice let's switch it over for asw look at our maps anitd show youw what else you're up against. columbia pike 29 south after aft lockwood road, road treated tret after a water main use caution as you head out on columbia pike. p icy conditions on suitland parkway. all of or interstates quiet. not seeing a whole lot of activity on our roads r we'llds start to see those big delays dl again because some lanes stillan blocked by snow.ked by we'll keep you posted.l ep y make sure you take your time. tm i suggest even if you'reen i you taking metro this morning
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leaving early. that's going to be crowded asrod well. well back to you >> in the news this morning t developing overwsnight inrn charles county a two-year-old-yl was rushed to the hospitalos after he was accidentallyll shot. he accidentally shot himy shot seven. it happened yesterdaype afternoonen in an apartment complex in waldorf. police say the boy's father'sat was sleeping when he heard thehd gun shot and rushed in to find o his son with a gunshot wound.ou now the child suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. investigators have talked withe the father about that abouthat incident.nt state's attorney's office will decide if any charges will beill filed. now a fox5 exclusive elu involving a d.c. family that says police raided their home by mistake. mis police recently executed a search warrant at the home ont q street but eric smith, theris, suspect that were looking for, r doesn't live there and has noren connections to the family.amil darryl gilmore says officersmo rushed into his home and heldrea a gun to his -- the heads off his youngest children. cld >> you going scare a>>oing nine-year-old an 10-year-old0-ar half to death. death now they don't even want to go o to school and they don't even
4:52 am
want to trust the police t officers. >> a spokesperson for d.c. d.c police says an investigationan n is under way to determine ifermf any misconduct took place.on >> some sad news this fox5 has learned the oldestt female veteran who had beenee living in the district has died. died. alyce dixon passed away in hern sleep at the d.c. veterans t.c. affairs medical center'sente community living center.g cen she was 108 years old. o dixon joined the military in 1943.19 she served in world war ii. i dixon was one of the first t f black women in the army. she was born in 1907 at a time e when americans life expectancy l was only 47 years. >> a teen convicted of fatallyal stabbing her father was sentenced yesterday in howard hw morgan arnold will spend the next 30 years behind bars sheehs killed her father dennis backack in 2013.013. her boyfriend jason baumer wasas
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also sentenced. sentenc >> reporter: grocery stores, gas station and bars were the t clear winners during the blizzard.bliz they all cashed in during the dmv's whiteout this past weekend capitalizing on customers needing supplies or sr just needing a change of scenery. >> we were able to open on sunday. >> reporter: the customerster: came in and slate wine bar we owner says once the snowflake se stopped it was business asas bis usual. >> monday kind of made up formar saturday and that was great. wag i think everything is going toet average out over the last weekee with this week beingee b restaurant week so we'reo thankful for that.ul f >> reporter: in tenleytown the owner says 30 clients cli canceled on saturday alone.lo >> on saturday because snowauses was almost like 2 feet higheet g and i couldn't get in soo basically i couldn't get in so
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most of the clients haveli canceled. >> reporter: hair salonsr: movie theaters and food and delivery spots lost big during r the blizzard and for manyizzardd there's no way to make it up. it >> how are you going to makeoing that up? >> well, i guess we just have jh to go along with other o business and, you know, it's it' the nature so there's nothing nt we can do about it. i >> the biggest winner of all, well, it's likely the folksolks clearing the snow, plow truckloc drivers. we spoke with one who says he h makes $100 an hour so he's s h doing okay.kay. >> wow.>> w >> the district has beenheistr serious about enforcing itsts parking bans and now we have learned the department public works has you should more than n $1 million worth of parkingorthr tickets. tick that's about 250 bucks each. eh. there's also been more than t 600 cars towed across the d.c. park sag big issue forrk s many drivers in the district. >> yes, it is. is. in some areas there's aashere's serious battle over parkingarng a lot of people are using pe ar chairs to reserve spotsreseve they've cleared off d.c. police say trying to
4:55 am
reserve a dug outspace with ag u random object is not allowed. ad in fact we're told it's a fineable offense in theoffe district. >> i think i might risk theisk h fine. >> yeah. i'll tell you we talked aboutalt this earlier in the week, ife wi you spend time digging out a spot, woe that be person who pe steals it. >> what happens if somebody pulls in and steals a spot. s what's the repercussion forssr that. >> you run the risk of someone damaging your car if they'refhe angry enough.h. >> in chicago it's a hugeag's a thing. you just do not steal n s someone's parking space. >> it's bad armament i think the universe gets you back. b >> in a neighborhood you don't do it. on a city street i think the the rules are a little different.ife >> but in front of somebody's sd home where they park. p >> woe be the person. perso >> that's what we think. >> what do you think hashtag? s hey, gary.y, >> we don't necessarilyecsa condone the chicago way. w >> no, we do not. n >> there are actual rules andula then there are street rulesee you know what i'm saying.t i'm a >> that's what i'm talking about. >> we go by the chicago ruleshis
4:56 am
it's very different. >> maureen is versed in streett etiquette.ique that's where you grew up. >> no, i didn't. didn' i grew up in the suburbs where we had our own parking spaces and garages.d >> i was trying to give you credit for the chicago way.. >> no. >> that's okay. oka >> well.>> wl. >> 13 degrees for the western 10 now down in frederick. frede it's a race to single digits. tweet me your temperatures if you got some out there.t some we'll share them on the air, thr if we can. wan. 21 degrees for baltimore andnd 25 degrees for annapolis, garyo fox5 d.c. culpeper is 14. is 1 we end up with temperaturesra today making it up into thein lower to mid 40's, couple of spots fredericksburg sitting sii at 47 degrees. 47 i want to show this real rea quick. i have to go back. okay, never mind. min temperatures now are back toac -- here's erin who hopefully hl is not as busy -- this is --s -- yesterday was the day i'm glad i come in at 3:00 in the0 t morning and then leave way early.eay. >> 100 percent. it was crowded yesterday.rowd i noticed on wisconsin a lot lot
4:57 am
more traffic in the afternoonero than you typically seem ieem think folks were going intonto work later and we saw an extended rush hour.r. icy conditions.s. suitland parkway inbound the iou ramp to silver hill road just reopened. use caution especially onion bridges overpasses on andnd off-ramps. going to encounter icy patchesct especially those tend to freeze 29 south after lockwood roadoo a treated after an earlier waterlr main break. use icy conditions on wax hill w road. we'll keep you updated.ed metro gearing up for service on or close to schedule.toched back to you guys. >> ♪ >> and next at 5:00 we've gotot live team coverage thisere morning on your morningror commute. commute. we're going have a check ofing a conditions on the roads and why you need to give yourself ys some extra time especially ifecl you're taking metro. stay with us. know your financial plan
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> right now at 5:00 another messy morning commute.mute melting snow, combined withned w below freezing temperaturesemrae has left ice on the roads. rds we'll have a look around the area. >> let's get to the closings g and delays.etan federal government wil


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