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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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say good morning towering i'm holly morris in for just a fewtw moments for allison seymour.on o >> she'll be near a coupleear al minutes. i'm steve chenevey.m st welcome to fox5 news morning. mi first up at 6:00 that was was leftover snow from the blizzard still causing tracktiai traffic turmoil for drivers.oirr >> it's causing gridlock onus some roads. fox5's melanie alnwick isie live in northwest talking yetng another day, mel, about mel, ab traffic. >> reporter: well, i know a wel lot of peopll,e are keepingre k their fingers crossed or maybee they're just going say they're s not going to chance it today. i don't know i mean, wednesday was a disaster. das thursday was a disaster.isas and now friday for federalor fer workers this would be their first full week back. b they're expected to go back ongk time this morning althoughhis mo they have the option to do some unscheduled leave ornsch la telework but it really iseall anybody's guess how it's going to be. i can tell you here in d.c. in d we've been on connecticutonctict avenue and wisconsin avenuein a and we have seen the roads rds cleared from curb to curb buturu earlier up in montgomerymontgomy county that part of connecticut avenue wet avue w
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definitely did still see someom trouble with turn lanes thates t were blocked or those laneshosen that we've all seen that arere missing and everyone having to merge.rge. those are the checkpoints thate cause so much trouble withchtrou everyone coming in to thetohe so, we just really don't knowonw how it's going to work today. we're going to keep an eye onye it. let me show you last night in georgetown. it was complete gridlock. gdl people were so frustrated with w the turn lanes blocked and the d snow removal operations tryingin to get the snow out of the way. it really is making getting toeg and from work a real chore. reao in this part of georgetownrgow drivers sat some 45 minutes5 m just to go one block. >> lanes are opened.esre opene yes, we got a lane down streettr that's very exciting but wegut need more than one lane. thaonen >> i'm not sure what resources they have, so i'm going giveng g them the benefit of the doubt tt on this one.on >> reporter: a spokesperson tr:o for mayor bowser said that thedt progress is incremental.rementa.
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they have the equipment thate en they need out there on the streets. streets. we were there yesterday youere remember sort of following them. the snow piles at rfk stadiumum are incredible. incdible. totally impressive to see what s they've been able to pick upblek and take off the streets andee a get it into rfk to try to getet it out of the way but it does id take time. also, vdot is reminding people l that sometimes if you think au k signal is a little slow, itw, i could be because snow piles onpe those turn lanes can interfere r with that timing mechanism as well. we also this morning fairfax county police are reminding remi drivers to please be careful out there. there are still some slickom sli spots. so, we will have to see howow this friday commute goes and i know everyone will be happy toat get this week over with. back to you.o y >> come on, weekend.onweek absolutely right. thanks, mel. m appreciate it. >> if you parked at a snowpa emergency on friday a week agode today and you got a ticket, tice remember that's the first dayhed the snow started to fall doal you not have to pay that tt ticket. friday tickets. at least 2800 citations werens w landed out that day but d.c.
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mayor bowser says she'says sh voiding them.g t she says some drivers may notrin have known about friday'sday's restrictions and may have beenne running errands to prepare forrf the storm. >> scary moment for metro riders. ri >> more than two dozen teens attacked a man at the galleryal place chinatown stop.own that's where annie is thisnnie i morning. >> reporter: good morning,r: steve and holly. really frightening moment forng passengers on board.ssenge they say it was terrifying toifg watch this unfold. right in the thick of morning rush hour, around 8:30:3 yesterday morning here at the gallery place chinatown metrohim station. this happened as passengers pasg were exiting off a train and tra it was all caught onaught surveillance video. if you look at the videoeo closely, you're going to see about 20 to 30 teens, a mob off teens swarming passengers andera police say a 35-year-old man-old was tossed to the ground ando er attacked by a number of ther of teens.s. he suffered lacerations to thert face and maybe some injuriesnjie to his ribs. r there have been several attacks o red line and police are calling this a wolf pack
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attack and riders again sayinggs it was terrifying to witnessg it. we actually spoke to a witnessis yesterday and let's take at's ka listen to what he had to say. >> to the ground and probably py five or six teenagers arenagersa punching him in the head h kicking him in the face. f he seemed really kind of in a daze.daze scratch across the top of hisf face that looked like it was bleeding. he had been punched in theeen face, possibly bruises to theeso face. >> reporter: now, the same theam witness says he ran to thehe station manager to calltoall metro's transit police.ic they were unsuccessful at itt for about 10 minutes or so. and they eventually did catch c up with the teens, police d-up about five stops from here athee the woodley park metro station. the victim was able to identify six of those teens, t five males, one female, i wasalw presumably who were on theireree way to school between the ages t of 15 and 16 and these teensee are now facing felony assault au charges. live in north we have, anniewe a yu, fox5 local news.
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>> ♪ >> 6:05. we got used to seeing tuckerg ck barnes around here the past pas couple weeks. w >> good morning.>> goo >> one week ago today we wed ree talking about how much snow weh might get across the region. r >> we're celebrating today is the 12 day club,lu steve.e. >> yes, i know., i k >> you've done well.>> you you're so close to the finishin line. >> i know. we can see it. i we can smell it. sme >> yes, whatever you said.ateves >> one week ago today. >> oh, one week ago today. tod >> you were getting ready toere talk about how much >> that is true.>> that is >> wwe had not had one had o snowflake >> it was forever agoow becauseu we have been dealing with iten a for days and days.for days a cold out there this morning. 30 in washington, 28 in annapolis, 21 up in frederick.ri and let's see, 25 in manassas. so, everybody -- i'm justi'just looking -- just aboutt about everybody, looks like lks like winchester and martinsburg m above freezing and everybody ery else below freezing.reez all right. ht we've got clouds on theoudon t increase here and maybe a snow s
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flurry or a couple snowa couplew flurries in the forecast forth the next couple hours throughrsr midday it's a cold front. fro ones will pick up behind theck t front and it will becomeom blustery and very cold thisthis afternoon. high temperatures friday willtu be in the upper 30's. bring yourreth jacket and notndn great melting weather today as a it will be very wintry out there this afternoon.fteron 39 winds northwest 10 to 20. wind chills will be in the 20's.20 plan accordingly. according i guess we have some areas somee going back to school today,ool y don't we. >> oh, yeah, yeah.ea the weekend warmup is coming,in, right.right. >> still looking at 50's to lkig about 60 by the end of the ef te weekend and that's coming up.g >> very good. ver >> something to look forward >> thank you >> traffic on the other handic could get a little interesting o erintt. >> that's right.>> as soon as we hit the 6 o'clock hour in started to see a lot of delays. d branch avenue 301 to surratts sa down to 30 miles per hour. hour. slow moving traffic as you sawis from melanie's video inn georgetown last night evening ee rush home was really a big headache. inbound delays right southboundla on 295 burroughs
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pennsylvania, northbound 210thbn to the naval research lab. both your inbound routes backing up.p. traffic on bladensburg seeing heavy. he dale city to woodbridge dipse down to 28 miles per hour asil you head out on 95 northboundoro and just north of that pointt lorton to franconia-springfield parkwaykwy 27 miles per hour. as you make your way out in outi montgomery county on 2727027 north is dealing with snow with removal blocking lanes at 121 a2 and then aside from that one, o 270 volume building 70 to theint truck scales in that usual spot. get an early start. 270 seems anlike it's gettings i back to the steady flow of fw of congestion that we're upesti against. if you want to take metro all a rails right now are on or close to schedule and metrobusel is operating on a regularngn a schedule. that's your's back to you. >> thanks erin.hankerin 6:07 right now n maryland ml there's a renewed effort torenee allow terminally ill patientsil to legally end their lives
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with medication prescribed byato a doctor. supporters of the idea saye idey they plan to reintroduceroce legislation this year.ion the bill would apply to thoseo t with less than six months toons live and would allow patientsie to self administer the drug. thd >> in virginia, governorr mcauliffe set to announce a a major deal on gun controln today as part of the t compromise democrats will not revoke reciprocity...iproci agreements with other statesh ot for concealed handgun permits. r republicans will agree to aee require state police beire present at gun shows for voluntary background checks.bacr >> coming up let's talk aboutt the elephant not in the room r during the gop debate.eb >> dropped the mic on the first comment of the night.en donald trump was not there butt he still had an influence.ilu we'll talk about it next. it's eight past the hour.
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>> family members say he has h alzheimer's. if you have seen jamie you're ju asked to call police.olic d.c. officials release aelse report yesterday on the use of o force by city police officers. . in the seven years since federal oversight departmenter ended, it found the dsi.c.he d police have abided byy guidelines established withab the department of justice back in 2001.001. d.c.'s police department voluntarily agreed to justiceous department oversight after it ai was labeled the deadliest bigeab city police force in the t nation.nati during the oversight which ended in 2008 many reformsany re were made. police chief cathy lanier saysry the department is still s following best practicesices involving use of force.or >> d.c. twerking case. c one of the women accused ofasomc sexuusally assaulting a man at n d.c. gas station will be sentenced today. this video of marjorie charlesjr and another woman twerking and groping the man went viral. v charles pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor sexual abusenor sexu
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charge. the other woman was sentencedncd to 180 days in jail. jai new developments in the flint water crisis.incr the city could be gettinget $28 million in aid as early ass today.toy. michigan lawmakers approved appv the emergency spending billge b and now the measure awaits the t signature of governor ricknor r flint is under a public healthct emergency because its drinkingbs water is contaminated withted lead. the latest emergency spendingped bill is the second round ofondoo state funding allocated sinceeds the lead contamination wason conformed in fall.d in fal still ahead we know whol ah the starters are for the nba n all-star game but who else who will be joining them inn toronto? we'll let you knowou w next. >> let's take a live look tak outside on this friday as we head to break. going to be a cold one today.od but relief on the way for the wr weekend. weather and traffic on the 5s coming up next.
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>> yup. all right, there's a liveght, shot. at -- you know, you what i think we're going to have a nice sunrise thissuise th morning. we have some clouds across thers area and you may encounter a few snow flurries for theow first half of the day but did b i mention it's friday and we got a warmup on the way thishis weekends? still looking at those springtime temperaturesmet early next week. there are your currente numbers. 30 washington, 28 this morning in gaithersburg and annapolisols 28 31 dulles.31 little warmer in the mountains.un you guys have gotten clouds c and that's kind of blanketed bld your temperatures here keepingra you a little warmer thisarme 37 winchesterrn and 35 up in in hagerstown.ha anybody at or below freezing,loz that's most of the area, don't
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forget of course refreeze overnight here and thee and potential for some slippery s spots this morning so just be ms on the lookout foro . theooko that all right, winds right, ndt now are very light but i want w to show you the weren't'p the winds are going to pick up u later this morning during theisr afternoon. we're going to have a colde a front come through. they'll be blowing at times 20 2 to 25. it will be a blustery veryyer windy afternoon after this aftet frontal system comes through.meu cold front right here.cold fronr youig can see the snow shower activity breaking out in bre western pennsylvania nowenn western maryland. m that will drop down into ouro or region so we're going to going quickly get some clouds on theoe increase and then perhaps a few snow flurries or snowsn showers across theow area. area. not any accumulation. should be light and the axisande of the energy will fade to ourf north.north. just some light snow flurry activity. activi partly sunny this afternoonun but we do keep things cnyoldng with high temperatures only inel the upper 30's. 3 you can see again little cold front coming through will keepil things kind of reinforced withdh cool around here thisround he afternoon and tonight.teoon
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here's our weekend setup. the jet stream is going to retreat to the north and high pressure is going to gets ing parked off to our south andou east. when we get high pressure in hre this area any time of year wemea start to get southerly windsouts and that's going to help push hp temps up 10 to 20 degrees 2 above normal. ab we're going to be very close to 60 degrees by sunday anduny monday, tuesday and wednesday. w so, nice warmup. i think it will help melt offelo a lot of that snow thissnow t weekend.week 39 today. tod partly sunny skies.. cold and winds out of the north and nortd west at 10 to 20. t 2 and there's your seven-dayseveny forecast. re 39 today. 52 tomorrow. and we're still looking at at that great warmup sunday,p sun monday, tuesday, wednesday,ay temperatures 15 to 20 degrees 2e above normal.abovrmal. we'll take it. all that's a weather upd erin is back with roads thatoadt were cooperating maybe not so m much. >> not so much and i don'ton want to complain but yount to co promised amp birthday cake oniro sunday on your forecast.r fecas. >> i'll get to work on it. >> making more work forre work sorry. unfortunately more workunat for your morning commute in c montgomery 270 south there's a crash at a c the ramp to 355 south.5 s
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outer loop there's a crashre's a reported near the spur so your can see all that red picking p up on our map. i want to show you a live looko at what that is doing to our is morning commute because it's not looking so great out by out old georgetown r the outer loop traffic really r stacking up right now. watch for slick spots this spots morning, watch for snow piles si taking out lanes.taking out lan. let's get back to our map. m some other problems. pro branch avenue 301 to surrattsur down to 30 miles per hour. hr. it's a lot of heavy volume.f av 210 backing up inbound.p i we have a disabled car gw gw southbound at turkey runkeru pennsylvania, that could slow you do you remember we have inbound delays all over thedela district. southbound on 295,95 pennsylvania, northbound fromthd 210 to naval research labsech you're backed up and againnd keep in mind 210 dealing withh some stop-and-go traffic.d-go inner loop across the wilson tho bridge looking pretty goodtt g right now.ght same story through annandaletory but as you head out south of that point on 95 dale city to woodbridge 28 miles per hour.mih definitely seeing volume increase there.increa right nowse metro on or close to schedule. and we got you covered. got that's your traffic.that's yourf back to you, steve andck t
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allison. >> so, erin look at this, it'ss' eerily pretty but it's causingt' problems.ob this is in bowie maryland mitchellville road between excalibur. heads up in that area. a our photographer is keeping anog eye on thingras but it's, whew,e holly said it looks like a l geyser. >> big mess. >> water main. w causing problems.g pro crews don't look like they'reth there yet. there yet this is in bowie maryland myl along mitchellville road.ille heads up because it's cold enough that that water canthathn freeze out there this morningut and that could cause td th additional problems. probl we'll let you know when thenowht crews get there, too.oo. catching a ride with uberr getting a little bit cheaperle e at least in some places.omela >> we'll tell you why the rideud service is slashing itsg prices. oh, and good morning. good to be with you today. be right back.
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>> there's a live look once again.e this is bowie maryland along mitchellville road and the rd an water is just shooting right out of the ground.ou looks like some folks ares i there. not sure if they're justhey're walking by, what they're doingyg but you could see the water is just shooting a good 20 feet 2 up into the air right now.ight view of our camera, again a water main break. b you know, one of the sidehe effects of these coldf tse temperatures and everything that's happening out there,ap this happens sope we'll let yout know as soon as the crews getres there. hopefully it's not not affecting too many people'stoo p actual water service in theater bowie area.wie if it's affecting you let uss ft know. uber cutting prices in some markets. super bowl cameras make youak feel like you're right thereight center of the field.f the fie first we'll check the markets. e
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joining us from fox businessines network studios lauren simonetti. i love surprises.i >> reporter: oh, yeah. >> what is japan doing for us. i >> reporter: so wonky.on they cut the interest rates toeo they want the banks to lendksnd money so it's more enticing ent for the banks to lend money sooo people start doingtuff ndng stuf you have more economic activity in the world's thirdn biggest economy. econo because of that, asia upp 3 percent.3 rc europe up 1 percent. 1 per here in the u.s. we are up almost 1 percent on top of 125-point gain yesterday. 153-point. >> come on lauren. we've had a terrible month of o january. ja >> reporter: for once i o color coordinate.oinate. >> we need to take you>> w shopping for green every dayor because i like the green foren the markets. >> reporter: okay.>> multiple shades i can deal s with that. >> allison is rocking thero green today, too.ctoday, terrible month for january, j though. >> reporter: i know. the nasdaq down 10 percent0 this month. mon
6:23 am
the s & p and dow are down dow w more than seven each.ven eac >> not good. hopefully february is better. be i have a question for you.uestny i know uber is doing its best b to slash prices. in this storm that we just had t this snowstorm d.c., you know,wd uber has put the surcharge on. d.c. cabs put a flat $15 extrara snow fee.ow do they do there in new york.n y >> reporter: do they? >> yeah. >> reporter: not that i know of. want me to take a quick poll right now. did any ownew york city cabscitc yellow cabs put a flat fee ont e during the storm? no. >> okay. >> reporter: not that weor know of. >> what's uber doing to try tott get people to ride uber. rid >> reporter: starting thisin morning at 7 o'clock in new i york they're cutting fares ahey' big way. what they're doing is bringingrg the per mile rate down to a buck 75, the base fare down toow 255 and what they want to do to is keep their drivers busierrsus and cut the amount of waitof w time that we have to spend innd the storm waiting for an uber
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car to arrive. a everybody makes out in the end because they're busier. >> which is kind of the point. super bowl, this is such ah good corporate event. corporatee the regular fan has a hardhas time getting there. t now the question is do youion o really want to except to brago on social media the you're you there. >> reporter: i mean, it'sep awesome to sit on yorour couch and watch the game 'cause there's 70 cameras that are70 go cing to be filming it. that's almost double what theyh had last year. cbs sports is bringing out all the bells and whistles. whist they have this one camera thataa gives you these 360-degree60 views of the stadium sohedium they're very high tech and we are expecting the big game to gm be shown in real creative waysce on super bowl sunday. suny. >> i saw. i >> reporter: who are youor going for by the for by >> this is the first time i the think honestly i'm okay either way. wa i'd like to -- i likei'd to carolina. carolina i would like the see cam winheam but at the same time if peyton p goes out on top and retires andt it's like a hollywood ending.ndn >> reporter: i'm with you on o that. >> i'm good either way. goo >> reporter: all right.ep >> howor about you. about y
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>> reporter: i think i'morte i t going with the broncos. >> okay. fair enough. >> reporter: but i'm not, you knotew -- k >> sounds like i should goke i d carolina. >> reporter: i'm not reallyter: feeling it either way. either w. >> we have another week toee fighting out. i'm kind of like you.kind all >> lauren, have a great l we'll see you on monday. >> reporter: you, too. >> 6:25 right now. >> all right. >> what? what? >> what? >> what? you just pop in here at the last minute.ast m >> i said hello to everyone. ery >> and then you're justhen yo j like -- >> it's cool to arrive when aiv you're ready to get here. he. >> i wish. wis whole situation.h. >> i know, i got it. kno i g >> it's a whole situation.on >> house looking like bowiekiike maryland pictures we'reres we' showing >> not that bad, not that badt d but a slow drip makes all the al paint in the ceiling and the little bubble. good morning. >> not good. >> no. >> all right. meanwhile let me get a quickileg update on the weather. w we're looking at cold at temperatures to start youro st y day. icing out there early e certainly a possibility inn fact a likelihood with numbersum
6:26 am
like. that 26 bwi marshall.all 31 dulles.ulles. we got a front coming in. see the white on the map north p to west. w that is snow flurry activitysur and that is headed in our heade direction later this morning.n you might actually see a few snow flurries.snow flu it will be blustery and cold today. we got a much warmer look at sunday, monday, mon tuesday, wednesday,edsd temperatures well aboveove normal. we might see 60 degrees in aee few days early next week. week >> that would be actually nicey and warm next week. w i'm exciteed. exciteed. >> loving it. like an early spring, erin.y >> love the sound of an early an spring right now especiallyecial after week we've had where w every day felt like tuesday. 95 northbound it's a friday typical delays dale city toto woodbridge.wood unfortunately a crash. 395 on the northbound side out d by king street dealing with angt crash. hard to make out there becausehc of little blurry. little blurry. there you go, that's a better bt look at the flashing lightsg lis blocking the left lane backingle up a little towards thetowards beltway. back to our maps.
6:27 am
aside from that big crash big scene disabled vehicle gw parkway southbound at turkeyur run. inbound delays all over. now 295 inbound burroughs to pennsylvania, 210 to navallvia,v research that is where you'll hit a lot of congestion.onge bottom of the beltway still of looking good and metro on orod o close to we got you covered.we got that's are tff back to you guys.u . >> thanks. let's take another look right now. this is bowie marylandno.eyl boy, i'll tell you what, thathat is just gushing up into theup i air right now.air right no water main break on mitchellville road between excalibur and ever strode. str just a heads up folks if you y are in that area, thatcouldhat freeze. it is very cold out there thisor morning, temperatures stills below freezing. back with more fox5 news morning right after this.
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>> let you get another sneak y peek at gwhat's happening in bowie maryland.bowie ma quite the scene there.quit this is a water main break on mitchellville road between excalibur road and everest and e road.road. wanted you to know what'sw w going on and you see cars see c passing but it is right theres r at 30 degrees so it's stills sti below freezing.w take your time. some of that could definitely df freeze make your commute ao little more of a headache on hea this friday friday mi welcome back to fox5 news t morning. we'll have weather and trafficea on the 5s at 6:35. 6 first though after a wilder week on the campaign trail, tra republican presidentialican prei candidates took to the stage for their final debate before b monday's iowa caucuses.cuses. now, making this gop showdown sd arguably more critical than the six previous ones.ev and the republican rival r seemed to be aware as theys wasted no time getting into it i
6:31 am
going head to head on issue iue after but one thing was for sure,ng wr there was no ignoring thein absence of the long time t republican frontrunner.rontrunn fox news correspondent joel waldman has the latest. l >> before we get to the issues s let's address the elephant notpt in the room tonight. [laughter]ghr] >> dominating the new cycle new for months donald trump was in the headlines again tonight skipping the gop debate just as he said he would do.ou but the billionaire's promise'sr became promising for some ofor e his political rivalsal riv capitalizing on trump's t absence by getting more facee g time for themselves.msel >> i'm a maniac. mania and everyone on this stage iss stupid, fat and and ben, you're a terribleer surgeon. [laughter] now that we've gotten the donald trump portion oe'ut ofut the way. [laughter]ghter] >> reporter: trump holding a counter rally 3 miles away in ay des moines raising money forines veterans. it was no coincidence it began the exact same time he would heo have been taking center stage at the debate. d >> i didn't want to be here in'
6:32 am
have to be honest. you have to stick up for yourstf rights. when you're treated badly you have to sting for your rights. >> reporter: while it mayorte have been hard to ignore the t donald drama the fox t moderators did try and bringry d the focus back to the actualhe a issues sparking a number ofing r heated exchanges.xchang >> i do not support. suppo >> you went on. >> i do not support >> you said more than that.aid o >> i said i do not support blanket immigration. iigra >> you said it is code forod a.m. nest team you supported earned passage.rnsage >> the context was in 2009 and2d 2010. 2010. >> you have said we should notsa how do you square there withh the san bernadino case.nadi >> because you can do it cano it without profiling megan.profilin you can do it on the facts.he f. >> reporter: trump's eventr: t sold quickly reportedly r raising over $5 million forilonf veterans organizations.izio in washington, joel waldman, fox news. n >> the democratic side nowemocri hillary clinton reacted to theet gop debate on twitter sayingn ts that women needed a democratic c president to protectte reproductive rights and equal pay. bernie sanders close to prettyo much ignore the debate and is ramping up his criticism of
6:33 am
hillary clinton's ties to wall street and history of evolving o on issues like the iraq war sanders touted his owns tois o consistency as a senator. clinton's campaign fired back saying sanders flip-flopped onde a bill to end immunity for gunr makers and dealers. deale and the power of fox5 newsew and the hill coming togetherg tg to track the race for the most t powerful position in thereitio t world, president of the unitedhi states. join the hill's editor inr chief bob cusack and fox5's political reporter ronicaeporter cleary for a lie special thishi sunday morning at 8:30. 8 they will preview the iowa caucuses, they'll look beyond b to the next crucialt crucial battleground states as well.ndte fox5 news on the hill this sunday right before fox newss sunday with host christhr wallace. >> all right, if you plan onht hitting the roads today to getao to work or elsewhere pack your patience.patien crews are still working to clear the snow from last week's blizzard causingar traffic grid flock some areas.
6:34 am
melanie live in northwest.e one week ago we were sayinlig at some point today the snow is tn going to start to fall. to fall. >> reporter: that's right. r one week ago when federal feder workers were told to go home h right about noon. not many people having tooin much sympathy for them becauseeu they have had a lot of time off. they are a large part of theartf commuter workforce.kf sometimes what opm does has an n impact on everybody else.rybo today will be the first fullst l workday for federal workers since the storm and we know k those that were trying to make e it in with the three hour delays this week on wednesdayney and thursday had so much had soc trouble getting in and trouble getting out and that's along alo with everybody else, too. else,. i can tell you just lookingt loo around the roads right now, d.c., this is wisconsinis avenue, one of the main arteries into the stow.nto the it is cleared curb to curb. t we also saw on connecticut con avenue inside the beltway for f the most part in d.c. also a cleared curb to curb but in
6:35 am
the montgomery county portionme of it, still parts oryf connecticut avenue that didn'ttd have turn lanes, didn't haven' h those access roads, so it is going to be difficult in somee spots.s. we're just going have to see. if i can tell you just lookingul at the traffic apps right nowht it looks like it's gettings g busy kind of early. ear back to you guys. guy >> thanks so much. muc let's take a quick look atkeoo sports right now.sports right it is official.ff john wall will be representing the wizards in the all-star alla game next month. m >> it. >> despite tucker's best efforts to get him as a starter he was not picked as ase stafford. st but still picked as a reservea r for the team which is awesome. e it marks wall's third all-star a appearance and for the firsthe f time in 40 years, the golden gol state warriors will have three players in the all-star game.e. green, curry, johnson all all representing the they're the best team in the t league so they should have theey most players, right?rs rig the nba all-star game tups off t from toronto on february 14th. also congratulations to the caps danny cuzi.i.
6:36 am
>> all-star game.>> a-sta >> three on three format.format. >> they're playing different.lag >> they're playing threeyi periods like you normallys likea would do but it's threet's re different sets of players.t i don't know, something different. >> kind of curious about it.iou. >> more like a skills competition i guess than a a game. >> we'll see if it works. wor so congrats to him.s to allll right. meanwhile it's friday.da >> yes. >> still some ice around here.e >> lots of ice around still lots of snow aroundnow here. the neighborhood i was in inn i d.c. yesterday nobody's beenoboe brave fluff to pull their caruf out yet. >> oh, yeah. >> so -- >> snow sculptures all on thepts side of the road.f the . >> exactly. i think with the melting thisth weekend that maybe things will i probably get back to r 30 in washington, 25 in i gaithersburg. not the case this morning inin baltimore, 26 degrees. 26 30 in leonardtown.nardtown we are looking at a very briskis northwest wind today. maybe a few snow flurries as well as a cold front comesa through. there's your cold front just to the north and west. the see the white.hi that's some snow showerom
6:37 am
activity. we might see a few snow a few sw flurries here locally over theer next couple hours, about an hour -- between now and 12:00 noon i'll say. blurt reand cool this afternoon with lies only inoon thhighs only inthe 30's.s. breezy and cold. c still on track for 50's maybe0' 60's by the end of thend o weekends. we'll look at that in a minute. >> let's check in with erin c get a look at the roads on this friday morning. >> 6:37 right now and we haveheo problems around the area.w anuna gw parkway south at turkey runkr road a disabled vehicle. vicle watch for slick spots.k s ice potential around the area. t dale city right now to woodbridge 28 miles per hourge i typical delay.le a live look outside 395 3 northbound there's a crash by cb king street. it is causing some big some slowdowns right now. right now from the beltway through thisouh point you're going to see allois lanes of traffic completely comy japped. really big scene right therece g blocking some lanes. lanes. we'll look at our maps. aside from that crash montgomery county take a look cu at this, outer loop a crashoop a near the spur. that is really causing cau slowdowns out by old georgetown.getown. 270 a crash at the ramp to 355
6:38 am
south. so caution there. keep in mind 270 from 80 torom t the truck scales typical tic congestion. and then as you make your wayouy out branch avenue slow down as n well starting at about 301 sobo3 watch for that.r t speeds reduced to 30 miles per r hour. 50 inbound towards the beltway l dealing with some congestiong can.wi same story on some of youron secondaries like bladensburgdens and benning.d benn that's your's y back to you guys.yo >> all right, before we go touht , break right now here's another live look at what's happenings in bowie. h looks like the winater crewser e finally arrived there on theren left side of your screen.r scr our crews first there on thehere scene this morning and ite th looks like help finally on thekh elway now for the folks of bowie, maryland.aryl it's on mitchellville roadleoa between excalibur and everett ae let us know if it's affecting ac you. hit us up on twitter orer facebook be on we'll pass the word along.rd along. >> fox5 the only ones on the scene right now. we'll be right back. flub flub
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of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> right back out to bowieac maryland right now. water plane on mitchville roadea so we have our crews out cre there. looks like the water thew crews just showed up up. we'll keep an eye on thise onhi situation see if it impacts impc traffic or your drinking watergt in bowie. >> 6:41.>> welcome back. 6 a federal health regulatorsul are now working to block blood donations from anyone who has hs visited one of the regionsheegio where the zika virus isus is rapidly spreading. the food and drugod and d administration says the goal is to protect the u.s. blood b
6:42 am
supply. the virus is spread by mosquitoes.toes it's been linked to babiesd tos being born with birth defects. officials say the illness issss spreading explosively and and there could be as many as 4 million cases next year.ea by next week the zika virus ziks could be deemed aneeme international healthh emergency.ncy. >> developing overnight new video from the fbi shows what happened during the deadlyur traffic stop involving oregonn ranchers earlier this week.hi we there you see the officials say the video supports the claims that the shooting of lavoy finicum wasinm reasonable claiming he reachedlh into his jacket before he was shot.. meanwhile authorities areile trying to convince the four remaining gunmen at the wildlife refuge to end the standoff.stan however militia leader iman leaa bundy is urging them to goo home. home 11 others arrested after theftet shooting now face federal charges.chs. >> also developing australian officials say a chinese shiphinp equipped with an advanced advan sonar equipment will join thepmh search for the missing malaysian airliner thatthat disappeared in the southern t s indian ocean almost two years y ago you'll remember. rem
6:43 am
the ship will reportedlytey leave singapore on sunday tongo look for malaysian airlines flight 370 by late the plane vanished on marchch eight, 2014 after mysteriouslytu flying far off course during a r flight from malaysia to beijing. a wing flap found in july is the only debris recovered.ecered >> just now found the ship with the advanced sonar? thehe teenager who used wealth and affluence as a did he first in a criminal case, so-called affluenza teen has beenn ha returned to the united states facing charges after fleeingrges for plaxico. mexican immigration authorities released a videocaie yesterday showing -- that's ann old picture showing ethanwing e couch being placed on a commercial flight to dallas. daa he'll face charges related to a fatal drunken driving accident where four people wre f were killed.we during an extreme workout w may not help you burn as manysan calories as you might have thought. we'll explain why coming up. >> tried to tell you, steve.ll e and a reminder before wer b take you to the break if you have a news tip share it withe t us.
6:44 am
call 202-895-3000 or e-mail e-m your tip to fox5 tips at wttg we're back in a moment. >> ♪
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6:46 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back. this is that water main breakat we've been showing you in whowi bowie, maryland, onaryld, mitchellville road.mitchellvill looks like cars are getting by okay but this is, you know, k with these cold temperatures,tu it's a really dangerousan combination so we just want wusa you to be aware of what's happening.en this is mitchellville roadmitchd between excalibur and everestnde
6:47 am
road. road. you see cars getting by there. e >> in one >> in one direction.>> >> looks like the otherooks direction is a no go right g rig now. looks like that is in thelike middle of the road, doesn'tthe d it? >> it does but i can in the beut sure of what i'm really seeingse there with that vantage point.g. >> we'll get some answers foret you. in the meantime tuck has the has answers all week when it comesa to the snow and the clearing of the snow and the meltingd mei and now another night of refreezing.zi >> got cold again overnight. overnight lows to 20's to about 30. maybe a few snow flurriesew s today. just flurries. >> i would like to apologize l on the record for the time that i tried to mock -- roughk r you up on the set when you set were giving us the snow. giv >> you can send all apologieslla to mother nature 'cause reallyr that's the person you want theyt talk to. ta >> i know but ilk blamed you. >> i know you did but i'm only y the >> i want to apologize. i'm embarrassed.arss >> 25 in gaithersburg. allison plenty morenty more opportunities for that overun the neck couple months.itneck 25 in manassas. mansa 31 out at dulles. it's cold enough wherenoug w everything is kind of frozenkinf
6:48 am
up again early this morning. m please be careful. be caref you know, don't let your guardrd down. do sidewalks that kind of things are going to be winds, hm, hm, really not veryey impressive at all right now. apparently we have no windnt gusts throughout the area.s th later today we're going have gov winds gusting 20 to 25. to i promise this map will fillap l in. not looking -- not looking loo very impressive at the all right, satellite and radar r little sunshine here early. eary clouds quickly increase. there is your snow shower y activity off to the west.ty it's a cold o front. f we'll sweep down into thel sw area, quickly race to the east and then the winds will pick wil up in the wake of the front f out of the north and west at and about 20 to 25 so we will haveav some winds around here aunde little later today but otherwise, a decent day with dat partly sunny conditions this afternoon.afte just plane old cold and breezy b this afternoon.fter cold tonight if you're goinght e out tonight overnight lowsht l back in the 20's and then and we'll kind of reset thekindf re weather pattern and as we get ae into the weekend we're going wew to start a nice warmup andnd we're still doing springtimengin or at least it will feel likel springtime by monday, tuesday. d 39 today.39 t winds north and west here 10st h to 20 gusting to about 25. about partly sunny cold and breezy and as mentioned and there's your's
6:49 am
seven-day forecast. 52 tomorrow. torrow. 60 on sunday, monday mid 60's around here >> whoo-hoo! >> going to feel great aftereatf the recent cold. c ground hog day on tuesday 56.sdy i'm trying to find your birthday cake.ay c my graphics don't havemy birthday cakes. g we'll have to get you something else.l >> shocking.>> >> like salsa and chips orc something. >> i'll take that. i'l >> okay. >> you don't really have toon't put a graphic up.ra u i'm just giving you a hard time. >> i'm trying. >> i appreciate that tucktory.kt we have an inner loop crashoroph reported on the ramp to t southbound connecticut.nd conctc that is causing delays on theel inner loop. 270 south a crash at the ramp to 355 causing delays. d live look at the inner loopoo right now to give you some you m perspective as to how much to hw that crash is slowing us down.ow very heavy traffic. traffic usually it's the outer loop at this locate that's a problem.att right now outer loop volumep vom picking up but again you're hit an atypical slow downl slo inner loop at connecticut.onct aside from that we have somewe e other issues going on. water main break we have been we showing you a live look of outyo in bowie right now in prince in
6:50 am
george's county. watch for activity between bet everest drive and excalibures road and you may encounter enc slick spots as that gushingsh water kind of overflows onto that portion of your drive. drie use caution there. aside from that a disabled carhi that is slowing us down gww parkway south at turkey run r taking metro today so far soay good. all lines on or close to schedule. we'll let you know when that changes. back to you steve and allison.. >> erin, thank you. >> ♪ >> in our health watch a quick reminder. you have just two days left toyf sign up for healthcare tohc avoid a penalty. pen the deadline to sign up is coming on this sunday, it's january 31st.ja officials say yesterday thes number of csaustomers shoppingin for insurance plans on the federal health marketplace wasrc up by 50 percent over the prior week. remember sunday is yourmb deadline. steve. >> it appears thater exercise exe does not contribute to weight w loss as much as previously thought.thought. researchers studied more thaner 300 adults in theirs 20'sn ther through their 40's.
6:51 am
everyone wore a device recording their activityco levels for one people with moderate activityctv levels burned more caloriesurne than sedentary people ofeo course but more intense i workouts didn't really bringts any added benefits when it came to calorie burning. experts say physical activity definitely helps people lose weight but most people do hit a calorie burning plateau. pte so do something but don't feelot like you have to do -- >> extreme.>>reme >> everything. >> all right. >> all right. to losend things out angeles.geles. a way from the snow where it's e nice and warm. >> kevin mccarthy joins us nownu live from l.a. hi, kev. >> good morning steve andve and allison. how are you guys doing today.u s >> great. not as good as you but doing yod all right. all right. >> well, i just got out of the movie theater about four and aon half hours i just saw the movie shift movis shades of black the movie m starring marlon wayians andayias that film did not screen foror critics in the washington, d.c. area. i went to see it last night. pretty crowded themed remember we had marlon wayans in thein te
6:52 am
studio on good day d.c. for an f hour couple weeks ago, he wasas fantastic, did the weatherid t with tucker.thuc one thing i respect about aut marlon wayians is he makeseak these very small low budget bud films for under 5 million mil bucks and they end up making a ton of money. mon. he's an amazing promoter.romo this film in particular 50ar shades of black is actual alctua parody obviously of "fifty o"fiy shades of grey" and what'ses o interesting about the movie istv it actually does a really goodlo job of calling out why "fifty w shades of grey" was so ridiculous.lous and marlon wayians has alwaysasw been a very smart comedian com when it can comes to parodyingai elements. i love don't abmember menacebere to south central whilehile drinking your jewels in theewel hood. i loved scary movie.cary the problem with the 50 shadesh of black is that some of the jokes do lose steamose st throughout.ugho the first 20 or 30 minutes areea absolutely hilarious and then ae there's sprinkles of really rea great moments throughout. tough the other problem is he goes a little too far at times.le t there's moments where itnts whet becomes almost too gross orss or
6:53 am
too raunchy and he overutilizes that r if you're a fan of marlonlo wayians, a fan of parody i do i recommend it only if you likey u that style of i'm a big fan of hits work soits it works for w i gave 83 out of five. f i think a lot of people ife i you're not a fan of raunchy r rated comedies it might not be for you.r i gave 83 which is kind of a c, c plus grade on my scale.y sa not as good as scary movie. but does it work. >> kevin i'm curious about one'm of the other films you saw f recently is the movie aboutbo the ship wrecks, the finesthe ft hours. i loved the real life story s behind what happened here.penedh but i'm wondering in the trailers i've seen if that translates with all the green wt screen work now, you know, to get that real story across. acr >> you know its a great pointrei steve and i think the onei thk t thing that's beautiful aboutul a cinema is that we get to learnon these stories that peoplee st might not necessarily know about. i didn't know about this amazing rescue that the coast tc guard did back in 1952.n 195
6:54 am
i had read rumblings about i never really heard manyman details. the story line that steve you're talking about is 1952 is off the coast of cape cod oca there were two oil tankers t that were destroyed by a a blizzard and this amazing amang rescue team on a small littleit boat went out and saved 32 sed lives that night.hat n it's an uncredible story. sto casey affleck is in the storm, s chris pine but as you says you steve it's hard to captureaptu that storm quality withty effects that look realistic rli and at times they do but at a times they don't.. and some of the script was athew little weak at times but the beauty of the movie is thatoviet there is a consistent intensity and i thought chrisug pines did a good job as well.s w and again, it could have been better and this is the case, th steve, where the story was t sty better than the overall i gave 83 and a half off five.ff which i think -- by the way, --e this is very important, steve. e do not see in it 3-d. 3 the 3-d makes the movie completely murky.ur
6:55 am
completely today. takes place a lot it ats nighttime sopl he don't waste't your money on the extra three o dollars. i gave 83 out of five.3 out fiv >> kevin thank you very much.har we'll see you later. >> i'll see you guys 7:47. 7 have a good day. d >> see you in an hour.>> s h good news is since hesin didn't love either one ofeir those movies it's going to be a really nice weekend so after r everybody was cooped up forop the last week and a half or so, tuck maybe this is a goodbe weekend to go ahead and get andt outside.ouide. >> yeah, i think we'll get out and play but couple movies ieov want to see. i think can kevin is human orumn do you think there's a machine i in there. >> might be a little cybor. >> little terminator going on.e >> not just me.te>> dulles n 32, bwi marshall 26.arh we are looking at satellite at e and radar which is going --whici we're going cloud up hereg cl pretty quick. quick some flurries in the forecast first half of the day and then windy and cold this afternoon. . today's not the warmup. wmup. only in there upper 30's so bess prepared for cold. c don't forget we got black ice i early this morning as well butel there's your seven day but we do look brighter and warmer byia sunday, monday with
6:56 am
temperatures around 60 degrees a so it should be a very niceverye end of the week, weekend here wh with sunshine expected. all right, that's the weatherhew upday. more coming up next hour. nex let's do more traffic withra erin. erin >> we have some problemsveome pl montgomery county we're going start you off in maryland.f in l inner loop crash at connecticut avenue causetien something atypical slowdowns.ns partially blocking the ramp toat southbound connecticut.nd cctic 270 south there's a crash on c the ramp to 355 southbound causing delays there on 270dela south.uth. here's a water main break wen bk are tracking. watch for activity between bet everest drive and excalibur let's take a live look out a liv there. we'll have more on this o water main break coming up inp i our 7 o'clock hour. it's just gushing into the j road tushere cause something seg slick conditions and with temperatures the way they areest i'm worried we're going to get some icy patches out there soes definitely want to keep it here to fox5 news morning. newsn we're going to have more onin that. the good news is metro is on or close to schedule but again, got the that big bob pro-be blimp iproblem in bowie.
6:57 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> straight ahead at 7 o'clockat this morning, look at this mess. this is in prince george'sin prc county bowie maryland, another messy start to this morning. the water main break that you have been seeing for the last tt hour with us, how it is h i affecting traffic in that areaff coming up in a live report. >> plus, one week after that record breaking blizzard hitlizr the dmv, we are still cleaningle
7:00 am
up all of the snow and itf the d could be the toughest morningmo yet to get around. aroun a live look at the traffic tra gridlock straight ahead.. >> plus, happening now aningow vicious attack on metro under what we know at the -- aboutow the violent assault and alt a witness tells us how it all went down. and.>> >> the last four questions quest have been rand please attackase ted, marco please attack ted, jeb please attack ted. ted >> the republican white house h hopefuls debate for the last deb time before the iowa caucuses ce while donald trump keeps hispsis promise to not show up.t sw u we'll break it down for younor see who came out on top.n t >> don't attack ted.ttk >> no attacking h good morning to you today, iso a friday, january 29th 2016.01 i'm allison seymour.i'n >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m welcome to fox5 news morning. mi federal offices will open o today on time.n t employees do have the option oio of unscheduled leave ored l o unscheduled telework.un the rest of your closings andlon delays scrolling at the bottomol of your screen butli keep inut k mind the government is


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