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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  January 29, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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up all of the snow and itf the d could be the toughest morningmo yet to get around. aroun a live look at the traffic tra gridlock straight ahead.. >> plus, happening now aningow vicious attack on metro under what we know at the -- aboutow the violent assault and alt a witness tells us how it all went down. and.>> >> the last four questions quest have been rand please attackase ted, marco please attack ted, jeb please attack ted. ted >> the republican white house h hopefuls debate for the last deb time before the iowa caucuses ce while donald trump keeps hispsis promise to not show up.t sw u we'll break it down for younor see who came out on top.n t >> don't attack ted.ttk >> no attacking h good morning to you today, iso a friday, january 29th 2016.01 i'm allison seymour.i'n >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m welcome to fox5 news morning. mi federal offices will open o today on time.n t employees do have the option oio of unscheduled leave ored l o unscheduled telework.un the rest of your closings andlon delays scrolling at the bottomol of your screen butli keep inut k mind the government is
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remember the traffic issues wese had yesterday with the delayedy opening. good luck.wi luc pack your patience. pie one more day. tomorrow is the weekend.eeke speaking of traffickif problems let's get right toet'st the breaking news out of bowieob maryland this morning.ry thi a water main break furiously fis gushing on mitchville road.chvid fox5 first on the scene this morning. >> bob barnard is here he joins us live with all therde details. details. bob. >> reporter: hey, allisoney, aln and steve good the water main break is in thest southbound lanes ofhbound mitchellville road south of 197. here it is. it's shooting up five, 6 feet in the air here f and we have seen prince george's countye'sou crews and 1wssc crew here. h they have blocked off thed off e southbound lanes ofanes mitchellville road here butvillr the northbound lanes are opened. open and none that of water isne thaw getting to the southboundthun lanes. to the northbound lanes.ord but you see it's swamping thehe northbound lanes.anes. fortunately there's a run,ere'sn there's a creek just beneath this here so a lot of this of ti water appears to be going overoo the edge and down into then in creek which would be a nicebe an runoff for it.ff for none of it appears to bers t b freezing at this point but itint does mean that this part ofhipao
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mitchellville road, it's actually from excalibur toxcal t everest so it's a bit south of 197 here on mitchellvillen mchel road, southbound lanes closedand from this water main break.wate we have not been in touch yetou with the officials at wssc toc t give us an indication of what size of pipe they believe thispe is or how they're going to tg to attack it because a lot off infrastructure is stillasucture covered by snow, so we imagine i this is going to be a longe a l process here this morning to tmn get this thing shut down and doa then eventually repaired and it is probably one of many wef are going to see.are go we've seen some already thiseadi week that we're going to see in the coming days.g day right now it's out of control,ut about six, 7 feet gushing in the air southbound mitchellville road rd closed. northbound lanes are widend l opened and not a problem here h this morning as wssc and a prince george's county crewsrgs get to the scene here this the morning in bowie, guys., guy >> all right, bob, we haveb, wev been showing it all morning. moi thanks for the details. det we do appreciate it. >> water main breaks not the mai only problem this morning. mni snow cleanup means trafficra turmoil once again for many fan drivers.iv >> one week after the blizzard i
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pounded our region crews areourc still working to remove allemova the snow but it's causing traffic gridlock in somefigrid areas. melanie alnwick is lie inalnwic northwest d.c. now with more.or good morning. >> reporter: good morning.ter: yeah, that first full day backk to work for federal employees eo is bringing some mixed reaction. many of them do not like it liki but other people who have had ha to go to work on time everyry single day this week once the blizzard stopped not having a ton of sympathy but federal bu d workers they do make up a large portion of our commuterome force and so what opm does really does have an impact on everybody we're seeing here in d.c. the major arteries are clearedared curb to this is wisconsin avenue. we were over on connecticut cont avenue as well but in b montgomery county not quiteme ct the same situation.ituation we definitely saw some turn turn lanes that were still blocked, b saw a couple of those disappearing lanes that we've tw all become so familiar withfamih and the snow removale rem operations as well all over the area, also continuing too
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cause some traffic tieups asieus they are trying to clear those o routes for everyone. for everyon take a look at georgetown last night. one of our crews, tisha lewis ls rad her photographer trying toog get to prince william county cnt for a story last night. they got trapped in traffic in georgetown. blocks and blocks of gridlockf c there. in some cases it was taking people 45 minutes just to go one block.. >> opened, you know, i mean, i a yes, we've got a lane down lando street, that's very exciting, et but, you know, we need moreee than one lane. >> i'm not sure what resources r they have so i'm going giveng g them the benefit of the doubtf t on this one. >> reporter: and, yes, the progress is incremental, it is i getting better day by day.y day a spokesperson for mayorerr m bowser said they really can't tell exactly when they can can say, yes, we are done, butut again, it's just -- it is taking time. t we expect -- i talked yesterday with d.c. homeland. me
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security director and chrishr goal heart and he said he h hopes that perhaps by theps by t weekend that we will all be good.good. fortunately it is friday so whatever troubles we've had iube think by the time we get to gett next week, we can finally fin stick a fork in it, right? back to you guys.o yo g >> my goodness, i can't waitss,c for this time next week, mel. w, i think everything should beingu cleared. >> it's going to be in theg e in 60's. it's going to be a glorious day. day. thanks mel. 7:05. let's get details from tucker tc on what we're dealing with out there with the snow and i i guess the -- should we lookook forward to the warmingarmi temperatures t >> yeah but we'll do refreezewef first or we did refreeze firstrs this morning. just again, be cautiousauti because it looks like wet. w >> i'm doing the baby steps. ste i can't afford to fall. >> doing the penguin. >> doing the penguin, yeah. pena >> shift all your weight down d into your lower legs. >> exactly.
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>> more of that todayto unfortunately particularlyrl this morning with temps cold. w today is not going to be theito big warmup. warmup. later this week, sunday, monday, tuesday nice temperatures. 39 -- 39 now in washington. hm. >> is that right? is >> it says 30 on our map.onur m. >> that's a big jump. t last houhar it was 30 so, okay.o i'll go with what it says.ay 39 now in washington.ashingto >> who put that number >> that's the reagan national na temperature.temperature. >> winds are out of the south ot here. it's certainly a possibilityli we just jumped like. that 25 in gaithersburg.thsb 30 in baltimore. balmo 30 in leonardtown. just a few moments ago we werege 30 at reagan national. areag that's why i'm acting likeing lk what's going on?at's >> yeah, well, according toccdit some sources it's 32 ins 32n washington right now. >> okay. >> the bottom line s -- i'm jusm saying mr. google is tellings me it's 32. >> you going to start more controversy down at reagan national. we don't need it. clearly something ishing happening. we've got flurries in the
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forecast this morning with as gusty wind out of the north and wesutt this afternoon. aer so, it will be a breezy andreezy cold afternoon, highs in thehe upper 30's with a few snow a few flurries around the first halff of the day. still on track for thisorhi beautiful warmup withup with temperatures in the 60's by in b sunday, monday. mon i'll have that for you on the t seven day in just a minute.e. >> amazing. >> it will be great because be we'll finally melt off themelt e parts of the snow we haven't han really been a able to deale to d with.wi >> yes. >> bye-bye snow. bye-bye see you next year. yea >> you be disrespectful itspectf will be back.ll be back. >> to the snow. >> yeah. mock it. go ahead. >> no. erin.erin >> do you know what i'm dubbing today. feisty friday.ri right now in prince george's out in bowie water main breakaib we've been showing youwi y northbound lanes blocked onlon mitchville take a look at a loo the water is still just gushing out. even though that's on thehat'ont grassy area next to the road, water is still flowing over soli traffic is moving but useut caution. you're going to encounter slick spots and the potential pn for a lot of ice picking up as
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that water continues to flow. aside from that inner loophat crash reported at connecticutonc avenue. it's on the ramp to southbound u connecticut causing slowdowns.ns 270 south crash at the ramp at 355 south.. that's causing big delays 270el0 southbound as you head downnd a from the spur.r. 270 starting to see that typical volume buildingum through gaithersburg b.gaitrsbu 395 northbound a crash by didrad you know street blocking sometre s.nes. you're backed up from the b aside from that we have aom t disabled car gw parkway par southbound at turkey run park.up also keep in mind if you'reou making your way out water sideas drive in northwest part of the e district, that is still shutat down at massachusetts becausets of icy conditions. 95 northbound into thein district dale city to woodbridge 28 miles per hour.leh and then 295 we have inbounde iu delays in both directions.ecti you can see that red. burroughs to pennsylvania. p 210 to the naval research lab. l inner loop starting to pick upik over the wilson bridge.rie. i have some good news. ns. metro right now all rail linesai opened and on or close ton cloe schedule. metrobus back on a regular a schedule as well. rsche we'll keep youdu updated. updatd 66 coming in from centreville cr starting to see that usual thata
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morning steve and allison.and all >> all righty.>> all thank you so much still ahead new details dai and troubling ones at thats at t about the zika virus thereus the causes birth defects. defts how it spreads and how you can h protect yourself. also the latest numbers. numrs >> really becoming more of a of crisis every day plus a major mj break through into thegh i the investigation into a prisonion p break in california.alorni who authorities now have inow h custody, what's her connectionoo to those inmates. inmes how it all went down. it's 7:09.
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new video from the fbi showing what happened during thepened rg deadly traffic stop inn involving the oregon rancherss earlier this week. week. the militia. mit officials say the video proveide that the victim lavoy finicuminm reached into his jacket beforete he was shot. meanwhile authorities areile au trying to convince the fourour remaining gunmen at the national wildlife refuge tofuget end the standoff. stand the leader, the militia leaderie iman bundy is also urging them to stand down and go home. home. >> a teacher has been arrestedtd on suspicion of helping three inmates escape in southern isouh police arrested 44-year-old in-d santa ana yesterday.terd police say one of the escapees, 37-year-old jose attended several of her esl classes at the jail.he police also arrested five gangtg
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members in connection with thect the three inmates arethreinma considered armed and arm and dangerous. officials are offering a $200,000 reward for the men's's capture.e. >> now to the latest on theth zikae virus. virus authorities are straining toaint control the outbreak ink in northeast brazil the epicenter of the virus. rderal health regulators arealh working to block bloodck blo donations from anyone who haso a visited one of the regions r where the virus is spreadingding rapidly.dl now this virus is spread by spr mosque tomorrow's it's been linked to babies being born with birth defects specifically brains that arely too small. officials say the illness isnesi spreading explosively andly there could be as many as 4 million cases next year. >> new developments thisel morning in the flint waterg inhf crisis. new e-mails revealed thatil michigan sens t trucks ofck bottled water to the state office building in flintn months before the city even acknowledged the tap water was e unsafe to drink due to lead.d. michigan's governor has's h claimed law unaware of thehe problems until this pastntil tst october.
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but the e-mails show the statesh was trucking water back inkn january of 2015, a full year ago. the governor's office has noteas yet commented on those e-mails.s. meanwhile environmental andnt civil rights groups have filed a lawsuit to replace all ofll the lead pipes in the city. cit >> still ahead new safety set concerns this morning aftermog f passengers witness anothergers s violent attack on metro. met. a lie repor live report coming . >> another look at that water main break in bowie causing problems.lems look on the right side.t side. those are lanes of travel. not going to get by onin mitchellville road.viylle this is between excalibur andib everest road.oa more on the traffic impactc i coming up next.
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>> ♪ >> here we are, steve. ste >> the bruce in anticipationce of tonight's i big slow at thelt verizon center. >> you guys going. y >> yeah, tuck and i are going tonight. >> what. >> yeah, we are.>> >> not as a couple. >> a double dateot >> night on the town. nig >> night out with tucker barnes. >> at the verizon center.e ve >> yeah, verizon center shoulder be a greatiz show. >> if you're going say hi to us. >> cool. >> take a nap before you go.. >> tuck and i went to a bruce show in new jersey like in thers mother land back in the day. >> years ago.go >> amazing. >> that was a fun night the nigt parts that i recall. i r i'm kidding. kdi let's go to the maps. map
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i was on metro yesterday andrd a first of all, they weren't theye lying when they said they areen totally it was totally packed butacked b everybody was a fox5 shout out to everybody on the that i saw on the metro. >> did they rub against you.ns u >> i promised i would say hii to everybody. good morning to everybody. erybo 39 in washington, 34 in boston, 21 in toronto. toron we are looking at actual alacal cool afternoon for us. that 39 is not really representative of what we havefw outside this morning.ou it was 30 degrees last hour at reaganat national. nio we're getting a little bit of a push up ahead of our cold o c front which will be moving inh i here shortly. feels like late january, early r february across the looking at a quick increase inns clouds and a few snow flurriesnr in the forecast the next forecas couple hours.le if your kids are going to school today make sure they're m ready for a cold day todayld dad because this afternoon thee winds are really going to btheno blowing and our high temperatures will only be in w the mid to upper 30's and 30's a we're going to be cold again tonight.ght.
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you probably heard about theably warmup. that really doesn't arrivearri until sunday, monday, tuesday when we start to see thehe temperatures near 60 today only 39 and again windy w and cold this afternoon. then your warm up begins tomorrow.tomorrow. sunday, amongst tuesday, wednesday temperatures 15 plusr5 degrees above normal. >> g i need that. g nee >> yeah, it will be great for the snow melt and perhapsnder we'll finally get the cityheit back to normal and the arearmalt for that matter. matr. >> thanks tuck. >> let's check in with erinheck como get a look at traffic out there. everybody heading whatt tock work today, erin.k toda e >> yes, they are and it's, friday. at least we can emphasize thesit fact that we have made it m through the snow week to fromee time to time 11th streeth see bridge outbound local lanesutbo blocked with a so you're going to wantd to use caution there. we're seeing some delays pick up in southeast. 295 inbound both directionsecon really slammed with a lot of traffic. traffi water main break.reak we've been showing you this t live look from bowie in princene george's county.ounty. northbound mitchellville road water gushing into that centerer median area overflowing a bitov onto the t taking a wide view from skyfoxro
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e u can see that traffic isse moving. it's not really affecting theafg road but i'm worried there if it dam pens up snow and kind ain of flows over into -- what.ver . i trying the say.trying the if it causes any ice slow down and use caution. right now traffic is moving along okay. o use caution there. t let's switch it back over forchi a look at our maps show you s what else you're up againstu' this morning. in montgomery county some stuff going on you need to be aware of.reer yof. 270 southbound crash ramp to t 355 south.5 sou inner loop crash at the ramp ram to southbound connecticutonctict avenue. definitely want to use cautionto there. you can see the outereeho loop jammed 95 to georgia. geor. if you have an early morning mog flight to catch traffic on the t way to bwi looking good. you'll hit usual congestion by reagan national and dulles asl s well.well. a disabled car gw southboundoutn at turkey run. r 270 picking up in frederick 70rk to the truck scales all jammedam up there. t 66 inbound out in centrevilletrv seeing some slow traffic.ff and then here's a closer looklor at that inbound delay i was del telling you about on 295.95 hey, metro is on or close to oro schedule. i like the sound of that. back to you guys. >> sounds good.>> all right erin thank you very much. >> we want to get into the to ge district right now..
7:19 am
a man attacked yesterday by aace group of teenagers at a metro station. there is video of this attack.t. it happened during morningor >> very horrifying and sad. fox5's annie yu is lie at gallery place chinatown metro ca place where the assault tookulok place. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison and steve. you know, authorities arethie calling this a wolf pack attack because you have 20 to 30 teens swarming passengers pag as they're exiting this train tt and passengers are describing it as terrifying.erfyin a lot of people sounding off asking for more police p presence. this metro station galleryal place chinatown is one of then f busier ones here in in t as you mentioned this entiresnt thing was caught onght surveillance video.surv it was a violent attack. take a look at it.t you see the big group of teens t swarming those passengers asersa they're exiting off that redexif line police say a 35-year-old man was tossed to the ground,edo thg punched and kicked by some ofki ÷pthe teens and suffered a laceration to the face andtifa bruises to his body. body. the victim was left behind on b
7:20 am
the ground and the group of teens jumped into a departingina train. we spoke to a witnessne yesterday who saw thisday o sa he ran to a station manager man who then tried to contacto metro transit police forr nearly 10 minutes without any success.success. take a listen to what he has to say. s >> several attacks on the redtto line, the line that i take every day and i don't thinkhi there's been a proper response from metro to protect their tir riders. i think there needs to be moreee of a police presence.e >> reporter: now, policeep eventually caught up with aor group cau of teens up at the woodley park station.rk s they got ahold of six of them.fe the victim did identify six of them, five were males, one female between the ages of 15ge and 16 years old presumably onsa their way to school and now they're facing felony assault charges. that's the very latest here inye northwest. back to you. ie annie thanks so much.nn it is 7: 20 right now. now >> coming up next on fox5 news5w morning virginia lawmakersaawmae about to announce a major deall on gun laws.un details straight ahead.ilstraigd
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>> and donald trump of courseal holding a rival event last night skipping out on theskipth republican presidential debatere so how did each event go? go? we'll break it all down, theownt under card the main event andvet then trump's event. we got it all covered for you coming up.
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>> ♪ >> 7: 23 right now. virginia governor terr: yterry etauliffe society announce aci major deal on gun controlntro today in the commonwealth.he as part of the compromise dealea democrats will not revoke agreements with other states sta
7:24 am
for concealed handgun permits. . republicans will agree to require state police be present at gun shows for voluntary background checks.undc >> a report out this morning on the use of force by d.c. d.c police officers. this report found the d.c. d.c police have abided by guidelines established withh the department of justice back in 2001. now d.c.'s police department voluntarily agreed to justice je department oversight after it was labeled the deadliest big city police force in the united states.tates. the oversight ended in 2008. 200 this is a check of how d.c. d.c has done in the last sevent se years. > just think one week ago ago today we were waiting looking li at the sky, when is it going goi to start falling waiting for the blizzard of 2016 to get16get here. turns out we were actuallywee waiting for history to happen. e >> that's because the lasts cau week's blizzard was officiallyia the fourth most powerful power snowstorm in the northeast in ti more than 60 years. the national oceanic and atmospheric administrationistran
7:25 am
noaa based its impact on inches of snow geographicogra region and number of peopleeopl affected. the storm impacted more than 100 million people in 26 states.tat >> well, good to be a part ofrt something descent boys.g desc >> looking back in 30, 40in 3 years allison you'll have yourvy grandchildren you can talkld about >> yeah, we were there. meantime the promise ofe reme to anothmier day, that's a gorgeous sunrise. >> gorgeous you put it in that perspectiveei our cleanup has been prettyrett quick.ic one of the biggest storms in human history here.e. >> i agree absely. >> right. >> absolutely. >> all right.>> a there's your sunrise. we've got cold temperatures to start your i'm going show you the 39 athe9 reagan national but last hourt h it was 30 degrees. so, something's going onhing's there. 32 at dulles. dles. 30 at bwi marshall. marshall. we are looking at a cool dayoo probably heard about thely h warmup on the way.up it's not here today.oday. that will be later this weekend so make sure you takee u your jacket with y all right. clouds outlers so on the horizoz
7:26 am
winter weather advisory for parts of west virginia andt vird extreme western maryland.d. for us we'll just get some scattered snow flurries thisow morning and then very blusterylr and cold behind that front. fro temperatures cold thiserat afternoon and couldn' warmup this weekend.eend sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures 10,tu10, 15, 20 degrees above normal nor with high temperatures rightatut around 60 degrees.0 degrees. so we've got warmer we've got w temperatures to look forwardar tto. all right, something else tomeee look forward to, erin has gotn a birthday this weekend.eeke >> yes. i'm turning 21.ning 21. so exciting. >> oh, you are.>> you >> no. i wish.h. i wish i was turning 21 again. [laughter][l >> sounds wonderful.s right now -- we'll bring itng back to reality. we're dealing with a watering main break in prince george's county out in bowie. bow closing northbound lanes at mitchellville road betweenoad everest and excalibur. excalibu. let's take a live look fromk f skyfox.skyf water that's really impressive been gushing like that forng quite some time. taking a live look from the lk t ground you can see trafficraff
7:27 am
still getting by as we take an n upper view from traffic is moving fine.g f i'm worried that water ishat r going to overflow into therflow road and cause additional icynay if that's the case please reduce your speeds. spe let's switch things over right i aside from that 11th street stre bridge outbound local lanes blocked with a crash.d wi big red soap there. zone there. the inbound delays 295 eastern toeao their 11th street bridge. 210 to naval research lab.. inbound 50 slow as well as youly head inside the beltway. btway montgomery county two crashes inner loop on the ramp tothmp t southbound connecticut, 270 south, 355 ramp. keep it to fox5 news morning.neg we got you covered and we'vee' made to it friday. >> ♪ neighborhood,i feel like
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♪ republican presidential candidates debated for the lastl time before primary season kicks off monday with the iowa the ia caucuses.uc they wasted no time getting timt right into it.ght into it. going head to head on issue isse after issue. that's what a debate is for. is no ignoring the absence ofce of long-time front runner donaldr a trump.trum joining us now with more on lasn night's debate fox5 political pt reporter ronica cleary. c good morning. >> good morning.>> >> how did they do without the o donald. >> you? such a crazy night ofig television first you had thesi r under card debate then you hadda the prime time debate and thenn at 11:00 o'clock i'm sitting i'm
7:31 am
there watching on dvr donaldald trump sort of anti debate event that he hosted to promote veterans because a very interesting night of thest candidates and one of the firstf things that came up in thatn t prime time debate was about wasa donald trump.rump it just amazing how --ow >> you can't ignore it. you >> -- this candidate is unlikel anything we've ever seen beforen he's not a politician.olit he doesn't show up. sho up. everyone is talking we put together a montage ofgef handful of candidates talkingdi about trump not being there.nghe let's take listen. >> secondly, let me say, i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. and ben you're a terrible surgeon. surgeon. now that we've gotten the donall trump portion out of the way --- >> greatest show on earth. ear. i kind of miss donald trump hesm was a little teddy bear to me.eo we always had such a loving relationship during theseg es debates.. >> okay. that's actually funny.uay fu >> it was funny.s fun you know what's really interesting i think theg i thk
7:32 am
candidates did better withoutrit him. especially those moreally t mor traditional candidates that wert talking about the ones that area not like donald not like ted ted ted cruz actually had real tougl night but candidates like jeb l bush, chris christie, john kasich, they were able to ino i their own way i think shine ahii little bit more so i thinko they're probably pretty happyttp with their performance lastance night compared to some otheredoe debates where donald trump doesp take the spotlight. stlig >> heard a little clip there of ted cruz saying that, you know,o everybody was attacking him. h is that what happens? it's likk the void is filled when donald n is not there with the next person who could be the fronthoc runner. >> they were tough on him forret sure. actually the moderator doctorsoc this to two candidates i believe they did it to ted cruz and marco rubio they actually played these montages of videos of thee candidates speaking about issues and then confronted them on a flip flop.flip f >> little flip flop.e f f >> so a great moment that chris christie had, though, was afterr those two, you know, saying say
7:33 am
eighths flip-flops, a change ofp heart, chris christie piped inpe and said look it's okay toy change your mind but you got tot do it in the right way. >> and this is why you need toed send someone from outside of washington to washington. washi you can change your mind. ted could change his mine.nge h marco could change his mine muci it's perfectly legal in thiseg country to change your mind. stop the washington bull andnd let's get things done! >> okay.>> oka now, ron any carbs was was therw a clear winner in your opinion. i don't think there was at clear winner some ofth these ote debates there have been clear b winners. because donald trump wasn'tdona there, and not to diminish himim as candidate in a good way or diminish it any any way these wt candidates had a chance to share what they believe and feel and i felt that as a voter you got aot true taste of each candidate.. this republican party is veryy diverse.diverse and so to say there was aas a winner, i think you would beld b basically saying candidate you u agree with more because each ofe the candidates really got too share their individualtheindiv philosophies and they are veryy different. different.
7:34 am
>> right. you got to hear that. >> exactly.t > okay. maybe some of the theatricssome weren't there. let's talk about what donald trump did do. d i mean, i'm not going -- >> i'll let you say it was a crafty idea to do it.o it's wonderful cause.ause he's raising money for ouror veterans. >> he says he raised $6 millionl and admit he had gave about abo million dollars of that to it.o the thing that really took me by surprise i actually -- i had too laugh one of the first thingsirt said when he open the event hehe said look, i don't want to bet b here right now.he right n >> right. >> i want to be at the debate.eb >> now i'm really confused.fud. >> right. >> but we have a little soundits from the event where he sort ofs explaining why he did this. >> i know you like to argue boub rules but we're going conductng the debate. >> that was different sound. sod that was chris wallace in the in prime time debate. he really gave them a run for ar their money.ey. a lot of the talk was about a meghan kelly.meghan k chris wallace did a great job ob holding these candidates to theo fire and really holding them thm accountable.ace. but the donald trump event went very well. i will say, though, this was aas
7:35 am
tough >> i think we have little bit o donald. >> i would love to hate, yeah. >> when you're treated badly you have to stick up for your rights. ri you have to do it.. and whether we like it or nott o whether it's something we wantoe to do or not, that's what ourhat country has to do. >> so that's him sort of, youou know, explaining and justifying why he didn't show up watch i was saying is, the debate was aw tough they held these candidatesandide accountable and i left -- when finished watching donald trump'u event i thought, you know, he really sort of -- he luck out ak little bit he didn't have to answer thosewr tough questions or listen to aoa video of maybe some past remarkr that he's made that don't --on that aren't the same as what as he's saying on the campaign sin trail.ail. >> right. >> he comes out of this heme raised a lot of money four fornf veterans and also didn't have te answer those really tough questions moderators, they puthp those candidates up to the tests last night. last >> let me ask you, before we lee you go, after monday, do we seee a narrowing of this field? f
7:36 am
>> i don't know.on't i said before --id >> who knows, right.ight >> when i was earlier this weekh i said yes. but this election is just is j driving me crazy but it's a lot of fun to watch. on sunday we have the event fox5 news on the hill.. i'll be co-hosting with bob bob cusack editor-in-chief of the hill.hill. looking at the caw k looking atg the election coming the race t r begins on monday.on we'll put all of this behind usu and get started for the real thr thing when voters actually start to make it count.nt >> exactly.>> >> we'll look forward to it. l thanks for spending time with wt us. busy lady right here.busy ly ri tucker, back over to ove. >> thank you very much, allisonv we got cold temperatures toture start your day much of the areae below freezing so bottom line ie we're getting used to this drill the possibility of very slipperi conditions across the regiontheg here as you run out the door. d 39 in washington.ashing but much of the area in the 20ss at this ts ho there's your regionalur regio temperatures.mper chicago cold 22. we're tapping into that tng i northwest flow today.hwt fl so today is not the warmup day.p i know you probably heard abouta warmer temperatures arrivingsrr
7:37 am
this weekend not today.od today will be a chilly one withh a few snow flurries the firstlu half of the day then windy and y cold behind that cold front as it breezes on through laterthrog today. partly sunny skies for youror yu friday.ay cold and breezy out there againe could be a few snow flurries thi first half of the day.t haf th winds northwest 10 to 20.0 to wind chill in the 20s later this afternoon. dress i'll be back in a couple minutem nice looking seven day you'llou love the weekend forecast comint up. let's see if we love traffice t this morning with erin. >> 7:37, tucker. tke not sure how you'll feel aboutel this out in bowie right now in prince george's county northbound lanes block at he b have rest drive.t drive. live look out l water is just gushing from watem main break again, northbound lanes closedlo southbound traffic is moving but watch for slick spots that coula really slow you down.w yo d skyfox takes a look.oxakes really impressive water mainer m break and it's been like thathat for quite sometime this morningm definitely slow things down asow folks drive past that area. a switch it back to our maps. to p eleventh street round every sroe outbound local lanes blockednd l with a cash.wi that is causing big slow downs w across the 11th street bridge. b outer loop right now top of theo
7:38 am
beltway down to 13 miles perlese hour 95 to connecticut.neicut we're definitely getting back bc into our normal traffic patternt this morning. morni but still watch for slick spots and piles of snow slowing snoslw slowing things 370 crash at 355. inner loop crash at southboundtn connecticut avenue ramp.ticut ee live look at that delay by old d georgetown. not looking so hot writ there. inner loop and outer loopnduter backing up at that location giv yourself extra time inner loop p usually much quieter than that.a right now metro gearing up for service -- they've actually beey in service for quite sometimetem this morning.this metro on or close to schedule sh much that's all i wanted to telt you. we'll be back in just a few minutes.
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
♪ today american red crossday holding a blood drive in honor r of montgomery county policeol officer know what leotta. officer leotta died after beingb struck by a suspected drunk driver. the blood drive will take placee in gaithersburg underway in 20 2 minutes it will run until u 2:00 o'clock this afternoon butn you must sign up to participate but you can do that online or be calling the red cross. the virginia dog that wasa t rescued from an icy lake duringi the blizzard will be reunited re with his hero rescuers later l today. my low the saint bernard fell through the last friday fairfax county fire and rescuens pulled him out of the thoseim ot freezing waters and thankfullyy the dog recovered 100%. 1 he's doing just fine. jus the rescuers were also receive peta compassionate firete
7:42 am
department award.meward the polar bear plunge kicksk off today winter tradition inti maryland it has been running for 20 years.ears more than 10,000 people willplel jump into the chilly chesapeakee starts at 11:00 o'clock this thi morning at sandy point stateoint park in annapolis. annapolis members of the military, policep fire and ems will take part. event raises more than $20 million for special olympic maryland. ma i've never done it ib >> have you.>> have y i haven't. i'm doing something specialethig every month for my big birthdaya year. >> by the time you get around tt this one it will be warmer and a won't be the same. s >> oh well. wel >> here's the question.ere' if did you it -- did >> i did not not try. >> would you go full bathingat suit like most skin possiblen pi exposed or do some of thosef t folks did with cover up, littlel cover up gear? >> is it cheating if do you a full scuba suit.uit. >> i think you have to gohi like --nk >> okay f i did it i would justs go all in and then run rightn rr back out. >> amen, me too. >> okay. >> okay. >> coming up in the fox beat i kevin sits down with the starshe of the finest hours speaking ofg frigid water. and she is revealing some behinb
7:43 am
the scenes secret.t >> live look at 7:42 of what'sfw going on now? firefighters or emergency personnel on the creww trying to get that water main wi break under control in bowie,l e maryland on mitchellville road.a we'll take look at the trafficff impact next. next. wireless ear buds may be ine your future. no wire connection between yourr ears and possibly no jack intok your smart phone. bragging dash and alpha sky budy are creating the wirelesseles technology which could mean mean fewer dropped connections and a less muffled sound. i'm laura evans. see you next time in the fox5 fast lane.
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
♪ >> big grease production today. >> wait until 10:00 o'clock thi0 morning. >> i cannot wait.>> i canno wait scene what happens. hpens we're transforming the lot off into -- back to the '50's. '50 >> ridley high.ig you're transforming it to ridlee high. >> kind of. some of the scenes. >> okaf y. >> malt shop. msh >> there will be a malt shop.t s >> i can in the wait.t w >> there may be malt. there may be. >> tell me more, tell me more.or >> there's going to be -- >> wasn't there like agrees onee that was really good wasn't that like another grease that waser g really bad?rely b >> follow ups. >> lorenzo llamas. lma do you remember? good agreesage two that was called grease two. >> didn't it get into rockyo roy territory where there was greasg five? >> i love the classic.e i don't even know the other on
7:47 am
ones. >> they all start the hangingst outar at the beach pitt. bea pit different show.differ >> all right. let's get to the forecast. >> fonzie jumped over the sharka >> don't you remember it rollede over in like some of the other characters became mainai characters. >> i'll check it out.'l >> you check it out for mel . >> i'll let you you k >> we'll focus on the original.i >> i've been working on my dancn moves. >> i'm aware of that.'m isn't i'll be ready to go.ll bee >> i can't wait. >> 31 in annapolis.apolis 30 in baltimore.. cold enough ever -- refreezeeze overnight.. last hour national with justhus 30 degrees so even here in the city look out for icy spotsts early.earl 32 quantico. quanto. 25 manassas. 26 in culpeper.. there's your satellite/radar.. sunrise look like a nice one bub we've got actually a few snow fo flurries on the horizon.the horn this is a very quick-moving coll front. it will move through theext couple of hours. tur. bringing us a period ofiod cloudiness and maybe a snow s flurries here in washington yous might see it.seit. tweet me tucker fox5 if you see any snow and i'll retweet you. we're not expecting accumulati
7:48 am
accumulation. blustery and cold behind it c daytime highs only in the mid ud to per so it will be a chilly afterno afternoon. weekend forecast still looking pretty good. not much on the horizon and high pressure will get parked to ourr east and south once we get to wt set up going, we get warmerr temperatures. by sunday, monday, tuesday, tsd we'll be up near 60 degrees.0 we have warmer temperatures tort look forward tom there's ourwart weekend setup.p. again, temperatures 10 tos t 20 degrees above average.ra if this were summertime we'd we' call this bermuda high.ig this a pattern we had a lot in t december where we had a nice nic flow out of the south. south we'll re-establish that for astb couple of days next week and wee that should do a lot to really a start to melt off the snoww across the area. aa. >> yeah.eah >> that's there's your seven yos day. 39 today.39 t 50 tomorrow.w 60 or around 60, sun, monday,ona tuesday and even wednesday theny a front will come through ande h cool us down by throe end of net week. but we're going to kick offgoin february with temperatures wellw well above normal. all right.l ri allison, what do we find out about grease. >> i think there's grease twohe and i hope i said ridley high.h rydell high that's what it was.
7:49 am
lore ren is a llamas was in the one. one. >> no, he was --o, he was >> the first one.>> the f >> he played the jock in theed c first one, didn't gentlemen.entl >> yes. good i'm all off.od i it's been a long time. te. 1978 the movie came out.e o >> i think there was just agrees two.two. >> i believe you. >> and groups i don't think it went all theene way into grease four. >> okay. >> i watched the original last night. >> it is a classic. >> i will tell you i used tote u watch it all the time when i wai like 10 and 11.like0 and 11 >> yeah. >> it's so different nowso d astching it as and adult. i enjoyed it just as much but ib picked up some jokes. jokes i don't remember that.em >> it's a little racy.belitt >> little bit racier than iacien recall. over my head as 10-year-old.yead right now water main break northbound lanes blocked between everest drive and ex caliberer rotor. use caution. a lot of water gushing into thet center median and part of thet e road. watch for icy conditions.ic taking a live look out there,y i has not settled down any fromnym what we saw earlier this thi morning.moin we'll let you know as soon asw n they're able to get that underet control. co in if you're waking up in bowieb you may deal with water problemm and this is exactly why. w
7:50 am
switch it back over for look att our aside from that some other stufs popping up. you need to be aware of 11th street bridge outbound localdge lanes blocked with a crash.d wic aside from that montgomery county, the outer loop right non we are dealing with delays.s 95 to connecticut down to 13 new hampshire avenue south atouth eastern avenue a crash.n av watch out for that slowineng yoy down.down. take live look at our cameras.or show was you're up against. 198 at columbia pike we're also dealing with an accident there.e we have a camera pulled up. it's just below the overpass sos use some caution as you head oua in that direction.irecon we'll swift back over now for n our maps. ms. metro is still on or close tolo schedule metro bus back on bk regular schedule. 270 south delays inner loop d delays from earlier crash at connecticut.t. that's your traffic.'s back to you guys y.. >> grease two starring michellee pfeiffer thanks to our twitter friend. >> okay. >> i'm seeing some informationif on agrees >> there was grease three? do r you i miss that. >> i'm telling you -- >> there were a lot of greeces.s >> maybe so.o. >> i'm so out of the loop,p, allison. >> i know. >> classic is the one that wethh
7:51 am
love. >> it's the one that we love, wl get it? you're the one that ina want. >> all right. r you know what else i love,ow w soccer. so good news for soccer fans muchs check this out.k this o i know, you know, soccer isr i growing on most americans.mecans >> okay. >> but starting tomorrow, youw, can watch matches from a top top european league right here on ho fox. >> very cool.>> >> yesterday i had the honor tot speak with a fox sport analyst eric, who is also a u.s. soccerr great.grea played world cup a bunch ofldupa times one of the best u.s. soccer players in history abouto why german soccer should beuld b excite fog american fans.rican take look. >> when you look at the global,g you know, scope of things, youh, look at all the leagues, there't a reason why the germans are tht world champions because theirau league is absolutely phenomenall so going out there and grabbingn those rights i think was fantastic move because now, f n you're going to sell the sport s you might as well sell it with t the you can make the argument right nowthe best league in the worl
7:52 am
world. >> all right. things kick off tomorrow right here on fox5 at noon.. and again hamburg versus stewede cot. >> how did i do.>> h >> did you well. w it should be a lot of fun. f the german soccer league one of the best in the world.eld >> good thing it wasn't lastt ls week we would have have had to o pre-empted that coverage. >> next several saturdays. satur >> i'm familiar with -- look,itl i'm a soccer outsider here. i support d.c. united and i know premier league teams like who lw they are --th are >> right. how does german soccer rang on the scale of internationalerti soccer.soer >> traditionally the german ger national team is one of the besh in the men and women for that matter.r >> i remember them playing the u.s. in the world cup.. they're league is one of the tot one.on music is one of the teams thatea has a hundred years of history.o many of the greatest players in the world are from >> should be a good >> yup. >> very cool. let's check in with kevinin mccarthy he's in the land of the la galaxy. see what i did there, tuck? tuc >> got that, steve. s
7:53 am
>> joins us from los angeles.els hi, kev.ev >> steve and allison goodve a morning to you guys.rning to you by the way grease one destroysey all other grease films. grease two i didn't care fort ce whatsoever.ev. i think grease one is the only o grease anybody should ever see.r >> was there agrees three kevink or we dreaming this up.hi u >> definitely talking about it. >> there was talks about it but i don't believe they ever madeev agreese three. thr i know talks about trying to get travolta and owe live yes newtoo john back.johnack. >> >> but i don't think there wason every agrees three.'terrees thr. >> we'll focus on one then.usn n that was -- that's the one. theo >> let's do that.>> let's do tht >> the one that we want. >> clever.>> c >> that was allison's >> yeah.h >> what's going on kev.hat's what are you doing in la? >> i'm out here i'm interviewinw dakota johnson and revel wilson today and sunday i'm sitting down pretty big names. nes george clooney as well asl chaning tatum and helen meara.ea tweet me your questions kevinev mccarthy tv but the movie opening up steve talking aboutva the finest hour which is aich true -- based on true story of t the coast guard rescue in 195292
7:54 am
where 32 men were saved. sed two oil tankers were destroyedee during a blizzard in 1952, and incredible group of small boatt chris pine led this group of mef who went out there to save these incredible men and i spoke to holiday granger who plays ther s wife of bernard webber in theint film about playing a real person but also some of the stunt work check this out.k out >> the sequence where your car crashes into the snow.s to t m- um-hmm. >> when they film a moment likee that, do you really get to do go that scene? do they have you hit the >> that would be much easier.. you have to sit there and dot th that all day >> yes. >> for real. r trying to figure out where to we look when you're doing three-point turn in a car is so hard. ha trying to core graph the graph t headlights behind and where itdt would be as you're turning looking where.lo i mean --
7:55 am
>> as an actress when you takeoe on somebody who really lived and familiar until exists that wille see the movie, when you meet them and they finally see your e portrayal of that person oner screen, what is something theyhe say to you? is it weird -- do they say i saw that person on screen? >> well, i spent time with their wonderful at helping, you know,k tell me a bit about her mom h m without trying to -- without wio feeling like i was kind of kd stepping on anything. anying. and by all accounts she was sucs a loved person within the family and so you do kind of feel likee you want to try and do justice i to that.ha i of i'm sure my portrayal isors nothing like how she actuallyowa was but you want to find some s sort of similarities and they'vv not seen it yet.. so --- >> really?>> rea >> yeah. i don't think so.i >> would you want to watch it w with them? >> oh, gosh, i'd lovean to. to. imagine they're probably comingm to the premier so that would beo
7:56 am
great. >> scares me at night. >> she's chris pine's wife inisp the film who played bernard webber who is the person who leo the rescue mission for the coasc movie opens up today in theate theaters. >> thank you very much. y i don't know if you can hear me. i said thank you very much. >> thanks, guys.ououhankuy >> okay. see you next hour. okay.okay bye. >> 7:56. let's check in with tuckerk in barnes get a look what'ss happening outside today. tod one more day of freezing beforei the warmup.thrmup. >> the warmup starts tomorrowom but cold out there.t cold 37 in ray gab national. dulles 32. 32. bwi marshall 33. got a couple snowflakes flyingsf here frederick county up 270 and few more along 81 it's colds c front coming through will breeze through very quickly.very qckly and then our winds will kick upu out of the north and west a wes gusting at times to about 20 too 25 this afternoon so today is a cold one.cold o highs only in the mid up to mr.p 30s and again a few snoww showers.s. not expecting accumulation.ulio don't be concerned withrn with accumulation. there you there's your seven day. 39 today.ur here's your's yr wa
7:57 am
sunday, monday, tuesday, up,p around 60 or better. that's weather. wth erin the birthday girl is backsc with traffic. >> i even wore heels instead ofd sneakers with my dress. d full celebration this friday fda tucker. >> thumbs up to the cool look. >> sometimes i come in with wit chucks on like kevin mccarthyth style.yle. >> 50 eastbound after 66 a crasc at way bells prince george's county crazy c water main break. bak let's take a live look outside. northbound lanes ofnd lan o mitchellville road shut down itn looks like this active wateriv main break is getting smallers that's good news. this is between ex caliber andab ever rest where the northbound lanes are closed.neare we'll keep up it dad on that.n t watch for slick c keep it to fox5 news morning. mi we have your 8:00 o'clock hour of news coming up on this frid friday.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. n live look outside on this friday, january 29th, 2016. 2 the dmv trying to get back to normal.norm another cold start, though, sott watch out for slick conditions i on the roads. the more on what you can expect forc the morning rush and what youhao can expect for the weekend, too, coming up in weather and traffif on the 5's at 8:05.:0 hey everybody it is friday f morning, we made it a very tougt week in the area.rea. i'm allison sey >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to fox5 news morning.or fox5 first on the scene of watew may main break in bowie thishi morning on mitchellville road
8:01 am
gushing like a geyser.g like a >> bob barnard joins us live from the scene with the details. fortunately, all that water hadr a place to run off.toun good morning. >> reporter: hey g morning mor allison and steve.liev yes, i'll show that in a moment. the geyser has been brought down bit wssc spokesman has been able to turn one of the valves downow or off and there's probably proy another that they're going toat have to shut o tff. o so that's why the waterspoutingp there is less than we saw abouto an hour ago.a you see the water is coveringovr these southbound lanes ofes o mitchellville road here juste south of 197. 1 so the water is still gushingus it's a 24-inch main that's onlyo about 19 years old. o so it's not relatively old pipep as we pan up the road hereoad h you'll see wssc and contractingi crews are here after they findid the second valve and shut the vu water off completely they'll use this heavy equipment toipnt t obviously get in there and trynd to repair the pipe.ip as we spin to the right here,igr you'll see there are some homes here.. condominium complex which wssc w
8:02 am
believes may be experiencingienc some lower water pressure, thent there's this creek so a lot of the water is running off thehe southbound lanes and down intoow this creek. so it's kind of nice that it'sh' got a place to go and ideally when they do shut the water down completely, they have enough redundancy in the system then te people who live near should not see any major disruptions in in their water srve service today.. again 24-inch main is still sll leaking here one of many breakse we're clearly going see as thest cold temperatures nge to t warm and potholes as well, guys, our train structure will takectr beating from our weather thehe blizzard and the dig out and now a bit of that wassing going on. -- thawing that's going on. one valve closed, they believe fail they'll find a second one n soon and close it, and thendhe southbound lanes at least of aet mitchellville road south of 197 here in bowie probably going tog be closed a good chunk of thech day, guys. >> with the freezing conditionsz
8:03 am
as well. bob, thanks.b, bob mentioned potholes. pho next week's story, right. >> yes indeed. >> another potential headacheenh for drivers still navigate aig round crews trying to clear thee snow from the blizzard one weekk ago. >> their efforts causing quiteai the traffic gridlock in someck m areas.eas. melanie alnwick is driving dvi around to see if there were anyy issues this morning.s how is it lookin looking, mel. >> reporter: on some parts, pts allison, looking other parts not so good for youu sure we're seeing on main routes on wisconsin avenue, connecticut avenue inside the city have beee cleared curb to curb but we'll w come up on this in just a little we're on dell carly parkway.arkw western avenue is one of thoseet areas where they are stillhey ai trying to clear those very large snow mounds and so it's a situation once again where w drivers are having to sort of zigzag i was round them w theywt bring the removal equipment in,i they may have have to stop for r little while. we did ask the question for thee people who are federal government employees becausees b they opened on time today, thish
8:04 am
is the first full work day for federal workers since last week. some of them said they're glad and as long as they can get toge the metry o parking lots it's ns a problem. pro but others sort of wished theyft had that little bit of extra time. time then we're also hearing fromin f people who don't have a lot of o sympathy for those federaleder workers because they say they've had to be in on time with no n break during really toughgh traffic situations this week, and so you can see here, of her course, the traffic backing upag as well. wel d.c. told us yesterday we situation where our crews were r trying to get to prince william county, and they couldn't getoud they got stuck in georgetown fon two hours.o hou it was taking in some cases 45 5 minutes just to go one blockck that can be so maddening mde especially when it's like thee third day in a row that peopleel have been having to deal with this.. d.c. saying they're working one it. it we were out at rfk yesterday.esd we got to seat snow removal butv
8:05 am
i think this is going to be thet last day where we really are rea just going to have to kind of get through it and then we canh go and celebrate the weekend.. right? back to you. >> yes. y. 100%, mel. m. right. you get some sleep.t you guys have been working straight much deserved weekend a littledt rest hopefully on the weekend.ed >> be extra careful out thereult today. you're still going to findo find challenges. government going back to workoi so kind of a normal rush hourr except for those who are able to man you saw everybody trying tot get home last hopefully -- by the time you gey there you turn around gone backb home >> you got to do the patience.hp i was on -- what is that goingtg into 16t 16th street from silver spring. dumb many truck is there waitins for the big front loader to dump and then hauling it away a linea of traffic but they got to do tt the work. >> right. >> you got to expect that it'spe going to be a slow down.a >> but it's tough when you'veouv got 15 minute commute that's t like becoming three hou >> it's tough when you got to get somewhere.ew i understand it but this is thii historic what we saw. saw it's just important that keep things in in pec. >> i understand that. i u
8:06 am
but after a week, the patience c starts to run thin. >> a lot of people have been bee cooped up a lot of family fam members for week and need to get out and then they can't get c where they need to go. nee i get it. get 37 this morning in washington. 25 gaithersburg.therur 32 dulles. 32 d notice most of the area is oncee again below freezing, and yes, there are icy spots this ts morning.moing. refreezing overnight.zingrnig so please be on the look out fot that as you head out to your car. take the dog for walk that kind of thing.of thing all right.. in fact we had one of our o photogs fall on the ice. >> indira get better. bet >> shout out to indira.ut oo i mean -- nasty spill.pi just be careful even the pros.he we know it's out there. tre >> right. >> you forget. you you think it's clear pavement. n >> happened real quick.d al q >> waiting for you. waiting foru >> snow flurries off to oururri north and we will expect or you could see a few snow flurries the next fee hours. blustery and cold this afterno afternoon. temperatures will only be in the 30s. today is not the warmup. n stay tune. the weekend is the warmup. war today will only be in the 30s breezy and cold winds northwesth
8:07 am
about 20.t 2 make sure you're prepared forpad chilly afternoon.on i think you'll love the sevene s day if you want springtime sin temperatures and see more snow melt. i think we've got that on thee seven day.go real quick, happy birthday tothy matthew.tthe somebody just tweeted me. happy sixth birthday to mattheww >> super cute. superute. really cute. >> i want to you put a hash tag fab5pics so we can show the picture 9:40 and everybody. evey maybe some of your pictures ours didn't make it with the snowe t coverage. send them use the hash tag fab5pics and you might see it.t. >> especially the really cutey t ones. >> let's check in with erin find out about that commute. >> you know what, for friday, we are dealing with some problems l but it's nothing like what weikw were up against when they were h still trying clear the majoritye of the snow from the inter states. 50 eastbound aft 66 a crash.rash caution around that area. a water main break we've been we'n telling you this for quite for q sometime northbound lanesd lanes blocked mitchellville roadle roa between everest and excalibur road. southbound traffic moving life a look at that.ok a last time we checked in it i looked like that water mainat m break was settling down.g d
8:08 am
if you can believe it or not iti was gushing more a half houralfu ago. ago. southbound traffic moving but tf again with northbound lanesan blocked, make sure you use caution watch for slick spots oo that portion of the road aseoad well. take look back at the maps.t mp some other things going on. eleventh street bridge outbound local lanes blocked with a crasc caution there.ion the. 295 inbound in both directionsii slow moving traffic eastern to e the 11th street and then 210 to naval research lab.. tough and stop gone traffic.rafc inner loop through alexandria 395 inbound backing up with thet usual congestion.onion. and then the outer loop is slowo to connecticut new hampshire hai avenue south at eastern a crasha caution there.caution th back to you guys. >> thank you very much, erin. appreciate it >> still ahead this morning mor donald trump held a arrivalival event last night.ig but the presidential candidates debated without him.ut we'll break down the eventeak de coming up. >> pretty ingenious actuall acta cause that he chose and that heh still wasn't hiding.ill wa't hin that he was out there. i think it's pretty ingenious.ns
8:09 am
first though new safety concerny this morning following a violena attack on metro.n m those stories and more whenore n we're back in just one minute. ♪
8:10 am
>> scary moments for metro m riders yesterday.ri >> police say more than two dozen teenagersdey attack add d yesterday as he was getting off at the gallery place chinatown a stop and that's where we findd annie yu live with the latestat now. good morning.orni >> reporter: hey, good morning o allison and steve.d s around this time yesterdayesteay dozens of teenagers stormed inn on passengers at this metro station. gallery place chinatown.acchinaw very busy metro station.. around 8:30 yesterday they did e this talking about 20 to 30 teenagers we have surveillanceia video of this going down here. h take look at it.ook you'll see all those teensho t swarming in on those passengerse as their exiting that red line train there and 35-year-old mand was assaulted.aued he suffered a laceration to thee face and bruises over his body. and we actually spoke to ake to witness who saw this all unfoldo
8:11 am
he says he ran to a stationtaon manager who tried to contact coa metro transit police for nearlya 10 minutes without any luck.k take a listen to what he had too say. >> to the ground and five or sie teenagers are punching him in hm the head kicking hip in theip ih face. fa he seemed really kind of in a daze. a scratch across the top of hisf face that looked like it was bleeding and i could tell he hae been punched in the face possibly bruises to the face.. >> reporter: just sor: j disturbing to listen to that,oha and the teenagers then jumped on a train and they ended up at the woodly park station.ta that's where police stopped thee train, got on and took them into custody. the victim was able to identifyf six of them. t five males, one female, and, we're told that they're all all between 1and 16 years old.s now facing felony assaultyss charges and police say they wery presumably on that are way to at school, and you know, witnessese toll us that, you know, theyhe were sort of standing by, goofing around and then things e turned violent.rned vlent so we don't know what the motivv
8:12 am
was or what they were thinking,, but police believe that there ie more cell phone video out theree one of the teens recording thisg go down and that's what theyth'y want to get a hold of.hold o that's the very latest here insr northwest back to you in theck u >> thanks annie.. coming up the pentagongo unveils new family friendly initiatives.ittive >> and leonardo dicaprio meet m pope francis. fnc the reason for the rare meeting what the actor gave to thehe pontiff as gift. ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
♪ >> all righty. d.c. metro getting back to business. that snow looking les s and lessndes formidable i would say lookld sl right over there past that second sort of -- mounds of snow.f other than that, looks okay.y >> do you know what we need, ala >> what do we need.e need >> cuteness.>> cutenes >> cutness. >> let's warm it up with a's little cuteness. i agree. >> let's do it. let's do >> ♪ >> music started quick.rtedck time for fox5 first five photoe of the day. d we got cuteness one-year-old-yr- kiley may.may >> his carly may.. >> i love the baby blues. blu >> it's like she's eating ain snowball version of a watermel watermelon. >> got little snow >> yeah. looks like atl little snow beard she's adorable. >> carly may loves loves lovesov the snow. sno and she says 2 feet is nothing.t i want more..
8:16 am
>> right. >> great picture.>> g great picture. great pi >> i love it of the. i love it . >> she's got pretty good's got tolerance there.he she's holdin holding the snow wr bare figures f >> i built a snowman on tucker' car and it took a minute and myd hands were >> carly may got you guys beat.t >> yes, she does.eoes. >> love it. that's pretty obvious. ptty ob to send us your child's pictureu go to our facebook page, fox5 first five and please send us sd your we love all the snow picturese e and try to get everybody in ovei the next couple of >> look at those little handssel any way. way sweet dimples in her hands.ands >> big smile underneath thathat snow.ow. >> love it. >> have a good day, sweetie.ayse >> got the right jacket on muchc it's cold out this morning andtr we got snow flurries across the region.on >> you sure that's not snows n blowing around.g around. >> no, real deal. no, rl d this is falling from the sky.alh >> all right.e not going accumulate. aumul don't panic. 37 reagan 32 dulles.. bi marshall 33.l 3 most of the area waking up toinp temperatures below freezing sooo please be on the look out forono icy spots. there's your storm trackercker
8:17 am
radar. we do have light snow showerr activity towards hagerstown,aget martinsburg working down towardt winchester a couple light snowe flurries and now working in montgomery county to the east oo gaithersburg we've got a coupleu flurries as asel again, not expecting ating accumulation. cold front coming through. thr what you will notice the winds s they're going to pick up out of the north and west gusting 20 t2 25 it will be a blustery anderya chilly afternoon with high h temperatures only in the 30s 3 hang in there. hang in weather pattern does a big shift a roo as we debt into early february. that's science talk, erin. and --an >> groundhog looks pretty goofyo >> i don't trust him. i d >> should we have a seriousseriu groundhog. >> i think he's saying help meae right now. >> sunday and monday about 60. 6 >> buried in 2 feet of snow. (laughter). >> thank you. to make erin laugh is -- dayay made, thank you very much.ry m >> thank you.nk >> you're welcome.el >> i was picturing the littletle
8:18 am
groundhog with professor glasses on and a little document in hiss hand instead this big plump guyu auction warily wv >> that's how he would laugh. lh >> allison, you have officiallyc made my friday happy day.appyay >> good.>>ood. >> constitution at 18thn at 1h northwest dealing with crash scene there. the slow moving traffic onraffic secondaries in the district jusc have patience a lot of the roads only have a few of the lanes t plowed we're dealing with thelih lanes blocked by snow still.w s. so things are trying to get bacg to normal but you'll see a lotot of traffic in georgetown and al over the district.he dtrict. keep that in mind.d. aside from that in fairfax 50 eastbound after 66 a crash way pells mills caution l as youiola make your way out in prince i george's county, out in bowie, w northbound lanes blocked at mitchellville road between bet everett and excalibur road. live act at that.ct a t last we checked that's gettinget smaller and continuing.nuin impressive water main break outt there. th southbound traffic moving bynd t just fine but watch out that isi a water spills into the roadwaya it could cause some ice and soms problems for drivers so keep a e close eye on that and i'll telll
8:19 am
was, firehouse friday coming up on give today i i got to go out to objection company cook and meet the prince george's countye firefighters.firefigh allison one of them was very sa you weren't there. big allison seymour fan. fan >> good morning to the accokeekk fire department. d >> she's being nice.>> it's not just one i'm sure.'m >> not just one but het specifically gave i was shoutcal out. we were the extra mile.le >> when do we get to see this.hi >> good day during i believe thl end of the 9:00 o'clock hour.0 o >> awesome. look forward to it.look >> all righty. thank you.k >> you got it. got it outbound lanes have a crash onac the 11th street bridge.tree watch for that one. back to you guys.ou >> thanks erin new video this morning involving that deadlyth traffic stop with the oregongon militia earlier this week.hi w the fbi says video proves the victim lavoy reached into his jacket before he was shot. meanwhile, authorities arees trying to convince the four the remaining gunmen at the federalf building the wildlife refugeuge there that they took over to end the standoff.nd militia leader bundy is urgingig them to go home. 11 others are arrested followino
8:20 am
the shooting or facing federal charges and possible jail time. women who are pregnant and n serving in the military now have 12 weeks of maternity leave. lve ash carter said that doubles the time of leave for women in theon army, the air force, however, ir actually decreases time fores te women in the navy from that 18ht weeks but secretary carter sayss the navy and marine corps willos still honor prior commitments of 18 weeks for women who are currently pregnant. actor leonardo dicaprio hado a private meeting with popeh p francis yesterday morning.ay the golden globe award winner w and pope francis met for 15et f minutes inside of the vatican.. the two exchanged gifts they discussed their shared concernrc for the environment.onnt now leonardo dicaprio gave theai pontiff a book of art and a and check from his charitableribl foundation.un the pope gave leonardo dicaprioi two leather bound copies ofs o books written by -- that heha wrote. >> that's nice trade right the there. >> he cleans up pretty nicely. u i'm talking leo here.eo >> the pope is always divine. dn leo cleans up nicely.ely.
8:21 am
>> well, you know, are you kno comparing him to the moviearing that's out right nowhi. oight >> member so. i can't get that image out of my mine. >> speaking of the pope one of the fiats he used during hisd d visit here to the united statesa goes up for auction tonight.on t this will be not in d.c. but atb the philadelphia auto show. no telling how much somebody might pay for it but for context, the cary tails foror about $20,000.,000. remember, the pope sat in that car. if you can't make it to the t auction the auction company ishc allowing remote bidding as wells what do you think, 100 grand. g >> did you see that old school l porsche next to it.o >> no, no,.. focusing on the fiat.iat >> fiat was my first grown up g car. r >> a hundred grand? gnd >> yeah. >> you think it will go a hundred grand.hirerand. >> yeah. it's starting at 20? 2 >> it's worth 20 without theut t pope being in it.po >> i would think so. >> i'll bet a collector gets itt >> i would think so. so small youor can put -- collector in their big living room good we'll fine out. really big living room.oom. >> coming up lego unveiling knei toys reflecting so-called real life. life plus michael phelps court
8:22 am
side in a speedo.peedo aren't we used to this much hesc was at a basketball akb okay. why he showed up to collegeo c basketball game in his olympic wear.we look at all the hardware on hisn chef. look at his chest for thator t matter. back in a moment.
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪ 8:25 right now.> look at this.8: tucker and i arelo going to seee springsteen tonight.
8:25 am
so we're doing a little flashback. you want to guess when this was pick a year. >> a year? 2011. >> no. >> 2009. >> wow! >> steve look how young we are,, right?ght? >> yeah. >> amazing you guys do a lot younger. >> thanks a lot allison. >> you guys are handsome thene e and handsome now. >> after 12 state days of 3amm snow coverage.overag we went up to east rutherford rr new jersey.jer the last show at the old giant stadium.stad >> great picture. >> so -- >> love it. >> we'll do it again tonight. >> you can't see steve toss' tos right hand or my left hand.and. we probably had our soda pop.op >> you got a little beverageever >> that shirt i'm wearingin actually, that -- i can't believe -- >> you got to wear it tonight? >> it barely fit me five years a ago because that was from the 1985 tour. >> i remember that shirt. s >> that fit me in 1985. >> yeah. yea >> barely fit in 2009.t 2 i'm a little afraid to try it i
8:26 am >> you can just have like a a terrible towel and swing it a sg around. >> maybe that's what i'll do.s >> that's a good pictuwhre, guy. >> tucker is rocking smedium.di wait until 10:00 o'clock waitai until you see what he'll be wearing.wearing. >> we're doing grease life. >> we don't have to keep lookinp at this thiure. that's great picture. >> go to the toe show tonightoeo look for us.lo for we'll be at the verizon center.e >> what did you say. >> like the >> i can't find mine either ryet now. pretty upset about it.. from like two weeks ago.eeks ago >> you realize you lose them. le let's go to the forecast. cold temperatures start yourraro day. slippery out there ely 37 washington.ngton. gaithersburg 28. 2 25 32 dulles.les 27 everybody has been below been be freezing for the most part early today. you know, hard refreeze again aa overnight.ght. so we're doing that early thisyt morning. clouds quickly increasing and ww got a couple of flurries thats h are going tock moving through the area over the next few hou hours. don't be terribly it will be decorative not accumulating, and then things t will turn breezy and this
8:27 am
afternoon.rnoo winds blowing out of the northtr and west at about 15 to 20. 2 so it will be breezy and coldndd afternoon.aftern there's your seven day. i just want to mention again 60n or better sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday we'll do lot of snow felts. so, you know, if you got hugee snow mounds outside your house give us some time. sun will do the work for you. y >> thanks tucker v found night.. >> thanks, friend. friend. >> okay. >> read the words.. >> coming up -- what would i do without you? >> coming after years of pirater ships and race cars lego has h come up with something new. we'll show you the first withst this toy maker what they've do done. >> car snuck in a snow ban inn the snow. >> too much. .. too real >> first donald trump no show ao the final debate before the iowa the proverbial elephant not inti the room megyn kelly said lastdl night. impact though that his otherer event had on the republicanep field coming up next.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back.>> we've been showing you this all morning long. fortunately it's not gushing gug into the air like it was before. >> more abubble than a >> it's really a mess. aes this is on mitchellville road.l. >> southbound lanes right nowun where all the water is.d l thte >> you know, clearly impassiblel and so the water is runnin runn. >> there's nearby creek. >> lake bow woe right now.t . >> we've been following thisfloi one. bob barnard is out there. the who can say when it will getil g under control? but it's a mess.
8:31 am
>> wssc found one of the valvesv why it's not gushing any more am much as it was but still tryingy to shut off the rest of the rof water. water it's going to be a mess for mesf quite southbound lanes mitchellvilleeh road blocked right now in thatii area. >> don't even try it.'tve we are back with good news n for metro riders this morning mi metro rail service is back toact your normal schedule all sixedus lines will be running but theret will be a reduced number of cars so many trains will be a littlel more packed than usual. so there's your metro news.ew. >> six car trains i believe thin morning. not the eight.t th time to shovel if you haveyh not already done so.ready done s i know it's been tough to getbet out and about start dag inrt dan prince george's county officiala will start to enforce shovelingg laws. . if do you in the yet have youror sidewalk clear you could face $100 take it seriously they want to t get everything as clear asar as possible. >> little break, though, fore bo some folks if you got a ticket a for parking on the snowno emergency route last friday. fra there's good news. you don't have to pay it.veo pay at least 2800 citations wereer handed out that day but d.c. d mayor bowser says she's going tg
8:32 am
void them because some driversos may not have known about aut friday's restrictions they may have been out trying to get thai last minute shopping done. d you know what, steve, i saw somw people on social media condem condemning this action sayinghi they knew why would she do thatt >> i'm shaking my head abouteado that. i'm kind of baffled because it'f a break trying to extendle a goodwill i'm not sure why people would b upset about that.. >> folks got to find something g to be upset about. >> politic no doubt.oou you kind of expect it there.ctte it will be one side or the otheh last night the republican's turt again to debate on the campaigng trail presidential candidatesans debated for the last time beforf primary season kicks off monday with the iowa caucuses.. wasted no time getting into it i going head to head on issuenss after issue.after issue. >> there was no ignoring, w n though, the absence of donaldld trump.p ronica cleary joins us now inowi studio to break it all down.ow ronica, good morning. mni >> good morning, guys. last night i watched lot of tvv yesterday. first we had the under cardhe ud debate. then we had the prime timeri t debate like i said earlier todat set my dvr to watch donald
8:33 am
trump's event that occurred at the same time as the prime timee debate. if you haven't heard already alr drum many decided not to tend te last night's prime time debate. but even though he wasn't theree he was definitely still felt.el megyn kelly called him the elephant not in the room.oo but even though he wasn't there' the candidates they took time to speak about him, have some fun f they really were light heartedia about it, unonce they got it ouu of the way, they were able toe t focus on the issues. iss let's take a listen. >> secondly, let me say i'm a maniac, and everyone on this t stage is stupid, fat and ugly. and ben, you're a terrible surgeon.rg (laughter). >> now that we've gotten thewe'v donald trump portion out of thet way. >> greatest show on earth.t i kind of miss donald trump hedu was a little teddy bear to me.o. we always had such a lovingg relationship during theseg es debates. >> while that all was going on,o donald trump host add rally ral where he says he was raising wag money for veterans.ney
8:34 am
he says he raised about $6 million he also acknowledged he gave about a million of that towards veterans we don't really have specificspe on that just y the funny thing is when he openo the rally, he said that hehat h chilly would have rather -- heh- would rather be at the debateeb but he took a minute to explaina why he felt he had to go througg with the rally.with t let's take listen.. >> when you're treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights.ri. (applause). >> you have to do it. whether we like it or nott whether it's something we wantew to do or not and that's what oua country has to do. to >> that was donald trumphat wasp explaining that he felt that hea was treatedt poorly.oorl so this sunday though you don'td want to miss it 8:30 i will beie hosting a special called thehe race begins with the t editor-in-chief of the hill bob cusack.cusack fox5 news on the hill we'llon tl break down the caucuses and get ready or a wild election seaso season. season >> back to you.>> >> all right. ronica, thanks looking forward to that on sunday morning. >> i'll be watching.
8:35 am
>> 8:35.>> tucker is on assignment rightsie now. no >> have you her the hav 10:00 o'clock good day d.c. is basically grease. >> we're doing special. doi we're doing grease live.easee >> in the 10:00 o'clock hour.0 u >> grease live production is about to debut. deb >> this weekend.>> this weekend. >> on fox. so we're doing our little part,t >> tucker is going to play a key role in this.. >> we won't say what yet gary is here.e gary is laughing already.. (laughter).ghr) >> i'll be here as long as i loi don't have to be there. okay?ok >> i think you got -- >> let's put there. tre. >> you're winning. >> snow showers back out to theh northwest.hwest. don't panic. this is not going to be g significant. as a matter of fact most of mos of this is basically falling fli apart as it comes over the othe mountains.untain a couple of little stronger snos showers we'll see these, i meana because the cold air is comingom in with the front.nt. and this little batch looks like it's headed south and southweste of frederick county which iss right here loudoun county rightr there just northern sections ofi that you'll get snow showersnowe coming on across actually thisca
8:36 am
is one of the better littlette areas of snow we've seen comingg on across so far this morning.n. temperatures are cold enough to support that without -- exempt for winchester 39. 3 but that's snow shower activitye out there, too. roadways that aren't treated tad will there be a dusting i don'td think so. no real big deal here.. 32 degrees for dulles thisulthi morning.rn 28 for gaithersburg sittingit right around 37 here now in town. hey, check out this friend. frin this is a good one. 39 today. 52 tomorrow. torrow. 60 on saturday. saturda i'm sorry, you can see the daysy there because of the bug -- special bug or banner runningban across.ross but that's 60 on saturday.da that's 60 on sunday. so we're really going to have aa warmup.. ending january with 60 degrees and beginning february withit 60 hopefully it's a trend erin. e >> i like that trend.e thatnd >> okay. i think we all do. here's erin with a look at traffic. >> you brought me 60-degreeug weather for my bhtirthday lastdl sunday i was standing in thetai middle of dupont circle in circe couple feet of snow. s
8:37 am
>> that's the way it goes arounn here. >> right now 270 south lanes narrowed at merge to 350 south s causing big delays on 270 let's take live look outside ane show was you're up against. agat traffic backing up on 270 out by old georgetown road.n rd. if we can get look at thatt t camera we'll show that you red u zone right now. n you can see just how backed upkd traffic is as you make your wayu out. this is on 355 where things aree slowing down as well. wl we'll swift back to look at ourr maps. ma outer loop jammed usual spot 95 to still down to about 13 miles per hour. 95 looking okay.ka route 1 southbound a little bitl of stop and go traffic. tff same story on bw southbound.thun aside from that, inside the the district crash constitutionit avenue at 18th streett northwest.hwes caution there. and really just want to havet patience in the district and ina georgetown today. a lot of lanes still blocked byd piles of snow trying to get thee cleared but definitely going tog cause typical traffic pattern pe and frustrated drivers so durini the morning and evening rush ono your secondaries you want to use extreme patience. that's's aside from that right now 500
8:38 am
eastbound after 66 a crash waples mill also seeing innereer loop jamming through annandale.. metro on or close to schedule sl all morning and metro bus on a normal schedule once again muchn that's your traffic.that'sou ckck to you >> still to come this morningsni lego unveiling new toys thatha supposedly reflect real life. real life maritime missionim to save a stranded tanker work works -- tanker workers i shalla say hits the big did you get that? kevin willinw join us for his review of the te fine the nest hour. that's real all you need to know. back in a moment.
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♪ according to new study youny adults who spend too much timeoo on social media may not be n sleeping as well. this goes under the captainta obvious study. stu but this is the thing. researchers tracked social media use and sleep troubles for 18001 americans between and 32 years old.d participants spent a little mora than an hour a day on social soc medial nearly 30% of those t studies said they had troubley t sleeping. >> you're overstimulated.versti >> exactly. ectly >> okay. >> can't slow the brain down.aio >> lego is known for buildingld war ships, race cars, haunted h castles and pretty much anythiny else but now they have createdrd something even cooler. >> snow melter. >> no.o. >> it's first disable figurine n new toy rent meant to reflect real life features a boy wearinw beanie and sitting in wheelchaii part of logo city set that comem out in june.
8:42 am
lego --lego - >> good stuff g exactly all about inclusion. inclu >> evolves over time.volv ove >> diversity.>> div we're all here together. tether. >> i love it exactly. lovit e >> childhood favorite when ite w comes to cereal with a newith aw mascot. >> meet sin in a bun.. >> sin know bunny. >> i think it's sin in a bun.n b >> he's a bunny.>> hs a >> okay. remember the cartoon tricks aree for kids bunny.ny. >> yeah. >> i feel like he needs his ears perked up. >> national real tricks rabbitl contest much his picture will bl featured on commemorative cereal box tousle brought the fact tricks is 75% of general mills m cereals to longer -- we're on we the here jeff. jef to no longer contain artificialc players that's one of ourone o o executive producers. sin in a bun beat out thousands of other hop full bunnies vowing for the top prize. prize >> i see what did you there.ou e i feel like the ears need to bet up though. tug >> he's super cute.s supete >> coming up in fox beat rescuee at sea the back drop for chris
8:43 am
pine and casey affleck. affle kevin will review the finesthe n hour.ho >> did it traction of olympic proportions. why was michael phelps at a college basketball game dressede why was michael phelps at a college basketball game dressede like this? it's 8:43. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard.
8:44 am
but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
8:45 am
♪ folks getting back on their way. want to say good morning to lisl cole friend of the morning show. she watches, she's way out in oi virginia. i mean we reach way out. how far?
8:46 am
>> pennsylvania, west virginia,w charlottesville, we're all over, the place.the pl >> good morning to everybody weo don't always talk about that'st' closer in. >> everybody is going to get tot see today? >> sun -- >> our interpretation of good day grease live. >> that's so good. >> coming up at thep at 10:00 o'clock this morning. mnig fool acting.ct full transport mission of theonf loft i'm getting popcorn. pcorn gary and i will be watching.atch >> high school and soda shop anp malt shop.malt sho >> i cannot wait. >> kettle corn, too. too >> kettle corn to watch.corn tah >> okay. gary and i will get kettle corno and watch. d the it's actually going to bey g the next --e next >> you said watch?ai wat >> oh, no, al you can do bettero than that.than >> no, no, no. we're watching.we're wa we've got a front row seat.ow please don't take that a we'll be right in the lot of l watching. >> i feel like you need to be y part of that.ou >> that sweet kettle corn. do you any of that? youny o >> no. we'll have to get something out of the machine. (laughter). >> we'll be there.e. >> listen, got traffic issues traffic mess behind me. snow showers a lot of them a lt coming down across.min across. this is finally starting to comt across the mountains here. her
8:47 am
so we've already seen snowdy snw showers coming through frederice county a couple northern norther sections of montgomery countymot right now. want to show you that. y that there's ones in northernn north montgomery county and then you h have coming through hagerstown h most of this cleared over one.. winchester you're above freezing so that may ab little mix there. then through martinsburg,artibu hagerstown up 81 and they'reheye coming off the mountains off 70. in the valley little snowtl showers here.ere and more around brunswick thisnt is northern loudoun county here charlestown, there's brunswick right there.right there. snow showers coming c little snow bursts from time tor time. it won't be -- it won't act sell sell rate at all.t a >> gary, that's not right.ig. won't act is he l sell rate. rat we got the same clothes onlotheo today. i just noticed that. 37 degrees. did you get your greece ongeur g tucker. >> i'm all ready for it. >> 32 degrees for gates burg.s r 32 for dulles and manassas 27 quantico is sitting at 33. 3 flurries this morning. morng mostly cloudy conditions, this front comes through today.d kicks the winds up so it will bl breezy to windy pretty much alll
8:48 am
afternoon get some sunshine,ine, coldest of the air does stay upu to the north.o we will stay in the 30s.0s as a matter of fact i think latf this afternoon as f this cold ad kind of starts trickling in. we will change and trend back bk down into the middle 30s.iddl 3 with the wind it's going to feel like it's in the 20s all day day long. wind chill factor. fto weekend forecast looks good. 52 60 on sunday.n su so a real nice warmup to end the month and to begin february with another 60-degree day onay february 1st. a little cooler not much coolero but a little cooler on tuesday.. groundhog day.g. we're up to 65 degrees with rain on wednesday.neay now after the seven day periodd here, into the first -- latter part of the first week ofthe fi february, it is going to get ig cold definitely, definitely going to get cold there's your forecast now.t n we'll get a look at fridayy morning traffic for that we'vete got erin como.omo unless she's practicing foror grease, too i'm not sure.e. no, erin como. >> we'll check in with holly anl wisdom to see what's coming up. >> i know they're practicing int
8:49 am
today on good day d.c..c i'm excited folks.. you guys ready.u ys ready >> it's grease lightning.s grig >> it's going to be fun.s g to >> all right. going to be memorable.e memoble not sure had which way it's is going tock to go but it will bee memorable. >> we'll have a good time. in the meantime our reporterstes are live at several stillev s developing sries >> fox5 first on the scene major water main break in bob barnard there live. >> snow from the will hehe blizzard of 2016 still causing u problems in our area roads andra melanie alnwick live with undatd on all the traffic troubles. tub >> another attack metro.etro police say more than two dozentd teens were involved and annie yu live with news about severalut v arrests. >> last night's gop debate and a donald trump's absence has manym people still talking thiski t morning. morn ronica cleary is here to breakih it all down for.own >> she's only seven years old,v but she gives a weather reporter like a pro. p better watch out, tucker and and gary because she'll join ushe'ln live. >> and on good day at 10a, tonyt rock the brother of chris rock k tony rock is in the loft being funny and that definitely runsty in the family.inhe f >> sure does. d >> his brother chris rock as i a
8:50 am
just said. it will be good time. >> plus brace yourself because u good day is doing grease live. a part of it.f i in anticipation of sunday's livl tv event on fox we tackle one on the musicals great testify songs and we're actually going to tryt don it live. l >> you got to see this. t get the recorders ready and alld that stuff.that stuff you don't want to miss this.wani two hours of good day d.c. justj minutes away. minutes. all right. thanks, see in you a couple of minutes.s >> tony rock talks about the the oscar controversy, too., too chris is >> right.ig. >> yeah. we'll see if we can get scoop w frome him what's going down wih the family.mily >> how about this.. college basketball studentball section had serious star powertr last night allison. >> talking about maryland's owno michael phelps he joined arizona state' curtain of distraction.ti he appeared in nothing but a speedo a bunch of his gold g medical today's nice abs and and swim cap and beg smile in smi i attempt to distract free throwhw
8:51 am
must have worked the oregon state player missed both foull shots. arizona state went on to win 86-68.86-6 >> how do not keep from i would have completely laughedu >> it work. curtain of distract. >> that's in fox beat it's movie review rw friday. fr let's do it.let' kevin is in los angeles rightel what's up kevin, how are you? >> steve i need to know d thew t shot a little better than lasthl hour because my face being cutet off by the --he >> you're on point right now bud you look great g >> i give you five out of five. >> perfect. that's all i need to hear, needa steve.eve. i'm out here in la. i'm interviewing a huge of bunch stars this week and our want our viewers to participate as well l i'm interviewing george clooney, chaning tatum, helen miran as well as dakota dawson thisnhi morning and i just saw 50 shadee of black about six hours ago. a pardon me if i seem tired ored hearse.hearse. 50 shades of black new film f starring marilyn wayans i'm a a huge fan of this comedy i love v
8:52 am
what he's done as keyed comediae throughout the years.ea i loved scary movie.ov i think he's done brilliant jobj with parodies some of them weren't so great. gre this one has a lot of funny moments. this is a parody 50 grades of gray obviously march land wayany taps into a very specific parodr type of audience and really rea really works if you love this t style of humor and i.nd to the movie is very veryy raunchy. raunchy. very very r rated.r ted. i will say some of the jokes dok go over the top.r the t and the movie wasn't screenedsc which i had to see it six hours ago in la. la 15 bucks to see it. s i i actually had really good timed the theater was pretty full. f it's good with a live audience. i think that some of the jokes j were used in the trailer and trr spoiled it for me.oile overall i thought it was a goodd solid matinee if you're a fan on his style of humor i gave it aai three out of five. f which is a matinee on my scale e worth seeing.eein but again nowhere near as good o as scary movie or don't be ae
8:53 am
menace probably two of the bestb things march land wayans hasandh ever done. by the way, dramatically, he's ' phenomenal actor as well. w if you haven't seen refuge for r dream. i highly recommend that as well. >> kev, thank you very much.ou . what be this weekend? you're y saying thumbs up for the movieie depicting the real life event?ve >> right it's called the finestn hours. this is the film starring chris pine as well as casey affleck. k steve and i were talking aboutko this earlier this week. w phenomenal story. story i've never -- i didn't iid real he will know about coast c guard rescue took place in 1952. there was two oil tankers who wo were destroyed by a blizzard, and a small little boat led by b chris pine's character went outt to rescue 32 men on a rescue mission and phenomenal story. the film itself has some scripti issues i think some of the special effects could have been done but there's consistent cont intensity throughout.. pris pine proves he's greatne
8:54 am
actor. casey affleck is incredible inni the movie.the v i think the one thing i will wil advise people safe yourself yous money on the 3d. 3d. do not waste money on the 3d.d it make the movie murky very dark film already takes place ae nighttime a lot of storms.s. see it in 2d. do not waste the extra $3. i gave that movie 3.5 out of o five. five it's a case where the story is y better than the overall film i really enjoyed watching learning the story of these heroes savinv 32 men very very cool story li line. i wish the movie lived up to th actual story itself though. >> all right. rig kev, thank you very much. >> kev, what are you doing outaa there this weekend? what willil you have for us coming.. >> interviewing so many bigany g stars. steve sitting down with george o clooney on sunday.ooney on s i actually really want to talk t george clooney he released a interest he interesting articleg about the oscar controversy.trer i know you're kevin rock in studio.udio. >> tony rock. >> tony rock, sorry.. to talk about his comedic gigs g
8:55 am
and the controversy with his brother chris rock.brot i'm interested to see what chric rock does at the oscars clooneyn did a really really amazingng article about his thoughtsugs hollywood going in the wrong thw direction. i really want to talk to himk tm about that and his thoughts what can be done to change this lackl of diversity in hollywood.wood sitting down with him andim chaning tatum also helen miran n and today i'm sitting down with dakota johnson and rebel wilson. i'll have all of that coming upp for us exclusively right here on fox5.x5. >> unfortunately we'll miss youy for our production of greaseuct live coming up at 10:00 o'clockk we you down to play rizzo.yiz >> la.>>a. (laughter). >> i am going to be streamingn that on my computer here on i know jeff has been doing d wonderful job putting everythinn together. i cannot wait to see i i know holly is a massive massive grease fan. f i'm excited to see how that goeg down. i think it will be awesome. w i'm excited for yoilu guys. guy >> it will be entertaining.tain >> it should be fun. b fun >> guarantee that you. g >> you're doing it which is really reallye cool.oo >> yes. that is the coolest part abouto
8:56 am
you're doing it live which isli >> it should be entertaining.ld thanks, kev. >> thanks, kev.>> t >> see you y >> good night. good t >> must see tv. holly's one star of the show whf are the star of the show be. boop and boop. b >> i think it's more just boop.b >> who are you playing tucker. p >> i can disclose that. c you have to staany tuned until 10:00 o'clock.oc >> who are you playing steve.ou >> i have major ro pll, though.o >> nobody can disclose.dicl >> allison let me just say -- people need to watch. if they know their favorites fat will be playing certain roles they'll watch. >> you can say.ou canay. allison, it will be entertaini entertaining. >> okay. crecy.ecrecyrn to se we didn't promise goo we promised entertaining.ertainn >> one of you better be frenchy. >> forty one in frack.n frack 37 dulles.. 36 at bwi hey, flurries flying north and y west. could see a few flurries thankra you lots of tweets of flurries e in winchester, martinsburg,burg hagerstown, now frederick. they're working through it's aoi cold front and slide south and d east real quick and then the t temperatures will fall in theale winds will pick up out of the pc north and west it will bet wi b blustery and cool afternoon.erno 39.
8:57 am
sunday, monday, tuesday, tue wednesday a little winter respit.spit with temperatures nearemperan 60 degrees.60 all righ dt.rit grease live our version comingsn up at 10:00. 10: erin what's your role.r >> you're the want that i want.t i'm not singing i'll promise yoe that much. that much. right now metro updates delays d to shady y gr malfunction at friendshipp heights.ig delays to green belt on the green line. give yourself extra time ifra te you're taking metro.akg me those just pick up.. tweets from police traffic aserf well watch your children walking or bicycling on the roads ande a sidewalk near a school.chool and they're telling us there's s crash eastern to new hampshirews that cleared. cleared. keep it to fox5 good day at 9aa coming up as tucker promisedd entertaining grease performancen from the one and only. onl we'll be back in just a few. ♪
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♪ straight ahead, seven dayshe after the snow started to fallaa d.c. region still dealing withnt the aftermath of the blizzard of 2016.2016. from snow covered roads andds a sidewalks to water main breaksab we have live team coverage.. metro is back up and runnini but another problem it's deal with. wi a rider attacked by group teens in the middle of thedl morning how the transit system iste responding to violence pluslus reaction from worried passenge passengers. now that we've gotten theve donald trump portion out of theo way.ut o y. >> elephant not in the roomhe ro that's how last night's debate moderator described donald tru trump's decision to boycott theo forum.m but the gop front runner's presence definitely still felt.l we'll show you how.


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