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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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up in oakland. they're looking everywhere. they just want out of oakland. >> all right. we will see. thanks brody. >> the news at 11:00 starts right now. >> right now at 11:00, one week after the blizzard hit, the snow is still causing problems across the dmv. >> then a dc fire lieutenant was placed on administrative leave after he was indicted on a charge of receiving child pornography. >> and donald trump skipped the republican debate. wait until you hear what he said today on the campaign trail and the white house is responding to the latest developments in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. fox 5 news at 11:00 starts right now. it is good to have you with us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins. one week after the blizzard brought plenty of snow it was a snow area across our area today.
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>> we are in for a cold night. let's check in with gwen tolbart and find out if we need to be concerned about the refreeze. >> we definitely do. those temperatures are going to dip below freezing tonight and we're going to see some icy spots tonight and into the first part of tomorrow morning. so let's take a look at where things stand and here's our highs for today and we were actually exactly where we should be in the ballpark with upper 30s and low 40s. but with all that strong sun you're absolutely right. we had snow melting today and that tonight is causing some icy conditions. here's a look at your current temperatures. we've got 32 degrees at dc, 27 at gaithersburg p 30 at frederick this hour, 24 degrees at hagerstown, 30 at winchester and 24 degrees at culpeper. so you can see some of our neighborhoods have already dipped below the freezing mark. now, overnight tonight, overall temperatures are anticipated to be into the 20s. we'll have a few teens as well especially to the far north and to the far northwest.
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so icy spots are going to be an issue. if you're heading out late tonight maybe for some partying or early in the morning, you're going to have to pay close attention and be careful. ridge of high pressure in control tonight we're talking mainly clear skies it will be a cold one. we've had some strong winds today and some of those are starting to die down but they are still gusty in some areas and are causing some wind chills. so it actually feels like it's a lot colder than outside. 25 degrees for tonight, mostly clear and cold. refreeze is what we're talking about. be careful out there. it's going to warm up and we've got more sunshine and more snow melt ahead. i'll let you know in a bit just when. >> that blizzard began last friday and guess what? we are still feeling the effects today. >> that's right. the afternoon the roof of a townhouse in laurel gave way under the weight of all that snow. lauren demarco shows us the damage. >> imagine you're sitting inside of your home and then, boom, a
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huge piece of your roof comes crashing down. that's what happened at this townhouse in laurel. you can see the insulation and debris piled up outside and inside it was a mess. the 8 by 4 foot chunk of roof collapsed above the stairwell this friday afternoon. there was one family member home at the time but fortunately that person wasn't hurt. hard to see from the ground but the repair crew says there was still a large amount of heavy snow sitting on that part of the roof left over from the blizzard. it was simply too much weight and the collapse came without warning. >> it's got like 2 foot of snow. refreezing, wet again. it shifts as it goes down. you figured the whole roof was covered and down to a 4 foot section, 2 feet foot high, it's a lot of weight sitting right there. >> the townhouse has been condemned. we're told the family living here didn't have renter's
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insured so their damaged items are not covered. the red cross was called out to help them find a new place to stay. meantime the repair crew is doing what they can inside in the home until daylight when they feel it's safe enough to get on top of the icy roof and begin exterior repairs. >> the whole roof needs to be replaced now. >> so that the cost of a roof, but also. >> inside the drywall, insulation, a carpet. so now it's pretty much got renovate the whole house. >> messy and expensive. the city of laurel is asking homeowners if you still have a good amount of snow up on your roof to get up there, take a look, see if you can clear any of it off. of course with the slippery conditions you may want to consider calling in a roofing company to do that for you. in laurel, lauren demarco, fox 5 local news. >> fox 5 is in montgomery county tonight getting answers and action. a maryland woman called us when
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she couldn't find a handicapped space. all the spaces were covered with snow. when the contractor plowed the lot they pushed all the snow on to the spots meant for disabled customers. >> shame on you. i mean, it's something that you know everybody kind of takes for granted. you don't know when you're life is going to take that change. you don't know what tomorrow is going to bring. it might be yourself, it might be a parent, it might be your child. >> we made a few calls earlier today and since then the handicapped parking spots have been cleared. the maryland department has told us the businesses are responsible for maintaining parking spots. >> we turn to the district and a dc lieutenant is facing child pornography charges. lieutenant earl walker appeared in court this afternoon. the veteran is now on administrative leave. a grand jury indicted walker. the enindictment is still under seal so we don't know the
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circumstances surrounding the charges. walker's lawyer refused to comment as he left the courtroom. >> and now to a fox 5 follow-up and the delayed emergency response to help a toddler who was choking and later died. we've learned the dc fire lieutenant charged with neglect in the case must appear before a review panel before he can retire with benefits. lieutenant guy valentine failed to respond to the child's home. the child was choking on grapes. it took 11 minutes for help to arrive and the child died. >> we're just days away from the iowa caucuses and there is plenty of finger pointing and mudslinging on the campaign trail. >> sarah simmons is here now with the latest on the race for the white house. sara? >> reporter: most of the candidates scattered across iowa today. republicans pushing to have their voices heard.
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hillary clinton faced more e-mail trouble. donald trump put his spin on his decision to avoid the debate dump spoke to voters this morning at a town hall. he believes his no-show in last night's iowa debate ended up being a good thing for his campaign. instead he hosted an event that he claims raised millions of dollars for vat rans. >> what happened last night i did something that was very risky and i think it turned out great because i'm getting more publicity. >> elsewhere on the campaign trail, several republicans spent time celebrating their debate performances making it clear they were glad trump didn't show up for the debate. >> so yeah i had this thing going on last night, this debate. i don't know if you saw it. it was a lot of fun. actually i had a little bit more time than usual. i think there was somebody missing. >> reporter: the democrats are also making the rounds in iowa but the e-mail controversy flared up again.
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the obama administration confirmed today that clinton's home server contained highly guarded secrets. the white house says clinton's decision to release the e-mails on her own shows she's being pro active. >> no judge ordered her to do that. she said that because to demonstrate her commitment to transparency that that's what she would do. and this administration has devoted significant resources because that's significant with the president's transparency to try to fulfill that request. >> while clinton remained on defense so did ted cruz. in the battle for second place, cruz fought back against other rivals unleashing tough new ads painting senator mar coraub yii as the republican barack obama. join the hill's editor in chief and ronica cleary.
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they'll preview the iowa caucuses and look beyond to the next crucial battle ground states. >> first barbie got a makeover. now some men say what about her male counterpart. doesn't ken need a change too? >> and it's almost time to say cheers to the weekend! there's tommy burns. he's going show us how to make something called for fox's sake? >> stick around, looking forward to that coming up. also as we head to break tonight, we want to remind you "grease live" airs this sunday on fox live.
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so first barbie got a more realistic makeover. the question is could ken be next? people are praising matel's move to make barbie more realistic. >> that's great. her new looks have some people on twitter demanding a more realistic looking male companion for the iconic ken doll. >> that just looks sad. >> this is some kind of artist renditions. the one to the left, is that what ken looks like now? >> that's ken now, i guess. but is that a bunch of beer? >> here's one suggestion. this is dad-bod ken. he is curvier than regular ken and he comes with his own cooler with beer.
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the new barbies are available for preorder online. no word on who not ken will get a make over. >> here's my thing. why do we have to call that a dad bod? because my kids' dad bod don't look like that. i'm just saying. anyway. >> after decades of pirate ships and race cars, lego has unveiled their newest edition. >> that's right. a figure of a boy in the wheelchair was first spotted in germany. the company later confirmed it will be part of a new leg city set. it is about time. >> okay. and that one figure comes with a giant milk bottle for the baby. >> a new survey has revealed the
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happeniest and healthiest state and it should come as no surprise which state came in as number one. hawaii and alaska. >> alaska had the top spot last year. the aloha state has been number one five times since 2008. the survey coiled from residents across the country included factors such as finances and alaska. >> they pay well for the jobs up there. >> you've got to stay up there in the cold. maryland by the way came in at number 34. virginia was 17th on the list. and for the 7th straight year, west virginia was ranked number 50. >> i've been to hawaii and alaska. they're both beautiful in their own separate ways. i get that. >> but if you had to rank them. >> hawaii number one, alaska number two. >> let's check in with gwen. alaska i would imagine is pretty
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cold in some parts right now sort of like we are here. >> oh, yes, definitely like we are here. tonight it's going to get even colder. we had some of that snow melting under that fabulous sunshine bee had and our temperatures were close to seasonal. icy spots to talk about. we're also talking about lots of weekend sunshine, the southerly flow returns and what does that mean? saturday and sunday we're going to get quite a warm up. low 50s on saturday and 60s by sunday. unbelievable as we just do this reverse. but tonight right now it's 32 degrees at dc. the same at quantico. 27 degrees for mannasas and fredricksburg, 24 at hagerstown. ridge and high pressure large and in charge for us tonight right no the weekend. we've got these strong northwest terly winds that are finally starting to subside. we have some wind chills but it's improving for tonight. for tonight we are talking mainly clear skies but very cold
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and with those temperatures overnight tonight dipping into the 20s and in some neighborhoods you'll see in a second the teens, we're definitely talking that you have to be cautious because of the ice situation out there. especially on a lot of the secondary roads and bridges and overpasses. 21 degrees at gaithersburg, only 18 at hagerstown. 22 for dulles, 23 for quantico and 25 in the city. that ridge of high pressure is really going to give us all the sunshine we're going to get for tomorrow. so not turning our noses up at that at all. we'll get more snow melt, southerly flow kicks in and we are talking as i mentioned, 50s for your saturday, even warmer on sunday as we head into the 60s. so your highs tomorrow then mainly some 40s and some 50s on our map but no shortage of sunshine for you. the winds will finally start to calm down, especially the second part of the day. 25 degrees for tonight, mostly clear and cold. watch out for that ice in the early morning hours. 50 degrees for tomorrow. mostly sunny skies, we're looking at 40s in the burbs but
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the southerly wind increases by the time we get to sunday and we're at 60 degrees. tuesday we're looking at 55. it's grond hog day. on wednesday look at this, we're warming up to 65 degrees but we are talking a very widespread rain event. chance of seeing isolated storms possible there. can't rule out a rumble of thunder or two. and behind that system we end up seeing our temperatures drop right back into the 40s. so we've got that roller coaster thing happening with our temperatures. once again we're going to be cooling down tonight but warming up by tomorrow and sunday. let's check in with the anchors they're getting ready to raise those glasses. >> we're going to talk a little ice first. coaches were polled about what teams they see best in the league. 25 of the 27 coaches polled said the capitals will win the eastern conference and make the finals. beyond that 16 of those coaches picked the caps to win the cup
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this season. the chicago black hawks came in second with just nine votes. he it's easy to see why the capitals would be the favorite going into the second half of the season. on top of the great players. >> i just want to say thanks for my teammates and the whole organization. like i say it's pretty special. >> hoor are some spats they've one 35 of 47 games. only nine teams in history have done that. they have the best goal differential in the nsmt nhl. now, while the capitals are soaring, the wizards are reeling. they've lost five of their last six and they're in 11th place in
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the east. things have gotten so bad they held a meeting to address their issues mostly on defense where they are ranked 28th. that has to change if they want to make the playoffs. >> the wids ards defense has driven some fans to drink away their sorrows and that's where shawn and tony come in cheers to the weekend! >> we're not drinking away sorrows. we're celebrating. stick around because cheers to the weekend is coming up next.
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>> it's that time of the week where we say cheers to the weekend! every friday night we invite a local bartender to share their signature recipe. >> and tonight tommy burns is here to mix up for fox's sake. before you get started, where in the world did for fox sake come from? >> that's our family's last name. we had a project that took a bit of time. >> i thought it was maybe for us since you were coming here. >> it works both ways. >> quick answer there. >> tell us how do you make a for fox sake? i know a lot of folks have been snowed in all week so they need something to go into the weekend. >> we're going to start with bourbon. >> it's a hearty bourbon. it's going to do the truck.
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and we have some elder flower liquer. it's a little sweet, has some floor notes to it but the bourbon tempers that out. and we have our housemade ginger beer. >> you make this yourself? >> we make it all in house. we often roast the ginger. and fresh squeezed lemon. >> more of a trend, they like to do it all themselves. >> they like to make it hard on themselves. >> i think nowadays it's what customers want. >> you can taste the freshness.
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>> what does that do to it? >> it makes it smell good. >> oh, it does. >> the foam is fresh squeezed lemon, thyme simple syrup. >> you can find the recipes on our website, >> right here we make everything in house. >> we've got to go. we're going to taste it real quick. >> oh, yes, cheers! >> it's delicious.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: there's a challenger, coachella is no longer the biggest concert. look out for hoodchella. >> it's a real thing but coachella is a little salty about it. they actually filed suit. >> they must feel like there's competition here. that means hoodchella has huge acts. >> does coachella have d.j. corn breeze? i don't think so. [laughter] >> rob kardashian is dating blac chyna. not just to get back to the family, he's actually in love with her. >> thumb's up if there's really feelings between you two. >> if they get married, would she go blac chyna-kardashian. >> blac kardashian. >> blac kardashian. yeah, we finally get one, yeah. ronda rousey, went the back for some reshoots for her "si" spread. >> sloped. >> can you fix those slopes? >> guys want it sexy whether you have slopes or not.


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