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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> this month marks two yearsnt since the d.c. manh died across the street from the fire f department and no one came to help. we're live from a vigil being held in his honor. a wild ride with the weather melting ice out there. fox 5 news at six starts now. >>hi everyone. thanks for joining us. what a difference a week makes right. last saturday wind was gusting.. snow was falling steadily across dmv. now today a big difference. >>oh sure a big warm up is on i the way. that's good news if you are sick and tired of all of that left over snow.
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gwen joins us now. high there mat mat and lawrence. think back a week later we were standing outside in all that crazy weather.y today its a totally differentot story you areal right. we had a little bit of snow melt over the past 24 hours or so. then we had a refreeze is it waz a big issue lat night.ue tonight we are getting into the role leer coaster thing as farae as temperatures are kinders.ture let's take a look at what's happening. we're dealing with jet stream that's going to move in a different direction.en we've hadly colder air settling in.g as the jet stream starts to lift its way more to the north its n opening the door for a warmer flow of air to come in. as a i result of that, we are going to see our temperatures rise above the seasonal average. we're on this roller coaster again which we've been through most of the went withen w temperatures going up and down and going back up again. and above seasonal is not foreign to us definitely. we've experienced a lot of that. pressure moves out.
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temperature is anticipated to be anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees above seasonal average over the next few days. get ready for the warm up. here's a look at the highs from today. we're actually pretty much on the money. we should be about 42 to 44 degrees for average highs. we were in that ballpark. we're going to leave that in thi dust of the here's a look at tha two day forecast. for mild conditions mostly sunny skies on sunday 57 degrees. d and then monday, we're headed to the low 60s. while the ride isn't over once we get into the week we're going to see it get warmer before it cools brack down again. prepare yourself for not only warmer days toward the end of the week for cooler days to to kickback in again. here's a look at currentk temperatures. 41 degrees in philadelphia. 43 degrees in manassas and 47 at planner for tonight taking us into the low thirsts. a little warmer than it was last night. however, we are still talking you know what, becoming un u
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seasonal belly warm.ason i will have the details. allyl later, mat mat. mat. >> we'll see you soon.oon. thank you. you we are following a developing story out of denver police are investigating a deadly shooting at the denver coliseum one person dead and more injured. colorado motorcycle expo is being held at the coliseum this weekends. shooting happened after a fight. could be related to a will to a motor psyche kill gang. g police are investigating a deadly shooting in capital heights. the shooting happened near the ad does son road met treatmentod officers called to the arearea around 3:30 this afternoon. they say they found an adult man suffering from an a parentaren gunshot wound. he was p taken to the hop. where he died. so far no police are investigating. family and friends of sees millions are holding vigil thisi hour to remember his life andife call attention to what they i was is a lack of reform d.c.
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fire department. millions you may recall died in 2014 when he clams d across thes street from a fire station and firefighters didn't respond request for help. fox fire alexandria limon is live in northeast with details,s hey. >> reporter: hey guys, that'seyg right the family of mr. sisal m. millions and others gathering here for a vigil. take a look.o this is a shopping center in northeast d.c. where the 77 year old suffered a heart attack andd died. let me show you something else.s take aom look.ook. this right here directly across the street is the firehouse that's at the center of this controversy because nobody came to the aid of mr. mills when he suffered that heart a tack. tac since then it has been two years and over the summer the family filed a millionen dollar lawsuit against the city of d.c. and the five firefighters who were in that firehouse at the time because te they say they did not come to help. even though there were plenty of
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people in this shopping center there were witnesses who ran across the street and tried to flag down firefighter and askht them tero try to help. let me have marie, marie mills the daughter of mr. thank you m. for joining us. it has been two years how is your family doing today and what is i did >> we're hanging in there. we have great support throughout the and i'd like to thank everybody for that. we're doing the best that we can. and i just don't understand why after today it is still happening. i need people to do their job. just do your job. just help. that's what you're paid to do.o and following the laws. you know i was trying kind of taken a back when they said this person retired i said no that'ss not the law any more. then when they get other than tv and offer something well not all agencies follow the laws, i'mhe like if you don't have to follof the laws then their needs to be some type of bigger
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investigation.igat >> reporter: you don't feel things are changing since then n the culture win the fire f department. we have a new fire chief now do you think thing are every things are changing. >> we still have the same people not helping. we have firefighters and emt's not helping so, i don't think ghts changed. i don't think it is changed.hang like i told somebody two years ago, i'll know its changed wheng i can look at tv and i know longer have to see, we were in the fire station down the street but we didn't wen' were across the street ande didn't help.n' when i no longer see those stories weather ghts four yearss five years in between those stories then i can say maybe change has come.e. >> reporter: thank you marie. mi this is just now getting under way. we will have much more on thisn story tonight at 10 of the the reporting live in fox 5. >> alexandria we'll see again tonight. an arrest has been made but a child is still we are following developing
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news. where police have made an arrest in a missing child cases. police tell us a virginia tech fresh man is charged in i disappearance of 13 year old nicole, 18 year old david is from columbia, maryland, please would not say how he is is connected to the girl. she went missing last wednesday. she had a liver trains planter and police say she is in dangern because she does not have antini rejection medicine with her to prevent organ failure. fox 5 in prince george's countyg now where a car crashed into alh building. it happen this morning in hyattsville. police say the driver crashed into a become on the east westet highway p no one was injured.ed the crash is under investigation tonight. new tonight its been a busy week. two major events leading up to the iowa caucus. >> democratic town hall and republican take kin media attention. fox 5 political reporter joining
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us with more tonight. nice to have you here oner saturday night.. >> reporter: nice to be here ono a saturday night. and as you said this week was filled with some major events when you are thinking about the election. we have democratic town hall and a republican debate hosted byy fox news. preparing for iowa caucus thisst monday. outside of those major events there were still other politicah happening that you may havere missed. don't worry i've got the breakdown for you right here. >> the last nine months. >> reporter: first senator bernie sanders released health records. he is 74 year old. 178 pounds is in over all very a goodll health. if he wins he would be the oldest person to be elected president. main competitor hillary clinton hillary clinton ishi currently 8 year old. both have in november. there's a new hashtag taking over social media these do with
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more than policies, hashtag rand grilling a very funny video hit the web by the national commit. along with the video it has hashtag, its an epidemic, hashtag stand with rand, donaldl trump relieved a video where he thanks evangel companies forompa support and shows a bible given to him by his mother. >> i want to thank the i willil never let you down. ♪. >> reporter: now, if you are now like me you can't get enough of politics and following this election, don't miss tomorrow'sm election special. spe i will be company hosting. it's called fox 5 news on the hill. the race begins. b >> you know we will. thank you for joining you us. >> reporter: thank you.ter: >>all right a. and as fox 5 news continues its
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got you covered on all things campaign two thousand 16. >> coming up we've got the the latest from iowa until two days before the caucus. candidates are chris crossingrec the state. >>we're going to take to you california for a big break in aa man hunt for two prisoners, details how cops caught them. stay with us . neighborhood,i feel like
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it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it.
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[announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. >> just days to go before the t iowa caucuses and the candidates are in full swing to gather support. >> theists 22 of hillary clinto hillary clinton emails on es private server as secretary of state being declared top secret. >> reporter: the new york timesr is sending shock waives down tho campaign trail in iowa. the paper is endorsing governor john kasich and hillary clintoni hillary clinton. times viewed america's paper of record by some.
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>> i don't know if you've heard but i got the new york times endorsement today. okay. and people are like well, what does that mean you know. look, i think, i think that we want, some guy outside asked me what do you think about it. i any time anybody wants to see anything good about accept it. i this as guy that knows how to solve problems ee bernie sandere will be receiving secret servicr protection not in response to ao threat rather because of his increased popularity and the large crowds that are now gathering at his rallies. >> i would argue that the reasoh we are doing well is that peoplt understand we are trying to run a different kind of campaign.pag not one of personal attacks. one of dealing with real issues favoring the american people. and i'm not going to be engaged in personal attacks against clinton or anybody else. >> reporter: iowa caucus on the
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republican side speeches andhe then cast their pal lots. the votes are tabulate ted and reported to iowa gop with smart phone happen. on democratic side they must m gather in groups and publicly give support for their can dad's. starts monday sech p.m. central i'm. fox news. >> earlier today reporter supporters of sanders held a raleigh here in d.c. mcpherson square this morning. marched to civil war memorial. they say sander's campaign is c gaining steam and they hope others across the country willry soon join in. >> a lot more people are talking about bernie but it's important to actually see the people out o here who are really here. its saturday morning and it's really cool. >> supporters say they like li sander's message to fight economic quality in the country, fight for economic equality inay
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the country and hyssop porterd for a single pair healthcare system. a new pole shows 41% of persons is headed in the wrong direction. associate #-d press polled people last month top find outid why people feel this way. most of them say it's because the country's politics is broken. 51% of republicans and 38% of democrats site ted politics is the reason the country is on thn wrong track, foreign policy andy economy were mentioned but not considered major factor. f next week president obama meets with members of the muslim community.unit he plans to 50 on wednesday. w the president has been very outspoken in pushing backk against anti muslim sun at a including donald trump and his plan to block muslim from that entering the united states. piece talks are under way toned the civil was in syria. the conflict has dragged on for nearly five years with no end
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insight. tonight the main opposition opp group is in ganef have but g refusing to sit at the bargaining tape. >> reporter: some protesterter: gathered outside the united nation headquarters i know whero peace talks to end the war finally began after several delays. the un special on say to the crisis met with syria's delegation. intermediary between syria's main opposition group, higher negotiation commit and syria's delegation representing zero january president.ja the talks were supposed o start monday. but have been delayed because bc of, over who and what opposition groups should be part of the discussion.di the syrian democratic, welcome >> presence of the otherer delegation is very important.
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because about our, i didn't understand that up to now. >> reporter: the us and un have promised to higher negotiation commit that its demands for russia and syria to stop the air strikes on civilian locations and hospital will be taken seriously. air strikes continue today. so far, in the nearly five years of fighting more than 250,000 20 people killed and close do 11 million people fled syria. also been reports offer people r starving to death because of government blockades also be part of the talks. secretary of stake john kerry spoke by phone with russia's foreign minister agreeing to assess the talks at a meeting february 11th. and one of the main questions that needs to be answered whatre should be done about zero
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january president who is back by russia. peace talks could last weeks if not months that is, if they don't fall a part first. injure argues shalom fox news. >> 33 turkish migrants heading to greece or dead after boat cap exercised. five of those who drowned were children of the the ship was on s way to greek eye land one of the most popular great ways.ays. the coast guard rescued 75 survivors. coming up helping veterans in need. >> local and federal, and those in danger of become mink homeless we got details on that. first take a look at this. panda couple bao bao having funl ine the snow.w. national zoo's two year old panda having a blast. she rolled around in the light n stuff. she even eight some of it.
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tangled from a tree branch. she is too cute. got to love the panda cam. ♪
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into too today an effort to help un told struggle. >> a lot of times we are on theo back burner. and we've been that way tabor so long.o y are'm seeing the embracing us. into is it after talking to these women veterans you get a women's health has come a longao way. >>i oftentimes say rome wasn't built in a day but rome was built. and the same with us. we can't do things right away. you know we do have our bur rockrose, just to have the conversation on the table. >>a conversation that many women veterans say needs to happen about what they go throughough during their time served also after. >> we know through politics, p
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through the military, through education, through employment. so we know that women veterans coming out of the military, have had a tough time. it's difficult to trust others. relating to non military peoplep always on edge looking behind their back. that makes it difficult to function whether at a desk jobk or any job, difficulty,cult functioning in society. >> i am in my house, in myy apartment. i was in transition and just really like not, now, i really moved up. >> we have come a long ways as far as being female. >> in northwest d.c. fox 5 local news. gentleman by the way there as callhe center for female veteras the number is 1855va women.
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>>females now 14 and a half% of active military duty. and 18% of guard and reserve force, so. >> they deserve it. they deserve it for all that they've done. i am hoping that maybe inopn two days there won't be any snon on my sidewalk because i got a lot still. >> see what i can do for you. . gentleman jewel all right.n let's see what we can do well, you know what today wasn'd a bad day. pretty cold last night though. we dealt with a refreeze something we don't like to talk about. the snow melt ted and then we ended up having a refreeze last night. shot outside right now. we got mainly clear skies. they're not all bad. not a lot haming here.ot you know fairly clear signals, a few high clouds to the north and to the west of us kind of pullul into night.
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basically at least we don't havd any storm systems to talk about right now. that's at least some good news. we don't p want to know aboutw any more snow. we got enough to last the whole season. temperatures were where theyes should be for this time of year. seasonal average 44 degrees. 42 reagan national airport. 45 at dulles. and 43 at bwi. right on the door steps. that that is going to change.oit we're going to see a real roller coast ride with temperatures as we progress into the next few days. up and down mid atlantic a lot temperatures in the 30s. middle atlantic to the 40s. south 50s. same story to the west. and this is behinder kind of an indication to where were headed as we start to see things changg and the mercury start to rise. right now 38 degrees annapolis.n 41 d.c.... 43 degrees at manassas this hour. same add fred dick, 41 hagerstown. 43 winchester. double fours at culpeper and
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dulles. what is going to be happening. we're going to get a real change in pattern in terms of jet stream. jet stream has been to the south. it's really just kind of left it sitting there that kind of goino to see a little bit of variancev as the jet stream starts to to progresses to the north as itt does we have high pressure in place. that's going to pull out. opens up the door for a nicer flow all that warm air down to the south friends in florida are experiencing, we're going to geo a little taste of that. we're going to start to see ourr temperatures rise into the 50s and into the low 60 once we gete into tomorrow and guess what, going to stick around just a little bit.ttle not all bad at all. here's a look at your temperature trend look at the difference as the mer curry rises it's going to dip back down again. tonight a cool 34 degrees.. but tomorrow, wait until you see it in the forecast. i'll have those details a little later. >>all right.
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gwen thank you. taking the plunge. hundreds hundreds of people gathered at national harbor for a plunge. at least it was a little bit warmer. people braced the after math off the blizzard 2016 took a dip events raises money for awareness about climate change. >> you ever done that before. no i'm not a big cold west point i don't want to be wet and cold. >> i don't like to be out in the dry conditions. >> you probably get numb its so cold. >> they usually have a tente close by so you can get warmed up into. its a good cause. >> how about just donate. [ laughter ]. >>newses at six just getting started coming up the massive man hunt for three escaped e prisoners comes to an end. authorities found escaped prisoners hiding out. that's coming up in just minutes.
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into the leader of the group that occupied a wide life reach june will remain behind bars. >> a judge denied bond. a dozen followers after arrest. four of bun key's supporters k still hold up inside the building and refusing to leave. get the latest. >> reporter: to you's deadly confrontation here in oregon prompted a mass exodus from that
6:31 pm
federal wildlife. w the leader has told his followers to go on home. but four people still refused to give up protest over federal land policies. this normally quiet town remains in done dated with law enforcement and media.. that is because other groups calling themselvescall constitutional rights add catsi have put out a call to actionon asking for more like minded activist to come to burns to support the cause. if not at the refuge which is ask you surrounded by federal agent then in the town. most residence say they with they hadn't brought weapons. in fact, morning half the lands here in oregon is federally controlled. ranger says statess and city's lose out economically. its often a challenge dealinglle with federal government on issues such as grazing rights. he hopes this protest leads to change. >> i hope the county, ghts ournt
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lands that we all can share. that the county needs to receive ref 92 from the lands not federal government.over not somebody that's going to spend it on pet project. got to come back here. if it happens who knows. >> reporter: at a detentiona hearing in portland on fridayday the group's leader told the judge he left his country.ntry this is his misses hundred family and promises to obey any orders from the court k adding occupation was a peaceful option based on fee do you mean ofee speech the judge didn't bu dy it and denied bail. bai so far 11 people have been arrested all on conspiracy charges. as for the four people hold up at the refuge they say they will peaceful physical surrender onle if none of them are arrested. they are demanding pardons for everyone that has been arrested something that is highly unlike dollar happen. fox news. >> massive man hunt for two
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escaped inmates is over. officials caught them today in san francisco. san franciscois people credit aco tip for leadig them to escaped in plates. a woman saw a white van that looked like one of the inmates what they were said to be in. they found ammunition in the van but no gun.un three men broke out of orange county jail. took staff 16 hours to realizeo they were missing. on friday one of the men turned himself into authorities. this is the first time in nearly 30 years that someone has successfully escaped from that jail.jail michigan governor rick g flight is under fire for handling of the flint water crisis. he apologized. an administration mistakes.take he didn't know extent after water's danger until october. a lot of people think that he's lying. the governor rejected calls to resign over the crisis.risi he has pledged to fix it. it for months they have been drinking tap water that wasn't properly treated. couldn't camm
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98 ted to led. led leads to learning disability. >> that's an awful situation just looking at the pictures ofs that dark water. >> you know. so necessary. babies and everything. >> hope they get it figured out soon. when the pope you came to the d.c. area in the fall everyone was obsessed with the t pope mobil. >> one of those fiat cars belongs to a pennsylvania man. we're going to tell you how much the pope mobil sold for at an an auction in philadelphia last night. every wonder what d.c. looks like from space. astronaut from the international space pretty amazing right. >> gorgeous. ♪ x
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>> so, how would you like to have a mope mobile. >> why not, right. one of the two fiat's that pope frances used on trip to. s waso up for grabs at auto show auction in philadelphia. foxes lauren green has the details. >> reporter: normally 2015 fiata sells for 25 thousand dollars. because of this one's previous passenger it is valued at a much higher price. >> it was a well-known, getting in and out of of small fiat in n philadelphia for the world for meeting of families. the 79 year old pontiff choseoni the iconic car and keeping with no frills style. vehicle gifts from the chryslers fiat company for the 50.. >> its the gift that keeps giving. has had such an impact here in philadelphia. and these fiat's and this auction, its just another way wa for philadelphia to say, take a
6:38 pm
moment, and think about what the 50 meant visit meant to all off us. >> reporter: one being auctionei off at a black tie affair. >> could you see six figures for a 25 thousand dollar car. i think maybe. we don't know what the pop brick will value the pope's present it a vehicle for.le i mean its special. >> reporter: the money raced for the auction willing to benefit several catholic charts here in philadelphia. >> there we are. >> here we are. we had an update somebody bought the car not six figures exactly but. >> the new owner says he will put the car on display in one of his car dealerships.hips. that makes sense at track everybody. come test drive our car test drive the pope's car.
6:39 pm
not a bad idea.dea a new survey the. >> who came in number one it was hawaii followed by alaska, which header held stop spot last year. >> alaska really. >> a low hastate has been numbee one five times since 2008. survey compiled residents across the country included several factor such as finances and social interaction. and shore beaches and freshsh fish. maryland came in at 34. virginia was 17th on the list. and for the 7th straight year west virginia ranked number 50. >> that's not g i love west virginia. >> yes. gorgeous.>> all right. still ahead, we know what rock star david bowie's final wishes are tonight.t. find out who he's leaving hiseag millions to and where he wants
6:40 pm
his final resting place to be. >> we joke about it now but honestly we just wanted to haveh fun. >>and it look like fun. next you are going to meet a toddler from utah hitting the close. you won't believe how old thisld little one is. is. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ >> rock legend david bowie's final wishes are to leave his fortune to his wife and two children. he is ma at any time ted he is. ashes spread in a ritual in. in. he left two million dollars to a long time personal assistant and one million dollars to a friend. bowie died earlier this week. bowie not bowie early this week from cancer. he was 69 year old. >> love him. goo 82 yeah. yeah. great music. >> all right. well tomorrow night at seven p.m. if you haven't heard a live presentation of greece willeece begin right here after our 6:00. >> i love grease. friday morning news. >> yeah. >> hey, this has got everyone talking adam housely reports onr
6:44 pm
what cast members are saying about preparing for this live event and what happens if something goes wrong. ♪ >> reporter: on sunday fox's production of grease live will introduce a new generation of fans made famous by john travolta and oliva newton john. >> seven years later this filmim was still so popular.. it keeps us connector ted too. >> reporter: this time around julian huh play the lead roles. into foo about a time in the 505 i think. it was an innocent time you know there's some bad stuff happening now. so kind of go on a trip too another time where things were easier.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: jessie kicks things off sinking the title song. >> a lot of pressure being theig first one on stage. i love that rush the nerves i'm going to get. i feel honored and very lucky to experience something like this. ♪. thrown in what i kind of like tk do i like this i like this. >> reporter: during the three hour live production rye cast members will be shuttle ted ined gulf carts on the warner brother lot where anything could happen. >> i think i got one of them so god help all of us. i'm a horrible driver. [ laughter ] >> i am driving at one point. >> reporter: and when it comes to sinking their favorite song n these guys can perform on the
6:46 pm
spot. >> grease is the word. is the word. its got groove its got meaning. >> reporter: in hollywood, adam housely, fox news. >> i hope the gulf carts don't breakdown either. [ laughter ]. >> want you all to know that i i played frenchie in third grade. >> well belt out a number. hit it.hi i thinkt we have to find the th music. all right. we didn't know this. >> got to love grease. >> everybody knows the songs too. people are talking about grease and their you can talkinl about the snow melting tomorrow and the next day and the next day. right. we need to talk weather. >> yeah, we got to bring it in. we're going to be getting warmer snow melt is a result of that. we're going to get un season inu a rewarmer p i keep saying whati season are we in is does anybody
6:47 pm
no? >> the role leer coast rideer begins. we've been dealing with it inn terms of temperature for theo entire winter. no surprise, right. everybody knows it's about to happen. so, for today, we had plenty of sunshine allot there.hi clear skies. and tonight isne not going to be quite aces cold as it was lastas night where we were in the 20s. and it was really cold. in fact we dealt with a refreeze last night from the no, sir melr we had earlier in the day. we have a sunny sunday it will be mild. so we are going to get that warm up. and late week, we're going to cane of get back to reality. it's going to be cooler an lot more seasonal. sea one of my twitter followers sent this and gage permission to usee it. this was the sung rise in virginia. really beautiful. you can salee the snow still pretty evident there as well. w but a beautiful shot. thank you for sharing that with us. sunlight radar we have a few f high clouds. other than that ghts really ght going to be mostly clear skiesle forar tonight. t and our highs today were prettyr
6:48 pm
much and the money. t we are about 44 degrees we hitew into the low to mid 40s today. not too far off the market all three airports. here is where we are 41 degrees right now i i know the nations capital. cooler in baltimore 39. 37 gaithersburg. 41 for hagerstown, martinsburg. double four's for culpeper. 35 degrees for fredericksburg. we had a gusty day yesterday. fairly light today. overnight lows clear skies, mostly clear skies i should say, will be into the 30s pretty much every where. so none of what we had last night. still going to be kind of cool. a little bit of fog possibly in the morning hours. we're going to start to see even late tonight going to start to see the quarrel mer air move in and over that snow pack that's how we can kinds of see possible fog starting to form. high pressure starts to move itr way out to the east tonight. opens up the door pho thatha
6:49 pm
sorrily flow. store tonight still we've got clear skies and some cooler air still in place.n but as we move into tomorrow, totally different ball game. because we're going to see that jet stream head to the north. pressure moves out. door opens up warmer air headsea in. 10 to 20 degrees above average for daytime highs as we head to the 50s and 60. tomorrow under plenty sunshine this is going to help with the snow melt with temperatures being in mid to upper 50s to our south we're looking at a temperatures into the low 60. here's day planner for tomorrowm midday 50 degrees 54 by the time we hit 5:00 hour. for tonight putting it together for you 34 mostly clear skies. once again a chance of some fog which could linger to early morning hours.rnin and our high at 57 degrees. now, that snow melt and that t warm air well guess what that's going to be a thing happening aa few days. tuesday ground hog day will he
6:50 pm
or will he not see that shad devour. within is the day we have to watch a strong frontal systemal coming in. a few showers monday night into fuse. we're going stob real really rea warm into 60s widespread rainfall. if you got snow covering drains anywhere near your house try to get it out of the way between b snow melt and rain. r can cause problems. >> thank you, gwen. master ring the skill ofll snow boarding is no easy feet. f one person from utah is makingig it look effortless. she's been hitting the slopes. her family started training herg in backyard before they took her to a mount. they didn't know their daughteru would love snow boarding. now she is really enjoying it. [ laughter ].[ la you got to love that. she's 10 times better than i am.
6:51 pm
>> i wouldn't even touch snow boarding. >> i'm more of a skier she's s ready for the x games. sign her upright now. probably hit the slopes. it's also weekends in nfl cavs looking like stain caps stanley call favorite.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> nhl all star weekend.ta caps are looking like favorite. >> predictions.>> one of those things whenever one comes in picking them they have the play and stats to back its up. this week coaches polled aboutol which deems they see as best inn the league at the all star break and who they see. 25 of the 27 coaches said the caps will win the eastern conference and make the final. beyond that 16 of those coacheso picked the caps to win the cupup this season. chicago black hawks came in second with anyone votes.
6:54 pm
its easy to see with caps will be favorite. they lead the league in points.. playing few west games in nhl. on top of great players, promising young player certified star will play in first all star game of his career on sunday. >> thing that separated from our team from teams in the past thit year basically is we all new what nick could do. and there was a ton on his shoulder all times because of how he played in all three zones and he had to do more work atk every game because of how talented he was. and he's coming into his own as a number one center. here are stats they one sta drive of 47 dames. nine teams in histo have done that. 129 points that would be the most in 29 years.
6:55 pm
25 more than second place dallas. so while the caps are sore ringg the wizard they lost five of th last six. 11th in the east. things have gotten so bad they held a players only meeting to address issues. mostly defense. def ree sam end offense going to create nor space forgot about ao defense. they have to change if they want to make playoffs. >> defensive, out score people,. we just. >> questioned redskins need to answer. will they resign kirk cousins.ou surprising he division title. how much will kirk get. there's speculation that he will receive a four-year deal.
6:56 pm
the sal leery anywhere from mean to 20 million dollars a year. franchise lock cousins into ato one year deal around 20 million dollars. >> certainly there's a possibility. i don't know i mean the team has that option the ball is in their court. see what they choose to do. into 32 a professional sport a great opportunity we have. a great position to be in. and we'll see how it plays out. >> i saw him improve as the sees within on. standpoint going forward weorwa would like to have him around. with me and the organization we won't talk contract stuff with media. i want him to be part of the redskins. >> serene in a williams, a competitor that never won a a grand slam title.
6:57 pm
most all time. she had yet to drop a set in the tournament. easy right.. well not so fast. those who stayed up were treated to a shocker coming into the the torn met, today she took advantage offer a tense serene in a williams, she took the first set six, four, williams battled back, herbert one first major title of her career. over the greatest woman tennis t player. huge huge upset this morning. potentially a big match tonight on fox 5 8:00 uufc. should be a big one. we're on after that. >> quick check of the weather. we've got a warm up. when are we getting snow. when ithe snow leaving. snow melt happening. 50s and 60, folks, so be prepared. unseasonably warm.ab then we cool down ends the week. >> look at that.
6:58 pm
thank you. we'll see you later tonight. ton 10 and 11. see you after the fight. take care everybody.
6:59 pm
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