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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 6.. tonight at 6, another big break-in a murder investigation i involving a virginia teenager who was width napped last w tonight, a second person is behind bars. we're live with the breaking details. plus, a gift from mother nature after the brutal blizzard of 2016. the heat is on. we're looking at temps in the the 60s tomorrow. it's 6:00. and good to have you with us, i'm will thomas and i'm lauren demarco. our top story, breaking developments into thethe investigation into the alleged murder of a 13 year old virginia girl, nicole local. loc > two virginia tech studentsni are noa w facing charges in nicole's death. they arrested david eisenhower
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yesterday. fox5's alexandra limon is live with the new developments innts laurel tonight where the new suspect arrested nationally coopers lives. >>reporter:s that he's right theha familiar live that second suspect who was arrested this thi morning lives here in this t laurel development. they were not home when we knocked on their door, but neighbors who were out and aboutut tonight tell us they know the family, it seems like a normal the 19 year old seems like a norm l al college student and they're completely taken aback aba that she was arrested in connection with a kidnapping and murder of a 13 year old in blacksburg, virginia.rg this morning police arrested nationally keeps who is aly k student at virginia tech. she is facing v a felony charge c for improper disposal of a dead body and a misdemeanor chargeanor for accessory in the commission of a felony.y. all of this after police announced yesterday that theyer found the body of 13 year old nicole local who had been missing since wednesday.
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the blacksburg police chief said that eisenhower and love ell didn't know each other before bef her disappearance, but they're still trying to figure out exactly how the two met. last night the victim's heartbroken friends and familyd met for a vigil outside of her home. >> this hurts real bad. now we know she's in a better place. we come out here to this vigil tonight to pray for nicole, for her return home. h we didn't realize going into this h until right before that she had been found and she wasn't going to be coming home. hom the latest information that we have on this ongoing
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investigation is that divers from the virginia state policeolic spent the day at the virginia tech campus searching a pond there for evidence. virginia state police said theyice do know what they are looking for, however they're not releasing that information at this time. also, the blacksburg police department who is leading this investigation has not said how 13 year old love el was killed. > reporting live in laurel, alexandra limon fox5 local news. > another live report from l fro alex tonight at 10. thank you.ank >> heart breaking. in d.c. police are searching for a missing teenager, 14 year old kinsey fluoresce went missing yesterday.yest fluoresce was last seen on park road in i if you've seen her please give d.c. police a call. investigators are seeking more investigation about a d.c. dentist accused of sexually assaulting one of his patientss during a medical procedure. they a43 year old dr. acquisition mad assaulted ated patient at his office on m street in northwest. he is now facing first degree
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sex abuse charges. c the indent happened on thursday and d.c. police are now asking anyone who has informationas i regarding this incident or similar incidents to give them a call. > and you know what even though the blizzard of 2016 hasme and gone, a lot of that snow is still covering onn streets and sidewalks. that seems to be part of the problem out in virginia. heads up for parents of studentss in loudon county. c the school will be on a two-hour delay. fox quarter public schools will operate on a one hur delay. the schools giving students a little more time to navigate the streets and sidewalk.ewal things are warming up tomorrow.w. this is a 180. >> we're actually back to that roller coaster ride with our temperatures, you know. colder warmer, colder warmer. > we're in palm springs.prin >> we're starting to get used to that whole pattern. today temperatures well above seasonal and tomorrow we're
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going to be climbing that as well with the mercury. let's begin with a look at our highs for today, folks, but we were at least some 14-degrees above the cease national average. we hit 57-degrees at reagan national airport.. 60 at dulles and 6 # at bwi thurgood marshal. i have to ask the same question asked last night, what season s are we in i know we're getting really confused about it this winter. things have been all over the place. as we take a look up and down the mid atlantic we're not alone alo with those temperatures. take a look at the 60s here. unbelievable. areas tot west as well as tot south. currently those temperaturese te into the 60s. 60s a little cooler to the north boston at 49. new york city at 47. but this warm air continues to move its way up from the south and it will continue into tomorrow, also. a our current temperatures rightre now this hour 50-degrees at d.c., the same at gaithersburg, 55 at dulles, 52 at martinsburg.. we've got 50 at baltimore, 47-degrees at annapolis, 59 at
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fredericksburg and 56-degrees at culpeper. the weekend pattern has been with warmer air moving into place. that sticks around as we enter ent into the beginning of a brand new week. we're looking at upper 50s and low 60s pretty much every where across the board. of course lower southernouth maryland will probably hit more tot 60s and we'll up the i95 corridor to the north. the bottom line it's going to be mild and the million dollars airon d is going to help with the snow pack melt once we get through into most the day tomorrow. tom tomorrow we're talking mostly cloudy skies and with the warm the air and the snow pack in place we're also talking about developing that within the same story oncee you start thesa morning hours. visibility is definitely going to be an issue so be careful especially traveling on the snow covered roads with the fog.. here's a look the planner by 9:00 we'll be about 50. by the 9:00 48-degrees. your full forecast is coming upp
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in just a > even though it's warm out and that has helped melt some of the snow, road crews are still hard at work trying to clear moreyi lanes, especially on the side streets. this was the scene earlier today tod in northwest d.c., plows trying to get rid of the huge mounds of snow.. they're still out there. some drivers are still having navigating the streets where whe snow remains piled up. up. if it's a passive sidewalk or street under a canopy of trees it can be icy. someone slipped at my house on h the driveway. > you have to be careful. c we are just one aday away from the 2016 caucuses on iowa. candidates on both sides of the aisle are hoping they can appeal a to voters, especially those undecided voters.un we have thede latest on campaign cam 2016. >> if you haven't signed up for healthcare, you are running out of time. what you need to know about the big deadline ahead.
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> it is down to the wire asow presidential candidates hope to persuade the repaining undecidedndec
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voters in the first of the nation's voting tomorrow. >> as fox's joel waldman shows sho us the candidates are crisscrossing iowa on the eve of the caucuses. > as campaign volunteers go door to door, the candidates went network to network trying t to convince everyone it's their opponent who should be biting bit their nails. >> i don't have to within it and right now you and i are sitting in new hampshire. as you know i have a substantial lead in new hampshire. i think it would be good to win iowa.iowa i'd like to win iowa. ted has 10,000 involve terse. ter every endorser in iowa he wanted, he got. his campaign has been predicting victory for weeks. w we are at a statistical dead heat for first place. > right now this is all about turn out.tu > on the democratic side, clinton has a slight lead overver sanders in the latest poll. p but that lead is within the margin offeror.
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if working people n and lower income people and young people come out to vote in significant numbers tomorrow night we're going to win this thing and pull pul off the great political upsets in recent history. hillary clinton says the ruling t that some of the e-mails on her famous private secret seems to be politically charged. >> i am going to leave that to others to comment on. i just have to point out that the timing and some of the leaks that have led up to it are concerning. > caucusing starts here in iowa in on monday night at 7:00 p.m. local time. in iowa joel waldman, fox news. > an importadline to tell you about, if you haven't signed sig up for private health insurance you have until 11:59 to get it it done if you live in d.c. or virginia. maryland is giving you until unt next friday to sane up. it's extended the deadline to february 5 because of the blizzard.
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people who remain uninsured will face the fine, the minimum penalty is 695-dollar as if you remain without health insuranceinsu for the full year. > the sex assault case against bill cosby will take center cen stage in fifth a hearing will bering held on tuesday. defense charges will attempt to to get the charges against cross did i thrown out. they say he had a previous deal with authorities that allowed a him to testify in a civil suitivil his accuser filed years ago.ears cosby says he was told information he disclosed in that deposition would not be usedused against in i am in a crime california trial. prosecutors say they have no evidence of an immunity deal. we should learn more about what caused an amtrak train to derail d in philadelphia last year. the national transportation tra safety board will remore information on the crash tomorrow. eight people were killed and more than 200 others were hurtt last may. the train was traveling more than 100 miles an hour when it should have slowed to 50 miles 5 an hour approaching a curve.
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the train's engineer hit the emergency brakes just seconds before it derailed, but it's it' still unclear where the train sped up. coming up at 6, talk about an inspiration. you're going to meet a d.c. man man who was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident several a years ago, but accs you see, he refuses to let his disability hold him back. stay with us. mom! baby! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh, i know! hey, why don't you rn off your phone and all your stuff? good idea. it's off. mom?
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> a d.c. man is training forma one ofn his biggest and establishments yet in his sport after an establish left himst paralyzed a few years backab a distracted driver cut him off and he crashed his motorcycle. mot he may never walk again but his determination to be a top competing athlete inspires all of us who hears his story. >>reporter: three times a day you can find derek in the gym. he's a fitness trainer. he was even giving us some tips. he's training for an upcomingg body building competition as com well and this is nothing new for for derek who is a seasoned veteran v at these competitions. fairfax, 1997, i think it was that was my first show and actually won my class in that show. two weeks later i did the potomac cup which was down in woodbridge and i came in fourth
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place. it was a virginia show. sho this time it's one of a kind, wheelchair body building. >> it's a struggle just to go through life and then have --ave going to the gym is the fun part > derek is paralyzed from the waist down after a motorcycle accident three years ago. a i came to on my back looking up up in the sky, just a hazing moment looking at the sky, thinkinghink wow, am i going to die. >> the doctor said we saved your life. i don't know if you'll ever walk again, but we saved your life. >> that's what i came to. to. i thought this is not what iwhat want to hear. h who wants to hear this. unable to find work since hisis accident as a fitness trainer, he lifts to train.
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they're doing something to lift his spirits. s you push yourself that hard -- h in the gym, there's no stop signs, there's no speed limits. > in northeast d.c. meaghan dice fox5 local news. > you can see why he inspires p. it's hard enough to work out. out he's stuck in a wheelchair. he's inspiring everyone around us. >> the weather has been amazing a except for all the when the stuff on the ground. > that happens when the warmth melts the snow but i'm not complaining. >> like i said last night, everybody was like when are we getting the snow and we got it it and now it's when is it going. it's not going to be out in any big way. gradually as the temperatureshe continue to rise and we get the the snow melt and the good news is that we're not worried about icing or refreezing as far as tonight is concerned because we've been get surge of mild warm air that started late last
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night. that warm air, take a look at what it did for our temperatures today. yesterday we were into the low low 40s and that's exactly where we should have been. but today, totally different story. weaver ' on the roller coaster ride i keep talking about.g a 57 at reagan national airport air our high today, 60 at dulles and 6 # at bwi thurgood marshal. temperatures almost s s someome 14-degrees above the seasonal average. mother nature just toying withg wi us. we're not alone.we'r take a look. l if you take a look at the national map up and undo the mid atlantic we're seeing the warmer war air moving in and the colder air finally getting pushed more totd mo form. we are getting a breakgett just as well as many of ourur areas are getting a break. boss and and new york are a little bit cooler. c our temperatures fairly conferrable, folks, 50 at2 d.c., 47 at annapolis. we have 50 at baltimore, a 4 at frederick. martinsburg and winchester and cumberland all at 52-degrees.
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woo he have 55 kicking in dulles and 54 at manassas. m that warm air has really made a big difference in ourour temperatures.te this is the temperature change difference from 24 hours ago h this hour until now. now take a look. we're anywhere from about 9 to even 20 degrees warmer than wen were yesterday at this so that's a pretty good indication of where we're headed as we get into monday. the southerly flow is going to continue. for tonight we'ring whying to to have to h think about a few clouds moving in and that willt be pretty much the order of the night. lots of cloudy skies. we've got fog to deal with as well and the fog will start to kick in into the late night nig hours lingering into tomorrowo morning and that's because that warmer air is coming in over thever snow the fog definitely will cause c some visibility issues for your morning. so just be aware of that. what are we looking at tonight for overnight lowe's. temperatures into the mid 40s pretty much every where. a few lower 40s to the north and tot west, 49 at frederick, but
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over all not too bad. look at temperature trend fortu the week. here's my roller coaster because it's up and down, up and down. we're going to go up and back down again. by the time we get to the end of e the week we're going to be exactly where we should be once again. we are talking about the roller coaster temperatures. t coming up we'll have a look at the five-day forecast and some changes that are coming up by the time we get to mid-week and let's not forget tuesday is ground hawg day. what will that ground hawg see. > it will be interesting. >> we'll see.>> > uber is becoming an increasing popular way to helpelp people get around.und. >> it's really changed the wayy we get around in major cities, hasn't it? > more and more it's not only a moved transportation, it's becoming a target for cyber thieves. fox's karen scolion has a closer look. >>reporter: uber has millions m of users, that means thousands t
6:22 pm
of users are at risk. r they are looking for a free ride. it's a new spin on an old trick. t the only thing that's changed is the target. > while you may check your credit card statements everyvery month, a lot of us maybe don't follow our uber accounts quite as closely. it only takes a few seconds to ripped off and it all goes back bac to you. you took the bait and it only took a single click. typically an anchor will send a victim an e-mail congratulations you've won a free gift card, car click here. in that click you just downloaded malwear to your mal device much it's a key logger recording every single thing you type. so if you're going to uber document they know you're goingoing there and they now have your you user name and pass ward because you just typed it. >> once they have your passwordd they sell it on the dark net for four to seven bucks a pop for
6:23 pm
anyone willing to buy it andit a there are plenty of buyers. b best advice avoid the click. if you do get caught here's the best advice to recoup your money. as long they use a credit card car as opposed to a debit account, consumers have stronger rights with credit cards versus debit cards.s. we may love how technology has made live ease yes, but there is a price we pay for that easy living. whenever we gain convenient from technology we're giving up a little bit of our security.ecur > that seems to be the bestest advice in that piece is if youf can prevent it don't use your debit card use the credit card because you have more rights. >> and that's the case with a a lot of things, i think. > according to data compiled by trend micro, someone's uber account information actually act sells for more than on the so-called deep web or dark web than someone's credit cardard information. that's pretty wild.
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> the growing seek a virus causing concerns for 2016 olympic others inry on. the outbreak of the virus is said to be creating some issues. i a stage wrestling test was overshaded today and several rest letters discussed staying in t their hotels to avoid seek a carrying mosquitoes, the growing international healthtion emergency that the vie us becoming will square away athletes and fans for athletes planning to travel to the country's first olympics. >> discussing with state entities involved on mitigating the risks of mosquitoes so actions are being taken with special vehicles. v this is work that has been done don so far and we'll continue on the c way to the games. we are sure we'll be okay about the international olympic committee is urging travelers to to
6:25 pm
take precautions against mosquitoes bytes and for women wom who intend to become pregnant they insist the august games gam will go ahead as planned and will be secured for athletes and visitors. > that is terrifying that video. > let's hope their confidence pays off and they'll be prepared for it. > still to come in our next half hour. weir using to revise it our top story. sto two peopled in the kidnapping and murder of the 13 t year old girl. we'll have an update as our 6:00 news continues for your sunday night.
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> back now with an update onw our top story.wi we are following newew developments in the investigation into the allegedhe a murder of a 13 year old virginia girl. her name nicole love el. two virginia tech students are facing charges in the kidnapping k and kidnapping of that girl. police arrested this girl, 19 year old nationally coopers asat wellio as 18 year old david eisenhower. he was arrested yesterday. alexandra limon is live in laurel with the very latest in the investigation. >>reporter: guys this is such a sad and disturbing story, the family of that second suspect sus who was arrested this morning lives here in this laurel development. nobody was home when we knocked on their door.en d but neighbors say they are completely taken aback to learn that another college student was
6:29 pm
arrested in connection with theith murder and kidnapping of a 13 year old girl from the blacksburg area. today police arrested they arrested 19 year old nationally coopers who is a student att virginia tech.ech. she is now facing a felony charge for improper disposal ofl of a dead body and misdemeanor charge for accessory after the the fact in the commission of a felony. all of this after police announced yesterday that they found the body of 13 year oldld nicole love el. she had been missing since wednesday. her remains were discovered in north carolina. 18 year old david eisenhowerwer, who was from columbia, marylandd and also a freshman at virginia v tech was arrested yesterday. he is charged with first degree murder and felony abduction. the blacksburg police chief whoce c is leading this entire murderder investigation said is hour and and the victim knew each other before her disappearance, but they're still trying to figureo f out exactly how they met. tonight we have reaction from ninors of that second suspect
6:30 pm
who was arrested today. i was originally shocked. let's be honest. that's not something you expect exp in your average run of the million neighborhood.eigh i don't have a whole lot interaction with her. actually i haven't seen her in a little. but it is a little surprising, to say the least.east > this investigation is still very much ongoing and the latest information that we have is that divers from the virginia state police search team spent the day on the virginia tech campus and they're searching a pond there. now, virginia state police said they know what they're looking for, however they're not releasing that information tot public at this time. the blacksburg police department hasn't said how that 13 year old old girl was killed. reporting live in laurel, alexandra limon fox5 local news > the colorado motorcycle expo in denver colorado has been canceled today after there was a deadly shooting yesterday. police say one person died and
6:31 pm
seven others were injured in a fight involving members of biker clubs. so far no arrests have been made. it is still unclear what prompted the shooting, but witnesses say it was chaotic. c all three men who escaped from an orange california jail are now back behind jails. one man was arrested friday the other two were arrested in san sysco. a san francisco tipster reported seeing a white van that looked l like the one that the escape 's were in. the concerned citizen help hed bring the sag a to an end. end the citizen did a great job of notifying police aboutg po suspicious activity and we encourage every other citizen to to do so. police say they found 30830 rounds of a.m. owe in the prisoner's stolen van. > a british airlines flight was diverted back to london yesterday because of mechanical problems. the issue happened two hoursen
6:32 pm
into the flight. the pilot says there was an issue with a landing gear.ear. never a good thing on a plane, right. only three of the five wheels w were working properly. the plane landed safely back in london and passengers were rebooked on other flights. > mourners are gathering in new york city to say their final farewell to abe bore goad a. he is best known for plage onn barney miller. his life ended over three decades after a false report claimed that he was dead leading l to a long running joke on whether he was dead or alive. the actor died on tuesday at thet age of 94. > super bowl sunday just oneust week away. awa the excitement is building. b for some of you it's just another reason to party. up next, how much the average ave person will spend and how many chicken wings will americans consume? it is a massive amount,s a you can imagine.
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[announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined.
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> if you haven't heard, nextha sunday is super bowlve sunday. a lot of people hosting parties. >> the national retail federation say people betweenbetw the ages of 25 and 34 will spend 140 bucks for game-day prep. most of that goes towards munchies. this year americans are expected to eat 278 million after cod cod owes during super bowl week. that is a whole lot.ot. don't forget the main dish the national chicken counsel says people will consume 1.3 billionon chicken wings.chic i love the buffalo chicken dip. d have you had that. >> oh, yes. anything buffalo sauce.auce gawk not so much.h. > we can tell i'm all about the snack food these days. d >> new york city performance artist is in the midst making
6:36 pm
1500 peanut butter and jelly. > do you have a.. >> i love that. today i had a peanut butter and jelly pop start. > this whole performance is to honor the artist's mom. >> it's not just about the sandwiches. the 30 year old visual artist plans to scoop spread and close 2,340 of those using three ingredients, sliced bread peanut and jelly. >> i've done a little over 1300. jessica sat at this table inside the 12 theater art gallery crafting sandwiches in front of of an audience that comes goes. goe she is honoring her mother who packed her a sandwich from kindergarten to high school. she is trying to demonstrate the small acts of unseen love parents perform every day. d
6:37 pm
at first i think she was like what are you doing. d and then as i explained it, i think she was touched. > and so jessica sits in an empty room on avenue c scraping her way through 21-gallons off peanut beller and one gallon of jelly. >> there was a point where i could not open another jar. my arm literally gave out so i had to go grab the first person p that walked by on the street and ask them to open the jar. at the end of ever shift they deliver the sandwiches to the power. they prefer that they contain a layer of peanut butter on every eve slice of bread. >> that way it does not seen through the > she plans to finish her last sandwich by sunday at 8:00 p.m. > working the biceps doing all all of that. >> what a great tip. who knew peanut butter on bothh
6:38 pm
sides will keep the jelly insides. > genius. > we all know how noisy helicopters can be. military coppers fly over d.c. d.c all the time. in new york city officials arere trying to keep things just a little more quiet. qui city officials have struck a deal with helicopter operators to reduce the number of tour wrist many flits by 50 percent.ts deal will cut out b nearly 30,000 flights annually.nnua isn't that amazing? > who knew. >> apparently residents haveresi been complaining about the noise and the pollution. changes have to be made by next january.janu they have one year to reduce the flights. >> i guess people live in towers and big apartment buildings. they're close to the helicopters.ers. > sesame street is launching a new initiative to help military m kids and their families to cope with live transitions.rans >> military families are constantly readjusting into civilian live and that liv transition can be very difficult
6:39 pm
for both parents and children. in light of those difficulties sesame street is supporting resources to support families through the milestones of family life.. the new issue inive will help parents to regain a sense of optimism in the sense of a changing mood. > very nice. >> all things sesame are great. > i know. >> you're going to be seeing a lot of that very soon. > i was just thinking that. i haven't seen sesame street for quite sometime.e so > it's going to be there before b you know. > have any fruit cake left over from the holidays. >> it's just another thing to add to the list of fun things to to do out here. > who it's fruit cake? one colorado town sure knows how to have a good time with getting rid of all their holiday fruitruit cakes and we have the details coming up next. .
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6:42 pm
> oldies and cool.> > to colorado springs, colorado o, co where people are getting rid of their holiday fruit cakes in a unique way. w the community participating in a fruit cake toss. volunteers of the event provided 70 fruit cakes which peopleeopl could then rent for a buck and use in a competition of their choice, including distance
6:43 pm
accuracy and speed and even they can consume a portion.orti >> i can't read this right, a costume portion.rtio okay.okay the urban quirky event has been a community tradition for more for than 20 i wonder who made all those fruit cakes.frui i'm looking for the fruit cake costume.h1 >> yeah,g costume. > dress up like a block of cement. > some fruit cakes are good. >> i think it depends what your household was like. we had fruit cake during the holidays. my aunts would make . >> my grandparents did and my grandparents hated and i think the hate came down the line.ine. >> this is not a typical winter this year. >> not for fruit cakes, that'sat's for sure. 60s, randomly a blizzard now what. >> 60s and then we're going back b to the whose. it's a el roller coasterrer coaster time all over again. aga that's what we've been talking about. we've had it earlier this the winternd it's back again. a a beautiful shot of our national
6:44 pm
cathedral. that will change a little later tonight as the clouds move in i and also the fog that we're overnight increasing clouds and and fog that will be around into int your early morning. m the week is starting really mild mil and once again more of that snow sno melt will be we have a big rain event on the the way that we're going to talkalk about as well. wel late week it's going to be a lot cooler. not cool today. look at thet numbers unbelievable. we were in the 40s yesterday. actually the low to mid-40s, m which isid exactly where we should be for daytime highs. southerly wind kicked in andnd warmed us right up. 76 at d.c. 60 at d.c. and 61 at bwi thurgood marshal. m temperatures well above the seasonal average and that trendha is going to continue as we begin into the start of a new week. up and down the mid atlantic a same story. they're going to benefit there b that southerly flow as well. temperatures right now in new england, 47-degrees in new york y will boston is at 49. 49. take a look adderall lay to the
6:45 pm
south, they're at 62 degrees and even to the west lexington is at 64.4. that's what we're going to start to experience especially across our areas of lower southern maryland which will be a lot lower than the northern portions por of i95 corridor. once again the cool air is sticking around.icki we have 54 at fredericks 53 ats 53 haze to your knowledge, 55 at dulles, 54 at manassas and that's the same for culpeper. the lows over tonight a far cry from last night. we have really progressed because friday night our lowss were in the 20s. last night our lows were in the i 30s. tonight our overnight lows will wil be in the 40s. we're talking low to mid-40s pretty much every where. the upper 30 will be here and there. but generally that's what we'ree talking with that warmer air coming in that snow pack in place, that is is what is setting us up for thehe fog and the low clouds. c once again weir another going to
6:46 pm
have to deal with that. t we started out the beginning ofegin the weekend with the colder air. the jetstream then moved its way tot north, the warmer air kicks in. so as we move into tomorrow likee today we are going to be talking tal 50s and 60s. anywhere from mid to upper 50s 50s to the d.c. corridor north to areas of south will warmer. clouds sticking around tonight. t so mostly cloudy skies. we've got a frontal system toonta deal with tomorrow. tom that's going to bring us some spotty showers for mondayy afternoon, but it will stay st mild. by the time we get to tuesday, a ridge of high pressure kicks we have a cooler wedge of air air and then the temperature iss going to start to dip again we're going to be about 10-degrees cooler on tuesdayoo than we are on monday. mon the stronger cold front is going to be wednesday.ay. that's what's going to bring us a pretty good big rain event. e our highs tomorrow into the 50s 5 and the low 60 pretty much every where. by wednesday morning this frontal system will bring us theus t rain. this is going to be a very widespread rain event, so be
6:47 pm
aware of that. flooding potential definitely with the snow melt and also with a a lot of the drains beingeing covered by the packed snow we can have some issues. i 45 for tonight, mostly cloudy clo and some fog.og. tomorrow's high with the cloud clo and the fog and the early morning hours, showers in the afternoon, 59-degrees.9-de here's a look at your fox5 seven day forecast. the ground hawg making his appearance on tuesday at 49-degrees. wednesday is the day to grab the umbrella and then behind that cold front on wednesday we cool c right back down again and you can see the temperatures dipping back to seasonal. that's who it wraps up. > start practicing your hand h jive n it looks like 10 minutes away before degrees live right here her on fox5. > it airs tonight at 7. foxest adam housley talks with the cast members about what it takes to prepare for a live event. on sunday fox's production of degrees life will introduce a new generation of fans to the
6:48 pm
classic must made famous by the 1978 movie stark john travolta and olivia newton john. j this film is still so popular so it keeps us all connected. > tell me about it. this time around julienne hoffman and aaron tray vet playar the lead roles. >> it's about a time in the 50s and 6 ons. it was a an innocent time. there's some bad stuff happening now. so to go on a trip to another time when things were a little l a easier. > degrees is the word.ord. >> pop artist jessie jay kicks things off sinking the title song. there's a lot of pressure being the first person on stage. the nerves i'm going to get. i just feel very honored and
6:49 pm
lucky to experience something like this. > i'm definitely thrown in whatn w i like to do which is a lot of this, a lot of that.t. > during the three-hour live production rye del t high cast members will be shuttle in gov carts between two huge sound sou stares on warner brothers live where anything can happen.pen. >> i think i drive one of them. so god help all of us because i'm a horrible driver. > i am driving it at one point. i'll try not to whip you out of it. > and when it comes to singing their favorite song these guys guy can perform on the spot. > degrees is the word is the word.. > it's got groove, it's got meaning. in hollywood, adam housley fox news. > i'm still trying -- it's
6:50 pm
this, it's this.his. > and practice. >> let's talk fashion in sports. brody logan.loga >> we're going to talk fashion. when you got cam newton he's got got to bring something a little special.ecia panthers quarterback cam newton makes a fashion statement on his way to the super bowl and maryland hits the road looking for a sweep of the ohio stateo s buck eyes. that's up in sports.
6:52 pm
> the calendar turns to february tomorrow and that means college basketball teams start thinking about march. abo coming into the week marylandd was looking like a three-seed t due to a lack of quality wins. wednesday's win ore iowa took care of that. today the rematch in columbus. the terps looking for a big conference win and another chance to add to their tournament resume. r the first half rashid sue monday. gets the lose ball and he's out
6:53 pm
and running. he lobs over his head and jakeake spikes it home. the terps up 6 at the break. bre three minutes up terps up one. it's a good time three pointer3, two minutes ago 57-55. mellow had a game high, 20 points, maryland holds onto win 56-6 #. > this afternoon the revolutionary rivalry dave paulsen and george mason hosting mike lonergan and george washington. five minutes to go. the final minute game time at 59. oat is livingston, inside, and ins the foul. he misses the free throw but mason goes up two. gw up four with two minutes to go. joe mcdonald going to lose the ball. drives the lane forth lay in. in. two of his season high 19. gw makes 30 free throws and wins
6:54 pm
76-70. at the all star break, the caps cap are the favorite to win thehe stanley cup. they have the best record in the league and the best goal differential. after alex official dropped outci of the game they are represented three three all stars. nikki backstrom making his well served first all star game apparent. game one met poll ton versus atlantic. metros up 2-1. the caps bring also guy in hiso gu first all star game. the metropolitan division losession to the atlantic 4-36789 they get to hit the town in nashville a a little early. the winning squad gets $1 million. down under for the australian open final joke videotape. j he prevailed 6-1, 75 and 76 to
6:55 pm
capture an as you i open title. joke videotape now has won level grand slam titles. the biggest question going into the redskins. kirk cousins, will the team resign him and how much will he get. there's another quarterback on the roster whose status is up in the air, robert griffin iiiii remember that guy? >> he is under contract at a whopping $16.1 million. $16 the team has until march 9 to to make a decision on whether to keep griffin. freeing rg3 up will allow some cash. they haven't made a decision on griffin's future. >> the thing is good about where w we are at right now we haveave until march 9.h 9. i want to sit down withith everybody individually and just jus get a feel for it. he is a good football p player.yer.
6:56 pm
he's a really good person and he's under contract.ontr that's where we're at right now. now the pant ergot his stripes. what is cam newton wearing? w here are cam's pants as he boarded the team's plain for super bowl 50. they are veer sash i genes and they retain for $1,500. sadly they're sold out every online. i checked. c and cam mania has reached a fever pitch in harrisburg, pennsylvania where two youngsters put their snow skills to work. three feet of snow can't stopan't cam newton. they put a lot of work into this thing. we can't see if snowman cam is wearing veer sash i pants. the nfl pro bowel is on tonight. i put it on twitter to see if viewers want to see the proro
6:57 pm
bowel or anything else. >> currently it's aboutbout 65 percent for anything else. > we'll see how it ends up. we'll see if we get some pro bowel highlights on the 11. > thank you.hank gwen, take it away. >> that's almost as uneven as as the temperature. look at this, close to 60. talking about 40s and then 60s again. big rain event on wednesday.. tomorrow is another mild day, however. chance of some spotty showers in high temperature afternoon. ground hawg day is tuesday. and degrees life is next. i'm excited. we'll see you later.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
danny, i don't want the summer to be over. i may never see you again. >> sandy, don't talk that way. >> but it's true. i've just had the best summer of my life and now i have to go back to salt lake. it isn't fair. danny, don't spoil it! >> it's not spoiling it. it's only making it better. >> is this the end? >> don't think about that. just be here in the moment. all that matters is what's happening right now. [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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