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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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accessary before the fact of first degree murder. both keepers and david eisenhower are in jail tonight. eisenhower is charged with abduction and murder. we had hoped that today's press conference from blacksburg would have revealed new details about how nicole met the suspect. but the come commonwealth attorney was blunt in saying she was holding onto details until court. first, let's hear from her, and then the police chief. >> i appreciate the desire of the media and of the public for details in this case. however, my responsibility to nicole lovell and to this community is to maintain the integrity of this case for court and to seek justice inside after courtroom -- after courtroom. i will not jeopardies the many hours of work that these officers have done for nicole. therefore, i will not be releasing any additional factual information outside of the courtroom. >> we will not let this
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violence define us, this is still the place of anywhere else in this earth that i would live, that i would raise a family, and that i would send my children to college. >> all right, so, with this new charge against natalie keepers, if she is found guilty, she could face between 20 years to life in prison. the washington post is report that police told nicole's mother that nicole met eisenhower on line. soar a, laura, back to you. >> heart breaking, just heart breaking. >> meanwhile, a prince georges county school teacher and her two year old daughter are dead, killed outside their ft. washington home this morning. davis and her daughter khloe were both shot. >> police say they're following up on leads right now, but at this point, no one is in custodiment fox5's paul wagner joins us live from ft. washington with the details. paul, this crime really outraging so many people right now. >> absolutely, just before
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7:00 this morning, davis bundled up her two year old daughter khloe, they headed for the front door of their house in ft. washington. according to family emergency, she was going to take her daughter to day care before heading to her job as a teacherment as she approached her car, in this parking lot right here on palmer road, a gunman was waiting. >> just before 7:00 this morning, he heard the muffled gunshots followed by screaming then more shots and screaming. when he looked outside he saw 26 year old davis on the grounds next to her chevy impala. the witness, who didn't want to be identified, says he didn't know it then, but the baby, two year old khloe, was inside the car, in her carseat, suffering from at least one gunshot wound. >> when you get him, please, news people, let everybody know, spray his face, her face, awful over the place, it is driving, it is dirt. >> i davis and her daughter lived in this townhouse with her uncle and aunt who had
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already left for work. other younger family members still inside the house heard the commotion, and returned outside. >> it is defer state to go see somebody would do something like that to anybody. >> members of his congregation, and described her as a hard-working mother, who took good care of her family. family members say davis was a first year second grade teacher at bradberry heights elementary school in capitol heights. and was on her way to work when she was shot. >> i want to begin by saying this is profoundly sad day, and my prayers go out to the family of the victims of this crime that, frankly, shocks the conscious. >> this is absolutely unacceptable in any civilized community that a child should be killed in this way, so we are just here together. >> to investigate this case, again, looking forward to
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holding accountable the individual who did this. we are absolutely, this is the worse day that any of cuss imagine. >> police held on to the scene for hours, as a k9 team searched the grounds around the complex, and investigators interviewed witnesses. by early afternoon, their work complete, police loaded davis' car on to rollback crane, and took it away. >> now, according to on line court records, here in prince georges county we know that davis had recently take answer man to court with a paternity suit. she asked for a dna test, those dna results came back, and identified this man as khloe's father, the court then ordered this man to pay $600 a month in child support. how much, at this point, there is no indication to believe that this man had anything to do with this crime. police are not saying that. they're not saying they even have a suspect at this point. but we wanted want to point oute is an ongoing suit that was filed in prince george's county court.
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live from ft. washington, paul wagner, fox5 local news. to the district now. police need your help tonight to ida person of interest in connection with six robberies over the month of january. the first and most recent incident, both took place at a cvs in the 300 block of 40th street northeast. you can see, an adult male, approach the cashier, and demand money before taking off. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. some new developments involving a fairfax county middle school teacher, arrested last year, after he is found in a car with a 16 year old girl. >> the suspect now facing more serious charges. chief investigative reporter emily miller has the update. emily? >> well, when the teacher was caught with teenage girl in a hotel parking lot, they were only able to charge him with minor crime. but through the course of this investigation, they were able to discover that he had a sexual relationship with this girl for two years. and had taken photos and videos. so now he's facing multiple
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criminal charges. michael sweeney is 44, and was arrested by fairfax county police on monday and charged with ten counts, including making child pornography and solicit ago minor under 15 remembers old. now, back in september, police found sweeney at 1:00 a.m. in this hotel parking lot, he was in the car with a 16 year old girl, both were partially undressed according to sources. that started the police investigation. sweeney had been a teacher at walt whitman middle school for over 15 years, he taught tech-ed. the school suspended him without pay in september and according to a spokesman for fairfax county schools sweeney resigned on december 31, and parents were notified today of the new charges. fairfax county police say the only know of one victim in this case, and they're not aware after threat to the community. the head of child exploytation squad gave us these warning signs for parents who want to protect their children from bad teachers. >> what is your kid doing
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after school, what is your kid doing with the teacher after school that no other kid is doing with the teacher or you never did with a teach when he were you in elementary school, middle or high school, okay? just because there is social media out there, all of that, you know, do teachers really need to be in touch with students after hours? >> well, gave us important tips for par don't protect children from sexual preditors. he said his child exploytation squad deals almost entirely with crimes that come from preditors using social media computers and cell phones to lure in kids. so, here we have five things that you should know to protect your children. one, when your kids aren't with you, know their friends' names, know who they're with, in case any of them turn out to be a danger. two, monitor their phone use, look up their text messages, look at their phonecalls. three, the police say no child under the age of 18 should
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have a cell phone or tablet that the parent doesn't know the password to get in it. four, know how these aps function, for example, you can't monitor your children on snap chat if you don't know thousand use it. and so, five, goes to social media, facebook, instagram, all of those, see who they are interacting. watch their social media accounts. go in there, interact as well so you know who they are talking to, who is talking back to them. back to you guys. >> full-time job. >> lauren, you've got it with your kids. >> i know, and they're looking at this stuff stuff. >> they are. and my daughter ten, and she is on instagram, i know that's early but i didn't want to start giving her the keys at 13 and say okay, fly, you're free. so we're dabbling at the point which, you know, she is allowing me to monitor her. >> do you go into her account? >> i have all of her passwords. i watch who is following her. it is a private account. but i have all, you know, i have control of it, too. so, and she is communicating with me, and we talk about it,
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we talk about dangers. >> yes. >> constantly, not once a month, it is an once a week or once a day conversation. >> and you know her password on her phone, that's the other thing? >> she doesn't have a phone yet, so she does this -- right. >> laura is like no, please, not yet. i have her passwords to all of her accounts. >> good job, mom. >> well ... >> you get an a from the police. >> one step at a time. one step at a time. >> thanks, emily. well, disturbing scene now on board a jet blue flight that left reagan national airport over the weekends. authorities say a passenger had too much to drink during the flight to jacksonville florida sunday. they say the man became unruly during the flight, and tried to choke another passenger. two flight attendants, some volunteers restrained the man, put him in cuffs the remainder of the flight. plane managed to land safely. f.b.i. agents eventually boarded the jet, removed the man, arrested and charged with intimidation after flight crew.
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>> police were called out to the show place arena this afternoon to help calm down some angry horse owners. maryland national capitol park police tell us 21 horses seized in the past few days from various locations across prince georges county. those animals are being housed at the show place arena barn. some owners showed up today to try to get their horses back, things got very tense. skyfox over the scene here where police vehicles were set up outside of the barn. we will bring you more development on this situation as we learn them, here on fox5. >> but the weather forecasting is my comfort zone. is this current warming trends, is this current warm weather more than a trend? her chance this winter, has come to an end. >> there is no shadow to be cast, an early spring is my forecast. >> i mean, thank you,
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punxsutawney. >> love that rodent. >> we love it. a time honored tradition carried out in pennsylvania today, the state's most famous groundhog, punxsutawney phil emerge from the his tree trunk cage, poor little thing just looked so little. >> what -- >> little. did not see his shadow, legend has it, we we will have early spring as a result. but word of caution, fill's forecast has not been very accurate. >> and very rare for him to not see his shadow. >> okay, doing this since 1887. only ten times has he not seen his shadow. considering it was sunny there, but that's all right, it is all in the fun. >> yes. >> german kind of folklore tradition based on candle -- they used to give out candles, the longer they were, the worst the winter would be. >> interesting. >> that's where it really comes from. >> interesting. >> yes, phil did not see his shadow, maybe in four weeks or so, we can be done with it. show it to the maps here. >> what does sue palka say? sue palka things we won't be wrapping winter up any time
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quickly, even though we're on these nice warm trends. still looks unsettled specially as we get later in this month, into march. but you know what? we always turn it around by about saint patrick's day. >> okay. >> so i usually stick with. that will we'll show you some maps, beautiful sunset coming. the clouds are beginning to increase. yes, phil says what in the world just happened this morning? but i will tell you this. this is not going to change. spring is coming. forty-six days away. >> i have some of those, isn't it the croakuses that first come up? >> yes, it is. >> backyard! >> ready? >> yes. >> do you know i got a pollen count today, too. sue says little bit of may he will pollen showing up. >> oh? >> casino of early, yes, signs every spring, and you know what? today's temperatures helped as well. we did get to up 53 degrees, average is 45. so more melting today unfortunately we did have some rising, some of the bridges and overpasses but we don't expect that tonight going to stay mild 48 degrees now, a lot to talk about they wrapped
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up that caucus nick of time. may get foot of snow, strong, severe thunderstorms to the south, so two face storm, blizzard on the north side of it, severe weather and tornado watches on the south, what are we going to get out of it? looks like flood risk specially for some of our northern counties where there is still some significant snow pack on the area. so you can see that really the tony's that border the maryland and pennsylvania line. and we've got some rain coming in tomorrow. so get ready for. that will could be some drizzle early in the morning. some thunderstorms, potentially for the afternoon drive. and maybe some record setting high temperatures in the mid 60s. >> okay. >> wednesday will have us on our toast in the weather center. >> all right. >> thanks, very much. sue? >> well, coming up, story that rocked the power circles of washington. and now it is back. the dc madam making headlines again tonight. we will explain how her black book could affect the 2016 elections. plus, ben carson accusing ted cruz of playing dirty in iowa.
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>> and if you're wondering how the mike soap a.m. did with counting votes last night, well it failed in some areas. we'll explain how straight ahead. ahead. >> adele wants donald trump change his tunes. shutting down one every his campaign tactics. we'll be back. >> ♪ how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control.
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>> it was a story that rocked the washington elite. now it is back, dc madam debra jean, killed herself in 2008, after being convicted of federal racketeering and other charges stemming from prostitution business that she ran, kale erring to washington power players. now, her old lawyer is trying to get her business records released because the data could affect the 2016 presidential race. tom, do we know who or what are in those records? >> laura, we do not, the reason we do not is that all of these records were sealed way back in 2007. but now, in 2016 old lawyer, montgomery blair, where he has filed, now, a judicial
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complaint against richard roberts, the chief judge here, at the us district court. now, the reason he says that judge roberts has been stalling flare's efforts to unseal these court documents, and give this motion a hearing, here at us district federal court. we want to rewinds back to 2007, remember what this case was all about. it was a sensation. this was one of the big innings sex scan else to ever hit washington, d., debra j's company provided prostitution, then louisianna senator, several high profile democratic and republican political consultant, as well as administration officials, all on the client list. she was charged by the us justice department and put on trial here back in 2008 when she was convicted of racketeering. money laundering, and male fraud. just weeks after that guilty verdict, though, debra jean took her own life by committing suicide at her mother's home in florida while she was awaiting sentencing.
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now, in this judicial misconduct complaint in 2016, former attorney says that the chief judge here refuses to consider his motion to release 40 escort agency records, that he says, contains 850 names, and addresses of former clients. says in this filing that these records, quote, macon tape information relevant to the upcoming presidential election. now, how much, we should be clear, filing does not say what those names are or how they are connect the, series every interviews during the scandal. she never once denied the nature of her business but to her death claimed she was unfairly prosecuted and convicted, listen how she described herself back in 2007. >> i indeed was running an escort service, i hired women well into their 50's, some of those popular women were in their 50's, simple adult fantasy service, yes, it was a sexual service. one of the reasons why i got
5:20 pm
out of the business was because they. >> as they chose. who was i conspiring with? if indeed i was conspiring with people, why aren't they on the chopping block just like i am? >> that is an answer debra jean never got before she died. we spoke on the phone today, he said at this point he is not ready to go public and talk to the meade with a about this case, but he is hopeful, he says, to have a hearing here at the us district court, in a matter of several weeks. live at us district court tonight, tom fitzgerald. >> less than 24 hours after the iowa caucus doctor ben carson is accusing ted chris' campaign of telling voters carson was suspending his bid for the white house. >> retired neurosurgeon told fox news this morning cruz supporters were telling voters at several prepare since carson was dropping out of the race and returning home. he claims if cruz was unaware
5:21 pm
of the tactics being used then he should finds out who was involved and fire them. cruz won the iowa caucus with 28% of the vote, while carson finished distant fourth with only 9%. >> meanwhile on the democratic side, officials results are in, and hillary clinton has defeated rival bernie saunders. clinton had 49.8% of the vote compared to vermont senator who had 49.6. so close. saunders campaign says they're turning their attention to new sham shire primary monday to february 9th and beyond. former maryland governor martin o'malley received less than 1 percent, and afterward, announced he was officially dropping out of the race. we're hearing mixed reviews about that microsoft happen, too, used by precinct officials during the iowa caucuses, first time the technology was ever used and it was supposed to speed up the reporting of results by allowing volunteers, to count the votes with the happen. microsoft says the technology worked without a hitch, but
5:22 pm
leaders in both parties say there were some glitches. the biggest complaint was that the technology was crashing at points during the night. >> that technology for you. >> it is. >> singer adele has a message for trump. stop using my music at your events. >> trump has played some of adele's hits on at least two occasions, once in ohio, and also in oklahoma. well, fans of adele have gone on twitter urging the british musician to ban trump from using her music. so now adele's team is taking steps to make sure the candidate no longer uses her music. her spokesperson says, quote, adele has not given permission for her music to be used for any political campaigning. she has spoken. coming up: bill cosby's pretrial hearing kick off today. the new development on that ahead. and the doctor who inspired the movie concussion is willing to bet his license that o.j. simpson has cte brain disease. >> plus, pope francis making his acting debut. find out what the role is that the holy father will be
5:23 pm
playing on the big screen. >> and the internet has been grilling chick-fil-a over diet advice. printed on the chain's take-out bag, we'll explain what that is all about coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> doctor's opinion comes as series about the oj murder trial airing on fx. the people versus o.j. simpson is supposed to tell the behind the scenes stories of the 1995 trial. simpson was ultimately acquitted in the murders of his ex-wife, nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. he is currently serving a 33 year sentence forearmed robbery and kidnapping conviction? nevada. series on fx airs tonight. >> new religious moverly feature the acting debut of pope francis. it is called beyond the sun. the movie is described as a family adventure based on the gospels. the pope will play himself in the film. principal photography is set to start later this year in
5:28 pm
italy, all profits from the film will be donated to charities in pope francis' homeland, of argentina. >> can't wait to see his acting skill. >> yes, really. well, coming up big announcement from president obama today. >> white house plans to put $1 billion, into heroin treatment. >> and the auto maker rolling out a new name for their new hatchback car, all because of the zika virus. >> ♪
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♪ president obama was a bigoba announcement today when it comem to heroin abuse.buse >> he's proposing an extra $1.1 billion in the next budgete to pay for drug treatment formet people addicted to opioid medications and heroin. it is a nationwide epidemic that
5:32 pm
kills more people than car crashes. many believe that people turn tn heroin when they can no longeran get their hands on prescriptiono because the heroin is cheaper c and easier to get. to now according to the cdc, between 2002 and 2013 the rate r of heroin related overdose deaths nearly quadrupled. married congressman john,ohn, introduced legislation recent rt toll combat the problem and ie sat down with him today to talko about it.. >> what you're seeing it's tou touching every community in thet country.. some places worse than othersth but there are thousands of families now across the countryc that have been touched by this.t that have experienced thehe overdose death of a loved one, that have seen sort of how this addiction can undermine a family an individual.l. the president' as announcementnn today of significant resourceses in his budget to support a spo
5:33 pm
respond of response to this epidemic i think shows there's -- wide agreement broado agreement that we've got tove gt address this problem. >> i will have more of myf interview with the congressmansn and his bill later this week. right to trial law give lawv patience with terminal access to treatments not yet approved byrb the fda. virginia was the first monthirsn pass legislation.istion one lawmaker in maryland iss trying to do the same m ronica cleary is in annapolisnnp with the story. >> reporter: imagine beingng diagnosed with a terminalminal illness and learning about a abo drug not yet app pressed by thee fda that might help you.. then imagine finding out you'rer not legally permitted to try it. well lawmakers here in marylandl they're trying to change that.t. it's called the right to tryry act. >> it gives them hope wheres th there's no hope. >> senator simon introduced thed bill in this legislative sessi session he says it is important to givev those who have been diagnosedn a
5:34 pm
with a terminal illness thehe right to choose if they would like access to any possibleossi treatment >> if you have a child who has a disease that's incurable as of f current medicine, this wouldsld allow to you work with your y doctor and then come up with ann informed consent here's what the drug could do best case, worseee case and gives the decision to d the family saying are youin willing to take this risk. r >> reporter: if you visitisit right to you'll see yous stories of people who believe bl they would benefit from this frt legislation of all ages.ges. from small children to adults. diego morris a 14-year-oldye shared his story of a rare bonee cancer diagnosis at just 11 jt years old. >> my family and i had to move e to a whole other country. count we moved to london, england, ela because we couldn't get the t treatment we needed in the us. my story helped pass right toigt try in arizona.rizona. please send your stories so weo can help get right to try passee
5:35 pm
throughout the nation.ut t >> reporter: keep in mind,n m doctors would have to informo im their patients about all all possible out comes and patient p boss need to pay for thesese treatments out of pocket. pke in the james senate building inn annapolis for fox5 local news.s i'm ronica cleary. >> grieving grandmother whoostgr her three-yanear-old grandson is now working to save the lives of other children.hire little jerry lee was found deadd last year at a lay are l a playground much this mother who has a history of schizophreniaiz and depression has been -- hadnh been pushing him on a swing forf up to two days. he died from hypothermia andnd dehydration.hydrio washington post reports that tha this week his grandmother wentth to annapolis to talk tok t lawmakers in maryland about abot mental health reform. natasha sims is pushing for angf state law that would make itak i easier foreclose relatives toats get the custody of the childrend of parents who are suffering sue from mental illness. she hopes that his law will pasp in honor of her grandson. ♪
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the defense department isart joining the fight against zikaik virus. ru the pentagon has offered to relocate any pregnant familygnal members of active duty personnel or employees stationed intioned regions impacted by the virus. >> mosquito born illness linkedd to birth defects expectant expta mothers are urged not to travele to more than two dozen countries and territories in southies sou america, central america andmeri caribbean where it's spreading.i handful of cases have been haven reported here in the unitedhe ud states including a student atdet the college of william and mary. the defense department is tryins to help find a cure right now.ow it's researchers are working to develop vaccines, tests and treatments for zika.. fears about the virus are forcing one car maker too rebrand.rebr indian automaker tata motors has decided to rename its zika hatchback. coat says it plans to announcel the car's new name in a few weeks.weeks the rebranding comes right after the launch of an entirentire advertising campaign for the car featuring argentinean soccer
5:37 pm
star lionell messy. m and one of his most devotedt fans will get a chance tonc immediate his idol.diathis picture of this five-year-old from afghanistan wearing aring a plastic bag fashioned to look l like his jersey made the boy boy internet famous.ams. apparently even lionell saw it. afghanistan footballootb representatives have reach outth to set up a meeting with his his young fan. f. >> adorable.>> >> very cute a.y te. >> hey, jim., j >> hello. do you have super bowl fever? >> well -- after seeing theg the videos i saw today, not quietui yet.yet >> i'm not there >> no. no we're getting there.etting te when i start to hear like, youiu know, the music and everything i start to crave the nachos.he nac that's what usually super bowl and nachos go hand in hand. >> i node to start shopping foro the party. >> we know some people reallylly paying close attention it to.ont we have their story tonight.r si when the carolina paniers last l played in the super bowl, it waw february 1st, 2004.4
5:38 pm
robert mclane probably watched the paniers just barely lose to the patriots in his family'sy's living room. room. that boy is all grown up and sunday he'll try to a searchh history first hasn't now an't n member of the carolina panthersh he was drafted by the paniers pe that 2010 after playing at uco uconn. had time with the jaguars and -- he resigned with the panthers in 2015. 20 he saw limited a15ction but hown about this.ab baaing in 2012 his first careerr interception was against peyton manning. we talked to his dad today inodn calvert county you this he's proud. prou you bet. >> i'm just happy that we haveeh brought some joy to the studentt here at the high all of southern maryland, charles calvert saint a lot of co-workers that talk tk me every day about it, and i'm m just happy that tension is about this entire area and my sony s going to the super bowl..
5:39 pm
>> mclane starred in high scho school. he was versatile playing runninn back, cornerback and returning kicks.kicks earned all honors as senior in 2005 and one of two numbersbe retired by the school. schoo his coach has nothing but praisa for him. >> he's an ultimate professionaa when it comes to his sport andrt his craft. he's a good teammate. teamm i think it's deserving. i think you like to see good seg things happen to good people. pe and this is that c >> that's exactly what you wantl to hear. good luck to him. athletesren't always known e for saying the most profound or even safe for tv thing on the te field the guys at bad lip bad l reading are back with did theyit really say it? not really. rea there's a few familiar faces inn there.e >> this time i'm going to passos to this side, oop, ha, ha. i'm just going to wait here. h >> you are the waffle guy. >> girlfriend four or girlfrienn two. >> girl one. >> we'll put the ball to third t and whatever.hate i don't want them there.
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>> last night i met this guy online.. yea.. >> kayla. i used to shave my furry ankless to win it wasn't that fun you moron.or don't ever do that.. >> please don't cry. d why can't you be >> they keep taking the ball. >> no, no new york city look, look, look. you ain't smooth while you'reil crying and all emotional. emoti. >> i love it. it >> somebody sat around and put clips from the nfl what words ww can we put in their mouths. mouh >> it's just brilliant.llnt and this one is the best one ben i've seen. see >> yeah. >> they've done it for the de it democratic and republicanepli debates which are entertaining r as well. we'll tweet that out and you be chegg it out for your. it's four minutes worth. we want to do show you the redskins.redskins. >> i have posted it on mye ed i facebook page.e >> >> it's just brilliant.stlliant >> what i got hung up does tom brady really have hairy ankles.e now i'm wondering, does he really -- >> giselle makes him call me the waffle guy. >> you're the waffle guy.he we >> i am the waffle guy.fl g
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>> thanks jim.has ji coming up, nice guys might not finish last after all.. >> what team researchersesearchs discovered about good looks and long term relationships. (laughter). >> yeah you might remember thisr dance enthusiast from his his appearance on the ellen did heeh generous show.rous show. now the viral super star is back and this time he's channelingche justin beiber. b his new video that has social media on fire. f still ahead. ahead. ♪ neighborhood,i feel like
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>> all right. you can't say nice guys don'tni get the girl. because cenew stugedy finds than who are more concerned with theh well-being of others have ase better shot with women. wom compared to men who are just a s good looking.. researchers found women reporter men as more attractive when they
5:45 pm
are shown doing something kind, generous or heroic compared to men who were notable just for fr their physical appearance. appe. so this was specials trial forsr women seeking long-term partne partners. >> you can't just get by on good looks. >> yes.. >> maybe it's in the dna. d maybe inn eightly you want a partner if you're going to proro create with that partner who's generous and going to be a goodo father for the child. chi. >> sure. you want that person should alsd think of you as well.ell. >> yeah. yea >> because if they're not kind'o and generous, they're probably a not going to be too found hang n around.arou >> exactly. >> thinking of their own goodir looks.oks >> look at me. lk at me. look in the mirror all the time >> i know, right. narcissistic personality diss or. or. >> avenue love it.>> a >> how you doing. >> good to see you ladies. hee u >> good to see you. l major warmup heade>>d our way gr tomorrow.toow >> okay. which is great.wh we were a little worried about t leading into tomorrow with somem rain coming through that wouldul be melting too fast but we'veut' already melted most of the snowo in washington.hington.
5:46 pm
take live look outside right n now. no beautiful sunset.tifu you're not seeing the snowno covered rooftops we saw lastaw l week. >> that's amazing.hat' >> i know. we've completely melted down thd snow depth out at reagan officially so most of the cityty you just see a little -- i see e few chunks here and there.andhe >> there are chunks.>> tre are . >> hanging around.round >> definitely chunks. for those of us towards theward north and west in montgomeryst i county loudoun county what areyr you even talking about. a we've got huge piles. i can't park on my street yet. but with the warm temperaturesps and rain tomorrow, i think we'l' really start to see what's lefts at least really condense if notn go away completely. let's go to the maps weatherea headlines clouds are buildings b temperatures are rising overnight eau out ahead of af a system reducing severe weatherea in the central part of theart country. un morning commute a few showers,we heavy rain, even thunderstorm i the afternoon.terno near record high temperaturesemu for tomorrow. tomro at least come close. close. we are expecting to tie it here in washington the 65 set back in 1927.. 50s, mid 60s even upper 60s are possible down towards our souths tomorrow.tomo so along with the rabe the re t record warmth is another big b
5:47 pm
orory. here's the storm system broughtm really really heavy snow all day to the great lakes back down d through the central planes inla nebraska. severe outer break in tennesseee valley report of tornado on thet ground in mississippi. at least in the past hour we doo expect more in terms of severe o weather in the coming hours.g hu out ahead of that system a fewtf clouds increasing right now.ow we'll have a quiet night. nig but we've already got a watch flood for northern marylandrt including baltimore, southeastea pennsylvania towardslvania philadelphia where more snowhe remains on the ground.und. the snow melt is more of ae o concern not the heavy rain. woe won't have too much rain.h r it normally won prompt a floodlo watch but if you look at the the current snow depth it matches uu pretty clearly to where we stils have a lot of snow on the grouno including over a foot in some spots in montgomery and loudounu county and up towards thehe mountains hagerstown maryland, l baltimore you're under a floodef watch for tomorrow.omorro temperatures outside right nowin beautiful day.fuday. not too warm.t too war but still, well above freezing.n 48 in washington.ngn.
5:48 pm
temperatures will fall over ther next few hours but then theyn rise towards early morning into the mid 50s then you go into thn mid 60s.d0s. let's show you the rain coming m on through with future c quite tonight.qu clouds and drizzle for the drivi in tomorrow morning.row mning so ice is not a concern on yourr tuesday morning. mning but maybe even some fog alonge o with that light rain will be. b. by noon heavier rain coming outo along the spine of the mountaint here and then moving in later ol in the mid afternoon to the eveningni commute heavy rain is a concernn possibly even some thunder andhr lightning at times. tes that front quickly movesuickly m offshore and we clear out byuty thursday.thursd. so how much rain? it's not toot much. if you get under some of those heavy rain bands closer to an our model wants to put the heavier rain where there's mores snow on the ground. ground. that's why we have that floodt watch there.h ere a half inch to an inch looksooks pretty standard. marginal risk in richmond down through the carolinas the severe weather in louisiana andna and mississippi and tennessee nowesw move due east. we are still under the general r risk for thunder here in he i washington but not expecting exc anything too strong..
5:49 pm
forecast for tonight clouds onht the increase, 41 but that's anha early low temperature. temperatures will rise as we get closer towards morning. 65 potentially tying a record ac here in washington.hito fog and drizzle and rain andnd thunder maybe even lightning ing the afternoon get it all it tomorrow. a weird wintry day considering how warm it is and all the raini coming through. what a difference a week makes honestly.honely. blizzard to flooding rain. r seven day forecast, temperatures fall 51 degrees on thursday. tha we turn very quite threw the rest of the week into thethe weekend and much cooler, 46 46 friday.iday. gorgeous looking weekend lot like last weak end.ak end. 50 degrees both days.ot d chance of rain and snow we're watching that one that is nextsn monday and tuesday. t that's a look the your seven dan forecast.forecast laura and sarah.and arah >> caitlyn, thanks very much. vm >> let's head over to tony and shaw a* wn for a look at what's next. >> moat ski tote born zika virus declare a global emergency and prompting doctors to do a majorr about ahead at 6:00 what they're nowyn
5:50 pm
advising pregnant women to do to protect themselves from the tmsl potentially dangerous disease. >> then parents f you're at your wits end with a stubborn ortu defiant child, hold on, be b patient, we'll tell you why w their behave i don't know now id could benefit them later iner i life. >> and by now you've heard ye plenty of people sinking adele a hit song hello. hel we have one more you need to ned hear. we'll have the story aheadry tonight at 6:0 6:00. >> ♪
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5:53 pm
there's new diet that has a lot of people talking on sociala media and it involves fast flko. the diet consists of eatingg chick-fil-a. grilled chicken nuggets everytse three to four okay.ok. serving of in you gets is onlyy
5:54 pm
140 calories and containss 23 grams of protein. pte however, nutritionists say aay diet consisting of nothing but nuggets is not really a healthy choice.oice also, they say there is a danger when you go to a fast foodd restaurant that you'll be itemee by the higher calorie items.. >> i thought kids survived onven chicken nuggets it seem like any way. way. maybe not have them were one we go out to the fast foodd restaurants.staurant >> ikea taiwan has come and witw a unique idea to help us put oup phones away when we eat. the company is create add cooking table but for the tableb to work, people have to plug inn their smart phones and place p them under the cooking pot. >> ahh. ahh >> if someone removes their phone food will not be cooked properly. it may take some time to get tim used to but people like the idea and enjoying the time to talktol with one another. so -- >> talk to one another.k to o >> can you believe it? >> really.ll >> if you want your chickenwar cooked all the way through you better not unplug your phone.hoe
5:55 pm
>> i love that very much. muc >> you're not going to be sorrys about watching this.s. kid viral video dancing tong justin beiber's sorry is blowini up the internet.ntne we're back in three minutes with ♪
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wegmans family pack. we do it because we're family too. ♪ (laughter). >> look at him go.. >> this kid has nothing to behi sorry about.rry about look at those moves.ov meet john philip, who also goess by the name malang7-year-old boy from the philippines known for posting dance videos on social o media. di it's most recent is a big hit.. watched more than $2.5 million5l less than 16 hours.ou >> he's adorable. h >> he is. fun to to >> he's into it. >> i love it. >> you go..
5:59 pm
>> thanks for joining us tonighn at 5:00.. >> fox5 local news ats a 6:00 starts right now.tartrightn ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00. 6:00 right now at 6:00, a distu disturbing crime rocked arime maryland community.mary c a mother and her two-year-old-yl daughter were gunned down stepst away from their home. >> nicole touched many peoplepl throughout her short life. >> then a grieving mother is remembering her young daughternd also murdered in another distu disturbing crime. >> plus the rapid spread of zika virus led to controversialersial advice for pregnant women tryiny to avoid the fox5 local news at 6:00 starts:t right now. now. ♪ thanks for joining us tonight. to i'm shawn yancy.i'm shawn ya >> i'm tony perkins we begin weg night with a horrific crime in i prince george's county. prince george's county cnt schoolteacher and toddlerd toddl daughter were shot and killedd outside their fort washingtonn home. home. at this hour, no arrests have he been made. m fox5's paul wagner joins us live now from the
6:00 pm
paul? >> reporter: tony and shawnnd s little bit more on that righttig all we know at this point is i that police have not said anything at all about anyone any scene leaving the crime scene.ce there's been no information evee from witnesses or family membere that police are even looking foi anyone at this point.o all the police chief would sayoy when he got on the scene earlier today they're following viable l investigative leads. lea prince george's county police say deshan thai davis found shos to death next to her car parkk park outside the front door of d the townhouse she shared were it family members. mbe just before 7:00 o'clock this00i morning he heard the muffledhe f sound of gunshots followed bylod screaming then more shots andhoa more screaming.eam when he look outside, thesi, witness who didn't want to be identified says he saw davis ons the he didn't know it then but the baby two-year-old khloe washl w inside the car in her


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