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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 12, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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center of that childf th chi pornography center rockinger prince george's county, r deonte carraway speaking only tonly fox5. fo a confession.sio details about what theut wt students d-how he got so close- to them and what he revealedevea about his troubled past rights u from his jail cell. >> and major troubles on thero roads this morning.isorni a water main break leaving ice i and slush on a busy roadway. rdw a tractor-trailer accident on i-95. also wrecks on the beltway.s you will definitely want toonitt see our traffic reports beforetr you head out the door thisthis morning. >> and a frigid friday. we are bracing for severe cold l this morning and all weekendeeke long. long will this be theoldesthibe t valentine's day ever? there's a chance of some snow as well.el got you covered though thishougs morning. good morning, it is friday., it it is february 12th, 2016., 201. good morning, everybody., ev i'm steve >> i'm allison seymour. allis sy welcome to fox5 news morning. mi we're going bring you up to date on a busy morning inorng i traffic and weather in just a it few minutes but we want to wanto begin right here at 7:00 a.m.. with a fox5
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teacher's aide at thather' elementary school as well as sc most recently a volunteer.un now, he told us that he never engaged in any sort of sexual interactions with any of those t children but he says that he the was privy to all these videos, o there he was watching them ashea they performed these acts on tht com are a. camera. came he says a lot of the videos t were taken on the children's onl cell phones and the videoseo were sent to his cell phone via the social media app flown p as kik where you can remainn anonymous and send pictures pic and videos through that app.s t he says that is how he h received the videos on his h phone. tony, shawn. s >> let me ask you, it sounds sou like he though he thought that t doing was okay.y did he understand the gravityvi of the charges against him? rg does he know that he wases wrong. >> reporter: i did ask himkn, h, shawn i said do you understanddo that you are facing very serious charges. noere are now at least 10e felony charges and you could
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rest of your life behind bars.i. as soon as i said that, he began to now, he says he understands what he did was wrong and he h says he was sorry but he said that he never sexually interacted with these wh children. he said he was just watchingat them and he says that he felte f as if though he was one of them. shawn i'll tell you, speaking sn with him, you don't get the the sense that this is a 22-year-old adult.du speaking with him it seemst s like, rather, you're speaking'rs with a younger child, if youif u will, a big question, ofion, o course, rises how in fact wast he then allowed to actually a act as a volunteer at this thi school with any sort of responsibility with these children. ch >> all right, marina marracoco there. more on this story throughout s the morning including detailstos on a lawsuit that has been filed at 7:30.0. carraway also says heo say never engaged in any of theof acts only taped them. marina said carraway indicatednd that the majority of the videos were taken at the glenarden municipal center.
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friday night he was at theige wa home of one of the victims andia he said that that victim'st vics mother was like a mentor to him. he shared more about his pastist that he had been raped as a a child around the third or fourth grade himself andh gre hi nearly raped again when he was in high >> marina will join us atina 8 o'clock. we'll get more answers from her as to what he said lastwhat night when she talked to him h in his jail cell.lell. you can see her debrief of that interview in also entiren r at the on our web site there are a dozen victimse in the deontea carraway childwh pornography investigation. >> last night parents got agh chance to sound ot ff about a their concerns at an urgent a school board meeting.ol b >> melanie alnwick thisan morning live with the latest on thaiet story. mel. >> reporter: steve andor allison, just a sense of theenso gravity of this meeting. mting not only did we have schoole superintendent dr. kevinnt maxwell in attendance butnc b prince george's county policecop and representatives of theesf fbi.fb hundreds of parents and and grandparents crammed into the school cafeteria here to tryeter to get some answers.
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top most on their minds wasds how was this allowed to happenep and how could it go on for soor long without anybody noticing? now, those questions didn't get a lot of answers, ofwe, course. course. like we were talking aboutwere before, a lot of times they tesy say, hey, we can't answer thatwt question because this case isecu still under investigation.gati but there were a few things, tng some concrete measures thatsu that parents came away withar knowing last night would beld taken.ta let's take a look at some ofe of them. first of all, 26 new security cameras will be installed at the school. there will be a task force to fo look at policy changes and and training. there will also be changes in cs procedures for picking upes f pp students and signing them out. t parents also asked about getting notified as to whog no exactly is volunteering at thegt school. they wanted a list of namesf nam and more information and itorma appears they'll be able to gete that. also questions came up aboutbo parents, if they would be ableyo to transfer their children outnt of this school and school soo officials said that they wouldty be able to do that.ha after the meeting, some parents were satisfied. some
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it is maryland's law that school employees are required re to notify child protectivechil services if they suspect any unusual activity involving abuse or neglect of students sdt november immediate to cps andte then do a written report within 48 hours. h superintendent dr. kevin dr. kev maxwell says he has somee has sm feelings that perhaps the procedures were not correctlyerr followed in this case.lled in ts there may have been somemay ve b things earlier on that were wer not reported. ror he has immediately ordered retraining of all princell pnc george's county school cy s employees in regard to thosed to notification and reportingorting procedures. live in glenarden, i'm melanie'l alnwick, fox5 local news.lew >> and our coverage of thisf story continues at 7:30 this 70 morning. mo a lawyer with the local firm lor that is suing prince george's p county schools on behalf of one of the victims wlsill join j us in the studio. studio. that is coming up at 7:30. 7 >> let's head on over tor tucker barnes now. n tuck, the cold is really thelly story here in weather. wea >> it's going to be the storybe today, tonight right throughht the we
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the forecast for the weekend. wd >> put a heart on it.ut a hea >> i tried to. i didn't know how.h let's go to the forecast. forec >> i'll teach you emojis next. >> thanks steve. 20 right now in washington.n wa you're right, allison, veryisonv cold out there.ld out 14 in baltimore, 20 in20n these are air temperatures.r still a bit of a breeze ineze i parts of the region giving usivn single digit wind chills early.y. believe it or not aboutout freezing today, maybe we'll get to 32 with morninghor sunshine and then quicklyhe qui we'll see the clouds increase is this afternoon up ahead of our next cold front. and i just want to give you agi heads up. he there are indications we might have a quick burst of snowsn showers, eight, 9, 10 o'clock tonight and maybe in some in som cases enough to coat the ground. temperatures will be coldur enough that it could stick. rememberesit a few weeks ago who we had less than an inch ofnc snow and it caused some it use problems. just heads up here if you're ure going to be outer other roadse u later tonight there could be a a few issues with a quickes w coating of there's your forecast for thee 30 degrees at 2:00 p.m.egrees a i'll be back with that weekend w forecast just a minute. min
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in about a year's timer's t expected this weekend. wnd that's coming up. let's do traffic now withicow w >> 7:07 tucker.:07 t even though better is not aot factor for our morning ride weur have a ton of problems right mls now. this is a look at the outerheut loop a crash involving anvolvi tractor-trailer an car takingr t out the left lane leftef shoulder. at the american legion bridgeria delays are extremely heavyea back to connecticut avenue. they almost link to the delayth all the way back to 95. so, huge problems on the outerer loop this morning. inner loop really slow asy slows well. again that crash is at thes american legion bridge on thedg outer loop side.ter lo s let's go ahead and take a live l look. we were also tracking a waterck main break out in silver spring. it's taking out veirs mills m road out on the westbound sideos by connecticut and randolph. rdo water main break under controlar so we'll move over to our maps but some residual delays anday watch for icy slushy slush conditions. 295 south down to 29 miles per s hour crash between east capitol and pennsylvania. big delays there and in you're heading outer on 95 keep inee i mind all lanes opened north ofnd the beltway by 32.2. huge crash earlier had big
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problems.lems residual delays are lingering,r, however, in both directions.iren bw park bay southbound jams asjs well. as we take a look at metro m this morning earlier trainerra malfunction at westt w hyattsville. because of that residual delays on the yellow and green and delays on orange in both directions because of a problem by dunn loren earlier this morning. we'll keep you updated onn metro. metr red line is back to normal, nora however. we'll keep you posted on your y morning commute.morning commu really slow roll 270 south ass well as you make your wayyou through gaithersburg.aith tim cal delays allison and steve.te >> erin thanks.hanks. a hearing on d.c.'s d.' controversial family leaveve plan goes well into the night, into the early morningly mor actually. but is council any closer to passing a bill. we'll tell in you a liveyo report.rt. >> the zika virus hitting close to home with a case nowe c reported in maryland. mar plus what we're learning thisrns morning about a possiblea poss vaccine. 7:09. 20 degrees.
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>> ♪ >> amen to that, right. >> and payday, halmelelujahja hand.hand >> okay, al, maybe not forkay, everybody. >> well, for me. >> hopefully it's a good dayaood for everybody. 7:10 right now.ow meeting started yesterday afternoon and it went into theen wee hours of the morning.orni very long morning for d.c. lin council and dozens of residents who got together to talkbo
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family leave bill. >> fox5's annie yu isoxs annie following this story for us now. an flee is at the wilson at building. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison and steve. you're right, the meeting started around 4 o'clock thursday afternoon, endedhtnd around 12:30 so for eightoor hours this hot topic was being debated. hundreds of people -- 150 to be exact filed into the wilson t building before the d.c. council to testify and this is t an important issue any otheres h only here in the district butbu across the country because if bu this is approved it would bet wd the most generous paid leave program in the country. cnt so many people in support ofn the proposed family leave billee and under this proposed propo legislation those who work inhon the district will be allowedct w up to 12 weeks of paid time off for the birth of a child, ci a medical issue or to care fore a sick relative and this plans would also impose a 1 percent 1r tax on employers to pay for empa the program. so, there are obviously twobv sides to this you have the hav passionate folks supportingrt this saying it's important's i because individuals would b
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their jobs and their families at and it shouldn't come down to that. on the flip side you have flip h businesses worrying there it w would be too much of aor d financial burden and too muchm to handle. last night chairman mendelsohn a spoke to us as to why hehy h thinks this is a good idea.d ide take a listen. lis >> i believe that this legislation is important. it could make a difference ine terms of making the districtistr more attractive for folks to fol come to want to live and worke w in the district and in turnnd i that would make the district dis nomore attractive touriv businesses to operate. we have to strike the right t rt balance between cost and benefits. >> reporter: meanwhile theorr: m mayor is also speaking out and she's express something doubt over this. but men dell son says that he he feels confident that this willnd move forward. it's going to require somere s tweaking though so it could bet some time but that is where this stands now and obviouslyw y a very controversial issue but an important one. live in northwest annie yuie yu fox5 local news. n >> an flee thank you. still ahead hillary clinton and bernie sanders
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since the new hampshire hamps primary and that big loss fors hillary clinton. cnton their war of words over the over big issues coming >> let's take a live look l outside. it is friday morning. there's the white house front hf and center. bundle up.bu it's a cold start to your day. 7:13.
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>> ♪ >> all right, welcome back.ig let's get to it. if you're traveling todhtay, al, systems go there. nice and qui
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most of the country pretty prett quiet but it is very chilly. c look at places like slick, sli 19 degrees. those respect current temperature at our localocal airports, dulles, national and bwi marshall there,he temperatures in the teens to ien about 20. reagan national the warm spotm right now 20 but again no again delays currently.nt steve, i have a funny story to y tell you.. miami 57. they were only about 60ut 6 my uncle sent me a picture, he said it's so cold down thereow t he has to cover up the horses th and he has a picture of hisf motorcycle with a cover on it.lw >> that's his baby.. >> yeah, his baby. y temperatures in the 50's downesi there by the way. it wasn't there here's your satellite and's y radar. we got clear skies to startar s your day. we're concerned with this.d witi this is our arctic boundrcc boud today. may bring us a coating of snow c this evening, 7, 8, 9 o'clock oo tonight. look out for that if you're for going to be on the roads late tonight. it would be cold enough thatugtt even a light dusting couldting u stick. on the beltway they hady treated the roadways just inthrd case. that's our next concern andn then bitter cold this week. mid-20's around here sur
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sunday. sunday we'll wind it up with a winter storm monday to tuesday.monday t right now looks like snow, ice and then rain.nn. that would be snow, ice andowce then rain monday to tuesdayo t but of course still a few daysld away we got to fine tune thattut forecast. that's an update on weather. onh erin is back with traffic. >> i am right now and we have a lot to get to so we'll get right to it. outer loop good news thereop gne earlier crash involving aolvi tractor-trailer and a car has h all lanes opened at the american legion bridge but look at the inner loop andnd outer loop by old georgetown.n. jams in both directions so beiro prepared for that. t outer loop especially slow all the way back to connecticut.. and then you're slow from 95 y to georgia so outer loop rightot now not really our friend. give yourself plenty of extra time. live look at a water maink at am break under control but problems on veirs mill road. water once again gushing.gain gi not so great. repairs on the westbound side between connecticut andee randolph. watch for slickn conditionsti slushy conditions because of the cold temperatures.ld traffic is getting by t but mucc slower than what it should b
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we'll take a look at our maps. 295 all jammed up because of a crash by east capitol street on the southbound side between b that pointer and pennsylvania.yi you dip down from 29 miles perdo hour to about 10 past thatwn tht scene. 270 is backed up and tons ofsf metro updates for you. blueline normal serviceer resumed to king kinstr red line normal service at forest glen. g orange line residual delays. d green and yellow no longerge single tracking but residualut a delays in both directions dir because of an earlier malfunction in west i w hyattsville. check with me on twitter attter erin fox5. 395 inbound to the 14th streetst bridge slowing traffic.ra more updates in just a few. few. that's your traffic.ff >> ♪ (applause).us >> the kind of criticism that ct we've heard from senator sen sanders about our president i i expect from i do in the expect fromec fro someone running for the t democratic nomination to succee
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[cheers and applause] >> madame secretary, that is a low blow. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashing debate numberci six last nightng and for the a r first time since the new hampshire primary whiche prima sanders won. it was an intense back andack forth over several hot topics. on today cleary joins us nowaya for more in depth recap of the debate. deba what did you see last night seel ronica. >> reporter: hi, city.orter: hic well, you know, thite . they reported and described as t as a wong key debate.ebat the new york times said it was score lally. they got into policy p especially foreign policy butlyr you saw there in that sound inat the beginning, they released ree some still very heated exchanges between theanges candidates. the race is real now.ra and even though you've gotoue hillary who did win the iowa caucuses it was a very closelo race and bernie sanders wonon the new hampshire primary by b that very large margin, so the e debate was
7:20 am
opportunity for the candidateshn to try to shine, you know, and really sell themselves in the best way they can beforest nevada and south w carolina. so, one of the big issues that we saw in new hampshire that tha many people think hurt hillary l was this idea of attractingttran female voters just becauset baue they're female. madeline albright went on thegh campaign trail with her as a well as gloria stein them. albright said there's ahe special place in hell for helor women who don't support eachuppo other and a lot of peoplet p think there was seriousus backlash because of there, the that that play have hurtat hillary. t she only g ot about 44 percent 44 rcen of the female vote in newote in hampshire. hamp so let's take a listen to both of the candidates address that t issue in last night's debate. >> i'm not asking people toe t support me because i'm a woman. i'm asking people to supporttouo me because i think i'm the most qualified experienced and ready person to be the be president. >> when c
7:21 am
having to make a very personalsl choice, ah, in that case, my republican colleagues love thele government and want thend want government to make that choice h for everyone in america. ari if that's not hypocrisy i don't know what hypocrisy is.ypy >> reporter: there you go.r: thu that issue is definitely ael a controversial one.contro some women feel that it's it's insulting for hillary --illary - hillary clinton -- people on-eo the trail for 34 say only voteoe for her because she's a.he would. other people say, you know, that's still s a very important part of the glass ceiling thatee we need to crack.d to so, it will be interesting toest see how voters in south carolina and nevada respond toap that message and thennd the certainly bernie sandersainly bs taking on that issue as well which can sometimes beimes difficult for a plan tot foplan address but you see both ofe bot them addressed it in their own o unique ways last night. and it was interesting to we'll keep watching and keepgnd you all updated.ed back to you steve. >> association the big picturetb
7:22 am
it's any surprise bernie sanders was expected to do eec very well in new hampshire. newh now the rest of the countryount including south carolina a different picture. p because that margin of victory v was so big in new hampshire isai there a new bar set for southth carolina like hillary has toills win by so much now to beh now t considered a success or just win. >> reporter: steve, are youter:s absolutely right and we did d expect that sanders victory iniy new hampshire but i don't know d that we expected such a margin, so i do think there is i a new level of intensity coming from the clinton camplinm to not own have to win south win carolina but to maybe win itaybw with a similar gap between heren and senator sanders.or i think it's one of thosef those things where you don't just want to win, you want to wint tw with that strong margintronma because it was such a closeh a c race in iowa, i do think that looking at the last two raisesas that we just saw in iowa and new hampshire i think it'shink maybe making hillary feel theee heat a little bit and shee bit s really wants to knock south carolina out of the o if you look at south carolinaarl an
7:23 am
high approval rating among democrats and so little larry hs to align her self with thegn presid hent's, and his ideas ane his laughter years in officeht and she reallyer tried toried separate herself from senatorrsr sanders saying that he has has attacked him in last night'sst n debate so we'll see if that s i worked. we'll see if she's really s's ra going to be able to win that by a big spread.prea that's what she wants to do i'm sure. >> all right, we'll find out soon. so ronica thanks very much. m >> reporter: thank you.te tha >> six debates down now, al. do, >> all righty.ll r we told you about this earliersr but want to leave you with you w these ima this was last night in last t i look at that. it's just a very, very v devastating fire.stating this is at the woodmont wdm country club in rockville,kvle maryland. ma this is a maintenance barn burned overnight.bu this is what it looks likeooks this morning, skyfox giving usox this view here. h that of course looks like aseksl total loss there. loss there we'll have much more news whenen we come back.we c it's 7:23 right now.
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20 degrees. back in a moment.
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>> welcome back.>> very, very cold temperaturesd to start your morning.ou 20 in washington.ton. look at your teens dulles 15, bwi marshall is 14 degrees and we are going toe be in for a chilly friday. frida only about 32 for a daytime dayi high with a little sunshinee s here to start your day so the good news is we've got sun early but if you're headed to t school or kids are headed too school make sure they're ready for a cold day and then thisheth is what we're focu
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tonight.ght. this is all right arctic boundary.boun it will arrive into the evening hours and i want tos give you a heads up. n you'll be on the roadsan o later tonight we coulde coul encounter a quick burst ofck buf snow perhaps enough to cover the ground with temperatures in the upper 20's when itwh it arrives so it will be cold it wb enough for it to stick.tick. just keep that in mind. m we could have a quick burst of snow, seven, eight, 9 o'clock. k it won't last.'t las but what will last the cold c air and the wind which will w get in lined this system andhis it will be extraordinarilydina cold for the weekend.eekend 25 on saturday, wind chillsll near zero by saturday afternoon. sunday 26 degrees your daytime high and we got very cold air.dr look at the morning lows there. sunday morning 9 degrees, degre, seven off to the north andf to west. again wind chills near zero. zo. more weather in just a minute. we'll talk about a possible psie woman nexworm next week. erin has traffic. traff >> we have a lot of residual a e delays left over. o this is the beltway out by the t american legion bridge outerb loop all lanes reopened.eopene but you're still really slowy sw from con
7:28 am
point. it was an earliern earlier tractor-trailer accident. you can see the outer looperoo still a bit slow there. tre again it's from a different perspective leading towards tow that you're very taking a look at our maps our m other slowdowns in maryland marl this morning out by colesville l you can see you're j as you make your way out on 95 earlier crash has cleared. all lanes opened north andd southbound by 32 but still s jammed up around that area andod bw parkway north and southbound slow moving slo mov traffic.traf keep that in mind if you're y headed to bwi this morning. m more traffic as fox5 continues. we'll be right back.
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♪ 7:31 right now on this friday morning. we have update right now on whaw has been happening in prince i george's it's the latest on the scandal a there rocking the county.y a class action lawsuit says diod i was carraway may have targetet as many as 30 victims. vti local law firm is now is representing three of thoseentie victims with an expectation that that number may grow. g joining us now timothy maloney an attorney filed that class action lawsuit.on l thanks for coming in this comint morning.morning >> good morning, steve,ood mornn appreciate it.g, >> first of all the reason youtn filed this lawsuit is againsts the suspect in the case on theae criminal side of things also the principal, school district. >> the board of education.oard c >> why target these specificc individuals? >> bought board of educationbo allowed this to happen in the
7:32 am
school day during school hoursls right under the nose of thee principal. the board has a duty to maketyo sure children are safe and safed during the school day.rihe s they really stand in the shoesnd of the parents and they breachrh that duty to the parents and thd children in the worst possible way.way. >> do we know now why this person mr. carraway was allowedl to remain at the school on a follow volunteer >> he pan hal close relationship with the principal and at leastt one of the teachers and that het was sort of given the free rune of the building. bld he was allowed in the library. b he was allowed to walk childreni home. he was allowed to take them in e the auditorium and i know newsww reports say that some of thesehe things hammed in the schoolammee bathroom. but they occurred at otherurre places in the school buildingsci including the school auditoriumm i mean this was sort of open inn notorious in the building. >> right now you've've represented -- you represent rep three victims.threvictims. we know that it doesn't -- dozez victims have been nam officially by law enforcement in this case. in your lawsuit you sayr la potentially up to 30. why that number? where did thaa come from?
7:33 am
hadn't reports from many paren parents. we have 12 confirmed victims right now. n but there are a number of otherf disturbing reports that thereort may be many more and including c not only at the sylvania woods elementary but at the glenn g arden town hall.nn hall. one of our victims the abuse occurred in the glenn arden towt hall where mr. carraway wasarray apparently literally given the n keys to city hall and allowednda the free run of the city hall. h >> will they be named, anybodybo from the county or the city beit named. >> the city will be named as a defendant as well.defend the town of glenn arden. ard >> as far as the people you have represented so far, you far, representing three of theentihro alleged victims in this case.hic are you looking for more to joii on and have a full class actiono case here?case he? >> yes, we do have a classlass action that will encompass all a the we want to make sure that everye victim is protected and we're available to representre additional plaintiffs and victims and they've been comingc we have a number of othere mb victims coming in today actual actually. >> do we know when these alleged assaults happened? was it whilw he was a paid assistant at the
7:34 am
volunteer at the school.he bototh times. it occurred as a paid assistants which was from january untiluaru september of last year and thent as a volunteer when he lost his job through budget cuts sincedgt then and literally was w continuing up until a week ago w when this came to light. it would not have come to lightg except one of our clients unclec found the images on a cell popel went and took it to the principal.inci the principal said amazingly,ma, come back tomorrow. to he wasn't willing to come backeb tomorrow. >> as far as the school theoo principal and/or anyone from the school district being named in this suit, is it more because ou that, because of the delay in the case, and not addressingddrn things right away or is it ther fact that the school should beou just a protected place for p f everyone to be?yoneb >> well, the principal has a duty to report suspected misconduct. she's a mandatory reporter. rore all teachers, all socialocl workers, all principals have anh legal duty.lega it's a criminal statute if theye suspect abuse, that they shouldo make a report to law enforcemenr an
7:35 am
there were a number of red flags complaints from parents, par complaints from teachers,each complaints from the students ye there was no investigation. >> i read through the legal documents you filed.stno itme's quite len tee and it'suia quite disturbing because we'reee now finding out these are nine, 10-year-old children in someom cases involved in this. i t some of the things that you said as far as how situations weres w filmed, how video was transmi transmitted doesn't exactly linc up necessarily with how our howr marina march rocco who talked tl with the suspect in this casen s some of the things he told hergd as far as how things went down. did that affect owyour case atye all.all. >> not 12 it doesn't make any ay difference whether he was filmee on his phone or a phoner a belonging to the child.g to t c the point is you're not allowedl to have children engaged in eagd sexual acts. a you're not loud to film them.he you're not allowed to distribut them. that's a matter of common sense. whose phone it ended up is immaterial you. >> saw what he said to marinat e last night.last nht die. >> what did you think aboutdi that? >> first of all, great repoporting. it's rare that someonean
7:36 am
of statement.tatement and what was most disturbing isg that he talked about how closeow he was to the principal and atna least one other teacher and alss how he was surprised that heise wasn't caught earlier because he was aware that there were a number of complaints against agn him. and i think that's going to bekt one of the most important thingn bout federal and statete investigation. we all know that mr. consideraway has beeniderayh criminally charged but i was very pleased to see that theha state's attorney angela also brooks is also focusing on whatn did people know and when didd wd they knoidw it?now it? >> if any of the other victimsov want to contact you the easiest way? >> call us at (301)220-2200.10-2 >> i appreciate you joining useo this morning shedding light on this story. we'll have much more.hauch marina will join us atl jus 8:00 o'clock.8: o'c fine out about her exclusive jailhouse interview witness suspect in this case at ce 8:00 o'clock.8: right now 7:36.rinow 7: tuck.. back to you. >> let's take
7:37 am
starting the weekend friday wity cold temperatures we'll end thet weekend with really coldy c temperatures as we get into g saturday afternoon and sunday.u. this is our frontal boundary bod we're watch fog later today. to. sunshine to start your day asr this front approaches early this evening, it could kick off around of snow showers aroundund here. heads if you you'll be out on y the roads after 7:00 tonighout.i maybe seven, eight, 9:00 o'cloc tonight there might be a quickbq burst of some snow showers sho enough to coat the ground. t it's not going to be a big deald but as we all learned a coupleru of weeks ago, it doesn't take ak big deal to cause a lot of lot problems around here.d here. behind the front, cold air col rushes n very windy conditions n later tonight. and we're off and running with g very very cold weekend.kend we'll look at the weekendt th we 32 today, mostly cloudy and sno showers would be tonight andonid again very light winds out of wf the south here five to 10 upive0 ahead of the front. the f men more weather.more wea look at the seven day in just a moment a traffic now with erin.. >> 7:37. we have a whole bunch of newwhof problems to report.or maryland delays and crashes.ra we have one at the spur, 27070
7:38 am
boulevard and outer loop crash after the green light metroreenl station. so watch out for you can see really heavy delayss top of the beltway outer looputo leading all the way towards thes american legion bridge we had aa earlier tractor trailer crash. c all lanes open at the americann legion bridge leftover delays ds has us jammed. jmed. stop gone traffic 95 northboundo and southbound by 32 and bw parkway north and southbound stop gone traffic.stop gone traf leave early if you're heading tt bwi this morning. morng 270 southbound leading towardsnt that crash democracy. dem a lot of stop and go traffico t through gaithersburg thisg t morning. 295 very slow as well out by eastern of a usual delay there.e as far as your virginia commute, 66 on the eastbound side slows through centreville and again tn the beltway.thltwa inner loop through annandale toe crashes a lot of congestion. cot same story 395 north andnd southbound. now good news for metro.good things are getting back tong bkt normal. we had an earlier trainrrain malfunction at done loringt donl because of that we still havetih residual delays out on thesut o orange line. lin normal service resumed on theces yellow and green. green
7:39 am
any questions you have for yourf morning ride at erin fox5 d.c. d on twitter. twi back to you. >> erin, thank you very much. tk we do appreciate that. tha coming up what presidentt pr barack obama is doing today tos help protect acres of land out west, and the new timetable for a possible vaccine to help fight the zika virus plus details in i case right here in our area. 7:39. we're back in a moment.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
all right. we're back now at in cira cease fire agreement now diplomats if any rant world witd interest in syria' war agreed td an end to hostilities in a week. despite the break through thr tensions remain high over russia's role in syria. russia's foreign minister min brushed off those accusations.i. >> pope francis headed to cuba today. today he is boarding a plane in rome. here he is. is. he'll met witness head of the oe russian orthodox church while in havana, cube b his talks with -t his talks will focus almost alm entirely on religious reconciliation this is the first time that the leaders of theadef russian orthodox and romanox a r catholic churches have met face to face.e. in oregon a41-day standoffnf at federal wild leave refugeef finally has come to an. last four protesters surrenderer yesterday. they were the last hold outsst d from a group that seized thatzea refuge nearly six weeks ago. a they dem
7:43 am
turn over the land to locals. ll each of them now face asac a conspiracy charge for their role in the ordeal. the o they are set to appear before ar judge in portland later today.. today president barack obama plans to designateck three t national monuments in californ california. he'll set aside nearly 1.8 million acres for permanentt conservation. now the goal here is to protectp some of the desserts mostserts treasured landscapes and ecoco systems white house says the monuments should help strengthes the desert against the impacts p of climb change.ha >> still to come this morning mi the man want the for killingli noah lee on the tee goes to goet court today. we'll have a live report. aive >> details on a huge scientifici break through.k th did you hear about this?he abo >> no. >> it broke yesterday.t broke goes all the way back to theay b einstein.ei it turns out einstein was -- was we'll tell when you we come com back. >> come on now.e ow ♪ ♪ not sure if there's gluten in your food? check out the t theme ma dispose alible podsle p
7:44 am
two minutes looking for glutenlu like a lab test surveying as ag safeguard in your own home. i'm laura see you next time in the fox5 f fast lane. it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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♪ almost got you.. >> he's got moves like >> you caught me.ouaugh that's not's n fair. >> get it tuck.>> >> let's do some maps.ap i'm like a d
7:47 am
tree when i hear that song i i just start dancing. danci >> i don't know why -- delayswhl very bad. bad. green looks good.gree yellow bad.llow b orange really -- red really bad. there we go. arctic air invasion, thank you.y traffic is not my specialty. spi we are looking at very coldyer c temperatures to start your day.r let's see.s 20 in washington.hiton oh you mad now? >> i mean tucker? >> i promise i'll make thisak t quick. 20 to quantico.ico 18 in leonardtown.nardwn cold temperatures to start youry day. utnshine out there at the o moment. it won't last. las clouds this afternoon. high temperatures only about freezing. cold one talking about the weekend, yes,s it still will be very cold thiss weekend but it's not going to bt terribly warm today with high of freeze. freeze this is our arctic front, and listen h it gets here tonight tt seven, eight, 9:00 o'clock0 tonight we could quick off a --- kick off a quick round of snownn showers.ers. heads up. remember a couple weeks ago weeo had quarter inch of snow and, a you know, nobody could getould g around on the roadways.ays we could possibly be looking atg a situation like that w
7:48 am
moving snow burst here thisere evening.ev behind it colden airports in. i. the winds pick up and we are ofo and running our coldest periodsr in about a year's time.s there we go.e we go. snow showers tonight and thenrst that cold air will rush inwillus behind it, very breezyez conditions, very cold overnight. saturday and sunday daytime dayi highs they don't get out of thet 20s and overnight lows in thes single digits by sunday morningi there's your future cast. here comes that little band of snow as mentioned there we arere at 5:00 o'clock.oc here we are at 9:00 o'clock.o'cc so 9:00 o'clock right up andockp down the 95 corridor again quick just a quick burst of it. of i maybe enough to cover the groung but temperatures will be coldwic enough for it to stick.ti that's tomorrow morning atrornin 8:00 o'clock. it's all out of here an cold air here to stage i'm not showingoto you wind chills here. her but take my word for it it willi be extremely cold with morning lows single digits by sunday sda there are your morning lows.orni that's a look at weather.ooat w erin is back with your roads. >> i see it was there. see tried to do both of our jobs ass my valentine's day present.rese >> yeah, that's exactly what iha was doing.t' >> that was really nice.s re n outer loop jammed b
7:49 am
road look how heavy that traffif is. what happened was typical typ congestion mixed in with a crasc bite american legion bridgeridge taking out two lanes had us really jammed u things improving towards thempvg american legion bridge but legbb that's typical delay 95 to about the spur that you're up againstp right now.ght we'll keep updated on that one.e let's move it over for a look ao our maps right now. now aside from that in maryland, wew have an outer loop delay at adding to the problem at the green belt mark dealing with ake crash and then 270 southbound at the spur at democracy boulevarda a crash.a ash. really jams up throughp thug gaithersburg and rockville thisl morning on the southbound side.s so be prepared for that one. 395 inbound through arlingtongtn typical slow down towards theare 14th street bridge. 66 inbound from centrevilleentrl towards the beltway slow roll aa well and across the wilsonil bridge speeds reduced on then inner loop just because ofause congestion. aside from that, for metro earlier train malfunction atfunn done loring because of that orange line experiencing some delays but the good news reded line, yellow line and green linl all back to normal.l.
7:50 am
delays and that's just because of stop and go traffic on ourn secondaries in the district. d keep you posted. you that's your look at traffic. trc back to you. 7:50 right now. n more than two months afters a montgomery county police officef was struck and killed on the kln side of a road a man accused ini that death has now turnedd himself in has been indicted. louis suspected of drunk driving facing several charges now chars including manslaughter.. >> his indictment comes the same week that the fallen officer'sir family is calling foralli f legislation to protect otherstes from drunk drivers.omnk d fox5's bob barnard is live ins rockville where the suspect ispe due in court today.. bob? good morning. >> reporter: allison and allisnd steve, he's due in court circuir court at 1:30 this afternoon aer after turning himself in to to police yesterday.teay this is his mug shot as you mentioned louis gustavo, is 4747 years old from olney, maryland indicted by a montgomery countyy grand
7:51 am
of manslaughter by automobileau and failing to change lanes or to slow down when he approachedc a dui traffic stop on rockvillel pike back on december 3rd. police say he told them thathemt he'd been drinking at theg at t hooters in police say he had also smokedd marijuana before plowing intoloo montgomery county police officef know what lee on the tee. tee he killed the 24-year-oldyear-o officer who was out of his cruiser having just pulled overe a suspected drunk driver. now, lee yacht tee's fatherat richard is on a crusade to csa toughen maryland's drunk driving laws. he had two prior arrests. arrts mr. lee on the tee was in was annapolis earlier this week pu pushing for noah's law. >> imagine just saving oneg one family from that heart ache. a saving your family from that heart ache. think about that. tha very simple thing. do we ever think about the vicke testimony any more or do we onlo
7:52 am
one that's committed the crimete that took my son's live. noah's law is long overdue andrd it's time that it happens now don't want to wait another yearh for this.r s. (applause). >> reporter: know what lee onhao the tee was on a dui assignmentn the night he was killed just 242 years old, amounted to be anteda officer since he was a teenager. now mr. rah luce company is duei in court here. he'll get a bon at that point.oi he's currently in the montgomery county jail and after theft hearing here this afternoon, afr montgomery county police chief f tom manger and the montgomery m county state's attorney johnneoh mccarthy will address reportersr about the case and the push for the crack down on maryland's dui driving laws. guys. >> bob, thank you very much.k ym so necessary. necessary. thank you very much.than meantime a case of the zika viewer russ confirmed in con maryland. maryland state health officials would only say the virus was the vir contracted by someone who someoe traveled back from a country ini central america and n
7:53 am
morning the world healthealth organization says possible zika vaccines 18 months away from large scale trials.cale tri that's a year and a half away,wa al. al. >> big shake up at metro shake happening right now. n deputy general manager bob troot stepping down the first senior official to leave the agency since paul we'd field took over as director. he praised troop who start theta out as metro's chief of infrastructure services back in 2010. >> all right. science buffs all starta international team of astro physicists made a huge break b through that proves that albertr einstein's theory of relativity was --wa >> right. >> that was the key.hawa >> was right. rig scientists detected gravitational waves. w now it's a game changing breakre through that was first predictei by einstein a century ago.ry ago experts say the discovery is a a huge step forward in ourrd in o understanding of how thisg how un
7:54 am
because gravitational waves carry information about theirutr source.soce the ability to detect them willl allow researchers to studydy distant features of the univer universe. >> can we say einstein a hundree years ago was that smart as ansn entire all star team of astro a fiss cysts today. tod >> that's what we're going towht say. he's such an interesting --esti- >> brain power.>> >> -- person, character, youct know, and he's veryhe ver inspirational.irat if you're having a littleng a trouble in school, whatever itr is, yes, a hundred years laterat we can be talking about you. >> amazing.>> ama. >> 7:54 right now.>> 7:5gh for this week's fox beat freee friday you can win a four backbk of the washington travel andtona adventure show for saturday sur february 20th a week fromm tomorrow. tomorrow. >> to enter for a chance to wino just go to the contest page on between nowow and 11:59 p.m.59 one winner will be selected byty random drawing on februar february 16th. the prize has an approximateox retail value of $72. it's provided by
7:55 am
adventure show. >> let's good morning to ouring facebook fan of the day. today it is frances hall and hl she's during a very young 90 yog years old tomorrow.w. >> look at you.>> >> the big nine-zero.e-ro happy birthday miss hall.all. >> um-hmm. um-m. miss hall at a is a life long resident of suitland, maryland.n her granddaughter calls her a blessing to porter avenue inen i and i know that's right. she has babysat all the neighborhood kids. she used to all the girls hairar for special events. ent really a special lad so again happy birthday to you, mrs. haul. hau we honor today. >> that picture from 40 or 500 years ago, right? rig >> you know what i need? i neen one of them hugs i'm sure shee gives out on regular basis. bis >> speaking of --in >> that's what i need.s wh i n >> tucker looks like he's readyy for your hug thon coming up at t 9:00 o'clock this morning.. >> allison look what i got. >> what? the flowers are here.h >> don't do it.
7:56 am
erin -- erin -- my heart is melting. >> marina -- >> melting right now.elti >> i got a little something for you. come on o >> erin man recent in a, i woulw caution you. >> allison. >> i would caution you -- y >> allison.>> aison >> this doesn't end well,s do ladies. >> i'm out of this one. o >> thank you, tucker. >> i've seen how this plays outt >> i would advise you --is >> i just walk in.>> i have no idea what's happening. >> that's the way it usually itl works. once they catch on they don't't want anything to do with me.ithm >> we'll be giving these outivut coming you shortly 9:00 o'clockl hour. ho >> reagan national 21.tiona 2 dulles 19. bwi marshall 17.shal 1 very cold temperatures today.tut we've got clear skies to startst your day but we can have snown h shower here early this evening.i look out for that.. here comes that cold air itdir rushes in behind it.n behd saturday and sunday daytimeay highs only in the 20s. the be ready for extreme cold arounn here.. okay.. apparently my love used all the tossing it back to you allisonkl and steve.d st
7:57 am
>> we'll be hitting the streetst look for us. us. >> okay.. >> the way that story ended tucker holding a bunch of flowers.fl >> i know. >> we'll go back to our topou story.stor very serious story. child pornography investigationn happening in prince george's county. our marina marraco will join usn live to talk about her exclusive jailhouse interview with the suspect. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable.
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♪ this is fox5 news morning. live look outside on this on friday morning. mning it's february 12th, 2016. we are in for a very cold dangerously cold weekend. dare we say polar vortex.or remember that term?t t >> i hate that term.ate m. >> i do, too. t but it's going to feel like it.. tucker will the details comingac up in weather and traffic on thn 5's at 8:05. it's friday. fri good friday morning to you.rniny i'm allison seymour.ey >> i'm steve chenevey welcome tt fox5 news morning we'll start ws with that child pornld por investigation that continues ton rock prince george's county. >> in fox fox5 exclusive our own marina marraco spoke to the school volunteer accused of of video taping young studentsg ud engaged in sex acts. s our crews went inside the jailej when he opened up about the aut disturbing charges against him a and marina joins us now thishi morning to share for detailsai from her jailhouse interview.nti good morning, thanks for beingsb with us this morning. morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> i was intrigued at how
8:01 am
he was with these very serious allegations against him.inst what did you feel sitting in sit there with him? >> we were, too.>> wwere, too. i walked in with my photographee and we should say we walked in w with nothing but ourselves wants we were wearing and our id's we were not allowed pens or papersa nothing to record ourthin rec conversation we're basing thistn on memory we both discussed thet fact as soon as we walked out wt jotted everything down we spokew with him.wi. now we were very surprised howiw candid he was with us. wit one of my first questions of o course was are you agreeing with the charges, do you believeo yo they're true and he said yes ana i said, explain to me what you a mean and i said, did you havee sexual interactions with thesehe children? and he immediatelyiay said but then he did proceed to say that he was involved in partaking in these videos whichs of course are part of the child pornography.poph these 10 felony charges that art very serious. we know there are 12 victims he said he was directing, he wastie guiding them, he was behind thed camera but he says watch the videos you'll never see me ineee video and he
8:02 am
about that fact.t. of course you have to contrastua with the police investigation.ei this is just one version. vsi it's his but we're here to tell everyelly version and every angle as wes can to see objectively whatly wa exactly happened.. but just sad story all around an when we walked in -- you asked k allison very surprised to seeprt just how candid he was coming c forth and telling us that he die participate and he felt sorryt for what he did, of course, notu to excuse him but to some degree he realized what he was doing was wrong. >> which is key when it when it documents court of law.nts to his ago the many of not being seen in the video possessing child pornography can send to s you jail for the rest of your rf live in certain situations. s >> most definitely.>> >> did he ever give a reason why he was privy to this even if hen wasn't directly as he claims cla involved in many? did he ever e give a why, why this was ts happening in the first place?int >> he says that growing up he first said that he'd been raped when he was about 10 years old0y and he couldn't give us a dyphip tiff timeline because he saidbei it's somhi
8:03 am
erased very early on.arly but he says throughout his lifes he was in special education classes.clas he was bullied so when hee finally became a teacher's aides and later a volunteer at thishi school he became part of this ti group of students and he saysdey that he felt like he was one ofe the kids. k he was one more friend. fri remember this man is 22 years ys old. these victims are as young as a nine, 10 years old. clearly a large age discrepancy and yet he thought of himself in that situation as an anothern a child as one more of the group majority of these victimsseicti actually boys. boys these are all children that he h considered his friends. fri he says they were not in hisnotn classes that he was a volunteern for a lot of these children were children that he met playinghe games at the rec center. the r . he said a lot of these things started as just playing truth oh dare hide and go seek, just innocent that he is he laterat evolved into much more than than that. and i asked him at any point dit these children tell you stop, yu no, i don't want to be part ofar this and he said that everyoneoe was willingly tak
8:04 am
these things? now, of course cu again, this is his version andon we don't know what exactlyxactly happened.happen but this is how he at least remembers these events, ofs t course, incredibly disturbingtu however they went down. dow >> right.>> he seems to know and you said it last night, i couldn't turn awaa from the television watching thn report last night.ast n seems to know as he says right r from wrong when he mentioned mei that you could face years behinh bars began to cry. to my question to you is by saying adamantly i wasn't in them, in t just took them, i mean i just had them take it and they senty it to me or what have you do yod think it's all setting up anytia sort of defense here.nse >> i'm not a psychologist.sychol let's just by saying that.just i i can really gauge his, you, know, competency and how maturet he is but i will say it didn't d seem as though he was thinking t that far it just seem like this is how i saw what happened and i don't d think i was part of that in then sense i wasn't part of thehe sexual ept actions.ctio i did see him happening is whatw he was saying but he was sayingn
8:05 am
of course, police from now whatw we know in the investigationgatn have couldn't testified thatt te completely.le and to on one occasion investigators saying he actuallt walked one of the children into the bathroom at that school anda went in with the child and i chi asked him about that instancet s and he says, look at the cameras.ra check the dna.ece d i'm not a part of thatt whatsoever.ev and he was adamant about it. i again we have to reiterate, thit is his version. >> you said all the way -- evene full on sexual intercourse here. >> right. >> hate to be that graphic we'rg talking about that gravity ofitf >> the most serious of the acts did not happen on schoolppenn s grounds. he says this was part of the re center which is where he wouldhe have the least adultdu supervision.suio i mean he is an adult where he e wouldn't have other adults alt surrounding him he'd be with tht children at all times.dren but, yes. y even sexual intercourse. interc. >> as far as this interview thai you had with him, last night, ng just to be clear, he had noad n problem talking to you in anyyoa way about this. >> except in our interview theyy tell him there a
8:06 am
it septembered our interview i from t get no, he didn't as soon as he walked in we identifiednt ourselves. we said what our names were, whr we were with and he immediatelyd said i want to talk to he said no one has gone to visit him including his mother so he s felt that we were there toerhe listen to him and he spoke witht us. >> it is his word and it is his side of things right now.ngs n marina, thanks so much., th so we'll talk with marina at 9:00 o'clock on good day d.c. we'll see then the way this cass is going by then there might beg more twists and turns in manyny let's check in with tucker barnes and get a look at theooat >> thanks steve. 21 now in washington. it's going to be a cold friday.i our high temperatures are realla going to struggle here in the h upper 20s and low 30s look how cold it is hagerstown 12 degree this morning. morng 18 in winchester.n hes 20 in fredericksburg. so very very cold temperaturesru area wide.ea w a lot of sunshine to start yours morning but we'll see the cloudo increase quickly and this is oui arctic boundary i'm sure you'vev heard the cold temperatures for the weekend, and they're set tot arrive later this evening i wang to give you a quick reminder.emn
8:07 am
coating of snow this evening as that arctic front moves throughr and then cold air rushes in in behind it. very blustery conditions overnight.ov very windy conditions for thes t day on saturday on our weekend is just featuring cold plain old cold. i mean we're talking brutallynga cold around here for the weeke weekend. we'll take a look at that coming up much here's your friday youfd forecast. 32 and again mostly cloudy bylob afternoon could be a quick bursi of snow between about seven andd 10:00 o'clock tonight.o'k to and then the cold rushes ines overnight.ght all right.all right. we'll look at the seven daylose coming up. let's do traffic now with erin.. >> that cold burst and possiblep snow coming in tonight tuckerhtt something to keep in mind. m valentine's day weekend a lot of people have evening plans sonila make sure you're extra cautious driving around this evening.ou metro update.o u these orange line delays just js earlier train malfunction at done loring.don loring. things back to normal. normal service yellow and greeno as well. right now, in virginia, we do have delays inner loop fromop springfield interchange tofieldc gallows as usual.gas 395 northbound off and on delayy from duke street to the 14tht th street bridge.
8:08 am
as cidar from that in maryland f right now, some crashes need too be awaree of.. 270 at the spur on thehe southbound side at democracyem boulevard and then another outer loop accident i'll get out ofent the way after the green belt marc caution there. t very heavy traffic on the innere loop towards the wilson bridge b as well as outer loop from 95ro over towards the spur. the spur. we'll take live look outsidee li right now. 295 really slow on the t southbound side as you make your way out by eastern you can see traffic is basically parkedal p there. so give yourself plenty of extra time to head south on 295. 2 this is south capitol street att suitland parkway and traffic ana right now is moving alongisovin without any problems.prms got you cover that's your back to you. >> still to come this morning how wholefoods is catering toert younger customers. custo >> and why a politician performed a smoking stunt on the hill. hill those stories and more whenies we're back in just one minute.e ♪
8:09 am
8:10 am
♪ >> there's a look outside this l morning. it's a chilly start to the day. temperature 20 here in the district. cold out outlying areas. on the hill california congressman duncan hunter is blowing smoke. literally yesterday during aoo house traransportation committem hearing the congressman pulled e out his vaporizer took a dragg and blew out a cloud of smoke of his attempt to demonstrate the devices are safety lose.os it happened while the politicians were voting on amena amount to you e-cigarettes on planes.anes >> uber is shelling out some uber dough to settle a pair off lawsuits.wsuits the two suits claim the companym misled customers about safety procedures and cyber will spendl 28 and a half million dollars to put the lawsuits behind it. the settlement affects about 25 million riders. and speaking of millennialss though i also take uber, but, bt wholefoods is trying to attractt younger customers beyond beyond groceries that means customers c will soon see other businessess operating within it
8:11 am
the company says thosey t businesses could be anythingenyh from juice stands to tattoo parlors and the first is set tos open in los angeles this may. >> if the prices are morere mor affordable i will go. >> me, too. >> i don't care if i'm a millennial or not. o n >> i do like one stop shoppingpn juice and ink at the same time. >> i think they have already. >> coming up we'll talk abouty a last night's democratic debate. fox's chris wallace will >> reminder that paul and jamie from mad about you, do you, do remember these two.wo >> it's been so long.t'o >> they have been voted one ofn the best tv couples of all timet >> is that right? is rig >> yeah. y >> they were pretty good couplee i guess.i guess they argued a glom what do you think? tweet us your favoritesr and we will reveal ours coming up. >> i think they're arguing in this scene right here. >> yeah. i didn't like this show that much.
8:13 am
8:14 am
♪ >> allison, maybe we shall go down there and show some >> the white house? >> yes. y >> okay. actually that would be prettyd e funny. >> go right up to the gate. up g >> if you have more time, you me could hit up our, you know, most famous landmarks and buildings.s >> we want to give the -- the >> people that live there.e tha. >> that's right.>> t >> i meant like go to thent likt capitol. go find the important people there. go to the white house. find the people who call it ho home. >> there are important people ip all over the city, steve.teve >> anybody that accepts yourt love this valentine's day.valens >> we don't look like this. >> right.ight >> we're just trying to show yoi some love. le. >> exactly.. >>
8:15 am
>> okay.>> let's do something we want to da and that's the fox5 first fivesv photo of the day.ay >> oh, my goodness gracious.ciou >> i bet if they took her with w they'd let in you. >> this is super cute tess muchs this is julianna, everybody. ev. i love the pose.e she's four years old and get ang this. th she cheers for the staffordd premier all stars. >> all right. rht (applause).pp >> they got a big competitionomi this weekend.eekend >> yes! it's competition weeke weekend. >> we want to wish julianna and her teammates the best of luck.l >> oh, my goodness, let me tellt you something.ethi that bow, that bun, you are on o point julianna.ianna the best of luck. lk and best of luck to all of highh schools and all that competing e this week mend montgomerynd monm county, too. >> big weekend.>> >> it's a big weekend.big weeke >> all right. all counties for montgomery county and of course julianna.. >> and her teammates.eammes >> i watched on a sports networo a competition with like the college -- >> it's very serious. it's >> it is incredibly serious. there are thousands of peopleus th
8:16 am
>> yup.>> yup yup. >> yeah. >> put my game face on thisace s weekend in oh yeah?h? >> myself, yeah. >> julianna we love yournna we v picture. picture. >> good luck to you. >> do you have other options or remote broken. b >> it was like february wildwooo world of sports.rld of sports. >> those women are athletes.. >> football season is over.r. >> time out of these women aresn athletes.etes >> i'm not -- of course they'ree athletes. >> you are watching them and a you're just like you can't move. >> when the person gets thrown t in the air, i'm like holding mym breath.breath >> they do six flips and catch t it it's flawless.lawl >> amazing.>>mazing. >> incredible. good luck julianna. lju >> if it's acuteness award, you win already.ea >> yeah.. >> she's got the pose and she'sd only four. real quick look at your foreca forecast. we're featuring no travelg no te delays. that's great great notice the local airports at tht it is very cold out. o we're in the teens and low 20s 2 out there early this morning. mr sunshine to start your day about freezing for daytime high. hig we'll have light
8:17 am
south today.od but as we get into the evening e hours, see the snow out to the west into -- now pushing intongo indiana and ohio and kentucky? >> we're concerned we can get a quick coating of snow around aun here with arctic front whichch will arrive between about abo 7:00 and 10:00 o'clock tonight,t and then once that moves through, the winds pick up and here come the hounds of winter. >> ouuu! >> that's not hound. that might have been a hound.nd >> mid 20s for daytime highs.. >> our wind chills tomorrowomro afternoon zero. zer or even below zero.elow zer so please make sure bring your g pets indoors. indoo. >> yeah. >> limit your time outdoorsour i tomorrow obviously imet will bee cold, dangerously cold thisold weekend.weekd. >> single digit lows, too.e digs >> let's check in with erin andd get a look at the roads 8:17. >> i'll start you off with lookh at metro.etro. metro on or close to schedule. no al alerts to report. repor i'll let you know if that changes. changes. virginia delays.virg things you need to be aware.oue inner loop from springfield to t gallows. slows with that typical slowlo
8:18 am
now in arlington spout runun parkway eastbound after lehighih way shut down you'll need tol nd detour around that big crashigra scene at that locate. 395 northbound off and on delayn from duke to 14th street str bridge that's usual slow-movingi traffic.traffic 66 inbound a little congestionot through centreville right now. . aside from that maryland right t now, maryland delays. 270 southbound slows from middle brook road to the tee earlier crash on the spur att democracy boulevard did clear. 95 south slows from the icc torc the beltway as you head inboundu and the outer loop right now rin after the green belt marc there is a crash. ara 95 south delay right now route 1 south, bw parkway southboundou better bet to get around thatard congestion. these are earlier issues wees dealt with with metro.ith metro. they cleared out of the t so let's go ahead and switch iti over for a live look outside.ut you can see south capitol out bb suitland parkway looking reallyl nice. that's your traffic.'s back to you y. >> all right. thank you very much, erin.u ve we appreciate it. well, hillary clinton and hl bernie sanders traded jabs on as lot of hot topics in debate
8:19 am
the gop candidates will haveille their turn to debate tomorrow. o fox news sunday's host christhr wallace joins us now for a recap and looking forward. good morning,, chr happy friday to you. >> good morning to you.ood morn i got to say, allison, these 9:00 o'clock debates are killini me,' i'm ready to go to bed at nine these details start and i t got to stay up. >> i thought i was the only one. >> no.>> >> coming from you -- coming >> we both work the morning ther shift and the one that's reallyr terrible is when they haveth hav debates as they are this week on saturday night at 9:00 o'clock.c i got -- like you i got to getot up at 5:00 in the morning. mning they got to have these debatesed early.rly what about afternoon debates? >> right. >> someone with your pull youul could suggest that and they'llne listen.listen me, not so, not so so i hope you put that in thehan air of these candidates.te. >> okay. oka >> okay. so let's talk about the democratic debate here. h you know, it's really comingyomn down here to the topics andnd they're getting pretty serious o and last night mrs. clinton. clo
8:20 am
on the president's track recordr what do you think about that move?move? >> well, look, i think it's a ia mixed bag for her, because on on the one hand she almost has to t she work as his secretary of s state for four years she's tied to him. in addition to which i think shk feels that the clinton coalition particularly as had he headhad d south and african-americann becomes much bigger part of thef equation, you know, they'reknthe like, i don't know, three, four 5% in iowa and new hampshire they're 55% in 2008, 55% of the democratic lector rate wasecto african-american. so tying yourself to barack to k obama seems like smart politicsc on the other hand she'sd she basically like in 2008 she's talking about experience andiene staying the course, and berniee sander social security playingi the obama role of talking aboutt change and hope.. so generally speaking whenhen voters have a choice betweenet experience and change, they votv for so it's kind of a mixed bag forr her i think.her i ink.
8:21 am
now, moving -- looking forwardnd to the debate tomorrow night nit with the republicans, do youcano think that will come up at all as far as the distance and she made a comment basically thatict you sound like a republicann distancing yourself from theelfm current administration? do you think we'll hear more of that tomorrow?tomorrow? >> well, i don't know that i d anybody there is going to say that bernieis sanders sounds lik them. i have to say watching, you knok h you watch the republicanubca debates and the democratic debates it's like you're talkini about completely different wor world. you would think in theul republican debates that refugees and illegal immigrants and isisi were the biggest threats in thee world and you would think that t in the democratic debates that millionaires, billionaires and a wall street were the biggestheit threats in the world.reats in t i have to say neither of themm seems to me are talking about an america i recognize, and that'sa part of the problem for bothot sides is the democratic debateeb and with bernie sanders successe is pushing hillary clinton to the democratic debate further tt the left, and on the
8:22 am
side, i suspect with donaldna trump's success is pushing it i further to the right, and, youyu know, the center that's why you' got a guy like michael bloomberg the new york billionaire andai former mayor talking aboutking a there's a big wide avenue in tht center. i don't know that he's actuallya going to run butt why he woulde consider >> that should be very tha interesting.intere okay. we cannot wait to see you talk k about all of this on sunday. take naps, power naps work, wor, chris.ri >> yeah, i know. yea but 9:00 o'clock start time stat saturday night, i don't know. >> you're always on point, and d sleep deprived or >> there you go.>> t >> there it is. chris have a super weekend. supr we'll see you on sunday. >> thanks, allison.on >> still ahead this morningad tm kanye west starting a new celebrity feud.celebrit i thoht they had kits and made t up.up he and tay tay but we'll haveay that b plus a surprise guest ata his fashion show and we're wre counting down some of the best tv couples of all time. tim and jill from home improvement made the list.ent ml they were a good couple.o c we will reveal our favorites a little who is yours? tweet us,s, facebook us. u
8:23 am
just get to us.just we'll be back after this. ♪
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ welcome back. very very cold temperatures tort start your morning.orng. going to be cold afternoon andnd then just dangerously cold thist weekend.end. let's get to the numbers, and ns just show you what will bel be happening.happening. 21 at reagan national.. dulles 17. bwi
8:26 am
freezing for daytime high. hig hoping we get that.hat. see that snow out in kentuckyck and ohio and indiana we're concerned tonight as we gete get arctic boundary through here weh could kick off a very brief bef round of snow showers but enougg to coat the ground in a few i a spots and with temperatures below freezing it's not going to ucke much to m i noticed when i was on the waso beltway this morning they were treating the roadways just inoau case. but here's your 32 today. today that arctic front moves in mes i tonight. wick burst of snow and then cold arctic air and very blusteryluey conditions set up on saturday. our wind chill saturdayy afternoon at or below zero andod that will continue into sundayin morning. mo then we'll start our gradualradl warm up. looks like we can have wintere e storm at the end of holidayolid monday no tuesday. maybe even snow transitioning to rain. ra snow transition to go raingo rai monday into tuesday.. more dee kales on that as it asi takes shape. s that's weather.eather. traffic erin. >> 8:26. 8 we do have delays right now thee outer loop out by kenilworthilwt there's a make sur
8:27 am
plenty of extra camera is frozen. froze inside the delays you can seedas leading towards that pointhat po really slow. s give yourself extra time to getg through that. crash blocking the left shouldes and part of the left lane againe out by kenilworth on the outer t loop.lo we'll go ahead and check in with our map now.ou aside from that crash, we havewh other problems. delays 95 south from the icc too the beltway. 270 south middle brook road tooa the beltway.thltwa earlier crash on the spurpu democracy boulevard did clear. r and then the outer loop a crasha scene on the shoulder out by the green belt marc seeing really rl slow moving traffic right now because of that. 295 inbound out by eastern easte avenue slow as well. right now 295 southeastern too pennsylvania 14-miles per houror leave earl physical that's youru that's your traffic. y >> back to you allison.llison. >> coming up new survey revealsa the top tv couples all time.l >> ray and debra from everybodyo loves ramon made the th. can you guess who else is on it? we will reveal the top five ande some of our favorites. thanks to everybody tweeting so far. we appreciate it. 8:27. ♪
8:28 am
it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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8:30 am
♪ now 8:30 this morning.morni it's the looking pretty goody g right there.t keep in mind super out there oue this morning.orng. temps in the teens in mostin tee places. we'll get up to speed on thet up news of the day in just a minute but we wanted to have little fu for a minute with valentine's vi day approaching the parents television council out with hiss latest favorite tv couples of of all time.l tim so who made the list? here we go. we'll put them all up there.em p we were going to reveal.ea nu
8:31 am
bottom. bott >> pay no attention to the wordo on the screen. >> ignore the screen juste th listen. number five dan and roseanne ron from roseanne.e >> okay.>> o >> number four, eric and anniene from seventh heaven.ea >> what is that show.>> what >> i never seen it.>> >> on the cw. >> number three, corey and tow ban good from boy meets world.ld >> let's go to one most peopleeo have seen. brady bunch number two carol anc mike. >> there you go. there you >> number one the picture on th cover of tv guide ricky and lucy from "i love lucy". luc >> all right. all r >> just talking about tv i think real live relationship ended ind divorce. >> some of those didn't work out so well.ell. >> clearly.>> c >> carol and mike. carol was interested in greg and mike was not interested in car >> a lot of drama. >> here's what we wanted to do.o we wanted to give our picks oruo some of the favorite tv couplesl we've seen. >> going down the line.oing >> i went off the list>> wen i went with a non traditionaldil couple.coup >> okay. >> jerry and elaine from signe m fell. >> that's a good one. t >> good answerha. >> i thought just good chemistri
8:32 am
everybody thought they shallod have been a coupley , right. ri >> they were a couple. cou >> they did hook up one time.e >> back in the day they were any ex couple but they still i i thought they still made a good d pair. >> they had chemistry. they ha >> it was a magic.c. >> here's mine. martin and gina from the martin lawrence show. >> that's a good one. goo so much so that gina used to wear this robe -- this is weirdw but it had like the celestial ci theme on the back and it was and blue. even back then before thek thenf internet i found that robehat because i loved it so much muc because i just loved the wholest thing.thg i loved their relationship very much. >> you know what it was thenow humor i loved their >> they were a fun couple. c >> lord do you need humor ind dn relationships. >> you sure do. >> it didn't end well.'t end when the show got ready to goeat off it didn't enter well. e >> not in real life.n l >> in real life it didn't endid well. >> on the show --n th >> the show was good.he s >> come on. it's make believe.'s m >> you mean that stuff is not ss >> speaking of make believe i'lm go back to my story.ack to my s you know, so sing with me,e, tonight i celebrate my love forr >> yes.
8:33 am
our lives. ve >> what are they doing righte tg here? >> let me tell you. me tell you oh, my i love -- i so wanted to lookoo and be christian alfonso and find someone like peter. i me bow and hope she was so beautiful. so beautbeiful. their wedding -- luke and lurend rah would be my close second oro maybe crews and eden or josh and reeva.reev i watched a few soap operas. >> philip and beth on guiding light a couple years ago. yea a >> guiding light to me was reeva and josh.and jos we need to go no further. >> i were on guiding light onceg >> we'll talk now later.alk no >> who do you have?>> >> i got gloria and jay pritchard from modern family.. their on screen chemistry is amazing. >> look at this.t look at jay.. they're such a -- a -- >> okay.. >> true confession time did yous just want to look at video of lo sophia vergara
8:34 am
>> funny they pick that clip that doesn't show anything.oesn >> i'm not impressed by the fiscal will thes of the wiltheso situation. >> right. >> it's all about the chemistryy >> they do.o. >> jay is on cru mud johnnynny >> we don't know any old dudes d in this line of work. >> he's an old do with cash.h. >> rainbow and andre from f blackish. it's a fairly new show.w s but this couple make me laugh ss much. especially andre because he iss ridiculously funny, and he sayss the craziest thing and you haveh beau the straight laced doctorec and a little middle of the linee always trying to keep him inp hi check. i think they have such humor. they're fun.e they're young couple.young coup. they're hip. they have get into scenarios i can clearly see myself in.f i just think they are hilarious. my hope the show goes thees distance it's a goodie. goodi >> can i speak to the he will he fan in the room right now.m t >> what's that? >> two years ago we would haveou all said --d >> i was going to. i w >> bill and,ing. and,i >> cliff and claire huxtable.
8:35 am
>> cliff.>>ff >> cliff and claire huxtable. hl >> don't you think? >> it didn't even come to mine.e >> i was going to say that. >> tom and marion from happym hp days.. >> i actually started sayinging cliff and i was talking to some of theing writers downstairs.ownsirs if i said that would it like raise a lot of ire. >> whole controversy can youle c separate it out and all of that? >> i think it's funny -- funny >> they were a great couple onr tv.. >> also bruce willis and moon 9n cybill shepherd.heerd that was a another. ano >> did they ever get glowingr yes, in the end they did.the end >> maddie and whatever his namem was. >> dave add son and maddie. m >> let's check in with tucker. >> greatest tv couples.ples. >> steve and tucker. >> that's right. t sorry, erin.. >> wait. >> >> sorry erin.>> s >> steve and >> i get steve?>> i g >> steve, get over here.. >> sorry, erin.rin >> it's true. >> i thought tucker would gooulg with peg and al bun dye. d that's more your speed.
8:36 am
>> that's a good one.>>s you guys, i'm going to beoing brutally honest with you my team --team - >> yeah. >> fred and barney. >> crickets.cket >> kricks.. >> no, fred and they're awesome together. tet >> ross and rachel. >> enough. eugh w 21 now in washington.w in 18 in gaithersburg.thsb 17 in baltimore. steve i'm waiting for you. none leona very cold temperatures abouteraa freezing today for daytime dayti highs. highs. here comes the arctic boundary d it wants to kick off really real quick round of snow for usd ofno tonight.nit between about seven andaboutev 10:00 o'clock tonight.:00 o'cloo if you'll be on the roads lookrd out for that.out fo as temperatures will be below freezing and remember a few weeks ago when he dusting butusi caused all kinds of issues thatt potential is there tonight. tont keep an eye out for that laterer tonight. 32 today. today. i'll have the weekend coming upn in just a couple of minutes.ines >> i couldn't find any flowersld but i got you a cup you have h coffee. happy valentine's day, bud.e'da, >> stay over there. tre. >> erin -- erin, please. p >> dumb on tucker. d tuc >> there we go.
8:37 am
excited with tucker and then steve just swooped in and stoles my valentine's. i'm a little heart broken butrtn we'll get to traffic. i'll somehow survive this morning morning. we have a crash on the outerut loop by kenilworth.worth outer loop at kenilworth and we're seeing big delays becauseb of that blocking the left lane l and left shoulder.ft i was so heart s broken i couldu remember where my traffic camerm was. let's move over to our maps nowp from that live look. loo aside from let's check in with n twitter right now. n thank you so much. he says thanks for all the goodg information today.. and then also happy valentine'sl day. we're hearing from our viewersge on twit as well. traffic is quieted down we wanted to give you a shout out o and you can always reach out toh me on twitter at erin fox5 d.c.5 for all the latest trafficic information.rmation. metro is on or close to clo schedule. back to you allison and steveve who stole my boyfriend.iend >> i'm sorry you can have himryn back. >> speaking of twitter i want to thank our great viewers who werw tweeting their favorite tv couples. keep doing it. >> hash tag fab5pics.
8:38 am
a picture with you and your yr sweetie maybe you'll see those o in the 9:00 o'clock hour.:00 oc >> coming up kanye's big day the massive event surrounding his fashion line. new album and any bad blood bad between him and anotherndnoth celebrity. >> that's unfortunate. uor and the next marvel herovel hits the big screen today. t kevin sits down with ryanh reynolds for the scoop on hishep new movie dead pool. ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ ♪ >> it's valentine's day weekende we kw
8:41 am
il for lovel and that means cannyn romantic dinners and of course u you know the flower business iss all-time high. hig >> right now a local flour local company could be getting ready to deliver your bouquet.r bouet. fox5's annie yu is live with alt the details.the annie what is your favorite favt thing if you guys exchange gifte on valentine's day? what's youy favorite thing? do you likeuik flowers?ower >> reporter: i love some freshsh flowers.fl i love receiving them.ecei t i love giving them. t it's something about the smellel and as soon as they open up to its fullest peak it's so is beautiful to look at. loo every day, right? and they lass pretty long. i know some people say they diet in day or two but it depends how you care for them.or you can actually enjoy them form like two weeks i would say.. but lauren bates really knows r the drill. i don't know anything aboutkn ay flowers.ers. she's director of marketing herk at urban uan good morning. >> good morning.>> good mo >> reporter: this is like lik ya'll super bowl today.l tod >> yes. it is non-stop for the nextn- couple of we will not be sleepinge sep whatsoever.atsoever >> reporter: some of you sayay they haven't slept. hav it's been a continuous connu operations he
8:42 am
so give us a little sense of o what the day is folding out todo be like.. >> yes. we're doing about five to 10 times our normal week volumee this week. we'll be delivering more aboutgu case than we delivered in 2014.n >> reporter: wow.r: >> in total. so it is a massive operation. oe >> reporter: and there's aeporta reason why, because you all have come up with this quirkysuirk business model that people arepe really getting, you know,u kw, attracted to. t give us a sense of the model and how it's been working and also a the options that people can get. >> yeah.eah. so we are an on demand flower f delivery company.. we're based here in d.c. but we serve new york city as well. wel you can order within an hour ofr neat kneading the flowershe flos delivered. >> reporter: that's great. >> yeah. >> reporter: it's like aorter:t procrastinators' dream. >> totally.>>ly. >> it's affordable our bouquetst start at $35 that includes freee one hour delivery we neverye nev charge for delivery or fees. fee and on sunday on valentine's das you'll be able to order up untit the early afternoon and have iti there by the evening. eve >> reporter: that's great.
8:43 am
>> we deliver in the d.c. metroc area and then the suburbs insidi the beltway. beltway >> reporter: these are theter:sa options that you can get real ga quickly.icly fake a good look.ook. they're beautiful starting at $35. and lauren i hate to tell youely this but you know there's aou ke chance of snow. >> i know. >> are your messenger guys readu to hit the pavement with that? t >> yes. all of our messenger messengersm employees with us they're tapedd in flower care.we they know how to prevent therene flowers from getting frost bitet we actually just came out withet new packaging that keeps the t flowers from being exposed toos cold air. cold a >> reporter: okay.>> r >> we're ready. report roar remember that your r need layer up as well. as because it's going to be quiet.t okay. thank you so real quickly the social flat forms that people can check youk guys out at. >> the ham is at send urban ourr hash stag hash tag send happy.d. >> i love that.>> i l send happy. thank you. happy sool tynes day, everyone! >> reporter: okay.r: oka they are going to continue to t work feverishly and back to youo in the studio.. >> annie, which particular flower
8:44 am
to get my order ready i don't want to mess it up thist year. >> reporter: aww i like the traditional roses,, st. how much is this one?w much i >> this one is 80. >> report 80! >> dozen -- two dozen red rosesr >> take your notes w that's what i want. >> we got you cover annie. ann don't you worry about it.rry out >> thanks, annie stelai had in today's fox beat -- yes, you can borrow $75.rr kevin sits down with ryan wh reynolds to talk about his roler in the new movie dead pool. >> i appreciate you every day. >> not just recall tynes day.l y >> whatever the correct englishh frigid start to your fridayrrida morning. how long will this cold spellis last? our favorite weather w valentine tucker barnes has youu full forecast coming up next. n. ♪
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ >> yeah, for the week weekend. valentine's day weekend.ykend airport things are running onnng time. very cold out there at reagant r national this morning. mng temperatures in the teens andesi low 20s. low 20s at reagan national.. but get ready for the coldestole air we've had since lastce l february about a year's time as the polar plunge, yes, remembere the polar vortex talk from lasts year. taste of it over the next couple of days as the arctic airc all right.right temps 21 in washington.ashito 18 in gaithersburg.urg 18 manassas.assa 19 dulles.ulle everybody very very cold.ol sun has been up for well over aa hour not warming the atmospheres a whole lot. lot. daytime highs for your fridayri about freezing.t freezing. so temperatures out there thishi afternoon and then we got tooto focus on this -- this is ous
8:48 am
boundary that will get in here e tonight, and just a heads up. it looks more and more likely mk we'll get a quick burst of snoww as that front comes throughgh tonight, and it's going to be tb cold enough that we could see it sticking on the roadways and rdy maybe -- i mean it would bewo anything from a few flurries too just enough to cover the groundn but remember a few weeks agoew o when we had just very lighter amounts but it was enough tot cause some problems? be wary ir you'll be on the roads tonight we could have some issues withih that. at there's your frontal system,roas again, that sweeps through tha tonight.nigh very quick burst of snow s we'll get east of us and thenf t the cold air rushes in. rhes i promise you'll know it'sl ow i rushing in, too because we'll bb blustery overnight, very breezyy tomorrow.torr our wind chill forecast tomorrow afternoon locally around zero. r our actual air temperature in the mid 20s but winds will be b blowing so strongly out of the north and west we're likely to have wind chills around zerouneo tomorrow afternoon.ow a all right. here's future cast. cas there we are at 6:00 o'clock.t here comes that little patch ofo snow shower activity we'rectivie concerned about and it look like prime time for us again it will be very light amounts. amo just looki
8:49 am
sort of the high end thingsnd about 9:00 o'clock this morning we'll get it east of us and youy can see that cold air -- i canii see that cold air rushing inusng behind it. behind there we are tomorrow morning at 9:00 nice looking weekend and wa dry weekend. temperatures 20 degrees beloweel normal saturday and forynd f valentine's day on oa hey it looks like we end thendhe weekend monday is a holiday with another winter storm that looks like it could be snow transiti transitioning to rain monday an tuesday still a lot ofto questie marks but potential there foror travel issues monday night intog early tuesday. all right. guys. that's update on weather. i'll be back in minute and allison i can't wait to get outo and give out some hearts.s. >> we're heading not 10 minutess >> can't wait. >> i don't know why my voice up. i apologize.poloze >> because you're excited. >> 10 minutes. now let's get a check of what's' coming up on good day besides uu with holly and maureen. maure hey, ladies.y,adies. >> good morning.>> good morning. >> straight ahead on good dayt a d.c. we'll have more on the fox5 exclusive.ive. our marine ma marraco spoke with a school volunteer accused of of video taping students engaged ii sex acts.s. >> s
8:50 am
more details about her jailhousi conversation with deonte carraway what he's saying aboutn the disturbing charges about h him. >> hillary clinton and bernieli sanders clash in last night's debatentin. ronica cleary is here to breakre it all down for us. us. who won and what's next.t she'll tell. >> plus we're getting into thege valentine's day spirit a couplep days away now. now >> allison and tucker will hitkl the streets, you hear allison so excited she can't stand it.she t >> her voice went up.t >> it went up, yeah. they will give unsuspectingpect people little love and surprise on this chilly friday morning.yi >> plus wait until you see whoho is live in the loft with steve.. yup. this is going to be good. >> really? r >> yup. >> it's a good one.go it's a good one. aood >> that even intrigue me. i don't know. good day d.c. a few minutes aw away. steve, do you know?w >> i'm looking at my notes righg >> he look at me like this, ladies. huh! >> we'll all be surprisedll be p together. i'm a little nervous for you steve but it's okay. oka >> i was m we're getting more w' from our viewers about our abo o favorite couples. cples darrell wrote in and he said hei
8:51 am
evans. >> what about archie and edith.i >> we were talking tala you could hear us. >> way back in the early '70's ' for some of these shows.e shows >> thanks guys. >> before we get to kevin let's talk about fox beat free fridaya four pack of tickets to thets t 12th annual washington travelnre and adventure show.d adure s those tickets are for saturday february 20th.0t >> for your chance to win, you can enter by going to the contest page on between nowew and 11:59 p.m. 159 one winner will be selected by random drawing on februar february 16th, now this prizehir has an approximate retail value of $72 and it's provided by theb travel and adventure show. s >> all right g luck, everybody.o it is 8:51 right now. kevin is hey, steve and allison. >> i was trying to do the high itch. >> you're always excited youwayy don't need a high pitch.igh pith >> i liked you went up -- >> somebody said what aboutbo marsh and homer simpson? simpso? >> that's great.t. >> there's so many.y. >> many l
8:52 am
it wasn't on this one. one odd. >> who would the guy ryanou the reynolds character in this movie be with? >> is there a love interest. inr >> black widow. bck widow. black widow could be interesti interesting. >> ooh. >> he actually was married to scarlet johannson. >> for two minutes. >> kev went late night double feature he never sleeps.evs. >> i try to be friendly with steve who have him join me hee always turns me down.dow didn't want to hang out.. >> upon further investigationesa into this,. >> you made the right choice. cc >> kev invited me to go to moviv that wasn't midnight and i woulh have been a third wheel with him and his fiance'. fnc maybe on friday. f >> we need to hang out.need to t i want to build our friendshipri and make our lives so muches >> i do.. >> okay. >> real quick we'll get to myl m interview with ryan reynolds. dead pool if he nom into the 4.5 out of five unlike anythinge ath you've ever seen before in the comic book universe.rse >> that's a heavy statement. ste >> one of the fun yesterdayf th movies i've seen in years it'sts 11 year passion project for ryar reynolds. it's extremely
8:53 am
keep getting questions foruestns parents is this for kids.rid >> no! it's rated r by the mpaaa for quote strong violence andlee language throughout. thrgh sexual content and graphicndra nudity. that should give you your answea about whether or not it's forr t kids. it's incredibly fun.un. unlike anything you've seenth yu before. i gave a 4.5 out of five. f there are two end credit scenese stick through the entire credite for the two scenes. next up zoolander two justnd awful. really really bad. unfunny.funn. i was very disappointed.pote i loved the original zoolander a this movie is distracted withit cameos every couple minutes. mit it was annoying at times. times i felt like the movie was more r about the cameos than it wasn about the actual comedy. >> how much do you think it wil bring this in this weekend.this >> it will do wel il but dead pl will destroy. dtr >> i'm gave 81.5 out of five. i spoke to ryan reynolds and tj miller. we aired part one on monday. mo. this is part two. we mentioned something in thisnt interview called adr. when an actor does a movie after
8:54 am
to a studio and they rerecordheo some of the dial logs you see an actor --acto >> like blooping. >> they loop their dialogue.op t something happened onset or theh had redo a line. that's what adr is when they'ree talking about in this intervieww check this out.ut. >> i'm a real big fan of how how movies are mad i'm wondering were the mask m work? were the eyes practical c were you always speaking vocal v as we heard you. y it's ladder question is yes you're always hearing me speakng through the mask. weirdly enough there's a lot of bitter sweep happen 10 stance0 e with the mask.wi it was uncomfortable but it wass really functionayou could hear h everything pfe i can't emote.. we sort of got lucky. rush develop the suit and did aa good job. the eyes are really sit he willl animated. they film my face doing every line and every expression ixpre would make and take my eyes and actually map them on to the su suit. >> i'm learning new thing.rn i didn't know this and hows much -- how many jokes were inwn adr because you have thehe ability -- >> that's good question.s >> you have the ability to sort
8:55 am
>> that's a good question.uest >> so many of the jokes we werew like we could top this joke. you end up going to product allc the time.e ti for whatever reason when the reh stuff that happens on the dayn there is just always funnierfuie than when you're sitting in adra >> are you in adr with the maskm on. >> we we used everything that wasinth product instead.te it was just -- it sounded bett better. >> part of it's too he's such an improvisimprove sore.ore. >> hit it. hitt. >> kevin you got the floor. flo. >> for a journalist --alist -- >> i had one journalist throw iw that way.that >> it was awful, man.ul, man. that was awful. >> coming through this way and hurt. >> because he has a background in improv saying the scenes were did together very much that anda i can see how he came up with st much funny stuff on the spott probably you didn't really needd that much adr. >> so much to do going in.much >> i'm actually never been n b excited about like a dvd release movie you'll get to see -- thint guy who basically do an entiree sequ
8:56 am
>> some of stuff we cut isof sfw responsible for it being bannedn in china. in >> thank you for the movie i'vei seen it twice. it t i'm going for a third time on thursday with my fiance'. fnce' we can't't wai >> thank you so much.ou so much. >> bulls eye. >> you guys are awesome. >> steve is hard hittingit journalism question >> rephrase this.>> i had heard all of this talks about the fact that ryan reynolds says he is in the abova like completely naked in thisaki movie. frontal nudity. >> i can confirm i've seen the fm three times. tr i didn't notice it the first twr times. big story came out about him abo being full frontal in the moviev i looked closely last night unfortunately because i read the story y, threats. >> like a quick thing.. >> it's pretty fast.t'pret i looked very specifically forly this, for this show. sho it's my job. it's my job.. >> when will smith had a similal shower scene and i think i am legend.le >> right. >> where do we need to look fore this?d >> it's in the scene when he's fighting,.ghti. >> ask because people want toeo know. >> he's fighting the guy who
8:57 am
naked the shot when he jumpse ju forward -- >> this has gone too farha already. >> it really has.>> >> i i had to look last night. t this is for my job.r my j >> we're running out of time. te >> in the meantime in honor of h ryan reynolds tucker is it truee you're going to go full forecass for valentine's day.ay >> full forecast.>> f >> full forecast? >> yes. >> that changes everything.rythg >> do you have a microphone on h tucker barnes.erar >> yes, it is now.>> yes, it iso >> it should be.shld b (laughter). >> okay.ka i'll -- i don't even know how to follow all of this up. u i have such images in my brain.b right now, we have delays thiseh is the outer loop because of ao crash by kenilworth and we're aw also seeing slow rolling traffii on 295 inbound by eastern sote watch out for that. for quick look at our maps.s also be prepared delays to agaia montgomery on the red line we'le keep updat updated they can in e on erin fox5 twitter. more to come on good day at 9a. keep it here to fox5.
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