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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 15, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> no, polar vortex is cold. c >> oh, okay.ka >> now we have the wet stuff weu on the ground.on t mixed bag.d we'll take it down. tucker is the scientist. scitis. we're either like it's cold or c it's wet. today it's cold and it's wet.t't now i'm confusing myself.f. bringing you the latest on thett cold and or wet conditions. conn >> a major political struggle sr brewing over who will replaceepa supreme court justice antonincen scalia and when.scalia a more on the fight over his ove vacant seat plus the impactus tc his unexpected death on thehe biggest -- has on the biggestigt cases before the court. crt >> and the investigation intoes a school volunteer accused of videotaping children performing sex acts isor expanding now.mi we will hear from a church where one child was allegedly victimized. >> good bulb morning to you.bu g today imonday morning to you.i'o >> and i'm steve chenevey.te che welcome to fox5 news morning. mi the federal government isral closed today for the holidayheid and most schools were alreadye y closed for the day.ay many more canceled activitiesac that were planned
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grounds today. we'll put the full list on the bottom of your it will scroll there. >> there are a few schools we af want to point out because theyey were supposed have schoolup today but now they're closed.po these schools are in virginia, i manassas city schools,chools fauquier county and spotsylvania county schools.ounh you are all closed today.. >> and inn a an update on metroo metro buses will restrict resict service and run on a severeon a weather plan. major roads only. o you should plan for delays. for. trains on a saturday scheduleda today due to president's day.nty okay.ay we promised you the detailset from the scientist himself. hime that would be mr. tuckermr. tu barnes. >> good morning.>> >> good morning. g>> >> yeah, one year ago on year a valentine's day we had a big a snowstorm and pretty much am an repeat event yesterday last night into today. tod let's do it.s dot. very cold temperatures.tu arctic blast setting up thetingt stage for our winter event. evet let's get to the main pointsnoi here. most of the snow overnight hasih been rather light to moderate. t expecting more of much of the area not seeingot s much of anything at t
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moment. we'll look at radar.l lo we're expecting the snow tonow t pick up in its intensity heresir a little later this morning. mni snow then a transition tons sleet and eventually ice and then rain, freezing rain byn by midnight and then all rain byaib tomorrow morning but this is mor going to be a messy travelnia ma day.y. honestly if you don't need to get on the roads this holiday h for you just kick back and bk a watch fox5 morning news all newa morning because it's going to g be a ugly day to be on thehe roads. ice accumulation possible after we get the snoww accumulation late thison l afternoon as temperatures areem very cold out there.ry c in fact most of the area inmof the teens and low 20's. 20' here's some snow totals.owot they're rolling in. send them to me tucker fox5. fredericksburg 4.3. mechanicsville 5-inches. 5nche heaviest snow across southern sh maryland and central virginia. . you can see the motion theren t west to east and we're gettingre a break inside the g city, just a few flurries at the momenturr although we are expecting expec additional snow to start as mentioned to pick up here over e the next several hours. hours what can we expect t
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snow for the morning hours. then as the upper atmosphere starts to warm up we'll see a transition to sleet eventually freezing rain and we're very concerned there could be some ice accumulatioe n late thisn li afternoon and tonight and thendi a transition to all rain after midnight for just about everybody. those of you in some of those t mountain valleys may hold ontoal the cold just a little longelere but i think by early tomorrow tr morning it should generally beer rain for everybody.rybody. notice your daytime highceour today. toda only 31 degrees so we aredeees r going to continue to see snow and sleet throughout the day.tho we'll look at expected snowted w totals. we've got lots of weather mapsfe to look forward to here steveere and allison over the nextr the couple hours.coup hou i'll toss back to you. >> tuck thanks very much.k th we want to get a check on ck what's happening on the roadspeo in maryland.and. >> fox5's melanie alnwick iss ml roving the roads in montgomeryne county. county mel, how is it looking? looking? >> reporter: well, we left well, montgomery county and we came over here to prince georgesce gs county just to check howow things were going on thising we hit the beltway and as wends were on the beltway, thingsay, were looking pretty good and i a was surprised at the number off cars that were on the roadswere and then we started to seeed t some problem
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suddenly transitioned to snowno pack when it was wet. saw a couple cars off the road there and if you can kind of look over to the left-handhe lef side of your screen here now,eew you're going to see those flashing lights. you can see a washington gasa sn truck and then a small black vehicle there that is also -- a that's another car that hast has skidded off of the ramp from rar the beltway onto 450 here in lanham. we're also -- we noticed whenede we rolled down the windows toint take a picture a very strong str smell of gas and that's why we w believe the washington gas wngto truck is there but that's thehas kind of thing that we are a seeing now that there are moreth people out here on the roads,, i have seen several cars now that have either spun outer orn skidded and have ended up inp ditches or in other situationsii where they've needed to be extricated from that situation.tuatio so, you know, people are peoe a getting out here and i thin think... i worry that they t think this is over and the
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event is done but what we'ret hearing from our weather folks is that it has not picked backkb up again and so i worry aboutut people that think they're t going to see this wet pavement here in front of us as we headsh back to the beltway and think,hi oh, yeah, this is not a a problem, i'm going to head outho when we get to their destination we worry thatt perhaps they may not be ablethen to get home here you'll see thathat transition where things kindonhg of change suddenly.ofnge please be aware and listen ton what tucker and gary have toave say about what might be comin coming. back to you guys.back >> thank you so much. y so >> tucker just reinforced thece fact that it could easily eas freeze everything that's outvery there because it looks clear, the temperatures are so cold and the road temperatures aretus so cold that it could justu j refreeze in a second. a sec >> i'm going to be like punxsutawney phil 364 days4 that you don't see him once inc get home, erin, i am notot leaving the house today. i don't
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>> good morning. morning. >> good morning.>> >> as soon as i make it home aia today it's a netflix day.. >> that's what i'm talking'm t about. if you can stay in, stay in.y >> i agree and it's president's day so a lot ofo a folks do have off work andk a kids out of school. soo but you have to make it out i o and about you're up against a at lot of problems. pblem this is a clearing crashri involving a jackknifedng semi. s bottom of the beltway theom obe outer loop between van doren dor street and springfieldingfie interchange you can see it's blocking those left two lanes. n they have flares set up. h keep it to the right lanes l much what for delays. the inner loop also movinglso slow across the wilson bridge. bridges overpasses playofferpass ramps they tend to freezed to fe first. please really slow it i factor in extra time to get around i heard from andrea on twitter and is he she had gwd i parkway down to one lane. clara barton also dealing withet speeds very slow moving ming traffic.c. so let's switch it over for a fr look at the thomas johnsons joh bridge out on maryland four.yla we're getting reports of icy conditions. just about 10 minutes ago weut had a really backed up shot of
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this. it looks like right nowks there's not much traffic out,ff snow coming down, please useleas caution. give yourself plenty of extra e time to get through that area.t. again, reports of ice causingng problems on that bridge.thatri we'll take a look now at all at right maps. several crashes in the area ash melanie mentioned outer loop the ramp to 450 right nowig n closed way big crash. cra you can see inbound 50 slow moving traffic. traff outbound as well.utbo speeds are reduced.educ 395 we have a crash reportedor on that northbound side byide b duke street. str and then you can see that redt r zone there through annandale aan on the inner loop and that is ts because of volume picking up. 270 slow from gaithersburg onbu down. we'll have more traffic in just a few. any questions at erin fox55 d.c.c. back to you guys. gs. >> erin thanks.ha an event to honor thevent first leader of our country isoi again canceled again.d aga second year in a row. year r >> the george washington parade in alexandria a no go for today. it's's s you may remember it wasit canceled last year as tuckerucke just reminded us because ofs be bad weather.dther. sorry president.pres we'll see you nextid year.
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>> we love you still.ti >> three straight years ofee sth valentine's day storms.t ins da >> right. maybe if it's postponed to a -- we'll let you know. you k just not happening today. >> coming up antonin scalia'sca' death sparking a debate.eb >> it is brewing this morning as you can imagine it's a hott'h topic. a live report from the supremehe court is next. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> welcome back. b just complimenting one of our own here in the studio.etu it is snowy out there. the snow covered roads.oa that's one of the side streets around the area and you can you imagine on this president'ssi's day not necessarily a priority i wouldn't think for thehink jurisdictions but they'rehe doing their best to get the roads cl
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>> compliments and kind wordsts go a long way on day l aike today. toda >> little monday motivation.otiv >> body of supreme courtodof s justice antonin scalia now back in the d.c. area. the 79-year-old supreme courtar justice passed away th-ois aay t weekend while in texas. tas >> now though a political fight brewing over scalia'slia's vacant seat on the nation'st onn high court. cou fox5's bob barnard joins usoinsu live from the supreme courtre with more and everyone isverye s weighing in on this one. bob, good morning. mor >> reporter: lay, allison,ter: steve, good morning to yeah, the death of justiceus scalia has left a major voidor i here on the nation's highestig court. as you mentioned now thetioned n battle over when he should beld replaced and by whom has only depended the rift between thebew two major political parties. pai a hearse in texas carries thete body of justice antonin scaliaia before a plane was to take himah back to virginia.a. scalias death la has been a shock. mourners leaving candleseaving s flowers and cards at the stepsrd of the supreme court with questions now about what willt l
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>> i plan to fulfill mylly constitutionaltitual responsibilities. >> reporter: president obama p has promised to appoint a replacement ined what would be his third selection for the court leaving a lasting imprint but that requires approval from the gop controlled senate where republicans say they'll nots sa sign off during a presidentialsl election year.el >> the person who wins that isht going have the right to replace justice scalia whether democrat or republican. >> reporter: all of this hashiha caused more consternation onnatn the campaign trail.the ca >> we're not moving forwardotovn until after this election. ect >> i believe that the next president should fill this filli vacancy. >> reporter: republicans lining up behind the delay, democrats arguing theui president and the senatee sen should move forward. fwa >> president makes the the appointment.tmt. senate confirms.onfi let's get on with thath business. >> reporter: the court crt meantime will continue toonnue o function but with just eight justices.stic. ties could leave important decision in limbo where they would revert to lower courtowerc rules ranging from immigration
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to the political power of powero unions, to abortion rights and obamacare.. the justices are on their mid winter break. bak. they're due back here at thee court next week.eek. they face the task of finishing this term without a full bench for the first time te in more than 50 years.ea and among the names we're wre hearing is possible -- asbl-- possible replacements fornt f justice scalia, one thea, one attorney general loretta lynchol who would, guys, if nominateded and approved would become theome first african-american womancan on the supreme court. cou >> all right, bob, thank you tny very much. hot topic indeed. still ahead the number of victims in that child pornography and sexual abuse case involving a school volunteer continues to grow.onts we'll have the latestl ha developments coming up. >> coverage of the snowstormag continues.e we'll get a closer look at the forecast coming up next.
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>> ♪ >> i saw it. >> welcome back everybody. i like this song. >> it's coldplay, right?i , ght >> i like me some coldplay. cdpa >> what.>> >> whatever. in fact i think i'll downloadl d their cd. >> you like you some cold weather. we >> no. >> oh, okay. >> no.>> >> wow impressively cold. c >> no option to not downloadt dd the cold weather.e co s not this weekend and nothi this morning, either. e let me mention -- i'm going to g give you the sledding fork.ddg f if you want good sledding yout s got to get out right now. n. >> i keep thinking that's the
7:16 am >> snow starting to pick up in i d.c. let's talk about what tolk a expect. transition, yeah it's snowing at this hour but it willhis transition to sleet, 14 and then plane rain during the next 24 hours. we think that transition will wl take place late this late afternoon. we could be dealing with thedeah potential for freezing rain or freezing drizzle. dzzle that's when conditions will bedi really treacherous and then ashd we get the numbers above the ahe freezing mark, we shouldeho transition to all raino a r overnight for just aboutsut everybody. now, the further south andhether east you are the sooner you'll u see that transition to rain.ioto the further north and west youhs are from the city the longer l that transition will take soak just keep there in mind. m things could be very tricky.y t may look like it's raining it' later but it's actually act freezing rain. here's snow totals. everybody is twent tweeting me r snow totals grumpy says he hasas over 6-inches.
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>> grumpy to be a her.>> g i assumed it was a him. here's your storm tracker'sr radar. snow across the region. r >> don't laugh at that. >> i'm sorry, it was funny.or ws >> southern maryland is sou getting the bulk of it righte bu now. that's where our highest snow totals have been. havbeen. expecting the highs to fillhighf back in over the next couple hours and then we'll be off we'f and running this afternoon.fter mixed eventually transitioning g to rain overnight.toain overn i think things will be muchings better by tomorrow morning's mor rush hour although i can'th i c guarantee we won't have some som school delays.el there's your seven day. after tomorrow -- tomorrowor looks very wet by the way, w, just plane old rain. r after tomorrow things lookng much quieter and warmer. war look at next weekend. upper 50's with sunshine.unshe. >> nice. >> okay. >> all right. >> thumbs up on that, tuck.up o >> it was just a softball onel erin that's all. she can do much better. >> thank you the not so ever grumpy steve. >> thank you. >> allison just coughing. didn't like that one.dn lik right now we have problems forbm the monday morning commute. com it's president's day so a lot
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af typically see.typilly se that doesn't mean fewereafe problems. outer loop to 450 is closed is c because of a crash to t annapolis road. r 50 inbound slow.w. earlier crash by duke d 395 inbound slowing us down. d southbound traffic really slowys as w let's take a live look outside.ou as you make your way on theake outer loop through the beltwayhl we're seeing problems. we had a jackknifed semi a-few f cars involved in this crashs c between van doren street asentr you make your way towards the springfield interchange. intcha. first responders out of their cars and the folks trying tog get the tow truck ready.uc r keep it very slowly in those right lanes and anticipatend ant delays. you can see ice and snow mixand on the road so again slow itt down. we'll look at our camera. cam top of the beltway trafficof looking really nice right here t out byly connecticut avenue.icuu outer loop and inner loopop ando looking good but you can see that slush and spray coming up m from the vehicle. vic try leave a good buffer good bu between cars. c reduce speeds. spe you never know when you're going to hit a slick spot. we have some other issues you need to be aware of as you y ma y
7:19 am
rock creek park beach drive drie shut down by piney road.ey watch out for that one.t you can see you're throw slowe w through the annandale area ase l you make your way out on the out inner loop and we're have a hav look in montgomery countymo where we're dealing withalwit problems on muncaster milluncasm road because of downed wires.f s back to you guys. g >> erin thank you very much.thay we appreciate >> we're learning more aboutout the child pornography investigation in princeigat georges county. >> pastor is now speaking out s about the school volunteer atpen the center of this maureen joins us with more. this thing just keeps on getting b >> police say the number ofice children allegedly victimized by 22-year-old deonte carrawayer is now at 16.t6. the crimes reportedly happenedlp at several differentat locations.lotion a pastor hoop worked in thehe same church building is speaking out right now telling fox5 he fierce even moree fierce victims will come forward in the future. reverend james gander's churchr shares building
7:20 am
tabernacle which is part of p the investigation.e >> acted maybe like a 12-year-old so we allowed himim to go to the various stations sa of our vacation bible schoolch like the story telling station i and the games station and the ad craft station all under thend watchful eye of at least two adults at all times. >> carraway may have had ay y juvenile record for child abuse. a spokesperson for prince george's county publicpe schoolo says they contract a private pva company for background checksroh and those checks would notthos have turned up any information about juvenile charges but again steve and allison, asalli you said allison so disturbingib the more we're learning about this and unfortunatelytunate probably more to come. c >> maureen thank you veryy coming up the republicanepln presidential candidates tookandt center stage over the weekendthe as they gathered in southr in carolina for another heated heae debate. de we'll bring you thethe highlights. >> this one kind of shorter than those in the past i our team coverage of today's tod winter weather continues. con just a remind for everybody atdy home
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track the weather 24/7 with your mobile device.ic those apps are a fre so is fox5 news morning. mni we're back after this. ♪ ♪
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re not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we ike progresso. >> ♪ >> somebody does have theireb bicycle parked out there, alodrk so there's always hope.ed >> got the eagle g
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there this >> i see it now. >> that's rehoboth beach. i don't think anybody is goingi to be in the water today for tay good reason.ea lots of snow on the beaches, beh on the roads. be careful outer there this morning. we'll get a check on thea chk on forecast in a second. in prince georges county a bizarre twist in a murder investigation. osama el-atari went missing onsg thursday. police are offering a $25,000 o reward for information thator leads to his killer. >> a visitation will be heldeld for one of the lar ford countyoy officers killed last week at aka shopping c today's service is for deputy patrick daily.patric his funeral will be tomorrow. deputy mark logsdon will be will be laid to rest on res saturday.tu both were shot and killed by a 68-year-old man at a panera pana restaurant. the gunman was killed by officers as he fled the scene.he >> montgomery county policego need help in identifying amein g serial bank robber. bk r they say this man
7:25 am
banks on saturday morning.on s one of them in bethesda, the bet other in kensington.ton. the suspect is described as as white male in his 40's or 50's. police believe he may also besob responsible for several other robberies in the area. >> ♪ >> all right, welcome back.ack snow totals calvert maryland 4-inches fairfax two and a half stafford virginia foura and a half inches.ana ha seeing reports of six plusf p down in king george county soe t we are starting to add to to ado their snow totals particularlyol washington points south,nts sou southern maryland, that'sha where we have a winter storm wi warning. that's where the heaviest of the snow is. but every flake with temperatures in the teens andes low 20's had a chance to stick i out there so roads not in not great shape. 22 washington, 19 gaithersburg, 20 out atheburg, dulles.du 21 in manassas. so here's the problem. pbl look at these temperatures. teme remember the arctic air we hadtr in place this weekend.eeke we got to get these numbers upus above the freezing mark before we can call it quits on thet qts snow. that process is going to takess all day ilong.l da l
7:26 am
and then a transition to sleet eventually freezing rain and then all rain as we get intoe gt the overnight hours and earlynih tomorrow and again this eventhie is going to be with us forit us another 24 hours plus.24 hou plu there's your snow thiser morning. you can see most of it is toe so the south.outh we've had a couple bands moveds through overnight to the north r but we're just starting to get g reports of snowflakes flyingof again inside the beltway here in the city and i would expect t everybody still has severaly st more hours of snow and thenow at that transition as mentioned men will take place this afternoon r to sleet. we'll warm up the upper layerspr of the atmosphere first.irst then that warmer air will work l its way down to the ground. g lover this kind of cold air ini place that process takes aes a long slow snow to sleet eventually freezing rain late thiszi afternoon and this evening.ngan that pthrocess could make for f very tricky road travel andve then all rain by tomorrow withrw temperatures about 50 and again you want so sledding sdd forecast. get out there early.t ou the best of the snow will be sn the next couple hours and thena we'll see that transition thisio afternoon.rn by the way we got really warmrer temperatures to look forwardatet to by the end of the week. t that's weather.ea erin is back with not fun ont fn the >>
7:27 am
right now.ght now. outer loop the ramp to 45045 annapolis road closed becaused of a crash. use lot of caution.on caution 395 on the northbound5 side dealing with a crashon byh duke street blocking theghe southbound side slow as well sil and let's take a live look outside. bottom of the beltway the outer loop dealing with a jackknifed semif op crash. c you can see still a big scene there. left lanes blocked.ft l this is between van doren street and the springfield inner loop moving slow becausetn of slickg conditions. conditio. we'll switch it back for aswit look at our maps. m other slow zones you need to n be aware of. beach drive closed in rock creek because of a crash at csh piney branch. 95 in stafford back up.fford bak we'll take a look there as we w continues. keep it here to fox5 news morning. >> ♪
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♪ welcome back everybody.vebo live look at the area -- that--t car seems like it's going song s fast. take your time out there.ut tre that's a live look at dale cityt virginia. everybody is getting little biti of the snow.w. the ice is coming later and the rain.ra. tucker will be along shortly ans keep up to date on everythingthg weather hopefully you're at homeou're h watching us today. 7:30. the republican presidentialdent candidates questions about abo number of key issues duringsur their debate hi
7:31 am
south carolina. it was their most contentious debate so far with accusationscc of lying and heated he can changes over 9/11 immigrationmmi and the supreme court. >> i'm sick and tired of himedf going after my family. famy. >> a matter of principle andple i'll tell you -- >> you probably are worse than t jeb bush. >> this is a man who insult inss way to the nomination. n >> all right, all right,.alight >> give me break. bak >> gentlemen -- >> i got to tell you this iste just crazy.razy this is just nuts.. okay? jeez, >> jeez, oman indeed. gop primary in south carolinain just five days away.e days awa so where dot candidates standtad after this debate?? >> it's called a debate.eb that really was debate five fox political reporter ronica cleare break it down for us g morning.i >> good morning. m >> what was the jeez, louise. >> jeez, oman, and governor say kick you are absolutely correcte this moment where he
7:32 am
said what everyone was thinkingk i watched it saturday night.yht i'm watching my husband i look o at him is this happening? happei >> is this happening? right. rt >> it was vicious. it and i mean there were -- it wasn't one exchange that wase at vicious, two exchange. it was a hand -- it was reallyy the energy of the night. now it is a common theme to talk about south carolina and say a that they like it rough. rou. it's a bear knuckle fight andfi it's a totally different type of lector rate.lectat and that's what they wouldey w respond to.ond and if that is true, i mean, the candidates certainly --ta >> they gave them. >> they gave it to them. >> they gave it to them.gave >> it was funny with that, jeeze oh, man. m kasich refused to participate pr and ben carson as well.s wel two of them really did not getit in the fray or they made a mad conscious attempt not to. to. so we'll have to see if, you if, know, maybe all this talk ofkf describing the south carolinaola lector rate in that way is realr because if kasich comes out dond well or carson comes out does ds well maybe we'reak
7:33 am
wrong judgment about that votert population.pula. >> did they get to any of the o real issues here? here? >> well, you know, they did getd to the issues. but some of the he can changeses were shocking.hock one of them that i really wantyw to take time to listen to, itt was about september 11th where e donald trump said there was noao weapons of mass destruction,tr, that george bush did not keep us safe and jeb really defended hih family and his brother's recordr and actually other candidatesane came to that defense as well. rubio saying 9/11 was clinton'ss fall. it was tough just a little bit of that exchange. excnge i think people should definitely hear that.hear tha >> well, donald trump wasmp was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a securityt app rat to us keep us safe.s s i'm proud of what he did. (applause).la >> the world trade center came down -- >> don't go after my brother. >> yeah. >> that's a pretty heavy accusation.accusation right elli was.ghelli was it went on for a very long time
7:34 am
just choosing the sound for the viewers listen to. some of those exchanges it was w so long. you're a liar.rer. i mean it was -- it was wild. speaking of liar, two candidates on that stage they called tedca cruz a liar. lia ted cruz had some very heavy allegations against himgainst regarding what he did in iowa caucuses, allegedly did orly did whether or not it was hist was campaign i'm not making anyin ay accusations here involving ben b carson and if he was going to ig leave the race or not. o now the candidates are cominge n out i think as -- in force f against him saying that he is a liar.liar donald trump said it in the debate and we've got sound fromd that, too.. >> right now today as candidate, he supports federal taxpayer funding for planned parenthood.h i disagree with him on that. that's a master principal.rincil >> you are single biggest liar.a you probably are worse than jeb bush. you are the single biggest liar. >> yeah.>> i mean -- - >> how do you fight t >> that's a word
7:35 am
hears. hears. >> exactly. exactly.exactl and marco rubio used that word as well. well certainly like i said these thee blows were just a little lowertl than i think you would normallyr expect maybe a candidate sayingg you were dishonest.hone less than trustworthy. trustwort but to come out and say that he is a liar and then to have twotw candidates do it on that stage,, ted cruz is doing well in this race.race he won iowa. he polled fairly well, but willw that narrative now coming from a handful of candidates change tht way the voters view him? im because it is a tough race. r trump is doing very well in thel polls in south carolina.arina there is no doubt about that. but the other four candidates ca that we're looking at -- ben carson is in there as well sixwx candidates in the they are fighting for that t second spot and they're leavingi nothing on the table. ab >> right. before we let you go we got toet talk about what's going on ont'g the other side. s hillary and bernie in nevada n though south carolina a couple of weeks away.
7:36 am
>> what are they doing right not likely? >> see they have the nevaday ha caucuses this saturday. tsatu so it's interesting.ti a lot of these states they'lls ' maybe split the voting process.e so this saturday we have the gog primary in south carolina but w have the nevada caucus for the democrats on saturday.atur so that's what they're focusedrd on right now.on r n then it's sort of switches theht following week.g wk. >> right. >> a lot going on in a veryy exciting and contentious race r right now.ow >> you'll need more hours inl ne your day. your >> tell me about it. >> okay. >> let's head on over to tuckero barnes now with another look.k. ronica, thank you very much.thao >> thank you.u >> thank you very much, allisonl let's get to it.t t so much to talk talut i just want to adhere that inha the past hour or so the national weather service has expanded exe that winter storm warning to now include southern maryland we'ren gegetting widespread reports of six plus inches in saint maryy county, virginia reports of six plus inches.. ant thee lore ray, virginia,, vi 3-inches of snow. snow totals coming up.g u >> reagan national 22. bwi
7:37 am
this is part of our problem. prm we'll transition to rain later l tonight but we got to get theseg numbers up, and we're concernedn we'll see a period of snow, thet sleet, then possibly freezing rain late this afternoon thinsni evening before we can get thatfe transition to all rain there'sre your storm tracker radar allad snow at this hour generally genl south of washington although the radar echo starting to creepg c further north. we are expecting additional snoo here in the city. in howard county, montgomery coun county, loudoun county up towards frederick and hagerstown you're not done with the snow d yet as it willon keep coming ann want to show you here the movement movement the next 24 n hours. mix late this afternoon and this evening a transition fromioro southeast to northwest to all al rain overnight as the area of low pressure passes right over p our head. this time of year with thisas cd arctic air in place that proceso can take a long time. so just be patient here.nt her we're not going to seat rainean until late tonight. 31 today. ty snow, sleet, stays very cold out there again additional snow add accumulations expected over ther next couple of hours.xt c all rit.
7:38 am
plenty more on the forecast.ort look at some more snow totals in just a minute. ainut more traffic with erin. >> 7:37, tucker.ucker slow moving traffic around the d area still dealing with earliert crash on the outer loop bottompt of the beltway between van dornd vote and springfield interchange really big scene they need tod t get everything towed out of theu wait. keep it to the right lanes andhl watch for slow-moving i want to show i was look at ouo maps. as you make your way out betweet fredericksburg and really lortoo all the way up to the beltway, w 95 north and southbound severals crashes reported and veryrepo slow-moving traffic.ra heavier snow falling down there. so please use caution incaio virginia on your secondaries ase well as interstate 95 andnd route 1. we'll keep you posted on how that commute is shaping all of this slow zones that are map is picking up if you're y'r taking public transportationnspt today metro rail operating on a saturday schedule. sched trains every 12 everything on or close tohing o schedule. metro bus on a severe weather plan. plan no vre service today because ofe the president's day holiday. hoy we'll keep updated. uat that's your look at traffic.t t back to you guys.
7:39 am
coming up pay top manningng continues to be in the news forn all the wrong reasons, though.. >> also, record-setting all stas game and nba dunk contest highlights.ts i thought that should have won.w i'm not going to lie. l i think a lot of people did. spoiler alert. 7:38.
7:40 am
it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right.
7:41 am
give it a pop. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. ♪ ♪ >> peyton manning known aceto round the league for having so so-calle
7:42 am
that image takininsqg another hh broncos quarterback now underrtr fire for an incident thatt happened years ago when he washe at the university of tennessee. manning among several athletesel mentioned in a lawsuit filed byd a group of women alleging thateg university of tennessee violated title nine manning has yet to some are calling it one of the best dunk contests ever. i disagree but that's b i'm just one opinion.pi >> it was a showdown between defending champ zach levine andd aaron gordon. gor >> i was team gordon on thiss one. gordon used the magic's mascot as a he took the basketball.l. i loved that dunk. dk. >> yowsa. >> let's see what you got.'s s >> through the legs and a dunk d from the free throw line. >> so what because the mascothem was in it you think that was th better >> i thought it was a better ber dunk. >> so man ship. >> i'm in it for the>> entertainment. >> look at steph curry.teph cry. >> all the players came out anda they like he took off from the o foul line. l it's been done before.ore. i'm saying as a fan i like theet show man ship. >> can
7:43 am
something?th >> any way, he wouldn't.on' he had a perfect a pere >> i miss the dunk.>> ever i since, you know, cuteut little steph curry got in itotn with the sweet threes do we seee the dunk any more. any more. >> we sure do. i'm telling you something i weni to wizards game.ds i saw one dunk. >> really?>> rea >> yeah. >> i would like some more didomr you knowing.u kng >> all right. we'll put that request rut >> okay.>> >> we'll see what we can w >> nobody is going to listen toe us. >> coming up we'll have moreing from the stars of the highly hhl anticipated sequel independencee day resurgence that movie thatot will be out sometime in august. >> june. >> live look outside right now.t we'll check in with tucker andka erin. that is happening right now.g rt >> we're ahead of the curve.f tc we are. we are. >> is that what it is?>> i >> i think so. >> all right.>> all r ♪ [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything.
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>> one of the big things we'ret watching right now as we pan ria around and you can see the and difference between the sidece be streets and main roads tuckin rc isn't the worry that because thu road surfaces are so cold theset could easily refreeze right away, right? right >> yeah. yh search areas that aren't treated it's going to be treacherous and we're just getting started herer dealing with sleet and freezinge rain that's what we're concerne' about. potential for icing later todayy let's get right it to. mostly light snow overnight. orn the exception of the south wherh thank uh-uh guys are sending me snow totals some cases up too 6-inches.6- snow transitioning to the dreaded sleet and then freezingg rain later this evening and thed it should change to all rainai overnight tonight but we do have that possibility we could have d few hours where the em
7:47 am
remain below 32 and it's raining out there. that's freezing rain and that's dreaded so again this is not not going to be great travel day. d percyville, 2-inches -- these are -- those are your storm total from the ofs from lastast week. week four and 5-inches of thank you allison for laughing.. colonial beach 6-inches. 6-inche and again thank you we're you w getting lots and lots of snow os totals sent inform snow startins to fill back inside the beltwayy getting snow in northwest d.c. it's back after lull here for aa couple of hours and we expect wp this will continue to kind ofued press to the north and it willni be mostly snow event for thent f morning hours and then we'll tnl start to see that transition tro first in the southeast to sleets and then as we get a littleit further into the afternoon houru toe further north and west hereh in d.c. and then eventually evee the mountains see a transitionrn to sleet and freezing rain.r there's the big picture. and it's called warm air convexe cold arctic air in place and tht warmer air riding over the top e of it.oft. several thousand feet up andp it's been snow overnight butht what will happen that warm airtr will start to work dn
7:48 am
surface later this afternoon ana that's when that transition tono sleet and freezing rain willng l take place. pla. eventually we're going to pumpr the temperatures above theturese freezing mark but again it willt take all day today.ay really i think into thento t nighttime hours before we can dn that. you can see this big slug ofthiu moisture we have off to thee ha south and west that will beha moving in.moving in. here's your future cast.. notice it's generally still snow until 2:00. future cast trying to transitiot to rain.toain we will see the transition to sleet and freezing rain latern l this afternoon there we are at t 5:00 o'clock tonight.00 olock t. not going to be a great travelat day eventually rain foror everybody overnight tonight. even if you're off to -- up to the frederick, hagerstown,own, martinsburg you will see raing o but closer to midnight beforetef that takes place. agains poe physical shall ishysh there in addition to snowion to accumulation for a bit of an ice accumulation especially to thel north and north and west.north s general two to four along 95r a corridor between d.c. and baltimore. more like four to six out to th west and we've already realizini these four, five, 6-inch snowh s totals across sout
7:49 am
and central virginia and we'llnw add to those totals for a few f more hours before thatours boret transition to sleet and freezinr rain. there's your seven day. s day hang in there.. little better tomorrow though ii could be rain heavy at times. ts 50 and by the end of the weekf this will be a thing of thef past. we'll be well into the 50s maybm hints of spring by saturday anda sunday.. upper 50s.0s >> oh, yeah, cheering in >> all right much that'sll right weather. m erin is back with traffic .traic >> i like your glass half fullfl attitude tucker barnes reallynea nice for today.or we saw earlier burst of trafficf out and about that really causee some problems volume wiseise because of slick conditions andn the snow. right now 270 dealing with veryr light volume watch for slickor s spots through gaithersburg youah can see the southbound side muc quieter than we usually see during the work week and that ii because of president's day. d but still slow it down give dn yourself a lot of extra time toe get around you may hit slick h spots especially on bridges,es over passes and on and off ramps. ramp a look at our maps. m top of the beltway outer looper looking good. inner loop through annandalennae slow as usual we have a crashe c closing the ramp to 450 from thf outer loop.r op. that's 450 eastb
7:50 am
bowie looking good right now. 395 north and southbound slowbod traffic earlier crash by duke street cleared. and then we do have a crash c outer loop between van dorn andn springfield interchangeinch involving a semi keep it to thet right lanes to get around that one. e 95 northbound and 95 southboundu look at all that red and yellowl on our maps heavier snow comingm down through fredericksburg andb stafford this morning.ning please use caution as you headoa out on 95. light volume however thoseho conditions weather wise areer w really slowing things down.ow if you are taking metro todayrod they're on a saturday schedule.l so trains coming every 12 eve minutes or so everything rightg now on or close to schedule.e. metro bus check in with themwihe before you head out they're on a severe weather plan that a* lot of delays and detours thishis morning.g. vre no service in honor of o president's day.t's day. aside from that we got youwe y covered with your morning ride.. i would just say if you're going to be out and about justus anticipate those snowy slick s conditions giving you problemsrl this morning.. that's your look at traffic. tff steve and allison.. ♪
7:51 am
7:50. in today's fox beat, more fromob the stars of the highly hhly anticipated sequel independencee day resurgence.urnc >> kevin had a chance to visit t that set in new mexico and heo h sat down with newcomers jesse usher and meghan neuro. neu here's a look. l >> i like his outfit. >> thank you very much. do the brecking bad thing. tng >> breaking bad is the greateste show of all time.l te. >> can we be best friends? fen >> can we be best friends. fends >> best friends for over.iends o i'm already into this. into t can you give me example ofxamp o scenes you shot so far that havh been insane with the cbgi you y look at the eye lines.e ey lines >> every single day.>> eve sin >> every day.ay >> this is what we live ne n there's one scene that wass onsc actually pretty -- pretty >> make sure you don't give anye spoilers. >> close to the end of the to movie -- >> give me the ending.g >> we'll just give you the ending. we're close to the end ofto the movie.e. >> i'm scared where he's going.. >> there's whole lot happening h in the scene that like is completely inn existent at the time. we were standing on a blue box.b >> can i add in
7:52 am
have two incredible writers thaa are while we're doing these scenes, they have a microphone and they announce over the speaker what a is happening in the scene.ce get down, okay you're runningun for your live. aliens coming down. down. that's what's happening. what's >> you die. >> then you fall and roll. rol >> and that's what our scene ise like. >> as the scene is being >> as you're in the scene. in te >> we're acting listening tolisg them all we see is blue and they're letting us know what's s happening we react to their voices telling what's happeninge >> witness right timing.t tin >> it is -- someone just sittint there watching everything theveh most entertaining thing you've he have seen. h >> obviously loved the originala film. film. will smith one of my favoritenev actors of all time.tors of you're playing his son in thehe movie have you spoken to him att all. >> i know he's not in the film.i have you talked to him about him what the character would beer like. >> i wish. >> really?ll >> i haven't. i >> no phone calls. n >> no phone calls. cal >> busy guy.. >> i have the craziest story i don't know if you have the timeo to hear right now.u ea >> tell me.>> t i want to hear.i wanto hear
7:53 am
will smith's agent 20 years a sag my agent. that agent a year ago told me about this movie the same time i met harold at the gym who's aym writer. i spoke to harold and told him h was beyond interested in being this a year later it work out i was i in the the movie the day i got the call will andn jada were in town meeting wis w his old agent ken.nt k talk to somebody. s hands the phone to will smithto and he goes, lady at the box b office, goes, 20 years ago wersw offered you this role and nowhid we'll offer it to someone else.e >> that is pretty cool. coo in a >> best story ever.r. >> in a nutshell -- there's a te lot of other details that weree involved.vo he was in the office when it happened. ha my agent called me rightpp after you're not going to believe what just happened. i don't really believe this. imagine -- my manager didn't d tell me he was coming to town. >> exactly. >> i love that.ha i believe there is no no luck in all of that.inll of it's all like planned
7:54 am
he reminds me of a young willill smith.ith >> i hope it's a good movie it.e >> opens in june.>> opens in you were correct, al.we cor >> we'll see that in june.eet ij >> all righty. leonardo dicaprio's chancesa finally winning an oscar havearh gotten a boost from the other to side of the pond.hed. uk film industry has given him n the best actor prize for hisis work in the revenant it's the first time in three tries that t he has won the award and and breaking the british streak str could be viewed as a sign that t he'll have similar break througu when the oscars roll around. reverent earned best directort d award and high praise from one steven chenevey.neve >> tucker barnes actually likers the film a a lot when he finally saw it. >> did you ever see the wholeoue movie. >> i never saw the end of it. oi >> you got stuck at the bear ahe scene. >> i got a little past the bearb scene. i never saw the glenn let's says good morning to our facebook fa of the day.. a truely special facebook fan oo the day because you see today td it's tammy and her mother-in-law miss rita. rit now today is special, wait a, wt minute, because t
7:55 am
turns 100 years old? old >> get out.>> o >> this picture may have beenay taking 20 years ago.yes a >> at least, right?>> at least, >> you are beautiful.. rita, we wish you all the best today? and how sweet tammy toam sent this picture we can see the love even in that happy, happy 100th birthday. bta we hope her day is as lovely asl she is. >> for your chance to behae to tomorrow i don't says fan of tht day please leave rita s a happyy 100th birthday message on her oh photo on our facebook page and p we'll pick one of those respon responses and you'll bes an tomorrow's fan of the o >> first all, standing upstan u straight and just amazing. >> happy 100th birthday!?y! >> yeah. y. may we all see this day.s day >> hi, tuck.i,uck. >> tucker, do you think you'llon live to a hundred.dred. >> chances are not good, allis allison >> okay.>> oka >> yeah. chances aren't good.ance but that's okay. i want to make it to like 85.o e that would be fine.eine. reagan national 22 degrees.deee dulles 21.1. bwi marshall 21.shl we are very very cold much these numbers this is part of the is f problem because we got warmerot air moving in a loft and at thet surface i
7:56 am
that's why we're concerned witht this wintry mix we're expectingg over the next sever hours.erou just show snow at this hour. fredericksburg, lots and lots oo reports of four, five, 6-inchese allison we just got tweetedwe davon thai in lexington park 4-inches.ines >> amaz ng. >> thank you very much.ha i saw your picture looksnk pture fantastic. that what's we're dealing with later we are going to be dealing witht the next 24 hours so snow thiswi morning.g. transitioning to sleet, freezinn rain later this afternoon. aften that freezing rain will continuu tonight and then a transition to all rain by early tomorrowomorw morning.mornin but that process is going tocesg take several hours. so the roads will be reallyeally awful around here later thiss afternoon.tern in fact they're not great thisrt morning hearing very slippery. r but they'll be particularly bada this afternoon with potential pn for some again, lookin looking at potentw totals two to four localing. l four to six out to the west. wes that's a look at weather. wth let's do some more traffic withf erin. >> 7:56. we're seeing some slick some conditions now traffic in traffn general has quited down for this president's day commute.
7:57 am
we're seeing much lighter voluml than were we were dealing withh about the 6:00 o'clock hour.o'ok we're still tracking a crashng h involving a jackknifed semiknifs outer loop between van dorn andn the springfield interchange lefl lane is blocked so please use p caution there. slow through annandale and innei loop as well 395 north andorth d southbound slow-moving trafficwi as well and out in princeri william take look at 95 north nr and southbound.outh really slow additions because oo snow and slick spots. s volume is light but the traffic that is out there is moving along much slower than usual.eru we got you covered.ed keep it here to fox5 newss morning.mornin ♪ ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news right now at 8:00 anotherotr round of winter weather, folks.l to start off this work week.k. snow changing to sleet and rain making travel conditions adions nightmare. we have crews all over the areaa this morning showing you what conditions look like where you live. good monday morning to you. it is february 15th, 2016. 2 i'm allison seymour. seyur >> i've steve chenevey.stevene welcome to fox5 news morning.wsi let's check in with tuckerit t barnes. tucker is outside this morningi for the latest on the snow s conditions and the cold thisol i morning. tuck? >> steve, yeah, snow starting ts pick up again in northwest washington. when he lull for couple oflull hours. really in the last 15 minutesint snow starting to come down.toome very very cold temperatures outt here. again every flake going to stick to the
8:01 am
that kind of thing. kinof t let's get to it.get to winter storm warning. warning i just want to you show you they winter weather advisory map andd winter storm warning map and a again in the last couple oft co hours national weather service w expanded that winter storm winte warning to include parts off central virginia and southernthr maryland. that's where the jackpot with te the snow totals has been more mr like four, five, 6-inches off tt our south. sou there's the snow totals calvertt now 4-inches.4-incs. fairfax 2.5. stafford 4.5-inches of snow. sno please send me your snow totalss tucker fox fox5. radar live look.ook. snow starting to fill back in and parts of the region howardod county, montgomery county,montmu loudoun county, virginia upa up towards frederick and hagerstowr you haven't seen so much the se last couple of hours.e of hrs it will fill back in and it will be a snow event for the neckhe n several hours.ral hours. but i just want to point out ofo to our south and west we've gott a lot of moisture out there, and we're going to see a transitiono during the day today as we get warmer air a loft moving downovn towards the surface transitionit from snow to sleet this afternoon to potentiallyenal freezing rain and then all rainr
8:02 am
duration event. event. we'll talk all about the timingm on that. t how much snow, how much ice we e can anticipate coming up ining n couple of hours but your daytime only 31 degrees.1 so it will be snow and ice allce day here for your holidayiday monday. monday. again, a couple inches of snowfo on the ground here in northweste d.c. i'll run inside it's cold outd o let's do traffic and get theffit latest with erin. wisconsin looks good. i don't know about the rest of e the world.. >> wisconsin is nice and quiet. i saw plows out this morning i g drove in that way to the statioa tucker.. obviously the camera zoomed incm but i wanted to show you 95 by5b the triangle.angle. heavier snow.he we'll switch it back to a look k at our oaps. give yourself extra time to gett around virginia secondaries ass well.ll outer loop we still have a crash blocking two left it's between van dorn street ana springfield interchange innernn loop through annandale slow-moving traffic you're seeing green on the map rightapg now because it's president's dat we just don't have the same congestion, the same morningor rush we usually see during theet week. still factor in extra time and x take it slow as you make your mk way out and about this morning.i take your time
8:03 am
overpasses on and off-ramps tent to ice first and the slushy kin of conditions that we're seeing' on lot of our inter states couls potentially be very icy. 95 northbound i wanted to showts you this look between bet fredericksburg as you headbus yo towards the lorton you'll beou'b seeing those speeds reduced. rec aside from that, metro rail right now on a saturdayaturd schedule. so trains only running about ruo every 12 minutes. min for the president's day holiday. all rails on or close to cse schedule. metro bus could it is you back c they're operating on severe o weather plan so watch out forutf delays and detours there. vre not operating today.ay no service in light ofce i lig president's day as well.el if you have any specificany spei questions about your ride, tweet me at erin fox5 d.c. if you have an early morning flight to catch. leave early to get to they to g airports.ts. check with your car your makeoue sure everything is still onryth schedule. back to you guys. erin, thanks so much. 80:00 treatment unexpected deatp over the weekend of supreme of e court justice antonin scaliaca touched off a political war herh in washington to replace hem. hm it is a hot political topicop right now. n republicans want to dela
8:04 am
argue president and the senatee should move forward with theitht what will happen? this morningr we're joined by steve, law professor at american universite who joins us via skype thiskypei morning. good morning.good >> good morning, steve., steve >> before we talk about what you expect to happen or what couldhc happen let's talk about legallyg how things can play out as faru as appointees? who can make cam that appointment? who can block that appointment.ppoint what legally can happen here?er >> well, the president has thehe constitutional authority to make the appointment. but the nominee has to be be confirmed by the senate.en it sounds like we're headed forf a stalemate where the presidente will make one and the senate sen won't act on it or may even actt on it and defeat it and that t would leave us with an emptyty seat for as much as a year until the next president can fill thee vacancy. >> is that the kind of thing kin that if the senate does nots n approve that it can -- has to bo revisited or can be revisited od is it just o
8:05 am
once that's it? >> i mean, if the presidentresi makes a nomination and the the senate doesn't act on it or actually votes it down, then t that's it. the next president afterdent a inauguration day next januar january 20th would be the winth who got to phil the seat. wto ph >> in the meantime as far as any pending decisions or anythingci right now,si it would revert bak to lower court, is that correctt >> if the could court decidesrtd case by a four-four tie that upu holding the lower court.ou in many instance that is might actually change what theha the expected out come was in the supreme court instead ofounste something being overturned five-four with justice scaliacai voting now you might have a casc that ends up being upheld uphel instead of reverted by a four four-four tie.fourour >> all the hypothetical situations come up now.ions we've seen all the candidates
8:06 am
like to see inwh there at leastl which party represented in the supreme court as far as the as t nature of that. which obviously could change tht entire balance of the supreme os court.. so how big could this be then bt and what potentially would be most effected as far as cases c that are pending or could be orl overturned by a supreme courtrec should the makeup change one wan or the other?er? >> i mean, if you're talking tak about once we have anotherther nominee added to the court, itoi could shift the balance on everything, on affirmativeffirti action, on abortion, on contraception, on race, on voting rights, on the president's immigration authority. you know h that will happen andn when those cases will come upe there's a tremendous amount uput in the air here about the timine because we don't know what theht senate will do.nate will d we dope know when that vacancytn will be filled.. but right now, the court has a a number of really critical cases
8:07 am
going to be watching close tollt see what the impact of justiceue scalia's death is.eath >> so candidates right now inhti the gop side of things obviously will be throwing theirngheir candidates into the ring should they be elected president in ant way perhaps to try to get someem support for them based on the person they may submit for mayui but in the meantime, right now,w who do you expect would be on a short list for president obama e right now to make a nomination t as he says he'll do? >> well, there are lists floating around. we don't know whether they'veere come from the white house, but their reasonably informed guesses.ess. there's a judge several judgesad actually on the u.s. court of of appeals in washington, d.c. shre, shrinvosson wore the first indian american. he's got a colleague named n patricia. they're more moderate they'ree e not considered to be extremely
8:08 am
so the theory is these might bet people that if the republicans are inclined to led a nomination -- let a nominationit through these might be peoplees that are more acceptable to thet republicans. i still think it's a long shot. >> i don't think you're alone in that assumption and i also thina you'll have a lot to talk withtl students over the next couple ou weeks now because of this athi american university.rsit >> indeed. >> all right.>> all professor, t always a pleasure to to talk to you. thanks for joining us this joing morning.mornin >> thanks, steve. >> you're welcome. 8:08 right now.ow >> interesinteresting argument . we'll see it unfold i'm sure.'ms >> you talk about simple onee person change.nge. >> right. >> it could affect so manyd fec historic decisions.storic deciss >> yes. implications. >> a lot of weight on thosef we people who make the changes ines the laws in this country. cou >> without question.ut all right. we'l ql see.we'll s >> all right. still ahead we're teasing now? n >> we're teasing tea. >> pope francis in mexico today. we'll have the latest on thehe n pontiff's trip coming up. and video captures a momentn a cliff collapses rig
8:09 am
ocean.n. >> wow. we'll tell you where this we happened and what caused it next.thing on the >> they always say don't stand 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios.
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♪ >> you know, sometimes all itno makes a difference what side ofe the street you're on, al? >> if you like drop two serious quotes of wisdo yrom.m metaphors for life.taph you're absolutely right.. here's the deal. deal you can't get in your laner because it's not your lane. these are free fol
8:11 am
you got to watch to get these pearls of wisdom. take your that's virginia there you'll sel what we're talking about. aut one lane passible.assi take it slow. the other snow covered.snow covd this is what's going on around the area.the ar tucker and gary and the whole to crew working hard to let you know which road to travel todayt kind of a word of wisdom buo not really. >> less traveled than the other. >> let's stop those games andhod talk about what's happening dowe under, al? >> okay. police in australia have made a huge drug look at this. right? $900 million worth of liquid meth discovered in gel bra inserts. ierts >> which makes your statement even more comical.e cal >> the bust. nothing is by accident.y iden that's another pearl of wisdom. >> you're on right today.e on >> more liquid meth was smuggled in art splice. splic authorities say it's the largest seizure of liquid meth to date.d four people are now underer arrest.arrest each facing live in prison. pso look at that. at
8:12 am
hstreets. that's an excellent arrest righr there or seizure right there.. >> look at all the people inat l mexico right now where the pope is celebrating mass. he will be celebrating mexico'ss indians during yesterday the pope delivered a a huge outdoor mass in a suburb sr it's a area that has impacted by pour tearing drug violence,ionc kidnappings and extortion moreto than 300,000 people showed up tt listen to the pope's mass.e' the pope is also using the 5-day trip to boost the faith in thett least catholic areas of mexico.. the american rock band who d show attacked by terror a -- oro stopped right in the middle by a terror tax in paris is returnini to the city to perform a concern tomorrow night.morr night eagles of death metal vowed toot return to finish the show for its fans who had to live througo that horrific event as well.s the band kicked off its reschedule european tour saturday.rd psychologists are expected to be at the concert hall in case anyy fans suffer flashbacks.shba >> that's good question. would you go back -- survivedacr this horrific
8:13 am
same band there and see what s w happens?pp >> look at thiens. this is in new zealand.. a cliff collapsing into theto te ocean.n now, it had a little help.tleel there was an earthquake thatt struck nearby and it just sent that cliff collapsing.ollain set off more than 40 after40 a shocks. no reports of major damage to any structures. fortunately no serious injuries. 8:13 right now. n still ahead a new study says ss that barley is a key factor in weight loss. ls. you've heard of it.ft. that's one we all know, right? g we'll explain coming up. u >> all right. although december tails. much more on today's snow the impact it is having on the roade this morning and there you go. d another good example sometimes m it's clear, sometimes not soo much.. 8:13.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> where is this.>> w >> this is farther south.a >> okay. this is naples, florida. all the way down at the bottom of the gulf coast. >> look at that. >> how glorious that looks. >> short sleeves. >> people out for an early morning walk. my parents aren't far from there. good morning to them. i know they always watch us online. >> steve, why don't you ask the to go to that dochokmo andni wen show them live. l >> right. >> and we can see your parents.s >> probably should have set thah up ahead oouf time.f t but maybe nor next time.t t >> very nice.>> vy nice >> next time i'm down therere maybe i'll wave. >> you can wave.e >> in the meantime things tng happening around town.nd t i got folks asking me if venuese will be closed and all of that.t
8:17 am
massive cancellations whatever r events are being held.tsng >> i think because it's alreadyr a holiday people will be like, we're done.on >> there's disney on ice tonig tonight. >> official things --ial >> that will be tricky.will >> can't answer to that.'t >> all right.>> all. let's get cute. >> aww. >> super cute.>> s time now for fox5 first fiveirse photo of the day.he. >> no way. >> we got suri, everybody. >> hi, suri. >> super duper cute.e. >> hold up.d u >> where is the music.e music. >> where is our music? >> zur i.e. she's adorable. >> you sing while i read.d. >> she's six months old. old >> you got that little baby fa face. yesterday -- right?? >> combination of baby face ando >> okay. this is all right.s all ht she's six months old.. yesterday as you can dell fromef that very cute outfit from herm first valentine's day.'s d >> my goodness.dns >> no shortagely valentine's's kisses. kiss >> she is so c >> there it is.>> t there's your music. >> yeah.>> y >> aww
8:18 am
>> we love it. to send us your child's pictures go to our facebook page five fof d.c. and we want big smiles jusj like that.ket. love i wonder if she's smiling abouto the snow out there this morning. >> she is so cute. shes so >> yeah. we got lots and lots to talkd ls about weather wise.weatr w snowing out there at this hour.h we'll watch a transition much this is one of those messy mes storms where we get mix so transition -- snow most of thesw day and then late this afternooa as that warm her air finally fin starts to filter informter transition to sleet, then,he freezing rain and then eventua eventually all rain but thataina speared of time when we're gee't getting freezing rain thisai ths evening travel could be veryav very difficult. we might get a light glaze.htla temperatures have been soatures extremely cold the last coupleao of days. just a little bit of freezingre rain could cause major icing and major difficulties.ficu the good news is, our our temperatures are expected to beb in the 40se overnight tonight. g and i think by tomorrow morning, it will be all rain across the e region but again we've got g another 12 to 18 hours of snow o and ice before we can get to g t that rain. rain. 22 now in washington.hingto look how it is l
8:19 am
21. bwi marshall 21 as well.s w snow overnight a couple inchespn in the city here.he cit h i'll estimate about 2-inches ini northwest washington. wngto the jackpot has been to the south where we're looking atng a more like four, five or 6-inches stafford, cologne yann beach more than 6-inches.. much of king george county had h six plus inches of snow.fnow. that will continue.tinue. we'll see everybody will see additional snow accumulationsio for the next couple of hours.ofs that transition during theitiong afternoon hours to ice. ice freezing rain and then and the eventually all rain overnight og tonight into tomorrow. tomorro here's again a look at it.t snow this mixing southeast to northwest nh this afternoon.ftno and then a transition to allll rain overnight tonight as that s area of low pressure passesure s overhead.he very complicated forecast. fora. bottom line, travel at no pointo be easy today even when it'sn raining later this afternoon, ii will likely be freezing rain.n it will be after 10, 11:00 o'clock probably after pr midnight before we can get ouree temperatures above freezing anda just go with all rain for the ft day tomorrow. the good news after
8:20 am
sunshine returns and look atk a next weekend. signs of spring.g crocuses >> 58 looks so glorious. glorio. >> this is what i do.his so i try not to -- >> question?>>uestion? >> question? >> yes. >> okay.>> o so in the morning, like -- likel us, we have to get out early. oe i know you said it starts tortst transition.on. but is the ice still going to bb a player for the early morninglr folks who have to get to work.. >> many improved tomorrow.d or likely some school delays but is think temperatures in the 40s. 4 it will just be kind of mushyd m rather than icy.y by tomorrow morning.. >> so not to call off. >> erin como over to you.r to >> i don't do ice, erin. ice e i really don't.y d i can't do it any more.nyor >> you know what today is. >> what's today.oday >> threat flicks day.ay. >> quits. stay inside watch good movies.s look behind me.ind m you don't want to be in thate ia mess. >> no. >> this is the outer loop we'veo been tracking this morninghis m problem all morning.all ning. snow causing some problems.s. crash involving jackknifed semim an few cars left lanes arean a blocked right now. you can see the big mess they t need
8:21 am
right lanes watch for slow downd this is between van dorn and tht springfield interchange.chan in the inner loop traffic isoop really light, volume is light ii for the most part all around the area because it's president's pi day. so we don't have the typicalhe c morning rush. r but speeds are reduced giveeducg yourself a lot of extra time to get aid around. aside from that big crash scenes watch out if you head out inut n rock creek for an accidentccidt closing beach drive that is causing some problems out theree in prince william 95 north and southbound really slow-movingloo traffic and that is simplyc andi because of snowy and slicknd sck conditions.ndit slow it down bridges overpass os and off-ramps this morning f m you're taking the rail metro ono saturday schedule because ofchea president's day all trains or or close to schedule.clto sch metro bus on severe weather plap detours and delays. day no vre service in hahn every of president' d these earlier train malfunctions we were dealing with have hav clearedly everything back toy normal on the blue and yelloevww lines much that's your look atya traffic. >> steve. >> thanks erin.>> what to do with kanye's t tweete >> what's happening. what's hape >> what's going on here.nis go >> full week of -- o >> i can't. >> putting questions out there.e
8:22 am
>> is he having money problems?m why am i invested in this. >> i need $30 right now.ow why am i invested in this.inhi we're getting rudd for tonight's grammys.gram if you know they were tonight.ty >> i did because i watched tvatt this weekend and that's all thet talk about. about. >> we'll tell you thou seehose exclusive photos and videos. veo >> i hear that new bruno mars song is hot. >> which one? ♪
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ >> freeze frame. fre emphasis on freeze today.ze tod. >> cold weekend, too. >> if you got out over the the weekend the wind chill --d chill >> let me tell you >> snow on ton of >> i got out because it was a is winning weekend. wke >> i know. i know. can we hold that thought. tho >> let's hold that thought. holo >> right now let's check in witt bob barnard and get a look at ao the road conditions out thereonu this morning. >> bob is on capitol hill rightl now. i'm counting this is your thirdd report all three pretty muchh different stories today.ries tod you are the man out there on thh streets. what are you seeing? a >> reporter: hey, you know, itt doesn't look bad but it reallytl is. you know, the federal governmenr is closed.islo most schools are closed today.dd i think a lot of people haveofpl change the their plans what they were going to do today with thet day off. it's probably a good idea.a. because again while it doesn't look so bad, it really is.lly take a look at this cab. this c he's going out here pretty slows look at the back tires spinning a little bit there as he goesoe from third street on to pennsylvania avenue. and really it's not really deepp enough to plow.o so it's really just been,
8:26 am
know, the cars and trucks thatra are doing the clearing of the street.stre. you see just one lane as this t police cruiser takes off. tak one lane coming from the librarb of congress here on pennsylvania avenue. you can't see the crosswalkswals this guy is guessing where he's' crossing. but where there's still sometiom snow on the surface here, tiress don't get so much traction but if you look at the right here, h you look down the street heretrr you see it's even worse here, guys.ys this is side street that hasn'ts had as much traffic and i willil show you i don't want to wipean out but this is very very slickk here. so very slick here. h and then we'll turn back there are some sections whichtis are wet and even though it's subfreezing it's not frozen. so there are some parts of some roads this particular particu intersection where there isn'tri snow and it's fairly clear. cle but you still have to go slowlys because you approach a stopp light or stop traffic in front r of you and your wheels willelil lock. i will tell you that.ll t so again, people who havee changed their plans and aren't a heading out probably made thead
8:27 am
even though it doesn't look so bad. so looks can be seeing don't let it fool you today, guys.y,uys. >> all right. bob. >> as much as you try to say itr doesn't look that bad, seeing se those tires spinning, and seeine that slush in the road, i'mroa i going to go with bad. bad >> reporter: yeah. >> i'll go with bad. wh b >> stay home when i when >> reporter: totally agree.lyee >> thanks bobby. bby 8:27 right now.8:27ight >> coming up in today' healthh news, food toss increase yourosr body's fat-burning potential.oti >> who doesn't want that, right. >> you looking at me again? ? every day --ay >> who doesn't want that. t looking at --t -- >> i actual dollar want that. >> i can't look any r i'many closing my eyes.clmy eyes. because of i don't want to see any more tsn snow. sn hitting the area this it's hard for me to read with mm eyes closed.lo >> open them up. i know you weren't talking about me. >> were you?
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ i think we've cooled it enough.en. >> yes. we've cool it a lot.e ol it a l. >> hold it now.>> h >> right. okay. wait a minute. >> too much? (laughter).ghte >> yeah. >> it's holiday, al. >> oh, okay. >> a little extra today. (laughter).lghte >> check on the roads in a on td minute.nute. >> oh, boy that is where melanie alnwick is.k save us, mel. us, m how is it looking? >> reporter: you know, so we sow just got down here towarde tow charles county.s cnt this is route 5 and it is notot good. we've seen a lot of people, a lot of people spun out, some people fishtailing. i think like we said before, wef what's happening is people are
8:31 am
it actually is. this road i can't tell whetherle it's been plowed or not.n o you see here a couple otherpl oh vehicles involved and a littledt fender bender here as well. w i can't tell whether this hashis been plowed or whether it's jusj as people have been driving d through just keeps spraying all of this sort of slushy snowy icy junk all over the road. r you kind of see the plows herewh they're trying to get some of se this stuff up off the roads. roa we've also seen a couple off state troopers trying to getryit people out of the way.. you see here over some sand ands salt trucks as well.el so, um, it's continuing to snowo here. we stopped a little while whi earlier in -- right around the national harbor area and snowndw had just started that secondhase burst of snow had started again. so it's definitely i think kindi of situation where people are out here who probably shouldn'tt be. be. maryland state police are sta reminding people if you're goine to go out today, if you have tov go out, please make sure your
8:32 am
vehicle is the kind of vehicle h that equipped.quipped. there's another car right there turn that camera just a little bit. bi try to get that -- let's see. se do you see that over there? yr yup. another -- yet another disable s vehicle where people just kind of spin right off of the road, and again, cars that probably pa are not the best equipped andeda we've also seen in some cases people who were driving too slow.slow. it's one thing we say take itakt slow.slow but if you're driving on then road and literally crawling, that's also causing problems fom people who come up behind you and have to change lanes. this is the area so we're w heading down this is the area that ourt o weather folks told us got thehe bulk of the snow right now.ig heading just now into the townon of so we'll check it out and we'llw check back with you guys in a g little bit. i would be warning everyone that if your vehicle is not equippede to handle this kind of stuff, ou you really shouldn't chance it is. is. okay, back to you to >> not only that, mel, some of,e
8:33 am
road look like the vehicles thaa they market as being equipped tu handle the snow. be careful and tucker is sayingn some parts of charles countyts he's getting o reports up too 6-inches of snow. >> wow. the road look awful.e ro >> okay. we'll have much more on the snow all morning long, of course. we'll check back in with tucker and erin on weather at fives at 8:35. and remember you can track thech weather 24/7 on the go with youy mobile device download the fox5e news and five fox weather appear search d.c. news and d.c.nd d weather on your app store. it is free. f >> in other news this morninghig we're learning more about theort investigation into the child pornography and sex abuse case involving a school volunteer inn prince george' the number of children allegedlg victimized by two-year-old-y deonte car apps day way now 16.. crimes reportedly happen atpen several a pastor who work in the sameam church building in bowie wherel one of the alleged crimes tooklo place is now speaking outin out telling fox5 he's worried evenee more victims will come forward. reverend jim genn is
8:34 am
at trinity lutheran.utran his church building -- church ch shares a building with zionh z praise tabernacle already partly of the police investigation.on >> he acted like maybe about a 12-year-old. so we allowed him to go to the various stations of our vacatioo bible school like the storyol l telling station and the gamen ae station and the craft stationta all under the watchful eye of at least two adults at all >> source telling fox5 that carraway may have had juvenile n record for child abuse. spokesperson for prince george' county schools says they t contract a private company forof background checks and those a te checks would not have turned upp any information about juvenileuv charges.. also in prince george'sn county, bizarre twist in murderr investigation.igat police say the man found shot tt death inside a pickup truck in upper marlboro had previouslyy served time for bank fraud andrd money laundering. lauder he went missing last thursday. s police are offering a $25,00000 reward for information leading a to his killer.
8:35 am
let's get a check on what'st' happening out there.enin tucker barnes is about six or sr the jackpot so far for the snow total?ta >> yeah. i'm getting lots and lotsnd lots reports to the south of the ci city. southern maryland.uthern m king george county virginia of five, 6-inches of and it's still coming down. d we still got several more hoursu before we see that transition to sleet and ice and freezing rainn this afternoon. so we'll be adding to the t totals.tols. calvert county, calvert maryland fairfax 2.5. 2 culpeper 5-inches thank you thak everybody that's been tweeting n me tucker at fox5. king georges counsel too reportp of 6-inches lexington mark about 6-inches parts of charles countt that's where the heaviest ofeavs snow has been here in northwesth washington it's picking upicng u again. you'll notice in the last coupll of frames we're starting to see that spread -- city snow spreadr to the north again in montgomery county, howard county, annee arundel and prince george'snd county getting snow as well andl filling off to the north and tha west.west several more hours with just wit plain old snow flying and very v
8:36 am
what's going to be happening here as we get into thento t afternoon hours, we'll warmll wr things up a loft. u that's how we get rid of arctici air. warm it up a loft and warmer air will work its way down to they surface this afternoon and we'l' see a transition from all snow s to the dreaded sleet and slend freezing rain the pink you see.s and then eventually all rain. but the rain really won't arrivv for most of the area until latel tonight.. so roads are not expected to be any better any time soon. in fact somewhat fearful if we w get freezing rain they could bed worse for time.for can we move the banner veryne quickly? want to show you downd to the south, thank you, we have tweaked the snow total map tot m because we're getting widesprear reports of five or sick incheski already down here.down he you'll add to the totals overs e the next couple of hours.e hou two to 4-inches along the 95 t corridor between washington andi baltimore. four to six out to the west.. the reason you only reeledy ree realized an inch or two out herh so far you'll stay cold theolhe longest.est. we think you'll add to your snos totals over the next several s hours out to the the we. all right. quick look at your seven
8:37 am
we'll talk all about a we canboa expect over the next 24 hours24s coming up but only 31 today.od so that snow and ice stays withw us right through the evening hours. much better by tomorrow withith temperatures about 50 although0o we can be dealing with a periodr of heavy rain tomorrow morning.i and then sunshine returns by thh middle and end of the week. w but y, president's day winterr storm continues.. yes.yes. >> traffic, no, yes?ic, noes >> some problems tucker.r congestion much lighter and i lg think it's because of presidente toes day. to >> i just got tweeted by raphaer in prince george's county.ncgeor the roads are terrible mess.e ms >> i her the same thing aboutngo prince george's.ce grge's. use caution on five and alsoonan same story as you make your wayw out in virginia on, n stafford s and in fredericksburg.cksbur this morning we have new crashra 95 southbound at out by center n point parkway taking out the o center lane. center lane. secondaries all over in virgini and maryland and inside thend ad district you want to use to caution, slow down and watch fot slick spots.slick spot the outer loop looking good topg of the beltway. 395 stop and go traffic. traic let's take live look earlier crash we've beensh w b tracking for some time has h cleared.clea this is the outer loop out by ot van dorn stree
8:38 am
jackknifed semi crash hasra h cleared all lanes open.s o still want to reduce your speedd you can see how light the volume is definitely.efinely. typical president's day commutee with less traffic out and aboutt but still moving a lot slower lo because of these weathereather conditions.itns. a look back on the our maps.urap other areas you want to use use caution this morning. i said the secondaries, 270es27 looking good from frederick alle the way down to the spur butr bt watch for some slick conditionst causing problems. 295 not dealing with thath t typical and metro right now on or closec to schedule operating on a on saturday schedule with trainsits moving about every 12 minutes os so. back to you steve and allison.. >> 8:38 right now.ight n coming up let's talk more about kanye west.nye is he real until debt millionli and millions hasn't is he asking for financial help now.nancia >> talk a lot about kanye today. >> and the grammies are tonightt how fans can get behind the scenes. hey rihanna.hanna hey, lady gaga. right on their phones. if they're on instagram. more to come.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ >> allison, sometimes there's a crossroads in >> yes. want do you do? you walk yourcl dog. >> in this case you have four c clear paths to choosase >> um-hmm.m-hmm. >> choose wisely. >> 8:41. please take it easy out there.a very slippery all across thecros area.ea. perhaps stay inside.rhaps stay watch a little tv fox5 newsew morning this morning. >> that's right. >> see the grammying tonight. is it a gram teaming up
8:42 am
billboard if you watch the snowo tonight. it will give fansiv fas behind the scenes access to ate a list events and exclusive videos and photos from thee stars.ars. llly? can i, luke bryan andd today lanny will be among thoseo sharing online. onl if you like to follow check outk the grammies and billboard on instagram.inst it should be a good show.w. okay.ok >> question about kanye. que is he having money problems. >> question.>> q >> that he kind of posed himse himself. >> on saturday, before releasing his new album which -- whi >> didn't really have happen. h. >> that's okay.kay. called of life pablo rapperr treat tweeted that he was was $53 million in debt. d he also tweeted that at mark zuckerberg asking the facebook b founder to invest $1 billion inl his ideas.idea it's not clear whether kanye was serious about his financial fin problems.. west is worth more than anth mor estimated $100 million orn estimated $100 million and his wife kim kardashian adds at
8:43 am
first of all, let me just -- my- brain is hurting right >> too much. muc >> can you even >> we talk about this earlier.l. i do not love his livee performance on snl i did lovee the rap battle exit did he. exid >> it's on my facebook page ifop you haven't seen it. seen >> so g coming up the amazingtha health benefits of barley. b we'll explain how this grain isi great for weight loss.tos >> live look outside this monda several more hours now beforereh the snow couhanges to rain.ain. heavy stuff to the south of d.c. melanie is down in the waldorfhl area. lots of snow down there.. lots of very slippery roads.eroa we'll get the update from tuckee barnes coming up next.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> 8:00 frick. tucker you know how i love my g pictures. ut-oh. sometimes, though, especially when you get the older model, you just have to say it is an endless summer. even if you don't put the top back uphoughetoenn'. >> get out the broom i guess. b. >> it will dry out eventual,veua right? one of these days itseas will be warm again, right, tuck? >> right, tuck?, tuc >> steve, by next weekend you we might be able to put the top tht down on that >> it will stay down.will s >> i didn't realize that at this point. point. >> all right. not a great look. snow totals these aret at the e airports. i got to be honest much muchuc m bigger totals across the region. reagan national 1.5, dulles 1.1. bwi marshall about an inch.ut ai snow is picking up in the last l 45 minutes or so.5 minus or so. looking at life shots reallyts coming d avoid those roads if you can. i. 22 that's the winning number.ume
8:47 am
than the freezing mark and it is going to take all day into thent nighttime hours to get these the numbers up, and that transitiono to ice and then freezing raing and eventually rain will takeilt place as that process happens.n. but getting cold air to kind ofo park in place across the midshe atlantic this time of year toeao move on out is a very slow process. all right. bit of a break overnight.ig snow filling back in again in aa inside the beltway starting toin come down.ow every flake is sticking on the roadways and the sidewalks ifndt they're untreated. and the heaviest of the snow thank you everyone off to theffo south has been tweeting me snow totals. tota i'm seeing four, five, 6-inch 6c snow totals across southern hav a maryland towards lexingtonardn park, calvert county a tweet of 5-inches.5-ches st. mary's county up too 6-inches. more like 2-inches here inside the city.e c lesser amounts to the north ando west.we we'll see snow continue to flyot for the neck several hours.ou those of you off to the northor and west that haven't seen much you'll get more snow as well w that transition will take place. what's going to be happeningapni warmer air moving in a lot of it tries to work its
8:48 am
the surface but as mentioned thn cold air is extremely heavy hea doesn't want to move on out. and the process of transitionino to this warmer air mass all dayy occurrence. we're not going to see a quickio transition do rain. do all right. al there's your snow and again looa what we got to deal with off too the south and west.uth d w area of low pressure all the way back into louisiana.isia next 24 hours we'll be dealingea with stormy conditions aroundy o here. again, snow most of today. t it will transition to isolatela this afternoon perhaps sleet, st freezing look out for that freezing rainr it may look like it's rainingt' with temperatures in the uppert 20s and low 30s we may haveav icing and then we'll be dealing withh just plain old rain aft midnig midnight. all right. very cold high pressure this weekend it's trying to get outio of here but it's kind of parkedr in place temporarily and again a later this afternoon when wene transition to snow to ice withct that cold air trapped here at h the surface we could do a lightg glaze inside the city of ice and perhaps a tenth of an inch ofnc ice maybe more than that off tot the north and so there is certainly freezing z rain potential here and anybodyo that's lived here for a
8:49 am
of time knows it doesn't take at lot of freezing train got a lota of problems. problems. look out for that later all right. al here's future cast. c we're trying to transition byion about three, 4:00 o'clock futurt cast not doing great jobreat handling the cold air at the cae surface but you get the ideaa transition starts late thishi afternoon and then we'll bee'llb battling kind of snow, freezingz rain i think a lot of this willi be freezing rain at six, six 7:00 o'clock tonight and that t will eventually transition to t rain overnight tonight even off to the north and west. nor by tomorrow morning, yourr morning commute tomorrow it wil be just plaiton old rain andai drizzle across the region with t temperatures in the 40s.. but i'm afraid the mess willess already be made and likely haveh some delays tomorrow as well.ow all right. here your expected snow totals.. upped -- can we take that bannea down quickly? want to show youy again we've pup upped the snow s totals to our south we'reur souw getting widespread reports. ror i guess we can't take the banne down of four, five or 6-inches-i of snow l thank you acrossou acr southern maryland.ut that's where the highest of thet snow totals will b oe.als ll that's a look at weather.t wth i'm going to toss it to steve?? >> and i'll have more weather in
8:50 am
>> check in with holly andja wisdom find out what's coming u in few minutes on good day d.c.d aside from all the talk aboutheo the snow anded cold obviously. >> that's where we'll start offt with steve as tucker justker jus mentioned get ready for a wild w weather roller coaster ride.. >> snow, sleet, rain, we of w course will have live updates us all throughout our two hours ofr good day d.c. with this changing forecast. >> our crews are all over the al region surveying the conditions of the roads and we have livend team coverage.ere. >> another big story, the deathd of justin scalia having major m ripple effects here in he i washington. ahead the political showdown ton replace him on the supremehe sre >> also ahead why do we snap? na that's a very good you know you're driving tong work -- drive to work can causet problems and someone cuts you off, blood pressure can get are little high.leh we'll try to figure this whole thing out.. >> that's never happened to me. >> of course not.hacourse n >> we're all calm.e're aal >> listen amazing there are ninn triggers that could set us offeo an local author has written alll about it. he's going to join us live inlii the loft to tell us what heo te found.d. >> plus, oh, we need this rights now. we have tips on how to
8:51 am
perfect winter get away anywherr there's no snow. yeah.. >> sand, sun, marguerita. okay. back to reality now.y n also ahead at 10a, some of the stars of the bravo show thera housewives of potomac live iniv the loft to dish about the new e hit show. s >> all right.>> a spend your day off with us. w two hours of the good day d.c. minutes away.. >> allison seymour, over to you. (laughter). i cannot wait.tai one is the brandy vast show.stso in today's health news, talkingl real housewives of potomac.. today haass health news now. barley is a good source of ironi and niacin and new new study neu says it also may ab key factor to help shrink that waistline to fine out more we are talking to our favorite m.d. on mondayy especially because you spend bou time with us. dr. shilpi, physician port saidt tide in family medicine.edicin hello.o >> happy monday.. >> hello.. >> glad you're here with us.u' i >> medic
8:52 am
most ofs have heard about barlee before, but i don't think that a we've ever actually scene it. >> so many people say i didn't ' know what barley looks like.ks actually if you look at thisf ys study it was a study out of theu british journal of nutrition. so in the study they found thatt they took half the participantsi and they gave them barley breade with their breakfast, lunch and dinner.dier. the other half had white bread.b what they found in the people po that were eat the barley is that 10, 12 hours later, they had higher metabolism. they had better inn sewell lipl levels they weren't having the insulin spikes and blood sugaros was much lower. perfect.>> >> the reason they think thatnka barley contributes to that for a two main reasons.sons basically, it's super high in so it sits in the stomach itma absorbs a lot of water and helph your digestion to slow down. do. doesn't give you big spikes inin blood sugar and the other reasoa that actually we have more and more new compelling research isl that barley itself and fiber a f creates good bacteria in ourrian stomachs that release hormones e to also help us with metabolism
8:53 am
>> so really good reasons to add barley.rl >> we're probably not going tob do it this ithis i'm curious to find out how we can get the good barley that wet need and make sure we're havingv the amount of fiber that we neew every day.da. >> good way to add barley to our diet sometimes is to just to jus replace it for things like ricee or to add it into soups and stews. if you actually cook this for as few minutes, it takes maybe ninn to 10 minutes it comes very vy fluffy and absorbs a lot water.. >> okay. >> this looks like very littleli amount but actually blows up to be a lot.beot. having a little bit getting that really earth thee taste it'stet' great for wintertime especially. adding it to -- you can add it i to your oatmeal, you can add it to soups and then sprinkle on on salads a gateway what to do to eight super great source ofat s fiber. fiber. >> excellent. show and >> yes. we'll talk about how fiber actually works in our bodyurod because we always say fiber, fib fiber, my favorite f word i say is >> not mine. but that's the differentif >> go ahead.>> the reason that it's sohat 's important in the body is becu
8:54 am
it absorbs water in our bodyurod helps to us slow that metaboliss like we're saying. sin go do a demo here.e. >> okay. >> i have here some fiberiber powder. po so if we add fiber powder to water, it will show you kind of how it expands. expan >> is this a good way to get tht fiber you need to make sure youe get it. >> this is a good way to add it as a supplement to your diet. de i definitely think fiber is a i supplement is getting it through foods is also important.mpor >> am i supposed to be doing. dg >> yes. you're going to add this tothist water. wa >> go ahead.ahead. >> i'm doing this one.hi o i didn't want to do the bad onee all right. >> mix it in.>> mixt in >> um-hmm. >> now there are a lot ofre area products by different names youm can do that might taste little better.bett. >> ben 93 fiber. metate sill any of those createt this kind of thicker liquid water. that's the fiber water plane sugar so what this ist isi going to represent is when we eat those refined sugars,ugar pastries and the candies, godi, ahead and put that in the
8:55 am
water, mix that up. u while we're letting that sit ant little bit we'll talk about high fiber foods.r oods >> okay. >> we can eat and come back toa this and see how fiber acts in the body. >> this is another way we cannoh get it but we got to eat it toao get it. >> fantastic and easy ways.ndas people say it's so hard for me f to get fiber in my diet weiet really need to aim to get about 30 grams of fiber in your diet.. you absolutely will set yourself up for success.upor s >> you like even more.ikeven m >> i personally recommend trying to aim for 40. from 35 to 40 grams is the best amount of fiber to stay healthyy and to lose weight.t. >> okay.>> o there's that key we're alls th y trying to lose weight the bestt way is fiber. and believe it or not, most or m people only get especially womem between 10 and 15 grams theth whole day. >> i'm sure. all right.alrigh >> great sources of fiber. nuts, you can also have ao h blueberries and raspberries also fantastic source of fiber thatft each have three to 4 avocado has 7 grams of fiber.. banana has 3 grams of fiberms or right at breakfast you can get t almost 10 grams.ams.
8:56 am
>> pretty good.>> >> were to have let you go. hav what does this experiment showss >> if you start to see this is going to get thicker and thickei and it turns into a jelly whereas -- >> like water. >> keep mixing that it's justhas water as time goes on, this t thing jelly is what goes in ourr stomachs and it absorbs thatorbs water. wate so it makes us more thirsty.hirs we're able to drink more water.t >> another benefit. >> slows down our gi system anda that's really the key to losingg weight.ig. >> okay. let's just ---- >> is fiber.>> is fi >> get our fiber ourer >> we'll be better for it. i >> look how thick it's getting. >> i'll add flavor to thisl addl before i drink it. i >> you can drink that. >> cheers! >> over to you tucker.ou tuc >> looks delicious,, i want to thank girl scouts of america for supplying me with my cookies today. today. that's been my morning diet.nine 23 in washington.hingto 22 baltimore.almore. notice cold temperatures veryat very cold across the area. a we keep it well below freezingre for most of the day.for most ofh this is is going to be our to br problem because we're not going' to warm the temperatures up.p. but a lot of a couple thousand s feet up we are that's why we'rew fearful we'll get a period ofiod sleet and freezing rain in he
8:57 am
this it's plain old snow right nowhtn starting to come down and heavyy in spots particularly acrosscula southern maryland.yland. travel is just terrible acrosses most of the area here with with temperatures in the teens ande s low 20s and look what we got tot deal witness next 24 hours.ou i'll give all the details on tht forecast coming up in here aomii couple of minutes but today is y not going to be an easy day too be on the roads.ds we transition to sleet, freezine rain a little later today. oday all right.ight. we got plenty more coming up ong good day d.c. maybe i'll dance a little bit. b s to to break. to break we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ straight ahead a snowy end to the bitter told cold holidayy weekend.d winter warnings and watches ina effect all across the d.c.e d.c. region and by the time it's i over, we could be dealing with ice. ic the surprising death of af a sitting supreme court justicece sets off new political war in >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilitiese >> the neck president should sho fill this vacancy. >> we'll look back at the lifebe of antonin scalia and what could come next for the high court. ct >> new details from thatm t disturbing child porn porn investigation in prince george'e county.. why a local pastor now says he'' afraid there are even morenor victims out there. there and how the suspect might havee passed a background checkup chek though he may have had a juvenile record. ♪ and later, a new


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