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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 10. right now h at 10, it's happened again, another group robbery ono the streets of d.c., but in this attack the suspects used a stun gun. cleaning up after the deadly storms. >> everything is destroyed.oyed > tonight the recovery efforts in the areas that were hardest hit. > and the fireworks were flying at the final gop debate befe
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super tuesday.sday fox5 local news at 10 starts right now. and we thank you for joining us tonight, i'm tony perkins and i'm sarah simmons in for sean. we begin with a d.c. teenager targeted and robbed during the height of yesterday's severe storm. police say the attackers used a stun gun on the 17 year old as she walked home from school. fox5's marina maracco is liferac working this one tonight. marina. >>reporter: tony, it's the latest string of assaults thatat have happened in this neighborhood around the potomacc note row. now neighbors say they're going to be watching each other's backs when they walk home fromoe the it's scary. > at the height of wednesday evening's thunderstorm, five suspects jumped a 17 year old girl. they stayed and stole her cash before pinning her to the ground and leaving her barefoot in the tore rings d
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from the potomac avenue when she was. >> a lot of people live aroundep here and to think they even at a reasonable hour you might haveht trouble getting home is really concerning. > ward 6 commissioner sandra c says the safety concerns in his neighborhood increase by the day. the victims are being followed out of the metro system and they're being prayed upon on our streets. he stepped forth an initiative where neighbors would station themselves for two hours during the evening hours to make residents walking home from the metro feel more safer. for those who are aware of thef assaults say it's basics and a back to commonsense. >> i'm more vigilant.ilan i'm not on my cellphone. before i even get off the train, i don't out my
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i have my metro card in my hand and i swipe that way. these volunteers part of the safe roots initiative will bel trained by the guardian angels. they'll be wearing yellow vests as well as holding whiz also in need of having to call out for help. they will also be calling 911 1 # if they see any suspicion orcn crime happen before them. bef they hope to get this underway in the neck week or so.r if you want more information yof can find that on our website, reporting life in d.c., marina.m maracco, fox5 local newses. > we're following some breaking news tonight from kansas where sheriffs deputies are investigating what appears to bt a workplace shooting. there are reports at least fourt people are dead and between 20 and 30 others are injured.njur the shooting happened this th evening at xl industries, a mowing equipment company in hess ton.ton. that's in the south central parr of the state. the sheriff as the shooter wasrw an employee at xl. investigators say they are also checking out four to
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crime scenes in that area.a. it will take weeks, perhaps months before the town of waiverly, virginia bounces back from yesterday's killer tornado. the damage is widespread andnd people in waiverly are countingu their losses after an ef1 tornado ripped through the townw this twister turned deadly. at least three people wereeo killed at a mobile homesite. eight others were hurt. the national weather service storm assessment visited the town this morning and confirmed that a tornado did touchdown and remained on the ground for 10 minutes. it left a ten mile length of destruction and at peak strengtt was as wide as three footballall tears. govern terry mack cuff live toured the area and he says he was devastated by what he saw. it's almost hard to believe until you see it. when you see it from flying in on the helicopter, the extent of the damage and the power i think is just amazing
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and miles of trees just clipped in half like little match sticks broke in half. that was one of the amazing things to me, the shear power of this tornado. govern mack cullive declared a state of emergency. > well, sarah, the storms also caused damage and flooding ing the district and acrosss maryland. sky pox was over demass this afternoon as homeowners surveyed the damage and tried to clean upment fox5's paul wagner has more on people beginning to pick up the pieces. >>reporter: this helicoptericop video from sky fox gives you a good idea of what the wind can do, knocking down dozens of trees while cutting others in half. it was not a tornado according to the national weather servicee they called this kind of weather straight line winds skimmings just above the ground taking oua anything in its path. lewis bore show was home when he says he first heard something
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window of his second floor bedroom. i just seen a wall come throughe and as soon as i seen the wall. > you mean like a wall of clouds.. >> clouds, rain. it was heavy rain. it was weird. a weird feeling in the house.. i went right downstairs. you went to the basement? >> yes. not a bad move. a smart move. > he was lucky. the winds struck with tremendous force next door, knocking down a huge tree in his neighbor's yarh and tearing a, post office offfc the roof off the house. it was felt like the house was shaking. > around the back of the house you can see shingles flew off of the roof and there's a reasonson why the national weather service calls these straight line winds as if a path was cleared skimming along route 27 as its made its way through demass cuss. by sun
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cutting down what they could. paul wagner, fox5 local news. > sue palka joins us now with new details about those severe storms and the return of some bitterly cold temperatures. >> two seasons in 24 hours. some of you may have seen somees snow flurries today. i did want to go back and talk about what the assessments are being done on what is now four confirmed tornado.conf there could be more. i first want to start with theht video that we got. this is drone video from evergreen, virginia.n, v that is about 20 miles east of lynchburg. there was a fatality here. and there tornado was an ef3. i'll show you the scales in juse a moment.t. that means it had likely winds of # 136 to 165 miles. it was a 13-mile path. not only did we have a fatality but we had seven injuries there. you can see all the trees down t in that area and the totall destruction of many structures.r so ef3, very
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unusual for february. let's talk about the tornado reports as a matter of fact ast we go forward and we want tont show you the maps from the assessment today. essentially teams between outee from the national weatheratio service and they're looking to assess the damage on this scale. it's called the enhanced what jude a scale. we did find there was ef1 and two ef2 tornado.rnad you already heard about a couple of them from the govern. waiverly where we did have three fatalities with 100 to 110 miles per hour winds. there was also one in medicatiot lindbergh and the stronger of the two storms, the tap handic, virginia one devastating with 140-mile per hour winds. no fatalities, but numerouserou injuries. that's down ines ex in then northern neck area. that was on the ground for a gro long period of time. that may have been a 28-mile path. every green i just talked about and now tonight as we move forward we watch the last of this storm system trying
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the area.e it did produce a few showers and even some snow showers. those are trying up. they'll continue a little bit longer in the mountains and while it's cold now it's going to get colder overnight.rnig we're going to go from 43 down to about 30 in the district witc lots of 20s and lower than that wind chill.wind prepare for a very cold start for your friday. f i do have warmer news on then seven day forecast.n da i'll share that with you a w little bit > all right, sue, thanks. we are just five days away from super tuesday. tue and tonight the five remaining republican presidentialresi candidates square off in a firery debate in houston, texas. a lot of is at stake here. donald trump has established himself as the front runner and senators mark owe rube ohio andr ted crews tried to take him down. the initial were over the issuee of immigration and whether trumu had previously hired illegal immigrants. >> you're the only person on this h stage t
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hiring people. >> i'm the only one in the state who has hired people. you haven't hired anybody.nybo > by the way, i've hired tens of thousands of people over my job. you've hired h you have yew had nothing about problems with your credit cards and et cetera. let me finish. you haven't had one person. he hired workers present polanda and he had to pay a millionilli dollars. >> that's wrong.wron it's totally wrong. i really find it amazing that donald believes that he is the one who discovered the issue of illegal immigration. i can tell you when iran for senate here in the state of texas iran promising to lead the fight against amnesty, promising to fight to build a wall and in 2013 when i was leading the fight against the gang of aid amnesty bill, where was donald? he was firing dennis rodman on celebrity apprentice. > i had an amazing relationship with
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republican because i was a businessman. as one magazine said he's as world class businessman. he was friendly with everybody. i got along with everybody. you get along with nobody. you don't have one republican -- don't have one republican senator and you work with them every day of your life, although you skipped a lot of time. of these are minor details. but you don't have one republican senator barking you.y not one. you don't have the endorsement of one republican senator andsea you work with these people. senator crews.sena you should be ashamed of yourself. basically a three-person matchmc there. coming up later in our broadcast we're regularring to hear from republican strategist, mike lank and get his take on tonight's debate. > metro is making some majorjo changes to keep you safe. what you'll soon see when youe h ride the rails. >> teisha. >>reporter: prince george's county is one step closer naming its newest elementary afterntar either its first fallenllen
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leader. tonight hundreds came off to sound off and say why their loved one deserves the honor. hn both sides are coming up. and later, a local family got a special surprise tonight, aht wrist it from carry underwood. find out why coming up. we're back in three minutes.
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> this was the scene earlierth today in montgomery county, ant, car slammed into an office building in the 6,000 block of executive boulevard between monteros parkway and oldld georgetown road in rockville.ile es crews quickly rushed to the scene.h fortunately mr. were noat injuries. as you canel see, there was w property damage. utilities were shut off and a billing inspector was called. the inspector deemed the building structurally sound. no word as to what caused the driver to crash. fox5 local news is in princeince william county where hundreds ever people came out to sound off about naming a new elementary school.
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the county's first fallen firefighter, kyle wilson or community leader doctor am hamilton. teisha lewis joins us life with the >>reporter: tony, herbert jay r sanders middle school behind meh oathed tonight's meeting and it was a very passionate and you could almost feel the tension during this soundoff. what i could tell you is i woulw not want to be on the boardoard making this decision. i was undoubtedly a tough decision because as one resident put it there is no right decision, there is no wrong decision. here's what all boils down there 4were9 contenders and tonight we are down to two. it comes to fallen firefighter, kyle wilson, prince william county's only firefighter or community leader dr. georgeeorg hamilton.mi either one could have the county's newest elementary e school named after them. hamilton is a
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colonel and fill license exist who has donated time and resources to has done research on cancer and education and also the art. he did attend tonight's meeting. wilson is the county's first fallen firefighter. he lost his life in 2007 while fighting a house fire. tonight supporters for wilson and hamilton packed this assembly room inside sanders middle school one by one several supporters shared why they believe wilson or hamilton should have this newest elementary school named after them. they made assertions before the county's naming committee whotte will then pass along that information to the school board. we had a chance to speak with both sides. it seems like it's going to be a really decision.n. i don't know why.hy. i don't understand why they are -- there's now n any problem wi
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education. i have spent my life dealing with education as a civilian ann as a military person. so i just think it's my turn.n. the impact that he had in his say 16 years, 14 years of being a teenager and young adult and u the impact he had on the number of people that he did to me is very important. > now, the vote on this has been delayed a couple of timeses due to inclement here's the latest informationes that wet have. looking ahead the naming committee who was in attendance at night's meeting will take all the information that they gather and they will present it to the prince william school board and the board will make a decision on the next school board meetinb which is on wednesday is what we're being told.'re if the elementary school ishool named after wilson this will beb the firs
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named after a firefighter. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > a metro bus driver came to the rescue of a passenger to prevent a robbery earlier south wees. outside the look fan plaza metra station. a 61 year old visionally impaired woman was surrounded by teenagers who grabbed her purse. the bus driver seeing the struggle jumped into action to help the woman.. a metro transit officer was nearby and arrested three of the teens involved.teen if you ride metro expect to see more police on patrol. the transit agency is responding after a string of violent crimes recently.ntly you'll see more police on buses, trains and metro platform. metro transit police chief says hundreds of officers will be on patrol to keep passengers safe. the first thing is we're outsourcing our revenue protection operation. right now we have a large contingent of police officers that protect over in alexandria, virginia. we're
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third party, a private security firm providing the same level security, but obviously not using a police officer to do that. this will free up 17 officers.e. 11 will be freed up immediatelyd and the following six in the next 60 days. metro says to beef up the patrols it will reassign about two dozen officers who had other duties in the department. police have identified the victim at a deadly shooting at a virginia apartment billing. 35 year old baba was found tuesday at the sky line apartments on seminary road in falls church. tonight friends and family gathered in alexandria for a candle l light vigil to remember the 35 year old. police believed the shooting may not have been a random act and they're asking anyone with information to please contact them. up next, the local one man crime spree that came to an end thanks to an iphone app. and later why some english politicians politicians are not happy the redskins are going tot play a game in london next year.
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as we head to the break, a remainder to send us your favorite throw back thursday photos using the hashtag fox55 didn't. thanks to brook hawkins for f sending this one. it's very cute. send more and we'll share more of your didn'ts at 11. we begin tonight with a severe weather alert.
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> apple is fighting back off the feds request to have the company hack into a phone by the san bernadine owe attackers.kers apple ce time cook says the government is seeking dangerous power through the courts and warns if it's forced to help the government this time it will open the door to other situations that cook says could potential violate the privacye rights of its users. maryland coumetaroller pete owel fran cho is blocking more tax returns from dozens of private
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he announced plans to. the reason state officials say those returns have questionable activity and false statementstae designed to increase refund. tax preparation companies are in 25 locations in maryland. one of them are liberty tax service where thousands of those will be forced to provide the information they hoved is hov correct before they will process a return. ret > a montgomery county teenager who was charged as an adult for a armed cardiacking was sentenced to 30 years behind bar. the now 20 year old robbed the victim at begun point in 2014 along the 7,000 block of sick contact more avenue in tacoma park. a few weeks later police werere called to another area and arrested battle after finding him hiding underneath the
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i don't think this young man didn't realize the graft of hiso time that he was really in applicationing terror on bothro sides of the border in montgomery county and in the district by robbing people at begun point while they're takine out their trash, while they're getting out of their car and opening the door to their home. no one should have to fear being robbed and we take these crimes very seriously. > investigators say a track my iphone app led police to battle. police believe he may bey be connected to at least a dozen other crimes of the battle will only spend 18 years behind barsb with 1 years of his sentence suspended. > the special guest that will introduce laid a gag a to the oscars this weekend. republican strategist mike lane joining us to break down the action and how it could play att the polls next week. before we head to break, are you ready for the oscars join the aka gang, annie use, kevinevin mccarthy,
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moments from kevin that you won't see anywhere else. aka, the awards, this friday night at 106789. 30 right here on fox5. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings.
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ur retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. this is fox5 local news at 10. recapping tonight's top stories, cleanup efforts continue in waiverly, virginia after a category one tornado ripped through the town. at least three people were killed. 8 others hurt. govern terry mcauliffe declaredd a state of emergency and deployed the national guard tod help residents. police are searching for five suspects who used a stun gun to rob a woman. this happened last night along the 500 block of 14th street in southeast. the victim had her cash stolen and was opinioned to the ground before being left barefoot in last night's torrential downpour. police are ask anyone withe w information to give them a call. > the republican presidential
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candidates pulled no punches in tonight's final debate. mark owe rube owe and ted crustd did their best to try and take down donald trump who has established himself as the front runner for the nomination.omin it was another no holds bar knock down drank down fight. donald trump was at the front of it all. thank you for being here, mike lane. >> thank you. > you've been watching along with the rest of it. it was a five-person debate, but it appeared as though it was w just a three policyholder person debate. rube owe and cruz trying to attack trump. did they success at tearing himi down at all. >> from a technical viewpoint they did extraordinarily well.. they scored point after point after point. mr. trump was not having his best night. he was sort of off balance. he was not able to come up with a lot of specifics and defense his programs and his plans. he was attacked on things that he said that he denied he said. from a
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you were a judge you would score cruz and rube owe all the way. e i don't know if it was enough to shake the fans that donald trump has. all the other candidates besides trump need it. rube ohio and cruz seem to have the best shot and maybe maybe dethrowning trump.g what you struck me as well. they were pretty good on specifics, p was not. let's talk about trues, he seemed to me to have a pretty good night. cruz did have an excellent night. he was a harvard trained debater. he's had good debates all the way through.ough the only rap on him on tv is that his warmth doesn't come through on the camera the way rube owe's warmth does come through. he's not as personal. his facts and delivery wasy w always spot on and tonight was no exception. a big issue has been illegalal immigration and a p toic here ir the they were accusing trump of shifting positions on deportation, hiring people from
10:33 pm
from americans and we realizedzd that cnn and tell mood no parterred up for the debate, do you think that in any way hurts trump. the biggest issue tonight was immigration. they spent 40 minutes on immigration. no more than 15 minutes on any o other issue. it was big. telemundo was there. at one point donald trump was telling the full money dough m hostess that he had no absolutely no respect for them and at another point he said i love tell money dough. but he lost a lot of points on very specifics. mark owe rube owe viscerated him on a case back in new york where he hired illegal workers to build trump tower and wound up paying a million dollars fine on it.. of course the donald denied most it and then it became clear thah it actually happened. even though mark owe rube owewe and ted cruz are scoring points i don't know if
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trump's support from him. h i want to show you one moment from the debate where, in particular, rube ohio antrum pbo were going at each other. take a look. what is the plan? what is your plan on healthcare. >> the biggest problem he plans. i watched him meltdown two weeks ago with chris christie, i got to tell you the biggest problem he's got is he doesn't know about the lines. the biggest thing we've got and the reason we have no competition is because we have lines around the state. what else is part of your plan? your only thing is to get rid od the lines around the states? the lines around the states ande i was almost done. excuse that brings in competition. > all right. what do you take from that andta you said you think rube ohio ana cruz scored some points
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did that exchange help rube ohil in any way in. >> it did and then there wasthen something that came after that, but the fact of the matter is rube ohio's line reminded me off the line back in gary heart and walter monday dale about where's the beef? where is your specifics, and the only specific that mr. trump had was that he was going to eliminate the state byb state marketing plans where you could market plans across states and h competition was somehow going to solve all the problemsl that and of course donald trump said he was going to regain the prohibition against excluding people with preexisting conditions. rube ohio and cruz both had a plethora of statistics. they rattle led them off. trump again had nothing.. it just, know, he just was not scoring the points.e but i think he held his people.p and you know what, we're not that far from super tuesday. how likely is it that the other candidates can kind of slow trump down after you see what yu happened tonight? >> we have 11 or 12 contests coming up on super tuesday. the only one that right now
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is texas, ted cruz does have a make it or break it moment in his own texas. i think that trump is likely to win eight or nine, if not running the table on it.n and if he does that the momentum is all in his direction. dir > it's going to be fascinatingi to watch. mike lane as always thanks for coming in. we do appreciate it. >> thanks so much for having me. > coming up next, a local family got a special surprise from carry underwood. how h one played upcoming outin after the break. happy at work, it turns out it's all about the people you're working with. according to a new survey liking co-workers i the main factor in overall job satisfaction. it's coming in ahead of things t like salary and benefits. meantime some happy news if you're looking for a home, the 30-year fixed rate mortgage falling again. we're now just above 3-point of percent. that's the lowest level we'rewer
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chevy tried to jolt the volt.. the automobile maker given new discounts for a volt much the starting price for a volt is about $34,000. and your wallet won't be getting a break if you're going on spring break.k. travel website saying prices for spring get aways are costing more this year, including airfare, hotels and restaurants.ants that's business. i'm david as mound. mound.
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> vice-president joe biden will join laid a gag gag on the oscar stage sunday night to see on the issue of sexual abuse on college cam bus pam us. it's featured int
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which deals with the issue of campus rapists.ists biden will talk about the it's like the audience that biden will have to get the message out. it makes sense to be there andnd talk about it. it was a special night for one military district in the family. canthal crews line teamed up with operation home front and carry underwood.nder the juan family met underwood before she hit the stage. that's not all, underwoodd surprised them with a trip to new york this coming new york for a private concert port side aboard canthal's new shipp carnival vista. it seemed like a great opportunity when we started talking to carnival about things that they could do and they talked about operation homee front and how near and deer that was to their hearts. i was like to be involved. what can i
10:42 pm
and really cool people and get to say thank you.. it's just a no brainer. > the program is designed toig raise awareness and funds for military families that do so much for us. tonight's event was just one of 10 meet and degrees between underwood, carnival crews line and operation home front. > tonight, on fox5 local news at 11, new details are emerging about the final days of supreme court justice scalia. was he with members of a secret hunting society weedicide? that story coming up.up. we're going back to our top story, a woman robbed and shocked with a stun gun near a southeast d.c. metro station.. a life report from the scene ine less than 20 minutes on fox5 local news at 11.
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> a row house divided intoou three apartments on q street northwest is too dangerous to
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living in hotels. five people were inside -- living inside the units when a crack formed and a wall began to give way. the owner of the property says s work at a nearby construction project and yesterday's heavy rains caused that wall to collapse. one resident we spoke to sayss she walked into her bedroom last night and noticed a big crack in the wall.e she quickly alerted her neighbors. i noticed a huge crack in myy bedroom and it went all the way down into my window and when i went over to investigate moree closely i heard a noise and itt freaked me out. o so when i called the lieutenant, and then i kind of just escalated from there. it couldn't explain it to you. it put enough fear in me that i wanted to get out of the house as soon as possible. > no one was hurt when the wall gave way. the city is now investigating what happened.appe > the powerful storm that swept through our area yesterday left a lot of standing order as you can see from this was the scene on the bw
10:47 pm
one car got stuck on the flooded walkway. as you can see right there zoomm in. that was the case for several, quite a fe,w people last night. it was just a mess. >> that's why we were worried about the streams and creeks. we haded 1 to 2 inches of rainor across the region. > meanwhile in fairfax county we saw a lot of downpouredded lines. the winds knocked out power forr thousands of virginia dominion customers. workers were busy making m repairs. you see what happened in waiverly and what happened up here. we could have had it worse. it's shocking in the span of a month we had a lizard and a tornado with ef3 winds.s. it's crazy. >> it's ethanol mean owe, that' what this is all about. when is ethanol mean owe goingn to leave? it's like this neighbor that hangs out. it's a neighbor that over state ted its welcome and not getting any weaker.r. we're seeing it very, very
10:48 pm
> we'll see some more wild springs about we see them backing up and getting out of here. even though tonight it's a veryy quiet night we had some snowe showers earlier today and a lota of colder air coming in on the back side of the same stormrm system that brought us these types of wind gusts yesterday. we spent a lot of talking about the winds in virginia, but a lot of damage in maryland. germantown, maryland 70 per mile our wind damage. rosewood forest at 50 and even down toward quantico 40-mile per hour wind gusts. a lot of strong gusts in then alexandria area as well. this is a new record for bwi, 2.61 yesterday. reagan picked up about an inch,, green belt had 2.8 and today maybe you saw a few of the snow showers coming on by. they did not
10:49 pm
they did not accumulate, maybe e small accumulation in the mountains and those are diminishing greatly tonight.. so here are your headlines as we go forward. the workweek is going to end on a chilly note. we have a two-faced weekend coming. i'll explain that in a minute. but the 60s are coming back. and we do have another stormorm chance, but not until nextil wednesday. it looks like it's going to be on the rainy side. while high pressure is billing in we'll still be on the breezyy side tomorrow, maybe not as blustery, but quite noticeable. a two-faced weekend, it means one day will be warmer than the other. the 60s will stay with us intos sunday. we're going to move on and showd you the temperatures right nowit because it is certainly veryy chilly out there, 39 for dulles, 36 for frederick and hagerstownr as well as martinsburg am we're 43, but you add in that wind and we still have wind chilld c temp
10:50 pm
to 34 here in the district. mighty cold out there and as we head for the 20s overnight to near 30 in the district, do be aware it will be a real cold start tomorrow morning, but itng should be a beautiful start. mix of clouds and sun, sunrise at 6:45 with a temperature of 31 and thank you and gentleman france jill for your beautiful photo around our region yesterday. we'll have a passing morningorni flurry tomorrow. we'll get up to 4 # degrees. but much of the day is going to be pretty chilly and the winds will stick with us. 8:00 a.m. temperature 32 by noon 38 and by 5:00 40-degrees. so definitely feeling a lot colder and wind chill temperatures at 8 in the morning, there are going to beo some teens around.d. maybe feeling like 17 in gaithersburg, 15 in hagerstown, 14 in within chess templet itin will get a little better as thet dayer goes on, but it's still going on be on the chilly side much let's check your fox5 seven day forecast. i think we're good for
10:51 pm
weekend. 45 on saturday so we're still kind of in recovery mode there and then a nice break. we start a run of days at or above 60 on sunday. it looks like gorgeous, lots of sunshine, light, you're going to want to be outside. monday not bad, tuesday, the nice next system will bring usst rain onem wednesday.nesd let's send it over to jim, tony and sarah now. > we are going to turn it over to jim. we are indeed.d. > we're talking some base because. >> talking about spring training getting underway in florida.da. > it's about time.> we hav ie to turn our attentiono something else right now. >> yes, warmer florida. > you would be surprised. let's talk about that right now. dozen baker getting back intont thoe groove. he saturday out the last two spring trainings. but now he's back at it minus jason werth who went home sicke today and maybe that's a good thing.thin > tony, here you go.
10:52 pm
chilly and blustery. i believe it was a very blusterr 60-degrees down there in florida. but hey, they're hugging it out. they're greeting each other warm welcome. there's the facial hair brigadeh you certainly see out there.ut we have the first spring game schedule next wednesday. how is the new skipper getting along with the new crew.w. >> a lot of questions. i love them.m. they've told me some things in a short period of time that, you know, i try to listen to themo when they want to talk. if they start talking i just go. people let you know at their pace. > the redskins schedule will be release in april and we already know the skins will play a roada game on october 30 across the pond in london against the been gallons, but some members of british par limit are the putting up a fight. fig they wrote a letternd
10:53 pm
targeting the skins name. you can use the british accent if if you want. this exploitation to the uk when the washington team is due to play directly contravenes the values that many in before it and i have worked so hard to instill. > we're sharing a bitter sweate one from robert griffin iii. his first town on the road connecting with pierre garcon against new orleans creating the term give inning.te >> so much has changed since then. > do you think he posted it pos this week? something maybe tham bruce allen. >> my son has that picture hanging in his room. i remember so clearly that night. it was like finally, finally, success. it's going to be wonderful. > only if you could predict the future. > it's unfortunate. i hope he gets on with another team, not dallas. > every time you say that, you have to prefa
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>> we'll be right back.
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eminent domain is threateningma one familiny in loudon county. they could lose several acres of their land to a new four lane l road. the homenner is upset because he says the state is siding with a private investor. alexandria my license has more of the ongoing fight. >>reporter: every day homeowners of this loudon county home watch as construction crews begin their work. and they wait. it's only time as they cross part of the property line and cease part of their land whether the homeowners agreed to it or not. i've been trying to protect my home. for years medicine did i pal val
10:58 pm
battle of a new four lane road that will lead to a new shoppinw and business center. the road will go straight through his 11-acre property in loudon county. work really hard to reach and a make dreams. i did can get to that point by working hard and having goal in my life. now he feels he could lose part of that american dream because vdot will cease an acre and a half of his land for the road, but he will actually lose a tote l al of four acres.. in a staple, the virginia department of transportation of told fox5 when a project is being planned, vdot works closely with residents and drivers tea public input into consideration. and also closely works closely with the homeowners to minimize impacts as much as possible. at one point the road was planned to run straight throughh his living room. it was like somebody was taking
10:59 pm
a knife and stabbing it through my heart. h they told me you have to move out. vdot says they have worked withh this home opener and in fact have moved the road so it doesn't impact the house. it will now be 100 feet to the 1 right of his home, but still on his property. he has a lawyer that is challenging. it's hard to believe that virginia is allowed to take an owner's property without telling the owner. we are asking the court to declare that those laws are unconstitution l al. the state should be declared toll an owner before the bulldozers role in. this was supposed to go over o this abandoned house, but then loudon county purchased the property and it was declared a historical site meaning the road can no longer go that directionc and will now go through their private property instead. reporting in loudon county, alexandra limon, fox5 local news. > this is fox5 lol
11:00 pm
11. right now at 11, a shocking robbery, a woman trying to get home in the middle of yesterday's storm approached by thieves and shocked with a stun gun. as soon as i seen it i was just like, i needed to go downstairs. local neighbors walk us throughh their cleanup efforts after dangerous winds left them running for cover. and with less than a week to go before super tuesday, the gop candidates face off one last time. where was donald, he was firing dentist rodman on debit apprentice. fox5 local news at # 1 starts right now.ri and we thank you for joining,or i'm tony perkins and i'm sarah simmons in for sean. a woman approached by a group of thieves shot with a stun gun and robbed. this happened last night near the potomac metro station in southeast.uthe fox5's marina maracco is lifee with the story. marina. >>report


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