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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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right now authorities haveoritiv surrounded the man's home where a roommate is inside inn a nearby medical center onentern lockdown. lockdo investigators have ruled out terrorismly.ormly. >> a concealed gun permit bill is headed to governor terry mcauliffe's desk today.s de tod now once it's signed it will allow more conceal weapon wea permit holders to legally h carry guns in the state.ns i it will also prohibit peoplet pe subject to a protective order or from carrying guns and requireni a police presence at gun shows for voluntary backgroundlu checks.nt former new york mayor michael bloomberg's gun control groupl r has lasted mcauliffe over theve deal saying it makes virginians less safe. less afe. >> the five remaining republican presidential candidates squared off inqu their final debate before bef super tuesday. the debate took place in tedted cruz's home state of texas andex it wasas a brawl right from the start. marco rubio and ted cruz pouncing on donald trumprump rounds of insults hurled backleb and forth as the candidatesandis shouted over each other onacothe issues like immigration,
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trump's privileged backgroundba and the donald he did not holdd >> you get along with nobody. nb you don't have the endorsement of one republican senator andca you work with these people. peol >> senator cruise. cruis >> you should be ashamed of yourself. >> donald if you want to be wane liked in washington that's notng a good attribute for atribute >> first of all this guy's a joke artist and this guy's a liar. li you have a combination of factors. >> he can't do it for thet obvious reason and he can't doet it because he doesn't know howes to tell the truth. tru other than that i rest my case. >> mr. trump -- >> thinking about the pollsab i'm beating him awfullyou badlyy if the polls but you're not beating hillary clinton.lint >> then if i can't -- hey, ifane i can't beat her, you'reat hyou' really going get killed,ille aren't you? >> so, let me ask you this m 'cause you'ree really gettingtg beaten i know you're embarrassed butssb keep fighting, keep swinging man. swing for the >> wowr . okay. the race moves on to next week's super tuesday contestonte where dozen states includenclu having a have a
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presidential primaries.ential pa >> well, believe it or not d.c. streetcars will finallyinal begin passenger servicengerer tomorrow. this comes after more than aer decade of planning plaing construction and testing. streetcars will travel along hnh street and benning road.ngoa it will run on rails that were w first installed almost sevenoste years ago.years now, the service will begin after a brief ceremony later today. d.c. regulators are set to t o vote on a major mergererge between power companies exelon e and pepco. pepco today's vote represents thete r final hurdle for the proposedoro major creating one of the largest electric and gasnd g companies in the region.egio in august they rejected thehe deal. . that's when d.c. mayor muriel bowser stepped in to negotiate a $78 million settlement that t protects customers andrs guarantees jobs. >> scary moments for a d.c. a dc teen who was targeted andgeted a robbed during wednesday's severe police say five suspectse spe jumped a 17-year-old girl asar-o she was walking home frome fm school. happened near the potomac pot avenue metro station.ue met th
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14th street southwest policest l tells. they tased her and then stole her cash before pinning her tong the ground and leaving hernger barefoot in the rain. residents are troubled by the te >> people live around here and o use this to get back and forth r to work so to think that even e at a reasonable hour you might have trouble getting homely is really concerning.g >> ward 6anc commissioner saysrs the safety concerns in his in neighborhood increase by theasee day. that's why he started an initiative where volunteersunter would station themselveshems throughout the neighborhoodghboh for two hours during theduring evening rush. it's a move he hopes will make k residents walking home from hom the metro feel a little safer. >> virginia governor terrya govr mcauliffe is said to bed to b devastated by the deadlyedy th tornado that touched down inown waverly on wednesday. the f1 twister ripped through the town killing three people po at a mobile home site. it was on the ground for about o 10 minutes and left a 9-mile 9-l path of destruction.on. at peak strike it was as wide
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governor mcauliffe declared area state of emergency thus deploying the national guard. widespread flooding in thege district and across skyfox captured this damage ondd route 27 in damascus yesterday.da powerful winds knocked downcked dozens of trees while snappingnn others in half. h louise was home and lookingooki out his bedroom window when he saw a wall of winds known ass straight line winds.e winds. >> seemed like a wall comed li through. as soon as i seen the wall ill i knew, i was like oh, no, going g to the basement. bas >> reporter: you mean a wall of clouds. >> clouds, heavy rain.n. >> fortunately the number off damaged homes coul could be coud on just one hand. >> 4:35.>> let's go ahead and check onhe today's forecast as we head ons into what i think is supposedsuo to be a good looking weekend.eed right, gary. g >> oh, my gosh, yes, very good.od. today's temperature will be aeri little -- well, today is going i to be in the 40's but it'st' never
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okay, just so you know.o no let me show you where we aree w this the winds are still gusty out go there.the it's gusting a little bit stronger north and west and martinsburg it's gusting to 20, frederick 20, winchester -- not winchester,ine i'm sorry, westminster it's it' gusting to 22 there. t the wind chill values this morning are down.ardown. gaithersburg it feels like 19. 1 most places it feels like it'sii in the 20's now.ow feels like 28 degrees here inn town and actual air aual ai temperature is up in the 30' we'll be dealing with this today with the wind chill w values feeling colder than theol actual temperatures.tu tempe so, we're going have some s sunshine today.sune t not everybody gets a ton off sun.n. we're still kind of under thishi big broad trough of lowhf lo pressure, so that's going tot's keep and some clouds outer there but we'll get more sun s today than yesterday.ay. otherwise it will be windy today. it's going to feel cold. col temperatures will be in thees w lower 40's.lower some of you north and west and w because of limited sunshineun will only be in the mid 30's 30s but agai
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northwest 10 to 20, gusts10 t higher than that.ha it's going to be cold outbeold there with the wind butter windr listen, the weekend is worth wth waiting for and i've changednged the weekend a little we'll have more details on that coming up. u oh, in a good way, though.hough. here's erin como with a lookitho at your friday morning morni traffic. >> i could hear the smile inr your voice, gary.ur voi i knew it was going to be goodgb news for the right now for your current currt friday morning commute in fairfax 395 we have a crash. cra let me get out of the way. w it's on the southbound sideund e before duke street.fore duk give yourself a little extraext time there. you can see plenty p of green on our map.. not causing any majorusing majo slowdowns. on the inner loop you're atoop speed from the springfieldgfld interchange through annandalenna and through tysons. t if you have an early flight fli traffic on the way to bwi reagan national and dullesle looking good. good. let's take a live look outside, see how 95 throughou lorton is shaping up.apin a little bit of volumele bf vo increasing on the northbound ono side towards the beltway buthe b so far none that of usual volume has kicked in that tha cau
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for our morning drive. drive. got you changes if thates iat changes. metro is reportedly on time. t we'll keep you updated.pded that's your traffic.ic back to you holly.yo t thanks erin.u if you ride metro expect ext to see more police on metro transit's police chiefhi says hundreds of officers willsl be on patrol to keepatrol to k passengers safe.pass the agency is responding after a string of violent crimes recently.rently metro says to beef up patrolsp r it will reassign about two a dozen officers who had otherth duties in the department.epar >> straight ahead appleai gettinghg support from another tech giant in its fightitig against the fbi.. plus an incredible medicaldi feat that may help some womene n who can't get pregnant. time now is 4:37. 4:3 back in a moment.
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>> 4:40 is your time. 4:4 app spell fighting back overgh the fed's request to have the company hack into a phone p owned by the san bernadino attackers.ta apple ceo tim cook says thesayse government is seeking dangerous powers through thes courts.po apple says forcing the dough dou help the fbi would violate its constitutional rights andtion warns if it's forced to help the government this time itmet will open the door to other situation there is cook says could potentially violate thehe privacy rights of its users.. apple is getting majorng support from unlikely microsoft google facebook andgog twitter all announced they'll t' file
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briefs on apple's behalf.ens be. google makes the android software that powers most smartphones in the world like apple it fears creating a precedent that authorities could use to read messages messa photos and other sensitive information stored on phones.hoe peter franchot blockingr frn more tax returns from private preprayerers throughout the state. hthe reason state officials say those returns haveur h questionable activity and a false statements designed to des increase refunds.incr the tax preparation companiesti are in 25 locations throughout maryland.maryla >> the cleveland clinic that'sc' mack -- is making history. hto surgeons there performed a the nation's first uterus first uteu transplant. the nine hour surgery wasry performed on a 26-year-old6-year woman using a uterus from as fra deceased donor.deased the cleveland clinic says the t surgery aims to give women who n lack a uterus the chance toteru have children. the clinic will perform nineerfn more surgeries. this has been done before in sweden, though and
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performed the surgery on nine o women there. five of those t women were able to have to h children.en. so, is there really a, is t connection between birthecti defects and the zika virus? vi that's what medical expertsxp are wondering.deri some say the vius has been prematurely linked to a surged a in defects. meanwhile the centers forile disease control says the mosquito borne virus could getld worse before it gets zika virus has been reportedepor in 26 countries and here in hern the u.s. the virus has been deemed aee global health epidemic.mi >> we'll tell you why they th redskins game across the pondos this year could be incould be i jeopardy. >> don't miss carrie underwood's surprise for arp for local family there. story.tory right after traffic andfi and weather. let's get a sneak peek of thek f weather right now with gary.har >> breezy and cold out this outs morning but we're just workingor for the weekend, right? >> ♪ >> that forecast i changed it. c good news for the weekend. weekd come back and see us. >> ♪
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>> 4:44 is the time.>> one year ago today marijuana 4 became legal f tor adults in the district to smoke and grow hekeg in their home. hom since then pot related arrests s have dropped 85 percent in there city and possession arrestsrrts fell from more than 1800 in i 2014 to 32 last year. yea the issue moving forward money. this as congress continues too prevent d.c. from coming up u with their own rules and a regulations for marijuana sales. >> ♪ >> it was so windy yesterday.rd. >> how windy was it? [laughter] >> i wasn't prepared for that,ha professor.professo >> high profile vehicle wase ve all over the road.over toa >> there you go, thank you. you >> that's how windy it was. >> thank you for the assistly as i appreciate it.i aci not sure it's funny but -- >> true. >> don't you often say you'reour driving a high profile vehiclele when it's gland exactly,.xaly
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today,, t >> about as much.>> a >> no relief from that? t >> hm. >> no relief from that.m t >> not really, no. >> hm. >> but some sunshine so that s will help things out just at little b i'm telling was, we're justreus waiting on the weekend here her because it is going to -- it toi is going to be n 36 out there right now. now it feels like it's in the 20'sh2 and the teens 'cause the windseh are still up. u it's breezy most locations.. it's down right windy fartherarh to the north and west and winds will still be kicking up today 10 to 20, even gusting g more than that. tha temperature up to the north,theh new york is 35. pittsburgh is 27. 2 louisville 36.ui of course, this does not take nt into account the way it feelsayi out there because this bighis broad area of low pressurew that we're sitting under is keeping things windy all up allu and down the east coast andthe c throughout the midwest.he midwet here is your weekend forecast.ns i changed it just a little bitte i warmed it up. u on sunday we went from the up w are 50's right aroundun 60 degrees to 61. t i know that sounds like asoun lk little deal but it really is a a big deal because you're
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day of february temperaturesrats are way above normal. 15 to 20 degrees above normalre in some cases.inome ca so, sunday looks like the really great day tomorrow is good, too.oo t mid 40's.0' a couple places close to 50 t and we'll have few clouds butvec still not so windy tomorrow. here's that broad area of low pressure.pressu cold aloft and a lot of snowft a is coming down from the north n and west. w the trough just kind ofus digging out here but it'souheret going to be moving on and asnnd it moves on off to the to northeast things are going too get very much noticeablyotea better and then thehen t temperatures will warm upurill going into the weekend. wke breezy this morning.or a little bit windy thisin t afternoon. temperatures will make it up into the low 40's for highsig but unfortunately it's nevers going to feel that this morning's wind chill c values, 23 or so here in thein t city. you can still see teens northenn and west.d wt. by 12 o'clock today, it stillti feels like it's in there 20'ss e north and west, right around aun 30 degrees here in town andes t even as late as 5, 6 o'clock'clo the wind will still be blowingng down from the north and west
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so wind chill values will feelil in the 20's and itl willil continue right on through intont the late evening hours asours a well.we. so, a very gusty day again today. temperatures low 40's, mid 40's tomorrow.'somor low 60's on sunday. s and then check it out.tut we start a nice run leaving leai february behind and getting a g into march with temperaturesempe in the low 60's.0's. chance for some rain and thunderstorms again wednesdayned afternoon of next week when wekn cool off just a little bit litte after that.ter tha i'm not saying no more snowe s but i don't z any mor see any ms for awhile erin. eri >> gary i like your plaid blazer. >> thank you.>> >> outer loop of colesvilleof cl road late lifting road workrk taking out a lane or two.ane or you can see that yellow zonellon leading up to that location. loc slowing things down a bit init silver spring. aside from that yourfrom secondaries in bethesda anda silver spring are looking looki pretty n
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270 on the southbound side asth we take a fly to the frederickdi area you can see all thatllha green southbound as you makeuthb your way down past the truck thu scales heading towards gaithersburg. you're not hitting any of thatha normal morning congestion i'll let you know as soon asw ao that starts to pick up but for r now enjoy those quiet conditions. it's not every morning i get mor to tell you how quiet is on on 270. 395 an accident on theident on southbound it's just before duke streettree so use some caution there. the good news is it's nott' causing a lot of congestion.a on the northbound side trafficlf from the beltway to the 14th 1 street bridge is wide we're quiet across the key bridge and douglas bridge from f suitland parkway to south to sou capitol. 66 eastbound through centreville problem tree. as metro he gears up forea up fo service they're on we'll let you know if and whenun that changes. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. back to you guys. tyou >> a metrobus driver came to the help. a 61-year-old visually
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by teens who grabbed herrabbed h purse. purs the bus driver seeing the struggle jumped into action toum help the metro transit polheice officer was nearby and arrested threeesh of the teens involved. invol >> this morning montgomery county police areco investigating how a carunat slammeind into an office off building. it happened yesterday in the 6,000 block of executive ecu boulevard between montroseon parkway and old georgetowneorgow road in no one was injured but theedut property was damaged. dag an inspector came out to check k it out and says the buildingbuil is structural no word on what caused theau t driver to >> a loudoun county family in fl the middle of a nasty battleat over their home.heir h state officials want to buildali a new four-lane road and it and would go right through the family's 11-acre property.roper. vdot says they worked with thedh homeowners at one point thee int road was scheduled to runeduled through the home's living room but now it's going to be ango b hundred feet to the right but rt still on their property. pperty. >> it was like somebody takingig a knife is that stabbing it inti my heart.ea. they told me that you have toath move out.ut. >> the family has lawyered
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declared unconstitutional thatoo allows the state of virginia to take an own inter's owner's property without having toitavin tell the owner. thewn >> a new dmv coming to d.c. d today be there a ribbon cutting fort benning ridgen r service center. it will open to the public on this service center is c replacing the agency's penny' p branch service center whichwh will close tomorrow. there is a debate brewingatw over the name of an elementarylr school in manassas.anas family members andnd firefighters want the school wah to honor fallen firefighter kyle wilson whose death wasn the only line ofwh duty death ii the county's history. htory while others want long timee community member and philanthropist dr. george hampton to have the honor. one resident says it's a tough t decision because really therellr is no wrong or bad decision. dio >> let's talk sports now.'s talp today the nationals are takingag parter in day two of full f squad workouts and dusty bakeryr getting back into the groove.heg he sat out last -- the last two spring trainings afterin leaving the cincinnati redsnn
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but he was back, back at it onti the first day of full squad workouts yesterday. jayson werth he wasn't back atwa it. he was actually out because he u went home sick and it was a blustery day for fans and the new manager in the true kickoff of spring training. tra first spring game is thats scheduled for next wednesdayr so how is the new skipper spp getting ready with a whole new crew? cr >> it's a loask a lot of questio them and they've told me some me things in a short period ofrt po time that, you know, i try toryt listen to them when they want to talk. tal so if they start talking ial just let them just go.o. so, you know, people let you let know at their pace. the pac >> all right, the redskinsedskis schedule will be released inl be april but we already now knowowk that the redskins will play a road game on october 30th across the pond against thest bengals. but some members of the british parliament are puttingrp up a fight against that. fig two members of parliamentarli wrote a letter to the nfl
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commissioner roger goodell and l their target was the redskins names. here's a bit of what they said. the exportation of this slur tur this autumn and washingtonasngto team contravenes the valueshe that manyly in britain havetain worked so hard to instill. ins vice president joe biden willntd join lady gaga on the oscar o stage sunday night to speak onoe the issue of sexual assaults on college campuses. >> biden will introduce gaga's performance of till it happens to you. it's featured in theit featu documentary the hunting ground n which deals with the issue of campus rape.campus rape. biden will promote the its on on us campaign launched by the white house last year to stop ts sexual assault.ssault. it was night one military nm family will neveril forget. >> carnival cruise lined up a -- carnival cruise lined upis with operation home front and music star carrie underwood uero for a meet and greet. >> it seemed like a goodemedike opportunity
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carnival about things they a could do. ibo just think it's [inaudible]] >> the bond family metfamily underwood before she hit there t stage at the verizon center as c part of her storyteller that's not all. a suderwood surprised them wayd trip to new york this coming cin november for a private concerton port side aboard carnival'sva newest ship carnival vista.l vta carnival is hosting theng concert for hundreds ofs of operation home front militaryitr families. the program is described tobed raise awareness and funds foror military families and today on n good day, the bond family willml join us to talk about their t special surprise. sprise. >> that's awesome. aso >> doing some good out there. te >> great for carry. >> absolutely.>> >> hollywood's biggest night's t this sunday. before the academy awards arere handed out the aka gang has ag few thoughts to share.w ough join kevin mccarthy annie yuanny and alex holly tonight.ig >> they'll talk about fashionuts
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moments you won't see anywherew' else. aka the awards is tonight att 10:30 right here on fox5. >> ♪ ♪ >> all right. a it's still pretty.'s >> top that, gary. >> oh, no, i won't even try.'t n >> i know. >> how would you try. well, no, wait a minute. a min >> uh-oh. >> sunday's forecast.oras >> whoop, whoop. >> i'm just saying.ay >> strobe lights.>> >> 61 on sunday. sunday. 61 degrees on sunday with sunshine. hey, hey.ey. that's almost the last davet dav february, too. t 35 now in town but with the wit wind outer and it has beenee down right windy northernorer regions and northwestorthwe overnight, the wind chill w c feels like 26 here in town.ow this fluctuates up and down andn obviously. a lot of 20's back out to theba northwest, too, an few teens f t there and it will be bouncingoug around all day long. l breezy this morning, 35 but it won't feel like that.t 40 degrees noontime but itntut won't feel like that and then an late this afternoon we'reten w still breezy, winds 10 to 20o 20 ma
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higher than. that it will feel like it's in the 20's and 30's all day longa out some sunshine, certainly more than yesterday but this bigut tg northwest flow continues to bring a lot of clouds downuds d from the north.from the n no, i was not going to sayt goio that. th i was not going the say that.tha it just came out wrong. wro so you get the idea, right? rht here's erin como. friday morning. >> you made me laugh and smile i and it's not 5:00 a.m. yet. yet i'll take it. >> i didn't almost say crap, no. >> right now there's nowhe construction in silver spring, gary. i got to pull it together.t tet. you made me giggle like ae likea child. inner loop and outer loop you can see that will red zone right there. o some lanes blocked. bloed give yourself a little extra e time.. we'll let you know as soon as things get back to normal topo r of the beltway but again it'slt just late clearingwae construction work.tion w aside from that in alexandria right now 395 south and and northbound looking good fromoo the beltway through the 14thh te street bridge we are at speed s in arlington and shirlington shl problem free.lem bottom of the beltway acrosscr the wilson bridge inner loopnerl moving at speed.moving a no typical delays yet.ay y in
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dream. speeds in the upper 60' secondaries looking goodki g through gaithersburg andersbur germantown as well thisrm morning and there's nothingd th bad going on right now on 66 on in virginia. v i'll let you know when normalor congestion picks up. any questions at erin fox5 d.c.c. back to you, to >> all right, a shocking shoin robbery.robber a woman attacked with a stunh as gun during wednesday's severeer storms. st how the agencyor is working tooo keep people safe ahead at 5:00. >> first though let's get ahoug quick check on the stock market before we head to break. break. asian stocks european stocksocks opened higher this morning.he u.s. futures also up.r up. 4:57 is our time. t we are back right after this.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ori >> right now at 5:00 a deadly workplace shooting in this morning the gun debate inai our area, the new law about to t go he into effect and why some virginia residents object to ab new gun shop. s >> another attack on ahead at 5:00 the changes theest agency is making in an effort e to keep people safe.people s >> it is friday february 26thruh and we think you're going toe gt like the weekend forecast.oras weather and traffic coming up on the five.on f good morning everyone, i'm i'm maureen umeh alongside hollydeol morris and wisdom >> thank you for waking up you w with us on this friday fda morning. >> developing overnight fourg people including the g


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