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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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right now at 11:00, it's the endorsement that stunned plenty of politcos. >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for the united states. chris christie singing donald trump's praises. what it means for the run for the white house. >> a former police officer learns his fate. the punishment he now faces. >> mark zuckerberg's reaction. >> i'm shawn
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>> and i'm tony perkins. temperatures are. >> let's get to gwen tolbart for the latest on the forecast. gwen? >> you are it is going to be a cold news tonight. we are going to see the temperatures rise before the weekend is over. but in the meeven time let's look at the highs for today because we were actually some 8-11 degrees cooler than the seasonal average as we hit 40 degrees at reagan national airport today, 38 at dulles and only 40 at bwi thurgood marshall. 28 at hagerstown and at martinst baltimore. we've been dealing with gusty winds today that's finally changing as those winds start to diminish and we now have winds that are anywhere from about 6 to 12 miles per hour. but a far cry from the 30 mile per hour gusts plus that we had earlier today. but we still have some wind chills. so this is what it feels like
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when you factor in the winds as well as the temperature. feels like it's only 25 at dc right now, 20 at gaithersburg and only 19 degrees at hagerstowns. the jet stream dipping to the south and allowing that cold, chilly air to stay in place and we're going to feel that tonight and you'll feel it first thing as well. saturday is not going to be the warmest day of the weekend but things will change by the time we get to sunday. a few clouds, cold, winds from the northeast 5-15 miles per hour. but then we're going to talk a warm-up and it's going to feel a little bit like spring before it chills back down once again. i'm going to have all those details in that all-important 7-day forecast in just a while. >> a former dc police officer will spend the next 18 years in prison for crimes he committed against teenaged girls. darrell best was arrested in 2015 while he was still an officer. he eventually pleaded guilty
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to abusing one girl at police headquarters and another girl inside of the church. he also pleaded guilty to a child porn charge. the plea agreement came with the 18-year sentence. >> in montgomery county a man was sentenced to three years in prison for hitting and jirg a police officer while driving drunk. back in october he was driiftion with a suspended license when he hit an officer in germantown. was driving with a cold beer in his pocket, had dollar bills with cocaine on them and a scale in his front seat. fortunately the officer was able to jump out the way and was only hit with the mirror. >> you hit me with your car and you didn't stop. i had to chase you down. you almost killed me. >> if you're a drunk driver and you struck a police officer, this case shows you how judges in this county and how
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police department and the prosecutor's office in this county take a serious stand against that. >> saunders was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison for dui and possession of cocaine. >> a masked gunman will be spenting some serious time behind bars. he's convicted of robbing several convenience stores in maryland. lauren demarco has that story tonight. >> reporter: prosecutors say ricardo brooks was targeting stores overnight, threatening the clerks. in one case alone he made off with about $1,000 cash. he was arrested after being pulled over by some observant officers in howard county and the 29-year-old has been sentenced to a total of 36 years behind bars. >> i mean, the judge said it in court. he said these are hard-working people that are working overnight, maybe their second or third job to make ends meet. meanwhile this suspect, this defendant is sticking a gun in their face and trying to get money and items. >> repor
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charged with terrorizing overnight cashiers at at least nine convenience stores in a three-week span in last august and september. surveillance videos from 24 hours cvs shows him walk in overnight. his face covered with a sky mafrk or bandana. he threatens clerks with a gun, in each case grabs cash, shoves it into a bag and making off with the money and packs of newport cigarettes. you can see one employee tried to alert coworkers to called 911. >> people were scared out of their wits. you can see in the surveillance video that they rushed to lock the door behind the defendant as he's leaving those stores because they don't want to have him come back and terrorize them some more. >> reporter: brooks was convicted in three of the armed robberies in montgomery county and one in howard county. police pulled him over for a routine traffic stop after that
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incident and could tell something was wrong. the stolen cash and cigarettes were apparently sitting on the passenger seat. officials say the gun brooks used was actually a pellet gun. but with consukttive sentences of 10 and 26 years, the judges clearly took the threat he posed seriously. >> there's a printed warning on the side of the gun that says this is not a toy. can cause severe bodily injury and/or death. when someone is sticking you up with a gun, you don't really think about is this real, is it not. >> reporter: again, brooks was sentenced to a total of 36 years. because he these are considered violent crimes, he won't be eligible for parole until half of his time is served. so after 10 years in howard county, he'll have to do at least eight in montgomery county. >> all right, lauren. thank you very much. the stalemate over an iphone cont
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investigators believe information could be locked away on the password protected iphone. the tech giant asked the court to vacate the order citing future users' privacy. the white house has this to say. >> we're talking about a phone that was owned, not by the terrorist, but by the local government. the need to extract as much information as possible, to learn as much as we can about that incident, is something that our law enforcement officials have concluded is a priority. >> other tech giants including facebook, microsoft, twitter, and google say they plan to file brefs in support of apple's right to refuse. >> still ahead tonight at 11:00, new jersey governor chris christie says donald trump is the best choice for president. the surprise endorsement came today. we're going to tell you what it means for the party coming up next at 11. >> plus mark zuckerberg is
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>> i've gotten to know all the people on that stage, and there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs, both at home and around the world, than donald trump. >> there you go. the endorsement that no one expected to hear today. chris christie joining donald trump on a stage in fort worth, texas in supporting his bid for the white house. sarah simmons joins us now. this has a lot of people buzzing. >> yeah, it certainly does. political strategists will tell you it's starting to become very apparent that donald trump could be the gop nominee for president. so others are starting to throw their support behind him. this is the first
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for donald trump from a sitting governor and a former rival. it comes at a good time for trump after facing numerous attacks from marco rubio during last night's debate. >> america is tired of being treated second class around the world. we need a first-class president and we're going to have it in donald trump [ cheers ] >> reporter: those are the words no one expected to hear come from former presidential candidate chris christie a few weeks ago. republican political strategist jack birkman sees what this does for donald trump. >> really surprised. i would have thought he would go for rubio. that's his natural ideological home. but this is one more sign that trump is probably the nominee. here you have a big player within the party, a northeast republican wants to go to trump. >> reporter: he says it's also an indication that christie is hunting for a possible cabinet position. >> i do think christie would have a good shot at the cabinet, probably make a good treasury
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secretary, make a good commerce secretary. might even make a defense secretary. i think they can use him in a lot of ways. >> reporter: during last night's debate, rubio hit at trump's business record, history of hiring illegal workers and vague policy position. so far the hits don't seem to be doing much damage to the donald. but if he becomes a nominee, he has an entirely different battle ahead. >> i think it's highly unlikely a republican will win the election. a democrat only has to win 30 or 40 votes. if you see where a republican has to go it's very difficult. the odds are betting on hillary clinton being the next president and sadly i think she will. >> time is running out for the remain gop candidates to make an effective case against trump. super tuesday is next week and tomorrow the voters go to the polls in the south carolina democratic primary. developing just in to our news room right now, yoko
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was rushed to a new york hospital after reportedly having a stroke. an emergency call was made shortly after 9:00 this evening from her home on the upper west side. there is no word tonight on the 83-year-old's condition. we will keep you posted. you can find out the latest on our facebook and our website >> facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is reprimanding his employees after someone placed a black lives mary sign with all lives matter. the issue has reportedly happened several times according to buzz feed. in a letter to its employees, zuckerberg said, quote, black lives matter doesn't mean that other lives don't, it's simply asking that the black community also achieve the justice they deserve. he went on to say that facebook is investigating the incident. >> it has been a roller coaster week for the weather? hasn't it? we've talked about tornadoes, we've talked about snow f
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and we've dpot some pleasant weekend weather coming our way. gwen, we've seen a little bit of everything for the past couple of days. >> all that on the weather buffet. but the best is yet to come. >> is there dessert on that buffet. >> i always make sure there's dessert. so let's serve it up for you. we had some strong winds today, they finally have diminished somewhat across the area and that's at least some good news. not quite as gusty so you don't have to hang on to your hat so much. those winds are lightened up and that helps as well with the wind chills although we have seen just a few wind chills out there. it's still a limit bit on the nippy side. the weekend is starting on a very, very chilly note. and that is because we've got the jet stream well to the south of us. and that jet stream is allowing all of that colder air to just come in and settle in across the area and it's going to be that way later on in the week as well. we've got a warm-up on the way d
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warmer by sunday, the workweek starts pretty nice and warm. winter not quite over yet. in the meantime 27 degrees right now at gaithersburg, 32 at dc, 32 at quantico. only 28 at martins burg and 28 at hagerstown this hour. and our overnight lows expected to be into the 20s as well. we're not going to warm up much tonight. this is a night you're going to have to bundle up for sure. we've got a northwest terly flow kicking in and that is helping. as far as satellite radar is concerned, just a few clouds. we have nothing else to really speak about at all on radar to show you. but that jet stream well to the south, winds have finally improved so the breezy conditions are finally starting to die down so we've got this ridge of high pressure that's settled in. we are going to stay clear with a few clouds tonight, we're also going to stay on the cold side. once we get into tomorrow this ridge of high pressure will provide us plenty of sunshine so
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going to be into the 140s for our daytime highs. sunday it all changes. this is going to move its way out. opening the door for a nice southerly flow. 60s with plenty of sunshine on sunday. 40 degrees on saturday, 60s on sunday and those 60s at least stick around for a bit. so 30 degrees for tonight, a few clouds, the winds improving. and as we take a look at our 7-day forecast, take a look. things aren't so bad at all. we have the 60s hanging around right straight through until we get to about wednesday and that's where we're going to keep an eye on this day. because we've got some changes coming. temperatures will will be into the 60s. so we could see maybe even a little bit more winter weather by the end of the week. take a look at the end of the week. we're back to the 40s all over again. so enjoy this little spring break while you can, because once again, it's a reality check that winter is still around. let's check in now with
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it's breezy outside and the caps continue to breeze through the season. they've been dominating on the ice and spreading the good fortune away from the rink as well. they left a $100 tip on a $24 bill. after a 27 house comp. and today a great fan give away. you can remove the mask, i don't know if it has the action chop. he says it doesn't look like it very much. caps downpour play 2-1. the eight times reached that plateau, game time at 2. great move between the legs, bangs it off the goalie. their 45th victory of the season matching last year's total. tonight the wizards in philly faci
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final second first half. john wall gets the first balance. beats the buzzer. game high 23 points for wall. second half wall, look at this fancy pass behind the back. easy bucket. still, deficit 2 points. nice little give and go. they are three games out of the eighth and final playoff spots in the east. some news on the kirk cousins free agency front. today multiple reports surfaced that the redskins will use either the franchise tag or the transition tag on cousins guaranteeing him $17.5 million next year. if he is hit with the franchise tag, that number goes up to 19.6 million. another report says the skins haven't ruled out trading cousins, though that sounds like a negotiating ploy. in
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teemtion add outdoor who had tubs, how about a lazy river? this is a rendering for the frisco rough riders. it would be the largest pool in professional sports spanning 3,000 square feet holding 68,000 gallons of water. and you know, if you're going to be riding in a lazy river what better to drink than a nice little tropical mai-tai. >> oh, brody what's that in your hand right there? >> so we know it's chilly outside but we are warming up with a trip kal drink today. >> that's right. >> remember lee? okay. >> it's time to say cheers to the weekend! >> and michaela brennan from the hula girl bar and grill. coming up next at 11:00.
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>> it is that time of the week when we say cheers to the weekend! every friday night we invite a bartender to share her signature cocktail. >> this week we are joined by michaela brennan i requested that a hula girl come with you. >> let's move along. >> we have an ounce or so of our rum and then we're going to do about two ounces of ging ginger licquer. and we make our own
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we distill the nut get into it. >> like crush it. >> it's a big secret. >> we have a pineapple puree, a touch of lime juice. >> a lot of ingredients. >> there is so much fruit. >> ginger is good for you. >> shaking it up now. into our lovely hula girl glasses. and then we float a little dark rum on top. that's going to top it off and that's going to be strong. then we have a spicy pineapple. zbld hula girl. >> we are located at
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campbell avenue we're opened seven days a week. >> let's taste it. >> i'm going to -- i don't drink and this seems like it's pretty strong. my stunt drinker, brody. >> i know why you were hoping there would be hula girl here. so you can get lei'd. >> you brought some great food. >> we have some pressure -- we have this is actually kind of the way we toss-up. we do a little so sauce ginger. and the next one is sushi. >> we're out of time we have to get off the air because we've been cancell.
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thank you, brody. drink responsibly.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: louis tomlinson is going in one direction, custody court. >> louis tomlinson thinks briana jungwirth, baby mama, is not allowing him access. he feels she's trying to get a big payday out of him. harvey: oldest trick in the book. >> taking a chick home from the nightclub that you don't know and getting her pregnant. >> he must be shaking his head. saying i wish i went home early that night. that's the most expensive one night stand ever. >> jamie foxx. oscars are sunday. he's been also catching a little flak about some jokes he's been making. >> let's not take everything too seriously, man. i got these jokes. >> also been throwing a little shade -- harvey: a little? >> yeah. harvey: #act better. [laughter] >> clarence thomas. he


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