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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 7, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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policy in the a local stranger is leading l the charge to get the men reinstated. she wants to remain anonymous ao for fear of getting in troubleib at wk. >> the fact that these guys g arare rowsare here rows and thee suspended bothers me. my nephew went through theough same thing. it took the unit in north irt carolina 30 minutes to get to gt him. >> we have a link to that t facebook paper and stafford county phone numbers. p just visit our web sithoe at >> now, this story is getting a lot of feedback on ourn facebook page.age. here's a comment they made the t right choice. cho we salute you for saving a little baby's life. life. their suspensions to every eve rule. how about suspending thehe dispatcher that could not giveov an eta. eta let's just say life comes com first. they did what they werethey wer supposed do.supp christie wrote they tookte o accountability for saving a
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life. too many don't and lives are lost.lost. and ted weighed in withh this, i was told a long, long ln time ago that there are exceptions to every rule and this was one of those times. >> meanwhile metro officialsetro want to restore rider r confidence.conf in a statement posted ond metro's web site generaler manage injury paul wiedefeld wde laid out an improvement he says improving safety and security and restoring publicubi trust are top priorities.orit that includes hiring a new chief safety manager or or officer rather and increasingncs the number of police officers on rails and buses.ails metro also wants to helpp improve reliability and wip a wp bacwin the paper fare card today is a thing of the pass this when that boarding metroha riders will bt e required to use a plastic smart trip card. c paper cards have been aroundve r for decades though smart triprtt cards have been around since s 1999 so most commuters aretersre used to the change. change. if you still have a
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card you can transfer it onto the value of a smart tripp card. you'll have until june 30th to3t do so. >> ♪ >> the city of flint, michigan welcomed the democraticocrati presidential dozen a debateal da last night it wasn't far morearm civil event compared to last week's republican debate in detroit. oi hillary clinton and bernieion a sanders tangled over tradetang wall street and of course theou flint water flint has toxic levels of leadf in its drinking water and both b candidates were asked what they would do to fix theto f situation.atio here's what they had to say.. >> as president, i would wou concentrate resources on this city for economic developmentno for more jobs as we fix the water and provide the health and education interventionsve that children need. >> president of the unitedde states this is what int would do. . is if local government doesernm not have the resources, if i state government for whatever reason refuses to act,
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be federal government comes in, federal government acts. (applause). >> michigan's primary election -- michigan's primary election will be held tomorrow. vermont senator bernie sanders wouldn't and maine and kansas and nebraska. nska. donald trump won in kentuckyenty and louisiana.isia ted cruz took kansas and marco rubio took puerto rico and right now donald trump ismp leading with 384 ted cruz now has 300 3 delegates. sad news this weekend. former first lady nancy reaganad has passed away at the agey of 94.9 she died sunday at her home inai los angeles of congestiveges heart failure.ailure her best known project asject first lady was the just say nots campaign to help kids and a teens to stay off drugs. dgs mourners have left a growi
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display of flowers at the ronald reagan presidentialential library in california. >> happening today in maryland harsher penalties for drunk d driving are moving far marred mr maryland. noah's law will head to the house for full consideration. last week lawmakers approved the lanoah's law is named aftera montgomery county policemery officer noah leotta who was w struck and killed by a drunk aru driver in december.ecembe jury selection begins inelec the trial for the co-defendants in the clarions hotel murderin in oxon hill.. diondre weems was convicted of murdering jessie chavez. chavez. police believe renaldo rendo washington was on the lookhe loo out. both williams and washingtonhino face several charges including u
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>> a heads up for those of in o you d.c. and parts of northern virginia.virgia begin dag you may notice aic slight change in the taste andet smell of yourhe water. washington aqueduct is flushing out its water system se and using chlorine.usg ch that's was might smell.ight s this is expected to last through the first week may.irstm the swat safe according to sacco officials and they say that if you run the tap water forer f about two minutes and refrigerate the water it will reduce the chlorine taste and smell. >> ♪ >> all right. > gary, we're going to a check inn with our gary mcgrady right now.w. if i'm not mistaken around aroun this time last year we hadear h those snowstorms.wsto is that right? do you remember. >> to be perfectly honest withih you i don't remember. >> i remember because i workedca back to back on those mondays. a >> i can look and see, i'm look sorry. sorr i'm sorry. >> i'm just saying we should be thankful for the weather today. >> usually i try to look tryo lo forward instead of in theinst past. that's just me
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i don't want to remember aememba snowstorm this week, that'sthis for sure because we're talking t 60's and we're talking 70's. temperatures will be in the wil 30's this morning. morni look, some of are you in the 20's, upper 20's in frederick,dk 29 degrees for martinsburg and winchester 34.4. fredericksburg is 30 degreesdege and leonardtown is 34. again, here in the city we're 38 degrees. we do have some clouds this morning. it's not going to beng t completely sunny it looks like k when the sun does come up butput it doesn't look like we're notrt going have sunshine todaye butter we will have some sun se and clouds. you can see the cloud cover back out to the west of us andwa i just -- i'm going watch inn close 'cause i don't know how id much o of that is going togo come on across. so, we'll wait and see but one o thing is for sure, it is goingoi to be nice and mild today astod temperatures will warm up intowo the 60's for everyone.on even a couple of spots may go g 66 to 67 degrees.7 degr and listen, this is just the beginning.beginnin because for tuesday, wednesdayed and thursday, friday, it looks
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like we're going to be in theo i 70's in some spots this weekhisw will be in the upper 70's.s. bring on spring. spr not worrying about snowstorms. a here's erin's e monday morning, a look at your traffic. >> thank you, professor pss i mean gary. right now 4:37. 4:37. taking a look at our traffic. we do have some minor problems m but the good news is right nowit road work did clear inlear montgomery county between c georgia and new hampshire onw hi the beltway.eltway beltway traffic is movingov along justin. just fine. northbound 395 not seeing any typical morning congestion just yet. as we move over for a look inook prince william right now youliit can see that traffic isics looking pretty good on 95. we don't have any problems.roblm my necklace got tangled my tangd microphone it's just that start to monday. mda right now traffic getting by by through woodbridge.oodg let's hop outside for a liveoute look and show you how traffic tf is shaping up. up. not seeing any majorajor slowdowns.wns. northbound 95, southbound5, souo cruising along.cruing a got you covered if a
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any of that changes. thachan annie and >> if your monday routine includes filling up the gas up t tank get ready to pay a littlee more. gas prices are on the rise. re. the national average stands att $1.81..81. here locally d.c. drivers arevea paying about $1.90 n marylandar the average price is $1.77 up$17 eight cents in a week and ins w virginia drivers there are paying about $1.60 a gallon. gal if you find good deals out dls t there tweet us at fox5 d.c. d.c >> still ahead this morning, hillary clinton's e-mails back b in the spotlight as a new n report claims dozens ofen o e-mails she sent and received to her private server were classified. >> first a scathing reportca against the university of virginia iunn its handling ofino sexual abuse on campus. we'll have those details justsed ahead. time now is 4:38. we'll be back in a moment.
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>> australian police>> investigating a shooting at ain warehouse. and gunman killed one man and injured two others.g iljud roads wtwere blocked off in stafford as nearby citizensby cn were told to stay inside.y insie one of the victims isone of undergoing surgery while the other is recovering from a minor injury to his leg. investigators have ruled out o terrorism. closer to home the search t continues for a missingo mother and her 11 month oldth today.toda police say 18-year-old 108-yearo niche shah moss of southeast and her daughter amonie werenie last
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now, they were with moss' with mother when they stopped at a store in landover hills.dover the grandmother said she went inside the store but when shehe came back her daughter andauter granddaughter were no longer n in the car. c however police do not suspect s foul play. anyone with information isormati being asked to call police. p in a secret letter theletter feds actually sternly ste criticized the university of t virginia over issues of sexual l violence on campus. cam according to the washington thes post last year federalearal officials concluded the university took a handoff aan approach to reports of sexual violence among greekce organizations. criticism was part of a 39 a 3 page letter center to school sch officials august 31st.ugust four days later the university official withdrew the letteralid citing several a shorter milder version the letter was issued later thatas i month. >> a local high school high schl basketball team making historylt this morning.. coming off a big victory this ts weekend.en that's not the only thing thing they're celebrating.ebting their story ahead.their stor
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the life and legacy of nancy reagan. a closer look at her story her book love a fair with america's 40's president. p gary. >> it's going to be a nicea ni week, very springlike around here. full forecast coming up. stay with us.
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>> ♪ >> association as we'reso as wei thought it was fairly decentrlye up here where we live. how about you annie. >> a little nippy for me.y fo m >> you're in house this morning. i a am. >> welcome to our little -- lit >> thanks gary.nk g >> corner of the world iorne guess.s. >> i believe we call it a news extravaganza. >> okay.>> oy. >> yes. [laughter] >> but listen, okay, later onero through the week, temperaturespe are goin
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nice. >> yes, that's a good way toy to look at it. it. >> so you'll injoy this.l injoy. >> here's what's going on outats there today and this weekend.d e it's going to be a little ltl taste of spring this week. it comes early.. later today kind of high pressure is building up froms bu the south of us and it'sndt' building at the surface downface to the south but it's building in the upper levels on top of tp us and that's good, too, because that's really going toyo bring the heat in.g the so, all this heat coming uping for the next few days or so and it looks like again as this high pressure builds and shifts off to the east a off little bit becoming a bit of a bermuda high or at least headed off towards bermuda itdat will bring up the warmth. w we're talking 15 to 30 degrees0r above where we should be thisldt time of year and that is that definitely warm.definite i just -- i'm just going to goig say this, okay.s, o does not mean we're going we'oig there but the guidance thisnce s morning already suggesting that later on this week we could have an 80-degree, coulddd have an 80 dream i thought i'dhd get more response out of erin of
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36 for gaithersburg, 34 for for i'm not saying we're going to wg get to 80, okay, but i'm justus saying that guidance is suggesting erin mitty that's tha what we call her. 35 degrees for pittsburgh and 31 for binghamton.amto we're excited about the warm abm air. saint louis is 59.s louisville is 45 so that'ss where the real mild air is. and we're going get that and t then it's going to be warm and w we're going to have lows this t week that are only going to be t in the 50's. in the 5 we'l0'l have mild mornings no doubt about clouds a little tricky herick h today. we have some this morning andhi then we have this big batch ofg cloud cover out to the west oftt us and i think some of it mayomt try to come across today, soo not completely sunny. futurecast shows these clouds c kind of moving on bless you,, we might be in a situation sua where we have more clouds inmorc the afternoon and thenhe tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. mor . comes across, a few clouds --lo- just see the showers out here? ? this is showers as warm air is a coming up basically at allalt ev
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the warm air really starts to rt come on in with the i still think we're going tooi be dry even though thatha showers is in the area and thene warm air keeps coming acrossgcr right on into the middle parte r of the week. here's the deal today.'s the 41 this morning.s it's cool. it's c i'll put some clouds in there. a few clouds even at noon advertisement highs make it up h to about 62 or 63 for a highor temperature.temp and look at this. 71 75 on wednesday.neay 76 on thursday.y. erin, if we get to 76 in the city on thursday there will besd places pushing 80 degrees onay thursday, just so you know.u k friday a little cooler, warmr, and then we cool off for thef weekend, temperature ofratu 62 degrees. degrees a few showers possible on saturday.satu showers maybe a thunderstormybtn possible on sunday but that'sha a long way away. hopeful that will okay, erin, it's your turn. >> and i was just -- just -- >> beat that, beat that. t >> i was daydreaming about the e warm temperatures earlier. ear it wasn't that i wasn't payingtt attention to your y. >> maybe you can share some of
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later.y >> well,la they involve sit outside for lunch, maybe on a blanket in the park, birds parkb chirping spring whether he. >> that's great. thanks for >> painting a beautiful monday morning picture for you.ks look testimony.ok plenty of green on 95.5. no slowdowns towards woodbridge. i like what i'm seeing from from dale city.le right now we're crash free ase r well. well. let's see if we can forwardor our maps and show you a looku al in alexandria right now.lendria still dealing with a smalling ws road work zone after seminaryary two. right lanes blocked ongoingnes construction. no major slowdowns.or s tap of the brakes for that t active work zone. work zone. northbound looking really nice. ni we'll take a look in princeprine george''s the inner loop all green all all good as you cross over thess ove wilson bridge. b let's take a live look outside t show you how your cameras are shaping up.shapin inbound from roslyn on the keyhy bridge light traffic into george down. i like what i'm saying and ing like the temperatures. i'm all around happy thisap t monday. back to you >> thank you very much erin you como. the virginia departmenta de transportation is
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public hearings on designinges toll lanes on interstate 66igint inside the beltway. beltw it will take place tonight atigt washington lehigh school in arlington then again tomorrow tr at eagle ridge middle both hearings begin at 6:00 p.m. >> ♪ >> checking our other topckin stories this morning, it's ag somber day in massachusetts ass the body of officer ashley guindon will be laid to rest. the 28-year-old was gunned down while responding to andg to domestic violence mall vlenc woodbridge, virginia.idge, v it was her first day on then t job. her funeral will be held at 11 o'clock this morning athis mn sacred heart church herrche hometown of spring fields, massachusetts.mass >> hillary clinton under u firest again over her e-mail ov- scandal but it isn't just the e-mails that clinton wrote w that are drawing scrutiny it's also ones she received. a post port found 300 e-mails written by diplomats andip foreigners that are alligrs t classified usually forwardedward to clinton by an aide and herd private server.ver. republicans charge thatanch clinton's private
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have been action by foreign governments.rnnts. maryland governor larry hogan announced his sister hasi died n a facebook postk p saturday afternoon theno the governor wrote "my heart is broken. "hogan's sister mary theresahe lazarus died on saturday fromm a rare brain disorder thatinisor affects about 1 percent in 1 per everyone million. milli lazarus was 66. >> this morning we arehis remembering the life andg e lifa legacy of former first ladyrst d nancy reagan.nanc she passed away on sunday aty at the age of 94.f her journey to the white house was one from a story book and one that began in hollywood. hoo >> reporter: me he they met over dinner 1949. 1 he was the screen actor's act guild president. she was an actress worriedor about her name appearing on a list of communist sympathizers. >> not knowing how it wasno going to end up theywi both sais they had an early screen call cl the next day so it could endnd early without any pressure. prer it bga
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>> reporter: their weddingter: i was small and private.vate. daughter patty was born the following october. octer son ron came six years later. l >> he is followed by ronaldd reagan and his wife.agan and hiw >> reporter: despite ronaldespin reagan's growing interest in politics, they still showed up d at hollywood they sometimes appeared on screen together including in one film, hell cats of the navy. by the 60's it was all politics for the futureut president despite someespi s reservations from his wife.if >> i hung back. b i had no clear idea of what a political life would be like. and i really wasn't all that ala eager to find out. o >> reporter: but she did and in 1967, became california's car first lady for two terms ter before moving into the white t i house in 1981. 1 >> ♪ >> reporter: some wouldte some argue nancy was vital to her her husband's political success. suc >> he said he couldn't haven't h made it to the white house without her.
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public wife. she didn't compete with him.te w she supported him in everynve way. >> reporter: the pressepor quickly picked up on what they coined the gaze. >> the one thing you'll notice t about her, when her husbandhi hd spoke, she always watched she said i love watching watch ronnie and listening to himnd li and she said it's not fake,s not it's the way i am. >> reporter: and we all got a glimpse of his famous loveousl letters which he wrote w throughout their the revelation of the president's alzheimer's in 1994 didn't waver nancy'srancy's devotion. >> the relationship reallyio didn't change. nancy reagan was still his h primary protected, primary caregiver as she'd always bee been. >> nancy reagan will be buriedni next to her husband at thendt t ronald reagan presidential library in california.y mr. reagan passed away back inn 2004. 2004. >> more good news for former nfo president jimmy carter a spokesperson for carteron farte announced he no longer ne
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treatment for cancer.ent for cac doctors will continue toontie monitor the 91-year-old and he'll resume treatment if necessary. carter announced in february aeu scan found no sign of cancerf cr on his brain. >> after 18 years in the nfl broncos quarterback peytonrter manning is calling it a cng i career.ce the five time m.v.p. is m.v expected to make that announce u today. he's the only player tonly plert quarterback two teams to ao super bowl victory and as many m expected beating the panthers ph in super bowl 50 was manning'sns last rodeo. his retirement announce is annnc that the set for 1:00 this set afternoon. here locally, h.d. woodson high school the warriors mades m history beating friendshipridshp collegiate 60 to 47 to captureap the state championship.stcham now, they finished the season undefeated. the warriors are the first t f d.c. team to go undefeated since 1985 but arguably one ofbf the greatest teams ever wasver almost missing one of theirir key players in then the championship you see, senior
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montgomery was slot in the back near his home in n northeast just hours aeafterrs r woodson's overtime victory over gonzaga. gonzaga. fortunating the the gun shotsh only grazed his back. bac >> where do they come from? ro there's any other a lost stuffot that they can holdhe onto and be really proud of going intoin i their adulthood.dulthood. this is something that they'rent going to remember forever.. >> two days after he was shot. s that's an amazing story.ngto not only were they undefeatednda but here he is -- this couldhisl have gone a completely different direction and now n he's celebrating in then t championship. that's awesome. congratulations to the warriors. >> ♪ >> hey, listens it's kind ofli cold outst in places thislaces h morning where you're -- youe especially out in the suburbs. temperatures are 28 degrees 28 e for manassas, culpeper is 33. near town we've dropped from f 38 to 37 degrees.
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and then back up to the northorh and west temperatures in someins spots are below freezing aseing well. i think the coldestthld temperature you see on thissee map is martinsburg coming in at 25 listen, we're going to warm up m today. we'll have kind of a can condition where we have somee sun and some clouds the wayay it's looking. looki this morning at 8:00 a.m.orni8:0 we'll start off cool at 41. 41. mild by lunchtime. we'll go to fifty six andfifty i we're going to top out thiss afternoon in the lower 60's is your forecast and erin comorin excited this morning on this monday morning. morning >> more engaging that time foref your right now -- >> see, that's what i like.that that's i i like.ik >> you want positive reinforcement.forc >> come in prepared. ppa >> i picked out a summer dress d just for your forecast. forecas i knew it was 395 road work after seminaryftey should be cleared soon.ld if you're b taking metro they'rt gearing up for service that is s on time. 270 south wide opened from frederick to the spur noerick tt problems in rockville yet.le i'll let you know when that t usual morning congestionrncong starts to can you can in.
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in silver no alerts on s metrobus. mro we got you covered thisered beautiful monday morning.or i'll let you know when any ofn n that changes. c. back to you annie. >> ♪ >> all right, can coming up atmt 5 o'clock regaining trust. trust how metro's general manageral m wants to do just that with riders through his multi stepp improvement plan.ement >> growing support for twowinguo virginia firefighters suspend s fred a job.ed a. how a complete stranger is now i stepping in to help.elp. >> ♪
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>> ahead at 5:00 metro's new at general manager taking stepsg s to regain the trust of riders rr from improved security to on time performance.ance. details on his plan top better the transit system.itys >> head to head in flint,int, the city hosting the latest presidential debate following f a busy weekend at the poet fore both sides of the aisle. >> a live look outside on this beautiful monday morning ito may be monday but the goodda news is spring is on its way.ay gary will tell us just howust h warm it's going get this week w plus erin will have a check of e the roads coming up at 5:05.:0 first at 5:00 growing outragenga over the suspension ofge twopen volunteer firefighters in stafford county. they rushed a little girl toa li the hospital and likely savedels her life but broke policy in the a total stranger i


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