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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 7, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> ahead at 5:00 metro's new at general manager taking stepsg s to regain the trust of riders rr from improved security to on time performance.ance. details on his plan top better the transit system.itys >> head to head in flint,int, the city hosting the latest presidential debate following f a busy weekend at the poet fore both sides of the aisle. >> a live look outside on this beautiful monday morning ito may be monday but the goodda news is spring is on its way.ay gary will tell us just howust h warm it's going get this week w plus erin will have a check of e the roads coming up at 5:05.:0 first at 5:00 growing outragenga over the suspension ofge twopen volunteer firefighters in stafford county. they rushed a little girl toa li the hospital and likely savedels her life but broke policy in the a total stranger i
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the charge to get the two men reinstated.reinstated. a stafford county emt set up amu facebook page to support those firefighters and she wants to t remain anonymous for fear ofr getting in trouble at work. awo. >> the fact that these guys g arguysare some heros and they're suspended bothers me. >> we have a link to that t facebook page and staffordand sf county phone number.ount visit our web site meantime this story ishis ss getting a lot of reaction onctio our facebook page.our if you haven't already pleasedye share your thoughts with us onh there. there. we'll share some of themshare se coming up at 5:30. >> metro officials want to wantt earn your trust again.rnr the first step they're takingept is an improvement plan to getn o things on the right track.rack plan was announced by metro's mt new general manager paul wiedefeld.d. fox5's melanie alnwick joinsln i us live with details on thishi story. good morning, mel.l. what's t
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>> reporter: hey, good tr: h morning, wisdom. yeah, so paul wiedefeld lab on o the job now for 90 days and 90 a he's really had a chance tolly kind of figure out what is w wrong with the system, what needs to be fixed so last night he laid out in writingri his plan, his path forward forwf metro and it does includelu improving safety and security, improving reliability and getting metro's financial fan house in order.. now, wiedefeld says that reliability is the number oneum issue for riders.s. on time performance fell to 85 percent and many riders hadid it even worse if they ended up d on a car with a mechanical prob problem. probl planned and unscheduled trackeda work. safety also a concern. wiedefeld maintains crime ond metrmao is lower nan most n m communities but recognize thatni is riders are in his words w alarmed by recent assaults andsa says that they deserve more active policing. pic finance also part of the plan.sp revenue is slowing down and
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increasing. there will be some managementann restructuring and reductions in back office staff through thh retirements, if possible.ossie. metro will still need moneyon from local governments andts fare increases over the next 10 years wiedefeld says just to keep service levels wheres we they are now.. among some of the bullet oul points that he laid out inout this four-page letter on metro's web site said that the t system is going to hire a newhin chief safety officer, thaticer,a they are going implement amplemt rail service reliability plantya that will reduce those waiting times and crowding on the platforms.form i know a lot of people are you frustrated with thated w situation.situation. he says he'll accelerate theate delivery of those as much thousand rail cars.nd live in rockville, i'm melaniele alnwick, fox5 local news.ew >> turning now to the race for o the white house and resultsnd rs from this weekend's vermont senator bernie sanderses burn won maine kansas and nebraska and hillary clinton
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took louisiana. >> florida senator marco rubioet took puerto rico.okuert right now donald trump iss leading with 384 delegates.4 des ted cruz now has 300 h delegates. meanwhile the city ofanwh flint, michigan welcomed thedhe democratic presidential candidate to a debate lastto night and it was a far more civil event compared to lastt week's republican debate in debe detroit. hillary clinton and bernien sanders tangled over tradeov wall street and ofer course thes flint water crisis.ri flint has toxic levels of lead in its drinking water. wer and sad news this weekend. former first lady nancy reaganyn has passed away at the age of o 94. she died sunday at her home in i los angeles of congestive congee heart failure.t ure her best known project asroject first lady was the just say nouy campaign to help kids and and teens stay off drugs. mourners have left a growing display of flowers and flags a a at the main entrance to the ronald reagan presidentialsint library in california.alor we'll take a closer look atlor the love affair between nancywen and ronald reagan in just a
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few minutes.. >> listen, temperature -- youra- like those temperatures,pe wisdom? >> i love those >> aren't those great.ost thosga >> yeah.>> yeah. >> 36 degrees for>> gaithersburg, it's 36 degreess for fred -- it's weird. wei there's no uniformity to therm temperatures this morning.atur usually we find coolery we findo temperature to the north andnd west, milder here in town. t but we're 37, gainsy gai gaithersburg is almost 37 and a7 you get sporadically below freezing in places out in then l suburbs so it's going to be ango little cool for you thisooyo morning. but we're going to warm up.p. we're talking about just kinduti of a mixture of clouds and sun today. i think we start off with a few clouds this morning.or that's the way it is rightt rig now. it will be chilly at the bus stop 27 to 37. obviously those upper 20's ares out more towards the suburbsarhs and here in town we're talking i mid to upper 30's. 30's. after school temperatures will be mid-50's to low 60's, so s quite mild later today and again, basically it's a i a situation where we're goinge'rei have sun and clouds out therere today. there's your weather foreca
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erin como waiting patiently tont tell us all about this mondayda morning commute. commute. >> on-time traffic brought toraf you by toyota.ota. visit buy a for special offers. off >> well, 5:06 right now garyt ng and right behind me we have h prince william county.nt this is 95 on the northbounde nh side as you make your way up through dale city in city woodbridge.odidge really light just a little bital of increases as you make your way from make north of prince william parkway.parkway. we'll certainly let you knowt when those normal morning delays start to pick up. so far so good in stafford south at this point as well.his we'll go ahead and check inhe right now way look at ourt maps. we do have some overnight orn construction zones that haveti n cleared and some that are inandt the process of clearing. carin still dealing with two rightith lanes that are blocked 395th soutath after seminary. s northbound side looking reallye nice on the beltway all theayll way through the 14th street4tste bridge. 295 clear.5 cle if you happen to have an earlyar morning flight to catch on thect way to dulles bwi and reaganndea national are moving along justng fine. no problems 270 north or southbound. none that of typicalne t congestion by the truck scalesck just yet.
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bethesda silver spring moving mn along just fine. inside the district wisconsin wo of a connecticut massachusetts we're not seeing any of those t usual slowdowns.usuallowdowns. metro is on time.o n ti we'll let you know if and when w anything else pops up. back to you guys.u >> thanks erin.>> t we have a special eventalve planned for later thisd foat it's our annual mentoringmentorn monday its a great opportunitypy for you to make a differenceifre in a young person's life.n' l a team of volunteers will be here to take your phone calls about mentoring opportunitiesppu in the d.c. area and you don'tar have to make a big commitmentigm even a few hours a month is okay. you won't want to miss the young people who will shareill s the stories of how a mentorr changed their life for the better.bett the phone lines will be open b o from 8:00 to 11:00 this1:00 thi morning. >> coming up on fox5 news fox5 e morning folks in parts of and northern virginia mayira may notice changes to their water tr today. we're going to explain why and what you need to do justt ahead. a little bit later, this bald eagle rescued in maryland. this morning we're get
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updatpumorets condition and we'll share it with you. stay with us. we're back in just a moment. like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> happening today, a somberni day in massachusetts as theas body of officer ashsaley guindoi will be laid to rest. the 28-year-old was gunnedasunne down while responding to a whi domestic violence call inic woodbridge, v virginia., it was her first day on the dayt job. her funeral will be held atd a 11 o'clock this morning at thiso
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hometown of springfield, massachusetts.acse also happening in maryland harsher penalties for drunk p driving are moving for marrede f maryland. today noah's law will head tol the maryland house of hou representatives for fullr consideration last week the marylandaryl lawmakers approved the law law requiring emission interlocksssl be installed for convicted c drunk drivers.drunk er the senate version will be considered on thursday this week. oek noah's law is flamed after fla montgomery county policentgo officer noah leotta who wasno struck and killedah by a drunk d driver back in december.embe also happening today jury ty selection begins in the trialn i for the co-defendants in then clarion hotel murder in oxon hill. diondre weems was convicted ofof murdering jessie chavez duringhr a hotel robbery back in 2013. williams is believed to be theve driver of the getaway caretaway while police believe renaldove r washington was on the lookout.nk the incident was caught onon camera and both williams andlias washington are facing severalacg charges including first degreest murder. the search continues for a missing d.c. mother and her 11 month old daughter.oldaughter. police say 18-year-old
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moss of southeast and hersoutheh daughter amonie were las last sn saturday police do in the suspect anyuspa foul play.ul p anyone with information isith oi asked to call police. p and heads up for those of you in d.c. and parts of pts northern virginia.rn vgi beginning today you might notice a slight change in theli taste and smell of your water. the washington aqueduct ison auc flushing out its water system. e workers will use chlorine toor t disinfect the water and that's was might be smelling.s this is expected to last through the first week in may but dmion'tfi worry officials os tells the water is completelywae safe. they say if you run the tap the water for about two minuteso min and refrigerate that water t you'll be able toha reduce theue chlorine taste and smell. >> hillary clinton's e-mailson'm back in the spotlight as a new report dozens say -- that she- sent and received through a thru private server werever were classified.classi how the presidential hopeful hof is responding.espoin and a local ig
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basketball team winning aballm i state championship thisampionsht weekend.we their inspiring story just ahead.ah >> thanks wisdom.ea it's going to be nice today.>>be i mean, kind of sun and clouds.clouds. but look at the temperaturest th out there. out we're lower 60's here in town. t and a few of you may pop over o the mid 60's closer to to 70 degrees. it's going to be a mild dayil and a warm week.k. we'll talk about that. about t full forecast coming up right ur after this break. stay with us.
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>> ♪ >> we're back now with some breaking news out of princeacs george's county.ou couy. police are on the scene of a fatal stabbing in landoverabbing along the 3100 block of 75th 75t avenue.. still very early but here'ser what we police say two women were t stabbed. one died from their injuries.njr the other was taken to theen tot hospital with nonlife-threatening our melanie alnwick is headinga to the scene now and we'll getnl the very latest from her when he she is there. >> ♪ >> monday morning. mday listen, some places out there p in the suburbs are pretty are colder this morning, belowrningl freezing. we're above freezing here ine i town with temperatures mid totud upper 30's.per 30's. kind of across the area.a. look at the next couple ofexcoup days. now, we're sun and clouds cuds today. temperatures will be upper willp 50's lower 60's for highor h temperatures and this kind of k starts the warmup and then byhen tomorrow we're going to be there.ther we're 71 for a high ah temperature tomorrow. tomor and it looks like a prettye a pe good amount of sunshine. we'll have some cloudse clouds tomorrow as well but it looksuto like we're turning the corneror onto the 70-degree warmth thatah is actually going to stick toti ar
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the week here.weere. little cooler towards the endare of the week and going into theoe weekend but 63 today and 71 7 for a high temperatureh t tomorrow. here's the's a little taste of spring latergl on this afternoon. after high pressure is building in.g . really at all levels.ev association it looks like it'snk going to be a sustained warmupau and as that high pressure pressr shifts off to the east outff t towards bermuda really thermreal warm temperatures will comera can up so we're 15 to 30 degrees above normal by theoy middle part of the week. w that means we're well into the e 70's as this warmth continuesh t to come up from the south. sth. dulles right now is 36. reagan is 37. bwi marshall -- it's a little al colder out there. 33 degreesde so close to freezing. fin and it will be interestingnteres with the clouds today to beay t perfectly honest with you y because i'm not sure our our forecast guidance has a goodoo handle on what's going the happen with some of theseit clouds so while i thinkh we'ree in for some good amounts of sunshine we'll have to watcheo these clouds back out to theoudo west because it looks liket loo they're trying to build in our direction.direction. so, su
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cover it for later on today. 41 degrees at 8:00 a.m.t 8: a we're cool. we we're mild by lunchtime,chme 56 degrees there. and temperature on 4 o'clock 4 c or so, 61 to 62 degrees.2 grees. it looks like all of us will uwi be upper 50's to lower 60's0' for highs today and then up,p, up and away. 71 degrees tomorrow. t 75 on wednesday.edsd 76 on thursday.y. 70 degrees on friday and rightdg now the way it looks a little lt cooler and a little unsettled ul as we get into the weekend.kend here's erin como. >> 5:17 right now, gary, and gar as we take a close look at thek outer loop at speed, that'sop at what we like to t s no problems on 270. o70 we'll see he if we can forwardan our maps and show you a lookyoa in alexandria.xandria. we can also take a looklske a outside and show 200070.ho00 want to show you what you're yoe up a steady flow of southboundboun traffic towards the spur. nothing out of the ordinaryhe oy there. i'll let you know whenl e that major congestion startson to kick in and you need worry about leaving a little bit yinte early. a look back at our maps rights i now. this road work shod
5:18 am
cleared very shortly now that n we've hit 5:17. 5:17. it's the southbound side.ide. northbound traffic throughound t alexandria and arlington stiffli cruising along at speed.ed wide view of the districthe dic right now this is what we likeit to see. a lot of green on the map, a calm morning. mng. don't want to jinx us but inx uu like what i'm seeing so r problem free in bowie.ow in greenbelt no issues and inltu virginia no problems on 66 through centreville orille o manassas. any questions at erin fox5 f d.c. and we'll let you know asno soon as anything pops. that's the traffic, wisdom and annie. >> ♪>> >> 5:18 is the time. developing overnight overnig australian police areanol investigating a shooting at aota wear how many times the gunmana killed one man and injured two o others.. roads were blocked off andnd staffers at nearby businesses were told to stay inside.ns one of the surviving victimsur is currently undergoing undergo surgery. while the other is recoveringhe from a minor injuryr to his leg. no word yet on what motivated mt the shooting but investigatorsts have ruled out terrorism. terro >> hillary clinton under fire ue yet again over her e-mail scan-i today. it isn't just the e-mails clinton
5:19 am
execute northeast it's alsonortt ones she received. about 300 e-mails written byritb diplomats top obama administrators were forwarded wd to clinton by an aide on heridor private they say her private server ser could have been hacked byacd foreign governments. vice president joe bidenresi overseas this morning. the vice president and his wife jill arrived in the united arab emirate earliertear today. while there biden is expected ed to meet with the crown prince of abu dhabi. he'll tour grand mosque andque visit u.s. and coalitions. aoali forces. this is the first stop on biden's middle eastern tour. maryland governor larryry hogan has announced his sisteris has passed away n a facebook fab post saturday afternoon theeront governor wrote "my heart is broken." hogan's sister died on saturday from a rare brainare ai disorder that affects about abo one person in everyone million. she was 66.she was 6
5:20 am
condition of that american ameca bald eagle rescued by aagle resb montgomery county policemery officer last week.k. it's a eagle nicknamed trustst is being cared for at thenged f bennett creek hospital in clarksburg.burg >> vets have determined eaglee broke her car on shoulder. they think a car ldeikely hitit the right now she cannot fly.noshe the eagle also suffered damagee to her respiratory system is that having trouble breathing.e. the vets though are hopeful hef that trust will make a full recovery. >> ♪ straight ahead, a majoror decision for one of the nfl'sf l better. the news that peyton manningt is expected to share with fans f today following 18 seasons oneao the playing field. f >> a scathing report against the university of virginia in its handling of sexual abusexu on campus. we'll have those details just ahead.ah time now 5:20.ti stay with us. we're back in a moment.
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>> that's history. >> that's history fellows.y fel >> h.d. woodson warriors mades m history beating friendship fen collegiate to cop cherry the state championship.stsh they also finished the season the warriors are the first the f d.c. team to go undefeated since 1985 but arguably one ofb the greatest teams ever was was almost missing one of their key players in theke championship game. you see senior forward kavon montgomery was shot in the shot back near his home inome northeast just hours after woodson's overtime victory v over gonzaga.onzaga fortunately the gun shot only grazed his back. b >> where
5:24 am
there's not a lot of stuff l that they can hold onto and be b really, really proud of goingprd into their adulthood. adult this is something that they'rete going to remember forever.. >> kavon montgomery started inyd the championship game just twou days after he was shot. s congrats to h.d. woodson onooon their huge victory. after 18 years in the nfl broncos quarterback peyton manning is calling it a cng it career.reer the five time m.v.p. isime m.v.p expected to make that big b announcement today. he's the only player to t quarterback two teams to arback super bowtwl and as many expected beating beg the carolina panthers in super bowl 50 was mang's last rodeo.. manning's big retirement reemen announcement is set for 1:00 1 this afternoon. here's something that the lakers fans can clear about. a kolb kolkobe bryant won 112 to d believe it or not steph curry struggled. he had a cold night t he had just one out of 10 3-pointer
5:25 am
going into the basket. that's horrible for him.ore fo the young lakers they came up big. jordan clarkson had 25 pointsadp and rookie d'angelo russell rus had 21. the lakers handed the defending nba champions justns their sixth loss on the season. how sad is that, the great lakers franchise has beense h b reduced to this.hi >> it almost happens this way. >> the golden state warriorsar they're not going show up and play hardball. har they got to lose sooner or later.late annie is like i don't carei dont what you're talking about. abo >> no, i care but i care more c about the weather.t the weat >> i care more about thee more basketball and i'm not even andn basketball fan.etball fan. >> girls have to -- we ladiese e i should say have to pick out our wardrobe for the week.k. >> oh, i understand. >> wait until gary and i startl to talk about how our o basketball went this week. w you'll really be interested int that. >> she's like you've been lik talking about it all morning. >> i don't want to call you out.
5:26 am
they won a championshipnship yesterday.erda cameron got no points in thentin championship.pion >> that's all right. t they won. >> it's about teamwork.s about >> got a huge trophy,.y, 37 degrees here in town. 32 degrees for culpeper. c we don't have to vac abouto vacu that, wisdom. here's your bus stop fork. stopk 27 in places and it's kind of a range between 27 and 37 with 3 sun and clouds. once the sun comes up andesp that's not unusual. 57 to 62 after school. soo so, we're on the mild sidee there. again, i think it's sun and a clouds today. today. i don't think it's completelyety sunny, i don't think it's tnk i completely cloudy but it doesuts look like it's going to beik pretty good.e we head up into the 70's. annie knows this. >> great. thank you. >> we're 70's for the rest of the >> thanks, gary. g all right, let's can checkt, in with our erin como. >> i'm walking in the studio. s i got this. right now 270 on the the southbound side 5:26 in the mornin
5:27 am
80. nothing atypical there. the just usual flow of morning u traffic pickinsug up. congestion approaching 109 asng9 well in frederick.rederick moving over for a look in look montgomery county outer loopy still we have a little bit ofava litt congestion building by newes hampshire but it'sti not causinu any major delays just and then as we take a look atk 395 south some road work by seminary.ry let's take a live look outside i show you one of our cameras. cam you can see that constructionn on 395.on 95 north looking good out in newington. more traffic in a few. >> ♪ >> still ahead, regaining rai trust. how metro's general manager wants to do that through its its multistep improvement plan. >> growing support for two for firefighters suspended from the job.. now a complete stranger is stepping in to help out. time now is 5:27. back in a moment.
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services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
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>> live look outside on thislo monday morning.ok gary mcgrady has an update on the conditions for todaymos d and for the rest of the week.ste things are going to warm up. w i will give that you little youe hint. he's going to explain whatlain w that's all about coming up inbot a few minutes.a few minutes. first at 5:30, breaking newsingn to tell you about out inut i prince george's county. cnt police are on the scene of a fatal stabbing in landover. this happened along the 3100 t 3 block of 75th avenue.h avenu police say two women wereer stabbed. stab one of them died from theirm ed injuries. the other was taken to thewas ta hospital with nonlife-threatening our melanie alnwick is headingel to the scene right now and we're going get an update fromar her and the latest once shence s arr
5:31 am
>> also this morning, metroningt officials want to restore rider confidence n a statement posted on metro's web site, general manager paul wiedefeld e laid out ay an improvementmprove plan for the agency. age he says improving safety security and restoring publicngb trust are top that includes hiring a new chief safety officer and and increasing the number ofr police officers on rails andcera buses.bu metro also wants to help win hel back riders and develop better e if this planning and management. the metro paper fare card f is a thing of the pass. thi riders will be required to useet plastic smart trip card. card. paper fare cards have been c around for the smart trip cards have beenen around since 1999 so most so m commuters are used to theut change. if you have until june 30th toe tran first the stroll a smarthe trip card. >> to stafford county wherefo there's growing outrage overin the suspension of twosp volunteer firefighters.refighte. now, they rushed to a little a l girl rushed a little girl toe the hospital and likely savedelv her life but broke policy inolin the process and this mor
5:32 am
stranger is stepping in toing i help out. fox5's alexandria limon has the >> reporter: i spoke to ther: it emt that created that facebook page. she tells me she doesn't even s know either of theow firefighters that were that suspended. she just felt it was wrong andng wanted to help. h i'm also told that because thehe falmouth fire station is down d two men they're having a harder timekeeping up with theee emergency calls they need topiso respond to. >> so, the fact these guys aret heroes and they're suspended spd bothers me.thers >> reporter: this facebooks fac page called reinstate ourur heroes was started by ay stafford county emt who wants w to remain anonymous for fear of getting in trouble at >> my nephew went through thehru same thing when he was a year old.d. it took the units in north carolina 30 minutes to get toet him. >> reporter: the page pointsoins people to ways they can help the two firefighter whose weree suspended for driving aded for v toddler to the hospital inhe hoa their
5:33 am
she says people should callal the stafford county fire chiefr directly and ask for the menor e to be reinstated. other firefighters withers w stafford county fire andfo rescue say they fully supportrdp the actions of the sergeant s and captain at the falmouthmouth station. at >> i just feel that it's wrongso to punish someone for doingor di the right thing that veryy possibly saved this child'ss chs life. >> reporter: this nurse sayse time was of the essence. essen she didn't treat the child but both the responding res firefighters and the 18 monthth old's father says the girl had a seizure and described her as a blue and limp when firsthefirs responders arrived. arred the nurse agrees waiting would have been a bad idea. i >> it can actually extend the injury to the brain from the brh lack of the longer your brain goesin g without oxygen the more cells that die in the brain.. more often than not you can you recover but that's not always a guarantee.uantee >> they saved this child'sd chi life. at the end of the day itay
5:34 am
running down the road with her h in their arms. i would have done the same thing.thing. >> this story is getting a lotot of feedback on our facebook.k. here's a comment.omnt they made the right choice. cho we salute you four satisfyingsai a little baby's life.ttle baby' there are exceptionss to othero rule. how about for suspending the dispatcher or the emt that couldn't given a location. lio >> they took accountability for saving a life.r sa too many don't and lives are finally ted weighed in with this. i was told a long, long timeg, t ago there are exceptions toxcep every rule and this was one ofna those times. tes >> a quick recap of our other o big stories this morning. mornig a mixed bag results in this weekend's big vermont senator bernie sanders n wop maine kansas and nebraskaasa while hillary clinton took louisiana. louisi donald trump won kentucky and louisiana.ui he currently leads with 384 wh delegates. flint, michigan welcomed thecod presidential candidates to theac debate last night and hillaryt h clinton and bernie sanders ber went head to head o
5:35 am
street and the flint waterlint crisis and the nation the natio remembers former first ladyrst d nancy reagan who died d yesterday at the age of 94. funeral plans for mrs. reagan. g are still being from her just say no campaignpan to her ever lasting love forove her husband we'll have more oner nancy reagan's life in just an t few minutes. >> ♪ >> hello, gary. >> hey, what's going on?at >> not much. >> are you excited?re y >> i'm super excited.'m super i'm not th ee only one excitedxt for this warming end.ming end. >> i don't think you would no.o. >> no. >> it's nice. >> yeah, it's time.h, it'm >> selfishly i am so glad because last week we were w publicizing that this week weg h were going to be 60's and 70's 7 so it wasn't a great weekend't but after this weekend to bekent able to still sit here and sayas 60's and 70's this week selfishly that's why i'ms i really happy about it. i think we're in good shapepe 37 this morning. not 60's yet.'s 37 this morning.ning we
5:36 am
with some southwesterly winds today. few spots are below freezinglo out there.w frederick you guys are 30. martinsburg you're still you pretty cold there at 25 degrees.25 deg culpeper sitting right on the rn button at 32 there. 41 degrees at 8:00 a.m., cool. c still suburbs, you guys willuy still be in the 30's, okay, at , 8:00 a.m. so not everybody evero will be in the lower 40's but 4' we'll warm up.warm 56 by lunchtime today.. 63, i'm going to go 63 for a high temperature in town today, so enjoy.nj that it's a mixture of sun andfa clouds. i'm not going all the way w sunny, i'm not going all theng t way cloudy. it's kind of a mixture of sun mo and clouds out there throughheru the day to. we're talking 70's for, well, starting tomorrow throughorrowhu friday, okay. oka erin como is here on thise monday morning.ay mning i love erin how we're not treating this really like ay lie monday doesn't necessarily feel likessr a monday morning. mni >> absolutely. no the it's t to me it's just as good as a friday eve because of the warmao temperatures. >> that's right.>> something to look forward to.oor >> absolutely. so, we hope you're startingtart your day off very niles asy ni
5:37 am
270 south off and on chase o from 70 to 109. 1 just some congestion if you'reiy getting out and about early,ar hey, gary, my suggestion is is you leave a little early and ely score a longer lunch break andea sit outside somewhere and have h a picnic. a >> whatever you need to do to spends more time in thisds quality weather this week. mat >> see, there you, thyo even gary is excited. excit bethesda problem free in our secondaries silver springs s looking good.looking good. headed to bwi for a flight bw northbound, 95 northboundboun this work zone two right lanes still blocked southbound 395ked northbound side looking good.e g bottom of the beltway acrosss the wilson bridge and throughhru annandale tyson is movingtyn is along.alon let's take a live looktake outside.outside. 95 northbound a ton ofthbo congestion picking up right now from route one to newington you'll hit a wall oful slow moving traffic across allrl no craes. just a lot of people trying tof get to the bottom of theto the beltway.of metro is on time. back to you >> all right. thank you, erin. a warning for mac computer users what it's now thewhat is o targets of for the very firsteri time. >> first a quick look at theck o stock market.
5:38 am
asian markets are up whiles arei european markets are mixed.reix u.s. futures are down this morning. we're right back right after this.
5:39 am
the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> we have sad news to report this morning. the inventor accident activityor modern e-mail passed away a n1971 raymond thomasson wrote and sen the first e-mail on e-mi
5:41 am
computer network created forrear the federal government.over mom tom mats son is the one one who shows the at sim follow simw connect the user name with theah defendant 98d address.dd in a first for apple its ape mac computers have been hit byib random wear. it happened over the weekend.hee apple has taken steps tops neutralizely infection buton says files can be encryptedencry three days after.ft the tech giants says mac users can upgrade their softwareof since that is the application in question. q >> we have a very specialery spl events planned for later thisatr morning. it's our annual mentoringntin monday. mond it's a great opportunity fortunf you to make a difference in aenn young person's life.ersos l a team of volunteers will bes here to take your phone calls about men touring mouri opportunities in the d.c. areaie and you don't have to make aake big commitment, even a fewcommit hours a month is okay. you won't want to miss theo ms young people who will be here bh to share their stories of howf w a mentor is changing their lives for the phone lines will be openedline from 8:00 to
5:42 am
morning. >> lady gaga taking thead plunge. we'll tell you how she spent hery weekend helping outg a good cause. cause. >> we continue to remember theie life and legacy of nancyna a closer look at her story h sto book love affair withh america's 40th president.dent gary. >> temperatures this morningture chilly in spots out in theou 20's for the suburbs. suburbs. we're up your 30's, midst tos, m upper 30's here in town.e in we're going to warm up today,ody 60's coming, even 70's in the forecast, too. t won't that be nice? we all e can come back after thisft t break. full forecast, more on traffic as well. stay with us.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> west coast is bracing for another rounds of powerfulroun storm.m. the first wave is blamed for at least two deaths. one woman was killed afters kill being trapped inside a car that was submerged in water.ater strong winds in the bay area a knocked out power.ow forecasters expect l.a. and san diego to get up toegto g 2-inches of rain today.. >> ♪ >> yeah, and there's going to te be more severe weather, too,theo unfortunately this week fromeek texas down through the deep t d south before it's all said and s done. we're going to end up withg nd u warm conditions but we don'tonb have to contend with anything like tt. next chance of substantialan rain in the area will be unfortunately looks like it'seli going to be for the weekend.r th here's the deal this week, alli, right. bring on the warmth because bec the chilly air is going to be tb exiting to the north and toth ad the northeast.hea. this jet stream is really rlly going to be building up as high pressure fills in at allref levels and when that happens,ap we end up with some
5:46 am
warm temperatures this time ofrm year so we're talking aboutbo 70's coming all the way up way from the deep south and around d this area of high pressure. pres right now we're still a little l cool, though., t 37 in the city.ty. dulles 36.ll6. bwi marshall is sitting at a 33 degrees.egrees 32 for boston, buffalo is he 37, detroit saint louis continues to warm. last time i checked it wase sitting at 59.i siing so, there is a ribbon of warmm temperatures coming up fromes cu the deep south right off basically right off mexico isexi where this is coming out o 68 degrees right now down, i believe that's del rio. 63 degrees for dallas. dal in the midwest temperatures this morning are in the 60's ar and about to get up intoo chicago before it's all said a i and done and all that isha moving around in our our direction.ion. a few clouds this we'll watch this. we could have kind of ald mixture of sun and clouds and you see the clouds h a back outt the west here. h will they be able to come on o across through the day today? od so, i won't say completelyomplel sunny but enough sunshine tounsh get us up into the lower 60's.o6
5:47 am
56 degrees at lunchtime. and 62 to 63 degrees for as f high temperature today.reoday that's well above normal.l. talking about well above a normal, we're going to go 71 75 on wednesday.eday 76 on thursday. thurs on that thursday, some of youomu could be around 80.d 8 i'm just saying.g. it's a little cooler onr on friday. fr warm there.rm t it's 70 degrees.0 degr and then we get into a shower ao possible on looks like a better risk ofis o some showers maybe even a en thunderstorm around here one sunday.. there's your forecast.e's fores now here's erin como with ah a look all right monday morning traffic.afc. >> 5:47. 5 breaking news in stafford. 95 on the northbound side past 630 a crash that was blocking bk a left lane just moved to thee t shoulder. you can see that yellow linein leading towards that scene. sne watch for some delays pickingic up in stafford.n staff prince william right now 955 northbound still delayshbou building as well dale city too woodbridge. 28 miles per hour.28 mil a live look at that location. we'll show you exactly howow crowded things are gettinget this early in prince william. in 9
5:48 am
our cameras, you can see those o taillights rather brake lightsae leading towards the beltway from newington so rdlet's goleo ahead and take a look rightoo rg now, you're basically parkedcal there north of route one. o but back at our maps and we doo have some good news for you.or inner loop traffic getting byetb to the left on the ramp from thr 95. guardrail repair is not causing any major we got you covered this you morning. metro is on time.o isn tim annie and wisdom. >> all right, 5:48 is the time. happening today the virginia via department transportation is hosting public hearings onli hea designing toll lanes on interstate 66 inside thense beltway. it will take place tonight att washington lehigh school in arlington then tomorrow at eagle ridge high school high wednesday it will stream live.i. both hearings begin at 6:00at 60 p.m. >> and if your monday routinene includes filling under gas uer tank get ready to pay a little rere. gas prices are on the th ae national average stands at $1.81.1. locally d.c. drivers arevers paying about $1.90
5:49 am
the average price is $1.77 up $7 eight cents in a week ngh virginia drivers are paying about $1.60 a gallon.t if you find any good deals outy there be sure to tweet us at a fox5 d.c. >> ♪ >> checking our other top oth stories this morning's a hagerstown man is behind barsins for soliciting a minor for sexual acts.sexual police arrested 49-year-oldye scott breedon last friday.bree investigators used a search a sc warrant to get access toccess t breedon's cell phone indon' p connection to a sexual assaultxs case. ca now, they found evidencend evidc breedon not only possessed but also distributed child porn.hild when investigators searched sead his facebook account theycebo found even more evidence. ede breedon faces several childs porn related charges. cha now to mexico whereo where authorities say an american amea man is behind bars held in connection with the death of his girlfriend in
5:50 am
karma. his girlfriend was found deadead inside a condo they rented. ren forensics concluded they died from asphyxiation.hyio investigation is stillll ongoing.ongoin >> this morning we'rehis remembering life and legacy of former first lady nancyady na reagan. re >> her journey to the white to house was one from a storyone fs book and one that begann hollywood.ywd. fox's alycia acuna has more. m >> reporter: they met over dinner 1949. he was the screen actor'sct guild president. she was an actress worried aress about her name appearing on a list of communistomni sympathizers. >> not going how it was goingow to end up they bot ih said they had an early screen call the next day so could it end earlyly without pressure but it end upnd going all through the night. nig >> reporter: their wedding wed on march four, 1952 was small wa and private. priva daughter patty was born the the following october. oct. son ron came six years later. lt >> he is followed by ronaldwe reagan and his wife. h >> reporter: despite ronaldte rd reagan's growing interest in pol
5:51 am
at hollywood they sometimes war appeared on screen together including in one film hell cats of the navy.. >> take over for me, will you wo frankie. by the 60's it was all politics for the futureheutur president. despite some reservations from m his wife. w >> i hung back.g i had no clear idea obaf what a political life would be like. and i really wasn't all thatll t eager to find out.d o >> reporter: but she did. and in 1967, became california's first lady for two terms before moving intointo the white house in 1981. 1 >> ♪ >> reporter: some wouldorteom argue nancy was vital to herer husband's political success. suc >> he said he couldn't haveav made it to the white house without >> she i would say was a good public wife. she didn't compete with him. h she supported him in everyve way. >> reporter: the pressorte the quickly picked up on what they coined the gaze. g >> the one thing you'll notice l about
5:52 am
spoke, she always watched she said i loved watching watchn ronnie and listening to himtenio and she said it's not fake.s no. it's the way i am.'s >> reporter: and we all got a glimpse of his famous love letters which he wrote wro throughout their >> the revelation of the president's alzheimer's in i 1994 didn't waver nancy's nancy devotion. devoti >> the relationship reallyelatni didn't change.ha nancy reagan was still his primary protected, primary caregiver as she'd always been. >> that was alycia acuna reporting.rt nancy reagan will be buried wie next to her husband at thet ronald reagan presidentialesidei library in california.alor reagan passed away back in 2004. more good news for formeror president jimmy carter a spokesperson for carter announced he no longer needsnger treatment for cancer they sayr a doctors will continue to cti monitor the 91-year-old andar a he'll resume treatment if necessary. carter announced in december that a scan found no sign ofignf cancer on his brain. brain >> this year's iditarod trailara sled dog race is under way in wi alaska.alaska.
5:53 am
mushers well they prepped forred the grueling trail. thousands of people lined theli routes for the ceremonial for start of the however, the ceremonial raceiara was shortened this yearor because of the lack of snow. the iditarod crosses long lon stretches of tough terrain. tra this year's winner is expected in about nine days. d if in utah rescue teams t saved a dog that had been stuck on ice for over five days. da >> wow. >> the dog had been stuck on on ice at the deer creek cre reservoir since last mondayt mda when officials attempt he attemt towed pull him back to land heae fell into the icy water but the sheriff's office reportsif the dog is doing fine nowf' and recovering.veri pop star lady gaga and feians taylor kenny braced the cold waters of lake michigan mic on saturday to take the polar pl plunge in chicago.hicago >> all proceeds from the 16th annual chicago polar plungearlu went toward the athletes of special olympics in chicago. cha gaga participated back in 2015n5 when plungers raised more than t $1 million to support
5:54 am
local chapter.l chapter the little bunny who could c topped the box office. "zootopia" was number oner e knocking off "deadpool." "zootopia" shares the tale of the first rabbit policers officer in a huge animal she has to team up with a conm t man to uncover a scandal in scal city hall. "zootopia" took in close to $74 million, another new movie this weekend, london hasas fallen came in at second. >> ♪ >> time now for our facebook fao fan of the day. today it is daniel mom carol and their kids.ids. they tune in faithfully everyvey morning. see where they are.e wh >> i know. they say we make their morningor pretty awesome and add godd nats.ts. for your chance to beto be tomorrow's fan leave a comment m below their photo on our facebook page. >> i think they like water.. [laughter]au >> that's great. g >> how soon before we're able to -- >> don't get carried away get
5:55 am
>> slow it down?>> s >> it would be a bit avenue polar plunge if you jumped ine the bay. >> pull iting. >> you may want to jump in thet bay but for a completelya co different reason. here's what's going on outgoin u there for today. tod >> did you say -- say >> no, i said you may want too but for a different reason. look at gaithersburg 64. a a little cooler byt the water. annapolis you're 58.lis y8. down in fredericksburgderisbur temperature is 66 degrees. 66 gr check on the rest of the week. 71 tomorrow.omorrow. 75 on wednesday.ednesd stop me when you hearou something you don't like. 76 degrees on thursday.huda and then friday we're cooling co off a little bit. b you know, 70, wow, that's nothan much cooler.muoole and then next weekend we'rewe talking about lower to mid 60's with showers possible both days. >> okay, stop there. tre >> go jump in the bay, right? t i'll go.i' g >> all right. let's check in with our erin como. erin, how are the roadsoads looking? >> things are definitelyng waking up now that we'rew thae'e heading towards our 6 o'clock hour. crash activity 95 northboundbo in stafford just after 630 itstr has moveto
5:56 am
it's causing some atypical atyca slowdowns leading towards thatt location. as we look 95 northbound wethun are jammed dale city to woodbridge this down to 28 miles per hour in the usual spot. that's where we have can whe congestion in prince william. wi bottom of the beltway traffic t moving along a little bithelo ngbetter.. bigger delays picking up fromp the burroughs avenue to thevenut pennsylvania avenue area. down to 12 miles per hour.1r let's take a live look outsideut 295 south really gettingting jammed. you can see a lotja of brake ofe lights there so give yourselfgis some extra extra t inner loop at braddock is also very slow right now thishi we're going to keep yougoin updated on your traffic. tra the good news is metro is on time this morning. and as gary happily tells us tes it is a pleasant walk to the tot metro stop this morng maybe just a light jacketacket until that sun starts to pop up. up. let's switch it back over forch a look at our maps right i now.. other things starting to slow ss down on the inner loop right now. now. we do have guardrail repair. rai traffic getting by to the lefthl from the ramp to 95 south. s little bit of caution at that location in pretty much.tion
5:57 am
>> thanks so much erin. ahead at 6:00 ackns added perk the next too many you what you can now do so youow you don't have to worry aboutbo remembering to check in forg toi your flight. fligh >> plus stint testing a new feature.atur it lets your friends playrien pa matchmaker and even pick your p next date. date. what could possibly go wrongosyg with that?wi tha >> oh, boy.oy >> that and much more straightti ahead at 6:00 we've got steve, allison and tucker coming up next.
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is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else? >> ♪
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>> straight ahead at 6:00, breaking overnight, a violentiol scene in prince george'seos county.coun. two women found stabbed in landover. one is dead. what police are saying aboutingb this crime.this crime. >> also this morning, a lot ofoo big developments in the racets i for the white house. house democrats faced off in a fieryie debate while on the gop sidon gs trump with big leads ahead ofead the next big contest day.. >> first, though, before all be the news and the politics ofitif the day live look outside onsido this monday.onda it's march seventh.even weather and traffic coming upinu on the 5s at 6:05.:0 good monday morning,, everybody, i'm allison'm seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.te welcome to fox5 news morning.neg first up this morning ats morn 6 o'clock breaking news comingsm out of prince georges county. one woman is dead, another inthn the hospital after a stabbing sb in landover. l now, this was along the 3100 block of 75th avenue.venue. police say two women were were stabbed just before 3 o'clock this morning. one of those women died fromd fm her injuries.r juries. the other was taken to then t hospital withith nonlife-threatening melanie alnwick is on her waygk there. ther we'll get the latest her whenese she arrives on


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