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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> 5:00 is the time. tuesday, march 8th. gary mcgrady has an undate on the forecast he says it's going
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to be 0 coming our way. he'll explain what that's about coming up. >> all right. hello, everyone, breaking at 5. new etch° stories out of california. 14 people were hurt after commuter train derailed. police say the train went off the tracks while traveling from central california to san francisco bay area last night. one of the train's cars ended up partially submerged in a creek. all 214 passenger where evacuated. not clear what caused that derailment but it was raining heavily at the time of the accident. >> politics now turning now to the race for the white house. another big day for presidential candidates in both parties. voters head to the polls today in michigan along with a few other states. fox's kelly wright has more. >> the race for the white hous house. heats up with four prime are areayes and caucuses today including big prize, michigan on the republican side polls show ohio governor john kasich is closing in on donald trump and great lake state. he's le
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about halfway through the race. and look, everybody is now starting to squawk trump people are beginning to squawk he may have nruralty and manry are predicting he mate not have enough delegates to win outright but he's bringing people from outside in like never before. >> on the democratic side vermont senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton make last minute pitches to michigan voters during a fox news town hall in detroit monday night. sanders out to grass root support compared to clinton wall street backing. >> one of the differences between secretary and i she has super pack collected money from wall street i have 5 million individual contributions average $27 a piece. >> most primarys in michigan and mississippi are expected to go to clinton and sanders continues
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people. >> a mrawd senator sanders forgetting a big turnout among young people. i love to see that. and i tell young people all the 250eu78, you may not be for me now but i'm for you regardless. >> and the next round of primaries comes tuesday with state's including okay circumstance's home turf ohio and marco rubio home state of florida. fox news. >> and many thought he might make a third party bid for white house former new york city mayor michael bloomburg will not run for president. hillary clinton praised him saying she has the greatest respect for bloomburg. rival bernie sanders says another millionaire running for president is bad for american democracy. >> checking top stories. we don't want you on the police activity in that 4:00 hour. melanie alnwick went to the scene in 1600 block landover road and police are no longer there. there were reports of two
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again police officers are no longer on the scene. . >> and a suspect was charged in baeming death of woman killed in double stabbing yesterday morning. daniel west of oxon hill is charged with 1st and second degree murder. west admitted his involvement in the death of 23-year-old santa la zama of landover. she was stobd in her apartment and pronounced dead at the scene. at woman was taken to the hospital. west and zamba were involved in a romantic relationship. >> two volunteer fight fighters are back on the job in stafford county. they were placed on leave after they use aid fire truck to take a little girl owe the hospital instead of waiting on blaps. officials say they broke polic policy. a public out cry followed and yesterday they were placed back on the job. >> we don't get compensated for what we do. so the good outcome is basically what we like to hear. so, when a story likes this happens an a child comes out well, that's our fam
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appreciate that. it felt good to be back on the fire truck. appreciate all the support from the citizens and community. >> stafford country fire chief says despite reinstate m the firefighters still violated protocol. >> gary, about this 80 degrees coming our way. >> i said 80? >> i believe that's what you said. >> you'll hold me toe this. >> yes, we're writing this dow down. >> 80. at some point this week. . >> yes. >> it's going to be brill yent all week long. >> here i'll let you look at that. temperatures out through this morning, 48 degrees. please keep comments to yourself. fredericksburg is 50 degrees right now. winchester you have cooled dow down. you were 54 earlier and down to 4 6. hagerstown is 51. and sdules is 44. wisdom is right the next few days really look good around here. today we're going to warm up. and we'
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the middle 7 30s. and in terms of the afternoon forecast, we'll start off with clouds. clouds in place now. that's one are on the temperatures out there morning amild. 54, 8 aex, 70 degrees by lunchtime today and it looks like by then, high pressure builds really in today and will build in a loft and that gives us beginnings of bit of protection dome that keeps a lot of clouds out of here. i do and good amounts of sunshine this afternoon and temperatures of 74 degrees. and it only gets warmer over the next couple of days and matter of fact, we'll be flirting with record high temperatures as well. flirting. flirting with record highs. okay. here you go. meerz erin cuomo with a look at traffic this morning. >> gary i need to you come one a good theme song for today's weather. think about it. i mean i need a them song people can nut on the car.
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as well. team effort here. >> i need time to think it was my question. >> right now, 35 south after seminary road. northbound side looking nice beltway to 14 street bridge. bottom of beltway across the wilson bridge looking good on upper loop. no major slow downs springfield to annandale. 95 northbound still dealing with construction. roadwork is blocking the right lane before icc. keep it left and you shouldn't hit major issues. bw parkway looking good. a live look outside. let's see how light and smooth traffic is pick up for your early morning commute. you can see the beltway near new hampshire volume building outer loop nothing that causes major slow doupz. metro right now is on time. i'll let you know if any of that changes. it's a good tuesday. man, we have good sunshine. >> back to you maureen. >> thank you erin. happening today in fairfax county the
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whoever spray painted this police car. take a look. barely recognizable. it happened saturday night on west moreland street and mcclainch the car is a ghost car meaning typically parked in certain airs to get cars to slow down and inces visibility in the community. anyone with information askeded to call fairfax county police. >> coming up harsh words from metro general manager as he lays out his plan to make the city transit system safer and final gl bye for former first lady nancy reagan how her memory will be honored this week. time 5:08 stay with us we're back in less than two minutes the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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america runs on dunkin'.
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>> back now ten past the hour norm korea plans to sanctions p.m. cross north korea for punishing people for a nuclear test and launch. the north considered to be invasive rehertion am. south korea baping any ship stopped in north korean port and citizens will be barred from doing if many deals with those on the sanctions list. >> the white house says it will disclose a number of those killed by american drops and other terrorist strikes since 2009 the report will be released in coming weeks and they say it's part of commitment to transparency for the u.s. sanctions overseas a
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information is scheduled to be disclosed annually but the white house says it will be up to the president's successor to decide whether to continue to practice. . >> excuse met white house calling decision by benjamin netanyahu to cancel trip to the u.s. surprising. the prime minister was supposed to meet with president obama this movement whoot house is disputing report they couldn't find a time to accommodate the israeli leader. . >> former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest on friday and her funeral held in california. she will be buried next to her husband, former president ronald reagan. 94-year-old first lady will lie in repose wednesday and thuvrments president obama ordered flags at the white house, military post and navyle nation flags to be flown at half staff in her honor. >> one way of dealing with stress. handcuffs.
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and later, redskins say so long top rg3. his wait to message to burgandy and gold fans. first here's gary. >> listen, guys, here's bus stop forecast for you a big nraink temperatures and just about serve fairly mild this time of year talking 43 to 53 cooler in suburbs and warmner the city and down to the south. this afternoon. check this out. temperatures on the drop off will be in the 60s and the low to mid 70s. how about that. warmer temperatures coming. a full very spring like forecast is coming up. stay with us.
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>> good morning a live look outside, tuesday morning, 5:15 is your time. looking good out there feeling later. gary mcgrady you are the man of the hour and of the week. >> i don't want to be. i'll just report the weather. >> times like this you take the praise. >> don't do put me on the spots. 74 for a high today. that's not a record, okay. but it will be warm. up crewing sunshine as we progress during the day. we could start this morning with cloud cover. i know this morning we have cloud cover and it's going to be breaking up. look at tomorrow's high temperature. darn near 80. and some areas tomorrow will be 80. maybe 81. 82, before it'
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done. so, we start this warm-up. and obviously the chilly conditions are going to be moving on out. heat begins to come way up and above normal we're talking generally speaking in the 70s to right around 80. thanks to this guy here this big area of high pressure bringing all this warmth up from the south. it does that. the warm weather will takeover for the next several days. we will cool off a little for the weekend. still we'll be well above normal. matter of fact every single temperature on the forecast is well above norm amount. mild, 48 in city. fredericksburg 50. winchester has cooled off into the 40s. they were in the 50s last hour. baltimore is 51. cooled off into the 40s. we like that right that kind of stuff. 64 for st. louis right now. louisville is 59. columbus is 4-9d and way out there in chicago this morning it's 59 degrees. clouds moving across break up.
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here's the deal on future cast. showers and thunderstorms. severe weather with texas eventually pulls deep south over the next couple hours. look on the east coast we're protected from the big ridge of high pressure that builds in. surface high pressure off to the southeast of us. but the upper level high pressure builds way up into the atmosphere and keeps us protec protected. all these showers and thunderstorms at least for the next couple days kind of move on around us and we have a big dome of sinking, stable area on top of us. as we get late thursday and friday some makes a run for. it there may be a shower late friday, definitely showers around for weekend. nice warmup. mostly sunny this afternoon. temperature 74. 79 tomorrow that's 80 for some of you. 80 in town on thursday. that touch as i record. warm we cool off on friday. 70. or maybe a shower friday. we're not putting it in. there may be a shower late in the day. then showers poib
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sunday, and into next week as well. all those temperatures well above normal. here's erin cuomo. ill still have not come one a song yet. >> you have not come one a song yet. >> no theme song for me. >> it was bye-bye bye by insyn insync. >> i like the way allison did that. >> i'm thinking about sushi outside today. >> go for it. >> or tomorrow. >> we have all tweak decide. >> you could do sushi outside today and then something else tomorrow outside. >> oh, the possibility are endless when it's spring. the beltway is wayet. no slow downs to report. if you avoid the roads no problems there yet. metro bus looking good too. traffic coming towards us. and whether you're travel ago cross the wilson bridge, bottom of beltway or making your way montgomery county. we'll look at maps. construction zones starting to clear. this still in place. ongoing work zone after seminary road
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and i 35 northbound look going problem free through annandale and no worries on secondarys and new carlton. blocked before the icc 5 northbound and once again no alerts through metro. we you have covered if and when that happens. >> one of the busiest toll lanes v do. watts to hear four. iment state 66 inside the beltway. there will be a second design hearing. >> tough talk for metro new general manager. yesterday paul gave a blunt, hop aeingt sessment of the transit system. and we'll breakdown what many riders say is invisible police presence on metro. >> to be frank it's probably much worse than i expected and maybe even publicly --
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we've been talking about. one of the first things i noticed with security it tends to be almost invisible at times because of uniforms they blepd into the crowd. we have event and anything that occurs it's even hard to see who is in charge. >> he said he is also looking to completely revamping cellphone service in tun khelz is both customer service and vital safety issue in event of emergency. >> texas woman shall we say made best of fruingt righting traffic situation by getting naked this was the site that greeted morning commuteers in houston yesterdaych the woman climbed on top of semi-truck following multi-car crash and made herself at home stretching and poses and dancing on that and police were able to get her down where she was taken into custody and i'm wondering if alcohol maybe played a part are in that. >> good question. >> just wondering. >> probably likely. >> straight ahead o
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>> straight ahead one of tennis's top players admitting to failing a recent drug test we'll tell you who and the banned substance she took and possible punishment she could face. parental insichkt caught on camera a father saving 8-year-old son from flying bat during spring training game in florida. he was playing on cellphone when the bat came flying into the stands and dad reached out his arm to stop it from hitting him in the face. we'll they're that hero dad and his son coming up in 20 pints. stay with us we're back in a moment.
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>> friday i'll miss picking out game balls with my equipment and talking to the broadcast crews and i'll miss recapping my game with dad and checking to see if the giants won and calling eli as we are both on team buses. >> that's a cheerful farewell from payton manning after 18 seasons the five time mvp is calling it a career. mannings is only quarterback two have two teams to a victory super bowl. >> and they've officially parted ways with rg3. griffin tweeted this in response to the news it was a blessing guys i want to say thank you. this was a four year relationship that began with so much promise but ended with griffin not taking a single snap this past season. rg3 cutting him saves
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16 million as they get ready for new nfl year. >> shocking admission from maria shar pov ashe admitted she failed a drug test at australian on tested positive for maldonian she was taking it for health issues and she didn't know it was banned this yearch the 28-year-old russian has not competed since she lost in january. she could face a multi-year ban and apparently some sponsors dropped her in response to thi this. >> okay. >> scandal. >> with rg3 gone what will we talk about. >> i know wisdom i turned on the radio and it was hours and hours of rg3 the dude did not even play last year why did they talk about it. >> i'm glad he took the gracious way out he got in trouble for a lot of comments he made. >> move on. >> go to happier life. >> best of luck to him. >> i did like the picture he sweet tweeted out. >>ha
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>> him with the crowd. >> i love that picture. >> yeah. that's best of luck to him. >> live and i learn. >> 48 in town. mannasas, 41. cooled off a little bit. clouds beginning to break up a little bit. we need to have a couple showers moving through. warm days ahead. check this out. record today is 85. we're not getting there. and record temperatures tomorrow is 80 and then thursday is 78. so, i think we stand a good chance of breaking that one on thursday. warm today. we'll get to afternoon sunshine. some temperatures will be round 80 that will be south of us. listen us to. south of us today. you will complain about 74. >> i'm not. >> i know you heard me checking for complaint. >> temperatures west 5 to 15 you don't even know what time zone you're in. >> eastern central pacific time zone. he makes few ever me. vacation. laughs,. >> i'm not making fun i'm gel sglus
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>> i want to go next time. >> family trip, road trip. >> i'm on the list first. >> she's been sassy today i think it's sunshine. >> he's wearing sassy pants to too. >> gary has his sassy pants on. >> i don't know what that mean means. >> 270 clarksburg to rockville no problems this light and frederick past the truck scales i'll let you know when that congestion causes slow downs. let's move it over now for a look at maps. aside from that late-clearing construction zones and good news 66 eastbound and problem free as you cruise mannasas to centerville. getting fairfax. through springfield, 95 northbound touch of volume building in dale city. nothing atypical there. traffic in a few, maureen. >> thanks, ahead at 5:30 caught on camera tense moments after another person tried to jump fence. >> firefighters back on
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received white spread backlash
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>> a live look outside 5:30, gary mcgrady is coming one warm and erin cuomo has traffic. first we have news to talk about 5:30 developing overnight in california, 14 people are hurt after a commuter train derailed. the train went off the tracks traveling from central california to san francisco bay
5:31 am
one of the cars ended up partially submerged in the creek. all 214 passengers on board were evacuated and it's unclear what caused derailment and officials say it was raining heavily at the time of the accident. >> say story that gained national attention. two volunteer fight fighters back on the job stafford county placed on leave after they use aid fire truck to take a little girl to the hospital instead of waiting on an blaps. a public out cry followed and yesterday they were placed back on the job. >> we don't get compensated for what we dox the good outcome is basically what we like to hear. and when a story like this happens and a child comes out well that's our fame we really appreciate that you know felt good to be back on fire truck appreciate all the support from the citizens and the community. >> stafford county fire chief says despite reinstatement the
5:32 am
firefighters still violated protocol. >> teps moments on amateur video secret services arrested a man that tried to breach the white house fence 4:30 yesterday afternoon they saw the man cross a bike rack barrier on northeast fence line the man was periodically arrest theed before he got on the executive mansion grounds the suspect was turns over to police. >> a suspect charged in the come killed in a double stat stabbing. daniel west of oxon hill is at mying to the death of sand aosama of land-over osama they found her stabbed in her apartment. they was pronounced dead at the jean even west and ozamba were involved in a relationship. >> voters get the opportunity to
5:33 am
being and gop candidate cruz is trying to attract voters not backing donald trump to back his xam pain and startling tasks say why dead dead deaths are on the rise. the nation honoring life and legry of the former first lady will lay in repose and love ones wednesday and also thursday. >> kevining overnight to the search for a student missing from a local college campus. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick is live at the university of maryland in college part park with that story. what can you tell us. >> it was here where she was mast seen. police say
5:34 am
afternoon and it's up unusual they gigging up -- hopefully we have the picture for police. 5' 7" to 5' 9". 140 pound and was seep wearing gray put thatic ago shooty and blue and gray llb backpack. i think if you have no contact with their son. he was rockville maryland. he was in their magnet program. multiple same tell eye type iingt massive competition in johns hopkins no information at this point to where he might b be. stays here at the university of maryland or owe whether he commute from home in
5:35 am
starting -- when we have it we'll up day the story to you. back to you guys. >> 5:35 is the time and we're talking glorious weather week on tap. >> well, that's not what we were talking about. >> no. >> i know what you mean. >> let's keep step focused. >> no ideas jokes gary, geesh. >> we were actually talking about missing holly. >> what do we miss about holly. >> here where we are. >> all right. >> we feed temperatures. we're empty and alone. 58 now. fredericks burrs in the 50s earlier and now upper 40s. now down to mid 40s. you dropped 6 degrees in the last couple hours and leonardtown holding into lower 50s. 52. annapolis at 47. we'll warm up quick. talking 54 or so by 8:00 when the sun comes up we
5:36 am
some of the cloud breaking up as we progress through the day today. expect ray lot of sunshine this afternoon. high pressure builds in and temperatures make it all the way up to the middle to upper 70s. upper 70s for some. especially southern areas. not here. we're talking 73. 74, 75 degrees. winds out of the west at 5 to 15 miles an hour. we have 0 on 7 day for coast i'm show you that in more detail. right now it's time for erin cuomo. >> 5:36 typical delays starting 95 northbound side as you make your way dale city to 123 a mess of condition juston and leave early and you see things con guested stafford as well. stop and good as you make your way up for bottom the bell way. little into fairfax things through annandale are queue the and alexandria looking good. 35 son-in-law. here's 'roid
5:37 am
cleared this morning after sem mary row and northbound side is quiet torts the 14 street bridge. and no problems there. 295 in both dreks in bupd bound is not seeing a major slow down. i what to like to keep it it that way. road blocked from icc not causing delays if you head to bwi this morning for a fwliing fwliingt. bw parkway north and south pound cruising stop of pelt way. secondary. so very quiet and metro is on time. got you whovrd when that changes. >> still another pop star speaking out at the september he of sexual assault calculations. >> fog a medical broke through the woman at the center helping broke her. >> eric yap stocks are mixed and european stocks lower this morning. u.s. futures down.
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're back after
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> in today's health watch world health organization says the international health community was not ready to tackle the zika virus. they got together to talk about diagnosis measures and other preparation measures. it's vital agency work toge
5:41 am
public health organization. they're due to meet again tuesday. >> meanwhile, we're hearing from the woman at center of major medical advancement following nation's first ever live uterus transplant. doctors performed the operation last month on 26-year-old woma woman. it took nine hours and eight surgeones to complete. doctors say she needs to wait a year to make sure the uterus is healthy enough to conceive through intreat row and once she as children the transplanted uterus will be removed. >> i was 16 and told i would never have children. and from that moment on i prayed that god would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy. and here we are today beginning of that journey. >> this has been a research project that brings hope for women and families that wish to experience pregnancy and bear children. >> sus not first
5:42 am
uterus transplant. first successful birth occurred in sweden 2342014. >> if you rely on bathroom scale to monitor weight loss it may not tell you the whole story. keeping body fat low is more important for staying healthy than low overall weight. another study found young people not physically fit have greater risk of developing type two diabetes later in life. measuring body mass is important but not a perfect measure. >> we hope you're up inry we have a special guest to join us today. anybody want to get a guess at who. >> i know who he don't want to spoil it for them. >> don't say anything we'll tell who you is it is coming up next. >> and this insichkts moment caught on cam ral. >> we'll hear from the hero dad ahead. first we want to hear from gary mcgrady. >> thanks, guys, temperatures mild out this morning. check this out. temperature in town is sitting at 48 degrees. we've --
5:43 am
50s in leonardtown and just about everybody in the mid to upper 40s this morning. we start out mild and end up warm. the whole forecast is coming up stay with us for that passion passion
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5:45 am
passion passion >> tuesday morning. it's march 8. welcome back. mild out there. we had a couple sprinkles pass through. nothing worth mentioning. today's
5:46 am
we're not going to be there, okay? that takes us back to 2000. 74 for a high today. some may number upper 7 0s. record tomorrow 0. we'll push that. going 79 officially. some places tomorrow you'll get to 80. and certainly on your car they are mom fer stuff like that you'll see 80. or even higher than that. best chance of breaking record or tying record will be on thursday, the record is 78 setback in 2006. we'll go 80 for eye high temperature thursday. how about that. next couple days in the 30s. tomorrow basically 80. we'll end up with an 80 degree temperature here or there. and all this is currency of big area of high pressure off southeast of us and rotate around that the winds are reaching down to atlantic. also the gulf and bringing up the warm temperatures and it looks like with the position of the high it will stay this way the next several days. we'll be warm today. tomorrow, and really
5:47 am
even though we'll cool off for the weekend relative for this time of year we'll be warm. temperatures out to sdarks sunday, next week we'll sti in 60. for the next few days 70s and 0s around here and as i showed you they'll tlirt with records. clouds come ago cross the weekend. it's so mild. there was a shower in some of this the leading edge of warm air comes through. high pressure building all levels not just surface. it will erode a lot of cloud cover we have this morning and trendier sunnier and sunnier through the day. back out to the west here. and we're protected from this because of high pressure. there will be severe weather coming through texas and down to the deep south. forecast today looks like this 54 this morning at 8 a.m. 70 lunchtime. and 74 de freeze for a high temperature today for the next several days and we're talking about temperatures in the upper 70s to right a80 or so. here's your 7 day forecast. as we get into the weekend it will be a little unsettled,
5:48 am
60s. that's dog gone nice this time of year. >> eastern, you need to be over there. >> wisdom and i were having a side conversation and gary came over and loudly gave the forecast. we know the forecast. >> in case you were not listening to the what earth. >> listen professor we always listen to the letter never talking in class. >> this professor things is becoming derogatory. >> it's great. >> but you're louising it to be condescending. >> a girl from philly is never condescending or sar tastic. how dare you. >> you are a philly girl. >> i only throw that in nacely. right now, 66 on the eastbound side with non condescending traffic report. jammed 34 to september areville and you on in fairfax as you head to the belt way. let's take a look from jam cameras to a look at the maps. once you get closer to the beltway 66 moves forward and springfield through annandale looking good.
5:49 am
35 northbound problem free. arlington looking good. 5 northbound another typical slow zone. dale city to 123. southbound side through stafford look going and if you take metro there on time today. keep in mind 395 southbound roadwork after sem 2345eury inbound side looking good and problem free off secondarys. and things wake up a little as we head to the 6:00 hour around the district. good news no major crashes to report. this construction 5 north by icc should be cleared soon and thank you four paying close attention gary as you 2e6789 on your phone. back to you guys on the tevrk. >> 5:49 developing overnight in california 4 hurt after a commuter train derailed. police say the rain went off the track while taxing from central california to san francisco bay area last night. one of the train's cars ended up partially submerminged in the ceerks ul apassengers were evacuate aend it's unclear what caused derailment but officials say it's was raining heavily at
5:50 am
. >> closer to home, fairfax country police are searching for whoever spray printed a police cruiser. look at this. car barely recognizable west moreland and mcclain. the crews are in a ghost car means it's parked in certain ears to get cars to slow down. nip with information is asked to call police. . >> a former montgomery country commissioner pled guilty to misconduct in office. israel mangru was as soon asked with probation and sentenced to commutety service and/or to write a legal of apology and he was taking picturesp a woman's skirt while working for montgomery county detention center in rockville. >> happening today, annapolis. what some people call reentry day.
5:51 am
org any nizers are pushing to help marylands to get back in the workforce. then a state house committee will take testimony own how record can be explungeed from the system. >> verizon choirless is about to september out nonfederal investigation. the fcc says verify done wireless failed to dpis close late 2013 to 2014 and verify sdpon agreed to notify ought merd and tlaeld have the right to opt out out of sharing their information. >> we have all about there your cellphone slips out of your hand and suddenly it's cracked. >> new study reveals it's more common that i you think. according to verizon survey after of hern vel phone users
5:52 am
dropping a phone in water topped the list for most embarassing way to damage 2. expert say repace allege foym good with returned reds of dlars. >> why do we need and extra to tell us that. gum. a new singer yellly clark son is revealing shopping she was blackmailed by her report labeled to nvrm concern aaccused dr. luke of abusing and raping her. he denies the claims. a judge denied injunction that would have let her cut ties with the record label and clea clearryly clark top support her. >> jimmy kimmel is getting tv on i biggest night. "jimmy kimmel live" host will take place at emmy awards
5:53 am
all right, bobby flay will stop by other studios today foodies. guess what, yes the iron chef will cook with us in the loft and we'll serve up the sweet potato lash. type in:30 on the dot. wisdom, woo i think we're ready for that one. >> yes, we are. . >> we could eat now if there was food in here. >> is there ever concern when we can kane not eat. >> parental instinct caught on cram and a man saves his son from a flying waibl bat. >> the boy was on his control hope to and the bat came flying into the stand and the dad reached out his arm to stap it from hitting him in the face. he didn't he think fw. it it was natural reaction. >> that's amazing. >> this thing was like flying it went crossing like that. i
5:54 am
it like my dad blocked it like that and then it hit me here. >> i so you -- i didn't have time think i kind of threw my arm out there. >> good thing you did. >> yes at the would have baip different eding. >> time for facebook fap of the day. ankle kla parker and her son. exciting week for the two of them. her son turns 13 and tomorrow angela turns -- wait, 50, who is 50 in that picture, not you pretty lady. >> she is amazingly beautiful. big birthday shot-out to a place like you leave a comment below their photo on our facebook page. >> i love that. >> cool. >> we may live in a nation's capital but do you know who
5:55 am
>> who d.c. is named after. >> okay turns out a lot of people don't. check out this video gone viral where people are asked who d.c. is named oovr they fail like i am medicine rably pretty much. . >> who is the nation's capital named after. >> wash done? >> i don't know i give up. >> i plead the fifth. >> i have to go with ei don't know. >> our nation's capital sl named after who? i don't know. i just woke up. >> okay. in all fairness i was just thinking i was thinking d.y. not washington part i knew tha that. >> that's set up. >> i love d.c.. >> there's no way. >> you don't think that wa
5:56 am
legit. >> i saw an it's been a record who is it named after. >> mr. george washington right. >> sure. >> not mr. district. >> i know him well. >> and 43-53 this morning. after school check it out. if your kid owe want to wear shorts this is why. you know they'll be warm this afternoon. my kid complains how hot it is when walking home and all dressed for a cold morning. so, 80. could be as good as 7 day. 80 comes up not people but thursday. >> erin cuomo has a last look at traffic. but this particular hour. >> thank you wisdom. you're full of energy today. look at you. >> i need coffee. >> we'll get you that coffee. northbound typical slow down stafford to quantico
5:57 am
william countyp jammed again. 25 miles an hour and opens through too springfield interest change. we'll keep you covered with your 6:00
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> straight ahead at 6, breaking news, daring rescues as a commuter train de rails and submerged in water. mo
6:00 am
escaped alive and how that train went off the tracks in the first place. >> and it's voting day once again prime areays in four states who is expected to come out on top and the person who says he definitely will not throw his hat in the race for the white house. >> and is spring on the way or is summer on the way? feeling like something is happening out there. will be so much warmer today. a live look outside at china town this tuesday, march 8, warm and traffic on the fives at 6:05. going to be honest i'm super excited for this day. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> all right. news first. developing overnight, at least fourteen people hurt after commuter train derailed in california and pictures frightening, the train went off the track while traveling from sap fran kiss obey area last night. one car was submerged in


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