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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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yesterday and from throwing victor also 47 83% and gop hadn idaho and hawaii and let's look at idaho first. senator ted cruz picked up that state with 45% of the vote. that's his 7th state so far. and finally hawaii was called an hour and a half ago for donald trump. he got three wins last night and meanwhile bad night for marco rubio who didn't pick up any states. trump 446 delegates and senator cruz 347. and marco
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place with 151 hill. de andre wings was convicted williams and washington face several charges including first degree murder . >> also today the case involving nfl player d'qwell jackson is set to the go to trial. he was arrested last february chb the 31-year-old accused of punch a man because he used his parking space. he face as salt charges for that incident. jackson played college football university of maryland before playing for browns and colts. >> today, maryland congressman
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chris van holland will be in annapolis toblevent people on f bixt terrorist to incorporate e appropriate lessons on domestic lie convenience and dating violence into curriculums. that bill well be introduced today. >> latest on double murder and suicide they say stem from domestic violence. tariq ajones young mother of three and half-sister harris
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for a violent attack involving jones and paid po head. but i pray -- i feel sorry for the kids. i really do.. >> hanover county police are investigating reynolds death. . >> in honor of fallen prince william county officer ashley guindon and officers shot along with her while responding to domestic violence call the schaffer office is hosting a blood drive he loudoun county office in leesburg. two officers are recovering well according the prince william kouxty police. meanwhile, officer jessie hemton is back home with family
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shared this photo of him leaving the you it's extremely nice to walk out of
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the than nothing but a beautiful sunset. forecast for today up to 58 by 8 a.m. sunny skies. warm conditions. through the day today. and temperatures will go from the 70s up the lower 80s. overrulely in town today, we're going to go for a high temperature of 80. i'm not going to push my luck. i'm going to stop right. there it's time for erin and traffic on this wednesday morning. . >> well, 4:36 right now and obviously gary mentioned, fearing up to be a beautiful day and if you're just starting to wake up and think about hea heading out, 95 northbound moving nicely in garrisonville. not seeing slow downs, plenty of green on the map prince william. same story closer to bottom the beltway good across the wilson bridge upper loop and outer loop looking good and we have
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ongoing construction, 395 show you how things are haiping up. beltway movingoalsville. 2 ip of cop he for the day and keep a close eye on traffic, wisdom, maureen. >> thank you, erin, to unstnably warm weather the cherry blossoms will bloom a little earlier. originally the national park service predicted peak bloom between march 31 and april 3 and now bloom dates are predicted marchch 18 and 236789 thank you to the warm weather. >> more ways than one we're thanking weather. >> president obama getting a clean bill of health. his trip to the doctor's office and how much his health improved. >> a murder of a chicago boy has police officially charming his accused killer
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4:37 is the time. stay with us we'reba
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five tackers were shot and killed and it
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aviv. right now we have no other execution killing of a 9-year-old boy and they oyvrd said she neveron and in it read a criminal complaint about her husb in the deposition. he admitted he gave quaaludes
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with someone he wanted to>> p picture show and monty python his career producing plays in london before switch together big screen. >> the world of entertainment also mourning loss of another great this morning. coming up how beatles producer george martin is being remembered. and six months after a d.c. teen was shot outside while coming home from the library we'll talk about her struggle to cope with violence in her neighborhood. that continues and why her mother says the city needs toe do owe more to help and first talking to gary mcgrady about our weather. >> hey, guys, mostly -- it's a chilly in a few shots in morning. mostly mild out there. we'll be warm, warm, warm toda today. very spring like. full forecast and traffic
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stay with us
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the official cause of death. >> that's what they say. >> yes. that's the truth what's up, gary. >> you produce this forecast, right? let see how good --. >> what mother nature that's store.
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buy us. >> 79 degreesll like today. temperature of 81. yesterday. perhaps talking about this the last couple days. and some spots will be lower to mid 80s. tomorrow as well. and by
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there's a whole frontal system t gets there could be a few showers. it's looking national am 53. bwi marshall 353 clear skies for us and temperatures in 40s and 50s and few spots in the 30s and dom nats of the high pressure keeping all that rain back out to the west of us for the next couple days and as we get to friday morning did you notice a few showers drifting on by and here's the front right up here and we think there will be -- a little cooler with clouds and again, we're not talking about cold. i don't see anything cold for quite a while. maybe not to the latter part of the month. forecasts for today, 58, 8 a.m. and 75 at noontime and 7
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5:00 today. . with on inarea and outer loop. and right now we're looking for a look at maps and show you what else you are dealing with look going dale city to woodbridge and 395 alternateen closures on exit an exit ramps sem fair yain nice and quiet across the 14 street bridge if you wake newspaper rosalyn and head to georgetown and keep look going same story 11 and 14 street bridge and no issues 6
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quiet through throughville. we you have the tracks outside of san francisco and pey serious iesn. thankfully both the reporter and photographer were okay. and police believe the driver of the car may have hit the gag instead of brakes causing it to veer off to the sidewalk. wow.
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aghway patrol officer rescued life saver. >> and inthe cases will be sent back to a lower ials can move fe various charges in gray's death and suffered a fatal spinal injury inside a baltimore police fan last april. d.c. police need help
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two people suspected in pick pocket robbery. an update on a girl who was one nd the victim's of laste grades slid xtd she and fours and broken appliances and she's still traumatized from the shooting. >> i told my grandma to cook and i was making these biscuit biscuits. when i opened the container it went pop and i fros. and then after like my brot
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joke or something i was playing they this. university of maryland mroyvrp
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will be present. >> meanwhile, presiden75 pounds five pounds less than in 201 4 hi. apple cofounder steve woes knee ak is supporting apple in the fight to build a skeleton key to break into iphone s. they have always pro second user's right and the federal government is using a weak excuse to gain access to information. after federal authorities asked the tech giant to unlock an iphone used by one twovrt san bernadine owe shooters. the iphone will help with the investigation. >> good news for fans of fantasy web sites draft king
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and fan dual. a video tribute for rg3 has gone viral. whretdz of lights and retweets. malik is not ashamed of his love for rg three. . >> i'm not ashamed to say that i get emotional yeah i'm a fan. you know i don't have any personal relationship with him but you know what i mean, what
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are fans for.d posts them on so. rg3 it. yesterday morning you were to school off. leonardtown 5 aas well and fredericksburg 44. we'll warm up, warm up nice a lip warm up qu
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sun comes up today and temperatures will shoot upyouth. no problems gaithersburg n c
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off and on closures for t. morehavk in a few for you guys. >> straight ahead a big and bere ndin for four states. >> and search of man accused of shooting a idaho pastor in a ted cruz rally. live in the late sgleingt first here's a quick check of the stock market asian stocks are down and european stock markets up and oil prices fell 4% and u.s. futures are up this morning. we'll be back after this
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blossoms expected to bloom even earlier. >> and we'll look live weather and traffic in the fives far gar and erin cuomo. >> first in the news developing overnight a suspect on the run from the police in idaho made his way to washito


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