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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  March 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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the district. hump day everybody,white hous wednesday, march 9, weather and traffic on the fives at 6:05. good morning i'mome to "fox 5 ns morning". first up at 6 developing in the district d.c. police on scene of overnight shooting in norm west. this is 14 and i streets. one man was shot around 1:00 this morning. investigators are looking for a graymer saidys with paper tags in connection with the shootin shooting. that vehicle was lasts seen driving south on 14 street. and through man that
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idaho and ended ing ach pat tore in his hometown. the pastor led and owed am smote the church in the parking lot. local please say odom had know connection to the church prior to surprised. authorities say the attack was preplanned. and that odom mailed several disturbing letters to news outlets in spokane, washington. . >> of what we knew about mr. .
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attack on sunday, and then s ieu that. it s >> now, odom we're told has no criminal record and does have a history of mental illness. he was not armed when he was arrestedtse the white house and was taken into custody without incident. during thatpress conference in idaho yesterday authorities said at this point, they do not believe that there was any connection between shooting and pastor's support of republican presidential candidate ted cruz. odom is the second person just this week arrested for trying to breach the white house fence. i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> in the meantime accused shootner prince george county double homicide has taken his own life. kevin republican ooldz died
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fromself assaulting her and she's the one th paid his this happened 10:00 last night. witnesses say it looked like a ring of fire. officials say it took 60 firefighters over two hours to bring the five acre fire under control. and if you can take a look at that picture there that's amazing. no homes were danaged.
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word whoonpa ny michigan hilly clinton she did win big mississippi. sanders support is getting stronger and looking forward tore next tuesday's primaries. particular day, ohio and illinois. as for delegates a lot of states are winner take all. tonight, sanders and clinton will face off in debate at miami-dade college in florida. >> on the republican side donald trump moving closer to general election now and won big in michigan, mississippi and hawaii and ted cruz came in second in the states and won the i'd owe primary. . >> we're closing the gap in state after state after state after state. we know that just a few minutes ago a new "wall street journal"poll came out that had us in statistical tie for
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have many onwide with d4 her y >>on time soon ghother disappointing no victories as we continues to slip in polls and he'll fres on to home state primary in floor dpa on tuesday. >> john kasich showed streping energy my michigan and plans to stick around until the ohio primary. >> i really can't believe it's 49 right now. it seems like it would still be 65 at least. >> still feeling warm bling from yesterday. >> it's march we have long night and has a chance to clear down. gorgeous and beautiful. if we hit 80 we'll high a record going back to 1964. okay. >> over 50 years ago. >> and i
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>> i don't knowcooler,rederick,, maybe a jacket early. mannasas, c back soaring througe 70s and then we'll top out in the low 80s. >> hm. >> how about that. >> yeah i was. >> oh, that was back in the hey. >> there you go. >> nice and quiet out there. and again we're looking at a beautiful afternoon. enjoy it. if it hits 08 we'll take the record. 85 we're forecasting and we'll set a new record. way back in 2016 on march what is today's date. >> march 9 it's my knowledge's birthday today. >> happy birthday. >> yeah !
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there for r barbara. >> i was feeling audrey help burn. >> and then change in jorts and wash cars. >> we're going carwashay we'll talk all about it. >> we want people to come out. >> get a fake mustache and nose and get mip done. >> i brought an extra pair of shorts for tucker. that got weird. ramp to boroughs avenue because of that only cars can pass and buses and trucks can't fit through. you'll need to detour around that. we'll let you know when the ramp reopens 295 north east. frederick downed power lines closed at madison. there's repair work. 270 south. earlier crash from 85 cleared and it's that typical time of morning 80 to truck scales jammed
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well.6 east by nutly street. ons with wavk traffic. there you go. 95 northbound dale city to 123. jammed back to you allison and steph sgle if there ever was a fifth beatle there would only be one and that's producer joj martin afortunately he's the man behind so many number one hits. >> we'll talk more about him and rare and stunning site a solar eclipse. coming up the view from 36,000 fet above. we'll be back. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan,
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cookie dough, or new pistachio.
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dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfas sbuouthwest flar. we learned about the paving of leming dairy beatle producer george martin. what a career. he signed beatles in 1962 when other labels turned them down and pro ambiguoused all but one of their albums. give them credit for all the hits. he won six grammys which doesn't seem a lot this these days anden diged into the hall of fame until 1999. ripping owe start treated this picturov
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you four all your love and area ofingt dead and dozen others hurt. attack frer west bank rangrt unq and an fghatap. his wife was city he cannily hurt in the attack. . >> well this violence happened as vice-president joe bide and rivd in there city. security around him was stepped up. yesterday he heat with former israeli president and hopes differ fusing contact between israel and palace stein today
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leaders of those two reejclipap. you can see the moon covering % the partial ecd alsaskan airline flight from ang ram to hoon louisiana. the flight left a half hour tlit passenger koz see the eclipse from 30,000 feet. look at that picture. >> didn't take long for aernls to post picture. this passenger tweeted now that is a view. that's cool. nasa said the world's next total solar eclipse happens in august of 2017 and this will be visible in the united states. >> well, all right, we could be seeing cherry blossoms sooner than first thought and not just on steve's tie. >> coming up the new peak bloom dates.
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>> let's take a look outside as we head to
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>> welcome back. beautiful sunrise.
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48 washington and 43 quantico and baltimore 4 and 44 annapolis and really, numbers are all over the place. 54 leonardtown and 36 cool spot 35 degrees. satellite and radar very, very quiet. we're going to keepp quiet warm pattern going for a couple days. we don't get much rain around here perhaps this weekend shower active tivrment i know there's a rock and roll marathon saturday morning. but, fingers crossed and keeping showers out of here. i ran in the rain last year don't want to do this this year and there's a look at nasal scene and it's quiet. what happens is we have high pressure off
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there'sions. all right. here's a look at setup. high pressure is mentioned again, jet streams to the north. we're looking at temperatures 15 to 30 above normal and later this afternoon we're in washington baltimore, philly, maybe up towards new york we'll all set new ror as we are look at temperatures extraordinary this time of year. this forecast is easy. 1 this afternoon. 81 tomorrow afternoon. little backdoor cold front will bring slightly cooler air friday and we have showers in the forecast this weekend, again. showers. don't think it will be a rainout and quick remind are you want to spring your clock forward an hour late saturday early sunday and i erin you're at the club like steve and myself you have to remember because all of a sudden closing time an hour earlier.
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>> but gaining an hour of sunshine a aynot ght kloing clocks arounbo feel bet to see at 202 you can see traffic backing up into the district. once you get into the district look at maps. 295 northbound new crash reported at south capital street and another problem as you make your way inbound. i saw a dump truck on way to burrows avenue and cars squeezing by and trucks and buzzes are not fitting and you need alternate there and big backups as usual, 295 inbound that's typical morning congestion and montgomery country outer loop typical show down new hampshire and george a. out of the ordinary there and 95 southbound looking good. 95 northbound to bwi volume increasing and same story
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parkway. if you have an early morning flight dulles mecollided score . so aim. i cannot wait. so kep enclose clocks ahead and baseball now and it's marc march. look at that. back to you guys. >> i love it thank you so much erin. amazon about to launch live qvc show. >> makes sense. >> first let's take a look at this something you do not expect to see in rush hour traffic. >> nor it is a dog or any monkey it's a tiger. >> what? >> a tiger in traffic. >> oh, my goodness. >> what's going
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escapedt try >> i hope he's
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the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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further ease in terms of stimulating their economy and china continue to watch headlines. how bad is the slow down in china. oil prices all over the place. they're up as i speak. one of the reasons equity futures are up as well. >> let's talk about a couple things self driving cars can't get enough of it and now we're seeing a little more of the design and not just of the car but what the car will be riding on. >> i know we always talk about the car itself what about the wheels that make it move. goodyear the tire company di debuting concept eagles 360 tire for self driving car and it's hysterical shaped look a ball and moves look a ball. you can glide oaf a pothole and do tight turns really easily
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just a very smooth ride garn wie to ride in that t just f the video and waiting for the video. >> it seems to me lauren this is so far away. >> they say later this decade i know i'm with you. common place normal tll it s there's the video. and common place normal, those feelings for self driving cars may be a little longer and we'll start to see them on roads later. >> amazon makes sense for them to do their own show because they move so many beauty products any jp way why not market them as well. >> they do they started last night. 9:00 eastern time half hour show happens every day anybody can watch it it's about faction, beauty, called style code live. why wow watch this on amazon. well couple reasons. you can see the latest fashion and buy that fashion on amazon
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too how convene and a lot of people th you no longer have to go to brick and motors lauren hdnesday. >> thank you. >> bye-bye. >> see you tomorrow. >> 6:25 now. >> i was all into that video we showed. >> you don't have to have the prime membership to watch. anybody can watch. >> right there's prime people it's worth it. >> hello. >> good morning. >> noticing what's behind you beautiful sunrise. >> i didn't want to go inside yesterday. it was that pretty. >> you will feel the same toda today. it will be a few degrees grooelz degrees warmer than yesterday. although -- won't be cool.
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>> hilarious. when it's jacket next couple hours. kid getting up and going to thif and will take a few hours to get there. that is a very quiet sat lit radar. quiet weather pattern. high pressure off to south and east. this setup in the summertime give us hot and hazy companies and mid 90s with where the bermuda high is positioned and this time around only being early march that is the reward. 80 today. beautiful afternoon. nition and quiet today and tomorrow. and again if we hit 81 that would be a record both today and tomorrow. we'll see what happens. and then cooler as we get to weekend. certainly not cold. talk all about. it don't forgot spring-ford ward this weeken
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that's this weekend. >> otherwise. >> southbound 295 co from the beltway and stalled dump truck ramp toboros avenue and cars getting by and buses and trucks and quick look at sky fox right now they're over 270 where you can see a whole lot of congestion southbound time and traffic if a few. new peak bloom dates for cherry blossom. >> and nfl agency opens up. what moves shut redskins make. we'll academic with the sports junkyes after the break.
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>> yeah it's going to be that kind of day folks. rally nice and warm throughout. tucker and erin will be long on the five to let you know how to dress and where to avoid which do you venture out today. stay with us. that's 6:35. welcome back to "fox5 news morning". still, though, sne in the district. d.c. p this mornijuries and investigats are looking for a gray
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of the national festival on . free agent n aewers ging pain others in easy way. what do you think the moves will be for the preagency skin. >> i don't know it will be interesting to seethe drt will e defensive position steve they may i look to fill the holes with the draft de fen sliv or maybe they go after a few offensively through free agency i think they need another running back in free agent or draft. one guy i like probably lost you is lamar miller in from miami maybe they go defense in draft and
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but there's so many guys have mileage on them they goat 3, 1 year four million prove to me what you got kind of deal blastoff season. didn't really like what he saw. >> i find it interesting chris baker has gone out publicly and campaign fo pot roost. there's a hash tag bring pot roost back campaign going on instagram and twitter. >> aside from running back what position needs do you see 23eu8d. >> as scott their general manager said they need football players.
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colt mccoy and i don't that frt or draft a guy slips down the draft or mc klou will throw a curveball he went with tackle out of iowa brandon sheriff. if you loved ezekiel out of ohio state and somehow he's available 21 may
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pick. >> maybe maybe a move. and loss of the season. they're at the point now every win countsoat win plateau thino. >> and dropped right now friday and day. they gainst utah and denver. schedule sun for giving hone
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tooin the video allen andersonp getting rejected anda ans rest of fmhe e wizard gets into the playoffs and sneak in you have to play cleveland. >> at least you're there. >> you have to get momentum going. you know last couple years
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we don't want them toer. >> yes. >> tucker "fox5" tweet me d.c. r 40s and we're on track for potential record heat today and eventually high temperatures low 70s and 80s here. i saw the picture of you nevering a cherry blossom. skyler was so embarrassed she had to take a picture. >> i don't think the cherry blossoms are particularly -- it was near my neighborhood. >> she's the flower expert. >> was it. >>
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my neigh of sunshine. and we've got very exciting --. look traffic. i brought these teens in for tucker toboro. you have teased whole dmv with those short. i thought we would be twins. >> wear heavy duty under garments when you wear those. >> norm duke to seminary road. miles per hour. give yourself extra time in alexandria. and south east inbound crash now 295 norm after laboratory road delays to beltway. give yourself extra
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and stalled dump trucke a larger vehicle you can get around him. ne slow roll there. a little delay 90 to upper loop and jammed to spurs and usual delays frederick to gamersburg. 50 inbound jammed to 202 and 6 60s by nutly street. hey met wrote is on time. back to you guys. >> airport thank you so much. appreciate it. still ahead a praiseen robbery in the district and target a woman heating at a restaurant in norm westing. >> new season of game ever tlopz. john snow dead or alive.
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mean while update on one of the injured officers officer jessie hem ton was release the from the hospital today and is now recovering at home. actress elizabeth sbankz in the district
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the actress live good toyp "foxs back in
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor.
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go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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>> beautiful day in the nation's you know. >> do you have any experience doing this? >> have charity carwashs in school. >> erin is going too. >> bet you made money there didn't you. we did it was great. >> i say that because i'm reminded of --. >> have to reel in tucker today. >> i swear the shorts i brought for tuck to wear if he can fit his leg in them it's gone. >> you need biker shorts with them. >> don't worry i promise i won't over do it.
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er o bays we'll pep you dry change your md. >> you wear biking spandex and you'll be okay. >> you know he's not going to. >> these are mine from many, many years going. >> he'll still try to wear the them. don't sell tucker short. >> i think because the last carwash i was at was like you back in high school with my girls they had a sponge and then it had peblees in it because it was on the ground and it scratches paint. >> i know better now. >> not you. >> once again, come out and say hi we'll do a professional job. we're not going to
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car. >> okay. >> i'll get right take us all mg ooks like we're in record territory here both this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. it will be cooler by friday. still pleasant and highs near 70. satellite and radar very, very quiet. clear overnight, beautiful overnight. yes i'm starting to hear creek's or they're out there at night now. th
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is texas. unfortunately there our area ine form of showers by the weekend. high pressure blocks we'll be here in d.c., o like philly, new york, baltimn record tear toyry later today. quik look at the 7 day we'll pass it on to airport. 1 today, 81 tomorrow and one more reminder spring clocks forward this weekend. yes, should be a nice weekend. spring like weekend. all right, erin ready to run. >> ready to run. >> ready to wash. >> i am. >> after the half marathon saturday i will probably be crawling for the rest of the weekend. i'm not ready for it. right now, 109 out on 20 south we have delays 85 to truck scales and toward the top of the beltway traffic is heavy. give yourself extra usual time as
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beltway to laboratory road need. br at restaurant in
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february 15 at restaurant in 34100 block of wisconsin avenue norm chris
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do you mind to and shows r rated ft. ooj. in the opening you see john dough dead season five. viewers don't have a back to guide them. john snow is he did, earlier in the week they'll told timeout london that i filmed a
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me being amazing. i'm feeling up court formable. . >> kim kardsahian tweet aid nude selfie today and if kim wants us to see more of her than she's seen she has to swallow the camera. now, she's taking up the issue in essay on web sites when you have to sign
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kim writes "i don't do d given e empowerment for yog overentrepro be sexy and she talks about people keep bringing up herself tape from 13 years ago saying i should not have been on the defenselying my accomplishesments showing i am something thor than 13 years ago. >> i believe that. >> anybody can be sexy on show and photos. that's my opinion. that's me. and another way to follow kim k she is now on snap chat. >> is she napping. >> she doesn't need to be. >> how a snapshot askedmer not to be ton it --. >> i'm still wondering
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news. here's my thing with you said it was hill larious and right off with that we have essay 6:45 in the morning d.c. here it's not news but it's entertainment. >> and you're mr. entertainmen e day. avenue beginning at 5 soem. they have a 25th webbing add very for us toon.
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>> right, right, entertainment was you cool start to the day. you may want a jaektcooler for . showers around by saturday sunday all right more weather in a minute and more traffic with erin now. >> 6:56 now outer loop from clem park to coalsdale down to 17 miles an hour and looking at slow roll. dealing with dump truck on ramp burrows avenue and cars betting by and buses and trucks need alternate and closure northeast section districts dealing with 500 block of pen street shut down now and that is because of crash. you'll need to find alternate
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new york avenue jammed by florida and earl
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tive. new garnier skinactive clearly brighter. with antioxidant vitamin c new garnier skinactive that smoothes, boosts radiance and protects. see brighter skin in just one week. new clearly brighter from garnier skinactive. >> donald trump adding more sites victories. his primary upset he and hillary clinton get ready to debate again tonight. >> and al
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shooting pastorp. blossoms. what a t p tidalin and national park service ch all res in right now from looingt night's mainier as and caucuses what a night it was. i'med is there. let's get right to it. last night republicans competed in four races and democrats in two. hillary clinton wanted mississippi with over 0% of vote and reason everyone is talking about michigan. bernie sanders took michigan


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