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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  March 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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night. they put him on a respiratorpira but today they determined he det was okay, they're going there ge take him off that respirator.esa he's alert and conscious here at the hospital. he may be released phyllis terrell, the grandmother -- greatdmothe grandmother i should say whold y he helped save is still, s though n-serious condition c here at the washingtonng hospital center and all dayter d long as we were here we werewe runing into firefighters, wehtew were learning new details about this. it turns out that truck sevenru that danny lovato was on was on just coming back from anotherro fire and they were not far away. they were at the intersectionntt of pennsylvania avenue and minnesota avenue when the box alarm went off.ff they raced down minnesota minne avenue and as they pulled up pue they could see mister roll upr u in the window. that's firefighter danny'ser lovato at the top of the top ofh beltway ladder immediatelyla after removing his mask andddmom handing it to phyllis terrell. t a woman already on oxygen for a medical condition who toldon t her granddaughter she was just j seconds from jumping when shepie saw the firefighter come up toto the window.
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>> so we knew we immediately had somebody trapped up there u we had to go get out. o >> reporter: lieutenant dan white and joshua eli headedi into the burning building anding up to the apartment while lovato climbed the ladder.he >> he took a couple breaths, gave his tank to you. we were able to use that andnd bring her out. >> pretty much kept yelling kepn just take some slow deep d breaths before we all walked out i made sure lovato got off the i held the ladder at the top of the stairs or at the top ofir the balcony. bco i yelled down to him was heowtom good. he said yes. sai and then we made our way out. oo >> reporter: down the stairs holding lovato's mask on thes mk great grandmother's face soer'so she could breathe fresh air.d br >> it's about as selfless ast as it gets. he essentially traded placesdedp with the lady that he saved. sed >> he had evidence of smokefke inhalation which included sootdo in his airway and he had some swelling when they took a -- a an evaluation of this throat.hi >> reporter: today outsideter: the hospital phyllis terrell'see granddaughter told us her u grandmother can't
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about lovato and how brave he bh was.wa >> that's all she can say.ll she she probably still shooken upl s about it, too. >> reporter: she told youd she was ready to jump until she saw firefighter lovato atato her window. >> yes.>> yes. the second she was about touto jump he was right there.ght t >> reporter: and then hen h pulls off the mask. t m >> i know. i can't -- i don't even haveve no words for that.ha >> reporter: well, your grandmother does. hero. we also want to point out that a several d.c. police officersolir rescued people as well. they were officers diaz anthony manley charles jones and sergeant charles woodard. today here mrs. terrell we'rerse told is still talk up a storm. o we're told that she's kind of a chat tea kathy and all she wanted was cake and she got her live here at the washington wasn hospital center, paul wagner, fox5 local new >> nice to hear some good newsew there, paul thank you. y
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within 15 minutes in5 minutes montgomery tonight police have oneceave suspect in they believe the same man robbed a fourth bank in prince r george's county about an hourouh later. fox5's alexandria limon isria lm live in ' where one of thosese robberies happened. alex. >> reporter: montgomeryor county police say that bankte roe bber worked fast but turns r out he wasn't fast enough because he's now been arrested by the prince georges county police department.po that happened earlier today and a spokesperson with theth t department tells us that after robbing three banks here in montgomery county and a fourth u one in prince georges county,esc an off duty sergeant princegeane george's county policeorge department saw a vehicleicle mapping the description of theoo montgomery county police say the string of bank robberies in their county started at 11:20 this morning.orni the suspect first robbed a sun a trust bank at 8510 c
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avenue in chevy nine minutes later, he allegedly robbed a capitol one e bank on the 10,000 block of connecticut avenue.tve and then just 15 minutes after the fires robbery, at 11:35, police say the same man hit a bb and t bank on universityve boulevard west in thehe wheaton-kensington area. now, police tell us nobody wasnw physically hurt in these robberies and witnesses didne not see the robber display a gun.n. now, there was a fourth bankh b robbery in new carrolton. crolt it appears that that one mayhatn also be related but at this point prince georges countyprin police are releasing few details about that bankha here's what montgomery countyntc police told us earlier today. td >> detectives believe at thisve point inside the bank thereanth was one suspect. sus we cannot confirm if he implied a weapon or displayedisl a weapon. wea we're still interviewing intvi witnesses to determine exactlys what it was conversations at the window with the teller atelle which point he announc
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bank robbery and then fled the bank. >> reporter: now, prince now, georges county police have notc released the name or identity it of the suspect they arrested. they say charges are stilles a pending, however, they areev planning a news conference for tomorrow. reporting live in wheaton, iheat alexandria limon, fox5 local news. >> we turn to the district now t where police hope there is not s a repeat of the violence that broke out overnight. overnig three people were shot in southeast.southeast. one person was stabbed inrson northeast. all within hours of each oea other.r. two of those incidentsts happened on benning road. r police say someone shot twoho men in the 4700 block of benning road southeast justtheas before 1:00 a.m. neighbors say they are shakenhea by the violence and they hope th city leaders will take action. a >> i was leaving my daughter'sae house and shots just rang out.rt i was like, whew, it's crazy. mayor, do something. benning road, something needs
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>> police tell us severalller vehicles were hit by the the gunfire in what appeared to bepa a street shootout. sot so far there have been no arrests. >> ending homelessness in the district. today crews trashed tents clothing and other items part p of a growing homeless camp in northeast. this was the scene thishe sce t morning at the tent city on first street near uniont ar u station. right at 10:00 a.m. crewsat 1 moved in and removed anything that belonged to the homelesshel people living there. the move comes after a recent auditter at highlighted problems with d.c.'s homeless services.omelsei it come on the heels of thee mayor's plan to build homeless d shelters city wide. >> they're certainly nothey' spending any money on us and i i feel that the money should bee used wisely. >> during this morning's tent's city cleanup officials say four of the homeless peopleeel who live there say they areayhe willing to receive housingsing help.he others though wanted to remain r in the tent city. officials say they willsaey w continue doing site visits. vis >> a show of police support inrn annapolis today for a bill for a that would honor a montgomery mm
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killed by a suspected drunkpeedd driver. police packed a marylandmaylan senate hearing where lawmakers a discussed noah's law. law the law requires breathalyzerzer ignition locks for convicted con drunk drivers which keepsicee their cars from starting ifm stn they are over the limit forimit alcohol. the bill is named for officer noah leotta who died in i december after being hit by a a car while working on a drunkn a driving task force. police say the suspect is a repeat drunk driving offender.fn >> too many people are dying on maryland roadways at the hands of drunk drivers. the state of d maryland has weak laws dealing with drunk with driving and even weaker penalties. >> today maryland governorarylar larry hogan announced he's supporting noah's law as well. . the bill has been passed by the statehouse judiciary committee.commit >> president obama welcomedme canadian prime minister justin j trudeau to the white houseeau this this mor this inis the firstng visit by a canadian leader in nearly two decades. following the welcomingthe wemig
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discuss issues including thencli economy and investing in clean c energy research.rch. during a joint pressnt press conference the canadian primeia minister says he's excited forxd both countries to work together. toge >> we found such broaduch broa agreement on issues thatreemt on aren't just good for one ofne our two countries but indeed i both of our countries. canadians and americans formeria their jobs, for our kids and their futures, for workers,or businesses. >> tonight trudeau and his wife will attained statel tain dinner with 200 other guest in the east room of the whitem house. >> ♪ >> the public is paying theirli final respects to former firstci lady nancy reagan. reaga thousands of people areple a passing by her casket at the ronald reagan presidentialgan es library in california on theornn second day of the public viewing. a private funeral service willvl be held held tomo she'll be buried next to her t h husband former presidentrresidet ronald reagan. r mrs. reagan died at he
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congestive heart failure. fai that was 94 years old. was 9year is civility dead? d straight ahead at 6:00 you0 yu won't believe what caused thisse crazy scene on a spirit flightpl from b >> that was midair, too. also coming up tonight ton self driving cars are toutedoute as being some of the safest on the road. e ro well, that's not always the case. we're going to tell you why federal regulators are nowow investigating the car of thearf future. futu hey, mike. >> hey, shawn. signs of spring are everywhere.yw third day in a row of upper 70's here in d.c., third nightrd in a row of a beautiful sunsetil out there but ho how long is tht warmth going to stick around ird have your full forecast in ar few minutes.fe stick with us. fox5 local news will be right back.
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>> ♪ >> a spirit airlines flight from baltimore to l.a.t newspaper a fistfight between a group of womenalst yesterday.y the fight started over
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two passengers were playingla their music loudly on boomdly on box. another passenger asked themaskt to simply turn the music down. d instead they turned the music mc up. up that did not fly well with several other passengers.l otpan they all started fighting.g. guess what? police wereere waiting for the five women fivwo involved when that planelvedhen landed in los angeles. ang what is wrong with people?eo >> i don't know.on't k >> the feds want know a little bit more about a recentbout rec traffic accident that involvedce a google self driving car.ngar it happened last month inn the google car crashed into a bus. early reports indicate thereporn driverless car maydi be to blamo for the the national highway traffic safety administration wants to know exactly what happened. >> the use of drones lab a hotl button issue lately but this time a drone helped a police pol department catch an escaped prisoner. police in fremont ohio were ohiw train on how to use the droneheo when they had a chance to see in it action. during their training this week officers were notified that an inmates caped from theed sandusky cou
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police then used the drone to de locate the inmate surround himnt and eventually bring thehe suspect back to jail. >> d.c. police write plenty ofl parking tickets but driversutri don't always pay them. t coming up tonight wait until wat you hear how much some drivers actually owe the >> and finding a job afterobft college can be tough.. but one student was so unhappynp with her job search you won't believe what she did. >> ♪ >> take a look. loo would you visit this restaurant? yes, restaurateurr trying solidify plans to build the copper canyon cocktailta bar. it will hang off the side of a cliff hundreds of piece offf o the ground. there will also be a glass floor. r. to guarantee, yes, a stomach sma churning experience.urning if built the restaurant willtaun be two stories like you saw. s diners will be able to see the e falls fromve
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that's a great i i couldn't do it. >> it looks gorgeous. gge i just wouldn't feel't fee comfortable out there. >> neither would i. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> all right, there is more is proof that size matters. mte short men and curvy women mayomm be getting shortchanged asanged they try to get ahead in life. british researchers followed 120,000 people for several years o annually they te check in to assess their education, job class andssnd annual household income.e. the study found in short menn ot were less likely to work in a i skilled or professional job. j and made about $2,000 lesss than average height men. and overweight women made m $4,000 less in the workplace.or. experts say this was purely an l observational study and notestud there are many successfuluccefu
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>> uh-huh. uh-hu >> okay, so, kind of taking otag away from the the very froe th research that they did.y and here's the other thing othet that you have to factor in.e to you know, curvy women buten women generally speaking makeak less than men as well. >> absolutely. absolut battle we're still fightingre sl right now.ght >> absolutely right.>> absolute. a lawyer is putting herer i degree to good use by suing her law >> can you believe this? anna alberta graduated from the f thomas jefferson school of she's suing to get her tuitiongo back even though thethough t 37-year-old graduated withated h honors she has not been able h to find a jobas with a law firmf despite sending out 150ut 1 resumes.resus. her attorney says she's not the only one this has happened to. to. >> going to see and hear evidence that the defendant defn thomas jefferson school of law has a practice of presentingresn false and misleadingisle employment figures to the public.ic. >> well, the school says its employment data is overwhelmingly accurate andate
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alberta are meritless. meritless i can understand herst frustration but i mean you mn can't go around suing the school because you didn't getsed a job unless they wrote werote w guarantee you will get a jobyola when you graduate. >> absolutely. >> can you imagine how many people would be suing their universities 'cause theysiti didn't get a job. >> and what we don'tdn know inno that story is how long she'sw been looking.been looki she sent out 150 resumes butes b is that during a three-monthee-m period? a three-year period,io what have have you. so, good luck with that. t don't know that that's goings to work. >> all right.ll rig a scathing new report findsort f there are huge number of o deadbeat motorists who have not paid d.c. marketing tickets.ti >> ignoring those tickets isg th costing the city a whole lot w of money, about $85 million to t be exact. these tickets also include speed camera red light camerarac and other moving violations. vii according to aaa one in four tickets go unpaid.onp nond.c. residents account for seven of 10 unpaid tickets.. >> wow.>> w that's a loot's a >> yeah, it is.>> yea look at these fg
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in 2014 roughly 500,000ly 5,0 tickets went unpaid. in 2015 roughly 600,000 tickets were unpaid.e unpaid so far this year what we'ree' two and a half months into it io more than 300,000 tickets havee gone unpd. that's a pretty -- prett >> to be honest i try to avoid a driving as much as possible mos for that reason.eason. >> i paid them. it's my fault.ult. >> if it's not your fault.. >> i go and fight them in thethe court. >> iif you don't committee the crime you don't have to pay havo the ticket.tht. that's the way i feel about it. >> hm. well, city residents who don't d pay the citations could have the money withheld from theirelr tax returns. it could also affect their t want to renew their licenses.en >> from what i understand ifat you are not a city i resident it doesn't affect you so that'so ts why so many people apparentlypee are not paying them. t >> see, i would be -- i mean, i've gotten some tickets, iic pay them. i would be afraid that latertatr
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down or something.down >> absolutely. the other thing though that th h people are saying all of the a o cameras we see everywhere aree e just big ticket traps anyway. a t they are. >> all they're trying to do is o get revenue from the city and cd they're not really necessary.ner >> on wisconsin avenuee northwest going north on wisconsin avenue in the 2600he 0 block, there's a camera thataha gets you for speeding. sed it is a hill where you've just't come off of a stop light wherehe you are accelerating to go upg o the hill. it's a trap and it stinks.tnk >> that's what we're talkingat t about.about. >> yeah. >> all right.>> >> i'm not paying those p anymore, how about that?t? [laughter] >> all right, what's happeningwh now? >> it's time for weather.eaer >> yeah. >> mike thomas is standing by. . >> tell us how you really rea deal. >> i do, i do now. now >> well, we're talking signski of spring in the weather wea department and there is no i n better sign of spring than this. a rare flower that hasn't beenta seen in over a century. ctu a rare flower has beene er rediscovered in marylandscover called the river bank goldenol
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hasn't been seen in 112 yearsn y believe it or not.r n the department of naturalur resources says a botanist botan found the river bank goldenr bal rod in montgomery county.go cou. and there it is right there ong your screen.yo that's what it looks like. incredible. and you know i'm sure it was i'm helped by the all the warm war temperatures we've had heree'ver over the course of the lastt week. great to see and hopefully weefy see more of them. t check out your five signs offivo spring here again that's whathaw we're asking you to send in, if you see signs of spring hashtag it five signs ofve sns spring and send it to us at five d.c. on twitter andwier a facebook.face this is from megan wh who used e that hashtag. hashtag seeing she's seeing some ofing e the flowers already startingers to bloom as we reached 71 degrees. dulles bwi second day in a row w they've had 80-degree 8de temperatures there.temperaturest temperatures right now around rg the region 72 now in 72 noin washington. so we've fallen off a littleff bit. 73 gaithersburg, 73 at dulles3 d as well. manassas 75.ssas 72 for
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of be slower to fall than the past several nights just cause wie a little bit more in the b way of cloud cover.ud cov a little bit more wind as wd a well. gusting up to 20 miles an hour 0 last hour. they've calmed down a bit.e cald we'll have spikes as we head iks through the evening hours of hou winds getting up and abovend abe 20 miles an hour so nothingn hor too bad just a little bit of a breeze later on tonight. on ton satellite and radar goodllit amount of moisture off to ouriso west. the good news is that most ofost this as it heads into highds int pressure will fade away but we will have a little weakittl frontal boundary approach fromua the north and west laterh tonight could bring a shower brr or two. or t let's do futurecast for you.resy here we are at 10 o' 10. if you're heading out later on o tonight no problems out therebl at all just a few clouds ands d then we see that that frontsetht approach and pass us through pat the overnight hours, maybe, may there's a lingering shower or a pocket of drizzle during thefz early morning tomorrow but asora we work until late morningateor early afternoon we get thewe clouds out of here, we get get lots of sunshine back tomorrow afternoon.a just not quite as warm.ot quitea we'll be on the northern siden s of the front.of t that means a little cooler, ar, little drier air but nothingot to complain looks like we're heading backe'
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outlook let's skip ahead askip little bit. sun to clouds on saturday buty a very nice day on saturday sury with high pressure hanging offei just off the coastline.oali however, we get into sunday,da we get a frontal system thatysta kind of approaches us and stalls out just to our northur n and this system is going togoing stick with us as we head intoa i early next week. it will bounce back and forth and bring us the chance ofus th showers really monday ory sunday monday and tuesday, so be aware of that but weekend buw not all that bad at that had temperature-wise. mild day clouds increase. clo by sunday 70 degrees withgrees t scattered showers during thed sh afternoon hours.afternoon ho all right, skipping ahead fox5hd accuweather 7-day forecast, ites looks really good actually. all we have temperatures in the 70's tomorrow, 65 on saturday.y. 70's on sunday and then look at next week. we start to heat things righthii back up. 70 on tuesday, 75 on wednesday.dn not bad. there is not a singleingl temperature on there that'sha below normal. >> that's amazing. amazing >> what a way to get into mid march.
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>> fabulous. i love it all. >> we love it in the weatherea center quiet. >> thank you, mike. we'll be right back. >> stay with us. >> ♪
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havertys. >> ♪ >> wow. >> incredible optical o inpollution is going viral. the artist created a tiny weight.weight. it's an eye popping illusion.llo makes your stomach look like a twisted piece of fabric.f fric. many people say it looks realistic. she says she was prompted to t make this video afterer struggling with body image. she says this represents the ree pressures to
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perfect body. iwhat's incredible is the the ability to draw on yourself.draw she's probably looking in ang mirror as she did it but to to make it look so life like. >> that's very good. g >> great message.>> g >> absolutely a strongela st message. >> that's it for us for now.r n. >> that's right.>> stick around.stick tmz on tv is coming up nextex and we will see you tonight at 10:00. >> ♪
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>> justin bieber put on a hell of a show in seattle, but not in concert, at a bar. $130 worth of whisky. just ran out on it. >> according to him, this guy came up and started yelling and cussing at the backup dancing. >> real tough. take on the backup dancer. >> i think chris judd, kevin federline, all mop you! >> rob kardashian's confidence is back. he was shirtless during a cookout with blac chyna. >> he looks happy. he looks confident. >> that's the worse thing you can say someone with their shirt off, they look confident. [laughter] >> plus-size clothing line, lane bryant, have a commercial and apparently it is being rejected. >> what do you see in the ad? >> you know when you're zoomed in on like a crease and you're


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