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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 11, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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right now at 11, a fox5 exclusive, a man begunked down laid dying in the middle of a d.c. street his body rite led with bullets. hear from the people who tried to help him as they waited for first responders to arrive. a local firefighter hospitalized after he took off his oxygen mask to help an elderly woman breathe. the latest on his condition. and passengers frustrated with long wait times on metro could soon get some relief. how the transit system is planning to pay you back much h this is fox5 ojal news at 11. it is good to have you with us tonight, i'm shawn yancy. and i'm tony perkins. we begin tonight with a fox5 exclusive in the district. neighbors in southeast rallied around a man who was shot multiple times and who waited nearly 30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. fox5's marina maracco is life on the scene with a story you will only see on
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just hearing this is outrageous. report report it is and you know of why because it happened yet again. that call coming in yesterday at about 5:30 in the afternoon. witnesses say it was aette thatted argument between two men, the victim laying on the ground and then the suspect offering up above that victim with a gun and firing off a round of shots. now those shots were heard by officers who raised to the scene. firefighters eventually also made it, but an ambulance are i cording to sources it took 30 minutes to finally reach that scene. they and it even have an ambulance close. the hospital right up the street. for nearly 30 minutes a source tells fox5 a man lay on chesapeake southeast his body rite led with bullets and no ambulance in site or even close. it was like a block party out here, that's how much people was out here. police and firefighters on the scene, but no ambulance to help transport the
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if that was the case we could have put him in the car and took him much that's how long it took them to come. as crews performed chest compressions on the victim, police tried placing him in the back of a police wagon. >> he couldn't fit. he was too big. he couldn't fit at all. finally after reportedly waiting nearly a half hour for an ambulance to transport the victim to the hospital, there was a call to medivac the patient, but the chopper landed here a block away in an open parking lot. carry him down in one of those gray things that you who he. they carried him all the way to the corner. seven people hoisted a medical board carrying the victim and they walked into the helicopter at that very moment you'll see the ambulance finally arriving on the left-hand side of your screen. this street is a death trap. he died, came back, died again. the ambulance and it come for about an hour. they had to fly him in the helicopter. that's how bad it was.
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in critical condition. the suspect, 29 year old anthony wade has been arrested and charged with assault with intent to kill. now in three weeks d.c. will role out a series of private and contracted out ambulances in an effort to help mend the deficiency situate that has been playing the district for sometime. we have reached out to d.c. fire and ems. we are still waiting for comment. > we know that you spoke with people in the neighborhood there. i mean, just watching this as a viewer, i'm outraged by how long it took. what else did neighbors say? are they scared if something happens to them they might not get emergency service in time? what are they saying in. >> they are, shawn. i mean, this is a reality that unfortunately they continue to face, especially here in southeast where so am of knees engines continue to run calls. you see one leaving here just behind me now. it is like this non-stop and the problem is that these
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calls not so much advance life support, just people reporting stomach aches or something that is rather minor. unfortunately these guys can't leave the scene until they are cleared to do so. sometimes that's what happens, those plans can't make it. the ones that are more critical need like yesterdays. thank you, marina, we appreciate the update there. thank you. speaking of firefighters, right now firefighters are still working to put out who the spots at this house fire in germantown. we've learned that five people n and several pets safely made it out of the home which is located on aspen dale court, but there is significant damage to the home. if you look closely you can see there is a partial collapse on the left side of that home as you're looking at the house. beer ' still waiting to learn the cause of the fire. firefighters suspect it began in the garage and then spread to the rest of the house. a d.c. firefighter is in fair condition tonight after he risked his own life to safe a
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great-grandmother trapped inside a burning building. firefighter danny lavish spending vote owe took off his own mask to give it to the woman. she was about to jump when the firefighter appeared through the smoke. the second she was about to jump he was right there. and then he pulse off the mask. >> i know. i don't even have no words for that. both lavish spending vote owe anter religious order were transported to med star washington center. he could be out of the hospital by tomorrow. tearer religious order's granddaughter tells us that she is in good spirits. mayor governor larry hogan threw his support behind drunk drivers. the bill is named for noaa lee owed a. the montgomery officer was killed in december. noaa's law is up for a final vote in the maryland statehouse. the law would require any convicted drunk driver with a blood alc
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hire to have an ignition lock device like this one installed in their vehicle. > developing tonight the ceo and the coo of the wounded warrior project were fired following investigation into lavish spending by the veterans charity. cbs news reports that steven nature dizzy anal giordano were fired by the charity's board today amid criticism of how they spent more than $800 million raised over the past four years. cbs reports that in 2014 alone the organization spent more than $26 million on lavish employee conferences. the wounded warrior project has raised more than # build since 2003. one person is under arrest after allegedly hitting banks in montgomery and prince george's county this afternoon. the robbery spree included four locations. three of them were hit in a span of 15 minutes than of. en off duty sergeant spotted a
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of the suspect's car. he quickly called for backup and the man was taken into custody. police have not release the name of the suspect because they say charges are still pending. a newses conference about this matter is scheduled for tomorrow. a construction worker was killed by a falling tree in temple hills today. the man was working at the construction site on yorkville road. crews were ring moving trees when one of them fell and hit a workerment his name tonight has not been release. > we are also learning more about the death of a former aid to russian president vladimir putin. ma kale lesson died inside of the dupont hotel back in of post office. an autopsy release -- an autopsy report today sealed that he died from blunt trauma to the head and upper body. following the incident they reported he died of a heart related. there is a new proposal to reimburse inconvenienced
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we will explain how that will work. also coming up tonight, from the rails to the roads, there are more than $80 million of unpaid parking tickets in the district. how come there's no pressure for people who live in maryland and virginia to settle up their unpaid fines. >> hey, mike. for the second day in a row the region reached 80-degrees. all good things must come to an end. what changes are in store, full forecast in just a minute. plus some farmers markets in the district have plans to sell more than fruits and veggies, soon
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> pretty scary moments for people inside a restaurant in gaithersburg. a car drove right into the front of the ls borons owe restaurant. one person was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. there is no word tonight what led to the accident, but a building inspector is assessing the damage. now to the district where dead beat drivers owe the city more than $80 million for parking tickets, speed camera, red light cam a and other moving violations. fox5's teisha lewis life in northwest with the story. teisha. >>reporter: tony, aaa crunched the numbers, release the report and their numbers are starting. it turns out the bulk of the offenders, seven out of ten are in virginia and maryland and there's a reason for why these folks are apparently not paying.
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according to aaa it's likely due because the consequentials are delayed and delayed and limited if you live outside the city. in can pennsylvania, your traffic tickets may not be reported to the dmv and you don't have to deal with your wages being garnered or your tax returns being garnered and things like that. and there's more. if you live in the district of columbia they can cease your district income tax check. but if it's hands off if you don't live in d.c. they're turning those persons who live outside the district over to debt collectors. which adds more time to the district. the dead beats life in maryland, virginia and in other states. > all jokes aside, maryland and virginia offenders owe the district the most money. people who live in the maryland owe almost $36 million in unpaid tickets. people who live in virginia owe almost $21 million in unpaid tickets
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owe $21 million in unpaid tickets. combined forbs says that ' he in you have to buy two gulf extreme jets or two trips to outer space or four private bohemian islands. i'm tired of paying so many tickets here. truss me. do you pay them right away? >> welell, i usually wait like - you know, they give you like 30 days to pay the tickets and i pay them like probably 20 days. larry rogers lives in springdale, maryland and offers this advice to the ticket offenders on the lament. if you come to one game, that's good. you see where i'm parked, i'm parked on the street. i don't like $20 parking garages. you can get away with it if you park in the garage. you try parking on the right for four dollars, then you need to pay your parking ticket. > so far this year, delinquent moto
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than a quarter million citations and counting. d.c. is not alen in this problem. we've looked at other cities of comparable sizes, including new york, chicago and la and they have a bigger problem. > metro is considering reimbursing its customers to enter a station and then exit without boarding a train. under its budget for the 2017 fiscal year metro would reimburse passengers if they exit the same station within 15 minutes of entering. this would help better accommodate passengers who are affected by service disruptions and delayed trains and decide i'm not waiting for this. i'm going to do something else. the financial committee above the plan today. it goes to the board for approval. it could go into effect by july 1. the cost of building metro's purple line is only getting pricier. metro transportation officials is asking montgomery county to
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additional costs. that's what's needed to build the metro line. the cost of connecting the new line with the bethesda metro has doubled under a new state contract with a team of private companies. the d.c. streetcar program is really taking off. in it's first ten days of service the free streetcar on h street has provided people with nearly 30,000 trips. nearly 8,000 of those trips happened on opening day back in february. the system will be free to ride for the first six months. not a bad deal. > eagle at watch 2016 is underway. one of two bald for example l eggs could any day now. let's take a life look. this is a life video extreme. i don't know if this is mr. president or the first lady, but whoever it is, it looks like they're napping right now. their egg due date is next tuesday, march 15. the egg was laid on february 10 objectn
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day was laid on valentine's day. that egg is expected to hatch a few days later. you can keep a watch on the eagles 24/7 if that's what you want to do. we have a link on this web cam on fox5 is that a life shot because there's been no moment. >> it's sleep. > do they sleep with their eyes open. >> can we google that? maybe they stay like that. there's got to be a little bit of a light. that's kind of annoying. that's why he looks so mad. somebody is watching me and i'm trying to sleep. > i wish we do blow to kind of make him do something. > are you google that? >> i am going to governor christie l that. > let's talk about the weather, a gorgeous day, tomorrow a little change. >> we have a cold front coming through later tonight and by tomorrow afternoon back to the sun. more pleasant tomorrow,
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70s. what a year we've had. let's do a quick review of 2016 so far. did you find the answer. eagles do have eyelids that close while they're asleep. tomorrow isç going to be love . >> it's been a wild weather january. let's go back to january, one of the worst blizards of all time. now we've got 80s. we've also had a tornado outbreak and we've already had our first hurricane in the season back in january. it's been a busy weather year so far. spring has not even officially started yet. but we're already seeing signs of spring. we've had people kind of he in you have to send us their photos in. thank you so much to in a tasha. sending in some early blooms out there on the trees and actually the yearly plumes are causing a lot of allergy issues. tree pollen is well
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it is for this time of air. temperatures also well above where they should be. 79 at reagan. dulles, bwi second day of in a row with record highs. here's a look at temperatures around the region. nice drop in d.c., but still well above normal 66-degrees. 70 for gaithersburg, 72 at manassas, quantico 73. 60s north and west. 67 for hagerstown. satellite and radar there's your rain shower activity. there's a cold front hanging out to the north and west. it will swing through later tonight. the only 50s and # 0s for overnight lowe's tonight, the cold front makes it's' pay south, it brings a shower or two. but it loses a lot ofeny as it comes through. just a couple of scattered overnight showers, maybe one or two lingers into the first part of tomorrow. but tomorrow afternoon we're back to the sunshine. a new ar
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builds in. it will dry can us out and allows ties tomorrow only to reach the 60s and 70s. in fact, here they are. 70 at washington, 66 at gaithersburg, 66 for frederick as well. 67-degrees for dulles. taking a look at your fox5 accuweather seven day forecast. saturday is a big day around here. we do have the rock and local marathon. you're going down to the raise, chilly, 48-degrees, but it will be dry. taking a look at the end of the week we actually warm up nicely, 75, 74-degrees for st. patrick's day. that's a look at the weather. i like my weather with a side of sports. jim. it looks like football off the top 6789 redskins continuing to dip their toes into the free agent waters. they have a shot of some hometown talent. gm scott muck lou and, from his time with the
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let's talk basketball right now. big east quarter finals. they had to up seed villanova. three pointer team high 18 points, georgetown up 47-46, but then villanova took over. issac cope land gets blocked. ryan area situated ohio con owe hits a three of his own. georgetown loses 81-67. third loss of the season to villanova. they finish with their worst record. kevin larson and george washington facing st. louis, the colonials needed a big showing to make the dance. second half st. louis tries to kick it out. it is stolen by joe mcdonald. a dunk, game high 19 points. gw wins 73 to 65 facing st. joe's tomorrow, 2. 30 in the
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down the street, virginia facing georgia tech. malcolm brog done in the first half, he had it working first from the outside, moving without the ball. he hits the three. i feel like this is a dr. seuss thing. later on in the first half, he scoops it in off the glass. brog den hitting ten of 15 shots. virginia coasts to 72-57 victory. late game going on, miami and gym, miami led by one at the half, but then the hokeys led by angel rodriquez he hit three consecutive three pointers to give miami a nine-point advantage. after the three flurry more rodriquez, the steel, the lay in, final minutes, miami right now leading by eight and that is a look at all the basketball going on. selection sunday is a few days from now so we're
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who is going to make the big dance and who won't. march madness. do we want tea the life shot first again of the eagle? we're going to do that later. >> yes. > still ahead, how one d.c. bar is making patrons pay to charge their mobile phones. and they're not charging in dollars or cents,
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it happens all the time. someone walks into a phone and asks if they can charge their mobile phone in an outlet behind the bar. mow one d.c. establishment is tired of being mistaken for a charging station. so they're making patrons pay with their pride. so we are talking about the public over on eighth street,ó0& instead of paying to charge the cellphones they're making patrons wear the hat in the cat. no one gets a free pass, not even bug employees.
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>> that's not so bad. > it could be worse. it could be a lot worse. > there's a new twist for d.c. farmer's markets or a shake or a stir, depending on your preferences. a new law is allowing them to sell alcohol. it will allow farmers markets to provide the alcohol tastings which then can be sold at their market stand. they permits vary from 300 to $500 depending on if the market wants to sell beer, wine, or beer, wine and spirits. > the image we were looking at was frozen. >> it's moving. and its eyes are now closed. she is sitting on the egg keeping the egg warm. > very good. >> both eggs i should say. we were going to bring you our tbt pictures. unfortunately our tbt system froze up as vwell and we can't
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it. we're sorry. same system as eagle cam. > keep them coming. stay tuned, tmz is next. we will ' you back here tomorrow beginning at 5, 6, 10, # 1.
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