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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 15, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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right now. right now at 11:00, an eyewitness account of the shooting that took the life of a maryland police officer. >> i just saw him reach into his coat. when he reached into his coat, i said oh, he's going to start shooting. >> what we've learned about the three brothers accused in the ambush-style attack in the front of the police station and the young officer who was days away from celebrating his 29th birthday. >> plus a fire inside of a metro tunnel calls for overnight repair work. will the transit system be back on track for your tuesday morning commute? fox 5 local news at 11 starts now. >> i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. we begin tonight with the latest in the death of prince george's county police detective jacai colson. he died after a gunman opened fire outside the district 3 police station. >> tonight three brothers are in
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custody. marina marraco is live in palmer park and we learned today that detective colson died from friendly fire. >> reporter: he did. and that makes this story that much more tragic, if that's even possible. one of his colleagues shooting detective colson, shooting him kritly here on -- critically and ultimately he died. the chief saying tonight that detective colson displayed extreme heroism because he basically walked upon that gun battle and when he saw what he did, mind you, he was off duty in an unmarked vehicle with no uniform and no body armor and yet still he engaged that suspect and the chief says it was that extreme heroism that allowed those officers to then neutralize the threat. >> he kept yelling come out and confront me. i'm ready for you. i'm ready for you. >> reporter: for nearly 10 nu
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her front door as she says this man stood in the middle of the street facing prince george's county district 3 police station threatening officers. >> he reached, put his hand in his coat and i said oh, my god, he's going to shoot or something. so i came back in then and i looked out here and i was looking out the window. and then i heard some gunshots, like pow pow pow. oh, my god they're shooting at each other. >> reporter: the chief believes michael ford used anything in sight to get the attention of officers. >> they fired at this citizen's car, fired at this citizen's car, fired at an ambulance, fired randomly. >> reporter: and closely behind investigators say michael ford's brothers sat silently without warning police and videotaped what investigators believed would turn out to be suicide by cop. >> this was callously recorded and could have bee
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>> from surveillance video investigators determined michael ford fired off a magazine and reloaded his handgun. it was then that detective jacai colson pulled up to the station. >> and then detective colson was arriving in an unmarked vehicle and found himself in the middle of a gun fight. he immediately engages with the shooter as he exits that vehicle. he is dressed in civilian clothes. he is not wearing body armor. >> reporter: the detective's parents listened publicly to details about their son's death. the chief says colson engaged the suspect allowing officers to neutralize the threat but it was also then when colson was critically shot. >> circumstantially, we believe the fired round that led to detective colson's death was fired by one of prince george's county police officers reacting to this. something that could have been prevented, could have been stopped. >> forensics will
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determine which of the six officers who fired rounds ultimately took the life of one of their own. >> they are now in a position of advantage but they don't know because of where they were when they began exactly what they're facing and it is in this confusion we believe that the errant round struck detective colson. >> i went to that window and there was so many, you know, like pow pow pow all over. i said i better get away from that window too. so i ran into the bathroom and stayed but i heard almost 50 or 100 gunshots. >> and the chief adding today that michael ford, the alleged shooter, does have a history of mental illness. however he had no outstanding warrant for his arrest. all three brothers facing a total of 23 charges. everything from conspiracy to submit murder to second degree murder. >> the three brothers tonight are behind bars connected to this case. police say michael ford was
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gun man. fox 5 has learned that ford had a troubled past. the two brothers were sitting in cars near the entd rans to the police station when michael opened fire. the brothers alengdly recorded the shootings as they sat nearby. today we spoke with the family's pastor and their aunt. >> we're praying for the police officer and his family. we feel sorry for them. praying for michael too. >> we want to know why did all of this happened. what caused this. we don't know. >> according to police michael ford also opened fire on a passing ambulance and two other vehicles. police eventually shot him. he is expected to recover. you may remember less than a month ago police in prince william county virginia were dealing with a similar loss, the loss of rookie ashley guindon. police say ronald hamilton shot and killed her as she was
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responding to a domestic violence call. two other officers were hurt during that shooting. they are both recovering. >> right now crews are working to repair damage to a metro tunnel following a fire around 4:30 this morning. the fire started in the tunnel near the mcpherson square station and damaged several cables that are being replaced in order to hopefully restore full service by tomorrow morning. sarah simmons is live at the mcpherson metro station now and any word on whether or not they think they'll be able to finish that work by tomorrow morning? >> reporter: that is still the hope. they don't want another crazy commute like they had this morning. they're going to work throughout the night to make sure they can get back to service restored by the morning rush hour. the suspended service started at about 9:00 p.m. tonight between foggy bottom and federal triangle stations as they worked to make those repairs from
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fire from the mcpherson square station a tunnel here that we were talking about earlier on. they are providing shuttle bus service between the affected stations for the remainder of the operating tonight. because of all the delays, anyone that was traveling the orange, blue and silver lines tonight, they are encouraged to find other means of travel. it was a cable fire as you mentioned that broke out this morning that caused that messy commute. riders ended up taking shuttle buses around the affected areas. the general manager spoke about those problems today and how the confusion came at such a bad time, right during the rush hour. >> it's a tough situation to happen right at the peak of the peak when you have the buses deployed everywhere else in the entire system you're trying to serve those needs and at the same time you're trying to come back and meet a huge push like that. the timing could not be worse from that perspective. but again, we've got to keep hammering away at the core issues, fix those so
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prevent these issues from happening. >> something that's also helping push metro along as well is of course more oversight from the federal transit administration and also the ntsb. they've been under very close scrutiny ever since that smoke in the tunnel incident back in january 2015. so hopefully by tomorrow morning this service should be restored and everything should be hopefully back to normal, tony. back to you. >> all right, sarah, thank you very much. meanwhile metro is trying to make its service more convenient for passengers. the transit agency is testing an app for bus eta. it would provide real time bus arrival information every 30 seconds. metro is asking riders to test out the app ahead of it's formal launch in april. in addition to potential metro delays in the morning, we're also looking at the chance of some rain for your morning comm
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we're seeing a pretty impressive cluster of showers and some imbedded thunderstorms down to our south and west. as that is pushing in our direction, it's weakening out. i think this will scatter out to some showers tomorrow morning. it will be damp and cloudy and on the drizzly and foggy side as well. the more hardy showers and thunderstorms around the charlottesville area. and i can see there's some pretty good lightning again pushing up in our direction. but i think after 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, you may hear some of that a little bit south and west. the heavier rain will stay through central virginia and off to the west in the potomac highlands. it is 48 degrees right now. we have not dropped in the last little while. temperatures will generally stay in the 40s tonight because of the clouds and yes, even a little bit of fog. it's not terrible, but in a few spots the visibility is a little bit lower like winchester down
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i'm not expecting thick fog. that means for the kids at the bus stop a range of 43-50. after school should be a little bit brighter, temperatures 58-65 degrees and it definitely should be drier as well. we'll talk about the rest of your tuesday as well as wednesday and the 7-day forecast, final days of winter, shawn, coming up in just a few minutes. >> let's celebrate! an american member of the islamic state terror group has surrendered in northern iraq. the man you see in this video, 27 years old from alexandria, virginia. he surrendered this morning. >> where are you from? >> united states. >> the man was carrying with him a large amount of cash, three
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identification including a united states driver's license, he is currently being held by troops for interrogation. a two-year-old killed by a van while crossing the street was remembered at a vigil. they were hit in the crosswalk. the child's grandmother broke both of her legs. >> a dc man has been sentenced to nine years in prison for beating a homeless woman with a basketball bat. he attacked the woman last august in the area of mere yam's kitchen on 24th street. he asked allen for privacy as she put medication on her stomach. that's when allen started yelling at her. the victim called the 11. when she got off the phone allen took out a metal bat nd hit the woman several times causing her to s
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>> could bernie sanders sweep hillary clinton in tomorrow's primaries and will donald trump be charged with inciting a riot. >> eight local firefighters are recovering after they were hurt on the job this morning. what happened when they responded to a call for help. >> and sarah palin's husband todd is in the
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eight firefighters were hurt in montgomery county when the wall of a townhouse came crashing down. this video is from montgomery county fire and rescue. it captures the collapse that happened early this morning.
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put the flames out. all eight firefighters are expected to be okay. we're told one of them was seriously hurt. three families are now without homes due to the fire damage. we have a warning for parents who live in chevy chase, maryland. police say a suspicious man has been approaching children in that community. he tried to lure two little boys into his vehicle. he is described as being in his 50s or 60s with gray hair and a beard and was last seen driving a green or blue sedan. police have stepped up patrols in the area. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> as you know, tuesday is another big primary day for presidential hopefuls and it appears democrat bernie sanders may have an edge over hillary clinton in several midwest states. five states are holding primaries tomorrow including illinois where one poll has sanders with a 2-point lead. sands
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in ohio and missouri. today he spoke to a crowd in youngstown, ohio. mrs. clinton is favored to win in north carolina. she met with uniworkers in chicago hoping to lock down their votes. a north carolina sheriff is considering charging donald trump with inciting a riot. police received nearly 100 complaints from this event. tonight an attorney for the sheriff's department says well the charges against trump are unlikely, although they are still being considered. >> sarah palin's husband todd is recovering in the hospital tonight following a serious snow mobile accident. she made a surprise appearance following the reports that her husband was in the hospital. there are reports that todd is in
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sarah confirmed the reports and called her husband the toughest guy she knows. >> it is time to talk about the weather. >> the weather. >> it's kind of a let-down after last week. >> it is. no doubt about it. but it will get a little bit better. it starts out gray, drizzly. as the afternoon goes on, i think the clouds will thin out. i think, because a lot of times we're in this type of pattern, it's really hard to get red of it. but wednesday is looking good. so if we don't get a lot of sunshine tomorrow, we'll make it up to you on wednesday. and we are watching very closely the eagles' nest. we think one of the babies is about to hatch. this is the live feed i understand there's a little hole in one of the eggs. i'm not sure if's the mom or the dad. whoever it is is sleeping. i love seeing his little head tucked under the wing. we are excited to see what happens and you can watch this fromom
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we have a link to the web cam at it's fun to watch them and glad to see the camera is not disturbing their rest tonight. fun to watch and we'll keep you posted if we see anything happening later today or during the early morning news. tuesday morning we'll feature a few showers around here. i don't think it's a huge wash-out it might slow you down just a little bit. we are five days away until spring. it's going to come in on sunday. it could be an interesting day on sunday too because we could have a storm that's mainly a cold rain that might end with a little bit of snow. love the way the seasons switch up on us. radar tonight showing us a few showers, rumbles of thunder down to our south. the more substantial rain will be through central virginia and out to the west but we'll have a few showers that roll in here later as this front tries to get moving a lil bit. we've had a lot of northeast wind which kept us cooler, drizzly and cloudy. we had about
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reagan earlier today. we'll start on the chilly side as that front tries to get in a little bit closer. gorgeous picture sent into us, thank you so much jason. sunrise tomorrow is 7:18. i think the temperature about 37 degrees and i do think it will be rather damp and have the kids ready for a few showers. our temperature at 8:00 in the morning with a little bit of fog, 47 degrees but it could be cooler, it could be down to 42 as you head out toward the martinsburg area and hagerstown, 47 one of the wormer spots here in the city. about 54 degrees, notice we don't have any rain in the forecast and by the time we get to 5:00, maybe a little bit of late sun starting to show up with the temperature of 62. so the next couple of days, a little bit of drizzle, a drier afternoon tomorrow. a couple of showers. wednesday should be a nice day. 74 degrees. can't rule out a shower. can't even rule out an
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rumble later in the day as a frontal boundary tries to get closer. the wedge will break and the warmth comes in right on deck there will a boundary that's going to be a little more chill and comfortable temperatures in the afternoon but a little bit of forecast and freeze potential as we get on into the weekend. so you don't want to plant too early this time of year even though we've had some promising signs of warmer days. thursday, st. patrick's day. 65 degrees. here's what we're thinking in terms of the forecast around town. there could be a couple of showers around. 11:00 a.m. 57 degrees, by 2:00, 63. and by 5:00 watch for the showers end about 62. back to your 7-day forecast and into the weekend we go with a little bit of unsettled weather on sunday. spring begins, our temperature 54. a rainy day that could end with a little bit of snow to some spots to the west. a little bit of up and down no doubt about th
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absolutely terrible time to play their worst basketball of the season. >> tonight some good news. a chance to cut the deficit with the team that they are chazing, the detroit pistons as the two hooked up at the verizon center. the wizards off to a great start early going. john wall he out races everyone for the jam. he had 15 points and the bench was into it. later first quarter off another wall, alley oop, gortat with 16 poins. nene, a huge game off the bench, check out the monster jam. he had 20 points. yes, in just 15 minutes. 20 points in 15 minutes. the wizards cruise 124-81. the 43-point win, the biggest since 2002 for the
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they trail for the eighth and final playoff game in the east. that was the scene tonight in college park. the maryland women's basketball team thrilled to learn they earned a second seed in the ncaa tournament. a win for them means another home game against either washington or penn on monday. >> it's huge and the fact that you get to sleep in your own beds and have your own routine and obviously then to play in front of the best fans in the country. so you have that routine, that rhythm being on your own home court and to be able to have that crowd behind you. >> today the redskins added another player to the re-signed list. corner back agreeing to a two-year deal. last season he played in 15 games. he had two interceptions and also contributed three forced fumbles and two fumbl
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one teacher just received a $1 million prize for being an exceptional educator. today pope francis awarded her with the $1 million global teacher prize which is an annual award. >> more than 8,000 teachers around the world applied. she was selected for teaching her students to live peaceful, violent-free public lives. public figures sat on a committee that helped choose her as the winner. >> congratulat
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