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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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where did you get. it there's a lot of talk about the fashion on the show. and which is good. >>♪ in hollywood, fox news. right now at 11. met row's 24 hours emergency inspection of entire metro rail system uncovers some alarming conditions. >> metro teams have identified 26 errors where damaged jumper cables and boots exist. >> will the repair work be complete in time for thursday morning commute. >> and intense fire at a temple hills apartment building and what firefighters were up against as they fought the blaze. >> plus, new details on the investigation of the prince george county police officer killed by friendly fire during a shootout. he was intended target.
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"fox5 local news at 11" starts right now. we begin tonight with the latest progress in metro rails up inspections thank you for joining us i'm tony perkins. >> ip shawn yancy. >> today's emergency inspection found dangerous conditions and the big question tonight is will the repair work be completed for smooth morning commute. >> jim loke is live at metro headquarters northwest with the latest, jim. >> shawn and town yes metro sent out add sciencery for tomorrow app i want to break this down for you if you take metro tomorrow let's reiterate what i told you before trains on red, yellow and green will be normal tomorrow morning starting 5 p.m. and however the main problem seems to be the blue orange and silver line this is metro plain now. if there's problem le foggy bottom station which is where many problems were found in fact one of the show stoppers cables were so danl philadelphia they cannot repair by 5 a.m. tomorrow we'll see stingle tracking tomorrow between collarton and foggy
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bottom and run orange and silver between wrist inand largo in addition blue line would be over the yellow line bring. it's a lot of information we got it from metro a minute ago. i want to show you the work they've been doing. the crew from been out there all day long fanning out trying to find the 600 or show jumper tables they power the third rail. you get a sense of how serious it was in spots. you're looking inside foggy bottom station where crews have the most work ahead of them tonight. we also know that stunning admission that came out tonight that caught us off guard moins dent in mcpherson the one that had it started in the first place had had happened late were more traffic and riders take a listen. >> it would have been very similar i believe to the la fonte plaza again it depend where the train had been in the instance but clearly conditions were very similar to what we experienced at the la front plaza. mein
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so now i've got to come one a different strategy than the one we followed apparently. >> and you heard him use the word show stoppers something we normally don't talk about in terms of mass transit. three mish use out there with the jumper cables and metro says they're the most important to take care of foggy bottom. another one at mcpherson and potomac avenue. once again let's break it down tomorrow morning. if you ride the yellow line, green line, red line, you will be fine. main concern involves blue line, orange line and silver lines and it's all contingent upon whether or not they can wrap up the work at foggy bottom by 5 a.m. if you go to bed the best bet seep your phone going check out app in the morning and tune into "fox5 news morning" tomorrow we'll keep you updated to know what to expect with when he head out the door. good news at least we know metro rail service will run in some way shape or form starting 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. live outside met row headquarters i'm jim lokay
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"fox5 local news". >> we'll remind you we'll have this information in a few moments on the web site at dox there's breaking news out of northeast d.c. tonight i 295 northbound closed near bening road, 295 northbound closed near bening road while place investigate a death. they say a man was found shot inside of a car. we know homicide has been called to the scene. and we'll bring you more information as it comes into the newsroom. >> it was all for for residents of this apartment complex on st. barnabus road. marina morocco has the latest [ beeps ]. >> second alarm. >> flames nearly destroyed this marlowe heights apartment buildi
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trucks and engine from prince george county, fairfax and alexandria showed up at the flee alarm fire visible from across the potomac in virginia. >> i thought it was my apartment building and i ran here and see it's one of my friends' building i thought it was crazy. >> scary call for crews despite a roof collapse everyone got out safely. >> we believe there were people jumping from balconies and have not found injuries and have met with building management and identified all of the occupant occupants. >> fast moving flames and intense smoke left residents questioning time it took fire tight others to gets on scene. >> i waited 20 to 25 minutes until i saw first responders come out. >> one resident said he was not waiting and raised inside. >> we tried to break the door down toy pulled the fire alarm. >> 1829 -- on the scene. >> the chief says response time here was exactly what crews aim for. >> we know the call
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6:23 and firefighters on the scene 6:28 p.m. it was five minutes and two seconds from the time the call was received. >> it could be anybody. it could be anybody. that was too much time have them respond. >> a lot of times when people see that fire coming out of the building first of all no one has made a 911 notification f no one makes that notification we don't know about the fire and also when you're under that pressure, time is compressed and what's five minutes may seem like an hour. >> that was "fox5" marina morocco reporting the cause of the fire is still under investigation. tonight we learned a case of mistaken identity led to the death of prince george county police detective. jacai colson died in midst of shootout and pulled up in plain colleges unmarked card after ford opened fire on the third district police station. detective colson fired at ford to try to stop the shooting rampage. in the mist of chaos another officer miss took him for a gunman and fatally
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>> i do not believe that any police officer intention alley fired at another police office officer. i believe that a police officer fired at an armed individual who they perceive to be a threat to them. >> police determined four officers were firing weapons during the shootout with ford and state's attorney said every aspect of shooting is now under investigation and they're following protocol for a shooting involveing a police officer. in the district police looking for three people who visually attacked a man as he entered a columbia heights apartment building and surveillance caught the attack and it happened last wednesday at 15 and euclid street northwest and suspects beat the man and took his backpack and take a close look if you recognize any of these guys. police are offering a 1,000 reward for information leading to arrests. >> a university of virginia student has been sentenced to 15 years of hard
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korea. today the country supreme court handed down the sentence for 2 21-year-old otto warmbuyer convicted of crimes against the state as he confessed to stea stealing propaganda post frer his hotel in january. one buyer was part of tourist group visitsing north korea to celebrate the new year. >> president obama announced his pick to replace anton oyn scalia on the court. he nomvuyo nated merrick
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that's why fox news is now canceling next tuesday's republican presidential debate in utah. this morning donald trump said he would not attend and ohio governor john kasich backed out and ted cruz said he was pill willing to debate anyone that showed up. trump said he was scheduled to speak at another event and he only found out about the debate recently and could not cancel the previous commitment. >> all right a local school was recently renamed for a prince william county community leader not certain on board with the plan. tisha lewis is her with the plan. >> it was supposed to be historic compromise after a fallen firefighter and remai remaiming middle school after a khunty leader. well you know what, that fueled a fire storm. we're next with the story. >> nice to see tisha out there with a coat. can apartment ey
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than afternoon high for the day. not quite as warm for st. st. patrick's day celebration on thursday. but still i think very lucky day indeed. we'll have details what you can expect, tony. >> plus parents both running for oval office did you know he van ka trump and chelsea clinton are friend and what he van ka has to say about maintaining the relationship in the tough political climate. ♪ the copfy dense singer is marking four years of sobriety. laugh at owe credits boyfriend actor for being instrumental in her recovery.
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>> "fox5" is in prince william county tonight. school board members have quite an ear full with the vote of renaming the school. >> live in nals with the couldn't versey. tash tisha lewis we thought this was over and initially everyone was happy about. >> tone yain sthawn was a story we first reported when the initial story happened
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elementary school after its first fallen firefighter kyle wilson. well, in historic move earlier this month the board decided to compromise. so they decided to name its ne newest elementary school after wilson and rename a middle school godwin middle school in particular after community leader dr. george hampton. both sides were very passionate about all this and in the end a compromise was solution, a perfect solution to some. but outrageous to others. now, just to bring you up to speed. hamilton is a community leader and philanthropist and also educator and he's also a retired lieutenant colonel and made his mark in this community. the board approved a joint propose tool name the new elementary school after the fallen firefighter and middle school after hamilton on march 2. board member david will be introduced that proposal but for some it was not a happy
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ending. days later police confirmed that will be received a note with racial slur fwlapd confederate flag. tonight community members packed tonight's regularly scheduled board meeting to voice opposition to godwin middle cool named after hampto hampton. michelle powell was one of several people who spoke against renaming of godwin she's fifth year 7 hj grade teacher and said the public should have had imput. >> how i can justify to my students that this decision was just and right without any input from them in the community tim fact. >> and school, students, and parents should ab forwarded the same right and perfect school regulations. >> and this is unusual situation again it arose as a rut of compromise. but the school board was really looking to do something right here. they were looking to honor two individuals that served our community and two individuals that serve
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legacies serve as inspiration for future students. if will be nimd after kyle wilson and godwin will be named off george hampton and phil ab b cab otts you just heard as far as he's concerned no rules were broken even we're continuing to a previously scheduled meeting to discuss the county budget and there is would be unpress departmented for the board to rescind its decision tisha lewis fox 5 local news. >> all right let's get right to the weather tonight. it was beautiful today yes. >> it's not bad showers are long gone tracked 66 through the disstraight an a lot of pictures september in through social media and more photo ops tomorrow. tomorrow looking like a nice day.
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and pretty spotty most areas. are you seeing good signs of spring. we want towsend us signs of spring and we got a real good one today. you know we've been keeping a close eye on eagles nesting two eaglele et cetera potentially born at any time. william cornish one of my twitter followers spotted a real eagle in the sky. it looked like it was shift change. maybe a pair of nesting eagles as well. i put that on my twitter feed. maybe lucky photos tomorrow, too, certainly a lot of green around and good at of sunshine for our day and georgous this was actually sunset photo and i'm using it to tell about sunrise tomorrow morning which will be 7:16 this picture taken by remanda eld ridge. surprise temperature for st. st. pat's about 50. we'll probably get to 68 now in the afternoon a little bit of preez. few
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there. but really that's gay looking day. temperature on friday closer to our average of 60. our average is 56. 60 on friday. so you can see we're in the process of starting to cool down as we get into friday and then even colder for the weekend. got to talk about the weekend just a moment we'll do that. 56 current temperature in district. you're still 64 at dulles and down to 49 call pep erin 54 fredericksburg and again we expect to bottom out around 50 overnight that will be sunrise temperature as well. we start out with good sunshine and clouds in the afternoon and maybe a spotty shower getting up to 68. notice winds out of southwest 15 to 25. real noticeable breezes and helping to pump temperatures up. that's for sure. 71 fredericksburg and 69 quantico and our frontal boundary will come through and gradual process of cooling us down begins as we get on to friday. but the weekend also want to talk about the scenario because we're continuing to watch placement of low pressure at the coast
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to sunday and we think it will be chilly rain and mixed with snow and maybe in some areas enough snow to put a slushy coating on the grass. and maybe even enough snow for winter weather advisories in the mountains that is saturday night to sunday. and that's why on your weekend forecast you're going to see a few snow showers, 46 for the sunday and again that mix may come into play just as we welcome in the first dave spring. you got to love the irony there right "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast and by the time we get to monday chance of showers and lingering from the same system as it pulls up the coast 49. tuesday, 50, sun and clouds and warming up again on wednesday. back to sun and clouds and temperature of 59. that's your forecast. shawn, tony, back to you. >> thank you, sue. >> earlier this week the wizards blew out the pistons by 43 points to end season long five game losing streak. >> at any time wizards hosting chicago bulls with chance to creep closer to a playoff spot. first half long distance shooting
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he sanction his first five shots all of them three pointers and finished with 15 points and the wizard led by 11 at the half. john wall had one of his finest performances of the season and check thought clean block on jimmy butler. offense just as good and scored game high 29 point and handout twelve assist and wizards cruise 117 to 9 6 trailing bulls and pistons by game an a half for 8th and final playoff spot in the east. >> george washington missed out on ncaa tournament and tonight they made history and they posted hofstra in first nit peerps. gw built a lead and in the final second game tied up. alex mitola grad student and shortest player on the team hit the shot with two seconds to government hofstra got one last chance. but the half court shot was no good, baby. gw won 2-08 and will face monday mouth
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>> former nationals first bas baseman adam la roach retired despite one years and 18 million left on his contract. white sox kenny williams asked la roach to bringing his 1 14-year-old son drake to the club house. >> this was not a problem with la roach was with the national his was i fixture alternates park during the sports season in d.c.. he called drake the team's 26th man. >> he tweeted thank you lord for the game of baseball and giving me way more than i ever deserved #family first. yes. several of former nats teammates tweeted support including bryce harper good for you roach nothing like father an snon club house it's a family game #family first. >> 13 million dollars. >> i gets it. >> family first. >> i get. >> still ahead ie vank trum
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>> chelsea and ivanka are not letting political campaigns get way with friendship. >> they have been friend for years. >> ivanka said i have great respect for her she's a great friend to pe and i've been a great friend to her. politics of our parents is not relevant to our friendship. and ivanka currently expecting third child and chelsea pregnant with baby two. very cool. for all of those of you out there eagle watch right now. >> those are the eggs. >> there's a little crack i can see it. >> now that's. >> that's a tiny crack been there 24 hours. we just received this image of one of the eagle eggs being closely guarded by mr. mr. president and first lady again as we said there's a tiny crack there and it's called a pit. that is what we are told.
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that's when a small crack appears in egg before the baby eaglet begins to emerge. do we have a live feed. can we pull that up to see what's going on. we can see tips there in the egg. there's a live feed. you can see that somebody is sleeping. >> there's too much action there under moment. >> this say live picture. >> he or she is sleeping. so i think that might be daddy think is what it is. kind of see a little differenc difference. >> maybe we'll have a st. st. patrick's day birth. >> that would be nice. >> i love watching this. i lover when they're awake and move around. yeah. >> all right. >> all right. >> excited. >> lots of nesting cog going on. i got another picture from william who sent a picture and he said those birds he september on twitter are also nesting. >> it's that time of year folk folks. >> yes, it is. >> good night
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: to think of george lucas and what you would imagine him eating for lunch. >> he stopped in at a department store food court to have $6 noodles. harvey: i love those noodles. >> it's like noodles and rice. this guy invented "star wars." >> you know what, his wife won't let him have these noodles. so he went to the mall and got the noodles. >> yeah, that's it. >> jared fogle was attacked by an inmate in prison who was sick of child molesters. so there's a gentlemen named steven nigg. >> why did you look over here? why did you look over here? >> rihanna had a performance in miami. the most interesting part is the ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend tension that they had.


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