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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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metro was back open for business. we'll hear from the transit agency's general manager on thee shutdown and what's next. then we're on for examplelet watch at the national usherette objection to the form and we'll a watch on the latest bald eagle. > fox5 local news starts right now. we thank you for joining usoini tonight at 11.1. i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. police in montgomery county maryland arent out in force fore hoping to keep the drunk drivers off the road. the marina maracco has more tonighti from bethesda where more than several checkpoints have beens a set up. >>reporter: a busy night forfor the bars but also for local police departments. tonight we road along with the dui king, he's a police officer that is known for detecting d signs of drunk driving,ç but for pulling over and locking upup repeat
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in bethesda on wisconsin avenue, just across the street from nih. this hits close to home for montgomery county policery c officers. you'll remember back in december, 24 year old montgomery county police officer noaa leeee otto was working a dui check du point similar to this one when he was struck and killed by a suspected drunk driver. his parents have been staunch advocates of noaa's law which ic now headed to the state senate after being passed by the housee of delegates. the bill would require drunkequi drivers to have an ignition lock device on their steering wheelse everybody is irish. everybody is wearing green.gree i get it. everybody is irish and everybody is a professional drinker.ri that's the motto. they all drink their green boree and stuff like that.f li he could have a great time if they preplanned, if they just made the right choices.choi the problem is so am people go out and they probably
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their brain i'm going to haveave two, but the problem is they eny up having four, five, three shots and then their car is in the parking garage. they have to get home to germantown. what are they going to do,o, they're going to drive. the problem is when they drivere they're going to make a badbad decision every time.very i think with noaa's law comingon out. the family what they've done for the drunk driving laws in the state of maryland to make themhe tougher. i think if we look at them tougher we're going to make a change. the check point expected to lase through the night.ight > in montgomery county, marinay maracco, fox5 local news. > now, if you've had a little too much to drink and you youou need some help getting home, the washington regional alcoholalco program is offering sober rides. those 21 and older can receive a free cab ride home up to $30 across the dmv. rides are operating until fourni tomorrow if you need one please call
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1-800-100, taxi. > p in case you didn't know itn metro is back up and running tonight after an unprecedented 29-hour shutdown.tdow the system-wide safety system revealed 26 badly frayed wires. they've been replaced.epla sarah simmons is life tonight at the friendship heights stationsp with the latest. >>reporter: hey shawn, he certainly did get everyone's attention and people are starting to believe perhaps itea is a new day at metro. the general manager paul wheat field made a decision he knew would up end the lives of am people in the d.c. area, if not just about everyone. but he was not afraid to did it. he says it's important that they instill a culture of safety at the agency. he has heard, as you can imaginn from a lot of passengers overver the past 24 hours. he says most of them if not al
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were pretty much greatfulh because it was in the name of safety that shutdown.shut the work is far from over, though. he is working on a plan too replace all 600 cables in the future. he says the safety inspections will be more rigorous and more frequent moving forward. that was the recommendationio actually from federal officials back in january of 2015 after the l'enfant plaza deadly smoke incident. but for some reason it just wasn't happening much themuch general manager talked about what led up to his big decision to shutdown the entire system yesterday and how you'll see these quick decisions in the future as well. it was a combination of that. it was physically when i went out there, it was when i first got the report. of course my antenna is way up. when i get out there and i'm starting to learn there werehere some similarities to what we had experienced sh 14 months ago when i started saying give megie the information on x, y and z and that information was not --- i just was not comfortable with. it led me
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where i got to. i want to make the decision andd we're going to go and do ito i based on the safety and thehe customers and employees. > that's thousand we're goingnw to make the decisions.cisi > whether it feld says he acted quickly and decisively. that is how he operates. he is fully aware that am people are not confident in the system passengers including employees as well. he says that is the dwell for him to get this agency at a point where everybody feelsvery confident and they do not thinkk twice about stepping foot on a metro train.trai that's the latest here in northwest. sarah simmons, fox5 local news. > fox5 is in the districtistr tonight where mayor muriel bowser made a rare appearance today during a d.c. council hearing to support a plan thath has many at odds.odds we understand that meeting isis actually still going on. the issue they're talking about, new proposed homeless shelters all over the city. a new report from the washingtow post is asking
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only about the cost but also about the mayor's connections te some owners of the proposed sites. the post did some research andre said that some of thesese contracts have been awarded towr people who supported your >> okay. i don't really have have anything to say about that. council members agreed the timee to act is now but say the financing of these projects th needs to be reviewed. re > staying in the district, lawmakers on capital hillhi demanned answers today on the water crisis in flint, michigan. michigan's governor rick schneider testified before the house oversight and government reform committee.ommi flint's drinking water was contaminated with lead after she switched to a water source toe safe money. he admitted to the failings of his administration in thisthis crisis, but he says he doesn't plan to resign. this is a terrible tragedy. this has been the hum knowledgew experience of my life. i don't believe -- it's been far worse
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experience. i'm making a commitment to solvv this problem because people deserve better. flint switched to the new source for water in 2013.013. governor schneider says he didn't know about the elevated levels in 2015 when residents were told to stop drinking that water. > funerals arrangements have been made for gentleman coy colson. a viewing for detective colson will be held next thursday in beltsville followed by a memorial service in marlboro. he will then be buried in hishi hometown of pennsylvania on march 28. > a small sign honoring detective colson is now up onp the door to district 3 policelie station. the department posted this photo on twitter. you can see on the right doordor there's a bullet hole in the door. the read these who else the whoe nt
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face of gunfire to protect one o and all on march 13, 2016. > still to come, the for example let icelanding, we think. almost, we're keeping a close eye on eagle cam at the national arboretum. how local schools are using this excitement as a learningearn persons. >> it's been a learning experience for some of the big kids, too. last night we were told it was just about over. it's taking a while. kind of like the theme for winter. we thought it was over. we'll have more details for thee timing on that in just a few minutes. as we head to the break, here is a look at some of the throw bach thursday pictures you septembere us using hashtag fox5 tbt. thank you for sending them in. we'll be right back. k.
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> all right of the he would are still on for example let wash watch at this hour. josh, can you run the prompter. this is a life shot.. just a few moments ago, this eagle, i don't know if it's mr. president or first lady.dy. >> it's hard to see.s erier in the day it's a l can or picture image and then in the evening time it changes to be black and white.d one of the two eggs that's underneath one of these two days is in the process known as pinga a short timing a it looked liked we were close to see the newest debut. the parents dubbed the president and the first lady have beenve keeping a very protective watcho on the two little l eggs that are in that nest
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> my brother thought the eagles were very protective of their eggs and i told him that they th were not. > the eagles have not onlyly captured our attention but alsot the attention of the students at eagle academy charter school in southeast. students have been tracking then nest in the past week and even bringing home the lessons that they've learned.ey >> so sweat. am addicted to this.s. i have been watching this foris the past couple of days. come on little baby eagle we e want to he zoo you. earlier today we brought the dad eagle bring some fish to the nest.nest > got to keep mother happy.ppy. > let's check in with sue palka and find out weather wise what we're looking for weather wise. >> i'm worried about the snow and the eggs hatching. momma it's funny seeing her
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moving the straw around keepingd the eggs insulted.ed > another beautiful sunrise picture. thank you bertha may you haveave got a great eye. the temperature 46 as the count down to spring is on and it is only three days away but it may be coming in with a snowywy surprise. here's what we expect at the bus stop, temperatures between 40 and 48. so a little bit on the chilly school can. after the breeze school, theool, breeze will be noticeable. the breeze will be coming from a cool down that will take us into the weekend. you'll notice it tomorrow nightw more so than during the day on friday. our temperature tonight not badt at 57 grows.
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dawn. the clouds mind me.. a few clouds around tomorrow, but really a lot of sun getting through as well.h as a mild day at 64 and breezy wity winds out of the that's the front that is going to be coming on through.ough it will start off nice and thend the winds pick up cooler by evening and then the highd th pressure is going to be a big player for setting us fop for a rain/snow mix.. the weather service has us under a winter storm watch saturday night into sunday. there could be some accumulation in the blue areas.e bl if i had to put a number on itnb tonight which is really toughlly because temperatures will be a reel big player it could be an inch or two on grassy areas andd it could be more if it's colder. it also depend on the rate of snow that we we get, but the burst of it will be sundayda morning to sunday afternoon witt a little bit of snow possible. the told air will supply the system. here's our area of low pressure that will move to the coast and
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england so they may get a much bigger snowstorm than we're're going to get. we could get a few inches in the mountains and rain at the coast as the storm seems to bes to speeding up. it may effect us saturday afternoon with rain that may eventually mix with snow. 46-degrees. we'll top out at 49 at 67 as we get down toward manassas and a quick weekend look, showers beginning saturday afternoon. again may mix with some snow anw that bulk of accumulationumul between 8 in the morning and say three in the afternoon on saturday. it could go a little bit longer. it might be oneof those things o where it continues to snow and just doesn't stick to theick streets depending on thee temperatures. but it's real hard to get it to stick in march unless it's goins to be a much bigger storm thanor what we're going to be getting. it looks like the bermuda high is always in a warm position toi bring in the the southwest winds it looks like that's going to be bringing in
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next week. the run up to easter and the bloom for the cherry blossoms are. we showed you the accumulation for understood, early flurry even possible on monday. our temperatures will be important on monday. at 49 degrees our high pressurei is going to move in. frost and freeze on mondayday morning so don't plant too early. 52 for tuesday and then 68 on wednesday.we 74 for thursday. looking good for the snow loverw as well as the warm weather lovers allç in one seven day forecast. that's your jim, back over to you. productivity and offices in news rooms ceased march madness isnes upon us. with two local teams in the hunt. the interests goes far behindr the brackets. this is real deal. the calf letters off to a slow start but they would eventually
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malcolm zinc a virginia up 19 at thole half. but just before the half, a, about it of a scary moment there. head coach bennett collapsed at the floor. he was fine after he hydrated with lots of power raid whichowr happens to be the official spora draining of the ncaa. virginia wins by 36.. the school's largest margin of victory in a ncaa tournament game. i've been a little under thethe weather the last couple of dayss and then it goes bit dehydrated and then when you're squattinge down and you get up quick, i just grayed out or blacked out l little bit.le i was saying something to london. i didn't know what was going on and i was preparing just to makg sure he was okay.ay. it worked. i healed him. n. laughter). > by the way, singer tony bennett tweeted out i want to let myri
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coach bennett is okay after his fall. maryland tips things off tomorrow 46789. 30:00 p.m. against south dakota state in spokes and. here's what coach tour john has to say to his team. you want t have so much fun asav you can.e it's really important. it's a lot of pressure on these guys. the more fun that you can have when we're in between the lines. don't do it long and get everybody on the same page andd that's a good rest pee for success. the pros and the wizards looking for a third straight win in a season sweep of lowly sixers. john wall leads the break. marko goes up and under for the refers lay in. the wizards a 20-point lead but then the sixers tied it. i know. wall drives and drops to temple. all the way up and all the way in. the wizards win 99 to 94.
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they're 33-25. how about some good news, kids fighting cancer at the georgetown university hospital getting a big assist from a hockey team pediatric on colorado gist provided by the washington caps. founded by former caps defense mike green.mike the new room making an impression on those young patience. it's a lot happier and i think it's a lot better to come in for treatment with a happier placeae to come in instead of like a drab place which is never fun.n. they're going through so much that we really want their day-to-day to be the best possible experience that they can. the fact that they have commented that it seems brighter and feels brighter obviouslyusly makes us feel good.od. > the reason we play our game, the reason that we do what we do is to complete a positive energy around people.arou a loft of the families are in need of some positivity at timet and that's what
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by the way the caps play the pretors tomorrow at they don't need any more goodre car ma they've had a greatat season, but it's always nice to see them contributing to thee community. the wizards are trying to get it done. when we looked up and saw 24 points, the sixers it's not been their decade so far, but theyt h were pressing pretty hard.rd. we want to see some play off action. coming up one woman proves it's never too late to get anan education. that's right, herein credible story nearly three decades in the making.king we'll have that for you when wen come back. ack.
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that baffled mathematicians for centuries british professorrofe andrew wild set his mind tod figure it it on. he is the first to solve the equation known as format lastat here em treated back in 1637 it1 had stumped the world's brightest minds for more than 300 years. wise was awarded the prestige shoes able price which is knowne as the nobel prize of mathematics which also came with a check for $700,000. he solved this equation.quat i just sold it this weekend. i was a few days late. the graphic was gone. i was going to read what it say said. he said there is no solution for this problem with integers. it gives me the sat sweats. > congratulations.> c that's great. oldest person in that country's history to get
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she completed a thesis that show had gun three decades earlier. 91 year old could he let bull yea earned her doctorate earlier in geography. when asked with took her so long she said hey, i took a lot of breaks. she is not the oldest woman in the world to energy star her ph.d. by the way, we think about three decades taking a lot of breaks in between. in geography how much that world has changed. so much has changed in that time. i can't do math now. my kids bring it home and ind don't understand it. it's one plus one. geography is not a whole lot better. no, not at all the good night, ever
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>> today o"tmz" -- harvey: it looks like madonna may haveo pull a train because amtrak won't, she's so late. >> people couldn't even get home she waso late. >> therains had stopped running. >> so aren't therebers and cabs? harveythis is in briz-bane. >> brisbane and, y, we have cabs. [laughter] >> rihananna is filming a new musivideo. she's still not wearing any clothes. she's holding gun, which makes it hotter fosome reason. >>o, that's bad. >> whys it bad? >> ok, back to boobs.nce. >> bk to boobs. >> zach miko. >> back boobs. >> zach miko. 's the new male plus-size model. ordinary with this guy. the harvey: he will del something and you wi say i can buy that and lo


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