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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  March 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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national arboretum.etum >> are they sleeping. t >> it is early.>> i barely 6 o'clock.lo >> live look outside on thislo t friday morning. mni folks we made it. me it it's march 18th. 1 weather and traffic coming up c on the 5s at 6:05.:05. >> good friday everybody, i'mrym allison >> and i'm steve chenevey. i'm s welcome to fox5 news morning. hopefully you celebratedebrate safely yesterday.fely yesterd it is friday morning.fray m welcome. we begin in northwest d.c.est.c though. th police there investigating anti al researched rape at sidwell friends >> melanie alnwick joins us joi now with the latest. >> reportermel.apologize clearle technical issues with thesu sound there. wese will get wil melanie alnwick's report shortly. >> we'll get back to mel as bac soon as we can get that issue i figured ut
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ravens quarterback tray walkal intercritical can conditioncal after a motorcycle accident. acd this happened last night aboutia 8 o'clock. actually happened in miami. walker was riding a dirt bikea e no lights on it and struck an sc z now the ravens officialffic twitter feed tweeted this picture saying our thoughts are with trey and his walker was a fourth round fourtd draft pick by the ravens in i 2015 and just getting his career started. started >> prince george's county police officer killed during aek shootout will be remembered at a memorial service next week a viewing for detective jacai j colson will be held onbe hel thursday in beltsville.n bel then a memorial service onemvi friday in upper marlboro. mlb colson's body will travel towi his home state of pennsylvaniayl where he'll be buried. b that will take place on march 28th.28 >> despite a lot of activity a l yesterday we are still on still eagle watch this morning. mning where are we going? goi >> to the eagle camera.o th >> all right then. the >> a lot of pipping, a lot oft cracking but no little eaglets s so we have to be patient iatnt suppose. >> all right
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from that first crack to like lk full eagle baby how long isag that typically because i kindlyb of thought -- thought -- >> i thought it was 24 hours.ou >> it's been 24 hours exactlycty and the eagle proving you y wrong, allison saying i aming i very much awake right now.ow >> what's with him.wi h >> he kind of moved around a little bit and sometimes youim just feel like burying yourur head in your feathers. >> we have our annie yu onu eagle patrol this morning. morni >> let's check in on >> we'll check in on her shortly. >> in the meantime let's check's in with mr. tucker barneske b trading in his green master's me jacket for the more traditional friday plow looking very much like thevery blue skies we lope to see. t s >> will we? i'm feeling a a little blue this morning afteror that celebration.that celeb >> how you doing.ou doi >> it was a big day. >> follow my finger.y f you're good. >> life learned if you startearn at 10:30 in the morning thatnina might be a little early.
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>> we met a lot of fox5 friends.nds. >> i have a list. i h >> we will honor them.or t >> let's get right to the weather forecast. forast. cool, not cold. pleasantly cool this morning,ni don't you think? >> sure.ure. i had a coat but i don't know ko if i need it.if i need >> 41 in leonardtown, 43 this morning in quantico.uantic 48 in annapolis.anno north and west we do have someem 30's starting to break out.ak ot dulles is 39 it is cool out there. t we can expect mid 60's it's going to be breezy.ereez should generally be sunny anduna a quiet afternoon. afternoon. we'll do one of these rollercoaster rides where wester start in the 60's today. t 60'st we'll be in the low 40's by sunday.ay and then right back up intok upt the 70's by the middle of next week.we. >> 40's. >> low 40's, yeah. y >> weird. >> we'll have a wintry mixav around here by sunday morning.un >> that would be very nice. n >> do you have a scientificu ha answer for that? it's reallyha cold.t? >> we're changing seasons. ssons that's what happens this time offer. >> trying to regulate itself basically. >> trying to, yeah, transition. 65 today. dry afternoon for you.ry
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out yesterday and you want toan do it today, you're going to got be fine later this afternoon. >> looks like a good day >> yes. >> let's check the roads andheck the rails and everything else. erin como, good morning. morning >> good morning.ood 6:04 right now and taking a tin look at metro, no alerts tos report right now which isow whih great news for your friday yr morning commute.incomm metrobus on time. t i'll let you know if that changes.anges. stafford 95 southbound we do5 sd have a construction zone youst need to be aware of becausef only the left lane right now rig is getting by. because of that fromtro centreport parkway to 17o 17 you're dipping down to aboutowna 42 miles per hour, even slowervr towards that constructionth zone. this is going against theat typical morning rush towardsmo the beltway but still be awarer of that and then the the the northbound side a little bit sib of volume increasing by 610 by 1 and then as you make your way yy into dale city some volume as well.we. a crash at hedge wood drive woo out in prince william county.out let's take a live look right r now at 95.t you can see things are looking i pretty good as you make your mau way dale city to woodbridge,oori just some light volume vol give yourself a few extrawxt
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back to a look at our mapsur right now. n aside from that northboundth side dealing with some stop som and go conditions our maps areaa showing green on 66 inbound. 395 northbound none of thatf usual volume just yet. vume 295, however, we do have usualal volume southbound fromlume s burroughs to pennsylvania.ylni we got you covered. any questions for your morningri ride at erin fox5 d.c. d steve and allison. aison >> erin thank you. erin thank y. things back to normal on bac metro after an unprecedented 29-hour for no the system wide safety inspection revealed 26 badly b frayed electrical connections.cs virginia congressman jerry jry conley is calling for metro's general manager to fire anyone n who knew about the problems inbn advance. here's metro's gm on his bold hb decision to >> it was a combination ofof that. it was physically when i went wn out there when i first got the e report of course my antenna isni way up.way when i get out there and i'metut starting to learn that theren t were some similarities to whatow we
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when i started saying allg all right give me information on x, y and z, the information ima was not comfortable with ittabl led me to where i got to. we're going to go and do ito based on safety of the customers and our employs andlos that's how we're going to makeok the decisions.ecio >> paul wiedefeld talking exclusively to our tom o t fitzgerald.ra he says he wants to get the agency to place where people ppl don't think twice before stepping on a metro change. >> a major theater making some changes on who can see r rated movies.movi >> the pope already has aopre twitter account.te this weekend you will be able y to find him on another form of social media. details next.
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>> in you developments>> i overnight out of north korea.ou that countryt reportedly fired a missile before crashing off the northeast coast this morning. that comes after kim jong un ordered tests of what are missiles capable of carrying war heads. h >> mohammed jamaal is sayingme he made a mistake when hed mett a young woman who took him toooi mosul to join he says he spent eight hours ahu day in prayer eating andyer eatg learning about the religion. rel after a month he
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leave the terror group and fled to the border with turkeyot where he was taken intoen into custody. >> in canada this morning the former mayor of t toronto robono ford is in the hospital.ta he is said to be in graven condition. his family at his side as he h continues to battle cancer.ce ford gained international i attention back in 2013 when he1e admitted to smoking crackmokinga cocaine and refused to resign. s here in the u.s. in the. race for the white house theor official results from t tuesday's missouri primaryfici finally in now with hillary clinton winning beating bernie sanders by such a slim margin. sanders says he'll not call for a recounter because the the delegate count wouldn't change much and it would costch at taxpayers money. on the republican side auble secret meeting within then t republican party heldican p yesterday to find a way toy to avoid nominating donald trump.. senator marco rubio also speaking out saying he hopese there's still time to prevent a trump nomination. >> regal sin mass announcedass u that they will ban allll children under six years oldeald from r rated movies even ifs evn they're accompanied by theiredyr parents or a
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theaters now ban children fromln six under seeing an r ratedated film after 6:00 p.m. but regal r will apply their rules to all ta show regal's approach is beings b positioned as a way to improvewp the movie going experience for r adults. ad >> you'll soon be able to find o pope francis on instagram.. vatican announced starting tomorrow the pope will have anaa accident under the name this comes weeks after the weeks pope met with instagram's ceo about the power of images toge unite people across differentcri cultures and different iffe languages. >> pope get on the gram.n e gr >> that's true.>>t's >> coming up, if you have h canned tuna in your pantry aa heads up about a big time t recall. >> a live look outside rightlo now as we head to break on this friday morning. m look at the lincoln memorial. ma it's chilly, though. chillhoug 49 degrees in the nation's capitol. much cooler in the suburbs. 6:10. back after this.
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>> we're going get back tore northwest d.c. had a litth@le problem earlier getting to melanie alnwick.aniea a technical problem, got thatha all figured out now.figu >> talking about an allegedlleg rape at sidwell school in the district. mel has latest for us and good morning. >> reporter: good morning,r: steve and allison.e really important that wet stress to folks out there what t this story is and isn't. i we can tell you that it does not involve sidwell schooloo administration or faculty.acul this is a case of two students t said to be in their upper teens, like 16, 17 years old yeo who used to date, used to have t
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according to d.c. police and then something happened herehine on the campus yesterday. yeste the female student went to t d.c. police close to cse t 11 o'clock on wednesday nighty n and said that the male studenteu raped her on campus so it is an active d.c. police investigation.. it's certainly noteworthy because of what sidwellus friends is, one ofe the most tm prestigious private schools ino the nation. the obama daughters go toer go school there some of the bidenme of the bi grandchildren go to school here. it is a very exclusive school, h $38,000 a year tuition.uiti the school itself is very,s v very small. sll it's about 1150 students fromsro prek to 12th grade so small classes, easy to say that sayha everyone here at the wisconsin w of a campus probably knows k each other. so a very sensitive situation sa as well. w d.c. police didn't say where on the grounds it happened.undsi
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it was reported beginning at 2:34 in the afternoon. aernoon. ordinarily on wednesdaysn ne classes do not dismiss until 3:15, so if, indeed, schoolch was in session and everybody a y was around, that wouldt wou certainly bring up some questions in terms hown tms something like this could ts happen on campus while thingshit were very active but i must m tell you today is theod i beginning of spring we don't know whether perhapser any bell schedules earlier in the week this week were altered so we're trying to get some clarification on that from the school.from t sch the school has said that itid ti does not comment on these kind e of cases. live in northwest, i'm melanieia alnwick, fox5 local news. >> ♪>> >> all right. steve it's friday.evit's let's start there and we'lltherl take it from there. the. here's your pickup forecast. fos chilly conditions out thereondi early.ea we have some upper 30's tome u start your friday morning but b by after school, temperatureseme in the low to mid 60's.d should be a very pleasant it's going to be a breezy day
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again.agn. combination of temperaturesatio and sunshine that should makeak it feel pretty good even withood the breezes.reez here are your current numbersou at reagan national now we arere 51 degrees. so not bad here in the city.eren 48 in annapolis. ann we have some 30's and cooleroo temps just out to the west. dulles 39, 37 in manassas, 35an out in culpeper. the satellite and radar nicera n and quiet.d not featuring anything today.g today we're in great shape. s later tonight we're in goodren shape. now, as we get into tomorrow too we'll have an area of lowre o pressure that's going tohas go approach from our south and west. we going to show you a different s map but we'll work offerho thist one. let me show you what's goingw to be shaping up for theaping weekend. we've been talking about the abo potential for a wintry mix a wtr around here or some snow. futurecast, put it in motion, mt tere we are this afternoon. are you're in great shape later l here we are at 2 o'clock. 2'clo. want to fast forward this tohist saturday afternoon. rain shower activity late saturday afternoon.satu colder air gets pulled into the system and it will gr gadually transition over to t wintry mix overnight saturdayhtr into
6:17 am
here in washington along 95 alog corridor we're not reallyot r looking at much in the way of o accumulation but there is theont possibility of some accumulations particularly to the north and west where thatert snow lasts a little longer. lon. here we are 11 o'clock sundaykun morning. either way sunday morning,undayr sunday through the day isoughhed going to be raw and very, veryar chilly out there withre w temperatures not getting out not of the upper 30's and lows lo 40's. all right, there's oure's o possible accumulation map andul again, we're talking aboutki a light amounts and i don'tmountsa think the roadways are goingadwa to be impacted as we've had temperatures today in the 60'so and of course the last couple lc days in the 70's.da i think that things will w definitely melt on the roadways and be more on grassyn surfaces.surfaces. 56 today.. afternoon rain transitioning trt to a wintry mix by earlymix byar sunday morning. morni we get it all out of here andere then look at thatthenook rollercoaster ride allison. ais 66 today. today. >> wow. >> all way down to 47. w >> it's not the same as a a a rollercoaster. >> not quite the same.ot >> no. >> and then back into the 70'so7 by the middle of next week.xt we all right, erin is back with bk your roads.ur roads good morning erin.go >> good morning. i conc
6:18 am
fun as an actual rollercoasterlt which i enjoyed a lot more as a child. now i get anxiety from them. them. >> yeah, and a headache.ea >> not the same thrill. sad way to start off this t traffic report.trc r 66 eastbound light volume 234 vm to centreville. centrev you can see just a steady flow inbound. give yourself extra timeim there. we'll move it over forve a look at our maps right now rit and show you what else you'ree y against this morning.. 95 southbound down to 18 miles per hour because ofpeec construction starting to slowons you down. just the left lane gets by in b stafford. northbound side just yourou typical congestion picking upndp through stafford and thenugh again as you make your way out through dale city. c you can see that yellow line.e. we also have a crash in princene william, minnieville road. r thution through that area.n 395 northbound still lookingthu good. let's take a look at skyfox.kyfo your commute in maryland youte r can see things definitelysee slowing down from skyfox onox 270 as you make your way past 109. leave earl from frederick fde north of that that point at the truck scales, same volumeal continues. no crashes. all lanes opened much just aucha lot of congestion and i will
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say it was my first saintfirs patrick's day yesterday inic d.c. and i had a wonderfulk' aof time.time. >> good. >> great crowd, great irish bars. >> great time for it. tim >> definitely. thank you for that as well.l. back to you guys. >> cool. thanks erin. >> the american trail exhibitex at the national zoo will reopen today after a small s explosion in an area closed itae for most of the day a zoo worker said he smelled h e chlorine left the area later arl heard a bang. still no word on a cause but we're told chlorine is kept inhk the area to help purify the water. no animals, nor any people were hurt. h are you an active memberctie of the military the next timehex you fly with spirit you don't have to pay that added baggage e fee. the low budget airline sayslines those passengers will not havelv to pay for carry-ons for up to two checked they join several other big airlines who already waiveea wai that fee for service members. >> uber has lunged another newdr service this is
6:20 am
passport. it's a one way service, onece way ride into tijuana and surrounding areas. a you can split the fare between four people. the trip also includes the $20 e border crossing fee. you're on your own to get back. >> coming up next, chocolatelate lovers rejoice. a willie wonka inspired chocolate factory is coming to universal studios in orlando.rln >> like heaven.>> l >> take a trip.a >> day one of march madness inae the books.the b a lot of brackets a lot of we'll check in with the sportsrt junkies and break it down. >> look at those uniforms.
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stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> back now with details aboutwi a canned tuna recall involving l two popular b first though a check of thef markets. markets. joining us from the foxox business network studio lauren simonetti.simonetti. happy friday. >> reporter: oh, t.g.i.f. t.f the market not hung over from the saint patrick's dayt patricy celebration yesterday.brat all right, let me tell you about this week. we're up five weeks in a row.. the dow is, get ready, drumdydr roll, for the first timeir t positive this year. positive for 2016. >> all right. >> reporter: so dow rallies 155 yesterday.te the reason oil prices hit 40 d cks again and they're at $40an again this m futures are higher but not byy much but we're sustaining the momentum from yesterday. yestery check your 401 can k just do kt it. it's not going to be so bad. sob >> i'm going to do that later l when i'm at home with glass of s wine. let's talk about a really bigea recall involving a stap
6:24 am
most folks' >> reporter: cans of tunef tun nam bumble bee tuna recalled about 17,000 cans more than00 ca 2500 cases of their tuna.un hours later chicken of the sea a made by a company called try union seafood they recalledy red about 2700 cases of their tuna because both tunas wereunas w produced in the same the manufacturing facility inctg fa georgia. there could be equipment malfunctioning in some of the tuna couldni beou under cooked.ked. voluntary recall. northbound injured.rthb we just wanted to tell you tyo about it in case you have iase this, you might want to check c it. it. >> "eeeewwww." okay. we all know about -- okay, oy, yeah. yeah check it and throw it out if if you need forecast. let's talk about -- youta know,lk they don't billon't b themselves as the happiest hapes place on earth but i lovebut i v universal studios in orlandonrl and now love it even more.t evem what's going on. >> reporter: i want a milk mil shake. i have been looking atlog a pictures and at some pointome today i'm getting a milk shakeih and you should too. too >> okay. >> rep
6:25 am
chocolate lovers best thinglove that ever happened to them. a willie wonka inspired chocolate factory coming to universal studios next year. yea they'll show you thousand make chocolate, they'll let you buy u chocolate and you can eat c chocolate such as ready forsea this one a chocolate times tim five milk shake, a bacon brittle milk shake, key lime, kl pie milk shake, a saltedal caramel sunday.l s sign me up. allison, they're also offeringer stakes salad sandwiches. sandwic why bother? why bo >> get back to the chocolate. t. yes. >> reporter: yeah, what's with the real yfood? no thanka you.u. [laughter] all right, lauren thank you.aunh have a super weekend. weeke >> reporter: see ya'. >> okay.>> >> just mention chocolate andio it gets in your head and the cravings begin day. >> i thought about closer tought here until i can get -- hershey. >> have you ever done like the tour up there before. p t't's really fun. >> i need to do that. >> i've been to
6:26 am
park but i never did the chocolate -- >> there's a whole tour of ale u where hershey lives.shey l >> i remember. >> it's fun.un >> add it to the list fox5 f field trips. >> i remember being in abeing little cart or something. cart r >> yes. well, that was in the factoryash part but you can take aane trolley and go to his real h home at the beautiful hotel. we'll talk.l talk. you should do it. >> i would love to do it. >> uh-huh. u >> maybe not this morning.. >> okay. oka >> 51 reagan national, dulles na 39, bwi marshall 44.shl 4 cool temperatures to starts s your day. mid 60's this afternoon. afterno we'll be a little breezy later but it should be a niceit s looking friday for us and justus a, you know, real comfortable conditions with no it's friday. it's fri we'll talk about saturday and sd sunday coming up. >> all right.>> a rig >> maybe we can talk about it right now. >> then we can complain.hen >> late day rain tomorrow intoin a wintry mix on sunday morning. we'll give you the details on it in just a minute but noticebn your cooler temperatures.pera >> tuck. >> my pleasure there let'spl t check in with erin. >> 6:26 right now and we'llnd w' start you of
6:27 am
skyfox. rolling shot of 270 southboundod where you can see congestionn is definitely kicking in. no crashes to report butel you're jammed up in frederickn i by the truck scales and thenca again from 109 as you makeou m your way down towards the towar spur, you're just going to see s a lot of slow moving traffic.rac speeds not terrible right now.hw again all lanes opeed.lane ope it's just a typical fridayda morning rush picking up. we'll switch it back for aitchta look at our maps and show you sy what else you're up against. ag. outer loop you can see that yellow sewn as you make your yor way from new hampshire.. starting to see congestion picking up through silver spring. bottom of the beltway acrosse w the wilson bridge a little bitrt of volume and then 95 then southbound centreport parkway to 17 dips down 18 miles perps hour. d heads up if you're heading south, just the left lane getsth by with an active constructionec zone. zone back to you steve and al on.ndl >> erin thanks so much.n ks s >> details about a man found m f dead on a metro train lastin l night. what we're learning thise're le morning. >> also, the sports junkies are going to join us. how is your bracket looking? r we're going tobr talk marchch madness a couple upsets yesterday. we'll talk to these fellows after the break. 6:27.
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>> ♪ >> it is friday everybody.s fr we made it through this we should really pat ourselves on the back, right? aou majoror metro shut down right in the ri middle of the week, didn'tthek, stop the world.or hopefully things are safer. ser waiting on our eagle babies.aglb hat a great time to be in d.c.c. welcome back to fox5 news to fow morning. weather and traffic on thed tr 5s at 6:35.t 6:3 first though at 6:30 d.c..c police trying to figure out how a man died on the train.rain metro confirming that a man
6:31 am
emergency found unresponsivepons 8 o'clock last night on the on e blueline in foggy bottom.ot he was taken to georgeeorge washington hospital where hewhe was pronounced dead.d we're told no foul play is is suspected.suted. a disturbing investigationti at a prestigious school in northwest washington. d.c. police looking into a i report of an alleged rape at rap sidwell friends school.friends h police say the allegedll incident involved twotwo teenagers, a male and a female f and reportedly happened on wednesday afternoon.fterno woodbridge mother is behind bars this morning. she's accused of neglectinglein her own child. police say paulette weston hade been chaining her disabled disle 17-year-old son to his bed at night. someone tipped off childone protective services earliers eai this w the child is currently in thenty custody of other family members.ers. and any minute now. although it loo looks like thatt eagle is sleeping.e is s we're waiting for
6:32 am
eagle eggs to hatch.oat one started hatching wednesday night. ni coming up next hour we wille talk with the director of thetot national arboretum to find out o what's going on over there. t in the meantime we wait.t. here's steve. >> we're not going to wait anyay longer to talk about march mar madness. madness. how is your bracket looking soac far this morning? we'll check in with the sports junkies jun 106.7 f.m. the fan. you're on now good morning. mor >> rg iii.>> rg i >> i think we should sit. >> maybe. >> you guys hear us?ou >> hey.>> >> hey. >> there you go.>> t >> what's up steve. >> what's up guys.t' >> talking about the brackets and if anybody is busted outbo there so far upsets. ups there were few yesterday.esterd what did you think of day you number one? o? >> well, i'm personally disappointed because there were some obvious upsets hereetr that i didn't pick. pic everybody has to pick wichitak a state, right, 'cause we knownow wichita state performs well inee the tournament butler alwayslers performs well in the tournament, gonzaga always alw performs well.perfor for some reason i didn't pickn'k all those.all those.
6:33 am
>> stupid. >> every five seed steve. f yet i know that like in 28 ofha the last 30t tournaments a 12 seed always upsets a five a fiv seed. >> always. >> it happened twicehapp yesterday. now, hopefully that same fate doesn't await maryland becauseda they're a five seed and they face south dakota state today a 12 seed. hopefully they can reverselly that trend out in spokanen spane today. >> but i think you're going tony see more of the same today, tod, steve. you know, i'm not going to gingt predict a couple 12 seeds --coue you'll see some >> it's the nature of the format. >> it's going to continueing toi because these teams are moreteam even this year than they haveha been in the past few years sors don't be surprised if you seeou it again. >> but it's fun. b that's the thing about the the ncaa tournament.ournament. i don't think any of us knews k one player from yale or one or e player from little rock but roct when you watch those games you m root for the underdogs to pullgp off the win so it was nice to see some of those surprises of yesterday. >> it reinforces why you likeoul to see maybe more of the monmouths getting selected,ec more of the smaller teams that win 25, 27 games instead of the fifth or sixthth ea
6:34 am
a power conference becausee it's been proven that these teams can come into the field and do some damage and create ct upsets and i think it's goodt's for the tournaments.ournamen >> no doubt about it. no i was happy with the yale gameta for two one i picked yale and two wele a don't have to see baylor's bay uniforms any more in theorms ann tournament although somentlt people like them.ope t >> come on.>> c >> i agree, you look at teams like little rock who i did not t pick, even though i thoughti thg about it they won like 19 in a19 row coming in or something or sh like t if you have, you know, any kw, team that can win that manyt games maybe it's an upset butpst maybe it's just we don't know'tk about them because we don'tem bc watch them, they're not on tv on every week.ever >> yeah, it's a big part ofrt o it. it. look, i've always actually act been for expanding the tournaments, just cakes' points, and your point you see more of j the smaller s ychools instead of maybe the fifth and sixthnd schools of a power conferenceone always getting that gng t preference. just let more in because youe can see more of these upsets isi think that's the beauty of the tournament.. >> that's the where the risehe r of the butlers and wichita andia states come from.stat come fr they wer
6:35 am
power conferences and then andhe they can make a run to get toett the final four even thoughven they're not in the acc or the big 10 -- big >> a few years years agors years butler was in back to back was final four's.ou how crazy is that.zy iha >> we saw yesterday with thew ye number ones, allison went to w ham son so we're all honorary hr pirates here but you kind ofhere knew on paper it wasn't goingr t to look so good or on thehe court. do you think we will see a 16 beating one really at anyy atny point?point? >> yes. >> ever. >> absolutely. >> i definitely think soitel because fifth teams have doneft it and it's been close for six teams.tes. may not happen this year but b eventually lit. >> at half time caroline florida was up by one.ida s up b >> if that's a lifetime -- i'm taking a 16. >> i guess we have to put some s parameter on it.rameon i you mentioned maryland -- 12-five. 12 maryland has had difficulty ony the road which the entire tournament is.ment do you see them winning today?
6:36 am
>> yes.>> >> we had the coach on theth slow on wednesday and heynd seemed to have really a lot of confidence in him.n h the team -- the big 10 is 1 i brutal and they're a big team, t they're going up against their t three-point shooting team in i south dakota state so that tha could be tough but i thinkough i that they just have the talent. that's why they were a's w preseason top five team.p ve t that's why they were in they wee top five at some point and ifind they can get it going i thinkngi they can do some >> they're going to win todayo and then they're going to beat hawaii on sunday 'cause hawaiiuw is going to beat cal today.l to that's a 13 over a four. a f that's my upset special. sci >> mellow trimble has to play well. we he can't come out and shoot s two for 14 and expect theec t terps to advance. adv mellow has to play well. if that happens, terps can goano pretty far in this tournament.rm if he struggles could be a quick exit. exi >> pound it inside. use the big pound it inside.po take advantage of it.f it. particularly against a smaller school. school. >> lurch if you're correct andu' cal los
6:37 am
pirates are out and tucker barnes' cal bears will be outals first weekend of therst tournament. >> that's what we want.e w we want the cal bears to beears out. >> steve, you guys -- are you--u guys going to have keith sweates on the show later today.w ter >> i'm sorry are we going tore have who?ha w >> keith sweat.. >> yes, we are. are >> i'm so jealous. >> come over.>> come over >> tell him to come here.m to ch bring him over here. >> we'll do what we can.t we c you guys are always welcomeelcoe here. stop off and say hi.op off and . >> we'll have to do that at some point.oint >> it requires a lot oft re effort, us going there instead i of them coming here.he have tucker can come pick us pi up. >> we'll see if we can get youfe guys car service. servi i know how you guys roll.s r see you guys. have a great weekend. >> you got it. >> junks 106.7 f.m. the fan. thf >> i had a big day. i'm already fading fast in thesi bracket. >> you're in the top third.he t >> okay. >> yeah? didn't you win itdidn one year here or something.omhig >> i came in second to last.t. >> oh, okay. >> that's an accomplishment inan itself. a there should be prize for ldpriz people in the bottom five.m f >> you should get your moneyd to back. >> that would be a good prize.ri >> 61 this morning in1 thisni
6:38 am
48 in new york city, 44 up in boston, 34 detroit.on, chicago look at that cold airthc we're going to tap into that this weekend, so today backod bc into the 60's but as we get into the weekend the cooler cler temperatures on the way. w sunday i don't think we get don out of the upper 30's and loww 40's. satellite and radar very quietra out there.he enjoy a nice afternoon.fteron shouldn't dry friday. any sports activities laters today, high schoolac sports,po middle school sports, collegeol sports go for it nice day for it.. >> looks good. >> little i'll have there weekend hav forecast. it does feature some som snowflakes in a minute.flakes >> here's erin.>> h >> thank you. 6:38 right now and things arehi definitely picking up. up. 295 south a lot of volume of eastern avenue to pennsylvania avenue. new york avenue inbound out by bladensburg backed up.cked suitland parkway into south ints captor dealing with slowor traffic as well. d 210 inbound same storytr therese as you head out in prince iince george's county.or delays northbound from oldro fort road to kerby hill road. five inbound backed up asoundke well. outer loop taking a look at the top of the beltway 35 mil p
6:39 am
hampshire to georougia.ia. 270 southbound increasingncas volume as well. w 95 south this constructionio zone really causing problems in stafford.tafford. centreport parkway to 17 just tj the left lane gets by, 18 miles per h so watch for that one.. several miles of backed upba traffic there. you may want to keep it tot t route one southbound.ouboun route one northbound someom typical stop-and-go traffic.-an same story on 95 northbound.orth keep it to fox5 news morning.s i we'll have more as we continue.
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
>> ♪ >> 6:41 right now on thison this friday morning. montgomery county police are cou asking for the public's helplish in finding a missingis 37-year-old man.d man eric gibson was last seen see yesterday around 6:00 p.m.6:00 p wearing a green t-shirt and black sweat pants. now, gibson has diminishediminhe mental capacity. cac he's in need of medication.edict he's also new to maryland so he's unfamiliar with the give police a call if you have h any idea where that man is tryas to get him back home. h >> big rally is expected outside of the u.s. supremehe court today. immigrants. faith leaders plan toh gather for a press conference to mark the one monthlere countt down to arguments in a casets ie where the justices will decidelc whether to provide relief for millions of immigrant families. at issue, letting parents ofpare children born in the united thed states apply to stay here and also apply for work permits. pms >> coming up next, two newt, t n movies hitting the box officee today. it is friday. that means we get reviews from o
6:43 am
>> all right. and a reminder before we take you to the break, if you haveave a news tip share it with us. call 202-895-3000 or e-mail e-mi your tip to fox5 tips at we're back in a moment.
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> that's pretty. >> uh-huh. u >> wait a minute.>> i like this part right here.
6:46 am
>> ♪ >> oh. >> is that like the xylophone >> it's mj, liberian girl. g >> top of my game. my g >> i just got the era for the mj. mj. >> okay. >> we doing that -- a lot ofthat mj lately.atel >> a lot? like yesterday weesry did one and then today, that'shs a lot. l >> i feel like that's a lot.l lt >> we had like 50 years of music from michael jackson andij that's aac lot. >> he's jealous because we had one ac/dc in the last 16 months. >> you mean in the last 16 really disappointed.ispoin >> last night was supposed topo be the ac/dc concert. conce tuck and i were going have angav bro' date. d >> is it postponed or canceled flat out.. >> canceled.>> >> i'm sorry guys. c i >> it will be a gorgeous afternoon with temperatures inra the mid 60's, yes, mid 60's0' for daytime highs with just j one more very pleasant day.ant d the weekend
6:47 am
greatly we'll talk about itl tat here in less than a minute. m all right, 51 now in washington.washington 43 in leonardtown.ardtown it's chilly out there.hilly t th bring a jacket here. particularly the west where we have 30's, 34 frederick, 3737 manassas, 35 culpeper. cpe 39 dulles. warm front 30's just out to 30't the west. o th it's very quiet.e it's v you saw in the live shot thet t tower cam featuring quietng q conditions and lots ofions aot sunshine e it is going to turn breezyurre today and it will probablybl feel a little cooler thanleha yesterday. you might want to consider a light jacket this afternoon ashi our daytime highs will be in the mid 60's. that piece of energy rightenerg there is the makings of our o or next storm system it's goingit'g to get down into the gulf and g then kind of ride up the kind or coast. if it were january or februaryar we would be talking about thetak potential for a pretty goodtty winter storm around here by sunday morning with it being the first day of spring i d don't think that's what we're w' looking >> reporter: we have ther:ve potential of a wintry mixix early sunday morning. morng. there's your low pressure.s yo it will pass off to our east.urs we look like we'll get a
6:48 am
as rain as early as lates l saturday afternoon and then andt overnight saturday night earlysu sunday morning that transition o takes place and there could beeb some light accumulations. i think the best chance forbe ca accumulating snow is going to gt be on grassy surfaces.ur we've been so warm 60's andan 70's the last couple days ileay think the paved surfaces arefa going to be just fine but wee j might get a couple inches inhesi some spots particularly northara and west by early sundaylyun morning so keep a close eye onn this fork. reason we're not giving we' numbers out were're not n confident enough we're yetre yet we're going get nuchals it'sg possible there could be age t couple inches of snohew in somem spots north and west of town.ow there's your seven day.n d 66 today.oday notice the chilly weekend.y weee this is a good movie watchingatn weekend, kevin.evin >> yeah. >> yeah, there wasn't so great. with rain and snow. again i think it's r just rain showers saturday and then thatra transition by early sundayeay s morning overnight saturdayhtda into sunday to some snow. sno even here in d.c. we'll likelyik get some snowflakes.owfl look at the rebound. at th. mid 70's by the middle of nextf week.we erin is back with the roads.oa house it looking out therere erin. erin >> not so g
6:49 am
skyfox over a big crash in overi silver spring.silv take a look at that delay d right now. righ you cat n see traffic is literally stacked as you make me your way on the outer loop towards 29. there are delays from 95 to georgia because of in crashe of and you can just see how heavy h traffic is leading towards thedt accident point.oi 65 just got over that locationht and they're showing us a goodowd delay. really heavy traffic there.vy tc let's go ahead and switch it swi over for a look at our maps right now. n outer loop 95 to georgiaeo 13 miles per hour. that's the average speed averapd leading towards that crash. cra aside from that in then district inbound traffic right now 295 south volume very slowew eastern avenue to pennsylvania avenue. aven new york avenue by bladensburg s very slow and 50 inbound by b 202 backed up.202 backed in prince george's county moreoe delays on the inbound side ofine 210. typical slow traffic old fort of road to kerby hill road informdm stafford. here's a heads up because thisp is something atypical for thefor morning ride.rnin going against the morning congestion 95 southbound s centreport parkway to 17, it's ' down to 18 miles per hour.r. construction has us down todo t just the left la
6:50 am
northbound delays are typical right now congestion building by 610 and between dale cityen e and woodbridge give yourself y extra time on your inbound inb commute as we'll take a look at 66ke ak inbound in virginia next.ginia n that's your traffic. back to you guys. gs. >> erin, thank you very much. >> get ready if you would like i to gof on -- if you dare ane an extreme adventure with this this week's fox beat free friday.ri you could win four tickets to t see ringling brothers and barnum and bailey presenty prent circus extreme at verizonter center 7:30 p.m. april 2nd. the prize pack includes a $100 $ american express gift card apr gift bag that includes a t coloring book, a ring masterer hat, a stuffed tiger, aer stuffed elephant, a deluxe a program and a miniature circus cannon replica. r >> that's a lot. to enter for your chance tor cnc win just go to the contest conte page on between now and 11:59 p.m. one n winner will be selected by random drawing on march 21st,chs this prize has an approximatema retail value of $400 and it's
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provided by feld entertainment. >> it is drum roll please,. >> yeah.m >> y >> movie review friday. f >> let me clear my throat my here. >> get it together. >> poor kevin got back literally two hours ago from la. >> i got home at 2:00 went toatt bed at 2:30.t 2 >> i'm sure it was worth >> it was batman versusman superman. i saw the film. i interviewed -- i did anyonee i did ben affleck, i even e interviewed dale earnhardt jr.da who is raising on sunday in a batman themed car.batman very cool. i'll have more on that. tha we'll have a whole batmanhole versus w we're the only station in that went to l.a. to interview r the cast one-on-one and ben a affleck was awesome. >> really.>> reall >> so was zach snyder. very exciteed. >> henry cavell wasn't.wasn't >> actually he was better than app ben affleck.ffck >> so maybe superman wins. >> you know who was cool was laurence fishburne meetingne m him. >> maybe it's a draw. d
6:52 am
we'll have that next week onve t the show. two movies open up this weekhi e in theaters including miraclesnm from heaven as well as allegiant.le you had jeff daniels on theon te show. sh first off miracles frommirales heaven. this movie is based on a true t story about a memoir writtenoiwt by christie beam played byla jennifer garner. the idea is that the youngt girl has two incurable digestive disorders and she miraculously gets cured after she falls from a tree 30 feetree hits her head and she claimshe m to have gone to heaven and spoken to jesus so this movie is really powerful, very emotional.emotnal. jennifer garner delivers in myin opinion the best performancethe of her career so far. career sof she really has the passion. pas she's a mother in real lifeif obviously. you can feel that come through the screen. queen latifah is in the moviein and the film really touchesy toe into these emotional emoon qualities. you're on an emotional rollercoaster. a woman next to me was cryingmec during the entire movie.ntire mv i had tears in my eyes. in eye it's a very emotional experience but you walk out w feeling very inspired and very inspirational. it's an uplifting film a tough t
6:53 am
you're watching it. allison you had an interview ini with the pro-producer. >> bishop td jakes. b >> make sure you stay tuned to that. four out of five.ur o highly recommended. rom wonderful movie.ermov definitely something i think ang family can see jus it know it's' a little tough at times as a you're going through it.ou moving on new the divergent dive series allegiant. allegiant. this movie is so bad i don't ban know what to say about it. >> bad meet meaning bad or good. good. >> it's awful. >> this is the third one. >> there are so many talentednye people in this movie and this a is the third diver? gent filme i liked the first divergent. the second move insurgents was m very bad.ov this is just plane awful. and there's just a wastingstin talent. octavia spencer, jeff daniels, naomi watts every actor lookedoe bored.bore the first movie takes place in a post apocalypse chicago. cgo people are divided into i different
6:54 am
shailene is divergent.s d they're trying to take down to w the divergent people.rgen this time around they'red the trying to leave the walls of slick to find out the truthhe t lined what really is happening. the movie is terrible. tribl the effects aren't that great. g >> is that zoey kravitz. kravi >> i talked to her. she was great. the interviews are better thanet the movie not about mine butinet they were just fun that day tosn talk to them but the movie itself --itself -- >> i know what they're kno thinking all the way to the bank baby, whatever you say. people t are going to go see this movie. mov >> no, i don't think they are.on >> you don't think teens are't t going. >> i think 33l i liked the hunger games and this is very i similar to that but the hunger games were great films that tt looked you.look at the end of the "hunger e o games" movies i wanted to find o out what happened flex. i don't care at all what'st ala' going the happen in this film i much the next one is nextone isn year. i don't know what they'll do. i gave it a one.i ga >> maybe people go to thebeeo first week and then when word gets out it doesn't happen. hap >> tucker is going to see itis t though. >> you're going, okay. >> kevin-tucker rule is that-t he goes the opposite of what iuc say. >> if you get to the one hepotoo goes. >> he's going to go.e's goto g >> yeah, i'm definitely going.y
6:55 am
>> thanks, guys.uys. >> enjoy, tuck. [laughter] >> my turn?urn? >> it's your turn. >> let's say hello to mike toik howell.howe. hi, mike. hi, mike mike says he's a loyal fox5al f fan and he watches the morning i show all the >> uh-huh. >> and he said he's tried asa whole bunch ofid times to be the fan of the day.ay if at first you do not succeed, keep trying mike.trng it's your lucky day. d >> and i'll send i was skinswa jersey so you can wear it next time. time >> maybe that's why it took so long. probable would have gotten would through on the first time ifimei it had been the redskins not the big silver star. s >> shout-out to bishop alfred ae owen. he's the pastor of greater o mount calvary holy church andy y he's turning 70 today.oday >> 70 big ones.>> 7 >> his church is the largesthe church in the district with over 7,000 active members. mbe he's doing something rights. bishop owen is a d.c. native. nv he's made community outreach arh key part of his ministry.try. happy, happy birthday to you. looking sharp, sir.ha >> happy birthday to everybodyte celebrating and you know wha
6:56 am
a-friday, tucker barnes., bar >> absolutely.>>bsolutel kevin i'm not going to see batman-superman. i said it i don't think you heard me. >> why. >> because they're friends. the they're part of the justice league o.league. they wouldn't fight.ey >> there's a reason whyre they're's fighting. fht i'll explain it. >> unless they're fighting over a woman i'm not going.oi >> why would you not want told see that movie. y >> it's like bert and ernie, ane right al is son. >> yes.>> yes. >> can our viewers tweet our tucker and tell him he's being a curmudgeon.a cuon >> dulles 37. bwi marshall jumped to 46.o 46. nice looking friday.ce loong f we'll talk about the weekend coming um. today mid 60' breezy this afternoon but lotssf of sunshine.of should be sa beautiful friday for your weekend it does notot look as g erin looks good.ks goo how is traffic. t. >> thank you.>>nk y i hundred percent agree with kevin on divergent. i didn't understand the secondhe one. played no >> seconds one is one of theof worst movies. this is even worse.evorse >> super confused.up right now traffic i canf explain that to you.that to y outer loop volume is heavy as h you make your way 95 through 9 georgia. ge earlier crash out by 29 b29 colesville road d
6:57 am
it's just the volume ise volume continuing across all lanes. lan let's move things over now for a look at 66. 66 inbound very slow moving movn traffic approaching theachi beltway so be prepared for for that. keep it to fox5.ox 7 o'clock hour, we got you covered this friday morning.
6:58 am
the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ 5 news morning. mni >> right now at 7 o'clock 7'c police investigating an a alleged sexual
7:00 am
a -- at a very well known kno private school in thepr district. what police and schoolice d sc officials are revealing aboutlit this incident. >> and also a motorcycle a motoy accident involving a baltimorevl ravens football what we're learning about the crash and his condition.dion >> could today be the day? d >> it's got to be the day. >> eagles sleeping now.le very quiet. we've been watching the eagle te cam very closely waiting for that baby eagle to hatch. to hac we'll have a live upday.pd here's a live pic of the did you know they sleep likeknow that by the >> i did not. d but a lot of birds do. don't swans sleep like that. t >> i think so.>> i t >> giving that you live look outside. outs going to be making a fulle makil appearance shortly.arancertly it's march 18, 2016. 2016. this will be the last of theof t warm days for now. n there's actually a chance of a a snow this weekend so how muchhoc and when it starts coming up ciu in weather and traffic on theff 5s at 7:05. 7:05. i suspect we'll be working this weekend again for the snow? >> we're not going to havengo that


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