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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  March 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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ongoing investigation. so far nobody has been arrestedr but i am told both the victim and the suspect were taken in for questioning. they are high school studentsch here at sidwell friends. we also know that the incident was reported late wednesday night, a few hours after the alleged rape happened. the police mobile crime unit c came here to the school to take pictures of the scene and a source tells fox 5 alleged rape happened in the bathroom in the athletic building.ldin according to the police reports the male and female student hadt a previous sexual relationship put but on this occasion, whichc was wednesday around 2:30 in the afternoon the victim says the male student forced her to have sexual intercourse without her consent. >> in the school? >> in the bathroom?oom? >> that's just unbelievable too me. i find it -- and i can't figure out why, how there
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kind of monitors in the hallin t maybe who would see who goes ino and out of bathrooms. if that's happening that's whatt they need to do. >> reporter: a spokesperson fors the school said in a statement s it is a wrong standing policy of sidwell friends school to sch cooperate fully with any law enforcement investigation. you it is also our policy not to comment on such investigations and today staff and students are not here at the school as they are closed for spring break.ak. but again this is an ongoing investigation. reporting live in northwest dcns alexandria limon fox 5 local news. >> it is now been a week since an yes, sir year old retiree war shot to death inside his million dollar home on the potomac river.ri a case so far baffled detective. there are no solid leads in thei case and tonight the fairfaxrf county chief of police is askina for help. fox 5 paul wagner joins you live tonight.t. >> reporter: law ran
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murder is a crime that is truly frightened the resident in fair fox county. there appears to be no reason for it. the 83 year old was sitting in a chair looking out toward the river when a gunman opened firee from the out site. but investigators have very h little to go on. >> last friday morning just after one neighbors along thisro peaceful and quiet section of the potomac river heard two burst of gunfire. a short burst and thin a longer one. the gunfire aimed at this man . . . he was sitting in a room off a porch facing the river. >> this very unusual for fairfax county. majority of our murders are acquaintance murders whether its domestic or friends, they've hat an argument.ent. here, we have no leads. no information to tie any suspects or any motives to it. so it is very
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no enemies that you are aware oo that this man had.d. >> we have no credible information that would take is i on a journey to track down a a lead to the fell develop any dev information on a suspect. and that's the true mystery ofro this. >> reporter: he was originally h from the feather lands and worked for the world bank. neighbors said he was often seen on the river sailing with his grandchildren or pad link a kiak. after retirement he became an a add consist add indicating for r bike path.h. early in the investigation neighbors wondered if the killer may have arrived by boated. >> we can't confirm how the't cn person got i can tell you that our crimerie scene detectives have truly done an out standing job. they spent many days at the house. on the grounds. in the neighborhoods and at the river processing everything then can to develop clues. >> chief would not disclose what kind of ballistic evidence hass been recovered so far. and urged anyone with a sur system in the
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scam what may have been capture on it early last friday. >> just this past tuesday night we held a community meeting. we had well over 200 people in attendance clearly this fear in community that this may be a random act of violence we don't know that yet. yet but i want to assure the community that your policer department is doing everything it the chief says his department is keeping a constant eye on thee carry. in order to close this casease detectives need more help. so in speaking with the chief today he was saying in with one who has a sur system along anyga of those roads through the mason neck area from route one all tht way down to the river he wants them to go back, take a look. see if you see anything suspicious at all. tonight he's asking for more help. he's asking if you see anythingt that may have been suspicious is last week to give them a call. here are the numbers on
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screen right now. for the police as well as. paul wagner fox 5 local news. >> that's a mystery. meanwhile a spotsylvania countyo man charged with child endangerment now facing a murder charge. the sheriff office says william more is responsible for theor te death of his wife ashley. she died of a heroin overdose last month. when more more was initiallytial questioned he admitted he and his wife used heroin on a dailyy basis. on the night his wife died he provided her with the lethal dose. investigators say more's two children were home when the h couple was using heroin and that is why he was initially chargedy with child endangerment. more is being held without bond in the jail. a man pulled down and dragged by a train at the the man's bag got caught in
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dragged him for a short distance before he was able to break free. metro of first say he suffered minor cuts but was not seriously injured. the incident is now under investigation. a moment we've been waiting for andve watching online. baby bald eagle has arrived. he hatched this morning fully emerged from his shell. mat akoline live at are with a more on all of this. a mat we had so much watching this at breakfast time my kids and me . . . oh, yeah in the newsroom all the ladies were squealing as they were watchingw the pictures come in it is quite cute. we are not close, they are not letting us get too close itsse further i think the distancetane here. but, this is really really getting so much attention. in fact the news of this new eaglet is going nationwide. n one thing that also is getting more attention is the national arbor, aot
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realize this is in the district of columbia over 400 acres ofc beautiful trails, garden and tra much more.much but as we found out today, we went looking around down by the national mall, many people hade never heard of it. its the talk of the town it's not a baby panda its a baby eagle getting so much attention. >> this is great. >> reporter: move over national zoo. today it's the national arboriteum. are you saying where's well you are not alone. you have heard of the capital c building right the white house. can you ever heard of national arboritem. >> no. >> reporter: have you ever heard of national. >> it sounds familiar.ilia >> reporter: never been there.n >> never been there. >> reporter: even some of the locals aren't sure exactly wherr to find it. >> i've heard of it never been there.
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off new york avenue in northeast. there's miles of paths lined with gardens. into we came to check the nest. >> reporter: this man came to ti see the eagles he hopes the camera that so many people are watching will a track many morem here. >> into no one knows. people live in the area they say we don't know where it is we know the big stuff. grab a lunch or a loved one juso come here and just explore and you'll be. >> reporter: hey la a and sarah: you might be h able to see these pillars behind me they used tohy be at the us capital. they used to stabilize the capital once they started to sta change it around they decided to do bring them here. its a cool site. if to you do come out over the m next couple of days because you want to see the nest, well youel are not going to be able to get too close.lo you will be able to see it in the i got to tell you it's
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my favorite places, if you do make the trip there is so much to see here. back to you guys. >> i love it. i love how it's on the map. this is so fun. it go fun to watch. >> it will be. be. >> reporter: have you guys been here before. >> no. i didn't know where itw was either like a lot of other people. mat everybody is going to bedy i joining you down there now. it's not a secret. >> secret revealed e bring the kids come on the weekend its great. it really really is. >> we can come back to the studio eaglet not chick. we don't see them very often.he because she's really been the first lady has been hovering ane really protecting the eagle soag very very cute. >> yeah. >> don't know if it's female or mail. there are identifying featuresng we'll learn in the coming days. >> super cute. >> down feathers covering her oe him whatever it is i guess
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apparently they are full physical dependent on mom and defrauded h dad for feeding. we've seen dad bringing in fishh you throughout the day. and they are feedings the babies. >> well nice and sunny out there right now gwen we are wondering how these temperatures are going to change over the weekend are w going to have an effect. the one thing we discovered in our research here in the t weather department is that they prefer colder it's going to be cool into tonight once we get into the weekend that might hold. the only other thing long periods of rain or snow can affect their nestting we're nott going to have a prolonged perioo we're going to get a shot this weekend it's going to be in ando out here. hopefully that little family will be find. f let's look at temperatures we've got double sixs right now in the nations capital 64 in answering nap plies. baltimore 61. 6 and the same at gaithersbur
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degrees excuse me at winchesters this hour. the winds have been really quitr strong today. i don't know if anybody noticed it out there. look at these wind gusts. i just came from my car into the building so i didn't quite get it. look at this. 35 miles per hour wind gusts right now in dc 30 in dulles ane we've got 22 mile per hour wind gust at frederick. they will improve once we get into tonight. ton satellite radar, not a lot happening here. manual pretty clear we'll see a few clouds really not too much at all. going to be mostly clear skies under the in snoops of, down tos the sout oh okay, here we go, south and west, we've got twowo systems. these are going to be our weather makers once we get intoo late saturday and sunday.y an and we are talking a return of o old man winter very briefly mind you. but just arriving once spring officially begins. tonight we'll see mostly clear skies. temperatures into the upper 30s. cloud will start to increase
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the weekend snow chances well, l low in some senses. we're not going to have anything that's going to be much in termr of accumulation. it starts saturday later in thet day showers and then we have a little bit of a mix in overnighg hours. coating on grass. nothing much accumulation folks. more toth no and a late sunday afternoon it's alls out of here. here's a look for tonight by tht time we hit nine clock hour itou will be 54 degrees. i'll have full forecast coming r up in just a bitter. back to you. >> thanks very much. coming up it hasn't been a great week for tune in a fish loversh that's for sure. >> just a day after bumble bee tune in a is recalled another popular brand issued a warningng to customer. more health concerns about a popular lip balm here with the fda is having a hard time. ♪
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>> slightly walk ward a policy.c what his grand father is saying tonight about his pathetic plea. ♪ >> ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> in tonight's health watch not a good week for tune in a a lovers. they are voluntarily recalling products the problem contamination issue. it says the tune in a may have been under cooked because of equipment glitch. the five ounce cans of chunkcean light in oil and water were distributed nationwide over thee past two months. 100 thousand cans are effect ted. the koa says you can return the cans to the store where you bought it. a win for consumers who want to know if gmo's are in their foods. general mills will label its pro bucket duct to comply with lawol that is set to go inning effecto in vermont. the move comes as federalal legislation on gmo label blink b has stalled in congress.gress. the food industry does want voluntary label blink while many consumers want to know what's is their food.
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drug administration about the danger of some wait lost drug the agency says it is finding potentially hazardous hidden ingredients in some of those popular over the countier countt drugs. they are sold as dietary supplements. some of the drugs are, the th agency says that its found ingredients such as blood pressure medicine. well the fda taking a closer look at eos lip palm consumers have complained about blisterini lips. so far no one has figured outut exactly what's causing the problems and when these issues crop consumers are often in the darke that's because the law does not require cosmetic companies to share safety data or consumer complaints with the feds. t while the fda did find violations
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facility investigators say they still haven't figured out what exactly is causing the cree actions. if you do get a reaction using eos lip palm, the government recommends that you stop using the product immediately. call your doctor at that then report the problem to the fda. exciting day here plenty off hugs to go around for studentss graduating from medical school. this is match day. students learn where they are headed for residency. the ceremony took place at george washington university. the students are get given giv letters that will tell themm where they will spend the next x chapter of their medical creamsm one third will walk away disappointed. those students were not matched with a teaching hop and will not be allowed to practice medicine. congratulations to those who gog where they wanted to go. >> exactly lots of hard
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kardashian approved weight trainer turning out to be a bust.
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test test when you build one of the biggest retail businesses in america,
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working closely with elected officials. from secretaries to presidents you learn what works in government and what doesn't. and if you're david trone you take those lessons all the way to congress. you pledge to take nothing from pacs or corporations because the only special interest a congressman should have is you and he'll promise to work with anyone if it'll get things done. after all he's spent 30 years working both sides of the aisle. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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>> all right. hollywood headlines car-chains c they know how to marketw themselves pretty well. >> that they sure do. >> they often endorse their own products but one item is now tho subject of a major lawsuit. it's called reshaping wast
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its supposed to help people burn fatty tissue. t all the women have been snapped wearing this corset. cor group of women has sued the manufacture though saying the product doesn't live up to its billing.bill even if the kardashian women kaa back it. the product does not help people burn fat e under the circumstances just helps yous ju receive distribute the fat in other place whente you wear the corset. >> absolutely. you might remember that song rapper to you pack wrote for his mom. his mother filed for divorce ane her husband reportedly wants as cut of her late son's money. tm see reporting she gets, we're told her husband is demand done then thousand a month for ther rest of his life. also asking for property a boatt house
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she filed in north carolina it will be up to a judge to determine what's fair. >> prince harry can't wait to be aca dad. he sat down for an interview with good morning america he adores children and considers cn himself a big kid. k and looks forward to sunday being some day being a father. harry is 31. he's still single, ladies. and during the interview he talked about his late mother princess diana he hopes the work he is currently involved in like helping people with hhiv and aids and helping wooded warriors cares on his mother's work. >> i'll be the mom. >> you can't i think he shouldn't have any trouble.trou although i guess if you are royalty it's probably kind of difficult. you p don't know if peopleow i really like you for you. >> absolutely. into that that can be tough. tou >> he is cute. >> heard the saying irma station is the best form of flatted row.
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like formation other tend to follow. this is a tap dancing group from dc core graphed amazing dance to beyonce's formation. she was so impressed she postedp the video on facebook. they say beyonce inspired them because she is extremely talented because she's ahe's business woman and she's very kind. look at them. they are talented.alen really really good. am i wrong, were they on the air yesterday morning?orni >> it's possible. i think so. >> i think a few of them we're. they are really real good. >> yeah, because i recognize a couple of them. they were incredible k we couldw hear them downstairs it was so loud and so amazinghi
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they are very good. >> i think their careers willees take off. >> 72 with an endorsement from beyonce. un forget cable find a couple cu find a purple heart at good a women goes on a mission to rewrite it with the family. >> virginia man who fought withh isis is speaking about why he decided to do surrender to forces. >> ♪. >> and>> a convict that's convit serenade ding the john with an adele apology. >> let's take a look, workingng it. work work work. [ laughter ]. oh my gosh. twerking and working. >> we'll be right back. ♪.
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♪. kathleen matthews: if we want to be heard, we need women in congress. it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordar>2çble care ac. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity,
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gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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to you pack
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>> we are watching breaking news from belgium where late this afternoon police arrested one of the chief suspect in the paris terrorists attack. they report he'd been on the run since last november's attack. belgium authorities say besides him four others are in custody s including three people who housed the one time future time police say today as raid was carried out in the neighborhood where he grew up. >> virginia man who allegedly fought with isis speaking out about why he decided to surrender. in a television interview expressed regret for joining isis saying he made a bad decision and was not thinking ti straight. he says he joi
5:31 pm
year and turned himself in earlier this week. the 26 year old lived in in an house that he said held at leasa 70 people including foreign recruits from other countries.e. >> during the whole trip there i didn't meet any americans. a and once we got to the place where
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[000:32:00;00] >> 180 people took advantage ofo the free cab wide. weather texting or drinking and driving young people and in experienced drivers are vulnerable to self imposed roadway hazard. a major car make i go kier is sponsoring class to help teenagers prepare. here's bob. >> reporter: were out here in one of the parking lots where the forward motor koa and the ko ford fund are going to help young drivers and parents dangerens that await them behind the wheel. its a. this skies showing young drivers what it's like to be impairedd behind the wheel whether drug or alcohol.
5:34 pm
a special pair of goggles doing the trick. well not do what you are doing. >> reporter: i honestly can't cn see, i can see the cones but like judging exactly where they are. >> that's it. it. if your hope perception changes. >> reporter: he's a driving inspector with the reason we do this the leading cause of death among teenagers in the united statesd is car crashes. this course helps point out dangers offer distracted driving. >> hey buddy there was aas shopping cart. i just took someone's skateboard out: cell phone the culprit here. n>> you on a straight road and if somebody pulls out in front of you now you actually have to drive the car slow down, speed up do something. that's what this sim my late. >> reporter: the koa, the fundrt has been doing this for 13 years now.
5:35 pm
>> our drive is to ma t understand what the consequences are. >> reporter: here were learninge the correct way to steer out off a sudden skid something thatethg often turns deadly.y. >> you've got to point your i see down the road.. >> reporter: not that thing yout are trying t to avoid help to h control when you are in a panic. >> we look in an instant someonn wrapping a car around aroun telephone pole we view it as a loss of control many cases m that's not what happened. the driver controlled the car they just controlled it at the t wrong thing because that's what they looked at. >> reporter: this weekends we clinics are free you can signed up online driving skills for f life .com. slots are lent tedly dulles airport bob barner fox 5 local news. >> wow. >> very cool. college basketball makingin headlines on and off the court. >> so many upsets every time there's a buzz everyone goese ge
5:36 pm
crazy. if you are not watching i waitah >> right. >> i'm sure that happens at offices all over the place screaming on the computer.on they have t the boss button in case your boss comes up behind you. >> that's so smart.hat' >> i might have given it away forever one trying to watch. >> yeah. >> ncaa tournament has seen upsets. maryland they are trying to avoid, in a classic match up taking on south dakota state. late they. south dakota is looking to make the terps sweat. s shawn miller during last night's game. and then this is shawn miller justin minutes into the game. my goodness he's already sweat sweat ted through his entiree shirt. i think the pressure is getting to him i didn't wear an undershirt. >> goodness.
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>> yeah, he had reason to worryr lost oh my goodness. look at that.t wear an undershirt, man. >> he might want to go to thehe doctor to get that checked out. >> he might. [ laughter ]. >> my goodness. we thought we had seen the biggest upset. they were out done just a fewt minutes ago number two seat michigan state. biggest stage these players have ever been on. wisconsin used this stage to get a date. >> like sell zoo he celebrity c crush. if she here's this hello. i'm available. you know. call, text. the call sent.
5:38 pm
so if you could get this to her tweet this out, maybe, send her, you know poke on don't know how this works. kids in the social media i don't know how they do that.t. but, and also, if she has a friend, i have a friend and you know like biggie said your friends can meet my friends and we can be friends. >> speaking of shooting, lower the rims from then feet lowerinn the rims would bring a differene aspected to the game and allow women to show you off ag let o seism. so why not lower the rim not just did you know and excitemen that way, then you would actually get quicker rebounds for say fast it wouldy totally change thee te game. they already have a different ball so why not have lower rims. and she's six five she's thinking about. >> she might have a good . tryry
5:39 pm
try it. has proposal.ha >> might. he's got the platform for it, right. >> he's on social media these days. >> he sure went on about it. >> very passionate.iona >> call me. m i got friends. he was working it. i >> really good. >> whatever it takes. >> exactly. up ahead shining a spotlight on those who work behind the scenes to make schools a clean save and positive place.ce. >> maryland man you can help crown the janitor of the year. someone finally made a website to help you find movies you can't remember the name of. didn't we have this happen yesterday, laura. >> i needed help. hey gwen. like spring summer, guess what we're talking two days until spring guess what winter is arriving omg. i'm going to have the details of what you can expect with this
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winter visit fox 5 news at five will be back after the break. ♪. ♪.
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♪ glenn:threateningicans: gofederal workers;ns over 60 votes to repeal obamacare. now they're refusing to even consider president obama's nominee for the supreme court. it disrespects the president and all of us -- and we won't put up with it. in congress, i'll protect president obama's legacy, defend obamacare, and stand up for social security and medicare. i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message.
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i'll take on republicans - for all of us. >> you may remember two weeks r ago we did aem story about national day trying to get to the bottom of all these insane national days. we hear about national, what do you think is wrong, nationall hair hellen day, what is that. >> there's something, i don't know. certain kind of pair. and there's something for every day. >> yes, there is. i >> there was national awkward day any way. as you heard, two weeks ago, i applied for a national fox 5 day. i mean why not to be held on
5:44 pm
five five may fifth every year but today i got the email from marlow anderson founder of national day calendar .com we were officially denied n national fox 5 day. so unfortunately, this is what she wrote. the selection committee hastt decided toee do not move forward with your application after a please note that we receive over 18 thousand applications a year and only 30 are approved. app >> some of those made it. >> national days per day. >> right. >> i'd like to know what's exaca 30 were though. >> how do they select them? >> yeah, what's the criteria for selection. >> the group did not allow us to do. >> 23 did invite us to do an interesting story on may fifth that includes a mention of a fox 5 national day but you know. >> there is a national -- >> that's right when is it. >> just saying. >> when is it, do you remember??
5:45 pm
>> i don't remember when it is it was actually a month or two ago. cause i remember that, there were all kind of coffee for us. >> they may take that back oncen they see what happens on sunday. >> we think fox 5 day should bes a national day every day right. >> always. >> we're just going to make it that way. >> exactly. sunday, saturday and sunday. >> saturday into sunday. you know the s first official dy of spring is sunday. and i think there is a tug of war going on between motherr nature and old man winter you know what maybe i don't want to leave just yet. but you know here's the thinghe it's going to be in and out before you know it we'll be back to real spring again. so just a brief little 50 nothing major. nothing major. look at the camera shaking wow. we had really really strong wind gusts today you can sigh the c with the cameraa really moving around those winds will start to subside a little bit later bit l tonight but in the meantime, it is hang on to your hat weather. let's talk about what's going tg
5:46 pm
be dry by cloudy once we get into saturday morning t night fairlyg clear actually not bad at all. however, for saturday morning we will start to see clouds moving in. and we got a system that we aree going to keep a close eye on as it starts to all a we are talking about with the winter weather heading here for a brief period rain and snow by saturday afternoon the storm is going too wrap up with sunday evening that's good a chilly start but a's warm endo the week.e this is where you are really going to love us. us. you know everyone is going to love us for this. lots of warm air we're talking 60 and 70s right back on the men you all over again. in the meantime let's talk about wind gusts. they were strong.e and right noyw gusting from up o 1620 even 35 mile per hour wind gusted. they were 38 awhile ago for dc. they will start to subside. here's a will be at the highs today well above seasonal by at least then degrees as we headeg into midre to upper 60 in all
5:47 pm
three airports. very comfort pal out there.rt current temperatures into the 60s as well. we are not doing badly. overnight lows into the 30s a 30 little bit and the chilly side. cooler air but we have a couple systems one system is going to start to move towards us the the second one transfers energy byng the afternoon hours on saturday start to see rain before weefor start to get into a wintry mix of the but snow more or less we're talking overnight saturday night into sunday as being the e main time period here's a little timeline for you. here's 1:00 in the afternoon onn saturday. here's a look at the 5:00 hour. so you can see it's going to be out of here once we get into the later part of sunday and not linger too much into monday. how much are we getting?? >> not much a conclusivelylation grassy surface. dusting. a lot more for are higher elevations.
5:48 pm
warm up is coming next week we are talking plenty of warmf weather take a look. 60 and 70 by hump day you won't know the weekend occurred.end we are going to be into the 70ot by the end of the week not bad b by friday grief degrees it's ald good take a look back to you. >> all right a.>> thanks very much. v we want to go down quickly to the national ashery 81 take a look, it doesn't happen a lot and she's been on and off all day. but momentary glimpse of the eaglets. we should save. into name the eaglets. >> screech was one. >> okay. >> thrown out there.hrow >> come up with our own nickname. looked like a little cotton ball. >> it does. oh now okay momma is settled link in there.. shawn we just love it. don't you? >> into i have been watchingn w this all day long.
5:49 pm
i woke up first thing this or ten years old to watch it with w me and he says mom espn is on. but. >> my kids are obsessed. >> i can't stop watching. so cute i'm thinking of a name.. someone suggested earlier maybe we should go with sha sha and ma lea those girls we already havee the president and first lady. that would make sense. >> liberty and justice. >> i love those two. >> i like those two. >> all right ally we'll decide. >> yeah, the other egg is expected to hatch this weekendsw so we are more fun to come. >> i know i can't wait. maybe sunday i think they are saying. any time in washington d.c.. all right guys speaking of washington d.c. if you ever had to certain for a parking space for an event in washington d.c.c you know it can be a big has sell we'll tell you about a new
5:50 pm
service that allows to you reserve your parking space. this has been flew seasons. we'll tell you why doctors say s you still need to get your flu stop. from potato chips to soda you can get all kind of snacks fromo sending machines wraps if you yu have a taste for stake andtake there's no stake restaurant around f there's a vend ding machine for that too details coming up tonight at
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six. >> a couple in arizona made a unique discovery at local good c will they found, let's take a look, this purple heart medical at the thrift store and were able to write it with a world war ii family. they paid only five dollars for the military heirloom and with
5:54 pm
the help of social media m discovered man who passed away in 1991. his family said the purple heart likely ended up after being left inside a box his nephew donated across the country. >> five dollars? >> yeah. >> oh my, they are angels for finding the family.y. awesome i love that. >> great story. you ever had one of those th days you just need add hug. i'm having that day today. for me i do have thank god four sets of arms i can fall into if if need it. i today i'm doing to to that. if you are single what do you do a korean designer has come up with the free hug sofa. take a look at this, its made of a soft material.a s it has extended moveable arms you can wrap around your body to give yourself a big bear hug hug when you need it. she said she wanted to bring comfort and happiness to loanly people who need it.
5:55 pm
that's so sweet. it says the friend or lover is never more than a seat away. >> well, its a nice substitute. i do have to say when i'm by'm b myself i have a pho if you are blanket feels so good against my skin. >> there's's >> love it.. okay, so have you ever thought of a classic seen or legendary, you can't remember what movie it's from happened yesterday. a newen website may have theav answer you are looking for. developed by a technology team n what is my movie .com. claims to be the first every descriptive movie search engine. so how does it work? >> you can search actor generalc and more and technology will immediately offer several results. >> that sound like google that'g what i did yesterday when i couldn't remember.em >> but it's very specific withit movies i guess. >> building oh of the all righth
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coming up next how you can help a maryland man win the janitor of the year award we'll explain
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we do it because we're family too. >> maryland man is hoping to be crowned janitor of the year. charles is a custodian in frederick. the contest recognizes hardard working janitors the grand prize is then thousand dollars in casn and prices so we wish him very m very well. good luck. all the best. we thank you for joining us to neither at five f fox 5 local lc news at six starts right now. happy friday. z . >> right now at six analyte prep school in the districts is is d the center of a police investigation. a student alleges a malee classmate forced her to have sex on campus. then are you ready for the cherry blossoms and snow? sno >> sue will have the latest on very un spring like whether headed our way.ay. the eaglet has hatched.
6:00 pm
a closer millions were watching and waiting for. the news at six starts right now. >> thanks for joining us i'm sarah simmons for tony.on >> stunning allegations at exclusive prep a studentep at sidwell friend ss another student raped her on the school's campus.ol fo'sx 5's alexandria limon is li with us. >> reporter: these are very concerning allegations. a president obama's daughters attend school here at sidwell friends. that's part of the reason why security is so tight on thisn campus still though a femalea student reported to police that she was raped on campus during school hours and it just leaves people wondering how this could happen.ha now a spokesperson for the dc police department told me this is an active and ongoing investigation.


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