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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  March 21, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> right now at 7 o'clock 7lo history being made in havana.avn president obama in cuba thisis morning. first president to wake up there in nearly 90 years. years what he hopes to accomplishccomh during this thi >> and developing this morningis here locally, a water wer emergency at a local hospital.o. what caused the problem and how it's affecting patients. pie >> donald trump and his rivalss come to d.c. today. how the republican frontrunner wants to unite his party. uni >> the month is rolling along. march 21st. good morning i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. first up at 7:00 the president in cuba this morning.orning. >> it is the first time that ait u.s. sitting president has visited cuba
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our melanie alnwick is livee al from the cuban embassy nowassy n with more and mel, not too n long ago we weren't even saying cuban embassy here in washington. good morning.go >> reporter: good morning. yeah, we were out here thatout t morning. i'd never seen anything likeen y it. it there was so much jubilationbila when the cuban flag was finally raised here over whatveh was the former cuban intra section. there are tours, there was ather private dinner, a state dinner. they're also meeting with theh business community and of c course a little baseball. l theit obamas certainly were w greeted with a lot of cheersf ce in cuba but also tightt security. president obama and his family touching down at the main theain airport there bringing some s sunshine diplomacy to cuba on on a rainy sunday afternoon.on. the obamas toured the olde city of havana surrounded bydedb embassy staff and their families the president said s reopening the door cuba is beneficial to both nations. critics say cuba isn't sharing i
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people. 15 months ago you may rememberer the obama administration decided to normalize relations after pope francis prior to the visit the streetsit were cleaned up, the -- there- were many buildings that were t painted as well and also there were some dissident groups that were taken into custody.o u president obama today ist scheduled to meet with cuban president rau raúl castro.o. he will not be meeting withng w his brother fidel.. tomorrow of course there willhe be a baseball match betweenmatct the cuban national team and the tampa bay rays in town for f the occasion. then president obama willde address the cuban people.ntpeop. live in front of the cubanuban embassy, i'm melanie alnwick,ela fox5 local news. >> mel thanks. a little closer to home c we're following developingin news in the district this morning. >> police say a water pipe hasde bursr t inside of howard university hospital.ty h bob barnard is live there with w an update on how it's
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impacting patients. bob, good morning.b, >> reporter: hey, good srning, allison and steve. gond yeah, right now a conflicting reports. no new ambulances are coming com here to the emergency room. in sense, the emergency room is closed according to mpd. the hospital says walk-inalk- patients are being allowed.ed d.c. water crews on the scene s tell us there is no water inat i the hospital right now. this was a 6-inch internalal water pipe that burst around 3:30 this morning.orning they've shut the water avenueatu to that -off tothat break in th. what the hospital pr peoplepl are telling us is that anybody who has appointments herepo should call their physiciansr ph beforehand because a lot of bec stuff is going to get canceledae until they get this water situation fixed here. here. again, mpd says the er is closed but walk-ins are apparently welcome. welco no ambulances will be cominges w here for the time being, guys. and, you know, what this ist thi all about we're not rea
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sure, just a pipe that has has burst inside the hospitalos here.he the basement was flooded at a one point so they had to move m eight surgical intensive carensc unit patients out of thatt basement floor to higher hhe ground, if you l so, there was . so, there was a evacuation inside the hospital. the surgical icu affected with t this flooding water break andbra no service right now.ervice the er closed to ambulances atce howard university hospital,pita, guys. >> that is very serious. very all right, bob, thanks. developing overnight d.c. d. police investigating a doubleoul stabbing at a nightclub in northwest.northwes this happened at the bravoned bravo nightclub on connecticut avenue around 2 o'clock this ths morning. mornin authorities say the two womenom were stabbed but their t injuries are nonlife-threatening.if right now police don't have a suspect e-no dr do they have art motive.motive. >> also developing policengolic investigating a robbery androbbn assault in alexandria.xaa. now, this happened early this t morning in the 100 block of brag street just off 395
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assaulted and robbed. robbe no word yet on a suspect or a motive there. >> ♪ >> you get all your time. 7:05 and --and >> let's do it. this weekend was all right.ig >> hm. >> weather-wise. >> a little indoor day if youif could swing >> i think both of them mightoft have been predominantly indoor o days. days. >> got that right.ot >> 50 this afternoon but ais a chilly start to your day.ay. 39 now in washington at reaganna national. 33 up in baltimore.timo 35 in annapolis.nnapis good morning leonardtown leordto 34 degrees. notice the chillytice temperatures. you mix in winds and it event feels a couple degrees coolerr than that so bring a jacket jace today. the good news is we'll get g something we haven't had in a few days sunshine. >> yay!>> >> daytime highs about 50.mehs a a few degrees lower temperature-wise. we'll be back into the 70's by ' wednesday and thursday. thursda dining outdoors, steve and i ani can watch late afternoonfter basketball on a thursday.n thur >> how nice is that gi
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be. be. >> right. >> throw some stakes on thee st barbie. >> exactly.ct i can't stay up until 9:30 onn >> why not. >> that's really late. le. if they win i'll stay up. up. >> you need to get theou n information in advance then.he >> i will steve.l ste i'm going to find out.into f 49 here later today. and again, i'll have the seven n day in just a minute. mut looks pretty good.ok >> you know what i determinedat in life. >> what's that. >> you do what you really want i to w d if you really want to do it, i you would do it.t. >> really? if you really want to support t one of your schools you would do it. >> all right. >> erin como over to you. y >> deep thought of the day.of >> that's right. t if there's smug really want towt do, you'll find a way to do d it. >> i agree. >> uh-huh.>> u >> no excuses. euses >> bam. >> tucker is looking at me at with the eyes. okay, moving over to traffic right now, skyfox is overs over bethesda. river road at goldsboroolbo there's a crash. crash. a car went off the road. r they have a big cleanup.leanup second flatbed at thatflatbe location. traffic is getting through butng just use some caution. aside from that 395 after shirlington we have a
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the northbound side.ou traffic is backing up.fic acki we'll take a look at one oft one our cameras and show you how things are shaping up as youp as head into the district from virginia. you can see flashing lights.ashi they have a flatbed out there ot as well getting ready to get g that vehicle involveded to outve of the from the beltway on up you're up dealing with heavy traffic oneac 395 northbound.395 a look at our maps now. n delays continue for thisrhi monday morning commute inommutei northern virginia, 66 eastbound between 234 and 28 average speed 17 miles pered hour. and then 95 northbound daled dal city to 123 down to about a 27 miles per hour.ileser hour. you are slow across the wilson bridge. on the inner loop in looin alexandria and then there'sre crash activity south capitol sth street at k watch out for crowded cro conditions on the key bridge keg as you make your way fromay fro roslyn into georgetown.etown. gw parkway southbound jammingami up as usual.s u suitland parkway inbound slow.w. 50 inbound slow by 202. 202 outer loop delays continue 95 to georgia and don't forget in frederick you're jammed upre jmu from the truck scales downs dow through urbana. back to you >> that's a lot erin. you're busy.usy. >> still ahead this morningad tg
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attend robbery at a pennsylvania turnpikeurik tollbooth.toll and shocking perhaps whoking is behind the crime.e cme that's coming up. >> and a new report, neweport, w information about thereatio maryland mother accused in theac disappearance of her two young children.children. how she's tried to escape thehe hospital where she's being treated how many times. 7:08.
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>> look outside at friendship fi heights. it's cold. 38 degrees. first full day of springfull bundle up. tucker will join us at 7:15 7 for more.or m a week after a shootout at t a police station in prince s george's hundreds gathered to rememberhe officer jacai colson at&t at a candlelight vigil outside of ouo ice district three policetr station the place where thatthe 28-year-old officer wasr- killed.ol police say he was killed by
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for officer colson will happenil in the next few days.few d >> we are learning newningew information about a montgomery m county mother who you seer wh there accused in the disappearance of her childrenhie citing court records theds t washington post reports r katherine hoggle has tried to escape from the psychiatricsych hospital where she's beinghere treated at least eight times.htt in each attempt she's grabbedra a staff member's badge andbae ad she's just run towards thehe door.or. hoggle's children jacob and sara were last seen inst seen in september of 2014. 2 she is charged with neglect abduction andand ababinstructorring justice. >> north korea has reportedly rr fired another missile intoth waters offer the east coastt c that news coming a few hoursew h after the north released these imagesover night claiming to c show leader kim jong un inspecting exercises by theng e country's army.uny's arm it was not made clear when these military drills tookills place but other reportsep suggest they were held lastey thursday in response w to u.s.-south korea joint koi military training.g. >> the suspected terrorist terri
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apparently planning newew operations and was ready for rdy more violence. vioe. his name is salah abdeslam. aes he was arrested on friday.ri he's said to be be cooperating with authorities.ri. officials say he told investigators there he wass thes planning another attack fromk f brussels and had access to weapons.ap france is now asking belgiumw to extradite him to paris.o however, his lawyer plans to fight for him to stay in brussels. >> experts are now examiningre the black boxes from the plane that crashed at an airport inrtn southern russia over thesia ov weekend. the fly dubai flight nosete dived and exploded after trying to land for a secondlaor time in strong winds. win all 62 people on board wereer killed.ed. officials say the plane's data d and voice recorders wereecor wer heavily damaged in the crash. ca they can't immediately read that data. d the airport plans to reopen today. >> at least 13 people are deadra and 34 others are injurednj following a bus crash. csh this happened in spain. s the bus was taking exchange eha students home from a festival fa when it the passengers include
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students from 20 different can countries. officials say road conditions were good at the time of the crash.roash. they're looking into a cause. awful. it is 7:12.>> presidential candidates makingai a stop in our area here today.ea details on their visit their straight ahead.. >> taking a live look outsidek e things are getting a little l bit better, not but there warmup is on thep is e way. tucker will tell us when coming up next.
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>> ♪ >> look. >> the scaffolding is coming down. progress. >> who has an update. hasn u >> wait a minute. this just in. go ahead steve.go ahead steve. >> our fan of the day we ask our great viewers to help usewsh out. we got his name.ot his n his daughter called. james maple. m happy birthday.happy hd about to turn 80. turn >> can i give a shout-out. >> sure. >> s >> curt who has been tweet meguh nonstop about representingo capitol heights. >> all right.ab >> on my maps workin rg onig it. >> okay.>> >> 36 degrees for you, curt sosc thank you for watching. wat >> you're getting specific like areas on your -- >> i get a lot of requests like can you put my i will put as man yy as i can. obviously there's a lot of a lot people who live in the area. are all right. so, he gets a specialoutoutci this morning. >> awesome. you ask and you get the answer i guess. gss >> 39 now in washington.hi 28 in boston. hey, it's snowing up in it' boston. bo that sounds like fun.ounds ke f >> uh-huh. >> right?
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>> what a pretty town boston is. is. >> four to 6-inches.-inc >> much of the country isuch fairly cool there. coothere look down to houston we're 42 degrees, 47 in new orleans, l 37 this morning in atlanta. mor. doesn't feel like spring.ikspri these temperatures will stayill on the cool side thisl s afternoon. we'll see highs locally about 50 the good news we should clea rd c it out and get some sunshine ssh after a couple days of clouds and kind of on and off again ofa rain and snow around here. here. still snowing in new england.inn mention boston providencerovidec hartford getting severalev inches of brand new fresh snow h for spring. spring. and that will get out of heret r later this afternoon.te but if you're traveling upr 'ral towards boston you may want toao call and make sure your flightoi is on time.n t 50 for us today.od 60 tomorrow. tor then we're off and running. runi blossoms will be blossoming,g, eaglets will be chirping.g. >> aww. >> uh-huh. >> steve will be skippingbe ski through the flowers.thr the >> uh-huh. >> with temperatures in theres mid 70's. >> mid 70's more of af possibility. >> see. >> we'll make that happen. h
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>> [laughter] >> be careful was wish for.ful >> just don't hurt your back,rt, steve. tricky. >> erin como standing by withmow a look at the roads.okthe hey, erin.hey, >> good morning. good 7:17 right now. n unfortunately we're dealingatela with huge huge this is the outer loop by good o luck road. left lane getting by. get there's a crash blocking theing right lane and part of the partt right shoulder.righ so again as you make your way yr out this is the outer loop by lp good luck road. r big delays as you make yourasoum way out. way out. keep it to the left. 395 northbound at shirlington s another crash. police lights getting ready to o tow the vehicle involved.hi traffic is really sloclw fromlo the beltway o on through pastoup the 14th street bridge.e 14ee we'll check in now with oureck t maps. we're dealing with otherg with h delays.ys 395 there's a closer look atoo that slow down 15 miles per milp hour especially between edsallel and seminary.eminy from prince george's county towards alexandria you jam upexy on the inner loop over the ove wilson bridge. 95 northbound dale city to 123 he, 27 miles per hour. p h 66 eastbound 234 to 2817 miles m per hour average.per hour ave and then you jam up agai
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you make your way throughay thrh fairfax. keep in mind clara bartonraar parkway as you make your way myr over the chain bridge trafficrig lights are out so use cautionse there. more traffic in a few. >> thank you very much, erin. e while the presidential t candidates including ilu republican frontrunner donald trump will be here in there in e district today. >> donald trump will tore hisp t future hotel in northwest onortt pennsylvania avenue.pesylv then give a speech the a pro-israel lobby group.. protests are expected there.he he'll also kick off a major m effort today to unite hisunite party behind his campaign. hisag maureen joins us in studio stu with more.wi a busy day today.ay t >> very busy.bus good morning to both of you. while in washington donald washg trump is also expected to meet o with a couple dozen gop doz insiders and his message will be unity. u [cheers and applause] a donald trump ralliesmplies continue to draw instigators i and violent clashes, this a pair of trump support pomeled p for trump the larger issue is ie uniting people who should be on the same side, republicans.ui and today in the shadow of thedt u.s. capitol he's expected toece make an attempt m
7:19 am
the largely undisclosed list of republican insiders.licainsid >> we have to bring our party py together if we bring our partyty together, we will win. w we will win by numbers thatrs t you've never seen before. bef >> reporter: speaking at a lincoln dade dinner floridada trump talked about thep importance of uniting the party even as he facesces continued opposition from ted cruz, john kasich and somend s republicans who have talked tal about rallying behind a third a party candidate even as thendidn party's chairman thinks that that would throw the electionowe to democrats. >> well, sure it would. wo of course it would. w but i also think it's far toor o late. >> reporter: one trump tactic involves the supreme court. court. and republicans skepticismism that he would app pointerwo conservative justices asas he's prepared to make somee promises. >> i am go together give a list of either five or 1010 judges that i will pick a hundred percent pick that ik t will put in for nomination. nin >> reporter: trump's t campaign says they will alsoaysw be increasing security atg
7:20 am
got out of hand this week.t w this time it happened in arizona.izona. a protestor was punched in then face as he was being led outng l of the event.of the event i think you saw that video a little while ago. trump blames the protestor foram that in d.c. today i'm sure we'rey sw going get some news out of that >> that you can bet on.u can be. maureen, thank you very much. m coming up a robbery turns deadly on the pennsylvania pen turnpike and who is behind it. i it's going to surprise you. sure how authorities say this say incident unfolded. uol >> a bit avenue surprise bvenu there. later frightening moments for parents in maryland.rents in m how their kids ended up u 30 feet below ground. time right now is 7:20.
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>> ♪ >> there's a look outside a right now. it's a nice start to this day. sunshine is out and that will ma lkean that 38 now 39 degreess feel a little bit warmer. hopefully. hope we'll get details from tuckerr in two minutes. mutes >> a retired pennsylvaniaennsyla state trooper is dead afterper police say he shot and killedshd two people on the pennsylvania k turnpike.turn now this happened yesterdayd y morning. police say there clarence clare briggs killed a turnpike worker and a contractor in arn holdup attempt at a toll t plaza. he was then shot dead byy troopers while trying to whi tro escape with the money.on now briggs retired.briggs retir again he's a retired state trooper himself. he retired in 2012 with anitn honorable >> indiana now.ow. a community mourning the lossmo of aur sheriff's deputy killedul in the line of fire.e. governor mike pence ord
7:24 am
state flags to be flown atags half-staff to honor deputy carl koontz. koont he and another deputy wereuty w slot after serving a warrantar for drug relate offenses. offse the second deputy is in stable people living in texas and louisiana still cleaning up s from historic flooding there.tii >> hundreds of families left fas with nothing after last week's floods destroyed their homestroy all their possessions gone nsion some places the water stilltill hasn't receded and in other oth places flood waters are still rising.rising. more rain could be headed tod be the region later this local churches are helpinges people in need with food and clothing donations.ns the calendar says doesn't feel like it outside oue but it could be worse.oue wo we could be dealing with snowhno like some other places thatce are farther up the east coast. flakes started to falloal overnight in new york city newky boston connecticuton cnect massachusetts and rhodehutts an island. those states could get up top 8-inches of of parts of connecticut could getot up to 6-inches and it's marchar 21
7:25 am
flurries here over theops he weekend. >> yeah. >> nothing substantial. >> well, the mountains out to so the west they had enough to coat the ground in some spots.oo >> is that right? >> yeah, absolutely.bsolutely. let's get to it.le cool start to your day. d notice the snowflakes in news iw york were going up. u they were like no hope we're w going stick we're just going j to go in the other thanks for playing along,ng steve. 39 in reagan national, dulles d 37, bwi marshall 33.all cool temperatures to startpetu your day. day about 50 this afternoon.fternoo. still snowing. i think we're done in new york but again, snowing in southernwi new england out along thengou cape, four to 6-inchesnc expected out there. there we've still got clouds. c we'll clear it up prettytt quick.qu winds are going to pick up out t of the north and west. n it's going to be a blusterybe at day an cool day but at leastea we'll be back in the sunshine with highs about 50. and a flies we have a ce week of weather wea to look forward to.ward to. wednesday and thursday wellay into the 70's.0' i think the cherry blossoms blos will be prime timing it by the i end of the week here. that's weather. wea. erin is back with some busy b roads.road >> yeah, there's a lot ofh, traffic. 7:
7:26 am
and as you make your way outr wy that is a look at the outer t or loop of the beltway as you approach bw parkway a.m. crashar blocking the right shoulder shoe and right lane.t lan keep it to the teft. give yourself extra time. t bw prkway southbound typical delays past powder mill road.d. 395 on the inbound side earlier crash by shirlington cleared but traffic is reallyafi heavy as you make your way out on 395 from the beltway to the t 14th street bridge it's just ass ton of congestion right we'll check in with our maps. aside from those areas of concern this morning, prince, pr george's county dealing withoun delays right now. n as you make your way on the inner loop towards the wilson tw bridge in alexandria you dip do unto about 27 miles per hour. congestion through annandale ada and the inner loop as well andd then as you make your way out 210 north fort washington roadnd at kerby hill road 12 miles12 m per hour.ur tons of congestion moving over for nga look at anta incident inside the district dic south capitol at k street atol crash. 295 inbound completely jamsely a with congestion and then clara
7:27 am
barton at chain bridge use caution.caution. those traffic lights areaffi malfunctioning. you needlf to treat that tre t intersection as though youti would a stop sign.on more traffic in just a few.d back to you guys. guys. >> thanks so much.>> thanks so >> still to come this morningmet a new round of metro improvement work could affectsds your commute. we'll tell you what you need wha to know this time coming up.p. >> a update on that water mainra break at howard universityoward hospital. a live report coming your way next. xt.
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♪ >> that's pretty.>> t >> it is pretty. >> correct me if i'm wrong stev aren't those already bloomed ora no? >> it look like they're lrburs bursting. >> perhaps they're not full t splash of color wehe love to ses so much. >> does the color get deeper? gd >> you know it depends on theeno some trees are more ink and soms trees are not so much. >> what are you saying, tucker?? >> tucker is making a joke. >> piping or pipping.. >> i see. >> said it incorrectly one time and repeatedly reminded me. >> welcome back to fox5 newsews >> this could be major problemde in the district this morning. water pipe issue caused floodinc at howard university hospital.. >> our bore barnard joins usnaru live at 7:30 with more. mor bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,ng, guys. gu still no water
7:31 am
howard university hospital.pita the emergency room is closed.loe d.c. fire and ems are divertingv any ambulances here even thought a hospital spokesperson sayssons walk ins are welcome. eight patients this morning hadd to be moved from the basement where this 6-inch water lineer ruptured around 3:30 this0 this rnrning. it was down in the basement.ow e it flooded the basement much m eight patients in the surgicalhe icu had to be moved to upper floors. the repair job has not been donn even though the water has beenae turned off to that break, but, t also, it has affected waterecd w service throughout the hospitala so what howard university unirst hospital spokesperson is sayingy if anyone has appointments here patient shows call their physicians ahead of time. clear follow water means no surgeries and right now no no emergency room here at howardd university hospital.pita how long the fix is going tosng take they're not saying but d.ct water has left and it appears a they'll have to use privatevate contractors to do the repair r
7:32 am
water back on and the er open eo here at howard university uni hospital in northwest.thwe. guys. >> all right. all r scary situation there, bob,tuath thank you very much.than >> the president is not at the t white house this morning.ho he and the first famusily wakinw up in cuba this morning. >> it is the first time u.s. u.s president has visited cuba since 1920s. our melanie alnwick is live frof the cuban embassy with more.ore. mel, i wish i can say you wereou live in havana this morning.ning i think you would -- you'd beo b excellent on location overseasna doing that. good morning. >> reporter: i would love that, yeah.,ea let's see if we can dial that u for the next time, right? because there may be next timesm that is the hope that state visits between united states an cuba will become an ordinary oin it is so extraordinary right now it hasn't happened as you said in 90 years. yrs president obama and his family m touched down on a rainy sunday afternoon in havana.. late in the afternoon yesterday. president obama, his wife, his daughters and
7:33 am
touching down there in havana late in the afternoon.on they did a little bit of tourinu around in the old city of havanv then went to private dinner. president went to the u.s.. embassy, brand new u.s. embassy and embassy employees broughtlob members of their family to seeye the president and his family fam there when he spoke presidentkei obama said that this is reallysr going to be a very good thing for the two nations, very beneficial but there are critics who say it really isn't going tt work that way all these new u.s. investments and tourism into cuba is really only going tong t serve to prop up the regime and benefit in power rather than aln of it being shared with the cuban people.eopl we know that before thebere president's visit they cleaneds up the street, they paintednted buildings and even arrested some diss cents.diss cen there really isn't -- there is-e some more openness now we knowow the internet is now available te cubans much there's been ans mur couple of major
7:34 am
investing in that country butouy still is not as open of countryc as the united states would likel to see. s. that they say is the purpose ofo their sunshine diplomacy.lo we'll see how it goes. i they'll be spending timein watching baseball and also theno president obama will address tht cuban people before he wraps up this heu trip. live in northwest, melanie alnwick fox5 local n >> mel, thank you very much.yovy happening today, the maryland state senate gearing up to vote on a bill named for a montgomery county police officeo killed by a suspected drunknk driver.iv the so-called noah's law passedp by the house of delegates lastat week. the bill would require convictei drunk drivers to have an ignition interlock placed ond o their vehicle. vic noah's named after know what leotta he decide back in i december after he was hit by a a >> metro work today.k tod metro will start installing two escalators this will be at theat dean wood metro station.ta part of project to provide morem reliable escalator service for customers.customers.
7:35 am
escalators since 2011. 2 an additional 20 will benal 20 w installed later this year. ♪ all righty. rht 7:35. good morning, tucker.uc >> good morning. morning cool temperatures. weekend, eh, maybe not even, eh. let's go to the forecast.ecas it gets better from here. springtime back well second fulf day of spring. springtime back - back full timm thank i was man today. sunrise at 7:09. 39 degrees at reagan national. t most of the area is waking up tn numbers in the mid to upper 30s3 so bring a jacket. it will be a chilly start to to your day with breezes out of th north and there's your satellite/radar.lir few clouds out there but we'll clear it it should be a nice looking lki afternoon unlike saturday and st sunday mostly sunny conditions.. breezy and little cool for thisi time of year with day times highs about 50. aut nice warm up as w
7:36 am
middle of the week.mi i'll have the seven day comingg up.. there's your planner for today.y you got outdoor plans later today go for it and bring a a jacket if you're going to earlyy spring lacrosse game. g >> thanks for that advice,hank pack your patience if you'ref yr headed out this monday morning.i big delays on the outer looputer towards bw parkway from 414 backup.backup earlier crash that had beencras blocking the right lane by goodg luck road cleared off to the clt right shoulder. all lanes open. you can see how crowedrowe conditions are.nditions are inner loop crowded as well. ceda as you make your way out and 295 anacostia freeway southbound byu east capitol a crash because ofe that you're all backed up hereer by eastern avenue so be prepared for that one.r that we'll go ahead and switch it stc over for look at our maps. m delays and problems continue ins the district.thstri clara barton at chain bridgeha g traffic lights are out basicallc so treat that intersection ass though you had a stop sign. s watch your delays and givee yourself extra time.ra tim gw parkway inbound backed upke u across the key bridge from rosland into georgetown.eorgetow same story in geo
7:37 am
wisconsin and m street, a lot of congestion suitland parkwaykway inbound.un you're jammed south capitolap across the douglas bridge. bridg in prince george's county delayd to the wilson bridge. 210 northbound fort washingtontw road to kirby hill road slowl rs traffic down to 12 miles an12 hour. good news from metro service s resumed normally and the blue line earlier malfunction at kinn street. of the all on the lines on timee and metro bus dealing with minor dries delays because of congestion in the district.ti i lots of traffic to get through t this morning. back to you steve and allison.. >> monday morning blues aroundgo here i suppose. coming up how crews rescued two boys in maryland who felll through -- fell 30 feet down inn a hole.ol >> all right. all r later, it is batman versus supep man week.k. this is the big week for thee br film to come out. kevin sits down with batman himself ben affleck.nff a lot of deep stairs in this t >> um-hmm. ♪
7:38 am
stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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♪ one person remains missingai in california after he jumped j off of a peer. peer. witnesses saturday night say they were out fishing on the piss bow beach peer they heard e man screaming much policeh polie arrived on the scene. sce they suspended their searchir because of poor weathere ofoor conditions.conditions. right now police are treatingren this as a missing person's case. schoolbus carrying membersbr of a boys basketball team t overturned in indiana.ndia the bus was carrying players ana coaches of the griffith highffit school boys basketball team.all they were headed to lafayette to
7:41 am
play against another high schooh in the state aaa semi finalss game. end end state police ared en they say there are injuries but none considered to be lifered to threatening. in maryland a daring rescuee after two boys fell into a deepe hole.le >> terrifying moments unfoldednf at a mcdonald's in rosdale,, maryland.maland. the 11-year-olds were reportedll playing in the parking lot whent they discovered a soft spot. s they allegedly began bouncing og that spot causing the ground tog cave in sending them plummeting nearly 30 feet down under. luckily one of them managed to climb and go for help.p >> coming up apple's biggest bge product announcement this year s just hours away now.ow. we'll preview what we can expecn to hear.ear >> is it a big announcement really?rely >> biggest one so far this yeary >> high anticipated batman bat versus super man it hits it h theaters this week.his w first though kevin joins us witw his interviews with ben afflecke can't talk about the movie yetov but he can talk to ben affleck. >> that is true. ♪
7:42 am
7:43 am
is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else?
7:44 am
♪ >> there's the eagle cam.. keeping the babies warm i guesse tuck. >> how is that how they doy >> i didn't watch that much ovec the weekend. i saw a couple pictures of therf two little babies but i didn't -- i wasn't obsessed witd it as i was last week. w we'll talk with the director off the national arboretum coming up 8:00 think.8:00 t if you have any questions now nw about what happens next.pens nt. >> okay. >> let us know.>> let 8:30 we'll get those answersns from the man whose running theut show. sh >> i mean i'm curious
7:45 am
long until they can fly >> there you go. y that's question number oneou.ioe we'll ask >> how long can they can fly. f >> i want to make sure they're ' ready. ready. how long do they live at home.em i got a lot of questions.ns. >> we'll try to tackle as manyas as we can. >> do they eat fast food or iss their diet only fish.y fis >> maybe a fish sandwich iff they're can lucky. lucky >> we don't know all the the answers.answer >> hard hitting questions ontt fox5 morning news.x5 mor >> all right. r >> let's go to the maps. bus stop -- whoa, maybehoa,ay everybody is at the bus stop byy now. but if you're running out theute door, this will still give you v sense in the 30s right n later this afternoon about 50 with breezy conditionsdi developing a breezy here are current 39 now at reagan national. natio 39 in quantico. fredericksburg, good morning,org 39 degrees to you.39 degrees notice everybody in the 30s herh in the mountains where we did see little more snow over the weekend temps in the mid 30s in hagerstown, 35 this morning in g winchester. we are going to be dealing witha wind chill today the winds willl pick out of the north and westtn 15 to 20. however, the good news we'll new
7:46 am
there you go into westernes montgomery county loudoun countu a good patch of clearing and we will trend towards more and more sunshine her later thiser l afternoon. little bit of cloudiness toinest start your day we should turnhol sunny and bright and at least al we're not dealing what hairdo hd dealing with in southern newern england that is snow flying onwf the second full day of spring ig boston, providence, the cape,hep all getting snow at this hour. h we won't be dealing with that. and high pressure is able tobl build in, we'll gete'llet progressively nicer around hereh a little cool for this time ofhe year with highs about 50 today.d but this area of high pressureue can move closer and off to ouror south and east we'll pump thel p temperatures up and by wednesdae and thursday, high temperaturese will top out near 20.ut nea 2 it should be nice white week a k lot to look forward to here t h weather wise.. >> 50 today.>> 50 60 tomorrow. tomro 70 74 on thursday.huy. erin might have to get back to the car wash. >> whoo!>>hoo! >> yeah. all right.all then mid 60s around here friday. there's your easter basket onn sunday temps in the low 60sow right now
7:47 am
is great okay. back with roads. with ros. >> i also need to see the cherrc blossoms. i haven't seen them yet. t >> we should do a 1:00 a.m. a. arrival.val. >> okay. >> as long as we're out of there by 3:00 or 4:00 we'll fine. >> i'm well aware the traffic ta will be a little crazy aroundzya the tidal basin for cherry for r blossom is that season.som >> a headache on the outer loopl of the belt beltway.. earlier crash cleared out of the way. leftover slow moving traffic.mof let's check in with 295. w we do have a crash. cra it is out by east capitol andapd because of that, we are jammedrm all the way back to easternas avenue.ue. slow-moving traffic inbound there. i'll take a look at our maps oum shown you what else you're up against. outer loop stop gone traffic. top side new hampshire topsre t georgia. clara barton traffic at chain c bridge traffic lights areic lht malfunctioning.ctioning. treat that though it were a stos sign. sign watch for inside the district typical typl slow-moving traffic on lot of our secondaries as you make youu way around here's a c
7:48 am
at outer loop there 95 tohere5 georgia really slow. bw parkway southbound as youthuy make your way past powder milldm typical stop and go traffic. 270 southbound just a long linel of sluggish traffic fromic f frederick on down throughn ro gaithersburg this and then as you make your way iw prince george's county inner loop is slow as you cross the wilson bridge into alexandria. 210 north jams fort washingtonho to kirby good news metro is once again on back to you. maryland punched its ticketc into the sweet 16.1 they had a big advantage in the free throw department making 28m of 31 much that's impressive.. did not make any three pointersr but that's okay. o this marks the eighth time thehi terps have advanced to the sweet 16.16. on thursday they'll the kansas jayhawks.awks jayhawks ranged number o tough game. go, terps. tps >> top seeded virginia will makl an appearance in the sweet 16we1 after
7:49 am
their win is thanks to strongo s second half run and defensive stance shut down one of butler'e best it marks the teams secondeamsecn appearance in the sweet 16 ine n three seasons.threseas now, virginia will go to -- go on to head to chicago to face iowa state on friday.y if you can follow that sentence. this year acc has a record 16 i1 the sweet >> good for the conference muchn here's look at the rest of the e teams you'll see in the sweet 1t in the south miami facingg villanova in the west top seedee oregon against duke. texas a and m takes on oklahomal in the east north carolina willl face indiana much notre dameh em takes on wisconsin.. midwest region gonzaga and syracuse.ra there you go.there lots of basketball coming upskll this weekend.this weekend. >> you know what that music is. >> yes. >> fox beat. bt. kevin mccarthy.. hey.hey. >> okay. >> i'm getting little excitedng now. l batman versus super man week and this movie i've been waiting for this
7:50 am
i love zach schneider. demand of steal, watchman. ben affleck paying batman. jesse eisenberg as lex luther. e i'm going show i was quick clipp from the film that has mythat m favorite line.favorite l check this out. >> tell me do you bleed? ble >> that is just amazing when hee said that. t an amazing line. le cool battle scene and thatene scene -- obviously you saw the bot maybe hit super man and man bounce off of him. amazing. i sat down with ben affleck tolt talk about the role playinge p batman the differences betweennb this batman obviously and the adam west batman and one of thee most incredible scenes in theint film. check this out. >> when you say the line tell me
7:51 am
do you bleed, you will -- >> tell me do you bleed? you will. >> how do you say it onset? dot you say in it your normal voicev and they digitally render it? i the performance is doneone like -- because the idea behindn this batman he's this public face bruce wayne, well-known --- well-known other billionairesais people recognize he uses the cow has a force mod later in it that disguises his voice.. otherwise people will say thatt guy sounds like bruce wayne. w i perform it and we could fool l with how it would sound using ui the computers later to make adjusted. adjusted. >> you look back at the adamba west batman totally different d from what you have here.. it still holds on to some of the values but it's a lot if you can see those two batmans talk, obviously different d generations, what do you think u they would talk about? wld talk >> i don't know. i >>actually watched the adam ws
7:52 am
really into them and he likes watching them.tching i've been like watching a lot ot these episodes and the movie did a full length movie and i a watched that recently, and i a don't know what they talk about. it's very different eras but there is something that stillhas remains the same about this abot character.. since its inception in the '30ss this idea of a guy who has a secret identity he fights crimec at fight and nobody knows abouto it end takes on, you know, the burdens of the city, that, like, um, allure, you know, seems to have endured.. >> the scene that geeked me out the most in the warehouse seenwe you come up through the groundhg and you're fighting those guys.. when you throw that guy's face into the -- >> amazing.>> amazing. how did that work?how dithat >> that guy is just like -- wasn't into a board but it was like he got thrown down. d those guys -- tip my hat. movies get mad because a lot of the stunt guys work really hardd and take some hits
7:53 am
it you just get knocked downed really hard if you're the stuntu guy. there's some guys who reallys wa took some big shots to make itei look cool, you know, we owe thee a big debt. >> when i was sitting in thewai movie theater and he throughe that guy's face into the wood id think i let out a gasp. (squeal). >> tell me, do you bleed, youyo will.will >> i lip synced it.dt >> it's a good line.s a od l >> pretty amazing line.e. it opens up friday we'll havellh the entire cast all week long. soup merman henry kaval, lex luther jesse eisenberg. >> that voice is not in the in t whole movie. mov >> he says and they digitally render it. >> my question, i was a little t tired d he deepen the voice t vi onset. >> kind of a cool thing.. >> it's definitely him. >> you guys were ranting aboutin his old movie the town so much c that i rented it and his voiceie is
7:54 am
it's all clicking for me now.eow but i just have to say, howow could he ever beat super man s when super man can fly alike he did. >> you have to see the movie. >> affleck is a director. gone baby gone phenomenal movie. are a go amazing. azi the town mazing. i think he's in talks to directr the next batman film solo batman movie the next movie they're the do's a justice league. >> do you think henry calf val.v i saw when he walk down thenhe street nobody new who he was. he this will change that. >> the clark kent has the worstt disguise ever he looks just like super man.per m that was the whole thing if ihif walk around manhattan willtt people actually know it's me ore not. that was like the funny thing.yg no one recognized him. >> nobody recognized the guy.ogh that will change.ange. >> he wore a super man shirt tot when he did it. i >> yeah. y cool. >> too much nerdiness.di >> what are you doing, steve?te? >> okay. >> now we have informat
7:55 am
our facebook fan of the day andd it's james we think it's mackle, jr., correct me daughter if i'm wrong.on mr. mackle turns 80 years old soon. soon >> he was nominated by his granddaughter who says he lovesv fox5 as you can see he visitede us on our zip trips last summerm if you would like a chance to b tomorrow's fan of the day leavea a photo and comment on our facebook >> in the upper left picture maureen even look like a twoe a headed monster. moner. >> he looks like an o's fan jusj like tucker barnes. bne >> happy birthday. >> so great. >> what are you doing, sir?g, sr >> nothing. not >> i just love to see how enthusiastic kev is. kev 40 at reagan national. natna dulles is 38. >> do you bleed, tucker? >> bwi marshall --arshal >> do you bleed?>> >> he will.>> >> it's non-stop.on-stop. we should do behind the scenes here. let's go to the next map.extap you guys are making me nervous.o we got satellite/radar. hey, we'll
7:56 am
we'll clear it out. out. very pleasant day.leasanay a little cool for you highs onll about 50 and breezes out of thez north and west. w our storm system is pushing off to the east and north.or still snowing up in boston andta southern new england thisrn nng morning. all snow up there.owp ther a couple inches up to 6-inches e west of boston expected. exp there's our seven day.e's our s no snow around here. warm it up.wa 60 tomorrow. torro 70 or better wednesday and thursday. thursday looks great.sday mid 70s here come the cherrye t blossoms. here comes erin with traffic.wi how is it looking.w is it loo >> i came running in.running i 7:00 vick a lot to talk aboutkbo tucker for unfortunately ourtelr monday morning drive. dri collar what barton at chain c bridge traffic lights still outt treat that intersection aserct though you would a stop sign. 295 southeast capitol streetol s earlier crash has completely cot jammed up there. there give yourself a lot of extra lot time to get inbound.t boun also the outer loop jams usualsu spot in montgomery county knifei over to georgia avenue. 295 like i said is jammed bw parkway by powder mill southbound dealing with stop ani go traffic and then 270 as yousu make your way through urbana ala the way down to the spur it'sr i just a lot of s
7:57 am
traffic. leave early to get through that area. in prince george's county thoset delays continue as well. well. inner loop delays to the wilsono outer loop delays richiee marlboro road to the parkway. 7:57 right now. n still ahead 8:00 o'clock a local ems department using an app to t try to save lives.iv we'll talk with them and finendn out how that works. >> kindle users listen up whatsu amazon says you need to do if d you want your device to keepee i have to do the same thing.hi. deadline is coming i'll let you know what it is.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. 8:00 o'clock on a monday'c morning.lo giving you a live look acrosslor the dmv. it is march 21, 2016.1, 201 we'll have weather and trafficra for you coming outpatient at ona the 5's at 80:00 advertisement.i good morning i'm allison seymo seymour. >> i've steve chenevey.e right off the top this morningst we're following developing news in the district.. water pipe has burst insideh of howard university hospital. a our bob bernard is live therelie with an update now on how it's impacting patients. p good morning.goodning >> reporter: good morning,orni, guys.guys this happened around 3:30 this0 morning.rning. a 6-inch water pipe in the p basement. it flooded the basement. eight surgical intensive care ce unit patient has to be moved tot upper floors. f right now the emergency room is closed.clos there is no water service andced the
8:01 am
we had a chance to speak to ann orthopedic surgeon dr. robertr.b wilson and asked him what this means for the hospital. >> i think if there's less watew in the hospital it's probably some water, it makes it difficult to, take care of patients because you have toav t wash your hands, you have to feed patients and you have to do the general things of cleaning n instruments and things like th that. might might make it very it ve difficult.t >> will there be operationsere right now. >> no operations right n very soon.n as soon as they get it cleaned up we'll get going right away.ia >> the er is closed as well asel we understand. >> i don't know.>> i just got in about an hour ago and i know that -- that the operating room is shut down forf now. >> reporter: so dr. wilsonn said he had several surgeriesd e this morning that had to be hado cancel.cancel. the hospital is suggesting that patients who have appointmentsan here call their
8:02 am
before they come because a lot a of what's going on at howardd university hospital today is toy shut down because, again, a water pipe no water service and the er is closed, guys. g >> all right, bob, good morningg we'll stay on top of it. of thank you so much. mh. also developing this morning mni police investigate a robberygate assault in alexandria.xanda this happened early this morninm in the 100 block of brag street. police say the two men wereen wr assaulted and robbed. no word yet on a suspect nor a motive. and in the district policeol are investigating an overnightht stabbing at a nightclub inigclub northwest.nortt. this happened at the bravo bravo nightclub on connecticut avenuet around 2:00 this authorities say two women wereer stabbed but their injuries iur non-life threatening. right now police do not haveotav suspect nor a motive. miv >> happening today, theapng t president is in cuba the first t family is there.mis th they landed in havana yesterdayd president obama, the first usstu president to visit cuba in nearly 90 years.ea the president says he's lookingg forward to this renewedenew relationship with cuba.onship wu some lawmakers though nothoug n thrilled about the
8:03 am
>> we'll have more coming up. in the meantime tomorrow hisomro visit continues with major speech that cuban officials says will be carried on tv and beforf leaving for argentina thena president plans to meet witheett political diss cents. 80:00 theme donald trumpthe taking his presidential campaigg bringing it actually here to thy nation's capitol.ap the republican front runner will first tour the future trump international hotel in northwe northwest. then give a speech to a pro israel lobby group the americana israel public affairs committeee invited all the candidates to attend's policy >> senator bernie sanders notni the only candidate -- is the -is only candidate rather nother attending today's conference citing schedule lincoln flick f he's currently on the west coasa continuing to draw massiveraw ai crowds there. 8,000 supporters turned out tont see him at a rally in washingtoo state ahead of saturday's caw cause
8:04 am
he will be in idaho and in utah today. in arizona former president bill clip ton campaigned for hillaryr clinton in tucson.into tuc he was joined by former congresswoman gabrielle giffordd and her husband mark kelly.. former president says theays country could be in store foror some boom times if the right candidate is elected president. coming to you a littleu a l early, tuck.y, tk. >> yeah. what are you going to do withoi this extra time.. >> president clinton completelym gray hair now. >> yeah, has. >> he looks good.okood >> he does look good.s lo goo >> a little cool to start youroy day. a cool afternoon but it will beb a sunny and bright afternoon.. >> it's springtime. springtime. >> and it's springtime.prgtime. from here it gets better andter better by wednesday, thursday,,, we'll be well into the 70s.. >> okay.>> >> let's do it.>>et's >> let's do this.'s can we look at the eagle cam real it's feeding tim >> how do you know it's feedingi time. >> i just know, tuck.k. >> allison knows it's feedingeeg time. ti >>'m
8:05 am
feeding time.feeding tim >> thank you very much.nk ut-oh. y ut my head is too big. okay. >> knocked me over.cke o >> the other one is eating straa or something.omething. he looks like. >> that's amazing.hat's the one on the right says i wanw more fish.ish. the one on the left says i'monhl good with the grass. gra >> the newest one -- they're- t' both a little unsteady.teady >> you guys will be enter be viewing the expert at 8:30. >> yeah. if you have any questions tweet usqu. his spokesperson.s spo not the eagle himself. himlf >> maybe we can get the that would be an exclusive if we could do that.could ha >> so majestic.ajestic >> all right.ll r let me just mention if you'll be out and about checking outin o birds, 40 right now in i washington.. 36 annapolis.36 37 in winchester.ter 34 good morning hagerstown.erstw 37 in frederick. freri we're trying to clear it out ano we'll be successful in doing soo mostly sunny this afternoon. breezy. winds out of the north and weste at 15 to n so bring a jacket today. tod high temperature only be about a 50 and breezes will make it feef cooler than that.hat however, a dry afternoon andno a again the seven day looks looks generally very favorable.avab i'll
8:06 am
56. 56. >> you know what's awesome, i wasn't sure how the feeding process goes. i thought momma might havehtav ingesingested it first but --- >> she makes might size pieces.e i don't think it's the rei gumpg takes thing. >> i learned that in sciencece class.s >> some humans do that. t >> this is an internationalnaon story. i was watching other media carrying it all weekend.alwee >> i think it's so cool she c s actually cuts them into littleot bite sized pieces for the littlt one. >> i think it's adorable.ador >> such a mommy thing.h a >> such a mommy thing.mommy thig >> i could watch that camera -- >> or daddy thing.r dadd >> -- live stream owl morning.g very peaceful. >> daddy do's that stuff.o's th. breaking news out of virginia. a we have three lanes blocked crash activity 66 east. e this is just before 50 andnd you're backup extends self miles right now just shoulder looks ts be getting by huge crash scenene several cars involved in thatolt accident.cint we'll keep update on fox5. fox5 just make sure you give yourselu plenty of extra time to getime g through this area on 66 eastbound look
8:07 am
again before fairfax countyou parkway you're just parked just leading towards that accidentha scene. . we'll go ahead and check in with our maps aside from that bighat crash just happened, clara barton chain bridge trafficfic lights are short cycling usert c caution. 295 south earlier crash cleared of east capitol big delays for several miles before eastern avenue.ue outer loop top side of thehe beltway backed up.acke u gw parkway inbound seeing very heavy traffic by turkey run. r key bridge is slow for the 11th street strt bridge. south capitol to douglas dealing with lot of traffic and then tht inner loop delays from princeroe george's to the wilson bridge bi outer loop ritchie marlboro roar to bw parkway from earlier crasa really jammed there.dhere so lots to get through metrogh m dealing with some issues.ue you can check in in with me on e twitter at erin fox5 d.c. latesa for your look at metro with youh next traffic report. ror steve?st >> apple getting ready to make y big product a announcementncen today.da we'll talk about the rumoredbo products tha
8:08 am
unveiled.unveiled. and also, coming up, twitter celebrating a big old birthday today.da howl how old the social networko is turning.urng next. ♪
8:09 am
>> travelers headed to cuba a ah we take look at the districtea right now, the suburbs, nice here. 39 degrees. chilly. warmer in cuba no doubt about it. travelers will soon be able to
8:10 am
online lodging service air bnb a eceviceived special authorizatii from the obama administrationatn this weekend making them the the first american company to entert cuba after renewed relations ras between the two countries.. u.s. hotel company star wood w will be able to renovate and run three cuban hotels. hotel the first us hotel chain in thee island in more than 50 years.eas look at those prices.ri they're really good.ey're ally i haven't used air bnb but the $24 a day? okay. nice. >> there you go.>> t apple considering, well,ng w it's not considering it willt wl announce products today. product the question what are they goini to be. >> ceo tim cook is expected to unveil a new smaller iphone. much like ---- >> like the 5s that i have righr now it's expected to have new he features including life animatem pictures and apple pay. p they may also unveil a new i-pad pro. the product announcement comestc one day before apple will takelt part in federal court hearingrta deciding whether the techhe t company will have to give door
8:11 am
access to the government to iphone security features.eare >> i'm starting to get teched g out at this point.his p what else do i need from my m devices.ces >> if it's going back to this t size are they really doingy doig anything different? >> right.>>ight new product, tucker says no. kindle owners listen up mucc it's time to update your y software or your device may stoo working. woing. >> don't want that.>> d amazon says the deadline to update your outdated software ie tomorrow. to do it i >> i have to remember. have to m >> if not you will get an errorr message and the devices will beb disconnected from the internet.. >> no. >> you will not be able to access the kindle store any more to download your new books.oo take note. not >> write it down al emergencyeny updates affects the original ori kindle paper white and everyteve model britt.. >> there you go.>> t >> if it's the original would that not have been the first.he. >> don't try to make sense off it. it. >> technology i'm notec understanding hnso much these days. >> i do understand birthdays ant and today is number 10 fo
8:12 am 10 years ago today the first thr tweet was sent and changed theht world forever as we know it. our grammar got worse.tor >> oh yeah. >> our shore cuts. how we learned how to write anda type thoughts. t >> we learned how to tighten wan that we're trying to same theo e tweet was sent by twitter ceo co jack dorsey and the first tweete ever read "just setting up my twitter" the site has 320 million users hash tag lovel twitter is trending in honor ofo the anniversary but it hasn'tas been all smooth sailing for ther social media giant. giant sagging stock prices and itsnd i inability to turn a profit frustrated investor. >> who do you think is next? wn used to say you could -- the old wrist television thing.on. now you can face time people,pl, see them when you talk to themk what's next?t? >> holograms. hologra >> you'll be right there in thet room with me.roomh me. >> hologram.>>olog >> okay. >> i won't be in the room withhr you. >> your image will be.e. >> that would be so cool. coo all the possibilities arere endless. endles coming up in today's fox beat
8:13 am
why ben affleck won't let hiset son see his new movie. mov >> later bill murray spottedpo during march madness. a moment that left him h speechless. 8:13.8:13 >> steve, i could just visit you wherever i wanted. ♪ ♪
8:14 am
with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. make any day a pancake day with nutella. spread the happy!
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♪ >> that will get you ready forll th ge work that and that sun out there.t 8:15.8:15 39 degrees.rees >> you know what also will geto you ready. >> cuteness always does it.ess >> bring it. >> can you deliver? >> i plan on it.
8:16 am
>> congratulations.. >> mission accomplish. all right, everybody.right, time for fox5 five photo of the day. we got super duper cuteness.. >> ♪ can we flip the prompter,mp, please?plea >> thank you. >> oh, my goodness. >> this is leighton.ton. >> leighton everybody.ry she is six months >> um-hmm. >> and her nana sent us thiss picture of her playing in thengn park with that beautiful smile.i >> look at her face. f >> look at -- look at those bigg eyes. i'm just entranced. entranc she is so cute.. >> adorable.. >> tucker, seriously her eyes e are her entire face and her h cheeks. she is so cute. >> adorable. so sweet. >> that face. yup. >> aww. >> not you -- nana you are so >> you are so lucky.uc >> i think that's the right outfit for park playing today.yd it will e
8:17 am
>> bundle up a little bit todayt end of the week she'll be fine.f >> later this week you can getsc out the spring gear a little bit chilly this morning. mor >> her smile is really wide. she's got that little mona lisa smile.smil i know all the secrets. secre. >> you think you know everything early. >> and forget it over your lifee >> right.>> >> um-hmm. she's adorable.she'adorable. >> maybe you get it back later.. >> to send us your child'shild's picture go to our facebook page fox5 dc. leighton we love your picture. u thank you nana for sending it n in. zen us your child's picture ande we promise to get it on the air. >> might take sometime.ime >> twenty eight in boston wherew it is snowing this morning. hooray.or. >> eh. >> okay. much of the country actually very they're 40s down to the northerr gulf. that's unusual. >> one of my former interns is s weather forecaster down in the panhandle of florida and he's ad been tweeting all morning abouta how it is down there. >> is that strange or --t stra >> a little unusual for them too be in the 40s. in th 40s. there you go.there you can see off to the north ana west ple
8:18 am
canada. we are going to be cool today. y highs about 50. but we have a nice warming treni to look forward to by tomorrow m and near 60 and by wednesday ana thursday right back into the 70s. 70s. beautiful beautiful decade.fudecade all right.alrigh there you go.eru g clouds to start your day but day then the sun gets out and thatha snow to the north and east will be out of here well it's out of here it will be out of the easte coast later this afternoon.. but anywhere between how aboutww three to 6-inches up near bostos later today.tay >> weird. >> second full day of spring.lld there's our seven day.r n day more coming up, wednesday andney thursday in the 70s gets bettert from here and a quiet week. wee not much rain at all this week e at >> thank you tucker. >> my pleasure. let's check in with erin andinir fine out what's happening on the roads roads. booze things.thin >> 66 eastbound by monumentonumt drive delays are all the wayheay back to 234 for several huge crash scene right now just the one shoulder is squeeze see buying we have an ambulance alaa fire department basically all ol 66 is blocked just the shoulderr squeezing
8:19 am
basically parked for sever f sev miles. you're dealing with delays from that crash mixed with unearedhne crowded commute from centreville it's stretches back again forgaf miles average speeds under 10 miles per hour. p h my best advice to you to avoid d getting stuck in that take 29 t keep in mind 29 will be reallyea crowded unfortunately you really need to leave early this morninr to get towards the beltway.ay. we'll switch it over from that big crash scene we'll keep ae'll close eye on that breaking news. 395 north no crashes just delaya edsall to seminary, 15 miles an hour. if you're taking gw parkway pkw inbound, you're really jammed ue across the key bridge. super slow moving traffic therec as well. in prince george's county, outeo loop is really jammed by richie marl road to the bw parkway.ay inner loop is slow to the wilson bridge. brid more traffic in just a few and we'll get no those metroro changes. back to you guys.back t ♪ >> thanks erin.>> kevin mccarthy joining us once again in studio with today's fox beat.. >> hello again kevin. >> allison and steve.ndteve steve, i know you're a bigw youa nascar fan. how was your race experience onr su
8:20 am
>> super man won. >> you're a dale earnhardt, jr.j team batman.atman >> team batman. >> bat mobile didn't run quite r so well yesterday.esterday. >> super man won the race. man t so speaking of batman versus veu super man in movie world this weekend zootopia number onene again. $38 million.mill still number one the disney filf so far has made $201 million ino 17 days. day now that's only domestic klee. $591 million worldwide. it was predicted though that the divergent series a film a allegiant would pass zootopia zi did that did not happen at all.a zootopia is a amazing movie.ov that sloth scene you're seeing y right there one of touhe fun nen scenes i've seen a long time. t audiences are spreading the word and people are going to see itoi zootopia is amazing.zing great messages for families asal well.we divergent did not do well. made $29 million.ilon that's over a 46% drop from the original opening weekend muchuc divergent which did
8:21 am
54,000,001st three days. three the audience is trying to tell people something here they don'n necessarily want to see any ofya more of these.more one more coming out next year.r i gave allegiant is one out ofuo five. i thought it was one of the wasf worst films i've seen in long skip it in my opinion altogeth altogether. moving on next, just a few daysu away from batman versus supsterr man. if you're thinking about seeinge the film and taking your youngeu children to see it, one of thenf stars of the film says that t might not be a great idea. ben affleck who plays batman ina the film says his four-year-old son is a little young to see the whole movie and said quote ite don't want him to havee but did say he might have to coc one of editors into giving him a version without some of theut sm scarier stuff the movie rated pg13 i've seen i i will say it's definitely notln for kids whatsoever and affleckk said his old oldest daughter whw is 10 can see >> coming up in good day we'llel start batman versus supermans sa week the entire cast batman, super man, wonder woman, lex wom
8:22 am
luther and so many more.r an tune in 10a i go one-on-one with ben affleck himself, batman. bma >> i feel like we need to make i was super hero this week to fitf in. >> i don't know what i would beb me. >> taco bell man. >> yes. >> taco bell man. >> super geek. >> super geek is okay. >> they are tears.eears >> super neared tears.uper >> well, i mean, not everyone ii super. >> that's true.>> batman. >> batman voice is amazing. azig earlier we showed a clip tell me do you bleed line it's better than christian bail's batmanl'sa voice if my opinion. opion >> i'll have more on good day aa 10a. a. >> thanks, kev. >> super nerd tears.dea >> coming up update on those little eaglets we've been eag obsessed with at the nationalhe arboretum. >> when will they start to fly?y what will their names be? how o long are they going to hide t under momma? we'll get answerse to all the questions you haveou and if you have more, tweet us.e we'll talk with the director ofo the national arboretum next.
8:23 am
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and you'll reach your customers where their eyes are already - on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. >> welcome back. cool temperatures to start your day. reagans national 40 dulles 38. bwi marshall 36. 3 good news after weekend of clouds and chilly temperatures,s we'll warm it up a little bititt today. toda most importantly the sun will bb ba
8:26 am
make it feel better for you.r f. trying to clear out. to r ou in fact doing a good job of it across northern maryland.or if you're getting clouds at this hour. hour. hang in there. most of the region should begi bright and sunny by lateunnyy l morning. morn it will be ain bit of a blustery winds out of the north and wests gusting 20 to 25.o 2 daytime highs only aboutnlybo 50 degrees a nice afternoon andn again sunshine should feelhod f pretty good only gets better from here. in fact by wednesday anday a thursday, well into the 70s. 70s little bit of a gusty wind outio there.e at least breezy conditions highs in the upper 40 toss 50 laterat a dry monday afternoon.damondaya i'll be bacftker in just a minue with the seven day forecast.orec all right.all erin is back with lots of slowfs roads and fire engines and allel kinds of stuff.. >> the good news tucker they'rey clearing the crash.clearing thec lanes are getting by it's not just the shoulder.ul this is 66 on the eastbound sids by monument drive.rive. but because it's already crowdeo through centreville on 66n eastbound delays go all the wayy back for several miles to 234. 2 let's go ahead and take look atk some of that delay. day and our maps.d oumap you can see you're basicallyasic park there.rk i want to help you get
8:27 am
that morning.ning. coming out of the gainsville use 29. again, you can see that huge hug line of red right now if you'rer waking up in virginia, trying tg get towards the beltway 66 6 eastbound will be seeing seein significant delays we'll let ift you know that does start to dissipate now that they're ablel to reopen one of this lanes juss the shoulder getting by causingc huge problems. metro ride orange and silver line expect residual delays to y largo and new carrollton andnd metro bus delays because ofecauf congestion on kennedy streett northwest at kansas eye avenue.. experiences about 15 minuteut delay and new carrollton bound orange line train passengersasng dealing with disable train at ta boston wasn't of that, that'st,s part of the your metro ride mror slowing down as welch that's th' your traffic.ur t back to you guys. g >> thank you very much, erin. v appreciate it. coming up, the app that could c help size safe heart taxize victims. we'll tell you how it's being used locally. >> it's actually really cooll the second egg in the bald b eagle nest hatched over theatedo weekend much what's next for
8:28 am
two baby the director of the nationalor t arboretum will join us live joi right after the break toak explain. we'll talk with him at 8:30. ♪ right after the break toak explain. we'll tais that coffee?8:30. yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else?
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8:30 am
♪ welcome back.>>welc it is monday morning brightt skies over the -- our metro area. ar not too warm out there but so so what? it's springtime and it a will get better from here,m h right. ri >> it's 40. that makes it feel a little bitt >> um-hmm. nice looking day out there. d get out
8:31 am
>> we have baby eagles to keep k us busy and warm thoughts.. >> familiar of the bald eagles getting bigger over the weekend. >> the second eaglet hatched hah yesterday morning.y morn let's take live look at theok a nest. the proud parents named theamede president and first lady, ofirsl course, taking care of the newborns right now the eaglets e are named d.c. two and d.c. three but the public will havelv the chance to help name the the babies give them their properro names in a few weeks. weeks >> joining us now on the phonen as he has does many times doctor richard olsen the director ofir the national aoret is everybody happy and healthylt this morning. good morning. >> good morning. everybody is happy and healthy and feeding.eng >> now, so we have many, many wm burning questions here like how long will the babies stay in tht nest? i guess that's the firstf question. >> they'll stay in around 12und weeks or so.. >> o. o >> you'll see them hoppingng around and first flight around a then. >> okay. >> that's longer than i thought.
8:32 am
>> once they leave dorks theyy e leave for good or they territorial?ial >> well, actually the first t f summer they don't go too they, um, they leave the nest tn but hang around with theirh parents so the parents will be b teaching them the very importanr skills how to hunt. ht and then from that they go into the winter and then they prettye much have to make it on theirnhe own that first winter but theyie will stay in the general vicinity. >> you know, i don't need tow, i tell you that this thing has has just caught the -- tucker let us know the world is watching this. so i have to ask. these are the second births herr that we've seen d.c. two andwo a d.c. what happened to d.c. one? did we -- i know we weren't involvei like we are w but is d.c. one off in a whole w other area now?ow >> um, well, you know, i said s they stay around. aun they certainly -- sooner orooner later they'll have to find their own niche in the landscape.anca they can't compete with theiritr parents or other eagles. o eagle when i say stay around they're ' not going to go to alaska forla
8:33 am
instance. they'll be around the chesapeakh or up and down the east coast,ta but the first one we don't knowo where that one took off to off because we didn't have nest.aves we didn't have any banding.anng. we didn't have any blood testses or anything because by the timet we saw the eagle nest wele nt couldn't get up and disturb it.t we to had to wait for them to tm hatch and leave. lea >> will you be able to do any banding of these babies becausec i wouldn't want to mess with moh and dad right now. >> yeah. well that's quite about six weeks we'll have a climber, wildlife biologist from the us fish and wildlife servicr will climb the tree. the rope is in the tree rights t now. nobody has really noticed thatth or paid attention and they'll ad climb up. clim mom and dad will fly away. they won't too too far.. they'll be a little perturb. p they won't bother the climber. b we'll quickly do the blood workk and what happening.ning but yeah, they'll be okay withkw that. >> definitely to climb a treere 100 some feet and have mom and m dad in the area, there's some hazards and pain involved withit that i would
8:34 am
>> it's not -- and lightningning protect. who knows. it could be during a storm. ato no.. >> because with this vantageante point doctor olsen it looks likl oh we're just checking it out. this is actually how far off the ground are we looking because bu we're looking at the camerahe cm right now it's right on that nest.nest give us perspective.s peecti >> well the tree itself is about 105, 110 feet i can't remember exactly the nest is at the top most crotch you're looking atoog 90, 95 feet straight up and if f you know about tulip populars pl they don't have lot of barges. like shimmying up a telephone t pole the first 70 feet. 7fe >> i have question about theut t feeding.ed we were -- we had thought in our non-doctor like eagle knowledgel base that we have that it would be a regurgitation type but it i looks like mom or dad are kind k of taking little bite size pieces almost like a parent of a human would do cutting up food f into little pieces for theittles babies? >> yes, raptors are actuallyeua they do not regurgitate.
8:35 am
eat raw meat prepared.rere the only thing that the eaglesag will regurgitate are the bones b or undee joyce table. like an owl will regurgitate a pellet. >> we want to thank you once tu again for sharing this with thet whole wide world. wld but we definitely feel ownershir here. >> one more question real quick. we saw when we were watching tht live eagle cam that it lookedoo like the mom or whomever it wasw was still nesting on top of thee maybe keeping them warm.ep is that going to happen forpen f awhile or will they start to stt kind of be away from mom?? >> no, that's going happen foran at least the next several weekse mom does the primary what's call brooding.brooding. she actual l sometimes develop p brood patch which is a bare spos on her chest which allows heatet transferred to the eaglets better.better and so she's primarily the onele that will do that.l do t >> that's just amazing.hat's jua all right. we will be checking back in witt you soon. soon. in the days to come i'm sure. sr thank you so much for joining uo on the phone right now. now >> yeah, thank you again forhana reaching out to us. to us >> awesome. awe good stuff.od sff
8:36 am
checked even not just dc or in o the region but internationalertn press all over it this weekend. >> big time. time. yeah. ye >> did you get all yourou get au questions answered. a >> 12 weeks in the nest. >> yes. >> did you say 20.diyou sa >> 12. >> 20, right. >> amazing.. >> yeah. ea nice and warm in the i'm worried about those littleat guys now, though.ys now, >> they're okay.>>hey're >> 40 right now in washington. g look to the north and east. boston 28 degrees with snowith o flying at this hour.. even snow overnight in new yorky city. for us it's about winds and cooc temperatures today.temp but it won't be as cold as thiss weekend we should up near 50ear this eight the current wind ine cu washington. look at fred wick 16.ic 1 14 in hagerstown those steadier winds are on the way and we'll w be seeing -- we'll see winds gusting to 20 later thisat afternoon. af we're clearing out pretty quickk sunshine today. tay we'll take it after weekend ofed clouds and cool condition. cdi at least we'll get the sun out.t nice warming trend around hererh by tuesday and wednesday. wedsd look at the snow flying in flygn southern new england.utew three to 6-inches p
8:37 am
boston providence the cape herer over the next couple of hours. there's your seven day.even day. get ready to enjoy more spring s like temperatures tomorrow 60.w 70 or better wednesday andsdaynd thursday.thursday. little cooler this weekend. but i think cherry blossoms ares ready to go just like a ourur little erin is back with traffic. traic >> things are getting better as you make your way out in have ae is right now all lanes open this crash that all all lines blockio moved over to the shoulder. you can see traffic is getting t through at monument drive.. however, you're still really rel backed up to 234. it's a typical morningorni congestion mixed in with early e eighty three accident scene mye best advice to you take 29 to29 get around that big delay.el let's go ahead and switch it swt over for look at our maps from f those cameras. 395 northbound delays continue n edsall road to king street downn to 28 miles per hour and that it simply because of congestion. gw parkway southbound reallyunda jams up across the key bridgeri from rosland into georgetownetow jammed and then m streettr wisconsin a lot of your secondaries dealinger
8:38 am
prince george's delays on theay outer loop continue down to about 24 miles from ritchiemchie marlboro road to the bw parkway. we'll let you know when that wht clears uply you can city yellowl line through new carrollton.roto 295 southbound really jams asama well and then we have some bus s delays because of congestion.get if you're heading out 11th 11t street at columbia roadaoa northwest as well congestion on florida avenue northeast a lottl of heavy traffic on inbound newd york avenue as well. orange and silver line expectt residual delays to largo and new carrollton because of an earlier train malfunction. be prepared for that one. o. we'll keep updated. uat 95 heavy on the northbound nortd through stafford.rostaf allison. >> 8:38, erin, thank you.nk y coming up president obamant isn't the only person in o cubab today. we'll tell you which baseballhil team is also in havana.. >> plus the march madness momenm that left bill murray stunned. what? >> you know what, he feels likel everybody else. >> what? ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ cuban national baseball teaa welcomes us major league lgu baseball for the first time inhm nearly two decades. dad the tampa bay rays are set to play ex with hug game againste the cuban national team ona o tuesday.esy. it's the first mlb game in cubac in nearly 20 years. yrs both president obama and cuban leader raul castro will be attra that game. the first couple rounds --o first couple -- first couple,
8:42 am
the first couple rounds of marcd madness certainly lived up too the hype as there were plenty oe upsets.ts. >> xavier was one of they lost to wisconsin on a buzzer beatere two seconds left in the game wisconsin bronson channeled his inner steph curry much that'shha big murray's reaction why washy bill murray there and why does d he look like and wearing the big xavier hat? well, murray's sona is actually an assistant coachoh at >> all right. rig >> his son luke probably just as unhappy as his d good to see his dad there supporting xavier.. >> hmm. >> look at this. wait a minute.inut look at xavier just look at bill murray just stop.p. >> that's the look i had -- >> that's what about. >> when my brackets first brokei this weekend.this weekend. >> are you out.>> a >> nobody is out out. >> okay. so there's no way you can bustas your brackets this early time? >> yeah, if you picked like michigan state and other teams t and xavier an and all the teamst that lo
8:43 am
>> sometimes steve makes mees think i'm crazy.. >> you asked about me personal personally. >> thank you steve.ou s still ahead home ems -- it's all love. local ems department that's tha' using an app to save lives. livs how it works. wks tell us about it.ll u >> i will, al. i'll tell you how nice it is outside, too.outside, t would you like to take look outt there, al.l. >> you can go. you want to go?nt to >> take walk. >> ♪
8:44 am
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8:46 am
>> momma doing her momma thing. >> protecting her babies. very important. >> is that something getting som closer.clos. back off. o not you, though. >> it would really help if you can build a nest in a a like a tree ae h >> for protection. >> in the natural world thingsli are pretty rough and tough and tumble.mble if you can build your nest wayot up in a tree. >> advantage.>>anta >> i understand now. >> are we expecting around hereh temps in the 70's. in fact, well into the 70s. 70s i know we were very cool thisyoo weekend with the clouds even e some snow showers around.d we can look forward toorrd t temperatures above normal arouna here by wednesday and thursday.a not the case today.e ca tod we'll still going to be cool bol good news the sunshine should bb
8:47 am
not at your house currently itre will be soon.ll b 40 now in washington.n. 36 in annapolis.nnol 36 in leonardtown. to the west and the north we go. dulles 38 39 this morning in manassas. there's your satellite andelli d radar.radar. there's your clearing skies. cl really working in from the wests and north and i think beforenk r long most of the region shouldd be enjoying mostly sunny skies.s hanging on to the clouds acrosss southern maryland.hern m either way we're way i want to mention winds. winds will be out of the northor and west 15 to 20 and that is t will make it feel awfully cooluo out there even with the sunshinh keep a jacket handy today if tay you're going for nice long walk that kind of here's the big pic kture and att least we're not dealing withealt what they're dealing with in nea england. three to 6-inches of snow.w. winter storm warnings forarni boston. they got pretty heavy north anda west of boston that. t will push out of this and looking at clearing skies atie well. for us it's about high pressures building in from the south and h that will keep us relativelyly cool today. area of high pressure is kind od
8:48 am
east we'll get a nice flow out of the south and west.he s nice warmup and again much more spring like around here as we hs get into the middle of the weekk tuesday about 60 and thenndhe wednesday and thursday back inty the 70s.e 7 here come the cherry blossoms. there's your seven day. 50 today. tay 60 tomorrow. 70 or better wednesday ortterned little cooler on friday with a a cold front that cold front mayro get in here thursday night and then our easter forecast eastere weekend looking good. temps about 60. abo that's where we should be this time of year.time all right, guys.all ght, i'll go back to the eagle back to you.o >> we'll go over to studio bo sb which we call the loft.t. fancy and when you have fancy things you have to have fancyan people to do wisdom and holly what's goinghag on. >> we're all dressed up. a we're fancy. we're ready.'redy >> we're ready to r good day d.c. hitting the grounn running this monday morning. mor we're following the president's historic trip to havana and a developing now a local hospitali still without we're live.'re le. >> republican front runnerubli donald trump in d.c. today.. tod what he's going to be doing here and the protests that are tha a planned.anned >> also alt 9a,
8:49 am
bracket holding up? march ma m madness was exactly that. t we are live this morning withort the sports junkies.. >> lookinlooking forward last mw get away you don't want to spent a lot of cash to do it.t. pack up the car with the kids ad we have some road trips for youy >> ahead at 10a, we are the only show to send someone to la toa t sit down with ben affleck.en afk you know who it our kevin mccarthy, right? hei goes on one within one with theh raped crusader as we kick off matt batman versus super man week.week >> one of the stores of the reaa housewives of potomac is liveve with us in the loft this morning and dirk the drama. dra >> some of her moves.e of h mov >> is that what it whait i looking forward it to all this t plus of course a few other oth surprises.rp good day d.c. comes your way ini master minutes.mast see ya'll then. >> do that again.>> d. >> i have a new ship name foror you guys. wisly. wisl thank you very much.ank very m >> wisly.>> wisly. >> i like -- holdom.. >> i like it's more fun and
8:50 am
>> sudden cardiac arrest aiac es leading cause of death in theofd united states.unit unfortunately a lot of peopley l pass away because of it. it if given immediately cpr can can raise a person' chance fore f survival. now there's a new app out theree that is connecting people with cpr training to cardiac arrestrr victims the app is called pulsee point.pot. howard county fire and rescueses services the first in the regiog no to use the question is how does it work and is it >> good morning, gentlemen. genm >> good morning.d moing >> good good morning.. >> it's my understanding that ii people have this -- if you haveh a background where you canou perform cpr if you have thiss app, it will alert if you you somebody nearby suffers a cardiac arrest. arr is that accurate.. >> that's absolutely correct. good morning, steve, thank youev for having us. pulls point is a free app that t can be downloaded op your smarts phone whether it's an apple or android phone, and
8:51 am
when you agree to enroll in the pulse point and again it's freee for the end user, you can follol jurisdictions or agencies and chosen to participate that willt then do in essence crowd source and looking for users nearby nea when there's cardiac arrest a occurring in a public location.o >> why for howard county, then,e the decision to jump on board od with this and try it out?? >> that's a great question. q cardiac arrest iios a problem ta is faced across the country acr everywhere. we in howard county verynty ry fortunate to have tremendous trs amount of resources and very long-standing comprehensive cardiac survival campaign much despite these efforts the firstf moments we can't get back. anybody with a trained pair ofao handed to cpr we encourage toouo get involved and this programgrm alliance very nicely with newnew recommendations from theen american heart association andtd other resuscitation groups using smart phones and other
8:52 am
rescuers or nearby personnel whw can help is certainly somethingt to help in the chain of surviv survival. >> steve, if i could just add.od >> please. >> we're very very fortunate too have doctor levy leading thisng effort along with our fire chiee john butler they really comelly forward to try to do somethingr to help the community beni involved and we talk a lot aboul first responders.pond this is actually for a immediate responders for those individuals and citizens who might be arouno and we have this on the app.aveh we have over a thousand peoplehe already signed up for the app. h and i know it's been used abouta once a month i think you told mm doctor levy. >> that's correct. t >> fortunately not in a real serious situation but we're w ready and what we told everybody in howard county and every evere everywhere prepared community ii a more safe community.ty. >> a couple things to make surer we're clear. clear it's not the type of app someone would enter someone's private s space if an event happens somebody offers cardiac arrestds in public, is that true?ru >> yeah, that's absolutelys correct, steve.t, it's a great point.'s the app will n aot alert to to private residences or private or facilit
8:53 am
we use a series of multiple muli layers of lists that arehat e constantly updated to make sures that addresses we're alerting responder oars immediate responders to are in publiedc locations.tion and that is something that wengt work with the pulse point teamem on.on so we are very cognizant of weaw of people's privacy it.ricy >> could be a situation wheretuw perhaps you're out to dinner anr then suddenly the app goes off,, hey, next door, at the at neighboring restaurant perhapsua somebody is having an emergencyn and you're there possible beforb a first responder could get resc there? >> that's exactly co. we've had that exact situationit play out here in howard countyoy already.alread where somebody was choking andki choking is one of the things -- one of the chief complaints, if you will, that will allow theowe app to alert.. absolutely.absolu >> from the county's perspecti perspective -- >> steve, we would ask those folks to get out trained in cpr hands on cpr to make sure you'ru trained for that.nefor that. once you're trained sign up forp the app and you can be somebodyb safe someone's life a neighbor or family member. mem >> absolute. for the county's perspective hoh
8:54 am
come through the 911 center that the alerts are then sent out tot the people had have the app? >> that's correct.hat'sor the process is completely comet transparent and fully auto mated steve.steve. what will happen there'snhere software that resides in our county 911 dispatch computers looking fog certain dispatch codes or dispatch softwarehoftw caters were those indicatorsor happen automatically passes thee call to pulse point. pnt no one has to physically push ah button the it's auto mated itat happens in near instant time.tat >> when you first look at look t bringing this on board for thesa county, did you look at any any other jurisdictions across theic country where it had been usedeu and been successful before? >> they look at thoseho jurisdictions. i know we're the first county if the mid atlantic doing this. but doctor levy told me therele are on the jurisdictions lookins at us now and i'mdi glad we're ' of the leaders in the area to do this, because it really ist reli something that makes totales tot sense. i mean our first responders aree amazing.g but sometimes they can't getmesc there win a minute or two. o you don't expect them to.ecthem but if you can have a citizenitz nearby who has that training, t
8:55 am
in someone's life. l i remember my wife and were at a restaurant a long time ago a gentleman had a cardiac arrestaa and she knew cpr went over tove help out.ut it will help people close by whb don't see it happening.appening >> it's reall really the electro version of asking is there a doctor in the house or somebodyb who is train. dr. levy how many people have me already signed up for this inp s the county?? >> we have over 12 hun hun credible people signed up muchp i'd like to encourage viewers ts don't load the app for free. f choose to follow howard county c fire rescue. choose to receive cpr alerts ifs you're daily activities ors occasional activities take youit through howard county we wanty w you to be part of our team andea part of our immediate responderr and want to you help.nto yo the other neat thing is that not matter where you go in thehe yoe country if you happen to roam i or out a pulse point community and you have the app, it will alert you as well if you're 94' by. by you're not obligated to respond. you're not held to any standard. other than knowing what's goingw on around you and being able toe help so
8:56 am
it's all about.ll abo >> good point you don't have too live there. you're absolutely right if you're pass through grabbinggh g nothing eat you might be able th save a life while you're there.e >> good luck with the app. t a >> thank you. >> keep us up to date on the upd progress, too. >> will dodge thanks you, steve. >> great idea.>>reat >> isn't it though.'t i >> great idea.>> great i >> yeah. >> i remember when i had abeen i situation with one of my girls g was actually choking and you do that -- i need help? it's just -- i know it's different. e >> you call 911. >> and then all of a suddenl ad tucker's alert goes off and hefa happens to be in the next room.o >> best use.tse tucker barnes is joining us noww speaking of tucker.ucke >> all right. let's do it.let' hey a cool start to the day. d 41 at reagan national. bwi marshall 36.sh6. bring a jacket today.jacket the good news, lots of sunshineh inform wahoo! >> it will still feel wintryl wr with daytime highs in upper 40ss to about 50. aut a pretty good wind out of the north and we clearing skies and it will feeli a lot better than it felt this t weekend with afternoon sunshinee and the great news
8:57 am 60 tomorrow. 70 or better wednesday oredsday thursday. erin will take her first walkstl about at the tidal basin.asin >> i'm so excited. so exd >> yes. we'll have to find a good timead for you to go down.ow >> i can't wait.>> i i haven't seen the cherryhehe blossoms yet.blossoms yet. >> pretty >> i'm kind of geeked about ited right now we're seeing traffic f picking up 66 he'll earlier ear crash by monument drive clearedr but you stilliv have stop goneto traffic all the way back to 2344 29 dealing with stop and go and traffic that's your bests yr b alternate.e my suggestion to you in virginio leave early. aside from that let's switch it over for look the a our mapsk right now. show you what else you're upou'u against this morning. 66 eastbound delays that we just showed you so watch for that ana then as you make your way out 395 delays linger in. lin keep it to fox5 good day at 9at is coming right up. ♪
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♪ straight ahead, breakingakin overnight.over a water main break at howard university hospital flooding the campus. painting patients andti pat appointments. we'll have a live report. this is a historic day d because it's been so many yearsy since u.s. president has come to cuba. president obama touches dowb in cube b the fir commander inii chief to visit in nearly arly century.y what to expect from thismhi historic and controversial tript to the island nation. serena versus sexism. sexis the tennis star slamming slamm comments from tournament touamen director who claimed men carry the sport. but first, the first fullul day of spring.


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