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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  March 24, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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destroys several townhomes in prince georges county. geo there's a live look at the damage. this overnight more than a tha dozen people left now without wt a place to live.ace to we'll have a live rot from theeo scene coming up. u >> and also breaking news fromwm brussels this morning. t new details about another possible suspect involved in iol the terror attack and he may be at large.t lge the latest on the manhunt tonto find him is straight ahead.t ah. >> and the president and theresi first lady hit the dance the floor. they're attempting to tango. more on the president's tripes to argentina and the moment now going viral. >> do you tango, steve? >> about that >> giving you a live look outside on this thursday morning. getting light out there.g ligh mat n, it is so pretty in i washington at this time of at m year.. it's thursday march 24th. 24t those blossoms almost at peek. p cherry blossoms almost there. te our tucker barnes is at the the tidal basin this morning. erin como will join himim shortly. we'll have weather andl have w traffic, though, coming up on the 5's at 7:05. like always. a good morning, i'm allisonlliso seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.te
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we're going start at 7:00 with h the latest developments ifmentsf tuesday's terror attack. att this morning news outlets in belgium and france reporting aci second attacker is suspected sue in taking part in the bombing that occurred in the subway. su. >> hour maureen umeh joins us once again studio with more w now. maureen. >> good morning. the plan was reportedly capturedas on surveillance on cameras in the metro carrying cr a large bag alongside angsi suicide bomber policee identified yesterday.ay it's still not clear though he if this second suspect is ons the run or was killed in the attack. authorities say the attacksettac may have been rushed because beu police were closing in on the suspect. the urgent search continuesar for the man seen at then seen brussels airport on the rightrtr in the tan coat with that hatt t on much his name is najimaj laachroui and he's a suspected t bomb maker for the paris attacks. that airport will remain wilmain closed until at leastntil aea we're talking about thebout brussels airport.brsels airpo we're also learning that two t americans a brother and a a sister were at that airportairpt when the bombs went off and are still missing.issi secretary of state john kerry arrives in brussels tomorrow b
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condolences of the united t states. in brussels salah abdeslam the t chief suspect in the deadlyeadl paris attacks is favoring ang a judge this morning.dg secretary of state john kerrye h is due to arrive there as we said to farm mally express his couldn'condolences this morning. back to you guys.uys. >> maureen thank you so much. ym >> local developing rider now firefighters in princegh george's county investigating a fire damaged a numbertein of o homes in brandywine.ywine. >> this happened early thisppen morning in the 7,000 block of bk chadds ford drive. dri our annie yu has beens b following this story allg th morning for us.morn she has the latest now. annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning, allison and steve. ste. you know, as we get moreet m oylight out here, we'reht starting to see some of theome f damage and the debris on thes ot ground. it's very intense. verinte i mean, you can see a number of satellite dishes that fellatl off the rooftops, the doors. doo you can even see flat screen tv's. the bushes are this was a pretty intensense
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we're told it was a three-alarm fire bringingm bri about a hundred firefighters to the scene.toce obviously the fire is out andnd under control but the fire investigators are now coming cog in, they're bringing in thengint dogs.. they're going to be trying totob determine what caused this fire. a total of six homes are affected along chadds ford ford drive. four of those homes arere completely destroyed, twoo others were damaged. damag you're looking at cell phone video from a neighbor that tha shows the heavy intense flamesse just shooting out of those t rooftops and that's really howth the displaced folks areolks a describing it, that it movedov quickly from the ground up.roun. firefighters did arrive in ae minutes shortly afterfter 4 o'clock this morning and it at was pretty much touch and god go for a lot of theset ofhe firefighters as soon as they arrived.ri 33 quickly knocked it down but b it was very, very intense. now, we he spoke to one of theoe displaced residents who has w been living here for about two months now and she said her sd son alerted them to the fire. he came running in their the master mom quickly grabbed the car c keys and family dog and they any were abl
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alerting other neighbors.eighrs everyone worked very, veryy,er quickly and together they all a went knocking on each other's or doors to get everyone out it's amazing that there weret er no everyone has been accountedn act for. we have a total of 18 peoplepl displaced. that includes three children as well as three dogs. that's the latest brandywine and back to you in the studiou t he. >> thankfully everyone didlly ee make it out okay.kay. annie thank you. >> a viewing will be held forelf prince george's county police officer detective jacai colson services will be at the borgwardt funeral home from f 2:00 p.m. until 9 p.m. he'll he' be buried monday in his hometown of linwood,, pennsylvania. several biker groups from several states rode to the greenbelt police station tolice remember colson with a prayer vigil.wi organizers say the motorcycleote community wanted to paynted t tribute to those who keep them safe. safe colson was hit by friendlyriendl fire during an ambush outsideut
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station. >> ♪ >> coming up on 7:05 right now. we want to get our first checkik of the weather in then the 7 o'clock hour.ou >> what surprises me tucker is how many people are down there e wanting to get those sunrisese pictures super early thiss morning.morng. >> steve, i am absolutely amazed. i was here yesterday.te not only are the blossoms much further along but the cloudsong are really coming out early. eay you said it as early as 5:005: a.m. there was a good group ofuf people and already it's stillt's building out here, school school groups and lots of people taking photographers but it'shet absolutely gorgeous. if you get a chance come downeow today as we're expecting peak p bloom in the afternoon withthe temperatures back in the 70's.0' let's get to it.t we got temperatures overnightrng which fell back into the 40's. 50 in annapolis.apolis 55 leonardtown.rd cooler north and west lookingki at 40's and 30's. frederick is the cool spot at at 36 degrees this morning. morni beautiful day for everybody.r ey lots of sunshine expected. ete it's georges out here at the o tidal basin this morning justist fe
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generally sunny skies.suy skies. daytime highs even warmer thanan yesterday, played to upper 70's.70's 76 degrees, warm and very breezy, nice dry afternoon forer you. going to be a beautiful thursday. and i'll be back in a couplepl of minutes. mutes. we'll take a look at thatat t weekend forecast and we've got some very special guests g coming up all morning long. l i'll be here until 11:00. love to say hi to you. y let's do traffic and get theanet latest from erin.romrin. erin we're awaiting youryo arrival.arri you'll love it down here. her >> i am so we'll stage a lot of photo oph shoots tucker, we'll frolic fro and take walks.ake lk i have big plans for the rest of the morning. mning i should be out there about 9:30.30. keeping a close eye on yourose r morning commute, 50 on the t inbound side out by rowe we'reor dealing with a crash blocking bn a left lane and left shouldertho you can see a steady stream ofsf traffic making their wayray slowly past that point at 70.t 7 give yourself some extra e advertisement once you getemen inside the beltway let's takeets a look at that camera. camer traffic slows 50 west. that volume continues just beus prepared for that.
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heavy traffic.raffic right now the third street tunnel is dooling with aolin crash. crash. let's look at our maps.t ou want to use some caution asutios you head southbound at thed the third street tunnel.l. that is where a new accident act has been located.beenocat 295 southbound from eastern to pennsylvania typical delaysal d down to about 13 miles per hour and then cascades parkwaykw as you head out in loudounouun county southbound after algonquin parkway near court wood drive right lane blockedht by a crash. a limited marc service todayma because of a fire fromrc yesterday. some operational trains are 846, 851.846, penn line metro will honor tickets.s. check ahead because you're be'rb dealing with delays nor marcnomc yellow line to huntingdon,ngn, green line to branch avenue, av, watch out for that. that's your traffic. t back to you t >> following a developing dopin story in fairfax county.y. a police cruiser struck whilek i officers served a warrant andar then there was a big twist toigo this >> we'll have it for you. you later it may be spring sprg here, looks more like wintere we in other parts
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>> ♪ >> developing in fairfax county a chaotic scene if a springfield. c police were trying to serve a sr warrant when their cruise areen was hit by a car.was two of three men they detained they found out had been shot. s >> fox5's melanie alnwick islnwk live now to sort out this out story for us. melanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.te certainly a chaotic scene herecr in springfield.prinld residents tell me they heard a helicopter hovering overheadverh for almost two hours as police l tried to get the situation sua under control. we know that it began aroundd 10 o'clock last night and and fairfax county police were headed to tray lee woods courtra here to serve a warrant. a w now, while they were
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the area, there was an was a incident. there were two vehicles they t said speeding towards one vehicle struck a police the driver of that vehicle was detained.detained. then they worked for a longy wo time to try to get the people p in the second vehicle to comeoom out as well. and that is why they had the helicopters out, they had, ey police dogs out. people said they heard police he commands over the loudspeaker oe trying to work with theseh t people that were inside thensid vehicle.hicl finally when they got thehe other two suspects out, thes o,h driver and the okay pander, pan they said they discovered theyie were suffering from gun shot g s wounds. unds. so, we're still unclear from fair fair fox county police innl terms of where that t altercation happened because we had some locators over thehe scanner from some areas on the way to trayly woods court but cu i can tell you trayly woodsy court was also a scene ofce police activity, a lot of searches early this morning ear because this is where they were going
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warrant and i can tell you asndl the sun came up, i went and i just looked at the front of f that townhouse there and therend is a trail of blood spots leading from the front dooroor down the steps, across thecros curb and then around here alle the way to the parking space spe here where i'm standing and that is where they appear to end. police do tell us that the warrant they were serving hadseh to do with a discharge of gunfire here.nfire her the man who was seen reportedep by neighbors shooting off ag o gun over the weekend. wee and that is why they came hereya to serve the warrant forarra reckless discharge of a i just talked to someone whoeo is the neighborhood watch from f another community, didn't want t to go on camera but saidutai certainly people were very,er very concerned when they heard that there had been someonen s out here shooting off a gun, g also very worried about theut t helicopters that they heard head overhead this morning.hior fairfax county police say none y of thei
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in this incident. live in springfield, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> mel, thank you. still ahead the cherryahead blossoms are getting closer to peak bloom.peak so, we sent our tucker barnes br to the tidal basin this t morning. >> he's talking with thee's president of the nationalat cherry blossom festival next.ti we'll get all theva details fori you. enjoy the prettiness at 7:12. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. >> ♪ >> 7:15 right now.
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blossoms. we're going to check in with w tucker barnes in just a littleut bit and we are going to findin out more about the festivalva coming up, about the peak the pk bloom dates and of course it'ssn tucker so we'll find out about the weather and how that mightig impact you going down see themee as wl. >> see if anybody is hanging hgi around next to him. >> we need to find out thefind o easiest way to get i would think metro too smithsonian and then walk.n wal >> i'm thinking about getting down there and i know not tonowt take my car. >> i think metro is good.ros g steve had given a gooden a goo suggestion. he said he might take a joge a down there.down t >> yes, but it's a lot fartherah jog for allison to get there. >> fair. i would say drive but leave early or take metro and walk. w >> i think that's what i'll wt ' do. >> smithsonian station issoni confirmed the best closestlo stop. stop. >> thanks erin. >> you got it.>> y crash activity bw parkway p southbound after 198.ft 1 police all the way back to 32.2. a look at that huge red soap.d take 95 southbound to avoid. that 95 northbound a littleound bit of congestion as well.
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the district we have have congestion. earlier crash by sterling byingy suitland parkway cleared.. suitland dealing with typical tp slow moving traffic to southc to capitol. ca 295 south slow fromlow f pennsylvania to eastern avenue. let's take a look at our cameras.meras. 13 miles per hour commutecoe average. this is a look as you makelo your way out on 50 out in annapolis. the westbound side out by rowe r boulevard dealing with a crashda still blocking the left lane and left shoulder. very slow moving traffic.w once you get inside themo beltway 50 also jams by 202.y a look back at our maps you ms can see that 50 inside the beltway congestion. slow moving traffic cascades parkway in loudoun county. southbound after algonquin parkway near cork wood drivene right lane is limited marc service.lad vi for more details can check inckn with me on twitter at erinn fox5 d.c. d penn line and metro line willinl honor tickets.icts aside from that delays to del t huntingdon on the yellow line. l the green line to branch to avenue earlier train ma
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tucker barnes is out checkingnb out all those cherry blossoms. s steve, i'm so excited to visites him. >> you're going head down in ai little bit. in the meantime let's find out o who tucker was able to find on f this beautiful day down at the tidal base glynn hey guys.eyuy >> a special guest in a speci moment. let's do a little weather littla first.t. i got a lot of guests. o it's amazing how many people may are down here already earlyeady this morning.thor sunrise only 10 minutes ago. let's do weather and thener andt we'll get right to the guests. temperatures 56 in little cool out here.le coo if you're wearing a dressngre might want to put a jacket on. . later today temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70's with sunshine and just a glorious afternoon.ftnoon warm and breezy condition cansrz expected around here later l today and a dry afternoon. daytime highs, look at that, 77 degrees.77 degrees yesterday we hit 75. h we're expecting a nice warmup w around here later this lat afternoon.afternoo it's all about cherry'sll about blossoms. let's talk about the weekendabou i want to give you a head's up, we'll have shower activityhe around here tomorrow.nd we'll get it out h of here by oy tomorrow night and your easterot weekend setup looks a little cool.le a little coo
7:18 am
with daytime highs 60 to 65,o 6, it should be a perfect,, perfect weekend to get outd there and enjoy the cherryhehe blossoms. blos all right.all rig let's get to my guest and i amt joined by the one and only, yes,. yes, >> good morning.i >> i feel like you're a goodood friend at this point. >> diane mayhew the presidentsit of the cherry blossom cy festival. >> yes. >> thank you so much for you joining me this morning. so we're all systems go. systems tell me how things are looking. how are you feeling? are we all ready for the big festival. fest >> it's beautiful.>> i the blossoms are gorgeous. gorge people have been steadilyadil coming since before sunrisee sue this morning the festival is fea well under way.nd way tomorrow we have the opening opi ceremony at the warner -- wne excuse me saturday the openingpe ceremony at warner and then this week full of lots of every day we have performancesem at the a and a stage and the erlcome center here at thecent tidal basin. basin kite festival on saturday sur april 2nd as we celebrate 500 years of kite flying on thely national mall.onalall. saturday
7:19 am
water pork fireworks festival. . finale weekend april 15th and5ta 16th with the national cherry blossom festival parade and lots of other activities. act >> you plan and plan for thispli for a year.r a do you get kind of nervous o right around this time of yearmr to make sure the blossoms are coinciding perfectly with thely festival.iv >> it's a four week festival. fa we know we deal with mother the blossoms will bloom. bom it's either plan a, b or c o depending on when they're blooming but we never worry w about the blossoms blooming. we leafy had to mother >> i talked to mike of the national park service and he said they had a million people o last year. y already this morning at 7:00thii a.m. we have a lot of peoplehava out here. ou what's the best way to get the g down here. >> take metro for sure. metro public transportation,nspo circulator is now coming is comi around the tidal base its onlynl a dollar.olla biking is wonderful option but b y
7:20 am
we absolutely have a special thing with park mobile where mor you can make a reservationke aea ahead of time. >> oh really? that's fantastic. all right. we got about 30 seconds left.ef any favorite spot for you? obviously this is your 16th6th year. you know these trees in andhese out. you got a favorite tree or ae favorite spot.favorite spo >> i just love to sit anyplace l and watch everyone enjoying themselves and having h wonderful moments but i would bw suggest anybody go to the web site, national cherry blossom and get all ofet the details on all of the o the events in the next four weeks.t. >> we'll be talking to some ofo the people that will bele twill performing so that'sng s fantastic. >> that's great.>> t >> thanks for joining me. >> thank you. >> as always.r my last question and then i'>>m> going to toss it back are all your clothes pink or do youes have some other >> absolutely all pink.bsoly al. i'm all about the brand. the br. >> i know you are. i all right, guys, toss backossac inside to you. toou. beautiful morning down here. h thanks for joining me.oining >> tell diana we said hello. heo >> have you seen any of then ane tourist buses so far or areses they just individuals coming cg >> starting to get big bus, b
7:21 am
jogging, clearly people from out of town. it's a pretty incredible sightbe down here. her >> definitely an early start. thanks, tuck. >> yup. >> can't wait to see it. i never get tired of it. o i >> no. >> never get tired. still ahead spring notah bringing warm pleasant weather w for all of us in the united thei states of america. a where more than a foot of snowno fell coming up. >> and the president dancing d in argentina.rgenti more on his trip coming upg u next. next.
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>> ♪ >> australian officials say two pieces of debrisn discovered in ecmozambique likely dame from missing malaysian airlines flight 370.g until now the only other piecetp of debris from that plane thatlt has been confirmed was wingas w part that washed ash schlor on the island of reunion lastf ren year. now, the plane disappeared march of 2014 believed to have h crashed will a remote stretchtr of the southern indian ocean. oe >> president obama wrapping upom his trip to argentina t it's a state visit much last mua night he spoke at a state ata dinner hosted by argentina's president. the president acknowledgedckno u.s. relations with latinlati american dictatorships in then e 1970's damaged america's imagecs in the region. r now a little celebrating.ebrang the commander-in-chief hit theit dance floor for a tango performance. he was not alone.he was a as you can kind of see in theine background there the first the f lady michelle obama joined in ji on the fun.. there pairing up with a male a l tango dancer.ce you can imagine that's been
7:25 am
seen by millions of peoplepl courtesy of youtube overnight og it is officially is spring and feels like it here but feels b f like winter in colorado. cor >> take a look at this video. v this is from ifrom the mile high city was litas with more than a foot of at one point snow was falling at the rate of two to 3 inchesns an hour. hr. the conditions forced thece closure of multiple highways and airport. airrt >> what's crazy about denver,aze was talking to a friends of fres mean out there they were like we earlier this weekend it wast wa 60's, back in the mid-50's.s. it's like let's drop a'sro blizzard in in the middle of ahf nice week. >> this morning the>> t temperature was 17 degrees 17 dr when i last checked.wh >> brutal.en >> as i mentioned don't ben't be jealous. don't be jealous. jea jet stream to the north of us. this little kink in the jethe stream that's what's leftover le of that storm.of tstorm. it's going to bring snow up s through the northern sections of the midwest.of not us though.not we're on the good side of the t jet stream. warm air coming in, 70's all around.around. even warmer today than what we were yesterday.esteay today instead of 75 i thinkd oft we'll go
7:26 am
some places close to 80 or to closer to 80 and it does lookoeo like it's going to be a bit ofg a breezy afternoon.. look, some showers come inome i tonight and through the day day tomorrow.moow. hopefully tomorrow afternoon is a little drier. d mostly sunny on saturday. gorgeous, 62 degrees. mostly sunny -- well, fewny -- w clouds on sunday afternoon, afto easter sunday afternoon,ftno 65 degrees. finish that for us, erin,fo, er won't you?ou >> sunny and 62? >> sunny 65 on sunday. s >> sunny 65 on sunday and then e it dips down to about 64. abo but you know what gary ittary doesn't matter because yout ma know what i'm concentrating on, 77 right now.ow >> oh, okay. o >> let's enjoy the presenter.ret okay, i'm going get out ofut your way. >> no, stay there. n you'll be needed for traffic.edt >> well -- >> 'cause i have no idea whati a i'm looking at.t. >> go ahead gary you model the traffic.traf this is 50 westbound.s 50 there's a crash. this is out in annapolis blocking the left shoulder andde left lane out by rowe by r boulevard. give yourself extra time to time get in there.he inside the beltway 50eltway 50 westbound slows down.stbo you need some extra time. s lookt
7:27 am
traffic as you pass 202.. we'll go ahead and check in with a new crash. 66 out by 50 on the eastbound eb side blocking the right lane,het right shoulder slow moving traffic. 29 your alternate is slow as well. let's take a look at our maps.u. i want to show you what else els you're up against.p ain gary come on inform let's tag you in. you can do this one. no? >> i can't say all these names t of these streets. strts >> gary. >> crash activity bw parkwayy by southbound after 198. after delays back to 32.ys bac gary go ad had and toss toad a t break. you got this one.hi o >> we'll be back.e back. >> you're watching fox5 news fo morning. morn >> we'll be right back.illright >> 7:30 half hour is cominghaou right up.right up >> more erin. >> a little more cleary he. >> a little peppier. >> we'll be right back. stay with us. >> bravo.
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nespresso. what else? ♪ welcome back to fox5 news ns morning.morning. live look over the area today. t going to warm up so nicely righg now it's just 56 but we'll be b well into the 70s later today.. weather and traffic on theta 5's first at 7:30, we are w a following developing news thishi morning out of prince george'srs county.. several residents in brandywinen have been displaced after their townhomes caught fire.t f this fire happened in the 7,0000 block of chadds ford drive.. luckily everyone was able to geo out safely. even pets that were in the homem there.e. three different dogs, the case c of the fire -- the cause
7:31 am
under investigation.tion now to that dead al tack inn brussels.ussels there are reports this morning i that a second attacker may havee been involved in the subwayway bombing. he was reportedly captured on o surveillance cameras carrying aa large bag alongside the suicide bomber. still not clear if this secondcd suspect is on the run or was w killed in the attacks.ttks >> steve, over to you.r to y brussels terror taxr heightened concerns in everyed n major d.c. no exception.on potential vulnerability to t terror threats and actions.ions. joining us now with more will sommer lse lips columnist from the washington paper. paper >> good to see you. goo thank you. >> let's talk about the security in the wake of these attacks. d.c. is a secure city to begin b with face potential threats alla of the time. the will anything change? what's t' the mayor saying about this.boui >> right now there's really noyn talk about any credible threatdt right now to the district dis outside of the the ones we facef all the time.he t after at tax in brussel metro m stepped up patrols on the systee and increased the bomb sniffingf dogs and what have you r
7:32 am
looking at is the only changes.a >> it seems like metro is key k because one much these soft thef targets where we don't go g through at the air fort we expecting tot 32 security procedures at someyd point. don't see that on metro nor isro there a way to do that with the volume of passengers using theng system.stem >> exactly right.ig you're right to call eight softt target exactly.rget exact so many people packed in andpacd what have you. certainly metro appears to beoe aware of exactly what we'ret talking about and keeping an eye on >> so at this point just j stepping up witness the dogs and visual presence, is that what's expected to be deterrent.ernt >> exactly. >> anything else coming from thc city as far as statements,tatent anything from city leadershipp obviously we have congress herev they can make big changes, anything else with city wh leadership. >> not publicly so far. far. there's been no sense of any ofy changes from mpd at least l they're telling us. >> always from city hall mayorf bowser had the state of district address.dr you know, got an ovation aboutbt d.c. general.ener >> um-hmm.m- >> one of the other things shens talk about was minimum wage.inum
7:33 am
years in the city.inhe c we haven't reach the next bump up that's been agreed t >> this was surprising move by the mayor.ay currently the minimum wage is is set to become 11.50 in d.c. they want ballot initiative onni the ballot for november. novbe that's tied up in court all iur these issues. iues. bowser surprisingly to a lot of people said she's going do sendn legislation now to the councilhc for $15 minimum wage.e >> with this council will thereh be any opposition to that ifha i people are opposed can they do anything about it or somethingum that will pass right through ana be a done deal?deal >> one of the continuing themes of this council has been then te weakness of the businessth b community.communit they've been pretty disorganized. there's a big paid family leavel bill coming through. throu i think it's relatively easy for bowser a lot of people opposedpp to her are on the left and and people would support this ideaha any way an lot of people in her are people who would oppose thie if it wasn't coming from her.g h >> the problem any time minimumn wage is brought up the blow bacb comes from the busin
7:34 am
community saying we're not going to higher as many people if we have to pay them more money.e my we already have minimum wage at 11.50 an hour f this bumped up to 15 is there a chance a businesses could reactes cld r negatively to this as far as faa jobs? i mean the idea to pay t those who are working more buteb could this reduce the number off jobs in the city as well? as we >> certainly. c i think every time the minimum m wage goes up you'll see that.eea obviously the trick is strikingr that balance and certainly the mayor feels i guess she'sss s decided that it's worth it. also what's concerning it is ans election year for some of herr candidates.ndidates. something to consider as well. >> they'll be behind that ifndhf they want to get re-elected toed council for sure.. one of the on-going fights ishti try to get voting rights. rigs donald trump gnaw town.ld t did he really knowmp what he was talking about here?g out >> this is fascinating.asciti we really have to parse what he said, right? at times it seemss like it's not even worth it butt it seems like he's sayingaying whatever at the time.eim met with the washington postashi editorial board. should d.c. have a vote in thehe that's something i might do. do. came out against statehood..
7:35 am
he's more of an end anything mag than >> maybe he was responding to rd something without doing thg e ft vetting process of what we'rees dealing with here.dealwi >> it doesn't seem like a lot oo thought went night.weight >> if he is in the white house e he'll be well aware of it that'a for last but not least, maybe a little high tech coming to cityt hall. hall >> exactly. >> all the city, mary cheh ony n the council is a fan of this thi ground transportation by robots. your post mates could be replaced by robot. rot teamed up this delivery roboter that looks like a suitcase on wheel and delivered heriver h legislation to make this legal s to the council. theouncil >> is this something that inchee along or could potentially seets down the road as reality. rli >> that's great question.ea it moved along.itoved a a couple of -- no, robot, this t way or whatever, but -- who knows? it's the future alreadyy >> baby steps towards thewds future. thanks, will. always good to sigh will sommer loose lips columnist with the t city paper. >> 7:35. 7 gary mcgrady how are we lookingo outside.
7:36 am
>> pretty nice but unusuallynual cold in some spots. spo out in frederick it's 36 degrees. we've seen this pretty much alll morning long. but 20 degrees colder in frederick than we are here ine e the city. that is unusual on any day. we're 56 here in town. manassas 43. 43. frederick northern montgomery nr county, place that is are coldah now even along i81, even thougho you're starting off so cold thii morning, don't worry, because we will warm up, and you're going'r to get up into the 70s, too., here's the deal on today'say's just a few clouds around this high thin stuff.tu breezy at 2:00 o'clock. warm and breezy at 5:00 o'clock. we'll top out here in the city at about 76 degrees and thennd e we'll end up basically with ait couple of spots up around 80. i wish i can say that for the next several d i can't, though. tugh. because we'll get cooler. rain in the forecast tomorrow.oo 60's for the weekend. w. here's erin como with a look att your thursday morning traffic. >> that
7:37 am
we're dealing with this crash, c 66 on the eastbound side out by 50. 50 we have delays back to 286.ack 2 you can see the shoulder blocked there.ther very slow-moving traffic you cau try your luck on 29 but that t also dealing with some delays. y switch it over now other delaysy outer loop we have a crashopve reported by clesville road toe d watch for blocking the right rht shoulder.shlder. extremely jammed up sun glare g grab your shades it's a greats t day to be out and about.out ano. such beautiful weather garyar said-77 today.od i like the sound of that. tha. give yourself extra time on the outer loop.outer look at our maps right rn aside from that as we move overr from cation cades parkwaykway emergency utility workor southbound after the parkway use caution right lane block.lo more crash activity in annen an arundel.l. bw southbound look at that hugeh line red north and southbound dealing with slow-movingwith slg traffic. there's a crash after 198 on the southbound delays back to 32.2 95 southbound may be a better b bet keep in mind once you passos the icc you hit the usual 95 us9 southbound congestion f you are headed to join me and tucker
7:38 am
the cherry blossoms today, keep in mind as steve mentionedti closed is metro stop the smithsonian station, federal triangle and l'efant also nearba if you want to walk a little bie or you can always drive down drw give yourself some extra time tt get around the area.herea. that is your traffic.ff jal.ja >> erin, thank you.ri still ahead an investigatios underway at a local universitynt following reports of two sexuall assaults.asts. >> also, new details about aneto attempted abduction in northernh virginia.. what police want you to know. ko ♪
7:39 am
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now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can.
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♪ arlington county police sayp two penetrate to abduct a woman near a trail amphitheater on o tuesday night. nht according to police, the two two suspects approached the woman wm from behind while she washe w walking. now one of them itemed to placep an unknown object over her heada while the other man inappropriately touched her. he. police at george mason mason university investigating reportp of two sexual assaults thatlts t happened within days of each wit other. the first alleged incidenteged t happened friday night on or near the fairfax campus. female student told police sheis was raped by another student and she may have unknowingly beenee drug.dr. another female student toldol police she was raped in dormed room on monday by a man she mete through a dating service. u.s. park police identifiedt a man who they say tried to trid abduct a child at the smithsonian's air and space air museum.seum. investigators say 60-year-old bernar
7:42 am
child's hand and then walk awaya near one of the museum'sm's entrances earlier this month. mn surveillance video showing theht exchange.ex. then you see dry run away when a chaperone yells at him. h police say he then boarded a white shuttle bus outside the museum.seum a warn has been issued for his s anyone with information is askeo to call police. dc regulators giving the t pepco excelon merger the greenhg light. the d.c. public serviceer commission approve the $6.8 billion merger between ther two power companies last night.g reaction is mixed. mix some residents worry about ratee increases. others say the merger means mns reliable electric service. merger makes pepco part of theaf eye largest utility in then t country.coun fox beat is coming up. u we're going to meet the actressa playing wonder woman in the in t batman versus superman live look tucker is down in alln of that beautiful pink and white trees. he's down there somewhere in th tidal basin checking out theut cherry blossoms. b he's going to join us live next.
7:43 am
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♪ >> so pretty. >> welcome back. w >> look at folk. >> look how busy it is already. that's just the thing much it ti 7:45 in the morning. mni what beautiful day today. tay 56 degrees right now.ightow temperature going to be shootin well up into the 70s today maybm people want to get down therenhe before it gets too warm, al.. >> steve, how am i going to doo this today. >> here's the question we haveeu for tucker look at those people.e ople. see the gentleman there on theho right with this cell phonene
7:46 am
people taking pictures of the t tucker earlier. er it seems like there's something for everyone to take photos of this morning. >> i think we're doing some sors of magical toss to you that i don't know about. abo steve is doing a voice i don'tcn know. i'm not sure what you havesure coming up right now, tucker. tue >> we took a sneak peek and saww what was behind you, tuck. t >> steve is taking pictures ofro you. i have no idea what steve is ups to either. e (laughter).r) >> we'll have to play alongla a here. because i don't have anythingt a that special. but i doth have -- my favorite t part about being down here at h the tidal basin this morning mor people from all walks of life.if i don't know if you can see oree not i've got this incredible inl couple right here. rig here. i'm going to interview them right now on the spot.w on t spo hi, what's your >> sue >> and jeff. and >> tell me what we're doing so g dressed up on this occasion.ccio >> our anniversary.ivsa >> your second anniversary?secod >> yes. >> second, yes.econd,. >> taking anniversary photoserso with the cherry blossoms. che >> absolutely beautiful downbean here, isn't it.n' >> so beautiful.>> so be >> just like you the >> thank you.>> tha >> thank you for joining me.ou f you guys lo
7:47 am
beautiful morning to getgo g pictures, right?ht? >> agreed. agrd. >> good. >> thank you.>> >> not only that, stay here. we've got more. come in, come over here. here. we've got cuteness everywhere.. what's your name. >> pria and this is ariana.. >> i love your pink dress. dre >> say thank you. >> yeah. >> all right.ll rig people from all walks of life. f you watch every morning. mng. >> yes, every morning.ning. so lively to see you in person. >> thank you for coming down. fw you look look g are you taking pictures as wellw >> yes, we are. yes, we are. we're taking our easter pictur pictures. >> nice sunrise picture. have you been down before.ef yes, several times. sev >> do you come down everyer yeaa no. no. >> do you come down every year.w >> no, we're lazy. laz >> everybody is local unguys are down here having a great time am with everybody this morning. mog there are lots and lots ofnd lof people from all walks of life. l and we'll be down here tilleil 11:00.11 come down and say hi to us. to thanks everybody for joining meg thanks for giving me a moment.en super cute.per cut >> say bye. say b. >> my first five but you don'tod know it. you're super cute.ut >> all right.>> all right i better do weather or i'll getl in trouble.role temperatures gh
7:48 am
we'll be eventually in the midae to upper 70s. thank you. y 56 now in washington.shi 50 in annapolis. 48 up in -- i don't know where'e that is. 48 some place is that west minster i can't i c quite read it. there's your satellite/radar.elr we've got,, what beautifulul morning.rng. sun up about 45 minutes ago.uteo going to be gorgeous day.e rgeo lots of sunshine, mid to upper 70s. dry afternoon.y ft obviously get out enjoy the eoy cherry blossoms down here at the tidal basin wherever you can sec them they're prime time. tim 77 degrees this afternoon. aften i'll be back in few minutes andd we'll take a look at the seven s day forecast but the weekendeeke forecast couldn't be better.n'te all right.l ri again, down here at the tidalert basin what a gorgeous morning.n. lots of guests to look forward o to over the next couple ofup hours, and let's do some traffim now and get the latest fromatro erin. erin having a great morning down here. can't wait to see you. to e y >> tucker i'm so excited.o it looks like a fun party down y so many different people takingn t pictures and hanging out and i excited to join the fun.e fun right now if you're just tryingj to get to work this is whats wht we're up against
7:49 am
eastbound.east there's a crash after 50 delayss back to 286.. really slow-moving traffic iraff would say hop on 29 watch youray stop and go traffic there asiche well. outer loop right now by newow bw hampshire jam ups continue aonnu crash blocking the shoulder byr colesville and grab your shadesa it's really sunny day but the good news is that it's beautifuf out. ou high of 77 today.77od can't wait for that. f we'll switch it over for a looko at our maps right now. n other crashes you need to worryw about and delays.ay cascades parkway we have utility work there southbound side aftea the parkway and then as you maky your way out in anne arundelrund earlier crash cleared which ised good news bw parkway southboundn after 198 it moved to theedo shoulder but delays are back to 32. 32. huge line red i would say 95 southbound athbod better bet to get towards theowt district this morning. morng as we take look in the district, you're slow 295 southboundbound eastern to pennsylvania 13 miles per hour. and then if you're headed to see the cherry blossoms where tuckht sixty four quite a crowd downrod there, getting off at thet the smithsonian stop is the closestt one. on
7:50 am
enjoy the sunshine federal fer triangle or l'efant is also als nearby. or you can also just take a jogg there and stroll through thell t city or drive just give yourself extra time to get down there toe the tidal basin.l bas i know i'll have to leave earlye in order to make it. but back to you guys. g >> you're lucky you have a ridee you don't have to park or try ty get there. the >> there you go.>> there y >> you don't want to see meon w trying to park from there.romhe i'm from philly.hilly. it won't be good.'t back to you guys. guy >> thank you erin. >> tucker brought us an anniversary couple and acond a beautiful little baby. by >> to sports now.rts we are on to the sweet 16.et6. maryland will look to knock off number one seed kansas it is ass tough task indeed. especially for coach marketerte jenn it's personal. pso it would be a career first infis defeating his alma mater he wenn to ksas the schools are meeting for thee first time since the 2002 finalf four when maryland beat kansasan in the semis en route to theutet national title. title. it is is oabl tip off for tonight's game 9:40 p
7:51 am
marketer jenn has never beat his alma mater before. bore. yes, allison.llon >> i'm sorry. s >> may i hav.e my snacks backnaa now. >> yeah. >> thank you friend.>> t >> al plays a little game callee hiding my food. never gets old. >> i kid because i >> hi kevin.. >> good morning.>> batman versus superman week all week long on fox5.5. we had batman ben affleckff yesterday.yesterday. mr. henry caval yesterdayterd superman today we have the stara of the film.he f this is wonder woman her name ie gal gadot you know her from thet fast and furious franchise. she takes on the classic character of wonder woman lindan carter played that characterha before. we'll have her in studio next week we're very very exciteded about.t but this scene right here you'ru seeing right here when wonder we woman blocks doom's day lasers and gets flown back probably ona of the crowd pleasing moments in the movie everyone freaks abouta when they see that trinity shots right there, batman, superman sa and wonder woman. i spoke to her about becomingutm this character more importantlyy though when you take on somebodb
7:52 am
do you add to her not in thehe comics that's not anywhere youyr bring to her personally? checkc this out. o >> i have to ask you.k you it's in the trailer it's not a t spoiler when you block doom's do day lasers with the shield, howh did that look onset? how areetw you going backwar backwards? hd they do that? >> well, it was -- it was shot in different a lot of -- lots of wind machines, lots of them, and i was wired. wir we had to do wire gig so i pulled back with the wires and s it was super intensive becausevu the wind was super strong so it literally made me fly again thet wind and it was just fun. >> you obviously have been inn i action forms before. i loved you in the fast andast n furious franchise. >> thank you. >> the difference shooting therc with justin lee phenomenal filmm maker and then moving on to zacz schneider, do you utilize tili anything from the fast sets
7:53 am
here? >> to be honest, not really. fast and furious was such anh mazing experience for me and ie really really enjoyed workinging with the family, because that'sa how it felt. f they're literally like family.. but i feel like this movie iss different. the agenda is different, yes, i, has the same volume both of them are huge, both, you know, batmat versus superman and the fast and furious franchise is huge, but in this movie it feels like thet agenda was different.ifre it was good against evil and sod many different values.ues >> we know wonder woman from thn comics. we've seen her on screen beforef but what i'm wondering what is a it something that you added inte to her that was not in then script or the comic books or anything, something that you, sh added to become her by yourselfl >> well, you know, you bring y b yourself to every role.. >> right. at the end of the day for me it was important that she's not going to be too goodie tw
7:54 am
shoes, you know. k i wanted her to have this spice to be feisty, to be like thee t smirk after doom's day me andnd i'm like you're messing with me, all right.light so i wanted her to have this attitude, this cool at to you.ty >> you did an amazing job. >> congratulations. congrations. thank you. that was a fun interview.unnter >> that was gal gadot the new tn wonder woman in batman versusnsu superman and steve and i were i talking about during the breakde she actually is israeli actresse she was -- she was a model. >> former miss israel.ael. >> and 2004 i believe as well.sw so very very cool for her andora obviously you've seen her in thh fast and furious movies and now she's one of the biggest --igget >> you liked her in this movie.. >> she's awesome. that moment one of the crowd t o pleasing moments.en >> that trinity shot when ithe happens the crowd go crazy.g c >> it's amazing. i wish that shot was left for f the movie itself. i i didn't want to see -- i thinkt she should have just shownave jo her -- >> who was in the shot, batman,
7:55 am
superman and wonder >> all walking in the samealkini direction. >> they're fighting doom's day.t she blocks the lasers and savess them.. >> it's in the trailer. tiler >> slow motion. mot >> it's awesome. >> kevin has given us nothing. g at some point they'll bepothey fighting together. tog >> my shoes by the way my shoess tomorrow are batman, superman, wonder woman. wan >> i didn't spoil anything. that's in the trailer. >> i'm saying they tried toed build this thing up and theynd t have them at some pointome together. >> you don't know when that is in the the it would be in the beginning. b. >> we love you but you mightveot have a chucks problem. problem. >> you bought more sho. batman shoes and trinity shoes.s i'm excited about it, yeah.h. >> thank you. i'm 32 years old. (laughter).. >> 7:55. gary mcgrady -- kevin. k >> you bring us >> not kevin. k it's gary. >> you guys do a trinity shot and we won't spoil it in thet t trailer.trailer. >> that would be awesome.t wo >> let's do our own trinity sh shot. >> i'm wonder woman i guess.der steve, are you wonder woman.ond. >> whatever you want to do.ver want to mix it up.mix it >> i just plant an idea and thed take it away.y. mid 70
7:56 am
warm air is coming up ahead off the storm system. ste that storm system bringing us bi the warmth but it will bringil g snow to the upper midwest. that's the same storm systemrmys brought all the snow back out to denver more than a foot there. showers tomorrow, okay, the oy, front gets closer to it willl gather up a little moisture out ahead of this, thunderstorms tot the south.ou i don't believe we're going toli have a chance really,ev realistt chance for any thunderstormshuss around here maybe a couple will graze southern maryland andutrnm hopefully that rain tomorrowain gets out of here by latee afternoon into the eveningoon t hours. hour gorgeous weekend setting up.. 62 on saturday oh so a littletl cool and then what about easters sunday? 65. the good thing about easter eas sunday is it will be mild be m because we'll have more hours is the lower to mid 60s. so i think you'll like it.ou'lle here's erin. >> just in case allison is interested have i an extraavi an wonder woman >> do you. >> i'll bring it in friday ifitf you want to consider it.. >> which three of you are goinga to be in the trinity
7:57 am
only be three. >> okay. >> unless it was trinity plus one. >> gary, stop making l >> i know. >> right now, limited marc camden line trains penn linee metro line honoring ticket. malfunction at gnome ma gallonao debt to shady grave on the red line delays. no alerts on your other railshea and crash activity cleared to the shoulder bw southbound after 198.8. heavy back to theme take 95e te south to save some time.e keep it to fox5. back in few minutes.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning.. right now at 8:00, we arere following two developing stori stories. first, several townhomes catchnh fire in prince george's county overnight forcing more than angh dozen people from their homes. s and also in fairfax county, a police cruiser struck overnightg while officers served a warrantt good thursday morning to y you. it is march 24th, 2016. 2 i'm allison >> i'm steve chenevey.hey welcome to fox5 news morning. let's get right to thatright overnight fire in prince george's fox5's annie yu is live on thevn scene in brandywine.randin annie, good morning. >> reporter: hey good morningd r steve and allison. all as we learn more about this fire, it's very clear to us that this could have been a lot it's remarkable that all 18 a 1 people were able to make the oue of here, even saving their
8:01 am
no injuries here. he. everyone got out safely and quickly. if you look behind me this is mh the aftermath. after. you can see fire investigatorsna still on the scene here doinger what they t they have their k9 units here as well trying to determine theoetr cause of this fire, but i mean m take a look around. aroun there's debris everywhere.ryer you see satellite dishes thathe fell off the rooftops.fts. mattresses, the bushes are completely charred.harred the shingles on these homes area burned up. four of these homes areomre completely destroyed. and two that kind of hug the four are damaged. dam if you take look at this video d shot by a neighbor you can seers just how intense and heavy this fire was with flames justs jt shooting out of the rooftops, rp and again total of six homesomes affected here, and the firefighters say they were abley to get the fire under control rather quickly but they did spend quite sometime duringe din overhaul and looking for those t hot spots. hot sp they tell us that the sprinklerl systems inside these homes did go off. they were faced way slightay sgh hiccup during the operations ope
8:02 am
arriving on scene.arri on scen take a listen to fire chief mark bay shore explaining all of th >> the first end units laidtsai their hose line from that hydrant when the second unitond showed up to charge that hydrant and that line, the top of the hydrant blew off. o that delayed getting water downr to the first engine. the f they have do have 500 gallons00l they have on board that firstha unit and then 500 gallons cominm from that next unit but when yoy have this quantity of fire andad the amount of water they neededn to flow that water goes aways ay pretty quick so there was athwas delay getting the actual supplyy in. >> reporter: again, this was a a three alarm fire bringing 100g 0 firefighters to the scene here.. many of them or doing their cleanup efforts as firesir investigators sort of determinei what caused this fire.s f they're going door to door righr now. back to you in the studio.u inhs >> all right, annie, thank you y many. now to that developing stori in fairfax county. count police say they were trying torn serve a warrant when theirn t cruiser was hit by another car. >> two of the plea three mene detained had been
8:03 am
melanie trying to sort thist thi whole thing out for us.or she's in springfield with thegft latest. mel? >> reporter: good morning,d mng guys. so fairfax county police do telo us they want the community to know that there is no largerar threat to the public, however,e, they still have not been able tt locate the person who they werer coming here to serve that t warrant on.ant on that person was wanted for wrece lesley shooting off a firearm here in the neighborhood last weekend, and so that is ones thing that they are still doing at this hour, trying to track this person down. dow we can tell you what happened ad 10:00 o'clock last night, wasas when officers were on their wayy to trailly woods court they werr on the street that was comingg closer to this, called creedalld more and as they were comingn down creed more, they encountered two vehicles comingm toward them.wa one of therd vehicles struck the police that blocked off the road. theoa then there was another vehicleev that came behind that first onee now
8:04 am
driver.iver. that person was detained. detai in the other car there was a a driver and an occupant and it ai took some time for police to geg those people out of the vehiclec there were helicopters overhead, there were police dogs, there, t were sounds of police commandsco over loud speakers keepingee people in the neighborhood veryo awake and concerned for severall hours. when they took the two men outwt of that other vehicle that'sic t when they found that they werehr suffering from gunshot wounds.ou those two men were taken too inova fairfax hospital with non-life threatening injuries. r police tell us that they are associated somehow with the home here on trailly woods court.rt with the subject who was wantede in that arrest warrant forrantor discharging a gun.. however, they really don't knowo exactly what the circumstancesta were.were a swat team did come in to the townhouse here on trailly woods court.ur we're told they cleared they clr scene, also, took out lot of
8:05 am
evidence and we saw for ourselves that there was a trail of blood leading from the frontf door of the townhouse down the n steps and across the parking log to what looked like where itt ended at really the parkingar space right where i am standing. so again police saying that thet police officers were not injured in that accident. accen it's does did not appear to berb any sort of major collision butt what's led to the detention of o three men. m they're not calling themng suspects at this point justointj subjects because they don't knoe exactly how they might be b involved, and the investigationi trying to work through this verv chaotic seep is continuing.on steve and allison.. thanks, mel many. man let's overseas right now igw reports this morning a second attacker may have been involvedi in the subway part of thet of t belgium bombing. that suspect reportedly capturep on surveillance video thosencvie pictures the airport bombers. bm the suspect caught on video in the -- surveillance cameras atil least in the subway bombing wass said to be carrying a large bag alongsid
8:06 am
it is still not clear if thear e second suspect is on the run orn was also killed in the attack. meantime the search continues for the man you just saw there at the airport.heirport the man who was on the right ini the tan coat. coa he is a suspected bomb maker fof the paris attacks as well as the belgium paris attacks suspect salah abdeslam will not be fightingign extradition to france. ♪ all right. r just about five minutes after the hour of 8:00 o'clock and oud tucker barnes is on a prettyre nice assignment today.od. >> yeah.ea i mean he's already seen an s anniversary party, he's littlest babies down there getting eastes pictures taken.pi what's next, tuck? >> steve, romantic couples that are, you know, snuggling up to p each other just a moment agoomt they had kiss that lasted ford f about 10 minutes trying to getit the perfect picture.ictu we're having a great morning moi down here all walks of life. l i'm amazed how many people arepa dressed up for the occasion toct get some nice photographs inogrs front of the cherry blossoms.s. and big crowds building here bue early this morning. morng to
8:07 am
somebody at 8:30. 8:30. i expect that we'll hear todayod is the first day of peak bloss blossom. things are looking very v impressive.. big big change from where wege were at 24 hours ago. hours i was out here yesterday mornine and the blossoms are reallysoll doing their thing in the past 2 hours.hour let's get to the weather, and ad then we'll have more -- we're- w doing down here. here. 53 now in washington.ngto 55, very very comfortable out here at the tidal basin. basin 55 in leonardtown, fredericksburg 55 40 in culpeper. cpe 46 this morning for you to the o west there in winchester.chesr. what a gorgeous start to the day. lots of blue skies.. it should be a mostly sunny dayy an very warm afternoon.fterno mid to upper 70s. 70s we'll do it. winds out of the south and south and west at about 10 to 15.o5. there's your seven day forecast. and again, 77 today.od hey, some shower activity a tonight. so today will be a little nicera than tomorrow to get down hereed and enjoy the tidal basin enjoyy the cherry blossoms. blo the weekend looks great.oore easter weekend saturday, sundayn if you got plans, low
8:08 am
saturday.saturd mid 60s sunday. blossoms should remain intactn c till early neck week.k week. that's the latest from down herh at the tidal basin now they're e doing the close in snugglen sgge picture they'll be kissing agaig in a minute. i'll give an update erin asrin things develop you over to you.y >> you stay on snuggle i'll keep my eyes on the roads.. looks boot absolutely gorgeous s down there tucker.olucker cannot wait to join in the fun e check out the cherry blossoms for the first time.r th right now, outer loop still jamm by new hampshire earlier crashla out by colesville road did did eaear. we're just dealing with a lot of morning john jets as folks heads out top side of the beltwayeel through silver spring and and if you're heading oh it ining frederick still jammed on the southbound side of 270. 50 westbound delays due toele t kenilworth very heavy traffic aa you make your way inside theidet district.dist you can see delays just linger,e and new york avenue inbound outo by florida avenue very delayedyl traffiayc just because ofau o congestion.conges same story suitland parkway pkwy inbound to south capital andapal also jammin jamming as you maker
8:09 am
let's take look at our maps as we go through the list of delayo and heavy traffic.ic congestion 202 to pennsylvania.a that's inside the district asits you make your way out on 295 so2 watch out for that one and annee arundel earlier crash did clearr on bw parkway after 198. still really heavy delays lingering 95 southbound betterun bet and watch for cascade casca parkway utility work out inut loudoun county. back to you steve and allison. >> erin, thank you very much.hak appreciate it. still to come this morningog authorities make a wilds make wl discovery during a drugrug investigation. we'll tell was they found.hey f. pretty amazing. a also a spring snowstorm dumpingm more than a foot of snow in onen part of the country.f the cntry we'll tell hugh is dealing withh this severe weather conditions next. 8:09 on a thursday morning.
8:10 am
8:11 am
>> it is officially spring here but look what's happening outt' west. that's denver.that's d this was yesterday.esrday the mile high city hit with more than a foot of snow at one poinp snow falling at the rate of at e 3-inches an hour. hour. the conditions forced the force closure of many highways and thd denver airport was closed a lota of people stranded last night ii denver. strangely enough, sunny and in the mid 50's there today.od >> crazy weather.zy wth listen to this story. tis s it's an mazing discovery inve i mexico. led to an even bigger shocker in california.. okay? police uncovered a drugg tunnel four football fields lo long. i can't even wrap my mind aroun that really it's a tunnels a tne running from a restaurant in mexico to a home in california.. officials say that home was was built just last year for the
8:12 am
sole purpose of hiding the t tunnel. so far agents have seized atat least 3,000 pounds of marijuanaa four people have been arrested e but you know this thing goes -- has much wider implications.cati >> right under the border, yup. >> baseball lost a legend. joe garr geome low.ome low >> he was a former player but ab lot of people new him more ass broadcaster legendaryegda broadcaster for more than 500 years. his health declined in recent rn years but he worked well into w his 80's.s 8 part time analyst for the for t arizona diamondbacks living outn in phoenix grew up in st. louist he was a catcher for the st. t s louis cardinals and definitely n legend around the baseball world. world. used to do lot of the -- they te used to do this week in basebals back in the day you would seee a him on there.on t you used to have the funny clips.clips. legend in the game. >> okay. good long life.od coming up why president obama'sa trip to argentina getting a lotg of buzz other internet thisr i >> we'll go back to the tidalckt basin. beautiful morning to be with tho cherry blossoms and tucker i
8:13 am
just -- - >> taking it in.>> >> taking it all in.n >> yeah. yea yup. >> why does he look so sad. >> maybe because he's l alone. >> aww.>> a all my myself! >> poor guy.
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> there it is. there's our traditional cherryat blossom music. i missed it. >> we need to mix it up a little bit. >> pretty, pretty time of year in the metro region. i love it. i the thing is as a local, i must admit i don't get
8:16 am
should like the tourists and ala >> i try to make it down for att least an hour or something andrg check it out.chec out >> this year will be different.e >> i think i'll go down thisow i >> this year will be different.l >> tuck was there.l >> tuck wash we were eteasing him for being f lonely do not be lonely becausee erin will be leaving short toll come down and visit y >> you've got thousands ofnds of people --people >> cheer up. don't sit there sat on the led ledge. >> steve, sometimes you justso want to hang out by yourself anf just kind of reflect on, you onu know, where you've been and bn d where you're going in life, andf what better place than down hern at the tidal basin this morning. but you're right.yo i am joined by about 100,000 ofo my best friends early this thi morning and it's only 8:15 iny the morning.the it's going to be beautiful day.d they're expecting large crowds l today and of course as we getofu into our easter weekend allisons you must come down this weekend. it is glorious sight. s i think locals that we oftenalto miss out on how nice it is downw really is very beautiful. beaif let's do some give you a heads up.ea it lab gorgeous we're looking at springtimeprgt temperatures in the mid to uppep 70s think afternoon.ernoon currently 53 in w
8:17 am
55 in leonardtown. 50 inol cooler north andorth west look at frederick 37 degrees.rees. 48 up in west minster thisster morning. there are your temperatures fort later this afternoonem it should be dry day. temps in the mid to upper 70s ur much lots of sunshine, and a and glorious afternoon.. coming up in a couple of minutem we'll talk to the horticulturists.turis. he'll give us an update we may expect peak blooms.k b we may have breaking news atew 8:30. 8: if you can get here until thent weekend it will be beautifulutil looking weekend.eeke it will be a little cooler withh daytime highs 60 to 65 botho 65 saturday and sunday should bedae very nice around here.e arnd he. we'll have rain showers tomorros morning so tomorrow morningni through tomorrow afternoon maybt a little tough as far as a enjoying the cherry blossoms.rr. we'll have rain showers around.r all right. al erin, come down and join me. jn i am a little lonely down here.h >> i can't wait, tucker.ucke >> how is it looking. l >> about 10 more minutes and and i'll be hitting the road i'll bl snuck traffic but then i cannotc wait to check out the cherryhehe
8:18 am
inbound 295 right now 202 to02 o pennsylvania down to 13 miles13l per hour.r hour 295 north at the research labea delays back to the beltwayel because of that crash.hat cra inner loop really slow fromlow prince george's county acrosscr the wilson bridge.ri delays continue on the inner t i loop springfield interchangenter through annandale as you make mk your way out even this earliersr crash bw parkway southboundbound after 198 cleared, delays realll heavy lingering from 32.m 3 95 south much better alternateer for you this morning.. cascade parkway earlier ear emergency utility work cleared.r all lanes reopened after a gun g kin parkway. if you're taking metro get offet at the smithsonian stop andan so that's your way to get down to the tidal basin to check out tht cherry blossoms. b all service back to normal. nma earlier red line problem proem cleared. train malfunction at gnome ma gallon crew debt.w d your options to get there youre could park and walk or you can c take metro and get off at off a smithsonian, federal try an begun he l'efant further awayera little bit of a walk but metro t options for you.ou tucker showed you it's gettingsg crowded already and only
8:19 am
this morning.or i anticipate big crowds downwdsd there by lunch t that's your traffic.ou >> that's guaranteed call, erinl >> east potomac park is a placee to park as well and walk downk d along the river. r south america we governmentt president barack obama wrappinga up this visit to >> he was welcomedsit by argentina's new president with w state dinner last night. n holly is here to tell us whatel happened during that dinner anda i'm hoping to share some fashi fashions because the argentineai first lady's dress is really rll beautiful. >> oh, my gosh it really isgo gorgeous like a sshilver laceac number. i think this trip will be be memorable only two days butaysut memorable not necessary roar for the reasons he went there,, right? his trips to cuba and argentina aimed at rebuildingebn relationships with bothips countries. argentina's president welcomedto our president with a state a s dinner last night after moreft than a decade of bitter bitte relations between the two nations.on president obama said his trip to buenos aires was a new beginninn and he basically welcomed themed south american country back to k the world stage. sge in fact the president went on to say, the world h
8:20 am
argentina's eagerness toness re-engage with the globalhe g community. during his speech, he also a acknowledged that u.s. relations with latin american dictator dia ships in the 1970s damaged america's image in that region. >> i mention this because almost 55 years and a lot of history later we meet in buenos aires at a new are very different era in our hemisphere. hempher i've just come from cuba whereaw the united states growing engagement there is aim atm at improving the lives of the cuban people.peop and i'm here in buenos aires because mr. president the worldr has noticed your eagerness to re-engage argentina with theh t global community ton reassert the global leadership that historically argentina has played and we welcome that veryr very much.uch >> president obama also promise
8:21 am
to dee classify u.s. intellige ocuments from am bloody coo that was actually act supported by the americans 40ns0 years ago. ago. but let's be honest.s beon this is really what everyone isn talking about. people are going to remember tor this visit because of what wento on later that night.. president obama having some fune hitting the dance floor for a tango performance.foce his dance moves have actually aa gone viral on the internet.erne first lady michelle obama joinei in on the fun, too, pairing up,a with a male tango dancer and dar just a little bit of a back bk story here, so this was a show for them, right, it was a was performance.orma the female tango dancer wentce w over to the president and presie invited him to dance with her. h he she invited him she invited him several times. he declined several times andnd finally they're like we plannedd when in buenos aires, you know.k they got up.ot up. it's a little uncomfortable,fore isn't it?ist it >> right. >> there's a reason why it's a a called the forbidden dance. >> i'm just saying. i'm >> right. >> i'm okay until that leg kicks up.
8:22 am
i know he's thinking they'rehe going to heat it up. >> he has that look when he sitt back down. did anybody see that.. >> like the world.or >> he sat back down going thisoi is going viral. >> he knew. k >> i also fine it funny that the photographer we didn't see muchm of michelle obama tangoinggoin because i think he, too, i making an assumption as the cami ran ma want i was a man but iani think it probably was infatuatee with the female south american i tango dancer.o dcer >> i think so, too. >> and the president.nd the >> and little shimmery number. e >> hopefully it will go along ao way with us diplomatic relatio relations. that's wawa we need to remember. >> oh, yeah, they were friends.n >> thanks holly.nkol still ahead are eggs healthy a a lot of confusion about thebout benefits of eggs. e we'll get the answers from thews fox medical team coming up.amomn >> later in today's fox beat out rocker dave grohl is help aelp a young group of musicians. ♪
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ it is gorgeous this mornings out there.ere. look, i know it's gorgeous atge the tidal basin but there's only like 150,000 people down therene right now.rit now so most everybody is not at thea basin and it's just as gorgeousr out there. the at temperatures this morning chill until some spots.sopots and we're in the 50s here ine we'll warm up today nicely iel i want to jump ahead this is fors saturday how nice the weekend id going to be.
8:26 am
sunny skies on saturday.skies a it will be cool.l. we w yet high pressure will be just toe i the northeast of us. but on easter sunday this highih will slip a little bit off to to the east and that will allow aoa little bit warmer temperatures to come up.up so temperatures on saturdayatury lower 60s. 60s temperatures on easter sunday,d, mid 60s, but i believe that wili be a longer period of time on sunday with temperatures in then 60s as opposed to what we'll we' have on saturday when easily on saturday some of you could stay in the upper 50s. 50s definitely a little warmer onr o easter sunday.. gorgeous, too. t only thing i see on easter easte sunday could potentially happenn a few high clouds get in here h late in the afternoon take away a lot of the sunshine. erin's turn for look of traffict on this friday she loves it when you say friday eve.ev >> i call tuesday, monday part t two. tuesday, monday part two andondd wednesday that's hump day and'sh then there's friday eve andy e friday. friday >> you got like a different namm for every day.r everay >> whole system down for thetem week. al what do you call saturday? c >> the best day ever
8:27 am
>> 295 works 02 to pennsylvanias down to 13 miles per hour. 295 northbound at the researchrc lab delays back to the beltway.y so watch out for that one.t one inner loop jams across theopams wilson bridge. be. then as you take metro no aler alerts. all trains on that's what we like to see andne then as you make your way out if you're headed to the cherry the blossoms like i'm about to leava today closest stop on metro smithsonian, federal, triangle l'efant a beautiful day for for walk. watch out for extra traffic onn the secondaries as you head outd there. i call sunday sunday fun day. dy that's good name.e >> oh, yeah.h,h. >> good name for it.oome for that's your traffic.raffic typical congestions on yourour inbound routes like 66 east andd fairfax and outer loop top of the beltway montgomery county.en back to you steve and allison. a >> thank you very much, coming up in our next half houru fine out which local heft restaurant was was named one of the best in the country. coury >> the fox medical team joins us live to talk about the foods to add to your diet to start feeling and looking younger. who doesn't
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ look, just don't touch. donh >> that's right. don't take a souvenir home with you. >> don't do it. >> they're here for everyone too enjoy and take pictures of.res o >> all righty. live look at our cherryook at ce blossoms. i guess that's the monument andt the reflection there in there i water behind it. the tidal basin. >> it's beautiful. it's beautif. >> tucker is down there.ucke we'll check in with him in justi a moments.en >> police in george masoneorge investigating reports of twoigat sexual assaults that happenedt d within days of each other. oer first one happened friday nightr on or near the fairfax campus
8:31 am
was raped by another st unknowin drugged. another female student toldletut police she was raped in a dorm d on monday by a man she met through a dating service.erce. arlington county police saye two men tried to abduct a woman near the lovell run park and l amphitheater on tuesday nighovta according to police the twog toc suspects approached that womanrc from behind as she was walking.l disturbing details here but oneo of them attempted to place ancen unknown object over her headovea while the other man inappropriately touched that sports now. we are on to the sweet 16 in the ncaa tournament lot of folksot l staying up late tonight to watch the games.. >> including -- >> you got to do it. y >> sometimes you got to do it for the home team. maryland will look to knock o yf number one seed kansas tonight.t >> it would be maryland coachd a mark turgeon's first chance toht defeat his al pa matter. mte he hasn't done it yet.. he's tried a number of times. schools meeting for the firsthe time since the
8:32 am
here's the cool thing within the national title. >> all right! >> maybe it will happen again. >> that's right.>> tha >> as we mentioned it's a late a one tonight.ight. tip off starts at 9:40.:40. >> okay. tomorrow is friday.morr >> game won't be over untilver 11:30 attelet. >> the guys playing their heartl out. we can do it. >> i'll try.>> il tr okay. >> we can enjoy the beautifulen weather that is moving the beautiful scenery down at d the tidal basin. b >> yes.. >> and the try tech if a of beauty -- >> tucker barnes. >> carry on, tuck.. >> allison -- carry on --,n cherry on top. t absolutely gorgeous morning out here. down at the tidal basin. at the having a lot of fun all morningr long i'm joined by lots and lotd people and very special guestal this is really cool. is re i'm excited about this intervi interview. this is michael stack companyom witnesses. thank you for helping me withfo that. tell me your position with the national park service. serce >> the turf managementan specialist probable right now the huer till culture
8:33 am
>> what are you doing hr >> right here we'll talk abochra blossoms coming out.os c >> you're somewhat of an expert. >> i'm one of the experts at the park. i get to take your forecast and try to parlay those into a modea to predict when peak bloom will happen. >> this year was a little tricks originally we thought kind of wu early april then we went back to mid march and now we're sort oft landing in between, right.ig >> because you can only -- youyo know you probably can only trusu the forecast three to seven daye out.out. >> sure.ur >> and this year proved to beveo that difficult because a lot off people were declaring springng s here and winter over and and couple weeks later we got snowet and cold temperatures. >> right. >> all right. so lots and lots of talk about peak bloom and when does it whes arrive want moment has ittas i arrived? tells me what you'reor looking for when you try to y ty determine that.dete >> we're trying to do is picturu the blossoms of being in an ovee counting the degree d the amount of heat warm temperatures that we have, keepe adding them
8:34 am
as of last night they added aed e peak bloom.eak blo they have to be verified by our natural resource manager go outg and take lock at the blooms andd see if we've actually reached rd 70% of the cherry trees trees potential blossoms.sss >> when you reach 70% of the 7 trees are blooming or the bloomb on the trees are blooming. >> 70% of the blooms on thelo trees. there's varying stages on thery trees. i think that means that littlete bit more drawn out of a bloom as some of these blooms that haveae not come along as the other oneo come out. >> are that signature trees here in the basin sort of trees thatt you guys go to first to kind ofd see how things aring. a >> yeah.>> y we got one tree we can'tree c identify it's old. it's over towards the bridge where there's blooms seven daysd in advance. bunch of other biological biolo indicators. we get the magnolias.lias. another tree entirely differente species of che
8:35 am
couple weeks in advance.n advane there's he older degrees bloom first.loom t is that true? >> no, it's not true. tru >> okay.. >> we make sure when we look atk ones around the tidal basin thet old ones are more acclimated toe this environment and are true t indicators of what's going and.g younger trees are still kind ofl on their own weird times from the nursery or being young andna wild one of the two, i don'two, know. >> i love it. this stuff is fascinate. fascine thank you so much for joining me. is what a cool the rest of the year what kindr of thing do you do, work down who are around the mall. >> reconstruction of the mall,su the turf grass portion of itss o what they really hired me more. >> that's fantastic.hat' that will be beautiful.iful >> it will be cool. >> sod go down in may, june thie year and it will be open in time for inauguration. >> thank you so much for joinin me. >> thank you. >> thank you for the fine work you do. predictions it'sio i not always 100% reliable.. (laughter). >> i can relate. all right. let's do the weather.s dohe weah we're off to beautiful start. s great crowd down here.owdown e
8:36 am
upper 70s. 7. currently 53 in wa lhieonardtowo the north and west.nortand 40s in the mountains.ains 48 in hagerstown and winchesters all about good news if you love springtime weather. w mid 70s this mid to upper 70s. 7 i think and i'm not an expertnxt that we are going to do peakingo bloom today. >> sure.>>ure. >> okay. >> he's playing along with it's not official yet but itialt will be hopefully later today. t there's a look at your weekendoe forecast.forecast going to be a few showers around tomorrow first half of the day.. hopefully we'll hold off on theo wind and keep the blossomslossom intact for a gorgeous weekend.kd saturday and sunday look great.g little cooler low to mid 60s bub it looks like all systems goms here for beautiful blossom thisi year. i think it will be great yearret with the weather cooperating, right?rit? >> yes. >> all right. thanks for joining me. let's get to erin with traffic,c erin come on down and join us.on >> i'll be down there soon tre tucker.tuck. 8:36 we have breaking n single tracking on metro acrosss the blue orange and silver linen eastern market to federal centec that is because of a medicalal emergency.
8:37 am
we have melanie going down tooig eastern market to check out the we'll certainly keep you updateu the. th watch for metro for a medicalicl emergency between eastern markee and federal we'll go ahead and take a liven look outside.looksi we have lingering delays andelad congestion around the area asas well. issue at the 14th street str bridge seeing some slow-movingw- traffic there 395 really jams um from the beltway to the 14thhe4t street bridge.dge. westbound side of the freeway a you approach main we have a crash. cr psych that delay right therethat picking up. also, suitland parkway inboundnu still jams slow-moving traffic t by naylor new york avenue subbeu slow and as you make your way yr out in arlington we are jammingg on 66 eastbound still typical delays lingering. lingeri this is the outer loop inuter lp montgomery county.meryount things dissipating a smidge outt by new hampshire inner loopre across the wilson bridge fromrim prince george's into virginiaeog still a little slow.litt slow. allison and steve?? >> erin thanks.n t see you at the cherry blossoms.m coming up,. u >> kev will join us live. l it is fox beat time once again.a >> and later the secret to to looking younger could be in your diet. >>
8:38 am
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fun. have all the fun? that's no fun. r leof dough. give it a pop. ♪ all right. 8:40.t. time to get a check on all things entertainment. beatgs.ox be with our fox >> i was rushing upstairs ups because we just -- you just sent me a story like 10 minutes ago t was trying to get into thehe segment. it's here now. we get to that shortly.ho >> awesome. dave grohl we love him from them foofighter.ighter. >> springfield virginia amazingn singer
8:41 am
defending a group of british e teen practice in their parents garagr but they were recently slappedyp with a noise complaint.plnt. so the teens wrote a letter to dave grohl who in turn wrote an letter to the city council now c it reads in part "music is notot only a healthy pastime it's a a wonderful creative outlet forut the kids and foster as sense of community necessary to the tohe emotional and social developmenp of any child" it is tremendousls important and helped me throughh otherwise difficult years years growing up. grohl asked the council to be to lenient towards the kids playinp in the garages and basementsents because for some that's theirt't only resource to let their let passion 35 and apparently the te decibel level they wereyer practicing at was got them a thm noise complaint. he's trying help them out. >> maybe meet in the middleid somewhere.ere. let them keep i get fit you're the next door d neighbor, too. >> instead of having these kidst go out again in trouble witnessw law --law -- >> you won't to stifle tir
8:42 am
creative have the >> have them stay in tim i see what you're saying.'r it's cool he sonned. sonne the power of social meet media m very very cool. coo yahoo and multiple other sourceu web sites have stories about guns and roses lead singer act t sell rose a possible new proje project. now according to jason bail al radio host of wnnx is atlanta al rose could be filling in for a a cdc.c this would be really cool thingi the host reportedly saw rosee practicing with the band and hed says quote it's all but a done d deal the act sell will front a a cdc for the 10 remaining shows.. obviously recently reported thad a cdc lead singer brian johnsonn had to stop tour with the groupo because of a hearing loss. l nothing is officially confirmedd but i would actually pay to sees that. >> you would have to. (laughter).ter) >> i don't know. i like a cdc. c i like guns and roses. ros but now you're going to see a cdc that only has two members left.le and i just don't know if i likel it.. >> epic shows like on love boatb fantasy island people used toplt come o
8:43 am
>> like fantasy draft almost.lm tose sing with a cdc. c.t foraf >> he's getting ready for gun and roses tours. i would rather see him frontrath that. >> i'd go to both.>> >> he made his decision.made >> real quick make sure you staa tuned to good day d.c. at 10. at i'm sitting down with wonderder woman herself gal gadot.. kimmel -- jim knee kimmel shel said it was gadot. g she's an israeli actress and are we'll have more from her on good day at d.c. >> roman told you it's rihanna. >> everybody calls her rihanna.r >> i agree.>>gree everyone says rihanna.ihan >> you're wrong. >> she complained aunt andt apartment buttery nan is from it's's >> i actually heard denzelearden washington name is denzel.l. >> yeah.>>eah >> heard the same thing. heard t >> somebody tells me i'm wrong said she told my good friend hod to pronounce her name. >> >> you mean rihanna. ran get it right. rht >> exactly.xa >> i don't know if axle willif finish out the out t has a history of leaving toursnt
8:44 am
>> you've got a thing againsttha axle theeekt verizon center.te >> looking for a good place too eat. eat. we'll tell which you localich restaurant was named one of theo best in the nation.n th nat >> easter right around thet ar corner and with that always comes a lot of leftover eggs. e research not always clear abouta the health benefits of eggs. so we'll enlist the help of thef fox medical team to clear up the confusion next. >> it's incredible and edible.
8:45 am
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>> all right. >> getting caught up in the ne.t for thee urround beside beauese cherry >> tuck, when will you able too take the jacket off? i'm hearing mid 70 today's.0 today'. is it chilly down there. the >> steve, i'm getting realttg r close. really warming up very quicklyvq out here. what a gorgeous morning.ning. not only the blossoms beautiful but everybody is dressed up dred wearing their fine never clothes and doing their thing as we'rese getting lots of wedding pictureu taken and really cute babies ans people from all walks of life. . a loft fun.un enjoying meeting everybody downw here this morning.s rning. let's get to the weathers t to let you know as steve mentionedo nice warmup.nice war we're looking at daytime highsth in the mid 70s, yes, mid to upper 70s later this afternoon.. yesterday we hit 75 and more ofr the same today.od few moments ago i talk to spokesman from the national parr service i suspect today will be the day that we hit that peakea bloom.oo 53 in washington now.on n 57 in leonardtown.. 40s north and west. maybe a jacket for another hourh
8:48 am
with a lot of sunshine. looking at nothing but brightuti sunshine a few clouds out theret and a dry afternoon there areon your temps later today. tod how about 77 degrees here in d.c.. little cooler by the bay. nap flips 67 but just aboutbo everybody enjoying temperaturesu 15, 20 degrees above normal thil afternoon. quick look at that seven day forecast i know a lot of peoplep focused on the holiday weekend.. we are going to have some gng tm showers around here early tomorrow morning and the showero threat will linger into ther tot afternoon.afternoon. today will be a nicer day than t tomorrow to come down and endnd coy joy the cherry blossoms.e we're right back to the sunshin and beautiful weathethr for thet weekend little cooler saturday and for easter sunday but realla couldn't ask for niceroricer conditions around here for theoe weekend.end. expecting up to million people l around here down at the tidal basin this weekend that's whattw they had last year.t all right, guys that's thet, gth latest from down at the basin.. i'll toss it back inside to youy allison and steve.n allison you got to come down dow this year. y i want to suggest early in theay morning or late at night.ight >> >> okay. i'm taking some time off next week.week
8:49 am
aftheernoon, tuck.rnoon, tuc you know how she r >> scholl drive down and save her spot. you know what happens, i w think that is what happens. i i start it,s i get down there ahh.ah new york city park i go to applebee'. >> once we start something andeg we keep going all morning long n we're going through to to 9:00 o'clock we're going to g g did day c. >> we're live on big local b loc stories including fast-movingasi fire we've been talking aboutalo all morning long that leftg lon dozens of people without homes.s >> also a 9a, just wait untilwat you hear what one flight fli attendant is accused of smuggling.uging. >> we also have must see video t from the national zoo involvingl one of the pandas, oh my goshy s this is so cute.thisso c >> it's like cuteness overload.l plus a washington redskin willin join us live in the loft. l he is making one dream come true for little girl.e girl. they're going to >> yes, coming live on good dayd at 10a, we talk with legendaryry actress and two time osca
8:50 am
you like me? youon mr. >> oh. >> live in t>>ood day dc startsw minutes.nutes >> mister you say.>> mis >> he might be available, mo. a. >> all right, ladies., ladi thank you so much. so m well, open table hasenle h released its 2,016 list of the best 100 restaurants in america. >> as far as washington, d.c., none on the list. >> what? >> outrageous. out >> so wrong. zero. zero. one restaurant in maryland didyn make the list, however. >> sobe restaurant and lounge in lanham was named one of the bess in the country. they feature a fusion of latin, asian, american and italian cuisine. >> all right. big shout out.. >> congratulations. maybe that's where i'm going. we >> great for lanham.reator lan forget about spending big bucksc on anti aging creams to looks to younger all you may need to do o is change your diet.hayour d the fox medical team's deena centofanti joins us now tosow
8:51 am
common sense. sen now i is collagen. collagen helps like the buildin. it's also collagen is reallyseal important for your insides, youy connective tissue for your boneu health all those thing we'rehost talking about wrinkles.abouwrine that's what we care about rightt now, and so you need two thingsg to make collagen.agen vitamin c and amino acid called lie scene lysi inform e.m e guess what your body doesn't doe make either one of those.f tse. i talk to dr. recently aboutenta these things, and you know youny get your vitamin c from citrus t which is good as long as you'reu getting in enough citrus that as is. and lie scene is amino acid froo comes, you know, most abundanttd in animal products, red meat, dairy, cheese that is sort ofthf thing you can get it fromit fm almonds and some lentils. lenti but the important thing is thats you getting that combination ani that helps your body producero more collagen. >> all right.ight. >> if you're doing it through di
8:52 am
six serves of the fruits andumem day. that's a healthy diet. but the nobel piece prize winnee said four to 5 grams of vitamint c a day between your food andr a potentially vitamins and that's what i actually recommend to mym patients. >> reporter: there you go.o as long as you are getting inng your -- as long as you'res you'r getting in five or six serves ar day you're u're o lie scene most of us get enoughh lie scene from eating our meet t and cheese products.. >> okay. okay. five is a lot but i love fruit i so i'll be -- we'll do it. i if it tries --- >> you can eat this little kiwik can you send me really tutorial how to even eat a kiwi. a i'm really serious. do you peel it and eat the wholo thing? we'll talk off linek ofl about that. let's talk about eggs in theggsn meantime because there seems toe be lot of back and forth.or are they good for you? are theyt not? of course we all remember the single the incredible edibll egg.
8:53 am
is it really that incredible, deena? >> well, appar well now they're turning thatur train around they're saying the nutritionists are saying forgetg about all that. now we like eggs. e i'll tell was the problem thehe cholesterol in the egg but now e they realized that there's notrn saturated fat in the egg so it'o okay. you can eat it.yo it's not going to raise yourrair cholesterol level.el. that's why they call the hard boiled egg a pretty perfect per snack. sn high in in ein. high in all kinds of thing. t sulfur, a b complex vitamin, colleen, things that can evenve perhaps bring up your good cholesterol levels.evel that's why nutritionists are now saying don't be afraid ofaf of enjoying an egg a day and this t time of year, you know, you'lll be perhaps dipping them in the t colored die and so you'll havesl plenty of eggs on hand. han they don't necessarily recommene egg salad sandwich with all thet mayonnaise but this is the wayie to go. to g >> okay. we were talking in our morningg meeting yesterday deena about
8:54 am
eggs and you decorate them? ortf it's funny you say thatbe that's what dieticiain asteag ut because of their cholesterol. to yeah, as long as you get them into the fridge win an hour or so after -- if you hide them orm you know, display them on thehe kitchen table, get them in thehe fridge and then they'll last the several days in there. the then when you crack them open they have all those weird colorc going on. >> very all right. deena centofanti, thank you very much v a good holiday weekend we and we'll see you soon. >> thank you.. >> okay.>> >> you too. say good morning to today'st facebook fan of the day. fan ot now this young lady has a couplu of things to sell bray. bray. >> okay. o >> this is nia stewart, and shea is celebrating which birthday, al? >> she's sweet 16 steve.wete >> you better believe it. i a huge birthday her mom saysays they watch together everyoget morning while gett
8:55 am
work and for school.choo ladies, want to thank both of ta in my housese up.downstairs in his pj's p i'd like to shout out to dadad today. get back upstairs!! >> you're ruining it dad.g ad >> it made for a great stover. e >> we love your daddy da. we do. >> we love gary mcgrady. >> did dough that on purpose.n the basement -- the party--e was really in the how he didn't -- he's juste's j coming down to get something too eat or hate in his pj's. fortunately, no one saw except c me.. >> i understand.>> i und that's what dads do.t dads >> we love dads.s >> that's what dads do, man. m >> we love you dad.e lo >> speaking as a dad sometimesaa we do it on purpose. ppose mostly sunny, 11a67 gorgeous.gorgeous breezy today tent to 20. t breezy and warm this afternoon, 76 degrees.egre we'll reach up to about 77 for f ideal high temperature today. ty some places will be close to if
8:56 am
look at the warm stuff coming uu is 36.. grees all ahow about that? th nice. weekend forecast is looking likk this. we think it will be cooler foror the weekend. wee lots of sunshine on saturday.ur temperature gets up to about 62 degrees.eges. listen, on saturday, some of yof north and west especially couldu stay in the upper 50s for highs. on sunday, easter sunday, again everybody hopping inn clueinglu the easter b. temperatures will be 65 degreese on sunday some of you will bele upper 60s. 6 it does look like just about everybody will get into the 60se and we'll be in the 60s foror quite awhile on sunday. sun so it really looks like it willl be nice. how about today? 77
8:57 am
warmer than yesterday. yesterd a breezy i steve allison back over to you.o >> we enjoy it as well.s w ng forecast. loo i hope you get a chance to get t outside and enjoy it.oy an nfl quarterback talking abouo a close end counter.ou wait until you hear the story s green bay's aaron rodgers is >> how skins player a making anp little girl's prom dream come true. true >> great story.>> >> we love these kind of the kin inspirational >> they'll join us live in thens loft. >> oh yeah. >> i got to look at the computem a little closer.a ttle good day is next. next.
8:58 am
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on the run.. overnight belgium authoritiesrii identified another man linked td that dead al tack in brussels. l we'll have update on the growing manhunt.. back here at home a neighborhood mourning after a raging fire tears through threeh townhomes.ho this morning nearly 20 people are homeless.are home we'll have live report.or a war of words over wives.v. donald trump and ted cruzru lashing out online over tweetses targeting each other's spouses.s we'll show you why. and later, fancy foot workow from the commander in chief.hi president obama getting into tho spirit during a state dinner din


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