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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  March 24, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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on the run.. overnight belgium authoritiesrii identified another man linked td that dead al tack in brussels. l we'll have update on the growing manhunt.. back here at home a neighborhood mourning after a raging fire tears through threeh townhomes.ho this morning nearly 20 people are homeless.are home we'll have live report.or a war of words over wives.v. donald trump and ted cruzru lashing out online over tweetses targeting each other's spouses.s we'll show you why. and later, fancy foot workow from the commander in chief.hi president obama getting into tho spirit during a state dinner din
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social.>> it is going to we'rise just one day a way fromf friday.ay we like to call it friday >> friday eve.y eve >> time now 9:01 on this thursday march 24th. i'm maureen umeh alongsidelongsi allison and holly and stevend se wisdom taking the morning off.og >> the madness is back underwayy and tonight it is the terps tu turn. maryland faces kansas in the fac sweet 16. we'll have a preview of the t first though beautiful day l on the way.he w so nice that tucker could notou couldn't tape himself he had a little taste the cherry blossoms yesterday. want add full portion of itof it today.toda the cherry blossoms just aboutsa to hit peak bloom.lo he joins us now with first chect on the hey, tuck.uc >> reporter: hey, steve. i think half the residents of rd d.c. have now arrived. arr it is absolutely beautiful downn here, and i'm enjoying it withgt
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t fro doing their thing the past 24th hours.s. they're absolutely gorgeous. gge let's do weaer beautiful day if you can't get down to the tidal basin but yout want to go for a walk. w great day for it.da for 59 in leonardtown.rdwn warming up into the 50s in hagerstown 51 degrees.gree 54 in winchester all aboutterll sunshine and warm temperaturespu today and dry conditions. mid to upper 70s. lots and lots of sunshine thisit afternoon.oon get ready to enjoy beautiful bel day. quick look at your forecast. atr temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70s. all right.allig guys, coming up in just a coupll of minutes, i'm going to be bacb with special guests and eye i'le try to explain this, right? i'll try to explain this, guys.g stay tuned.ed. 9:15. back to you. ba >> that's a tease.aea >> that's a tease, yeah.a ase, >> allergies maybe. >> okay. >> good guess.>>ood >> good tease, thanks ta big story at 9:00 reports:0 this morning that a seco
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attacker may have been involved in the belgium subway bombe cape surveillance cameras carrying h. meanwhile the urgent searchea continues for the man scene at the brussels airport on theirpot right in the tan coat with thath hat on. his name is najim laachraoui aoi suspected bomb maker for theer t paris attack tax. t also in brussels this morning paris attacks suspect sal let me abdeslam appears in core. in c he is arriving at his detentionn hearing a mid tight security. st he was arrested last week in thn same brussels neighborhood where he grew up. france is seeking his extradition to face potentialoti terrorism charges for hisesor involvement in the november nbe attacks which left 130 people dead. i'm hearing that he will notwil fight extradition -- did he note fight extradition that's goinghs on right now. n he is appearing in court this morning. >> well, now back locally, inocy just a devastating fire in fir prince g
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it looks devastating, annie. >> reporter: it really is. i to be out there they're stillres working on hot spots believe ite or not hours after the fireerhee broke out around 4:00 o'clockclc this morning. m and you know what, this is onene of those stories that could havh been a lot worse.. thankfully no injuries and -- i- could have been lot worse.en lo. this is a case where neighborsgs really jumped into action andnnd neighbors were helpinge neighbors, and that's why no onn was injured in this fire here. e if you take a look around the scene the aftermath is reallys a telling of how serious this fire was. (inaudible)
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following locally.llowinc this one is just bizarre.izre shot. sairfax cou so they were taken to theen to e hospital with non-lifeal wnon- threatening so far police are stillen tryint to find the man they were tryinw to serve the warrant on in the first place which melanie mel alnwick tells us was for gun g related charges. just a bizarre series of eventse down in springfield.ingfield still trying to sort throughhr that story. >> happening today, a viewingwi will be held for prince george'g county detective jacai colson.. it's at the funeral home ine beltsville from 2:00 o'clock this afternoon untilntil 9:00 o'clock this evening.his e the public is welcomed to atte attend. then tomorrow morning a viewing will also be held at the firstmf
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upper marlboro followedo bgo bwu after talking with residents heh5 people displaced. that's adults, three children ae well so 18 total with threehr dogs. dogs i mean people jumped quickly into action. if you look at the scene behinde me the aftermath they're stillre working on overhaul and the hote spots here, but this is veryut i telling of how serious this firf was at 4:00 o'clock in theock it morning when residents were sleeping.slee i spoke to several residents whs have been living on
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here. somes hso banged on other ngbot safely. s if you look at thivideo shot vid was. you can see those flames justlae shooting out of the rooftops.oo there's a total of six homesomes affected. four of those homes arere completely two are damaged.are damage and this was a three alarm fire so that brought well over 100 unions to the scene fromm fairfax, d.c., anne arundel, charles county everyone jumpedon in to help.o now, the cleanup continues.ontiu the investigation continues. c we still don't know exactly whaa caused this fire. f there's debris everywhere.wher but the neighbor tells us thateu when he came outside, hee actually thinks the fire started outside the way that it wasit ws shooting out into the -- intohe the homes.m so we're standing by from thero fire chief to give us an
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so far guys we still don't known the cause of this foerr morningi jal.jal. >> mo,nonin dark chapter in latin . president obamwibute tri to the victims argentina dirty war as he works to bringo b closures to questions about thes up s' ross role the mostt repressive dictatorship.tatohi last night he spoke at a state dinner. during his speech, the president acknowledged that u.s. relationo with latin american dictatorsh dictatorships in the '70'sips e damaged america's image in thatt region. gi he also promised to dee classiff u.s. intelligence documents froo a bloody coo supported byy america 40 years ago. tango getting the press but that's the business of what hesw was over there d well it's a war of words overoro wives on the campaign trail. tri nasty business here. h donald trump taking on ted cruz. trump
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disrespecting his wife that wast e ad.d. be careful lions head or i acnuw thought.out hash tag class less. we have seen other groups put p out ads in favor of a candidatee and not be endorsed by the t candidate themselves.msve so i suppose that's what --s wha >> level of pettiness. pettine you know, you just think itt thk can't get worse you see things g like this. these are men who want to leadno our country.our country >> for it to play out in thet ta public that way, you just hope s that it would be like, hey, isi this from you or just get itt i before you put it out there? the >> on both sides.>> on both sid >> on both sides of it exactly. >> it's almost like what next? ? these are men who want to lead l the united states of america,mea and this is what we're seeing we come from them.
9:10 am africa are likely -- highly liking to haveh come from that plane. mh370 which is the make of theaf plane went missing from radar rd more than two years ago during a flight from kuala lumpur to beijing 239 people were on board. >> well it's a scene straightait out movie. jet blue flight attendant too who tried t s
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70 pounds of cocaine throumupo charges with the intent to distribute on friday reynoldseyd gh belongings weighed 90 poun to l. >> scrolled through security.ugt >> she probably weighed
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91 pounds.91 pou >> can we take a look at yourtae bag and see what's in t that was her queue i'm leaving my shoesi. > forget themort the when you try to smuggle smu 70 pounds of drug.s of drug. >> when they have that sale atty the end of the year.e >> i have another story. >> keep going. >> and final kly, enough alread. a bookstore in south wales wantu people to stop donating the book 50 shades of gray. (laughter).ter) >> they say they have too many m copies of the popular eroticc love story.. love stories. sto so many books have been donated, yes, employees of the store were able to make a fort out of allf
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they tweeted this picture of itf on t toyan >> i didn't enjoy this at all. this in my house.n my hse >> right. >> be gone with it.. any way, that's the that's e conclusion of the headlines. ofd >> thank you al. >> 9:13. still ahead a close encounter eu involving an nfl quarterback.uaa wait until you hear the story te from aaron rodgers. rgers >> first though d.c. in bloom. b we'll take you to the tidal t basin where washington's famous cherry blossoms are just abouts to peak.. erin and tucker hanging outng o there all day.there they'll join us live next.ive time now 9:13.:13. ♪
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discover every way to easter at target. get a $10 target gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon.
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ong talking totalk one of many mtucker, i see you'r one. >> sure do. thanks maureen. events d.c. may have your name and your title. >> advice pressed communicatiom
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>> that sounds like a verysods t really just helps power the local eco ave h a japanese festival and then a t after that it all culminates into events d.c. cherry blast b knew this year and it
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bring vibrant combination of alo the >> a >> it goes from 6:00 p.m. tom 6. 2:00 a.m.h bst >> so we thought, you know,no cherry blossom festival reflecte our mission of bringing premierr event experienc experiences to e residents and visitor visitors e district of column y we thoughtt let's expand our partnership and let's create this new ands w exciting event with all things s japanese inspired so it will wil have a largest dance party ever seen at carnegie library.. >> japanese beer there, japanese beer, sushi, saki. >> $20.>> >> i'm not clear. i'm i've been asking all morning mng
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trying to understand exactlyunde what this japanese cartoons.ons. elanapanese traditions o tradaicters japanese fashion as well. well. and we have a little sample it,i too, with us today. tay >> please come join us. >> so obviously these young ladies are modeling.g. >> japanese fashions you'll get a sample of this at the event. which will be at carnegiene this is just a sample of whatt you'll see. s >> and this is -- this is street art or is this cause play. p >> this cause play and japanesee fashion.n. >> yes. >> we're looking forward to ano exciting event and then it endse with a big japanese dance partyy >> any chance we'll get in youll one of these outfits for the the event?t >> i don't think so.>> i maybe diana. >> all right.>>ll okay.
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get them at the events d.c.n most of your events sound likeoe they're towards the u i can y i bring them back.them b >> i had a quick question. queio i thought that the face mask was part of for allergies but ill guess i was totally can you ask her if she knows for sure like what that is all aboua the face mask? >> okay.y. we're live. she's asking all about the facef mask. mask. this is i guess -- this is tradition or
9:21 am
>> fashionable.>> fhion >> it's a >> all right. rig wear something to cover my mou mo tere you are keeping the smog out? >> i really don't think it'sk functional. i think it's just all supposed o to be fashionable. >> that is hilarious.arus >> all right. all right >> i wonder what steve said is s it like maybe from some of the e issues we've had health wiselth that they decided to starto wearing them someone thoughtne t that looks cute actually,y, decorating it.ting i >> maybe that's where it comesh' from. we'll learn together.l >> i will not be wearing 9:21. coming up later how one redskinn player is making a little girl's prom dream come true.e >> easter of course right arounu the corner.thener. it's this sunday and apparentlyl this year will be the biggest celebration yet.bration y wait until you hear how peopleeo are dishing out on candy. cdy that's coming up next.
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hurry, this offer ends soon. n a bettrker >> ♪ >> one of those feel good song. >> here's another feel good one. >> here comes peter cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail, hip-pity, hospital.easter is on. its way. >> outride stopped at bunnyde so trail. >> this year we are spending spn more than ever. eve fox business network's lauren
9:25 am
business of easterayas the storeshit record that's roughly $146 per person.o >> thinking about kids and thost easter outfits as we move move towards those brighter colorse and the warmer weather clothingh for spring and summer that's ths really what easter allows anll a opportunity for parents to doy o when they do their gift givingiv report roar let's not forget tht centerpiece of that basket.aske. it's certainly hard to imagine an basket without that iconic chocolate bunny. bun >> one chocolate maker says the classics what moist people look forward.forward. >> even people that buy trendyry chocolates at easter they comeyc for traditional chocolates.te. >> according to the nationaldi confectioners associationssia someone% of americans will huntn for real or candied filled eggs. $2.5 billion will be spent onn sweets. >> there are more candies thator
9:26 am
any of the other holidays.. chocola varieties of little guys. b>> the fir r tosts. 17th century german folk lore.or cherry is the most popular jelly bean flavor and one peep will pi cost you 28 in new york, i'm lauren simonetti, fox business.usin >> i don't care for peeps. peeps >> me neither.>>e ne >> i prefer the cadbury eggs e which i'm highly confident isdet more than 28 calories.calori >> i know. >> is the world separated into p
9:27 am
>> no. because i never liked peeps andn >> i actually like the cadbury minies.olaney all me easterorit bunny.dark chocolate chocolate bunny. >> still ahead on good day itadt only took 70 years but wonderutn woman finally making her silverl screen debut coming up later l kevin sits down with the woman n behind the golden tiara and bracelets and shields now and sw apparently, too.ap >> boom boom. bm b president barack obama relucta reluctantly showing off hisshow dancing skills during a statetae dinner in argentina.. we're going to show you why it is now the tango seen around the >> first though perfect springue day on the way today.. what is
9:28 am
weekend, though?
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it'sfeelsy a lot like winter especially in colorado. take look at this video. this is from denver thespr mile high city was hit with more that a foot of snow at one point snoo was falling at the rate of twof to 3-inches an hour.nou the conditions forcing the for t closure of multiple highways anw
9:31 am
then check this one out. s >> that it does.>> that it d that it it >> somebody who's reallyy o's re jojoying the ying a non toxic bubble bubbl bath. >> i need a bigger bucket. b >> he sure looks like he's having a good time in the warmhr temperatures but he's coolinge'l off. we've been treated to thesehese beautiful temperatures this weee and he needs a little cool off.f >> he does. does. they like the snow i think.. >> i need to see a still photo of him all wait in the tub. the >> it's a small tub. t >> maybe they put it out for tht baby.. >> bobby bogared it. bogared >> all me. >> cute either way. w >> all right. i want to see him drying off waf towel when he steps out. ff dries off with a towel. o >> the way it's warming up, garr arc lost people may be lookingeo for relief if these tempera
9:32 am
keep jumping up there.p there >> i heard he was looking southwestly wind help to get t g these temperatures upn fredericl be up in the mid to upper 70s. culpeper 76 to 77. t 7 very very nice warmup. warm air coming up from thepsoue storm. st see that big blue l that's thets low pressure center.r that came through denver andughe dropped all that nasty snow foro them.them it has brought temperatures doww last time we check denver was ws 15 degrees and here we are ine a the 50s and 60s. 6 tomorrow we'll have some showe showers. okay frontal system will be bac to the west of us along thelonge front and out ahead of the front showers a few thunderstormseror possible but i believe theelie t thunderstorms will stay to the s south of us, once the frontro comes through tomorrow afternooe that will taket
9:33 am
and it will reveal a gorgeous o gge but stay little c wo oy be in ol the upper 50s for highs.hs you for recast, just concentrate onn the next few days. 77 today.ay we'll have some showers tomorror but it's still going to be mildm temperature of 68 degrees agr couple of you will be up to 70.7 mostly sunny and cool on saturday.turd 62. easter is gorgeous. 65.65 some showers and clouds returns on monday. monday. and next week it looks like weke dry out for tuesday and wednesday. and temperatures will start wila going back up from the upper 50r to the lower to mid 60s. 6 so all things considered i guese it's all relative.. no snow it's really just the a*a good i think bury myself somewhere
9:34 am
if i was dealing with a foot ofn lesson for president oa intnet d t ann beautiful list and festival ofef families nation process ises n officially open.allypen. and here with all that youhatou really need to know and, yes, you can nominate yourself inelf case you're wondering, isn'tng would do you it? >> no. columnist judyni j kurtz. >> all right. the most important >> let's start with thert witth president's tango, because it ie getting a lot of publicity.lity way more than the whole reasonho he went to argentina for in thet first place. >> certainly s he might want to two step his way out of the t optics of this because it'sauses causing a lot of controversy.. this tango did he at the state d dinner held for him in argenti argentina. this was last night. he, of course, got on the danced
9:35 am
dancers.da ly was persuaded to hited bad. not badsuiv i don't think you turn down a d dance with -- wit >> he couldn't to do say no he' would have been look at refusinn to play along.toy al >> right. >> and then if he says yes, nowy he's going to get criticized for doing this.. >> usually your advance team hat some control over what is goingg to go on.. >> it will probably be every e request.requt. >> no dancing contingency.. >> was he getting penned fornedf being >> it had more to do he'sdo h dancing.da he was seen at this baseball bas game in cuba when this terror tr attack in brussels just happen.e optics of that just don't lookot that great. >> we just had state dinner for canada.canada. we've had state dinners fore nef others. those are the people who aree pe being honored.r you wouldn't t
9:36 am
the people you would put onou wt display. yoncer saying say will you come dance? but when d the. >> that's it. >> i don't think she should havi kept going.nk twirl away, lady. l twirl away.twirl away. >> i think typically this wouldn't create such a stir, you know, these presidents go onn foreign trips and they do lightt hearted activities and have ande little fun with it but given tht timing of it with the terror attacks it doe him a little out of touch.ou maybe not the best -- >> this is to me part of thehe diplomacy. had he not, you know, the argentinean people might have been offensed he comes all theee way to their country and doesn't dance. >> he did not look happy.not loy >> he has 10 more months in in
9:37 am
the stars as soon as he's donese with his political twy? >> we have already -- the most eha yourself as a holly has mentioned. we have gotten a ton of nominations.. >> self nominations.ns. >> really, you have? you hav >> we're in washington. wasng we're a city of egos.go >> that's a campaign then. t there's nothing wrong withotng w having a healthy ego. e >> you said in the past the pt t campaigns get crazier everyvery year. >> i can't even tell you, stevev we've already gotten some very r dramatic campaigns going on. people getting co-workers, their friends.s >> we've gotten hundreds ofeds nominations we just opened theme up earlier this >> nice. >> folks are really vying for ra the title of the most beautiful. >> all you have to do, workk regularly in washington inas
9:38 am
 the judgment after that. >> in politic it coul >> it could be a member of the t media. >> when you win this thehi previous winners i mean do theyt disturb it help their careersrs any? or just a feather in their cap?p >> barack obama was one of ourob 50 mosamt beautiful winners when he was then senator.. the track record -- i can never reveal where we get thehe nominations f it's completely anonymous.anymou >> you're right holly the factlf we just talked about thelked aue president i think we're allre eligible now should we choose tc enter.te >> we literally talk about --bot regularly talk about him. abouth you can't school have been on the lisberean s they do it again ory t we've we' shied away from puttin putting e repeatedly on the list. last year was the had the all star group of people on the lise before. send them we'll go through the nominationn >> they just had to make ay jusd
9:39 am
>> all right. all >> you know what, judy, i'mdym k have time for one more topic. oh, never mind m come true.. nick sunbird will join us nextex along with his date sophia. s we'll get the scoop.. it's's 9:40.
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if you're sophia you ask a professional football player to th long snapper nick sunbird on twittert to be her date to the organization's annual prom andua because the redskins are awesome and nick is awesome, of coursefc he said yes. s y for more on their big night howw they met nick and so foo ya joij us live this morning.thisni hey, guys.y, g >> hi.>>i. >> hi. >> okay. first of all you said you're a i cheerleader. ch >> yes. >> do you like cheering? >> yes. the season just ended.onust
9:43 am
was eight good season. . shirt i'm going to guess you'r >> i'm a bears and redskins. >> nick didn't hear that firsthr part.part. nick, how you doing?ck, you >> great. great. how did you get paired up.d u >> we actually met a couple cpl years ago dreams kids dc event. they have a giant annual event hundreds and hundreds of kids, k thousands of vol hup tears comea out like a giant field day. everybody gets out, plays relay races and obstacle courses.ur you go out and have a great day. we actually got our faces f painted together.og that's how originally we >> did you paint his face? >> no. >> >> she talked to me into my getting my face painted like aat cat. i was a cat for day.. >> nice. hoe? did youd want him to be cat. c >> i had hello kitty.ty >> that's
9:44 am
now it's sounds like it's promn dime.un coming up for the big day, don', you? fe re >>grout date a. ard aike so this is lik prom for me since i'm like in tn high school yet. >> yeah. i would have guessed that if yoe asked me. you put me on the spot. but early promt is awesome.. so how did this -- how did thist whole happen with nick? youick asked him? >> yes. >> i got to say it's the firstoa time i've ever been asked to aed prom. >> is it really? >> yeah. >> i don't think you can have more priceless date.hi pceless . >> i think you're right.t. >> so what's prom night? tellil me about what this event is going to be. >> it's mostly for kids withh disabilities to get like an early scope of it like more ofe an early sense of it and it'ss for other kids who can't, f they
9:45 am
professional football player asa your date? >> i don't really know . gd gu here. nick, what is it like for you tt be able to do things like this? >> i love>> i love it. this is what really make it funt this is my first dream for kidss d.c. prom i'm looking forward ia to a ton. but, you know, i don't get to gt come on the news very often. so, you know, it makes it all worthwhile.wo >> you're always welcome here,w, nick. >> thank you. >> you know that. but normally we do talk about yo fo >> right. >> the up coming season.he ucomi >> how is it, though? having hv that opportunity just because oi what you do? a lot of people don't take advantage of thetageo community they work in and youyy
9:46 am
actually since you've been here you've been here a long time ane when the platform that we have.m as i can and meet people likeeoe sophia and just have as much fuh as i i can >> i give you credit and i giveg the redskins credit a lot oft al players do a lot of great thingt off the field.ld. sometimes that gets lost in then talk about what happens on the field so it's great to see.ea s now sophia, you are cute as as a button. but the big question is, do you know what you're going to wearn yet?yet? >> yes. >> what are you going to wear.a >> i have this really pretty blue -- the theme is under theue sea so i have like this blue b dress that has like a florala fl kind of -- i have like
9:47 am
dress in blue andvinceth him to pain his facein like catt again? aroue y goig try? site, aren't yopouhia you're adorablel wish you the best. good luck cheering. good luck at football, nick.k. always pleasure, man.le. great to see you. y >> you can find out more out information online at ass well.w dreams for kids d.c. prom it iss april 16th.april just like sophia said, five to v 8:00 p.m.. at the dc jewish community c center on 16th street and the t website dreams for kids d.c..or. if you want to help out.ut love this couple much this is mi new power couple of the year cot right here. >> i know. >> you'll look smashing in thath blue.
9:48 am
pictures ever. >> i think so. this year's y cherry blossom festival.estiva
9:49 am
it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics.
9:50 am
na edwards, maryland's next senator.
9:51 am
join the views. hey, guys, good morning. morning >> good morning. >> good morning.>> g >> erin made it! >> yay! more beautiful down here >han i even arrived. >> you're a gentleman t >> did you work on that line al morning. >> i won't be later now that i found out about the japanese beer. be we have diane the president of the cherry blossom festival. >> good morning, yes.oo >> thank you again for joiningd us. set the scene for us. u blossoms are doing their th
9:52 am
we're all systems go for great g festival this year, riglboys wi. oi on.much >> people ask that all the timee i love this. what's down here as well as any part of the event, everyone participates in their own way. o they enjoy the festival in son many ways whether it's the the blossoms, whether it being int g the parade or bei
9:53 am
fireworks festival.esti theyth morning which is >> right.>>ig >> we encourage publicageubli absolutely gorgeous dn for more information sort of at mix of free events and eventsvet people have to buy tickets for.f >> most of our events are freent and open to the public but therc are a few paid events. eves. actually if you go today to pick up the express there's 24 page . >> okay great.>>kay >> perfect.fe >> again it continues until frof
9:54 am
>> april 17th is the last day. t n.blossoms? do you ever get lio a presidential vip tour, anybody wn here.wn >> we've had wedding she's holding babies. bie incredible morning down here.n r >> i'm ready for it. i >> all right. >> all right, guys, having a, hg great time down here.time special guest, we got food, we w got singers that will be in the cherry blossom festival comingom up in a couple of minutes. mutes >> don't miss any of that stuff. die nan is flanked by vips righs there. >> there you go.>> >> don't forget. >> somebody tell her.. (laughter).ghte >> all right.ll r thanks tuck and erin.. >> bye still ahead on the 10a0a girl power kevin sits down with the scene stealing star ofta o batman versus superman and green bay quarterback aaron rodgers telling an out
9:55 am
we'll have those details comings or our facebook we'lllife's sharing a meal.mings or our facebook and a kitchen with room for everyone.
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone.
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spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen >> legendary actress, two timeue oscar wioh, . she likes us. u she really really likes us. >> at 10a kevin goes one-on-one wip the new wonder woman andom what is it like to take on thiss iconic role? we'll find out.d . >> ladies don't leave us now. because live in the lot ofotf mr. america is here.e >> yes, plus more of tucker and erin's adventure as they enjoyhe the cherry blossoms. bss >> the 10a starts now. >> the tango -- walkk >> are we? >> do you know the tango?an >> arch your back. bk. >> oh. >> i know the american
10:00 am
two different thing.. >>. ailed >> slow, slow, quick, qui,slow. >> okay.>> >> part of our tango. >> oh, >> then if you want to do theo o ladies rock -- no. >> that's what got the read in trouble.oue >> i wrap my leg around allison and kick maurice in the tush ats the same time. >> and that is how do you it. (laughter).ter) >> exactly. >> there you go.>> >> never know what you'll get ou good day'l, right?od d r >> never know.>>ever k >> 10:00 o'clock right now. i'm steve alongside allison,, holly and maureen. mauen i mean lok if you want to tangoa ssoms might be the better way to get there today.thertoday as we know, with the beauty ofet everything that happens in oursn nation's ca
10:01 am
people, too. i was actually surprised ir. >> really? rlly? >> really. p fromme upo all the time you o cannot overstate how beautiful t they they never disappoint. they're a >> you're looking at me'r m differently >> i kind of am. >> it's not like you've been ana here a year or two.rwo >> there's a reason i pickedd you. >> i know. it seem like a hassle to gete tg down there i'l
10:02 am
but it's follow like walkinmorng real g ulao yourself.lf right before i cul pictu >> i am. i promise. >> tone 0 let's check what's trending onkh this thursday morning.isrs first up less than 24 hours in buenos aires president obama ana his wife michelle were doing the tango and not with each other. (laughter).auter). >> the first couple attend ast u state dinner hosted by the t president of argentina they werr pull to the dance floor.. at first president obamasident declined to dance but then puthn on his dancing shoes.. unexpected moment went viral ana people took t twitter includingi president obama's dancing dng partner. pa >> let's hear from she in the glittery dress. the tango has given me
10:03 am
unforgettable moments in my >> when you saw those two danc dancers, upping, dancing before the president was called in, it everybody notice how to do it.ti you don't have to bedon've to professional.sion >> i love seeing older couples.l >> it felt like you were in a movie. >> it was. one of the coolest things i'vene experience. >> if you want to seely polaro a opposite go on social media anda watch allison and i trying toryt dance this morning it lasted ias about eight seconds. it was just a colossal fail. f >> that is the forbidden dance.n >> we didn't do it right.tight we shouldn't have tried it. >> ncaa tournament.rnen the sweet 16 in action back inak action today ott on thisttn thursday four games tonight including for
10:04 am
the big one, it is maryland. ap. >> the schools are pete meetingi for the first time sincely a lil later than that if the firsthe f game goes long. goelong the rest of the sweet 16 games g will be played tomorrow night.dt if you want to stay up until midnight go >> if not maureen even will havh highlights at 4:25.ghts 4 >> how is it they haven't playee them since 2002. different conference. ht i thought in the basketball everyone at everyoney played everyone.ry >> it's 200 some teams.ea it would be impossible to playbt everybody.ody. >> gotcha
10:05 am
sticking with sports now afteroa 20 plu was scarred by one year bon suspension though for using fori 017 and7nce enhancingyes how much was >> um-hmm.m- he has plans to officially hangl up his cleats at the end of thef season.on. rodriguez will turn 41 on o july 27th. 27t so my question is, does thats t blip on his radar d that taketak him down in the eyes of historyy >> yeah, does it.eah, ds it >> absolutely. absolut >>
10:06 am
forever have an asterisk by hiss ing. e in february of 2005 just re h bor was draftedobject flying in the then noticed four fighter jetss following it.. rodgers says there's no doubt ii his mine the craft did not comec from earth and this is how he describes it it.scri he said it was a large orangera left to right moving objecting j because of the overcast naturetr of the night and the snow you s couldn't make out
10:07 am
it was behind the clouds we werw he toll this story.l this story reer ye was similar sighting and people talked about it not -- ii forget what year it was, but, b you know, and then one personeer said they saw it and the otherho person on the east coast and a then i wept online just to seet what people were saying a lot ot people saw something similar to that. that. >> why would he come out and heo open him up self up to the t ridicule we're about to giveoiv him. >> the ridicule is out thereidis people don't understand.nd we don't know a lot of things that are out are out i can say this. t there are members of ourmemberso military who have filed formal absolutely investigations of i seeing things that are nothingsn anything that they've seenveee ones up there flying and they're seeing thingi we don't know about who knowsboo what it is. >> totally believe it but ily bu don't want to see it ort actual be contacted
10:08 am
another --anher >> ain er d tucker down atend.herryheot >> that's right. raheem is joining us.em is tell you about your involve mann this year. y will you be performing. p >> i'm actually performing.erfom it's going to be exciting firsts year of me performing you knowyo for the cherry blossomss festivities i've been involved e in the past in just in terms ofr drawing the traffic and, you ano know, being engaging with the d.c. community. isn't you're from princeyou' george's county so you've beenen down here as child enjoying it.. >> yeah. yea >> how is it different that was as an adult? a
10:09 am
out, you know, it's alvote partt cherry blossom festival.til >> what day are you performing?r >> on tu>> perfect.>> per >> saturday april 16th? >> yeah.>> yeah. >> saturday april 16th.urda all let's back it up a little bit.eb you've been getting -- sounds s like progressively more involvev with cherry blossom festivalossa over the years.ea >> um-hmm.>> u >> tell me about how you gotbouh started kind of with the cherry blossom festival.blosso >> well, you know, actuallyou ka through the foundation, you, y know, love life foundation weion just trying to do more community out reach situations and just,sj you know,
10:10 am
what's going on d.c., in have an event a eve ic wng up on next sunday.. i got to write a song aboutgbo that. >> i got to work on that one. (laughter).auter). >> all right.>> that might be >> yeah, definitely, definitelyl >> new spin off.ew spi off we credit you with all thell success. >> all right. right >> um, um -- >> making myself laugh at thisgi one at this point.soi you're performing mid you got new music coming outomin this year, right? >> actually do.
10:11 am
projects over the next 18ver e e co'rect with. to nnec >> easy to connect with.h. we're very transparent.ra enjoyo >> i'm coming down to catch youu show in april. apr >> so am i tucker. i tke >> we'll there be.>> w pretty soon we take the jacketse off. >> it's getting warmer out. >> i'm obsessed with all theithe fashion down here.faion so many brought colored dresses and people taking photos.phos. it's beautiful >> anniversary pictures. >> lots going on. >> crazy down here. downer comingp
10:12 am
stick around for food if youooiy want.wa >> all rhtal like h he's making a difference.g a ffe >> for sure. >> very cool. still ahea new song justg. celebrity dish ♪
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
them what's happening next oeboy is getting married, and televisio ownwn last blast v she looks beautifuy charact music industry series. cover girl celebrating upcoming mid season premier. teyona brown, anika c
10:17 am
and rhonda lyon. l >> i dimanc for her union european shows,s, right? rihanna.nna >> all right. rht nick cannon tired of rumors that he's feuding with his estrangedd why mariah he took to twitter yesterday tot address critics who believe his new track slams the diva.slam he tweeted like i have always said i will for every inspectrye and love mariah carey and will never say anything negative nat
10:18 am
he didn't st there.idn' he goes on toot w there's no pot on the stove.tove >> real houew serving heronth sentence in december. now the pair pleaded guilty to multiple federal fraud chargesud back in march of 2014.f2 they admitted to hiding assets and submitting fake loan fe lo applications as well as failingi to pay taxes. >> all right. have you seen this one? david?d better man went for a run on tuesday in sane bart' where is s he was photographed lookinghotor completely unrecognizable.ecogni i had to do a triple take on o this >> i thought it was santaas
10:19 am
>> i did too. who is that? >> lently saint bart's. ex >> all time? te. she brought in whopping $1.3 billion her most recent rec tour earned her incredible
10:20 am
170 million.0 sold more than 1 million tickete mr. america in studio withs
10:21 am
this hurry, this offer ends soon.
10:23 am
>> happening right nowappe investigation continuing into overnight fire that happened in prince george's county. it left more than a dozen people homeless. destroyed several homes. 19 crew has been on the scene all morning long in brandywine. we can see the damage behind yog thise bemorning.hi ni annie. >> reporter: it's amazing. it'an it's amazing that everyone maded it out okay without injuries. ie and it rea really was just neigo helping neighbors.ghbors everyone getting out of theirhe homes banking on doors getting g everybody out and that is howow all 18 survived this fire
10:24 am
you know, this could have been i we still don't know the exactxa cause at tfd aed six of these te townhomes on chadds ford drive.i four of these homes you can seee are just completely gutted and a destroyed.dest and if you take a look around,d you know, you can see theee t artwork of children you even ses a crib in one of these monday the 18 displaced are three children and then you havu the three pets. pet so i mean this could have been a lot worse.orse. and i know that we've beene' b saying that all morning but juss
10:25 am
this damage and debris firstri f hand . t neighbors came backing on theirt doors and everybodpu good aycontinues.
10:27 am
it's time to get out and a whole other world awaits.
10:29 am been kind of thing. kind >> it's okay worker.orker she is smitten with a younger man played by fox's own show thw new girl's max green now it is the latest in a longog long list of memorable characters from this versatile act stress which include a union active visit is a norma ray. r i'll never forget that movie. >>
10:30 am
oscar.r for >> but i
10:31 am
no matter whether we're male ory are, and the challengeshowing.sw ihe lives in her head. so much of what you see isha what's going on in her head. >> um-hmm. >> and isn't -- isn't real. but malt thely she begins to b move out of her head and startsa to try to make the things that t are in her head out of her head. and that's when she learns whoes she really
10:32 am
and it's boththisitdpnt looked like this movie was funas to do, though. tug fo albly rewarding.ewdi it was -- it will always be one every great experiences of my m life shooting this film.m. because of how collaborative iri was, because of how creative it was. because we were blending blend together these two worlds so, s you know, complicated that toha try to meet together high come comedy, screw ball comedy and real tragedy and them t together so that the audience ii not jarred in thinking whathiinw
10:33 am
find anything. anyth >> well we only have a few onlya seconds left with you and i hav to ask you i just, work jus w question. one i want to know your beautyey regimen because you are amazinga looking.lookg. >> gorgeous. gor >> and two, we were talking about our favorite sally fielday
10:34 am
do you have a favorite or aers very fondly.. >> thank you. thank you hello my name is doris is playing right now.
10:35 am
>> very cool.>>er >> thank you. >> awesome.
10:38 am
to >> is it stealing if you steal from you are. >> is that right? >> military grade encryption.ryo >> i'll bet with that dress i'li get bet nine out of 10 times yos get away with anything. >> i can see through that babe t in the woods act. the you don't know me. but i'm like you.. >> i didn't think you've ever yr known a woman like me. >> is that his real voice or was that his real voice.ce >> that's batman. that' >> i got game voice. >> only took 70 years wonderrsr woman finally made her way to w
10:39 am
the big screen. see >> she made it.he made it. >> this tis. kevin got a chance down with the little known actressre whose abo t there's way to say it i've been saying gal gadot for years sincs fast and and she was in the fas ft and furios franchise. fantastic in those movies.s she's playing wonder woman.eromn the film opens tonight at 6:00t: p.m. early showings tonight. tot i'll have my review tomorrowomow morning. we had henry caval on yesterdayd who plays we had ben affleck on monday who plays batman.atman there's a shot in the trailer doom's day throws his lasershis down and tries to hurt somebodyb and she block it which is realla really cool to watch.w i wanted to know what is what i
10:40 am
woman that was never in the w n comics that linda carter? of --d wires and it was super intensive because the wind was super strong so it literally me fighting against the whipped and being pulled back.g pued b it was just fun. fun. >> you've been in act filmsen it before. i loved you in the fast and furious franchise. thank you. >> i'm wondering the differencec of shooting there with justinusn lynn whose a phenomenal in many maker and moving on to zac
10:41 am
snide do you utilize anythingnyg t'om the fast sets here. thet se how it f they're lierally iss different. the yes, it has the same volume bott of them are huge, both, youot y know, batman versus superman ann the fast and furious franchisene is huge, but in this movie itt feel like at jenn today was different.ffer it was good against evil and sod many different values.ues >> we know wonder woman from thf comics we've seen her on screene before. but what i'm wondering what is g something that you added intoedi her that was not in the scripthp or the comic books or anything. something that you added tothatd become her on, by yourself. >> well you know you bringou bri yourself to every role.ry >> right at the end of the dayt for me it was important that she's to the not going to be too goodie two shoes, you know.u k ian
10:42 am
wanted her to have this that was fun fun >> wonder woman was super nice. >> yeah.>> y. >> fun interview. >> filming wonder woman movieon right now. >> is that the trailer? trail >> that was the actual posteros for her character in this movie she's filming wonder woman now her own film which comes out in 2017 and she's amazing actress.t she really really is. >> cameos from other superth sup heroes in wonder woman. wom >> oh yeah. a lot of that's teased here.sed. try to stay away from all the t reviews.ews so many surprises and spoilers in this film. t >> in batman. ibatm >> batman versus superman.. >> i apologize.logize >> this is the d.c. comic.
10:43 am
marvel cinematic universe andann green lantern, aqua >> i'm they aring out.gut >> the wonder twins.wi >> my review tomorrow morning.w. >> thank you, kev. tha you, >> thanks, guys. tnks, appreciate it.te it. >> 10:44. coming up next talk about super hero physique.hy we're finding out what it takest to compete like a mr. americame from mr. america. what? >> check those abs out.hose abs >> his arm is bigger than myy leg. like literally bigger than myhay leg. >> we'll head back down to the o tidal basin where tucker andwhea erin are enjoying lunch inspirei by the beautiful blooms. ♪
10:44 am
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. with an all-inclusive ticket. bu to even consider president obama's nominee for the supreme court. it disrespects the president and all of us -- and we won't put up with it. in congress, i'll protect president obama's legacy, defend obamacare, and stand up for social se ♪
10:47 am
talk about and competitionompeti in the world. wld we want to introduce to thehe reign men's all around championa with us live in the loft to shoo us what it takes to be mr mr. america.amic >> did i say that what. >> yes, did y >> how do youing. >> doing good. >> thanks for having me. i actually brought something foi you. here you go. >> showing a little medal. med put that on.t that o there you go. watch your head. hea >> how does that feel. mr. fox5. >> i'm like the batman to histmh robin right now. n >> i'm excited.ited robin to your batman. (laughter). >> look, i'm totally out classed here. little confused.d. >> awesome. >> that looks super heavy but b well
10:48 am
>> it was three differentwaree categories so had to goha ware w ew i had to get suited and the miss mis america competitions that couldc make somebody win or go home. >> we have to answer questions.s the mr. america competition morm just looking fit. actually being fit, being able a to do different exercises and a movement movements and explaintn fitness. what health and wellness
10:49 am
to you and share that educationn with your friends and fame o
10:50 am
obviously you want to kind ofrop
10:51 am
somethingne. root now you're theigningin champ.chp >>av the same ring to it, steve. >> no? >> how much body oil do you goiy >> about a half a body.ut af a >> see, i like it shiny. s >> all right. >> shine the minspiration behinh everything from art to songs ani tucker down on the tidal basin d with what looks to be someto b pretty good eats.d eat good morning,
10:52 am
>> hey. h is chef jose and everything isthin totally cherry i spring.spring. about 25 to 30 minutes from d.c. people come fromm baltimore/people come from d.c.d but we're just trying to be aryb great venue with great bar food, and so far we're starting totag build that trend so we're having dj's on thursdays, doing thingsi like that and providing greatat barbecue.rbecue. >> what did you bring today that is in infused and inspired byreb the cherry blossoms.cherloss >> these are my award winning ribs.ri. i won the barbecue last but these are cherry infusednfus with the barbecue sauce. sau
10:53 am
>> completely cherry infused.ngg unique or are you starting totat work that into your menu.ut >> how about tse hush puppies. >> these hush puppies are freshe butter milk in i use polenta. pen i used to work at i al tan yannn restaurant for two to three years i use polenta instead ofad corn meal.c >> we'll try that. we' >> tell me about the dippinghe sauce. >> that's the cherry >> it smells amazing. amazi >> that's the cherry barbecue.bu >> yes, sir. yes, >> really good. rea >> you don't even is a trophy with a pig on it you got this >>
10:54 am
pork belly was still attached ac some ofom th >> yeah.. know, mcgyver o
10:55 am
10:56 am
>> istands up for us.he
10:57 am
allenges our families face. family leave and toughe and drawers with manla life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen


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