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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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the night trying to put this fire out. today was a red flag day. that means that winds are high and humidity is low and as you mentioned, those are ripe conditions for brush fires. thankfully, no one was hurt.t. property damage was minimal, just a few sheds were destroyed. we did speak with an owner whosr home was dangerously close to this brush fire and he tells us that a discarded cigarette butt may be to blame. all right. we spoke with will with yam webw and right now it was a dramaticç evening for william web and his family. web says that he has lived in his home nearly 40 years and the last brush fire happened 15ppen years ago.year but nothing like this. montgomery county fire and
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reporting the brush fire shortll after 4 this afternoon.tern firefighters spent several hours fighting it. sky fox shows these images from above showing several acres burning in this germantown home. just yesterday firefighters were batting a similar scene, severa, brush fires that prompted widespread road closures and traffic and rail delays. those fires were burning along the howard, and returned l counties. today was a red flag day. there are things you need to know. we spoke with pete berringer with the fire and rescue department with some advice. be care lful with discarding your smoking materials. be sure they're ex extinguish
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and also a day like today, winds can exceed 25 miles an hour,ur causing brush fire to spread quickly.qu there's more advice on what you can do again to avoidoid contributing to a brush fire. it includes again not parking your cars in dry, grassy areases and also to avoid mowing your lawn. those lawnmowers and atvs can also spark and prompt a brush thankfully, no injuries to report tonight.onig we're told that there were no homes that were damaged. teisha lewis, fox5 local newses. > thank you for that are the f road closures.or now, the weatherro does play a major factor in these kind of conditions. as teisha mentioned we've beenve very dry this week.k. we haven't had any precipitatio since last weekend. today's overall conditions weree basically dry out there. there is no humidity in the atmosphere we were under a red flag warning earlier today.da
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often. much more common out west wheree forest fires are more common. what you basically immediate is only four ingredients, dry vegetation. low humidity.lo anwd that persistent breezy just like you were to go camping and started a little you need to below on the little l sticks to get the flames some oxygen to help the flames bloww up. that's exactly what we had today. again, the causes of these fires are rarely caused by mother nature. the only type of thing that causes it is lightning from l mother nature. a lot of these fires are causedd by human interventions like throwing the cigarette butts or parking your who the car in the high grass or leaving the camp fire unattended, that kind of stuff. just to give you an idea of how dry we've been this month, justt over a three-quarters of an incc of rain has fallen in march. we haven't had that just yet.t. we do
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tomorrow should be improved for fire conditions. i'll give you your full castellani h in just a about it. > tony, over to you. >> thank you very much.ha > we have some breaking newsws for you now out of arlington, ar virginia. a person was just rushed to the hospital after being hit by a bus. fox5's marina maracco is life on south reads street now with the latest. >>reporter: this all happening in the last hour here and i want to give you a quick position of where we're standing here.e. we're just off of route 1.te take a look behind me, the scene still unfolding at this hour. that ramada bus that you see there on the road shall that's 15th street. they have that all roped off at this point. apparently what seems to have happened, that bus struck a woman who was at some pointint either in the middle of the street or crossing the alel those det tails trying to e figured out right now. that woman has non lifee threatening injuries. a source telling fox5 it is a 30 year old woman who suffered leg injuries and was
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a tram a hospital. you can see right here at the scene, still unfolding. several investigators on then scene photographing what transpired here, a metro flatbed also on the scene potentially to help lift that bus up.. we do understand that a technical rescue team was used to help extricate the woman from under the bus. we're seeing detectives arrive to this scene. this is arlington, again south 15th street just off of route 1. we will keep you posted with the very latest, but woo we know that woman suffering non life threatening injuries.g marina maracco, fox5 local new. > in other news tonight in prince george's county, four townhomes were destroyed, another two were damaged when an fire broke out in brandywine.any the fire broke out on chads fors drive overnight. amazingly all 18 people weree able to make it out safely despite the fact they were asleep when the fire
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we spoke to one man who lost his on. i looked out the window and saw the house next to me was up in flames.ames i went inside and got my parents and then within two minutes i got out of my house, my house went up in homes. when i got in my car i just started blowing high horn.owin > the cause of the fire isre still under evaluation. > today, a public viewing was held for fallen prince george's county police officer gentleman key colson.key detective colson was killed by friendly fire outside of police headquarters. today the man's fire spoke about his son outside of the funeral home. >> this is a hero inside here ever since he was born never any trouble to us. he was the kind of kid and young man that any parent would be proud of, any brother would be proud of and any, you know, he's just that type of young
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> detective colson's funeral is planned for tomorrow in upper marlboro. he will be buried in his home state of pennsylvania. p > students are on alert at george mason university after a pair of sexual assaults, two students say they were raped in separate incidents on different days this week. some students are angry sayingyg university did not send alerts fast enough.ugh. something like that happened ipn would want to be alerted just st i know, i'm aware of my surrenderrings. > george mason interim police chief thomas longo says security alerts were sent out on the sexual assault cases when investigators had gathered enough information to alert the public. students also expressed concerne about getting notified after bomb making materials were recently found inside a dorm room on campus. police say they did not immediately send out an alertert because they did not believeieve there was authoress to studentss on campus. > a man wanted for crimes in prince george's county is sitting in a d.c. jail tonight. offi
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after he allegedly fired a gun at a police car. this happened on melon street southeast. police eventually caught him h. it turns out that butler is wanted for murder in hyattsville. he is facing be facing be and maryland authorities also want to extradite him to face charges in prince george'srge' county. > sky fox was in gainesville, virginia where a strange rescuee took place this afternoon.tern a man was rescued by a water tower after he fell into it and became trapped. the fire department says the man was walking along the top of the water to your when he fell. the man was alert once they rescued him. no word tonight on his condition > the wizards are poised toç have a new facility on the other side of the district. commissioner at large, he lisa silverman says she wants to cap how much the district can
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on the wizards' new practice facility in ward 8.d the district has already agreede to fork over 50 mild in taxpayer funds for that facility. silverman says she doesn'tn't oppose the 5,000 seat arena but says she wants to make sure the city doesn't get stuck paying for the over run costs. mayor bowser says construction of the new facility should be complete in 2018. hackers have hacked the main obamacare computer many times. should you be worried about your. > and she's one of hollywoodslo sweat hearts, but one of betty white's former employees is pretty bitter about her old boss and she's taking her to court. the story as fox5 local news at 11 continues.
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> tonight, police razor ofht several neighborhoods in and, aroundhb belgium led to the arrests of sick people who areho being linked to terrorism.err the razor come two daze after fighters target the
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airport. nearly 30 people were killed and 300 were injured. in a paris suburb there was also an arrest of a man suspected of plotting epa imminent attack.t the same isis terror cell that planned the november attack in paris also coordinated tuesday's deadly bombings in p a popular montgomery county cafe is closed tonight because it hat been the target of online pirates. hackers have taken over the computer and pavement system in rockville. a few daysing a the manager turned on his computer and found a message demanding $10,000.10, they are holding all of the restaurant's computer filesiles ransom forcing them to close for the day. >> it's been compromised byby something known as ransom wear r where they basically close all your files and closure computer system so it can't operate.pera > the cafe owner has paid a computer team to replace all ofl
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he also contacted the fbi.he at this time it seems that no customer credit card informatioo has been compromised. the computers for obamacare hasa been a target for hackers.cker they have tried to hack into healthcare. golf 316 times.go each time they were unsuccessful in accessing such sensitive information for people whoeopl signed up for the insurance. two owing's named freedom and justice. the birds have been there forher eleven eggs. they produced two eggs in mid-february.uary they're expected to hatch in next week.eek we're checking in with the eaglets at the national arboretum. we happened to catch them at dinnertime. it seems like the eaglets areles strong and are
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far. they're so cute. the little cotton ball isis getting bigger. > would you trade in your cats for some baby eaglets. >> i wouldn't go that far. she loves her cats many of our viewers have cats that they love. i know they do. but we did a whole crazy catcat story. i heard about the explosive anger thing. >> it's not true. > sarah, her space.pac >> i'm good. so is the weather. let's move on. > the weather is fantastic. great cat weather, great eagle weather, great cherry blossom weather. cherry blossoms in peak today was a great day to see them. tucker barnes was down thereown this evening.ven we had lots of photos coming up. a beautiful sunrise
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tidal in. if you want to get the sunrise tomorrow probably not going to happen because we have a colt frond helding in our direction that is probably going to bring in some i would avoid the early morning hour. it's going to bring us some reign. you're probably going to needo the umbrella for your early morning compute. 6:00 in the morning, scatteredst showers around the real stronger line comes through about 9:00 i0 the morning. you'll see some heavier rain,ai, maybe even a rumble or two of thunder. once it gets through during teso test test late morning/earlyorn afternoon hours we will clearill things out and by the afternoon and evening we're still breezy, but much better time to get dowg to the tidal basin, i think, ifn you want to see the cherry blossoms. > a life look outside from our to your cam.m. it's rather mild, 67-degrees. we actually came up one degreeç from last hour,
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the gusty, southerly wind notot going too far. here's the next four hours hanging in the mid-60s. so a mild start to your friday is in store. here's a look at the temperatures around the rest off the region. 71. lots of 70s still out there. yap last near the water, 57-degrees. winds have been breezy all day. it caused a lot of problems witb the dry air and the brush fires. we'll keep the 17-mile an hour breezy currently in washington. as you can see in the next few hours, the breeze isn't going anywhere. 63 and lots of sunshine on saturday, by easter sunday 68-degrees. start the day with some sun andu a day with some clouds. however, it will be warm and it should be really nice. area of high pressure comes along the coastline. that will the chance of showersf and a good amount of cloudlou cover. we're
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the easter agarol at the whiteh house with some reign. caitlyn roth will be life at the white house. there's a look at your seven day forecast, 68 for sunday, 68 onn sunday.nday getting warmer once again by thursday, temperatures up to 70-degrees.-d > here is a heartbroken brodyrd with a miami basketball update.t we're talking about somethingome else that is hearting. what could have been after the a 2012 or you're just happy theapy drama is over. rg3 is gone. today he signed a two-year, $6.75 million deal with the browns. griffin joins a team starving for any semblance of hope fromfm the quarterback position. the gw spot has been a conveyor belt of misery forebrains' fansr since they were reincarcerated in 1999. they've used 25 quarter backs,
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post the post seasons once. finished last in their division 13 times than they have the worst record in the nfl over o thvat time. >> 87 and 185. the redskins have 30 more winsoe than that during that span. here's griffin on the road ahead with the browns. a lot of work to do, i know that. but not get back to where i was in 2012, but to where we want to be as a team and where i want to be as a professional. i'm ready to work. i've never been afraid of that and i look forward to being able to do that with my teammatesmmat coming up on april 4. the sweat 16 is looking like the suspenceful 16 for the terps.ers maryland trails kansas 56 to 383 virginia has to wait another until it tips off its second.ecn they will face the fourth seedyd what state in chicago. last year
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this season the approach has the mentality coming into the tournament is this year is totally different. we let it come to ultra. we didn't go after it like we we needed to.need john wall and his family foundation teamed up with shawnn john for the second fitted event. outfitting 10 d.c. seniors for tuxedo for their upcoming prom.m their goals are to equip to success. i just want them to have fun. i think it's an opportunity for them to look nice.ce. desean helped me out with this.s they're ready to have some funun and enjoy their prom night. i n'
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they're going to steal their dates. he sounds awful confident there. i think what he's saying is youu don't want to talk aboutout basketball on your prom date. > thanks for the clarification. > they do look fantastic thankt to john wall.all. maybe it won't even matter what they you look so good.good > a cool thing.oo >> still ahead at 11, acres treating biwhite is being suedii by a former employee, the unfaia business practices that the 94 year old is accused of. say it isn't so.o. as we head to the break, here'se a look at some of the throw back pictures. use the hashtag tbt. very cute. thank you for sending them. m.
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> gary sand link. thank you. thank that's very nice.e. i'm so excited to be here. > that's a little bit of tv history. it's a clip from gary shankank link's very first appearance on television in 1981. 19 tonight we're saying goodbye to the comedian whose work spanned nearly six decades. he died suddenly at a loss angels hospital. he was in seemingly good healthh we're still waiting to hear about what ended his life.fe. >> very shocking this afternoon. > meanwhile actress betty whity is being sued by a am toker live in caretaker.
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saying she det need her overtime hours. she has yet to receive her h wages or vacation pay. white's camp told peopleople magazine that she has h worked with thousands of people overer the years and no one has anything to say but positive things about white. they did not, however, dispute the allegations. > it's been two weeks. >> the check may be in the male. i don't think betty white is using direct >> everybody that has worked for her has said nothing about positive things. >> we all think that betty white is a wonderful hopefully it can be worked out. tmz is next. we'll see you tomorrow.
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harvey: justin bieber last night put out the bat signal and selena came. >> you don't go to your ex's concert unless you still have feelings for them. >> the last couple days kourtney kardashian's been to every single concert. harvey: i got it. i literally have it. justin bieber is like the real-life bachelor. it's like life imitating art. >> that's true. there are no black girls. >> update on the katt williams fight. word is the fight happened before the punch. now we have a new video, unedited. >> what's up? >> katt clearly punches the kid in the face. harvey: and that's the naked choke hold we got yesterday. >> they were never naked. >> no, weird naked choke hold is the name of it. yes. >> madonna's got some problems in new york over some no parking


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