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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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was silent. they just knew. >> the news at 11:00 starts right now. >> right now at 11:00, more fireworks on the campaign trail as more allegations are directed at texas senator ted cruz. we'll tell you what they are and what they could mean for his campaign. >> more problems for riders today after a fire broke out inside a tunnel. this as word comes that metro's acting chief safety officer is stepping down. >> and for the first time, dc police have released video showing an arrest being made while one of their officers wears a body camera. all that and more as the fox 5 local news at 11:00 starts now.
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have taken the back seat as donald trump and ted cruz feud over the so-called war of wives and now over allegations of infidelity. tisha lewis joins us live with the story. >> the big question now how will this impact the return party if at all. -- republican party if at all. the report surfaced in "the national enquirer" today. above the picture was the headlines shocking claim,ed ted cruz caught with five different mistresses. >> it is a story that quoted one source on the record. roger stone. donald trump's chief political adviser. let me
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this "national enquirer" story is garbage. it is complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smear. and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. >> reporter: in response trump says i have no idea whether or not the cover story about ted cruz in this week's issue of the "national enquirer" is true or not. i had nothing to do with it, did not know about it and have not read it. likewise i have nothing to do with the "national enquirer." i do not pretend total innocence. ted cruz's problem is his and his alone. they were right about o.j. simpson, john edwards and many others, i certainly hope they were not right about lying ted cruz. here's some thoughts. >> it's unfortunate i think that's what it comes to and it
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general and our political system in general. >> it seems like tabloid news sources seem to be telling some actual real stories which is again kind of surprising. that's the surprising thing that's come out of this election season. >> i hope if it's something that is true that he talks about. but it's kind of a circus and nothing seems to matter. >> now, the report is a culmination of a week full of mudslinging. it all started when trump reportedly accused cruz of posting a nude photo of his wife on twitter. cruz denied doing that. and now this. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news. >> it's all rader odd. metro service is back to service tonight after fire shut down parts of the orange and silver lines. the tunnel fire sent smoke into the station causing it to be
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evacuated. firefighters quickly put it on you. metro says this was not an electrical fire. they say debris was to blame. this comes more than a week actually safety issues closed the entire system for a day. some riders say they are concerned. >> we were heading to the washington mall and we were going to take metro. unfortunately metro is down, so we'll probably take uber or lyft. >> very disconcerting. >> also today metro's acting chief safety officer handed in his resignation. metro has not yet announced a permanent replacement. >> it was an emotional day for friends and family of prince george's county detective jacai colson
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a large choir there with beautiful music at the first baptist church of glenarden in upper marlboro. colson was killed earlier this month. his family says he will be greatly missed. officer colson will be buried in his home state of pennsylvania on monday. >> switching gears now, let's take a live look outside. not a bad picture. many people of course are going to be traveling this easter weekend. will they be able to enjoy some nice weather? that's the question we want to check in with gwen tolbart for the latest on that. >> we're going to do very well here. we're going to see a fair amount of sunshine and things aren't going to change much until about sunday night but let's take a look at where we were p today because we were above seasonal with temperatures into the low 70s and it was a very pleasant day with plenty of sunshine. the winds are starting to pick up tonight but other than that we've got
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skies. and here is a look at your current temperatures. 52 degrees right now in the nation's capital. we've got 45 at hagerstown, 46 at cumberland and 45 at winchester. the wind are pushing in from the north to the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour but not bad. a little cool in the overnight hours but mostly clear skies and as far as your early morning is concerned, a beautiful shot here. 7:01 is sunrise. it will be about 45 degrees and temperatures for tomorrow are going to rise into the low 60s. so it will be fairly pleasant as well. and we are talking about a weekend that's going to be pleasant. we've got no shortage of sunshine for you. as i said things will start to change once we get into the later part of your sunday. i'll have those details coming up in just a bit and that all-important 7-day forecast. >> tonight we are seeing our first video from a dc police body camera showing the arrest of a robbery suspect. this
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police say they responded to a robbery on martin luther king junior avenue in southeast. when officers arrived they found a man with a knife standing over the victim. the officers quickly arrested the man and no one was hurt. police have identified the suspect as christopher galloway of southeast. >> we have some sad news to pass along. the woman injured two weeks ago in a fire on minnesota avenue in southeast has died from her injuries. you may really phyllis terrell was trapped on the third floor of her apartment as the building burned. the dc firefighter raced to save her and risked his own life. he gave her his own mask to help her breathe. the 64-year-old suffered smoke inhalation and relatives tell us that she died last night. fairfax county, consider yourselves on alert. >> police say there have been several reports of bear
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not deep in the woods either. jennifer davis reports from vienna, virginia. >> yes, it was an exciting morning. >> reporter: whitney is talking about thursday morning when she and her husband glanced out their kitchen window only to discover it looked like someone had a wild party on their patio. >> we were kind of confused at first but i heard there were bears in vienna. so that was my first thought was whoa, i wonder if the bears made it over to our house. >> they had and a quick peek outside revealed they were still there. >> two black bears were walking through and one looked to be a mom bear, kind of adult-sized bear with a smaller bear with her. >> reporter: the bears were just hanging out between their backyard fence and a sound wall from i-66, just feet from their back door. >> they had stolen a bag of bird seed from our cabinet and dragged it into the woods with them and the baby went over and
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eating from the bag for a little while and they just kind of roamed around and eventually disappeared. >> reporter: you would expect to hear a sighting like this coming from someone who lives in the woods, but this is one of several recent reports coming from a neighborhood two black bears were also seen crossing oakton road wednesday morning. police say don't panic if you see bears. whitney says she and her husband didn't. >> i wasn't too nervous because i think that they probably would be more scared of us if we ran out there. but certainly wanted to keep our distance. >> that is the best advice from police. keep a rful distance if you do see bears and remove anything from your yard they might view as food to try and keep them away. >> we need to clean up the mess and kind of get rid of the bird seed, but i think once they learn there's nothing here, apparently they probably won't come back. th'l
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>> reporter: in vienna, jennifer davis, fox 5 local news. >> be careful. coming up, have you told a lie recently? a new survey has revealed the ten most common white lies and you may be surprised at how many you've used. >> it's almost the time to say cheers to the weekend! >> he's going to be showing us how to make carmine's elephant punch.
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i'm not going to ask you this again. i know you don't take selfies of your food. >> no, i do not. >> a new study suggests it may not be a bad a idea. researchers found people who take food selfies may enjoy their meals more. the reason is is by taking a picture, it delays eating which builds up our anticipation of enjoyment. >> that's silly. a new survey found the ten most common white lies. >> and i'm pretty sure some of us have used some of these this week. not me, though.
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the number one white lie "i'm fine." people say that all the time. 90% of people have said that. then there's "i love this gift." and "sorry, i'm sick." a couple of the other ones, "i didn't see your text wrrk f," "hey, let's keep in touch" and "this food you cook is delicious." i'm sad about let's keep in touch. people don't mean it? >> how about these, i'm leaving in five minutes? i'm on the way and i'm be ready in 15 minutes. >> and no, you don't need to lose weight. >> the survey also found that 27% of people lied to their coworkers more than anyone else. >> interesting. >> i would imagine that would be the case. >> all righty. let's found out what's happening with the weather. here's gwen with that. hey, gwen. >> tony, you're beyond awesome. >> she's lying! >> she got y
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all righty. well, they set me up on that one, you know that, right? let's talk about what's happening. it's easter weekend, the weather is really going to cooperate. tonight we could see the winds picking up just a little bit. we've seen a few gusts starting to push in just a bit across the area. take a look here up to 21, 25, 28 mile per hour wind gusts but they'll start to subside and things will get better in terms of the wind department. we've got weekend temperatures that are going to be into the 60s so that's going to be comfortable for you. not bad at all from the lower 60s to the upper 60s is where we're headed. we're also talking about showers. but in the meantime here's a look at our current temperatures. 52 degrees right now at dc, 50 at baltimore, 46 at gaithersburg, 45 at hagerstown, 45 at winchester, 50 degrees at mannasas and 48 at culpeper. we talked about those gusty winds moving in from the north but
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improvement and we don't want them interfering with the cherry blossoms at all. ridge of high pressure in control over the weekend, it will be cool but sunny. we'll have more sunday shiiven on saturday than sunday but it will be dry as well. this is the system that's going to move and affect us. it will be our weather changer once we get into sunday night and monday. and monday is going to be a day full of showers. our highs are into the low 60s, and for your cherry blossoms, if you're heading out tomorrow, that's a good thing to do, by midday it will be 56 degrees, 3:00 hour it will be at 60 and by the 6:00 hour 58 degrees. but it's mostly sunny skies and it will be pleasant down by the national monument to see them. 42 degrees for tonight, winds picking up from the north 10 to 20 miles per hour. clear skies a lot cooler than it has been for our daytime high tomorrow also. but we will see some sunshine and just a few clouds. it will be very pleasant at 63 degrees. here's a look at your fo
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5accuweather 7-day forecast. looking at the rain showers, by the later part of the day we'll see a few more clouds but monday is the day when we're talking wet weather at 65 degrees, it cools down with a ridge of high pressure building in tuesday into wednesday then we start to warm up again toward the end of the week, take a look. we're headed into the 70s but we do have some active weather to talk about in the form of some rain showers. not all bad for this easter weekend. let's check in with broady. >> not all bad. that pretty much sums up our sports cast. when the field of 68 was unveeld a lot of people questioned virginia as a one seed or a two seed. it seems the selection sme knew what they were doing. michigan state couldn't make it out of the first round and virginia is one win away from the final four. the cavaliers defeated iowa state. virginia led by senior forward
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and eight rebounds. mike toby contributed 18 points off the bench. >> back up, no, put back. no. we need ot to decide this one. drills the 3. look at this. oh, my, god. final seconds. poor kid. wizards down 3. bradley beel try to get open. can't get open. the wizards lose.
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capitals on the road against the devils scoreless. 2 minutes into overtime. the only goal of the game. he's been out since february 24th with a lower body injury. the caps win 1-0. this is the best video of the week. as he goes to first base and when he gets on base, loses the helmet, helmet back on, and music starts again. let's get it
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i love this. it's the pure elation of getting a base hit. i was trag to think of a name for that dance and i think i'm going to go with the elephant punch? >> no, that is taken. >> i thought that was perfect. >> it's the name of the drink we're going to be making. >> it is time to say cheers to the weekend! >> coming up in just a couple of moments. stay with us.
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>> it's that time of the night where you relax, loosen up and say cheers to the
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red nose happy hour. here are the red noses. that takes place on march 31st.
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give zbl which is pretty. >> an ounce each of cranberry. >> my favorite. >> orange juice and a splash of water. >> why would you water down the stoli? >> i know, right. >> and a quick shake. we do everything family style at carmine's. >> there's the recipe on the screen. there's a lot of juice going in there. >> the elephants are still at the circus. it's your last chance to see them. brody would you like to come in? this is a virgin? >> this is
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>> you had a meatball sub. >> i just had this. it was in my jacket pocket. >> tell us about the food. >> we have some of the happy hour food. over here we have the calamari. my favorite in the middle is going to be the fried ravioli and the meatball sliders. >> you call that a slider? >> cheers to the weekend! >> remember if you're drinking don't drive. and drink responsibly as well. right? >> packs a punch. >> also stay tuned. "tmz" is next. we will see you tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. for fox 5 news morning. our music ran out. >> see ya.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: well, i was interested in this, this morning. chris christie, his gym shorts are going up for auction. >> that's one pair. they think this stuff is from when he first went into office? harvey: yes, was this around chris christie, ice cream cone i'm going to kick your ass period? >> i think these gym shorts were always around ice cream cones, but i don't know. [laughter] >> patrick schwarzenegger shopping at the grove with his girlfriend. >> are you turning him into an alabama fan? >> she's from alabama. shows up to l.a. to be a model and, wham, meets patrick schwarzenegger. harvey: i think this is a really inspirational story. >> it's a real underdog story, isn't it? >> feels like a '30's movie. >> this is the first half hour of that movie. the whole last half hour is where they go off the rails.


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