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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  March 28, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ox >> right off the top this hour h a teenager gunned down at aed d d.c. metro station. this morning the victim's victi' family speaks out about whatpeak they say happened in thoseapned moments leading up to thatt murder.murder >> plus, continued concernsonrn over response times. today the district fire department is getting much i needed help when it can comesitc to assisting with medicalh emergencies. >> also ahead the war on terror breaking developmentselot in belgium overnight. last week's terror attackk claiming more lives andives a several suspects being held oneo terror related charges.ha >> first though let's take as t live look outside. outde. it's monday morning, a rainy, ar start out there. it is marchs mh 28th. the obamas are getting readyngea to host one final easter eggease roll at the white house.te hse but will the weather improveer o in time? weather and traffic ta coming up on the 5s at 7:05. good monday morning toy mori you, i'm allison seymour. smo >> and i'm steve chenevey. cheve welcome to fox5 news morning.ori >> developing overnight ineling news now a d.c. firefighter ishi recov
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battling a blaze at anlaze at a apartment in northeast.tmen you can see the flamese flme shooting from that building inat this crews were called to the 3200he0 block of east capitol streetcaps last night.stig we're told several people hadeoh to be rescued from inside. iid two residents were alsoe a injured but everyone is expected to be okay. so far no word an a >> also in the district policeie investigating a double shooting that happened lateha last night on the 5,000 block bo of bass place southeast.outh police say two women were shote in the stairwell of anllf a apartment building.bung. both victims conscious andus breathing when they were takenwh to the hospital.en they are bottoh expected to recover. still waiting on any suspectg or motive. motiv this morning a community mor is shocked over the tragic canr killing of a teen waiting at at d.c. metro stop. >> jennifer davis is live at liv police headquarters inli northwest with what we knowce thiswith morning. morni good morning. >> reporter: good morning, g to you all. there's not a lot that we knowte quite frankly.quly police have not named anyny suspects.spts they have not announced any arrests but certainly an investigation is uer
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after this teenager were youwe gunned down while standing onwhl a metro platform, his motherr and two young sisters were there as well and saw it all happen.en. now, the family tells us notot only is this heartbreaking butnt they say it is baffling asafing well. we they say a stranger walked upup to 15-year-old davante dav washington trying to pick a pk fight on saturday afternoonfter and then shot him.. this was about 4:00 p.m. on saturday.turd the family says he was visiting hi mother in an areathr where he did not live and heived was on his way to get a haircut for easter. police tells they do notce believe this incident was t random butthis that is somethint the teen's family isam disagreeing with.disaing they say he was just visitingisn his mother and that he lived in maryland. maryl he attended largo high it was a violent scenent certainly and it was shockingan to those who were there. who wet here's what one witness told us. >> i seen the, um, two dudes t d were standing there talking.ereg one just pulled his gun out o and shot him and ran.ot h and they was ju
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and talking and next thing you g know he pulls the gun out and o starts shooting. shoot >> reporter: the family saysam there were no police or nlice security around and that when th the mother went running for help there was really nobodyealo that she could go to forhe assistance.assistance they say more officers areay m needed over there. meanwhile council member jackema evans says the shooting was caught on surveillance cameraama which certainly should help inh the investigation. back to you. to you. >> let's hope so.>> thank you jenny.enny happening today, prince george's officer jacai colsonicr will be laid to rest in hisis home state of pennsylvania.ylva. thousands gathered to payero their respects for the officerer who had his funeral on friday.ra he was shot and killed bydy friendly fire in a shootout at u police headquarters.uart officer colson would havelson turned 29 years old the week he was killed. kil >> new this morning fromfro overseas the first funeralsst f for victims of a massive bombomb attack in pakistan have takene t place overnight.rnig the death toll rose to 70 in t70 the easter sunday bombing. bomng the explosion targeted targe christian fa
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gathered in a park at then ia steve lahore to celebrate therat holidays many of the victimshe were children.hi more than 300 people wounded.e . the taliban has claimed responsibility.spty meantime the death tollme tl has gone up now in the up now ie brussels terror attack. tr that information coming outon c within the last hou also new developments as far as police raids are >> holly iss back in studiontu with to us bring us up to dateot now. holly good morning. mni >> the story continues to develop rapid. rapidly.dly. sadly the number killed is upup to 35. 3 a belgian minister confirmingonn just this morning that fourmorn people who had been injuredn ind died in the hospital.n the hospa that that minister tweeting "medical teams did all possible. courage to all the families "we do know that among the dead are four americans with w two more u.s. deaths beings.ths confirmed by the state t s department yesterday. yesterday you just saw their pictureictu there justin and stephanie ste schultz, they worked inn belgium as accountants. they were originally frome orig tennessee and kentucky and both had graduated from vandrb
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the couple was dropping off stephanie's mother at the brussels airport last week a when the bombs went off. president barack obama hast ba spoken with and offered his condolences to the young couple's parents. meantime there has beenasee activity today as far as the tas criminal case surround, theun t belgium attacks go.ttac prosecutors in brussels say three people wounded up inpeop weekend raids are being helds on charges of participating inn terror group activity. aiv those prosecutors did notot release details on the alleged l terrorist actions or whetherrhe they were linked to the marcharh 22nd suicide bombings at thengst brussels airport and theport a t brussels subway a fourth fourt person arrested was releasedeasd without being charged.rged and it remains a slow return to normalcy in and around brussels. bss they'll test how to resume passenger service. some 80steve and allison, bac
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to you. >> holly thank you very much. >> time right now 7:05. 7 want to check in with tuckerh barnes get a look at weather a h and traffic on the 5s. hey, tuck good morning. >> good morning, rain showers,g, cool temperatures to start your day. hang in there we'll getther sunshine this afternoon and a big warmup. upper 60's.teuppe60' however winds will be with us -- let's go to the radar.ead winds will be with us this afternoon gusting at times toeso about 40 miles an hour. so, windy 49 in washington.49 i 48 in annapolis. 50 in quantico.nt 49 fredericksburg.ri cool temperatures to startpe your day.your here's your rain shower activity. ghving through last several hours.urs. still some light rain with us at the moment.t. and we're starting to see the makings of the end of our rainn event out towards the west. wes see it out towards elkins ein pushing offer to the east and to the north so i think all of l the rain should be out of herel in another hour or two and a then we'll see some sunshine sun this afternoon and again as the cold front gets east of us winds will pick up and itp i should clear it out laterat today.toda you can see back into virginia and ohio we have clearing condit
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forecast gets better from g here. daytime highs noticeablyettiabl warmer than yesterday aboutterda 15 degrees warmer thanesarme yesterday upper 60's but windy n this afternoon.ernoon. plenty more weather in just ains minute. let's see what's happeningat's with roads and the one and and e only erin is here. >> 7:07, tucker and we have slow moving traffic. south capitol inbound by the douglas bridge dealing with anlt earlier crash offer to theffer shoulder and traffic is a bit sluggish. the crash is at the douglasougl bridge again. again let's show you what else e you're up against. up against a ton of delays this morning, mr a lot of crashes and slow s moving traffic.moving 270 south in frederick a class between 80 and 109.09 then more stop-and-go traffic-ad because of rain and congestion o as you head towards the spur. earlier stall cleared 95ared northbound in stafford as you mauch your way past 630. p630. nick said he hopped off to getog onto route one.te o that's a great alternate but route one also dealing withlingw stop-and-go traffic at thisthis time.ti your best bet from fredericksburg or stafford leave early.le you'll need about an hour of hor extra time to get towards the
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beltway. stalled car in reston cautionin around that area r in along 395 inbound from the i beltway to king street stree 15 miles per hour average. avere we had an earlier crash out byut glebe road. that did clear. 295 jams and we also have big b delays on the freewayre westbound in southwest. southwe. more traffic in a few t lots lot to get to. back to allison and steve. ste >> a few minutes away from thefr start of the annual whiteual it house easter egg roll.egg >> our caitlin roth is live l this year with a preview ofreew what's to come. caitlin, good morning.d >> reporter: good morning, gmorn guys, don't need the umbrellasme so we're already seeing a little bit of improvementvement right now as the rain hasn tapered off a meeting characters all morningoi long here on the south lawn at the white house previewing the easter egg roll. r smoky bear is a visitor this morning. he's nice and warm.icand he just walked outside. outde he's very comfortable.ab beth rand of the u.s. forest ths service is here this morning. mg >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning to goo you. i know smoky is not going to spea
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his behalf.seh do kids get to meet him. >> absolutely. abs smoky will be here all day b long for every group that comes through up until theupil very ends at 6:30.:3 >> reporter: he's here usually every year and whiznd w the owl, too. >> what is the message or participation that truerhat trying to convey this >> we have beautiful public pub lands in the united states. enjoy your public lands butnds when you do smoky's message isse make sure if you're using fire anyway that you're careful and a that you know what the rules are, smoky's rules and that'snd always be careful of fires is fs the main one. >> reporter: and this doeshis de tie into the first lady's lady' campaign about let's move ande a be outdoors, so do you kind of o see the parallel in being safees and being outdoors, too,or t you're working together onher on that >> absolutely. the national forests are arest perfect place to get out andnd move hiking boating,
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it's a perfect tie in to hero campaign. >> reporter: 35,000 peopler: 35 going to be here starting inrtig less than an hour, 7:30 i0 i believe as people continue toe i fill in this morning.or where can the the kids meet m smoky before we leave you. y >> smoky will be here on thebe n lawn all day and wanderingay ane around a little bit and he'll a be here with the charactersers and he stands out. >> reporter: yes, he does.r: y he looks thank you so much beth. thank you smoky. and thank you guys to everyonegr else. we'll continue to meet tee characters all morning longng ln finally starting to seeg t everyone fill f i again we're out here on the south lawn of the white house.f see you guys in a little bittha steve and allison. >> caitlin thanks very much.s if you're looking foroue something else fun to do with th the kids then get that ticketn t to the white house you canhite check out the national zoo's annual easter monday familyte day event. there will be an easter egg hunt with prizes for the kids. d they can also take part in parti animal demonstrations andon field the event will be held rain orao shine and it is toll tally free. >> we entered a post ea
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pause now on the presidentialont candidate calendar.nd the next contest more than aidst week m away but republican andla democratic candidates notatic taking much time off.ff doug luzader with how several s of them are looking ahead to aad the conventions already.ns alrey >> reporter: next up is wisconsin on april it's going to get a laseraser focus from both democrats andnd republicans, may give us an idea of whether these thingset will go all thhee way to the conventions this summer: summe bernie sanders may be talking ti about momentum after thisr t weekend. donald trump and ted cruz may still be bickering about theirbe wives but the steady drum beat of state contests goes on andono beyond the ballot boxes what'sha playing out beyond the scenesen may matter the most trying totrt win over delegates should thishs go all the way to the the conventions and for the gopor t there could mean preparing for multiple ballots. >> who is preparing for theprin contested convention is nowow what matters most. clearly it's the cruz campaign.mpgn. >> reporter: the cruz rep strategy convincing delegatesvi who were initially bound tonc trump to
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second or third ballot. ballo still an uphill battle ifattl trump walks into theum convention with a clear dell cld great lead. >> the republican tabulationub system is a broken system theokm not fair. >> reporter: and ther: a t democratic race bernie sanders r coming off oacf a big weekend we wracking up wins in hawaii, alaska, washington shuttingnhutt out hillary clinton but it'sutt' still an uphill battle forfor sanders in the delegate race especially given clinton's massive lead among super meler dates. tes. most who have committed forcommd now to clinton but says sanders. >> you're assuming that everysui super delegate who now who n supports secretary clintonts sec llll stay with you're not s taking into tin consideration the fact thereatio are hundreds of delegates,ds o super delegates who have not hae yet made a decision. dis we think we can win many of of them. >> reporter: but even thatr: may not be enough for what he really wants isan i another debate with hillaryat clinton in coming weeks ahead a of the april 19th primary inrimi new york where clinton is heavily favored.avilvo in washington, doug
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fox news. n >> let's keep it in theit i district. d.c. fire and ems having extra t help on the roads.ds private ambulances now beingam used to help transportbu patients.. >> our maureen umeh join usoin live in northwest d.c. with.c. more on this. thi good morning. >> reporter: good morning, goodg steve andl and allison. those private ambulances hitiv the road this they'll remain in service until 1:00 a.m. tomorrowadma. to morning operating 18 hours aou dane all -- in all their 29 the private ambulances operated byup american medical response andicl here's how this program or this new venture is supposed to work. wk. d.c. fire and ems will arrive ar first to all 911 calls foror prehospital medical care.l meca. their personnel will evaluatel l the patient to determine theerne level of medical care and car a resources needed. nde now if something is relativelyat minor like cuts or a sprainedpre ankle that patient will be taken to the hospital by thehe private ambulance.atmbulan that ambulance is manned by two trained emt's who are
7:14 am
board at all times. that patient experiencing life-threatening injuries orte time sensitiveni injuries orieso illnesses, that person will bee taken to the hospital by d.c.y d fire and ems. e again d.c. fire and ems will w tend to those acute cases.te ces they will not abandon thaton tha patient. they will in fact take thatet patient to the hospital after assessing that their injurieshe or illness is more severe. officials say the goal isal for members to receive mores r training, better maintainai their vehicles and preserve prev their resources for life-threatening calls andning s that's why they have this joint venture with thishi private ambulance service. the first ambulance will be inin operation for 18 hours a day. d they initially wanted this tod t be a 24-hour period that these t ambulances would operate butes w now it's just 18 hours a dayourd from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.00 a the next day.t but again this new service s starting today here in d.c. to.t help make things easier forier those experiencing injuries or life-threatening situations.itt. that is the latest from heree northwest d.c., maureen umeh
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>> tucker barnes back withes bk look at our forecast. forecas nice to see caitlin able tobl lose the umbrella thisrea this >> yeah, vein winding downh, pretty quick.pret sunshine this afternoon, thiaft warmer than yesterday, upperer 60's. winds will pick up out of the of north and west.ndest. so, one of those blusteryy afternoons but not a bad b looking forecast.ecas i know we still have rain forraf parts of the region at theioat moment. 40 up in boston, 46 detroit,etro 42 chicago. we're cool to start the dayt t but once we get the sun out we w should see temperatures bounce b back nice technological. n yesterday was a cool day,icy don't yowau think? you. you >> mean temperature-wise or itr was a cool aaa, kind of day. >> more like fonz. >> it was fine.s fin put on your pastel wool coat wo and rock it.d ck i >> you need a cool morning foror that your easter outfit. you >> sure. >> we'll be warmer today.r tod rain showers winding downin d pretty quick pushing off tong of the north and east. e back edge of our front is working into western maryland and should be through the the region by
7:16 am
this morning.this m then means sunshine and windy conditions. windy conditions thisy afternoon. we have a wind i'll show that you coming upa .u 68 today. t cool tonight. cooler tuesday, wednesday, but,, lots of sunshine.she. >> and everybody loves the >> everybody loves thery lov sunshine. >> let's check in with erin. eri >> 7:16 and it is a busy slowy s morning even though the rainhe i has kind of stopped we still w s have leftover wet conditions.din a stall vehicle seven east atea bear and cameron avenue in reston. rest out of fairfax hunter millter ml road closed both directions south of lawyer royers. roy a crash in urbana causing big delays from frederick down.ericw past that point typical congestion. southwest westbound side ofwest the freeway is dealing with some big slowdowns thirdwdow t street tunnel. 295 southbound by pennsylvania there's a crash.the's metro still in really goodlly shape today may be the way toayo go. grab an umbrella and lightbrla jacket.
7:17 am
to the metro stop. s in stafford you need an extra ea hour. right now 17 to 630 it's about a 16 miles per hour.16 m we had an earlier stall ander sd right now just rainyright conditions and a lot ofions congestion this mondaynday morning.morning. 395 inbound the beltway totw king street 15 miles per hour.1s it is a crawl as you make yourky way from the springfieldgfld interchange up to the 14thhe street bridge. bridg you're jammed across theoss the douglas bridge as you head outut on gw parkway southboundd you're dealing with lot of o stop-and-go traffic by weren't twenty two. across the key bridge it's parked. parked girl yourselgive yourself extram >> still ahead, how metro is marking 40 years of service this the changes that you might mig notice on some trains. t >> a live look outside rightok e now at the white house.ou the home -- the host of today's easter egg roll about to get started. srt little damp out there but caitlin saying the rain h
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stopped and covering to the flag pole the winds very quiet out there. introducing the fusion of exceptional taste with the benefits of our probiotic yogurt. new activia fruit fusion, with the exclusive probiotic bifidus regularis. delicious and good for you. new activia fruit fusion.
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>> ♪ >> 7:20. welcome back.we and we are showing you the commute on this rainy monday moy morning. mo take your time out there ass erin said pack your patience.urt might be a tricky ride around here this morning. but the rain will stop.stop. tucker and erin will be alonge at 7:25 with more.or into maryland where the searchrc is on for a gunman who shared wa fired shots at a truck stop s killing one man. man a baltimore man in his 50 is in critical condition.onti he's in shock trauma.ckraum this happened on assateague drive. pleasable the shooter likelye te left the area. are >> members of the fairfaxrs o county board of supervisorsupvi
7:21 am
job free access to county swimming pools and golf and golf courses. stricter ethics laws beingng instituted in the commonwealthth of virginia. virgi supervisors were advised to t stop using the passes becausease they could be seen as illegal al gifts under the neww >> metro is 40 years old. celebrating their for theth 40 h anniversary. union station farragut northatio and metro center stations aretan taking part in the and in the an various festivities.ivies. >> very cool. >> well, happy anniversary.erry we earlier told you about theabu latest on the war on terror inin lglgium. can coming up a terror expertro and former u.s. ambassador to bahrain joins us live with wit more insights.hts. >> the white house a very miss
7:22 am
policy decisions but also the t easter egg roll and caitlingg r roth is down there.s down the we'll check in with her aither little later. it is 7:22. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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>> this is not what you wantis to happen to you during a game n and those are bees that areoue delaying the start of the gameae and causing quite a bigusing problem there for center cen fielder jason heyward. heyward. this is a cubs game. g he was surrounded by the bees.e. tried to walk to different
7:25 am
bees left him and went in theen stands and bothered the fans. f no word on how many fans were stung.un well, that gentleman there.lemae heyward said he was stung at least 10 times on his face and neck.. taking selfies with beesh bees tucker.tuck. interesting. that game was in mesa arizona. o lots of sunshine there att a least and warm temperaturesra but lots of bees. >> steve, if i remember correctly the cubs had someth bears there the day before e, didn't they? maybe the bearsheb had something to do with thedoht bees. maybe they got into theirnto tir honey. you see where i'm going withgo that allison. all >> it was a lot of pieces there. i know. k it was rather -- ratherr complicated. all right, this is a little complicated too. rain showers in the area.wers that's a cold front that willonw slide through shortly.ough shory most of the rain is alreadye al done and another hour or so weoe should completely wrap up thewrt rain and then we'll start tota t clear out but the winds areds going to pick up in the wake t w of that frontal system thisys afternoon. so, sunshine upper 60's.0' but lots of wind
7:26 am
49 now at reagan national.atna dulles 48. bwi marshall 47. quick look at that seven-dayy forecast. again few more showers for shors another hour or two. two. we clear it out this outhi afternoon. cool overnight lows in the 40's.lows tuesday, wednesday, early, e spring feel but lots the feel bo sunshine and we bounce up intonp the 70's on thursday but mosty m of the rain out of here whicher is great news for everybody,s er the 35,000 people going downe gd to the white house today to enjoy easter egg rolls. rol all right, erin is back withk w erin. >> i think we should put out aeu call to caitlyn to see if shef can get us some of those easter eggs.ea >> classics. >> extra time basically b everybody inbound route is jammed. 17 to 630. 95 in stafford average speed s 16 miles an hour taking an extra hour to get towards thehe springfield interchange. the beltway across the american legion bridge gloomyril start to monday, wetet conditions give yourself timerst and watch for some slick conditions a
7:27 am
chain bridge you are seeing aree some slow moving traffic and tic again look at that ponding png condition.nd give yourself extra time. key bridge also jams. also ja we'll have more traffic in a few. few. >> world on a terror alertro ale after events of the past week. terrorists attacked this timehit in pakistan.inakis >> coming up we'll talk with t the former spokesperson forsper the state department about the investigations into theseio intt deadly attacks around the world. >> ♪
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jane loves to treat herself. so she loves new light & fit crunch. greek nonfat yogurt with delicious toppings like chocolate and almonds. now that's a treat! light & fit crunch. feel free to enjoy. >> live pictures just in to foxr into montgomery county. m outside a homone on wimbledoned court in the lay hill section oo silver spring. fire officials say early this st morning seven people were takene from that home and sent to theoe hospital as precaution after a carbon monoxide levels gote dangerously high inside. ins they say the homeowner was
7:30 am
grill and that of course ise never recommended. al? it is now 7:30. let's focus on the latest in the worldwide terror attacks. in belgium today, news of the ne death toll from last weeks wee bombing has gone to 35.o 3 four people who been in the hospital died from theirrom t injuries. inju in the meantime, three peoplee arrested this weekend in raidsn in belgium.elgi they're being held on charges of proa participating in terror tro activities.s. now, though it is unclear if the charges are specific to the brussels attack and of course ie pakistan over the weekend theked death toll from taliban suicide bombing at an easter sundayy celebration is now up to 70. 7 many of those killed justle j children as they were enjoyingnj time at a park with their families. helping us sort all of this out ambassador adam morrelli formere u.s. ambassador to bay rain and state department spokesperson in the george w. bushe administration he work and livek
7:31 am
overseas.seas so wonderful to have you talkinu about this.thi though the subject matter is so difficult. diff good morning to you.good mornint >> good morning. how are you. >> i'm well, thank you. but trouble all over ther t world. world. let's start though with thear attack it n pakistan. now, this is al-qaida is claiming -- taliban is claimingg responsibility for, correct? >> correct.>> correct. >> tell us what we know. >> there have been attacks a against christians in pakistan for smile sometime and this ismt what it would appear the t pakistan taliban has said this t was attack against christian minorities. it is tied to on-going political struggle over the role of religion in the country.ount as you may recall there was a bill to make blasphemy a capital punishment, capital crime thatre was defeated the muslim -- mus certain muslim parties extremist religious parties were upsete about that so parent until pentu retaliation for that or tor to remind people that they're stili powerful.rful. they're
7:32 am
blew up 60 children in park. p so it's a strange way of doing politics. but it's really part of a power struggle for the future of pakistan. it is obviously link the as well to afghanistan but really i mean there's big difference betweennb the violence in europe and the violence in pakistan.n >> let's talk bout violence ink europe now the death toll isth l we've seen the faces of those of people walking in to the airport with the death glove on. glo what do we know now, are we are putting any more of these pieces together?th >> obviously, the investigation is proceeding.ce i think you had a key arresta ky over the weekend in italy of an algerian document forger who had prepared -- made the documentsoc for the bomber, many of theof bombers to allow them to false passports, false identity cardss o
7:33 am
forth from belgium to france toc turkey to all the places they ty went.went so he was a key element in thish plot as was the bomb maker whoak made the bomb -- suicide vests v in both paris, used in both paris and brussels.russels but let's be clear. cle this is a much broader networkan than a couple of guys and i think what president holland h said in the wake of this attacka and over the weekend was there e are going to be more. mor these cells are numerous. they're expansive. expansi and they're very resilient and flexible.. so my concern is that as the violence rises in syria and iraq you're also going see the t violence rise in europe.urope there's an interesting linktingl between we read about progresses against isis and syrian armyy took over palmyra this weekend.e isis is taking rea
7:34 am
region. well there's a strange inverse relation between the hits thatht isis take in the region and then hits in europe.. because as isis is strangled ini the region, their surrogates orr their proxies in europe take the fight to europe.ur so i'm concerned that as -- as a we make progress in the middle east, europe and other placesce may pay the price. price. >> i want to ask you about thata but i also wanted to ask youas about something i found fou troubling from what the ivory ti coast we see al-qaida takingg responsibility there then the te taliban in pakistan and we have isis in europe.. what are we looking at here? he? >> well, that's a very good question. you know, you're absolutelybsol right. we can't just focus on onee country.. or one region. this is an ever expandingdi phenomenon and really what -- we learned
7:35 am
laden.lade what terrorists need to grow, to 35, to do their dirty work iss ungoved spaces. spa territory where there is no government and that allows thems to put in place the infrastructure of terror.erro we now have a growing number off ungoved spaces. afghanistan is more governorredr than it used to be. we still have problem there. the going from east to west you havh afghanistan, you have iraq which is not as goved a little bit bub not as well as it could be.t co you have yemen which is totallyt ungoved.ungo >> right. >> you have syria which isave totally ungoved. you have libya which really iea think is going to become groundu zero for terrorist networks in i the future because it's got oill it's close to europe and the arms that came out of gadhafi'ss libya and the support and thertd forces are now fueling terrorisi moments throughout africa. yo
7:36 am
algeria, morocco, kenya, the other ungoved space you have ise so mole ya. mol as these ungoved spaces expandse and as governments collapse, cla it's a fertile breeding ground d for the kind of terrorist ter movements that we see andthat wa remember these terrorist tro movements are much more dynamic and flexible and easily mutatedt >> we have to end there.e hao but i need to you come back toac figure out how in the world do d you stop it. what do you do? but save thatae for the neck time. t please come back and visit us vu with that. with >> tucker barnes, sorry, i knowk we ate some of your time.ter conversation is so importantti i these days. good morning.orning >> all right. all allison, thank let's get right to the forecastc got rain showers just startingrt to wrap up and we'll be back inc the sunshine although turningugi windy later this again this morning.this mor sun this afternoon windy conditions expected. expected. 50 now in washington.hingto 48 leonardtown.. 49 in culpeper. cpe cool to start your day. y er
7:37 am
activity most of it again is ofi to the north and east.orth a eas still some leftover showers anda the threat of showers will be se with us i'd say probably threwbt nine, 10:00 o'clock this mornint and then we should see gradual clearing and again as that a frontal system that's nowem thas pushing into western marylandar and into the mountains pushesnts through our region, we'll seegis the winds really pick up.ick wind advisory i'll show you the wind advisory in just a moment m for parts of our region startinn at 2:00 o'clock this afternoon a getting breezy out there. there upper 60 force daytime highs. hg sunshine this more weather in just a erin is back with everybody back to school and work today i gue guess. maybe? >> yeah, and the rain.nd t >> and the rain. r >> blame it on the rain.on t >> owning it's bad right now. >> rain.>> r 95 north 17 to 63016 miles peres hour average. in fredericksburg and staffordta you need about an extra hourra h because of the congestion. crashes right now towards the tw springfield interchange youergey really jam up and then across ts the springfield interchange onco you get inside the beltway to t king street average speed 15 miles per hour unjam ur
7:38 am
basically to the 14th streett in the southwest second of thee district freeway jams on the ja westbound side at the third street tunnel and taking a looka inbound delays right now 395 approaching the 14th street str bridge more congestion, 295 southeastern to pennsylvania extremely jammed and then 295 north slows malcolm x avenue biu delays there.dela keep it to fox5.ep it ox5. we're back in just a few. >> facebook apologizing for its latest glitch how it's latestes safety check alert made aade a mistake during the bombing inn pakistan. we'll have that story and moreh coming up. it's 7:38. ♪
7:39 am
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♪ facebook is apologize fogbo stepping a bombok safety check t users all around the world in wd the wake of the suicide bombing that happened in pakistan. face back users nowhere pakistak were mistakenly ad asked if the were safe.wereafe. users as far away sidney,y, honolulu, brussels, hong kong also received the notificationst some people received a textt asking if they were okay without any indication of where the t danger was. if you're having troublero using your iphone since the the latest update you're not alone. the ios9.3 update causing many i phones of phones to freeze.f hoe users are reporting issues withh links that won't up load and safari and chrome and watch that is won't sing.on'tin apple is working to fix this bug. the company has not made an mad official announcement on thehe issue but update is expected toe be released s
7:42 am
i shouldn't have used the wordte update. that's a bad word right now. no. >> the fight against the zika tk virus now headed to sesame ses street of all places. p elmo stepping up to help outoel prevent zika.t zika. he'll be educating children in i latin america and caribbean ibbe about avoiding mosquito bites bt that can transmit the virus. vis he'll appear in two public p service announcements createdatd english, spanish and portuguesee there are no plans to show theth psa's in the united states.ta here's a who really needs algebra? most educator boss say everyone doese but one political science tiftef is offering an opposing view inw new his name a andrew hacker argues algebra has become unnecessary s and unnecessary roadblock that forces millions of students to t drop out of high school and college. he says only 5% of jobs make use of algebra so curriculums shoull focus more on statistics. which i almost failed in graduate school. >> not that much easier. >> it was harder for meme theer biggest issues were found at thr community college level andge ll that's where he says as many asa
7:43 am
remedial math and most don'tt pass it.pass >> i took it. i get it. but i would think at the college level, community college level l you know what direct you're taking in life. >> you have to take -- well at a least in college you have toe t take, you know, four year math a in the freshman year.reshma y >> i understand that. underand . but that's my point. poi if you know what direct you'reno taking and gook a field thatw ha doesn't need that, maybe youed t don't need to take that inn college.e. >> okay. it was required where i was. >> i understand.>> i i didn't do well in it. i. >> it shouldn't be if you know what career path you're. you >> you agree with andrew hacker. >> in some cases, yes. >> batman versus superman knockk out march boxings office record. biggest opening of 2016. >> kevin mccarthy has seen it se it'si'm jealous. he'll join us in a bit with more on his intereconomy.ey crashed r but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us.
7:44 am
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♪ welcome back. we it is annual tradition at theon white house. it's the east egg roll. r i was looking at early picturess back in the 1800's, and they're' literal like rolling the eggsg t down the hill.l. so, you know, i suppose that'spa the origin of it. yeah. seems dangerous today.da but now they do it a differentfe way, and we'll see all of that a when the festivities really ry start.. >> rolling the eggs downhill? eh >> yeah. the kids are running down the t hill. hill kids were running down the hill. i just thought they would startw the egg and --- >> no, no, they're chasing them. >> rainy start out there. ho
7:47 am
everybody, tuck. >> the lawn man thinks about abo having 35,000 people on hise ohi lawn. >> i know. especially when it's soggy.n 'ss >> what do you think about you y and me doing aou little egg rol race here in the studiotu somewhere. >> i would love to. i i'm afraid if i got in that wf position i wouldn't be able to a get back up. that's really awkward position s to be bent over like that.ike t >> that is very true. >> morning showers wrapping upww the good news is if you areyou going down to the easter egg eag role or if you've got friends oo family down there we shall get t sunshine here in the next couplo of hours.of things will improve here prettyy quick.ic it's cool.l. washington 50 48 in annapolis.. frederick 46 degrees. 49 at dulles.49t du cool temperatures moved in yesterday and with us early thit morning although once we breakre out in sunshine this afternoon we should pump the temperaturese pretty quickly into the mid to m upper 60s. 6 last of the rain showers movingv through as we speak. sak. our frontal system right there. and is that quickly pushesckly e through to the east and lifts te off to the north you'll notice few thing.few thi rain will completely shut winds will start to pick up andu
7:48 am
well.well i do want tomorrow if a size the winds will be with us this b afternoon as we could see windse gusting at times, 30, 40 plus0 u miles per hour.r hr because of that we have a windwi advisory for the northern tearoh of our viewing area. v howard county, columbia,olum thinking of you, montgomerymonto county, loudoun county all under that wind advisory. ais anybody off to the north and and west here 2:00 p.m. through tou midnight we can see windswinds gusting 40 plus to the north ana west here later this morning mor during the afternoon hours.on hu there's future cast.the's fu all out of here by 10:00 o'clo 10:00 o'clock. with sunshine building in thisbu afternoon. cool tonight. cooler tuesday and wednesday.edd but we'll keep sunshine in thei forecast with high pressure pre moving across the region here bb tomorrow and by wednesday.ay there's your seven day.your sev. 68 today. little cooler tomorrow. t still still very nice.e and then near 70 maybe a70 may thunderstorm on thursday. trs that might be nice, right?ht >> sure. >> april is right around the corner.corner >> you do april fool's jokes, erin?erin >> i've got my dad really good g the past few years.ewears. >> have you. >> he never remembers it's apr april 1st. you can help me come up waye upw really good one this year.ea
7:49 am
>> i guarantee he won't remember even though it's been two yearsa and going strong.d going do you do them, tucker?,uc >> i can't tell then you'll theu expect it. >> i'll forget it's april 1st. overturned vehicle hunter milltl road closed both directionstion south of lawyers road definiteli give yourself time to get arounn that in fairfax.faiax dealing with rainy commute thist morning.morn typical delays and just a lot of watch for slick spots.h ick sp look at these inbound delaysbou right now. ri 395 approaching the 14th street bridge dips down to under 10 miles per hour. 295 north slows to malcolm x. avenue 295 south easton toto pennsylvania a ton of slow-moving traffic. inner loop delays 414 to thes 4o wilson bridge from princee fromr george's county into alexandria. in arlington right now, gw parkway southbound jams by 123.. nothing out of the ordinaryt there. a lot of congestion. and that lingers across the keyy bridge from rosslyn as well. 50 inbound 410 to kenilworthenio 13 miles an hour in princen pr george's's c also keep in mind in thed in district new york avenue inbound very slow moving traffic pastict bladensburg metro is
7:50 am
allison and steve. ste >> all right.>> aht erin thanks very much. 7:49. 7: let's talk about sports rightht now. w. topping our sports breakfastak headlines virginia now out ofrg the race to the big dance thehe cavaliers upset by number 10 seed syracuse 68-62. 68-. virginia was up most of the gamm early on they led by 14 at the half. half. syracuse on a huge run in then second half to turn things tng around.ound. syracuse led by freshman malachy richardson scored a game highh 23-point.oint syracuse now plays northse n pls carolina.lina final four teams all said set.a. on the left villanova will face oklahoma. on the other side there's yourhs north carolina syracuse matchup. final four games begin on saturday in houston. championship a week from tonight.tonight. wizards with an easy win overve kobe bryant and the lakers lastl time the wizards will face kobek bryant. big game for john wall anotherwh double double.doub 22 points, 13 assists.. gortat had 16 points and 100 rebound for his double double. l the wizards are currently in
7:51 am
tenth place in the east.n the e two and a half games out of thee playoffs.. nine games to go. to florida spring trainingin act nats defeating the bravess seven-two.two. gonzales allowing two runs in rs six innings giving the nats hopp he'll have a strong season.. drove in three runs, brendanre ryan drove in two runs. r next game 1:00 o'clock this0 o't afternoon. all righty.. 7:51 right now. that's your sports hope it was tasty.t was sty >> i like that. >> how about some entertainment brunch.brunch >> a little second course ofseco entertainment.nment. a little fox beat dessert beat t special for you.yo >> oh, boy.h, >> you're saying double doublee i'm thinking in and out burger.e i kept thinking about thatg abo during your entire sportss breakfast report good now he'se' hungry during the sportsrt breakfast. >> batman versus superman supma massive weekend.weeke. highest opening ever for a comic book film $424 million estimatet at the box office.he bffic huge numbers.umbers >> like super hero double doubld
7:52 am
>> that's why i love you steve.s the movie opened on friday.da. huge numbers. num we spoke to the cast all lastll week including henry caval, ben affleck, lex luther and galnd g gadot who played wouldn't woman. today i'm sitting down with onee of my actors i've never sat with before in night lauren fishburn. the matrix -- matrix changed myg it was a big movie in the '90's. everybody remembers where theyre were. i sat down with him. it was a little surreal meetingg check this out. >> matrix is the big deal,. >> live changer for you.ive chan >> i mean it was one of thosege movies w thaast you just remembm i remember where i >> right on.>>ht o >> who i was. was. >> right. >> what my reaction was. reactin >> how old were you? '99 so ii was 15.s 15. wow!! >> great suit by the way.uit by. >> thank you very much.nk y >> really nice, bro.e,ro >> i like that shirt.hirt. >> thank you. >> that's awesome.ha my painted on muscles.uses my painted on super hero h muscles. >> epic. your character has greatas movements in the movie he makesm up news headlines.eain sure y
7:53 am
>> if there was a headline about your career to write one headline what would you want itw to say? >> can i come back to it? >> sure. >> give me some time to think oe it. >> okay. >> okay. by the end of the interview ithe have to know.have i was mentioning the matrix to m you. yes. >> how has film making the special effects changed sincengd you made that film with the witw chow ski' now.ow >> the thing that's great about the matrix is that it was the first movie to deliver on what comic books promised technically speaking.spea we did things in that movie technically that hadn't been done before and that people continued to imitate ever sincen the technology has gotten bett better. so some of the things that we ti did in that movie practicallyicy that were harder to do are dre easier to do but they're not easy. >> back to that question about headline, lawrence fishburn'shb' career.reer
7:54 am
lawrence fishburn's career unstoppablely watchable. wab >> i love it.. (laughter).r) >> daily >> gets it done immediately. >> cool.>> cl. >> that's morphius it's funny.ny three minutes later in the latei interview. so it took him all that time, hh was thinking about that while -e like an acting. actin >> he's so likeable. lik >> he's mazing.>> it was funny because like thee whole day we were in the warnerr brothers lot and you could hear everyone's interviews but his bh laugh was the loudest all -- it was that morphius laugh all day long.lo. >> right. >> that movie opened up friday.a massive numbers for that film al well. allison you saw it later after the show we'll do a facebookoo >> not opposing reviews.. i might have liked it more thand you at the end i saw i gave youg credit at the end.editt th i said what your review was.iew i agreed with your overall ove >> you and mark were doingark i amazing review absolutely which is cool. i watch it on my facebook thiss weekend.eken we'll do d
7:55 am
show is over today.ow is ov >> tucker you need to see it.d s steve you need to see it. >> it may $424 million.424 mill. >> it was just a great fun fun family movie. certain age but a family movie.e >> pretty dark.rettyar not for young kids. k >> middle school and on i thinki >> i appreciate it. i appreciat >> thanks so much, kev.h, kev >> i will watch it as soon ast s tucker buys my ticket. >> tucker -- >> look at him. h >> say good morning to ourrninto facebook fan of the day.the d. >> hello. hello. >> zinni and her hub great hubre picture witness cherry blossomsr >> beautiful people. >> they did take advantage of the nice weather over theea weekend and went down andd an d checked out all the prettyy flowers. >> all right. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan leave a comment below theirr lovely photo on our facebook >> hopefully tucker this rain ii not going to impact the cherryhy blossoms still out there.till oe >> finger crossed we're getting towards the end of their peakeak there. i was in a neighborhood inbooo silver spring tis every single tree in the t neighborhood was blossomingssin cherry.ry gorgeous. >> i want to do at least driveat by our tidal basin every human n was down ther
7:56 am
>> yes.>> yes. >> exactly. >> every human from most fro countries.trs. >> exactly. >> of the world.>> o >> get the rest of the city to yourself this weakened.eakene >> there's your satellite/radar. rain showers are wrapping up a pretty quick here a few leftover stranglers. that's our frontal system we'lle watch really steam roll through here the reason i mentioned it steamt rolling through the winds aree i going to pick up knots wake w quickly and we'll have windse w gusting a times 20, 25, 30, maybe 40 miles an hour for briei time as that front comes c through. th 50 now at reagan national.l. dulles 49. bwi47.wi mild day this afternoon. 68 your daytime high. afternoon sunshine is out ofs o here. tuesday and wednesday look greas with more sunshine. mor erin is here with roads.ith roa. >> it is slow. i think slow is the word forowth this monday. leave early, take your time, inbound canal avenue seeing som stop and go traffic a crash blocking the shoulder canal roaa so caution there. the let's go ahead and move it overo and show i was look at our mapsr right now. aside from that, wanted to show you inbound 16th where you'rerer also delayed a lot ofso delayeda secondaries in the districtn thr dealing with slow traffic andlof
7:57 am
395 is jammed approaching therog 14th street bridge.dg actually from the springfieldpre interchange on up you're seeingg really slow traffic.ffic. 295 north slow to malcolm x avenue. you're jammed to eastern. easrn bw parkway southboundd slow-moving traffic from 32 doww to powder mill road. and then 395 inbound the beltway to king street 15 miles permis hour. you're slow across the wilsonil bridge from prince george'sfromp county into alexandria.ndria in arlington gw parkwayar southbound slows at 123.. metro is in great shape.ha wheat we'll let you know whenl n anything else changes but a lotl of extra time 95 northbound norn through stafford is need as ined well. keep it to fox5.ket to fox back in just a few.
7:58 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. all right.l rig now, this is not the first fir family of eagles that we've been watching at the national natna arboretum. arboretu >> right. >> this is a whole another eagle that -- eaglets has just hasus hatched. >> that's mazing.>> t >> twice in a month. in a >> we'll tell you more about a this particular eagle in the the d.c. area but it's kind oft's exciting. so this is a live look at the eagle's nest there in i washington. give me the quadrant meghan. >> d.c. threes academy. aca >> okay. >> i think it's just amazingt' that here in washington, d.c.,on you know, the headquarters for r our government. >> that's right. >> and this entire nation
8:01 am
of the strong eagle. ele >> we can celebrate our nationao bird the bald eagle in many different ways we have theewaysw little babies born in the lastil couple of weeks. isn't it awesome. >> we could see the eaglet awhile ago.le a mom or dad is covering the the eaglet.eaglet. >> it was just born a fewstn a minutes ago.nutes ago >> live look outside in d.c.. today. whether and traffic on the 5's about four minutes from now at 8:05. good morning, i'm allison a seymour.ym >> i'm instead of chenevey.tead welcome to fox5 news today in the district d.c. c fire and ems getting help now.p >> it will begin using a private ambulance company to transport s certain patients.ain patient now, fox5's jenn for davis joins us live from northwest withortht more. jenny, what's going on? >> reporter: hi there, guys. g good morning. well this is the day thatay t private ambulances will start s helping d.c. fire and ems ems respond to emergencies on our or city streets. str we are standing here in front of american medical response a.m. a this is the private company that will be providing the assist, as and take a look
8:02 am
d.c. fire tweeted. tweet it shows the brand new privateee fleet that a.m. r has putut they say it is ready to roll oul across the city. cy. now, here's how it will work.lor a.m. r is providing 29 privateve ambulances and says it will usee up to 25 to respond during highh call volume times between 7:00 7 a.m. and 1am.a.m. a d.c. fire and ems will stillti arrive first and it will be upie to them to determine who isneho going to do the transport of the patient.patient. a.m. r will only be used if forr patients with minor injuries ine that's been classified as thingi like cold symptoms, ankleoms, a sprains and other non-acute issues.issu d.c. fire and ems says it willil continue to transport for lifee threatening and time sensitive i calls that includes hearteart attacks, chest pains, stroke, overdoses, burns, eminentmi childbirth and severe allergic i reactions this is coming aft the department has been under fire e for some responses including ilu several patients who have died around calls. cls the medical director of the the
8:03 am
february saying "people are dying needlessly because the department isn't open to refor reform". back here live, the goal the the department says in principlingni a.m. r in at this point is too reduce the burr on theurr on department and in a pressress release they put out the fireir depth says in february alone their fire and ems crewsre responded to 9,000 back to you guys. >> jenny, thank you very much.te this morning the> this investigation continues into whs shot and killed a 15-year-old ao the dean wood metro stop over the weekend.weeke. witnesses say a stranger walked up to duvon thai washington andg shot him in front of his familym police say they do not believeie the shooting was random.. today, the suspects in thein murder case of 13-year-oldld nicole lovell will appear in in court this morning.ning. last month david eisenhower and natalie keepers charged in herer death.deat police say keepers andlice s eisenhower worked together toger plan the kidnapping and killingg of this girl. g they allegedly brought cleaningn supplies and a shovel beforel b
8:04 am
january.janu. keepers and eisenhower both from maryland were engineering students at virginia tech. th. also today, prince george'sg county police officer jacaifficc colson will be laid to rest inet his home state of pennsylvania.i thousand gathered to pay theirop respects for officer colson atir his funeral on friday. he was shot and killed byil friendly fire during a shootoutt in front of police headquarters. officer colson would have turne 29 years old the week he was killed.lled. ♪ dc firefighter is recoverinv this morning after battling a blaze at an apartment in apart northeast.heas crews were called to the 3200 block of east capitol streetstr last night.ig we're told several people had to be rescued from inside. iid two residents were also injuredr but everyone is expected to be okay. ok so far no word on cause. and dc police arere investigating a double shooting in the district. the dis this happened around 10:30 lastt night in the 5,000 block of bas place in southeast.theast that's where police say two wito women were shot in the stairwell
8:05 am
both victims were conscious and breathing when they were taken k to an area hospital. hospita they are both expected toreoth no word yet on a suspect nor a motive. 8:05. . tucker barnes with -- what got g off to be a rainy day today. tay >> rainy start to the day.the d but plenty of sunshine expectedp this afternoon.on. >> good. >> mild upper 60s.per >> all right.ig >> great finish to the day.h toy >> for some reason i have new n hand movements. i can't stop my hands.. >> dawking and your hands just t start to do it.o i >> exactly. exactly. >> started to be awkward tv.. maybe started a long time ago. fief knee washington. still raining for parts of the area but winding down 47 north and west only in the 40s s much it is chilly out that ear early. so bring a jacket here for a fef more hours and then withit sunshine it should be a milderel afternoon but windy afternoon ao behind our front winds could gust, 20, 30, maybe 40 miles ane hour if you're off to the northr and west with a wind advisoryis which goes into effect ato efeca 2:00 o'clock this afternoonftno north of dc. there's your planner for today.
8:06 am
yesterday. with sunshine breaking out bye r early afternoon outlook out fort winds blowing 20, 30, 40 miles0s an hour out of the northth westw seven day features sunshineres tuesday and wednesday.dada look at the first couple of dayy of what's in store? spring or winter? i will have the answer. >> i mean, theoretically it i should be well into spring now.. >> we'll have a cold blast nextx weekend. i gave it away. >> okay.>> o (laughter).(laugh >> just in time for the t nationals home opener.. >> erin como with a look what'ss happening on the >> right now we have breakingoww news. a deadly accident a person hitn by a train this is out annapolis road at whitfield chapel we'relw working gathering morering mor information. we have a crew on the way.crew we'll bring you more informatioa on that just wanted to get thatt in the t inner loop delays as well. w 414 to the wilson bridge. bri down to about 13 miles per hour as you cross from princeprce george's into alexandria.a in arlington gw parkway southbound very jammed up by 123 across the key bridge. 50 inbound slow traffic 410 to o
8:07 am
you can see the long line of of red. we're seeing a lot ofeing a loto slow-moving traffic around thefa area because of the rain. watch for slick spots this spott morning inbound delays on 395d 9 from the beltway to the 14tht4t street bridge. 295 inbound both directions diri eastern to pennsylvania. then past malcolm x. avenue froe the beltway very jammedy conditions have some patients pt there.e new crash 295 approachingpprohi pennsylvania avenue in southeast and then if you are taking metra no alerts there.he we'll keep you posted muchuc that's your traffic.'s back to you, steve.back to >> coming up we'll hop on over n to the white house.te h it is the day for the annualnn easter egg egg roll. >> we will have more on the hmoe festivities and what you can expect when you get there.ethe if you shall have a lucky l ticket. that story and more when we'reew back in 30 seconds. secds time right now 8:07. 8:0
8:08 am
>> already. >> hello. judging how much i love >> thank you p. >> this much. >> this much. >> this much. m >> okay. >> there you go. a lot of fun underway at the white house already this morning even though it's raining outh ii there it was at least earlierast this morning. >> caitlyn the umbrella is backb >> it's back, i know. it's raining again but i think i we're almost done. i think.i thi. no, but, guys, you know what thh best part is, that it doesn'tt e matter that it's raining.. look at sin last time i saw thet gates have opened u all the allt festivities at 7:30 and tons ana tons of happy kids here. umbrellas and hoods and ponchosp yes, but it doesn't matter. mat we've seen all the characters ca all the happy kids. i think elmo just came up one up stage over there. the that's in the story
8:09 am
he's so cute.ut such a crowd pleaser we've beenr talking to people that have beee here all morning onely egg rollg raises already alr i have tell me where you're from.m. >> i'm from greensboro, north n carolina. >> all the way from greensboro. mom you're here with her, too.h the whole you guys came down for the the easter egg role?gg role? >> yes. and my husband's graduation fro the national firefighter acade academy. >> wonderful. so what did you think so>> far? saw in there racing with thewith eggs and spoons. >> it's fun. f >> did you win? w >> my sister wouldn't but i wasl in second place. seconplac >> okay. that's all right.atll you can be second place to yourc sister, right?ster, ht >> yes. >> so what are you most lookingm forward to coming into theo t easter egg roll can today. tod. >> meeting echo smith.omith >> echo smith. that's right. they're performing later today,t right? >> they have a lot of funot fun performing a including i deena menzel. m do you know who that is. kno >> did you see the movie frozen? >> yes. >> let it go.o that song -- s >> oh new york city. >> that's okay.hat' oka i haven't seen frozen either,
8:10 am
though. don't tell anyone that. anyontha so, mom, tell me what it's beene like. li this is your first easter eggte role coming down here. com >> it is. it's very exciting and verynd crowded. >> y i know, i can't even can't believe how many people are here despite the bad weather. >> 35,000. >> you are correct. you thank you very ron any casmny 35,000. before we leave you anythinge le else you're looking forwarde lo >> sunshine would be lovely.ine >> i do see a few cloudsw clo breaking up above me.e hopeful you'll get that sunshi sunshine. thank to you both for talking t us. e rest of the easter eggter g roll. >> bye guys. tons and tons of kids. k everyone is here in two hour inr crem we'll get more people ase l they come in. elmo is on stage.. hopefully we'll meet moree characters when i back talkingki to you next.ou next >> we look forward it to.orrd i thank you. >> busy place. bus no doubt about d here's a fun fact for you. y the candy that will be hasn'teds out at the white house today was invented by a 10-year-old girl,, al. her name is elena moore. m she actually created solly popss
8:11 am
candies sugar fre she says she wanted to maketo m something that was good for a person's teeth. tth and she even enlisted the help h of her >> go for her.for h i mean now at the age of 10 these three years into --nt >> please. she's got the endorsement of the white house and. >> her entrepreneural career.nta >> no doubt the first lady'sfitd next move. next move. >> good for you.d the race to the white house is heating up. bernie sanders wins ott in the e west but does he have the momentum to hospital hail larryy >> brand new video released byd police in belgium win the last e few hours.fehour what it shows that they hold the hope can help crack the deadlyea brussels attacks.ttks time right now 8:11. it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy.
8:12 am
donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
8:13 am
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♪ >> there you go. there's a look at the south lawh right now. a lot of umbrellas out there unfortunately.rtunely raining pretty hard earlierd ear today and then they got a littll break in the clouds. c now it look like everybodybo brought their umbrellas out again. you have to dampen the spiritsoe of youngsters out there enjoying some time at the white house. oh, yeah, they don't care.a. >> no. two hours away from when wem whe expect to see the first familyy >> by then the sun should be ou out. we'll talk whether in a second. let's do cuteness, fox5 first f five photo of the day.f th d happy monday. mony. >> what is going on littleittl easter bunny princess? >> that's adorable. >> we've got madison and as you can see dressed up as a super duper cute easter bunny.ny >> hi, madison. mis she's seven months old.ven mo o and celebrated --ed >> i'm s
8:15 am
i'm too busy looking at the at t picture.. >> her first easter yesterday. >> all right. >> all right. madison's mom says she's shy. >> okay. >> and as you can see from thatr really cute picture she loves tt smile.e >> aww look at her little self.s >> that is so cute.. her little bunny ears.. >> i wish i can have among outeg with her yesterday. >> i love that outfit.t. >> her little easter outfit.. super duper cute. cut have a wonderful day.ay >> madison, love the outfit. th. to zen us your child's picture go fox5 first five send it on in. and we'll get you on the air ina the next couple of week.e of wee we love your smile madison. misn >> yeah, we doheoo rd news.s. steve, the rain is very quicklyq winding down.nding d i expect in the next hourext h they'll be completely done witht any rain shower activity at thet white house.eou and we'll start to clear it outo pretty quick. so the good news, is by late lat morning, early afternoon we'll be right out of sunshine. the unfortunatelily the windsnat will pick up a blusteryluery afternoon but mil
8:16 am
yesterday. daytime highs will be in thewile upper 60s. >> um-hmm.m-hm >> and lots of wind out there. wind advisory off to the north h and north and west.rth an there's your wind advisory. aisr howard county, montgomeryon county, loudoun county locallyoc all under that wind advisory. winds could gust 40 plus milespl an hour for a time the win advisory goes into goein effect at 2:00 this afternoon. o northern maryland and mountainsn off to the west under that windd advisory as well 50 right nowign but daytime highs will be in the upper 60s this afternoon.ftno little cooler tuesday, wednesda, but lots of sunshine to lookooo forward to.d t >> thank you tucker.nk you tuckr very good job. >> aww, thank you >> let's check in with erin seee how things are this morning.. >> trying to get down to then to white house this morning maybe.e >> i would love to try to get tg down to the white house f you'ru headed out leave early badar b traffic everywhere from theere m light rain. rn. transit alerts for i was person hit by a train because of thatft penn line suspended approachingi see brook due to that issue.. metro is open deadly train asash. this is at the intersection ofsn annapolis road and whitfield whe chapel road. r use cauti a
8:17 am
you make your way out.ay out. we're gathering more informatioa right now.ght marc train 23 is dealing withngh problems by sea brook.ea bro we'll keep you posted on thatn t one. swim it over to a look at southeast crash activity rightit now. 295 northbound approachingng pennsylvania of a dealing with i big accident between 11th bwe street bridge and pennsylvaniani two right lanes blocked. bck southbound side as you make youe way out by eastern of a anothero crash on 295 so lots of problems there.there over turned vehicle hunter milll road closed both directions south of lawyers get an early start and reduceed your speed.peed steve. >> schools and businesses in the stan knee city of lahore areorea closed after yesterday's deadlyl suicide bombing.. taliban claimed responsibilityps for the attack that killed at a least 70 people.eople they were celebrating easterngas sunday park many of the victimss were children.hi the explosion took place right g near the children's rides in the park.rk. over 300 people were wounded inn addition to those killed.d new this hour brand newrandw security video gives us a better look one of suspete
8:18 am
terrorists.terroris belgium police released theeasee footage this morning. mni it shows the suspected attackerr just moments before two deadly l blasts went off at a brusselsrul airport. over the weekend four people fpe were arrested in connection wito the attacks but the fourth wasrw released without being chargeed. the death toll in thedeath brussels attacks now up to 35. meantime, president barack obamr has spoken and offered his condolences to the parents of an american couple killed in lastpi week's terror attacks there.he justine and stephanie schultztz were dropping off her mother att the airport when the bombs went off.f. they're confirm breaths bring the total number of americansere killed now to four. four. meanwhile a victory intory driving isis forces out of anf a important syrian city syrian ground forces and russian air support drive isis troops out oo palmyra. syria military calls eightig mortal blow to isis.w isi last year isis seized that cityc and destroyed it's temples.. syrian leaders pledged to helpol many of pam myra's dama
8:19 am
monument.monume in the race for the twicece white house big weekend for bernie sants the vermont senatoe picked up wind vs in three weste states on saturday, alaska,sk hawaii and washington state. st. sanders says his campaign haspan momentum but despite the clean c sweep the delegate race in rac hillary clinton's favor. for next primary for both parties next tuesday in wisconsin. more drama meantime on the republican se. frontrunner donald trumptrundo threatening to sue the gop overe how delegates are awarded. at issue, the primary race in louisiana.uisi trauma many won the popular votv but ted cruz could end up withue more delegates. that's because the party would u likely give marco rubio's delegates to cruz.. >> okay. speaking of trump, he is grandfather again.gain little distracted with the eagle on the shoulder. his daughter gave birth to hero third child and they made ae announcement welcoming theodoreo james on sunday via twitterwi saying the baby feels le
8:20 am
>> congratulations. >> we'll take you back to thee annual tradiyotion.raditi we'll take to you knew annualual tradition not just the whitehe house but one at the nationalat zoo. o. >> also oldie tails on the onhe activities there having families for this easter monday.on we'll tell you about it.ut i time now 8:20.
8:21 am
is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee?
8:22 am
nespresso. what else? ♪ >> welcome back. it is the annual easter egg roll at the white house.te
8:23 am
you just see --ust see >> the action is underway. -he o >> i know.n >> youngsters rolling. >> you can see how close they s are to the actual white heeousee that's the thing i loved one l year i got to go.o >> when you went your girls wers too old to roll.o roll. >> they were too old to roll. ol >> did you notice --ic-- >> ariana grande was there. the she performed. >> the celebrities are amazing.i >> watch these youngstersti.hesg there are different schools of thought here. some rush to the finish line asa fast as possible some sit back and savor the moment.the moment. doing a little rolling, i'm herr at the white house.ouse. >> got my wooden spoon. >> that's right. i'll enjoy this time. >> so cool. i think the first couple comespc out what, time, 10:00. >> 10:30. that's what we're expecting.ha'. >> caitlin roth is we'll continue to dip into thatt >> two hours from now.wo hrs fr if you're looking foroong something else fun to do, fun because you know they don't hann out a bunch of those tickets tot the easter egg role if you neede something else for absolutely at free how about the national abo zoo's annual easter mondayonday family day event. e they'll be an easter egg huntern with prices for the
8:24 am
>> they can take part in animal demonstrations. there are field games and thisnd event held rain or shine. tucker says there will be more shine later today than rain.r d the best part it is totally free we all watched as two little ltl eagles were born the eagles eggs hatched last week at the t national arboretum. well eagle main yes iss contagious because now metropolitan police department has its own little eagle baby.y. >> now live streaming another pair of bald eagle who's just's welcomed one of their eaglets eg outside of the department's southeast academy. so this is a whole another eag eagles nest we are spying >> it's amazing we have theamaz technology that we can do ththi. but that little eaglet was eag hatched literal al few hours ago. and momma is keeping it warmng t right now. >> aww. >> aww. >> we'll keep an eye on it f sht gets up and we can actual sealua the little one, we'll show you y picture. >> what's the final word? doth both of the eagles nests sit ont the babies or just the mom.t the >> yes, they do.>> yes, i thought that's what the phenoo
8:25 am
>> okay.>> all right.all >> they take turns.>> >> this is one of -- this one >> at least up until the eggs tg hatch. ha after they hatch, i don't know.k probably just >> okay. so maybe that is just mom.. >> steve, you should sk >> whatever works. >> i feel like we've talk about' it a lot.. >> spent much of your free timee catching the cam. >> he doesn't want to be honesta about it.ab >> it doesn't have the running commentary when you watch theryo eagle cam. it's not like play lie play announcer.announcer. >> there should be.>> >> what's going on outside. tg e >> maybe there will be soon. sn >> it's raining out there.s g ou it will be winding up here u h pretty quick. look at that.lo the clouds will also break up fairly quickly as well.ell so late morning sunshine. we'll be done with the rain.hhe we still got a few leftoveref showers at the moment but the t bulk of the activity is northy s and east of us much winds will s pink.nk mild upper 60s, and a nicee afternoon expected across the ar area. 50 now in washington at reagangn national.onal. dulles 49. 49. bw marshall 47.shall there you go. clear tonight and cool. and a cool tuesday and wednesdad but very pleasant start to our
8:26 am
to >> i feel it would be more likee the golf announcer the quiet. >> whisper. >> momma is leaning to the leftn right now. looks like she's getting ready to take a break. b >> as opposed to allison and i do the commentary. why you bringing a stick back t the nest now.e ne now >> nothing.>> n >> we did it before. we >> erin como standing by with bw news that's actually happening.. (laughter). >> traffic so bad this morning r would like a soft gentle golflel announcer voice for the bad traffic going on around theun area. 16th street inbound inside theid district at alaska really heavyy traffic. watch for t switch it over for a look at the maps.maps. dealing with several othereverah issues including a deadly traina person hit by train at thehe intersection of annapolis roadod and witness child chapel road.ld delays in that area on your i roads as well.n s as wl. marc trains because of that on the penn line suspended a edge g proking see brook because of tho metro is open all train trafficc coming to a halt approaching the see brook area until further u r notice. that's on your marc train. mta and marc dealing with iss
8:27 am
issues. trash activity clara barton parkway near john cabin parkwayy delays. dela heading inbound leave a lotunav earlier than you typically woulw to battle the congestion. conge allison and steve. steve >> thanks. a note to a bride who saidhs yes to the dress. d >> why she sued the popular tvwu that story coming up. people w their debt to society could have a chance. and fought so hard for criminal justice reform, they named a center after him. and because education was his way out david offered it free to employees. and over 14 years ago began offering them partner benefits. evening the playing field has always been david's mission. in congress it'll be his job. it's not how you run, it's how you live. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
8:28 am
8:29 am
introducing oikos crunch. greek nonfat yogurt with delicious crunchy toppings like chocolate and peanut butter chips. crunched it! new oikos crunch. be unstoppable. ♪ >> 8:30 right now.>> it is time, hello everybody.he we're all in the kitchen right now. >> in the kitc
8:30 am
>> i forgot which one is my mugg i found a cup. >> never mine. min >> time for us to have a littlet kitchen conversation.versat little a little help my began if you can help our producer running the words for us.. >> maureen and holly are in thee kitchen with us.kihen >> we knew that par.knew tt p >> yeah, we talk about thetalk t talkers and egg roll is is happening at the white house.tee >> yes. >> a lot of people getting inopn the easter tradition right hereh turning chaotic thoughaoticho unfortunately this weekend.thise egg hunt in connecticut, okay,ka it was supposed to be in front of the pez factory. they organized this so apparently, you know, parentsars showed up they were supposed top go in groups and do this butis t apparently it didn't go as parents rushing the field whenhe the gates opened, if you will,y, just a lot of chaos. cos the kids baskets getting hurttig and all kinds of things happening there.ha so bad that they had to shut tht whole thing down before anyone, you know was truly hurt.ur this is supposed to be an eastee tradition much this is supposedt to be fun for the kids. kid >> was it pez that was hidden?
8:31 am
apparently just the -- the - >> it was eggs.s 9,000 eggs. e >> candy inside of them.andy ins >> inside and they had three had different fields.dien >> okay. >> and they had like timed hunth so like the youngest kids wouldu go first.go >> right. >> then the older kids.the the kids weren't the problem.rol >> the parents rushed the fieldl and as you might imagine whatgia would happen. problems. again, something supposed to beg fun for kids.fufor parents unfortunately not n behaving. >> was there a run on pez fillel eggs on e-bay immediately after that. that >> pez did do this. pez they apologized because theyecau said they didn't have it he organized well enough, and theye gave free pez to everybody. >> definitely you needed more m candy.nd >> nobody was hurt. n >> none of the kids.ob non >> people -- >> you want to be a kid and watch some adult take yourtolt u candy?ndy? >> right. >> no. but they -- i hope they gave ite to their kids. >> i think it was pretty muchy m just taken trying to get to thet candy. >> adults behaving not a good look.k >> those are the samee overzealous parents at sportss games. >> you have to have to let theo kids have >> we want to contro
8:32 am
see how those parents are.ts a they want to control the fun. cl they want to make sure their kik has the most fun.un >> speak of control, okay, a bride to be who was filmed was d choosing her wedding dress onedn the tlc show say yes to theo the dress.s. >> love the >> has been told by a judge she can't stop the network from f airing her episode before herefe wedding day. d now according to tmz is judge jd denied alexandria request foreqt injunction to prevent tlc from m showing the episode.g e ep airing the show will ruin her wedding because the dress can bn seen by friends, family and herr fiance'.ance' >> okay.>> let me give you the back storyuk on this. >> does this make a difference.e >> she's stopping at klein at kl fells doing her whole thing not trying to be on the show. the bride that was supposed toth be on atthe show canceled. >> oh. >> they convinced her to be on o the show. sho >> right. >> she says, that verbally shell said to them, okay, i'll be on o the show unless it doesn't air before my wedding. >> but -- that showed it.ho >> they are showing it and thene she also -- one of
8:33 am
the judge said he denied, a, she didn't come forward soon enoughg and, b -- >> she hate thought they werethy going to stand by what theyat said. >> she d2 things here. d2 gs her one they were like just telle kt your fiance' to not watch the show. he won't see it.'t s friends and family are going to see >> they can watch.>> they can wa >> here's the deal. here'the all you people that think it isi so awesome to get on reality show, whatever do you, no mattet what you say or what they tellhl you or whatever, they own you. y they own everything about it.t. they can do whatever they wanttt and it's in all that it willit w little fine print that you signed and that contract which is like, you know, 17 pages.. >> unfortunate.or >> i feel bad for her.he. judge makes the decision.. the only she can do tell hero th fiance' please don't watch close family and friends this is happening, please don't watch ia and i think most people willil adhere to t i can't imagine they would bey o that rude and mean, no, we'reo,' watching it any way. >> my thing, though, is it if if did happen i know it's againstgn her wishes and, you know, it'sn' unfortunate this is happening.ia but it's almost like a preview.w then when you see the real lifer thing it's like
8:34 am
movie and it's about a real r person at the end of the movieem they show the person of the real person. >> you know what it's like.w >> what. >> people see you on tv then se in you real life and they go, you are so much more beautiful t in person. than you are on tv. >> right. rig >> you hope that's what theys wh say, right.ight. >> you know, i get it. gett. it's against her wishes an bridd wants to feel special when theyc walk down the aisle but it's not the worst thing that could happen.happ >> she knew what she was gettint into. into get it in writing. don't go off anybody's wore thet word the crack stated they coulh do t she was trying to get an g a exception.ex >> the judge has to rule on the contract.contra >> right.. >> the thing for me, look, it'si the dress i know the dress is ai big part of the wedding butdi let's concentrate on then the marriage. >> that's the other piece, too.o >> do they get paid for that? t? the brides do they paid to be on the show or discount on thedisce dress or anything.s or ain >> that's good question.oduest >> if that happened, now -- n - >> laura evans is friends frids with -- is this the same show. m >> not the same show.e ow >> never mine. but -- >> that's a good question.t' q because they don't present it --
8:35 am
i say yes to the dress whatevere when it comes on all of a suddee 10 episodes later i'm still watching.hing but they don't present it as i them getting a discount becausec they always say this is thei budget of theirs dress. d that's a good question. i don't know.i do >> i bet there's some perk.. >> that has some to be some kine of reward t.d >> so many people that just want to be on tv maybe they do it for nothing.g >> met the one who will not beie on tv ever again.. >> that lady.y. >> yeah. >> all right. we know who always wants to be on tv. hey, tucker.he >> always wanting more time. >> absolutely right allison.tll thanks for pointing that out.ato let's do the weather veryer quickly. qu 50 in washington.ashingto 48 in annapolis. 47 up in baltimore. cool start to your day.ta to rain overnight getting rain outn of here that's great news. new and we'll get sunshine by late l morning although the winds are s really going to pick picu there's our front right there.rh our cold front you can see tt he showers kind of falling apartlia but which of what you can see ce the wind field developing in the wake of our frontal system.yste so winds gusting 20, 30, maybe e 40 miles an hour in spots herepo later this morning, during thein afternoon. there again you can see mostf
8:36 am
north and east.nort here's your monday forecast. 68 so noticeably milder air thaa yesterday look out for the for t winds.wi get the showers out, afternoon r sun and wind. wd. seven day in just a minute. mut erin has your slow roads.ds >> yes, tucker, because of thest rain it's a mess out there.ut te and deadly train accident in lanham annapolis road atis roadt whitfield chapel road has someam transit delays as well. marc all service on the penn t p line suspended until furtherur notice.noti. metro is open.metr they will keep updated for mta and marc train commute allommu a service on the penn line suspe suspended until further noticel due to that deadly trainra accident right there person mitm eau by a train.ra metro is we'll certainly keep update as u we get new mta and marc updatess we're having crew on the way tot that locate as well. well. crash update for you clarara barton parkway big delays del because of that accident nearear cabin john parkway. parkw in southeast more crash activities.viti fender betters slick conditionsk this morning. 295 north approaching pennsylvania and 295 south aftee eastern and there's slow traffic
8:37 am
in both directions there. there. you are slow on suitland parkwad us a head to south capitol.itol. you're slow a cross the douglasl bridge and key bridge thisrie th morning. things are very backed up to tho 14th street bridge 395 395 northbound overturned vehiclerte hunter mill road closed still sl both directions south of lawyere we'll take live act at your at y cameras we right now you can see the bridgg is slow by south capital. that's your traffic. back to you, steve.. >> still to come, is it time too retire? he might be thinkinghig about relocating to some placeas sunny. but there are some place placesy aren't the best place to stretct your retirement dollars.t we'll talk about the top five fv places to avoid when that timetm comes. co it's 8:37.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ >> there's good news for taxpayers if you call the irs the wait time did s now nine nie that's something to celebratenge because it used to be 21e 2 minutes.minute also the irs answered 73% of its calls on its toll free phone lines.. that's more than double what iti did last year. yr. vorring to the agency's data.y'd these are the things wehi celebrate. ce up to 73% of getting the phone p answered and waiting only ninenn minutes. also the irs warning people imposters exams though. exams t scammers will likely call you,.u >> this video is comical.ical >> this is important though al.. >> scammers the bad guys will gy call you and say you owe backk taxes and want you to provideroi personal information.nforma do not do that.. don't gift any personalso information over the phone. call the irs if you have any concerns tax filing season ends
8:41 am
to be quite comical portrayingon the frustrated --ed - >> pull up the frustrated callel to the irs video fort morningori show.. >> got it.t the things we do for you. f y the things we do.o it is battle over back bac ground checks for uber drivers.e some of america's busiest airports want strongerger background checks for the drivers.dr in atlanta airports officialsls want to fingerprint uber drivere but uber says it's over or background checks are sufficienn however officials in sanr offici francisco call uber's processroe quote completely worthless.thle airports in other cities likeies los angeles and austin are also considering more thorough uber if you are thick thinking at about relocating aftert relo retirement you might want toht n avoid certain states that willtw not stretch your retirementt dollars. couple of ones at the top a lott people would want to go too retire.reti location of your retirement rir could have a huge impact on youy licenses in choosing the rightie state to live can help you saves big. now here are five states thatsha you might want to avoid at the t top o
8:42 am
also, hawaii, high cost of ct o living there. vermont, new york and new y and connecticut cost of living very high there. they also have very high incomem tax rates. rat. the opposite of that whyha everybody seems to go to florida. you're not paying the taxes. >> right.ight good.go my state is not on there which e would like to retire to.o >> then if you keep that ap tha secret you will not be joined bb everybody >> for many springtime means bring out the tissues -- means s bring out the tissue. tise. allergy sufferers begin annual ritual with sniffling andni sneezing. >> not north but south. >> okay, steve. there are some areas in the dmve you may be allergic to. we'll explain coming up.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. >> there we go, al. t >> there's our eagle mommy. >> or dad. d >> we think it's the mom. we will get -- get >> this eagle looks different from the other eagle.. >> reports from our friends onfo social medial we'll try to getet officials. >> what's that tuck? >> no. >> if you were doing play byla play of the eagle cam we wouldld whisper.wh >> this eagle has more of theof justin beiber haircut. haiut a little spikey.pi >> little trendier. little tr >> a little edgier. i think those are roughlied rou feathers you're looking at.'rlon >> is that what that is.athat i would know nothing about thato >> kind of like tucker.euc his weekend look. >> oh, >> gets his feathers ruffled as little bit.lile b >> exactly.>> exactly maybla
8:46 am
50 in washington.hing 48 in annapolis. cool temps to start your day. d we've got lots of to looko forward to. t form of sunshine and warmerr temperatures on the ray wait. rain showers overnight push outh of here very i'm just looking leftover shower up in montgomero county and howard county for the most part we've wrapped up there rain shower activity and wer acy should quickly clear out what ot you can't see here the wind t w styled field a lot of win in thi wake of our frontal system. sm which is right out here.e. as that moves through over thehr next couple of hours.ou again be ready for some veryom y windy conditions out there lates this afternoon.this you can see the clearin ag skiei out in ohio and west virginia v that will move in. of the day will featurel fea sunshine, afternoon sunshine suh along with very windyth v conditions. all right. no major winds at the moment bub look what's going on pittsburgh 26. 26 beckly 31 in detroit.n deit we could see winds gust for timt particularly in the mountainsns off to the north and west heree winds gust to about 30 to 40 miles an hour behind ourour n front. because of that a wind advisory in effect for the afternoonerno hours here.ser
8:47 am
county, loudoun county locally y under that wind advisory which goes into effect at 2:00.t all right.l rht future cast we'll take a lookl o together we're just about donetb with the t notice we clear it out at leasta partial sunshine by late morni morning. should be clear later today.ea nice looking afternoon. beautiful sunsetki tonight. tont cool overnight and then bothn bh tuesday and wednesday with highh pressure building overhead we'll have plenty of sunshine althougg it will be a little cooler withh afternoon highs in the low 60s.s not bad for the end of i mentioned earlier march kindah of came in like a lamb and l leaving like a l a lamb like month, steve., ste >> all right. back to you. >> pick up on that. let's check in withic holly andd maureen find out what's coming c up in 10 minutes on good dayoo d.c. what's up ladies.s. >> we're live with the hotre lie hottest ticket in town this h morning the star-studdetidck eas egg roll. egg roll. >> we'll have live reports hav throughout good day and, yound, know, you never know who mayw my show up.ow u exactly.ex 9a a very personal story fromtoo one of our own as we kick off kf our partnership with autismm speaks. spea >> fox anchor shawn yancy sitscs down with allison to talk abouta one of he
8:48 am
autism spectrum. sct her story at 9:15.t:1 >> also ahead on good day, why y do people from all over the o country come to eat with oneone grandfather at his cook outs. yeah.ah. he's it's a heart warming storyg just ahead. ahe. >> empire is back in just three days. da we have a preview you don't wann to miss.iss. >> kevin goes one-on-one with holly with heart throb jakee gyllenhaal.enhaal >> i like it.ike >> good day d.c. a few minuteset away.. ♪ thanks, ladies., lad well, allison over here in theet loft with our health segment fof the day. for millions of folk this is noi only springtime it's anothernoth sneezing season. did you like that.d >> i >> those with severe allergies may have already started their r medical regimen while snow waslw on the ground, but people withpw mild to moderate allergies mayem just now be feeling the scratchy, itchy eyes and allndll that accompany the season much joining os as she does everyvery monday and especially
8:49 am
this energy doctor dr. shilpi sp ago go war. port s certified in familiarn medicine w did a story earlierar that put d.c. there was a listel of the hundred worst place tosst live with allergies.h all d.c. came in 84th.. >> i thought it would be highere >> depends on the survey you'reu looking at.look some years it comes from 25th f5 all the way up to tenth. tth so i think each season >> i don't know if you recover r from allergies jut like everyony out there in the dmv i suffer if from allergies and they can begi miserable eshere. here >> i heard they're really badlly even if you didn't have them ife you moved here.yomove >> they're very bad. exactly.tly. people come here new to the arew and they say all of a sudden ife have very bad allergy symptoms.t and those symptoms really are ae that sneezing, itchy eyes, runnn nose, the coughing, you justt feel very lousy and almost like you feel as if youso have a cold or the the only difference is that the cold and flew often is is accompanied by a fever. a fever usually it goes away afterway couple of days.. just support of
8:50 am
but allergies that really stickk i was wasn't and you need to dod some keep of intervention tovent start feeling better.ette >> not long ago i had a cough iu couldn't rid of and somebody s said maybe it's allergies.eres >> yeah.>> >> so if that's the case, whatta do i need to do at that point?oi >> that's a very commoner presentation is that you'ret feeling okay but you have thisei nagging cough.. oftentimes i'll see patients inp the office that come and say thy exact same thing.t same thing. that's when you want to tryn yoa something to help you with thehe symptoms. whether it's medication over thr counter or some of the natural r things we'll talk about.ut. one of the big controversialov things is honey does it help,t h does it not help. h it's local honey we're talking about. the thought behind the honeynd y when you take a little bit of it contains little bit of pollenol from the local and when you have that pollen in your body it creates antibodiesd and it's supposedly senseen advertises you to the a a*l a lower jones around you.nes >> like getting a flu shot with a little bit of the flu? >> exactly.>> e >> okay. >> so the on thing it'sonng i controversial because some studies say it really doesn'tyon work.rk other studies say in small setms
8:51 am
so my recommendation is absolutely try it f you are thaa lucky few it does help, it'sp, very easy.y. take one twenty four teaspoons p every day and see how it doest s for you. usually it can help sensitize aa little >> you brought the neti pot. >> yes. >> let me just say something. st even though i have boughte bgh perhaps two or three in my lifei saying that i'm really going tot to try it because it make sensee it would clean everything out. h i cannot bring myself toyself actually do this thing. >> he'll if you, allison itison actually helps. h it can be addictive.. because people really loveove feeling of getting everythingtie out. you use the neti pot make suretr to use it with distilled water. you have to use warm distilled i water so you're not introducing bacteria into the area.iao th you add salt water into it andot you put it on one side rinse up and debris starts coming out ana that's cleaning up your sinusess so it is a great option for for people for >> maybe it's that that i can'ta get over but i do hear it's god good. >> it is. give eight try. >> okay e.. >> maybe we should have you tryy
8:52 am
>> maybe not.ot last but not least naturalat medication that you have here. >> there are natural medicationo can that help people. p the main supplement is calledd butter burn it can be as effective as zyrtech or otherorh over the counter allergygy medicines trying that 50 milligrams twice a day can be a great option.t tion now, if you are going to takeoig the over the counter medicationt the big three that we see arere the zyrtech, claritin and hee will lay good. goo try to stay away from the domhe because that decongestant driesd up the nose. as soon as you stop it it comesm right back and more with a vengeance the faucet turns righr back on. try to stay away from the d. also you can use combinationombi witness nasal sprays. flonase or your nace so next things like that.thin and then other tips that ares th really important people don't pl realize, shower at the end of eo your day.ur because when you shower you'rewu getting all of that pollen offlo of your body.our body. you're not bringing it on totn t your pillow. pillo changing out your pillow casesas frequently during the week is and believe it or not pollen cal stick to places
8:53 am
hair spray it can stake there,tt getting rid of that by showerinn really important. >> those are really good tips. a look at you. >> try it.ry >> try the neti pot. >> okay, thank you very much dr. shilpi.. pi we do appreciate it. it. >> you're well cup.>> y steve, i know you suffer fromrom allergies. over to you. >> this time of year. fortunately for me it's tionly y couple of weeks until we rollro around into summer. sr. good to go. >> 8:53.>> 8:53. this strapping young man isping kevin mccarthy and he's here hsh with our fox beat.ea >> i'm allergic to tucker's meg tiff have the about batmanat versus superman. s he hasn't scene it yet.e it y >> you hope that's contagious. u >> i don't think it was. donhi it made $424 million this weekend largest opening foror super hero film beating aeati haven't injuries.. next week demolition called jake gyllenhaal.haal he gets married and his wife ise called in a car very serious subject matter when she dies he doesn't really missm her. her. it's very interesting conceptsto because he starts realizing thee things in his life he neverever realized before.efor things he never noticed before.d
8:54 am
in the film he takes thingshi apart one of things he takesheak apart is his house.ou he literally destroys his entirt house.ho i wanted to know when she shott did did they really destroyy st house what are things that rollo have taught that you you've never noticed in your lifeticed before.r check it out. o >> it was a piece of a house that john marquette had made ann had fit thed with everythingryth like a real house. everything in the draws, then ta food, everything.. and we were just -- nothing wass sort break away or fake.r f everything was built as it was. so that, you know h we destroyed things we destroyed them foryetm real. if we had to be careful when wew were doing it, and sometimes n not. but like we actually pulledled apart this whole section of the house. >> how did it feel? >> it was great. great. it was great fun. f it was great fun.. i mean it was, um, it was -- i - think there's a part -- there'se part of me that -- when you demolish everything that's likel a three-year-old.r-d three or
8:55 am
builds something and kicks iteti i i also relieved it is so muchh harder to create than it is toit demolish. and ultimately so much more sad satisfying when you do createu t and a lot harder. hde >> one of the things i love i le about this movie when his -- sh- does pass away he starts to payy attention to things he never noticed before in life.if >> right. >> i'm wondering have you ever v walked away froe m role and thee started noticing things in yourn life that you didn't notice not based on the role you played? >> huh? yeah. i mean that's why i like to act. is that, you know, youou thought -- you find yourself ini a world but that's why i love preparation it's not just the je playing of the role.aying it's the -- i usually spend a lots -- many months beforehanden in the world that my character t would find themselves in, and within that, you get to learno a from people who are doing realel interesting jobs and all of o those situations i found myselfl in terms of research have changed my life. my l and i end up walking away going -- with new friends,
8:56 am
pretty usually one, if i'm lucky more but like usually one or two and people who have, upping, uin shown me so many things. i think about show me that likee i had profound judgment eye thaa i didn't know i had or that iha was judging something i didn't t know i was judging.. >> tragedy can beat you.ant you i'm curious to hear from ourromr viewers you can tweet me at kevin when you've had a loss in yourr life what is something young you didn't notice before and noticeo it much more in your life youli afterwards. >> easy to reflect gone bag and you realize realiz >> you need to take advantage on all of that before you have that loss.lo >> totally agree.>> tot the movie opens april 8th.ilth we'll have more next week and on good day tv. >> he was super creepy in thatna news movie. >> night crawler.. >> check in with erin.h e get a look what's happening inpn traffic before good day.ood y. >> 8:56.>> 8:56. breaking news we have a liveew
8:57 am
the intersection of annapolis road at whitfield chapel road a deadly train crash a person hitt by a train right now.rain r n traffic is getting by. but that train is absolutelyutey affected. let's take look at our maps.oo i want to should you exactlyoule what you need to be aware ofto e this morning. mor amtrak northeast appelatingelin everyone service between d.c..c and baltimore is currently suspended because of that policc activity. they apologize for the apolo inconvenience.conv marc trains all service on thevn penn line suspended as well a because that person was hit by b train and died at that locationt it's under investigation.gation watch out for metro bus delaysey as well because of congestion.oo keep it to fox5 good day at 9a is coming right up.
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♪ straight ahead, a first for d.c. respond today's privateod's ambulances will begin responding to a emergency calls in the nation's capitol.on'sapit what that means for you when you call 911. more mow moan tum for bernie sanders after big primary winsmw over the the weekend. what that means for thehat mean democratic race plus ted cruzz and donald trump still tank linn over the treatment of their t spouses. we'll have the latest from thetr campaign trail.. ♪ the final four is set ands t barely anyone saw this coming. syracuse still dancing after upsetting the number one seed. s we'll show hugh else will facelc off for that one shining momentn first, though -- >> ♪


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