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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  March 28, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, a first for d.c. respond today's privateod's ambulances will begin responding to a emergency calls in the nation's capitol.on'sapit what that means for you when you call 911. more mow moan tum for bernie sanders after big primary winsmw over the the weekend. what that means for thehat mean democratic race plus ted cruzz and donald trump still tank linn over the treatment of their t spouses. we'll have the latest from thetr campaign trail.. ♪ the final four is set ands t barely anyone saw this coming. syracuse still dancing after upsetting the number one seed. s we'll show hugh else will facelc off for that one shining momentn first, though -- >> ♪
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>> -- the white house welcomese thousands of families to the t south lawn for an easterte tradition.ition will it be a washout? good dayy at 9a won't. w it starts now. ♪ thank for staying with us s for good day dc.for od d it is 9:00 o'clock on thiskn t monday morning much it'sorning s march 28th. i've instead of chenevey alongside holly, allison andllid maureen.mauree wisdom off again this morning. i >> who okaye okayed all his vacn >> >> into a monday.>> i >> he'll be back tomorrow. today is easter monday at theda white house it's time for the annual easter egg roll.g r >> the gates just opened aboutna 90 minutes ago to the first wavw of families. fox5 fosses caitlin roth is there live. liv we'll check in with her for bitb later.r. >> holly, do you need me to holl you today? >> because i'm not there. the >> should i say yes.yes >> yes. >> holly has like -- has a dozez white house eggs..
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egg. egg. here's what i don't miss.hat i don't miss going to the whitew house easter egg roll on a rainy day.y. >> right.>> rig. because the lawn is horriblerri much it's cold.much i there's nowhere to to g beautiful day i might be a little more sad. sad. >> she's good, everybody.'sd, e >> you keep the eggs but you buu don't keep the spoons. the >> you have to return thee to re spoons. you get the commemorative -- yoo don't roll the commemorative egi much the commemorative egg youvg get on the way out. >> i do very proudly display --- i have 12 on display in carton.r >> that's cool. >> and little extra ones sittint out.out. >> three on stand >> one was enough for me.eeasug >> in case one comes up missing. >> i'm here for you in you needn a hug later. later the grass as holly helpinged aea little wet out there.le w we've seen lots of umbrellas uml because we got showers earlyarly this morning. morng we're hoping for a sunny skieses later.late tucker give us sunny skies on o this easter monday.. >> allison, if that's what you want.wa >> i do desire that.siret. >> that's what i've got coming c in the next hour or two. or t not quite here yet but the goodd news rain for the most part outt of here and sunshine should be d
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early afternoon. 51 now in washington.ashing it is cooler out there. t very cool this morning.l it remains cool. 50 in leonardtown. 48 in baltimore. your rain shower activity thatta left the grasses wet across thes area. most of the rain is out of heref maybe a sprinkle in the nextex hour and then we should clear ir out very quickly as our frontalo system right back here is really racing. racing racing off to the east here toao the and to the north and in itss wake, i want to mention the t winds. winds. they'll pick up and be verye v gusty this with the rain out of here, but b along with the sunshine comesinm the wind this afternoon.fterno bigger picture. pic you can see we've got clearingin skies and quiet conditions off to our south and we have. s w that will be moving in herener shortly. all right. here's your forecast for your y monday afternoon. have not yet mentioned it let me mention the milder temperatures. 68 your daytime high and veryery windy conditions.ondi a few showers left over andnd afternoon sun and wind.and w there's a wind advisory we'll w look at that in just a minuteute and
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lot of sunshine the next couplep days. not too far away.not back to you guys.backyou guys. >> right off the top now, now 9:00 o'clock this morning,'cck breaking news from prince new george's county where one person is dead now.. they pan wl struck by a trainran this happened hahn tracks used by both amtrak and marc rail. r. this was near annapolis road ana witness child chapel road inoadn lanham, maryland. now the deadly accident has shut down service on marc's penn line right now. n service on am rack is suspendeds between d.c. and baltimore whilw that investigation continues.on. also knew this morning,ne lucky to be alive one d.c.w e d. firefighter recovering thister g morning after getting hurtr during a rescue call much thisut happen overnight along the 32000 block of east capitol street ste northeast.heas two other people inside thatha apartment were also hospitaliz hospitalized. but everybody is expected to bee okay. so far no word on what causedtau that fire.. today in the district d.c. fire and ems get something help. >> they'll begin using a privata ambulance company to transpot to certain patients.ient
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live from northwest with more oo this story. good morning, jenn.or >> reporter: gniood morning,orng guys. yes, this is the day thatay tha private ambulances start to roll out in the city, and here's the next one slated to go out.ut. take good look so that youth recognize if you're in need an emergency e and one rolls up, or they haverh their lights and sirens on and you to move. m this is american medicalaman response they are in charge ofe the fleet. fleet. they bought a brand new neat ann they are heading they will out l this morning. this m they actually hit the roador ara little before 7:00 this morningi with calls already coming in for their assistance. they have three more of these ambulances slated to go out thit hour. hour. now, here's how it's going work. amr is providing 29 privatete ambulances and will use up to 2 at any given time to respond reo during high call volumes that'sa going to be between 7:00 a.m. am and 1:00 a.m. d.c. fire and ems will continuei to arrive first on scenes and they will determine who will dol the transport.nsrt they say amr will t
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there are minor injuries like cold symptoms, ankle sprains and other non-acute d.c. fire and ems will continueu to handle the life threatening e and time sensitive calls for cal things like heart attacks, overdoses, eminent childbirthhii and severe allergic of course, all of this comes c after the department has been b facing a lot of criticism for some response issues patients pt deaths.deat the medical director of d.c. fire just stepped down in d february saying "people areayinl dying needlessly because these department isn't open to refor reform". back here live, this certainlyia is one of the reforms.. the goal they say is to reduce r the burden on d.c. fire and ems. the depth says in february alona it responded to 9,000 calls. cal back to you guys. >> jenny, thank you very much. happening today, princeg george's county officer officer jacai colson will be laid toaidt rest in his home state of penn.p thousands gathered op friday toa pay their respects for the for t officer at his funeral. funer he was shot and killed
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friendly fire during a gun fight in front of police headquarters. officer colson would have turnee 29 years old the week he was killed. in the district now, police, and family members still lookini for answers as to why their 15-year-old son and brother broh duvonte washington was shot and killed at a metro station overta the weekend much this incidentsd happened on saturday afternoon o at the deanwood station in northeast in front of manyt of m people waiting for the bus and b the can you imagine? horrifying.fy. including the victim's motherote and younger sisters. sisters they all witnessed this.need t according to the family, a a stranger walked up to thed up t teenager trying to pick a fightg and then just shot him. police say they don't howeverow believe it was random. want to take you overseas os now. now. death toll in the brusselsll inh attacks now up to 35. 35. officials say four of the wounded have died from their injuries.injues meantime president obama hasdena spoken with and offered hiser condolences to the parents of an american couple killed in last week's terror attacks in brussels.usls justin and
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dropping off their mother at th airport when the bombs went offf their confirm deaths brings thes total number of americans kille to four. fou also overseas today, schools and businesses in the pakistani city of lahore are closedre following yesterday's deadlyy suicide bombing taliban has claimed cimed responsibility for the tack thek killed at least 70 people aseopl they celebrated easter sunday in a park. p many of those victims were children. the explosion took place nearce the children's rides three hen h dud people were wounded.. republican and democratic candidates ease up on thee upn campaign trail but that doesn'te mean they took easter off.terff nearly all the presidentialsidea hopefuls appeared on the sundayn talk shows discussing each otheh and the state of the race. fox's doug luzader has theas details. >> reporter: next up is wisconsin on april it's going get laser focus fromf both democrats and republicans.a may give us an idea of whetherhe these things will go all the way to the conventions this
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bernie sanders may be talking t about momentum after this weekend.eken. donald trump and ted cruz may c still be bickering about their t wives. but the steady drum beat of bt state contests goes on and in a don't know the ballot boxeslot o what's playing out behind the bn scenes may matter most.ros trying to win over delegates deg should this go all the way to wt the conventions and for the gop, that could mean preparing foror multiple ballots. >> who is preparing for couldn'd testified convention thatied cot matters most and clearly it seems to me it's a cruz c campaign. >> reporter: cruz strategy sat convincing delegates who arere initially bound to trump to to support cruz on a second or a sd third ballot.ird ballo still uphill battle if trump walks into the convention with a clear delegate lead.d. >> the republican tabulation system is a broken system.ys it's not fair. n f >> reporter: democratic racec bernie sanders coming off of aff big weekend racking up wins in hawaii, alaska and washingtonasn state. shutting down hillary clinton. n but it's still uphill battle for sanders in the delegate raceelea especially given
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massive lead among superuper party signs who can vote if they please. most have committed for now to >> but says sander. >> you're assuming every superms delegate who sports secretary clinton will stay with her. you're not take intoa consideration there are hundreds of super delegates who have noth yet made a decision.ecn we think we can win many ofiny f them. >> reporter: even that may e knot be enough for sander whatan is he really wants is anothernoh debate with hillary clinton inlo coming weeks ahead of the april 19th primary in new york.rk where clinton is heavilyeavi favored. fa in washington, doug luzaderd fox news. meanwhile, donald trump is i welcoming a new grandchild.ild. his daughter ivan today gavetoda birth to baby boy with hub wh jarrod she made the announcementouncemn welcoming theodore james oneodo sunday via twitter saying theghe family feels incredibly blesseds theodore james is the couple'seh third >> still ahead this morninghis i basketball's final four all sett now for this weekend.nd.
9:11 am beauty going dancing. danci we'll show hugh is still alive i little bit >> first, spreading awarenessada about autism.. starring with someone close toet the fox5 family.. a member of the fox5 family it'i the start avenue big week heregr on good day.onood day. and we need your help.el we'll tell you how when we kickk off autism speaks to fox5 weekk next. time right now 9:11.:1 ♪ ♪
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♪ fox5 d.c. cares is ourcaresr station's campaign to highlightg the great work of non-profiton-i organizations in our all this week, we are partnering with autism speaks. sak our goal, to raise awareness awe about autism in our community cu and to highlight the joys and ja the challenges facing families l who are living with autism.. we'll start with a member of ouf own family. fil allison is here with all theh ae details. >> holly, thank you very much.a well, we all know that shawn yancy is the anchor of our sixur and 10:00 p.m. news.ew she's also a mom to three sonsrs much her middle son is also onoo the autism spectrum.pectm i sat down with shawn last weekw to talk about her pride and joyy ty
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♪ >> tyson was always so smart. i remember tyson putting puzzles together when he was a little lt thing. >> um-hmm. >> and looking back now you sayo he was also reading before heef was speaking.g. are these indicators? >> um, i don't know that they're caters but i do know that, um, , hear from a lot of other parentn who have children who asn ho asberger's syndrome they're soys fast with puzzles. tyson loved legos when he was little and even until he got older most kids use directionsr to figure them out.em out we would give him legos and he wouldn't use the instructions.os they'd be super complicated onee and he'd have finished in a fewf hours it might take someone else couple of days. in the process of tryingco tongt figure out what was going on with tyson, there were peopleeoe before the official diagnosisag who mentioned your son might hav
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should be in this program over here and at that time i wasn'tth educated in what autism was. my thought was what many peoplel assume is a child who is no non-verbal, who sometimes theret are different characteristics where we think about children ci who have autism who rock, who dd things with their fingers, tysos didn't have any of thosef t symptoms. so when someone mentioned i wasi like no no there's no way my child hasas autism.auti because i didn't understand it.. maybe a year went by at my my pediatrician mentioned the word asberger's syndrome. s i had no idea what that was.hatt she didn't say autism.m. she said asberger's syndrome. sr i went home and sat down with the computer googling it and i a screamed. i honey, i know what tyson has.h i know what it is. because it described him perfe perfectly. so he came in and we read it ant there was this huge sort of relief because i knew now what
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asberger' social security on the autism spectrum and pie tyson is very i functioning moreni m characterized by socializing, um, after that we went and had an official diagnosis done atone children's hospital and therehe was just a certain amount of ato relief because now we knew. we knew how to get him treatment or what we were supposed to dosd instead of just trying to figurg out what's going on with our kid kid. >> as a mom, what do you wantt other parents to know about children with autism? a >> they're just like every other kid. children who have asberger's or who are on the autism spectrum they're special and i don't meam special as in special need, i mean they're brilliant.llia they can do things that you ando i can't do. d sometimes you may be -- you mayu need to be a little more patiene and understanding which i thinki we all need to do in this worldr
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kinds of people that instead oft taking the time to understand or learn we just lump them into aho group and i wish people weree more patient and they took the time to understand and and appreciate that. when tyson was old enough to understand, we determined he wat old enough to understand we tolt him, we said, hey, we want too talk to you. y you have something calledd asberger's syndrome.. and he was what is that? >> i said well sometimes it makm your brain think a little bit differently. and your brain is brilliant andt what we want you to know is that it's not a disability it's a gift. ft. because your brain can do thingt that most of us can't even we wanted him to know if he wasw at school and maybe he was confused or something didn't d seem quite right or his mentall of communication didn't seem as
9:19 am
easy for him now he wouldould understand why. and it was kind of a relief for him, too. t >> i'm sorry i should have saidi you need a tissue.ed ais >> i know, right. rig >> i had no warning.. >> such a good mom.d such a goodson.on tyson is. tyson's star is the first storyr that shawn will share this weekw she'll lead our coverage ofagef autism speaks to fox5, and as as you watch these stories we askra that you think about making a donation to autism speaks.peak they do lot of great work involving row of research giving grants to local organizationo that is work with the autismlotm community and of course they c will help families living with autism. you can go to our website on the home page.eag you'll find a link to donate orr you can text autism to thehe number, hey -- there it is onhei the screen. screen. giving i was second to get a a penn. text autism to 25383.53 to make d
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on next monday i believeiel april 1st we're going to haveo h telethon of sorts like a mento mentoring monday type of thing.i shawn will be >> i think it's friday. >> is it friday or next monday.n >> i think it's friday. >> whatever april 1st is.apri1s >> friday. f friday is april 1st. 1 >> shawn is really brave to comm out with that.t wi she's a very private person pso typically, and i'm happy she's e speaking about abo i >> oh, my gosh the whole time, t all mom there. there >> oh, yeah. yeah. >> sorry.>> sor neck time tissue alert.imssue at >> it helps you understandyou us because i think now that we aree nor aware of what autism is, you know, you're able to have moreor compassion, you know, and -- >> patience.>> >> exactly. exactly.y i'm choke up. up. i'm looking at you and i'mou a m getting choked up thinking about it.. >> yeah. yeah. >> i wish we could -- he is a h great kid.grea tyson is a great kid i wish we can erase dissable. dsable. that was the one poignant thingi shawn said when she told tysonot he had a as gift. i ad talked to many different df parents who have kids that havet challengesan
9:21 am
not that they're unable to doo thing. th they're not disable. they're abled to do they just de them in a different way. way. >> yeah. >> agreed. >> that's what this is about. ti getting the word out. >> you should have warn us all.. >> i'm sorry. >> sharing stories all week of a course it will bell friday.y >> friday i apologize. >> trying to help out in theut i communities.unities 9:21 right now.ow coming up later on it is the battle of batman versus supermap the bock office, yeah that's your winner.yone big time.g ti kevin look back with lock at th records broken over the weekend. >> first, though you ho* how is your bracket doing. aking of broken.aking of b >> can you say busted? well, if you had these four teams dancinn then you're probably going win g your office pool. pool which we'll show how how these four teams punched their tickete to the final four coming uping u next. >> by these we mean oklahoma, ol north carolina, villanova and syracuse. >> yes. ♪
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♪ all right. shut up and dance with four teams are getting to sayngo that's correct the final four it indeed set and in just days thes top four teams in the nation will compete for the nationalat championship. >> all right here you break dowr of the four teams still dancing. villanova and oklahoma will facc off in one game and in the other game it will be north carolina and syracuse. so let's take look how syracuses got there. the orange pulled off that big upset unfortunately at the expense of top seeded virginia.i
9:25 am
virginia was up by 14 at the half.lf they ended up losing skate-62.-. >> what? >> yeah. >> up by 14? >> i know.>> i it was a company loss salossa failure.faure. syracuse went on a huge run in i the second to turn thingsnd trn around. they were led by freshman ma lam can i richardson he scored a game high toe 23.3. syracuse the fourth double seeded teaming to got finalot fn they are a veteran organization. they've been there before. the those are the teams you have tou watch out out fo they know what they're doing. north carolina topped notre dam 88-74 lose close early not solys much late. the fighting irish but of a fears come back but ran out of the luck. the this mark north carolina'sarolin 19th appearance in the final the speaking of being there before.f last time they appeared 2009. >> wow.. >> they won the nationalwon that championship then. they will be the only -- well il think oklahoma is number oneumbe seed, aren't they?en't t >> no. no they got beat by oregon.rego >> oregon was the one. oregon w. north carolina a
9:26 am
two-twos and a 10. 1 games kick off saturday inaturda houston.uston. villanova takes on oklahoma at 60:00 fine. at 10 north carolina taking on syracuse.racuse. >> i'm pulling for villanovava now. i was pulling for virginia.ll i think i'm pulling -- i'm goinm for villanova.ova >> would it be impossible for tl you pull for unc at all costs. s >> at all costs, knocks like a heel.el >> i understand. i said the strongest duke u fan. n >> still ahead on good day hawkh jackman proving he's a real lifh super hero.super hero remember when we were we interviewing hugh jackman and hh called our name at the end of e the interviews.e iervi we got all good giggly. ggl we'll take you back to the whiti house where tens of thousands os kids are bracing the rain for easter traditi when the rain moves on out ofmot here the wind will move in.. tucker will be back with whatha else is on the seven day
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right time right now 9:26.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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>> let's check what else is making headlines on this mondayn morning as we get the week underway. first of up, steve, disturbing site at detroit's mes tow poll tanrsat airport was an american airlines might pilot drunk when he tried to board the airline this week.this it shows the allegedly inn tockc indicated pilot being taken awaa in
9:30 am
something happen. happe he'd been scheduled to fly pennsylvania bound plane waslv gianven to sobriety tests reportedly failed both of them.o authorities are deciding whethee to file charges.. metro celebrating its 40tht4 anniversary starting this weekrw metro new gm says they will roll out 96 new 7,000 series cars. the older cars will be fazed oud within the next month. month today the agency is inviting thn public to come meet their strees teams and get free gifts andtsnd great deals. d union station, march rah gut north and metro center stations will all tako e part in thetn anniversary festivities.. a move by federal regulatorl to post calorie content at restaurant chains will be delayed until next year.xt y the change was supposeing to inn effect at the end of this year.. it would require restaurantsants with 20 or more locations toatis post their calorie content forot food. fo the results were passed as partt of the health care overhaul in 2010.2010 personally i like seeing thk c
9:31 am
does really. r >> know what i'm getting into. t >> i don't want to know. i d how about this a? swarm of bees delaying the cubs spring c training game against thengame mariners for more than fiveore t innings. that was chicago -- chicago center fielder jason haywardason surrounded by bees.oundedy b steve you said he was stung likk in his face and everything. eern me 10 times. >> 10 times?? >> wow!>> wow >> he was pretty cool whenoolhe that's happening.apni this happening in mesa arizona. he kept waving his gloves. glo he kept walking to try to geto g rid of them.of t the bees did event mollily movee on sadly they moved into the io stands. after the game he was stunge he around his face and his neck. okay. okay. >> one time is enough. o tim but 10. 1 >> 10 times in his face and hisn >> no, no. final al documentary markini queenless women's 99th9t birthday revealed unexpectednexp glimpse of the queen seldomen sl scene to the outside world. t oi her sense of humor.or take look. l here is a throw pillow and her magesty's living room it says,t it's good to be the queen.ueen
9:32 am
screen shots of the pillow.f e p the documentary is titled "ourr queen at 90" cameras followed f the queen around for year as shs attend public events and relaxex at h the queen turns 90 on0 o april 20th.l th >> that will be interesting tois watch. >> behind the scenes of royaltya >> one of the grandkids, right.t >> you give her the pillowpillow everyone is holding her breath b waiting to see if she (laughter).(laugh >> right. that's pretty funny, good to be the queen. qen >> good to be tucker on days t when the weather is cooperatingg i'm not so sure today. >> it's pretty much always good to be >> hey. long live the king.thin >> he is king tuck.. >> um-hmm.>> um- >> that's true. >> i have a personal predictiont i think the queen will one dayin not only be the longest runningn queen but the oldest person into the world.thworl she'll be like 125.ike >> you think so.>> yhink >> will she ever give princeeric charles a chance at the thrown.t >> i don't think prince charlesi will ever be king.will i think her mother lived to like 104. >> exactly.xa >> got the best health care anda
9:33 am
>> i would hope so.. >> pretty good genes.d >> exactly. then there's that, >> charles is like -- >> 127 or'srl something.hi all right. let's do -- rain out of the here that's great news. n a lot of people 35,000 i hear down at the white house. and rain not making things greag this morning all wrapping up very quickly. still got a little cloud cover. already seeing clearing out togg the west and we're going to beot breaking out in sunshine heree h shortly and very pleasantan afternoon.afte upper 60s for daytime highs.dayh so much improve many over thean clouds from yesterday and them e early morning rain showers.. however, we'll be dealing with wind here as this frontal systes is front right here that sneakse through winds will pick up. pick wind will be the theme thisl bet afternoon along with mildh mil temperatures upper 60s and winds gusting at times to probably 20y 30 miles an a all right. there are your current numbers.e reagan national.nal 50 dulles. bwi marshall 48 want to show you locally we'reay not getting a lot wind but but that's what we have got movingwt in later winds now gusting to 38 in 38 in pittsburgh.ttsbgh. 30 in 22 out in columbus.umbus.
9:34 am
wind advisory in effect. eff not here in the city, but just s off to our north and w. w. howard county, montgomery coun county, howard county under thet wind advisory.dvisor washington county, panhandle ofe west virginia under a winder a w advisory here to the north and r west we can see winds gusting maybe 40, 45 miles an hour for f time later this afternoon. future cast, rain is out off here. watch how things get quite andte clear out overnight.rnight there we are late this l afternoon, new york city.ew there we are at anoo let me sea isle fast forward itr to later this afternoon and aft overnight tonight nice andighte quiet. tuesday and wednesday look gre great. high pressure builds in and botu tomorrow and wednesday lots ofed kind of an early spring patternn with daytime highs in the low tl 60s. so we will be little coolerr tomorrow but with less wind it shouldn't be a bad day at all bt and nice dry afternoon.ftnoon there's your seven day.e's yourv 68 today. mentioned cooler temperatureseme tuesday and wednesday. wsd and maybe a shower around hereud by thursday and friday.. so as i mentioned earlier marchm came in like a lamb. a l looks like it wants t
9:35 am
like lamb. li lack like month. mon >> very nice.. >> i thought it was clever. iwa >> very nice.>>y ni >> well. >> bye guys. >> there's that. >> bye-bye. >> still ahead in the fox beatna this morning it was criticall cryptonite. critics didn't love the move zov fans did. they flock to the box office inn record numbers. kevin will tell us some of thes records the movie broke and hekd sits down with lawrencehawre fishburne to talk about the a matrix and how that set the anda stage for the comic book crossover from matrix to batmanm to superman, et cetera. ceter we'll find some connection iomee promise you.eou >> i hope you clarified that. kevin will break it down for us.
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♪ >> no match.atch my guys in the crime lab never n seen one before. >> it's called a buehl let.ll al you shoot people with them. t >> recovered from the scene the fire fight in the desert not sold anywhere commercially inme the world even black >> so?>>o? >> so who gave prototype military rounds to fighters in the tamara. >> the ask lois. >> i need a couple of days. >> go.>> g >> coach new york city extra leg room. >> economy plus. >> coach. >> economy plus is in coach bynb the way. right? >> isn't it.>> i >> i have -- >> technically.hnic it costs
9:39 am
>> it costs more and has moreasr leg room.oo which is significant if you're r flying for a difference.iffere >> one time i was booking a flight. $75 to get the extra 6-inches oo leg room.leoom. >> it's worth it for glikes foot three. it's worth to upgrade that.o uph >> good to see you guys thisuysi morning. >> you too. sawaw the movie. we'l tl do dual facebook reviewv the movie after the show today.. >> ut-oh. >> you loved it just as much asu i do. you were nerding out.nerdinout >> yeah.>> yeah. see, did you hear that? justt now. now oh, yeah w did that come from? ? i'm sorry. sorry i do love a good super hero her action flick. fli i must say. >> i like when the justicece league was intro due. 6am hour this hour you wereyou r really into it. >> she's calmed down now.. >> there's one person, you know, k i'm going give you the -- i want to, york want to steal the thunder of the movie and i'mnd'm afraid to do >> it's all online.s all ne. >> steve is giving me the business. >> i'm sorry york want to get y sporoiled. >> the movie had -- most peoplel have seen the film now. made
9:40 am
>> easter weekend.asr we >> no, no, holly 99% of the9%f world has gone to see this mov movie. >> here's the thing.. that number 170.1 million justoj in the u.s..s. largest worldwide super hero opening of all >> now is that -- >> 423 million.>> 4 >> because it opened on the samn day. day >> it made 424.1 million inillin three days worldwide.orwi if you compare that to other films --films >> other super hero films.uper f >> number one of all time. number one opening everr regardless of a super hero genre was star wars the force aikenss 529 million.n >> borderline hero.>> b >> jurassic world. j i will say this. s t box office is not equal qualityi i didn't care for jurassic worlw it made 524 million openingng weekend i'm not saying that. but lie say this. t it proves an interesting point.t going to the weekend the reviewv were very negative i'm one of oo the few critics in the country who appreciated the movie foror what it was in regards to t
9:41 am
action. script wise there were problems i said on the air i did notot likes lex luther i did not likee jesse eisenberg as lex >> this is where we differ.eif i really liked him. liked h >> he was a background villain.. more how batman versus supermann when they deliver that fight. >> when it gets started -- the first part i spent half the timm like this holly. t what is going on.. >> you didn't seaman of steal.te >> now what is happening now. >> you didn't seaman of steal.t. >> i didn't. >> more reason for me not to go. >> holly and tucker in the field against this movie.ov >> i watchman of steal w afterwards because and i wish w high done that before i went.. >> that's news you can yu >> there you go.>>here >> i was surprised you were so o into this.. >> i have -- have >> her and mark were nerding our saturday night.saay night. >> we did whole review.e rev right.t. >> wow!>> w >> something about that super te hero i'm like -- bald eagles, manner flag and super hero cape. i'm serious.m ser i love that. >> i loved that you nerded out.o >> did you ever say mark you arr my super hero, did
9:42 am
be honest.on >> in private time?? >> not super private. aft the movie. >> allison versus mark. (laughter).au >> oh my.>> >> go-go ahead kevin. >> spoke to lawrence fishburnee about this movie mainly aboutnlo the may trick. matrix did some thing the superp hero things needed to do aboutot then. i sd asked limb a question he got stumped it took him three minutes toines come up and with an and answer.s during the interview he wasvi he thinking of the answer until int asked him again. >> matrix big deal. dea >> life changer for you?ife >> one of those movies i mie remember where i was. was >> right on. >> who i was were with.eit >> right. what my reaction was. >> how old are you? pho it wasu '99 so i was 15, 16. >> wow.>> wow. >> great suit by the way. sui >> thank you very much. y>>eally nice. >> you look amazing.k zi i like that shirt.hi >> thank you.>> that's awesome.weso >> my painted on muscles.n muscs my painted on super hero h muscles. muscle >> pretty epic your character ca has some great moments in the movie you kind of like he makesk up news headlines.dles >> sure. if there was a headline about your career to write one
9:43 am
headline, what would you want iu to say? >> can i come back to it? >> sure. >> give me some time to think on >> okay. >> okay.. >> i will want bite the end ofnd the interview.erew i was mentioning the matrix.atri how has physical filming making and special e changed since that movie until now.tiow >> the thing that's great aboutt the matrix it was the first movie to deliver on what comic books promised technically spe speaking. we did sings in that movie technically that hadn't beenn done before and that people continued to imitate ever since. the technology has gotten bettet so some of the things that wehew did in that movie practicallyrac that were harder to do arere easier to do but they're notot easy. easy >> back to that question about headline -- lawrence fishburne's >> lawrence fishburne's career.. lawrence push
9:44 am
unstoppablely watchable. >> i love it. daily planet.. gets it done immediately. >> cool. >> guys, i made morphius laugh.u it's amazing. morphius from the matrix. mat >> he seems tow approachable ini his interview.i we were saying he kind of comesc across like that guy you just ys don't mess with lawrence fishburne. fishbu >> i want to ask you real quicki there are moments films in ourms lives you saw a movie exactlyxa where you were, who you were with. one of them the matrix my unclec it moon boy and my dad. we went to pizzeria uno and talked about the movie.ovie. >> what kind of pizza did youza have? >> i think his -- it was bacon and sausage and pepperoni. pepro i remember very i want to know what your momente films are. >> mine would be dead pool approximately three weeks ago. a >> i love dead pool.d p >> that's the last one i canthen remember. >> like a moment you saw movieom you just remember seeing it likk your first date or something like that? >> i remember seeing -- don't laugh barry gordy' last dragonra
9:45 am
(laughter).aughter) >> i remember bicycling to theri theater which was like downtownt chicago and we lived all the wae in the burbs.he bbs i bicycled there and every otheo day i watched this movie m probably 20 >> i have one.. >> what is it. >> i remember seeing star wars with my dad and my sister. >> the first one.irst. >> the first one.>>irst >> awesome. >> i remember school days when was a senior the ma'am and ton a because it felt with a the lot e with the fraternities and sore r roar thes that whole life and aa whole bunch of us went who werew in the greek system and so iek s remember that.te but then my favor rhett one as o child i went to dozen of timesim with my parents at the circle theater black or fee yous. yous >> oh, yeah.. >> rocky horror picture show.ho i remember seeing that for the t very first time.. >> we used to see that inha i georgetown. there was a theater inwas georgetown over now. >> mine is more movement i grewi up in super small teen of 1500 people.people we had the old school movieoo m theater in the center of town in closed when i was eight yearswat old. i remember going to the theatere with my family but i couldn'tt tell was we
9:46 am
>> it was just the experience oc going to that theater.. >> they're special. >> thanks for asking thats ki question much that's good one. o >> i have a lot of them becausec i have my tickets. >> tweet us yours #gooddaydc ac moment film that meant a lot tot you in your life and who you saw it with. w >> i see why all those stars sas good question, kevin. >> thank you maureen.haau >> you did it, kev.>>ou d >> thanks, guys.uys >> let's move on thousands ofhoo people at the white house today to take part in the annuall easter egg roll.l. caitlin roth is there live witht the latest.thlate hey, good morning, caitlin. >> reporter: kids have been streaming in for the past hour p and behind me you can see howane many people there really are. a. tons of kids and happy familiess who are lucky enough to be partb of the lottery for the 2016 easter egg roll. this is called let's celebrateee this year. y it's going along with the themet of the first pam family's last l year in the white house and their last easter egg roll.r ro. we've been meeting people all me morning including my youngy friend has sad.friend sad. hi there has sad.hi the how are you enjoying yourselfel this morning.orng. >> good. >> have you done the easter egge
9:47 am
>> ye >> it's been very fun. like keep getting stuck in the t grass. >> a little wet out here thiswei morning, isn't it. it was a little bit slippery sor i couldn't hardly push my eggusg and stuff.anuff. >> but you still did it.ut y we're proud of you.'rprou have you ever been to the eastee egg roll before.roll before. >> no, this is my first time.ism >> first time.>> do you think it's fun? t >> yes, very fun.>> yes, very f >> all right. tell me are you looking forwarda to anything else here darkerear meeting anyone? >> i was fortunate to meett barack obama but and -- a - >> i think we all want torquetoe right?rit? >> yes. but with all of happening, iappi don't know.n't we are on his backyard. so may be.e >> yeah. >> you're right.>> maybe not. maybe just a glimpse of him. >> yeah.eah. i'm close to the white house ani way.way >> you live here in d.c.?.c >> no, maryland. >> so you came from maryland tof visit for thero day. d and you're having a good time. t any characters you want to meete here? >> um, i wanted to meet the base
9:48 am
>> the racing presidents. rac >> yes. >> they're all here. they're we've got everyone in town. i t. i'm sure -- i see george see geo washington over there you can gc meet him, right?ig >> yes. >> all right. thank you so much has sad. thanks for talking to us.o have fun.ha enjoy the rest of your easter es egg roll.g ro >> okay. >> we're here all morning longal on good day d.c.y d.c. through 11am.1a wee have much more coming up.inu more people to talk to. t so much fun rain endingin beautiful morning. morning. it's going to be a beautiful toa morning out here on the south ts lane at the white house. >> great. g thanks >> about 45 minutes away from5 the president making hisidmaki appearance.apance. that's supposed to happen about 10:30 this morning. >> all right.ig. 9:48.48. coming up a construction crewone demolishes the wrong house. h they say it's google maps faultf >> why check the address.hedd >> we'll tell you -- we'll shows it to you and tell you what y w happened next. >> ah, technology.hnology.
9:49 am
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♪ now, as i am reading thisdit stover i want to you puter iant yourself in the position of thii texas family.texa
9:52 am
a demolition crew destroyed it t by mistake.ta the reason, they say google mapm gave them the wrong directions. instead navigating workers to a dupe plex on just in case you want to know cues stow drive ini texas google maps sent them aene block away to the family's duplex on calypso drive. >> same street. >> exactly. >> i don't think that's google l maps fault. fault. >> google admitted the mistakemi in an e-mail they plan to pn t investigate this. meanwhile -- yeah, well. the owners of the demolitionitin company they've apologized. >> did they not have an address to the house that are they werea supposed to be demolish. before we are supposed to knock this down -- >> we're sorry.e'rs chris, pop yourself up. youelf >> there was a tornado damagedod and the street signs were down.. >> the house was already alrea destroyed. they went on google maps to trys to fine it.t the house was partially damaged. >> it wasn't completelyomplel the street signs were all down.d so then when they google mappedp
9:53 am
right place but they weren't. wt >> all right. >> that make more sense.ore s >> i don't like to give don't le everything away. thanks, chris. so the demolition crew working the insurance company to cost co the rebuilding of the family'sal home. ho >> they would have to rebuild ie any >> are they rebuilding the they portion they damaged or theey dm portion that was damaged alrea already? >> i'll give you those details later.. >> now they have to havehe somebody else pay for their home. >> they'll a bigger and betterde house. >> i'm passing out details latet on that. on >> tornado was the unfortunate f part of that story.f thatry. >> right. >> small details, steve. ste >> one grandfather in oklahomaoa is selling celebrating easter weekend with an unexpectedted surprise.rise. >> hundreds of people came fromp across the country to eat with him at a cook out and the reasoa it might surprise you. fox's meredith keller has theers story. >> reporter: hundreds rusheds re to pruzell, oklahoma fromm literally all >> where did you come from?ou cr >> we came from houston.. >> desmoines, iowa.ow >> canada.>>anada. >> kansas city, kansas.ansa >> we love you papa
9:54 am
>> whoo! report.ort. >> why would we not drive fiverv hours to see somebody else'se's grandfather.grandfather. >> reporter: this is kennyter: harmon but you might know him as papa. >> i was born in chick shaye. lived in the blanchard area alll my life. >> reporter: what did you do? w >> iha was an ironworker.. i was an ironworker foror approximately 38 years. y >> reporter: and now he's ann internet sensation.on but it took him a little whileih to figure it out.itut >> i didn't know about this t story for 24 i'm not only facebook.. i'm not on social media. m >> reporter: after his granddaughter kelsey tweeted hid now famous photo.mous pho >> i didn't know what kelsey wae doing much she's always got thes camera in her hasn't report roar the nation embraced him.edim >> nobody showed up to hisodshow dinner and what if no one showse up to this cook out.kut i need to be there.o be t >> his grandchildren had some sm explaining to do. >> what was your excuse?yourxcus >> i actually had a differentnt obligation i had planned a weekw before that, um, when he callede
9:55 am
there thursday because it all happened wednesday.pp >> three of them had anee of excellent excuse because theyecy didn't know about it.dn't k >> reporter: theno family's maii mission for today to remind us all about the importance ofnce f cherishing your family no mattei their age.eir >> this cook out is all about aa trying to get people to realizea you need to call yourall y grandparents and say you love yv them and take them out to eat because it is -- it will come tt an end. >> everybody needs attention. nn that includes grandma and grandpa.. >> oh. he is looks so much spry in theh video. >> he was sad in the picture. >> he was downer joe in the picture.ctur >> i love what that girl said. >> nobody showed up in thee picture.pi we'll make sure pcteople show uo at the cook out.he cook out >> it was good. still ahead at 10:00 o'clock thk countdown to empire's returnet very short countdown n just two days away from theaway second half of the the secondec season and we're getting a sneae peek later. l kevin sits down with demolition
9:56 am
pam lee will be here to help uss get in the spring spirit old 10a >> coffee time f you've beene ty eyeing oh our cool good day mug listen up we have a new good day dc dunkin' donuts to give away a perfect cup of that delicious dc dunkin' donuts coffee.e head to tos t enter.ente one lucky winner selected by random drawing.rawing hurry you only have until 111 a.m. to enter.o ent time right now 9:56. 9 we're back with more good day. ♪
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we simply held each other's hands. we still are. i lost my dad to alzheimer's. preventing alzheimer's is within our grasp. let's double the budget of nih and get it done. i'm david trone and i approve this message. ♪ good day at 10a all over the hottest trending stories. s it is the hottest ticket int i town. to we are live from the easter egge
10:00 am
demolishes records and the say yes to the dress drama.ssra >> also at 10a, empire returnser in just three so what can we expect? we haveh a sneak peek.snk pee kevin sits down withvin ts d hollywood heart throb jakee gyllenhaal to talk about his neh film film what a way to starto a monday.nd the 10a begins now ♪ kevin will say something not soo nice. how does he of a >> flow rider. >> that's your -- >> that's a hit. >> it's like kc and the sunshinn band in the '70' >> every time the song comes on the radio i'm like -- >> exactly. exact >> we want to head down to ice a rona. rona. the washington capitals, your cy washington capitals very it is the day they get theirir team picture taken. t everybody line up right nowlip getting ready to get their picture and those are theanthos pictures hopefully we will see i
10:01 am
stanley cup action. >> yes. next year. ne >> we'll see.. >> the man in the middle. >> wow. >> that's my team. >> baxter flanking team ownerfli there. >> what do you think they'redo y talking about. >> wilson is like who am i going to fight n >> look at ovi blowing bubbles.. hilarious.rious. >> look at the head of hair onr that >> right next to carl.. >> jason needs to share. to s >> i'm ready for play off hock f nyep anybody else ready.ep a >> absolutely.>> a >> i love play off hockey. >> i'm weighing for this song ts be over, please. >> it's been playing.laying. >> it's on loop. >> welcome -- >> home ice advantage that's great start. grea >> why do they take their teamha picture so late in the season.ea >> so they have the play offy roster >> it's just for the playoffs.lo >> if you look it preseason youe don't know who still on yourholo team. after the trading deadline now.e >> it's taken this long to fin
10:02 am
finally figure out who the teamo is when youut star the playoffso >> we'll have to call -- phone a friend and -- >> go home team rock the red fod your capitals.s >> yeah.>>h. >> okay. o >> cut the music g day d.c. d.c 10:00 o'clock starting right n now. >> all right.>> a let's get moving along after yor saw the caps team photo let'sho head across town and go to an ta easter tradition this morning at the white house. 30,000 people turn out for thisr every year packing the south lawn for the annual easter egg n roll. the president and first ladyfir expected to come out and greet o families in about 30 minutes in that will happen at about 10:30: this morning. >> it is very fun if you are ono of the lucky people that gets the time slot of when thelot we president and the first ladyirst come out.cout. >> right. >> it really is cool because hee almost always goes down and rolls some >> if you don't how long are yo on the property? ppert >> whole thing i remember aboutg an hour and a half. houand they're
10:03 am
in you and out. >> once you get there.u get ere. >> you wait forever and, youu know, down below and then theyne keep you there then that's whers they have entertainment downainn there as you're waiting then yoy get to go and actually be on the lawn for designated period of ♪ >> is this it. >> well, they could be comingcom out soon.. >> really. >> and the bunny i'm almost forr >> keep an eye out.>>eep >> usually the president goes down and read some stories. sto if you get that coveted time t slot it continues throughout the whole time. i'm always amazed at how they ht get thousands of people in andnd out off the lawn like -- they'vt got it down to >> i said it earlier die it onee time. i think once was enough. i stood in line forever. finally got there and i know i it's a little underwhelmed wend weren't in the time for theinth president and first lady.dy. had that been i would have havev been a little mr. excited. eited we went through i thought okay,a all right,. al >> what happened?hat >> i was just excited to be there. in the front lawn. l >> any time you have the a h tha chance to to get to the whitehee
10:04 am
>> it's something you grow upthn dreaming of doing. >> i was happy that the rainape stopped i will say one year i y covered it it rained so muched they cancel the actualua activities on the lawn. t l one of the white house staff haf slipped and broken a leg theyhey cancel it but they everybody evy that came got white house tours and one group mrs. obama camea c out and, you know, was in the i house and they got to meet and t greet with her. >> that's great. that was really exciting. ry my favorite was the year that we were -- my photographer mike anm i were on the lawn i don'taw i remember if you remember this hey we can assure the presidentr is here look, he's in the ovalh office right now.ow and we panned the camera overa o because you're right there bitee oval office and there's and president bush, 43, he's likee'l looking out the window. >> you're kidding? >> we're like, hey, he's lookins at u hey, mr. president. pre as we were on the air, secrett service came up around us.. i'm like, who are these people?o >> shoeing us away. okay, back to you in the studioi >> that's funny.t's fu >> never do that again.. >> have they d
10:05 am
colors of the eggs or try to oe have a different color every coe year. >> your typical he's easter pale lot. >> you have your choice of havec colors kind of?lors kof >> well new york city.w rk cit >> they give the one that's in a the bag you take. >> it's not like one -- this- ti year it's going to be pastel b p blue. next year it will be pink? >> right.>> >> multiple colors.colors >> cool beans. >> we're sticking with easter, of course, keeping an eye on thn white house and east egg roll aa well the president tweet out twe this photo yesterday witnessrd w caption, from my family to yours, happy easter and we wishs everyone celebrating a blessedes and joyful day. d the obamas attended church services yesterday at alfred ata street baptist church in churchi alexandria.dria >> beautiful day to be old townw nice family photo, too. 8:05 -- 10:05 right now.ow. time to check what is trendingre on this monday morning. mor >> first up, this is definitelyy a first.irst a tomb stone mysteriously surfaced with donald trump'smp name on it. take look. loo it was discovered at central ctr park and posted on instagram ina hopefully we'll be able -- thert it is. that's very disturbing. dturb >> yes, it is.s
10:06 am
viral. it features his birth year but b no date of death. the quote is made america hate again.agai >> a spokesperson at the citysoe parks department says theart sa headstone was removed sundayy evening. even no word yet whoctually placedlle it >> that's not graffiti.rait somebody had to carve that and d they're very expensive.ry expene >> i know. very expensive.ryensive. >> that's disturbing.dist >> it is very cull on regardless of your vregs politics why would you ever do o that? that is -- i-- >> this whole thing is so out of control.ntrol. >> honestly. >> that maybe is what's mostt' scary.. >> i'm glad they took it awaytwa quickly.ic how did i not hear about that? >> i hadn't heard of it either.. the bad karma. karma. you do something like that itomt will come back to you. c there's no excuse for you're you wishing someone's death. come on. >> the universe does not like dt that. that. >> yeah. that's not >> okay. well batman v superman we'v' been talking about batman v superman dawn of justice strucking off lousy reviews. warner brother
10:07 am
showdown made its debut thisebui weekend.we i loved jeremy irons he ishe is alfred in i love him. okay. the fans lined up to see it.. the warner brothers comic book k movie took in estimated $170.1 million. they show the whole scene? s >> watch that.t >> you cannot knock superman done. i don't know what you've heard.a that makes up the sixth bestix b weekend opening of all time. >> superman didn't get knock kno down right there. rightre not bad. bad. >> but you said in the movie.he. >> steve, that was off stole spoiler.po >> any who, movie audiencesienc don't seem fazed by the lack ofk critical a they went because it was superap good for the and there's wonder that's not a spoiler.po we knew that. >> she is beyond beautiful. bea. i mean she is amaz amazing on cr fans might not have listen to l the critics but the latest memem shows the stars of the movth
10:08 am
might not be immune to the criticism.icism. during a press junket when theyn go and talk to the actors ben ar affleck and henry caval asked a about the negative reviews. reve critics were giving the film. caval jumps in with a quick answer. >> well, it's been getting mixed response.sponse ♪ >> i gist wonder how that makesa you guys feel and whether itth would affect the film as such? ? >> well, the interesting thing is that -- ♪
10:09 am
>> at least partly have spoken. ben. i agree. (laughter).. >> any way, so caval with thehe long answer he's saying that t fans will be the true voice of the movie's success and afflecka didn't seem to want to chime ine not really hiding his emotions.. folks think he looks sad and disappointed and annoyed at the same time. affleck answers the reporter'sr' question with i agree. a >> i think annoyed probably ros to the top of the t >> very >> why would you ever -- it'st's annoying. >> i won waste my time askinge a the stars of the this movie m about the rating -- the critics. i wouldn't care about it one b bit. >> i really messed up
10:10 am
jennifer >> we'll have long article abouc it next >> i did my impression of ben ob a neck as batman. this was it. i >> okay allison. >> you know what kevin said. ben nailed it. it. he has a mask and so the bottomb part a lot of the time is like --like- >> no smile. >> batman is dark. >> is this movie for for we talk about this eight al their.thei bride who was filmed choosingin her wedding dress on tlc calllcc say yes to the dress told by a judge she cannot stop theshnnot network from showing that dresst and airing her segment before h her wedding day.her wedd she didn't want to give it awaya according to tmz is a judgege denied her request for anst for injunction to prevent thetio pr network from showing the episo episode. she says airing the show willin ruin her wedding because tg hehe dress will be seen by friends,e, family and possibly her fiance' before the wedding day. day she felt she had
10:11 am
agreement that they would not show it. the judge said --ai >> that's a different bride. b >> don't have it in writing the have the right tito show it. >> tell her fiance' don't watcht it. >> it's preview of the showiew o stopper. don't even worry about it. wor >> okay. still ahead learning from loss.m kevin sitting down with dow wit demolition star jake gyllenhaala later on.n. >> first though hugh jackmanh j proving he's a real life superer hero. we already knew khloe and lamar an on easter ete date. >> huh? >> lady gaga celebrating aina milestone we've got all the details cominm up in the good day celebrity cei dish. 10:11 is our time.
10:12 am
narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy,
10:13 am
"has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
10:14 am
♪ i got front row seat for th dish.di >> all right. 10:14 is our time. o tim that means it's time to serve up some good day celebrity dish.h >> let's do it. i the wolverine star hugh jackmanc saved a man in his own twowo children from a rip tied at sidney' bon dee beach in beach australia on saturday. >> wow!ow! >> in this feet he you can seete jackman grabbing his teenaged son oscar fighting to get him tm a sand bar. b now according to local media the report there jackman alsoacan ao grabbed a man who was in arm'srs len from this daughter ava. the stranger grabbed ava and jackman was able to help both of
10:15 am
them get to a sand bar. in statement to acb news a rep p said he and oscar are fine.e looks far more dramatic than iti actually was according to localc australian news outlet.. lifeguards had to make severaler rescues this weekend. weekend >> my goodness.>> mod >> rip tides are no joke. >> yeah. >> they're very very scary. >> my good negligence singerodle adele apologizing to fan after frightening moments at her concert in scotland the fan wasn hurt after chain from productioo equipment in the ceiling of thei stadium fell on top of adele tweeted this out after tht accident. she said i'm sorry to hear thatt someone got hurt at my showy tonight. it's being investigated thoughta to ensure it won't happen againn the woman was taken to the to hospital but she's reportedlyuts going to be fine. so again, adele -- accident attt adele's concert but luck untilut woman will be okay.. >> adele should reach out toh ot her. her. >> that would be nice.hat >> hello.ello (laughter). >> up next, lamar odom spentnt easter with the kardashiandash celebrating with his estrangeded
10:16 am
of her siblings.ling including kendall jenner and courtney kardashian.i crew commemorated the day with w plenty of snaps to their snap s chat account. account. >> of course they did.f urse >> they did face swap. facwa yup. there you go.o >> that's cute. cute. >> it was a special weekend for chrissy teigen her friendsrien through her baby shower notho exactly what you would expecwet though.thgh mcdonald's for lunch.. erin adriana druce posted this s picture on sad thankees chrisee tee teigen for making us all feel normal.. >> that's not the picture.. >> that's not it either.he >> the guest list was impressi impressive. >> imagine mcdonald's food.s fod >> who new erin andrews wasas friends witness carryings and ad christie teigen. >> for dessert john legend babyn cake. the should you was held at kim carrying's bell hair house. all the
10:17 am
snap chat and instagram accounts.coun. no due date yet. y their baby girl is due thiss d i spring.sp >> it has to be due soon.oo she's not small.. >> the picture she made thatad comment to a picture of mcdonald's breakfast food. f thanks for make us normall because we're just -- we're notn eating high end food we'reooe're eating mcdonald's. >> erin andrews and kim kardashian and chrissy tee aga again. >> lady georgia celebrates hera 30th birthday today. >> she's only 30.>> s onl >> yeah. she celebrated her milestoneed l birthday this past week mendee m gorgeous mini dress that only lady gaga could pull off.ull o >> all right. my gosh those are some 1980s98 shoulder pads.s >> i know. >> in this anybody would notice her coming. >> the star looked completelyomt fierce as she entered her ae ene star-studded party in hollywoodo i'm not sure i agree with thatt review.view very lady good g the theme ofmeo the birthday barb was thearb
10:18 am
>> what about that dress is fosf 20's. >> let's talk about her guest list. l featuring the likes of taylor swift, kate hued hudson, nick jonas. chrissy tee again, john legendng and more.d mo >> busy weekend.>>y >> happy birthday lady gaga.. >> she's done a lot in 30 yearsy >> i'm starring to think you'reu right they're all friends.'re af >> yeah they are.>>eah >> the biebs of course you have biebs news. back at it again. the song gary camping withng w buddies this weekend unless the perfect opportunity for a bareae bottom photo shoot.hoot >> why we doing t >> posted this photo tote t instagram along with a few others camping weekend where he went oh natural. >> how did he hold that good day d.c. banner.c. b >> we appreciate the shout out.t you see this more as beyond glan pink when it comes to justinn beiber.iber. >> absolutely. >> i don't think he's cookinghi his own fnkood.
10:19 am
>> i don't think they're don roughing it. they're not pulling up at a koa. >> maybe we can save this foror wisdom he would have loved that. he lo we'll rerun. rer >> listen for the first time thi coaches on the voice will be two women and two men.. >> okay.>> okay. >> miley cyrus and alicia keys s and chrissy tee >> i know. >> will join blake shelton andis adam levine for the 11th season of the show.w. the season will kick off in september. mile system an adviser on the current keys was anode visor for seasona seven. >> they got the big named stars. >> gwen stefani and christina aguilar rah they're not doing ii any more.any more. >> i would like to tell you i l watch the voice.tch >> it's on a different network. >> otts an competing network.. >> aha. ah >> thank you chrissy teigen onn dancing with the stars. srs >> after the baby is bor >> thanks ladies. >> okay.kay. if you know me, you know i lovee
10:20 am
so what are the hottest stylesty this spring? fox5's fashionas guru tam lee will join us live.l >> if you can pick just one.u ck can you do that.n >> i'm going to want all ofllf >> it's challenge for allison.eo we'll get back to the white t house this morning. morng some of the stories that are happening now on the dmv. d we'll get updates as well. it's 10:20 as we wait on the president this morning. ♪ ♪ as a small business owner, here's one thing you can rely on: your business will change as it grows. whether its new space, more employees, or better equipment, things have a way of moving fast. but if your network can't keep up, it can really slow you down. and that's not good for business. thankfully, a switch to the 100% fiber optic network of verizon fios
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10:23 am
>> 10:22. let's check headlines right nowl continued delays on amtrak andys marc rail in maryland after a person was hit and killed by a train this morning. the incident itself happened in prince george's county. jennifer davis live onarn the e in lanham with the incident andd the delays that fold. tha fol jenn, good morning.jenn, go >> reporter: those delayser: ose still in place according to the latest twitter -- tweet from amtrak saying right now servicee remains suspended between washington and baltimore. here's why. you can see we're in lanham, behind that crime tape under the bridge is where this body wasy discover.scer this happened on the train tracks near annapolis road and r when it field chapel road hereer in lanham.m police are on the scene from fro several different agencies.geie prince george's county police, maryland transit, also, amtrak police here processing scene afa this pedestrian was hit andnd killed by a marc train.ra as you mentioned, this police activity has certainly causedse some problems for people tryingg to travel on the rails.. marc trains and amtrak right not
10:24 am
activity here and there's no no timetable at this point for whew service will resume.willesum back to you guys.uys >> all right, jennifer, thanks. 10:24. still ahead at 10:30 kevin goess one-on-one with heavy weight wei jake gyllenhaal. gylle >> also at tepp a the return ofr the empire. empe that's what we're calling it th empire. a few days away.way what can you expect? we have a preview you won't want to miss. ♪
10:25 am
10:26 am
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10:27 am
busch gardens williamsburg. a whole other world awaits. ♪ dance like no one is watching, n right.righ >> clearly. everybody everyone is watching. >> clip from the new movieovie demolition which i don't think't
10:28 am
don't let the likeness full youu jake gyllenhaal play as man struggling to put life back together after the death of his wife he fine the help he needs thanks to a complaint he wrote to aveenoing machine company. >> super bizarre. bizarre when his wife passes i was heses has no feelings whatsoever abouo her passing away.r ing a he says he didn't really know k who she was.e when he's in the hospital hein goes to the vending machine to o buy peanut m and m's get stuck s in the vending machine area.a. he ends up writing a complain ti the haven'ting machine companyom in that plate he kind ofind unraffles his entire life. and through the death of his wife, he starts noticing thingsi in his life he never noticed before. his whole kind of bland in hisds eyes.ey what's interesting about the mei and m's by the way they had to t construct the vending machine ie such a way it would get exactlyt it was empty same shot him shoti pressing the button.he bn it was cool how they did it.dt. the movie itself opens
10:29 am
88th. i spoke to him about a scene ine the film putting his life back together. he destroys an entire house inae the film he's trying to figure out what's going on his life. l i asked him how his scene work.r since your wife passed away what kind of roll has taught yout you about your life you didn't knoww about before.abou >> it was a piece of house johnh marquette had made and fitted with everything.wi it was like a real house.e a alh everything in the drawers, thett footer, everything, and we were just -- nothing was sort of w s break away or fake.ake everything was built as it was. so that, you know h we destroyer things we destroyed them fored f real. if we had to be careful when we were doing it, and sometimes n not. but like we actually pulled apart the whole second of thele house.u >> how did that feel. did tha >> it was great. it it was great fun.reat it was great was i mean it was, um, it was it think there's a part of --t of there's a part of me that -- when you demolish anything thatt sort of like three-year-old,ear,
10:30 am
year old who builds somethingset and kicks it down.. ily realized it's so much hardee to create than it is to demoli demolish, um, and ultimately sol much more satisfying when you dn create and a lot harder. >> one thing i love about thishi movie when she does pass away hh starts to pay attention toti things he never noticed beforeoe in le. >> right. >> i'm wondering have you evernh walk away from a role and thenen started noticing things in youry life that you didn't noticeot based on the role you played? >> huh? yeah. huh? i mean i think that's why i likk to act is that, you know, you, y find yourself in a world butut that's also about preparation p much it's not just the playing p of the role. i usually spend lots -- many months beforehand in the worldiw that my character would findldin themselves in and within that ta you -- you get to learn fromrn people who are doing realea interesting jobs and all of those situations i found myselfs in terms of research haveave changed my life and i went up w walking away
10:31 am
friends, pretty much usuallyly one, i'm lucky more, but usuallu one or two, and people who haveh you know, shown me so many things. i think about show me that likee i had profound judgment that ita didn't know i had or that i wasw judging something i didn't known i was judging. >> there's that's jake that's part we'll have part two coming up cn next week.neee interesting concept.g you think about -- go ahead. >> reminds me of the songhe song nothing in chorus line.s line. >> do you know that. d >> no. she sings about her actingngs au teacher and then the actingin teacher dies and she feels nothing.g. then it's a little bit liberating for her. >> he disturbs by.distur b he feels absolutely nothing when she dies.di more worried about getting his g back for m. m's than he is about his wife passageway.ssageway. >> or is he? >> that's the point of the film the question our audience if you want to hash tag dc us what hast something tragic in your life y taught you that you didn't knowo you didn't notice beforehand
10:32 am
keep question but i am curious.. fascinating --ing - >> dot m and m's have sniff canf or if he would have gone for a r snickers.kers. >> he did joke the frito'srito always got stuck.ot the m and m's they had a hard hr time getting stuck. stuck. >> i'm in his head.'m in head >> i brought him a m and m's. ms >> did >> i brought him -- peanut m and m's two bucks.uc i feel bad your character neverr got these.t th >> what did he say.>> wha >> thank you.>> t you >> my favorite canny. can >> i'm surprised he wasn't likes thanks and big old -- >> a pile of them.e of the >> no one else gave it to him.oh >> oh yeah. that's cute.ute. >> on my facebook page. page. i hasn'ted them to him and he'sh super excited.peexc i left that out of thet ouof t interview. that was a fun >> cool.>> cool >> all right. , kev, thank you empire fans ths wait is almost over. ove the hit musical drama comes bacb on wednesday night to answer ala those lingering questions leftis by the mid season finale last year.year ome, one character who will be w very busy the rest of the season is h here's a preview of
10:33 am
expect. >> i'm going to give you one last chance.ha the son can't be beat. be b >> the thing that hakeem set out to do in the first episode ofpio this season take empire away awa from his his he just pulled off in the most astounding shocking and unanticipated way. ♪ >> it's going to be very complicated. because camilla is back.k >> would like to run for ceo of empire?pire? >> me. empire that's my birth right. >> his ascension to empire iss highly dependent on cam pill laa who made it clear that she wants to be with hakeem.h hak she wants to rule the empire with him and hakeem is in love i with laura. >> your love -- you're in love? >> yeah. yeah. (laughter). (laughte >> i know it may sound crazy.. i ain't never feel this way in i my life. l
10:34 am
a baby on the way.. anika is pregnant with hakeem's hakeem has no idea. hakeem has a lot to contend witt going forward.ward >> you will never be one of us. you won't ever be a lyon ever. >> what kind of retribution will lucious take against hakeem? he will cookie continue to support hakeem? will hakeem hang on to the thrown of empire? >> if you charge to become ceo it ain't going to turn out goodo for him. >> ♪ >> you catch the brand new episode of empire wednesdaye wey night at 9:00 right here on fo fox5. of course we'll have that'll haa triumphant return of ome recapping the empire night nig before right here on good day at 10a.a. okay. i know lot of you missed it.youi the wait is almost over.os over. >> i was going to ask you if we were going to talk about it attt all onc
10:35 am
>> hello, yeah. >> we immediate to recap.teo rep it was a good mid season finalel >> sure was. all the action going on down at the white we're anxiously waiting for thee president and first lady to coml out. we do know some stars are coming out into the lawn the cast of blackish is there. t this would be a good one for y you. >> this would have been good. you love that showha and of couo the kids are rolling the eggs e and they're in the littletl reading nook and they've got tht stages going with the performances with the first la lady's let's move exercisexerc things going on being hula hoop or, you know, cal sten 96.n they have obstacle courses setos up and all of that.f it look like the rain stopped. o >> it does.t does >> good. goo >> it does. >> happy for that.ap for t >> um-hmm.>> um- >> happy for that for >> ♪ >> are we going to check back ii with caitlin before the end ofef the is he. >> i was m yes. y caitlin is down there.ownhere very cool. >> ♪ >> here's a question for
tv-commercial tv-commercial
10:36 am
do you have a little spring inln your step? well you shall.yo and we can help you. can. so the question is, whatt fabulous footwear should you be wearing this season? we'll havh you struttin strutting the hottg coming up next. narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy,
10:37 am
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10:38 am
mmmm, yoplait. ♪ just introduced looks like the bunny is make the the initial entrance. entnc >> there we go. >> the first family..
10:39 am
appearance. so cool. >> let's listen in and see whatw they have to say on this mondayy morning.morn big day at the white house house easter egg roll as they addresss the lucky folks that were able a to get the covet the tickets. >> singing our national anthem e sony award winning multiul platinum roaring artist i deena menzel. ♪ oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light, what so proudly we hail at the t
10:40 am
last gleaming ♪ >> ♪ who's brought stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, or the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪ >> ♪ and the rockets red glare,e the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that out flag was still there ♪ >> ♪ oh, say does that star spank gel
10:41 am
the land of the free and the home of the brave! ♪ (applause). >> yes. yes. >> wow! >> >> that voice. >> man. >> can anybody give a big round of applause! (applause). >> how is everybody doing today? >> good good.. >> happy easter. ete you guys brought the sun out. (applause).laus >> so we appreciate that so mu much. this is always one of our of r favorite events of the year. it's so c
10:42 am
want talk too long but i do wann to make sure that everybody ery thanks our outstanding marinee band who does such a great job. (applause).. >> i want to thank all thehe volunteers who have helped toelt make this day possible.e. give them huge round of applau applause. (applause). >> and i want to thank the first lady of the united states. state (applause). >> michelle obama! >> yay. >> y >> thank you, hahn know. >> aww.. >> here you take bunny. hi, everybody.verybo happy easter egg roll day! are r you all having a good time? ite is going to be perfect weather.a the sun is coming out which is h always a great omen for the day. we're just thrilled to have you all here.l today is a little bitittle b bittersweet for us.for u because this is the obama administration's last easter
10:43 am
roll.ll yeah and if we think about whatt we've accomplished over these past seven years it's prettytty incredible. because when barrack and i firsf got her one of the goals that wt had was to open up the whitehe w house to as many people from as many backgrounds as possible tot open it up to our kids, to our musicians, to explore our cultures, to expose families to healthy living and to just have a lot of fun and also to our military families. famies. i've got the peanut crewt remaining me of stuff but we w can't forget all of our militarl families who we love, honor and respect.ect. y yes. >> for their service and their sacrifice.. and since we started havingaving easter egg roles, we've had more than 250,000 people come to this lawn every year.ry y it's been today we're going to have 35,000 people who will come in and outt of this south lawn ov t
10:44 am
course of the day, and we a we couldn't be more excited for for this last easter egg roll. r we have daned, we have done yoga, we've got our sole cyclerc here, we've got some tremendous athletes and entertainers anderd artists who are going to read tr and play games with you all.ou a we've got a little whip ane wh a little nae-nae or however you do it. something like that. t so we just want you have to funf and the theme this year in ournr final year is pretty simple.e it's let's celebrate.ebte let's celebrate all the good work that we've done. all the great messaging we'vesag had. all the amazing change thathat we've seen in this country andnd we want to celebrate our families. famili we want to celebrate our nationo everything that makes us strongr it's our diversity.ivsi it's our values.. that's what makes us strong and me in this president we havesidv been honored to be here as youru president and first lady to bea able to host you in our backyarr every single year. y so i
10:45 am
terrific time. we're going to be out theree oue doing a little egg rolling. rol. we're going to have a fun runun today. y. i'm going to be running around the white house with a bunch ofo kids so i hope and any adultsdu who feel like they can hang, yoy guys can run along with me.. don't feel shy. shy so just have a good time. t and just know that we love you.y we love you all. all we're grateful for the love ande support that you've shown us all these years.e y so thank you all. happy easter!r! (applause).(a >> let's celebrate! >> hey! >> and that is the most tha glamorous east bunny in the the world.rl i i love it.>> >> did he get a chance to speake >> he is he a little something s and handed it over to the first lady.. the first lady said they're last easter egg roll.l. got to be bittersweet this is at fun time, you know. kno >> they're a fun couple. couple. i love seeing them. see >> the sun came out as i deena menzel started to sing.o s >> on queue.. >> very poetic. >> they're beau and sonny, too. >> caitlin roth is taking it ini
10:46 am
let's hope we can check in withw her later on she can tell us hos she's experiencing the her first either egg roll at the white house. >> it looks like fun. it >> it does. the weather cooperating now. now let's check in with holly right now.. >> bringing star wars to thein white houseg . >> maybe they're actually secree service guys.seice >> right. >> all right. rig it may be a rainy monday, buty, the weather is working onorng warming up we've seen the sunnhe come out there down at the white house. so we are working to put some of the finishing touches on our our spring wardrobe. joining us with some of the spring's hottest shoe andhoe a accessory true is resident fox5 fashionista tam lee. t l good to see you. s. >> good morning, everybody.vey let's talk shoes. >> let's do it. >> this really does i mean for lack of a better phrase puts as little extra spring in your ster when you get a new pair ofair o shoes. shoes. >> yes. i mean a girl can conquer theonr world she's got the right pairhr of shoes on. shoesn. >> amen. amen >> all right. so let's get started. srt what's the first wren. >> i'm going to talk abouthe
10:47 am
hottest trends that everybody should have in their closet thit spring. the first one is the block heele >> really. >> it's the most -- telling the most darling silhouette that'sit coming out this season.s sea you'll see this in every designer doing it.. every, you know, price point, p and the block heel so now we'rew going to trade in our stilettose and we're going to give our foof a break.reak >> i was going to say sometimesm i think -- sometimes almostetesa harder to work in the chunky,. . >> you think so. >> you don't have that nice, you know, little >> we're doing to give our feete a break little bit and we'll do the block heel.lock >> you don't fall over as much. >> you guys remember when i wasi here talking about the trends td the blue is going to be reallysb hot colo you'll see a lot of clothing and shoes act source in that bluebl color. next we'll go to the pointedoi toes.toes they've been around wheat pull p spin on them and take them downd a notch.a not before they used to be like fiv and 6-inches. 6nc they're going -- they're they' creeping back down to almost a
10:48 am
kitten heel everything is goingi a little lower this year. l thi >> that is not a kitten heel. (laughter).. >> we're going down. >> kitten heel is like this parp of it.. >> every shoe is going dobb aoib little bit shorter this year.. >> that's still in the stiletto arena, right?ight >> it's not that bad.. >> pattern obviously. obvus >> pattern will be good.ill be . you believe always have a goodaa pattern or rainbow shoe so thatt this is like easy to match upath with anything.thg. >> this is really cute.hi r you can put this on with white, jeans, anything.. >> a good pattern shoe is go too have with to throw on with a onh neutral color.neutlor. >> let's talk about its these -e >> those are are the you'll always need to have nudeu pair an black pair and for allol you ladies who love the designee shoes you can always still golwl for the red bottom. i love vince c a.m. ut oval. animal print works to.ntks to. if you have a on solid color yol can break it up.. >> i love these. tse i got these from aldo. a
10:49 am
these are remake.ake. louie vuitton. i love his little shoe.hoe. good classic shoe.. and so metallics are alwaysays good, too. too. metallics they serve as a goodoo neutral. >> i was going to say.oi that's what i heard they serve as ganache recall slightly morem glam porous.glam por >> absolutely. >> i have to have these. >> i absolutely love those.ho so, you know, casual sneakers sk are really really in.y i mean it's not about athleticuh wear any more it's about justboj street so i got these from -- i luck uu and got these from steve maddend pant gone city.ant gone city. you guys need to go and checknd out demarco l he's fining all f the hottest shoes.ttest shoes. these are typically sol out sol right now.ght >> really.>> >> they have like a few more re pairs. >> here's the good news.e's i can just go to my four-year-old next art project and create these. >> exactly. exa >> we only have a minute. >> you can always do just your then these oxford shoes are reaa until.l. >> i've seen these.he >> oxford shoes are in.d sh they're absolutely in.e absotely they have a slightly pointedpote toe. >> can we
10:50 am
>> i like them with white jeansa gladiators are back again. a good i didn't buy them the first time. time. i don't know that i'm going too the second time. >> you got to have the right le leg. >> five people in the world canc wear these.arhese >> the booty is back in. in most people associate the bootyo with fall and winter. win they spring it up. up make sure your pedicures arees right. >> we're heading into thatea season any way. >> we were asking real quicklyel what would you wear these withh because this is an interestingig height. height >> i would do a skinny jean.nnya >> you would.>>ou w >> or you could do like a crop c jean as as l >> you can do a crop jean andjen that's another good lace up u shoe.oe. also, too, whenever you ladiesad always should have he's in youra purse. these sole savers.e savers. yes. those are main stream. >> you can get those on my thosy website.ite >> because when that kitten heeh down there -- gets too high.igh. when you've got to give yourr feet a break you got to have the soul
10:51 am
if you want to follow me i'm talking all fashion trendsashi keeping you in the you got to follow me on o instagram at boutique tush, periscope, i'm all over thell place talking f you know. >> we that's why we love you muchhy that's why w she's our residentn fashionista. all right. al back over to ya'll. >> grab the louie vuitton andttn meet you outside. >> 10:51.. back out to the white house lawe the first family and tens of thousands of kids are rollingng easter ♪ ♪
10:52 am
10:53 am
thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
10:54 am
♪ man we are holding on towe this rolling in the a deep them. easter egg roll. >> would you rather go back to hello? are you okay with this?h >> i know.>> kno but okay.t oka any who --ing.ho -ing >> elogy rolling on the river.o >> that would have been good.ulb >> rolling, rolling. >> caitlin roth at the white rh house covering the easter eggas roll we just got yell atst got caitlin. i'm sorry. what's going on there 80 sun isi out. >> reporter: that's okay.r:t's yes, the sun -- for one it's soi much better than when we gotn wg here at 4:00 a.m. it wasn't cols and wet and dark. dk. literally as the president and first lady came out so did thehe sun. su wonderful moment we just showede you and actually
10:55 am
moment right behind me.. after the first family greeteded everyone, they came down to the lawn and they actuallyy participated in egg roll withrit some very very lucky kids. k we saw them race with the eggs.e they remember meeting anding greeting and taking pictures pie with everyone.ryone. such acute moment where thee t president himself was lifting lf some of the tiny little babieset that came far and wide to thed t east egg roll here. h so they were out on the lawn l themselves. sonny and beau the two white house doing are with them. after that, kind of have beenee doing a lap around the groundsrn now i'm told they'll be stoppins at all the different they'll talk to, you know, all , the kids that have lined up at u this lucky moment to meet and m greet them.greet them. they look wonderful. loond both the first lady and their ld president big smiles on theirmin faces as they greeted everyone e and as they said, the theme ofme this year's 2016 easter egg rolr let's celebrate.rate because they're celebratingelebi their last easter egg roll, and, this is the last one thatt they'll be here in the whitein t house for.r so i think that's a special a moment for the first family.ily but also such a special momentcn for anyone who could be h
10:56 am
i've been out here since earlyie this morning, and everyone who o first arrived in the wet raineti they came from all over. all they were just super excited too be here. h tons of different characters cha they got to meet and from here h on out you saw i deena perform.r there will be more performers,fr more egg races, just a lot morem fun to come throughout the dayot but i think we might have seenen one of the best moments with th first family out here themselves. all right. that's the latest here from thef whitero house. it's been a wonderful morning. . i'll send it back to you guys,u, steve, allison, wisdom and hol holly. >> well, we'll have to yell y louder for wisdom to hear. hi, wisdom we miss you. mis y invite the president and first f lady to come see us in the lotsl of next time we'll save themehe some easter eggs here.e >> absolutely. that's's f >> i love the reading muchding c always so great.ea >> love things turned out tur weather wise for this last yeara of the easter egg roll for the first family. i imagine we'll be streaming sti think online. >> they're probably stream
10:57 am
via the white house.. >> thanks staying with us for wr good day d.c. we'll be back bright and early tomorrow. the news is always on at my fox look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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glenn:threateningicans: gofederal workers;ns over 60 votes to repeal obamacare. now they're refusing to even consider president obama's nominee for the supreme court. it disrespects the president and all of us -- and we won't put up with it. in congress, i'll protect president obama's legacy, defend obamacare, and stand up for social security and medicare. i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on republicans - for all of us.
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live from new york city, it's e"the wendy williams show"! >> with all due a row expect. have a seat. >> my girls have always turned out. >> announcer: now here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: ta-da! welcome to


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