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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 29, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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what we've learned about the suspect. >> and hackers crippled the computer system of a major hospital chain. >> the cyber attack is impacting doctors and patients. fox 5 local news at 11:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm jim lokay in for tony perkins and off the top at 11:00, a 66-year-old man shot and taken into custody on capitol hill after he drew a gun inside the visitor's center. >> the incident happened around 2:30 this afternoon after the area was packed with tourists and visitors. marina marraco is live on capitol hill tonight after a
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play-by-play of what happened. >> reporter: finally it is calm and peaceful. just a few hours ago the suspect's vehicle removed from the premises here taken to a nearby evidence yard and there a search warrant will be executed. back in 2008 police saying that this same man came on to capitol complex, a man was arrested. canine surveyed the car and was deemed safe and for about six hours it sat parked here at the capitol complex. u.s. capitol police saying this man has been known to them several times before and it appears they say that he drew a weapon at this point. police not being any more specific other than to say that it appeared he drew a weapon. they did say he recovered that weapon but they did not say what type of weapon it was. when he did that allegedly, that's when t
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>> i was panicked. i was definitely panicked. >> reporter: for nearly an hour, hundreds of tourists at the visitor's center were evacuated while others had to shelter in place as police subdued a man who draw a weapon at the security checkpoint. >> saw people scattering on the inside, like running to corners. >> did you hear gun shots at any point? >> i didn't. a few people said they heard gunshots. >> a u.s. capital police officer fired and wounded 66-year-old larry dawson of tennessee believed to be the only suspect. >> the ambulance pulled up with a stretcher. >> dawson was rushed to surgery while a bystander was treated for minor injuries. panic reined in the halls of the capital. >> one guy got antsy. >> it was almost
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out because the image you see on tv all the time of people being let out. police with big guns. it was almost scarier than when it was happening inside. >> at this hour we're learning that the suspect remained at the hospital in stable but critical condition after undergoing surgery. he is now facing two very serious charges which include his charge assault with a deadly weapon as well as assault on a police officer while armed. >> the 66-year-old is from antioch, tennessee. he was known to officers at the capitol. he was issued a stayaway order back in october. that order required him to keep away from cap tol grounds. this was issued after he disrupted the house chamber last fall by shooting he was a prophet of god. nearly one week after the isis bombings in
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death toll has wristen to 35. -- risen to 35. four more people died. more than 300 people were hurt. today belgian prosecutors said three more people have been arrested and face charges of participating in terroristic activities. but it is this man that police are still searching for. we still don't know his name but surveillance cameras recorded him interacting with the two suicide bombers shortly before they detonated their explosives. >> still no arrests in the shooting death of a 15-year-old boy outside of the deanwood metro station. he was shot and killed while waiting to for a train. >> the crime rate on metro
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communities we serve. that's just a fact. the crime that occurred was horrific and tragic but there's nothing specific to metro about it. >> police say they do have surveillance video of the suspect from saturday's shooting but they say they'll only release it if they feel the public's help. dc fire and ems getting much-needed help today. the service will only take patients with illnesses or emergencies considered to be minor emergencies. >> hackers hit the med star hospital chain here in the dc area. the breach crippled. fox 5's sarah simmons is live outside med star georgetown university hospital with the latest. sarah?
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they are working with the fbi to investigate some type of malware to their system. we could be talking about anything from spy ware, ad ware, et cetera. but sources are telling fox 5 that they were hit with some type of ransom ware. they are threatening to shut down the entire system. that's what they're telling fox 5. meanwhile a spokesperson for med star says the virus prevented some employees today from logging into the system but all of its clinics remain open and functioning. med star says there is no immediate evidence that patient information was stolen. now, we talked with the ceo of invincia, inc. they say ran some ware
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becoming hospital lar with hackers because it's a way to make money as opposed to credit card theft this type of malware is usually launched through what he calls spear fishing. >> spear fishing is when e-mails are sent to individuals where they click on an attachment or click on a link and from there the ransomware runs. it's spreading throughout the network. so businesses really need to treat this as a serious risk because of that. a single user can bring down your entire business. >> reporter: pretty scary stuff there. he says the antivirus software that most companies and individuals use is not very good at stopping ransome
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attacks. med star operates ten tops in the washington area. they employee thousands staff and doctors and thousands more patients that come through that every day. so obviously this is a significant threat that they need to look at and take seriously. that's the latest here at med star georgetown hospital. sarah simmons, fox 5 local news. >> scarry stuff inseed. thank you. the fbi said it successfully hacked into a cell phone that belonged to one of the terrorists and they did it without apple's help. the fbi asked the fbi to drop
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order. >> the prince george's county detective who was shot to death was laid to rest today. jacai colson was shot and killed by friendly fire earlier this month. he would have turned 29 years old the week he was killed. maryland is moving towards creating a task. a review of its own police department's taser use. montgomery county police were called out when he began behaving erratically. >> 66% are not compliant wit
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best practices and standards all over the state. so this is something that has to be addressed because it has resulted in death and in montgomery county i believe there are about four deaths and we have to take that seriously. >> still ahead tonight at 11:00, metro is celebrating its 40th anniversary and tomorrow a major restaurant chain is handing out free smart trip cards in celebration of the milestone. we'll tell you when and where you can pick up one of those free cards. >> it might be nice enough to walk around town as well but those winds today would have had you hustles for the metro. they are a little better tonight but i still think it will be on the breezy side tuesday and a little bit of a chilly start as well. we'll talk about that in your 7-day forecast in just a few minutes. jim? >> former super model janice dickinson opening up about her brea c
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>> we want you to know that april is autism awareness month. all this week fox 5 is partnering with autism speaks to help raise awareness about autism in our community. we will also be sharing the stories of some incredible families, local families living with autism. we hope as you watch our stories you will be inspired to donate to autism speaks. they do a lot of great work in our community to research for helping families with autism. go to right now or text the word autism to 25383 to donate $10 right now. we appreciate it. we'll be right back.
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a little more trouble today from metro, this time on the red line. we were told there was a possible arcing insulatetor issue in a tanl near the medical station on wisconsin avenue. train service was suspended while crews fixed the problem. fortunately no one was hurt. today's metro issue comes less than two weeks after the entire rail system was shut down for an emergency inspection. crews found 26 badly
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electrical connections during the safety checks. they were all repaired before the system reopened. metro's general manager says more rigorous and regular inspections will be the new standard for metro. they are celebrating a big milestone a 40th anniversary. tomorrow mcdonald's representatives will give away $10,000 in fares in the form of shart trip cards loaded with $5 each. 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. silver spring will be one of those locations. the others are still under wraps. that means you're going to have to keep it here for all the details. >> just don't think about taking the mcdonald's on the metro. >> today president barack obama and the first lady hosted an easter egg roll at the white house. it dates all the way back to 1878 and it includes story telling and musical performances for the kids.
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and parents alike. >> we're very, very fortunate to be here and just got lucky today. had a beautiful day. so yeah, having a great time. >> more than 35,000 tickets were handed out for the easter egg roll. beyonce, jay-z and daughter blue ivy were there. >> >> look at her. >> that is bunny coutoure. >> jay didn't look too excited to be there. >> let's talk about the weather now. >> i hope that was not bunny fur. >> i'm sure it was not. >> i don't think beyonce is into that. but who knows. it was windy out there today. i know the concern was the cherry blossoms.
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>> the night view. you know what, i'm surprised there are still so many on the trees to be honest, 40, 50 mile an hour winds. >> they got through the blizzard so they might as well hang out for their big show. hopefully they'll be around for a few more days. big wind like we have today and heavy rain can do a number of on them. so our next chance of rain, you can see some of them have come off but still so worth getting down there tomorrow. it will not be as windy and our next rain thursday afternoon could be a couple of thunderstorms but it looks like it's still worth the trip. they came into peak bloom on friday and they tend to last 4-10 days. it looks like a lot of them hung in there. it touched 70 degrees but the wind made it feel cooler. the wind advisory has been cancelled for our area. it's still in effect
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hour over on the eastern shore, but look at this getting some gusts and 17 at culpeper, 29 in cumberland. still a breezy day tomorrow and here's where the wind advisory is still in effect. the eastern shore of maryland. tomorrow temperature wise, a little cooler than today. even a little bit of a wind chill in the morning. that is below our average which is 61 tomorrow. wednesday's temperature nice 64, it's going to be a really good day. 72 for thursday and friday. both warm days. but a rumble of thunder possible on thursday afternoon and it looks like we'll have some showers certainly friday morning. not sure how long they'll last into the afternoon. looking live at the national cathedral tonight, our current temperature is 52 degrees, sustained winds out of the west northwest at 18 miles per hour and our air is prett
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dew point 35 which means these temperatures could drop a little bit later tonight. not bad now at 56 but if you look up towards hagerstown and cumberland they're down to 48 degrees and i expect everybody to fall into the 40s tonight with some upper 30s around and it would be even cooler but the breezes will do a number. this is the wind chill tomorrow morning. 7:00 a.m. windchill could be as cold as 29 in hagerstown to 35 here in the district because those temperatures will head to the low 40s and gusts could be around 25 or 30 miles per hour. much better by the time we get to the noon hour and it will be a nice sunny day if it will be on the cool side and our breeze will come from high pressure building in. but on wednesday it will start pumping in a little bit warmer wind and low 60s ought to feel terrific. thursday also looking great, a chance of some afternoon thunderstorms but temperature wise at 72 should be
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comfortable. saturday 62, sunday cool at 57 degrees. and monday about 56 degrees. that's your forecast. jim, over to you. >> thank you, sue. well, you can only accomplish so much in the regular season and the capitals have done it all. the rebound he turns 22 tomorrow. the caps win 4-1. >> we've known for a while that it's basically we're going to get it, mathematically it's going to happen.
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it's just one of those things that shows we've been doing good things all year and working hard. but we're moving on to the next step. >> the wizards face kobe bryant one last time. but the 37-year-old kobe is retiring soon. his 20-year career is down to nine remaining games. and wizards head coach doesn't think kobe should hang it up saying to an espn reporter i don't know why he's retiring. i might ask him to come play for the wizards. >> the team moves next spring to west palm
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janice dickinson says she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. >> she wasn't feeling well so she went to the doctor. during the exam a lump was discovered. she says the cancer is in its early stages. she plans to put up a tough fight. she's engaged to be married this summer and does not plan to post poen her wedding views. he's taking on a new business venture. >> combs is opening a charter school in harlem. the capital preparatory harlem charter school will open this fall. that school in turn has been credited with turning students' lives around. he said opening a school in his hometown is a dream come true. >> that's great. >> putting your money where your mouth is. >> so now we've
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p.diddy. someone else needs to step up too. >> i love the fact that it's here in the united states that he's helping out kids in his hometown. >> absolutely. >> weather tomorrow morning? >> i still think it will be breezy. i think there will wind chills in the 30s. on the cooler side tomorrow. good-bye to march on friday. 
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