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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  March 31, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ this is fox5 news t morning. >> right now at 7 o'clock followingbacking news. a police p you suit in y sui northern virginia it's over now. the chase happened on a roadennr packed with drivers though.iverg what police say led up to this pursuit coming up. >> some of the world's mostld'st powerful leaders gathering inate the district today.e ri a two-day nuclear summitlear sut begins later this morning. creating quite the trickyri commute. roads are closed, metro off limits. we're live with what you needit to know toh get around.d. plus.>>us >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> to the woman.>> >> yeah, there has to be some form. form >> donald trump igniting aignita fire over women and abortion. ao this morning he's backtrackingak and what he's saying thise's sas morning and reaction fromtirom other candidates in the race.ath >> let's go ahead and take a te live look outside on thishis thursday march 31st, last
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of the month 2016. 2 actually pretty nice outtty ce o there. mild this morning, 55 going to be even more mildild over the next couple days, might be a little wet, though,to too. we'll talk with tuck about that and of course trafficf with erin coming outpatient onto the five at 7:05.e at good morning to you, i'm hollyol morris in for allison seymour. o >> i'm steve chenevey. cne this is the scene from skyfoxm x within the hour.wi this is route 29 at legatoat road near the fairfax countyount started as a traffic stopic s around 6:00 a.m..m not sure where that was butas bt police say the driver took off. officers went after him.ent aft. this is where it ended.s wher the driver is in custody. cto no word yet on why policeolic wanted to stop that vehicle in n the first place. p >> there is also breaking news right now overseas. at least a hundred people areere missing following the collapse l of an overpass that was under ud construction near calcutta,tta, india.india. now, there are reports at a least 10 people died whene diedn slabs fell onto moving oo ve
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now officials are diggingcis ar through the debris to find people still trapped in their t cars and construction workersnoe believed to be buried in the rubble. >> the other big story todayer b here in d.c. the threat off major traffic delays downtown dt all due to many world leaders visiting washington for thehing nuclear security summit.summ >> leaders from more than 50 th countries are attending the event.ent. they began arriving yesterday.ed more of course will come inillom today. the meetings are being held at l the washington conventionn nv center. nter fox5's annie yu is live iiv right near there with more onor the streets you should avoid.. hey, annie. a >> reporter: hey, good repor morning, holly and steve. well, you should try and avoid o any street along or around the washington convention centervenn for the next two days if possible. we have moved now. h we were at sixth and new yorkndy avenue earlier on the otherhe oh side of this roadway here.ayere. we're at tenth and mass avenueee now. if you look behind me there isee where the barricade is set up on this side of the washington i convention center right by thety marriott marquis.qu. it's a couple blocks -- or one o block from the conventionvention center and you can see the
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that are preventing any unauthorized vehicles president barack obama gettingck through. there's also limitedim pedestrian traffic.pede not exactly sure if anyactly rei dignitaries are staying at this hotel. h organizers have not released ree where leaders are staying for obvious reasons but what's interesting is because of the barricades taxi cabs are notaxia allowed to get close to the hotel so guests staying at the hotel are getting picked up att the corner where you see thewh bell man in red there and i they're n getting picked up andd dropped off and they're using u a whistle system to alertrt passengers for pickup andp and they've also set up a tent t here for guest registrationegisr right out front so this is an example of how businesses areus being impacted by this as well. preps began yesterday andn ye since then members of the of the national guard, d.c. police asia well as secret service havevi been involved in the security sy measures and there's heavyes a police presence around these convention center and streets leading up to it so be aware and with president obama hosting as you mentioned dignitaries from more than 50fr countries, you can imaginema security is super tight. t the
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two-day event and it's the final one and so you canone and expect travel to bsoe impacted c until saturday afternoon once o it's wrapped up. up. now, road closures and changescd to metro are in effect as well.we as far as road closures go,, the main closures are k, l, m m streets between tenth anden sixth streets.stree as for metro the malvernal square metro is closed until saturday. all other metro stations are now, we have a full detailed dai list of all the road closuresoal and everything you need tong y e know and how you'll be impacted for the next two daystd on our web site at that's the latest here in north evident were, annie yu,t e fox5 local news. new >> streets were in blue onlue that map are closed. closed. >> avoid downtown if you can,ifc that's the best advice. a now remember earlier thismeb month when metro shut down foron an entire day for repairs? airs well, that could happen a lotoue more often. oen >> metro officials say thereay are so many problems that topop officials of transit agency age says they could shut down certain train lines as long as six months for maintenance. maureen joins us with more m
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>> can you imagine.s can a lot of people can't.lo two weeks t ago a first for thef area an unprecedented move by officials shut it down for for over 24 hours to find and make k repairs to damaged powerag cables and the move caused major traffic snarls all s around the dmv. metro board chairman jack evans says closing the system te for a few hours a night and onto weekends is not enough to dogh d major repairs needed.d. evans says the system has been neglected for so long that thef only way to make the neededeed repairs may be to shut down aow line for a long period of time. evans singled out the blueline u as one of the lines that wouldei close for repairs but said anyai one of metro's six lines couldiu be impacted. >> it's inconvenient manyin people are going to be outraged, annoyed and all ofd o that but frankly the way we're y doing it is not working. wki >> the decision on whether to close an entire subway linentir would be ue p to metroes general manager paul wiedefeld.feld. wiedefeld took over at metrove m in november.ovemr. he says we should know ratherat more about any major closuresorc
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people waiting to hear the hea decision on that but the the reality is these repairs needais to be made. what solution do you reallyn doa have beyond closing them forg th an extended amount of glime of got to get them done at somenets point. >> it will become the newhe n norm. we'll get used to it. >> we have gotten used to ased t lot of things that have madee us uncomfortable.omfortable. >> that's right.>> >> hey, tuck.>> hey, >> hey, mild temperatures to t start your day.start your we're d looking at 70 this afternoon. let's get right to the maps and yeah, 50's out tghhere early with very, very nice sunriseun just a few minutes a 55 in washington.hi 54 this morning inmorng in leonardtown.on north and west everybody's offbo to a comfortable start lookingoi at the mid-50's up in hagerstown, winchester veereste degrees as well so couldn'to co' ask for a nicer early springly r morning out there. clouds on the horizon. hor you can see them moving in from the west. we'll turn gradually mostly cloudy this afternoon as ours rr next frontal system, thiss one's a cold front approachesroe overnight tonight and earlyar tomorrow and that willhat wil eventually bring us some rain u showers but i think ths eth
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and then we'll increase thencre chances for a few showersho tonight and really our just ours past would be through the t first half of friday for rainor showers. here's your thursday forecast.ur getting breezy again. winds out of the south.. enjoy those high soaring all the way to w 73 degrees later should be a nice afternoon.eenia all right, that's weather.t' erin is here with roads. roa >> that's right, tucker, righte, now 7:07 and as we take ae a look, keep in mind as annies ann told us about all the streethe s closures surrounding theding the nuclear security summit.r se also a metro change mount m vernon square green and yellowel are bypassed. good news for your current curre metro commute as well as theas s orange and silver line noilver n longer single tracking. track there was previous disabled work units outside east falls church. it was causing problems east prt falls chump to ballston. things getting back to normalor n prince george's inbounde' traffic on five northbound f slow from brandywine tondywe surratts as usual.surratts as on the inner lp
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braddock so watch for that one t slowing you down from the springfield interchange.ngfi typical slow moving trafficelowv across the wilson bridge.
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♪ in the news at 7:30 now, ao, police pursuit in northern virginia at the start of thestaf morning rush. rus skyfox captured the end of this at route 29 and la gotta roadota near the fairfax county parkway. this started as traffic stopff s around 6:00 o'clock this0 morning. the driver took officers went after him and he'd now in custody. we couldn't to follow flo breaking news from india. i we now understand as many as 144 people are dead. 150 people trapped following tho collapse of an overpass that was under construction near calcut calcutta. heavy duty cranes have been brought in to help debris off of cars that still have peopleeo trapped inside. >> let's bring it back to theng city now at 7:30. 7 what are the odds knew casino cs will be built in anacostia? plenty of intrigue surroundingun the notion avenue new gamblingwg operation joining me for that story andora all things city related will
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the washington city paper g to t see you once again, will. >> lots to talk budge i want tot talk first of all about metro at every day we learn more about a metro plans. we had the shut, 24 hour shutrhu down. do we survived k we survive morever than 24 hours though because itu seems like down the road that rd maybe the way we're getting usee to life with >> this is remarkable.s is remaa yesterday jack evans thedajack chairman of metro and paul we'de field the general manager manag broached this idea of longerongr term shut downs of individualua metro lines like the blue lineel closed for weeks they're sayingn there are no firm plans right now but we're talking about not an entire shut down for a monthn but a whole line that would putt a lot of people in bind.ople in >> what's the reaction from neighbors, people who use it, rider, commuters, d.c. d. residents. >> a lot of people are saying this is my livelihood. livelood this is how i get to work. w i don't have a car. a car this has been my plan for yearsy how i get around noun they'reouh talking about closing it foringr weeks at a time.weeks at a tim no's hard to know how you gettok around that.aroundhat. >> speaking of getting a round u big nuclear summit in d.c.n today. those of us who have
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d.c. for many years, okay, it's another thing we have deal witce this we know at least is how ats temporary. but how big of an i packet is this what's happening.apni >> it's pretty significant. mount vernon metro stop istops closed.clos tons of street closures.losu it looks like you're in a pris prison. they're all these giant grid senses. makes you wonder why, f it's so dangerous have it out in i national harbor, out of the ci city. >> here's what's frustrating tou us, will. closures went into place place yesterday. there really weren't any activities down at thetivi convention center yesterday. do we really need to shuto shu everything down so far insoar advance when really only few oyw hours of this will be happeningh in that area that's nowhat'ow basically shut off to commuterse for two or three days. d >> for several days.>> f it's really remarkable. if it's so dangerous move it out and take the fences with you.cei >> no doubt about it. a good thing. let's talk bout casino issus right now. the mgm is going into nationalnl harbor.rb you can't miss the cranes in thn air. just up 295 might we see we something in anna
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>> same group they're talkingeyk about they want to have a referendum to put some veryy limited gambling blackjack,ck perhaps poker in anacostia there in a couple of rooms.. now, whether it makes it on thet ballot the not really clear butt yeah, maybe some day you could c be, you know, making blackjackga on the river there. t >> it sounds like when you readl the proposal that one of theikht selling points those lobby fogsg this trying to make some of thee proceeds would benefit d.c. d. schools perhaps, or d.c. housing perhaps. but do we even know who isho i putting this together at thistht point. >> it's a little mysterious. we know this group has beenas b behind previous efforts thatts t have unsuccessful to put gamingn in the city.he c they're based out of delawaref w and delaware is very popular with shady -- they don't have to disclose much about who isboutho behind it. it's very's v that keep changing the terms ofs their proposal.po the good news for people opposep to this idea so close to these t ballot deadline in november. nom it is very unlikely it will be l on the ballot.heallo >> to get enough signatures ohnu
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exactly. >> how about the ballot, how how about bernie sanders. san instead of collecting signaturee to get on the ballot as we werew just talking about, there's an a option for presidentialre candidates to pay to now, there's an idea local democratic party failed to failo forward his name in time.his me they claim in the past they'vete always been able to get in past the deadline or they didn't knoi there was a deadline perhaps the dc council may have to act and a get him on the ballot. >> so by actually following thel rules this time he may not be -b as far as, you know, them sayinn we won't ben the rules this timm we might stick to the deadline,l it might not work for him. h >> exactly right. local council member hillaryhi clinton was smart enough to getr on the ballot. we just have to expect bernie sanders d.c. will screw u >> i've always turned myurned homework in late. you accepted it before. bor why wouldn't you do it now. >> exactly right.ctht >> let's talk about ridingg companies.ies. we're familiar with uber andari a third company now. >> split.
7:35 am
different from what we've seenh in the past for uber and lyftt share your ride with strangershn and hopefully save a bit of bitf money. mo >> and this is expanding in different neighborhoods now,neig different parts -- is it citywide at this point?oi >> that's a good question. qst it definitely is expanded. they have algorithm that matchea you with people.eo you know, it will certainly hary to be up against uber to a lesser extent lyft. >> would want to be headed tortr pet worth and end up in georgetown. >> it's like a super shuttleupeu from dulles. exactly.>>exac >> cool. will summer washington cityr paper.wa 7:35 right now.. tuck how we looking outside?? >> look nice temps in the mid 50's. 5 nice mild start to your day.ay. eventually mid 70s, yeah, we'llw let's do it.s do i in fact let's dot maps. m live shot of northwest dcc looking up to married, and, a conditions couldn't be nicer.. 55 that is generally -- generaln number across the region here.ih notice the wind out of the soute at 1 so the warmer will get pumped ie ahead of our frontal season anda we'll be in for nice warme war afternoon.
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highs. we will turn cloudy by afterno afternoon. so we are going to have lot ofg clouds around the showers forshr the most part hold off untilffnt late tonight and early tomorrow. there might be a few showers around later this evening as that front gets closer for the e most part friday will be our wer one. i'll have more on that comingtom up. 73 today. today temps about 10 degrees warmers w than normal. n enjoy a beautiful at least afula warm afternoon.rm afterno how is traffic looking, erin? >> it's crowded because of thehe nuclear security summitt downtown, tucker. tke >> oh, yeah. >> lots going on.>> >> something we would not behi invited >> no. i would love to go and just kins of be a fly on the wall and takt look what they're talking aboutt >> i'm sure you're not invite. >> i'm sure i'm not invited totd do that. we'll get to the traffic. theraf something i can talk about righg now. taking a look at the inner loopl you are jammed up across theos t wilson bridge.ri seeing a lot of typical stop and go traffic and congestion andi also as we mentioned nuclearlear security summit a lot ofa lo o closures around the conventionoo center and the white house. the let's switch it over right now h and take a look at our maps.ap we are seeing again those delayy to the inner loop right now weht have se
7:37 am
chase did end in fairfax with a crash outbound 29 at la gotta g road. holly was telling us about thata right near the fairfax county parkway.y still investigation.gation. crash activity also in fairfaxai right now the inner loop pastt braddock road and 123 at henderson road. we had earlier crash on gw parkway northbound out by out slaters and gw parkway pkw southbound typical slow-movingli traffic out by 123 and spout rur as you cross the key bridge froo rosslyn you'll hit that usual traffic into georgetown sameeors story across the 11th streethtr bridge and 14th street bridge. i we're just seeing crowdedro conditions also as you make youy way from suitland parkway to t south capitol stop and go g in the district right now, 295 eastern avenue to pennsylvaniaut down to about 14 miles an hourah with congestion and then earliei metro alert for you.ou no longer single tracking on th orange and silver lines. l there was a previous disables db work unit outside east falls fls church.ur watch for residual delays but db things getting back to normal.oa also because of the nuclear security summit, we are dealing, with mro
7:38 am
vernon square through tomorrowe night. for the green or yellow use shas or gallery place and keep it tot fox5.fox5. we have more in just a few minutes.
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♪ after 15 years of denial ani northern virginia drug dealerdra has admitted his role in a 20012 murder is part of a plea bargaia that spares him a possible deate sentence.nten. the guilty plea by justin wolfuw ends a long running gag in whicw he was nearly he can cuted and d then nearly set free by a judged who accused of
7:41 am
misconduct. some good news this morningm no patient information was was compromised during that computer security breach at med staramed health. med star says it's three main tm clinical information systems ins that support patient care are moving to full restoration.on hackers hit the computer systems on monday. the fbi is trying to determine i if this was a ransom wear atta attack. med star still says there may b difficulty making appointmentsoe online. it is encouraging patients toiet call their providers office directly for information.. in montgomery county several council members want the artificial turf fields operated by the county tested due tote de concerns about a potential health risk. r many people fear the crumbmb rubber material contains conta carcinogens. the federal government launchede an effort in february toebruary investigate the health risksrisk there. still ahead this morning thh medical break through givingouiv hope to hiv patient who's need'e transplants.trannt >> later, a big change coming to why the popular neighborhoodghrh will soon officially open its is door to new restaurants.
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♪ live look outside on this thursday.sday that's beautiful overhead shot there looking down lincolnln memorial, the world war ii memorial, memorial bridgeemial heading across the potomac. >> everything is greening upree pretty quick.pretty qui >> i know right. >> my lawn turned green inurgree hurry. >> i like it and like the warmer temps headed our way today.oday >> you'll have work to do thisko
7:45 am
cut that grass soon. grassoon >> i'm very quickly getting to the stage of my life i'll have h to hire one of neighborhoode ni kids. >> really? >> getting there.>> >> pay them well, tucker g.. >> i pay them extremely >> just making sure.making sure. kids looking out for you. >> absolutely.bsolel ♪ >> there you go.o >> wait for the music.. >> that's what he's waiting forf >> i walk to this yesterday mucy that's not a good look. l come on, steve. >> nice hand in the pocket.e p i like it. >> you like that,.>> you lik >> uh-huh, yes. >> oh, smooth. >> you like that, too? too >> i got more for you holly. (laughter).. >> 70s return. yes. that music was from the '70's.. yeah, we got temperatures in tht 50's. 55 degrees mice mild start to the day. quantico 58.qutico 56 in fredericksburg. everybody mountains includedtasn waking up to comfortable up tooo temperatures.temperatur 54 up in hagerstown and winchester. as advertised warmerdvtised warr temperatures get in here today.d and we'll be in the low to mid o 70s nice comfortable afternoon.r we do have some clouds that will be moving in here and it will bl mst
7:46 am
think it should remain dry until really power best chance fort c rain doesn't get in here untilet tomorrow mosses maybe tonight.toniht maybe this evening if you're oue bound we'll get a shower or twoo as cold front approaches but very active weather pattern.te cold front will come throughhrgh tomorrow. we'll be nice and warm tomorrowr with some rain shower activity v around and then this weekendeeke we're actually going turn cold.c so we'll talk more about warm and breezy today.ezy today. enjoy your thursday.eny your t gorgeous afternoon.gorgeous aft high pressure off to our east.fe there's that cold front andat cn again that will bring us somel s showers and storms late tonightg early tomorrow. and the threat of showers kindwe of linger tomorrow. tomor a lot of flashing out as that front hangs up.tangs here's setup for the weekend. we saturday night we'll get quick moving front bring us a fewew sprinkles maybe a snow flurrylu big surge of cold air for early april invades the region oure eo daytime highs by sunday andunday monday don't get out of the low to mid 50s and we'll have prette good winds around here.und one more taste of the aftermath of winter as we get into t
7:47 am
of the weekday end. end. sunday and monday time highs ing the 50's.th50's >> 73 today.>> 7 late day showers, overnight,vert showers into early friday.s e most of your day should be dry.e that is weather.that is erin is back with roads. >> beep beep. >> do the walk, erin.o >> my thwalk? >> yeah. >> your walk. i can't beat your i strutted. how is that?i w is t >> that's excellent.s exceent >> summit closures around thecls nuclear security summit. k, l and m streets will be in i place through at least saturdayt afternoon.aftern some will be wrapping up on appo rolling basis on friday eveningi but you can anticipate most ofts them in place through saturday.r portions of the massachusettssah and new york between 11th andh a sixth. sixth. also keep in mind new yorknew avenue inbound as you head outeo by florida is jammed as usual au much aside from those closures o metro bus is being diverted. die they're not stopping on seventhh and ninth street northwestthst between n and k because of thehe closures there's a lot of lot of additional heavy traffic and and if you have any specificavany questions on how to avoid thevo closures bite convention center you can tweet me at erin fox55 d.c. i have the full list there forhf you as well.sel in addition to that, station tts closure for metro in mace mac through
7:48 am
mount vernon square they are bypassing on the green anden yellow lines. l you can use either the shaw or o gallery place stops to getps t around tha again through friday that willay be in place. right now things on metro onet getting back to normal.cko norm. no longer single tracking as faa as your orange or silver linevel are concern and no other reported delays. day as we take look police chase has ended but still lanes are lan blocked because of somefom investigation outbound 29 at a lagota road near fairfax countyy parkway.rky. aside from that typical heavy ha traffic between stafford and dale city on 95 northbound a lo of stop gone from congestion.sto crash activity as well we take look on the inner loop passedinp braddock road and 123 and henderson road gw parkway paray southbound jams as usual andsu inner loop but from the springfield interchange throughn annandale slow moving traffic.r. inbound 295 eastern to to pennsylvania about 14 miles per hour. 395 is slow as you make your wau towards the 14th street bridgetb as well. well. the majority of congestion fromf edsall to seminary and then thee usual delay across the wilson bridge from bridges county you
7:49 am
top of the beltway in montgomerr county slow from 95 through5 thg about georgia avenue as usualnus stop and go traffic as you headd from silver spring towardsowar bethesda. es if you have any early morning mr flight to catch get an early e start to the roads you're not r late heading to reagan national, dulles and bwi. bw parkway northbound and 95 northbound typical congestion at well. we got you covered and again ann commute questions with all these additional closures on twitterni at erin fox5 d.c. we'll help you navigate those roads. steve?stev the latest on the zika virus.vis. cdc expanding the range of areas where zika mosquitoes row side.e they zeroed on the southern par of the country but new maps shos the mosquitoes carrying theg the virus may also live in parts ofp the midwest as far north as newe york and connecticut. washington believe it or nob has been ranked one of theel tot five cities witness worstor mosquito now this comes from pest contror company orkin they base theirbar typeings on the number ofthe mbr customers that bought mosquito u control services from theces company last so it's not like they're outy' o
7:50 am
atlanta took the top spot for sf the worst city in the us followed by chicago, detroit ana new york winding out the top five. we're sandwiched between all ofb those at number three. >> fda relaxing its rules for aa common abortion inducing pilling making it easier for women to get a prescription for the drugr we're talking about micro peckss they first approved the drug ini 2000 sand and said it was time t for update to its label. lel new guidelines increase thehe number of days a woman may be wn able to use the medication to t induce an abortion.. also reduces the dosage of the drug. surgeons at johns hopkins university have transplantedns organs between an hiv positivee donor and an hiv positivee recipient until recently thistls was against the law. l. >> now it could be an option foo thousands of people who -- withw hiv who need an organ transplans but face high risk of dyingk ofn while waiting on very long lis lists. fox steve rap beau pa port has h the latest for us. for >> reporter: for the
7:51 am
time ever, doctors have h successfully transplanted ad a liver from an hiv positive donor to an hiv positive recipient. it happened at johns hopkins university.sity >> for patients today for those living with hiv this is a very exciting time because nowecau instead of having a very high hg risk of death on the waiting list every potential hiviv positive donor is potential liff saved. >> reporter: doctors theretorshe announcing wednesday they have e performed the first u.s. kidney transplant from an hiv positivet donor to an hiv positivev pit recipient both surgeries tookie place in the last two weeks.asoe both patients have had hiv foraf more than 25 years. yrs the kidney patient is now home.. the liver patient remains hospitalized expected to be expc released in a few days.ay >> the virus had done extensive liver damage and progressed to t liver failure. fai the patient would have remainedi on the wait list for years f yea without an organ organf >> reporter: so now if the new e approach works, instead of being force to do wait for hivwa negative organs, hiv positive patients cld
7:52 am
organs considered from hivd fro positive donors. >> we were throwing away organs from donors infected with hiv wt just because they were infectede with hiv.with hiv these were potentially perfectle good organs for these patients.e >> reporter: however, there is,r risk of new disease exposure. e >> and so when we consider thesr donors carefully and selectel them, we have to take into account matching regimens and matching hiv resistant patternsn so this is something we're going to mon for carefully over thehe ensuing months. >> reporter: doctors estimateocm as many as 500 would be donors who are hiv positive die eachach steve rappaport, fox news. u.s. soccer player amy whama bag and meghan rah pinot are the latest star athletes to shine to the spotlight on sports andnd concussions.sions. they're sew donate their brainsa to think announcement cameme yesterday at ohio stateda ohi university in columbus.umbu it also comes week after soccer star brandy chastain said sheai would also donate her brain to t science for more research intoho
7:53 am
♪ >> now that music means it's mes time for the fox beat. bea steve geeking out over hisver h interview with breaking bad stas aaron paul.o >> he was excited.>> he ci >> little bit.. >> that's understatement. und the two spoke yesterday on goodo day d.c. about paul's new moviem eye in the sky.eyin t take look.. >> talk about this story line le because you are basically in a room with another actor but youu are not ever with helen mirrenn or alan rickett man.t what are you hearing, what are,w you seeing when you'reu' conversing with them in theng wh movie?? >> mayoring dadly we never rea really had scenes face to faceae together.toge we're shooting in a bunker on an sound stage in south africa, and there's nothing on the screen. you're just reacting to -- to the director screaming offming f camera what you are witnessingin in front of you. >> right.>> r alan rickettman incredible actor
7:54 am
as helen mirren. m did you ever get to speak toer p them prior to shooting theo shig movie? i know you shot atow yos different times and helen mirrer was saying everyone shot onhot different schedules and gavinul the director would tell you thee lines, but did you ever get to e speak with alan rickettman orr helen mirren about the role ther whatsoever?whatsoever >> you know, i met up with helen right before she wrapped she started and i started andnd then once i was done, that's th' when alan came in didn't his work. but, yeah, helen and i had dinner one night, and shared some whiskey and... >> eye in the sky is in theaters now. no >> i want to know after theto k whiskey sharing. >> throwing back whiskey withbak helen mirren. that's when the story starts.sta you can check out kevin's fullnn view with aaron paul on our on o website >> all right. right good for kevin to get a chancehe to talk with of the guys heuys loves.loves. we love sharing people like thii with you. you there she i joanna lawrence, she absolutelyy loves fox5 as
7:55 am
in more than 20 years.ha20 y what a great smile. a great s >> you are a child when you a ce started watching then if you'vey been watching that long.ha l listen for your chance to be cha tomorrow's fan leave commentom below joanna's photo on our facebook page.e >> we know she loves tuckerker barnes especially when he hasen good news for us.s u >> i love her smile.. current conditions. that's a large sunshine across the area. t are. up to 56. t 56. winds out of the south at 14. 1 today the beginning of the warmup.up. we'll be in the low to mid 70sl think afternoon.k after should be very comfortable outrt there. we are going to get high thin te clouds working in pretty soon ie and then gradually turn mostlyuy cloudy this afternoon.his rain showers out to the westo tt those will hold off until late -- i think generally therey might be a sprinkle tearlier bi most of the shower activity hod holds i was until overnightuntie tonight into early friday. fda tomorrow doesn't look great.k gt showers and storms around keepu the warmer temperatures.ra let me just mention the weekend generally looks dry but getting progressively colder particularly sunday and monday m time highs in the low to midw to 50s. all right. that is a weather update.. once again erin is back withackt roads.
7:56 am
skirt is long and it's tight lo over the knees so i can't takeea big steps i'm wearing heels.eels >> thank you for sharing.hang >> i hope you're all drivingllri better than i'm walking this morning.morning. volume building 395 north slowlo from edsall road to seminary road, 32 miles per hour. p i'll get out of the way.way northbound side of gw parkway ay slaters lane also a crash.. typical southbound volume on gww parkway.y i will say that despite the facf that there's several road closures in place around the aro convention center on the whitert house for the nuclear security summit, traffic is pretty normal as far as congestion isgeio concerned on all of your inboun routes. it's just once you get night y district around those closureslo you may encounter a bigger traffic headache because parkinc is restricted auand also a lot o pedestrian traffic restrictionsc in place in addition to those tt road closures. clores. crash activity inner loop past s braddock road and then 123 henderson road dealing with crash. so watch out for those. o inside the district as well 295 inbound eastern to pennsylvaniai 14 miles an hour an adversary a because of congestion.use of no crashes to report there.t tre and then inbound new york avenuu out by florid
7:57 am
50 inbound slows out by out b kenilworth that's your traffic.'s back to you. >> all right. rht. thanks, erin.thks, appreciate it. i 9:56. coming curious about what's inhn your favorite favorite coffeee drink? the fox medical teamicat joins us live with details on what it is you're reallyl sipping. >> i'm not sure i want to know.t >> the hottest broadway musicall under fire this morning. mni why the producers of hamiltonto are facing backlash. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ ♪
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. we kick off the 8:00 o'cloch hour with live look outside onn this thursday march 31st, 2016.20 a beautiful day on tap fortap fo today.da a little windy, not too bad,oo b though. right now 55 degrees. 55 grees. the details on the weather ander traffic coming up on the 5's 8:05.05 good morning everyone, i'm maureen umeh in for allison.. >> i'm instead of chenevey. of c >> we start from breaking newsiw from calcutta indiana you'reou'r lookinlooking at images. chaos after the accidentte collapse of an overpass that waw under construction in the cityrn that happened hours ago. happeur at least 14 people died in thiss incident and 150 are still missing.missing. heavy duty cranes have been brought in to help lift debris d off cars that still have peoplep trapped inside. search teams are combing througu the rec casm attempting to findf construction workers under thats rubble. very chaotic scene
8:01 am
indiana bridge collapse left 14f people dead and dozens more me missing. back here in the nation'se capitolin heavy security on then streets around the conventionio center the nuclear security sur submit gets underway. uwa downtown workers may be heedingi the warning about streettr closures. >> let's get the latest fromfr annie yu who has been on the ben move within the last hour.itn th annie, i understand securityecit officials moving you further anr further away from that perimet perimeter. >> reporter: yeah, yeah, youh, y know, just revisiting theg we haven't even a lot ofot o congestion down here so perhapsp folks especially governmentt employees are heeding thatre hea warning and staying home and ho choosing to telework thisrk thi morning, but lighter trafficer c this morning.this but it's still early and i would be prepared for a tricky commutm if you have to venture downtownt we've been asked to move byov b secret here we are now at m and tenth streets.reets. a couple blocks behind theles be convention center and hey, it's, not every day you see humvees, port o potty tow right on tentht street, right? at this points n it's safe to say we've coveredve all sides
8:02 am
center here throughout theout morning, and we have a briefri overview of some of the closuree that you need to know about.w at main closures are on k, l, n ana m streets between sixth andth tenth streets if you're looking at the map the streets in blue l are the ones closed untildntil saturday afternoon.. also closed until saturday isury the mount vernon scare metro m green and yellow leap trainsea will continue to run throughnuer that station without stopping sg keep in mind malvern and squarer metro will be closed until saturday.turd all on the metros will be open e during the summit. now press began yesterday andrdy since then members of the of the national guard d.c. police ase a well as secret service has been involved in many super tightupet there's heavy police presencee e around the convention center, cn and streets leading up to it. so, you know, more than 50 worlr leaders are expected to be herer in washington to attend this t summit including british prime i minister david cameron, frenchrh president fran choi holland. president obama is meeting withe the south korea
8:03 am
this is president obama's fourtu and final nuclear securityurit summit and while it's going on,, guys, traffic is pretty muchretm going to be a so much so again federal workere being you were to do consider teleworking or using flexiblelel work options during the summit.m so in addition to these roadd closures and sites like this, t you can expect limited lim pedestrian traffic as well.el don't be surprised if you're asked to walk your dog the other way, and there are road closurec on our website we have a full list with all the details and everything you neede to know for the next two days.oy back to you in the studio. >> annie, those people walkingpg behind you right now crossingow the lines they're able to dobleo that if you're had he to doha work, they don't have to show iw or proof that they work in thatt neighborhood?orhood? >> reporter: correct.. at this corn you don't have toov show id. they're being generous and leana cent here. on the other side where we wered by the marriott marquis theyarqy were checking id and making surs you were a guest of the hotel ol you were a guest of the summitht and that sort of thing.t of t
8:04 am
point.point. >> gotcha. okay. happening in stages as you canis tell. thanks, annie.anks, also happening today,pening service workers cleaners, cleer security officers, baggage bag handlers at reagan national airport all on that's what you're seeing downen there right now.there they are demanding $15 an hour minimum wage and the union rights.rights this strike was initiallynial planned for last wednesday but d they postpone the strike because that's after that ended up being after the attack at brusselssses airport. airport officials here do not do expect the strike to have ae a quote unquote big impact ontn travelers.s the campaign trail rocked againg by con no surprise donald trump right in the middle of it. the gop frontrunner sparkingrk outrage about controversialtrer comments he made about women and abortion.or but this morning he's takinge'sn back what he originally said. s take listen. >> do you believe in punish many for portion, yes or no, as a as principal? >> the answer is that there hase to be some sort of punishment. m >> for the woman. for the woman >> yeah, there has to be some. >> 10 years. y >> that i don't know.ha >> why nt ot.
8:05 am
t you take positions onou everything else.ythi >> i do take positions and everything else. it's a very complicatedplated position.siti. >> trump rifles were swift to pounce on the comments ted cruzu said trump has once againga demonstrated he has notated hhas seriously thought through the issues.s hillary clinton said just when w you thought it wouldn't get any worse, horrific and killing herr words. words. >> developing this morning atg i least seven people injured aftet severe weather in parts of in po oklahoma last night. nig multiple tornadoes reportedes r throughout the tulsa a according to the national natioa weather service, at least oneeao tornado did in fact touchdownchn that twister accept debris debrs flying while knocking down trees and causing some pretty severe s structural damage.struct lucky for us nothing like thatna around here. here >> pretty quiet.ui >> looking good, too from that live shot we took earlier evenrr from behind us.ind us. looking clear and >> yup. nice start to the day.ta we'll be in the 70s thishi afternoon with some cloudslouds moving in. so it won't be a great looking i day as far as sunshine but itini should be nice mild day and forf the most part a dry afternoon.en 55 annapolis. annol 55 in leonardtown.rdtown 58 in quantico. 57 in fredericks
8:06 am
and let me give a shout out to t capitol heights. heigh 55 degrees. >> okay. capitol heights. >> we have a viewer there tweete me every day. going to give him a shout out. satellite/radar, hey, cloudse/ moving in, andra showers out tot the west. most of the shower activity act holds off until tomorrow.orro morning commute tomorrow willut likely have showers maybe even e thunderstorm around. a. much of our friday will be kindi of cloud filled as we start to a get cooler air in here but let's concentrate on this afternoon'sn forecast.recast. might be a spotty shower latewee this afternoon.this aft they'll be widely scatteredcattd again widespread rains kind ofns late tonight and early tomorrowr but notice your daytime high low 70s.70 enjoy. y. >> enjoy it indeed, okay.ined, . >> let's check in with erin geth a look what's happening outt'ppn there. lots of busy stuff going onsyffg downtown today.wnod >> that's for sure, steve.ste right now keep in mind metro buo because of the nuclear securityt summit is detoured around stopso on seventh and ninth streetthtr northwest between m and k. tucker you can't just walkus through the shot.throug >> you want to be shy now.e shyw >> i need music.usic >> the director which is a rang music.
8:07 am
several closures around theesron convention center and whitend we house in the station closure for mount vernon square throughar tomorrow the green and yellow, it took me a second.a son i knew that was green.knew it took a second to get theconde color to come. use shaw or gallery place stopto until that mount vernon squareqr station reopens. that was mess. let's move and to the next to slide.sle. district eastbound eastern easte avenue to pennsylvania 14 miles an hour. typical slow roll on new yorkn y avenue by florida avenue as wel well. inbound 50 a little slow by 202 and 270 typical stop gone traffic us a head down to theea spur aside from that right nowt the beltway congestion as usuala inner loop from five to thefive wilson bridge.ridge dips down to about 13 miles anmn hour we'll take life look right now at the wilson bridge. bdg and you can see as i get out ofo the way, it's just stop and gond traffic a little bit lighter ata that portion but then it's kind of like an accordion that backsc up. other than the mount vernon station being closed, metro isrs on time this morning for your f other stops.other stops that's your's y back to you, steve.o te >> still ahead the law regarding liquor licenses in one d.c..c neighborhood is changing now.han how that decisn
8:08 am
businesses. we'll have that coming up.hacomi >> first hottest show on sho broadway under fire thise thi morning. we'll tell you why hamilton isil being criticized.ze those stories and much more when we're back in just 30 seconds. n ♪ ♪ wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ another look outside at thek washington monument right now.oo back to business as elevators are working.or if you get a chance to get downw there today send us a pictureic let us know what it looks like l at the top some not ever and
8:09 am
>> the musical hit hamilton hasn been making headlines much thiss week not exactly what they werey looking for.. >> it's in trouble with acting authorities for requirements on recent casting call.ngal holly morris back now with the t details on that. t >> reporter: really this is the first bad thing we've heardd about this mew sill cal you'rece right it's been taking everyone by storm but the broadway smashh hit which tells the story alexander hamilton recently announced casting call thatt asked specifically for non-white men and women for upcoming rolel in future versions of the play. now, that language landed lde casting directors in hot wateriw with the actors he can quituit association which said yesterdad casting calls language was not official or in compliance withme their rules.eir s. the show issued a statement sme saying they regretted thettedhe confusion and will amend the met notice to add that we quotete welcome people of all ethnicit ethnicities to audition.ies now since it opened off broadwad last year hamilton has beenas b celebrated for putting minorities at the centers ofento er
8:10 am
the show african-american, asiaa and latino actors have been cheered by president barack obama, british actress helen mirren and many, many others. so here's basically theicly deal, right? so any role inolei different musicals are geared ge towards different ethnicities. sexes, age, you know, whatever, you just can't specifically ties for a specific racial group.l go >> it is no different than a joj application oh are job posting.s >> correct. >> you're looking for a job anda your employees will be accurate. >> exactly.>> e everyone is welcomed to auditi audition. but if you're trying out for hamilton, you know that if youto are a white male or female whitw mail i should say the only rollo you're really going get is king george.or. because -- >> that's how it's written. >> iw t brings a little holla.l. we all know what's going on he here. >> trial al legal issue.l is >> right. >> given some backlash. >> okay.>>. >> thanks holly. >> every time something is one top you know people are goingeoe get a litt
8:11 am
details on the major changeng coming to georgetown.rgetow let's head back outside on thist thursday morning much it's a mus good one.od o let's keep looking at it. capitol dome scaffoldingdin continuing to come down. looking very majestic. weather and traffic on the 5's coming up next.
8:12 am
8:13 am
taking a live look outside l now. near the convention center where there are multiple road closurer because of the newark collarcolr security summit happening thiss morning. leaders from 50 nations comingsm here to d.c.
8:14 am
important issues. traffic closures around there.u. security perimeters up.eter u if you are in that area be aware you will be diverted.d. id checks going on as he will. l again beware. bar erin will have details on then traffic closures how to workwo w around it.ound i annie yu on the scene telling uu what it's like on the scene as e people try to make their way the around. erin saying lot of folksot f been watching the news and haden the heads up avoiding that areaa so far so good.. but if you are new to d.c. maybm or didn't get the warning youheg might be in for a little delayad out there. >> if we can handled the pope w can handle this.can ha >> very true. we handle cuteness as well. as w >> we do. that's a specialty here at fox5x it's time for fox5 first five ff photo of the day. ♪ >> happy birthday.. >> aww a lot of birthdays thishh week. >> this is xavier everybody. >> love it.>> le i >> yup, this handsome gentleman is turning --is turng >> i had a chair that i matched perfectly.ectly >> this handsome gentleman isani turning two years old today.s oy happy birthday xavier.ay x >> i love that smile.ovat s >> he's on his thrown.own >> that i
8:15 am
chair. >> yup. >> look tuck a sports chair.s c. football, soccer, baseball.. >> someone likes sports. sport >> love it. lovet. i would be in heaven if that was that age and that was my chaira and i had that smile.mi >> look at that smile. top the of the world.or >> happy birthday xavier.avier. >> today is his birthday. >> like right now. >> great.. >> probably watching himselfchhe getting the birthday celebratioa going. happy happy birthday.pphday happy number two. t my first memories are about twot >> really? i thought most kidsd around you're just special.l >> i got started early.ot >> there you go. the >> that's what i hear about lota of things. things >> xavier will be reminded aboua when he was on fox5 when he was two years old. >> love it xavier. x to zen us your child's picture go our facebook page fox5 d.c. and send it on in. we're doing birthday week. wee. xavier your birthday weatherther couldn't be nicer.e cer. mid 70s this afternoon.noon at least low to mid 70s. v right now in
8:16 am
chicago 60.0. detroit 55. 5 55 in new york city this morni morning. nice pump of southerly areaea today allow the temperatures top really warm war so last couple of days felt cooc in the afternoon i think thisnoi one will feel like a warm one aa little breezy out there and we will turn cloudy by this lateat afternoon we should remain dry.y the rain out to the west doesn'd arrive until overnight tonightht and during the day tomorrow. too tomorrow looks wet.ookset we're kind of off again on agaia showers maybe a fewfew thunderstorms.ders. it will still be friday, erin.. don't despair.t de high temperature 77.ture turns cooler this weekend very y strong front saturday night toat kick off a shower or snow flurrf and then look at the coolat too temperatures on sunday. >> hmm.>> >> um-hmm. >> yeah. >> 54 for daytime high. >> seeing 37 on overnight low. >> i know.w. >> erin, are people heeding thee warnings downtown.ings d >> i think so.>> i t feels like a typical morningng commute as far as congestion on our inter states.ter ates 66 eastbound at 50 always lookss like this it's just congestion n right now. as you make your wayi
8:17 am
arlington you're going to hit tt those slow downs.thslow d grab your shades it's a sunnyt's day. tucker, i was set on havingnavin lunch outside tomorrow.omorrow. you're telling me that's not ans option because of the rain?eain? >> well, i don't want to stop do you. you can do whatever you need tot do. >> i'll reconsider and havereco lunch right now enjoy the sunshine usn a get stuck in that trafficck it unfortunately in virginia. 95 northbound same story as yous head out through dale city a loy of congestion towards thear t springfield we'll switch it over for look at our maps right now.r ps right aside from those slow downsw dns volume still building. 395 north it's slow from edsalll to seminary hasn't dissipatedisa just yet from prince george'spr across the wilson bridge it'set' just slow role this morning. mog beltway congestion as you can see still a big red zone speedss under 15 miles an hour from fivv on inbound 295 still slow fromlo fm eastern to pennsylvania.nia. 50 inbound new york avenue slowe by florida avenue as usual withw morning congestion and then as steven maureen and tucker we'vee been talking all morning avoidna the convention center for the ft nuclear security summit and thet area by the white house it willw save i was lot of
8:18 am
headaches this morning.acni more on that in a in a fw back to t >> big change coming to comin georgetown neighborhood after ni more than 25 year moratorium liquor laws are being loosened e that means new restaurants canun now apply for liquor licenses. n it was a move pushed for byory georgetown business leadersde trying to keep that neighborhooh trendy in the face ofdythe competition from other parts ofp the city. cy. 14 many street, et cetera. e cet joining me jamie scott economic development manager for thehe georgetown business district.uss hi, jamie, good morning. mni >> good morning, steve.g,te >> so in nutshell what does thi mean for georgetown? >> so we think this is a great e thing for georgetown.geortow it means it will be easier for new restaurants to apply forpp r liquor licenses and open inpe we think it's really good news for -- car is loud behind me.ind really good news fort residentsd good news for the businesses ans good news for our visitors because it means more mea restaurants in georgetown andrgd more opportunities to eat andnii that's good for retail storess because we know that restaurants and food drive foot traffic and foot photographic good fortograg retailers it'sg
8:19 am
georgetown overall. >> when we talk about more thana 25 years in the works now since this moratorium was put in place, has this ever -- it's--t' been tried before.efore. why this time? why successfulcs now? >> so in 2011 the moratorium was renewed for five years, and it,i was coming up for expiration ini 2016, th pulled together the residential community and other business leaders to make thema case that the moratorium had ruh its course. it was no longer useful.seful i think what we found was that t both the residents and the businesses all agreed that the h time tone the moratorium hadratd come. that it had serve it's purposess and that the conditions thaton gave rise to the moratorium no o longer existed.ed so i think everyone recognizesoe time had come.. >> sorry, we caught you rightour when all the garbage trucks aret going up the street.treet. listen, we have seen georgetownt any time you drive by there'syhs always the shopping traffic thaa is we have seen a change to thetohe night live seen ove t
8:20 am
couple of decades to be honest. what do you think will happenu i now as we look into the future?t more night live or more more restaurants popping up? what's the vision now for the future oo georgetown?? >> we'll see more restaurants opening up in georgetown forup i sure. we've already talked to somelkes restaurants who are look to go open up in georgetown this yeara and seen several new restaurantn open just in the last six mont months. sovereign opened by neighborhood restaurant group. chi tacos. via umbrio italian food store and market.ket jeff dawson is opening i was new restaurant in the park.. we've seen several new several restaurants open on streets and side streets south of m and offd of wisconsin avenue and thate t trend will continue this year. y >> those of you jamie who live v and work in georgetown or at a least lobby for opportunities in georgetown for businesses, kind, of feel that georgetown has beeb left behind a little bit whene t development has gone to othert a parts of the city??
8:21 am
city is growing a lot, um, andm, all of the growth on 14thh street and shaw and noma all na good for the city. what's good for the city is goog for georgetown.ow we're interested in is bringingn more food to georgetown becauseu we don't have enough restauran restaurants. we have just about 100e ju restaurants in georgetown but over 30eo0 retailers. we think that -- that's littles bit out of balance and so we'reo trying to bring more restaurantn in because we think it's goodk g for georgetown and that's whatnw our customers want. w what our visitors want and whatw our residents want.nts nt >> what's good for visitors anda residents is lots of options iti looks like there more and moree coming to georgetown soon. geoew jamie, thanks for joining us.oii we do appreciate it thisec morning. >> absolutely. >> joining us from down there am the wisconsin and m street in georgetown.geto >> i'm glad to see that'm g happening. i for one i used to visit tvisi georgetown a lot then sort of fell off and --- >> i like his approach development in the city inheity general help the city inrahelp general. it doesn't have to be just one n neighborhood that's growing. th' >> share the wealth. wea >> growth everywhere.very
8:22 am
>> very cool. still ahead this morning a warning for couples exposed toxp the zika virus.. new advice store staying >> curious about what's in youru frozen coffee drinks? the fox f medical team joining us live with details on what you'reou'r really sipping. ♪
8:24 am
put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ 8:24. come on tucker. o we'll keep talking until you gey here. don't worry about it.rry abit >> i got minute to go, steve. se
8:25 am
we'll talk about pretty there wilson bridge looks this morni morning. without a ton of traffic on it. i mean --ea >> moving along. right. >> we're moving as long as we'rl not stopped that's good thing. >> you know what what happenedwh to do this spring i haven't don in a long time? i wanting toant fishing. >> they don't a fish for free daya around here dorks they. t >> i don't think so.>> >> i didn't even realize you hai to pay to fish. r >> you have to have a license.l. >> okay.>>kay >> i clearly don't fish. >> in pennsylvania they used tot one day a year you can fish forf free without license. l try to attract new anglers andls see if you like it or not. le it >> i'd give eight shot. >> a lot of viewers that fishis and ask me weather questions als the time. >> when i run by the river you v see a ton of people >> very relaxing i wouldrexing >> right. kind of like meditative.ate >> i don't do that ei. >> well sometimes you just needt to get outdoors. get outdo when it's warm and when it'ss not in the no ice fishing around here.ishi >> i need to start doing sometas things. things >> no ice fishing for sure.g fo. >> here are current conditions.n nice looking shot there from ouo tower cam.wer cam very comfortable conditions.ti got sunshine at the moment,
8:26 am
we're talking low to mid 70s mis this afternoon with winds out ot the south at about 15 to 20. so it will be breezy day again d but it will be kicking in warmer temperatures and again we'reine' looking at highs about a 10 degrees warmer than yesterday into the all right.all right clouds they'll be on thedshey'lt increase this afternoon.. mostly cloudy by late afternoonn but dry and then the rain you y see out towards cincinnati and pushing into kentucky and ohio a will get in here overnight and early tomorrow.w. we will have some showers maybes thunderstorm around tomorrow along with mild temperatures.mps weekend looks dry. d can't promise a lot of sunshinen on saturday. surday. if you're going to the nats exhibition final exhibition game there but temperatures low 60s 6 and chilly by sunday and mondayy temps in the 50s.. probably we have another roundea of freezing temperatures byg ert early monday >> hopefully that will be thely last round we have.nd w >> that might be it.hat >> let's hope. let okay. okay >> you said that last month buth that's okay.kay. (laughter).(l >> good thing we're not hold you to these weather forecasts much. >> can't do much about nature, , right?
8:27 am
let's check in with erin.inh er we can try to avoid where theree are problems out there much o that's what we have you for,t av >> at least we have beautiful hb sunshine today if you'll beou'lb sitting in traffic.ic thing heavy out by the white house on pennsylvania muchen closures set up in place in thee vicinity also parkingar restrictions in place as well aw pedestrian traffic is beinganraf limited in certain locations. aside from looking okay rightkat now around the closures watch for traffic by the conventionnt sent.nt. a look at our maps where thet ou majority of our closures are.s . annie has been showing us all morning long k, l and m are the major ones between tenth and and sixth. sixth or 11 is this your best bs bet. be portions of new york,ns of york massachusetts and seventh are also closed. c they'll be in place throughcehr saturday afternoon.eron in addition to the closurestohee metro bus service is changed. cg it's not stopping between bet seventh and ninth between n andd k. get to those metro changes neckn that's your traffic.our trc. back to you. y >> all right. thank you still ahead a popularular restaurant chain hinting at itst new business venture way major move.. >> uber users c
8:28 am
reach the company by e mailingai them. how do you get a hold of uberr now? we'll let you know.w it's 8:27.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> back now 8:30 on this bac beautiful thursday morning. mor looking good out there. t before we get going we'll haveeh little kitchen conversation timi for that. fo first up a story that has lot os people talking this morning andr it's all about the los angeles lakers.kers >> that's right. one of the greatest franchisesrc in sports history in total chaoc and turmoi
8:31 am
just when you thought the lakers losing season starring kobeg bryant couldn't get any worse, r the team is now dealing witheang even more drama.ore things pretty tense in thetty te lakers locker room after rookiee deangelo russell secreted recorded his teammate swaggy swa pete talking about being with wt other women other than this fref an say iggy azalea. russell takes full blame for this video. nick young addressed the video.v he plans to talk to russell privately meanwhile nick young's fiance' took to twitter to shart her reaction saying hmm, i see deangelo russell is i actually like his film.m. thanks, bro.. so you get all that going on.n a whole bunch of different dif things in different ways you ca go with thisyo. why swaggy pete was talking too deangelo -- to russell about rul this whole thing in the firstnge place -- plac >> no, no, i disagree there. t i feel like he broke bro >> i agree.>> >> you know what i mean? lookn i'm a girl here talking
8:32 am
you're talk to your friends you might admit something.omethi >> you don't think you're goingu to be --e >> they're not friends.y're one a rookie.ooki the other one is a knuckle headk who has been in the league foreu long time who will not be on thn team next year. yea >> how do you know they're notoo friends? really holly you'llol ask me that? really?eall >> i'm going to ask you.o k y >> we'll talk off camera.f cam >> they're not friends. >> we are being recorded, rightt okay.okay. >> any way,. >> esche not have -- first of--o all it's illegal in california i to record someone without theirt knowledge. >> right. >> second of all he should not l have had that conversation cvers without telling him he's beingng recorded if swaggy want toedt divulge that information private that's on iggy now is probably going to bt beneficiary of this she'ss she's finding out something sheomet probably should have sa >> you always get found out.. >> with nick bragging kind ofin like i've had her. sounds like maybe a little of that.that deanne low, oh, yeah, oh yeah.h >> it goes back to deangelo youo don't do to anybody. any >> whether you like him or not. >> private conversation and makn it pub
8:33 am
even if they're not friends, fen wis, you don't do that to that t another dude. >> here's the thing. t all losing behavior involved inv this is a franchise in chaos. nick young will not be on the team next year.r. deangelo russell the topic willw be on the team. >> how old is this guy. old is g >> if they win this will not bet an issue next year. y this happens when you startns wu losing and have plenty of time to be on your hands to be sillyl and stupid and young peopleoug p acting silly on both hands. >> still broke bro code. bro speaking of relationships every experienced relationship has experienced ghosting, right?ht? >> yeah. where you think things are justs going great between you and your new beau and suddenlyan sud communication stops.mmunication. that's not necessarily always the truth. e it also can be after you've y broken up. it turns out though that manyha people are doing this.op are new study reveals that nearlyy 80% of people one it to to 33 t have had it happen to them.. they've been that number is up significantlyt from the last poll on thel on subject in which 14% of thef millennials reported beingtebe ghosted. >> probable particularly theybl kn w
8:34 am
>> exactly g .it i was reading up on ghosting ght much there's different levels ot ghosting. >> i would imagine.>> i >> if you break up and the other person still tries trying toll i continually contact you and youy just end it -- i >> is that ghosting. >> that's ghosting.>> like you're a ghost. t you're no longer in my life. m l i'm all for that. t then there's the like you have a relationship you thinkshnk everything is going and then all of a sudden i obviously doneus d something to offend but i don't know what it is.know and you're like see ya.ike se >> that's the worst.the >> that's the one that's moree s difficult. diffic yeah. >> i agree. a bad behavior -- i'm all about at communication. if it ain't working for you telo the person, move on.ov don't leave them wondering whata happened. >> ghosting just betweenhost girlfriend and boyfriend or anybody? a anybod >> it can be anybody. >> all right. >> i'll ghost on girl in a minute.mi >> i got long list of people --l >> she did it to me, believe mee >> i got a long of people i havv goafed and will ghost.lho >> we know. kno >> exactly. >> i have potential ghost tees e lined up. li >> i didn't know what it'sn'ow ' called but now i know.w >> whole list of criteria that will get you goafed.ou >> exactly. one thing that will get you ghosted recording conversationst on a phone. phone >> probable ghosting going ontig
8:35 am
>> exactly. iggy is ghosting nick. that's what's about happen.pen >> can't ghost tucker what woult we do without him.we dwith we need him to give us good forecasts like today, tuck. tk >> he goafed us. >> funny man. fun we'll keep the crickets on stans by for every time we throw toimw you. >> i couldn't resist. c outhanks. that was funny, steve. w let's do it.le 56 in washington. 57 baltimore.timo nice mild start to your day. y we're still looking at 70l ing today's and tomorrow.w. nice warm temperatures to look forward to this afternoon. afteo as we get a very strong s southerly wind up ahead of ourh frontal system which will bringw us some rain. rai i don't think so much today butt more likely overnight tonight into your daytime hours friday.f we are going to get clouds thisd afternoon so kind of a mostlysof cloudy afternoon.ftno temperatures in the low to midno 70s.70s here's your planner.he i'll be back with the weekendck forecast in just a minute. wn ja again, 70s out there. there breezy and warm. maybe a spotty shower late thiss afternoon. better chance overnight tonighth >> all right.>> all r somebody that never gets get ghosted --ghd (laughter).(l >> beep beep. >> erin your turn.>> e >> i did once when i was in i w college. >> really. >> i'm furious about it to thiss day.da.
8:36 am
>> are you. >> it was it three months. >> i'll just start going onn rant. >> have you ever been ghostedu tucker. >> who would ever evghost me. >> at least i'm honest.t le the outer loop approaching aroac georgia of a dealing with backed up traffic right now. t good yourself a lraittle extrae time. it is dissipate fog the most the part as we go towards the spurae be prepared for that. t let's switch it over for look ah our maps right i now. taking a look at our morning m we do have the nuclear securityy summit downtown closing a lot ot roads around the convention conn center as we've been tellingn ti you. avoid the area if you can.if right now typical delayselay lingering on inbound andbo outbound side of 395. out by edsall as you head to tht 14th street bridge.dge. things clearing up from prince o george's county across the the wilson bridge as you make your u way from prince george's into g alexandria. al and then 295 still dealing with congestion same story in virginia 66 eastbound as youasts head from centreville towardsler fairfax you'll hit a lot of a lt congestion as well.s in the district 295 a closer c look there eastern too pennsylvania.sylvania 14 miles an hour then beltway congestion as you can see it'st' improving speed wise up to
8:37 am
aside from the yellow and greeng lines bypassing the mount vern v known square metro stop all meto metro lines are on time righteig now. we'll keep you updated much thac is your look at traffic. your lr you can see there's no alertsere there and back to two more to to people that have never beenr ghosted in my opinion, maureen m and >> in your opinion at least. oon >> thank you erin.hank y eri new guidelines for couple who's have been exposed to the zikatok virus. vi >> first professional surferrofa attacked by a shark. by ark. where it happened.wher the latest on his condition. coi we'll have all of that next. ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> australian pro surfer fightaa fog his life right now after her was mauled by aig shark yesterdy his name is brent colin he was attacked at bombo beach inbo australia. he was surf wig a friend at thea time. not a competition. right now he's in a medicallyedc induced coma.ducecoma. officials say the shark ripped off three fourths of his thigh.h now, fortunately for him therehe were off duty nurses on thenu beach at the they were able to stop theleo sp surfer from bleeding to death.lo in a medically induced comanducc after shark attack. unless australia, a news n reporter got quite the surprises >> she was getting ready forea live shot at a courthouse when a parrot landed on her shoulder. yup.p. okay. okay. luckily the reporter wasn't liv on air when lola the parrot madm her surprise entrance.e officials say lola flown awaya a from home monday night and aftet viewers saw the clip lola was l reunite the with her owner. >> i don't think parrots arearts common down there. the >> i know.>> i know. how cute is that, though? >> when it flys
8:41 am
idea what it is. is. >> it's pretty. ptty >> get,, >> oh, my god! >> all right. how about this one? it look it like humans aren't the only onee selfie obsessed this is cutest.s giant panda cub in china spentna the day with a human foster dadd who knew there was such a thingi and was insist ant on takingakg selfies with him. him that interaction was a treat for on lookers the sweet cub gaveubv his foster dad kisses, postedd pictures. hugs. hugs. talk about a cuddly bear.ear >> that should be what you getoh to win in contest. conte win day with a panda cub. >> awww. >> i love the very where the panda cub literally put his guyg around the guys as they were posing for a picture right hereh me and my buddy. >> hi dad. d >> we're pals.>> >> that is the cutest.hat >> i love it if you need cuddlee therapy this should be it right here. get the cuddle of a baby panda. okay. ok that's our cutest factor of the day coming up how chipotle planp
8:42 am
>> for lot of coffee drinkers dk frozen is the way to go. the fox mild team joins us lives what might be actually be in one of your taste writ drinks. it's 8:42.
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ >> okay. we are looking good on thisng g thursday morning. traffic moving along wilsonsd bridge. id it looks warm even and it is. 56 degrees already.dy. >> camera is bouncing a biting a because we have winds out of thu south. >> a little breezy. >> yup. going to be nice warm day and le beautiful start to the day. ts
8:45 am
eventually the clouds will movem in. >> 70 today?0od >> or better.ter. >> wow! >> i like that. >> low 70. low >> what else do we like.el >> i discovered on my radio xm whatever 70s station.taon >> you're just now discovering n that. >> i'm thinking the first one he sought out. >> let's get to it.. >> tuck has a thing for cheesyhy '70's music. mic. >> i've noticed. >> dan fogle berg. ber >> it's kind of endearing.eari >> right. >> i've soon you rock out at thr gym good if i'm going to walk i need some music. ms >> oh wow! >> come on. comen >> jazz hands, jazz hands.azz h. >> at the not fair.>> you're on broadway now. a oay i thought i was going to get tot do real walk. >> you can skip. >> they said on broadway. >> broadway skip. s twirl into the shot. >> all right, enough. enough. >> that's embarrassing. all right. 70s return but so do the cloudso this afternoon. i'll have a talk with somebodyom in the audio booth.oo 56 in washington. w
8:46 am
mice mild start to your day.arto low to mid 70s think afternoon much. should be nice warm day althoug cloud filled here by afternoon.. but i think we're going to we' g remain dry until later tonight. rain showers eventually those to will arrive here in the form off a cold front late tonight andont during the daytime hoursme tomorrow that will be our best s chance for some rain over therae next couple of days. day. and we could actually haveyave rumble of thunder as thisr as t frontal system comes through ces early tomorrow. tomro that morning commute tomorrowngc will likely have rain showersair around.nd set up high pressure far enoughe east of us i mentioned the winds nice breeze out of the south 15 to 20. little breezy this afternoon.ftn but that will be kicking in thet warmer temperatures and thennd t some evening showers. i think for the most partart overnight showers there could bb shower or two during the evenine hours but the bulk of thek of te activity will hold off until off that cold front gets a little lt closer as we get into early friday.iday i want to mention quickly that a the end of the weekend iskend featuring very chilly air. a we'll kicking off baseball nextn week across the other than oth t seaboard it won't feel like itwe
8:47 am
stream so far to our south our h daytime highs by sunday andynd monday probably don't get out of the 50s a pretty stiff breeze be sunday morning. morni all right. there's your seven day. 73 today. s73 77 tomorrow with some showerse s around.arou weekend looks dry.ry probable smell clouds onab saturday.le sunday looks bright but chilly. and we'll keep the cool coo temperatures into monday.on turning the calendar to april. a can you believe it?n yobeli >> hmm. hmm. april 1st tomorrow, steve. >> hmm. h >> all right, guys, back to you. are you saying april fool'sf we shall be aware of something? >> no, i don't know. n i got to think something up.omet i got nothing right now. right w >> tucker is working on plan. >> let's check in wis dollar and holly find out what's coming upp in in a few minutes. >> we're learning about aabout disturbing find on a local findl schoolbus. we're told it was there all we week. >> donald trump making headlinel again this time for controversial comments aboutial abortion.aboron. >> plus a major event in d.c.n will cause major traffic delaysl we have what you need to know. k >> also, at 9a tonight is a bigb night on american
8:48 am
the final three will be announced. we have a preview.ev >> then at 10a, did you watch? h >> oh yeah. >> ome! we recap last night's ng return of empire.. >> ladies, listen up.n you know him from that famoust f sex and the city scene.ce and also dancing with the stars. live in the loft marini in townw for a wonderful >> live in the lot of legendary singer bb is here.. >> jam packed good day d.c. jusj minutes away. >> all right. looking forward to it.forwto i thanks guys.. get ready to pack your packy patience airlines are warningrer travelers to arrive at least twt hours before their flights so fs they can get through the longheg security lines. l new screening program called prd check was supposed to help t h witness long lines.s long lines. but the problem is a lot of travelers not a lot of travelers enrollede i should say.should. tsa did cut its airport screening staff expecting the ee pre check program would speed ue the process.the apparently not working out so well.ll. if you have some beef withsi uber you'll no longer have tor h e-mail the company. company. now you can communicate withit
8:49 am
we are told it is supposed toseo make things easier for thefor t customer to reach out directly l through the app.thugh the company says this is perfecr for rider who's have actual --u accidentally left behind one of their belongings or they have an issue with erroneous charge.ha when i left my cell phone in thi car i had no way of contactingin them.them >> didn't work so well.t wo so chipotle look to go scan but not with burritos they want get intt the burger business.. they renally applied forli for trademark for better burgerter r that's the name as part of a paf move to open burger restaurant r chain. ai meanwhile the company stillthmps trying to recover from that salmonella outbreak linked toint its restaurants.restaants it appears a lot of people l are kicking the habit when itn comes to drinking soda.g d consumption of soda in the us aa its lowest level in 30 years. ys part of the reason for such a steep decline americans switching to healthier options.s big variety of beverages on store shelves now everything evh from energy drinks to cold brewr coffee and don't think thathat those soft drink companiessoft aren't part of those businessese as well. wel >> yup.>>up. norwegian's newest cruisee
8:50 am
ship the norwegian joy rolling l out pretty cool features.ture now this is a nearly $1 billiono it will have get this hoverhihor craft bumper cars.t a luxury duty free shopping ar area. and here's the'she ki. it will also have get ready fory the video a go cart track.ra >> that is >> on the ship. the ship will be departing from shanghai and beijing it will sel sale next summer. next summe i'm not sure from those ads sees to be gearing toward the chinese population.po >> it look that way. i >> i don't know if it's going tt sale anywhere around here. >> maybe in time. >> right now it look like it ite will be departing from china. >> looks very cool. beer lovers you can enjoyyo your favorite drew for breakfasb now. should you dare. a scottish brewer has developedp a jam called jam out beer it's called -- instead of marmalade. harm and ale it took the pale ale with dundee harm had a mahaa laid to create the jam. or ran gee flavor right now only available in scotland. s >> interesting.
8:51 am
♪ all right. r in today's hell knew the cdc is expanding its safety guidelinese concerning the zika virus.a vir they're advising not justot j pregnant women but couples whoow are trying conceive to take tak precautions.prec the fox medical team's beth bet galvin joining us live with thet latest. late good morning to you, beth.u,et >> reporter: good morning,orng maureen. >> let's talk about the zika z viewer us and new guidelines.dee not just for women trying to trg conceive as i said. >> reporter: right.ig so what we know is we're w learning -- there's a huge h learning curve when it comes to this virus. vir what we're really learning isrng that the virus can be sexually transmitted and it can live iniv semen for up to two months.on so what they're doing focusing n not just on pregnant women andn their partners who are returnini if regions with zika virus but t on couples who might be mig b considering getting pregnant ant what they're doing is telling ig them to wait.o wai telling women if they've been ie the area to wait at least twost months before trying to conceivc a child. telling men who have been in tht area to wait six months before trying to conceive a child.. if they have symptoms. s if they don't have any
8:52 am
of zika virus wait two monthstwo the cdc says and that is becausc we know that the virus can livel in semen for two months.wo mon to give the body time to fight g off the virus before you starttt trying to conceive a child because zika virus has been at least not, you know, firmly butb somewhat linked to birth defectf and they really want to try toor prevent that if at all possible. a lot of the cases being umng um poured back into the country byy people who are traveling to t these regions.ese res. maureen? >> what about couples who liveu in the zika affected regionsons already?y? >> reporter: yeah, they're in te kind of a tough spot especiallyl when we talk about u.s. territories like puerto ricortor seeing a real spike in zika cases.s. they're saying to them work witw your health care provider.der. talking about contraception anda what works in the best way totay prevent getting pregnant but pre also talking about family manning. maybe it's a good idea for you while this zika virus is kind of raging in your area to put off trying to conceive a child untiu things calm down a little bit. t we know
8:53 am
possibility of birth defects ans we can try to prevent somethingi from happening.apni but, you know that's a dulll thing to do because especiallyea in puerto rico a lot of womenf w don't have access to to contraception or may not beay nt using the best contraception for them to prevent pregnancy. pregn so a lot of issues there, maureen.maureen. >> a lot of issues indeed. of something we do know a lot aboua is we know it's bad for us, and you drink frozen coffee thinking tnk maybe it's a little healthier, maybe it has good for you but apparently the word is sugar i s bombs is what we're calling cli them, right. >> maybe not so healthy after s all. what they're basically sayingaly is, that most of these frozenro drinks have probably double thee amount of sugar you get in can c of soda.of sod we know how bad soda for u when you're having that h frapuccino or, you know, that frozen coffee drink you may be m taking a in a lot more sugar s than you realize. people aren't counting and sugag equals calories.alie what they people to try to do ii they can, maureen s to maybe tay make their own iced
8:54 am
couple times of week.f week. what you can do you just getust black coffee use a real creaml c like milk, whole milk creamer cm because it will be better foror you than artificial creamer andm just add a sweetener like splenp at a or you can keep track ofu t the amount of sugar going ingagi your coffee the doctor we talk to said most of us adults aredua not going to put 20 teaspoons os sugar in our coffee unless we'r' in the third grade. g. >> let's hope. >> yeah. so maybe that's the way you cutc back little >> yeah. >> maureen. >> all right. make it homemade. make it better. beth galvin as always thank >>y. >> thank you.. >> okay. let's talk about this our fan on the day.e d look at this pretty lady. joanna lawrence is her she says she absolutely loveses fox5 and has been tuning in for more than 20 years. y >> we love your smile joanna. she looks great.. if you'd like to be tomorrow'so' fan leave a comment below joe nan's on our fox5 facebook pagek which tucker barnes checksheck regurl
8:55 am
message for tucker as well.sel you would love that, wouldn'tou' you tuck.u tu >> joanna is proving blonds do have more fun.have more fun. >> absolutely. let's do the temperatures. 59 degrees at reagan national. a nice warmup here. jumped 3 degrees in the past it hour.hour 3 degrees improvement at dulles. bwi marshall 57.l 5 low to mid 70 today's.. nice southerly the clouds will stati bn crease. it will be mostly cloudy by by afternoon and some of the showeh activity will get in heret i h overnight tonight and earlynit n tomorrow. there might be a shower up aheae of it but the bulk of theulk activity holds off until inil i morning commute tomorrow andomor during the daytime hoursme tomorrow. maybe a thunderstorm too.oo. daytime highs well into the 70s7 cooler this weekend plain oldlao chilly by sunday and monday.nd n that's the weather update. more in the next hour. more traffic with err glennrlenn 8:55. things are starting to quiet t down on our inter states ander a majors heading into the distri district. don't forget closures in place a through at least saturdayatur afternoon for the nuclearar security summit.sum big portions around thed convention center k, l and m.. portions
8:56 am
and new york and aside from that, these additional closurese will be in place tomorrow tomor starting about 2:00 in the 2 afternoon around the statetate department. 17th street northbound between n constitution and pennsylvania.el portions of 22nd so watch for that tomorrow those will bew tho kicking in. aside from that a wide view of e your morning commute. commute you can see a lot of the biggerr red zones have dissipated seeine more green on our map.n r map. that's what we like to see.. still stop gone traffic 295 2 inbound outer loop top side of the beltway 95 as you head h towards bethesda. b you hit some stop and go stop g traffic.affi and 395 inbound a touch of delay as well.l. annie will have more on thehe nuclear security summit on goodn day and we'll have team coverage throughout the 9:00 o'clocko'clk hour. back to you. >> all righty, thank you erin. . >> vice-president joe biden and lady gaga teaming up for a for special presentation during theo you that was. now they'll team up we'll tell you why coming up ono good day. day. did you watch? yup, we'rewe talking about empire.about ire. recapping last night's returnn episode.e good day jam pack just aheadad next. next.
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8:59 am
straight ahead a meeting inhead washington underway today thatwa could have major implications on global security.ur but that's not the only impact. with dozens of the world' mostt powerful leaders here in the nation's capitol is on highg alert and that means major traffic changes downtown. dow we'll have live report
9:00 am
the answer is that there hah to be some form of punish many.h >> for the >> yeah to has to be some form. >> more campaign drama courtesyt donald trump.nald gop frontrunner sparking a firee storm with his comments on comn abortion then backtrackingcking now his critics areel taking aim thought that one day metro shut down was bad? wait until t you hear what could come next.ex why transit officials say wholew lines could close for months ath a time. and later, a whole new way n to be awful. aul. the internet up loading on the disrespectful plain passengerngr who did this mid flight.ligh good day at 9:00 starts now. ♪ >> don't do it with that dit w ponytail.po >> you become the mid flightthdl entertainment. >> all right.>> good day d.c.od d time now 9:00 o'clock on this ts thursday march 31st.t i'm maureen i was nay along holly, steve and wisdom. >> also ahe


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