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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  March 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> thanks for joining us. we have breaking news ryes right off the topton brnigheatth from richmond virginia. richm i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. a virginia state trooper has life-threatening injuriesea after a shooting at theg at greyhound bus station inhod bu downtown r investigators tell us at this ui point the shooter is dead. we know that two other peoplethp were shot.were we're told they're expected toxd survive. police have not identified theii suspect. theres no word yet on a on motive. a witness who was traveling byvb herself was clearly shakelely can't up after the shooting.hoot another passenger helped her hee in the midst of the chaos. >> we first took cover behindin the concrete thing that washat holding up a sign and that'sndha when we exchanged names and a stuff and we started to hear t h sirens. she was like we're going to get up and we're going run andud we ran and we were duckinge ck behind this car and we
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whistles from the garage wheremg the buses are held and all the l maintenance and there wereand police in there so we rann across the parking lthot, theset runs were so scary, i was -- wa- didn't even want to get upto g u from where i was hiding and squatting so then we went anden we ran into the garage and wend were safe there so they tookhe t us back inside. insid >> certainly understand thely uh scary moments there.scar we have a crew headed to the hdo we will keep you updated withatt the latest information.orti >> meanwhile new tonight, charges have been filed against the tennessee mane nnese accused of firing gun slotsn sls inside the u.s. capitol visitors center. larry dawson was charged with resistingas and assaulting aauin federal law enforcementorce officer with a dangerous weapon.weap the 66-year-old was shot afterho he allegedly pulled the weapon w out at a security checkpoint s but it turns oecut dawson'sn's weapon was a pellet gun madeunad to resemble a beretta handgun. h if convicted on both chargesotha dawson could face up to 5555 years in he's expected to appear inr in u.s. district court sometimeoure in the near fu
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police are defending the actions of their officers after two gay men say theo gan a officers tasered peppered p sprayed and beat them after ahe traffic stop in southeast. in sh the men say the officers usederu antigay slurs while trying to arrest the pair during aduring chaotic few minutes earlyin e monday morning. mning paul wagner joins us now with n the story.thetory paul. >> reporter: shawn timothy tot cox and john davis admit theyn were in a car with the wrong t o tags but they didn't deserven'te what happened when a u.s. park.. police officer pulled themcepu over early monday morning.. davis says he was tasered moreee than once while handcuffed andfe cox says he was beaten in thehe face before both men weremen wee charged with assault on ad with police officer. oic charges that were dropped just hours later.a >> do not touch my gun. >> i didn't mean to touch your gun. >> reporter: this is thete chaotic scene that unfoldednf just moments after a u.s. park.k police officer tried to arrest john davis for driving withoutrt a permit and having the wrongro tags on his car. officers said davis' boyfrienddy timothy cox on the floorcox the inside his sister's house h bloodied and
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after police say he threw two to hula hoops and a cooler atoops them. in return, cox says an officernf hit him in the head with a metal object. >> hit me like four or five times until i guess it bust i b and when he saw the blood i hsa guess that's when he stopped.s >> reporter: the trafficic stopped occurred outside cox'sdx sister's house on ninth streettr and cox admits throwing the hula hoops and the cooler butoor says he was upset after seeing police use a taser on his boyfriend. >> i cooperated fully withra what he was requiring or asking me to do. that's why i don't understand d the injustices done here asic fares as him tasering me after putting its handcuffs on me. i was very compliant.s >> reporter: both men sayte the officers user:d antigaynt slurs against them. >> started like yelling whatel are y'all doing you don't havegt to be tasering him.g you already have him in thehim handcuffs why are you doings wh this and he started yellinged yi gay stuff like faggot this and all like that. t >> reporter: u.s. park u.s. park police confirm an officer did use a taser on john davis butn t
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handcuffs not after.ft sergeant an are a rose alsoara says an officer only used force against cox inside the house as he was being assaulted.assa >> the second officer that hadoh come did pepper spray that second person and at that t point that suspect grabbed out -- reached out his hand his and grabbed that officer's genitalia and squeezed.queezed. the officers only recourse was to punch him in the eye with a closed fist. fist. >> reporter: sergeant roseter: defended the actions of the theo officers but couldn't explain why the assault charges charg against cox and davis wereav w dropped by prosecutors withinit hours of their arrests. aests >> any time there's a use of use force involving the park t par police, we do an internaln intel investigation to make sure theno use of force was in compliancena with our policies and this a thi skies no different. >> reporter: cox and davisox and say they were brutalized by b the police and have hired an hea attorney. sergeant rose says it'snt routine for u.s. p rark policece officers to be patrolling in that section of southeast and added that timothy cox admitted to smoking pcp w
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may have accounted for his aggressive behavior towardsio the officers. oic however cox says he's smoked pcp in the past but was in theae smoking it that night.hat night one other note on the droppedhe charges against the men theains u.s. attorney's office has a policy against commenting ongain the reasons why a case is notot prosecuted in court.ou paul wagner, fox5 local news.ew >> thank you, paul.aul. it has been six monthssi since a hit and run driverri killed a marine who was was helping a disabled motorist in frederick county. county. and police still need yourcetill help to find the suspect. sus 21-year-old marine corporalorpo william ferrell was hit backwasc in september as he was helpingel a driver stuck on the side of route 15 north in thurmont. thun police say the truck that hitit farrell pulled to the side of the road for a few minutes but t then took off.k the reward is more than trip tripled to $6,000.6, if you have any informatione an you are asked to call police. >> medstar healthcare says its s computer operations are close to returning to normal following that big cyber
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attack.ta so did the healthcare systemhcas pay ransom money to get their t systems back online? fox5's fox alexandria limon is liveive tonight.toni alex we know the fbi is investigating.igg. what have you learned? >> reporter: well, medstared has been pretty tight lipped since this all happened on monday saying only that theyt th were hit with a computerpu they did tell usru they're working with the fbi and today e they released additional additio statements on their facebookts page saying they are moving o toward a fullg th restoration of their i.t. system..ys patients tell us inside thingsei seem to be running pretty smoothly other than a fewly o departments are using pen and paper instead of computers and medstar says that most of their medical treatments areca available with a fewew exceptions. they also said today they do not believe that personal patient information wasormations compromised. the question is how do theyon know for sur ie. the cyber security expert weperw talked to today said that typee of information would bere
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valuable and there are other questions including how can c companies protect themselvesheme from things like ransom waresomw and also did medstar pay the t ransom that sources tell us telu the hackers were asking for or instead, did they have an offnff line backup system that helped l them get back up and again, medstar has remained pretty tight lipped and hasn'tan said much to answer those tse questions and we know that in some cases previous hospitalss t like hollywood presbyterian in california, for example, they admitted to shelling out the the money when they were hit with wt ransom ware. w >> the fbi has to be focusedbe s on this and they only getnl g focused when it's critical infrastructure, when it'swhen i enough money, right, and now your cooperation with coo international authorities, aiona lot of these attacks are att coming from eastern europe.e. and sometimes thoses t authorities aren't cooperativepe with the u.s. governmenteren because it's a
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industry industry of eastern europe now, cyber crime.cyr crie >> i came in on tuesday touesd get -- i had a bone scan on tuesday and that went fine. fin i wouldn't have known if they t hadn't said anything that the te system was down. >> reporter: now, a that that person tells us patient isient i requested via bit coin and c that's because it's harder to trace but he says it's not completely impossible. impsible. he also told us medstar was likely infected because an becau employee possibly clicked on ain link from a phishing e-mail.-mai now, we did reach out too medstar and the fbi baltimore bi field office that is handling hn this investigation and we havet not heard back. b reporting live in georgetown,eog alexandria limon, fox5 localocal >> world leaders have gathered e in the district for thehe d nuclear security summit. s president obama welcomed dignitaries from 56 nationsm 56t who are taking part in hisis last nuclear security summititym while in office. the two-day event is
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held at the washingtonld convention center in north a side west. c wes today president obama met witho leaders from china japan and jaa south korea to discuss theisss e recent threats from the now nuclear armed north korea. >> obviously our wide range of o issues that the united states and china are able to effectively coordinate on.y cooi our efforts to work together to isolate and apply further pressure on the north korean regime. >> in an op-ed piece for theed p washington post presidentes obama talked about anotherlked o major problem, keeping nuclearar weapons out of the hands of terrorists saying in part "we'll also join allies andies d partners in reviewing ourwing or counter terrorism efforts toism prevent the world's most dangerous networks fromous netw obtaining the world's mostd's dangerous weapons. weapo >> airport service workers w cleaners security officers baggage handlers theynd the protested today at airports airt nationwide demanding a $15 an $ hour minimum wage and union rights. now the strike was originally asplanned for last wednesday bue it was postponed after the aer brussels attack.
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slick o'hare internationalon today. baggage handlers aircraft cabin cleaners custodian wheelchair attendants and nont.s.a. security officersa. s walked off the passengers werede greeted witheh picket lines at j.f.k. newark liberty airport nearly na 400 people worked off the job. j they claim sometimes they'reim s told not to complete security sr checks in order to save time. s take a look. ta here was the scene at reagan t e national airport.tional air more than a dozen workersor there chanted and walked in wal front of the airport tot of highlight their concerns. >> our nation's airport workers are the backbone of bacn this airport.this air they do their best every day day to keep safe and secure noture only themselves but also thehe passengers who go through these airports every day. d >> the strike is planned toand continue for 24 airport officials do notals d n expect that strike to have aiko big impact on travelers. travels
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little bit about the forecast.oc >> all righty. right sue palka has got the latestat on that.on t hey, sue. >> hey, tony and shawn. sha looks like it wants to rain it out there. it hasn't startedtard yet. there could be a few showers a s little bit later tonight. if the bulk of any wet weather h holds off tomorrow and itf tomoa could come with a rumble of wit thunder to welcome our first our day of aprilly we'll havell hav another warm day.another warm we'll have a look at not only no friday but the weekend wee forecast which is mighty is migy changeable when fox5 news at 6:00 tums right back. right back. at6:00 comes right back.
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tracked saying trump meant the abortion provider should be punished, not women.notom but that didn't happen beforen b sparking a major backlash. baca. >> if you really believe thatha it should be outlawed, thenwed,e what you're saying is youing think that women and doctorsoc should go to jail and i think he just needs to own it ifne that's what heed truly believesl >> this one is going to beoingob hard to walk back thoughk though particular physical he's thecals party nominee come the fall. >> trump's rivals on both sides of the aisle are also condemning his comments.ommes. >> state department isteepartm apologizing for a tweet thata ta was supposed to warn americans c of scams while traveling it read "not a 10 in the u.s.inu then not a 10 overseas. beware of being lured into buying expensive drinks or exp worse being robbed. #spring breaking badly quote. q it was supposed to be a little l clever thing but the not a 10 a implying that, you know,t, youno you're not a 10, tweet fell twet flat with many people whowith me called the tweet sexist.weet sex the statement departmentpartnt immediately apologized andatelyp ended with the message here'sgeh
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safe spring break. b >> new tonight, we areht, learning that apple is considering legal action against the fbi to discover to how a san bernadino killer's iphone was hacke the l.a. times is reportingorti apple officials are desperate da to find out how investigatorses unlocked the device.lock this comes after apple refused s to help the fbi crack sacredacre farouq's iphone. iph farouq was the mastermind mas behind the san bernadinoan berni terror it has been widely reportedored but not yet confirmed thatt israel company cell brightri left hand to unlock thatk phone. >> all right. we all like to indulge fromndulm time to time, right? justt ahead at 6:00 wait until you you hear how much exercise itow mucr really takes to burn off allff the fast food you e how about that one. and guess what, ladies? t, e soon you'll be able to slaye to your workout and then go run the world thanks to beyoncé. the superstar announced she'sncs releasing a brand new activect wear you might call crazy in love with her designs, too. t. now, this is just s
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video for the new line that's called ivy beyoncé by the way lookse y l flawless in her running capris. capris. what did you say, y >> i said she does.he these are good ads for this equipment or slogan. >> beyoncé looks flawless in l the running capris, sports bras hoodies and hats. hats. >> what exercise is that? >> back stretch. stret count down to the release iswn on t beyoncé's line will go on sale april 14th.
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>> hello. [laughter] >> we were running in here. >> just got in these chairs. >> we're glad you guys are jounining us. >> that looks good.los go >> well --el >> for me. i like a big mac. >> okay. >> okay. do you know what's going to kno happen if you eat that bigf mac. >> i'll be happy. i'll >> you will but -- all right,al so if you want to treatf nt t yourself to things like this l like tony does there's a new n fast food calculator thatulor t promises to reveal exactly how y long it takes to burn off the t big mac and burritos.c andur >> that's right.>> tha the online tool
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mat cal equation andatio nutritional information from eight popular chains to work w out how much exercise you need to do. for example, here's how longampl it would take to burn off a 1330-calorie big mac meal. are we going to show that. >> yes, it says down there. >> six hours of strengthf strenh training. >> six hours. >> what. >> wow. all right. for a 12-inch meatball marinara sub from subway you su would need to do four hours 31 s minutes of yoga. >> wow. >> or strength training toreng beat the bulge. b >> to burn off one of thoseburn burger king whoppers with theit cheese meal, it's going tose m take you four hours, 24ou minutes of dancing or six andx a a half hours of yoga. ofog how about a basic glazeze doughnut?hnut? >> mmm. >> that looks like a krispyrisp kreme.eme. an hour of roller-skating oratin 47 minutes of rolling.ol i like roller-skating.ler-skati. that might be worth it. mig if you want to get rid of gd the starbucks strawberry andawd cream frappe pay i it will takee one hour of yoga or one hourr oe of walking.
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those stats and enjoy yourd enjy meal. >> but you need to be aware, tony.tony >> yes, i know.>> >> you can do it once a week. >> all things in moderation.n. here's a guilt freeway to gi enjoy your food.ur f japanese scientists say theyay have developed a fork that fork uses an electrical current to stimulate or simulate theimul taste of salt. it simulates the taste ofte of salt.salt. >> what does that do? eat thede fork. >> no, no, no. just while you're eating --in here. the minimal electric currentsts lle controlled by a button onro the side of the and thek level of saltiness can be adjusted.just researchers at the universitys e of tokyo say the fork could be useful for those who wander or r need to eliminate salt fromrom their diet for medicalr diet fol reasons. right now the fork is just a prototype. good thing it only costs $12 ioy to make although they'lly'll charge you 30, 35, 40 bucks.uc >> sometimes you want thatt salty sweet thing. >> my suspicion is there's asusp part of your tongue that is that the salt part and probably just stimulates that and makesmt you think you're having salt. sl >> good ide
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>> yeah. >> makes sense. >> all right. let's check in now with sue alka who ik s standing by with b the very latest on theon t forecast. hey, sue, not too bad today,ad , kind of gray out there rightf ao now but not too >> a great day and you know a yu what, we all three need to put o our heads together for the sugar fork. >> yeah. that's even -- that's as important. >> that's my problem rightblem g there. ther and then very soon after thatert a potato chip fork. cp fo [laughter] >> now you got my brainn thinking, sue, how can we do do jelly bean fork. for >> my gosh. those were such a temptationre e this past week.this hopefully they're almost hey we tempted you with some som warmer temperatures today aspe well as we say goodbye to the month of goes out like a lamb and it is i rather gray out the and the breezes are rather noticeableotc and strong but it is stillrong s dry. that will probably change ang bit we do think it's going to be gog another warm day tomorrow butrow a little bit unsettled.ettled maybe with a rumble of thunderut as well but we could be b 2 degrees from 80 degrees 80 de tomorrow. i'll bet some places hit it. hii watch for some late morningorni showers and rumble of thunder, u a few of which could be strong n or severe with strong gustyongut winds an
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showers you see here i thinke hi they would be early morning, mn, primarily south and east ofilso d.c., so not really a wet dayety saturday. saturd just a little wet in theth morning for a few of you. but our temperature drops to 62. t we'll call that mild but ito might not feel that was mildnot to you, not compared to whatmpat it will be like tomorrow. tomro we're still 73 degrees here now. fredericksburg 74, still gusty winds around but not as bad asad they were. generally though winds stayds sa gusty tonight in the 25 miles5 an hour range as our frontalur boundary is still well to th fel west and not much showing uph sg in the way of showers righthowes now. there have been a few patches ps down to our south and west butab i really think we'll probablyro have to wait until eitherilithe later tonight for some spottyspt showers or tomorrow and again,i, not everybody gets wetetset but the front is going to make k a big difference in ouren weekend. it will get reinforced ond o saturday. this front comes throughgh tomorrow. tomo but the front that comesthatome through saturday has reallyay h got some cold air with it. wit so bottom line we'll have a hav warm day, a lot of clouds, a few showers, a rumble ofble thunder and maybe in two wavestv what we think are going to going
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late morning showers with theh initial wave and then an area aa of low pressure may form on for this front that will bring in bg a few more showers early onarlyn saturday and again, that wouldtw primarily be south and east.ilyu also have to let you know that the storm prediction centerpred does have us in the marginal mai risk area in the green for thea possibility of onein or two or stronger storms that couldhat have some gusts over 60. or some small hail, some heavyll h downpours and a little bit of lightning as well.l. futurecast will help you timep y things outly by midnight we mnih could see a few scattered showers around.ower not a lot. by 7, 8 o'clock in the morning i more showers west but a few will dot the dmv as well ands wl rumble of thunder possible. p you can see that along the mason-dixon line tomorrow tom morning before noon.oo everything for the most part par the afternoon is fairly dry d but you can't rule outule out something isolated.sool if you're heading down to nats n park for their exhibition gameit should be dry but keep an eye on radar and download our fox5 f weather app.weathe much colder, though, onr,ugh, sunday, only 52 degrees with as lot of wind. we may see wind advisoriesd vi issued on sunday and you can y
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in the upper 40's north and and west. we stay on the cool side until u next week's home opener at nats park thursday'srs temperature 64, maybe a shower e then. all right, shawn, tony, over o to you. >> tha. we want to take you back w to the breaking news inan in richmond. the state trooper and severalal others were slot at a sloat greyhound bus station ineyho richmond. ri >> fox's marina marraco israco i there live on the scene.. marina. >> reporter: yeah, we justr: yht showed up and we're about aut block removed from the scene. fs we're going push in hereh her quickly so you can see the s intersection where that greyhound station is.eyho you still see police hereice h flooding the scene.hene we're about four hours nowoursow removed from this shooting andgd here's some pictures froms fro what's going on up closer clo there at this station.ta the greyhound bus station.greyhn now, wd e just got an update from virginia state police. pol. 33 say thathey say that the susd the state trooper encountered et each other at the entrance ofnt the greyhound station.the at that point the gunman drewin a gun, fired att
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shot, injuring that trooperoper and two other troopers who were in the vicinity firedicinii back at the gunman fatally f wounding him. now, that trooper was immediately rushed to vcu medical center.te so was the we're going to have t whe very r latest from the scene here inn richmond coming up at coming up 10 o'clock tonight and 11:00. we'll be right back after this break.
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>> much more on the shooting tonight at 10:00. >> it's funny meets fabulous. >> from kerry washington to angela bassett celebrity hair styles vernon martin. >> last comic standing
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> jessica simpson just shut up all of the haters. >> down in mexico on a little ladies' trip and she's pouring out of her bathing suit. she's also wearing daisy dukes, a cowboy hat and it looks awesome! >> that guy definitely asked for a hug good-bye. >> oh, give me a hug, i'll see you soon. >> oh, you guys know about that trick? >> yes, we know. >> kim kardashian out to dinner at craig's with lil kim. we get them leaving and you see kim going around


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