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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 1, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at s 1, a virginia trooper shot and killed by a man at greyhound bus stop. what we've learned about the exchange the trooper had with his killer in the moments before he was shot. then a d.c. police officer was hit by a car while he was on the job. we'll have an undate on his condition tonight. plus, members of a local muslim community fasting in honor of the brussels bombing victims. their message for piece right now at 11. and we do thank you for joining us, i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. > we gait tonight with the latest on the virginia state trooper shot in the line of trooper. the trooper was can killed at a greyhound bus stop in richmond, virginia. >>reporter: police not identifying the suspect although they did say
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match one here in the state of virginia, but not saying if potentially he had any ties to the area. however, a sad turn of events tonight as we learn of trooper door meyer's passing. it was just in 2015 2014 he joined virginia state police. he leaves behind a wife and two small children. two other women also shot. they're expected to survive. it's with an incredibly heavy heart tonight that i annoyance to you the loss of virginia state police trooper chad deer meyer. trooper chad door meyer was in the midst of a training exercise along with about a dozen other virginia state troopers inside the greyhound bus terminal in richmond this afternoon. the training encompasses looking for suspicion activity and in today's exercise, if you see some suspicious activity, go over and engage and have conversations. >> the 37 year old trooper was a former marine and police officer back home in jackson, michigan.
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fatigue uniform, but not his vest when he approached the still unidentified suspect. the period of time they were together was so brief that i can't imagine that he gone much further than hey, how are you where are you going, anybody with you, just small talk. > that's he when police say the discuss drew a gun ultimatelyç killing. two other troopers returned fire jug dun meyer before running into the restroom before transporting are he later died. > the suspect's handgun was recovered on the scene. police say the suspect did have a criminal history although they did not get into details. they also added he had no outstanding warrants for his arrest. now, tonight investigators will remain here at the greyhound station. they will remain processing the scene as well as interviewing witnesses and reviewing
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surveillance tape in the hopes it caught the shooting on radio. in richmond, virginia, marina maracco, fox 35 local news. > well, today's shooting in richmond is the latest tragedy in what's been a deadly year so far for law enforcement across the country and this area is no exception. fox5's teisha lewis continues our team coverage with more on that side of the story. >>reporter: tony, you're right. here at home across the dmv four officers have died in the line of duty so far this year. and the horrific richmond shooting brings that number to five. am of these shootings are happening as the community is still healing and mourning recent officer deaths. just last month, the world watched as prince george's county ashley guindon was laid to rest. guindon was fatally shot her first day on the job. she was responding to a domestic disturbance. two officers with her were also struck, but they survived. two weeks earlier, two deputies
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senior deputyies mark lowness den and patrick daily were shot to death at a panera bread. both served in the military and were parties. they responded to a call regarding a crowded restaurant. jacai colson was killed on march 13. he was killed after a man fired at the police station in landover. colson drove up to the station in plain clothes. he was caught in the cross fire between the suspect and police. fire from an officer's gun struck colson. and now this in richmond. this year 29 officers have died in the line of duty. that information comes from the officer down me moral page which honors our fallen law enforcement here owes. now this time last year nationwide there were 31 fallen officers. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > fox5 is in the district tonight where a police officer was hit by a car while on the job much the accident happene
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southern avenue and mississippi avenue southeast. the officers' injuries were not life threatening and the car that struck him did stay on the scene. that driver stayed on the scene. tonight in fairfax county, members of the muslim community held a prayer vigil for the victims of the bruise else annular whore terrorist attacks. today members of amad yeah muslim community observed a fast in memory of those who were killed in the attacks. organizers of tonight's event in chan till i say that acts of terrorism have no place in islam. muslim make up a bill and a half people in the world. and so we through our true islam campaign are trying to represent that silent and moderate majority of muslims against all forms of extremism, in particularly islamic extremism. holding functions like tonight's prayer vigil are extremely important to help undue the damage that radical islam is have caused.
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was attacked yesterday at the petworth georgia avenue metro station. a car nearly hit her while she walked across. two women jumped out of the car and chased herein side the station. the women hit her over the head with a box of bus schedules. the metro spokesperson told fox5 the incident was not recorded on surveillance cameras. > let's get right to the weather now it is overcast out there right now. so what does that mean for the d.c. region tomorrow? sue palka joins us with details on when some rain might be moving in, sue. >> we may be able to get through the first part of the morning rush hour without rain, but it looks like around 9:00 or so we'll start to see some showers pop up, maybe even some rumbles of hundred dollars. any rain we see tomorrow could have some strong wind gusts with it and a little bit hail. there's a little bit over on the earn shore. i think we'll really spend th
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but you can see there are a couple more lines off to the west and that is what is approach tomorrow. by the way, i don't even think tomorrow is all day wet but there will be a few hours that we have to dodge some showers and storms. we sure do stay mild tonight. it's still 67 in the district. beltsville you're still 72-degrees and we'll have some morning showers around. maybe a rumble of thunder as that approaches. you'll also notice the breezy. that will continue as our front gets ready to cross tomorrow. 67 as mentioned in d.c. 7 # in fredericksburg and a lot of places still near the 70-degree mark tonight. we'll tall into the 60s and maybe in the upper 50 force a few spots. i wanted to take you forward to the morning because you you can see at 7:00 a.m. our futurecast not showing much locally, but a lot of clouds around and it will look like it wants to rain. but by the time we get to 8, 9, 10:00 we're starting to see some showers passing d.c., maybe some heavy down powers and
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thunder. after we get the first batch through the sun comes out around noon and we spend several hours in the sunshine getting close to 80-degrees and then another line forms around 3, hospital bed and that could have a couple much isolated, severe storms. it looks like things should be dry for the nats. you can obviously see that there could be one or two storms still around. we'll talk more about what you can expect for the weekend in just a few minutes. thank you very much. the tennessee man who forced the captain to go on lock down on monday has been charged with federal crimes. today 66 year old larry russell dawson was charged with assaulting, resisting or em peeing certain officers or employees with a dangerous weapon and assaulting a federal law enforcement officer with a dangerous weapon. if convicted, dawson faces up to 55 years in prison. monday dawson pulled out a weapon inside of the capital visitors sender. he was then shot by a us capital police officer and
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underwent surgery. on maryland's earn shore former police chief is behind bars tonight. police say that am toker chris police chief norman swift was linked to a fire that was set in a wooded area in september of last year. this is one of several fires that are currently under investigation. tonight he is held on $15,000 bond. developing tonight information about the cyber attack on med star health 6789 med star confirms it is working with the fbi and that no patient information was compromised. but sources tell fox5 those hackers are demanding ransom fees from the hospital and they want it paid in about it k-9. we spoke with a cyber security expert to explain what the hospital is up against. >> the fbi has to be focused on this and they only get focused when it's critical infrastructure when it's enough money. and now you require cooperation with international authorities. a lot of these attacks are coming from
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sometimes those authorities aren't cooperative with the us government. that cyber security expert says hackers demanded payment in the form of about it k-9 because itself harder to trace. it's not clear if med star paid the ransom but we do know that their information is moving to full restoration. > a safety checkç is underway, in fact metro gm paul wheat feld sent out a letter to riders. it will take four to six weeks to complete. just yesterday metro board chairman jack evans raised the possibility that entire line could be shutdown for repairs if the review deemed its necessary. metro riders had mixed reaction to the possibility of a long shutdownment i agree if they shut it down they can just get it fixed. shut it down for the time needed to fix everything, get it up running and it can be running smooth again. how would it effect your life if they closed a line dn.
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>> if they closed the whole line down then it would effect me pretty bad. i have no other way to work. > whether the twitter poll and asked if you would support a shutdown of a line or lines for major track repairs, 53 percent said yes you would support the move, 47 percent of you were against it. > world leaders have gathered in the district for the nuclear security summit. the two-day t event is being held at the washington convention center in northwest. as a result traffic will continue to cause major headaches for commuters tomorrow. the mount vern and square metro station will be closed until tomorrow night and several road closures and parking sections will also be closed. l well, it has been a contentious week for donald trump's campaign. today he met with the head of the r and c right here in washington. we're going to let you know what came out of that meeting. > plus bernie sanders almost didn't make it onto ballots for the district's primary election.
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life.
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glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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> republican presidential hopeful donald trump was in the district today for a surprised closed door district with r and c
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following the meeting trump stayed tight lipped and only would say he had a nice meeting. the meeting was a productive conversation about the state of the raise, end quote. on tuesday trump backed a way from a loyalty pledge he signed last year promising to support the party's eventual nominee if he doesn't win the ticket. there's some good news tonight for supporters of democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders despite reports that he missed the filing deadline for the primary of 2016 which takes place in the district on june 14. sanders' name ill will be on the ballot. the d.c. democratic party says the sanders campaign paid the fee just prior to the march 16 deadline, but it was not submitted to the d.c. board elections until the next day. hence the confusion there. > there is no confusion, i did hear you say the snow word earlier, right. >> you did. and that would be from colder air that would move across our area saturday night.
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there could be some snow showers saturday night overnight into sunday. tomorrow some folks could see 80-degrees. >> exactly. it's crazy. april we can get a crazy snow in april. > i also think tomorrow will be the warmest day of the next seven. so enjoy it warm weather lovers. it will come with a rumble of thunder, but many hours which it will be fun to be outside. keep an eye on the sky. if we're on the air we'll let you know that something is coming your way. the theme for tomorrow really warm but just a little bit unsettled and that's what our weather headline is for tomorrow and then we'll see some more changes as we head on into the weekend. we really had nothing to speak of tonight, a couple of widely scattered showers. most of those on the earn shore. we have to for this energy to get a little closer to us, but it's going to be becoming with this big push of
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winds. everything coming up from the south so it's still very warm here in the district at 67. it's warm at the hat russ, 71, rally 7 #, pittsburgh 66, columbus 63 but then look out towards chicago it drops to 47. the winds are around to the north. that's our colder air around the next front. that won't get in here until we believe sunday. the front that comes through tomorrow not a lot of cold air behind it, but it will drop our temperatures on saturday. > only 64 tonight. that will be nice. we're keeping a passing shower in there overnight, but i think most places will stay dry. you'll notice the breezes continuing out of the south as they did today, but a little lighter than they were today. about 15 to 25 overnight and then about 15 to 25 again tomorrow as we get close to 78-degrees in some of our southern suburbs getting closer to l 80-degrees. we just showed you the futurecasts. a few of those could be around tomorrow morning around 8, 9:00. and then we'll have a br
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maybe another round of some showers and very widely scattered storms, 3:00 or so. a warm, breezy day. if you haven't seen the cherry blossoms yet, the big winds that we get over the weekend may be the big finale. go down for the blizzard blossoms.ç here is another phenomenal one from the banes. buddy see more sent us some great pictures. we'd like to see yours as well. i have to keep at least a threat of a thunderstorm on there. but it won't be wet every where. 71 for yap last, 77 for frederick. we expect some friday storms and an area of low pressure to form on that front that could throw a few more showers in for the saturday morning timeframe. speaking of early saturday morning showers, this is the reinforcing shot of the kohl'ser air that could bring some passing flakes through our area saturday night and then a much chillier day for sunday and sunday could be one of those days where a wind advisory gets issued. only 52-degrees on sunday. we pop up little warmer on
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i know what brody logan wants to see, thursday homeowner or opening day, what's the difference, i don't know. 64-degrees, the nats will play and they will have the marlins in town. right now some showers possible. can't rule out a rumble of thunder. we want a good day next thursday. > brody it's your turn. no showers. maybe some confetti in foggy bottom. in over 100 years of basketball, the george washington colonials have never won a season tournament. not the nit, yes that's the thing cit. gw felt snubbed when they didn't make the field of 68, but they didn't sol can. they certified all the way to the nit finals with the starting five carrying the load into the mecca of basketball. gw up at the half. gw up six. the shot clock winding down, matt heart transferred from division
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the bench loving it, lead, 12. they could feel it. final minutes, senior kevin larson inside to senior joe mcdonald, senior special. gw crews 76 to 60. the colonials win the nit and finish with a school record 28 victories. yes, a round of applause. >> love it. great job. > it is not good p math if you're the wizards. they trail the pacers by three games for the eighth and final playoff spot. last night's falling on the road to the kinks by double digits in a must win situation. afterwards, bradley beal shooting from the hip. i guess they thought they were already in the playoffs for some reason. it's either that or we wanted to get to the off season. as far as why, i have no on i. if the guys don't want to play, they need to sit down. > tag. the redskins have signed free agent tight end vernon davis. the native
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and then at maryland. he played is entire nfl career before trading last season to the broncos with whom he won a super bowel. on the other end attorneys newton has signed with the patriots. broaden was due to defense his junior wealther weight world title, but today he failed to make weight for the 140-pound bout. he only missed weights by four tenths of a pound. he had two hours to lose the weight. nothing for boxers that used to cutting weight quickly. but he opted to remain over weight. groaner is fighting while there is a want for his arrest out in ohio. they allow him to fight as he agreed to turn himself in after this fight. very strange story. what happens now. his manager said he didn't want to put his body through that to lose a half a pound.
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>> boxers are used to do. hay as lot of issues going on, especially back in ohio. can did he get naked to try to make the weight. >> just in case. they had a towel up there. he could have shaved his beard. > s as we head to break, here's a look at the throw back thursday photos you sent us using the hashtag tbt.
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> tonight some of the d.c. area news women got together for a very special event. that's right. each year we hold an annual breast cancer
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deals donated $100.000 to the event. >> that's a lot of money. the mano gram isç a mobile bret cancer screening center that travels all across the d.c. women and giving mammograms. they are thrilled to having connected deals with the mammogram for this very important healthcare initiative. our own laura evanss was there and i believe erin comb oh was there. ronica clear i was there as well. >> we'll have a big bash in may that everyone will be invited to. > turn in early t
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