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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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past of the gunman. gun president obama hosting world leaders for a workings fo dinner last night.ast nig today more serious business onis how to keep terrorists fromis fo getting nuclear weapons.. the summit will impact thempact d.c. commute again as well in w this basketball they're cheering this morning in foggy bottom because the georgee washington universityin colonials can can now call themselves champions.mpio start your electric ect engines. engi overnight tesla reveals its new car for the masses. m the affordable price tag pct for the new model three andw how far it can can take you ona a single charge.ha good morning, to i'mgood wisdom martin. thanks for joining us. holly morris has the day off.. maureen umeh is on had her her way.y. overnight we have learned muchdh more about the suspect whousct police say shot and called virginia state trooper.ia our fox affiliate in chicagofili confatirms that the suspect iss james brown the third from illrm now. he's no stranger to the media reports say he's beenbe charged in the past withtit murder, aggravated battery,atte with a firearm, among severalmog
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other charges.her ha now, yesterday police say trooper chad dermyerhad de approached brown during a police training exercise at arct richmond bus station. s that's when police say brown san pulled out a gun and started shooting killing dermyer whoerer wasn't wearing his bulletprooflf vest at the at two other troopers returneds r fire injuring the suspect whong later died at the hospital. tt >> the period of time theyerio were gathered was so brief so b that i can't imagine that he'st gone much further than hey, hey, how are you, where are you going, just small talk. tal >> two other people wereeople we injured when the suspectd wh started shooting. sot they are expected to make a me full recovery. rov the search is still ons stio this morning for a newspapersp vendor accused of stabbing a man outside the addison roadddin metro station in prince ipr george's county.ou annie yu joins us live froms lir the scene with m good morning, annie. ann >> reporter: good morning, wisdom.wi riders feeling a bit unsettleded after hearing this news. metro transit police lookingice for a man wanted in connectionn with a establishing that occurred just outse
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addison roads metro station in n capitol heights.l he this is the man that metroet transit police is looking for. it's 50-year-old daniel brown bo of temple hills, maryland. mryl authorities tell us that brown n is a newspaper vendor and around 8:30 yesterday morningayg he got into a fight with a manit just outside the station andonnd ended up stabbing that man.tan now, the good news is theishe victim was taken to theen t hospital and is expected toted t recover. but at this point it's unclearic what the altercation was about a and whether brown was actuallyuy on a paper route when this t incident occurred but metro's spokesperson dan cecil tellsrsod us they hope the surveillancevel cameras around the metroheet station will help police solveoo this case.ase. >> there's no nexus to metro in any of these incidents. crime can occur unfortunately anywhere.anywhere the sidewalk is not anysiwalk different from the sidewalk on the other side of the grasshe gs behind us that would be on thett public street.treet. the difference, though, is thoug that we have cameras all overve the metro system so when you commit a crime on metron met
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able to identify you and thenndt use that evidence against in agt you court. >> reporter: that's metro spokesperson dan cecil c explaining that surveillanceng u cameras hopefully will helpl hel them figure out how this all went down yesterday morning.yest again, riders on edge afterft hearing this story and policende looking for a 50-year-old manr-m by the name of daniel brown of temple hills, if you have any information oror know this person police wantean to hear from you.r fr that's the very latest here inee capitol heights, annie yu,eu, fox5 local news. n >> in the district this morning, charges were filedha erdaerday against therg tennessee man accused of firing gun slots inside theide u.s. capitol visitor's center. . larry dawson was charged with ws resisting and assaulting alt federal law enforcementorcement officer with a dangerous weapon. capitol police officers shotlice him after he allegedly pulled all weapon out at a security dawson's weapon was actually act pellet gun played to resemble rm a beretta if convicted on all charges crg dawson could face up to 55 fac years in pso thousands of workers
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airports nationwide who went wen on strike for 24 hours will berl back on the job today.e job t this was the scene at reaganhe national airport duringirportur yesterday's strike.y's ke. now, baggage handlers security r officers cleaners and airportnd service workers are demanding d a pay ra they want to earn at least $15ea an hour because some of themomet make anywhere from $6.75 to about $12 an hour.ou they say that's not a liveable l wage. >> our nation's airport workers are the backbone ofkbon this air they do their best every dayay to keep safe and secure not only themselves but also the passengers, the millions of passengers who go through ggh these airports every day.rts ev. >> the strike ended att midnight and workers wanted to stage this walkout last weekastk but the attack in brusselsss forced them to postpone itone i until yesterday.. time now is 4:34.:3 let's get a check of today's tod forecast and talk to mr. garyy mcgrady.mcgrady. sprinkles coming down as i was coming in. in. >> really? okay. kay. >> yeah, just a few. yeah, justno
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actually raining.aining >> so, let's just say that tha this morning there's a chance'sa of a few more sprinkles. >> okay.>> o >> all right.ll >> we'll roll with that. r >> we'll hold the showers offe s until later on, maybe even e some thunderstorms later on as well crossing across the area. a here's showers a little -- ae -- lot heavier showers to thehowers south and west of us.s. technically moving in our i our direction.e i think a lot of that willof thl break up and the we'll reform ss later this afternoon.ter this a right now we have just mostlyuso cloudy skies out there. out the. temperatures later today quiteat a warmup. even with limited sunshinemid su we're going to go 78 degrees. really today's temperatures 77t to 81 degrees.1 degr it's kind of a range because your temperature may fluctuate a little bit depending on how much sunshine you get.unshinyou obviously with more sunshine, sn your temperatures are going tora get up theretu to 80 or 81 soo we'll go 78 here in town.n. obviously warm.m. chance of some showers on andwe off today.ofday. then a thunderstorm possiblysiy moving through late this lth afternoon into the eveningning hours. we'll talk m
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forecast coming up in just aomin bit. right now let's talk traffic. t. erin como's in on this fridayy morning. >> i like the dramatic pause before friday.before f right now 4:35 and we do have h some traffic get to.ic get to. crash and closure in annee ann arrundel. three northbound shut downhbount because of crash activity.crasht that is just north of 450 so please use some caution there.ih aside from that inbound 295 ini5 the district southbound crashtho after benning road. not causing any majorcaing slowdowns because traffic iss cs light but still tap the brakesha through that area. paving operation from work fromo zone that is overnight haveisrn yet to clear. cle inner loop before little river turnpike where you want to be extra careful. more construction outbound willard avenue in montgomerygo county. let me get out of the way anduto let you enjoy all of thathat green we're notion on our mapou right now. righ we have several closureslosure downtown d.c. around theou convention center and whiteen house and that is for thes nuclear security summit.ear we'll take a closer look atk a those and
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affect your friday morning you commute next.mmut wisdom. >> all right, erin thank you. the george washingtonhito colonials are your nit champs. they knocked off val post last night. gw felt snubbed when theyubbed y didn't make the field of 68 but they didn't sulk they justhj soared. the team set a new schoolewchoo record with 28 wins and last ans night victory marks gw's first nit championship and also the ao first post season title of any o kind in school history. you're looking live at aive picture of the u.s. capitolof t right now and you may noticeot something a little bit bit different because workersor began removing the scaffoldingfg surrounding the building this i weekly it's been there sincere s 2014 and we're told that the final phase of the capitole restoration project is now under way. the scaffolding just below theet dome will take -- will stay inta place while workers continueon to make the
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repairs is expected to bed to b complete by the end of thefhe year. other big headlines we'reli following this morning, anis mon update on a baby that wasy at kidnapped from a popular mallarl near philadelphia. plus, president obama host to ht several world leaders in town for the nuclear security n summit. we've got a look at the big white house dinner they attended last night. ?! stay with us. back in a moment. only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin. ii can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients.ter. i can't believe... we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated.
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d compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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>> making headlines thisak morning from the campaigng trail ted cruz is pulling wafryw ahead of donald trump in tmp wisconsin.on yesterday a fox business poll p shows cruz with a 10-point 10-pn lead in that state. sta garnering 42 percent of likely voters to trump's 32 percent.en now, john kasich comes in third with 19 percent andpercen among women voters in wisconsin cruz soars even higher, 46 percent to trump'srup 27 percent.27 percent but trump is polling betteret with at least one group, he leads cruz 37 percent to 26 percent among a seven week old baby thatlb was kidnapped from a mall nearer philadelphia is safe thisphias a morning. the baby was taken last nightt from the king of prussia mall. m police say a woman whoan befriended the family andamil a ended up at the food courtd c with them took the infant. i it happened after the baby's b mother stepped away to take ae phone call. the woman who took the childhe is now in the baby wasn't hurt and was being checked out by doctors.ecy the troubled mostly white ferguson missouri police department gti
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chief. miami police major moss will mo join the force after the the department and ferguson'sergu court system were both cited c for racial bias in a justice department review. the overhaul comes after racial unrest after the 2014 t 2 fatal shooting of michael brown. last night president obamaba played host to world leaders lea who met at the white house forae a working dinner during ther dug nuclear security mr. obama sat next to the prime minister of india and and president of china. china this is the fourth summit of world powers gathered byd po president obama to discussdi nuclear issues.nuear the fifth one focusing on focusn nukes out of the hands of extremists.ists today there will be morethll b meetings and later thisater afternoon president obama willed hold al press conference.onfenc still ahead still feeling f those bumpy rides to work? rid well, there's some good newsomgs about it. asphalt is on the way.alt isn th we're going to tell you whatl yw you can start doing today to get those bumpy holes all hol al filled. >> ♪ >> ♪
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live look outside rightve l now at 4:42. we've got weather and traffic coming up, so rain starting to fall.fall gary mcgrady is going torady give us an update on that andn erin como is going to talk about what's going on downtown with all the road closures wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising. hi dad.
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uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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>> ♪ >> happening today it's theni official start ofng pothole palooza in washington, d.c. >> why is today the officiall day. >> it's april fool's day.l but this is foa hundred percentt legit. mayor muriel bowser is kickingse off the event at 11:00. 11:. it's in its eighth for drivers that means you canyu report potholes to the cityto tc and they'll try to get themto ge filled within 72 hours. so, that's some good news ifew you drive around d.c. it couldtl be kind of tricky with those roads dodging and ducking. ducki >> i haven't noticed as many m potholes this -- ts >>hi
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>> yes.>> that's just me. >> right. i understand. >> usually you can drive into them but ian haven't lost mysell in o. >> well, hopefully you won't y w 'cause those things can get expensive. >> and it's pothole palooza.aloa >> pothole palooza, that'sza, tt right.ri >> the weekend is coming uponpo us. we're going to be very warm ver today but the weekend forecast s calling for much cooler c temperatures and unfortunately u had to officially putnf someutom rain in for tomorrow.omor we talked about that tald ab yesterday, how it looked likeokk we were trending in thatn tha direction. wow. can check out temperaturespe this morning. m reagan national is 69, dullesul 67. bwi marshall 68 degrees. listen, today there is a chance of thunderstorms and weme have been elevated up to what's called a marginal riskisk of severe thunderstorms. tsically what that means forat us is we could have the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm that goes severes v here later today. t slight risk in effect as far as north as southern maryland
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saint mary's county maybe extreme southern saint charles county, you're in this slightin risk. that's a little bit better chance of get something set showers and thunderstorms thatdh could go more like a scattered chanceha of these thunderstorms andstor what we're talking about, wind gusts 60 miles per hour plus,r p obviously some heavy downpours, small hail and some lightning in thoset thunderstorms as here's your weekend forecast.eke tomorrow we did put some some showers in. looks like we could keep that tt just to the first part of thet f day tomorrow.omor temperature of 62 degrees.degre. much colder. much it will be gusty on sunday, 52u, for a high there. t and we may even have some freezing conditions sundaytions morning and monday morning. mori i don't think here in town but b the suburbs could get down toetw freezing and below. bow showers south and west. this whole thing has to comeas across that could lead to some s showers for us, maybe a maybe thunderstorm later on thisrsrm l this is 5 o'clock. this will be a broken line of showers, maybe a thunderstorm, too. that gets out of here so we'rere dry until tomorrow morning.or notice some showers in placen p here and we are trending drierid
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that was snow, yes, you weren't mistaken, that went by sunday -- saturday night,turday early sunday morning. mni but on the backside of thisf t area of low pressure thatehat moves to the north of us it'sth going to be breezy and it'sbr ad going to be chilly on sunday. sn here's the deal for today.or we're starting off so, so mild m this morni breezy, some sunshine at 8:00 a.m., 67 degrees.grs. we're already middle 70's by 12 o'clock today. today. a few showers in the area. ie a doesn't mean that everybody'sero wet, okay, just a few showershoe in the area early afternoonnoon and then later this afternoon ar temperatures will be upperes wiu 70's to right aroundd 80 degrees.rees a few thunderstorms possible psl and look how much cooler for the weekend. wke weekend starts tomorrow, tor though. here's erin como with a lookn c at your traffic.r traf >> and that is not an apriln apl fool's day joke. >> no, not at all. no, not at a >> it is friday. i need friday. crash and could esche in anneane arrundel between 450 and and crawford boulevard.rd also dealing with a crash on inbound 295 southbound side
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we'll let you know as soon as that clears.lear it should be out of the wayd be shortly. now as your for commute downtown. the nuclear security summit,mi through saturday k, l and m m street remains shut down dow between tenth and sixth. six a portion of seventh,even massachusetts between ninthweenn and sixth and a portion of new york. best bet avoid the conventionion center or white house area ifre you don't have to be down there. they're limiting pedestriang pet traffic as well as parkingki restrictions commercial and mount vernon square thatrn station remains closed throughdr this evening for the green and n yellow line they'll be bypassing. use the shaw orr gallery placeap stops to get through. thr we'll have more traffic in amo few, wisdom.ism. back to you. t >> all right, thank you erin como. como. happening this morning,ing metro transit police are looking for a man wanted for his involvement in a stabbing.tb now take a look at this. t they say this man daniel brown b is wanted in connection with a stabbing at a prince george's county metro station. staon he's a newspaper vendor andsp police say he got into a fightga with a man yesterday outside osi the addison ro
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station in capitol heights. h the victim was taken to theaken hospital and is in stabletabl condition. police are asking anye withone t information to give them a call. call. well, it's been six months i since a hit and run driverunri killed a marine who was was helping a disabled motorist inot frederick county and police a pl still need your help finding fin the suspect.the suspec 21-year-old marine corporal william farrell was hit backk in september as he was helpinghi a driver stuck on the side of route 15 north in thurmont. thun police say the truck that hitit farrell pulled to the side ofid the road for a few minutes and a then took off. the reward has more thanasor tripled to $6,000 for$600 information leading to an arrest. if you know anything aboutw this incident you're being asked to call police. also thisto morning, todayot u.s. park police are defending their actions of their tir officers. this comes after an attempt to arrest two gay men turned into i a brawl. now, this all followed as foll traffic stop in southeast. sth the police tried to arrestrr john davis for driving without i a permit and having the wrongg o tags on his car.tagsn hi now, they say davis' boyfriendid timothy cox
4:51 am
hoop -- actually two hulay two a hoops an cooler at them. t cox admits to together ther objects but says he was upsetet because police tased his >> i cooperated fully withyf rawhat he was requiring or asking me to do. that's why i don't understand the injustices done here asices far as him tasing me after putting the handcuffs on me. i was very compliant.plia >> the second officer that hadad come did pepper spray thatha seconds person and at that t point that suspect grabbed the -- reached out his hand h h and grabbed that officer's genitalia and the officer's only recourse was to punch him in the eye way closed fist. >> both men were charged withret assault on a police officerff but the charges were droppede dd just hours they've hired an attorney to aor represent meanwhile a d.c. policeile officer was hit by a car while w on the job. j the accident happened aroundnedd 8 o'clock last night at a southern avenue and mississippi avenue southeast. su the officer's injuries were injw not life-threatening and theg at car who struck
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the scene. an investigation is under way to figure out whygaure ouy explosive training materialri was left on a loudoun countyou school bus following aolus f training exercise.xercise. now the loudoun county count sheriff's office and the cia conducted a drill last week at brier woods high school inhi sco ashburn. the cia says one of its k-9 k units accidentally left somey l of the material on the bus.ial . the bus was used this week to wk take students to school. s workers actually found the material when they inspectedey e the bus. authorities say the trainingrain material did not pose any n danger to the students. stude also this morning, aorng dramatic rescue to tell you about. an elderly from montgomerym mogo county is lucky to be aliveeli after he lost control and conold drove his vehicle into ahi river. this is a picture of the car t he was driving. he got lost and then drove allro the way up to the aberdeen maryland. police say near the aberdeenee proving ground he dime a dead de end and then drove 150 feet 150e past the dead end and then and t drove into a river.e iniv police were able to reach him rh
4:53 am
area, the bridges that wong thao described and they finallyy finy located his car.tehis montgomery county policegome officer jason huggins was theas first officer to reach him.eachm put on a wet suit and thend t went into the water to try and rescue him. the river water was very level l even when the driver -- on thein driver's mr. wong was cold disoriented and told officers that hisha legs were numb and that hendha could not move. >> unlocked the door. uke he had been in the water we estimate about two, two and a half his legs were pretty crampede pc up. he couldn't stand on his only lucky for me he's a pretty pre light guy and we just pickedusic him up and walked 150 feet 1 f back to the dry land. lan >> mr. wong was tine a mr. hospital where he's beingei treater for hypothermia.heia we're told his condition has has improved at the hospital butsp b this could have turned outav very differently because thelyee temperatures of that water atesh times was only 52 degrees.deee also this morning a mng systemwide metro he safetyeaf check is under
4:54 am
lester metro gm paul wiedefeld sent out a letter to theto t riders and in that letter itettt said that the review of thee ree system will take a four to six-week period to complete.plet he also promised to updatepd riders of any changes whenes w they do occur. do o just yesterday metro gourd chairman jack evans raised thenr possibility that an entirent line could be shut down forn f repairs if the review deems itei necessary. metro riders had mixed reactions to the possibilityto of a t long-term shutdown. shuow >> i agree that if they shut s it down they should just getthey it fixed. shut it down for the timeime needed fix everything get itver up and running and it can be running smooth again. >> would it affect your lifect y if they closed a line down forn >> if they closed a line downine then it would affect me prettymy bad 'cause i have no other way to work. w >> reporter: would you haveould to choose a bus? ce a >> yeah, i would have to he choose a bus, uber, something. g >> reporter: you're willinge wil to deal with it if it means it m fixing the problem. probl >> yeah, if it mea f
4:55 am
it, yeah, i would be okay with i the idea of it.f >> we did a twitter poll and pon asked you if you would be inoun support of a shutdown of a line or lines for major track repairs and 53 percent of you y say you would support thatt 47 percent of you were completely against it.inst all right, listen to thisn t from coast to coast electric elc car lovers, stayed up late toye get the first look at tesla's ta latest car. c. now, this is a look at the new model three four-door sedan revealed at it's said to be tesla's car for the masses because thes beca price tag is pretty low for a tesla, $35,000 and that'sha before possible tax tesla broadcast the first rideit in the model three on periscope. that's what you're looking at right now. the modeu'l three is said to get 215 miles on a single charge. ca that's about twice as far as tesla's main competitors the nissan leaf and the bmw i3. the tesla model three won't
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into production until nextdu year.ct that's not stopping many from putting down a $1,000 deposit. . you could win four ticketsic when you're app washington --ng- your washington wizards host the hornets on sundaye rn afternoon april 10th.ool 10 to enter for a chance to win go to the contest page on fox5 d.c./contests between now and 11:59 p.m. two winners will bel selected by random drawing on april 4th.april 4th. hello, gary.>> >> thanks, let's get right tomorrow.get it'to it.we're 68 degrees here t i swear you to just two jt seconds ago it was 69 on the 69t map. so we've gone down. we're cooling off here in thef city.ty wouldn't you know everybody's k in the 60's thisno morning. mori we have a few showers pushingus off to the east of us andofs we're waiting on more. mor looks like a few showers andwers even some thunderstorms possible later on thisleater afternoon.ft we'll be uper around 80, up around 80.around let that sink in for just an fot second. now we
4:57 am
with a look at your friday morning traffic. >> 4:56 right now.righ some breaking news. new we're tracking a crash.. first i want to tell you aboutet this one its a serious o its accident in anne arrundel.rrde three north between 450 anden 4 crawford boulevard, that isoule shut down.shut second closure this just in,hisu the crash that we've been tracking southbound crashthbo after benning road it's rightt's near east they've shut down 295 dn 29 southbound so we're going to we' get the latest on that.n t avoid that stretch of wrote of r right now. you'll need to exit and workd your way through the district. we'll keep you posted. that is for an accidentr an a investigation. keep it to fox5 news morning.or we got you covered with yourou news, weather and traffic onra this friday morning. >> ♪
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> right now at 5:00, thehe latest on our top story out of o richmond, virginia where a virginia state trooper wasteop shot and killed yesterday at ard gray mound bus stop.ay more violence on metro.ncont the search is on for mann r accused of stabbing anothernothr man several times outside of as metro station in princen george's county.geor we've got a live report on that coming up. com here's a live look outside v right now. ght now. we're in for major changes inhag the weather department. deptm a big cooldown and a chance ofne rain on the way. 5 o'clock is the time.o'clos in the news this morning a virginia state trooper is deadte after a gunman killed him during an tnm encounter at a greyhounds bus station inunds richmond yesterday afternoon.


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