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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> right now at 5:00, thehe latest on our top story out of o richmond, virginia where a virginia state trooper wasteop shot and killed yesterday at ard gray mound bus stop.ay more violence on metro.ncont the search is on for mann r accused of stabbing anothernothr man several times outside of as metro station in princen george's county.geor we've got a live report on that coming up. com here's a live look outside v right now. ght now. we're in for major changes inhag the weather department. deptm a big cooldown and a chance ofne rain on the way. 5 o'clock is the time.o'clos in the news this morning a virginia state trooper is deadte after a gunman killed him during an tnm encounter at a greyhounds bus station inunds richmond yesterday afternoon.
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trooper chad dermyer was atrm the bus station for a training a fox affiliate in chicagoe hi says the shooting suspect ispect james brown the third from illinois. two other state troop ertzroop fired back killing the gunman.un >> period of time they wered oft gathered was so brief that ief can't imagine that he'd gonehe'e much further than hey, how are a you, where are you going, are yg anybody with you, you know,u k just small talk. tal >> two women were also hit by gunfire.nfire they are expected to recover. rv across the dmv fourro dmv officers have died in the linein of duty so far this year and a the richmond shooting bringsotin that number to five. f happening now, the suspect is still at large following aolng a stabbing outside of the prince p george's county metro stop.ouy e that incident happeneda yesterday morning between a newspaper vendor and anotherr vr man. fox5's annie yu joins us now u n live with more on that story. annie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, goodor morning to you, wisdom. you know, i spoke toto a rider this morning who says he takesat the metro here at the addison ad met the together every day andea thisnc
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frighten him. he also mentioned that there t is a school, central high school not too far from hererohe and students also take thists metro as well so you cano yo certainly understand the unsettling feeling thisttling f morning for this rider. meanwhile police do tell uso teu that this incident happenedent e around 8:30 yesterday morning mi at the height of rush hour.eigh here behind me at this addison road motor together and they're asking for anyone with w information who may have sawwhoa something or know this man tosan give them a call.a ca they're looking for this man, daniel brown a 50-year-old man-o from temple hills, maryland marn and police tell us that brownhat is a newspaper vendor and heape got into a fight with a mananh just outside the station.ti he ended up stabbing thatha person.pers. thankfully the victim is repected to recover but it's to unclear right now what theha the altercation was about andbo a whether brown was actually on his paper route when thishis incident occurred here.d here metro, they do tell us thattell they hope that theey hop surveillance cameras aroundun the station will help policep pl sort of figure out how thisow ti all went down, how the altercation started and thatrtet sort of thing.f ing meanwhi
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anyone with information tonfmato give them a call at (202)962-2121.(2 that's the very latest here inte capitol heights, maryland. mara. annie yu, fox5 local news. n >> in the district thisth morning charges were filed cha yesterday against theer tennessee man accusedda of firing gun slots inside theide u.s. capitol visitors center. larry dawson was charged withasa resisting and assaulting asaula federal law enforcementlaw officer with a dangerous weapon.ap capitol police officers shotpoli him after he allegedly pulled al a weapon out at a security check point.chk point. dawson's weapon was actually ay pellet gun made to resemble a beretta handgun. hdg if convicted on all chargesha dawson could face up to 55 coua years in prison.riso let's talk hoops.tahoops. the george washingtonashito university colonials are yourlsr nit champions. men's basketball team knockedno off val poe last night. kevin larson dropped 18 points i for the colonials.olials gw actually felt like theyt le y were snubbed when they didn'tedw get into the field
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the ncaa tournament but they t didn't sulk. they just soared and wop thewoth nit. the school set a new school sch record with 28 wins.28 w last night's victory marks gw's first nit championshipmpioi and also the first post seasonto title of any kind in school history. and a washington native isti coming home. h two time pro bowl tight ends es vernon davis has agreed to a ago one year deal with the burgundy and gold. and davis spent nearly 10 years 10 s with the san francisco 49ersco9e before joining the broncos brons last season winning a superng ar bowl the 32-year-old is a graduatee of dunbar high school and the university of maryland. ♪ ♪ >> hey, listen we're going to gg have showers around today, tday possible thunderstorm laternd thiser afternoon.ft not everybody gets wet, okay.ka this isn't an outbreak orbrk or anything like that but ahi lik couple of these storms couldrmso be strong and then i thinkn hi farther south and east theret may be one or two that even could
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southern maryland.sorn so, we're watching radar rightar now and satellite together. we have generally part toallyaro mostly cloudy skies thisly c morning. that's keeping temperatures inpa the 60's. 6 as a matter of fact a lot ofr of us this morning are in theor upper 60's.niupr 60 we won't have far to go to get to 80 degrees.grs. so, we're going have someeom 80-degree readings out there,s h maybe even an 81 or an 82 withnw a little bit of good sunshine sh poking through later on this oth afternoon. otherwise, everybody iss basically mid to upper 70's. 7 a little cooler over there inn annapolis with a highs with a hh temperature of 72. again, some passing showers today and an afternoon and and evening thunderstorm isndstorm s certainly possible.cert that's your forecast on this friday. friday how about your morning commuteom on this friday morning. mni >> i like the emphasis on the friday. >> emphasis, is that likeik emphasis.emphasis. >> yeah. >> i like emphasis, too. too >> it was a a >> i know.>> i >> happy april fool's we got to get gary at somet s point this morning.nt thi m wisdom and i are going have to talk at
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serious crash in anne arrundel n three north between 450 anden 40 crawford boulevard.awfo and then in the district bigistc heads up for you if you take 295.29 southbound east capitol street r there is a closure from an a earlier crash.ra delays back to benning road. ro. your best bet exit at benningt n road and then make sure youe leave factor in extra time. t we'll let you know as soon asouo that reopens.that taking a look at the beltway. by outer loop looks real good inoo bethesda, 270 southbound no, 0 t problems down from the spur. t s 66 eastbound we had an earlier i crash by the dulles toll that did clear and you can see all the green on our map. m we have several closuresal c downtown for the nuclearto security summit.wnserity we'll take a closer look at look them and how it's affecting aec metro and metrobus with yourit y next look at traffic.ffic wisdom.wi >> erin thank you.ou. today is the kickoff ofko autism awareness month.. fox5 d.c. cares is our station's campaign tos camp t highlight the great work of t e nonprofit organizations infi our area.r a we've been doing this all week w to raise awareness aboutessbo autism in our community. commu
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until noon fox5 is hosting ain phone bank and you can call inl and make donations at that time or you can 15 donatedo right now by visiting our webg site or text autism to to 25383, 25383 to38 t make a donation of $10.10 happening today the national museum of the marineeu corps is reopening. reopeni it was seven arealy closed to the public on january now during the closure the museum hung a newly restored reo world war ii sbd dauntless dnt dive bomber from the glass ofr r the museum's central gallery. ge the museum is opened 9:00 to 5:00. something really nice tog rc share. sh yesterday afternoon a coupleon a of metro police officers hung out with kids in washington,asng d.c. they were on their bikes on beso bike patrol and stopped by a southeast d.c. neighborhood during their now neighbor captured the funref video and you can see the officers playing jump rope andpp
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the neighborhood.itthe ne just having a good time all around.nd very nice to see. s all right.> allht coming up, apple not happy with the fbi. the company is looking into loot taking legal action againstga the government.overnment. we're going to tell you whyto ty straight ahead. and breaking news overnight, north korea takest, n new action alarming the worldla community worried abourmt itsuti nuclear we've got those headlines anddls a lot more coming up next.y hone >> ♪ >> blank mmm that is tasty. is ? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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>> 5:09 is the time.>> we're learning apple ise considering legal actionlein against the fbi to discover t how a san bernadino killer's iphone was hacked.hone now, the l.a. times is reporting that apple officialsfs are desperate to find out how investigators unlocked thatator device. this comes after apple refusedef to help the fbi crack syed farook's iphone. i farouq was the mastermind maste behind the san bernadinoer terrorist attack. it's been widely reported butted any other confirmed this rally l company cell bright left hand to unlock that phone.k that p happening today rescueha workers in india are still searching for survivors andvo a bodies in the rubble fromble f yesterday's deadly overpass collapse. now t-the death stole at 21 sto and rescue workers are using a crane to remove large blocksar of metal from
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indian police have detainedetai five construction companiesctn o officials for the overpassverp as leaders from 50 countries gather in washingtonno to discuss the prevention of nuclear terrorism north korea tr has fired a suspected ballistic missile into the sea. now, the projectile missilele flew into the waters off the country's east coast according to a south korean news media. the launch if confirmed is the e latest in a series of weapons launches by north korea that has carried out in an apparent p response to ongoing military miy exercises between the united states and south korea.outh k north korea views the drills vis as an invasion. inv california has become thefoh first state in the country toouo approve a $15 an hour minimum mm wage.. the state legislature approvedep the measure yesterday.esrd governor jerry brown is that i expected to sign the measuregn a into law on monday.y. the minimum wage will slowly rise in california over ther next few years if the $15
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in 2022. 202 last week d.c. mayor muriel mur bowser called on city councilci to raise the minute williame wil wage to $15 by 2020.02 a significant name changeamg coming for the law school at ool george mason university andrsit some of the money behind itt comes from an often controversial source. we've got that story coming up.up. but first gary mcgradygary is talking about rain that maymy be on the way. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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>> happening right now day twoni of the nuclear securityng summit. so still a lot ofhe n road of closures around the washingtonth convention center.convention this is a live look at 11th 1 and n streets northwest. norwe the mount vernon square station is also closed.ion by the way today is the finals l day of the summit.t. new this morning, what do maryland drivers fear thethe most. distracted drivers that'scted according to a new poll by aaa midatlantic. distracted driveanr outweighs
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there drivers large trucks andus lousy drivers.rivers >> meanwhile today is the official start of pothole palooza in washington, d.c. d mayor muriel bowser is kickingic off the event today at 11:00 it's in its eighth year.ighth you can report potholes to thest city and they'll try to getry to them filled within 72 hours. h and now it is time fore gary mcgrady.cgrady >> ♪ >> >> that means if we report r them all today -- -- >> right.>> >> yes. >> -- then they'll be allen t fixed by monday. monda >> in theory. t pretty much by monday. mon >> april fool's. >> here we go. mostly cloudy out there thisheri morning.mog. it's super mild, too. mild, too look at numbers.lo at it's 69 degrees here in the city. quantico is 67.quan lots of 60's north and west, too. win chester it's one of theter coolest spots out there. it'se. 63 degrees.63 deg regionally this is the way its y looks. i mean, you've got all up and ad down the east coastdo temperatures are very mildures this morning.this new york city
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boston is 63. and look, you jump the fronthe back here in the midwest. mid detroit is 49. de chicago is 41.1. and saint louis is 51 degrees.1e saint louis is 56, okay. o later on today, we're going to g have a possibility of somefome thunderstorms.un now, technically here alonge a the i-95 corridor up and downp n through d.c. and the suburbs we are in what's called a iwhats marginal risk of severe thunderstorms.dersrms. maybe one or two.maybe one very isolated threat. thr not too far to the south and east you're under a slightt risk. that is southern maryland, okay. so, parts of saint mary'st county, maybe even extreme southern charles cou then down into centralal sections and southern parts of virginia. wind gusts 60 plus out of someso of these thunderstorms.stor heavy downpours possible.pos a little bit of small hail andll obviously with a thunderstorm you're going get some crowd to ground lightning as well. a w showers tomorrow morning.tomorrg this is the setup for the weekend. we have introduced showersd s back into the forecast onnto the saturday.saturday. didn't want to but had totout
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get some and en as we get into tomorrow evening and evenig sunday night -- saturday- satur night, sunday morning, this is,h not a joke, folks, a few flakes possible in the northwest suburbs. this is not in the city, okay. northwest, northerly suburbsth most of the snow will stay confined to central sectionserri of pennsylvania, up into new int york state but some very cold air comes in on the backsidee of that low pressure bringingg in gusty winds on sunday. sunda it's going to be real chilly c out there on sunday even though as high pressure builds in it looks like we'll be ins for some good sunshine.ine. so, here's the specifics onpefis the weekend. 62 saturday.atur most of the showers the way ithy looks right now will be will confined to the morning hoursou on saturday.onatur hopefully saturday afternoony a we'll get a little bit oft a leo sunshine coming in. 52 on sunday. technically we don't have a hav wind chill factor at 52 but i promise you outside on sunday on it's going to feel colder than 52 degrees simply because ofy the gusty winds out there. t
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around. around. passing showers through theshow day today. this is is maybe a shower here or there. te not everybody is getting wet.tiw a couple thunderstorms moving through late this afternoon.late a little bit of a line willill form. looks like this gets to thes ket east of us and it will get al little bit stronger offonr towards the bay and the shore,re okay.. in terms of this morning'sning rain, we've had app couple ofe f sprinkles move through.e thr most of the rain is stills s lurking down to the south anddon the southwest. south let's see if that will hold together long enough to get lon through here and bring a fewng a showers for the first part ofhe the otherwise, we're warm, we'rear w breezy, we're headed towardsdowr 80 degrees today.egre t and then the possibility of a few passing showers with someg afternoon and some evening thunderstorms. much cooler this weekend.ooth we warm up again on monday and then another chilly shot comesho through tuesday and lingers l through wednesday. hopefully after next weekfuy af we'll turn the corner and notnd have these little cold pockets come through from time tohr time.o there's your forecast. here's your friday morning affic. erin como, no one is moree
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than erin como. >> but i'm not looking forward r to that foot of snow that younot were telling us about.ngs abo april fool's. >> oh, boy. >> that was the best i got.s th they'll get better through thegh morning.rn right now breaking news out of u the northeast section of thetioe district. reports of a pepco power outage along new york andework florida, portions of those those neighborhoods so you mayorods encounter some traffic lights that are out as you head out aso this morning so please usee calling, treat them as though t you would a stop sixty ninep sie right now in anne arrundel aarre crash and closure.lo three north between 450 and 450 crawford boulevard. definitely slow it down usely st caution there. insides the district thistric t crash cleared so good news if n you're taking 295 thisg morning. 295 south has reopened at eastt capitol street.capitotree delays are easing but some some heavier traffic leading fromafld benning road on down so pleaseos be prepared for.bepare that aside from that 66hat eastbound traffic moving alongo just fine into centerville. we'll take a look at thosekt road closures around theund nuclear security summit next. back to you on the desk. >> 5:18 is the time. t t a big change for students ate fu george mason law school. soo the university has announcednnou
5:19 am
renamed in honor of the late supreme court justice antonintin scalia later this year.alat now the renaming comes in i light of the $30 million in combined gifts given to george o place son, the george masonason foundation to support the lawsuo school. now a third of that donation, around $10 million came fromom the charles koch foundation.nd the controversial conservativeoe koch family has helpedch f facilitate millions of dollarse in donations to colleges in cle the united states. s final approval for the nameprov change will have to come from the state councilha of higher he education for >> a high school football ftb player is being called a hero for a big tackle he made off the field. surveillance camera show police chasing a suspect. moments later the suspect was ws when asked why he helped stop the robber mertz says he wasz ss just trying to be a goode a od citizen.citizen. >> check this out. tourists and locals atists southern
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got a rare treat. a pacific great whale swam upret close to shore and put on a show. a local newspaper captured the e moment a juvenile whale poppedop its head above water and began n rolling around in the surf. the whale even scratching itself in the sand just feet from the city's beach and the pier. whale experts say the young y mammal is probably just making its first migration withoutt mi its mom and didn't know any better. great whales migrate fromigra fo feeding grounds in alaska to baja california lagoon. lag >> so you're saying the littleht young one was just frolicking fk around. >> checking out the scenery hei in california.aliforni >> pretty good. >> happening today a special friday treat to satisfy your sugar fix. >> krispy kreme giving away free doughnuts. they're calling it the doughnut harvest. guests will receive one free f glazed doughnut.ough no purchase necessary. p the only krispy krem
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locations not participating are located in rockville,ille, maryland. >> boo to you. >> that's where i was going after work.r wor >> really. >> that's the one i was going to. >> i only know of one more ine n e dupont >> i'm disappointed now.inted started out as a good story.dto >> still ahead women's pro pro soccer players they've hadhey' enough. they're demanding that they t tke just as much as theirucas male counterparts.male counterpt coming up we're going to break r down pay gap. >> the city of philadelphia isop saying i'm sorry to late baseball great jackiell g robinson. we'll tell you why. those stories and much more coming up after the break. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row.
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>> a year after winning theaf women's world cup the u.s.rl women's national soccer team tea is fighting to get equal pay for equal play.equal play. >> five of the biggest stars thb of the women's national team t filed a complaint with thehe equal employment opportunityym commission app alleging theypp make a fraction of what theirher male counterparts earn for games sometimes as little astle 38 percent of the men's team salary.sala here's the comparison. theom
5:24 am
$3,000 per game.ame. men receive $5,000 per game p g regardless of outcome and cannd receive up to $1,700 per win.. >> ♪ >> new this morning, the stevege brotherly love is making ang a apology to a baseball legendend for racism nearly 70 yearsrl70 y ago. jackie robinson, the firstst african-american major league l baseball player will receive a post hummus apology from them city of philadelphia.lphi they voted to pass aoas resolution to officiallyffia apologize to robinson for theone treatment he received on april 15th, 1947. 1947. robinson was refused serviceedce by a local hotel in the city and was taunted by thenyhe phillies manager ben chapman. ca jackie robinson died in 1972.97 >> that must be a huge honor h for his >> long time coming.>> long timm >> baseball season almost here. he nationals wrapping up exhibition play at nats parkat r with two games against the agast twins today.toda at 6:00 p.m. and saturday at
5:25 am
opening day is monday iny is mdy atlanta. >> all right.>> a a fresh season means you get a t fresh haircut as well whos well better to give you a haircut than bryce harper. hper. >> ooh.>> ooh. >> this is bryce harper. har he knows that to play good,yoo you got to look good. goo and these are the nats. n after a three game skid thesehe guys are looking to turn t things around. >> what's up, guys? hey, h what's up. how you doing buddy? i like. i that you hit a lot of homers ofm with this hair.his h that's right, uh-huh. u you like it? yours looks better than mine. >> feel the power, fellas, fella feel the power. >> ♪ >> actually cut their hair. >> no. >> looked too neat. do you know how hard it is toho cut hair.w h >> he's got skills, man.s , he's not just a big hitter.itte >> you'd let him cut your'd l hair. >> what? >> you'd let him cut your hair. >> yeah, absolutely.eth, aolutel how cool would that be. >> they all look the same.
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>> my boy is a baseball player. pl his hair looks a littlaye likeie that.that. >> cool. >> mostly cloudy out thisy morning. maureen. >> yeah. >> how mild is itcl outside. oui >> oh my goodness when i came c screeching out my house 'causeut i was running late it wa mswas beautiful.beautifu forgot my jacket.forgot didn't need it.di't n >> that's a weather testimonial.testimonial. >> it really is.>> >> here's the bus stop i know not all kids are inot school today but there areay some out there, so boo-hoo,oo right. 63 he to 68 degrees thiseethis morning for pickup.ic very mild.very mil there may be a passing shower towards the ladder end of thela pickup hour. 7:00, 7:30, 8 o'clock, 8 o'c something like that.someth t after school still somechoostil showers, maybe a thunderstormaye coming in as well.ming i w temperatures will be mid to upper 70's. we're going touch 80 degrees,de, maybe even lower 80's in spots o where we get a little bit off sunshine.sunshine. to show you temps outer thisu ms morning, we're bouncing aroundrc here in the city between about 68 and 69 degrees.9 degrees. most of you out in the suburbs are in the lower to mid 60's. frederick 66, gaithersburg 66. there's a lot
5:27 am
readings out there thisgs o morning. we're warming up nice today. ni. >> i like it.>> lik >> cooling off for the oor t weekend.weend. >> awesome. >> and that's not an apriln aprl fool's joke.ol'soke. >> that's >> sadly it's not. i wish you were kidding. y >> erin como what's going on. wo >> it's 5:27 right now. now. roads are already busy.lrea bus we have a crash and a closure, e three north between 450 and 450 crawford boulevard.oule anne arrundel fire tweeting twe that a person was hit by a car route three right at cranstoncrn boulevard. the call was received just recee after 4 o'clock in ther 4 o'clo morning.rning. getting reports this is ag repo deadly crash that's undert' und investigation so please usele caution as you head out inn as anne arrundel for thatundel fo plenty of closures downtownclosd around the convention centern cn for the nuclear security secity k, l and m streets the major ones that will remain shutemn down all of these streets s through about saturday morningni so please try to stay awaytay a from the convention centerntionr area if you don't have to beu do down there. parking restrictions,s pedestrian trafficpe restrictions in place as well. metrobus is detouring stilldetol today. it was yesterday as well. w the stops between seventh and a nt
5:28 am
we'll take a closer look atk a metro next.ext. keep it to fox5. f your 5:30 half hour coming up this friday morning.  wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks.
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spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.5 s >> right now at 5:30 mourning:3 the death of a virginia state sa trooper gunned down in ape frightening attack at a busatta station. how a training exercise turnedxc into a scene of deadly chaosha and what we know of the the violent past of the gunman. g >> president obama hostingma hog world leaders for a working w
5:31 am
more serious business on how bun to keep terrorists fromerro getting their hands on nuclearur weapons. weap the nuclear summit will impactmt d.c.'s traffic as well. w they're clearing this morning in foggy bottom asto as george washington and their the colonials basketball team canbaa now call themselves champions. >> and start your electricle engines. tonight -- overnight rather tesla revealing its new caralin for the masses.for the masses the affordable price tag of the new model three and howdee a far it can take you on a single charge. hey, good morning> hey, everyone, i'm maureen umeh.auren >> and i'm wisdom martin.nd i'm thanks for joining us this for morning. holly morris has the day off.heo back to our top stories thisriet morning. overnight we have learned much more about the suspect whout police say shot and killed akiea virginia state trooper. >> our fox affiliate in chicago confirm the suspect issc james brown the third from illro now. he's no stranger to the law.nger media reports say he has beens b charged in the past withard in t murder aggravated battery withat a firearm among several other charges. charge yesterday police say trooper chad dermyer approached browner
5:32 am
exercise at a richmond bushmond that's when police say brown s b killed out a gun shooting andnd killing dermyer who wasn't who s wearing his bulletproof vestg at the time.hi >> the period of time they were gather was so brief there t i can't imagine that he'd gonetg much further than hey, how arene you, where are you going,re you anybody with you, you know,y wiy just small talk.alk. >> other troopers returned retur fire injuring brown who later died at the hospital.ed a two women were injured wheninjuh the suspect started shooting.t i they are expected to recover.o v trooper dermyer leads behind a wife and two young children.hild also developing thisso morning the search is still d on for a newspaper vendor who ispa accused of stabbing manof stag m outside the addison road metro station in prince george's county. coun >> fox5's annie yu joins us j now live from the scene with more on this story. annie. >> reporter: well, maureen m and wisdom i can tell you that a this morning there is polices p presence just outside theust ou addison road metro station s here but riders still feeling uneasy after hearing about a this latest crime near a metroer station. this is the man metro policee mp say they are looking for,ookingf daniel br
5:33 am
man from temple hills,e hi maryland, and he's a newspaper w vendor but it's unclear now n whether he was actually on a o paper route when all of this al went down yesterday. authorities tell us that ities happened around 8:30 in the brown got into a fight with atog man just outside the station the here ended up stabbing thatg t now, thankfully the victim is expected to recover aftered being treated at a nearbytread t but it's unclear how all this a went down.own. metro hoping that surveillance e cameras will help them in this investigation.. we don't have that sound forhat you but that was metro spokesperson dan stecil sayingsa they have surveillance videoll hoping to determine how that altercation went down. the man has been identified asbe 50-year-old daniel brown of temple hills. they say it happened at 8:30ed t in the morning at the height thh of rush hour so police reallyea hoping that someone will
5:34 am
them, come forward withward w information. that number you need to callr y for metro transit police is (202)962-2121.0262 that's the latest in capitoll heights maryland, annie yu,d, a, fox5 local news. ns. >> also in d.c. a police. a polc officer was hit by a car whiletc on the job. j the accident happened aroundnt h 8 o'clock last night at southern avenue ande and mississippi avenue southeast.oua the officer's injuries were inje not life-threatening and the car which struck him stayed oni the >> traffic will continue toiline cause major headaches forjor he commuters today as world leaders gather in the districtth for the nuclear securityer summit. summ the event got and way gnd yesterday at the washingtonhe w convention center in northwestwt and as a result several road r closures and parking restrictions are now in esefctfect. the metro has closed its mount vernon square station untilqust tonight. for more information on whatn streets are affected you canyou visit our web site >> ♪ >> all right, time now to get an update onht weather. hello, gary, good morning toornt you. >> hey, what's going on. >>
5:35 am
not doing any jokes right now.ny >> you know what, it's not --w i don't think you can hardly h fool anybody anymore on aprilrea fool. >> no, no. i say we just move on and talknt about the rain that's in our future. >> yes. es >> how immediate? >> well, there could be some coe passing showers even as earlyshr as this morning. mor we'll look at radar here inarere just a second and then kind of passing through the day.ssing th the headline roright now, though, look how mild it is mil out there. it's almost -- darn near 70 degrees here in town now.esen we've been bouncing back and forth between 68 andbetw68 69 degrees. 69 annapolis, you're a littlee litt cooler there at 61, cool spot cl around the region. winchester is 63. 63. martinsburg is 64. i in and around dulles airportles temperatures there in theerates upper 60's as well. asel look, we're going warm up dan up really the high temperaturesemps kind of depend on how much indee the way of sunshine we get.of it does not look like we' sreike going to get a little sunshine -- much sunshine butchs we'll get a little bit i think perhaps and that could sendd th temperatures in some places up to 80 or maybe even 81 or 82.
5:36 am
little bit of shower activity down to the south and west.the it looks like that wants tohat hold together so we could haveou a few showers coming through t here by as early as 8 o'clock. . if you notice there, there isth a little icon there that shows t a shower around at 8 o'clock'c so we're not completely dryel this morning. morni. hopefully most of this will w hold off until we get the bulk e of the morning commute commute complete. comple 75 at noon, 78 later this t afternoon. a chance of a thunderstormhund moving across as well. w here's erin it's friday morning.y m she's got all the dets on thehe traffic. traffic. >> you know it. 5:36 gary and right now crash ca and closure deadly crash c investigation in annein ae arrundel, three north between 450 and crawford boulevard. you can take 424 as ann take 42n alternate to get around that this morning. m russ davies he's the pio out there. he is letting us know that the person was lit by a car at cronson boulevard.oule they're investigating righte ine now. minor injuries to the driverinju but again, a deadly crash, ash person hit by a car.. aside from that, stationt, sta closure right now for the nuclear security summit with
5:37 am
metro. mount vernon square stationrn set to reopen this evening butvb for your morning commute the mom green and yellow lines stilles s bypassing mount vernon square. s use shaw gallery place to get ge around that one. one we'll look inside the districtic at those closures next. clores back to you on the desk.o yo >> coming up, any big lunch meat eaters out there you'llre u make sure you listen to this t story or maybe you don't want to hear. that deli slicer at your localyc store may not get cleaned as cad often as you may think. m thi >> i always suspected that.s te. we'll talk about it. i okay. plus trying to cut yourus t salt we've got the perfect thingerct for you. a fork that simulates the taste of salt. yeah, pretty cool, right. details, don't miss it justtus ahead.ea but first a quick check onke the stock market.stk asian and european stocks sto lower today. u.s. futures also down. we're back after this. >> plank
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>> in this morning's health thatch slicer at your favoritea deli that they use to slice t si meat may not be as clean asot be you think.think >> the center for diseaseenis control and preventionanprev surveyed hundreds of delis dis across the country.ountry here's what they discovered.isre about half of the delis failedld to clean their slicing slici equipment at the recommended every four hours. cdc researchers say leaving lng machines cleaned andchinlean unsterilized for longer thanongt four hours may raise the oddsheo for potentially deadly listeria. >> i thought you would say
5:41 am
hours.ho now i know for sure places ilacs visit aren't doing that.oinghat. okay, the food and drug dru administration will allow the use of an experimental test toeo screen blood donations for the t zika virus.zika vir that means places like puertopur rico can resume taking bloodd donations.ons. they've been importing nearly na 6,000 units of blood from the u.s.u.s. the tests should be readyuld be within the next few weeks. >> here's the guilt freeway to enjoy your food if you're intoo japanese scientists saysts they've developed a fork that ta uses an electrical current to simulate the taste of salt. that sounds yummy. the minimal electric currentsrrs are controlled by a button onuto the side and the level of salty heness can be researchers at the universityves of tokyo say the fork could beue utility full for those wholl f want or need to eliminate saltal from their diet for medical medc reasons. right now the fork is just a prototype and it only costs about $12 to make. >> but they'll charge you like a >> you replace the salt withal t an
5:42 am
your tongue.ongu sounds brilliant.rillia >> sounds like shock therapy. >> blackout tattoos have you tat heard of them.he >> yeah. >> we'll tell you about theyou b tattoo trend that's gaining gai traction on social med >> plus beyoncé debuting herutir new clothing line but one but brand seems to think queen beyte is imitating their designs.ns now the beehive is coming foror them. >> hm, i like that outfit. anyway, 5:42 is the time.5: that's a look at weather. gary is coming up next.
5:43 am
thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste?
5:44 am
mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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>> 5:44 is the time.>> congratulations to the 5 gww colonials. they are your nit champions.. they knocked off val post lastlt night. kevin larsen dropped 18 for the fourth seeded colonials. coa they felt like they werethey wee snubbed because they didn'tca make the field of 68. they went into theushe nit and t they did work. set a new school team record with 28 wins. last night's victory marked mar their first championship andrs also tt he first post season title of any mind school history.ory. >> congrats. >> yes. yes. and coach mike is an awesome coach. coach. nice guy. >> yeah. y >> met him before. m nice guy.ce g hello gary. gar you're a nice guy, too, gary. >> april fool's. here's what's going on.'s w the bus stop forecast, 63 to
5:46 am
68 degrees. degre mild conditions this morningning and we could have a passingassi shower around for the kidthe companies dose at the busan stop, too, so prepare to for for that.tha 74 to 68 degrees.8 they'll want to wear shorts weah today and let them.t the severe today's outlook, we're in thisrn marginal risk up and down i-95ia in the metro area here, slightet risk is to the south of us. theh listen, isolated severeev thunderstorms possible latetorms today. it's not probable but it's probu possible.possle. a greater risk down to ther south for a coupleri of severe thunderstorms that could be thal wind gusts 60 miles or0 mir greater. obviously some heavysly soeavy downpours, small hail withail some of these thunderstorms possible. cloud to ground lightning is also possible as well. pos here's the setup for the weekend.weeken showers and it looks like the rain tomorrow morning mainlyni through the morning hours.ning . we'll get it out of here in her the afternoon. aer cold air starts to come in i tomorrow evening, tomorrowni night and into sunday morning.. there could be
5:47 am
forced out of this to the this o northwest of us.esof u not in the city but northwest nh of us; frederick county, along i-81 and then north up intoth ui southern sections of son pennsylvania, yeah, a fewea a fw flakes possible.flakes pos then cold air comes in for the weekend. high pressure will build in. we're going to end up with up w sunshine on sunday but the t winds will be 15 to 25 out of the northwest so it's going tosg make it feel awful chilly out there on sunday even with the sunshine. there are the specific numbersfc for the weekend.eend much, much cooler than whathaha we're going to be today.e toda a few showers possible. possibl. this is futurecast thisrect this morning at 8:00 at:00 showers move through. listen, i think any daypartayp today there could be a passing s shower but most of it will bell this morning and then into thein afternoon and the evening withnw these storms coming through. tou that's a broken line ofine thunderstorms coming across,cr 4, 5, 6 o'clock. olo it moves off to the east of et o us, gets a little stronger. son here's your showers forwers tomorrow notice this is 8:00 a.m.hiis 8 tomorrow morning.orning by lunchtime or
5:48 am
get all that out of here anderea we'll increase the chance for some sunshine tomorrowineor afternoon. af we're watching these showers she this mor they're coming up throughhrou southwestern and central cen sections of virginia. we'll see if they holdif thehold together and get here. obviously, if they do, theyhey may get here in time for thefo tail end of your morning commute. seven-day forecast looks likere close to 80 today.od 60's tomorrow.omorrow. 50's on sunday. osun back close to 70 on monday.non then we cool off again on tuesday.tuesday. high tuesday very, very chillyll 50 degrees. most of us will stay in the wily 40's. 40's erin como is here with a lookh l at your friday morning mni commute.comm >> 5:48 gary.8 gary. it's already busy so i'm noti'm too excited about thebout potential for rain to move in mi for the end of our morninguror rush. if that's the case though justsj use caution, slow down.wown. you know rain can make things a little bit messy around the ad district.di grab your umbrella you mighta need it later. lat anne arrundel deadly crash ara person hit by a car. c closure because of that, the three north between 450 and a crawford boulevard. caution if you head out around h that area.
5:49 am
this morning and police areningd investigating.veat if you're heading out todayhead and you want to make metro m mount vernon square station is still closed for the nuclearle security summit.secu the green and yellow lines are a bypassing that stop. use the shaw or gallery placeala to get through that area. aside from that metrobus is also detouring around seventh a and ninth between n and k streets. so just be prepared for thatfort as you head out around theund te area today. today. something important to keep inio mind, right, guys., g >> yeah.>>eah. >> absolutely right.>> a and since we're on the subjectee of cars --ars -- >> yeah, let's get right to geto it. i want to till guys some veryyse exciting news. from coast to coast electric ect car lovers stayed up late good tote the first look at tesla's s latest car. this is a look at the new model three, four-door sedanedan and it was revealed ateale midnight.midnight. it's said to be tesla's car c for the masses.for th that's because the price tag pce is low, get this, for teslas,la just $35,000. >> only, yeah.>> >> and that's before possibleosl tax credits. credits tesla broadcast the first rideir in the
5:50 am
periscope. that what you're seeing rightu' now -- that's whatre you're you seeing on the on the e the model three is said to get t 215 miles on a single charge.glh >> wow. >> and that's about twice, getaw this, as much as tesla's main competitors the nissan leafisn f and the bmw i3. i it features two trunks for storage one in the front ande in one in the back.on even though the tesla modella three won't go into productionoc until next year, that's not yr,t stopping people from putting down $1,000 down payments to get the late of the new model. d would you do it? >> i can't because i can't fit f my whole crew in there. there. there's no way all five of them would -- ain't going ton'go happen. >> i have a mini cooper.a coo that might be the tiniest car aside from the fiat. the fia >> you're single though. you can get in that. in that. >> yeah, but i don't>> y necessarily have $35,000. >> well, that's another thing. >> laying >> the storage i think that'snk' neat. if i had disposable income, inc just to say i've got a little ll model three >> i agree.>> i agree. >> but i do like the t 215 miles, i do like that.t.
5:51 am
>> see, you're saving money.u' it's an investment purcharese. >> that's true.e i wish it was bigger.ig >> get the kids in there takehee them on a trip. >> yes, if they could fit in. i would have to pick one ato pot that point.oi two of y'all can get in, restn, of you stay home. >> he's got other tricks up his sleeve. >> thank you erin. >> thank you guys. guy >> a systemwide metro safetymeo check under way.ay. yesterday metro gm paulau wiedefeld sent out a letter to riders. it said the review of theew o system will take four to six t weeks to complete. he promised to update riders rid of any changes. metro board chairman jackirmaja evans raised the possibility that an entire line could bee c shut down for repairs if the review deems it necessary. dee metro riders had mixed mix reaction to the possibility ofbi a long shutdown. shuow >> i agree that if they shut it down they should just get it fixed. just shut it down for the timeme needed, fix everything, get iti, up and running and it can be
5:52 am
>> reporter: how would itt affect your life if theyou closed a line down for you? >> um, if they closed the cse whole line down, then it would w affect me pretty bad 'cause i b' have no other way to work. w >> reporter: would you have woue to choose a bus?tohoos >> yeah, i would have to hav choose a bus, uber, something.ot >> reporter: so you're you'r willing to deal with it if it means fixing the problem. proem >> yeah, if it means fixingns fn it, yeah, i would be okay with the idea of it.ea of >> well, we did a twitter polltl and asked if you would supportlp a shutdown of a line or linesins for major track repairs. reprs 52 percent of you say you s would support that move,ppthat 47 percent were against it. >> ♪ new this morning, thew latestth trend in tattooing tati requires way more equipment than the tribal arm band or lower black tat. black people getting huge sectionsecon of their bodies completelyplel filled with black ink.h take a look at some of thesef photos posted on instagramam showing off thebl
5:53 am
effect. ef if you're thinking afeboutking jumping on the blackout bandwagon you should flo that t healing can be delayed withcan y large tattoos like this whichs w makes scarring more likely. lel uneven coloration of the inkhe is also more common forcomm f blackout tattoos and dermatologists warn covering c up your skin like that makesskin it more difficult to detect d skin canr. >> wow. wow. 5:53 is the timely we all wl strive for perfect spelling spe and grammar but sometimes the mistakes to happen especiallyspl when you're quickly texting posting or e-mailing. e-mai you know they have autoknow corrects and all that kind oft i stuff. people who love to bring thosero mistakes to your attentionio might be annoying about more than just grammar. jma new study finds people whoho constantly get bothered by grammatical errors on lineron have less agreeable aee personalities than those whoitie just let them slide. lethem researchers also found people pl who are a part of the grammarhea police are also more likely to be introverts.ntrort >> that's not true. i'
5:54 am
>> yeah, but are you a stickler on social media. that's the difference.'s the see, i don't care. c i don't care enough to go around correcting people. >> it's jarring when i sitering but i don't think i got thin correcting. i think i make a mental note.en. >> or to point it out. o like if you miss spelliss sp something on social media, i'moa not going to be like ooh, maureen miss spelled a word onel social media. >> i will go back and changeha it if you did miss spell it just to make sure. s >> let's talk about beyoncé.ce nothing miss spelled aboutg mi her. beyoncé is expanding hers ex empire.empi >> really. >> yeah. >> so, this is how she's doing s it. shite launched her own exercisec clothing line.ot this is a promotional video of that new line called ivy park. bey is slaying in her runningng capris sports bras and more. it's a joint venture with a british company that owns as fashion chain called top the new linen will debut april 14th.apl 14th. another sports company already there has a little shade toe shd throw bey's e way. earlier lulul
5:55 am
maybe beyoncé is so crazy in love with our brand she madend e her own. lululemon got slammed and then t deleted its tweet.we don't back down to the dowto beehive. for this week's fox beat free friday you could win four you tickets when your washington yo wizards host the shar local loc hornets at the verizon centerone on sunday afternoon april 10. ar to enter go to the contesthe cte page on between now and 11:59 p.m. >> two winners will be winnee selected by random drawing on april 4th.ri prize has an approximaten retail value of $108 is thatha provided by monumental >> aren't the wizards doingizard pretty badly? b >> it's not looking good.ngoo chances of getting into the playoffs.playfs >> slim to none or just slimon right e now.ght now >> slim. slim. >> okay.>> o >> worse than our chances of tha getting a dry day. d >> gary.ary. >> hey, listen there, could been a couple showers out this t morning, very
5:56 am
temperatures are in the up are r 60's this morning.s 67 or so at 8:00 a.m. a.m not everybody is wet but a passing shower. pretty much every daypart.uch we get to this afternoonft temperatures upper 70's, lowurer 80's. 80's. there will be a chance of a be thunderstorm around.roun much, much cooler for ther r t weekend.we tomorrow we're low 60' l 60' sunday we're low 50's.s. >> right now it's just very v mild.mild. thanks, gary. >> all right.>> itt's check in with erin como and get our final check forck this >> that's right.>> and the fiancé wants to stop by -- if beyoncé want to stop by and ge give us a look at herr new clothing line, that's okay a with me. tracking a crash on georgia on g avenue at the intersection ofio colesville so some caution there. right now you can seeanee traffic flowing freely. we'll keep you updated. updated. keep it to fox5 news morning. mg 6 o'clock hour is coming rightir up and we have you covered.
5:57 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.. >> ahead at 6:00 a virginia viri state trooper is dead. dead. shot at a greyhound busho terminal. the suspect also shot dead.t this morning new details about o who that man is and his long criminal his >> a stabbing at a princeat a pe george's county metro station.y how you can help police tracklpa down the plan they sayy say committed this crime. cri deflation in a live report. a l. >> live look outside on this friday. let's say it aga. friday, april 1st. 1st april fools day.l all
6:00 am
traffic moving along seems tongs be pretty p the weather also cooperating.pei details on the weather and the a traffic coming up on the 5sng u at 6:05. 6:0 in the meantime saying goodsad morning to you, i'm maureeni'm n umeh in for allison. allison >> i'm steve chenevey welcomenee to fox5 news morning. overnight we learned much more about the suspect who police say shot and can you would aan d virginia state trooper. our fox affiliate in chicagofilo confirms the suspect is jamescts brown the third from illinois. i no stranger to the law. l. media reports say he has beene b charged in past with murder, aggravated battery way firearmrm along several other charges.haes yesterday police say trooperop chad dermyer approached brownpp during a police training exercise at a richmond bus at station. that's when police say brownay b pulled out a gun and started shooting killing dermyer who was not wearing his bulletproof vest at the time.t . two other troopers returned retr fire injuring the suspect whong later died at the hospital. t >> the period of time theyt th were together was so briefo b there i can't imagine he hadad gone further than hey how are you, just small talk.alk. >> two women were also lit byty they are expected to


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