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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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traffic moving along seems tongs be pretty p the weather also cooperating.pei details on the weather and the a traffic coming up on the 5sng u at 6:05. 6:0 in the meantime saying goodsad morning to you, i'm maureeni'm n umeh in for allison. allison >> i'm steve chenevey welcomenee to fox5 news morning. overnight we learned much more about the suspect who police say shot and can you would aan d virginia state trooper. our fox affiliate in chicagofilo confirms the suspect is jamescts brown the third from illinois. i no stranger to the law. l. media reports say he has beene b charged in past with murder, aggravated battery way firearmrm along several other charges.haes yesterday police say trooperop chad dermyer approached brownpp during a police training exercise at a richmond bus at station. that's when police say brownay b pulled out a gun and started shooting killing dermyer who was not wearing his bulletproof vest at the time.t . two other troopers returned retr fire injuring the suspect whong later died at the hospital. t >> the period of time theyt th were together was so briefo b there i can't imagine he hadad gone further than hey how are you, just small talk.alk. >> two women were also lit byty they are expected to
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for trooper dermyer near the nre greyhound bus terminal.d bus ten that starts at 6 o'clocks at 6lk tonight down in richmond. rond. four officers have died inir the line of duty so far thisar year and that richmondichmon shooting brings its flub to five. >> a police officer in thee district is recovering afterofve being hit by a car while on the job.the job. accident happened aroundnt h 8 o'clock last night atk southern avenue andlanue an mississippi avenue southeast. the officer's injuries werenj not life-threatening and theenin car that struck him stayed on sa the scene we're told.. the tennessee man accusedacs of firing gun slots inside theie u.s. capitol visitors centers nr this week has been formally charged.charged. capitol police officer shotce o larry dawson after he allegedly pulled thews weapon wa out at a security checkpoint.ckn dawson's weapon was a pellet gun. he's facing resisting arrest aes and assaulting a federal law enforcement officer withent dangerous weapon charges. charg if convicted, he could face up to 55 years in prison.ri >> happening this morning, police still actively searching for a newspaperfo vendor they say stabbed a many outsidste of a prince george's county county metro stop
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>> annie yu joining us lives l with the details. dails. good morning.good morning. >> reporter: good morningte eeureen and steve.r: it's already very busy here atba the addison road metro station i at this early hour.ou this incident happened at 8:30p: yesterday morning at the t height of rush hour so you can u imagine just how crowded thised station was when all of this t went down. went d metro transit police is askingig anyone who may haveho information or know theatio suspect to give them a call. cal we have a picture of the the suspect that they are lookingaro for. he is daniel brown, a 50-year-old man from temple tem hills, maryland, and as you mentioned, he's a newspaper n vendor but officials haven't han confirmed to us whether he was on a paper route when all of this happened yesterdaype morning again around 8:30. 8 he got into a fight with a manai just outside the station ended d up establishing thatlishing that the victim was taken to a nearby hospital and thankfullasu is expected to recover justecovr fine. it's unclear at this point what this argument was about a and how it all went down but metro is certainly hoping that footage from surveillanceur cameras will help them.ll h take a listen. lis >>
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the metro system so when you y commit a crime on metro, metro chances are we're going to bengo able to identify you and then ad use that evidence against in i you court. >> reporter: again, metroga, me transit police looking for for 50-year-old daniel brown of temple hills, they say if you have any a information or know thishis person, to give them a that number is (202)962-5151.96- that's latest here in capitol heights, maryland. annie yu, fox5 local ne. >> after a woman said she wase s attacked wednesday at the petworth injury have a avenuey metro she said a car nearly hit herrl when she crossed the street thes outside the station. sta two women jumped out of the car chased her inside the her station and hit her over the the headway box of bus schedules.ul a metro spokesperson told fox5 x that incident was not howeverot recorded on surveillance cameras. >> president obama hosting o world leaders the the white house last night forth he sat next to the primeto t minister of india and the president of kline florida. k they are in town for the nuclear summit.ear s this year's focus is keepings nukes out of the hands of the ho extr
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it comes as north korea claims to have fired missiles missiles overnight into the sea off of te its coast on the east sd today is the second andecond final day of the the so still a lot of roadf ro closures around the washington g convention center.on c this is a live look at 11th 11t and n streets northwest.orthwe mount vernon square station isei also closed.lo that's the metro station. stati this afternoon president obamaoe will close tsihe summit out witw a press conference.fe >> today is the official startlt of pothole pal lose s. los d.c. mayor muriel bowser kicksos off the campaign unveiling newgn technology that will be used thi to try to identify and repair rp the damaged roads throughout the district.the distri the event can kicks off at 11:00.:0 it is its eighth year.igh y drivers that means you can youan report potholes to the city and they will try to get themete filled within 72 hours. >> ♪>> like a party.arty. >> pothole party. p >> pothole party. party >> hi, good morning.d morning >> good morning. goo beautiful, beautiful morning. mr didn't need a coat, nothing, nog just came tearing out the house. >> i like the blue. >> thank you.e t you well, you know why we're all wel wearing it,, ri >> yes. >> you want to tell them?
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>> you're, autism speakssp wearness month.wearness month >> big day, right. b day >> autism awareness month. month >> yes. we have our telethon today starting at 8 o'clock, call, donate it's very important.nt. >> meanwhile. >> there we go. g phone bank starts at noon,s at from 8 o'clock until noon. noo you can text autism to 25383. 23 when you do that, it's $10 it' donated and really it does i make a difference if you'vefou'v been watching our stories thisrs week. very moving, powerful. pow we'll trying to make a changee e here at fox5 and we can dond w that with your help.el >> all right. >> all right.>> all >> meanwhile, yeah, you saidah,s it, don't really need aa jacket.jacket. temperatures near 70's this nea morning. almost a little warm and darendd i was i humid out there. >> yeah. >> right. ico, 68 int fredericksburg. big jump from yesterday. mid 60's in the mountains both t hagerstown and martinsburg, winchester, all well into the 60's.60 got the clouds. clo kind of a mix of clouds and
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and some showers approachingro from the south and west.outh ans bottom line, we're going keepng showers and thunderstorms inthu the forecast not going to rain alrel day butb we'll probably have a coupleoupl different waves of moisturef mot move through.move through. one this morning and thenorni maybe a rounds ofs of thunderstorms this afternoonth as a cold front moves on in. in. so again, clouds today.sod keep an umbrella handy.dy we'll have a couple rounds of showers and thunderstorms and the big change from yesterday fo we're going to keep showershors lingering in the forecastorec through tomorrow morning. morni. i think we'll clear it out by early afternoon tomorrow butbu we're going to keep thein k showers then.showers we'll talk more about that.t t 78.78 showers and storms are back. bk. winds south-southwest at 15 to 25 but temperature well above we normal. you can get out the blue the blu shorts. >> rock the blue shorts.e blshor >> okay. >> all right.>> >> say good morning to erinrn como. how we looking today.ooki good morning. >> good morning. gd mo busy already a my crash 295 south atouth a benning road.d. earlier we had another one by east capitol. capitol use caution as you headea inbound from the top of theop o beltway.
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anne arrundel a deadly crash.ra you can always take 424 get around that. getting information from police they're letting us know t that the crash happened just j after the driver of the vehicle did also suffer minor i 270 southbound in frederick delays 109 to the truck truck scales. and then out in fairfax right now 66 on the eastbound side sid moving well into centreville.ev you can see no red on theth screen. scre in dale city, however, 95ever northbound picking up withndic those typical slowdowns.wdns we'll take a look and remind you about the closures for thelo nuclear security summitse downtown with your next lookcuix at tra back to you, steve and maureen.maureen. >> this morning georgehimorn washington is celebrating itsrai first nit championship. congratulations to them. the men's basketball team beat valparaiso last night.ig cavanaugh named the team's m.v.p. m.v. the tournament m.v.p. actually. actual congrats to him.lycong colonials finished the seasonhen with a school record 28ecd victories.victor great to have a championshippion here in the nation's capitol.
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>> sure is.>> sure >> well done. still ahead controversytr over the renaming avenue localuc university law school. lawool. >> plus, donald trump holdingdi a surprise sitdown with the the head of the rnc as he begins ben to slip in the polls. we're back in 30 seconds. narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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>> tossed his truck into ased ditch trapping him inside.pi at least 10 people were0 le w injured in the >> overseas now rescue crewsea in india still fs inding bodiesd as they continue to clear the c debris of a collapsed overpass. over it is believed there are noieve more survivors.vivors. 23 people now confirmed dead. d 80 more injured.njur the overpass was under u construction when it collapsedia yesterday and just a few hourssw ago police in india detained dei five construction companyn mpa caught on camera along the u.s. mexican border two teens from mexico scaling a border fence in arizona.fence there they are.e th a mexican news crew was filming when it spotted thepoed teens entering u.s. territory to when they realized that they t were being recorded the teenstht ran back to the fence and fce a returned to mexico. mic >> an infant kidnapped from a fm mall near philadelphia is backib home safe with its family this morning.rn tips poured in after p surveillance video surfaced of the suspect leaving the mall with a seven week old baby.aby. the woman took off with theh t infant from the food court c area after offering to holdo h the b
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stepped away to make a phone call. the two women had just the suspect is facing seriousero charges. here locally an elderly eldr man from montgomery county isonm lucky to be alive after he got lost and drove his car into aisc river. ri relatives reported shing wong w missing wednesday we police called the 72-year-old2-o but he was too disoriented to t tell officers exactly where hehe was. they started tracking his cell s phone and got a hit near thehe aberdeen proving ground. p that is some 80 miles away. police say they matched maps of the area to bridges wongdgesn described and finally located his car. car >> we have unlocked the today. he had been in the water wen in estimate about two, two and a half hours bite time we got to him.hi his legs were pretty crampede up. he couldn't stand on his only ho lucky for me he was a pretty light guy so we just picked p him up, walked a 150, a 1, hundred feet back to dry land. n >> wong was taken to awatake hospital where he was treatedat for hypothermia.othe we're told his condition has improved.
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students at george mason lawge school. the university annou nced theed t school will be renamed tol be honor the late supreme court justice antonin scalia.calia. the renaming comes in light of $30 million in combined gift git given to the george masonrgason foundation to support the law school. one third of that donation,, about $10 million came from the charles koch foundation. fnt the controversial conservativeot koch family has helped hel facilitate millions of dollars m if donations tilo colleges colle across the u.s. u in chicago schools arehi sch shutting down today as t thousands of teachers plan tochn walk off the job. some 27,000 teachers union uni members in the city have beenhe working without a contracttr since the teachers want lawmakers to adequately fund education and ad other programs. pro >> new this morning, on thes mon campaign trail, fresh polling pl data shows donald trump may be losing momentum at a criticall time. ahead of tuesday's wisconsinisco primary ted cruz is leadingeadi and john kasich is gaining. yesterday the republicanhe rep frontrunner was in d.c. toin d.. meet with the chief of theeff national republican committee. m today trump is expected toump is announce a group of foreign of e policy experts who will be ad
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still ahead tesla's new less expensive model is mel i finally unveiled. u we're going take a a >> a live look outside as we as head to break on this fridayth f morning. we'll have weather and the t traffic for you on the 5's.r u s tucker is up next. here's the wilson bridge. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> wait a minute.ait my walk is pretty good.k all right.isght hey, live view of the beautiful jefferson memorial mer and we're off to a rather cloudy start with some showers.shower warm and humid conditions out you are really going to notice those nice mild temperatures. we're in the upper 60's toer 6st about 70 early this morning. thr our big headline warm butt unsettled. by unsettled that meansns possibility of showers andilit thunderstorms today.un not all day but we'll have h certainly that possibility here. we'll have a couple different ways of moisture moving onvi o through. through. 69. check out the warmect th temperatures. 66 in gaithersburg.itherur 69 here in washington.ashing 68 in leonardtown.eona a little cooler by the bay, 67ay in annapolis, 69 out in baltimore. 68 manas
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fredericksburg. everybody off to a nice mildf start. highs today will be on they wilb warm side.rm s mid to upper 70's. so, that's great news. new we are going have some rain in n the we've got a pretty good swathgod of moisture developing off tongo our south and westtown downown n towards charlottesville. earlier i had some s thunderstorm that's pushing in ourou direction. won't be long before we see we showers break out and then we at get a break and we'll see ifee showers don't reemerge, maybe my some thunderstorms this thu afternoon as the actual cold t front starts to cross itsts to region.regi it's lagging off a little bitff to the north and and as that moves througheshr we've got another chance late this afternoon for a rounds ofor showers and thunderstorms.thundt so the bottom line, bring an umbrella. you want to be ready for some showers. not going rain every minute m today but we've got it back in the forecast.orecast. here's your there's the shower activity ate 9:00 a.m.sh9:00 a it's kind of hit and miss. a m that will be the theme and then we'll see if we don't i get a line of showers andshower thunderstorms about 4 o'clock.r change from yesterday. fro that's tomorrow morning'sorng forecast.fore. early tomorrow morning the morni front that comes through doneoud nigh
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will be a area of low pressurewe with it. that will give us a rounds of showers. i think it will get out ofll g here in time for the gamehe gam tomorrow afternoon.owernoon. another look at it.look a it. here's your weekend set up. up. area of low pressure gets outur of here pretty quick.ui late saturday night a real good shot of very cold air fordr this time of year as we kick kic off a shower and maybe a anday flurry and then we'll be plain i old chilly on daytime highs on sunday, b are.e. are. rr. rr. high temperature only t 52 degrees and it willem be very windy. windy. 78 today. showers and storms. by saturday at noon we should be done with the rain for thes o weekend: all right that's all weather. we >> as for now bring yourfow br it could be a dicey morningorni commute later around 8 o'clocktd if the rain starts to pick up. >> yeah, we'll definitely haveld showers this morning.s th >> drive very carefully grabra the umbrella. umblla. crash and closure in anne deadly crash.
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three north remains shut down between 450 and crawford45an boulevard. let's show you what else you you're up against this a morning. in the district crash activitycy 295 southbound at benning road. girl yourself extra time.urse you do back up for a little atle bit leading towards that location.locati 270 southbound right now thisndr is out in frederick.erk. typical delays and volume from o 109 to the truck scales. s and then in fairfax 66rf eastbound in arlington we are we moving well into that centreville but once you getllen into arlington byon b westemoreland you start to get that usual congestion. let's hop outside for a livetsid look and show you how things t are shaping up.e sh u the outer loop is starting tota see some volume pick up by new hampshire.hamp nothing terrible jussht yet. just the usual tap of the u tapo brakes and some congestion asont you head out from 95. let's switch back to our aside from that keep in mindn that the station closure forlosf the nuclear security summitmm still in place. trains bypassing mount vernon square for the green andor yellow line. lin use shaw or gallery ple that's through this evening. metrobus also detouringde between seventh and ninth.venthi between n and k we also haveav several closures in still incl plosace. i was talking to tucker abt
6:18 am
yesterday and noticed they d no amount of closures that weres at affecting traffic.affecting traf a lot of overflow of trafficff causing a traffic headache for a your evening ride so watch for o that this morning and tomorrow. i'd avoid the area by thed th convention center and by the t white house and just bet prepared as you head outared ay anywhere in the district you'll see a lot of additionaloi traffic for some motorcade.someo and that's your look at's youlok traffic. back to you. >> a heads up if you're flying y out of reagan national thisnati weekend. there may be delays getting toan the airport as construction isst set to begin tonight. tonig that will impact the route 232oe bridge that connects thege t airport to route one andto crystal city. c two ramps at the george washington parkway will also par be resurfaced and that will w cause temporary closures of at least one lane.le the work will wrap up in time for the monday morning commute u so that will be this >> really cool program kickingri off along the anacostia riveriav this movement you can take a free guided boat tore to learn a more about the river's history.y. environmental threats itsts basin and initiative is under store to protect the river.. the tours are funded by the district's disposable
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>> a new month, a new jobs plus thousands lined up to getag their hands on the tesla's new model three although theyre can't really get their hands geh on it 'cause it's not out yet o for another year but they're b still wanting that. >> but first today is the kickok offto autism awareness month. mn fox5 d.c. cares is ours o station's campaign toios ca highlight the great work of nonprofit organizations in ourg area. we've been doing this all weeko long to raise awareness aboutebo autism in our communities. this morning from 8:00 a.m. froa until noon fox5 is hosting a hoi phone bank. you can call in and make ae a donation during that time or you can just donate right nowten by vis sitting our web site or texting theexng word autism to 25383 to make a donation of $10.f back after this. wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way.
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a edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> time for our business beat.r tesla's new less expensiveouw p model finally unveiled. unveile first we'll check the joining us from fox businessess network studios lauren hi, lauren, happy friday. >> reporter: steve, happy, ha april fools
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did you get pranked yet thisgepr morning. >> not yet. the day is still youngly we'llow see what happens later. >> reporter: yes, it is.orte >> how about you. >> reporter: h okay, nope, not , yet. >> good. >> reporter: maybe later. >> fingers crossed. >> reporter: i'm ready. you're not going to get me. >> all right. mge ff today. tod let's hope the market is not going to get fooled today either. how are we looking. >> reporter: all right.e ep so, rights now futurores areutua down not by much but it is a significant day for severalt y l reasons. it's the start of a new sta quarter.quarter. it's the start of the month ofoo april which is a great month g m for are portfolioortf traditionally and it alsoio brings us the jobs report. two hours from now. we will find out how many jobs were added in march. march the expectations 205,000.s05,0 the jobless rate to stay at 4.9 percent, yes, that is anentn eight year what we want to know is are wages going up and are discouraged workers startings st to feel more optimistic, areist, they starting to look for jobss we want that component of thisf report is called the labor force participation rate. it's stuck near a 40 year low.rl we really want to get thereo get number to improve. irove >> sounds like a lot of people p
6:23 am
i guess that's the norm th teses days. days. first you want to get a jobu wa and then once you get a jobe yo it's like on to the next one but are those opportunities out there. are employers looking to actually add people?ddeo >> reporter: the best signshe bs for the job market is when employees quit.sui because when you quit it showsus you're fed up, you are hopeful f that you can find another job.. so, in that sense, this is a a great piece of information. career builder out with alder o survey saying one in four in o workers plan on changing jobss this year. also finding that a third of tho companies expect to hire noto h only temporary workers butut full-time permanent workersntor over the next three months.thre so, yes, there are signs of optimism. >> let's head to the roadsea right now. i love this story. >> reporter: sure. s >> self driving cars that werswe are still trying to figure outoe how they work and apparentlyppal they're trying to figure outtryi how we work when it comes to com what we do to keep our roads r maintained. >> reporter: an autonomous an ao cars might actually fix the f roads because the sensors aresoa having trouble navigating our transportation syte
6:24 am
they can't read all the signage and some of the miss thm markings on the roads aregsn th confusing them so you have allhu of these car makers investing is money to improve their sensors n and maybe finally will improvelp the roads. rds the department of transportation says 65 percent of u.s. roads are in poor or mediocre c >> i love how one of the one foreign automakers said they can't even find the lines onin the side of the road that they h can navigate well, guess what, welcome tocome america. >> reporter: i know.or >> because i can tell you aan t lot of roads here that don'tt d have the painting as much asmuch they should. >> reporter: there are a lotr: t of problems and i always blamea the roads when i'm -- when i - make some wrong turns. som >> it's always the road's roa fault. >> reporter: totally userr: taly error but i love to blame to others. >> of course. bad signage no doubt. >> reporter: that googleoo maps messed me up again. up aga >> more cars going to be on g t the roads and more of one of particular variety.part we talked so much about a thersites has.sites in d.c. there were lines. th forming outside of the tesla
6:25 am
sh >> reporter:. >> reporter: crazy. c >> looks like people acrossike e country lining up for this. t >> reporter: people areorte peo preordering the model threee mod before they even saw it but we b saw it last night because ceo of tesla elon murk took its t wraps off.f it's for the mass markets m priced at $35,000. at steve that price will go downo with the incentives.ncen cool car glass roof, looks like an ipad on the inside. it goes from zero to 60 in six i seconds time.s time. you get 215 miles to the charge. the big competitor is going to be the bolt, b-o-l-t from-t f chevrolet. that will come out before this r car so you have to watch for. wr that nonetheless big demand. 130,000, $1,000 deposits for dep the model three ahead of its ofi release. >> they'll have to put more of those charging stations in the parking garages. everybody is going to end up g with these cars. c >> reporter: they are.he are. >> thanks lauren.>> have a great weekend. gre we'll see you on mondayyo morning. >> reporter: thank you.ter: >> you got it. >> reporter: bye. >> the one on thepe left with l the wheels i like that one.iktht
6:26 am
>> i'm assuming that's gss probably the concept and the cod you're going to get the otherer one. one. >> something little.>>ethi >> apparently the fronten windshield and the backld andheb windshield. >> it's all glass. i >> and it has two trunks one tru in front one in back.nt >> i know. >> we need to get a fox >> like for our zip trips. no, stale year away so maybe s e next year's zip trip. t >> excellent idea.>>xcel up are 60's out there early.y. it's kind of humid. hid. i'm getting very close to e t turning the air conditioner coni none my >> you didn't already?ou d >> i rolled down the window adow little bit. little >> okay. >> 67 out there dulles, bwi marshall 69 degrees.ll mid to upper 6 70's today.ay clouds, yes, showers maybe a thunderstorm.thun couple different waves of of moisture. one this morning, another oneth kind of midafternoon and then ae we'll have another chance forncf rain showers early saturday sat morning. the good news is we should shoul have it all out of here byt saturday arounald noon and thend rest of the weekend will beile dry.y. >> and the temperatures drop. te >> and then the temperaturesn th drop. more on that coming up. >> okay. all right, erin comori checking traffic with you hope h hoping it's not too bad outd out there.
6:27 am
up.. 6:26. you can see the inner loopinnero really heavy traffic because of a crash approaching theachi wilson bridge.wilson b mix that in with an alreadydy congested ride and you need a ya lot of extra time to get through area. a we'll switch to it a look at aoa our maps. our aside from the slow roll onom to the inner loop we have a new n crash southwest section of theoe district on the freewayrict eastbound at third streethird st tunnel. you are slow from 14th this crash 295 south at s benning road still working on on that causing some delay.dela over in fairfax crash activity right now has jr. georgetownas g pike shut down in both directions at old dominionn drive. dr give yourself extra time to detour around that if you'ref ye traveling in fairfax.elin in arlington 66 eastbound isasou very jammed up by westemoreland because ofemor congestion. and then we have a crash andhave closure in anne arrundel. deadly crash, person hit by a car three north between 450 bete and crawford boulevard. more traffic in a few. >> thank you erin.>> t can coming up a good dayay for capitol fans.capitol playoff tickets going on saleng today. to >> redskins adding vernon ver davis to the roster local guy. g we'll chat abou
6:28 am
break. it's 6:28.
6:29 am
narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
6:30 am
>> welcome back.>> 6:30 on this friday f beautiful start to thefu morning. looking at the washington monument, it is definitely ay a beautiful day.lay that's what we're going tog have on tap today. o already warm.alady you don't needs a jacket if you're heading out right now but some showers a little later. later. tuck will have the details on te that coming up and erin willnil have traffic on the 5s asth a well.well. welcome back. bac we have details for you butor yb first a virginia state trooper
6:31 am
he was killed at a greyhoundsyhd bus station in richmond richm yesterday afternoon. trooper chad dermyer was at d the station for a trainingfo exercise.erse. our fox affiliate in chicagofi says the shootinlig suspect ispi james brown the third who is w i from illinois. illinoi two other state troopers firedse back killing the gunman. tonight a vigil will be held b l for trooper dermyer near the nrt gray how many days bus how station. also happening this morning metro transit police hae looking for this man wanted mane for his involvement in a in a they say daniel brown is i wanted in connection with the stabbing at a prince george's county metro station. met happened yesterday morning.este police are asking anyone withanw information to give them a call. >> ♪ >> all right time for the♪ morning line. igredskinsht adding moa veteran tight end to the roster. ros let's which north korea with the sports junkies from them sports junkies 106.7 f.m. the fan. >> hell. >> a need filled.le >> a lot of of teams employms ey two tight you see the new england
6:32 am
patriots in the past aaron hernandez and grankowski. iago because he has a historyiso with vernon davis he's hopinging vernon davis returns to his to h form a couple years ago andgo a put him there with jordan readnr and that could be aa devastating offensive weapon.po >> i don't know scot't kw sc mccloughan personally but p i'm sure he's not in then t business of handing out contracts to guys because they're from d.c. and they're.c local guys who have done good. look, he's at the latterhe lattr portion of his career, 32 his c, years old. old he'll provide depth at a spotep where the redskins last season a didn't have a lot of depth of dh because of injuries to logan paulson and niles paul. a they had to go out on theo stregoet and sign, you know, kn, free agents that were wer unemployed at one point.t you bring in a guyon, see if hee has anything left in the tank te and he provides another optiontt for kirk cousins. kirk cousins. >> i don't think he has muchhink left in the tank steve. ste he's entering his 11th year, yea 32 years old, body is breakingan he play not even make the team. te.
6:33 am
they have better tight ends,ghtd they have younger tight ends. if he makes the team, i think it's gravy. any production you get if him is g i don't expect any devastatingtg production from vernon davis.m n >> all right. rig let's switch gears talk hockeyke right now. n great opportunity to win atortu home, great oppounity to seeorti them at home.em at me. tickets go on sale today.eod they're pricey, though.h. but, but if the presale presa yesterday is any indication, they h will go fast. fas >> they will go fast.o fast. they won the president's trophy.hy. best record in the nhl. some fans are cautiouslyy optimistic because of the pastec but hopefuaully the makeup ofp o this team is a bit different. new coach, barry trots in hisinh second season.secondeason. hopefully they can get this i ci was the way to the stanley cup. >> you have that disposableth income satet aside steve wherevw you know you're just going spends it hopefully on a deep ad caps playoff run. run. hopefully you're spending a will the on playoff tickets hopefully
6:34 am
for four rounds. hopefully you're seeing some see stanley cup finals games here he in d.c. late into the spring, early summer. >> but can they stay away ifstay game seven's.even's. i know that would be home.woulbh they'll have home ice advantage.nt let's stay away from them tom to home game sevens. >> that's the dagger when it comes to buying tickets for hockey or basketball. here you're looking at, what, w 16 games possibly, somethinghi like that. >> uh-huh. >> let's hope about 16 becauseou that means --atns - >> honest that would meant thatm you're in the stanley cup finals.finals >> right. you could take it al all the way through.through. >> also a lot of nail-bitingl-bi too. >> means a good investment for tim leonsis.m >> that, too.hat, t. >> i look at the priceshe literally lower level ticketsr e are pretty much double what m iney were in the regularuc season and this is the first round. >> he doesn't have to worry about wizardsve playoff tickets. >> well, that is true. i guess you got to make up for r it when you shout out to georgeou washington. it's the nit but it's flies to s have a championship in the city.
6:35 am
>> it's a big deal. we were just talking about it many people do notice.a ngdo fans don't notice. not fans don't even know whereow whe villanova is. i but you know people in theple ie industry do notice, coaches notice, athletic directors notice and certainly people inea the media gnomes it's a big d.c., it really is.lly good teams. >> years ago he was atas catholic university and won a national championship atmpio catholic. i know the nit championship chao it's not the big one in terms tr of division one but the guy can can flat out coach, he'sch ' turned around gw. great guy. lives in bowie. we love the coach. coach. >> and of course you want tocour get to the ncaa tournament.ent. that's your ultimate destination but to get that team motivated to get all the way through theism:t have theav most wins in school lower andood get a post season title which w has never happened at gww >> right. >> great season for gw.r gw. >> and i like what he said. look, we're disappointed weppoit didn't make the ncaa tournament but we're going to take this and run it as far asrr we can and they go at the jobt t done. done. so, great for the local coach,e, great for the local team.r >> thanks, guys. t have a good weekend.haood weeked >> all right,, ddy >> you got it.
6:36 am
junks the fan. >> we forgot they were even in e the tournament and now they're champions. >> do you know who the capskn are playing in the first roundow yet. >> no. o do we know who the pontshewh are? >> yeah, but -- >> he's not sharing.ring. >> home ice advantage knowtage w matter what. we'll play the number eightber h seed. >> cities not sharing, allt right.ght. winds out of the south today. going to pump temperatures into the mid to upper that's t the upside of thee of t friday it's also a friday downside we got showers and storms moving in from the south and west and we'll have ag nd couple rounds of rain of n possibilities today.ssib not going to be a completee rainout but we'll certainly c have a few showers around.ew s you can see those approachingosa from the south and westch canan coming up 29. >> like when is it going rain.oi >> i see. >> i need specifics.d ecif >> between about 7 o'clock andla 9 o'clock this morning andnd then another round this round afternoon between aboutwe 4 o'clock and 6 o'clock. 6 o'c >> i can live with l >> okay?>> oka >> okay. >> there you go.
6:37 am
your personalized forecast. we'll look at the weekendook forecast in just a minute.just t >> okay. >> let's check in with erin in como get a look at what's happening on the roads thisk g t morning.he hi, erin.ri >> 6:37.>> 6 crashes already.cras crash activity in fairfax.. georgetown pike remains shutaiht down in both directions at oldld dominion drive. please use caution around that h intersection. asides from that crash fro sotivity on 295 southbound at benning road earlier crash in southwest on the eastbound t fde freeway.side third street tunnel did clear.. summit closures in downtown inow the district today.ntdist they're going to be in placen pe through don't forget around therorg a convention center and the and white house i'd avoid thosee th areas if possible.eas can k, l and m remain closed clo in addition to massachusettschut and new york and because of motorcade in the area as wells w that are unplanned we're seeing a ton of stop-and-goop-ag traffic developing in all of all the areas throughout thehrou district so please giveive yourself extra time to get around those closures. c metrobus is also detouringng through tomorrow routes beingrru diverted between seventh and ninth between n and k and k a metro right now is on time. tim.
6:38 am
bypassing mount vernon square because of the nucleare of security summit. the green and yellow lines will continue through.e you can use shaw or gallery gale place stops. but again, all other lines on o time. we'll have more traffic in affii few and we'll take a live look l outside at some of thatf congestion that's building.t's i back to you.oou >> still ahead it's movie mie review friday.da >> yes, it is, its star of oneto of the new films hitting theng box office was in our studio stu this week and coming up, kevin mccarthy's review of i saw the time now 6:38. now:3 back after this. this.
6:39 am
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6:41 am
ealth. >> ♪ >> 6:41 right now. back in northern virginiano where the national museum of the marine corps reopensrt todat after a months long project to add new artifacts and other a o grip united states.grip the changes mostly sunnymostlyuy noticeable two new aircraft onco display in the leather neckthern gallery including a restored reo world war ii dive bomber.eombe construction is currentlys undercu way for the final phasen of the project.. new galleries will open next year. >> you might notice a lot of o buildings and landmarks lanar illuminated in blue around thedn district today. all part of the autism speaksis light it up blue campaign toam help kick off world autism autis awareness month. mth the organization also providesor information about earlyarly diagnoses and intervince many fox5's d.c. cares is our station's campaign toion' highlight the great work of nonprofit organizations in ouron area.ea we've been doing this all week d long to raise awareness abouoit autism in our communities and a this morning from 8:00 until f noon, fox5 is hosting ag phone bank. you can call in and make a
6:42 am
donation during that time.g you can also donate right now n by visiting our web site office or texting ti word autism to 25383 with the word alternative t autism.. >> tomorrow at noon opening o day monday in atlanta. a now, before tonight's gameht's g several players including anthony rendon will spend the morning with youngsters at the nationals youth baseball y academy in southeast d.c..c >> very cool. very cool. >> speaking of the nationalsg hn next tucker has the details det about this year's weather day wr at nats ns >> and as we head to break if you have a news tip share ittip with us. you can either call (202) 895-3000 or e-mail us wttgg at -- i'm sorry, e-mail us fox5 tips at back in a minute.
6:43 am
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>> ♪ >> all right. live shot of the white housete h where things are -- they're- t probably up early, >> busy there. t >> we'll talk weather in ae'll second. i want to give you a reminderemn because today is the -- we - have an exhibition game atnam nats park.nak. >> yeah, we do. >> we are doing weather daydoin again this year.aithis wednesday, may 25th at 1 o'clock.1 o'cloc come out to the park and we we will present weather day.eather last year we did for thousandsor of kids. had a great time. >> go ahead. >> maureen, i have
6:46 am
an all-star cast this year. >> who do you have. >> at retirement i'm bringingri back the one and only tony perkins. >> no way, tony perkins atns a nats park. >> tony perkins will be with me all morning l >> okay in addition we gotn caitlin roth, sue. >> got a strong arm. a >> sue palka.ue pal >> okay. who else.wh is that allison i see downn i se there in that picture.t pictu >> that is allison yeah. >> is she back or is she noo longer. >> she may be back later in b ln there show but she won't be shee there for presentation.for prena the day again will begain wil wednesday may 25th and it ist marquee day and the nats are hosting the new york mets thater day of the world series. s the game as i mentioned is at 1:05.1:05 festivities keep going long gngl before that with our bigh our b weather day presentation.rese it's for school groups but ifoop you want to come as an a individual or just bring your o family you can do there, too. to >> they've got giveaways foreawr the kids. >> oh, yeah last year we gaver away a signed bryce harper harpe jersey.jersey. then we hang outer and we take w photographs and giveotographs autographs. >> it's always fun and usually u the weather cooperates soat
6:47 am
>> yeah, this is the most important thing. if you want more information go to >> >> yeah. i'll give you a discounted dco ticket prices. >> how do i get to be part ofi this. ot tou got to talk to >> you're the -- oh, you're, yor the gatekeeperrer.eeperr >> yes. >> i should be talking to you t 'cause i got to say there's ahe little bit of jealousy eachus year when you guys go down toowt nats park and i'm like well, ill wanted to play ball, too. bl, t >> we'll make it happen. meanwhile let's do the weather.we we've got clouds.atclou. warm but unsettled. unsettled. showers and thunderstorms backd in the forecast. in fact we'll do a couplel do ac different wound of it.ifrent look at your mildil temperatures. 69 degrees, very, veryery, pleasant out there inre washington.washin 68 in manassas.anas looks what's going on to the one north and the west.d the w everybody off to a balmyo start. might i say humid start withtart the winds out of the south and h south and west.uth and west feels just a little humid for hr the first day of april.e all right, thafit moisture right there is going make its flyak i our region over the neck hour or two. week probably do a rounds of rnd shores here i think by seven -- probably by 8, 9
6:48 am
o'clock this morning. then we'll get a break. b later this afternoon as theisftr front comes through we mayt have another chance for aco rounds of showers andnothds of thunderstorms.and so a couple different chancesrea today as this frontal systemtals presses through the area.s just want to give you a head's y up. up this fronts is going to kindo ki of hang up here late this afternoon and tonight and thena a little area of low pressureur overnight tonight will bringht l us one little additional batchia of moisture tomorrow i think we'll get it out ofwe'l here in time to salvage the -- t there's a noon game tomorrowamer for the nationals as well.s w i think it will be out of heref by late morning tomorrow.omor there's futurecast.utecast. shower activity at 10:00 a.m.ct we'll get a break and tivhenn there's that possible line of o thunderstorms late thisders afternoon. another break and then we'llk aw do one more rounds of it earlye tomorrow morning with thatrrow i area of lope lo low pressure. pe we'll be much cooler by b saturday and sunday afternoon. r notice daytime highsti h particularly sunday it's goingus to be plain old chilly aroundll here with highs in the low 50.o5 78 today.. highs in the low 50's by sunday. have to love the washington nature playing some april s
6:49 am
>> absolutely. it doesn't feel like a real fee forecast for today. forod i wanted sunshine and outdoor dining.dining. that's not the >> you might be able to sneakblo that in for an hour or two. t >> montgomery county 270 mon southbound a crash at westnd montgomery avenue. you can see some heavy flow f leading towards that you're stacked up from shadym grove. keep in mind north of that in m point in frederick we jam upam 270 southbound by the truckru scales as usual. usu kind of just a gloomy start to this friday morning.isrida it'll switch it over for asw look at our maps and show you s what else you're up againste yoe for your friday morning commute commute inform fairfaxmu georgetown pike remains shut p down in both directions at oldld dominion and also in arlingtonrl 66 eastbound just heavyust traffic by westemoreland.reland earlier crash 295 southbound soo at benning road has cleared h c out of the way. eastbound side of the freeway of in southwest still a little a l stacked up from an earlierm an e crash by the third street tunnel. summit closures downtown todayre for the nuclear security summit. they continue through tomorrow morning. there is a lot of heavy traffic yesterday eisspecially during the evening rush k, l and m are the importanthe i ones that remain shut downs. portion of massachusettsn ofassa between ninth and six a
6:50 am
down. plan ahead.plan give yourself plenty of extra time. ti i'd avoid the areas around the convention center and white c house if at alenl possible. psi back to you. >> ♪ >> we are following breakinge news from overseas coming outov of paris this morning. reports ofer a large explosion.o now this is at a building. bui don't know which one at thisnets time. time. emergency officials believedy of it was caused however by a gas line rupture. ruptu does not believe it has anyas ties to terrorism.o t you can imagine folks there a little on edge. again this blast in centralis b paris in the last few minutesewm but at this point believed tohi be a gas line explosion.e explos we'll try to get the detailsls from 83 seas. we'll let you know as soon asyo we get them. in the meantime it is fox i beat free friday.beat f if you're a wizards fan thisa wt one is for you. for this week's fox beat freee friday you can win four tickets when your washingtonwh wizardsen host the hornets ontso sunday afternoon april 10th. apt that's a week from sunday.from to enter for a chance to winnc o go to the contest page on betweenc.m/ now and 11:59 p.m. p >> two winners will be wners w selected by random d
6:51 am
april 4th.ap the prize has an approximate retail value of $108 and iss provided by monumental sports.r. >> kevin joins us now. n it is movie review friday.wri >> yes, it is.>> >> what you got for us, kevin. k >> steve and maureen how areow you. >> very good. >> doing the blue today. the b >> got the blue memo. be >> what about tucker.>> w >> he's on it, too.>> >> we got to do h a blue photo t at some point.nt. three major movies opening upni including i saw the light the hank williams film. fm. also everybody wants some and se then finally god's not dead d a lot of different movies. dif i think batman versus supermansu is still going to be number one of the of the we >> sounds like it. >> these are still big movies. >> god's not dead two who is is that s in that.hat. >> melissa joan heart andt and jessie metcalf. i saw the light hank williamsk l incredible musician.crible by the way died at the age of 29. incredible. in his six years of recordingixy he had over 30 hits. he had sold more than t 11 million records and tom held son does awfu h
6:52 am
singing and playing in thelayin film which is incredible tochs n me. and obviously the concert scenes they would record. he would sing back with himck w several but when you'reen you singing in a movie you have toia keep it realistic.stic you want to see the veins and vs throat moving as you're tryingiu to sing in a film. he's phenomenal in thishi performance he became hanke williams. many. wie know him as locate keyow h from the avengers its a great a role for him. the director mark abe lam isk am here as as we the movie itself is a little a l too long at times.too lo i wanted more appreciation for the music. m it focuses very much on theuses rise of more of his downfallis f and his tragic death at the age of 29 which is fine andicisf obviously that did happen. h i wanted more appreciation foria the actual music buts i thinkalm he does a great job in the elizabeth olson is amazing.mazi i gave it a three and a half a out of five. worth seeing for the parm for tp man's but he is better thanha the actual movie itself. >> gotcha'.>> >> everybody wants m i loved m l dazed and confused. you've seen dazed and confused. math new mcconaughey. new that movie made so much start.
6:53 am
movie. this is being called a quote/unquote spiritual sequel to everybody wants some.body wts this is now the 80's. and you have basically a casticc of unknowns.nk blake jenner is in the movie mov but these are relatively relatil unknown actor and it's a veryto well made movie.ll m baseball players in collegenolle and just kind of living the party life but it's a really,uti really well made movie. mov takes you into that lifestyle ls and obviously in the 80's it's0t a really well played movie. the script is great.scri the acting is great.e acting i it's funny.'s f there are some serious momentsun as well its a great message mes about life just in i thought it was fun flick. f i gave 84 out of five. worth seeing if you love dazedea and confused.o that scene is very funny. fun very well do. richard ling later.ri the title has two exclamation ei points in it. if you're tweeting put two. not three, there's two. there's that are very adamant aboutab that apparently. app last movie is god's not deadd'sa two. here's the interesting things about these films.hese films. these faith based movies haveita made so much money this yearyea
6:54 am
miracle from heaven was a big hit. risen was a good hit.was a go i liked that film as well. w war room.war so many of these films arehese doing very well at the boxell ae office. this film was a sequel to thel o first movie which cost $2 million and played over o $63 million worldwide at theio box office.n this time around the storythe s line is melissa gene hart'senha character is a publicarr is schoolteacher who talks about tt jesus in her classroom andin hes then is taken to a legal battle and this idea ofs i separation between church andet state and it's a really great message about faith and standing up for was believe in i and i love melissa joan heartoa but jessie metcalf stole thelfte film as her lawyer.awye it's a great movie to see with w your family its pg.ts my only issue was from them film making side.g it was way too long at times and there was also some scriptsm issues but i really think theyhk message at the end of the day ot worth it for the family.rtit foe i gave 83 and a half as well. w i think it's worth seeing but se i think it's a relatively wellyl made film and i think melissa ml joan heart does a great job in -- these faith based moviesf are doing so well in hollywood o and they h
6:55 am
>> i'm surprised that they arehe doing so well and there's so many coming up because in years past you would get one or two here and there. >> and there's so many this year. there'sy three and a half outndt of five for. that my recommendationrecoendato everybody wants some and batman versus superman this week.we see in it imax. it's amazing in imax. >> thanks cold front glynn let's say good morning to ourgo facebook fan of the day. this morning the honor goes tood tina and her sons joshua ryan rn matthew and tj. t they're long time fans and the a whole family watches fox5 watesf every weekday three of the boys celebrating ca birthdays this happy birthday. >> wow. >> kevin i need your help inyoun the future. futur >> tucker. >> if we have famous people in here you have to tell me.ave tl >> who was in that you wanted yn to meet. >> everybody wants some. som >> we do a slow good day d.c. from nine until 11.ntil 1 >> tucker is down there, heere,h takes his shoes off, puts his p smelly feet on the table
6:56 am
sits there. >> 69 at reagan national right now. 69 degrees.69 degrees. we're looking at the satellite and radar. r >> put your feet on the table.hb >> i'm hard at work reading weather journals down thereur all right when you guys are up e here governing around from gerni 9:00 until 11:00. >> with all those celebrities.l >> rain showers moving in from the south and west. we'll have a couple differenttht rounds of rain showers andds o thunderstorms today.da first one this morning, mor another mid to late afternoon.n. daytime high 78. h look for keel are weather this s week. few showers tomorrow morning.s that's a clinch in the fortok.hf few showers tomorrow mornings to then we clear it out tomorrowut afternoon. erin is back with traffic. trafc you got my back, right.ig i'm down there working hard. h >> i got your back. b i'm usually down there when you're reading weather w journals and you say don'tna and bother me i'm researching.esearc a crash, a dreary damp start s to the day. d frederick heavy traffic by thefb truck scales. we'll take look at our maps. lor other slowdowns around the aroud area. have some some patic inner loop really backed up
6:57 am
wilson bridge. in fact those breaks go back to we're seeing slow trafficeing there. keep it to fox5 news morning. mi we'll be back in just a few with your 7 o'clock hour. ♪ he's begun forgetting words. forgetting where he lives. but when the day comes when he forgets who i am, i'll still know who he is. the first time we said i love you we didn't use words. we simply held each other's hands. we still are. i lost my dad to alzheimer's. preventing alzheimer's is within our grasp. let's double the budget of nih and get it done. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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6:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7 o'clock this morning a virginia statevirgia s trooper shot and killed at ale bus station.bus stati the gunman also shot and
7:00 am
this morning, we're learninge le more details about that gunman a as investigators couldn't contie their search for answers.we >> police looking for ang newspaper vendor who attackedve a passenger. a live update from the scenehe straight >> lots of reasons toof r celebrate in foggy bottom this morning.g. gw national champions.. capturing their first posthe fip season title.ason t we'll take a look at theirtheir impressive win coming up.oming . >> a live look outside on thisnt friday april 1st, 2016.. april fools day. weather not playing any tricks on us though.onthough looking pretty good at leastettg right now. weather traffic coming up oncomi the 5s at 7:05.:0 good morning everyone, i'mnn maureen umeh in for allison. alo >> i'm steve chenevey. stevenev. welcome to fox5 news morning. mg let's start with breaking newsgs from overseas.verseas. big explosion in paris rockingip a building in central paris. par take a look at these images. ige there you go many people haveple been tweeting these pictures. pu at this time emergencyme officials though believe thisgh is not terror related.el they believe this was a gas g line rupture. we do understand that peoplend p are being evacuated loafered l from this neighborhood.his again, big blast in


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