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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  April 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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trooper were you gunned down gun during a training skies exercise. and bring the redskins home. fox 5 is for lack of a betterfo term new details aboutr future plans for rfk stadium. the news at six starts now. and we thank you for joining us timer i'm tony perkins. name shawn yancy right off the g time remembering a virginia state trooper gunned down at a business rerichmond bus terminal. people are gathering in hon for of trooper chad cha dermyer. we are lending about the shooter james brown of illinois. troopers shot and killed him. investigator say brown had a lengthy criminal record. he was charged with attempted murder in 2001. then in 2006 charged with posing a weapon and drug chancer. also pleaded guilty to domestic battery and agria 58 today battery of a pregnant woman in 2030.20 trooper dermyer's death is a devastating
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professional. abby loved father and husbandd h and neighbor and friend to so many. chad was a resident of a gloucester county. well respected there. had a passion for helping people and serve the public. >> another woman both sufferedue non life threatening injuriesng during the shooting. funeral arrangements have not yet been announced. we are learning more aboutrn him tonight, he is a marine vet travel 37 year old trooper was on the force since 2014. he had recently been transferred to the department's count rear terrorism unit. he lived in gloucester virginiar with his wife and two children. so far this year 29 officers have died in the line of duty. t that information comes from the officer down memorial page which on honors fallen law enforcement heros across the country. this time last year there weree 31 fallen officers
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>> former charles county judge ordered to probation. you can see and hear video fox 5 paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: robert nailly saysb he made aner error in judgment when he ordered sheriffs deputies to remotely activate a stun cuff.un c prosecutors call the judge's order disproportionate for what were verbal interruptions in i court. king calls what happened to him torture.rt tonight you can see for yourself what happened in court that day. a warning. this video may be very disturbing to some viewers, especially children. >> that's delvin king with the dreadlocks standing at the defense table. he's representing himself in a a gun case. right from the start, the judge appears agitated. >> i didn't ask you what
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name was i asked how you wishedu to be addressed. >> the sheriff deputy attached a stun cuff to his leg which they can remotely activate sending 55 thousand volts of electricity to the defendant if he tries to rur or becomes unruly. minutes into the proceeding the judge become exasperated with king's behavior. watch what happens next. mr. sheriff do it, use it. a little more than a month after king was shocked judge nailly was removed from the bench and a later charged with violating thh man's civil rights. that's the judge on the right under the umbrella. u he pleaded guilty to one countne and will have to attend anger management delvin king attended the hearing and told the jury what happened to him was a
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knifing he laterg told reporters thehe judges sentence was no justice s at all. the judge's attorney release that is statemented mr. king wae on trial fornt illegal possessin of a gun. was already on probation for another gun conviction.r and was in custody because heeca had fled from the courthouse on an earlier proceeding. judge nailly regrets that he did not use another means to have mr. king act appropriately in the courtroom. cou paul wagner fox 5 local news. on there's new information inti the case of deon kay cara way the prince george's countyin schoolce a new lawsuit has been filed not only against carraway against the city of glenarden in thehe mayor. one the victims claims carrawaya threatened to kill her if she told anyone. he was accused of making child pornography and abusing 17d abui children he pled not guilty to all disgrazed virginia law maker
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accused of having sex with a 17 year old employee wants to be richmond's next mayor. joe mora see made thede t announcement this week december 2014 the 58 year old lawyer was convicted of contributing to lending what see of a minor. the couple is now engaged and have two children. c he served jail time and reclaimed his city in-house off delegates last year.ear. the summit wrapped up toyed. more than 50 leaders from around the world attended.ded. last night they gathered at thee white house for a working dinner. meantime outside the kong venges center today demon traders heldm signs and protest ted the submit. later in the day they gathered, called world leaders to eliminate use of nuclear weapons there's some such thing is nuclear security as long
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nuclear weapons exist. >> straight zoo head at six fall out over a bill makes its way to the nations counsel. how dc is gotting involved which some say targets lgbt community. big plans for rfk stadium sa we'll have a preview. gwen. g welcoming big changes we've get a little bit of everything o happening from winter to spring to summer. resume going to have the details coming up. stay with us. we'll be back after the the break.
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wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first.
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the special interests aren't special. we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> dc mayors is bang cityyo employees from official travel f to north carolina. growing list of mayors and governors have forbidden. a bill requires transgender people to use public restrooms based on sex listed on birth b certificate.
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discriminatory. >> when good well-meaning peopln don't stand up and speak up or speak out against what is wrongo then, then we are couple list and so we don't want to be that way and that, those are thehe values of our city. >> law is being challenged righg now in a federal lawsuit. redskins have played at fedex field in landover since 1997. the skins current home lacks tht charm of rfk stadium where they won five nfc championship gamesg there's now a plan to revitalize that area and possibly win the skins over to come back to dc. matt ackland has the story: so the big plans won't be announced until monday at a public meeting. but we've talked to several city leaders who gave us some hints on what will be announced because they've been briefed already. first of all, there are two major plans. one that includes a football stadium, not
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football stadium, another onenoo that has no plans for a football stadium here also all of these s parking lots so many people complained about, there's acres and acres of them, they are the going to be removed, replayed with recreation nail spaces. you know that this site eight lines the river, there are plane for that for many years people complained about run off from f the parking lots going right into the rich i'm told that arei plans to develop this area'm ne the water so the public can havn access to it. t one leader told me maybe evenbe some volleyball courts near by. earlier today mayor bowser was asked about the site and she s said she'd like to see itt developed soon and wouldn't mint seeing some shopping, maybe some dining here as well. >> i have asked events dc to beb prepared to have a plan that can go any number of directions cause the city, my responsibility will be is thatli we don't just have a
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stadium at rfk. so, i expect that we will have v concept that would include nfl stadium not include nfl stadium, but regardless, it will be many uses, multi uses, we have a lot of of acreage at rfk we can gete a lot of uses at the stadium. >> reporter: we did ask theas organization that's putting this together for renderings what r this might look like they saidy they couldn't because they are still tweaking the project. they hope to have them altogether by monday. one thing is for sure earlierari this week we talked to counsel member jack evans he said don'tt expect to see the redskins join this meeting on monday andy announce that the redskins sh moving back to dc. in northeast, matt ackland fox 5 local news. >> be excited to see a newe stadium. >> i loved rfk it was much muchh easier to get in and out of there. they are going to come up with whatever they come up with. it would be
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another brand new nfl stadium s maybe a modern rfk modern design on that template and fix up the urge tire area.ur >> put the motor in. >> no moat. >> today is april first, and fir time too light it up blue. today marks the start of autism awareness m we capped off autism month. we have new numbers from the cbc on autism rates here in the us. >> here's something that you, to chew on the slicers your favorite deli uses may not be as clean as you'd like.
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april is autism awareness no. new recertain shows the autism rate among children remainsains stable. federal health of fishes say itf is still too early to determinee if this means it its
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cc dc says one of, the samehe rates as it was in 20 ten. the c dc noted autism rates vary widely between communities. black and hispanic are less. researchers say better targeted methods are needed to spot children with autism so they cay be connected with the servicerh they need. >> its crucial to get the autism diagnosis as earlily as possible for a child. by identifying ide earlier they can get inet treatment faster and ultimately their lice will be better. >> all week long we have been sharing stories with familiesesh living with autism to raise awareness about autism in our community. i want to thank you from thek yu bottom of my heart and from everyone here at fox 5 thank to you everyone who called in this morning to our telethon to donate to autism speaks. we are still tool young up the numbers. you can still donate, your donation with help, help local
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families and give grants to local organizations who helpat people who have autism. you can find it on our home page. you can text the word autism to the number 253783 right now to make attending dollar donation.a >> all right shawn thank you very much. gwen is here with word and the wet. i hear there were a couple thunderstorms this afternoon. >> yes, tip kill spring weather. low 80's today really warm air and shun sign impot there's aign cold front coming through. >> crashes of the >> the that's right, so let's o take a lookout side you knownow some of you haven't seeneen anything at all so far. but some of you have seen some of the rain and experience 4-dxp from the storms heading through. we are keeping a close eye on radar all ahead of a frontal system and that is what is i firing up all these thunderstorms here and there.s here's a look. loo we've got his frontal systemront that's going to move its way tow
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ahead of it today, temperatures into the low '80s. a warm air mass in place. lots of warm moisture so that combined with this approach of this frontal system fired up a few storms. as a result of that, keeping, we did have a thunderstorms warninu earlier.nd that ended just after the 5:00 hour. storms or moving off to theovin northeast. we have a cluster here just along i95 corridor near mason kicks line a little bit leer tot the south justle near the i66 corridor. and this one here in the next 2t minutes or so is going to beoing moving its way in the direction of dc.c then we've got alexandria in 20 minutes or s we are going tooing watch this closely. so far though we have no more watches or warnings earn terms r of those storms to talnik about. much cooler whether tomorrow tom than we had today intoly 80's. however, tomorrow you can expect we are going to see temperatures dip into the 60 everywhere. then get cooler once we hit into sunday as
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that's going to head into our air. we have a frost feeds that's f possible. and dealing with gusty winds. temperatures right now still ini the '80s pretty much everyvery where. a couple of 70s here on our map. that warm air is stiling place. and so, probably feels a little bit sticky outside. let's look at future cast with regard to the wet whether. whe because as that frontal system moves to the south, we're goinge to see a low pressure system p right along it. tomorrow we are going to have mixed conditions.tions. future cast by 4:00 hour in the early morning we'll see rain. early part of the day before ite starts to clear out.r by the afternoon hours onn saturday, we'll have dry conditions but look at what's wa behind it, saturday night into t sunday. we're looking at snow flakes, yes only passing in nature however. nothing that's going to accumulate. it will happen in over nightin o hours from saturday night intoio early sunday morning so you probably won't know it happened. so, low pressure system along that we're talking early showers forf the first pa
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we'll have some sunshine windsme are going to increase however. h and we're going to get some gusty winds on both saturday and sunday. saturday night into sunday and overnight hours that's what we're going to see a few snow flakes, i can't believe i'm saying it this time of year. then arctic chill then downhen right cold. we'll have another cold night as well once we get monday night into tuesday.uesd we've got arctic air to dealeal with. you are going to feel it. fee we have a freeze watch in effect overnight saturday into early sun morning. high wind watch. wat same sorry from saturday nightih to sunday gusting 50 to 60 milel an hour. hou if you haven't seen the cherry blossoms yet get out and seemt they they are going to be impacted by strong winds.inds tonight 54 degrees.egre early storms here and that. they'll be isolated in nature, they are starting to die out, which is good. tomorrow we are talking a high a of 62 degrees starting out with clouds and afternoon hours will be, here'sr a look at fox 5 7-day fore
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very very cold night aheadold n saturday night into sunday. we dip down again monday night into tuesday. we're kind of all over the place with the temperatures. here's a look at thursday with the nat game 63 degrees but it's going to be raining so you are r going toai need your umbrella fu that unfortunately. we got 56 degrees as we get back to the end. week not bad at all. let's chinning now with tony anh shawn. >> thank you gwen n>> its been touted that chocolate milk may help athletes. now the university of maryland says the benefits of their recent study on the brand fifthf quarter may have been overstated. back in december the universityi claimed the chocolate milk helped improve cognitive and motor functions of football players even after suffering concussions questioned were raved, recertain funded through a university program intended to encourage partnerships with p local businesses. the university is now returning funding that at thiss time t
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chocolate milk. mil >> what?>> w >> the chocolate milk made you. >> it actually sounds like an april fools story. >> yeah, it does, sadly it's not though. here's something you do want to talk about. a survey by the cdc found half out of 300 delis across the us failed to clean slicing equipment as recommended everyec four hours. many machines that go uncleaned and un sterilized more than four hours raise risk for lis syria.i it is the third largest cause of elf death. that actually is very disturbing. >> yes, it is. i and you just wish, you know especially in food preparation, they should just follow all the rules and procedures it may slow you down for a couple minutes but it's important people's health. >> it's worth it. >> british researchers say neww research has led to nutritional guidelines b
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they say the top five worse fiv foods are actually now okay to eat. >> 72 we shouldn't listen to t anything they t >> 72 for a long time eggs weres thought to be bad for your heart. eggs are a really good source of protein. they've been back on the goodoo list for a while. butter or march? rein are nowein considered okay too if thetof spread does not taken transfat. potatoes used to be a big no non but they are a rich source of cash bow hydrates viet tamin can all things in mother ration. salt, there's mountedtinghe evidence to say raw nuts are rey to a healthy diet and maintaining healthy body wait. you can welcome dairy back to your duty, milk, cheese and yogurt have a high protein and calcium content. >> so for dinner we're going tot have baked potatoes with butter, milk, bee nut butter. >> not for
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>> and fried eggs n>> you had ad fried egg. >> on your potatoes.tato >> on my burger. >> okay. [ laughter ]. well, it wasn't exactly a slam did you know but it was a slam a stunt. devastated after losing their title. did you see that the final shot the ball getting called and thet rim. they were only down by one point. video of the shot went viral it has been seen more than 500 thousand times. -- times. hit the backboard. oh. that's terrible.
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>> the abandoned pup was 22 hours from being put town downon didn't now he's flying an airplane for real. he's a final list on the uk reality show dogs might fly. its a show. s here's the premise of the show,s they rescue stray dogs, that's good. they teach new tricks that's good. with a goal of training one to fly a plane. who came up with the idea. shadow is looking good and a stealing hearts at the same time. how would you like to hear your pilot come on on the loud speaker. barking. >> okay. looks, i'm glad that they they rescued shadow. i know snoop pea was doing pe something like that. that was a
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>> i don't want my real dog flying me around. >> who let the dogs out. >> spue one kick look at the maps. 82 jot storms are finally getting out of thes picturere folks. that's good news. and we've got some wet weather over the weekend. maybe a passing snowflake just a passing one nothing that's goinn to stick a runed. >> as long as it passes quickly. thank you guys for joining uss tonight at six. six see you later tonight at five and 11. >> five and 11 ? 
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> turns out kylie jenner might have some maternal instincts after all because she shut up a bunch of whiny kids last night. >> she went to craig's because she released her lip gloss. the fans are there and this is how she reacts? >> no, you stop for the selfie and go -- >> yeah, what is that? >> what are you doing, mike? [laughter] >> manny pacquaio. we're like, you know the reaction from getting banned from the grove because of his homophobic comments. >> do you think you still have the privilege to go there, have the rights to be there? >> yeah. >> there could be a public risk if manny goes in. >> gays would beat him up. >> the bears will take him down. >> the bears will take him down. otters will be pretty good. >> what's an otter? >> an otter is a lesser level of a bear. >> i thought an otter just laid on its back.


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