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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  April 2, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> gloat this is fox5 newsat t morning. >> ahead this morning, as morn murder mystery in old town. alexandria's first homicide of's the year. fthe ye an elderly alexandria man who was viciously beaten during aat robbery has died and nownd police are searching for his attacker.. plus, arlington county c investigates their firstst murder of the year after ae ye deadly stabbing unfolds infoldsn arlington. the search for the suspectct continues this morning. and happening today, theyenn have been missing for moress than a year but today there'stos a renewed effort to find two fiw missing montgomery countyinmontt kids. find out how you can help withei the search.earc good morning, and welcome w to fox5 news morning on this o saturday. i'm annie yu.yu. >> and i'm caitlin r good morning annie. ann >> good morning. >> good to see you. goo let's take a live look outside t this morning many of youanyf needing your umbrella as rains moves through the dmv. d gray skies out ther
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have very changeable rain now, winds later, veryer cold temperatures tonight. tonit lots to talk about for theor t first weekend of april. april it is saturday morning,, april 2nd.ri2n radar right now showing thosengt showers moving through. throu if you are not seeing rain ingai d.c. over the past hour or so, s you probably are now. n there are heavier pockets of o rain up in baltimore,timore, fredericksburg, and we'llrgd wel probably see rain through theeeh morning hours. it's not until afternoon thatfto we start to clear out. out might even see a little bit ofei sunshine. but for now it's the rain. rai later today it's the wind. high wind warning in effectrnin for the mountains where wee mo could see gusts over 50 milesr l an h even though that's way towardsow west virginia, extrememe sections of western maryland wen you could have potentiallyential power outages from this wind. w along with the wind we have aav freeze warning in effect for northwestern counties. this would be northern montgomery county, frederickouyf county in maryland, up towardsow baltimore northwest of there and further towards centralards sections of virginia and westest virginia.virg
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that's because temperaturestu will be at 32 degrees or belowsl by this time tomorrow so bring those sensitive sn plants inside. the growing season has begun hab so that's why we're seeinge seen these freeze warnings issueds i for the colder temperatures.coe. temperatures aren't so badatur outside right now.tside it was super mild yesterday.esrd temperatures hitting hit 80 degrees in many spots butut now cooler air is slowly s filtering through. through so it's 54 in washington, 48to in gaithersburg, 56 in annapolis and 55 leonardtown.nad but these temperatures willil probable be 20 degrees colder c tomorrow morning than where we're at now.. so, seeing the cold air comeolrc through in waves.ugh inaves now, it's not too windy right wind speeds generally 15 to 1 20 miles an hour.0 unless you're calm. we're seeingss that in someome once the rain moves through thr this afternoon the winds will pick up. up. here's your planning forecastnnr for your saturday.your sur i know there are so many so m events going on around town. t cherry blossoms are probablyroby past peak. pea we had several windy days. win d i know there's a kite a k festival. it would be a good day for a kit
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the showers are around through d noon. that and we turn windy.indy we clear out a little bit and ba we'll see high temperatures inmp the 60's. the it turns colder tonight.onig we'll show you those temperatures coming up in yourur full forecast. forecast. first let's get to our top stories with annie. ♪> ♪ >> ly. >> developing overnight ag erni deadly double stabbing ine st arlington making it the firsther murder of the year.murder o this morning police arening pe r searching for the suspect. spect the stabbing happened last night on glebe road just afterej 8 o'clock.o'clock. two people were involved.v both of them stabbed. stabbed. one of the victims ahe vicms 46-year-old man later dieder d from his injuries.njurie the other victim is expected exe to be okay.e o still no arrests at this time. t to alexandria now wherendriw officials there also dealingal a with their first murderur investigation of the year.igiont police there are searching foreg the suspect who attacked and killed 69-year-old melaku abraha. he died yesterday morning andorg several days after he was he w brutally attacked and robbed rbd across the street from alfred ad street baptist church. crc police don't know what waswh taken from the theicti this incident has people who ppl live in the area on high
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alert. >> one of my college friendsol visiting me today and i was i technology him this is the him kind of place where i feele f like i can walk around at at 3 a.m. by myself and i'm fine so that's very surprising to sur hear. hear >> i always have my phoneayve mn ready and just be like awareik a of your surroundings and have ah a key out and ready, you know, o those types of things as women m i feel like you do that anyways but definitely moreitre now, i'll be looking around little more.litt >> here's an idea of how rare hr a homicide is here in alexandria. last year there were four murders, two of those investigations remain a prayer vigil was held iner richmond last night to v honorth the life of a virginia state s trooper killed in the line of ln duty. fellow state troopers and the public attended the ceremonyhe at virginia commonwealthonweal university. they came together to remembertt chad dermyer a gunman shot andtd killed dermyer at theert t greyhound bus terminaleyhoun richmond. dermyer was participating in a training exercise at the busxeet terminal with more than ahan dozen troopers and supervisors.rviss. investigators say
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a brief encounter with the gunman james brown, iii near i the terminal's entrance.ntranc police say moments later the illinois man pulled out a 40 a caliber handgun and starteded firing. >> they were pretty much side p byre side with brown being to chad's right.ight he turned into him and fired fid the shots, multiple shots,ho struck chad multiple times andnd he went down. d as soon as that gunfire erupted, there were two of ouroo troopers who were in close proximity in plainclothes.incl they returned fire, again firing at brown and struck him. >> brown later died at awn l die hospital from his wounds asou a did trooper dermyer. dmyer two women were also shot buto sb will survive. svi police say brown had an extension sieve criminalnsio history in illinois and the ill gun brown used in the shootingon was bought legally by someone b else. it's still unclear at this time how he got his hands on h the weapon.ea and state police saye trooper dermyer's death is devastating and the
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has lost at good man. dermyer was a marine veteran. vr he was from jackson michigan. the 37-year-old joined thed state police force in 2014 andna he had recently beenyee transferred to the department's counter terrorismrm unit. dermyer lived in gloucester,ucte virginia. he leaves behind a wife and a two children.hild and in fairfax countyax cnty police there are on the hunt on for a man who robbed andnd sexually assaulted a woman inani springfield and they are nowyre asking for the public's help hel to solve this case. sol fox5's alexandria limon has lon the very latest.ates >> reporter: it's a scary scenario, a woman is walkingal in this springfield sprgfie neighborhood near a shopping spn center on commerce streeter early wednesday morning when a man grabs her and sexually assaults her. h residents and workers in this t neighborhood say they're onn edge especially because theecaut suspect is on the loose.oo >> just be on alert, be cautious of who's around you,o, what's around you. just take caution.ake >> reporter: fairfaxou
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public will help them track down the man who is responsible. his car was caught onaught o surveillance cameras and has a s distinctive feature. it's described as an oldersn olr model red two-door car with a sunroof and a gray or white or w patch on the driver's door.oo >> if they see the vehicle vle that they believe is the is suspect vehicle call it in especially with the tagal information. we don't know if it has virginia or any other state tags. >> when i hear stuff like thatas it just makes me feel pretty fee sad about the area itself.tself. how can people come down to dow this point where they need toy t do stuff like that. t >> reporter: alexandriaor limon, foxte5 local news.ews. >> again, police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. them cal they believe getting that license plate number could beat the key he to solving thissolvii case and making an arrest. meantime there is newanti information in the case of deonte carraway the former for prince george's county schoolc aide accused of producing pdu child pornography a new a lawsuit has been filed notha only against carras way butray against others including theclug city of glenarden and its
7:08 am in the lawsuit one of theit victims claims carrawayms carray threatened to can kill her if i she told anyone. anyon carraway is accused of making m child pornography and abusing at least 17 children. cld he pled not guilty to all charges. >> ♪ >> happening today, the search d for two missing montgomeryon county kids jacob and sara s were last seen with theirhe mother katherine hoggle back bac in 2014. now hoggle suffers from f paranoid schizophrenia and is not competent to stand trial. t. doctors believe she's restorable with continued treatment though.eatmenthou hoggle faces charges ofhaf neglect and obstruction inructin connection with her twoer missing the children's father stillr holds out hope that his kids his are alive. volunteers are being asked tongk help with this weekend'seeke search and volunteers can meetse at 8:30 at goshen recreationaleo park to register to help. toel they'll search the park today pt and tomorrow.omorro and you can add more toor the growing list of problems prm for met an arcing insulator for single tracking yesterday at the woodley park station iny northwes
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later a door stopped working wor at farragut north taking thegut train out of service and causing delays during thede friday rush the latest incidents onlyid adda to the recent comments by gmntsg paul wiedefeld that metro m could shut down entire linese l to complete major repairs. >> ♪ also happening today, thepe washington monument will benit b closed all day today because of an elevator malfunction.futi now, yesterday the elevator eva stopped working as passengersasr exited onto the observationer level. no one was trapped on the elevator thank goodness but all 86 visitors on that levelhal had to be evacuated by walking l down the stairs.heta the cause of the glitch ishe gli being inspected. inspect this is the second time thee the washington monument was forcedae to close this week because ofk e the elevator issue. iss people who pass by the pasbe white house might notice anus unusuae l demonstration.on local advocates for legalizingan marijuana are planning a smoke-in as an act of civil disobedience. demonstrators plan to meettratol around 1:45 in the afternoon aer
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pan avenue northwest.avenue nore from there they will carry a 51-foot long fake joint towards the white house.ou the fake joint 51 feet longe jof because the demonstrators wantat the district to become the 51st state.te and a huge announcement iset planned for the area around rfk stadium. stadi we have a sneak peek as what asw to expect and caitlin will have another look at today'sther weather forecast.we stay with fox5 news morning on thisning oh saturday will be right back. wil time now 7:10. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors
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>> ♪ >> welcome back.>> time now 7:12. the redskins have played atlaye fed ex field in landover since s 1997 and the lease runs for 13u1 more years but the skins'ki current home lacks the charm t of rfk stadium where the
7:13 am
championship games andpionsh experienced their glory yearsr y but there's a new plan to p revitalize that area andhaea a possibly win the skins over toto come back to day fox5's matt ackland has the story. >> reporter: so, the bigr: s plans won't be announced untilnt monday at a public metering met but we've talked to severaloev city leaders who gave us some minutes on what will bell announced because they've beenve briefed first of all there are two two major plans. pns. one that includes a footballl stadium, not rfk but anotherno football stadium, another onetho that has no plans for a football stadium here. her also, all of these parking par lots that so many people haveple complained about, there'sned acres and acres of them,he they're going to be removed, replaced with recreationalreio spaces, even soccer fields.rie one other thing.e otr t let's take you to the video.e v you know that this site, ithise, lines the anacostia river. well, there are plans forns that.that for many years people havee h complained about runoff fromed the parking lots going a right r into the river.iver i'm told there are plans tore
7:14 am
water so the public can have access to it. one leader told me maybe evenve some volleyball courts nearby.ta earlier today mayor bowse bowses asked about the site and she said she would like to see itee developed soon and wouldn'tso aw mind seeing shopping maybeg may dining.di >> i have asked events d.c. to. be prepared to have a plan ala that can go any number of directions 'cause the city, my responsibility will be is thatli we don't just havety a vacant stadium at rfk. so, i expect that we will have concepts that would include anul nfl stadium, not include an an nfl stadium but regardless, itdi will be many uses, multi-uses.tu we have a lot of acreage at rfk and we can get a lot of uses at the stadium.uses >> reporter: we did ask thehe organization that's putting tha' this altogether for someor s renderings of what this might mt all look like but they saidaid they couldn't because they are t still tweaking the project.eakit they hope to have them altogether by monday.onda one thing is for sure, ear
7:15 am
this week we talked to councilol member jack evans and he said don't expect to see the redskins join this meeting on o monday and announce that thencet redskins are moving back to d.c. in northeast, matt ackland, fox5 local news.ew >> all right, well, april isil s autism awareness month andth and fox5 is recognizing thening the occasion in a very big way. fox5 d.c. cares has partnered hr with autism speaks to raisese awareness in our community andmi yesterday we held a big a telethon right here in the r studio he from 8:00 a.m. toigomm 11:00 a.m. and a number ofumber guests joined us throughout us u the morning on the airir including phil martin. phil lives with asperger's syndrome.ndrome he and his girlfriend and adorable baby bryce joined toy us talk about the impact ofbrf autism. >> i want to bring in one ofri your biggest prides and joy a because we want people to know -- i know a lot of people o think if you have autism or asperger's. this is your girlfriend
7:16 am
angelica and baby boy bryce. boy what are your biggestgest challenges or fears about being a a d >> association with being -- bng having that communication keycay missing or lagging a little lag bit, it makes me nervous thatvoa there's going to be issues as he grows older.ld >> well, it's not too late toat donate to autism speaks.ks you can find a link on our web w site or you canu c text word autism to 25383 to donate $10. >> ♪ >> well, check this out. che this is a storm that rolledled through the dmv last night. nig this is video from the fm montgomery county firentgomery u department and we're tolntd a lightning strike during theg rie storm hit power lines andper lis sparked a fire in potomacot maryland. no word of any property damageyd or injuries. i so, what we can expect for thett rest of the weekend, we now turn to indicate lynn roth for that. to caitlin roth for that. t
7:17 am
virginia. >> no, we had borderlineo, w severe storms including in potomac maryland but theyrylandt never made it to d.c. or d. virginia. some of you though saw those sao rolling storms that cametorm t through with 80 degrees yesterday. we had a strong this morning we have rain.inwe h we've got winds. winds even cold and freezing freez temperatures this weekend. >> it's such a dramatic turn t for us. >> it's crazy.>> it' we have everything including ilu the possibility in thebilityn mountains of seeing snowflakeso tomorrow morning. morni strong weekend winds, that's, t' our main weather headline hdl because that's what will be'st i impacting right now as we take a look atoa storm tracker radar it's thehe rain, the second round of it.oui we saw some yesterdayes including those storms up inossr northern sections ofections montgomery county and right now showers encompassing thess whole dmv.e d this is mainly light rain.ght zooming in on washingtonin o inside the beltway you've got yv some light showers, maybe more m moderate in southeast d.c.. headed down towards placesds like alexandria but the stronger showers or at least l the steadier rain is confined if to areas well off towards ouraro
7:18 am
this is north of baltimore uptio towards westminster marylander n even north of frederickrede maryland there so you have to s get north of i-70 and thennd south of town, we are seeing sin some at least scatteredttered moderate showers. showe this is more northern sections n of virginia as you head south on 95 towards richmond you richn would get some of thoseuld get o stronger showers but everyone ee seeing rain.seeing rai you you all need the umbrellas l through about the the next few hours. i don't think it's until afterit the noon hour that the rainr th moves out completely.ometel temperatures right now are still relatively mild. even though your house might be a little toasty due to theuet warm temperatures yesterday,ture you tried to open the windowsthn get some cool air comingir comin through, it takes a littles a ll bit. right now it's 54 in washington and trust me whenon you step outside you fee al thee nice cooler breeze. b very cool towards our northwadso and west where we're in thehe we upper 40's but this time t tomorrow morning we'll be downnb right cold with temperaturesit in the 30's.h thes. winds are out of the north ushering in some of that ofha cooler air, 1520 miles an hourn winds in washington.ashito they'll increase as we gocrease through the day.thug futurecast shows the green on the map. light showers through abouter the noon hour and then we even see some sun
7:19 am
from west to east. et. it's a nice afternoon. nats exhibition game in town iow at noon at nats park.sar even though the seats might be s wet to start you dry out, seeuts a nice afternoon.ernoon. when the actual front comesonco through this evening anotherni round of showers is possible and yes, that's snow in i western pennsylvania, even a e snowflake possible in theake mountains. that's 6:00 a.m. tomorrowom morning. so, a testament to how cold howc the air will be this come --om that's coming in late tonight. g future wind gusts really rampllm up as we head into this evening. 20 to 30 miles an hour gusts.hos that could be over 40 at timestm especially off towards ourur west where high wind warnings wg are in effect. eec however, any of us could see those gusts over 40 miles an m a hour. ho that's late tonight throughthh early tomorrow morning and itnga will be blustery just about all day on so, the spring wind in full effect for tomorrow. tor recapping your forecast for for today, temperatures in theempe 50's now. we'll hit 62 later. lat winds switch out of the south out ahead of our next front. morning rain, afternoon aftno clearing and
7:20 am
not a bad day.a baday. we've got to get rid of the rid morning rain but this but thi afternoon looks a little bitlitt nicer.ce it will be chilly tomorrow. chi. look at this. we start off at 38. t we hit only 50 degrees on a gusty north wind. win sunshine will probably helpbabl but it will feel much morehor like winter than spring.n spr we've got a freeze warning inari effect tomorrow morning for mnig our northwestern counties.ou we are on the rollercoasterlerca ride this 68 on monday but then we'rene're back down to48 on tuesday. tsd look at morning temperaturesrare tuesday and wednesday morning. probably more freeze warnings,zg perhaps closer to the then we start to stabilize aslie we head towards next weekend.t e opening day for the nationals on thursday could be rainy. rai isn't it always? always feelsll like rain opening day starts ss with and then a chance of showers oho will linger into next friday. fi all right, that's a look atoo your seven-day forecast.oras annie, back over to you. >> thanks, well, yesterday d.c. mayor m muriel bowser signed an b executive order banningive orde official travel by citybaraby employees to north carolina. can the move is a way of of protesting the state's ste's approval of a controversiala c
7:21 am
the public facilitates privacy and security acts blocks local governments from passing passi antidiscrimination laws.tion law the mayor says unlike northnort carolina the district standsands with the lgbt community. communy >> i think when good, well meaning people don't stand up sa and speak up or speak outut against what is wrong, then weh are complicit and so we don'tci want to be that way and that -- those are the values vue of our >> the district now joins connecticut, vermont, new york and washington state who haveon also s implemented travel bans to north carolina over the la law. president obama hases wrapped up his fourth andid and final nuclear security summity yesterday. yesterday's session focused on preventing he can extremistsxt from getting nuclear weapons weo and using them in an more than 50 leaders attendeden this summit and during a pressss conference yesterday when theese president was asked about a donald trump's
7:22 am
statement suggesting lessst constraint on the use ofaithe nuclear weapons, the president t did not hold back from his rebuking his claims.laims. >> as i've said before that, t you know, people pay attention n to american elections.. what we do as is really importt to the rest of the world and even in those countries that are used to a carnivalarni atmosphere in their own politics want sobriety and clarity when it comes to u.s. elections because theyse understand the president ofnd t the united states needs too know what's going on around the world.eor >> president launched the lau first nuclear security summit in 2010. the summit has been held every e two years since then; stillti ahead at 7:00 american idol is breaking a
7:23 am
tradition when the series serie comes to an end next week. w why you won't be able to see the song birds on tore this summer. a lot of disappointed fans fan over that. welcome back to their jungle. the date announced for the tour that many thought thoug wouldn't happen. hpe guns n' roses featuring thehe reunion of axle rose and slash s are hitting the road thisd morning. they'll be playing fed exng f e field. tickets go on sale next week. time right now is 7:23. we'll be right back. back.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. joining us this morning is ahis local man who battled cancer and came out stronger on then te other seemed he went to to gonzaga high school before playing soccer at penn stateta university. grady renfro joining us tonfro share your personal story andnad how you're helping others as well.well obviously you're a big big advocate for cancer, helpingcerg to raise awareness and you're ye taking that into your careerar and really spreading thatha >> yeah, so, born and raisedn dr in d.c., went to gonzaga highzag >> yeah. >> yeah. i spend my days now coaching but i started a race that isth helping raise awareness and a fun for young adults with cancer.canc. >> excellent and it's calleds cl muscle and hustle.muscle >> yeah, so it's called muscle and hustle rally 1,000 and it's a fitness challenge and cha race. >> uh-oh. >> throughhe
7:27 am
>> any time they say fitnessitne challenge you know there's something else involved.g el >> well, it's tough. welt' it's very involved. involved. >> what is involved in that i race. so, it's a a coursenv throughout the streets of d.c.fd >> how long is it?t? >> it's about 12 miles. >> wow, okay.kay. >> but with the 12 miles you 1 also have to do a thousandd reps of different exercises.rces >> a thousand that's spread throughout thep 12 md iles,, . >> correct, yeah.>> >> so, are we talking push-ups?sh >> exactly is.>> it's all body weight stuff. stu there's no equipment eipme necessary.neceary. so, it's pretty accessible. >> wow. and washington sports club. c >> correct.or e sociation the race actuallyth takes place in all of the washington sports club locations.tion >> okay. oka >> they're pretty convenientlyit located through all of the all o different cool neighborhoods nei in >> yeah.>> yeah. and you know, we touched onoued this before.ef it's one of those things that ta is very near and dear to you.r o you battled cancer. cance you actually battled leukemiaa as well as thyrid
7:28 am
>> uh-huh. >> how long ago was this and what was your journey like? >> so, i have my -- had my thyroid bout in high school at gonzaga and then about a year later when i went to penn wen state to play soccer it was leukemia claw bit moreemia c serious. serious. looking back, the thyroid wasid a blip and the leukemia was a longer treatment. >> so, you're a student in you high school and you learn thatde you have thyroid cancer.d c how do you deal with that? >> it's a great question qst because i treated both like l they were the injuries, like a sports injury.ts injury. however, it was just a matterwae of time and i just needed toeedt push past it. it was just, you know, being consistent and being persistent that would get mentwo through it. >> you're an amazing person. pso i love your spirit. sri we've got to chat a little bitli in the green room before you came on and you are just all j smiles and positivity and i pos love that about you. so, please continue to spreadnus the message, continue yournue y hard
7:29 am
the muscle and hustle race is i going on when and how can c people learn more about it? aut >> well, the web site is muscle and hustle and this year's race will takeak place just after veterans day. >> okay. oka >> in november.>> >> so, mark your calendars,en muscle and >> muscle and hustle >> got to add the d.c. being a.g local person.l p >> right, of course.>> r >> we'll be right back after this short break.
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at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right.
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>> welcome back. time now 7:31.ti you're taking a live look at the washington monument butonumn very tough to see past those gray skies and the fog and a everything out there caitlin. c. what's going on.'s g >> this is a saturday --atda >> i don't like this. t >> i know. k that is a gloomy picture,ic, annie.nie. yes, we've got some showers, sh, low clouds and fog out thereog e right now. you can barely see the see t washington monument which by whh the way i believe is closed i co today due to repairs so you won't be going there but ifth you do want to be out andnt tbeo about around town plenty ofle activities going on as well as the nationals exhibition game,bm the last one at home this he afternoon. i think the rain clears out byub then but it will be a close call. umbrellas needed right now as showers encompass the whole dmv. we saw some strong stormsg srm towards our north yesterdayeste afternoon and everyone saw therw rain earlier friday.erri that was coming off of a high ah temperature of 83 degrees83 gr friday. right now it's a little bit's at cooler out there.coolut the we've got some light rain.t ra we've also got a high windin warning for the mountains.ounta. that's later today.that's l actually tonight into sunday.un. assoc
7:33 am
gets it also gets cold behind that rain right now. n freeze warnings in effect laten tonight through early sundayly a morning. this is mainly north and west nw of washington but does include c some of the counties includinglg frederick, that's all the way wy up towards hagerstown marylandsy north of baltimore and the a t central sections of virginiagi so a lot to talk about thisout weekend. weeken right now much cooler airrir moving through. through. like i said we hit 833 yesterday.yeerda your house or apartment'sartme probably still pretty warm, stit kind of humid.f it will get cooler quickly,ckly don't worry.ry. 54 degrees in washington rightnt now. 54 in baltimore.almo 48 in frederick.redeck by this time tomorrow morning,n, with that freeze warning inzeari place north and west all of us s will be in the 30's. 30' ly wind speeds are not too badoo right now.ght now. in fact, we're calm to the west. 20 miles an hour in mil washington. expect those gusts to increase e later this afternoon once the at rain moves out.raoves here's the weekend setup. sup you saw radar. rar. there's some showers outhowers there. i would say it's raining through at least 12:00.00 by about 1:00 p.m
7:34 am
to move off towards our easturas and as that boundary moves offoo shore we'll see late day le day sunshine and clearing. clearin sunday we've got a lot of g sunshine but it will be chilly and breezy.d b high temperatures onlys oy probably around 50 degrees andea then we've got some showers, she even possibly a few flakes,ewla, that's overnight tonight into early sunday.un like i said, chilly and windy a sunday afternoon.on this is a four-parter for for these two days just because bec there's so much going mh o rain now, wind to follow,ool possible shower again tonightr and then it's chilly windy anddy sunny for let's recap it all for youor with your weekend planning plann forecast. today you need the umbrellaed tl this not in the afternoon,noon 62 degrees. windy tonight.windy tonight. windy tomorrow. sunny and chilly.hi we start off only in the 30's0's and hit just 50 degrees for a high there are some warmer days inay this forecast but i'll tellbut l you first week of april is a rollercoaster we'll have that seven-dayt se forecast still ahead. but first let's get to our topop stories with
7:35 am
>> ♪ >> hello from the other sideid ♪ >> well, when american idol i signs off for the final timeal next week, another traditionnori is ending with the show. s this is the first year in idoldl history that an american idoll live tour will not follow the f season. a representative for the showho says that the brains behindhe idol want to end on a highn a h note during the season finale. l the next episode ofpisode american idol airs tuesday ataya 8 o'clock right here on fox5. wednesday's show is the finalhef round of performances and therme big series finale is scheduled for next thursday at 8 o'clock c in the evening. ening and did you see this? see t taylor swift falling on herft face in a new apple music ad.usa take a look at this. >> i hate cardio.di >> all right.
7:36 am
>> oh. >> oh, my goodness. gdn swift stars in this new commercial for beats one radioto and she gets on her treadmill singing future and drake's hit s jump man and then she eats it et and does a face plant on thelant treadmill. it doesn't matter to herte her though. she gets up and keeps on singing. >> ♪ >> it's kind of right at home. h i feel like i'm around the type of people that have theavet same disability as me.ity i feel like i'm not as muchs m different as they are but it'sr' really rewarding to be -- toe -t play with them. t >> don't doubt yourself.oubtou never play yourself. yrs just if you want to do to something, go out and do it. it. don't let nothing stop u >> great message.reatessa well, coming up this morning a truly inspirational story about local wheelchair basketball how you can get them on thehe road. we'll have those details detls coming up. time now 7:36. we'll be right back.
7:37 am
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can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> ♪ >> welcome back. april kicks off nationaloftional volunteer month and independent school in mclean virginia is using this monthingh to get parents and studentsentss involved in their communitiesom it's a great message. a m joining us to talk more aboute o it and getting kids involved is sean aiken head of thed of t school at basis end along
7:40 am
john wiggins d.c. student atns the d.c. campus i should d say and rehd a ninth grader there.r. sean we'll start with you.ll s i feel like through volunteer work we can teach our kids soea many important lessons andso a you're really making this a focus at the school. >> absolutely. and i think our schoolschool actually doesn't require kids't to volunteer.olunte we encourage them because we want them to find something somi they're passionate about. we find partnerships withnershit government agencies entrepreneurs, universities, nonprofits so our kids can perpetuate their passion, theyai can get excited aboutit a something and further it outer t in the community. the commu >> you have a lot ofni h experience witavh kids of allf ages, k through -- >> twelfth.>> t >> developth grade.opth gra. h. yeah. >> what have you found? haveoue you found that volunteerism is something we can instill in canl our children as young as prek. >> absolutely.>> on this involving the parentshen is a big part of that.ofha when parents are asking theirher kids a lot of questions aboutnso what problems they think are are imo
7:41 am
their kids and actuallyct volunteering for themselves thes instills that at a very youngt age and i would also saaty parents really using theirhe social networks theiretworks the professional networks findings those opportunities withunitiesh friendsy friends and thingsends like that, maybe even a child might volunteer at the studio. e >> hey, we're open to that. t we need lots of volunteersteer here. john, are you in eighth -- >> eleventh.nth. >> eleventh grade okay.h gr so, when did you startou sta volunteering and how have you really been able to tackleable this. >> well, i startedstart volunteering two years agori back in 2014 and it was a great experience for meeriee foe because i learned a lot about responsibility, accountabilityat and i got a lot of great jobeat experience so i volunteer atun the smithsonian, the natural nul history museum at an exhibitt ai where we do a lot of fun science activities and it's atii great way for me to use myse m love of science and teach it out to visitors of all ages.ll e >> yeah, that's excellent,nt, john. and
7:42 am
>> association i've been doing d robotics for six years now and d i thought for the past -- recently i've been interested it in giving back to the community through volunteering at various robotics events andna these are almost completelyompll volunteer runs, so they need really a lot of volunteers. >> yeah.ea >> and so it's a great way to gw give back to the community andnd you really learn a lot from l this. it's both an educational and a d community service activity.ct you learn both engineeringenging skills from teams competingm te there as well asell organizational life skillsal l that you can really use later in life.ll >> yeah, and you've actuallyy brought one of your books and yk a robot in, ninth gradera everybody, you're in ninth grade. >> i'm actually in eighthin grade. i'll be going into mr. aiken'srs ninth grade next year and i'm really excited about that but this -- this book actually islly one of the ways you can help hep in robotics.otic we did some work
7:43 am
design and then we convertedwe d it into this book so we can help other teens use that work there we did on how to design ti efficient and compact. compa >> i can seat passion in youn iu both as well as in in you sean. thank you so much foryou everything that you're doing tha and basis independent schoolntch the new campus opens inen mclean virginia this fall you mentioned.yoment >> yes, ma'am. >> and you have another one inon d.c. >> absolutely.>> >> thank you so much to all of you. you are watching fox5 newsng fow morning this saturday. we'll be right back.
7:44 am
♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day.
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7:46 am
>> ♪ >> 7:46. welcome back everyone onon saturday where we're startingrew off with some rain coming off of such a warm friday.rida high temperatures 85 at reagan national, 82 out at dulles andds 83 at bwi. bwi. also some strong storms northor of town yesterday evening and a temperatures right now aig now little bit cooler.ttit c feels more refreshing outsideg i than it did maybe yesterday yese evening when you were out.g en 54 in washington right now, 54 baltimore, 56y 46 in gaithersburg, forty eightburgfo frederick. these temperatures will be 15 to 20 degrees colder this time t tomorrow morning as we are gearing up for a majoraj temperature change, going from g temperatures in the 80's lates friday to the 30's by sundayunda morning. so, welcome to spring, firsting, weekend of april, things get kind of crazy as we transition s from the winter to the summer. m all right, outside right nowig w storm tracker radar showing shoi light showers just aboutt showeo everywhere so umbrellas needed l early this morning but we'reis b already seeing the
7:47 am
of the rain in sections ofon o loudoun county so i think by thb the noon hour just about done. zooming in on d.c., we've got g some light rain just aboutig everywhere inside anhtd outsidet of the beltway. btway some scattered heavier showers s mainly, though, north of nth o baltimore as you head up todp the pennsylvania border.nsa that's where we're seeing somers heavier rain and also south off town but this is really farlly south, down towards richmond, rm south on 95 you might youig encounter some of that heavierea rain so briefly heaviereavi showers and in some spots thispt morning and it's kind of soggys he to begin but i think later this afternoon we see some s decent sunshine.t se. here's how it plays out.ow it su futurecast beginning at 9:00nina a.m., still some rain out fast forward to 1:00 p.m. and00m you see a lot of those showersho are well off towards our east.ue it's still raining maybe alongaa the eastern shore across theoss chesapeake but you're seeing b some sun in northern virginia. i sun for all of us as we go as w through the rest of the rt afternoon. not a bad day.not here's the actual front that frt oushes through later on thishr evening. you see that quick moving linegn of some rain showers. swe that will be probably betweenet 10:00 and midnight. mni that's some snow in northwestthe
7:48 am
overnight tonight snowflakes in the mountains is certainly possible. behind that front, that's whenfn the winds really start toreallyt howl.w we've got wind following the rain and then the cold air. a april beginning very chilly asys that cold air comes behind in arctic front tonight and thehe jet stream dips to the southto h throughout the day on sunday, te high temperatures willem struggle to hit 50 degrees. that's tomorrohiw.orrow. temperatures, though, foresthou today, with those showers, i shs think we clear out, we get, we into the 60's.s. 62 here in washington.ngton. so just about normal.or but look at these temperaturesee tonight. we've got a freeze warning inni effect for northwesternorthwe montgomery county, frederick county, carroll county in maryland and for most of m loudoun couldn't in virginiairga and points off to our west. wes temperatures right around thatut 32-degree mark so bring any sensitive plants inside if you've already planted. the growing season doesowing officially begin for us, it b did yesterday, april 1 38 overnight in washington. seven-day forecast up and downre ancad up and down 62 for today, morning rainornini giving way to som
7:49 am
it's sunny and blustery bluery tomorrow but we start 38, only hit 50 so that is a winter jacket type of day but byay but monday we're back into the bk it upper 60's.upr 60' sun giving way to some showers. show then we're back down again onagn tuesday. here we dip to a high of justus 48. a couple of cold morningsd rn there on wednesday.nesd we see that rebound rou temperatures back closer toack t normal.rmal. unfortunately rain on opening day for the nationals, that'st' way it looks.y ooks it always seems to start thatrtt way on opening day and thennd t we'll see a chance of showersf s as we linger into friday. frida let's check that opening day forecast for that you.reca a better look with theook with t nationals beginning out atning a nats park on thursday. showers are likely,y, 63 degrees. the game starts at 4:05:0 against the miami marlins. mar could be a wet one. w o that's a look at your y seven-day forecast. >> thanks caitlin. march madness has grippedman the nation but what do you do wd when your local teams are out a of the mix, right? forget for about maryland and virginia. vii there's a local team from tm frm right here in our area going for glory and brody logan gotant up close with them this week. we t
7:50 am
>> reporter: wheelchair basketball is not for the faint of heart. h >> oh, man, it's really reall physical. sometimes you get -- you bleeding sometimes. somet >> reporter: nor the faint the f of breath.of b >> you using all your upperour u body. you got to keep up with them, t you know.u kno it's a lot of -- you got to got have a lot of momentum. men >> reporter: the fairfaxairfax falcons are a group off wheelchair athletes ranging inag age from eight to 18.8. they're here for the competition and the camaraderie.. >> it feels kind of right ats k home 'cause i feel like i'mfeel around the type of people thatpe have the same disability as me m so it feels like i'm not as much different as they are but t it's really rewarding to be -- to play with them. >> we're all the same. we came here play basketball. bs >> reporter: they playedorte their way from a small middlelld school gym in springfield togf connect with nationalna wheelchair basketballlc tournament in kentucky.ment i >> get to experience that and a
7:51 am
world, it's fabulous. fabulou but i never saw that come tt willing he was born and he was s so sick and needed all thesethe surgeries. i didn't think he was going to be my traveling athlete and hee is. he proved me wrong and that's ws what these kids do. they break >> don't doubt yourself.'t never play yourself. yrs just if you want to do d something go out and do it.nd do don't let nothing stop you. >> reporter: in fairfaxorte in county, brody logan, fox5 sports. >> ♪ >> all right, well, coming up, u this morning we've got a mixologist here in the loft toer talk about d.c.'s taste of the f nation event it's a huge eventhe here in the d.c. area. restaurants and mixologists m joining together to help the community help end childhood hunger after this short break.
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> party already started. this monday is the taste ofis t the nation for no kid hungry here in d.c.n d.c it's an event that takes place at the national buildingldg >> and nearly 100 of d.c.'s.' best restaurants chefs and mixologists will join for aor common cause to end childhood cd hunger. hu >> and joining us now is our good friend mixologist gina from buffalo and bourbon. bourbon. you know, you're always doing d so much amazing things for the community and you're amazing.. >> thank. >> just amazing. >> reread that.eread that's >> fromat the heart. theea >> this is my favorite charityyi of all 'cause it's like yous li get to see t
7:55 am
community, chefs and everybody, like all the moneyon that's raised, it's rightsht here. you don't have to go somewherewh else to see it being utilized.ti they're wonderful putting food back into the kitchens ofthkitce schools, backpack programs, really like hits home. >> yeah. and i don't want to put you onn the spot because i know you're u not the official spokespersonkep but how serious is this is this problem.le >> so, right now -- well, one in four kids faces childhoodsld hunger. the problem is that we live in a community where you can see that that's a real problem.s rel so, the schools here areere really affected and like honestly, when you go to these g schools and yoo u see how muchuc like it's subsidized in thezed t school it's kind of wonderful.ol when you go to an event like this, when everybody comes onry monday and up get your vip vip ticket and you come out early er and get to meet people like myself or brian or whoeverev your top chef fantasy chef is i to meet, you get to hang out with us for an hour before or you can come general admission
7:56 am
also amazing a because you have a hundred chefs andfs a >> you're going to teach us teah thousand make some drinks right now. >> let's do it.>> let >> here we government.overnment. we'll do nobody creekyre cocktail. you'll help me s this is nobody creek rye.k we'll put in 2 ounces. os. this is a mint july lip lip >> i flu something smelled -- sd >> if you can pick some mintcan for me. >> sure. >> this is a persimmon straw str which we make at buffalo and bourbon.ur super special.r we make it at the end ofnd december. it's only made once a year. throw that right in. r this is not like your traditional julep. jep we'll shake this to mix it.t. >> ice in.ce in. >> put some ice in. p some ice . >> annie is going to shake. s >> everybody could shake. >> we're all going shake.ll goig >> shake, shake, shake. >> you're going to take my job away. away >> i doubt that.>> >> there we go.>> >> give it a t taste. a
7:57 am
>> all right. right i think it's pretty good. >> one hundred second shake.drec >> if you would.on >> we drink. >> so now we're goin ig give g eight little strain into a cup. cu >> okay. >> and we're going to do a g double strain.uble strai that's why we have two of these over fresh ice. that way you don't get any get a mint in your teeth.r >> that looks wonderful.wondeul. >> make sure you do mine.ou min a lot going on.n. another hour of news as weews aw roll into the 8 o'clock. i hope you guys stick with us. all right.
7:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> welcome back to fox5 news morning on this saturday as we s take a live look outside. osi time now is 8 o'clock on the on dot. it is april 2nd.s april 2nd i hope all of you weren'tou wen fooled too much yesterday. too >> right. >> i wasn't fooled at all.t good morning and welcome back. i'm annie yu. thanks for joining us. us. >> well, the weather was aeathew little bit of a joke, annie. >> good one. g >> but just kidding,'s nott sticking around. >> i know. we've been talking about thisbot all morning that it's such ah dramatic change because we'vese' had these mild temperaturesempea and then all of a sudden we're dropping like severalpi temperatures -- degrees. >> right, exactly. and we're muchng cooler thisr morning than we were yesterday s and we'll be colder byy tomorrow morning. morni i know.i some crazy weather out thereer t and right now it's the rain. r you saw in live picture theic
8:01 am
mean we've got some showersve moving through. ghrou. this just started in staed washington about an hour or sono ago, rain moving from about abo southwest to northeast and and heavier showers right now rht n pushing across the bay into bayt sections of delaware and then eventually will be moving up wi into pennsylvania and newnsyl jersey. but i would say at least lightet rain showers here inrain washington through the next t few by the noon hour we should clear out here and then east eas of us will be a little bit later this afternoon.fterno so, a little wet right now.ightn following the rain, the windhe n will pick up, mainly latery te tonight into early tomorrow morning. a high wind warning in effect if for the mountains where weuntai could have gusts over 50 milesv an hour. an hou and there could even bringere some power outages. oag along with that, cold temperatures. freeze warning in effect north i and west of d.c. that includes northwest nth montgomery county, thorny, t sections of carroll county,rrcou that's up through frederick f county and then in northern nth virginia sections of loudoundoun county, back through centralal so, temperatures cold enoughatun that you'll have to bring in those sensitive plants as the
8:02 am
yesterday. outside right now 50 degrees0 gr in washington.ngto 48 in manassas, 46 inn gaithersburg. it's cooler than yesterday. yesd winds are not too bad rightad r now, about 15 miles an hourle h but they'll pick up again this s here's your planning forecast fs for today. umbrellas through 11:00 a.m. th0 with the showers. the showe then we see some late dayay sunshine, 62 for the highne, fr temperature. i'll have that seven day stillay ahead but first here's our tops stories with annie. >> ♪>> >> developing overnight, aovght, deadly double stabbing instab arlington making it the first tf murder of the year.e y this morning police arening pic searching for the suspect.he s now, the stabbing happened hapd last flight -- night on glebe og road. two people were one of the victims aof victi 46-year-old man later diedr-old from his injuries. injurie the other victim is expected exp to be okay so there's the good's news. still no arrests at this time. . to alexandria now wherea noe officials there are alsos dealing with their first the murder investigation of thenvesa year. police are searching for thehi r person who attacked and
8:03 am
69-year-old melaku he died yesterday morning morni several days after he wasdays ah brutally attacked and robbed rod across the street from alfredlf street baptist church.hurc police don't flo what was taken from abraha.taken this incident has people whoho live in the area on high alert. >> one of my college friendslern visiting me today and i was andw telling him that this is theis e kind of place where i feelere i like i can walk around at at 3 a.m. by myself and i'm fine so that's very surprising to hear.. >> i always have my phonemy p ready. be aware of your surroundingsrog and have a key out and ready,eya you know, those types ofyp o things as women i feel likeeel you do that any way but definitely more now, i'll beow,l looking around a little more. lm >> here's an idea of how rareofr a homicide is in alexandria. ali last year there were four murders, two of those investigations remain open. >> ♪ and happening today, thepp search for two missingis montgomery county childrenrynty jacob and sara were last seen with their mother katherine kate hoggle b
8:04 am
hoggle suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and is not i competent to stand stal doctors believe she ise is restorable though withleugh continued treatment.eatmt. hoggle faces charges of neglect and obstruction inuctioi connection with her two h missing children.miss the children's father stillathes holds out hope that his kidsis d are now, volunteers are beingsre beg asked to help with this weekend's search.s s volunteers can meet at 8:30 at 8 goshen recreational park toatl p register to help with thatth t search. they're going to do that todaytt and tomorrow as well at goshentn also happening today hap people who pass by the white the house might notice a rather unusual demonstration.onstraon local advocates for legalizingaz marijuana are planning a smoke-in as an act of civil disobedience.ence. demonstrators plan to meet atant 1:45 in the afternoon at theth corner of 1e 5th street andee pennsylvania avenue northwest. . from there they'll carry a 51-foot long fake jointe jo towards the white house and byit the waye the fake joint isjoint 51 feet long because thehe demonstrators want theors want district to become the 51st thes state. and a woman who
8:05 am
man suspected of shooting and killing a virginia stateni s trooper says he frequently fqu expressed his hatred towardsd police. she says james brown, iii once nearly choked her to deathr to after she broke up with him. wim this news comes as fellowel state troopers and the public held a prayer vigil last nightyi for trooper clad dermyer.myer. dermyer was participating in a training exercise at thehe greyhound bus terminal inbus richmond with more than ah re t dozen troopers and supervisorser when police say brown shot and killed im. the romania romaine hacker a been brought do the u.s. toug d face criminal charges. crg he made an initial appearanceppc in federal court in alexandria e yesterday.stday. he faces several chargesrges including cyber stalking andtalk identity theft.enty t the charges carry prison termsnr ranging from 45 to 20 years.ea and medstar health says s its computer systems are sysms a 90 percent back to normal after a cyber attack.ttack. the attack forced records systems off line, prevented pved
8:06 am
appointments and left staffents members unable to check e-maill messages or look up phonene numbers.numbs. the fbi is now investigatingesta this cyber attack and medstar operates 10 hospitals in 10 hoin maryland and d.c. d.c and yesterday d.c. mayor may muriel bowser signed an executive order banning banni official travel by cityl by c employees to north carolina.s tn the move is a way of way protesting the state'ste's approval of a controversialf a o new law. new the public facilitates privacy and security actury blocks local governments g across the state from passingsig antidiscrimination laws to protect lesbian gay bisexual bia and transgender people.ansgenr e now the mayor says unlikes unl north carolina the districtistrt stands with the lgbt community. >> i think when good, welll meaning people people don'tpeop stand up and speak up or speakpr out against what is wrong, then we are complicit and soe li we don't want to be that wayhat and those are the values of our >> the district now joins connecticut, vermont, new york v and washington state who haveerh also implemented tr
8:07 am
to north carolinal over thehe law. and a disgraced virginia lawmaker who was accused ofas ao having sex with a 17-year-old7-r employee wants to be richmond's next mayor.nd joe morrissey made the announcement on thursday. trsda in december 2014 the14 58-year-old lawyer wasd lawy was convicted of contributing toib the delinquency of a minor. a mn the can couple is now engagedng and have two children. morrissey served jail time and m reclaimed his seat in theea statehouse of delegates last year.year coming up there's a local l teen headed to a championshipioi game out of state but they need your help to get there. tre coming up we'll hear theirheir inspirational story and howl stn you can get them on the road r to that big time now 8:07. 8 we'll be right back.
8:08 am
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. time now is 8:10.ti yemes, it is chilly and rainy outside today and caitlin rothih is going to be along with your r full forecast but keep that in t mind if you're headed out theeao door right now you might wantigw to grab that jacket. march madness has gripped the nation but what do you do bw when your local teams are outloa of the mix? forget aboutget a maryland and virginia there'sre a team right here in the dmv going for glory and brodynd bd logan got up close with them t this week. >> reporter: wheelchair basketball is not for the faint of heart. hrt. >> oh, man, it's really r physical. sometimes you get bleeding sometimes. some >> reporter: nor the faintorte of breath. >> you're using all your upperin body.
8:11 am
you know. k it's a lot of -- you got to have a lot of momentum.omentum. >> reporter: the fairfax falcons are wheelchairare wheelc athletes ranging in age fromn ae eight to 18. to they're here for the competition and thee >> it feels kind of right atfe home.elat i feel like i'm around thehome type of people that have the hae same disability as me so it me feels like i'm not as much not c different as they are but it's really rewarding to be -- to be play with them.hhe >> we're all the same. s we came here to play pla basketball. >> reporter: they playedor their way from a small middle school gym in springfield toingo next week's nationalat wheelchair basketballlc tournament in kentucky.entu >> get to experience that and see people from all over theer e world, it's fabulous but ious b never saw that coming when heg e was born and he was so sicko and needed all these surgeries. i didn't think he was going tonk be my traveling athlete and he is. he proved me wrong. that's what these kidshe p do. d they break limits. l >> don't doubt yourself. don never play yourself.ou just if you want to doyou o something, go out
8:12 am
don't let nothing stop >> reporter: in fairfax county, brody logan, fox5 sports.sports. >> falcons have set up a go he e fund me account to help pay hp for their trip to nationals in louisville. search falcons wheelchairch basketball on go fund me to donate. dona all righty. caitlin's back.lin's bac >> good morning. >> with another check of ourhe weather. good morning. >> yes, good morning to you. before we get to weather,to wth though, time for our -- >> yes,. >> let's cheer ourselves up.'s >> we need a warmup c factor. fc >> we need a beautiful smile a b just like this.ju it's kareem and he's our fox5 f first five. guess what, annie? today isodai his birthday. bth >> how old is he turning. >> >> a huge milestone. a h congratulations. >> probably the biggestbabl birthday party, right? rig >> he might not remember itembet but his parents will. kareem turns one years old danro he watches fox5 while he's while getting ready for his day.ay. starting them off strong i off love it. if you want your child to be our next fox5 first five justus post their picture right below w his. i love the little bow tie. >> yes. >> and the vest.
8:13 am
>> looking like a little man. l >> a little man with such ah cute something like that. smile. smile. kareem you are adorable.em y are happy birthday.happy bir >> happy birthday. birth >> anarchy let's do some l weather. strong weekend w i think that that will be the component of the weatheronen that's with us most of the witu weekend. we've got rain now.t ra we might even have some he some snowflakes late tonight.owfl we've got very changeablengea temperatures but we're goingat g to have the wind just aboutt a all weekends beginning this afternoon. aftern strong weekend winds, thatoo will really start to ramp upam after the rain move out. storm tracker radar showing s the showers over the past few hours that have been proving b moving across the dmv its been mainly light rain but zoomingbuo in on the beltway you can seelto east of there into prince into e george's county and then intoout an arrundel county someuncoun steadier showers of rain down r into southern maryland wherela you see the yellow colors intori charles, saint mary's counties, they're seeing some ss heavier pockets, too.ier cket so, if you are just east of d.c., maybe some steadierr showers but it's drizzly wet
8:14 am
although the back edge movingov through loudoun county inudoun y virginia so i think they'll start to clear out over theth next couple of hours.. there's la plata seeing some se steadier showers right now. shog west of 95 you see just theushe light green and it's breakingndb up. so, i'd say through about noonsa you need they umbrella and thed we should even see the sun s come out later this afternoon, so shouldn't be too bad andto bd there's a lot going around aro town today, of course. temperatures outside rightes our now, 50 degrees in 40's and 50's north and the wind so far not too bad. 16 miles an hour in washington. even calm towards our west but like i said, they will increase. fox futurecast shows the sws the showers wrapping up by abouts wg 12:00, 1 o'clock for d.c. towards our east they'll lasthes a little bit longer along theng bay but then sunshine breakse b out this at least intermittently butst i with there sun also comes thelse wind. there's the actual front you y see rolls through between 10:00 p.m. and midnight.0 p. that will bring another round of a rain shower. snow shower in the mountainswer where they could even get upnet to an inch there and then we thn just see sunshine for want to show you the future ther
8:15 am
because we have a high windswe i warning for the mountains andths here's's after 7 o'clock tonight thingsht really ramp up and we could c see wind gusts over 40 to 50 miles an hour.0 mile it will be breezy in thaty n t washington, too, through aboutbo all of sunday. so, really, really windy andindy that will stick with usit through most of the weekend.eeke sunny and blustery and colder a on sunday, a high of just 50. jt sun to showers on monday.on look at these temperatures, upt, and down and up and down with wt that chances for rain, someai cold mornings tuesday and mor wednesday and it does lookand like rain for the nationalsatio first game of the season onn thursday. that's your seven-dayay forecast. annie. >> thank you so much, the redskins have playedavea at fedex field in landoverando since 1997 and the lease runsser for 13 more years but theut skins' current home lacks thee t charm of rfk stadium where the franchise won five nfc championship games andsh experienced their glory years but there's now a plan toplan t revitalize that area and possibly win the skins over toki come back to d.c. d.c. fox5's matt ackland has the
8:16 am
story. >> reporter: so, the bigorte plans won't be announced untilod monday at a public meeting butut we've talked to several cityse leaders who gave us some hints on what will be announced because they've been briefed'v already. first of all, there are twoll, r major plans. one that includes a football stadium, not rfk but another ano football stadium, another one that has no plans for a a football stadium here.di also, all of these parkingar lots that so many people havepep complained, about there's acres and acres of them,d acrest they're going to be removed, replaced with recreationalat spaces, even soccer fields.cer l one other thing.on let's take you to the video. you know that this site, itow ta lines the anacostia river.. well, there are plans for pla that. that for many years people have peoph complained about runoff fromined the parking lots going right r into the river.he rer i'm told there are plans tola develop this area near the nr water so the public can have access to it. one leader told me maybe even e some volleyball courts nearby. earlier today mayor bowser was
8:17 am
says she'd like to see it s developed soon and wouldn't mind seeing some shopping,eeinse maybe some dining here as well.ll >> i have asked events d.c. toso be prepared to have a plan p that could go any number of directions, 'cause what theuse city -- my responsibility willy be is that we don't just haveav a vacant stadium at rfk. concepts that would include ae h nfl stadium, any other includeei a nfl stadium but regardless,eg it will be mans,y uses, multi-use. mu we have a lot of acreage atreag rfk and we can get a lot of uses at the a >> reporter: we did ask thedi ak organization that's puttingon tu this all together for someor renderings of what this might t all look look lik look like butd they couldn't because theyecse were still tweaking theti twe project.ojec earlier this week we talked to council member jack evans andmb he said don't expect to seeect the redskins join this meetinghm on monday and announce thate t the redskins are moving backack
8:18 am
in northeast, matt ackland,, fox5 local news. n >> president obama wrapped up hosting several leaders forsel e the nuclear security summit. s coming up we'll have detailshaet on what leaders would like to w do to keep nuclear materials out of the wrong hands.of time now 8:18. ttime we'll be right back. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. well, it was president barack obama's fourth and finalfo nuclear security summit andsumm the president says we have
8:21 am
made a lot of progress ingrs securing nuclear weaponry overno the last six years but muchut mc more work needs to be done. fox's kiersten mcnary has more. >> reporter: president r barack obama's final nuclearep'c security sum submit now in theme books and the renewedew commitment to preventre terrorists from obtainingaini nuclear material is clear. obama said there's lesshere's ls material available to fall a into the hands of those who would do harm.oarm. >> terrorists and criminal crimi gangs and arms merchants look around for deadly ingredientsngi for a nuclear device, vastas regions of the world are now are off >> reporter: the international atomic energyne agency updating the summit onn how iran is facing with theith h deal reached last year.each the president says due tosays dt their progress some sanctions st have been eased but weathereath the country will cooperatel op remains to be seen.mas to >> part of the challenge thathat they face is that companieshat haven't been doing businessusin there for a long time and they need to get comfortable with wih the prospects of this deal
8:22 am
holding so long as iran is carrying out its end of the t bar began we think it'snk is important for the worldheor community to company out oury ty end of the bargain. barga >> reporter: responding topondit donald trump's comments comnt showing just how little he h lit knows about nuclear policy he. >> what does the statementstatet you mentioned tell us? they? e tell us that the person who made the statements doesn't know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or korean peninsula or the world wld generally. >> reporter: russianr: russi president vladimir putin putin boycotted the summit but theut president says despite a lack dl of progress with russia theresi are still possibilities forl ssb advancement. in new york, kerr stein mcnar mcnary. >> a student with a tour groupnw was suos
8:23 am
later in the day.edter police there plan to deploy to y drones to search theones to sear mountainous region.egio his parents have also traveled to the region asking the asking locals for any information.tion meanwhile the russian equivalent of the fbi hasnt o opened an investigation overon e whether foul play was involved e in colin's disappearance. belgium's religiousbelg leaders came together to honoren the victims of the deadly ddl terror attacks in brusselsn br last week.last the chief rabbi of brussels brus and the president of theident t muslim executive making a show of unit yesterday. yesrday both led a multi-faith wreath laying ceremony in memory ofon the 32 people killed during ain string of bombings at brusselsel airport and subway system.d bwas the centers for diseaseis control is bracing for theor t vehicle virus tzika virus to pok its way to the u.s. u caitlin roth with another wo look at today's weather anday wa that all important previewtarevi ahead. stay with us. fox5 news morning saturday will be right back.
8:24 am
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8:26 am
>> 86 people were forced toople walk down hundreds of stepshures and the park service says noervn one was hurt, that's the good news. on tuesday the elevator broke down and the monument reopenedpe on wednesday.nesday. probably not a good day toay to head out. head o >> at least not this morning.t o i think it's a little bettertler this afternoon b r
8:27 am
it's raining, it's damp ands dap cool out there and here are her the showers on storm trackerers radar that have been movingha through the dmv over the pastthp can couple hours.cale h pretty light west of d.c.f d. insides the beltway it's just some light rain but there are some steadier showers just off t towards our east into prince george's county, anne arrundelnn county and then crossing thehen bay moving into centralmoving i sections of delaware. daw this is all moving out though.ho i think by noon the rain ends e here and we'll get some late day sunshine so not too bad ifad you want to walk down to thehe national mall or the tidal basin although i think thosehino cherry blossoms just aboutus expired now with all the winds w we've been having. if not yet probably but after ba tomorrow they will be becausewie the winds will ramp up late tonight. wind warning in effect for thefr mountains as we could seeould s gusts over 50 miles an hour.ou and along with the wind it'sind an arctic front that will come c through later tonight withgh wit some very cool air coming through. freeze warnings are out northng and west of washington intogn i northern montgomery county,n mou frederick county, carrolloll county, maryland, sections of si loudoun county, virginia, andgi, then back into central virginia where te
8:28 am
the planting season has begun, g began so any time we get these mpally cold temperatures we'llte get the freeze watches andes a warnings issued. issd. temperatures right nowmp certainly cooler terhanoler than yesterday where we had a high hh temperature of 83. 8 and this weekend is all aboutlla these waves of colder airrir moving through. throu 50 right now in d.c., line ine baltimore, 46 gaithersburg andg 48 in dulles. this weekend is sectioned offonf into four parts here. showers this morning with loworw pressure towards our south. sth sun comes out, we turn breezy,ne we get into the 60's.o the0' not a bad afternoon.ftno real powerful can cold frontan c comes through tonight. showers, even snowflakes in the mountains, believe it ort not and then with high pressure moving in we're sunnyi but we are chilly and windy on n your sunday.unda here's the numbers. numbers 62 today, 50 tomorrow.omor it's cold weather tomorrower t morning. you need the winter jacket and a you might need it again int agan that seven-day forecast. sev we'll have that coming up forng you in just a bit. but first let's get back to baco >> thanks so much caitlin.nks the cdc wants to make sureo are you ready for anan anticipated bout
8:29 am
virus this summer so it held a d one life day cram session inm ss atlanta to try to get everyone y up month speed on this year'sea prominent public health fox news correspondent jonathan serrie has details from atlanta. atlanta. >> reporter: protectingtein unborn babies from a rare brain disorder is the primary pa concern of and state localn health officials meeting atof theicia cdc to develop actionopt plans to fight the spread of o the zika >> it has been more than 50reha years since there has been aee viral cause of a severe birtherr defect identified and we'vee' never before identified a mosquito borne cause of birth ob defects. >> reporter: preventingventin mosquito transmission in theion continental u.s. will involve coordinating america's patchca p work of local pest controlt coro districts. >> this is one of the real o challenges and really if a there's one bottom line i haveev for today's summit, we needeed sustainable mosquito capacityapt throughout the country. country
8:30 am
already launched aggressiveggss efforts to keep zika out of of local mosquito population wheni is a traveler returns with aurna suspected case crews arews dispatched to create a mosquito free buffer around the person's home. >> going in and immediately minimizing the risk of mosquito biting that person pero and biting someone else is thees strategy so we go in right in rg away and take a look at what those risks might be andrisk mitigate them. >> reporter: the obama administration has requested $1.9 billion to fund effortsli to combaton zika. it's getting pushback fromhbk fr some members of congress whogrsw say monies should come from shoe remaining funds in there 2014 ebola outbreak. outea federal health officials healtfi insist the ebola scare is notren yet over and say existingxist funds simply are not enough tout deal with the new emerging emerg threat of zika. za. at cd c-luxe in atlanta,, jonathan serrie fox n >> a new study finds more fds people worldwide are
8:31 am
than under the number of obese people in the world rose from fro 105 million in 1975 to 641 million in 2014. 201 the researchers added that about one-fifth of adults a could be obese by 2025.5. and april is autismutism awareness month and fox5 is recognizing the occasion in a t very big way. fox5 d.c. cares has partneredar with autism speaks to raisese awareness in our yesterday we held a big b telethon from 8:00 to 11:00o 110 a.m. right here in our studio. a number of guests joined us throughout the morning on thehem air including phil martin. now, phil lives withvewith asperger's syndrome. he was diagnosed when he wasedne in high school and phil hisd phh girlfriend and their adorable al baby bryce joined us on goodce j day d.c. to talk more about me b the impact of autism.ut >> i want to bring in one ofn on your biggest prides and joynd because we want people toan know, i know a lot of peopleeo think that when you havek th autism or asperger's theys the don't flo what's going to happen next in life.happ this is your girlfriend angelica and beautiful babyiful boy bryce.boy bryce
8:32 am
are your biggest challenges orgo fears about being a dad. >> so, with -- with being --ein- having that communication key missing or lagging a littleagng bit, it makes me nervous thatero there's going to be issues as he grows older.wslder >> and it's not too late too le donate to autism speaks. spe you can find a link on our webuw site at or you canan text word autism to 25383 to donate $10. all right, coming up we'll tell you about company basedboom right here in d.c. that is bringing more diversity toty t children's books.oo the creators behind callou join us in the loft. we'lwe'll have their story next.
8:33 am
8:35 am
>> ♪ >> full house here on theho couch. okay. books get children a chance to explore the world of course untrin this country there areuso not a lot of books witht of bksw diverse characters but there bue are two characters here to change that. tt. their names are winston, hellool winston. >> hello, good morning. h >> hi. hello. love your hair. >> and marisol. and >> good morning. >> hi, marisol. marol >> and they are part of a bookbk series called calillou and theca people who made thesese characters come to life are marijon kennedy and we havend w our friends on the end that tha sort of hugging us here for h moral support.pport. the calillou family here. okay, s
8:36 am
with you. what made you guys tackle tackle this. >> i started working on calillou about 2012 and it was w a theatrical play at first.tir >> okay, all right.y, all right. >> and it was really a chances e for me to explore my ownormy caribbean identity and to tell t stories that will to do with wit first and seconds generationeneo children from immigrant immra families so it was really a great way for me to learn l about the folk lore and sharelod that and vee came and saw theaw show and we decided to start developing it into children'ss books and animation and livendiv >> that's great. ts gr okay, so, tell us about a winston. >> sure. well, winston is a young boy from new york city.ity. i designed him and illustrated him, brought him to life andlife he's very curious aboutut everything and he loves to eat. mainly calillou. c >> my kind of guy, winston.ndgu, >> oh, yeah, i get a lot in.otn. i love to eat. e >> you look great. now, what is your background in thibe
8:37 am
inspired because of your ownf yr heritage but do you guys have a background in children's writing and illustration andtrao that sort of thing?? >> well, we've actually nevery done this prior to calillouoali but we have a background inackgn the arts. we both went to dukeo duk ellington. i went for visual arts and marjon for theater and we developed those skills and two d years down the line calillou the came about and it was thethe perfect opportunity and something that we reallyg that e wanted to do.waed to do >> so, through these books wee have a copy of the book here, hopefully -- there you gohe you you're seeing it on the screen, some video there. what are some of the lessons thatf tt children are learning forrning o through these books.rougthes >> they're learning a lot, l folk lore for one, that isor o,h really the root of it,t of it, learning about the history and a the story telling of thef t countries that we highlight.igit they're also learning aboutg ou the food. callaloo is a spinachlike stuchs that comes from the west african derived food but it's eaten i was throughout thei wa caribbean so every book wen sory highlight a different food.ood. the first book was about
8:38 am the second book about a puerto rican stu that's very similar. >> excellent. exc i'm so intrigued by this. t >> it's delicious. >> let's go to marisol. g mar >> yes, finally.finally. >> tell us about yourself. yourl >> he's always getting the a a attention. >> no, no, we don't want to fight on the couch here, okay.y. we want to have a peaceful pcefu conversation, right, winston. wn marisol tell us about us aut yourself. i love your lashes.r lash >> oh, thanks. well, i'm from the bronx and ixi love to go to visit my abuelabul because she makes lots of foodd and tells me stories about the koclis and puerto rico and i roi love >> that's wonderful.onrf and so how exciting is it for f you guys to be able to tello tl your stories to little kids? >> it's great. because kids love to just talk t to us and
8:39 am
lot of other fun things.hings. >> kids love to learn.ea this is why this book isks fantastic because it gives them a fun way and also the parents to learn, too, right,ig winston? >> definitely. >> right. >> win storks ooh love yourrk hair. it's so voluminous. >> oh, thanks s you. you. i don't even do i just wake up and i go, done.on >> you're so lucky. l i have to do so much. m >> i know.>> you guys are adorable. thank you marisol, thank you thy winston. >> you're welcome and.e welce a >> and the back here, let meet m grab the cover, it's callaloo. o where can people get this.ople i >> at barnes and noble and our web site, callaloo the bok.comok and it's also available on amazon. we have our book signingigni coming up at barnes and noble. e >> where is that, barnes and noble. noble. >> howard university. >> howard university there iniv northwest. what time does it start.erdoes . >> it starts tomorrow at 1:00tst p.m. and it's free and open tofr the public. >> okay, and i also saw that saw
8:40 am
channel. >> yes, we do.we d it's called callalootv and we provide a lot of great contenten for kids. we have a web series how to t with callaloo as well as a lot of other digital contents. cte >> thank you so much. you i love it. thank you to everybody. >> thank you for having us. >> coming up tail lover swift takes a tumble. did you guys see this video.. >> oh, my god i saw it and itnd thought taylor are you okay. y o >> i know.>> i kno it looked painful but she keptt going.g. that's our taylor, right.r,ig >> she's a trooper. top >> she took a tumble but first f let's cartwheel over tos ca caitlin for a quick check of cck the weather. wth >> you want to cart wheel overwr there winston. >> i'm working on that.or >> i >> better him than me trust me u me. you can barely see the top of of the washington monument asn mo showers are rolling through its a gloomy start to yourgloo t saturday but it will getut it wt better this t however, cold temperaturesoltemp await as we particular off thert month of april here i-will bei-b back after this with a look at a your seven-day forecast.t. stay with us.
8:41 am
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her taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast >> welcome back.>> the u.s. navy's elite aerobatic team celebrating aeb big the blue angels celebrating 70 7 years. ye for seven decades the navy's high perform plans aeronautical team has showcased american courageourage honor and commitment. commitmen. they marked the celebrationd th with an air show in key west, florida. florida. alwayser
8:44 am
>> oh, yeah, great the seeeah, g them. >> yes. how is the weather looking foror us, caitlin. >> it's very changeable ive guess that would be the word w to describe this weekend.cribe s already the changes arey th occurring. it was 83 degrees yesterday afternoon. some of us towards our northarun saw some strong storms.torm we've got rain showers this morning and i will keep going kg and talk about these changes cn as we take that live look outside at the washingtonasngto closed today for repairs but if it is opening tomorrow, we've got a lot going on including the cherry blossomsoms 10-miler. that's tomorrow and actually a we'll be talking about that inba the last block of our show soho you want to stay tuned fortud fo that. no rain tomorrow but it will iwi be very windy and coldwiand c tomorrow morning.tomorrow storm tracker radar right now rn shopping the showers moving the through the dmv. d steadiest off towards ourt of east. you need the umbrellas throughmr at least the noon hour andn houa they think i think the rainnk it will quickly we're even seeing the backheac edge already through northern nn virginia. virginia zooming inside the beltwaysidehy you've got that light rain allal across days.acro you have heavier showers offvies towards our east where you seeeu the yellows.ello mainly across the bayosthe including just east of et annapolis and into centralentr
8:45 am
those guys will see the rain aai little bit longer.. by midafternoon everybodyn ery clears out. 50 in washington, 46 gaithersburg, 53 annapolis. we'll be about 15 to 20'sto degrees colder than this ts tomorrow morning at this time.s so, very chilly air on the way. y. wind speeds rider now not too bad, about 15 miles an hour here in that wind will also be i increasing this afternoon. we'll walk you through it. it. fox futurecast seat light rainin ending pretty quickly for us.icr by 2 o'clock, the last of the rain has moved out of d.c.f we still got some clouds clo hanging on.ngn. so probably by about 3u, 4bo 3 o'clock we'll see some of thatot late day sunshine and it won't o be too bad of an end to thendo day. temperatures should at leastes s make it into the 60's.0's. here's the actual arctic frontrt that comes through laterom tonight between 10:00 and and midnight another rain showerai is snow showers in the mountainsn h and then those winds really start to howl through earlyow sunday morning. high temperatures around thetu area today 62 in washington,ashg 59 gaithersburg, 65
8:46 am
cold, low temperatures tonightte with a freeze warningmp inni effect north and west, 32 gaithersburg, 33 frederick and 33 in martinsburg.tibu 62 with the rain giving way tovy wind today, sunny and blustery, cold sunday.cold s we start out in the 30's, just j 50 for the high and then we go up 68 on monday, back down 48 dw on tuesday, up again close to 60 on wednesday.ednesday looks like rain for opening r day for the nationals.nationa that's on thursday. t we he always seem to start thett season with rain.on wit and then a chance of somee o s showers as we look at a coolool possibly cold into next into n weekend. you see those temperaturesre only in the low 50's.0's. that's your seven-dayou forecast. back over to annie.. >> thanks, caitlin.aitl. well, an iconic pretzelretz chain is expanding rolling thele dough in more cities across m thore country.ry. they opened a brand new and location in new york city.y. the company he is projected to make 160 million in sales thisnt year. that's up from $138 million38ili last year. la and if you love popcornove o and beer, what about at abou combination of the two? thewo? doesn't that sound good? a new popcorn beer is
8:47 am
stores and two minnesota minnesa companies are behind it. i boom chick a pop and mankato brewery are combining forcesor to deliver this t the beer is available now. >> ♪ >> all right, time now to say hello to our facebook fan ofan the day. meaty yeah are a rogers. rogers. happy birthday. b she says from the time sheys fro wakes up to the time she goesth to bed her tv stays on fox55 and she says she has been a h fan ever since she moved here h from houston texas back in 2000 is. thank you so much foru so much o watching. to be our next facebook fansboof of the day post yourself feeelf picture right blo below tiara's. >> ♪ >> hello from the other side. s i must have called a thousand
8:48 am
times ♪ >> well, when american idol i signs off for the final time the next week another tradition isti ending with the show. this is the first year in idol history that an american idol live tour will not follow thew season. seas a representative for the show s says that the brains behind idol want to end on a high en note during the series final f lehigh valley the next episodel of american idol airs tuesday te at 8 o'clock right here on wednesday's show is the final t round of performance and the per big series finale is scheduledhe for next thursday night at 8:00.8:00 and taylor swift puttingti her differences aside withde wit apple and appearing in a new aew apple music ad.ic take a look. >> plan, i hate cardio. >> ♪ >> that hurts. t all right, swifhat stars in this new commercial for beats onel radio. she gets on her treadmill asadll you see singing future anduture drake's hit jump man and thenana does a face plant on thent on tre
8:49 am
it doesn't matter to her,'t though. m she just keeps on singing. last year swift was a critic ari of apple withholding their album from streaming. apple agreed to pay artists for music streamed during thetr first three months of eaa free customer trial.ri and comedian melissa melis mccarthy is back in a newback movie next week called the t boss. she plays the richest woman inan america until she gets into get some legal trouble for insider but after she's released fromadf prison she wants to rebrand r her self as america's ame sweetheart. our kevin mccarthy sat downca s with melissa to get the inside s scoop on the movie.scoo check it out. o >> hello. h >> you look beautiful. look good to see you.od to see you. >> so do you in a rugged landug somhandsome way. i love in you a suit and a tie. >> is that real. >> yes, that's real device.levi. i stole that -- 'cause chris henchi works on our movie and was one of the producer
8:50 am
his wife brooke shields senthiet him a picture of her at the dentist and it blew my mind.ble. i was like how is she doing -- - what's in her mouth.ou he's like she's at the athe dentist.ntis >> that's amazing.g. >> and i i said i'm literallyer going get that. >> my favorite slot in thefavo whole film is when you are on that bed and it flies you -- it looks like one show.. how did your husband get that h shot? is it two cutus togethere how did they do that? >> that's -- he just threw methm up against a wall and today a wd i'm talking about it. right: i was like what's thet's trick. he's like we're going to put put you on the end of the bed and oa then we're going to catapult cap you against that wall.haall. but you can't talk about the trickery, right? it is one -- - it is and it isn't one shot. o s >> that's all i wanted to flo.d. >> it's amazing and somebody did help with that but i did part, somebody did part and then -- you keep doing it in it parts but the whole thing -- tng that's why we were like youike u
8:51 am
it has to be done in one i because if you cut around, youd, know there it's fake so wefake s were like it's got to actually happen. >> when you're doing scenesoings when there are young children ae in the scene and you're likee le saying these raunch cly r rated cursing --rsin >> it's terrible.>> i >> are there parents onset.nset >> nobody has much of aods mu problem like i do. literally we would do theould dt everyone is like we know, wee know. kn everyone knew, no one was surprised. i would always preface withceit like now what i'm about to say o is not how i speak in life,if you don't see me -- i would strongly -- and all of the all e kids were like we get it its a i'm like okay, and then afterwards i was like i want to pom jay-z for saying thosein words. nobody else really cared. it was just me.e as just m like every time i did it i was like, i'm sorry. >> all right.>>ht coming up we'll tell you howow the cherry blossoms 10-mile
8:52 am
erierinspired this book. we'll talk with the author and she'll tell us her inspirational story next. at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right.
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>> welcome back. well, tomorrow is the cherry isc blossoms 10-miler. 10-le it's the third largest race ingc the can country and it's also i ay also a race near and dearea to our next guest's heart.. >> jen a. miller wrote a book ab about how the race got her her through some tough it's called running a love aov story. 10 years, five marathons andaras one life changing sport and she joins us now to talk more nt abouth
8:55 am
jen, welcome. wel >> thank you for having me.ou hv >> thanks for coming in.coming >> thank you. y >> so, you know, for some, iom think for most people runningun is a way to exercise and getet that heart rate going but foror you, you've really made it an inspirational healing typeling e thing. >> i started running after iunnr hit the trifecta of goinga of g through a really bad breakup and my grandfather died and i a bought a house right beforeht b the ring is. everything went i write for magazines and ioragz decided i know what i needow wi something that i can control con so i decided to start runningrtn long distances and my first mfi race was a 10-mile race andnd i've gone on. >> that was your first race. >> no,. i sorry, my second race was aseo 10-mile race.ile and now i'm training for my for sixth marathon so here i am. >> wow. >> six marathons.>> >> that is incredible. when you first started s fst s running, did you knowles thenows benefits immediately ofmmediate feeling better and health you get through the tough times.ughm >> it hurt a
8:56 am
>> yeah, i know. >> 'cause running isca controlled falling it really took training for a longer race when you're out there forhe seven, eight, 9 miles wheniles your brain can really quietlly down because i don't lift the tone music when i'm running'm r there i really realized thelylie benefits of doing this.hi >> clears the joined in thisth book is it more of a self hele h or is it your story thatourtoryt you're hoping to just inspireuss others with.otheit >> it's my story about howut i've moved through running but b it's also how running has h changed because in 2008 we in 2w went through the second running boom and i think a lot of people started running forte the same reason there iru did, d was that they needed somethinghe to control around they on aro recession. >> uh-huh. >> raise like the cherryaise blossoms got very popular at por that time. and so it's about my story andty about how the sport has sport progressed to a point where antw lot of different people runferet today, not just skinny white w guys in tiny shorts. [laughter] >> which we do still sti appreciate seeing them. the the closures 10-miler isos tomorrow morning.tomo you're running it.rrunni it. >> right. >> for the fourth time. the >> fourth time.>> fourth time. >> congratulations.>> >> thank you. c i'm very exciteed. >> so, thousands are going too be lacing up. any advice for folks that arekst
8:57 am
going to be doing this. >> my first tip is don't do anything different.anythi don't wear the race shirt,acshi, don't try something i know it's going to getinto pretty cold tomorrow but we'veoe run in 30 degrees, 40 degrees0 e association wear works foriowear you. it's a crowded race at theat sort 'cause there's more than t 17,000 people.eo >> big. >> take your time. b tak the crowds will ease and enjoyse it. it's a beautiful race. rac >> and you're training for yourforu sixth marathon.h m >> i am, may first.m, m first >> wow. and that's mainly through the cold winter months. >> yeah. >> how have you gotten througheo that.that >> layers . >> [laughter]la >> i actually enjoy training trn in the cold weather versus the u heat so after the segment i'm st going run in rock creek parkreep so there you go. >> all right.>> all right >> you've got to get -- yeah, y i guess you've got the racehe rc tomorrow, you've got to beow, ug prepared.ared >> real quickly how can we getne a copy of thing. >> go to my web site at running a love i'm doing an event at fairfaxai pacers which is a run storinguni on tuesday night.on t we will start running aroundrod 6:30 so if you want to run and then do a book come at 6:30. 6 if you don't want to run andun just buy a book committee andmme drink we'll have beer
8:58 am
that's at 7: at >> thank you so much jen. >> thank you. >> and thank you for joining us. and getting up early with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow. living with chronic migraine feels like each day is a game of chance. i wanted to put the odds in my favor.
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botox®, an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. it's shown to prevent headaches and migraines before they start. and it's injected by my doctor once every 12 weeks. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue and headache. don't take botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. put the odds on your side. visit to learn how to save on your treatment. talk to a headache specialist today about botox®.
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