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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  April 3, 2016 7:00am-8:30am EDT

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this h is fox5 knews. >> month ahead this morning, localing winds, cooler temperatures. > plus, playing nice out on the campaign trail. the candidates hit the road as the presidential candidates square off in in the mid when. we've got the latest on the the raise for the white house comino up. then there were two. the ncaa men's championship is h said. did did you watch the big games last night?gh > we'll have the lathest. '78 ' annie yu. i'm tomorrow fitzgerald. it is sunday, april 3. we are so glad you could join un this morning.rnin we'll start off with our top story this morning, you probably already know this. >> a cold
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scattered wind going through thg area going through the area. a lot of strong storms going through the area. that led to a lot of problems. you no doubt heard this overnight. those high winds leaving thousands of customers without power this pepco is reporting they have 129 active outages affecting more than 1900 over to baltimore gas and electric, they are reporting 7200 customers without power this morning and our friendsiend over at dominion power in virginia, they are telling us they have 23,000 customers in northern virginia without power this morning.rn and those high winds are to blame for this accident in college park, maryland.ryla after just after 11:00, strong winds brought down a tree and power lines trapping insidensid their vehicle.hicl it happened on 49th avenuenu near cherry hill road. crews rushed both people to the hospital where one person has serious injuries. when we look at that caitlyn
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the thought that kept going through my head, and any and i have both covered hurricanes.rrc that felt like hurricane force winds last night. >> it was close because we had some wind gusts close to 50 miles an hour. and that's close to hurricane wind gusts. when i woke up, it felt like 60 miles per hour. but on my way in, it felt like it died down, so is there good knews. >> you can still see the camerae shaking on the sunday morning,ng but wind gust have decreased substantially and they will wil continue to do so throughoutroug today. we have had it all.. when you step outside this morning, if you didn't hear ther winds overnight, i don't know how you could have missed them,d that winter is back. it is so cold out there.ere. cold enough, in fact for some snow showers. we still have a wind advisory in effect for the metro that
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until 10:00 a.m. as we can still have some gusts over 10 miles an hour. still for the next few hours you can see some wind gusts over 50 miles an hour. a freeze warning also remains in effect north and west of washington. asç we go through sunrise thate will expire as well.ll. temperatures close to freezing in am of our suburban spots. spo here we are right now even though we had the violent wind,, temperatures fell prettytty substantial limit this is an artic cold front that producedde substantial amounts of snow in the midwest. it's 37 in washington, 32 in gaithersburg, 31 in martinsburgm you need all the winter gear to be out to walk the could, gloves, hat just because it's so cold. current wind gusts over 30 miles an hour so they have come downwn pretty g. so that's the goodgo news. we had to bring out the wind chill map because it's colder than temperatures in the upperpr 0s. 17 in
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frederick. luckily the day improves prettyy much hour by hour. that being said it's still chilly. it will still remain pretty breezy through mid after "highft temperature hit 52. widths will team diminishing throughout the rest of the day. it gets better for tomorrow. dress for the chilly weatherly today. i'll have your change anal seven day forecast still coming up. > thanks caitlyn. developing this morning, policem investigating a murder in loudon county this morning. 34 year old christina fisher was shot and killed last night att her home in leesburg after a domestic dispute. leesburg police say the alleged shooter was fisher's ex-boyfriend. the victim's teenage daughter was at home at the time of the shooting. the teenager told them that thet are mother and her mother'sther ex-boyfriend were fightinghtin before shots were fired. >> he was not happy that the relationship was over. he was very depressed.pres i hear he
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suicide a couple of times. he had threatened to take hera down with him. if idant have you, nobody can y typeo of thing. police have taken into custody who they call a person of interest. they have not release that earn p's name. > a 17 year old is now charged with killing a member of his own family in arlington. the stabbing happened friday night inside a home on third street south.stre that victim is identified as 464 year oldennest adams. adams and a teenager got into an argument and that argument got violent.viol the teenager suffered minor injuries. police are asking anyone withth information on this to give them a call. > happening today is day two oo the search for two montgomery county chilledden who c disappearedhi in 2014. the children's father troy turner. they joined and the
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through goshen recreational park in germ than town looking for any trace of the two recent information he received led him to that park. we've gotten some information that has kind of lead us here. our new private investigator, he's -- you was going over the timelines with me and showing me some stuff that this makes moree sense. it's one of the things i was saying that we look as hard as we can. the child's mother is charged with child. she's held in a home in maryland. > volunteers are being asked t help with this h search. volunteers can meet at 8:30 at goshen recreational to registeri to help in the search efforts today. funeral arrangements are being announced for the virginia stati trooper who was killed in the line of duty. the funeral for trooper te
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hamilton, virginia. door meyer as you know wasyou killed thursday during a training exercise at a gray found huss service in richmond, virginia. james browning the third shotot and killed did your meyer after the trooper began talking with him. two troopers then p shot and killed brown. > 30 law enforcement officersfc have died during the start of the year. hundreds of people gathered at the national law enforcement in d.c. to rally for police.lice mens say they want to show police and other law enforcement officials that they have theey h public support and that the work they do is appreciated. we need to let them know we support them.supp they got to hear that we support them. that we care about them. in today's times with all thee officers that have been shot and killed, with the gunfire up 150 percent and loss of oursrs officers,
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we're here for them, we care. it's time that the nation stands up. > after the crowd gathered at t the memorial, participants thent marched onto the mall for their rally. happening today, the washington monument will reopen at 9:00 this morning. this comes after it was shut down on friday because of an elevator malfunction much the elevator stopped working as passengers exited on to the observation level. park police escorted all 8686 visitors down the stairs. this is the second time the washington monument closed thisd week because of an elevator issue. now onto march madness, the final four.ur well it's now down to two. north carolina will face off against villanova for the ncaa championship. this is will be north carolina 10 ought time playing for the tip off is
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> coming up we'll hit the chapel pain trail as the candidates are preparing forr tuesday night's big p primary in wisconsin. caitlyn is going to be back with another look at the weather. stay with us, sunday fox newses continues.
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wall come back. time now 7:11. med star health says computers systems at its 0 hospitals are 90 percent. the hospital chain release a re statement saying healthcareg delivery was maintained at mainly normal involve after the attack. they prevented patience from booking appointments and left le staff unable to check e-mail e-m messages or look up phone numbers. med star operates 10 hospitals in maryland and the
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a rally took place in d.c. yesterday with quite a differeni message. hundreds of people standing outside of the white house gait calling on president obama tobam take marijuana off the list of tightly controlled substances. some of those protestors were openly smoking pot despite a a d.c. law against it. photo journalist microfiche offe captured some of the sites and t sounds. take a look. president obama you better listen to us. not criminals. cr that demsy has spoken in washington, d.c. the public overwhelming legalize ed marijuana. we
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should go to jail for it f anymore. this is our little girl, her name is tatyanary veer i. she's known as tush i. i. you can check us out on tush i's fight. the time has come to change the laws. mr. president, we beg you, we em explore you. the feeling of the nation, anyone who comes to partake inae good faith has a blessing, amen. let's light up. five, four, three, two, one.
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(cheers) well, the cold weather likely won't keep thousands of runners today as they hit the pavement for the annual cherry blossom big run.un. it's a raise that gets started near the national monument. start time is 10:00. metro opened two hours early this morning just for this th raise. we want to wish all the runners a big good luck. i hope they like running inn wintry weather. they're going to be fighting be against the wind. win >> the wind is diminishing a little bit, thank goodness. unfortunately whatever is leftat of the cherry blossoms.. they're all gone now. a good thing those marijuana people are not outside today tod otherwise all of their smoke would have gone up in the air. wouldn't be able to light it. too difficult with the winds out there. some of the winds we saw overnight are remarkable. re gusts over 50 and 670 miles an hour. peak windigos which happenedin right before midnightsdi
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front blue true. 59-mile an hour peak gusts, dulles 66. 49 at bwi. it woke me up. it probably woke you up or you u were still up. up. just some incredible wind. i thought my house was going to below off and there is ae lieutenant of debris out on then roadways this morning. small branches and even larger branches out there. it was just so incredibly windy. outside right now we also had al some snow showers that came in with the wind and the cold air. everything diminishing pretty greatly as we move past sunshine. temperatures very cold. don't want to under do this story, took because yesterday a this time webe were in the 50s. right now it's 37 in washington, 32 in gaithersburg, 34 in dulles, north and west of town, those suburbs in northern su virginia and northern maryland n still under a freeze warning wa until 10:00 a.m. this morning. a big difference from when you had to walk the doing or
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a run yesterday, 20-degrees kohl'ser. it feels like we're in the heart of winter out there. it is just so chilly and you're going to need the winter gear wn just about all day long. wind gusts regionally 33 miles an hour, new york city, snowingn heavily up in boston at this th moment. 49-mile an hour wind gusts ints ocean city and these all come down from before we were last night. let's walk you through our sunday which features a lot of sunshine. still breezy and we'll have sunn and pretty chilly temps to takeo us through the wind. monday at 8:00 a.m. we have some sunshine and we'll start off fairly nice. it won't be as cold. our next front rolls through inn the a pretty active pattern dayatte after day this week. wee chance of showers pretty likely by midafternoon as the front th sweeps through. just rain showers and by tomorrow evening it looks like it moves through the south. temperatures will be up and
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as these fronts continue to com through. milder monday, but then colder again by tuesday. temperatures later today, 52 degrees a chilly northwest wind. 57 in quantico, 56 in manassas and 57 in culpeper. clear skies tonight, not as cold, but still chilly. we'll fallback to 40 in washington, 43 in leonardtown. a lot of sunshine, pretty out ou there, but it is still kohl's. we could have some gusts over 20 miles an hour all day despita the fact that our winds are diminish prognosis. your seven day forecast, here's that roller coaster ride. we're up to 67 on monday. a front comes through and brings some showers. we dry out, breezy again on on tuesday, a high of just 46. look at how old it is wednesday morning, probably the freeze warnings for just about every where, including the metro. showers are unlike lucky on thursday. we'll have to watch out for the
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they play at 4:00. next weekend, it looks coldol again. that's your wild seven dayour forecast. let's send it back to tom and ad and any. an thanks, caitlyn, two weeks after the isy terrorist attack in brussels that city is taking a major step forward. fo the airport will reopen for r business today. tod only a few flights will fly in l and out of the airport. air as you you might expect, new e security measures are going to o be in place when airport resumes operations. police will be making random vehicle checks. also all passengers and theirrsa bags are going to be screened b before they can enter the the airport terminal. now to the raise to the white house, a rather quiet weekendqu for donald trump. no big disruptions at his campaign stops in wisconsin. he did, however, continue to rip into his rife ales. >> when crews lie dead, when he getqç money, lion ted,
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lies. i never saw a guy lie like him. i've meta lot tougher than him,i but i've never seen anyone lie likelying ted. when he gets money from the banks and he gets money from oir and gas and he gets money from everything, believe me they have him folks. they have him. recent polls put senator cruz out in front. trump says no way. s > ' pretty clear that ted cruzd has not forgotten that tweet that showed an unflattenning un comparison between trump and. a reporter asked head cruz if trump should apologize him overi the tweet. cruz had a blunt response. you know, it's gotten to the to point where i could not care less about donald trump.rum that remark was greeted with wi applause. trump did did tell the new yorkk times retweeting the picture was a picture. pic quote, if i had to
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would not have sent it. the republican primary inn p wisconsin is on tuesday. tue it could play a big role in determining whether or notrm donald trumpin can win the republican nomination without ai fight on the convention floor in cleveland. on the democratic side, the jabs between bernie sanders and p hillary clinton are getting harder. clinton campaigning in the badger state. she took out donald trump inld controversial comments over abortion. clinton jumped on the th opportunity to say she will wi defense a woman's right to choose. talions. >> i will defense a woman's rights to defense her own decision. i will defense planned parenthood against all of theset republican attacks. at i will defense marriage equality and work to end discriminationti against the lgbt community.
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unlike her rival bernie sanders who has been called an independent. it continues to be a close raise between bernie sanders and hillary clicket on, a fox poll released on thursday shows that sanders is leading hillary clinton benign points. sappeds is defensing him against disreactors who are calling him radical. he says there's nothing radical about his vision. it's not radical to say that people work 40 hours a week wee should not live in poverty. it's not radical to say that the rich should not be getting richer while everybody else gets poor. or the wealthy should pay their fare share of taxes, that kids a should be able to go out and get a job. i want to reblind you that in just about one hour, fox teams x is teamed up with the hill to track the raise for the white house. this morning at 8:30 join the
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editor in chief bob cusak, ronica clear i and i will will all have the news on the primare coming up and more. right before fox news sunday with chris wallace. coming up, caitlyn generaller i getting a chance to show off her acting chops. find out what online streaming show she'll guest star kevin mccarthy sitting down with me establish a mccarthy to preview her upcoming if i am, the boss. time now 7:22. stick with us.
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> new this morning, caitlynmorn jenner is joining the castellani of the acclaimed amazon streaming series transparentmenn the show's creator jill solveil way says this quote, a dream come through.hrou they will start film jenner's show next week. and comedian melissa mccarthy back in a movie next week called the boss. she plays the richest woman in america until she gets into somo trouble for insider trading. that's when the fun starts. s p kevin mccarthy saturday downct with melissa for the insideinsi scoop. >> so good to see you. >> so to you. i love the suit, the time. i
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that's a reel device. you know who i saw that i -- -- chris hen chicago works on the movie and his wife brook shields sent aic p tour of him at the dentist. what's she she's at the dentist. i said i am literally going to get that.hat. so thank you, brook.ok. my favorite shot in the wholethe film is when you sit on the bed and it flies you up. it looks like one how did did your husband get that shot? is it two cut together? how did he do that. tr. >> he's like we're going to puto you on the end of the bed anded we're going to catapult you c against the wall p.. you can't talk about the trickery. it is one -- it is and it
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one shot.shot > that's all i wanted to know.w >> it's amazing and somebody did help with that. i did a part. somebody else did a part. you keep doing it in parts. the whole thing, that's why youu were like it can't cut away from it. it has to be done in one.n if you cut around, you know that it's fake. so we were like it's got to actually happen. you're saying these run much i r-rated cursing scenes.scen >> it's terrible.erri are there parents onset. >> no one seems to have as much of a problem it with as i do. literally we would do the scene. we know. everyone knew, no one was surprised.surp i would always preface it withit now what i many about to say it's not how i speak in life. all of the kids were like we gee it. it's a movie. i'm like okay. afterwards i was like i just ju want to apologize for sayi
7:28 am
those words. nobody else really cared. it was just me. every time i did it i was likele i'm sorry.sorr > that looks really funny. i am he really disappointed thee boss is not about bruce springsteen. >> i'm still curious how they made the extremeless thing wher she hits the wall.wall > it's got to hur. >> she never really answered it. > it's the magic of movies. they want to hold some things back. > coming up, kids say the darnest things. find out why a gps system spooked a little kid right in to making him cry.
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you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else?
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> welcome back. time now 7:31.ti i don't know about you tom, but i had to bust out my parka today. it was cold, unusual, and it's not quite the norm around hereau this time of year. >> definitely not, guys, winners is back. april 3. we have freeze warnings in place. winds obviously howling overnight. in fact, gusting over 60 miles6m an hour across the area. this loop goes back over the past few mainly west of town we saw somew snow flurries. maybe you were up early enoughno to see that, too. if not, i think we've all justll about dissipated with the sunhe coming up and with winds settling down just a little
7:32 am
that being said we still have a wind advisory still in effectffc until 10. that's forth metro as we cancan still see gusts over 40 miles an hour. high wind advisory still remainm in effect up over the mountainsn this is all from a cold front c that cameo through, a very powerful cold front, but he int, you have to bring the wind gusts into severe thunderstorm territory. no thunderstorms to go alongo with it, just wind. montgomery county, carroll county, up towards frederick county and then loudon andn fairfax counties and northern virginia and off sections of of virginia temperatures are at orr close to the 32-degree mark. the planting season began aprilb #. we'll see the freezing system ss issued as long as it stays thish cold. 32 out at winchester this wi compared to yesterday morningy when we had temperatures in the 50s. so a noticeable difference as you step outside. it's going
7:33 am
really cold because not only do we have these temperatures, but it is pretty gusty. g winds sustained out of the northwest to 15, 20, 25 miles an hour and the gusts which did di peak last night right before midnight are now at 30 miles an hour. all that combines to make itt feel so much colder. co breaking out the wind chill mapi yet again on this sunday s morning, even though we're in a. it feels like 25 in washington, 15 to 25 just about across thecs whole area. so really chilly. ch the set up for today shall we s stay chilly. the wind will ease a about it.t. we do have sunshine, but temperatures will struggle l to get into the 50s today so well blow normal. here's what your forecast looks like tonight, pretty, prosecute skies, but still pretty breezy through the noon hours, 52-degrees. check out the seven dayt forecast. we're all over the place. sunshine giving ways ahead for
7:34 am
our next cold front. behind the front yet again, not as powerful with the winds for e tuesday, but certainly still cold, 46-degrees is it for the o high temperature. t and a cold morning there on wednesday. probably freeze warnings outre again for most of the area as we begin at 346789 up to 57. we get a little bit milder with some thursdays on thursday. that's opening day for the nats. we could be dealing with some reign. look at the next weekend, really chilly, hitting the freezing mark and then back into the 40s. back to tom and annie. > there's notç a bear on your side. poor kid. this video of a little boy panicking after he heard his family's gps say bear right. ri it's going viral now. the child named austin wasas confused of the alert of bear right. he
7:35 am
bear to the right of their car. when they arrived at the zoo in colorado springs. it took a while, but austin wasa finally convinced by his parents there was no bear on the right of their car. i feel sorry for that kid. >> i got to say, with a smart kid. very smart. sma austin maybe wasn't right this h time, but some day there ise going to be a bear on the side i of that car and they're going tg be glad austin was there to wara thrnem. > coming up at 7, the fbi has already cracked that locked loc iphone connected to the sand bernadine oh the shootings and d now it's willing to help otherlp law enforcement agencies do theo same thing. we'll have that story and muchnd more coming up. time now 7:35.
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> welcome back. the fbi is not done taking ontai apple when it comes to gaining a access to iphone. the fbi told law enforcementorce agencies around the country it would try to help them openth locked phones or other devices as much as legal and policy constraints allow.s there has been a surgeon p interest from authorities on how the fbi was able to open the locked iphone. people familiar with the matter said the fbi is now testing to see whether the method used in the san bernadine oh case may work against other
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phones. this week in d.c., president d.c obama hosted 50 world leaders to the area in order to look atook different ways to host efforts to stop global terrorism and the spread of nuclear weapons aroune the world. it is the president's fourth and final nuclear security summit. there's been some progress on reducing nuclear stock piles, but there's still a long way to go. >>reporter: this was presidentt obama's fourth and final nuclear security summit and while therel has been some progress made on reducing nuclear stock piles, the consensus is there's still a long ways to go in the threat that world leaders seem most l concerned about isea the risingi nuclear ambitions of terroristtr groups. there is no doubt that if thesef mad men ever got their hands on a nuclear bomb or nuclear material they most certainly will use it to kill as muchuch innocent people as possible.. that's why our work here remaina so critical. part of that work includes thenu new stronger nuclear securityle agreement between the worldwo
7:40 am
nuclear materials as they'rethey being used, stored or transported. this summit follows the attackst in brussels where investigatorse discovered two of the fighters were spying on a top belgium nuclear offerings.offe we also know al died da has lono sought nuclear materials for its attacks as in his weekly address, presidend obama said these new measures will help to prevent that kind of thing from happening.g. working with other nations we've secured enough nuclear material from 150 nuclear weapons. material that will now neverno fall into the hands of terrorists. am argue the us is doing enough to stop isis. saying the president must changt his strategy to keep up with neh threats. i don't know how he he wants ton con contain them. isis operatives are every where. we are beyond containment. president obama also met witham with the leadersa of south kor, japan and china to discuss tore reference options
7:41 am
korea's nuclear program. north korea responded in news of those talks by firing a surface to air missile off its east coast. in washington, i'm garret ten i, fox news. > coming up this morning, remember the two eaglets that ea were born last month at the national arboretum.arbo >> who can forget those little l guys? > can we see them? they're l a little covered up there.her anyway, we're going to tell you, yes, you, can help name these baby eaglets. >> fox5 morning continue disclosure after this.
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wall come back. no doubt you heard last night the wind howling. >> i thought my building wasbuil literally going to sustain to damage. speaking of windows it was a reminder that i need better windows. you could still see the windind blowing through my cheap windcha over? >> i think you're going to start getting some phone calls from the local window providers in our a. i cheated and looked at some of the numbers you've gotue on the gusts.ts. >> these were eye opening aaa macing numbers on the gusts. >> it's not like we had anyny thunderstorms to go along with it, no reel rain, but it was lit just the wind.ind. as the cold front came throughoh it brought snow to severalev places like chicago and millionm walk he.wa >> the camera was not shaking a bad as it
7:45 am
on the here are the numbers tom mentioned, peak wind gusts right before midnight as the front blue true. 59-mile an hour wind gusts at at reagan national, 66 at dulles airport. bwi a little bit less 49-mile am hour wind gusts and anything over 58 is considered severe inn a thunderstorm. you can see even though we didn't have the rain to go along with it, but severe wind gusts were all accredits the area.a. it does show some of the snowow flurries that came through. maybe if you were up very earlyy it was dark out, but you saw some of the light snow that made it as far west as the western beltway. no more snow out there right not not expected through today. temperatures outside right now. i don't want to under do just d how cold it is. the air temperature te substantially colder than whathn it was yesterday morning. it will feel like a january a morning when you step outside. 37 in washington, 34 frederick4 in dulles. anywhere
7:46 am
morning remains in effect until 10:00 a.m. also a wind advisory in effectie until 10:00 a.m., too. 24-hour temperature change,hang 17-degrees colder in washington than what it was yesterday. even the pets will be cold asold you take the dogs out. it is gusty, chillry and we have wind chill values in the teens t and 20s. wind gusts all across the region. 43 in new york city, 40 out at ocean city, maryland. like i said, the winds are subsiding a about it, but itt will still be pretty breezy through the rest of today andody just feeling cold.d. fox futurecast as we go through the rest of the day, we have aae lot of sunshine out there. clouds will role in through midd morning tomorrow. still chilly, but we should seeu temperatures rise into the 60s. that ease out ahead of our nextt cold front which will bring raii showers by midafternoon mondaymd and will last into the evenin
7:47 am
this front not as power lful as last nights, but it will stillil deliver a reinforcing shot on tuesday. 52 in washington, 57 quantico, overnight tonight clear sky, temperatures back into the 40s, up 30 #-s, so no freeze warninge in effect e the forecast with some sunshine, 52-degrees, winds diminishing,g, sunny and chilly.. the seven day forecast forecost shows the roller coaster we're on. a high of 46 on tuesday. probably breezy, too. a cold morning wednesday,rn showers are likely by thursdayy and yes, that could effect the nats because opening day, 4:00 p.m. on thursday and we've got some rain showers in thee forecast. it looks like a better chance later in h the day, too, unfortunately. so rain could be affecting game one against miami marlins. game one of several. we'll keep a close eye on thatnt and see if it impacts any delays or cancellations as at
7:48 am
that's your seven day forecast.e let's head back over to tom and annie. those baby eagles that have been nesting at the national arboretum. we watched them on the internetr they still need names. >> yes, they do. > and now you can actually hav a say in the high temperature choice. here's a life look at the eaglel nest. they are dubbed d.c. 2 and 3 right now. they have beneficially nameless since their hatchings, about a month ago. the national eagle foundationle has launched a campaign hashtag name the nestlings.nest here are some ideas trend righth now, bow and mow. stars and stripes. i like that one. liberty and justice and fran ifn and delanco for franklin roosevelt and freedom and honor. you until april 11 to submit suggestions and their names wils be announced on the 2 2*7bd. that hashtag isna
7:49 am
nestling. > can i giveaway your idea. >> and any had a fantastic. >> i like east wing and west w wing. the it's unisex. after six weeks they're going to do a blood test. i also like tulip popular because that's the tree nest sits on. > i have a feeling that the people -- what about you.ou. >> i would probably go withwith hillary antrum p. what about tom and fits? ifits can't imagine what that eagle would like look. it's washington. it's hard to believe but next thursday marks the ninth, the ninth opening day for nats parka >> that's right. when teams are making thethe ballpark more of
7:50 am
fox5 photo journalist jack frame takes us out to the ballpark for what's new. >> each and every season wewe brainstorm how we can improve our retail offerings, our food, and we think we brought on some real winners this off season.asn they can rent this space.ace. it opens an hour before theçefr first pitch. it's an all inclusive party. it's going to be like tailgating. we have a two-story club which should accommodate all guests comfortably. we have extended the these are the sunglasses that we'll be giving away on openingn day to the first 25,000 fans through the gait. >> this is bryce harper mvp bobblehead. this is the matt jerker part one of a two-part bobblehead.obb next up on the tourist
7:51 am
nursing mother's how long. this opened late last season ins august and it was a very big hit. we had expanded, in fact, almost doubled the size of the shake sh shack here at nats park making it one of the biggest in thehe world. our pricing has been reduced for 2016. it's five dollar beers for the first time ever during yourduri happy hour up on the budweiser terrace. the first time the nats have decided to operate our own inside retail operation.l more selections in the store, ae well as to reduce pricing nowri that it's our own business. for the first time we are offering hospitality packages.. the kids can have their birthday party here at the park on a game day friday, saturday and sundayd throughout the season.easo one of the requests we got fromm our fans is they wanted to see additional food on the galleryal level. we have ribs, waffle fridays and then we have popcorn chickenhi
7:52 am
at the request of your own veryn own players and ownership doing our first rat pack night. frank situate nature natura isas joining us today. we are in the business --
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welcome back. d.c. is known as a vibrant theater community. there are literally dozens off theater companies ranging frommp the very bigan to the
7:55 am
plenty of shows to see. >> that's right. joining us now to talk more t about it and the upcoming play, one word more. thanks so much for coming in. i'm glad to be here. yo.u've been doing for this forr five years. >> as you just mentioned we say local, but there are just alone in d.c. like 90 theaters.. >> that's right.hat' we are there. >> yeah. > people don't realize it. >> it is the place to be. the d.c. theater community is really big and we don't often think about d.c. as a largearg theater community.comm it's sort of known as the home for politics and global events.e we just had this nuclear summitm closed down all the roads. i don't think a lot of people realize there are actually over 930 theater organizations both t large and small in the the d.c. theater community.comm tell us about the welders. >> so this is a theater companya that i'm fortunate to be
7:56 am
of. it's a relatively new theater company. it just started about three years ago now and this is pretty a typical company i would say. s this is a group of play rightsl who have banded together and ald these play rights are from d.c.. they've decided that they're going to create their own work.k they're going to make a new platform for play rights to produce their own work. is that where the name comes from, they're literally welding. >> kind of. what is the latest play about, one word more.more >> it's not a welders play. i'm a play right. i am producing myself. and this is a piece that isece going on the at the immediate theater lab. one word more i would say is pretty experimental and atypical, kind of non-traditional theater.itio there's a lot of movement going on, there are sort of things that would like dance see consequentials, but
7:57 am
original text and story whichhi comes from an add dap t stationa from shake pierce attempt test. >> so interpretive dance. >> kind of. >> that sounds stressful.stre >> abstract movement, but there's also a story. so it's not just experimentalerm dance. there is also a story that -- >> it sounds like a story thatry you need to see. > so itself a he going on now until the 30th. there's the information. one word is the sitethe you need to go to get tickets and the all the information. >> thank you so much.ha > i lovnke it.e that does it for the 7:00 hour. come back and join us. another hour of news coming upom here on fox5 news sunday. stay with us.
7:58 am
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this is fox5 news morning. good morning and welcome back to fox5 news morning on this sunday, i'm annie why you. >> i'm tomorrow fitzgerald. thank you for joining us on this morning. we're going to begin with a top story, a cold and windy morningn after a night of just mind numbering strong winds thatat moved through our area. those winds leaving thousands of customers without power.ou here's a look at the latest current outages. pepco has 115 active outages affecting more than 2300
8:01 am
baltimore gas and electricle they're telling us they're reporting more than 8700 people without power. over in virginia dominion power says they have 2,500,000ve 2 customers in northern virginia without power. it's quite chilly out there ande those high winds are to blame for this accident in collegelege park, maryland. just after 11:00, strong winds brought a tree down and some power lines onto their car. crews rushed both people to the hospital where one person remains with serious injuries. > you look at that picture, you know, thank god we didn't have something that was really tragic, but it was also reallyly scary for a lot of folks last night. you keep talking about your building last night, caitlyn. >> the winds. you could hear it. it woke me up. they were so strong. we saw wind gusts over 60 milesr an hour in the area.ea. that would be akin to
8:02 am
thunderstorm. as we take a life look outside, there's a tree that was up rooted. i'm not sure where this is. it could be anywhere.anyw >> that's reno park, northwest d.c. that's a large tree. it could be older, we could have some wet soil, but still we had wind gusts over 60 miles an hou0 and some of the damage in your neighborhood looks like we had some really strong winds come through and it was just the wind. you are going to pushing aside some large branches as you're chasing down the recycling opinions. they're probably the town over at this point. at least the winds are diminishing as we go through the morning hours.ho sky fox also shows the snowow showers that came with the front. we saw some snow showers n early. they are long gone. high wind warning also out for
8:03 am
virginia, west virginia mountains. they could still see wind gustss over 20 miles an hour. temperatures right around that 32-degree mark early this morning. that will effect any sensitivent plants as the growing season has begun on the first of april. that was on outside right now, temperatures really, really cold, also, thee not justs the wind, but the air temperatures are only in the 30s. 37 in washington, 32 gaithersburg, 34 frederick.eder this is about 20 yeses colders from where we were at this timet yesterday morning. so get ready for the shock to your body as you step outside. you need all the winter gear this morning.ning sustained winds out of the northwest sustained to 20 miles an we are seeing the gusts come down. we saw peak winds at 20 miles an hour, now only 30 miles an hour. it's not going to be as bad as it was last night. that being sai
8:04 am
back the wind chill map because it feels like it's in the teens to the 20s. 28 here in washington. it's a cold sunday. wind is diminishing.dimi we'll have some sunshine, but it is still cold with temperaturesr struggling to get into the 50s. wind dies down this afternoon. 49 by 2 and at 5:00 we hit our high temperature of 352 degrees5 i'll give you guys the wholehe seven day forecast coming up in about 15 minutes, but now let's go back to tomorrow. > thanks. developing this police arehis investigating a murder in loudon county. 34 year old christina fisher was shot and killed last night at her home in leesburg after whatr police say was a domesticmest dispute. authorities tell us the alleged shooter was fisher'ssher ex-boyfriend. the victim's teenage daughtereng was home at the time of the shooting. police say the teenager toldld them that her mother and her mother's ex-boyfriend were fighting before those shots were fired. > he was not happy at
8:05 am
relationship was over. he was very depressed. i hear he had tried to commit suicide a couple of times. he had threatened to take here down with him because if i can't have you nobody can type of thing. police have taken into custody who they called a person of person. however, they have not yet release that person's name. > a 17 year old in arlington is charged with killing a member of his own the stabbing happened fridayppen night inside a home on third street the victim is 46 year olden is adams. police say dentist and the teenager got into an argument. adams was stabbed multi p.m. times. police are asking anyone withyoe information about this to give them a call. happening today, day two of the search for two montgomery county children who disappeared back i 2014.2014 the children's father, troyoy turner wants this weekend's new search for
8:06 am
hoggle. other family members and volunteers joined in and thee group walked through goshenç recreational park germantown yesterday looking for any tracee of the two children. turner says recent information he received led him to thatt park. we've gotten some information that has kind of lead us here. our new private investigator, he's -- you was going over the timelines with me and showing me some stuff, this makes more sense. it was one of those things we're going to look as hard as we cann and then hope we find nothing. the children's mother is currently being held at a psychiatric facility in maryland after a judge determined she was not competent to stand trial. volunteers are being asked to help with this search. volunteers can actually meetuall today at 8:30 at goshen recreational park to register in the search efforts.ef funeral arrangements have been announced for the state p t trooper who was killed in the
8:07 am
a wake for todd dun meyer will take place. dun meyer was killed thursday during a training exercise during a greyhound bus station in richmond. james brown the third shot andot killed did your meyer after a trooper began talking with him. two troopers then shot andpe killedrs brown. > nationwide it has been a deadly year for police. 30 law enforcement officers have died in the line of duty since the start of 2016.t half of those officers were shoe to death. hundreds of people gathered yesterday at the national law enforcement officers memorial here in d.c. to rally forr police. the nonprofit group united for blew organized the event. members say they want to show police and other law enforcemenw officials that they have theve public support and that the work they do is appreciated. >> we need to let them know wew support them. they got to hear that we support them, that we care about them. in da
8:08 am
officers that have been shot and killed with the gunfire up 150 percent and loss of our officers they need to know we're here for them. we care. it's time that the nation stands up. > after the crowd gathered at t the memorial, the participants then marched over to the national mall to hold a rally. > some good news today, the washington monument will reopenl at 9:00 this morning. this comes after it was shut down on friday because of an elevator malfunction. it stopped working as passengere exited onto the observation level. park police escorted all 86 visitors down the stairs. this is the second time the washington monument closed thiss week because of an elevator malfunction elevator investigator issue. > love that music. now onto march mad, in the finaa four. now it's down to two, north carolina, the tar heels areare going to face off againstains villanova on monday for the f theater community
8:09 am
championship. this will be north caroline asss tenth time playing in the championship. they're no stranger to this. the tip off is scheduled for 8:19 on monday night.ght. you're watching fox5 news at 8:00. stay with us. we'll be right back.
8:10 am
8:11 am
> welcome back. 11 minutes after the hour there was a rally that tookhat place yesterday here in d.c.d.c. with quite a different message. hundreds of people standingtand outside of the it
8:12 am
calling on president obama to take marijuana off the list of tightly controlled substances. some of the protestors werewere openly smoking pot despite a d.c. law against it. fox5's photo journalist captured some of the sites and sounds. take a look. president obama, you better listen to us.. demsy has spoken in washington, d.c. the public overwhelming legalized marijuana.ari we just don't think anyone should go to jail for it
8:13 am
her name is tatyana rivera. she's known as tuesday i.. you can check us out on tuesday i's fight. president obama, we beg you, we em explore em more you. anyone who comes to partake in good faith has a blessing amen. > let's light up. five, four, three, two, one. (cheers). > coming up, kids say the darnest
8:14 am
this story coming up is proof, find out why a gps systemstem spooked a little kid and made him cry. we'll have that story and much more coming up.
8:15 am
8:16 am
trees are standing still, whichi is a nice change than what we'vt had in the last couple of years. it's very fall like and it feels like it is
8:17 am
if you are headed out, youou definitely want to layer up and grab that jacket.jack it's quite chilly out there. > caitlyn. >> yes, weather.>> y when i stepped out, it feels like one of those first fallall mornings. > yes, it felt like the firsthe fall morning minus the smell off wood fire. >> pumpkin spice.>> the seasons in reverse. th ' nice to not see our cameras shaking so much because wow wasw it windy. wi >> you can see our peak wind gusts. this is just before midnight last night, 59 at reagan, 66 at dulles, 49-mile an hour windind gusts at bwi. once you get over 58 that's considered severe, at least in a thunderstorm it is. it we didn't really have the rain, lightning and thunder to goto along with it, but some very powerful winds. you probably heard you're probably going to be picking up branches in
8:18 am
luckily wind is subsiding. all of our warnings will expire by 10:00 a long with wind, the rush of cold air has brought some snow showers. everything has dissipated.issi maybe you were up very early or up very late late and saw some s snow makes. they are getting a substantial amount of snow in the boston area. already several inches on then ground. pushing some heavy snow towards places like cape cod right now.. a very wintry scene for april 3 off towards our north, but alsou down it feels like winter when you step this might be a about it of a shock considering we hadwe h temperatures in the the 830s onn friday. yesterday at this morning at this time we were in the 50s.50 now just 30. jus 37 washington, 34 gaithersburg,4 34 in frederick. out off towards the west, 38 in hagerstown. we do have a freeze in effect north and west as thethe temperatures got down to the 32-degree mark.32 winds still out of the northwest and they're sustained at 1
8:19 am
20 miles an hour. we still got some gusts over 30 miles an hour and up towards baltimore that is over 40 miles an hour, but these have come down significantly from where they were last night. it's not howling as bad, but it will still say breezy through today. this is a chilly breeze. that makes it feel like it's in the teens and 20s.0s. i thought i retired the map. but no, it feels so much colder because of winds. bundle l up for the winter weather today he despite theth sunshine that fox futurecasturec show it will be very chilly. let's fast forward to mondayto morning because we start off with sun. our next cold front brings rain showers. probably by midafternoon buton b you'll need the umbrellas tomorrow evening as the fronts moves out.out. the snow makes behind it upup again in the mountains. while i don't think the front is going to before it incrediblence wind that we saw last night it will still bring in an reinforcing shot for tuesday. first again for
8:20 am
52-degrees, northwest winds willow educationally gust over 30 miles an hour through thehro rest of the morning but they ary coming down sunny and chillry.hl the seven day forecast forecastr shows he we go up and down repeatedly. 67 and warmer on monday beforeoe the showers come through. behind that, 46, that's it fort the high temperature. a little bit milder wednesday,nd but look at the cold start probably some freeze warnings out yet again wednesday morning. showers again on thursday, that's also opening day for the nats. guess what, as we head to nextnt weekend it looks cold again on saturday starting off at 32-degrees. thats ' a look at your seven day forecast. > austin, there's not a bear on your side. this video, this little boy panicking after he hears his family's gps say bear right. it's going viral right now.
8:21 am
he was confused by the alertaler that said bear right.righ austin thought there was anan actual bear to the right of thef car as they got to the zoo in colorado springs.prin well, it turns out he waswa finally able to be convinced by his parents there was no animaln austin is on the lookout. there is going to be a bear somewhere. > poor baby.> that does it for me this morning at 8:00. we want you to stick with us for more. we'll be up next for fox newsws sunday with chris wallace.alla coming up at 8:30, bob cusak on the hill joins us to talk about the week in politics and the week ahead. ♪ ♪
8:22 am
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> fox news sunday.> it's just a f little over halfen hour away. chris wallace gets a one on onee with donald trump to discuss thm state of his campaign and hisand thoughts on abortion. chris wallace is the host of fox news sunday. he joins us now with a previewpv of today's program. good morning, chris.hri >> good morning, ronica. > i saw that you con fronted donald trump about whether orero not he would rule out the thirde party candidacy. as you said it is a simpleim question, but he wouldn't do it. take us through that. well, i was asking him, it's's obviously something that he has continued to raise theto r possibility of it, even though he took the pledge that he would
8:25 am
support the republican nomineeni if it's him and once again he's raising the possibility. that if he's not the nominee and if he feels he's been treated unfairly and one assumes if he loses he'll feel he's treated unfairly. it would sink the gop right down the middle and ensure that hillary clinton or whoever the democratic nominee is would winl the president. pr >> i think this has been the toughest worst two weeks forweek trump in is entire campaign. all the things he said, whether it was tweeted out unflatteringa pictures of heidi cruz, whetherh it was his comments on abortion, it really has seemed to snowball on him over the last two weeks. you really do not want to misso it. we go through all of it and some of it he's define the
8:26 am
in one case he said yes, he wish he hadn't done, which is a first for donald trump.rum what is his responsibility andeo role now that we see all of three candidates admitting thatt they're not sure they can endorse the candidate, whoeverhv they may be. what are your thoughts on that. >> it will be interesting because he's going to be watching the interview life and we'll hear from him after he hears what trim has to say. he has to find some way to comee out of cleveland in july with a united party. oats going to beat hecht or whoever the democratic nominee is. there can't be a split. he has got to find some way. he has one of the toughest jobso that they've had with thisthis group. donald trump is an unusual candidate and it has
8:27 am
unusual breaks inside thehe republican party. he's got a tough job ahead of him. thank you so much chris.hri you can catch fox news sunday at 9 right after our show. so stay with us for the next half hour and another edition of fox5 news on the hill. we'll be back with all of the political power plays of the week.
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning it's sunday april ' 30, i'm ronica clear i. i'm tom fitzge
8:30 am
cusak from the and thim is fox5 a newses on the >> this is fox5 news on the hill now the clock ticks down too wisconsin. let's get right to the latest national poll numbers on theth republican side. trump leads by about 10 points.o cruz at 32, can i okay at 19 percent. as for the democrats clinton leads by just over 8 points, sanders is at 42 percent. we're going to talk a littleitt ways from now about thisabou wisconsin primary that we've coming up in just a moment but we have to start where youre y always start. and that is with donald trump.u. controversial comments this week about abortion pitted on oneone side, pitted on another side.ant at the end of the week it's bee' a rough ride for donald trump f this week. he was asked a hypothetical, a the look of times you'll hear politicians answer hypothetical with kind of evasive answers. donald trump saturday done withe chris


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