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tv   Fox 5 News on the Hill  FOX  April 3, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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cusak from the and thim is fox5 a newses on the >> this is fox5 news on the hill now the clock ticks down too wisconsin. let's get right to the latest national poll numbers on theth republican side. trump leads by about 10 points.o cruz at 32, can i okay at 19 percent. as for the democrats clinton leads by just over 8 points, sanders is at 42 percent. we're going to talk a littleitt ways from now about thisabou wisconsin primary that we've coming up in just a moment but we have to start where youre y always start. and that is with donald trump.u. controversial comments this week about abortion pitted on oneone side, pitted on another side.ant at the end of the week it's bee' a rough ride for donald trump f this week. he was asked a hypothetical, a the look of times you'll hear politicians answer hypothetical with kind of evasive answers. donald trump saturday done withe chris
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msnbc he was asked a hypothetical about trump would do, how he would react if abortion were ever made illegal in the united states.ta here is how donald trump reactep to that question. >> do you believe in punishment foray portions as a principle,ns yes or no a. >> the answer is that there last every has to be some form of punishment. > for the woman. t >> yes, there has to be someome form. > why not. w >> i don't know. you take positions on everything else.el >> frankly i do take positions on everything. it's a very complicatedcomp position. > the not too much longer justg about every reporter in thisin town started getting a statement in their e-mail becomes and thid is what it if congress were to pass legislation making abortion illegal, remember this is fromii the trump campaign right afterit this was said, the dr. or any person performing this illegal activity upon the woman would
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held legally responsible, notrep the woman. my position has not changed likg ronald reagan i am pro-life with exceptions. that is about as close to about a 180-degree turn you can makecn on an issue like this, third rail, if you will, on abortion.t bob, i'll start with how damaging was this to donalds trump and this constant drumo beat you heard about him that h will say anything at any time. >> this damaging.dama it's also damaging of why the republican front runner is going on msnbc talking to chris matthews.. >> and it's also damaging because the left and the right attacked donald trump. he was taking it from both sides, very tough week for him. > he did the one thing that nobody could do which is unite pro-life and pro choices howw damaging is this for donaldr do trump. >> i do think it's damaging. it's not just about women now in think what it really showed, ite almost sounded ke
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thought through the answer. when he first answered it he said this is my stance, i'm pro life with these three exceptionc and that's where he wanted toant end the conversation, if you watch the entire exchange as ifs to sayless ' all to consider onn this issue. versus the fact no matter wheret you stand, most people of think of this in a serious way. i think you make a great pointrt on that, yes, abortion of course is a lightning rod issue in all politics.po that doesn't change. when you look at the thoughtt process thatting goes to this candidate who at times -- we're always asking week to week is this going to be the thing that trips up trump. is that going to be the thingng that trips off trump? maybemp? this is the one that reveals what ted cruz said this week iss that you need to think thesehink things threw, you can't just fly off the cuff. >> i think it hurt trump so much because it plays into his
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doesn't have a firm grasp on aon lot of the nuances. ted cruz, he knows his policy. he has a likability problem, ted cruz, but donald trump here once again fumbling. when you have to make aa statement an hour or two after, you know it's bad. the cam pain facing criminal charges. this week he had to open up on several levels. he's bench more consistent with the issue with his h campaign ca manager than this issue with abortion in way that he wouldtht believe the abortion issue couls be more potentially more damaging because when he speaks about his campaign manager consistently he said i'm takingn a side.a i saw the video.
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that is a more trump ovechkin tr statement. didn't some of that get a little silly. he was talking about the reporter maybe having a bomb inb her pen at one point. maybe she was threatening, who t donald trump if you've ever beee around him is a large man. >> yes. did any of this this week start to get to the point, bob of just donald trump not being serioussi about this, that he is not kind of transitioning in into thattht general election candidate weca have been looking for. he went back to the old donald trump which we saw at the veryve beginning of this campaign. this is a serious time. there's not 17 candidates. can we're down to three and he hasas not been serious. he needs to be more presidential period. there's also been a lot of talk about how women will respond top all this. a new gallop poll 77 percent of women have an unfavorable view of donald trump. and now milan yeah trump
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starting tomorrow. perhaps this is in connection to connect with more women voters. is this something that can helpp him with the two weeks that he has had specifically related to women? >> i think it helps him a lot because everything that you say about donald trump that he says these wild things, that he is as times off message.mess you can't say this about milan yeah trump. she hasn't made a lot of appearances, but every time sheh has she's been forceful, directc and she's got to be this campaign's one area of staying on message and every time she goes out there she does that and she's on point. >> what's taken so long? they said this was going to happen ae while back. doesn't it get to the old thing, candidates and their spouses, is might not like the candidate so
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much, but i like the spouse andd if the spouse sees something worthwhile about that candidate maybe they're not all that bad.. she is a unique and new spouse on the trail that she had this history of being a model. she's so breath taking.taki i don't know how people will p respond to her.. i don't know is she relatable? a if she one who you feel like yoe can have in your kitchen anditch cook with her and connect to her. is that part of the reason to keep her off the trail, toç bro her on the trail. i think much whatting how voterg respond to milan yeah will be interesting because she is a new type of first lady, if you will, on the trail.rail > if you go back through history, jacqueline kennedy hadn a lot to do with jack kennedy's likability. there were a the lot of unknowns of jack kennedy in 1960 as a catholic, as a young senator. she helped him a lot.
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i think milan yeah can help c donald trump with some his likability problem that he runs into. the state votes on tuesday, teds cruz is holding a five point lead, donald trump is at 32, john key okay is at 21 percent. 42 delegates are up for grabsp and of course the issue on allal of this is whether or not this will be the fire wall. is this the place that donald trump will be dealt a defeat that will deny him the abilityly to get a first ballot victory at the convention in wisconsin? iso wisconsin governor scott walker had called trump's comments about ted cruz a distraction and disruptive to the here's what walker has to say about how donald trump has conducted himself. is this just another example particularly in the midwest ofof distractions from the reel issues. we want to hear what the candidates think about thees t economy, the defense of ourou nation. that's the reason why i'mi'm supporting ted c
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actually got a plan.n. >> clearly scott walker was an early sigh nora from the presidential campaign but he holds a lot of sway in wisconsin. how is this going to sway that he has come out soave het mentally opposed to trim. >> this is a state that hasn't gone to the republicans in as general election since 19846789 but this is the kind of state that donald trump says listen,it if you make me a nominee i can win a state like wisconsin. bush almost won it twice. but overall cruz has the momentum. trump basically had a double digit lead a little while back and now cruz is closing in on a 10-point lead. trump only has one endorsementen from a nor. the interesting thing about the walker endorsement it does feele more authentic.auth because walk ergot out of theth raise earlier he didn't get in a lot of
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the lindsay gram endorsement, the jeb bush endorsement they don't feel as sincere. i think it does help cruz evenev more. walker was never a threat to donald trump. so donald trump never gave him h the donald trump treatment,ld t which is i'm going to run you into the grounds as much as i can. ronica makes an important pointn about this in that walker antrum p is in a situation right now if they don't stop him in wisconsin, can he be stopped? >> i think this is a must win for cruz, if because if you look at the map we're going to be going to the northeast, newnort york, that's trump territory. cruz must win on tuesday. next we will focus on the democrats leading up to wisconsin. and bernie sanders he earned some late night tv laves. fox5 on the hill back in a moment. moment.
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welcome back to fox5 new on the hill. turning to the democrats, ahead of the wisconsin primary andnd what a raise it will likely be for hillary and bernie. right now sanders holds a lessls than 1 percent lead.lead it doesn't get any narrower thaa that. and you know this is another situation where week to week too w
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does bernie sanders slide on out of this raise? and it's prettyp clear he and it going anywhere. >> no. erased $44 million in > that is amazing. >> he has 184 million in totalta that he has raised. he is having a great time and it sos. he was on the colbert showo having a great time. he is clearly having fun. he's got an up hill battle, but he can win wisconsin. he has every reason to be havine a good time and sort of celebrating this, showing some of that personality that he brings to the table.tabl the funny thing about the poll that you mentioned at the top op this that's one of those -- looking at all of these polls together, three of those polls he's leading between four andfor six points, two of them hillary is leading by six points.nts. they're not really that close. you wonder which one of the poll s rise it.
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points, that changes momentum. it also has to give hillarys clinton a the lot t of cause for concern. wisconsin is a state that hastht had horrible union strife overtf the last couple of years. you would think that if this was a place, if there was any, that hillary clinton would be able to lean on a lot of the unionçon connections to not be in then position that she's in. so what's gone wrong for her? >> this week was a good week for sappeds because he got under her skin. remember she said that the sanders campaign was lying aboun her donations or donors. >> she got angry. that's all about politics iss getting in the other candidate'i head. the sanders campaign saidsa they're not going to apologize for that.hat. >> barney flange had some really sharp things to say aboutbou sanders this week saying all the time he was in
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talked a lot, but didn't get aet lot done. did that resonate with the voters. >> i do think the inside doesn't always connect with people because at this point because now this conversation of being under her skin, the fact thatfat she's on the trail, the videoeo that we just saw where she was in the orange outfit she was attack can him for the fact that he hasn't always been a democrat. she's saying i'm the one that on has been a democrat my wholehol life, not this person who is really giving a run for my money. i can't imagine the inner conversations going on about it. don't you get the sense that bernie sanders does hillaryoes clinton a huge favor when she has these moments because that is when hillary clinton is when she is at her best. we talked about how trump needsr to get more message. hillary clinton needs to be less messaged because she does come off as formattic a loft times.
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when she does get intonto somebody's face and says listent i'm tired of this or when shehe had that moment back in 20082008 when she showed real emotion. >> it human isis her.her. that is an odd thing to say fory somebody who has been on the political stage for more than a -- you know who needs to be scripted, mark rubio, but where is he, he dropped out of the raise. >> it's important for hillary clinton to show her personalsona side. that's big. > on april 19 we're talking about the the new york primary. this is unexpectedly it's goingg to be a big test for hill requirement we're actuallyen talking about a reel raise in the state of new york. the polls are showing big leadsa for hillary but it'sr a lot of time for uso get to april 19. do you think -- there's actuallu talk that she is going to have to work for new york.ork. wo
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imagined such a conversationco whnven this ran began? >> hillary clinton has had an interesting history with thestor state of new york. n when she decided that she wantee to run for the state that daniel patrick moynihan was vacating, a seat that was at one time foror robert kennedy, heaven and earth was moved to get congressman kneel loudon countiry out of the raisin clear the raise fore hillary clinton.y new york voters even though they did elect hillary clinton havehe always had an odd relationship r with her. she has claimed them as her owne but i don't know that they've claimed her as her own. she can claim chicago, arkansas. the idea of new york state was hillary clinton's home turf i thought was problematic from the start. bernie sanders is from brooklyn. he
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ties. i'm not that surprised she is is the position she is in. i think it will be very damaging to her if she gets into a situation in knock what she's looking at potentially is going to happen in wisconsin in then next couple of days. as much as bernie is going to give her a run for her money in new york, she's running these advertisements already justemen governor christying after trump. let's take a listen. new york, 20 million peopleeopl no, we don't all look the soundd we don't all sound the same, either. but when we pull together we doo the biggest things in the world. so when some say we can solve america's problems by building walls, banning people based onn their religion and turning against each other, well, this is new york and we know better.t i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. that's an effective really going after trump foror being
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it, too, bill clinton has ties to, month. so that's why she has to win neo york and i think has to win it big. another part of new york, very blue, liberal based never has embraced hillary clinton.ed h but there was a name missing present that ad. i'm struggling to remember thath name of her opponent in the democratic primary right now. she never mentions bernie sanders. is that a little gutsy when you you have knocked up nothing at this point.this >> i think it's gutsy, but youut could argue that it's smart. i think some people will buy that and embrace that and sortad of go along with that. i don't think it's bad.hink she set the tone and set the message that this is yourself even if it's on the inside. you're worried a little bit. >> i thought there were lots of places in new york city believey me i know where you can get a shot of a donald trump building. the shot we saw,
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the washington, d.c. pennsylvania avenue buildingui which says coming in 2016. that's a subliminal message and that was not put there accidentally. >> brilliant earlier weekend i had a chance to attend the johns hopkins immuno therapy grand opening. it is a moon shot initiative to cure cancer and there amidmidald of this crazies we had a nice reminder of how politicians present different parties can get along and support an issue. our government is not particularly functional right now. there's not much that is bipartisan, but i've got overwhelming, overwhelming bipartisan support from the house and the senate. i predict we will add another build to cancer research this year.
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thing that there's overwhelming domestic consensus aboutabou crossing party lines. i have no doubt that bowe iswe smiling down on you proud that your last big crusade in publicl office, unless you're going to tell he me something that wehat don't know, we actually talked about doing a joint ticket, butk we couldn't agree on whether it was reverse or straight alphabetic order. >> i loved that. l i thought that was pretty cute. one person who was there, bob, who i didn't mention, governoroe larry hogan was there and he had somebody who has come oute against trump. he has not initially endorsed a candidate. what do you make of that decision? >> i think he is in a tough spot. he said he would not supportsupp trump even if he's the nominee and he doesn't seem to me like a cruz guy. >> he has actually said he
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doesn't know he doesn't know whw he's going to vote for. i don't think he's going to mako it public. i could be wrong. >> maybe one of the honest people out there, not embracing a candidate just to doç so. he's a rising star, right. >> he's a down to earth man. not the personality of donaldald trump. the christie-trump fit seems to make a little more sense becausa they are both brash, both loud. larry hogan seems to be more the republican that we kind of used to know when we grew up not what we're seeing in these more outlandish things that have been bandied back and forth.or our picks for top and bottom off the hill. we'll going to be back in a moment. fox5 news on the hill continues after this.
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> it's time for our picks for f top and bottom of the hill. it's our plan, who had the best and worst week on capital and a nod to our editor in this chiefi are to the on top, bernie sanders he's wons six of the last seven making up ground in wisconsin, a slight favorite i'd call him in wisconsin. i think he won the week. when you look at what bernie sanders has done, he's not going away, every day that berniey sand
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another day that hillary clintot just can't move on to the to general election like she's like to do. when we picked the top of the hill nobody really stood out as an awesome lead this week in the raise, but definitely giving can it to bernie makes the mostost sense. the longer you play in the sand box, the dirtier you get.get. bottom of the hill, who had a worse week, the donald the abortion debate he gotebat tripped up on this week, the campaign manager he had to talkk about as well this week.week it gets back to this question we referenced before, does he come out of this at some point where people raise questions about his decision making smoking pot. >> i think he's done damage toma his campaign. i think it's going to be veryvey difficult to make up lost ground. you have to think about the heidi cruz the week before. this has been two tough weeks. >> this does it for us on the hill this sunday.ll t >> we want to remind you thee, check with us
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done. fox news sunday with chris wallace.
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i'm chris wallace, facing more fire than ever before, donald trump sits down with fox news sunday. are you in the process of blowing your campaign for president? we discuss the fallout from his statements on abortion. you offended both the pro-life and pro-choice movement with one statement. his comments on heidi cruz and his defiant support for his campaign manager. and those controversial remarks about letting more countries develop nukes. the growing knock on you is you haven't thought these things through. vunt studied. you wing it too often. donald trump face-to-face on "fox news sunday." then convention chaos. the other gop candidates back out of their loyalty pledges. >> nominating dal


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