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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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jobs. it will increase in faces. it's set to hit $15 an hour in 202 #. will car, fox news.ews. > this is fox5 local news at 11. good evening again everyone thanks for being with us. i'm matt ackland april and i'm a marina maracco.rina we're going to start tonightrt with breaking news in montgomerm county. a series accident along northbound 270.nd this is traffic camera showing the backup near 270ç near 121. maryland state police says 12sas patience were evaluated on the scene, including some children. at least five vehicle also were involved. all the victims are expected too survive. take a look at this photo fromrm one of the mangled cars.ars this was taken by montgomeryen county fire. the crash has shutdown all lanes on northbound 270 near route 121. and now to the deadly amtrak crash in pennsylvania.h twino workers were killed when a
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people derailed.dera dozens of passengers were injured. fox5's alexandra limon is lifele at union station tonight which did see some service impacts from the crash. alex. >>reporter:s that he ' right,ig that fatal train wreck also lefo people here in our region unable to travel in some cases becauses of part of the northeast rail corridor was partially shutdownt for a large part of the day. but the latest information that we havein from amtrak is that trains are expected to run on a normal schedule tomorrow. now, take a look from some video from earlier today after thatt crash happened about 15 miles south of philadelphia.hila you can see passengers, some were injured. others just con fused after palmetto train 89 collided withh a backhoe that was on the tracks. the crash happened around 750 this morning. the train was headed from neweae york to savannah. the national transportationti safety board is now on site ande part of their investigation wiln be t
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backhoe was on the life tracks. investigators confirmed one of the two people killed was the operator of that backhoe. it's unclear if the two victims were amtrak employees or if thef were employed by a contractor. more than 306 the 341 passengers on board the train were taken to the hospital. the train's engineer was alsols injured. in a statement earlier today amtrak said they don't believebi their injuries are life threatening. i was in the second car, the one right behind the one that had the most damage and it was a lot of panic. a few people actually jumped ofe the and then had to be retrieved by the amtrak personnel. we're still gathering the facts at this t as of now we have recovered the event data recorder, the forwarr facing video and the inwardnwa facing video from the locomotive to send to our laboratory inin washington, d.c. most of our team has
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scene and we will be looking att mechanical operation, signal, track, human performance and survival factor. scheduling is something elseing that the ntsb will be lookinglo into. in other words, was there some kind of track patents scheduled for the same time that train was supposed to be going throughth that reporterring life at unionnion station, alexandra limon, fox5in local newses.ewse > now to fairfax county wherexo we're learning new details abouu a pedestrian killed by a police car.r. this all happened around 1 near buehler street in alexandria. an officer on routine patrol struck and killed jeffrey aglare. they saying a already walkedked into traffic again the light and was wearing dark clothing.thin the weather may have also been a factor. it was raining heavily at thet time. this is a tragic loss of life and any such crash
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life our crash reconstruction unit responds out so they are working this case just like they would any other case in fairfax county. he a two year member of the force and is now on paid administrative leave. > strong winds moved throughwid the dmv.dmv. the wild weather had many peopl cleaning up today. the storm brought down trees and caused power outages. wild winds sent a lot of trees down in our area, but it's hard' to imagine anybody have a crazier story than judy willard. the 79 year old springfield woman was literally jolted outut of bed when they are ceilingre caved in on her as a tree landed just above where she was sleeping. maybe around 2 or 3:00 a.m. we heard a big boom. from arlington, virginia to northeast d.c., people experienced one rude aweakennink
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i heard a big gust of wind and i felt the house shake. i knew something had happened. when i looked out, the tree was on the house.on if it wasn't for the wire, it would have probably split thelit house in two. it was a wild saturday night of weather. winds were blowing, trees werees falling and a lot of people lost power. but p nobody had a night like 79 year old judy willard. i was awakened by essentially having my ceiling fall on me. she had been fast asleep in her springfield home until this large oak tree fell right into her upstairs master bedroom landing about a foot above her. i got up on my knees actually and pushed some of the piecece essay way.ay. > of the ceiling. >> of the ceiling.>> i had to crawl on my hands and knees to get around the doordoor because it had come off its hinges and then i just came downstairs. > this is the
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between slivers of wood shehe somehow crawled through to getu to her stairwell. she didn't have glasses or shoes and it was very dark. you respond quickly, i think, tk something like that and you don't necessarily take in everything. you know what you need to get moving. you need to get out of there. and that's oh so that's what iht did.di somehow she survived it allt a without even a bruise. this is my big injury. welladays set to urn turn 80 years old next month.mont even though her house needs a lot of work in am ways it seems like her birthday present. my mess is a mess, but i'm not. she says she's the not even sore today. this is the house that she hasse lived in for 30 years.year what's really amazing is thats tree limb hit her house with
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through the roof but it alsot crashed through the floor of her bedroom. you can act situate see where it poked through the ceiling. she's a very lucky woman.woma great story, jenny.enny let's now take a life look outside. there's a beautiful shot of the district of columbia.olum thankfully the wind has calmed down compared to this time last night. boy that cold weather, it is sticking around for sure. >> it is. this weather really taking us os a roller coaster ride these nexe few days.days gwen is here with all thethe details. goating colder and then getting warmer and then getting cold col again. let's take a look at some of thf wind gusts.ts. they were extremely strong.tro in montgomery county 58-mile per hour, fair fact, 63 and prince george's county, 59 and many of our neighborhoods just dealtus with that exactly, those kinds of numbers. winds very calm right now.m ri we have some pretty clear skies as well and very dry
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atmosphere. we'll be into the 30s for ourur overnight low.ow. we are set up tonight with ah frost advisory in effect. 38-degrees for your overnight low becoming partly cloudy and chilly. but tomorrow we're going to begn warming up. we're headed to the upper 60s, near 730-degrees, unbelievable, but then we'reç going to coolo back down immediately. we're going to have all the details and what you can expectt and of course the all important seven day forecast.n > thanks, gwen.gwen just ahead at 11, brusselsruss getting back to normal. the airport open 12 days after the bombings.
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retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. now to brussels where the city's airport reopened just 12 days da after suicide boomers carrieds out a deadly attack. att only a few flights took off andf security was increased. fox's connor powell reports. the first plane to take off today at the airport was greeteg with with cheers and applause ba h this small crowd thatnd was on hand to witness this emotional day. security however not surprisingly was extremely tight. all passengers went throughent extra screening and were told to arrive three hours earlier. of course it was only 12 days ago that isis
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off bombs at the airport and local metro stations killing 32 people and wounding hundredsmenn some passengers said today it it was a about it strange to beo b back at the airport where so am people died. but airport authorities are aut proud they managed to get the th airport back up and running after what they say was a a cowardly act. it's a very emotional a momentmo for all of us. me personally, of course. we all work literally day and night over the last 12 days to make this moment possible. the airport is not expected to be at full capacity at any timem soon. there are still a lot of repairs left to be done. right now the airport is only running at 20 percent capacity or about 800 passengers a day. more flights will be added over time but the airport should be at full capacity later this summer. today was no doubt a big forwari for belgium, but it is a countru that remains on edge, and it it will take sometime before life e returns back t
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> still ahead at 11, get ready for a roller coaster weather. after today's chill we're getting ready for a am what up and then another cool down. georgiaen with is back in a moment.
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> back to our breaking news inb montgomery traffic camerago here now giving us a better view of the backup along north 270 near
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which is clarksburg road.d. all northbound lanes were shutdown. at least five vehicle also wereo involved and ate patience takenc to the hospital, including four chilled remember.ille one woman seriously injured. everyone else is expected to be okay. take a look at the photo of one of the mangled cars. this was taken by montgomery fire. route 270 near 121 are shutdown. > gwen, so tomorrow morning, should we expect a warmer day, not wear a heavy coat as soon as when get up.. >> yes, but take your umbrella. > we're going to see some rain moving in later in the day. we have a lot of mixed conditions going on and temperatures are up and down and all over the place. we've been rolling of referring to it as all over the place and that's and exact description.crp we're going to get a shot ofot cold air.cold it's up and down. a beautiful shot of the national cathedral. dry air mass in place analytelye
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about. winds extremely dangerous and extremely strong. 59 at national, 66 at dulles and 49 atmosphere bwi thurgood marshal and many ofç our neighborhoods saw damage that caused dunned power lines and finally tonight the winds are calmer. they're going to pick up again, but not until tuesday. in the meantime, calm forime, tonight as i menned, but we'rere starting to see a southerly floe and that's what's going to help us warm up once we get intoto monday. we have some 30s here on our map. 53 at quantico, 48-degrees at 4 yap last this hour and frostost advisory for areas of our north and northwest that means protect any sensitive plants you haves out there. this kicks in at midnight and is in effect right through untilgh monday morning at 8:00. so frost advisory for tonight, warming up tomorrow. we're going to see a ridge of high pressure move out and open the door for a good southly
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this is going to bring the temperatures to the upper 60ser and low 70s. how much cloud coverage we get and how soon this moves in because it's bringing rain with it will be the determiningmini factor to just how warm we get. the forecast is talking about upper 50s. some rain showers very brief in nature. maybe about a tenth of an inch in accumulation, especially toto the can't rule out a rumble of we'll watch it closely.os behind that we get right down again with cold conditions as an artic ridge builds in and we get earshot of artic air kicking in. overnight monday into tuesdayay expect to see the temperaturesmr really plunge. here's your wet weather for monday. by 3:00 in the afternoon we'll see some showers moving out after the 6:00 hour. definitely rush hour will be affected. temperatures monday night intoht tuesday morning start to reallye dip. take a look. 3:00 a.m. in the morning we're into the 20s and 30s. same story by the
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by noon we're still only into the 30s. we have a freeze watch in effecf monday night into tuesday morning. another time period where you're going to have to protect any ofy your plants that are pretty sensitive. so for tonight 38-degrees then, partly cloudy and chilly. for tomorrow warming up, near 70, rain showers moving in by the afternoon hours. i can't rule out maybe we'll eye have a little bit of thunder. by thursday, we have the natss game, we're looking at showers. another day i can't rule out maybe the chance of a thunderstorm. we're warming up to 62-degrees,r but then we get a shot of artic air again and down to the 30s. we'll be back after the break. find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace.
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this week march turned intok april and withma it the masoned coming to a close. chances are your bracket busted a long
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only 1.6 percent of 11 milliono1 brackets entered the tournament challenge online correctly picked the final. tomorrow night, villanova andnd the nature court line a. yesterday both teams advanced tn the title game. villanova they set a final foura record winning by 44 points over oak latest information home a.oe they should have renamed it thee final fur because ou never showed up. chris jenkins from gone gazangel a had 18. villanova is a great team,team coached by a great coach. as a senior in any program this is always the last game -- this- is always what you want your last game to be. it really starts with us playing
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as a team because it's a great g job putting us in the mosthe difficult situations inn practice. when we prepare for a situation like that, it makes playing the games like yesterday a lot easier. even if you're not a fan of north carolina or villanova there's some interesting connections.ons. josh heart from maryland. nate before it. both high school ball at gone gazangel a and they are brothers not by blood. before it's family took in their teammate and he was legally adopted by the family at age 14. one team that won't be winningwn any titles the washington wizards. they are eighth in the final play off spot. losing games to the kinks. the wizards today, six gamesix left to make up three andee possibly sneak into the playoffs one wall hoping
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to the playoffs. quarter had 18 points.oint the wizards trailed for most the game. great passing inside. for to the led the wizards withh 21. the wizards down six. john wall pumping, brings washington win three. he was out done by his counterpart, put the wizards out of their misery.mise the wizards lose in la114-109. it really hurt us.s. we came out 9-0 to start the third and then answered back quickly to kind of take away what we did. and then we had to fit again. we didn't stop playing.
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the ncaa tournament comes to ano eneç tomorrow, but there is another national basketballbask tournament about to kipp tip off the national keel chairnati tournament is about to begin and one local team is hoping toopi bring back a trophy.roph wheelchair basketball is not fos the faint of heart. it's really physical. you are bleeding sometimes. s nor the faint of breath. you're using all your upper body. you got to keep up with them, you know. it's a lotto oh you got to have a lot of momentum.omen the fairfax falcons are a group of wheelchair athletes rangingrg in age from 8 to 18. they're here for the competition and the camaraderie. i feel kind of right at home because i'm around other peopler who have the same disability as it's really rewarding to
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we're all the same and we can't wait to play basketball. they played their way from a small middle school gym in springfield to next week's national basketball tournament.r they get to experience that andt see people from all over thehe world. i nevada saw that coming when he was been and he was so sick and he needed all these surgeries. i didn't think he was going to be my traveling athlete. that's what these kids do. don't doubt yourself.t if you want to do something, don't let nothing stop you. they're raising monday for their trip. there's a lot to get all of those players, all their equipment, their wheel chairs to louisville, kentucky so any a little bit helps h.elp how long is the tournament. >> a week long tournament. they have teams from not only this country, but other countries coming in. a lot of physical endurancendur right there. >> definitely.
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> gwen, we'll start off the day a little bit warm tomorrow. >> wite will, but first we haveo get through our frost advisory at midnight which kicks in until 8:00 a.m. for areas of the north and the northwest. and then we're audit committing about a day that we're going to hit almost 70-degrees. we have a thunderstorm that we
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can't rule out.ut. monday night into tuesday we have a freeze watch in effect.e. we dip right back down, another blast of artic air. > look at that week. roller coaster. >> thanks for joining us tonight. see you tomorrow morning. good night.
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