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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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caused another deadly accident c on the rail lines. plus, a sky high approval.v. airlines setting record rec ratings but it's not all n smooth sailing.smoothaili and donald trump continues n on damage control just one day ahead of the nation's next primary. wild weather. wea mother nature wreaking havoc across the nation from damaging winds to springtime snow. and later, batter up.baer the nationals kick off their o season in just a matter ofatr hours. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> >> this is fox5 news morning.5e >> and a good monday morningay to you. we sure are glad you'red starting your day with us. youd i'm holly morris alongside of ai wisdom martin and maureen >> gary and erin will have wil your weather and traffic on traf the 5s. a stabbing on the 700 block of o
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that's where we find melanieni alnwick bit latest. l >> reporter: prince george'sor county police aren'ttety polaren confirming to us what theming tw location of that stabbing -- sta train pell stabbing was but we t know that it was somewhere here connected with these restaurants and bars on theand n 700 block of katie avenue. ave and i think it's again -- ain they're not telling us whetherse it happened inside or outside ot but we did have information infr from a source that contactedt ca us and said there was a very large fight, a large melee lge l which would lead you tod ld believe that it may be oute here in the parking lot area. a prince george's county police were gone by the time we we arrived here on scene but itceni does appear that three adult a males were stabbed. stabb that was confirmed by prince bpr george's county police sayolice they believe they are all are males. they were all taken to aall hospital in stable condition.oni turns out one of the victims was actually a security guard for the
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martini's restaurant has an event every sunday night with wt bands lasts from 9 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. this was reportedly to have to happened after 2:00 a.m. which would have been right around b as we said that closing time. tm again, but we're just trying t get some information from prince george's county policeger in terms which establishmentstb but they told us they wouldey not name the establishment.absh it was either martini'sarti restaurant or the game room r and grille which is just downll the road but most of our o information seems to pointseems towards this restaurant heretaun and we also don't have any suspect information fromormatiom prince george's county police,e' either.eier. live in fort washington, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> 4:32 is the time. developing overnight i270 back2a opened after a major crash in rockville. five cars collided on 270 o north near route 121 which is wh clarksburg road. now, eight people were takenpl to the hospital.e to t one woman is listed in serious
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condition. co all the victims are expected exc >> amtrak service resumes today after that dead d technological derailmentological outside of philadelphia.hidelp it happened yesterday morning.ya two workerys were killed and kid more than 30 passengers weres w injured after the trainafr th collided with a backhoe on theoe tracks. officials have confirmed oneha of the workers killed vewas operating the the train was headed from newd york to savannah, georgia.rgia passengers on board say the crash shook the train.ook >> felt like a car accident, ac, like an impact and then it was -- it was rough ride. iug it took a long time to stope t s and all you could see was a w lot of dirt and debris flyings f past the train and then there was a couple of sort of like l fire flashes.lash it was pretty panicky. >> safety investigators have inv recovered the black box from b f the crash scene. s the national transportationnrtat safety board is >> also today, a visitation visn will be held for a virginiairgi state police trooper killed in the line of duty. trooper chad dermyer was shot and killed last thursday thu
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a greyhound bus station ination richmond.ri today's visitation is opened o to the public from 3:00 p.m..m to 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. to00m 8:00 p.m.8:00 it will be held at liberty baptist church. c his funeral service will beervil held tomorrow.ld tomorrow. >> happening today, a judge will rule on whether a 15-dollar minimum wage ballotalt measure will move forward. fwa last summer the former f evidence d.c.'s chamber ofchambf commerce sued the board ofce st election after they approved a minimum if the judge recesses hisis decision the measure would be wu allowed to move forward on the ballot. a poll found 87 percent of foune d.c. voters approve the wage >> if you stepped out this out weekend and weren't blown w over -- [laughter]gh -- i mean those were fierce winds whipping around w the >> wind gusts were so strongo in some areas that trees were falling and some people lost ael lot of power as well but no one had a night quite like l
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was fast asleep in her springfield home when thisfi large tree you're looking at y right now, a large oak tree fell into her upstairs masterira bedroom landing about a footabou above her. she survived the incident without a bruise. bru >> i was awakened by essentially having my ceilingy a fall on me. i think i'm just amazingly lucky.cky. just amazingly lucky. my -- my house is a mess.s. but i'm not.. >> hm. >> hm. >> she's set to turn 80 next month. she says in many ways it feels f like her birthday presenterdaprs came a bit i would say so. >> yeah, that's a good attitude to have. gary no, kidding, those windshon were crazy.were c i kept thinking my house could actually blow over.w over. >> let me show you real quickly. qu i called up some of the peakf te wind gusts from yesterdayts fyet around the region.oundhe region. check this out.ut. i mentioned 60, 60 plus. peak wind gusts for dulles wasus 66 miles per
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gusts around reagan was 59 and bwi was 49. so we may have had a gustsst even higher than that that went unmeasured just so youst know.know that's all out of here, allll right. o what we he contend with today is at least just a chance fora h some showers and this morningndm we're starting off with a fewh a clouds north and west. up into southern pa there's a little light shower up there l and temperatures for the mostigr part are above freezing so weezs don't have to worry about that t but all this gets closer to us, it's in and around a cold ac front so as all this getss closer to us there will be a wil chance later today to get intono some showers. showe temperatures will be warm.ill r out ahead -- a lot warmer than yesterday. it will be out ahead of thisad f frontal system we'll havel temperatures in the 60's andat low 70's butur it does look likk o 's going to be mostly cloudy t today and again, chance ofnce o showers comes in here.comes we may even have a chance of a c showers pretty much everyet muc daypart today but most of itt comes in this afternoon andft this evening. we'll slow you futurecast futur coming up in just a bit.p jus right now let's get a look at
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your traffic monday morning, erin como is in with that. hey erin. e >> good morning gary.oomorning 4:36 and we're crash freerash fe around the district.he distric however we have road work. w anne arrundel route one northbound after whiskeyound bottom road. a little bit of caution.f cautin let's see if we can forward for our map and show youho alexandria. in virginia we can see 395ee southbound despite this roadhi r work there's still a lot ofll at green after seminaryn after minr northbound side looking goodound as well. quick look outside around therod beltway traffic is light andight volume is moving along withoutlw any problems. pro few vehicles that are outvehi there are looking that's on the inner loop ander n outer loop through virginia,hrii maryland. we'll keep you posted when post that changes.thathanges that's your traffic. >> ♪ >> happening today, we're just hours away from the opening of o the nationals baseball season. a nats ace max scherzer gets the t start after a season where he he threw not one but two b no-hitters.-hitters manager dusty baker has yet to determine throughout the the opening pitch in thursday'sn ths home opener. today's game in atlanta startstt at 4 o'clock. o'c we'll have more onlo oe
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coming up in about 15 minutes.5m >> straight ahead near twoad neo weeks after terror attacksro rocked the city of brusselsf brl its airport reopens to reopens passengers. the extra security measuresea the airport is now taking. takin >> and candidates at both at bot parties taking aim at donaldm trump ahead of the crucialthe wisconsin primary. stay with us. we're back in a moment. 4:38 is the time. narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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service continues at thenues brussels airport this the airport reopened yesterdayrd just 12 days after suicide s bombers carried out a deadly d at affect however, only a fewho flights took off and security sr has increased.ed some passengers said it was bit strange to be back at the airport where so many peoplewhen died. but airport authorities there t say they're proud to get thee do airport back up and running. >> it's very emotional momentalm for all of us, for me personally of course. we've auld worked day andau night over the last 12 days to s make this moment possible. pos >> all passengers went throughnt extra screening and were toldndr to arrive three hours e the airport is not expected todo be at full capacity any time soon. a top al-qaeda leadera killed in the u.s. air strike ih in syria according to a terrorist monitoring group. the group reports he was rts h killed along with his son andhin several other people. they claim the strike occurrede in a northern part of theorth country.countr meanwhile media outlets alsoutls report syrian troops captured another town controlled by isis. comes a week after forces tookst back the
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palmera. lm wisconsin primary just oneoi day away and senator ted cruz c is leading in the polls in thels cheese state over donaldeese trump. donald has more than 200 delegates lead over c on the democratic side bernie sanders is polling slight al head of hillary clinton andhi he's hopingll to continue hise h winning streak there. hillaryk clinton has focused herhacus campaign on the general election. after tomorrow's wisconsintoow's primary the next major contest e isn't until april 19th in newh i york.york. >> 4:42 is the time a formere ar baltimore ravens quarterback qua facing serious charges this morning. we've got the details justdetais ahead. ahead. >> when it comes to airline to a satisfaction, we have to takeon the good with the bad.odh th where passengers say serviceay r is improving and where it i still needs some w >> but first gary and erin areir back with a check of yourf weather and traffic on the 5s. stay with us. >> and blank
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breaking news prince george's county. police investigating a triple tl stabbing in fort washington.foro it happened around 2:00 this 20 morning near a popular restaurant and lounge on the 700 block of katie d there was a large fightge fht between multiple people.eople. three men were stabbed.ta we're told one of them was ane s security guard.uard all three victims were taken tan to the hospital. t they are all expected tohe survive.survive. our melanie alnwick is on the te scene. scen she'll have an update at the top of the hour. >> turning our attention to mother nature now, the calendar may say spring butut residents in michigan got a wintry surprise this weekend.nd the storm dropped less thanha 2-inches of snow but heavyutea winds made it tough forgh f drivers to get around. aroun several highways were actuallyul shut down and several several accidents were reported.te those drivers suffered only minor injuries. >> ♪ >> well, glad that's not here. r >> let's talk about what's talk going on here. >> oh, the wind, gary, all weekend, it was amazinglymazing strong and loud.ou >> ridiculous.>> >> i know, just this m
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nothing to anybody else but ee b from my point of view, howow quickly it subsided yesterday afternoon. again, i know you guys didn'tn' pay attention to that.tentio tha >> no. >> doesn't matter its a realattt geeky thing.geek we went from 40 miles per houreu gusts to calm winds withinit about a hour and a half. >> thankfully.nkfully. >> that's unheard of.hat'unhe >> but while it was howling,le oh, i boy.oh >> i know. and april just does not lookot l good, i'm just telling youell right now.ri >> it's only four days in. fr da >> i know. >> i see cold stuff all thestufe way through the middle part ofd the month.the >> wait, wait.t, say what now?at now >> i see cold stuff, coldd temperatures. >> all i know is we don't livedv in michigan so i don't care. [laughter][lau what's wrong with michigan, wisdom. >> we just saw in the video he. it's snowing. >> 49 in town.>> 4 frederick temperatures dropped d off toro 32 degrees.ees. quantico 53 and annapolisis 51 degrees.egre across the region, here's thehe super cold stuff. s detroit is 32.oit is that's michigan, right, so -- s chicago is 36.s look at saint louis, though. 67 degrees. that's not too far b
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chicago and saint louis.o sa big discrepancy inrepanc temperatures there. louisville o is 58 deuigrees and columbus iss 55. today we're 70 for a high ah temperature but a lot ofatur clouds coming in.ou we're going to hdsave some showers. looks like we could have ae couple showers during the morning hours. most of the rain comes in latersrar on this afternoon, ok. chilly tomorrow. tomor high temperature onlyture onl 50 it's going to be breezy, so it's never really going tooing t feel like that. tha here's the snow going acrossgos the north of us. u it's not just snow for f michigan. they've had snow ind ow i pennsylvania, most of new york y state has had snow and this is moving over into new englandintg today. today. we're going to be just wet here, not white., you see the showers coming inomi our direction.. futurecast this morning 7:00nin7 a.m. a lot of clouds here. h most of the rain stays northysth and west. this will sweep through. throu we could have a couple ofouple f showers this morning, most ofngt it comes through thisou thi afternoon. look at the rain here comingin through. and look, there could be -- b it's not going to be t b widespread but there could beute a little bit of thunderfhunder activity in this as well as its swings on across, okay. o
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this afternoon and thishi evening, we will dry out thisuti evening. colder air comes sweeping down from the north and the tomorrow a lot of sunshine butfb it's going to be colder. cr. temperatures really only ines r the 40's.th40's. and should i mention there is i a freeze watch in place foror all of us overnight tonightht and early, early tomorrow tor morning as some of that colderr air comes in.mesn. what's going on with april? pril 53 degrees this morning,ng cloudy skies.. there could be a spotty a shower. there could be a few showersho around at noon. noon. most of the rain will comee sweeping across during theduri latter afternoon and early evening.evening. there's your seven-days yo forecast. so, a cool shot tonight and a tomorrow. 58 on wednesday. o rain likely on then much colder air comes in again saturday and sunday. so, the weekend looks dry but it looks kind of told cold. here's erin como. >> 4:48 right now, gary andar ad taking a look at our maps,ur m right now an update for you if f you are taking amtrak becauseras of the train derailmenterailment yesterday in philadelphia, wehii do
4:49 am
marc letting everyone knoww amtrak train 151 departing from perryville aberdeen and edgeville will not be using the station. station. you can use marc trainsn use maa inseven. i've tweeted out the information at erin fox5 d.c. d you may pants pate some delays as well as you make your wayay up towards the philadelphiadelp area this morning.area in anne arrundel road worknd route one north after whiskey bottom road still in place inlan anne arrundel.rrde we'll take a live look andlook a show you what else you're up against. things quiet over the wilson light volume from prince george's county on the innery loop into alexandria. aside from that five inbound i looking very nice.okry we're problem free on 50.lem frn more traffic in just a few minutes.nutes. >> scary moments caught on mom camera. take a look at this.k at thi a train and bus collide c overseas in thailand.seas you can see the bus approach a rail way crossing and then itt stopped once its halfway that's when
4:50 am
it. it. pushes down an eam tough to watch there. sadly. three people were killed. kille more than two dozen others oth injured. >> all right, 4:49 is the time. the question, what is filming in d.c.? >> hm. hm. >> the answer, jeopardy. jrd you get it? you see how -- okay, all right. right jeopardy is filming in d three tournaments includingncdig power players week the final thn rounds of the teachersds tournament and the tee on tournament all will be taped in front of a live audience at dar constitution several cities will be closed wl including d street northwestorte from 17th street to 18th street. >> very good.>> i see what you d very good. der happening today, they, t washington monument set to reopen again. for the second time in a week w the elevator will to be shut s down. national park service blames ala power issue.. apparently too much electricalli current caused the elevator to e shut down automatically andicaly that was to protect the public c but they say the sunshine se resolved and the elevatornd thee
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also today, maryland mylan lawmakers will tour a waterater filtration plant in baltimore this morning.isorning senator ben cardin mayorn mayor stephanie rawlings-blake want wt to spotlight the importance of o led free drinking water.. the issue of drinking water has gotten a lot of focus inoc i recent months after the water wr crisis in flint, michiganichi medstar is back up and runningug after a recent securityy breach. the network was back online as of yesterday afternoon. a the hospital chain released a cr statement saying healthcareeahcr delivery was maintained ataintn nearly normal volume duringdu the attack. att now, the attack which wash discovered this past monday forced records systems offline prevented patients from booking appointments and leftinm staff unable to check e-mail messages or look up phonep pne medstar operates 10 hospitalste in maryland ands d.c. >> 4:51 right now. n let's take a look at what's trending in our region the stories you're most
4:52 am
with socially on our real track.track. fairfax officer on paid administrative leave following a fate at a time accident.t a a plan was warring dark clothing when he walkedn he wald against traffic along buehlerhl street in alexandria saturday night. next up, hundreds rallying outside the white house thise wh weekend calling on presidentg obama to take marijuana off thmae list of tightly controlled substances.ta republican front leader fro donald trump is calling on rival john kasich to drop out d of the race saying heing h shouldn't continue if he hasconn no hope of getting the nomination.ti and a data leak accusing more than 100 of the world'sorld richest people of evading taxes and money laundering byg y hiding money in off shore some world leaders made thead t list no major u.s. leader was named. and finally, new recommendations could clearlear the way for drone delivery.eliv they are now on their way toir t the faa for review.
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>> new report finds airline aire service improving but customerue satisfaction is at its lowest lw point in over a decades.eces the report found thert fou percentage of flights that arrived on time rose toime t 80 percent up from 76 percentpe in 2014. 2014. the number of lost bags also dropped.drpe the recent report found the rate of bags being lost stolenle or delayed dropped to t 10 percent last year.tea but despite the improvementimpnt the number of passengeraser complaints jumped 34 percent. that is the highest levele ghes since 2000. 2 the top frustrations included cancellations and delays. >> seems like they ought to beg able to get in whole whole cancellation and delay thingel t under control because theyl bect know in time to get rid of --f - >> well, i mean, sometimes --ets >> sometimes. >> not that i like to defend ton the airlines but i meanea sometimes they have equipment et malfunction or they're tryingreg to make sure the crew has thehe right rest and they're tryingren to do --too >> if they tell is you oneis yoe thing but sometimes you justs yo feel like you're in the darkre and you're asking what is going on and this whole mechanical mal
4:54 am
takes hours and you're like're e switch planes. plane >> or they'll like oh, no, no, it's going to go and then theyhe cancel it. i find flying being a bei necessary evil.ssar evi i don't necessarily love it. i >> i'll co-sign that.l >> not so good news ahead. ahead ticket sales lagging with almost half of tickets soldketsd before kickoff. major concern over high crime c rate terrorism the zika virus. e the mosquito borne illness has h frightened fans and athletes. ae the paralympics are also struggling to sell tickets.ll te they've only sold 12 percent2 pc of their tickets.ts the opening ceremony for the ce olympic games son august 5th.ugt >> abby wambach is apologizinglg this morning after she was arrested for driving under the influence.influenc on facebook she wrote in part, r "last night i was arrested foror dui in portland after din are de at a friend's house.ouse. those that know me know that i i have always demand excellence ee from mys i have let myself dow
4:55 am
others down.ow i take full responsibility for my actions. actions this is all on me ." >> former ravens quarterbackuarr troy smith has been arrestedrree on charges of driving undervingd the influence and marijuanaarija poems the 31-year-old also was s pulled over in columbus, ohio, around 2:30 yesterday now, police say he also had an improper display of a licensese plate. smith played parts of three par seasons with the ravens between 2007 and 2009. smith was a 2007 fifth roundiftu draft pick after winning the heisman trophy at ohio state.ta he retired in 2014. 2 also this morning, we'reornw just hours away from the opening of the nats baseball season.season the nats take on the braves in atlanta this afternoon at aerno 4 o'clock.4 o'clock. now, the nationals ace max max scherzer gets the start aftertat a season where he threw not n one but two no-hitters. manager dusty baker is just tost determine who will throw out tho the opening pitch in thursday's home
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>> ♪ >> and unfortunately it lookslyi like it's going to be wet for wr that home opener. here's temperatures outs thistu morning on this mondayon morning. we're going to have highs todayto only -- well, il, shouldn't say only, it shouldt d be up into the upper 60's for highs today and the low 70's. really kind of depends on how much it's a little tricky today to td be honest with you because howew much in the way of sun do we get, how much cloud cover,oud c when do we get a shower comer co across? here's the deal on dea this. i'm going to go mostly cloudystd this morning, all right.ight we'll have some sunshine but iut think a lot of clouds, too.oo. temperatures in town lower 50's.50 it will still be in the 40's out in the suburbs. sbs by lunchtime we're going to be all the way up into the lower l to mid 60's and i'm going putngp in for lunchtime a few showers. very spotty at lunchtime.chtime better chance of showers sho coming up later on this afternoon. we should briefly top out at about 70 degrees.0 degr there's your forecast. fecast. it's monday morning. let's get a check of yourchk ofy commute. erin como's back in with that.h. hey, erin.ri >> good morning,,ary. right now taking a look at our o
4:57 am
you. if you are taking amtrak thisras morning because of thebeca derailment in philadelphia p over the weekend train 151rain 1 leaving from perryville and aberdeen has been canceled mtana does have some options. optio you can check with me one on twitter at erin fox5 d.c. for d the latest. notice all the green on the thee map. right now we don't have any major slowdowns. not a whole lot of congestion before our 5 o'clock hour.on ofroute one northbound in annenn arrundel stor still dealing witn active construction zone afterea whiskey bottom road.keom no alerts from metro as they the gear up for service in the next few minutes.xt f we'll take a quick lookuick loo outside. i like what i'm seeing, just ase little bitei of increased volumm on the beltway. beltw we'll let you know. back to you. >> ♪ >> ahead at 5:00. the late of the on breaking bren news out of prince george'sin county where three people wereeo stabbed overnight.over i'm melanie alnwick live on the scene with all the details.tail >> amtrak set to resumet toesum service today following yetwingy another deadly the late of the on thethon the investigation into what caused this trash dee. we're bac
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post:
5:00 am
as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.isf >> breaking at 5:00 a nightin out leaving three he people stabbed near ag g popular princ george's county restaurant andun lounge. we are live with the very t v >> plus mother nature wreakingtr havoc across the united states including damaging winds ing w our region. ou got a look at th


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